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Google Plans To ‘Legalize Love’ All Over The Globe

July 12, 2012 by  

Google Plans To ‘Legalize Love’ All Over The Globe
Google hopes to change the way the world views homosexuality.

Google is attempting to use its power to “Legalize Love.” The Internet giant plans to change the way social conservatives view gay marriage, starting in Singapore and Poland.

The primary focus of the Legalize Love campaign, which will eventually be launched everywhere that Google has employees, is to promote safer working conditions for those within the LGBT community.

“We want our employees who are gay or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside the office as they do in the office. It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work,” explained Google’s Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe.

The initiative seems to be as much about business as it is humanity. In some countries, Google claims it has been unable to hire the best person for the job. “We operate in many countries and have a very globally mobile workforce. We have had a number of instances where we have been trying to hire people into countries where there are these issues and have been unable to put the best person into a job in that country,” said Palmer-Edgecumbe.

But Google also wants to help “Gayglers” (gay Google users) by quashing homophobia around the world.

Harry Gaskell, an advisory managing partner for Ernst & Young and LGBT advocate, said: “The fact that Google is so virtual and its appeal is very wide and young demographically means it can help spread messaging very, very quickly.”

Google’s “Legalize Love” strategy has resulted in the American Family Association urging people to boycott the company. The organization recently boycotted Oreo cookies. Buster Wilson, a spokesman for the American Family Association, admits that the Google boycott will be difficult.

This is going to be hard for a lot of us. A lot of us are so integrated into Google and Google products. This is going to be a tough one. This is more than just a search engine. Many of us have Android phones. …many of us use Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and Gmail… YouTube, and all the other things, it’s not just the search engine. …I guess we’ll test the meat of our convictions.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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    YES – American Family Association SHOULD BOYCOTT Google.






    • Doc Sarvis

      The “geeky crowd under thirty” is an ever growing set of the population. Acceptance (rightfully) of homosexuals is part of our evolution and that is a good thing.

      • johnny

        Your wrong on this, If your a christian. The bible refers to their lifestyle as an abomination. If you still think its a good idea , you may be part of the problem.

      • David

        Homosexuality can never be accepted or tolerated. It is an aberration, a mental defect/illness and needs to treated as such.

      • Doc Sarvis

        johnny and others, please check out this site:

        Taken from there; “First, unless you’re a Biblical scholar who knows the historical and cultural contexts of the scriptures and can read them in their original languages, the Bible isn’t “clear” about much. Yes, we can pick and choose verses that say one thing or another, but by whom was it originally said, and to whom? Cherry-picking scripture to make a point is called proof-texting, and it’s a theological no-no. Second, the Bible can be used to make nearly any point we care to (anyone want to justify slavery?), so let’s not use it as a billy club against each other.”

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Johnny, why don’t you go picket McDonald’s because they sell cheeseburgers?

        Are you wearing a blended fabric? Get it off now! It too is an “abomination.”

        Why don’t you learn to think rather than blindly follow?


      • Robert Smith

        Hey David,

        You say: “It is an aberration, a mental defect/illness and needs to treated as such.”

        The same can be said bout extreme right wing bigots.

        Really, who loves who?… How does it impact your life beyond giving you something to hate?


      • druoak01

        Extremist evangelical Christians are as just as evil as extremist Islamists, that may I remind the Christian crowd, that they would happily violate your right to Liberty by loffing off your head! Doc Jarvis is exactly correct about about that biblical scholars that transalte the Bilble in its original language, Hebrew & Greek. As a Gay Patriot, let me point out the LGBT community are not the enemy, of course you choose to make us so, however at a wasted expense of energy. Considering that Patriots that stand for Liberty, freedom and all things Constitutional, freedom of religion does not = freedom to force the views of one upon another based on religious prejudice, bullying & fear. There is nothing American about that! Freedom of speech is one thing, but when such freedom is abused and threaten anothers life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, then it is no better than the dictatorship by force that “We the People” fight to stop. Mutual respect, tolerance & love of humanity will allow us to effectively deat the forces that threaten all of us. Least we never forget! Amen!

      • Mike in MI

        Doc Sarvis -
        “The bible isn’t ‘clear’ about much” to those who want excuses to do what it says not to do and who want excuses to not do what it says to do. Some of the most influential of those with such attitudes are the top eschelon of so-called “christian religious” systems, cemetery (oops, seminary) professors and the preachers who are their spume (oops, spawn). The Apostle Paul was told to write in Ephesians 3:3-5 ” How that by revelation he (God) made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, (4)Whereby, when ye read {READ}, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of CHRIST) (5)Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, AS IT IS NOW REVEALED unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit.” The following context shows that the reason it was given was for it to be taught, understood and form the basis of what should be foundational Christian behavior (but isn’t because to most preachers it’s still a “MYSTERY”. So, their congregants are living in and examples of MYSERY.
        This is some of that “all the truth” spoken of in John 16:13 that Jesus said would be coming to them after his trials, torture, death, resurrection, ascension, seating and giving of the gift of the holy spirit as an indwelling conduit for information from God and tool for living. “Holy spirit”, its coming to be an indwelling part of life for those who decide to become Christians, was God’s ultimate goal for Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, sacrifice and subsequent acceptance of that sacrifice by his Father. Now it’s up to us to study and utilize that gift for the purpose that God gave it to us. Part of that is to be able to receive information from God about what the Word of God says cause it ain’t a secret anymore – not supposed to be.
        Too bad there are so MANY God rejecters and avoiders of doing what’s right like you and the religious dolts who you have been reading and listening to.
        Rest assured, God wants people to (III John :2) “…prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers”. That’s really obscure, isn’t it? Vague…shrouded…”through a glass darkly” (as they misuse the passage).
        NONSENSE ! If God wants (“wishes above all things”) prosperity and health for us there must be some simple, straight forward, understandable passages that explain what He will do if we do our part (and what our part is).
        Bible says people like you, Doc, are worse than a fool. You want people to believe what you say??? CHANGE, if possible.

      • Mike in MI

        Oh, BTW, in John 8:42-47 Jesus Christ was CONFRONTED BY THE TEMPLE PRIESTS and HEAD S OF THE RELIGOUS crowd who were getting real ugly. He told them, they “RELIGIOUS MEN” at the top of their order, were children of the DEVIL. You can’t get more evil than that. Sold themselves (their souls) to do evil on behalf of the devil. Men who were supposed to be dedicated to God…lives dedicated to God’s greatest enemy.

        Well, where better for Satan to put his most adept operator’s? They get to put out the devil’s message from the pulpits while the pew sitters think they’re teaching God’s message. How better to get a culture to turn into scum, tear up their own lives, become worthless to God and destroy itself? What is there that makes us think things are any different today…what’s the evidence? Just look at the evil doctrines the big demoninations are adopting. Look at the priests of the RCC and the help, blessing and protection they get from the very highest levels.
        What do you think they’re teaching? Why stay IN those sewers?

      • Jim

        Hey Doc Sarvis,

        And anyone else that thinks they know what I know…the Bible leaves little doubt about it’s stand on homosexuality. There are a few places in the Bible one can determine homosexuality is considered a sin. The truth is one need not even go to that extreme to see the sin of it…promiscuity or fornication are sin too…and in Gods eyes, according to the Bible, a sin is a sin and no sin is good enough to get into heaven. Sex is a most beautiful aspect of a committed relationship between a man and a woman in love and married. If you doubt me, read it for yourself! That means you gays are going to have to read the Bible so you know what you are talking about too!

        Also, considering how the King James Bible was translated…yes, I am aware how much care was placed to insure a proper translation was made, and today we have “The Strongs Exhaustive Concordance” to help in understanding what was translated…one can be well groomed in the truth of what the Bible says.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Jim, So eating shellfish is a sin as well???

  • Doc Sarvis

    A great step by this internet (and beyond) Giant.

    • kygator

      Hey Doc! If your mouth is full, bend over so that any left out friends you may have
      can help you out~~

    • Mark-Edward

      “Doc”, homosexuality is a perversion and it does nobody any good to shove this sickness down the throats of the normal population. Gays are militant, angry, and violent toward anyone who speaks the plain truth about their sickness because they live every day with the gut-wrenching vileness of what they are doing. It take a LOT of conditioning and “support” for a person to cross that boundry and start practicing homosexual activity. It is not natural, but it is a choice. Usually its a product of abuse and a rebellious reaction. Hence the extreme anger from the homosexual crowd. If it was a natural condition it would have wiped out its own genetic code long ago because they don’t reproduce.

      I’ve had enough of google’s improper abuse of it’s power and position. I’ve abandoned their search engine and it’s tracking. I’m using I will never buy one of their android phones. I have never trusted them enough to get hooked on all their products like the calendar and document storage, etc. With this news, I’m going to begin phasing out my use of their email too.

      It makes no sense to me to push perversion and to try and pretend it is normal. People always have the choice to keep their sexual exploits a secret. Interesting how homosexual behavior creates phyical changes in people, isn’t it, such that this one particular choice almost can’t be hidden? They start to talk funny and walk funny, they get that hollow lost look in their eyes, the anger and self-loathing mutates their soul and it shows on their face. It’s sad. I wish there was a way to help people out of this sick lifestyle choice, but instead, “misery loves company” and people are trying to enlist as many as they can into this dark miserable lifestyle so they can pretend there are enough others to make themselves feel “normal”.

  • Karolyn

    Boycott Oreo! Boycott Google! Boycott Schmoycot! Get a life and quit worrying about what others do.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      But you are on this site denigrating the Christians, the Conservatives, the Libertarians. So you are preoccupied with what “others” do.

  • Steve

    If Google can “legalize love” in Islamic countries, maybe they will stop lopping off their heads. HaHaHaHa!

    • Robert Smith

      That’s why in America we need to understand that a little head doesn’t hurt anyone who is a consenting adult.


  • Jim in NY

    Now why would the American Family Association object to a company that seeks to support our gay children – our gay brothers and sisters in the Lord? They should face reality and call themselves the Anti-American Family Association. I guess the AFA is made up of people whose fathers and grandfathers like to wrap themselves in white sheets.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I am curious where you get your doctrinal teachings, apparently you have your own bible because the Holy Scriptures and your bible contradict each other

      • Robert Smith

        What about Americans who have absolutely NO interest in being ruled by all that bible babble?

        After all, it is religion. Keep me free of it and don’t use the state to impress it upon me.


    • Mike in MI

      jiminnie – The phrase “our gay children” is an oxymoron.
      It is impossible for children to get born out of someone’s rectum or unfertilized uterus.
      Children aren’t born that way they must be subjected to torture, physical and mental and evil spiritual abuse in licentious environments of the most wanton description.
      There are neuro-immune/endocrine chemicals in semen that are great for sexual reproduction (necessary for it) but they cause disruption of physical processes and neurological/immune functions in adults. AND there are chemicals disrupt brain processes and developmental processes in little boys. Pedophiles in less intellectually stultified and evil times would have been summarily dispensed with for tearing away little boys’ prospects for growing up normal – just for their own momentary gratification.
      And they call it l-l-LU-U-u-uv.
      Yea-a-ah,…agape’ of the devil.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Children aren’t born that way they must be subjected to torture, physical and mental and evil spiritual abuse in licentious environments of the most wanton description.”

        I thought Dick Chaney was evil, but isn’t your assessment of him and his wife as parents a but extreme?

        BTW, his daughter just married another woman.


        • RichE

          I wish I could come up with mind stumping replies. I bet Mike in MI never replies.

      • Mike in MI

        RichE – You got it right.
        Something I’ve picked up in studying and learning things from God’s point of view (which is what He’s trying to show us in His communication to us via the various ways He has of illuminating things of His Word) is that Jesus Christ seldom wasted time trying to turn pigs into sheep. People who respected him and recognized that he was carrying out the things scripture prophesied the Messiah would do wanted to learn and help in his endeavor. He’d spend time and effort teaching, helping and training them to do some of the things he new and could do. That was the whole point of choosing the eleven faithful disciples and, later, the Apostle Paul: training for when he wouldn’t be around anymore on earth.
        He didn’t waste time on unbelievers (except when he perceived that there were folks around listening who wanted to know more).
        He just told the disputers a point of truth or fact that illustrated where they were wrong and moved on to someone he cold serve. He knew from the scrolls he had studied and memorized that it is an unwise waste of everyone’s time teaching people with earplugs in place.
        So no, why answer? If you think I’m full of crap why would you want to get very close? You might get some on you.

      • Mike in MI

        Robt.Sm. – Where in the hell and why did Cheney come from nowhere?…or his daughter?
        It’s a somewhat free country until the LGBT crowd – including Obama – get their way and get into a position of real power (which they haven’t grabbed yet). Then, it’ll only be free for them.
        But beware, they get r-r-re-rea-al-ly – y vicious when they get the upper hand.
        She can do as she pleases according to the laws of the land. It’s treason against God, but it is impossible that that concerns them.
        Dick Cheney is just something floating around in a city sanitary pond anyway. Say, “Hi.”, to him if you see him.

  • RichE

    The title of this article should be, “Can Google teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?”

    Will Google’s campaign include heterosexuals loving each other or only focus on heterosexuals loving LGBT’s and not each other? Can skin-head conservatives love bleeding-heart liberals? Google: do no harm and spread the love.

  • old hillbilly

    Love, lust, and perversion in a blender is better called an obamanation! And if one connected a foursome would it be like connecting two 110v lines together to get 220v… and could it be done without someone getting fertilized?

    Homosexuality isn’t defined by acts of love. To the contrary – love has nothing to do with sex.

    Homosexual definitions must have something to do with homosexuality, like the unlikely attraction of a negative pole being attracted to another negative or the same BS happening to positives – just doesn’t work, does it – unless your force the ends to meet… but that’s electricity, magnetism, reality, right?

    The homo sapiens thing where one end doesn’t know what to do with the other, relative to naturalization (whatever) the magnet appears to be cross-wired and in the wrong orifice! We’ve got to get over the sexual thing, because homos can’t reproduce or pass genetics, in doing what they do, thus the reproductive tools… accomplish nothing & really aren’t needed… & it really isn’t sexual.

    Perhaps it gets down to the intake & exhaust analysis – what goes in one end comes out the other – & the perpetual motionalization philosophy of simply connecting one end to the other to accomplish unending motion (gratificationalization). If one end is labeled oral and the opposite anal, logically the acts are oralanal or shorten it up to oranal (spiffier word). Of course, the nose always knows if the alignment is proper for the acts to be consumed.

    I wonder if Obama, joey, nanny, barney, & erica could get this all down in legal terms & certificated proper enough for the FDA & homeland security to sprinkle water on it, legalize it, & end all this hatred against the fecalites. Can we all say ORANAL?

  • Junk Bin

    Ah once again a company panders to a very small minority to try and become more popular. The usual result is a loss of sales and customers.
    I have never been hot on google or Facebook for that matter. I do my best to avoid any use of their services whenever possible. Here is just another example of I”ll stick my corporate thumb in your eye and you will say thank you.
    The computer system I manage has access to use of Chrome blocked and google . com is not accessible at all. Currently, i AM STUCK WITH android, only because Apple is lower on my list of to avoid at all costs. Besides, apple is over priced and is manufactured by Foxcon in China just like Dell.
    When Windows gets its new phone system sorted out, it will be bye bye to Android

    tired of having corps hose me with my own money

  • kygator

    The only way this program could possibly be acceptable would be for the Queers to be
    confined to sex only with another Queer and the same for the Lesbo!! Then these
    mental defectives would eventually eliminate themselves !! (We couldn’t be that lucky!!!)

  • old hillbilly

    As for “Gargle” & perversity… they can reinvent orifice parties if that’s what they’re all about – Me, I’ll continue avoiding them & those who support them with a passion – not into dung dipping – Freud called it psychotic many years ago.

    Had a dog many years ago that got into butt sniffing… graduated into chasing cars to see if he could get into tail pipes – couldn’t keep up with a pretty little Porsche & got run-over by a tail gaiting semi. Not sure if the ultimate high might have occurred in the nanosecond between the semi tire caressing his tail till his nose was etched in the pavement; or if he finally got his teeth on a red hot tail pipe???

  • TML

    “But Google also wants to help “Gayglers” (gay Google users) by quashing homophobia around the world.”

    That’s a fools errand. In no way can you “quash” homophobia around the world, unless it is done by targeting young people with propaganda for the purpose of conditioning their minds… which becomes immoral in itself. People who believe homosexuality is morally wrong should be free to hold those views so long as it does not enter into political hindrance of the same for those with opposing beliefs. Last I checked, sexual orientation is not a factor in the hiring of people in America, in accordance with discrimination laws, and sexual orientation is not even required to be disclosed… so I’m unsure why the AMERICAN Family Association is getting involved. I’d leave it to the people of whatever country/countries that are being referred to in the article to handle their own situation with Google.

  • terris

    Good for Google. People may disagree with the fact that there even are homosexuals, but they do not have the right to harm them because of those beliefs. Or deny them jobs.

    • Mike in MI

      Absolutely DO!! Who wants somebody with a “reprobate mind” working in a business he’s put his mind, life, heart, sweat, blood and and soul into building. A mind that is devoid of the ability to make a good judgement is unlikely to add to that effort.

  • Charles Sproull

    We are living in the “new covenant” age that began on the Day of Pentecost (described in Acts 2, prophesied in Isa. 28:11-12, Jer. 31:31, Ezek. 36:26, Joel 2:28). Jesus Christ is “the Mediator” of the new covenant (Heb 12:24) because this is when believers began receiving what He provided on the cross. Also, this is the “dispensation of grace” (Eph 3:2, Titus 2:11-12). Even though sinners may feel discomfort in their conscience when exposed to the preaching of God’s Word, condemnation will be done by God after this life is over, at the Great White Throne Judgment (Rom 2:2, Rev 20:11-15). Therefore, during this church age and during our lifetime on earth, it is not appropriate to condemn sinners, but to preach “the truth in love” and be “ministers of grace” (Eph 4:15, 25, 29).

    Sin will prevent us from spending eternity in the pure holy presence of God. But as light is right beside the darkness, salvation is right beside sin. For example, 1 Cor 6:9-10 is a list of 10 sins (including homosexuality) that Jesus died to save us from, because He loves all mankind. But the light beside the darkness, the pathway to salvation explained in verse 11, refers to the new birth they received through Paul’s ministry in Acts 18:4.

    Another example of spiritual darkness is Rom 1:18-32 containing a list of several dozen sinful emotions and behaviors (including homosexuality) that God loves to save us from. Sinners (gays) may cringe with guilt when exposed to this list, especially if exposed to scornful, hateful bigotry of “ministers of condemnation,” and may feel justified to run further away into the darkness of Rom 2:1 (“go viral”), and hatefully cast false accusations back at their accusers. But the light right next to them is in Rom 1:16-17; “The gospel …is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe.” This is explained more clearly in Rom 6:3-5.

    • old hillbilly

      All sounds true & good if in reasonably accurate context. Comfort, help, and aid the sinner in his journey to conquer the sin is right on. Comfort, help, justify, and aid the sin adds to and emboldens the sin!

      God says go and sin no more. Satan says come join in the sin and we’ll frolic together for all to marvel at freedom from restraint… sounds like “gargle’s” plan!

      “Gargle” isn’t saying come to me for guidance and help to cleanse my ways. The message is clearly come, join together, sanctify fecalism, and make it the norm, where none know difference, none are ashamed, and none condemn… a bit more like Sodom & Gomorrah!

      Know anything about food poisoning, ingesting fecal content in food – millions of pounds of food being destroyed at government mandate, suits, etc.??? FDA has rules about feces. You can’t define homosexuality without the exposure of what it is!

    • Mike in MI

      Mr. Sproull -
      He died for our sin on the stake. God accounted it as my death and judgement for the sin.
      He was buried and it was counted by God as my baptism but I was still bound by elements of this world.
      When he was raised I was raised. Romans 10: 9-10 says that is what we need to believe to get salvation (sozo: wholeness in every respect, access to it forever).

      When he was ascended and seated so was I. That’s when I became more than a conqueror with access to the blessings and power Jesus Christ told about in John 16:13 that would come after he left them.

      If you don’t take me in teaching any farther than the cross, then both he and I are still hanging out there to dry – objects of shame, degradation, despite, derogation and denigration by the evil priests and happy devil spirits in their moment of gory. And I still am subject to the law of Moses which is not full salvation (Acts 13 :39) because there were things that could not be forgiven by it – which are wiped off the chart in the resurrection. You’re killin’ people.

  • Dan Mancuso

    I think the best thing I like about this site is not the way issues are covered from a conservative, Christian perspective, and this is very refreshing. The best thing and most informative is the dichotomy of the two very distinct opposing view points. The conservative Christian, well thought out generally polite and intellectually sound and then you have the liberal/socialist supportive of the degnerate homosexual and radical feminist, who have no leg to stand on in a debate and like Anne Coulter so humorously puts it, always reverts to name calling. The idiocy of some of these liberal opinions is mind boggling. No wonder they don’t sign their names.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Dan, Don’t you think Robert Smith is a real name?

      BTW, I just went through this thread and it’s easy to see that the right wing is doing most of the nasty stuff.


      • old hillbilly

        Geee – we agree on something – that which is accurately described as defining acts of homosexuality is “nasty”. I prefer obamanation, but laying semantics aside we have a common thought.

        Think E-coli, “hippietitus”, aids… not in the Bible per se, but sure enough on the homosexual “menu” – real bad stuff with terminal characteristics… obamanation & worse. what is worse?

      • Mike in MI

        Hey old hillbilly – You think AIDS is a new thing? Huh-uh, nupe-di-nupe,nupe nupe.
        The Bible is FULL of information about the physical effects and symptoms that represent The Homo Syndrome, Gay Mania, Cucumber Crammer Cattarh or whatever anybody calls it. There are records throughout Scripture that describe the whole butt-busting, fudge packer’s delight. Nowhere do the fudgies do anything to ingratiate themselves with God. Nor is the practice ever dealt with in anyway except to suggest and overtly show why God won’t have anything to do with those who get mixed up in this peculiar device.

      • RichE

        How can you tell a conservative from a liberal? There’s no (R) or (D) after their name. When I heard Sarah Palin’s VP acceptance speech I thought she was a Democrat. Personally I think there’s politicians(P) and people(P) and impossible to tell the difference.

  • Franklyn Molina

    Ugh! I’m getting sick of this. The homosexual activists insist on shoving their agenda down our throats while the religious whackos insist on calling homosexuality an abomination. Let me ask you Christians a little something. “God says THIS! God says THAT! Can’t you think for yourself!?”

    • Mike in MI

      Hey genius -
      If God is what and who He says He is, can do what He says (and is evident He does) He can do, and knows what He says He knows, it would be nothing but the grossest stupidity to try to model my thinking after anything less. Everybody has someone or something outside themselves which represents their authority for what they know and speak.
      You didn’t enter this world with much to brag about in the brains department, did you? You don’t have any room to think you are anything too highly impressive in this category of existence – unless you are something higher and greater than the rest of humanity. Neither do I. But I’ll gladly give God the glory for having given me the privilege to learn and know a little bit of the highest body of information in His Universe.
      Tell us….What do you know that’s so special?

      • Franklyn Molina

        What do I know that’s so special? What I do know, is that I’m the LAST person you would want to throw your religious viewpoints or “verifications of proof” of the existence of a supreme being. Getting back to the topic of the website however, while I do think it’s wrong for the gay and lesbian community as well as the morons in the radical left to shove their lifestyle and viewpoints in our faces, are the religious right-wingers still so upset about gay and lesbian rights like marriage, for example, in the United States? As the years have gone by and certain states have legalized gay marriage or civil unions, the rest of the country has trembled in fear of the implications it will have on “the sanctity of marriage.” Really? Seriously!?
        Have any of you people LOOKED at the statistics of gay marriage? I mean REALLY looked at them? Half of the “straight” people who get married, GET DIVORCED. Half the straight couples that live together aren’t even married. Those that are, are always bickering and complaining at their significant other. They use their kids as pawns in bitter divorce battles, and even the family dog has had to deal with the brunt of the dysfunctional American marriage. No one likes their in-laws, and children are a pain in the rear. It’s pretty much established that straight people DO NOT care about marriage. And that’s why, gay folks should get married. Even though companies like Google should really just stay out of it and let the gay community fight their own battles.
        If anyone is going to accept the concept of the institution of marriage, it will be the gay community. They FOUGHT for the right to be married. They’ve taken media backlash for it, they’ve been beaten, spat upon, and ridiculed. But they still perservere, and want to marry their significant other. They’re not standing on the altar with a shotgun to their head, they’re fighting through crowds of angry protesters, and backward thinking religious fanatics in order to marry someone they LOVE. That’s how important it is to them!
        People like you who make a rebuttal towards my comment seem to want to question my intelligence. What do I know that’s so special? The following:

        1. The Bible has been manipulated by humankind since its inception. Even if you, Mike in MI, consider it to be the word of God, humans have had WAY too much of an influence over it, tweaking it for their own political and religious gain.

        2. Religion is a personal choice, NOT LAW! YOUR religious views may not be the same as another. Get over it! While the gay community do not have the right to force their lifestyle upon you, you do not have the right to impose your views on other people. It’s a two way street, Mike. That’s kind of why America was founded: RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! You remember that!?

        3. Two words for you: FREE WILL. If God gave us all free will to do what we want, then what is the problem? These people want to get married of their own free will. Now you’re just contradicting God by trying to stop people from doing what they want. And God will get you for that one.

        4. If you think it’s “God’s will” that marriage is only between a man and a woman, then why not let God sort them out during the rapture? You know? Where’s that religious faith I keep hearing so much about? If you truly do have faith in God, Mike, you should know that he/she/it in his/her/its all knowing wisdom will do what needs to be done. So don’t worry yourself about it. It’s NOT your problem.

        Personally, I would not be so bold and egotistical as to claim that I KNOW what God’s will is. What if God changed his mind? You don’t know that. Neither of us know what God wants or does not want. He didn’t send you a memo. Deal with it.
        The only thing I can say, about God and the Bible, that the Ten Commandments are a pretty good list of do’s and don’ts that people should take into consideration. So all in all, don’t worry about it. Let the gay community figure out that marriage is a hollow institution like the rest of us mere mortals have.


        “Franklyn Molina,”





      • Mike in MI

        Franklyn Molina – IZZATSO? RE baseless, extravagant boasting: “raspberries”.
        “What I do know, is that I’m the LAST person you would want to throw your religious viewpoints or “verifications of proof” of the existence of a supreme being.”

        Well, I can’t claim it as my own work but I hope you have a diploma from any of our great institutions of higher learning with above a “non-reader” certification on it. Strap this on and try to cut mud:
        “Signature in the Cell – DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design”; Stephen C. Meyer, PhD, hD, hD ,hD; Harper One; (c) 2009 ISBN 978-0-06-1472794
        It’s only 508 pages including the Appendices. But it’s also footnoted /w a bibliography to prove him for when you undertake to blast back at me with your rebuttal. You’ll probably be able to find me here somewhere. You get about two years to expect you actually got edica’tit. If you don’t do it, don’t bother. I’ll know in a milli-sec.

        Re other ignorants:
        1.) “sanctity of marriage” – Marriage is the honorable institution established by God for the decorous and proper conduct and continuation into the future of the human race. Children from infancy onwards need the best possible male AND female role models in order to predictably grow into responsible and worthy citizens in a FREE SOCIETY. If we should plan for something not free then I guess the dictating office will decree by Executive Order accompanied by execution orders for non-compliance. Homos are contrary to everybody. Hollywood is a good basis for suicide.
        2.) Re the gay battles for the fight to marry and “hold long-term relationships”. You really need to check the history of gay relationships on the police blotters of big cities, as others have. Ignorant opinions breed flies – like the victims on the blotters..

        Re the points you addressed to me and others (on which I care to opine):
        1.) I can tell you’ve taken pains to pursue the fantasy that nobody in history ever fought or bled to transmit accurate texts or that tests have been imposed to transmit any true manuscripts or a canon of integrity. Were that true, Christianity would have disappeared 1800 years ago. If you ever spent as much time seeking God’s Truth equaling your fervor for chasing the Devil’s smoke screen you’d have something of worth. The Bible exists for people who have realized that science proceeded from near zero only about 300 years ago attempting the ascent to the pinnacle of “KNOWLEDGE”. But,… they’ve got a problem. Did you ever hear of the “Placebo Effect”? People can believe to change the physics, chemistry and electro-magnetics of their bodies sufficiently to effect healing that makes science flinch. They don’t dispute it anymore. (The Great Randy notwithstanding.)
        So, could not some erstwhile “famous scientist” jack his ego up high enough to change the flip of the coin during gathering data – blinded or not? Thoughts are like cosmic rays they penetrate everything.
        I, for one, can not trust “S-C-I-E-N-C-E” any longer until they straighten some of this stuff out. There’s some stuff they learned that’s accurate – but most of it they could have started at Scripture to figure it out long ago. Johnny-cum-latelys, that’s all.
        OH!! Dark matter. Ah yes-s-s. 80% (+/-/?) of the matter in the Universe. They can’t find it, don’t know what it is, where it is, what it does, how it does it? Does it interact with the stuff we think we understand? How? Why does it elude us, so? Are there sentient beings in it?
        Are they dummer than us? Smarter? By how many I.Q. points? Do they sense or know us? ‘Cuze we shore don’ kno’ nuts ’bout ‘dem???!!?!! (“The Little Ones” down by the river?)
        I’ll bet you kno’ more’n ‘nem tho’ and got ‘em beat!!! I’m rite behin’ ya!
        Same thing for “Dark Energy” – would that be Solyndra?

        Get off my back, punk. Wha’ d’ ya think you (we) know anyway? But, IF God communicates with people – maybe that’s worth finding out and learning. I say He does. And you can’t argue that, because you only know one side. You won’t expend the effort to find out.

        The Word of God still works whether science knows squat …or not!
        I’m done. And I have not MADE you think anything or forced my opinion on any body – just put it out there. Nor, do I want to cut your head off about it…or will I.

        • Franklyn Molina

          ‘And I have not MADE you think anything or forced my opinion on any body – just put it out there. Nor, do I want to cut your head off about it…or will I.’

          No, you haven’t. But you have gone through a considerable amount of time to personally attack and insult me in your rebuttal. You think because I’m younger, that constitutes me being an ignorant punk? Sorry to say, but age DOES NOT denote wisdom. I tried to be as civil as possible, and point out the flaws in any argument, and I expected you to do the same. That’s how debate works. But all you have done is attack me, deflect the argument away from my points, and try to mis-state overexaggerate my position in order to make me look foolish. And by doing that, just shows that you do not know how to lose an argument gracefully. Dark matter? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      • Jay

        I must admit, Mr. Molina, your rebuttals to Mike in Mi, were rather impressive. Just want you to know that they didn’t go unnoticed! Kudos…

      • Jay

        Mike in Mi, your presentation is rather forceful, but your arguments, supported by compelling evidence, are worthy of consideration. However, your apologetic-argument, though beautifully crafted, is best suited for the choir. It is not apologetics, or science, or philosophy, that will reach those outside our faith-orbit, but the “Word”. However, Paul exhorts us; “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear”. Your brother in Christ…Jay.

  • Peter

    I have personally boycotted Google from the time I read about their stupid move.

    ‘Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its failures’.

    The Greek and Roman empires fell soon after embracing the same type of ‘anything goes’ lack of morality, simply because they took their eyes off of what was important to their empires and sought after personal pleasure and ever-increasing levels of debauchery.

    Also, the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960′s supposedly ‘freed’ society of the need for this cumbersome and legalistic, old-fashioned monogamist institution called marriage. Why is it then that homosexuals now desire to be bound by that staid old institution? Surely it’s a regressive step? However it has been very clearly spelled out by studies which canvassed around 1500 homosexual couples earlier this year, that monogamy within marriage is only desired by around 15% of the respondents. 85% expressed a very clear desire to be able to indulge in other sexual partners within the bounds of their ‘committed relationship’. (I’m not sure how that word ‘commitment’ works in that context?)

    Therefore it is incongruous to say that homosexual marriage has no effect on the institution of marriage, because at the very least, divorce fault laws will need to be re-written to encompass same-sex partners’ ‘right’ to non-monogamous marriage which, due to equality requirements will then flow on to heterosexual marriages, and there will be no fault in committing adultery. This of itself is a huge change to the institution of marriage, however if you study the social climate in countries such as the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage has been legal for some time, it is clear that other groups are now pressuring to have their ‘relationships’ legitimized. These include but are not limited to polygamists, pedophiles and incestuous couples.
    It also begs the question, “If that’s the sort of open relationship you want, why not stay in a de-facto relationship? Why do you want to be married?

    The answer obviously comes down to the fact militant homosexual activists have a clear goal to destroy the traditional social mores of western society from within.

    Are we going to learn the clear lessons of history or ignore them and suffer the consequences?
    Looks like more ‘bread and circuses to me. Pity.

    • Theron

      As one of those so called militant homosexuals, your comments concerning love and marriage can not be ignored. Why do people such as yourself desire to inject themselves and their values? Could it be discomfort with your own sexuality or what. I have learned that when people are so bound up in an issue that they have something to hide. Tell me something Peter, do you?

      Come to think of it Peter, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know

      • Peter

        Theron, I have nothing to hide. I am as fallible as the next person. I will never claim to be perfect, but I am not the one trying to bend society to my perverted will, you are.

    • Mike in MI

      Peter – Good, very good post. And well written.
      I guess as far as Theron and his sordid sort are concerned we’ll just have to do like Marie Antoinette advised:
      “Let ‘em eat c–k.” Er-r-r, somethin’ like ‘at theer. Git ‘er dun!!!

  • Franklyn Molina

    @ Christopher Allen Horton Actually I was not referring to the Stonewall Riots, and even if I was, I’m not so sure I agree with your historical facts. I must study this if I am to confirm or deny what you say. While a good deal of what you say is true to a point, I am not taking them seriously because you, like an obvious troll, seem to go by rule of the internet #39


    Chris, I already told you


    Until you can get the glue out of your caps lock, don’t come to me with any of your points. And please provide evidence of your claim involving the Stonewall Riots instead of opinions. I am interested in facts, not theories. Go back and try again, kid.




      • Franklyn Molina

        Obvious troll is obvious.


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