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Goodbye, 5th, 6th And 8th Amendments; Hello, Tyranny

March 12, 2012 by  

Here’s a quick test. Pictured below are two people who were featured in the news last week, can you name them and why they made the news?

If you are a victim of the mainstream media propaganda machine, your answer is predictable: The woman on the left is, of course, Sandra Fluke, so-called champion of women’s health and the target of crude remarks made by radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh. You likely have no idea who the man on the right is, but you should.

Asked whether or not the Administration of Barack Obama’s assertion that the Federal government can murder American citizens suspected of terrorism for the greater good of the Nation extends to targets on U.S. soil, the man on the right replied, “I’d have to go back, I, uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not.”

The man pictured on the right, by the way, is the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Mueller.

While mainstream media spent last week writing headlines like The Washington Post’s “Limbaugh, Fluke and the GOP’s ‘war on women’” — a controversy oddly, and conveniently, coinciding with International Women’s Day — something much more frightening than Fluke’s having to forgo luxuries while in college to pay for birth control was afoot.

A week ago, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at Northwestern University Law School that the President of the United States “in full accordance with the Constitution” can kill American citizens that pose a threat to the Federal government.

Holder added something else that may actually account for Mueller’s confusion: The President’s authority to murder U.S. citizens without due process, trial or conviction is “not limited to the battlefields in Afghanistan” because “we are at war with a stateless enemy, prone to shifting operations from country to country.”

Not to worry, though. Since the Obama Administration and the Federal bureaucracy have opted to do away with three Amendments included in the Bill of Rights, they have offered their own due process of sorts. Three conditions must be met prior to the murder, according to Holder: First, the target must pose an “imminent threat of violent attack against the U.S.” Second, capturing the target is deemed “not feasible” by the Administration. Third, the Federal government must engage the American citizen they intend to kill in a manner consistent with the rules of war: target must be deemed hostile; no excessive collateral damage; the manner chosen for the murder must not inflict unnecessary suffering.

To condense the previous paragraph, it could be said that Holder’s list of requirements for murdering American citizens deemed hostile is the martial law equivalent of what once were the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments. The Supreme Court offers no concrete definition of the term “martial law,” but most historical and legal experts contend its implementation is marked by things such as: military authority over civil and criminal laws, suspension of Habeas Corpus and the elimination of civil liberties such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom of association and freedom of movement. Under this martial law however, public knowledge of an individual’s prosecution is eliminated, as is fate determined by his peers and the guarantee of protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Liberty-defender Judge Andrew Napolitano put Holder’s explanation of why it is acceptable to kill Americans without trial into perspective in a recent FOX News interview, “His [Holder’s] argument is that there is a substituted form of due process. That if the President and his advisors carefully consider the danger of a human being and conclude that that human being needs to be stopped before that person causes anymore danger, then the President can kill him. That’s their argument. There is no case law that stands for that, there is no statue that authorizes it and it directly defies the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.”

Napolitano also notes that the last time the Federal government said it could kill American citizens was during the Civil War, and “even Lincoln said it could only be done during combat.”

“This Federal government, this Administration says it can kill Americans when they’re riding with their children in the car in a desert,” said the Judge.

Most Americans do not believe that any of the above-mentioned information even applies to them and adhere to an “I don’t do anything against the law so why should I worry” mantra. That is a tough argument to back up considering recent developments such as the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, initiatives by the FBI and the Department of Justice to flag mundane activities that many Americans take part in each day as possible indicators of terrorist activity, legislation focused on logging Americans’ every keystroke and Internet search and about 4,500 Federal laws (some of which you could be breaking at this very moment) on the books. How can anyone determine with absolute certainty that the Federal government will not target and kill them — if even by mistake?

Due process is eliminated and the target will be dead once deemed a threat; there is no chance to defend innocence after the fact. Consider the patsies that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are continually baiting into terror plots by trolling extremist websites and providing dummy weapons to bolster the alarmist agenda and assault on liberty: What if the Feds could get the “We Got Another Terrorist” headlines without any effort? What if it were as easy as locating any American who disagrees with the Federal agenda and murdering the person before releasing information to the tune of “President Obama heroically authorizes the killing of extremist John Doe averting thousands of deaths in terror plot”?

The authorities have no shortage of possible targets. With the help of alarmist neocons continuing to push the Muslim-terrorist stereotype and the liberal left in the mainstream media and government painting American patriots as a growing legion of domestic terrorists, the perpetual-fear society is alive and well from sea to shining sea.

Add the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments to the dead or dying 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments, sit back and wait for the rest of the Constitution to follow.

There is one bright side to all of this for those who are so very concerned about Fluke’s contraceptives, Limbaugh’s poor choice of words, the right-left paradigm and any number of nonsense social issues: When the Federal elitists finish the job, they will stop using nonsense to divert Americans’ attention. How you feel about those issues will be decided for you.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • http://facebook David Hendrick Behrens

    The Obama and his Liberal Administration’s daily contempt and radical interpretation of the Constitution to suit their agenda and needs now, is a pre-warning, of what is to be for all Patriotic Americans dismal, Non-Democratic rule of the Land future, if Obama is re-elected.

    Concerned Patriotic American, Vietnam Veteran. 66/67 USMC.

    • Robert Smith

      The “citizen” in question had decalared war on America. It’s clear that he was responsible for the deaths of Americans. It was his own actions that got him killed.


      • Wiley

        Then he should have had due process.

      • FreedomFighter

        Documentry introduction written 2040

        “Stealing America” tells a story literally hidden
        from history. In the 1990s to the 2012s, International
        bankers, conspiring with American officials
        tricked and enslaved the entire population of the
        United States removing them from thier

        After complete destruction of the U.S. Constitution
        by then president Obama the war on remaining loayal
        Americans was begun, it was thru new laws and regulation.
        Political protest was made illegal, free speech illegal, religion
        was made illegal and then the bloody gun confiscation of
        2013 and RFID chipping of Americans.

        The aim was to make a socialist state controled by the UN and use the
        state to create laws and regulations.. Indeed, it is from
        laws and regulations Barak Obama usurped power
        and became dictator of the U.S. on March 8, 2012. Then Using military
        planes began bombing states that resisted and imployed
        FEMA concentration camps to dispose of resisters.

        The story is told by Americans who were dumped
        in the FEMA camps and survived and in the words of the
        death squads Military officers who left a paper trail of what the
        International Criminal Court now describes as a
        crime against humanity.

        God Help us All

        You will soon be RFID taged on your hand or head.

        “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. ” David Spangler of U.N.

        Those in the New World Order who are in control of most of the governments of the world already today declare that to become a citizen of this order will require a Luciferian oath.

        Accordingly those in the implementation stages proclaim:
        “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”

        —David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

        I know how all this ends, it ends badly for Lucys and Tares.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • TML

        “The “citizen” in question had decalared war on America. It’s clear that he was responsible for the deaths of Americans. It was his own actions that got him killed.”

        Can you please cite the court ruling which heard all the evidence and convicted him of these crimes, to back up your claims?

        Oh, that’s right… THERE WASN’T ONE!

        So how do you know he declared war on America? How is it clear that he was responsible for the deaths of Americans?

        Oh, that’s right… YOU DON’T!

      • Robert Smith

        TML askis: “So how do you know he declared war on America? How is it clear that he was responsible for the deaths of Americans? ”

        Fox News of all places! You can google “American Terrorist KIilled” and get several stories that are consistant.

        He lost his right to “due process” when he joined and started directing a forighn military against America.

        Doubt that? Check out:

        Looks like due process to me.


      • TML

        “Fox News of all places! You can google “American Terrorist KIilled” and get several stories that are consistant.”

        So you admittedly accept a Mainstream Media conviction. How nice.

        “He lost his right to “due process” when he joined and started directing a forighn military against America.

        Doubt that? Check out:

        Looks like due process to me.”

        First of all let me point out that you say he lost his right to due process, and then say, “Looks like due process to me”. Let me say that NO PERSON, citizen or not, should EVER lose their right to due process of law.

        Second, H.RES.1288 is merely urging the issuance of a certificate of loss of nationality. This is legislation by Congress, for the purpose of removing citizenship, and not a conviction of crimes by the judiciary branch of government. The list of accusations is just that, accusations without evidence, and no trial to convict. Additionally it mentions nowhere that this revokes his right to due process. Of course, the NDAA now upholds all of this tyrannical nonsense.

        Tell me… if all of it were true, then why not have a trail that shows the evidence and makes a legal, civilized conviction and sentence?

        With your stupidity of accepting a media conviction as justification for his assassination, and your blind support for removing due process of law, and assassinating an alleged traitorous American on foreign soil without charge or trial… I dub thee; Idiot.

    • GRusling

      Don’t let me confuse you, but the “Patriot Act” was passed into law under G.W. Bush with REPUBLICAN control of both the House and the Senate!

      Don’t buy the left/right paradigm, because it will kill us all if we can’t see through it…

      • Brad

        Atleast the Bush administration didn’t take personal responsibility for killing any US citizen, but Ohmamas administration has and without a trial.

      • Wiley

        Apparently Brad hasn’t been watching the Republican debates, ALL but one of the candidates agreed with the presidential murder policy along with the torture of U.S. citizens.

      • Robert Peterson

        Ditto for obumbles congressional super majority from 2006-2010. I don’t care about this terrorist that was taken out in acombat arena. He deserved it. The problem with obumble is he does a lot of things that are un-constitutional on his own with the assistance of his czars. There are no staff personnel in his administration that hve ever held a job in the pricate sector. They are all academics and not very good ones at that.

      • Bart

        You seem to forget that it was passed as a temporary measure by the Republicans at a time of national crisis and great concern over a repeat of 9/11. Back in December, it was renewed by the Democrats who refused to allow Republican amendments that would have excluded US citizens.

      • modans55

        Brad says:
        March 12, 2012 at 8:22 am
        Atleast the Bush administration didn’t take personal responsibility for killing any US citizen, but Ohmamas administration has and without a trial.
        The Bush administration STARTED the ‘War on Terror’ without killing ANY terrorists. Yes, the Bush administration didn’t take any personal responisbility for killing any US citizens, despite sending many, many thousands to die in the desert just to get a dictator who threatened his daddy. It’s funny how the Reich Wing gives him credit for killing bin Laden, though.

      • Pendragonrise

        Right Wing/Left Wing – simply two wings of the same corrupt and ugly bird.

      • David

        GRUSLING is Correct; If you get caught up in the republican VS democratic battle thinking one is better than the other, you’ve fallen into their play book for they are BOTH pushing the new world agenda. While you sit thinking “oh Goody, we elected a republican to office, that republican is moving forward the agenda, maybe not as fast, but with certitude non the less.Obama has been the great culmination of nefarious alter agendists (new world order) since at least the 1900′s. It was Bush senior who in a State of the Nation touted over the podium the desire for a NEW WORLD ORDER. His Son (of which so many conservatives think of him as a great president) has done more than his share of setting up the presidency for Obama to enter and run amok… dont forget the 160+ concentration camps across America started construction many years ago and continued under at least 10 previous presidents. Go to and you will find an education for yourselves. Watch “End Game” on UTUBE. Watch “Fall of the Republic” and “Police state 4″. The American Govt will make the Nazis look like children s play. What must you do? Get prepared in two ways. Physically with food, supplies, and personal protection. Second; (and this is more important) develop or strengthen your faith in the Jesus Christ, live a virtuous, honorable, life of service to others doing good to all (Glen Beck hits this nail on the head) and you will find peace in the midst of all the crud taking place. Truly, it is the ONLY way one will be able to get though what is coming, for MANY will commit suicide just to get away from it all. Be part of the SOLUTION, not the Problem… BETTER GET YOUR FOOD STORES TOGETHER. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. But TRUST ME, YOU WILL NEED IT! Lastly, do not fear for God is in control of ALL THINGS, and all these things must come to pass. Live to be ready for His return that you may be worthy to stand in His presence. Turn away from all evil and repent… doing so will aid you in receiving the peace I spoke of earlier.

        Best to you all.

      • Rozwaldo

        Thank God there are others who understand this unpleasant truth. Some people really cannot wake up to the fact that their efforts are wasted throwing stones at one party or the other.

      • restorefreedom

        It’s both parties that have declared war on us neither party has our best interests in mind. Vote for Ron Paul and restore our freedoms!

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Two thumbs up. If I had more thumbs, they’d be up too. They want to keep dividing us until our freedoms are lost and then they’ll give us scraps if not permanent imprisonment or a firing squad.

      • David

        I agree with “restore freedom”. Ron Paul is the answer. Why? Because at a time when our Constitution is being shredded, HE WILL RESTORE it to its original intent and parameter. I used to think “he’s just too weak… wont even enter into war if needed” Wrong. He will, BUT (and here is the difference we all are looking for) it will be done though the proper channel… the people supporting a congress that declares war.
        Why do we think we will get someone “different” when we keep picking candidates from the same “cut of cloth”… that’s “insanity”. Romney is no different than all the duplicitous, double tongued, flip flopping past political figures. He will say and do anything that is popular at the moment. Personally, I am LDS (Mormon) and by nature hold him (Romney)to a higher standard as one who is LDS should be living by strong moral convictions and not take away individual rights via Romney care OR be on the pro abortion agenda. Sorry, he is just alike all the rest. Now Ron Paul, there is a man cut from a different cloth..though I doubt enough people will support his BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH; he is what we need NOW. Even Santorum who would be my next choice is part of the “establishment”… As is Gingrich… they are professional politicians. Sure Paul is… but HE IS AGAINST THE establishment.

        We need to fight ALL WRONG DOING and evil of this govt. WE need to all be doing what we can. Thomas Jefferson said ” Tyranny happens when people of good Conscience remain silent’. Well… be silent no more. Pass along every bit of email you receive that exposes our lying treasonous Govt. We need to shine the light of truth on the darkness that exits to rid ourselves of it. We need to make others aware of what is going on… those who are overly content on living their lives with their toys and who get so caught up in sports that they become tribal on such instead of the politics and those corrupt individuals in politics that are taking away our freedoms and liberty’s and rights both day and night. We need to offer support of all individuals and organizations that are taking the fight to those wicked individuals and groups, by helping with contributions of time and money… it takes money to fight these elitists. Just do your part… remain vigilant spreading the information and knowledge to help others become aware, for we are not to go willingly, but resist evil at every turn…. and do so with the calm assurance that right will prevail, for it will. REMEMBER… IN THE END IT WILL ALL WORK OUT. IF IT HAS NOT WORKED OUT, ITS NOT THE END!

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Somebody is getting ready to make it possible for the government (who’s government?) to eliminate people who it finds to be a nuisance all the while we’re preoccupied with the sexual escapades and the character assassination (or does it have something to do with female health issues?) of one woman, all the while most Americans sit idly by watching unreality TV.
        Wake up America because the life you might save may be your own. How is it that we can even be debating the issue of whether the government has the right to kill a US citizen anywhere in the world without the due process of the judicial system? It might be one thing for a person to be actively engaged in murdering people when the government takes action to stop them and no one argues that they have a right to use whatever force is necessary to end the killing but to eliminate people who aren’t in the process but are only “suspects” (remember: innocent until PROVEN GUILTY) is unconscionable. This concept would be unthinkable just a few years ago and we’re more concerned now with the government paying for birth control than we are about the governments right to terminate people who have not yet been proven guilty.
        Anybody who believes the government should have this right is demented because the government once given a right will definitely use it. They do enough even when they don’t have the right. Remember Ruby Ridge, Waco and a case that had something to do with hundreds of children being removed from their homes in Texas all on the unsubstantiated allegation of one child in one home being abused and just because these people had somewhat different societal standard than that of main stream America. No, the government doesn’t need be granted any more power to abuse people than it already gives itself.

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          Now that both parties have spat upon the Constitution in the name of a trumped up “terror danger,” it is time to reject all those on each side who did so. How about a new Constitution Party made up of those who stood for it when the rest chose to denigrate it? After they get back in power, (They may be a minority of those holding office, but they are a majority in the hearts of the people) where they have not been since before President Johnson, with the possible exception of President Carter, we can go back to arguing if we should have a “government of the people, by the people and FOR the people.”
          All we have to do is accept the basic rights and freedoms the founding fathers wrote for us with the amendments as a framework that is inviolate. Oh, wasn’t that what the Oath of Office was supposed to be all about?

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Your right that the oath of office was meant to signify that the oath swearer would uphold the Constitution of The United States of America and the problem with most people is that they don’t understand it and don’t have any idea when it’s being spat upon. We need a massive campaign to teach the Constitution in it’s entirety to our students and what happens when governments are allowed to act anyway they please. I don’t think they really teach the Constitution in school anymore.
            Hopefully it’s not too late and enough people will wake up in time for this next election.

      • libertarian58

        Both “wings” of government are as far left as you can get. The Hegelian Dialectic is the playbook being used to fool us into voting for socialism or fascism, while carefully excluding any option for true liberty. This is why Ron Paul is under constant attack from both sides and the bought-and-paid-for media.

    • eddie47d

      Of coarse sections 1021-24 should be repealed from the NDAA defense budget and the Patriot Act should be rewritten. Apparently most Americans who elect our members in Congress allowed these men and women to do our bidding. It may not be right yet fear is a powerful motivator and that gave our elected officials the green light. Hate the Muslims,hate the Liberals,hate women’s choice,coyly hate some minorities. We are now programmed to hate something on a daily basis so it is easy for Congress to think it’s okay to erode our rights to protect us from the unknown.We all want to be saved from the terrorists,(so we say),we all want the government to keep us and our nation safe so we reap what we sow.

      • castaway

        Hey Eddie do not assume we are all programmed . if that were true, we would not be in here now would we. Yes, that is what the media is trying to do, but it beginning to fail, as more and more people start to think for themselves. They seem to forget most of us have a brain, even though some do not use it or know how.

      • Lanley

        Problem is the corporate MSM and obots are covering for Obama. The power elite wants to keep him in. It’s difficult to find “leader” who would allow Americans to lose their freedoms and rights. Obama is the perfect puppet as they can use racism to counter any objections to his dictatorial position.

    • Ellen

      If Obama is going to make up new rules for governing like this one, perhaps we should encourage him to go to every known area that is gang-infested and just kill everyone. By their own definition, these people are a danger to society and the government would just be pre-empting their crimes. There will be a lot of Black and Hispanic deaths on Obama’s hands.

      • FreedomFighter

        “Propaganda on Parade”

        Many millions will die if Obama is not stopped.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Pineapple

        That is why Obama won’t kill them. He would lose the votes needed for re-election.

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          What about if he wins the election?

          • Pineapple

            We will be toast! Gas prices like Europe, electricity rates that will “necessarily sky rocket”, and no jobs.

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Obama’s one and only mission is to reduce the United States to the status of a third world country

    • Dr Snake

      If the Bush administration had said this you’d be dancing in celebration. You did after he said detainees at Guantanamo could be held indefinitely.

      • g

        you seem to forget Bush has been long gone and Bush did not say Americans could be killed without due process as your seemingly wonderfull Obama and his cronies have said.
        Bush did not have his own website to report people that spoke against him like Obama has.
        Oh geeze this may have just put me on the Obama list.

      • restorefreedom

        Bush was just as bad as Obummer seriously all of the politicians and numerous presidents have sold us out for decades and should be tried for treason. This destruction of our constitution and civil liberties didn’t star with Bush and it probably won’t end with Obummer.

      • Dennis48e

        Bush was bad enough but all you people (?) bashing him conviently forget obama has extended and expanded the bad Bush did.

    • Dr Snake

      Bet you weren’t saying that after 9/11 when Bush and the Repubs were dealing away your rights with the Patriot Act–or later when GOP was agitating to get it renewed.

      • Dale on the left coast

        I had problems with the Patriot Act from day one . . . but it had an expiry date . . . then O’bammy and the criminal Holder put it on Steroids . . .

      • FreedomFighter

        Message for Dr Snake:

        You just can’t beat on those mind guerillas,

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Dr Snake, that’s past history and we have to deal with the issues before us now and it’s Obama’s turn to be in the spotlight. Drawing attention now to what Bush did in the past (and it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now) is only smoke and mirrors and slight of hand to get people distracted from the real issues at hand. What are you trying to promote: is it the right for the government to assassinate whomever it finds to be a nuisance? Pay attention to now.

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          Your comment is correct, in my opinion. We have to see that both “parties” have used unconstitutional tactics and that is the root of the problem. Obama was not the knight on the white horse so many wished him to be. He knows he may bring down the wrath of the true shot callers if he does not surreptitiously follow their agenda. The cat got out of the bag with his signing of NDAA 2012 after, according to Senator Levy, requesting that it include US citizens here in the USA.Both parties in the Congress overwhelmingly supported it. It may be fun to hate one side or the other, but it is time to think outside the box. Ron Paul for defending our Constitution and pulling back from military incursions abroad.

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Maynard, your right about hating one side or the other as doing that won’t fix anything. We need leaders who exhibit sound judgement and not ones who just sound good. Maybe Ron Paul is the answer and I hope for our sakes that if he makes it into office that he won’t buckle under the pressure from the true shot callers as you say.

      • Dennis48e

        As a matter of fact mr snake-in-the-grass I did oppose the un-patriot act because 1. I did not like it and 2. I saw the potential for its missuse as is occuring under obaba.

    • Carol Mitchell

      I want to know why Obama has not been arrested from violating our constitution numerous times since he has been in office. Our congress should have impeached him. Does he hold to much against this corrupt senate and house that they cannot act with honesty and dignity. We should have the right to buy birth control, and pay for it.. We do not owe people medical care, pe ople need to man up and work.for it. I do not have health care and because I have a house I would not qualifiy for free medicial. Most young people do not need medical care. Most medical care begins after 40. Nurse.

    • Jimbo

      Of course, we’re assuming here, that Obama would even give up the office if he doesn’t get re-elected. He could just declare martial law and say a change in Presidents during a “war’ would be harmful to America. Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Party would object, but the Dumbocrats would line right up besides der Fuhrer. And besides, who would try to forcefully take a guy who has his finger on the nuclear button and has control of a massive armed force, out of office?

      • chris

        soldiers have to pledge to uphold and defend the united states constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. if our president is blatantly violating the constitution then that would make him a threat to it and consequently a domestic enemy. hopefully the military leaders would see this and refuse to act on orders against u.s. citizens in our own country. now obamas secret domestic military could be a different story.

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          Chris, I hope that we Dumbocrats are not that stupid. I am a registered Democrat but when I investigated Obama before the last election I couldn’t believe people did not see through him because of the REZKO connections. This guy Rezko who is a slumlord is giving money to politicians while people in his housing subsidized by the federal government through Obama’s help are freezing from lack of heat. And how did Obama get sent to an Ivy League school after a mediocre record in undergraduate classes? If you look into his family background, it appears to have CIA connections on both sides. Obama’s house is next door to Rezko’s wife’s house and she sells him the back yard at cut rate price. When I saw Obama hugging Bush after the election, I realized it was the same music, different station.
          I was a freshman in college when JFK was killed, a Vista Volunteer when MLK and RFK were killed. Liberal leaders were dropping like flies in the 60′s. The only exception, conservative Democrat, George Wallace who was syphoning off support from NIXON. I read books about some of the assassinations and found that JFK had a huge exit hole out the back of his skull indicating at least one shot from the front. Hundreds of people heard gunshots and saw gunsmoke from the “grassy knoll.” The Warren Commission, filled with Kennedy haters suppressed the facts. RFK had an entry wound behind his ear, eliminating Sirhan Sirhan as the lone nut he was portrayed. After that I got a little suspicious about everything. It may be too little too late, but I am going to try to make a difference by letting people know the facts.
          It’s not liberal vs. conservative, Democrap vs. Republiscam any longer. It’s the people vs. a police state.

          • chris

            i understand that demublicans and republicrats have the same agenda,george w bush signed the patriot act into law and then obama accelerated it with ndaa. and that is probably why the republicans sit idly by while obama tramples the constitution.on the one hand, to the public they can cry out about the atrocities that the democrats are doing,(but only when it serves a purpose in their favor) and on the other republicans can remain silent and enjoy the additional powers when they take the white house again. if ron paul were to pull a rabbit out of his hat and get elected,the true powers that be would have him assasinated before inauguration took place. i love to imagine the shakeup it would create to have ron paul in the white house though.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      David, this is not a liberal administration. It is more like a continuation of the Bush Administration which was not a conservative administration. Both represent the control by NeoCons who assume labels to get our support. The NDAA 2012 was foisted on us by both parties. Both parties share the blame. The necessity is for the public to see through this treason and only support candidates who support the Constitution and reject the police state. In both parties, right now, there is only one major candidate who fits that requirement: Ron Paul. He would do things I, A LIBERAL,do not favor, like eliminating the Federal Income Tax and phasing out Social Security, but I still support him because he knows our constitutional rights and freedoms come first. We can argue about everything else after our government no longer presents a threat to us and others around the world.

  • cawun cents

    The gubment has been deciding folks fate for decades now.They decide who is worthy to own a house and be subsidized,who gets what kind of healthcare and is subsidized,who is fed and subsidized.Who can have children out of wedlock and be subsidized.Who can start a business and be subsidized.Who can fund a non-profit organization and be subsidized.
    This is really just a shortlist.
    They have pushed themselves iinto every corner of the citizens life.They really dont think you can function properly without them in the mix somewhere gumming it up.Up front I apologize to the magnificent words and personage of Francis Scott Key,but a change in our anthem should be made immediately to reflect the truth about our gubment.

    “O’er the land of the fee,
    And the home of the slave.”

    The thing that irks me the most is that these people really think they are doing us justice.
    They actually believe they are helping.
    How foolish and arrogant is that?Do they assume that helping means they get a hand in everything?Apparently so.
    The words go something like this:

    “Provide for the common defense,promote(not fund entirely)the general welfare….etc.”

    Here we have a failure to communicate.Some in their offhanded wisdom think that those words mean they get full control over the populace and their lives.
    They make up nifty little acronyms for bureaucracies that they use to subjugate the will of the people,and furthter complicate the matter by funding these petty enterprises by way of taxation.Hmmmm.It seems as if I have heard this song before.I didnt like the tune then,and it hasnt got any more pleasant to the ears,in the two hundred and something years since then.
    I dont care where your political affiliations lie,you have to be as tired of this as I am.
    Either that or you are a dullard with no convictions.
    Someone has decided to make us all unwilling endentured servants.
    And they dont seem to care that they are piling up your servitude,for eons to come.
    If that is not tyranny folks,you will have to excuse me while I assume that you have taken leave of your senses.

    • thomas

      What saddens me the most is the fact the food and drug companies have sacrificed the American people for their profits. When HFCS was fed directly to the people the road to tyranny was turned into a superhighway. The kids are being indoctrinated on mental servitude to the tyrant’s ideas and mandates, TV sitcoms and movies portray fat, sassy and uneducated characters as the new role models. The teachers get no respect and the few students interested in learning get bullied, called nasty names or worse. But there must be AT LEASTt 20 bureaucrats for every student. Is there any wonder that the teachers are so underpaid? The percentage of the population that cannot read comprehensible is alarming, They hardly know anything about US history and forget about world history. The senior citizens are prescribed so many drugs that a great majority cannot think straight anymore and are duped into believing that only the government can protect them. My best friend is a good example, he goes around saying people must vote for Obama because he has promise that we can keep our doctors and our social security. He has no idea what Obama really stands for and has completely closed his mind to any talk of what really goes on – and to think that there are millions like him.

      • Mel Lowman

        Scary isn’t it? Makes one proud to be an American. (never thought I’d ever say something like that). Yet I still hold out to hope that common sense will return. I really feel so bad for my grand kids because their lives are completely taken over even before they can voice approval or disapproval. Their life is destroyed by the liberal socialists before they get a chance. To them, I say I’m sorry…….

      • Firefight

        So, your best friend believes in the re-election of a man who you clearly see as evil and the man whose desire is the destruction of America. And, this situation causes you much grief and discomfort because you know that there are millions just like him out there. The fact that there are indeed millions just like him out there is what has brought us to where we are right now plus the fact that while employment in the private sector only has grown by only 1% over the past year, growth in government employment has grown by over 15%. You and I can see the problem here but your friend and the millions who have come to be dependent on their little share of government handouts will not turn away from the hand that feeds them.

        This so much reminds me of a lesson I learned while in Nam. The natives use to catch monkeys in a very simple way. I was so amazed that I just could not believe what I saw. The Vietnamese would take coconuts, cut a small whole in them, place fruits and nuts inside these coconuts and then tie them securely to the trees in a given location. Now they would just sit back and wait. The monkeys that were watching all of this would now come to see what was going on and would discover that there were fruits and nuts inside the coconuts and would stick their hands inside the coconuts trying to get the fruits and nuts. The only problem is that when the monkey had the fruits and nuts inside his fist, his fist was too big to get back out of the hole in the coconut with the bounty he had found. Now, he was trapped by his own greed. The Vietnamese would then go up to the monkey and take him. I couldn’t believe what I saw. All the monkey had to do to regain his freedom was simply let go of the fruits and nuts and withdraw his hand from the coconut, but none of them did that. Every single one of the coconuts had caught a monkey and not a single one of them could understand why they were no longer free.

        Your friend and the millions just like him have become just like these monkeys. How easy has it been for our government to make us just like these monkeys? All it has taken was a coconut and some fruits and nuts, we call them Social Security and Medicare.

      • Sickofit

        This is for Firefight says: March 12, 2012 at 9:31 am
        Nice monkey story. BUT, your comparison of social security and medicare to the fruits and nuts is unbelievable. For 45 years, I invested monies into a ‘retirement’ plan that would guarantee a small stipend upon retirement. But, the government spent all the earnings placing it in jeopardy. Now, after bankrupting social security and not wanting to pay back the money they have stolen from the fund, they would dismiss social security as an entitlement or free handout. Fine! then return my investment. (If any of us as brokers invested someone’s money and then spent the dividends, we’d be in jail!
        Second, I would gladly take back my health care plan that I paid for before I turned 65. The ONLY reason I’m on medicare is the government forced me to be.

      • Dr Snake

        You can’t lay all THAT on Barack. Your complaint is as old as your memory is feeble. It’s the familiar nostalgia for a past that never, EVER existed.

      • Jay

        Poor Dr. Slither, either has amnesia, or is scarcely 15yrs of age, or worse, a product of our education system.

      • Dennis48e

        Jay, All that you said.

    • Eugene Sevene

      Well someone is using their head for something besides a hat rack. As I have said before, the last time I checked this was still a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I find that the people are not in charge of all their faculties.People are so rapped up in political parties, they would vote for a world terrorist if he was able to run in their party. Don’t take me wrong, this goes for both groups, of witch I am not a part of either,I am independent and look at the person and what they have done,and plan to do.It is very clear that the Obama administration is bent on doing away with the constitution, our rights and way of life. In short they intend to destroy AMERICA. Sad as it might be the people are going to let them. I have had many talks with many people, and have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of people that want the government to continue to give out the hand-outs.I base this on the statement I have heard many times.QUOTE:::If the Republicans win we will lose all of our federal programs { hand-outs}.I am not heartless, if someone needs help to get started again or is disabled and can’t help them selves, a veteran. I understand. We need someone who truly cares about not only this country, but people. I believe it is up to neighbor to help neighbor who is helping neighbor, and family to help family. It is not the job of the government to feed and cloth the citizens. We need to take control of our country and build it up not tear it down. We need to care more about humanity and stop the greed to gather more than we can use to live a good life without excess. Stop following the Roman Empires example. God said never again would he destroy man for mans sake. He did not say he would not let man destroy himself. Think about what you are doing to this world.

      • Dr Snake

        Those “talks” you’ve been having; are they with the people in your head? If you haven’t noticed yet we live in a civilized society, not a feudal state. And societies are supposed to help their citizens. If it’s easier for governments to do it, I’m fine with it. I’m always suspicious when people say “Oh we should help those that need it” then immediately call that aid a handout. It’s a contemptuous slap in the face to the poor, the out of work, the struggling.

      • FreedomFighter

        Back under your slimy rock – snake.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Dr. Snake. The government has no business being in the welfare business except in cases of extreme destitution. Even the founding fathers would have agreed with that. But, the need for the government to provide cradle to grave gratuities for everybody??? You pay for it out of your pocket if you want to but I don’t.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        The government you say is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” I agree but what part of “FOR the people” do you not understand? All human societies need to cooperate, work together and help each other out. How do we expect the very young, the very old, the disabled and the mentally ill to take care of themselves? Hitler had a plan for them, but I don’t think most patriotic Americans would go along with it here.
        Healthy people, by and large, are ready willing and able to work. The problem is wealthy corporations did not want to pay a living wage so they picked up and moved to other countries where the standard of living is so low they can pay a pittance and the workers will be glad to have it. So, in case you did not realize it, that leaves a lot of the people unemployed whether they want to be or not.
        If we were not going bankrupt supporting hundreds of military bases around the world and fighting wars against countries that had little or nothing to do with 9/11, (which make certain well connected companies very rich while they write loopholes to get out of paying taxes) we would have enough money to educate and train our people better, repair our infrastructure, insulate and retrofit our housing for passive and active solar heat and hot water, engage in a massive wind energy, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar energy program, develop the use of hydrogen gas (It’s good enough for space missiles, but the filthy fossil fuel monopoly lobbies and propagandizes against it while getting subsidies from our taxes.)
        But now, we have to put all that aside and face the real enemy: certain elements in our government. They use Republicscam and Democrap labels but they are really Neocons, who see us as peons to support their foolish war profiteering undeclared wars. The ones of us who are not mere bleating sheep are scheduled for removal. Tnat’s why they passed the Patriot Act and now NDAA 2012 and just appropiated billions for a domestic drone program.That’s why they have set up roach motels for us all around the country called FEMA camps. You can get in but you can’t get out.
        Soon they will be ready to arrest and detain indefinitely without trial anyone our Dictator in Chief (Obama and all the Republiscams except Ron Paul are running for that title) chooses. They won’t even have to bring anyone before a judge.
        I support Ron Paul because he believes we deserve the rights so many fought and died for which include the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. Those of us who want to save our democracy should do so too unless they have a better idea. If so, what is it?

        • Pineapple


          This e-mail contains excerpts from the book titled “Climategate” by Brian Sussman. The excerpts are in normal font and my comments are in italics.

          Feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you want to, including your congressperson.

          Sussman is a conservative radio talk show host in ultraliberal San Francisco, and a former award winning television meteorologist and science reporter.

          1. Global warming is caused by variations in the amount of radiant energy emitted by the sun, and happens about every 1500 years. (See “Unstoppable global Warming Every 1500 Years” by Fred singer and Dennis Avery.)

          2. Al Gore is profiteering from the global warming hoax.

          3. While campaigning for President, Senator O’Bama said that under his plan for cap-and-trade, electricity rates would “necessarily sky rocket.”

          4. He also said that coal companies would become bankrupt.

          5. Congress refused to approve a cap-and-trade bill, so President O’Bama by-passed Congress directed the EPA to declare carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.”

          6. The EPA is forcing coal fired power plants to shut down.

          7. Electricity will be rationed and the cost to consumers will be in the billions.

          8. Houses will be required to have remotely controlled thermostats which will be controlled by power companies in order to ration energy consumption.

          9. Romney believes humans cause global warming.

          If you read Climategate, you will learn the following:

          Al Gore is a charlatan who has made millions on the global warming scare, and is poised to enrich himself further by trading carbon credits on the Chicago Carbon Exchange, along with President O’Bama.

          (excessively lengthy post removed – please supply a link)

  • jozie jo

    Some music to lighten are day Asked by reuters “are you the only conservative rock musician they could find?”

  • TIME

    Good Day Sam,

    Bait and Switch has long been the ploy used by these gang’s of CON artist by way of the same mass media’s hyped rhetoric, – TIME after TIME.

    Just how bloody sad is it that the people of this nation know more about worthless sh*t than – whats being done to them by these CON ARTIST?
    The very CON Artist that should all be locked up in a prison cell. Yet time after time the American public fall’s for the same worn out BSS just to be on the People Farm under the title; be a good little SERVANT to the Banker NWO leaders.

    Its really no differant than going out to eat as the server ask’s; “Can I get you a cup of Stupid to go along with that plate full of ignorance.”
    Would you also like a side of BS to dip your Monsanto GMO in.

    But – all in all one still has to marvel over the fact that NWO has been able to make people think they have everyone best interest in mind, let alone all the while as they trun everyone on each other. What are some of them old saying like;
    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” – Being TAXED to death!
    ” A fool is born every minute.” – And will do anything we tell them to do!
    ” A slave is to be kept ignorant so they can’t make trouble.” Keep the blinders on fool!

    How sad is it that in a nation where we had FREEDOM, and yet it was so easy to take that freedom away!

    How sad is it that so many think its ok as long as its not them thats the target.
    Now where was that the standard again, oh yea, Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, and the beat just goes on and on.

    Lets send the folks down the streets kid off to the never ending war, as long as its not my kid! Afterall we are special as we are – _________________ party members – fill in the blanks, Wake up people — 1+1=1 > and your not part of the BIG picture, your only on the people farm, not unlike the very sheep, cows and chickens you eat.

    Peace and Love.

    • Stephen

      One thing Stalin and Hitler both did was become so paranoid that they trusted no one. And they killed everyone they didn’t trust or put them in gulags or concentration camps. All those fools backing Obama and the present monkeys running down the country, could find those cross hairs on their backs or foreheads just because the boss got paranoid and ordered the hit. And one thing that the voters keep forgetting is that the Democrats and Republicans have been running this country since the Civil War and where has it gotten us. Freedom has never been free. Ask a veteran, he knows the price first hand. Don’t ask a politician because they don’t have a clue.

      • Dr Snake

        Oh, so you think a military government would work better in America? Ask Greece about military juntas. Or any one of a number of African or South American countries about their “freedoms.”

      • TIME

        Dr. Snake,

        Perhaps you could take a few class’s so you can ” comprehend” what you read.
        Hey you may even find that an “OPEN unencumbered mind” is a far better than a CLOSED mind. Just a thought.

        Peace and Love

      • Jay

        I agree, Time. Dr. Slither is a few bricks shy of a load! He completely misunderstood what Stephen said. What a dumb dumb!

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Dear Dr. Snake, it may be a losing battle to try to convince people that have been constantly told that they have to defend this country by attacking others. Switzerland’s voters just turned down six weeks paid vacation instead the four they get now. We could be doing that too if the military-industrial complex was not constantly banging the fear drums. Oh, the commies, the socialists, the Muslims, the abortionists, the militias, the gangs, the liberals, and so forth. The real threat to our liberties is coming from the fear mongers themselves. They set up the assassinations of American leaders, The Tonkin Gulf Lie, WTC ’93, Oklahoma City, the incubator babies lie in Kuwait, 9/11, the anthrax scare, the TALIBAN, Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and soon it will be those horrible bloggers. I think they probably have paid bloggers to try to say ridiculous things to divide us further. If anyone wants to debate me on any of my statements, I have an open mind and evidence to back up what I say. If all you want to do is name-calling, don’t bother. That does not take intellect and is not productive.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      TIME it’s about time the people take the time to read what you said.

      Are people so married to their party labels they cannot understand that it is the same music, different station?
      How can they get so mad at the opposing party and not get mad at their own party when their own party does the same things? They both are telling us:
      “Give up the freedoms we are fighting for.”
      “Use terror tactics on innocent defensless people to fight terror. ”
      “Be so terrified of terrorists you let the government have the power to terrorize us”
      .”They should have had transparent government, but we need more secrets.”
      “Torture is just enhanced interrogation even if it violates the international agreements we helped write after defeating the countries that used it.”
      “Don’t believe any one else’s nutty conspiracy theory. Believe ours.”
      “Just because we use drones to spy on, terrorize and kill in other countries, doesn’t mean they’re unsafe here.”
      “Government spending is not bad if it helps big business, fights wars and supports a police state. It’s only bad if it helps the people.”

  • Tazio2013

    An interview with a libertarian feminist:

    Introduction: Wendy McElroy is a prolific book author, columnist, speaker and contributor to prestigious journals and magazines, often with an “alternative” slant. She made her reputation as a young writer commenting from a libertarian standpoint on feminism, and taking a pro-ponography position that was anathema to the feminist “old guard” that saw pornography as a tool of chauvanist oppression. McElroy has continued to speak out, nonetheless, on issues of the most importance to her: libertariansim, anarchism and, of course, feminism. She has served as a weekly columnist for and is the editor of the feminist website McElroy is also a research fellow at the Independent Institute, and contributing editor to Ideas on Liberty (formerly The Freeman), The New Libertarian, Free Inquiry and Liberty magazines. Her writing has appeared in such diverse periodicals as National Review, Marie Claire and Penthouse. For over a decade, McElroy was a series editor for Knowledge Products. She has written and edited many documentary scripts for audio cassette, some of which were narrated by Walter Cronkite, George C. Scott and Harry Reasoner.

    Daily Bell: We’ve written generally that the Internet has upset the elite agenda for closer world government. Is the Internet a strong force for freedom? Is it being taken over and coerced?

    Wendy McElroy: It is a huge force for freedom in much the same way as the printing press. It delivers mass quantities of information into every corner of the world, enabling people to communicate ideas, connect emotionally, educate themselves and break down many of the age-old barriers that have segregated us as human beings. The Internet has made it more difficult for governments and other elite to keep secrets or tell lies. Science and technology contains the great hope for mankind.

    Of course, the Internet is also a powerful tool in the hands of the elite who have used it to bad ends and who want control in order to use it to worse ones. For example, the Internet and technology make it possible to monitor the daily behavior of ordinary people and to store personal information on them indefinitely and interactively. My husband is particularly active in promoting electronic freedom and privacy, for which I applaud him.

    Ultimately, however, I believe the Internet empowers the individual more than it can harm us. I know how deeply it has empowered my life and it gives me real pleasure to think how much more it enriches the lives of people who are otherwise cut off from information, entertainment and other forms of knowledge. The drive to know and to communicate is an integral part of what makes us human. The Internet allows our humanity to thrive.

    • Jay

      A very foolish attorney recently remarked to me, “Feminism died in the 80′s.” If only….

      In fact, feminism is very much alive today. So alive that it is pervasive. So pervasive that we do not even notice it any more, much like our own living room furniture.

      And feminism can be truthfully said to either be responsible for, or to have aggravated, every single social problem in the modern Western world. It exists as both formal and informal feminism. Formal feminism is the feminism of the pro-abortion movement, NOW, and academe. It is the feminism of fascistic legislation and of political lesbianism.

      But there is also an informal feminism – a watered-down version that is simply accepted unthinkingly by the consumerist mobs. It is a feminism of Oprah Winfrey, the feminism that believes domestic violence to be a serious problem (against all evidence to the contrary) and that votes for women “because they are women” and that participates in the cult of the child.

      Both types of feminism are wrong. Both are wrong, and both are wrong propositionally and morally. And because it has now become an accepted part of our cultural furniture, we do not even realize that it represents a mild toxin that is slowly poisoning every institution upon which civilization has been constructed.

      1) Feminism is wrong because it lacks virtue.

      Feminism is simply a movement built around the cowardice and avarice of women. Men, of course, are motivated primarily by principle. A man gets up and goes to work in the morning, not because he enjoys it, but because he recognizes his responsibility to provide for a family, his responsibility to his employer and fellow employees, and because it has been drilled into him since childhood that men are to make a positive contribution – even at the cost of their own lives – to society. Men go to war because they recognize that there is something that has more value than their individual wants, even more valuable than the life of an individual – matters such as freedom, security, and country. Men are capable of going and doing battle in both wartime and the workaday world because they are possessed of courage – the willingness to take risks.

      Feminism, however, is based upon the neurotic fears of women. It is certainly not all women, but as feminism is woven more deeply into the warp and woof of society, there are certainly more and more women possessed of these neurotic fears. The fear of domestic violence, for instance, is a neurotic fear of women, conjured up in illogical and irrational skulls for political gain by the leaders of the feminist movement who are equally neurotic – though driven so more by hate than by fear. I have personally sat in on more than 100 domestic violence proceedings in my state – not one of them even alleged violence in any sense that the layman would understand it. The “violence” complained of was that a woman was being “controlled” by a man (and one of my friends has noted, accurately, that a man is guilty of being “controlling” only when he refuses to yield control to a woman), of “namecalling,” or of “holding to strict gender roles,” as many religious people do. I saw one man separated from home, children, and bank accounts for lifting his hands to absorb the blows thrown from the fists of his wife. I have seen a dozen men arrested on evidence that would get a mere contract case thrown out of court.

      And I have noticed a strange correlation between the lodging of claims of “domestic violence” and the occurrence of divorce proceedings, alimony or equitable distribution actions, and child support or custody trials. Very convenient….

      Of course, women are encouraged to lie about such things. They are teased by women’s groups, the media, lawyers, and the state to skip their own responsibilities by leaving their husbands – yet maintaining their home, kids, and an adequate income without working in the form of child support and alimony. Feminism appeals to that vindictiveness that is so pervasive in the human spirit that the Ninth Commandment forbids it, and to that sloth so extreme in the modern world that more than 50% of all tax revenues are spent on social welfare programs in America.

      Unthinking, illogical, and hormonal women are encouraged to break their marriage vows at eternal cost to their own character, to their own children, and at the cost of justice itself, in order to repay a man for what are usually only perceived slights and to get a second chance at life and love (a second chance that the vast majority of my female clients find is only illusory – guys really are not interested in neurotic women who don’t keep marriage vows and who come with the baggage of a passel of kids and a pile of false allegations in their wake).

      • Dr Snake

        Sounds like you have some serious issues with women. Did you get spanked too much by mommy? Was daddy too busy to play with you? Perhaps you should spend some time with a shrink and less time with a computer fulminating about your personal liabilities.

      • Jay

        Not women, feminists! I would think that to be rather obvious, yet, it completely escaped you. Hmm, your not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you, slither?

      • Jay

        Hey, Dr. Slither, here’s some more for you to consider. Eat up!

        Feminism is wrong because it is illogical and anti-intellectual. Travel over to Yahoo! Answers any old time and surf over to the “Gender and Women’s Studies” section. About once every two days or so (sometimes far more often”) some FemiFascist will post something like this:

        “Why do half the people who post in G&WS always have such hateful things to say about feminism? Don’t they realize that this is our safe space? After all, we feminists do not invade their WWE Wrestling Forum, do we?”

        Which is again a manifestation of cowardice, and the very cowardice which begat political correctness. People who know they are wrong, after all, are not likely to willingly engage in discussion with those who can prove them wrong publicly. So there is an anti-intellectual bent toward feminism. Any disagreement with the political movement of feminism is conveniently labeled “misogyny” and dismissed. Anyone too effective in combatting feminism on the public college campus is threatened with “sexual harassment” charges and “sensitivity training.”

        But the desire to squelch dissent is, of course, the first sign that someone realizes that their own jig is up. After all, how is it possible to square the following two propositions, both central tenets of feminism?

        a) Women are capable of doing anything that a man can do.
        b) Therefore, standards for law school, medical school, the military, police departments, and fire departments must be lowered so that women can be adequately represented.

        Illogic, thy name is feminist. And this is why Women’s Studies programs across the country are regarded by academics as having about the same intellectual rigor as fingerpainting class in Vacation Bible School.

        At its root, all virtue is true. All genuine virtue is based upon truth. And the illogic, anti-intellectualism, and indulgence in the lie that is feminism divests the movement of even a basic perception of virtue – intellectual or otherwise.

  • mopar461

    That is about right!!! Like my father said about what he was told when he went to ‘nam on 3 tours………….he was told….”we are here to prevent communism from going world wide.”
    WORLD WIDE???? B.S.!!! I think that the federal government when there to learn how to intagrade communism so slowly into everyday life………………….That WE would never see it coming!!!
    And it looks like that is coming true!!And obama is no help to the people……but helping the left wing liberals socialist destroy our beautiful country!! I see now ……that the days of a true american president like Ronald Reagan was………is DEAD AND GONE!!!!
    Welcome to the liberal socialist communism country of the USSA!!!
    I hope you have enough guns and ammo and food and water for what lies ahead!!!

    • eddie47d

      Most Republicans in Congress consider themselves on the Conservative side and overwhelmingly supported the Patriot Act and even NDAA.Apparently there are Conservatives who let the barn door open and allowed the government to manipulate our rights as free citizens also.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      mopar 461 We have to get beyond the notion of Lib v Cons, Rep v Demo because the truth is that our govt has been controlled by powerful bankers who do not care what label we call ourselves as long as they can manipulate us. The Federal Rese rve Bank is privately owned and operated and charges us, the taxpayers, to print OUR money. JFK was acting to restore Constitutional authority over this and you see what happened. Reagan was an appealing personality but do you really think after Bush’s friends son almost assassinated him he didn’t know who was calling the shots? When the illegal Iran-Contra investigations took place all he could say was “I don’t remember.” The fact is he was out of the loop. Since grandpa Prescott Bush, the Nazi’s banker, who gave Nixon his political start, that element has controlled the government. If you think 9/11 was not an inside job, you need to investigate further. Two simple facts: In 2006 the FBI testified at the Moussaoui terror trial that Barbara Olson’s calls were never connected. Ted’s tale was untrue. Second, the Deutsche Bank was passed by the airline before it hit the WTC. Yet in 2006, they discovered fragmented bones and teeth on top of it. The only way they could have gotten there was by explosives which are also visible in the videos of the collapses. Muslim terrorists had no access to wire the WTC. We have been and continue to be manipulated. Right after Obama signed NDAA 2012 giving himself the power to have the military arrest US citizens here at home, and hold them (us) indefinitely without trial, he had Papa Bush and Jeb over for a chat. Do you think he is unaware of what might happen to him if he does not go along with their agenda?

    • DAVE

      You would welcome liberal communism/socialism. What’s really coming is fascism. FAR worse. One thing I like about Ron Paul. He’s either smart enough or honest enough to call Obama what he is. A corporatist.

  • http://firefox wog1

    Our most important gift that we have from God is the one of liberty. We have the right to choose for ourselves. That we must keep at all costs. It is the goal of the current administration and the progressives to end all of that and the public is being manipulated into give up those rights for a little security., What good is security if you cannot make any choices. Watch the news and see how many times you are told to succumb to anything and the cost is giving up your freedoms. The problems is and that is why they are getting away with this is because some do not know how to use their freedoms correctly.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      wog1 You are half right. Yes, it does seem certain Obama is a wolf in black sheep’s clothing. But so are most of the rest of them in both parties. A few like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are willing to say no to militarism and a police state. But the media tries to ignore and discredit them because it is widely infiltrated by CIA and other government funded people. This sounds crazy but it is true. Obama seems to have CIA connections on both sides of his family. That’s what brought his father to Hawaii where he met Obama’s mother. How could a mediocre student at a mediocre college get a full ride to finish up at an Ivy League School? But Senator Lindsay Graham a Republiscam is right there telling us we do not need a lawyer or a trial if the government singles us out for removal. IT IS MEMBERS OF BOTH PARTIES THAT ARE selling us out.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    the SOB wants martial law.

    • FreedomFighter

      He will get it too.

      Prepare your family, and friends. WWIII is on the table, martial law and final implementation to the NWO

      IMHO bio-weapons will be released, Obama Care has provision that nobody can get medical treatment without being RFID chipped. Think, they release a catagion that they have a cure for…catch is you must get a bio-chip…and due to the nature of the contagion, cash is no longer viable.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Dale DuBois

    If our President believes in killing people who go against his way of government maybe this answers many questions, like the people who are dying of natural causes. Maybe also this is the reason our mainstream media don’t talk about Obama and what he’s doing wrong. They must really know whats going on but don’t say as they could die of natural causes.

    • combat seabee

      In an interview, oblowhole was asked about his christian values, which he extolled, “HIS.” A sin in his eyes is what goes against HIS VALUES!!! We as a country, under this S..thead, are effed royally!!!!



  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    I agree, we have to protect the constitution verbatim, even if there are amendments we don’t agree. For example, i disagree with the 16th amendment. But it must be enforce in it’s entirety. However, i find this hypocritcal, for you Tea Partier types want to abolish the 14th amendment. Therefore, clean up your act before attacking others. Thanks!!

    • Ted Crawford

      Not the whole amendment Tony. Just Cause one of section one

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Mr. Crawford:
        When you say, you’re for taking out a part of the 14th amendment, that’s like saying that you want to degut and remove it. That’s the equivalence of these gun control freaks that want to ” remove a couple key parts of the 2nd amendment from the constitution.” This removal would make this amendment ineffective. Thus, analyze what you’re saying. In general, regardless , the constitution needs to be enforced verbatim!!

  • Bill Scantlen

    Speaking of breaking the law, here is an excerpt from Atlas Shrugged:
    “Did you really think we want those laws to be observed? We want them broken..We’re after power and we mean it..
    There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals. one makes them.”

  • Wayne

    The public is more informed than most leaders, so-called, think. For instance, Christians who know Gods Word know that we are at the top of the “hit” list. It’s not just a new America, it’s a new world. We are in the season of upheaval, chaos, good, or what used to be, is bad-and bad is good. One government and one religion is the order of the day, for the world. Now, no citizen with any common sense at all thinks that any government can bring about utopia, or a secure world where everyone sings cumbaya and do what they please and live in harmony. Humans can’t pull that off. Self-serving, self promoting individuals who lie to citizens and themselves at every turn and promote hate agendas that divide instead of bring hope and justice, achieve the opposite result. Enemies have been redefined. We apologize to those who would kill us, and bring statements like “we can kill anyone we feel is a threat.” a threat to what? Clearly the point is-anyone who may oppose our system, that’ who. It’s not just coming, it’s here. The elite have spoken. But God has spoken too. Not any God, but the living God Jehovah, Jesus Christ Himself. All prophecy of the Holy Bible comes to pass. We are without excuse. Evil in high places is run amock. And there WILL be judgement. Receive Christ today, the only hope. The odds of our becoming victims of violent crime, even from “friendly” scources, is going up dramatically now. You say the wrong thing, you get on the list. Like this posting and others similar-hate speech-yet I post it out of love. But it is no longer invited. The time will come it may be censored. We are losing all our worthy rights. We only have the right to do as they say. My fellow Christians, true believers in Jesus as Savior, get busy evangelizing in the time we have left.

    • Missdebbie


    • FreedomFighter

      “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. ” David Spangler of U.N.

      I will not be joining, see ya guys later — going to go get more large caliber ammo.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • John Beach

    The interesting thing about this concept is that, if republicans were proposing the same thing the outcries and objections from Democrats would be most vociferous. It is this hypocrisy, reflecting nothing more principled than a team mentality based in political ideology having no basis in established legal principles based on the Constitution, which people reject. The danger is that of abandoning the legal foundation and provisions of the Constitution. Terror works both ways. When we start defining constitutionality as merely that which one has the capability of doing, it is all about power and nothing more. It is the injustice of abused power to which people object, and rightly so. Our enemies whose goal is power, having the need to know that people die when killed, pursue and kill. When our government is perceived to be a threat to our security, we need to change it. They don’t need that much power and, Constitutionally, they don’t have it!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    We’ll Know in a short whle whether we are truly out numbered by the truly stupid people or not. We all know you can’t fix stupid and the contest is just around the corner in Nov. That will determine whether or not there are enough people left to try to enjoy what part of America remains.

  • css

    The Obama Administration had to make the NDAA a law because ‘The People’ do not have a government, except the tyrannical, illegal, and corrupt one that has taken over the people’s country. The current administration should be brought up on charges of high treason, but that’ll never happen because there are too many crooks that can be bought off. For example, Greenspan once complained about the Federal Reserve System and how it was a Ponzi Scheme and should be eliminated. He was placed in a high-paying position in the Federal Reserve and tape was put over his mouth not to talk negatively again about the system.

    There is nothing but complete corruption in government and until we use their own tools (NDAA) against them, nothing will change. After all, isn’t each and every politician an American Citizen, and if private American citizens can be murdered to protect that so-called ‘Federal Government’, so can those working in that federal hole of sewage. The stench coming from D.C. can be smelled throughout the world, and the evilness can be seen throughout the world.

    Maybe people would become angrier if/when they began noticing their relatives dropping dead from the poisons being put in the air, food, and water as I have, all for the sake of allowing fat, wealthy a$$holes to control the world.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    It was evident how the left goes nuts over a true statement such as the one made by Rush Limbaugh. What other concept could you get from flucks pleas for free contraceptives than the one given by Rush It sounded. like she must have had johns lined up at the door to use that many. Then the libnuts cry one of thier shills is being smeared by a conservative, what ? And again how shallow can a govt. get as responding to such crap. That is getting your moneys worth there folks..

    • eddie47d

      Assassinations come in many forms and I believe you (gottaplenty) and Rush have done an excellent job of character assassination.Rush attempted to kill Fluke’s off in the court of public opinion by the use of vile language and threatening remarks.Instead the bullet came back at him. You’d make a great Taliban gottaplenty in keeping women in their place and honoring those who intimidate through those measures. The Flukes issue should have been on the cost of contraceptives and who pays for those costs not the degrading comments that have been abundant.

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        eddie you didnt go as far into your bottom feeder rant as I would have expected.. Its your kind of crap that keeps this interesting, just proving where it all comes from.

      • Jay

        Eddie, Fluke is a fake, a fraud, and a disgusting feminist!

        Stunner. Georgetown “Coed” Sandra Fluke Is a 30 Year-Old Women’s Rights Activist

        The Democrat’s token abused college coed is actually a 30 year-old hardcore women’s rights activist.

        Sandra Fluke is also the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

        Sandra Fluke was initially described as a Georgetown law student. It was then revealed that prior to attending Georgetown she was an active women’s right advocate.

        In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.

        During this time, she was described as a 23-year-old coed. Magically, at the same time Congress is debating the forced coverage of contraception, she appears and is even brought to Capitol Hill to testify.

        In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, it was revealed that she is 30 years old, NOT the 23 that had been reported all along.

        In other words, folks, you are being played. She has been an activist all along and the Dems were just waiting for the appropriate time to play her.

        This was all just a big dishonest Democrat ploy to take the attention off of Barack Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

      • Drifter

        In the retrospective scope of one week, we know that Rush used exactly the correct language…

      • Dale on the left coast

        Sandra Flake is at least a garden tool . . . $3,000.00 for contraceptives . . . does she run a “hoe” house at the college?
        Eddie . . . she’s a 30 yo student . . . she’s obviously a life-long student . . . bet her parents are proud . . . lol

      • Jay

        In the retrospective scope of one week, we know that Rush used exactly the correct language…

        So true Drifter, and for simply pointing out the truth about the slime-ball that happens to be Ms. Fluke, Mr. Limbaugh is demonized by left. Which proves, the reprobate left, are the enemies of truth!

      • afdbghq

        eddie47d – You are a brain dead liberal, The only truth you know is what is fed you by the liberal Main Stream Media. Rush called Ms. Fluke a slut. Well the term fits her to a tee.

        Definition of the term slut:

        a slovenly woman, also
        a: a promiscuous woman; especially : prostitute
        b : a saucy girl

        This term fits her quite nicely. How else would you describe a woman who seems to have has as many sexual partners as she appears to have had and continues to want.

      • eddie47d

        You assume she has many sexual partners which may or may not be true or as bad as it sounds. If you have sex with your husband/wife 4 times a week and she has sex 3 times a week then maybe you would be the slut. If it is according to how many times you take a roll in the hay that is. Advocating for women’s rights is hardly something to be ashamed of either. Isn’t your husband /wife somewhat equal to you?

        • katrael59ganaiden

          I don’t think that it was the number of partners or the number of times that the woman had sex that made Rush angry, it was the idea that the public should pay for something that is questionably just for women’s health. The government has no business providing birth control to anybody for any reason, health wise or for any other reason. The government had clearly defined areas that it was supposed to pay for with our tax monies and they have turned it into a license to buy votes. Politicians get elected on the things they promise and they get re-elected on the things they give away and all too often there is a world of difference between what they promise and they deliver. Most of them are liars.
          It’s this liberal progressive bent that is ruining and bankrupting this country.

    • Pineapple

      Abstinence costs nothing and prevents STDs. It can also prevent the birth of more liberal parasites like Fluke,

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        There used to be mercury in batteries and thermometers too but they have replaced it. I hope they will do that with the light bulbs. I understand mercury is also used in some gold mining operations. China has become a major polluter.
        The Senate just voted to continue the big oil producers’ tax breaks despite their record profits.

        • Pineapple

          The EPA is shutting down coal fired power plants, so coal exports to China are at record highs. China has few, if any, pollution restrictions, so emissions from this coal will enter the jet stream and be distributed throughout the world, including the U.S. Also, mercury emissions from this coal will enter Asian oceans, from which 84% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. comes.

          G.E. is shutting down incandescent light bulb factories in the U.S. and is building plants to make mercury filled bulbs in China. These bulbs will end up in landfills in the U.S. where the mercury will enter rivers, streams, and underground aquifers which are used to irrigate food crops. It will also increase the mercury level in fish caught in U.S. waters.

          Environmental zealots are mindlessly destroying the environment

      • Katrael

        Well said Pineapple

  • grams2

    This will continue to happen and become more and more out of control due to the fault of the Senate and Congress who are allowing these changes to our Constitution. Anything any president does can be stopped through the Senate and Congress and they continue to allow this. Expect more “natural death’s” expect more deceit and lies from the media. Until the Citizens of the United States hold Congress and the Senate accountable this will continue to happen. If you don’t like it, contact the Congressional Judicial Committee and your Congress person and let them know, if you make no effort to make your voice heard, expect what is happening to continue and it will get more brazen and ruthless until we have no Constitution left!

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Just before the vote on the Patriot Act, leading Democrats received anthrax letters as did newsmen. Unknown at that time was the fact that White House insiders started taking anti-anthrax antibiotics on 9/11, THREE WEEKS BEFORE, the first fatality. The first to die, Robert Steven’s. His claim to fame: he had published a photo of Jenna Bush drunk, seated on another girl’s lap. The New York Post had published eight articles with the headline including the words “Bush daughters” and “booze.” They were the only major newspaper to get anthrax letters. The scapegoat in 2008 was Bruce Ivins. He quickly committed suicide, so they say, before an investigation. He was cremated without an autopsy. His colleagues, however, pointed out he lacked certain equipment essential to weaponize the anthrax spores so they would readily disperse when the envelopes were opened. Oh well, case closed, public pacified.
      This is no longer libs versus conservatives. It is people vs. police state or police state vs. people. If we keep letting ourselves argue over minor details, our rights will be gone. I don’t like Ron Paul’s domestic policies, except he would phase out rather than abruptly end Social Security and would take control of and/or eliminate the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Bank. I love his foreign policy ideas and his support of the Constitution. Many conservatives are the opposite. Together we could lick the other candidates who are all for NDAA 2012 and the already appropriated $63 billion for drones to be used as spys and/or assassins here in the US! When Obama said he’d use them on young men that came around his daughters people laughed. He responded: “You think I’m joking!”
      Republicans and Democrats, our shared #1 priority is to maintain our Constitutional FREEDOMS.

  • factnotrhetoric

    Stand back and look at it all from a distance. This is a planned attack on America, and the American Constitution, by Organized Crime.

    Our administration has been taken over by the SAUDI DICTATOR and his ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. For example: The Organized Crime Syndicate threatened the mainstream media with Holder Lawsuits, and firing, if any of mainstream media reported on the birth certificate forgery and the Selective Service Card forgery.

    It all fits. Look at the endless Obama and SoS Clinton Funded wars, rising oil prices and endless FALSE FLAGS, like Saudi Crime Syndicate flying Jets into the twin towers to get American to invade Uranium Rich Afghanistan and hand Afghanistan over to the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    The organized invasion on Syria, Iran and Israel are next on the Obama/Clinton TODO list for the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    Saudi Puppets Obama and Clinton left “Saudi written Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan. “Saudi Organized Crime Written Sharia Law” in any country’s constitution, turns all countries into Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorships. Saudi Puppets Obama and Clinton also left “Saudi written Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Kenya and Yemen. These too were gifts for the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    All of these countries were gifts to the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate at the cost of

    Now the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate wants Syria, Iran and Israel.

    Obama’s price is very cheap. All the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate needed to do, was threaten Obama they will release the stolen Archive Microfilm, from the American Archives. Obama is terrified that the microfilm will suddenly appear and will always dance to the tune of the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    SoS Clinton’s price is a little higher. She is now up for head of the World Bank. Her hubby, ex-pres Clinton, gets $50,000 per month consulting fees.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Dear FACTNOT: The Saudi Crime Syndicate is not well known. The military-industrial complex is. President Eisenhower warned us about it. Companies like Halliburton, Brown Root and the Carlyle Corporation all have powerful government connections. They are the ones who got many of the lucrative no-bid contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo. The Saudis have plenty of cash and very little influence in our government compared to the Israelis who have many, many dual citizens in high places in our government, business and news media.
      The Taliban visited Governor G. W. Bush in Texas but refused to play ball and would not go along with the pipeline from the Caspian across Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean.
      Plan B to attack Afghanistan was on Bush’s desk the week prior to 9/11. Jeb Bush signed a bill giving him martial law in Florida the week before 9/11,. Bomb sniffing dogs were pulled out of the WTC the week before 9/11. Eight different war games were planned on or within a day of 9/11. Giuliani left Building Seven at 9:00 before the towers fell. He said he was “told they would fall” yet he did not order an evacuation. Rumsfeld announced 2.3 TRILLION missing the day before 9/11. The next day a “pilot’ who couldn’t rent a Cessna because of incompetence “made” a 330 degree turn away from an easy straight ahead impact on Rumsfeld’s office area to the opposite side where accountants died presumably looking for the missing trillions.
      We attack Afghanistan, presumably to get Osama bin Laden. We find a tape where he brags about 9/11. Take a second look at the man in that tape. He is not bin Laden. You can check for yourself looking for images marked FAKE and REAL. Go back to the original video aired on network TV and you will see it is not the real bin Laden, but the fake one on that video.
      We are being duped but it is not by the Saudis.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Jews in Germany in the 1930s watched as one by one their personhood was attacked and reduced to nothing. They kept thinking it would get better, that if they “obeyed” the government, all would soon be well. And we all know how that turned out. It will be the same here. If you think there will not be any “concentration camps” in this country, hide and watch. You better be hiding in another country, tho, or you will be rounded up “for your own good” and sent to one of these camps. Can the “showers” be far behind??

  • Dens

    Obama and his boy Holder have made it clear they do not feel obligated to honor the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. To them, these documents are just old pieces of paper with some meaningless words written on them hundreds of years ago which do not apply today. They both have indicated this if not by their own words then certainly by their actions.

    Obama has and will continue to bypass Congress and issue his tyranical edicts and Holder lies to Congress, laughs in their faces and calls them cowards who will do nothing about it when he orders illegal activities against Americans. So far he has been right. In effect, these two are pissing in the faces of the American people’s elected representatives and getting away with it.

    Congress, is unwilling to stop the radical Socialists who control the Executive Branch of our government. This reluctance to act may be partly due to the fact that many in Congress are active members of the American Socialist Party. This party by it’s creed and actions is an enemy of the United States and everything it has stood for throughout it’s history.

    Having Socialist Party members being allowed to hold office in Congress seems unreal and should be stopped. As a Socialist Party member, they swear to disobey our Constitution and tear down our system of government. As Democrats, which over 70 of these Socialists are, they swear to uphold our Constitution and protect our system of government.

    This is like a person being a good Muslim and praying to Allah and at the same time being a good Christian and praying to Jesus. This is not possible unless you are an extremely well accomplished liar. If allowed to continue, Obama and his comrades will have total, tyrannical control over us within 5 years. Look at South Africa if you want to know what that will be like.

    • factnotrhetoric

      Communism and Socialism are simply fluff, and window dressing, to get the poor and illiterate voters to follow the Organized Crime Syndicate. Communism and Socialism are empty promises and should never be used because they are really DICTATORSHIPS.

      The Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate has no intentions of giving away all of the riches of the US Administration to the Poor and Needy. They have not done so in any of the Arab Spring Countries that they have overthrown, why would they begin now?

      Under the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate, the citizens of Saudi Arabia have seen their average income drop from $20,000 per year, down to $6,000 per year. But you and I know the oil income in Saudi Arabia has not decreased at all. It’s only grown.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Dens Are you aware that the NDAA 2012 was overwhelmingly passed by both parties? How can you claim it is just OBAMA who is “bypassing Congress?” Who wrote the Patriot Act? The Republiscams. Who planned and carried out 9/11, the NEOCONS who are mostly Republiscams.
      I’m not defending Obama but I want you to take off the blinders and see it is not he alone but also many of the so-called conservatives as well. They divide us to conquer us. It is time to realize we need to drop the labels and look at the actions of a politician. Look at Ron Paul and you will see he stands for our Constitution. The ones who do not, like Lindsay Graham, Obama, Carl Levin and the majority of the others are the ones that are ramming a POLICE STATE down our throats.
      It is so important to look beyond the label or we could be stuck with Robney, Rich Grinch or Insanatarium instead of Obamanation.Same music, different channel.

      • Katrael

        It could be that he’s not acting on just his own behalf but as a puppet and so were the other front line stooges before him.

  • Tom Dundee

    Some of you people really need to get a clue.

    The Courts and Congress gave Islamic terrorists all the Constitutional rights of an American citizen, just to make life miserable for President Bush. The NDAA removed substanial protections provided by the Constitution. Does anyone realize what has just happened? Who has Constitutional rights and who does not have Contitutional rights.

    The law that was to become known as the Patriot Act was written in the late 1990s by Biden or Dodd. For some you who a comprehension problem, this was before 9-11. It was brought out after 9-11 and yes Bush was President. He should have vetoed it.

    The Patriot Act was written following the 1993 WTC bombing and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; both of which were sponsored by Saddam. McVeigh was an accessory, not a principal but you wouldn’t know that listening to the media or politicians and it was White Chritians who were blamed. I am not sure who sponsored the downing of the 1996 TWA 800 passenger liner off the coast of Long Island, but the explosion was not caused by a bare wire in fuel tank.

    I am not blaming Clinton for the 3 attacks, but I am blaming him for the coverups. For the record, I see 9-11 as an attack by Osama and without US govt assistance. I have come to believe that 9-11 and the War on Terror has delayed and interfered with the NWO or some other such scheme.

    Obama campaigned on repealing the PA as did a lot of Democrats, however, they have strengthed it twice since Obama took office. At least Bush did not break any promises by signing it. The Patriot Act of Bush was your spouses puny nephew compared to the one Obama has in operation.

    The 1st & 2d Amendmens are under constant attack and have been for some time now. The protection of 4th Amendment was weakened last week by an Appellate Court ruling. For all practical purposes the Bill of Rights has been tossed into the scrap heap.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      You are part of the way there because you realize the attacks you mentioned were not as they were portrayed, but let’s correct a few things. The WTC ’93 was an FBI sting operation and they set up some radical middle easterners. There contact was an Egyptian named Salem. He secretly recorded both sides then turned over the information. The NY Times published the fact that the FBI gave real explosives. Six people died and yet the FBI was never held accountable.
      Sadaam had nothing to do with Oklahoma City. The Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco people did not show up for work that day and it was suppressed that explsoives were set off inside the building and not just in the truck bomb. There was supposed to be a middle eastern scapegoat but for some reason that fell through and only McVeigh and Nichols were charged.
      9/11 was an Inside job. The fact is, Osama bin Laden rejected 9/11 publicly for his religious reasons that non-combatants, women and children are not to be attacked. The video that we miraculously “found” shows someone else pretending to be bin Laden bragging about 9/11. He has a fatter face and a wide bulbous nose. Check the videos out for yourself on Osama images marked fake and real. Go back to the original abc video and you will see it was the fake who made the inflammatory statement that got all the SHEEPLE on board to war against a country that had nothing to do with it and another country that only asked for some proof.
      In 2006, a spokesman for the FBI, Rex Tomb, admitted we had no evidence on bin Laden. Wake up! It was a false flag operation for oil and war profiteering and to step up heroin poppy production the Taliban had suppressed, for reasons of their Muslim religion forbidding drugs. The CIA makes a lot of secret money off of illegal drugs

      • Pineapple

        What about the bombings of two American embassies in Africa, which Bin Laden masterminded? Why did the government of Sudan offer to hand over Bin Laden to Bill Clinton, who refused to take him?
        Why did Saudi Arabia refuse to allow him to re-enter Saudi Arabia? He finally wound up in Afghanistan.

        • http://Yahoo Maynard

          Pineapple, as far as the bombings in Africa go, I have not researched them. I can tell you about a false flag operation our countrythat was during the war in the mideast in 1967. The Israelis were trying to take out the USS Liberty. They bombed and torpedoed it. The Liberty asked for help and President Johnson refused. The plan was to sink the Liberty and blame Egypt. The US would then attack Egypt to help out the Israelis. It would have worked but a Russian spy ship happened on the attack and the Israelis fled hoping they could evade discovery. I only found out about this recently.The truth was hidden for a long time but emerged through the Freedom of Information Act.
          So, I will look into the African bombings. I do believe that bin Laden was working for the CIA when the Russians were in Afghanistan and it was later that we started calling him a “terrorist” to further our ambitions to gain control of the Mideast oil. We needed an excuse, and those terrible Muslims were villified using false flag operations to anger the Sheeple enough to attack.
          Our country, through the CIA, has meddled in the affairs of many countries. We prefer to install petty dictators so that they have to play ball with us since they do not have the support of their people. Then, as with Noriega, the Shah of Iran, Pinochet of Chile, and many others, we can control them for long periods of time.

  • steve

    Everyone just talks. Very few have what it takes to actually get their freedom back. Someone once said….guns are what freedon is derived from and held onto with, not the ballot box. Now…go poor yourself another beer and go watch the game of the week and pretend you are free.

  • James Graham

    Lots of “Firsts”

    Impressive list of firsts:
    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then
    deny he was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has
    never lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the
    United States .

    First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally
    obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

    First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease
    implementing the Health Care Reform Law.

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a
    third party.

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs
    when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law and turn over control of
    major companies to his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act
    through executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the
    deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those
    with criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of
    his political appointees.

    First President to terminate America ’s ability to put a man in space.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily usurp congress, declare an existing law
    unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly
    spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which State
    they are allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to join with a foreign country and file lawsuits
    against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-corps for
    catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half
    years in office.

    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    First President to go on multiple global ‘apology tours’.

    First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights
    and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends; paid for by
    the taxpayer.

    First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year
    at taxpayer expense.

    First President to repeat the Holy Qur’an and tell us the Islamic call
    to worship is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    First President able to break all these laws, be openly corrupt and
    get by with treason, simply because he’s black.

    WAKE UP AMERICA ! Send this list to your Democratic friends- they will
    all be so “proud” of all these “firsts”! Just think- this list could
    really “grow” if he just has “four more years” now that taxpayers have
    paid for his “on the job training”! Thank God for Fox News- pray that
    Obama doesn’t shut this network down to maintain “control” of what we
    think! Just how much more will this man get away with? I don’t want to

    • factnotrhetoric

      Nice, but you give too much credit to Saudi Puppet Obama.

      There is no way an idiot like Obama could possibly have done all that.

      It’s the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate running Obama, Clinton and Holder, not Obama running the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

  • http://none Carol M Kite

    I appreciate the opportunity to vent re the ever-worsening government takeover of every aspect of our lives. The political machine has been becoming more controlling from each administration, no matter the party, for decades but Obama has made it most clear to me that America is being groomed for a tyranny the innocent citizen can’t find any freedoms in.

    What appalls me is most citizens haven’t a clue, listening to main-stream media that reports less then half of the atrocities this admin. gets away with. Most liberals stubbornly refuse to see wrong-doing & the rest are those on the receiving end of the gov’t largesse, not realizing the entrapment socialism means until we mimic Greece. When I see the numbers mindlessly approving of Obama & Congress, I know these ‘sheeple’ are in a vacuum, not paying attention to the reality that there are very few, in each gov’t level, dedicated to representing the taxpayers. It’s all about greed & power manipulating the system toward a dictatorship few of us, only the ‘elite’, will find any U.S.liberty left or have much left we can call our own,

  • DavidL

    Interesting, when Republicans are in power terrorists, here or there, are either killed or shipped off to a secret torture location and denied any of the protections of our Constitution. When Democrats are in power, Republicans describe terrorists as “murdered” not killed, and they suddenly join the ACLU.

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  • Dave

    We are being attacked by an enemy that knows no rules of war and seeks to destroy us in the most vulgar way. These men have told us who they are, in no uncertain terms, and told us what they have done and intend to do. That is more than sufficient ‘due process’ for me.
    If the evidence was sketchy, their associations, motivations and goals uncertain, I’d say sort it out in a court of law. But that just isn’t the case. A mad dog needs to be put down, How many times will you let it bite someone before you say enough is enough?

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Let’s see Dave. Are you talking about those horrible Muslims? The ones we claimed attacked on 9/11 yet at least six showed up alive afterwards. Or, is it Osama, a former CIA operative who publicly condemned 9/11 and stated it was against Muslim law to attack women, children and non-combatants? Or was it Saddam who had NO weapons of mass destruction and who, according to Susan Lindauer a CIA asset who got put in prison for a year because she informed her cousin Andrew Card that Saddam was willing to make a deal with us to buy 1,000,000 US manufactured autos a year for ten years and would allow the FBI to come to Iraq to investigate potential terrorists? Or are you talking about the TALIBAN who were cutting off opium poppy production and didn’t agree to a natural gas pipeline and who merely asked for probable cause before they would hand over bin Laden? Even Rex Tomb, spokesman for the FBI, admitted in 2006 that we had no concrete evidence of Osama’s involvement in 9/11. Maybe you are talking about the “non-terrorists” we released after prolonged illegal detention, torture and abuse. Or is it the unarmed menand journalists blown away from helicopters because their cameras were supposed to be weapons? Or maybe it was the hundreds of innocent civilians killed by drones in Pakistan. Yeah. Those guys are really bad. What right do they have to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness?

  • sesame

    It is interesting to see that Sam Rolley and the NY Times are on the same side against Holder on the “right” of the government to kill US Citizens without due process.

  • Keith J

    Let’s do a reality check: suspected of guilt by a politician, a death sentence can be issued by the President for any US citizen anywhere with out a trial, even in absentia. This is deemed to be “in full accordance with the Constitution” by none other than Eric Holder. If this wasn’t so legitimately tragic, it would be laughable.

    Why not give the political hacks dictatorial powers too? Isn’t this going right down that path?

  • old hillbilly

    The Constitution has been under attack for a long time. There is unending of case law precedence to back it up. The problem is “ sorry decisis” – judges bypassing The Constitution and denying rights to trial, Atty/gens bypassing judges and trials & regulatory agencies legislating every conceivable human action! We have our Nero in the presidency, died in the wool unrestrained evil, spending our money, and breaking this country, like an obsessed mad man. It will be 4 years without budget or spending approval! The keys to the treasury are given to him by our legislators… totally unlimited and authorized by simply increasing the DEBT LIMIT… by the Republican controlled HOUSE! It’s time to clean house!

  • soldiermom11

    Our personal freedoms are being erroded by the minute. The waves of nebulous lies pervading the mainstream media is creating a fog meant to blind us from the truth.

    No…I don’t have to pay for her birth control.
    No…I don’t have to eat tofu
    No…I don’t have to buy a $40,000 car that sucks electricity out of my house & doesn’t work
    No…I don’t have to screw in mercury light bulbs all over my house
    No…I don’t have to insult our friends (England,Israel) will not get my vote!!!!

    • jeep

      Shouldn’t that third point read:

      No…I don’t have to buy a $40,000 car that sucks and doesn’t work!

      I’m just sayin’…

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Divide and Conquer. That is what is happening to all of us (Libs and Conservatives) who do agree on one thing: Our liberty needs to be preserved. If you think the President is in charge, I respectfully disagree. The Military Industrial Complex has been running the show at least since JFK’s assassination. The Presidents have either directly represented that complex (Nixon, Ford, Bush, Bush), or have gone along: Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, Obama). The only one with a mind of his own, Carter stood for human rights, defending our own country and not everyone elses, and getting us off our fossil fuel addiction. By the Feds deliberately inflating the economy, the FAKE oil shortage, and the engineered Hostage Crisis which Reagan’s people ended the first day in office because they were in on it, he lasted only one term. Too bad. We wouldn’t be needing filthy fossil fuels or fighting in foolish losing battles abroad, if he had not been manipulated out of office. And we wouldn’t be losing our rights and headed toward a POLICE STATE. Ron Paul in 2012!

      • jeep

        Maynard, you should put a little more thought into your conspiracy theories…

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          I have so many. Do you mean all of them? Which do you single out as being the least well-documented? That would help me decide where to start. Theories, according to the scientific method, are never totally proven or disproven. New facts emerge over time, or things that seemed apparent may turn out to have had other causes. That is why I try to keep an open mind.
          Believe me, in my short presentation I had to leave out a lot of details that add to the big picture. I try to pick out a few facts that are pretty difficult to explain in any other way, but I’m open to criticism and I appreciate you did not use any derogatory descriptions of me. Not that I couldn’t shrug them off but they would only be a waste of time as they do not advance the search for the truth.
          We have to recognize also that brilliant minds have been put to the task of obscuring their underlying intents.
          Don’t you think the 19 hijackers account, considering that some of them turned out to be still alive, and the fanatacism they supposedly shared was not evinced by their behavior prior to the event, or the fact that none of them were real pilots, or the fact that none of them had access to the WTC to plant the observed explosions, casts any doubt? After all, the government’s poorly sourced explanation is a “conspiracy theory,” too.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    There are a number of impeachments that have to be performed to get back on track. can it be done?

  • onevoter

    After reading the article, I noticed that it has been filed like this:
    “Filed Under: Conservative Politics, Hot Topics”

    It occurs to me that there should be nothing “Conservative” about the politics of this issue.
    How far removed we have already become from the basic Constitutional rights guaranteed to every citizen of the United States? The terms liberal and conservative have become used to separate rather than simply imply ideologies that conflict while we all remain united under the Bill of Rights and rule of law, not to mention our proud history as a democratic republic.

    Better that this topic be filed under MORE REASONS TO ELECT ANYONE OTHER THAN OBAMA.

    All citizens will be greatly affected, some most adversely, by the assault on our basic freedoms coming from this president and his appointees. That, is what liberals, conservatives, libertarians, independents and every citizen from any other political group must know by now. In my opinion, this has been the most Un-American administration in the history of our country and deserves to be removed in 2012.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      I agree with you that Liberty is preeminant and not related to political affiliation. However, I do not think we can accept just anyone other than Obama because only Ron Paul of the Republicans has spoken up for our Constitution. He’s against the Federal Reserve which was not in the Constitution, against foreign adventures that have not been declared by Congress which is the constitutional procedure, against ignoring or denying our rights, against the federal income tax, etc. The others are merely slightly varying mouthpieces for the same elements that have gotten us in this mess.
      The mass media dismisses him as unelectable because he goes against what their masters want. He could be elected as a third party candidate but I do not know if he is willing to attempt that. Otherwise, its the SOS, different label. He is not against defense, but he is against military offense. He wants to phase out the entitlements but would keep Social Security as it pays for itself.
      It is not just the liberals as many “conservatives” like the So. Carolina senator, Lindsay Graham, who favor the Patriot Act, NDAA 2012, the wars, the domestic unmanned spy and assassin drones, etc.
      Once we have a leader who would block and roll back the encroachments on freedoms, we could negotiate the rest.There is a high likelihood he would be assassinated if it seems probable that he would win, however.

      • Pineapple

        Concerning your comment about “filthy fossil fuels “, you need to read “Climategate” by Brian Sussman.
        You will find out the following:

        1. Global warming is caused by variations in the amount of radiant energy emitted by the sun, and happens about every 1500 years. (See “Unstoppable global Warming Every 1500 Years” by Fred singer and Dennis Avery.)

        2. Al Gore is profiteering from the global warming hoax.

        3. While campaigning for President, Senator O’Bama said that under his plan for cap-and-trade, electricity rates would “necessarily sky rocket.”

        4. He also said that coal companies would become bankrupt.

        5. Congress refused to approve a cap-and-trade bill, so President O’Bama by-passed Congress directed the EPA to declare carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.”

        6. The EPA is forcing coal fired power plants to shut down.

        7. Electricity will be rationed and the cost to consumers will be in the billions.

        8. Houses will be required to have remotely controlled thermostats which will be controlled by power companies in order to ration energy consumption.

        If you consider fossil fuels “filthy”, you should stop using them. You should use wind power, solar panels and ride a bicycle. If you don’t stop using “filthy” fossil fuels, you are just another liberal hypocrite.

  • LEBrown

    Does this article sort of underline what happened to Breitbart ? Sounds a lot like a little victory dance, to me, added to the announcement yesterday about the new weapon that is ready to go, and it sounds like a death ray gun from Star Wars. Just read about it yesterday. I may or may not be around to know the rest of the story, but Breitbart had become an irritant to the bigs.

  • Tom

    An interesting article. The writer is aparently an alarmist who objects to “actual” murderers like the former US citizens who were killed by drone attacks beinig put down like the mad dog butchers they were for their continuing efforts at mass murder of their former fellow US citizens on behalf of the islamic murderous scumbags they had joined. Well, in my humble opinionk, too bad! Such murderous scum and their islamic buddies ALL deserve to die. I thoroughly agree with the government killing these murderous butchers (as a former military member it two branches of the US military).

    This said, I must now also agree that the author of this piece is absolutely right though, but not for the reasons he has asserted.

    According to the article, the author is quoted as saying, “Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at Northwestern University Law School that the President of the United States “in full accordance with the Constitution” can kill American citizens that pose a threat to the Federal government.”

    Please note, the article states that Holder said they can, “kill American citizens that pose a threat to the Federal Government.” Again, that was the Federal Government, not the United States of America and not the citizens of this republic. Did anyone else get this? But then the author switches this comment later in his article through the addition of three conditions that must be met to carry out the sentence of murder against US citizens. These conditions are as follows:

    “Three conditions must be met prior to the murder, according to Holder: First, the target must pose an “imminent threat of violent attack against the U.S.” Second, capturing the target is deemed “not feasible” by the Administration. Third, the Federal government must engage the American citizen they intend to kill in a manner consistent with the rules of war: target must be deemed hostile; no excessive collateral damage; the manner chosen for the murder must not inflict unnecessary suffering.”

    He writes that Holder mentioned these three conditions, but given the demonstrated methods used by this regime, the petty childish tantrums and spiteful retaliations obama and his cronies have repeatedly demonstrated they will use and the arrogance, illegal tactics and unconstitutional behaviors demonstrated thus far from the White House and those under the dictates of the offender-in-chief illegal alien islamo-fascist tyrant in charge, we must all be painfully aware of the separation between Holder’s first statement and the three conditions later mentioned. We must reasonably ask, will obama and his cohorts decide the expediency of eliminating opposition under these policies is warranted in individual instances of US citizen verbal and/or written opposition to this regime, their uncontrolled rogue operations and their illegal and immoral actions? What about people like Rush, Hannity and Coulter? Beitbert is already dead and I know of no one who has publicly mentioned the cause of death thus far. Maybe it was mundane and / or natural, but maybe it was something more. We do not know. But we do know that there is a trail of criminality, arrogance and contempt throughout this current regime leading from their friends (media heads, public figures (including Fluke and her connections to obama’s cronies) and the so called politicians and islamists backing obama) up to and including obama himself. Be it the continued hiding and erasures of the record of his foreign origins, to willful disobeying of court rulings and suppoenas to willingly bypassing government checks and balances and the US Constitution to dictate unlawful, immoral and unconstitutional and federally criminal laws and agendas while backstabbing our nation’s longtime friends and further bringing harm to the citizens of this nation.

    Personally, if Holder’s first conditions for executive sanctioned murder are that the subject targeted be a threat to the “Federal Government,” then I would submit that the greatest threats to this government right now are those who are abusing their illgotten powers and unlawful authorities to do repeated and continual harm to the government and to the citizens of this nation. As such, and if obama wishes to continue to perpetuate the fraud of his US natural born citizenship so he can continue to inflict harm upon the citizens and government of this nation, then I submit that the first citizens that should likely be on his hit list would be a majority of the liberal communists and fascists heading his regime and himself along with his islamic buddies, backers (including Soros among others) and the union bosses, Czars and his other useful idiot tools. Please understand, I suggest no harm, threats, crimes or hostile intents here at all or in any way. I am merely stating that in my personal opinion if the presidency is to begin authorization of executive sanctioned murders in the USA and supposedly for the good of the government, then the first and most reasonable place to begin so doing is at the top supposed leadership of this nation and work their way down. After all, they are supposed to be leaders, so let them lead.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      True Muslims are no more murderers than true Christians.
      Of course, the goal of 9/11 worked to get us to attack as had been planned by the Plan for a New American Century (PNAC) who said “a new Pearl Harbor” would be needed to get people to accept an expanded military and wars. It worked because many people believed the story that it was radical Muslims.
      However, Muslims did not pull the bomb-sniffing dogs out of the WTC the week before 9/11 or announce 2.3 TRILLION was missing from the Pentagon the day before 9/11 or cause Jeb Bush to sign a martial law bill for Florida the week before 9/11, or put a plan to attack Afghanistan on Bush’s desk in early September. Muslims could not have planned the War Games for that day. They could not have planted the explosives that brought down the three WTC Towers They did not decide it would be the accountants blown up in the Pentagon or prevent Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush from mounting defenses or from calling for evacuations. The night of 9/11 Bush wrote in his diary that the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century happened today. (Sound familiar?) They did not lie and forceTed Olson to say his wife, Barbara, made phone calls to him that the FBI, at the Moussaoui Terror Trial of 2006, says did not happen. They did not send the anthrax letters killing six and intimidating the press and the opposition, or make up the story of Weapons of Mass Destruction or create a fake video of Osama bin Laden.They did not alter and omit many facts as did the 9/11 Commission. They did not place the fragmented bones on top of the Deutsche Bank which could have only gotten there from the WTC explosions. Even if you believe the 19 hijacker story which I don’t, they did not massively invade our country, or torture our citizens into “admissions of guilt.” Far more innocent people and much more destruction has taken place in their lands than took place here.Two wrongs do not make a right.
      Of course, after the way we have treated them there are undoubtedly many, many more than ever who would like revenge and we cannot let that happen. Violence begets violence, but also made a lot of money for the war machine. Now they have it even better than ever – a faceless enemy they can blame for anything they wish and the power to throw in jail indefinitely or kill anyone they consider a threat

  • thommy berlin

    THAT Habeas corpus was first abridged by the Patriot act (in my lifetime) is hopefully not lost on you… If you understood this, you could not support the republican party… because that would reduce your protestations to mere political maneuvering… and this otherwise interesting article the ramblings of a hypocrite…tt

  • Don s

    This is threason the wright to bear arms is in there But they allready took that wright away from most. We need to get rid of all these laws go back to the constution. We need to bring everyone togeather not segurget everyone United we stand devied we will fall

    • Tom

      First, I wish to say that even though your spelling and word usage is attrocious, I agree with you. We really do need to get back to the fundimentals of the U.S. Constitution. But I would hasten to add that it should be the constitution as it was written before Abraham Lincoln got in office. For all the “honest Abe” BS propaganda that has been written to support this little tyrant and his actions while in office, he was the one who most set us on the course to the regime currently led by (in my personal belief) the current illegal alien despot criminal-in-chief tyrant residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was Lincoln who suspended the constitutional rights of thousands of Americans prior to the Civil War of Independance from Washington tyranny and oppression. It was Lincoln who suspended many of the constitutional amendments and much of the U.S. Constitution prior to and during this war and who wrote the propaganda Emancipation Proclimation, which actually did nothing to free slaves (if you read the entire document instead of merely the first small part of it that is taught in school and if you remember that it states in this same document that only the slaves in the south are freed and that Lincoln was not the President of the southern states at that time, since these states elected to enact their U.S. Constitutional guaranteed rights and their rights as agreed to in the Articles of Statehood as accepted by both these states and the Federal Government and had actually completely left the United States prior to the writing of this document. Also, this same document only stated that slaves were free in the southern states, but once liberated by the north, these supposed former slaves were returned to the status of property with the Federal Government as their new owners and masters. The only meaningful purpose for this proclamation was as a tool of propaganda to help deny assistance and the availability of arms, troops and ammunition from other governments while the south was very close to destroying Washington and winning their freedom by destroying the oppressors and the tyrant that had formerly ruled over the south. It was this same tyrant who gave the orders that prompted the shots that were used as the rationale for igniting this war and it is this same tyrant who forceably removed the right of secession from those states that were conquered at the end of the war, violating past federal / state agreements and the U.S. Constitution. With these facts in mind and the fact that it was the failure of this same tyrant to similarly limit and curtail the U.S. Constitution and state rights for Texas, which is the reason the Republic of Texas was able to resist the combined might of the Federal Government when Washington was hunting down and destroying lawful militias (though I admit that some were skinhead bigots and even criminal operations, but not all of these fit these discriptions) and were able to force the Federal Government out of Texas until Washington finally sat down and held negotiations with Texas over the Federal Government’s unlawful and unconstitutional duplicity, charades, efforts at infiltrating and setting up the Republic of Texas to look like a criminal organization as they had done with other lawful militia groups and Federal Government agressions. The Federal Government cannot be trusted, has no ethical or moral standing and is a rogue criminal enterprise and as such, the citizens should use the full extent of the law under the U.S. Constitution and shut them down permanently, firing the whole of Washington and replacing them with actual natural born U.S. citizens for single term limit elections to a much smaller government (less than 10% of the current and without union access or involvement) and make all unlawful and unconstitutional practices, subversion of the law, the U.S. Constitution and limited government under the full control and totally answerable to the actual citizens of this republic exclusively and any absence of actual full transparency and honesty to the U.S. Citizens and any efforts to put our government and / or citizens under the sway in part or as a whole of any foreign nation(s) or agencies all treasonous offenses punishable in full by the maximum penalty without benefit of the use of coopted investigators, judges or any involvement of personnel owned in any way or beholding to this same government to lie and shield the offender(s) (as in the Clinton fake impeachment hearings manipulated by Janet Reno (Starr’s boss), government officials and talking heads and the federally owned media.

      • Katrael

        Tom, You probably already know this which I wasn’t aware of this until recently but, there is a way for we the people to peacefully remove lawbreakers from office or to at least overturn non constitutional laws. The “District of Columbia” was formed to create a corporate entity and the current people who serve there are not a part of the legal constitutional government which was originally populated by properly elected officials and the properly appointed Senators who where to see that the government conducted it’s business according to constitutional law. This probably happened as you pointed out during the reign of dictator Lincoln. However, those same laws that were established at the beginning of our country are still in place and can be used and enforced through the use of an accepted legal term “quo warranto” to overturn constitutionally illegal law or to remove law breaking officials. When we ask for our elected criminals to show us where in the constitution they derived their authority from to establish any unconstitutional law and they can’t do it then the law becomes void. We the people have a right to do that. the constitution was established to set the limits as to what the government could do and not to govern the people although the people had to act according to law that was established through the constitution of our nation and not one which is a part of a corporate entity. That corporate entity is what we have entered into contract with but those contracts may not be any good if they violate constitutional law. We the people had the authority to create the government in the first place and we had and still have the right to establish it’s bounds. In other words any law created outside of the constitution is a contract between the corporate entity and us and that contract is still subject to the law.
        Quo Warranto means “by what authority” and if the current officers of corporate US can not show that they got their authority through the constitution then the laws they attempt to pass that contravene the constitution have no power. We don’t have to wait on corporate congress to act if enough people learn this. We can return the control of government back to we the people if enough of us wake up before the constitution is completely eliminated as the law of our land.
        But we must learn the law and how to use it.

        • Maynard

          Thank you Katrael!

          This Qwo Waranto sounds great. Has it ever been used? I am going to investigate and if I learn enough I will post the information.

          • Katrael

            Sorry I didn’t reply before now as I’ve been busy over the weekend. According to ‘s website Quo Warranto has been used effectively in the past. I’ve just been introduced to their website so I’m not familiar with all of their information. It seems that asking an official to show where they get their authority is important because if they can not specifically show that it comes from the Constitution of the United States of America then they know that they have no authority. It would also seem to me that Quo Warranto will only work with an honest authority or with one that has too much attention being paid toward them to ignore the demand.
            There is one thing that I do agree with wholeheartedly: that the more that the people know, understand and apply the law the better this country will be. Teamlaw says that it’s a myth that the law is too complicated to understand and their mission is to help educate people about the law and how to use it. I believe that they are speaking about Constitutional Law as the Constitution of the United States of America is a relatively short document from which the more than three million laws that are on the books in this country supposedly get their authority from.

  • James

    What the federal government is arguing for, here, is to have police power within the States. It’s better known as communism.

    • thommy berlin

      No it isn’t. You describe a police state. Police States are inherently conservative.

      • jeep

        The last time I checked the Constitution GAVE limited power to the federal government. After all, is it not the states that created the federal government? And, since “conservatives” by definition a group that desires to preserve the status quo (you know a Constitutional government), how is that you can say conservatives always want a police state?

      • Vicki

        thommy berlin says:

        No it isn’t. You describe a police state. Police States are inherently conservative.

        Proof by bald assertion. Typical. This is something a progressive would claim and how they would claim it.

        A police state is inherently a tyranny. It is as near 100% government as it can.

        Since a conservative state is inherently for very LIMITED government the 2 can not be compared yet, in typical progressive propaganda pattern, you declare that one ~= the other.

        And of course offer no evidence thus expecting the reader to accept your proof by bald assertion.

      • James

        Jeep, I said the ‘federal government’ wants police power, that indicates a liberal government that wants to exceed its constitutional powers and enforce unconstitutional acts within the States.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Propaganda on Parade” 5/5

    Lower level military sources feel “big event soon”

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Obama

    I am here to let you know. I can think for you. I have already taken over the Federal government. I, after I’m re-elected in 2012 will end all presidential elections. I will continue to lower the quality of life in this country to the point it won’t matter. I will raise your taxes, gas,food,shelter, clothing and healthcare. I will generate more taxes by way of my administration to control your life. Now, I can say I have taken your media and tuned it in to my “pravda”. Everything I plan to do like lower the value of your dollar and create more wealth in gold and oil which you cannot afford. And will increase my ability to show the world, Especially, your enemies how I can single-handedly destroy your country as you know it and show the Islamic world how I would run a one world government and economy. You will be proud of living in your new foreign country, here at home after my re-election. This is just the beginning to hope and change. You know by now what I say is exactly the opposite of what I am doing. Or , What I’m doing is the opposite of what I say. Im not that confusing if you listen to WHAT I Say. My friend, George Soros says we can do this. All I need is your vote in 2012. Next message will be about Martial Law and the fighting in the streets. Thanks Everbody

  • Gary J. Mallast

    Justice David Davis (1815-1886), Ex Parte Milligan 4 Wallace 2, 18 L. Ed. 281 (1866):
    “No graver question was ever considered by this court, nor one which more nearly concerns the rights of the whole people; for it is the birth right of every American citizen when charged with crime, to be tried and punished according to law. The power of punishment is alone through the means which the laws have provided for that purpose, and if they are ineffectual, there is an immunity from punishment no matter how great an offender the individual may be, or how much his crimes may have shocked the sense of justice of the country, or endangered its safety. By the protection of the law human rights are secured; withdraw that protection and they are at the mercy of wicked rulers, or the clamor of an excited people. If there was law to justify this military trial (in Milligan’s case), it is not our province to interfere; if there was not, it is our duty to declare of the nullity of the whole proceedings…
    …The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people equally in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism, but the theory of necessity on which it is based is false; for the government, within the Constitution, has all the powers granted to it which are necessary to preserve its existence; as has been happily proved by the result of the greet effort to throw off its just authority…
    Martial law cannot arise from a threatened invasion. The necessity must be actual and present; the invasion real, such as effectually closes the courts and deposes the civil administration..
    ..Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”

  • Buckeye

    O.M.G. The pig Drugball finally let his big mouth get him in trouble and now you fools believe the repubs as they are trying to tell you you are losing all of your rights. Wake up unless you are a “DITTO HEAD” who also believed his story that Obama was going to take your coon dogs and shotguns. LOL

  • jcrawdad

    The House and Senate should Vote not to allow Obama’s administration change any part of the Constitution while he is in office. That means any one.

  • rickard holmes

    Eliminate them first.

  • Les

    I just wish the guy on the right would stop sending me e-mails threatening to arrest me for my own good if I don’t send him all my personal information so he can send me millions of dollars from Nigeria. rotflmao

    These fools can’t even stop people from pretending to be them much less find anyone to prosecute. Clowns In Action have been killing people here for at least 50 years with their super secret projects like MKULTRA. Do you think for a moment they won’t take you out if you become a real annoyance? They will simply Fosterize you if you get on their bad side.

  • jopa

    Good thing you folks are not in control of things.All Iran would have to do would be to bribe a few lunatic American citizens to sit with their nuclear launch buttons and there would be nothing we could do about it.Your policy would state we cannot take the life of an American citizen no matter how many Americans they kill without due process.These lunatics could sit there in Iran launching nuke after nuke and you would all be sitting around saying, Gee I wish he would come home to stand trial so we can save America.Time to get real.You know Obama did the right thing when he took out that traitor that was responsible for the deaths of Americans.If not you should be deported for being so anti-American.

    • Jay

      Your statement, jopa, appears to have been written by a lunatic!

    • katrael59ganaiden

      jopa, the problem never has been one of our government or police being able to use deadly force to stop someone who is actively engaged in deadly acts of violence. We didn’t need new laws or the circumvention of existing laws in order for our government or police to act according to what the situation dictates. There are times when the creation of a law eventually leads to the expansion of the law to include things not originally in the intent of the law to begin with. The patriot act wasn’t meant to be a permanent thing but it’s here to stay…at least for the foreseeable future and it will undoubtedly be amended to cover situations not originally foreseen. Any law that can suspend our civil liberties is a law that begs to be abused along with anybody who is deemed to be a threat. I guess that maybe you don’t feel like you’re a threat to anybody so what does it matter if these type laws are passed? Please rethink and consider all of the possibilities in a dispassionate manner and maybe you’ll see what most of us see here as these laws being a way for the government to strike out at people only because it doesn’t like them and not because they are a real threat.

    • S.C. Murf

      You are an evil person jopa, I can see you being the first in line to take the oath for satan. We’ll see how that helps you out while in the lake of fire. While standing in line for judgement you’ll try telling Jesus that you choose to be on the side of righteousness now, but it will be to late because you are making your choice right now with the crap that just poured out of your mouth, so from now on you will be known as CRAP HEAD.

      up the hill

    • mike swann

      what’s your home boy done about Ft. Hood killer? He has let more terrorists go scott free, only to return to mideast and kill agaain. Holder and O gve them trials instaqd of militry tribune where the militry alrady had their own lawyers on the payroll. Holder’s way, taxpayers had to pay for these teroriss lawyes when we are broke neow. Holder used to defend terrorists, so does thaat show you wha a commile he is? Awlaki was not in the process of killing. He ws a suspect. His comunist pal Bill Ayres, who teaches Marxism in Chicago, killed many in the Underground weather group in the 70′s is walking free. He, Ayres hatges rich but his parets own a power co mpany in Chicago. These hypocrites ahte the rich ok. That is why homeboy and his babe are clipping us clean while thy can. Your man is acommie, muslim, face it.

  • Chisna

    Funny, Amercians ( in general ) never seemed to have a problem with hard core criminals having posters put up labeled “Wanted Dead or Alive” nor did they seem to get too upset when law enforcement issued shoot to kill orders for criminals that were deemed to pose a great threat to the general public. But for some reason the killing of the terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki really seems to have upset some people. As has a woman suggesting that insurance cover female contraception which has significant health benefits for women.far above and beyond simply preventing pregnancy. And it is used at one time or another by almost every single woman in this country.

    Say goodbye to the 5th, 6th and 8th amendments and hello tyranny ?

    More like Hello Drama Queen. Do you think maybe it’s time you got in touch
    with reality…..

    • jeep

      Perhaps you should read a little more carefully…the concern is not for Al-Awlaki or even for US Citizens engaged in illegal activities overseas. The concern is that the incompetent Holder and other top law officials in this administration do not understand their role and the laws they are sworn to uphold and defend. No-one expects a cop who walks in on a deadly situation to get a court order or conduct a trial before using deadly force to prevent a murder. The same would apply to any citizen overseas or even within our borders caught in the act of “terrorism”. But, clearly there is a line. If someone just wrote a letter saying they were going to commit murder, then dropping a bomb on their house would cross that line. But, sometimes that line is not so clear. Al-Awlaki, IMHO, did cross that line. Howver, in this case, could evidence have been brought to a court in abstentia? Maybe…but, perhaps this would not have been enough? No argument there. But getting back to the point, the problem is that when Holder and Mueller cannot clearly articulate the law and its application, thinking Americans have serious concerns about their competence.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      The Wanted Dead or Alive Posters were from the Wild West. Is that what you’d like to have repeated? Now, it’s called “solicitation to the crime of murder.” A man in California recently got seven years for that.
      If the government is permitted to arrest and incarcerate indefinitely without trial, they can use it for their own political ends.
      Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      We are not so terrified that we are willing to let it become the government we are terrified of, are we?

  • katrael59ganaiden

    Why pretend that the government needs to follow the constitution anymore. It has more than shown that it is a law unto itself. I suppose that the real comfort here is that they have to kill you quickly and in a manner that doesn’t prolong suffering. Whew, glad of that. Of course the AAV (average American voter) is too preoccupied with other things to be concerned with such trivial matters such as the constitution and it’s amendments. Safety and security first. After all, they’re too busy working to get into trouble so who needs the protections provided by the constitution if they’re not doing anything wrong? They are already good little slaves and will do whatever is bidden of them.

  • Buck

    Accepting the obvious guilt of redundancy , allow me to welcome you to the United Socialist States of America and introduce you to Czar Obama and his team of comrade Czarlets . As the esteemed Mr. Benjamin Franklin bid you , I too pray your chains of servitude ( enslavement ) will rest lightly on your shoulders . May the next beacon of freedom , provided there ever is another , be much more diligent and bolder than the last one .

  • Lanley
    According to Senator Levin, Obama insisted that US citizens be included in the NDAA.
    Attempts were made to exclude US citizens from being subjected to indefinite detention but Obama wanted to be sure we were included in the bill.

    • Chisna

      Try listening to the full version rather than the clip taken out of context that you provided.

      In which it is explained that the administration did not ask for language giving him the right to detain US citizens, he asked for the opposite.

      Hours prior to the YouTube proof video Sen. Levin stated on the Senate floor that the Obama administration requested that the provision be changed so that it does not apply to American citizens, but he explained the provision wasn’t changed because it already didn’t apply to American citizens,

      “The administration officials reviewed the draft language for this provision the day before our markup and recommended additional changes. We were able to accommodate those recommendations, except for the administration request that the provision apply only to detainees who are captured overseas. There is a good reason for that. But even here, the difference is relatively modest, because the provision already excludes all U.S. citizens. It also excludes all lawful residents of the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution. The only covered persons left are those who are illegally in this country or who arrive as tourists or on some other short-term basis, and that is a small remaining category, but an important one, because it includes the terrorists who clandestinely arrive in the United States with the objective of attacking military or other targets here.”

      • jeep

        Good luck trying to get some truth and common sense into the conversation. Clearly this article and others about the NDAA are a rehash of hastily written commentary that is now taken as gospel truth. I have been entertained and frustrated by many of the posters here and at other sites who have blindly accepted “truth” because it fits their preconceived notions of intent.

        You could cite the actual NDAA statues that CLEARLY say “this does not apply to US Citizens”, but you would be wasting the effort. Too many have been polarized and will jump at any chance to rant, wrong though it may be.

        The problem is that Holder is a third rate lawyer that is in over his head as the chief law man and the current prez has an obvious disdain for the Constitution. And, when the dynamic duo makes unConstitutional choices, or just backs the wrong horse the issues are always overshadowed by the silly conspiracy theorists that frequent here and other sites. Of course, the ever-present blind left-wing supporters of this insanity are more than willing to muck-up the waters with their sychophantic calls and name calling. It all leads to a messy and unclear picture of reality with each side thowing barbs and accusations and no noone ever gets any closer to reality. Today there is no truth, only a collection of skewed facts and inuendo.

        In the meantime, our country finds itself increasingly incapable of following a simple set of rules laid out perfectly in the Constitution and embroiled in a never ending series of accusations and cat calling.



  • Neil Swan

    When a US citizen is at war with America why can’t he be killed by America.


    • Jay

      If a US citizen is a criminal, why can’t he be charged, tried by Judge and jury, and, if found guilty, be given the appropriate sentence? Is that what you meant to say, Neil?

  • AGB

    Sorry all you libertarians and Ron Paul fans. The ROBBERY of the American citizen began with RON PAUL hmself.

    As Fannie Mae is beginning to demand another bailout, guess who is the FOURTH largest recipient of Fannie largesse? If you guessed Ron Paul, you’d be right. BIG SPENDER Ron Paul. Big spender of YOUR money. And guess WHO is going to provide the tens of billions of bailout money to Fannie?

    Oh, if you guessed the FED, you’d have been correct. So END THE FED from Ron Paul is another nonsensical call to impress the impressionable, as Ron Paul would end the fed the day Obama would end Obamacare and the mullahs would end praying to Allah.

    Big Spender Ron Paul will continue voting in BEHALF OF Fannie’s handouts via the FEDERAL RESERVE he wants ended. Some of you will “get it.” Others of you will understand that Ron Paul, as he was in 2008, only in the race to insure the re-election of one Barack Obama. The same Ron Paul who has made common cause with Barney Frank and Obama to reduce our military. The same LEFTIE Ron Paul. Google it and check me out.

    As for the extra-legal killing of American citizens, you have not been listening. They are not entitled to any due process any more than is a fragger in combat who has turned on our own troops and they had fired back killing him – providing the only due process necessary in combat. An American on his way to blow up an American federal building would be taken out by SWAT teams the same way using the same due process.

    As Benyamin Netenyahu had said at AIPAC, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and especially if it killed other Americans while walking and quacking like a duck, it is likely a duck.

    For Ron Paul it is a hamster.

  • Lanley

    If Obama did not insist that US citizens be included as potential detainees of indefinite detention then why did he “promise” (try to persuade) not to use his newly gotten power as such?
    The US media is silent on much of Obama’s assaults on our freedoms.
    Finally, on Thursday, Obama signed into law HR 347, a bill that significantly expands on existing anti-democratic laws prohibiting demonstrations and civil disobedience at the White House or at any location being visited by the president, vice president or other officials under Secret Service protection.

  • Wyatt

    If I am to understand the article correctly , anyone posing a threat to America can be killed ? Wow , lookout Eric Holder , Obama may be sending troops after you , or perhaps a bomb in your car if he so orders . Now if he captures you , does that mean he can use the “Lenny Bruce” interrogation method ? A funnel in your butt and hot molten lead poured in ? You do know , that “Hot Lead Enema” is gonna smart some !

    Oh well , couldn’t happen to a nicer fella .

  • Rick

    I know 2 citizens that are a threat to this country right now. I say it’s time to use their modified Due Process and execute them. It is begining to be us or them. which one do you chose?

  • Dale

    The war against the tax-paying working people and private sector businesses is winning. Government rewards criminals with social security and free medical, rewards welfare for having more welfare kids, rewards illegal aliens with free everything including more free everything kids, and rewards inefficient government employees with bigger paychecks and even bigger entitlements.

    Socialism destroys countries and societies by destroying the incentive to work. Washington DC belongs in Joe’s tent jail.

  • mike swann

    DR SNAKE, Helping those in need is different than helping someone who is attending a high dollar university with a walmart 2 miles away that BC pills are $9 a month. Clinincs have pap smees, bc, bc advice, based on one’s income. When she is contracted with aids, i guess we should pay for her medicine and her stud’s. Why don’t the sperm donors pay for some of this fun? This is demo, liberal conrol, trying to getr their foot in the door and when this communist u voted for is in charge of your helthcafre, he is in charge of lyour life,. They screwed up social sec, medicare, posst office, have trillions of funds unaccountable and u want them to mange your health care? no brainer. Maybe u should look up IPAB for the elderly and see how commie this is. Immigration dept says we hav e to pay for hormone shots for illegals detinees who want to transgender, abortion their nite of fun, prenatall, aftercae, milk pumps,diapers. This is the age of no accountability. If they need a car, insurance, new furniture car insurance iguess we have to pay for that too.

    • Thinking About

      Who do you think is going to pay for prenatal care, medical cost for baby, hospital care, food stamps, aid to dependent children, daycare and many more things this child will need before the child would be able to care for themselves? Now you have many items to pay for don’t you think it is much cheaper to provide bc to all who want it.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Thinking About you think about it. If the government didn’t provide gratuities for improper behavior in the first place then a person might not have to take human murdering abortion causing drugs. The government has no business in providing for anything not originally listed in the constitution. No welfare, no food stamps, no free murdering drugs, no social security, nothing. Sounds harsh but only to people who want something for nothing or should I say something for misbehaving. Why don’t you pay for the whole mess out of your pocket yourself since you think so highly of these things and leave those of us who want none of it alone?

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do we want irresponsibly conceived children brought into this world without the proper environment for their well-being, or do we want to provide birth control materials, the morning after pill, etc.?
          The zygote and subsequent embryo are not even close to being “human” until after the first trimester. Nature spontaneously aborts many of them. Since man has defied nature in so many ways, it is up to humans to use our own intellect to decide that procreation should not be a haphazard thing, but used selectively, conscentiously and reverently to bring and nurture the marvelous creation of new life.

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Maynard, I knew someone would speak about zygotes and embryos not being human. I suppose the zygote that became you wasn’t human so you can’t be human either? Who says they’re not human? The medical profession or the scientists or is it the people who want to play around and do anything they please because there are no consequences? I believe we use these terms for just this purpose: so that it won’t sound as if we’re murdering innocent people who only need to finish developing.
            Will you teach your children that it’s okay to behave anyway they want… it’s OK to kill things when they aren’t human and by the way children don’t worry about that zygote thing because it’s not human?
            An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that’s for sure. Don’t screw around and you won’t have to worry about zygotes not being human. We’ve sent the wrong message to our children and the last part of your comment speaks to that. I agree that “it is up to humans to use our own intellect to decide that procreation should not be a haphazard thing, but used selectively, conscentiously and reverently to bring and nurture the marvelous creation of new life.” Let’s teach that instead of teaching that it’s OK to murder innocent human beings because of our mistakes in judgement.
            Finally for now: when we remove any penalties for bad decision making we don’t prevent future bad decisions we encourage them because there aren’t any penalties. The best form of birth control needs to be taught in our homes and it was my mother’s favorite saying: noassatall works every time.

          • http://yahoo Maynard

            You and your mother are right. I remember the joke: “Have you heard about the new contraceptive?”
            “That’s it!”
            Unfortunately there are too many who use sex as diversion without regard to the possiblilties of conception. Still, I think we have to balance human life forms with other parts of our amazing planet. Sure, we could fit a lot more people in but it would deprive other life forms a place. I think it is the diversity of life forms that has made our planet such a miraculous creation. Just as a farmer has to control the weeds and a gardener has to thin the seedlings, we cannot possibly believe that every conception needs to be brought to a miserable deprived existence. The longer the wait to take action, the more I accept your point about the being being a human being. In the first stages after conception, however, the embryo resembles other life forms more than they do a fully developed human. Is it any worse to cut that short than it is to destroy innumerable plants and animals to support that being for a lifetime? Certain individuals take the extreme point of view that there should be no controls at all and we should either abstain or breed like rabbits.Having been somewhat exposed to eastern thought, I believe all things need to be in balance.
            This is not a cut and dried topic to me. I am willing to shorten the time frame to the morning after pill, but these should be widly available to those unwilling or unfit for parenthood. Here lies another conundrum. Who is and who is not fit? If we can set standards for driving a car or cutting hair, why not for having children? I would hope we could agree to let all women have one child without a license. After that, she should be able to show she is doing an adequate job. I say “she” but there should be bonus points for a committed responsible male in the picture augmenting her child rearing efforts.
            As you see, I am not for unlimited or unrestricted freedom. We need to balance freedom with responsibility or it would be the law of the jungle, might makes right, etc.

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Maynard, I don’t believe in a human established utopia but I do believe that we can put more humans onto this planet without straining the resources. We waste a lot. Look at all of those mono cropped lawns that could be turned over to food production. That’s just an example.
            As to what to feed people? I believe that we could eat less and do better, especially when it comes to eating meat. I can only speak for myself but, I’m healthier since I limited my meat consumption to once a year and I eat more raw foods including raw egg yolks. Raw egg yolks taste great also. The vitamins, enzymes and minerals stay intact along with the proteins and you need far less to get the same nutrition. Cooking denatures things and the body hasn’t yet had time to evolve to handle denatured proteins properly so it takes more of it to survive. Eat more raw foods and eat healthy. Just my opinion. Also drink wheat and barley grass juice as they are loaded with every known nutrient needed to survive. You can’t eat the grass but you can juice them.
            As for birth control: I’d much rather see sterilization than abortifacients.
            Real freedom isn’t about anarchy, as you point out it’s about being responsible.
            The US population is growing but not due to the native, that’s us, population but due to other factors such as both legal and illegal immigration. National Geographic did a good article on this subject. The number of births needed to keep the population from decline is 2.11 children per couple and the US is at that point right now and many western European countries native populations are in decline. I’m afraid that restricting our own population from breeding isn’t going to do anything to stop the rest of the world and they don’t come under our laws.
            There seems to be many factors which govern population growth and there is a link to prosperity. It’s that way in nature also. A tree, especially pine trees, will produce more pine cones when it is stressed and dying and I remember that in sociology in high school they told us that over crowded and plagued populations of animals breed more rapidly than healthy populations do. Oh well, what do I know? I don’t see that restricting our own population from breeding will do any good.
            Let’s make the world a healthy one and see if that works? I know it’s not practical but, I had to offer something constructive to do.

  • Jeannine

    Sandra Fluker is an embarrassment to the female gender. She is too sorry for words, I cannot find the words to express my disgust, disappointment and plan shock that she and others have this rediculious thought process. God help us.

  • Edrod

    The person who follows any group because they feel like they have to belong somewhere, is a fool of the highest level. If Americans lose their freedom and their country it will be because they traded them for some comfortable benefits. In the end all will be lost because Americans are entrenched in good values and a socialist system will terminate all who insisted on those benefit. Read up on all the communist movement even up to the time of the Iraqi revolution. Sodam Hussian immediatly killed off the opposition and then moved on to his supporters. Everyone lost everything and millions were killed. That is what you folks are allowing to happen to America. We Conservative Christians will not allow that to happen even if it means another civil war.

    • http://yahoo Maynard

      Saddam Hussein was a dictator. He got his initial support from Bush I. He was not a communist. Dictatorship is a method of control not a political ideology. You can have dictatorships of any political philosophy. They may claim they are doing it for the masses like communist dictators or that they are doing it for the elite and powerful like Franco in Spain. It matters little to the people as they are oppressed and terrified they be singled out next. The Patriot Act to some degree and now NDAA 2012 gives the government this kind of power. To intimidate, terrify and oppress whomsoever they choose. Are the people going to quarrel with each other about different political philosophies, or are we going to unite to try to head off the threat to our freedoms, before we go back to the traditional bickering?

  • Lanley

    The problem with Obama is he won’t allow anyone to know who he really is and who he’s working for. It doesn’t appear to be the American people.

    • http://yahoo Maynard

      Lanley, I guess we can go by the fact that he is continuing the Bush policies on gaining terroristic powers over the people and the fact that he was hugging Bush right after the election. After signing NDAA 2012 Papa Bush and Jeb came to visit. Maybe they were patting him on the head and saying “Good boy,” because he was doing just what they wanted. Jeb did have martial law ready to go in Florida the week before 9/11. I suspect they thought the anthrax would spread like wildfire and they could use that as a reason to isolate, quarantine and control. The first letter to kill was sent to Boca Raton. The victim was Robert Stevens, a photo publisher whose main claim to fame: an embarassing photo of Jenna Bush sitting on another girl’s lap. This was not known until those horrible “conspiracy theorists” started investigating. By then, we were already at war.

      • Lanley

        Why the obsession with Bush who now looks somewhat compassionate compared to the power grabs of Obama. Did Bush expand the Patriot Act and allow indefinite detention for US citizens or appoint GMO Monsanto as his food safety czar and no taxes GE as his jobs czar? Did Bush bomb countries without congressional approval? Did Bush spend millions to conceal his college and birth records? Did the corporate elite MSM cover for Bush? Who is this guy Obama and who does he work for?

        • katrael59ganaiden

          Obama works only to fulfill his father’s dream, nothing else.

  • katrael59ganaiden

    Here’s an example of what good people do. This is how Liberty Lives and Tyranny dies.

  • dufas magnet

    You think this only applies to Obama, I say it’s the opening of pandora’s box and any future president or law official can murder under this umbrella. True! The Obama administration opened the door (by the way, what happened to, “I’ll never use this [NDAA] during my watch”).. I see it as a future control and I see it as a protection for Obama after (if) he becomes re-elected.. The FEMA camps, NDAA, ACTA.. Their all implemented for the aftermath of Obama’s re-election and the chaos that (they) imagine will result. On the surface, their going to incarcerate (if not kill) dissidents.. That YOU may be caught up in it is inconsequential (shouldn’t have been in the general area to begin with).. But when the dust settles, what then? The feds will have all this power with no tacky constitution to deal with.. Think their going to sit on their hands and declare, “Everything is fine now, we’re all safe”.. No.. That’s when their imaginations will run rampant.. That’s when Big Brother (or should I say, ‘Big Bro’) will take over and we WILL be turned into cattle and there will be nothing we can do about it except rebel, be deemed terrorists and either murdered or sent to a fema camp.. Woe is us, my friends… Woe is us (pity your grand children). And Katrael59.. Your link is heartwarming but this time we’ll be fighting an entire nation, not one small county.. With our tax dollars they (the enemy) has armed themselves quite well.. They’ll even resort to mini-nukes to maintain their rule.. (weep).

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Dufas magnet I agree with you that this does not apply only to Obama, but it is for the use of whoever succeeds him also. I am grasping at straws when I support Paul because he is the only candidate now running who has spoken against the NDAA 2012. I cannot imagine that any of the other Republican candidates would be other than a puppet to those who would gladly eliminate people like us as undesirables since we are not with the program or ignorant of it. I speak out because I would like to avoid the consequences of the public’s failure to act but I really do not have much confidence that they will become aware before it is too late.

  • Vincenta

    America is in its’ dark times. It started with the foreign wars beginning in the sixties. Our youth fell victim to the anti American machine which continues to grind away to this very day. It has infiltrated every fiber of our existence, from schools, to church, to government. We totally lost our national soul with Roe v Wade allowing the murder of 55 million unborn American children of all ethnic groups as of the present count. There is no end in sight.
    Our citizenry have been mesmerized by a Pied Piper who refused to show the electorate a birth certificate, his passports, his college grades, or even the means by which his tuition was paid. By our own naivety, that trusted in our own politicians, courts, and media, we have undone what our forebears so carefully have built. Our children’s future will be dismal.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      This attack had it’s beginning in earnest back in 1913 but, in reality a long time before that. The sixties was only an extension of that attack.

    • James

      Our warmongering in the Middle East started when Israel was created in 1948.

    • June

      Vincenta-You are partially correct, when you refer to “losing our national soul with Roe v. Wade” and the murder of 55 million unborn American children, of all ethnic groups. It has been posted and I believe, that 80% (or more) of abortions are performed (by planned parenthood) on black women; as such, I refer to this as the “black genocide”. I’m uncertain and uninformed about other “minority” women, ‘tho I’m sure there are many.
      Irregardless, this “murder of unborn babies” has removed an “entire generation” of souls, who, if allowed to live, would have contributed such great things to our economy and our way of life!

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        June, I really hope it will help you feel better if I point out several facts concerning the abortion rate among black women. First, although the abortion rate is higher, the black women’s birth rate per 1,000 is 71 while the white birth rate per 1,000 is only 59. (2009) So despite the differential in abortions, blacks are still increasing in proportion to whites. Second, it is pure conjecture on your part that the blacks aborted would have contributed positively to society. The fact that their mothers did not want them indicates they probably did not feel they could afford them. Black babies get adopted at a much lower rate which means the mothers who did not want them or could not afford them are likely to have been stuck with them. This type of environment is terribly negative for both the mother and the child. Negative environments tend not to produce happy, successful people. They tend to produce a higher rate of children with low self-esteem and this is contributory to a poor rate of success and a higher rate of frustration which can lead to more drug addiction and crime. I think we should let the black women be the judge of whether or not they wish to bring a child into such an unpromising environment. Furthermore, by not having those unwanted children, the same women may be able to devote more resources,time and energy into the children they do have, making their lives better and have a greater likelihood of becoming happy, productive and successful.
        Finally, I would like to point out that the number of blacks can be quite readily increased by white females having black men father their children. This is what happened with President Obama. Therefore, the black population could be increasing much faster than the 11 more per thousand greater production rate of babies black motherrs enjoy compared with white mothers. What is so satisfying for those desiring an increase in the black population is that many of these white mothers have what we call “black” children even though they are at least 50% of Caucasoid genetics. Of course, if they are raised by the white mothers, as Obama was, they may tend to have cultural attitudes that do not fully reflect the richness of the black culture. On the brighter side, the dominance of the darker skin tones will tend to cause them to gravitate more to “full-blooded blacks” than ” full-blooded whites.” Many of them will develop an impressive command of the difficult “Ebonics” language. Because of the popularity of rap music, the NBA and Popeyes fast food outlets, they can enjoy a wealth of contact with their rich heritage, even if their fathers fail to participate fully in their activities.
        To make matters even more positive for you June, the birth rate in black countries around the world tends to be much, much higher than for the white countries around the world. Therefore the proportionate increase world wide is very optimistic for those who desire black birth increases overall.

  • j



    • Lanley

      We’ll cross that bridge when this unknown man taking down our country is voted out.

  • June

    Rush was the “big boy” – -he “apologized” for stooping to the same level as the left, with their name calling slander and outright lies. However, be that as it may – -Rush should really have called “Mz. Flake” exactly what she really is and that, my friends would be the fact that she IS a “political whore”, for the DNC liberals and, undoubtedly, is handsomely paid for her efforts in their behalf. She “forgoes nothing”- -at age 30, and “still a student” (a “professional” student AND “political activist”- -her words, not mine) at Georgetown Law?? She has, probably, “milked” the student loan program dry.
    She claims “contraception” costs her $10000 per year!! Well now, if that’s the “truth”, her “sexual activity” leaves her NO time to study; therefore, she will never pass the bar exam. So, I suggest she set up her own “escort service” – -that way, she’ll have more than enough money to pay for her own contraceptives, as well as those for her “girls”!
    By the way, if you check contraceptive prices at Walmart and Sams’ Club, you’ll find the $$COST is $9 per month=$108 per year! So – -who’s “kidding” whom??

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      As a liberal, I was surprised to find that you think we slander and use lies. I apologize for those liberals who do so. I certainly believe it does not advance the discussion to use bad names and lies. I admit I have been guilty of using negative terms for the presidential candidates. I have called them Obamanation, Rich Grinch, Insanatorum, and Robney. The last one is quite lame. I like Ron Paul so have not used a bad name for him.
      I doubt that Ms. Fluke is paid by the left. I think she was exaggerating her birth control expenses as you do. I believe in birth control as we have pretty much occupied every part of our planet, and many people lack sources of good food, clean air and water, and a beautiful natural environment. I believe we should conserve our planet whereas most Conservatives would like to dig it up, chop it down and kill it, if they can make some money by doing so, which to me is not really conserving it at all. (“The love of money is the root of all evil.”)
      I really try not to lie because “the truth shall set ye free.”
      One thing I believe is generally true of Liberals, unlike Conservatives, is that we do not think as much in absolute terms. By that I mean I do not think we believe things are totally good or totally bad, but somewhere along the line between those extremes. For example, I think birth control is better than abortions, the morning after pill is the lesser evil compared with first trimester abortions, and the longer into the pregnancy the abortion, the worse it is.
      I think humans can be a fine animal but I do not want to see us wipe out all of the other fine animals and plants by overpopulating and being greedy and selfish.
      Christ said “Be ye moderate in all things.” It’s when humans go to extremes that we go wrong. Of course, Christ’s teachings are very liberal. He stopped the stoning death of a woman by saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” He didn’t want us to seek revenge. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord,” and “Resist ye not evil.”He said “You are your brother’s keeper,” which I interpret as meaning we are responsible for each other’s well being and should help each other. He said “Love thy neighbor and thy Enemy.” Unless we treat our enemy with kindness and compassion, they will always remain our enemies. “Two Wrongs do not make a Right.” I wish more people who call themselves Christians would act like true Christians, using Christ’s words as our guide.

  • Gayle Rogers

    None of what has been said really matters anymore! When the president can order anyone killed, be it an Anerican citizen or an outlander, we are at the end of the American Dream and all the lights on that shining hill have been put out! And when the Secretary of Defense tells Senator Jeff Sessions that “we” don’t have to come to the Congress any longer to get authority to act, to attack or to bomb Lybia or Syria or even here in the USA… We get the authority from a international authority…. The end time for our nation is here! We either live OR die, now. If the people sit down for this, our nation as we have know it in any traditional sense is at the end! It will be the people who decide how to react to the “agression” against the American people… who will eventually accept their enslavement OR to stand against the president and his henchmen and minions! It may even come to a Second American Revolution! Regardless, I see nothing ahead that one could call “good times”, ever again !

    • Pineapple

      Well said!! We either fight for our rights, or become enslaved to their illegal, immoral, and dictatorial edicts.

      The question is: How far do they have to go before we get enough.

    • Katrael

      Gayle Rogers, I know how you feel. Yes it might all come down to a second American Revolution. The problem may be that the “good people” are outnumbered by those who have everything to gain by keeping things as they already have it; meaning that they are given gratuities for their votes.
      The American People must not revolt by means of force until all legal options have been exhausted. We still are a nation with an active constitution and if enough of us demand that our corporate government adhere to it then we may yet save our nation. I admit it looks doubtful.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Pineapple, I am not calling coal, oil and natural gas filthy fossil fuels because I am claiming they are causing global warming. I agree with you that there may be many other causes of that if it is actually happening. I am calling fossil fuels filthy because they are filthy.They pollute air, land and water with many harmful substances and I am not talking about carbon dioxide. The second drawback is that it is very expensive and requires tremendous amounts of energy to extract them, deliver them to refineries, refine them and distribute them to the consumer. Except for the fact that they give those super wealthy corporations a monopoly with which they can increase prices and pass them on to the consumer, no one in their right mind would go to all the trouble. They even get the consumers to give them money out of taxes and fund outrageously expensive wars to guarantee them control of more oil fields so they can keep production down and further inflate their profits which are the highest they have ever been. If Iraq and Iran can be prevented from producing, it gives them an even greater return.
    The reason renewable sources are rejected is because once they are in place they would eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Sun, wind, water, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric and methane from plant, human and animal wastes and especially hydrogen found in every drop of water are widely available anywhere on earth
    . As far as for myself, I am a member of the most polluting species on earth and I am a resident in the most polluting society of that species. I do not drive, I ride a bicycle, but yes I am a hypocrite because I do sometimes accept rides in filthy polluting gasoline powered automobiles and buses. I cannot afford to install solar panels or build a house based on efficient solar design with the proper insulation. If these things could be mass produced, the prices would be much lower, but private and public investment is devoted to products that give a higher return (filthy fossil fuels and war manufacturing) In the long run the renewables are well worth the investment because their maintenance is much less than what it costs to keep finding, extracting, shipping, refining and distributing filthy fossil fuels. They are called renewables because they are always available in one form or another. They may come and go to a certain extent, but they can be used in combination to provide adequate supplies constantly. Heat pumps from the earth’s warmth, the sun generally onj a daily basis, (which can be passively stored for substantial periods with masonry or water tanks heated by the sun and the heat extracted when the sun is not shining) hydrogen from water, etc. are not going away for millenia. Filthy fossil fuels may be available but they leave a permanent stain wherever used. Even worse is nuclear energy which appears clean but leaves radioactive wastes for thousands of years. It can be monopolized by corporations and is therefore preferred by them over things the consumer can use that will free him from their products.
    The problem is corporatism which goes for its own benefit rather than the overall optimum benefit.

    • Pineapple

      Ideally, renewable energy sources would be the best option. However, these sources have not reached the stage where they can replace filthy fossil fuels. Wind power has problems with reliable wind, expensive maintenance costs, bird killings, and the massive amount of land required. Solar power relies on the sun shining, which doesn’t always happen, except in desert areas.

      Heat pumps require electric power to compress the freon (which can cause problems with the ozone layer.)

      The most reliable and least polluting source of renewable energy is hydro-electric. However, environmental zealots claim that the flooding of land to create a hydro-electric dams destroys habitats and have sued, not only to prevent the construction of, but to destroy existing dams.

      Geothermal energy is a good source, but it is only practically available in certain areas.

      I believe we have to develop renewable sources to the point where they are sustainable before we stop using filthy fossil fuel. Otherwise, the world economies would collapse.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Pineapple, You are right that renewable sources have not been developed. If we had followed Jimmy Carter’s lead, they would be much further perfected. But the Bush’s are oil people and they made sure oil was aided at every turn. Look at the mess it’s gotten us in to.. I have looked into Gore’s program of carbon credits and I agree that CO2 is not the villain. Nevertheless, look at all the harms oil causes to air land and water.Fracking for natural gas uses a lot of water and apparently some unknown chemicals they refuse to divulge which are quite dangerous; Oil shale with its messy pipeline also uses a lot of water.
        Hydrogen uses water but does not use it up. The exhaust of a car using hydrogen emits pure water vapor with no carbon monoxide or other harmful gases. If as much effort and investment were used for hydrogen production which can be done through solar and wind generated electricity, from methane gas, or from certain bacteria and certain algae we could develop it within a decade.
        One of Obama’s first acts was to kill the funding Bush had in place to develop a hydrogen powered car. I did not vote for Obama because of his Rezko connections and this confirmed by his pulling the rug out from under the hydrogen car that he would not be attempting to get us away from oil and other filthy fossil fuels.

        • Pineapple

          You said ” If as much effort and investment were used for hydrogen production which can be done through solar and wind generated electricity, from methane gas, or from certain bacteria and certain algae we could develop it within a decade.”

          What you say sounds great, however you don’t back it up with convincing data.


  • Kevin Beck

    Someone needs to remind that footstool Eric Holder that the Constitution doesn’t say anything about protecting the Federal government; it only says about defending America. America and the United States Government are NOT the same, no matter what the unenlightened nitwit of an Attorney General says.

    • Pineapple

      You have just insulted all of us nitwits.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Chris, I agree Ron Paul has little chance and could be assassinated if elected. Still, a drowning person will grasp at straws.
    Corporatism is a mindless, faceless force that seeks profit without stepping back and asking if its production really is creating worthwhile products that are not wasting human and natural resources. It is only capable of looking at the bottom line: will these products reap a profit?
    That’s where the billionaires in the world are going to have to become more informed. Their skills at amassing money are clear. What they do with those profits is crucial. They could move us beyond mindless corporatism and start an economic revolution whereby man/woman could compare him/herself to a microbe in a petri dish. How can that species of microbe survive while spewing forth waste products that will ultimately engulf the available resources and cause the microbe species’ demise?
    Let’s list products that are destructive or of no real merit and put them on the top of the list for phasing out. Products that are not destructive but are an efficient and valuable use of resources should be top priority. For example: hydrogen to largely replace oil; insulated houses that take advantage of nature by being oriented for passive solar heat gain and cooled by heat pumps and a means to shade out the high hot summer sun (awnings, deciduous trees, etc. in favor of mindless, street oriented energy hogs.
    By using our knowledge, insight and ingenuity, we could prolong the life of the “bacteria in the petri dish.” This won’t happen as long as ignorant, short-sighted, war mongering, corporatists fail to redirect their/our priorities. Some are showing tendencies in the right direction. However, fighting malaria in Africa, Bill Gates, is only going to worsen their massive population growth unless accompanied by birth control that is accepted by the populations.
    Yes, this is the horrible concept, that any gardener recognizes: do not plant more seed than you have space for, or thin them out after germination. Is this eugenics? Vaguely. But having a woman licensed to reproduce more than one (she should be allowed one without a license and by her efforts show whether she merits more) would tend to control population rather painlessly and use a natural form of selection, female choice, as a form of improvment of the species. (That’s how female birds have aided the development of beautiful colorful males of their species.)
    Will this rational approach happen? Probably not. Like our Constitution, our species seems headed for extinction. But, while there’s life there’s hope.

    • Katrael

      Maynard, We don’t need licensing here as I’ve already explained that the population growth due to live births here is zero while the rest of the world enjoys having all they can have. Do we have the might to enforce our one without a license policy elsewhere? Then what will you do, abort the parent who has more than one without a license or the innocent child? Our problems with the constitution here aren’t because of too many births it’s a problem of too many stupid liberals

    • Pineapple

      You said “For example: hydrogen to largely replace oil;…” To separate hydrogen from water, requires an electric current. Where will the electricity come from?

      • Katrael

        Yes, and it takes a lot of it to get a lot of it.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    If our population is not increasing, why do we have over 300,000,000 now? I remember when it was less than 200,000,000. I also remember when the earth had “only” 3 billion.
    Do we have the might to enforce one woman one child on the rest of the world? No. We do have the power to provide the world with low cost condoms and birth control pills.
    Just as with a car license, there could be penalties for “going over the speed limit.” It does not have to be abortion. Those penalties should not be “cruel or unusual” and would be up to the societies in which the individuals live. I do not believe in female infanticide, as has been practiced for millenia in India, but I do not wish to impose my values on them. Rather, I would like to see rational, thoughtful consideration be put into it and the women given alternatives to having to become pregnant because the only alternative is the impractical one of refraining from having sex.
    Labels do not adequately describe this topic. There is nothing conservative about humanity defiling nature, in part because of greed, in part because arrogance, in part because of ignorance, and in part because of the lack of safe, effective birth control methods. Regardless, I believe we should stop trying to force degraded environments to support rabbit-like growth. Instead, we should use our God-given intelligence to value life enough not to bring it forth willy-nilly with no concern for the quality of life we impose, not only on ourselves, but on other life forms.
    Conservation of nature should be a conservative concept. Allowing women freedom to restrict the reproductivity of their wombs, within the first trimester, is not a liberal concept or a conservative concept. Freedom with responsibility is something we all should agree with realizing it must have reasonable limits.
    Like most true liberals, I do not think in absolute terms but I try to keep an open mind. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Foolish consistencey is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Therefore, l agree we could compromise. How about the final date for abortion without sanctions be the second month? At that stage, the little embryo has not developed the distinctive qualities that make it more advanced than most other species.
    Furthermore, as Socrates said: The best fate is to have never been born. The next best is to die young.”
    I was artificiallly granted life by a premature birth at seven months. Sure, now that I’m here I love life and all the many life forms and the universe. But, if I had it to do over again, which I don’t, I would recommend against the decision that was made.

    • Katrael

      Maynard, murdering a life at any stage is a crime and should be punished. As far as birth rate in this country: it is at 2.1 per woman which is right at the break even point. Here’s something from Wikipedia:

      “Per U.S. federal government data released in March 2011, births fell 4% from 2007 to 2009, the largest drop in the U.S. for any two-year period since the 1970s.[15] Births have declined for three consecutive years, and are now 7% below the peak in 2007.[16] This drop has continued through 2010, according to data released by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics in June 2011.[17]

      Numerous experts have suggested that this decline is largely a reflection of unfavorable uneconomic conditions.[18] This connection between birth rates and economic downturns partly stems from the fact that American birth rates have now fallen to levels that are comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s.[19] A state- level look at fertility, based on a report published by the Pew Research Center in October 2011, points of the strong correlation between lower birth rates and economic distress. In 2008, North Dakota has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at only 3.1% and was the only state to show an increase (0.7%) in birth rates. All other states either remained the same or declined.”

      Here’s another one from:

      “U.S. fertility first dropped to less than replacement level fertility in 1972,11 and by 2002 had dropped to a record low.19 (Replacement level fertility is 2.1 children per woman because of infant mortality – see terms). During most of the 1970s and 1980s women gave birth to fewer than 2 children on average, a rate insufficient to replace the population.11, 12 Because of population momentum, U.S. population would have increased to 255 million by 2020 and then gradually declined.”

      National Geographic had the same information in their publication about the population reaching seven billion. I looked for my copy and couldn’t find it.

      Here’s my point: if you want to murder your own children that’s fine because that means that good people who want more than two children can have them and then they can become the dominant force in this country instead of people who advocate murder. Just don’t force your ways and idea’s on me or mine. Your ideas would have to be forced on people who don’t want them and that is tyranny Besides, it already looks like most women are already relying on abortifacients anyway so we don’t need your licensing purposals. Thank You.

    • Pineapple

      Our liberal government encourages over population by rewarding those who have children without marriage by granting earned income credit, welfare, WIC, etc, and penalizing those who marry by requiring them to pay more taxes if they marry.

      This simply produces more voters for the Democrats and Progressives, and places a burden on those who work and produce something that benefits society.

    • Katrael

      I know you’re glad that someone didn’t think to abort you before you developed your distinctive qualities. What about a woman’s right to reproduce? You’re more concerned with something that isn’t a problem in this country. Please, Go to India or somewhere where your ideas might just be forced onto someone who doesn’t have the power to stop you. And are other liberals like you more focused on death and tyranny than they are about solutions? At least your response about hydrogen is a step in the right direction.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Katrael, I love babies and small children as most of us seem to do. But, until we can fix our world to have a better welcoming committee, I just feel it is not fair to them. It is true that most developed countries including ours are not rapidly increasing. I think it is interesting that Italy, despite their “romantic” reputation, is not even keeping its population stable. This is especially ironic, considering they are a Roman Catholic nation which is supposed to avoid birth control.
        The rapid increase in India should take them well over a billion soon and Africa and South America seem to be expanding their populations very quickly. It is in these areas where the supply of good clean water is often a problem as well as insufficient food. The southern Sahara region seems to be desertifying rapidly. A factor in this could be over-grazing and using wood for fuel. That is a region that could really profit from solar cookers. If we weren’t so overextended militarily, a fact which I heard Ron Paul speak about when he came here, we could be doing so much more to help. I don’t mean the Monsanto “solution.” It is reported to have resulted in many Indian farmers’ suicides. As a farmer, you could no doubt inform me about that.
        I have been exposed to farming and ranching but have never had to do it for survival.
        About abortion, it is a very sad and emotional decision and it should not have to come to that if preventitive measures were made available. What about the morning after pill?Would you accept that?

        • Katrael

          Maynard, first let me say that I’m all in favor of everybody’s right to choose what they want to do which even includes those things that I’m passionately against. I’m not for the “morning after pill” for the same reasons that I’m against all abortifacients. Men and women will choose what they want to do even if it were illegal. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be a high price to pay.
          Monsanto and the people who support their efforts don’t fully understand the nature of nature. It’s always been a mistake for mankind to think that he is smarter than billions or trillions of years of evolution or that he is smarter than his creator. I read something that is absolutely amazing about ourselves: the first ninety day of a embryo’s existence is the one with the greatest change and if that change continued until birth the baby would weigh in excess of one and a half tons and that we have over forty thousand miles of blood vessels in our bodies of which only one mile is visible. A mathematician stated that there currently isn’t a way to replicate the math that goes into creating such a wonder that is our body.
          By the way, I’m glad you love babies.
          Mankind has to learn by his mistakes if he is ever going to learn to behave himself. Those in India, Africa and South America will have to learn that they shouldn’t bring so many into the world if they can’t support them. They don’t have to have sex or rely on killing the unborn since they can choose differently. I’m very conservative when it comes to promiscuity as I believe that this is how so much pain and suffering has been turned loose on our population. People have to learn that they don’t have to have multiple sex partners like most animals do. We are different in that we have the ability to make good choices. Again, mankind will have to learn the hard way and thankfully we don’t have the might to impose our will on the rest of the world. Sometimes you have to sit back and let people learn from experience.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Using water to derive it from, unlike from hydrocarbons, produces NO pollution. It does take energy to get it from electrolysis. This is done by oil refineries which use most of the hydrogen produced. The energy to separate hydrogen from water can be provided by the sun and wind . Algae and certain bacteria also produce it. Using wastes from a chocolate candy factory, the English have used it from bacteria eating those wastes. Human, vegetable and animal wastes all produce methane, from which hydrogen can also be extracted. Now, most of this methane goes to waste…. pun intended.
    The oil companies go to the enormous expense and trouble of oil exploration, extracting it from far below the land and sea, transporting it at huge expense and danger of spills, refining it, transporting it to filling stations, and filling our cars with it. Even more costly and dangerous is using deadly chemicals and water which is thereafter polluted or lost below the water tables to derive natural gas and oil from oil shale deposits. The corporations are willing to do this because they maintain a monopoloy and they could never do so with hydrogen. They pass on their costs to the consumers while extracting huge financial support from taxpayers subsidies. (Those who whine about Solyndra should compare that to what the oil industry has received). We could develope the far less complex methods of extractiing hydrogen., Now there is the development of fuel cell technologies where it can be extracted right at the motor where it is being used. The water vapor byproduct cqn remain in place to extract more hydrogen. Iit is preferable for use in combustion-type engines as it is expensive to compress and store in large, bulky, heavy tanks.
    We could do it but filthy fossil fuel companies have used their enormous profits to propagandise the people and purchase political support through campaign contributions, lobbyists and even steal our taxes.
    Once again, I am not talking about CO2. I’m talking about spills, poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and particulate matter that is emitted. Even your gas tank and the tanks in the filling station are constantly giving off these poisons into the air, even before they are used in the internal combustion engine.
    If you add in the expenses we have paid for wars trumped up by false flag operations like 9/11 and the anthrax scare, we are looking at extremely exhorbitant costs to continue our addiction to filthy fossil fuels. We need to bite the bullet, and transform our energy system to safe, renewable,abundant sources, including hydrogen.

    • Katrael

      Your information on hydrogen production is interesting and if it is true then this waste hydrogen should be utilized. Now, if I could only find a way to utilize this information on my farm. They should be teaching this kind of information in our schools.

  • Pineapple

    “(Those who whine about Solyndra should compare that to what the oil industry has received).” The Solyndra incident was a means of laundering money which was funneled back to the Obama campaign fund and did not produce one iota of energy.

    At least the oil industry provides useable energy, which Solyndra did not provide.

    “If you add in the expenses we have paid for wars trumped up by false flag operations like 9/11″.. Both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton made speeches advocating the invasion of Iraq. Also, Senator Barack Obama voted for the invasion of Afghanistan, and said this war “must be won.”

    Furthermore, President Obama approved the NATO bombings of Libya, and has sent U.S. troops to central Africa to serve as “advisers”. This is how the Vietnam war got started.

    Hydrogen fuel is a pipe dream until this technology can be developed to make this source sustainable.

    I am a chemical engineer, and would love to see sustainable renewable energy sources developed. However, until this happens, we have to use what we have.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Mr. Pineapple, That was a very good response. I thought people were against Solyndra for the reason that it lost money. I did not know it was used to syphon money to the Obama campaign. That, of course, is wrong.
    As far as your being a chemical engineer, I cannot argue with that. However, you did not say anything about fuel cells using hydrogen, or its generation from solar and wind electricity, methane, bacteria and algae. If we can frack natural gas, a very costly, dangerous, and complicated process, why couldn’t we put a man on the moon, er, I mean produce more hydrogen. The oil refineries produce oxygen and use it in their “refining.”
    As to the Democrats you mentioned, I realize they have been in on some heavy shenanigans themselves. Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, Ruby Ridge, the first WTC bombing that was also proven to be an “inside job” by the Egyptian Salem who taped the FBI urging him to give real explosives to the Arab extremists. (Five or six people died but the real intent was to get the public ramped up to hate Muslims, who not incidentally controlled the major oil fields). Go back to LBJ, a Democrat, who may have been in on the JFK assassination (according to his mistress he was happy it took place), the Gulf of Tonkin lie, the attack in ’67 by the Israelis on the USS Liberty, which Johnson agreed with and wanted to use as a pretext to enter the war against Egypt. (The ship was saved because a Russian spy ship came along and the Israelis tried to get away so as not to be discovered.) The captain and the crew were forbidden to tell the truth about it but the facts have finally been emerging, thanks to the internet. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He claims to be against repressive measures and has turned out to be signing legislation to turn our country into a “Top Secret” government run POLICE STATE.
    There is substantial evidence the Republicans have been on this same track since after Eisenhower, who warned us against the military-industrial complex. Nixon claimed he didn’t remember where he was when JFK was shot. (He was about to board a flight out of Dallas.) Ford was the CIA’s rep (or at least one of them) on the Warren Commission helping them bury the truth that Kennedy had a huge exit wound out the rear of his skull. Reagan was merely a spokesperson after Bush’s friend’s son’s bullets failed to kill him. Bush was the real shot caller.
    Being a liberal is not the same as being a Democrat. By my definition of Liberal, we want the world’s resources to be used wisely so that pollution is kept down and the needs of the earths peoples and nature are looked after. I believe we should be caretakers for the earth as opposed to ravishers of its resources. (That comment should get me in a FEMA camp for sure).
    As a chemical engineer, please engineer us a clean substitute for filthy fossil fuels. Thank you!

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    My estimate of a decade is just a thought, Pineapple. When we put our ingenuity and resources to a project, like going to the Moon, we can generally reach the goal.
    Looking into information about hydrogen use for autos, home heating, hot water, and electricity, I found numerous articles that many techniques are all ready to go. For example, in the use of hydrogen to power automobiles, Mercedes Benz claims they will have a $50,000 car that will be for sale in 2014. Toyota by 2015, as well as GM, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan by 2016.There is a need for refueling stations which according to the National Research Council would take about $8 billion over a ten year period. That sounds like a lot but the Congress just appropriated $63 billion for domestic drones to spy on, assist in arrests and kill US citizens.
    Japan has a company called Matsushita that will produce a hydrogen home fuel cell producing 70% of the energy needed by a 1280 sq. ft. house with four occupants. It would produce electricity, heat and hot water. It is estimated to last 40,000 hours at a cost of $10,000.(
    The Swiss have come up with a photoelectric cell system that performs photoelectrolysis from water producing hydrogen and oxygen using light sensitive semi-conducting materials and sunlight. This was published in the journal Nature Materials in 2011.(http://newenergyandfuel/.com/http:/newenergy)
    A Canadian company holds the patent on a means of producing hydrogen that uses a catalytic reaction of waste aluminum called alumina and water which not only produces hydrogen but also aluminum.This is just the tip of the iceberg but the problem comes from the fact that government is controlled by people beholden to the oil companies. Last year the big 5 oil companies had profits of $137 billion but they still want tax breaks totaling $2.4 billion.
    Notice that a lot of this hydrogen development is being done abroad. Probably this is because we are not really serious about getting off of our addiction to filthy fossil fuels.

    • Katrael

      Maynard, I like your comment to pineapple. I haven’t yet had a chance to check out your information but I will. I’m a bit busy these days with things on the farm.
      I agree that there is little incentive in this country to develop the technologies that you mention but, my guess is that there isn’t any tax incentives for doing so either and if you’ve ever set out to set up a business these days you’ll know that doing so is a nightmare of bureaucratic red tape involving licensing, taxes, insurances, permits and other hindrances. Our corporate government is not business friendly except possibly to the large ones that are marching to the tune of corporate government. Somehow the people have bought into the lie that all of this bureaucratic crap is somehow necessary. It’s a direct infringement to our, and I’ll go ahead and say it here, God given rights. This country would never have become the great country it once was if there were the same restrictions then that we have on business today. You can’t even burn debris out in the open without getting permission from the corporate goons that think that everyone but them are morons. But this gets away from my point.

      As is sit here and write this I consider the rising cost of fuel and it’s impact on how I do things. All of the equipment that I have runs on the filthy fossil fuels. But, what can I do? I can’t afford not use them because there isn’t anything to take their place and if there were I couldn’t afford to switch right now. The local corporate criminals are busy funneling off anything that I might be able to call a profit through our local land rents people most affectionately call property taxes. My parents didn’t take care to set the farm up properly so I’m having to fight it out with these criminals to get the farms tax status changed where it will reduce but not eliminate this drain. Bad planning on my parents part and this is the price I’m paying for their ignorance.

      These corporate criminals have already taken every cent that will be realize when we harvest our trees in the next couple of years. In fact looking at the numbers: they have already taken half again more than what will be realized at harvest. And to think that these criminals actually proposed a tree tax and in the few counties where they managed this feat the land owners quickly cut down all that they had planted. Thankfully this never became state wide as the remaining land owners got together and stopped this nonsense before it got a real foothold. I don’t care for our corporate criminals or their filthy ways not one bit and never have.

      I’m sorry about this rant but I do agree that there should be alternatives that we can take advantage of now.

      • Pineapple

        The U.S. is exporting record amounts of coal to China and other countries which have few, if any environmental regulations.

        The emissions from this coal will enter the atmosphere, and
        will be spread throughout the world, including the U.S., by the jet stream and other currents. Mercury emissions from this coal will enter the oceans of the Far East, from which 84% of U.S. seafood is imported.

        Meanwhile, American consumers are being forced to buy mercury filled light bulbs in order to conserve electricity. These bulbs will eventually end up in landfills, where the mercury will leach into rivers, streams, and underground aquifers, which are used to irrigate crops.

        So, while the federal government is claiming to protect us, the unintended consequences of its actions are putting us in more peril.

      • Pineapple

        EPA’s New Rule Kills Coal, Makes Natural Gas King Share Print
        By Ashton Ellis
        Thursday, March 29 2012
        In a move that codifies into law Obama’s ‘we can’t wait’ mantra, Jackson announced on Tuesday a sweeping new emissions rule that will effectively kill the coal industry by halting construction on any new plants.

        Move over, Steven Chu and the Department of Energy. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Lisa Jackson wants a crack at being the Obama Administration’s latest energy sector dictator.

        Recently, Energy Secretary Chu distanced himself from remarks he made in 2008 that “somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” so that Americans will be forced to switch to alternative energy. When asked during a Senate committee hearing two weeks ago whether he still believes that, Chu responded, “I no longer share that view.”

        Yet a few days before he flipped in the Senate, Chu was still flopping on the side of using his governmental powers to limit consumption of gasoline. Under questioning from a House panel about making lower gas prices his top priority Chu retorted, “No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil.”

        But with President Barack Obama’s approval ratings falling and gas prices spiking near $5 a gallon well before the usual summer demand surge, Chu needed to get out of the spotlight.

        After all, Chu is the Energy Secretary who put taxpayers on the hook for the failed $535 million Solyndra loan, plus as many as nine other suspect loans that have been put on an internal watch list by an independent investigation into the Department’s handling of the $8.3 billion renewable energy finance program.

        From his perch at the Energy Department Chu isn’t able to directly affect the price of gasoline. Instead, he uses the power available to him to reward green technology ideas that no private investor will touch. Call it venture crony capitalism with your money.

        This week, the EPA’s Lisa Jackson upped the ante.

        In a move that codifies into law Obama’s “we can’t wait” mantra, Jackson announced on Tuesday a sweeping new emissions rule that will effectively kill the coal industry by halting construction on any new plants.

        Of course, the rule doesn’t specifically prohibit companies from building new coal plants. That would be, well, illegal. Instead, the stringent emissions caps hit coal plants harder than other energy producers because the technology for cleaning coal enough to meet the new standards is both prohibitively expensive and unproven.

        For this reason, the EPA says, “Energy industry modeling forecasts uniformly predict that few, if any, coal-fired power plants will be built in the foreseeable future.”

        EPA’s confidence in this prediction is simple. Implementing the new emissions rule will make operating a natural gas power plant much less expensive than using coal. Within a decade, coal operators will either switch to natural gas or go out of business. In one fell swoop, EPA has put the coal industry on a death march while driving investment toward natural gas.

        The irony of EPA elevating natural gas at the expense of coal is breathtaking. Just last year, the Obama Administration was warning the public about contaminated ground water due to a new extraction method called fracking that blasts water into underground rock formations to release natural gas deposits.

        But the greenies in the Obama administration ran into three problems. First, ground water contamination from fracking is minimal. Second, natural gas is a cleaner form of energy than coal or oil. And third, the amount of natural gas now recoverable thanks to fracking from shale rock alone is estimated to be 750 trillion cubic feet; which, when combined with other domestic supplies of natural gas is enough to supply America’s natural gas needs for more than 100 years.

        Faced with Chu’s failure to fund alternative energy into existence, an inability to dictate gas prices and a glut of natural gas, Jackson did what ideologically driven bureaucrats do best – regulate a disfavored industry out of existence.

        It may be that fracking has ushered in a “golden age of gas,” but EPA central planners can’t predict the future.

        Nor should they be allowed to.

        As energy analyst John Kemp points out, “Just seven years ago the [natural gas] industry was gripped by panic about gas production peaking and thought America stood on the brink of needing to import increasing quantities of expensive gas.”

        Congress writes the laws and cuts the checks that give Chu, Jackson and their ilk power. It’s time to rein them in before entire an entire industry disappears by bureaucratic fiat.

        • http://yahoo Maynard

          Very impressive post, Pineapple. You did a lot of homework and are very informative. The only thing I knew about Mr. Chu prior to your comment was that he squashed the funding the Bush Administration had granted for developing the hydrogen powered motorcar. Something tells me Mr. Chu may be speaking with forked tongue.
          Natural gas fracking is in its infancy and it is not clear in my mind how bad it is. I saw the flammable tap water demonstration on 60 Minutes. The reason it may not be that harmful to the water is because most of the fresh, clean water that is used – although it becomes contaminated with undisclosed poisons – is then too far below the water table to affect the drinking water. In other words, it does not contaminate the drinking water because it is lost below the water forever. It, effectively, is wasted.
          Your post generally conforms to my opinion that the oil industry has us eating out of their hand, regardless as to whichever party is in power.


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