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Google Warns Of U.N. Internet Takeover

November 23, 2012 by  

Google Warns Of U.N. Internet Takeover

Internet behemoth Google is warning its users that an upcoming United Nations conference concerning the Web poses significant threats to a “free and open Internet.”

Government representatives from U.N. member nations are set to meet in December to create a new information and communications treaty which, Google says, could be used to implement global government controls over the Internet.

From the Google “Take Action” website:

There is a growing backlash on Internet freedom. Forty-two countries filter and censor content. In just the last two years, governments have enacted 19 new laws threatening online free expression.

Some of these governments are trying to use a closed-door meeting in December to regulate the Internet.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is bringing together regulators from around the world to re-negotiate a decades-old communications treaty.

Proposed changes to the treaty could increase censorship and threaten innovation.

Some proposals could permit governments to censor legitimate speech — or even allow them to cut off Internet access.

Other proposals would require services like YouTube, Facebook, and Skype to pay new tolls in order to reach people across borders. This could limit access to information — particularly in emerging markets.

The Internet company argues that a closed-door U.N. conference is the inappropriate place to rework a treaty that would affect virtually all Internet users. Furthermore, the company says that the billions of people throughout the world who use the Internet daily and the experts who build and maintain it must have a larger voice than a handful of government bureaucrats.

You can sign a petition disavowing the U.N. meeting here.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • Walter & Renee Agard

      don’t you think if they do it would be the invasion of the peoples rights?

      • http://Boblivingstonpersonallibertydigest JC

        It has just about reached the point in this country where your rights are subject to change day by day. We have those in government who are working “under the radar” to destroy the Constitution and bill of rights on which this country was founded. The American people had better wake up and educate themselves as to what is really going on around them from the local all the way to the national level or we are doomed aa a free country.


        “Walter &Renee Agard,”




      • DaveH

        Once you wake up to the fact that Government wasn’t created to help the people, rather to help themselves, then everything they do becomes much clearer.
        As Clifford F. Thies says — “To say governments were formed to protect the rights of men would be historically incorrect. Almost all governments were formed by ruthless men exerting their will over others through the use of force.”.

        Above all we must remember that the UN was created BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS.
        The citizens have NO VOTE in UN matters.

    • http://Boblivingstonpersonallibertydigest JC

      I encourage each and every one to write their Congress person and Senators and encourage them to PUSH for the USA to get out of the UN. This organization does not stand for any of the principles upon which this country was founded and is continually working to bring about a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which basically eliminates personal freedoms of any kind.

      • 49beagles

        It is the UN that is successfully implementing their agendas in every sector of governments around the world, including ours, down to the city levels, one such is Agenda 21. It is quiet and subversive to all that we hold true to our constitutional rights. The UN believes their constitution and mandates trump all others. This is happening is all free and open societies around the world as we speak. They are trying to take control inf every sector, education, religion, water rights, mineral rights, property rights, to control what you do, where you will live, etc.

        America, need to stop our association with the UN, period. It is run by the elite 10 families of the world, highest ranking, the Rothschilds, the Bilderburgs, and 10 others. Study up on who the UN and these really are. check out “youtube know your enemy.” and the book, In the Shadows of Power.

      • DaveH
  • Kinetic1

    Are we to believe that the practices of Eastern Europe, Asia and the middle east are going to be forced on the Western World?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      That is a rhetorical question that you are posting since you already know the answer to it if you are laying claim to having common sense.

    • DaveH

      Only very naive people could believe that the UN isn’t a grave threat to our Freedom:

  • abner

    Don’t you all wish that we would have had a president and congress that would have kicked the U.N.out?

    • eddie47d

      The Internet has become a tale of two cities some good and some very bad. It can open whole new worlds of information within seconds,save time and educate. The other side is the liars crooks thieves and manipulators. The Internet is overflowing with outright disinformation and sometimes several pages of lies before you find the real story. These thieves are controlling our heads hoping you will believe enough of their lies that it becomes the truth. Governments are threatened individuals are threatened and businesses are threatened with false information and its almost impossible to stop those who are plying their trade. You don’t even have to be a hacker to do harm to someones life. Post anything you want smear anyone you want or bully anyone you want then claim its true. Its hard to prove differently and even harder to prosecute. The Internet can be a blessing or a nightmare and like anything in life rules have to be established before you become the next victim. Who should be in charge of actual crimes taking place on the Internet? Its not like the local cop can do anything and everyone is vunerable. I want to hear more than the “fear of the government” in not doing something about these Internet problems. Too be fair there was a story in the Denver Post today about a blogger in Iran. The government told Sattar Beheshti to stop posting or “his mother would be in mourning”. The next week he was arrested and killed by the agents who threatened him. We don’t have to be naive about the powers of governments to stop the free flow of ideas. Yet on the other hand we don’t have to be threatened by Internet thieves and hackers either.

    • Hedgehog

      YES! I have never understood why you Americans continue to support the UN. You fight a war on terror but continue to aid, abet house and support monetarily, terrorist central, the UN building! After 9/11 you should have evacuated the UN building, destroyed it and sown the ground with salt or built an ICBM launch site in its place. I still don’t understand why our government here in Canada supports the UN either. All that organization does is get people killed in endless wars in support of our biggest enemy; international terrorism / the new world order.

      • ChuckS

        It’s not that Americans support the UN. A lot of the governent quietly supports it, and most people are unaware or onconcerned about it. I think most people think of the UN as harmless or somewhat helpful or a minor nuisance.

  • myopinion

    With all the military votes comming in a day late to be counted…we have no president……this next oath? of office will unleash this administration to completly destory our country. Now is the time to sound the call to arms to arms, it’s the peoples responsibility to protect this countrys freedoms from domestic and foeign enimes..Our government is now an enemy to this country it must be desolved!!!!!

    • eddie47d

      What does that have to do with the Web? Military ballots are notoriously late no matter who is in office. You know Republicans or Democrats alike! The few late ballots are counted but wouldn’t change the count anyway of this election of any in the past. So what are you really trying to prove? Hmmm,can’t be good!

      • Cherio

        Why are our troops denied their vote? Why not allowed to vote weeks in advance….
        Guess their vote doesn’t matter.
        Get US out of the UN
        Ron Paul and many others warned us

      • eddie47d

        Good grief the troops are not disallowed to vote. Where do some of you come up with this stuff. Ballots are printed up by the Secretary of State within each State and they are not always finalize until a few weeks before the election. Separate ballot issues and petition counts can keep those ballots from being sent early right up to the last minute. If you want these ballots to be sent out earlier like maybe August then change the petition dates of when they have to be turned in. Also the deadline dates when someone can get on those ballots .

      • Kinetic1

        “Why are our troops denied their vote?”
        Well it doesn’t appear that they are, at lest not by the President. consider the “Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act” (MOVE), passed in 2009 and signed into law by President Obama, which “requires states to mail absentee ballots at least 45 days before an election; use electronic delivery systems where possible,” Does that sound like suppression? Now consider the fact that the Secreataries of State decide on the rules for each state, and that most of the battle states have Republicans in that office and there’s very little to support your claim.

        • MJB

          Hey Kinetic1… Obviously, just like everything the USURPER IN CHIEF does… He says one thing and does another!! The FACT is, in OH, PA AND FL, there were enough Military Ballots to make a difference and they were not counted because they were not received in time due to the Obama administrations law suit to suppress the military vote… do some freakin’ research and you might actually find the truth rather than what the MSM says!

      • eddie47d

        MJB there was no suppression of military ballots. Thanks Kinetic for helping to set the story straight.

      • Vicki
  • Wumingren

    So, we have this thing called the Internet. But what it is that the UN wishes to take over? Is it not possible to create another Internet? If the Internet is taken over by globalists, why can’t we just start up a new one? If someone chops down a tree, is it not possible for someone else to plant another?

  • wavesofgrain

    Since when is our country under the jurisdiction of a Global Dictator?????

    Those who voted for this admin voted for the loss of sovereignity to the United Nations. And that will soon include global internet transaction taxation. This admin has been pushing for global treaties since his initial election. The goals to strip our freedoms will come to fruition. I hope those who voted for “this” are happy.

    • wavesofgrain

      This admin will do nothing to stop these global treaties…they are encouraging this.

    • eddie47d

      Good point yet what is Google doing to make the Internet more responsible free and SAFER. At least Wumingren is thinking outside the box.

  • Larry L. Stuler

    The UN has absolutely no jurisdictional nexus with sovereign Americans. This is because the Constitution only grants the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. This, in turn, is because the organic law of the United States is the Declaration of Independence and its main tenet is that “all men are created equal”. The Constitution is subservient to the Declaration. Title 1 United States Code (USC) lists the organic laws of the United States as follows: (1) The Declaration of Independence, (2) The Articles of Confederation, (3) The Northwest Ordinance, and (4) The Constitution.
    So why should any American care what some dimwit at the UN wants?
    It’s because the federal government has been bankrupted by the international counterfeiters (the Federal Reserve System). The federal government is operating as a bankrupt entity under the control of the bankers. Under foreign commerce the federal government is sovereign. The law evidences this: title 11 USC, “Bankruptcy”, is implemented by title 11 CFR, “Federal elections” – Americans just recently elected a bankruptcy “administration”. (CFR is the Code of Federal Regulations).
    So why should any American care what some dimwit in the federal government wants? Since “all men are created equal” any federal employee is just another American and no American has any authority over any other American.
    Simply bankrupting the federal government was not enough for the bankers to collect their ill-gotten interest from Americans because “all men are created equal” and the federal government has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce, which is simply, human action.
    That’s where the birth certificate and the Social Security # come into play.
    The birth certificate is where you claim to be a 14th Amendment citizen, legally known as the “U.S. citizen”. A “U.S. citizen” is defined at 26 USC section 2501(b) and further exemplified in the regulations at 26 CFR 25.2501-1(c) – a citizen born in one of the sovereign States who then establishes a residence in a U.S. possession (Puerto Rico is used in the example) and, further, acquires U.S. possession citizenship. Now who would ever do such a thing and forfeit sovereignty? No one would, of course, but that’s what the birth certificate legally establishes. This is what the 14th Amendment states where it defines a citizen as born in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction – a citizen born in the United States is sovereign and not subject to the federal government’s jurisdiction, but acquiring U.S. possession citizenship does make said citizen subject to the federal government’s jurisdiction. The Constitution gives the federal government control over its possessions (Constitution, Article IV, Section 3) so the birth certificate destroys American sovereignty by creating the “U.S. citizen”. This is also used by the federal courts to make decisions that appear to apply to all Americans when the federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce because “all men are created equal”.
    The “Form SS-5” that one uses to apply for a Social Security # is actually a federal employment form – the applicant becomes a “taxpayer”. “Taxpayer” is defined at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5) as a member of the Merchant Marine. As a federal employee an American again has no rights, but instead is required to obey the federal regulatory laws.
    The world’s banking headquarters is in London. Even though Great Britain lost the Revolutionary War on the battlefield, it immediately sent in its bankers to bankrupt the United States government which was completed in 1933. Social Security, the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the Internal Revenue Code of 1939 (still the basis of today’s Code) were all written during the bankruptcy negotiations in the 1930’s.
    Great Britain was impressing our Merchant Marine during the War of 1812. Today, with the Social Security Scam, Americans are still being impressed into service – to Great Britain’s bankers. Go to to see “The Bankers’ Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty”.

    • Proteus1946

      Larry says:
      This, in turn, is because the organic law of the United States is the Declaration of Independence and its main tenet is that “all men are created equal”. The Constitution is subservient to the Declaration. Title 1 United States Code (USC) lists the organic laws of the United States as follows: (1) The Declaration of Independence, (2) The Articles of Confederation, (3) The Northwest Ordinance, and (4) The Constitution.

      I’ve just been through Title 1 of the USC, and I can’t find any such statement. Perhaps I missed it somehow. Mind including Title, Chapter and Paragraph so others can look it up?

      Nowhere in the USC does it state that The Declaration of Independence is part of the Organic Law of the United States. And the Constitution cannot be #4 on the list of organic laws since Article VI, para.2 clearly states: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; . . .”

      • The Christian American

        That’s correct. Treaties cannot supercede the Constitution, they must be in compliance with the Constitution to be law. But, in 1916 Oliver Wendell Holmes of the Supreme court stated that, in essence, treaty law coupled with a congessional act could supercede state law. Now we are down to, can treaty law coupled with a congessional act supercede our consitution? If the Supreme court says so, good bye to the second amendment. To a God fearing American Court, it would never let any treaty supercede the Constitution but we do not have a God fearing American Court.

      • Larry L. Stuler

        I started this inquiry into the law in 2001, so that’s the last time I actually read title 1 USC. I would ask that you look into the historical printing as the government has a tendency to hide the laws when someone actually reads it and then expounds upon it as I have. Due to my court document filings over the last 11 years I have had them try to hide many other statutes. Regardless, the documents listed are simply in chronological order: The Declaration, The Articles, The Northwest Ordinance, The Constitution. Article VI of the Constitution states that whatever was done under the Articles is still in effect.
        Any treaty with anyone is by definition under foreign commerce. That’s why I have pointed out that the owners (the international counterfeiters) know the law and have bankrupted the federal government (actually “The United States of America” is a corporation) in order to control Americans under the foreign commerce clause. Americans have been converted into foreigners as I have stated in my Post above by having a birth certificate And Americans have become federal employees (only a federal employee is liable for federal employment taxes) by applying for a Social Security # – the “taxpayer”.
        Further, the term “U.S. resident” (title 26 USC section 865(g)) includes both the terms “taxpayer” and “U.S. citizen”. This is the hidden charge in all IRS indictments. Go to my Post “The U.S. Resident” ( ) to see the court docket tampering that was done to prevent the courts from ever sitting in judicial review of my supplemental brief challenging the sufficiency of the IRS indictment. An indictment must include all the elements of the charge. Obviously if the indictment included the actual definitions of “taxpayer” and “U.S. citizen” no one would ever be convicted.
        My main point is that we Americans have the power to re-establish our guaranteed freedom (“all men are created equal”) by peaceful means. We must reassert our status as sovereign Americans – the contracts established by the birth certificate and the Social Security # are invalid since we were never informed of the real nature of them. But then, of course, the scum (international counterfeiters) never intended that anyone ever understand any of this.
        The federal government is sovereign over foreigners (foreign commerce) but it has no jurisdiction over sovereign Americans (intrastate commerce). We Americans have been brainwashed slowly over the years to accept what the government says and the lapdog media simply parrots whatever that is.
        So any treaty cannot have any authority over sovereign Americans since there is no mechanism under the Constitution to exert any authority over intrastate commerce, and this is because “all men are created equal”.

      • Larry L. Stuler

        Second follow-up to your comment about my citing title 1 USC. As they would say in football, after further review, it is not actually in title 1 United States Code (USC), but in the first volume of the USC. The USC starts with volume 1 wherein it lists the organic laws of the United States – the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and then the Constitution. It actually lists these documents there in full. It then continues for several more volumes wherein it lists each of the Amendments to the Constitution with cites to the various case law decisions under each Amendment. Then after all of the foregoing, title 1 of the USC begins. You will probably need to go to a law library to find all of this – I’m not sure if any of it is listed under the government printing office.
        Thank you for your questioning my source. All of the Posts on my Blog ( are simply the end result of my doing something that is so simple, but no one ever does – I read the law. I make no assumptions or guesses – I cite each statute, regulation, and court decision.
        Our forefathers established a government with absolutely no jurisdiction over the commerce of the individual because the underlying tenet is that “all men are created equal”. Then the bankers spent all of their time slowly turning Americans into babies that want that very government to take care of them. The government cannot offer anything to sovereign Americans, but can offer Social Security to its employees (the “taxpayers”). But first it had to make Americans into possession citizens in order for them to apply for FICA, which is a U.S. possession tax (title 26 section) so it created the 14th Amendment. Today’s birth certificate evidences that as explained in my original comment above.
        Here is a list of the Posts from my Blog that expose the actual laws that evidence that everything that the government is doing now is based as a bankrupt entity proceeding under the foreign commerce clause, which, of course, has absolutely no nexus with sovereign Americans:

        Main Page – The Social Security Scam

        Internal Revenue Jurisdiction

        The “U.S. Resident”

        The Supreme Court decisions (16th Amendment)

        26 USC 7203, Willful Failure to File

        The Whiskey Rebellion

        The Act of Congress That Created the Income Tax

        The Medicine and Drug Laws are Internal Revenue

        What is F.I.C.A.?

        The Fed Owns the U.S. Government

        The U.S. Doesn’t Own the Mississippi River

        How to Read the Internal Revenue Code

        The Bankers Blueprint to Destroy America

        We Americans have been lied to throughout history, but it is a simple matter to re-establish our freedom. – Larry

    • wavesofgrain

      The IPCC and it’s United Nations treaties governing this has now been implemented throughout America. All this “green” and “climate change” (notice how it is no longer defined as global warming) is a method to collect cash from the US under UN jurisdiction to “redistribute” as it sees fit…and enrich the “founders” of the scheme (which began with Obama’s funding from the Joyce Foundation with Bill Ayers…Gore and the Goldmans Sachs boys jumped on the bandwagon and formed their own…GIM…they registered their companies in the Isle of Man to avoid US taxes)

  • Elton Robb

    So, this is how the Internet is shut down. The internet is important to commerce. Maybe Anonymous should read this message and lets see how the U.N. handles Hackivists.

  • MJB

    Here is the situation as I see it… There is a very simple fix…
    A few rouge PRIVATE companies get together and start a PRIVATE network not regulated by the government! It isn’t like the internet is free, we all pay for it anyway! So, let’s just direct those dollars to a PRIVATE Net instead of the current one.

    Who do these bureaucrats think they are to cut off or filter free speech?!?!

    It may take a while but “We the People” can do it!

    Additionally, I agree with “Larry L. Stuler”s earlier comments… Why are we letting these people who have NO JURISDICTION over us tell us ANYTHING?

    All of you who think it is the governments responsibility or right to do so are fools!

    Take back America!!

  • Greye Dunning

    In case all of you missed it in the over 900 Executive Orders issued by President Barack Hussein Obama, he has already put in place Presidential authority to control the internet in “times of emergency.” What appears lacking is a clear definition of “times of emergency.” Hmmm?

  • weroinnm

    Communist Party Leader: Obama Victory “Dawn of a New Era”!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • weroinnm

    The FCC Should Not Interfere With The Internet!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

    • The Christian American

      The FCC wants you to learn stimulus response. They want you stimulated and responding to a point where you’ll only be stimulated by political correctness, their way. “When I blowa do whis, eveybody jump to my tune”. Thinkers are dangerous. Questioners are dangerous. Hitler said: I can deal with over 90% of the people through emotions. The rest I have to reason with. As you read the posts, you can tell who’s responding emotionally and who is reasoning before they put pen in hand.

  • http://libertyAlerts mark

    This internet censorship is supported by Pharaoh 0bama and the the democrats. So whenever you come across a democrat, Thank them.

    • wavesofgrain

      Mark….you are right! We can thank democrats for the escalating loss of freedoms. This admin had a meeting with all the dot com gurus soon after his election and became good friends with Google/Facebook boys. That is why Google changed their search algorithm to make it harder to find the conservative views, and Facebook allowed the Govt to have key words streamed directly to the Whitehouse. Ditto for Twitter….

      And don’t forget the erasing of our borders to import more democratic voters from Mexico. This admin is even advertising all the glorious benefits they automatically receive when they cross the border. This advertising is a partner ship with Mexico and has the blessing of the Mexican president…the ones migrating are usually the poor, criminals or terrorists. It helps keep his country clean. And the corrupt democratic party has found a way to create a PERMANENT DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY. Stuffing the ballot boxes did not always work, and this is a sure-fire way to accomplish this. Until we insist upon voter ID, we can kiss any freedom or internet goodbye. The citizens’ well being are NOT considered now…they only care about wooing the indigent illegals to vote democrat. They will vote for the man who gives them the most free stuff… he$$ with the citizens!

  • Cemetery QR Codes

    I hope that all of the supporters of the current administration are happy when they read this and realize exactly what they have done. It’s a sad time for America.

  • The Christian American

    The first sign of illegitmacy in government is when the government fears the people and the people fear their government. That’s what this all about, governments fearing their people. Governments take on lives of their own. If the people are very lucky, their government will be benevolent but I don’t know of any benevolent governments. I shouldn’t have to give comment on America’s government. It isn’t one big gulag except for the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The first is there so the people can be enlightened, like the “Letters of Correspondence” during our revolution. The second is there to protect our 1st. Evil works in the dark. Evil doen’t want an open internet.

    This kind of parallels the founding of the internet. Guttenberg founded the printing press and the first thing printed was the bible. As the people got their hands on bibles, particularly the 1611 King James version, they discovered they all were given liberty by their Creator, not governments. This caused an upheavel in Europe and elsewhere and the founding of America. Freedom had two meanings, the freedom or liberty that was a moral mans possession from God and the freedom that evil men take to prey on the people. The internet is like making available information that can enlghten the people, and that’s dangerous to many government, particularly the American people.

  • box-bb-car

    And hence is the progression of most tyrannys – those who helped them to power are targetted by the very people they helped bring to power when they are no longer useful. Why should we be suprised? This is why some of us get on our soapbox and fight.

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