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Good Morning, America

November 6, 2012 by  

Good Morning, America

Acrimony, slander and rage led us inevitably to Election Day 2012. Droning campaign ads begged for our votes, bellowing promises as believable as a children’s magic show (re-electing President Barack Obama will improve our standing in the world) or charges as honest as, well, a politician (electing Governor Mitt Romney will result in the outsourcing of every job beyond caddy at the local golf club).

Mindless speeches demanded our support with vague promises of everything short of the kind of future that exists only in the final chapters of Ayn Rand novels. Campaign mouthpieces on both sides hurled accusations and counteraccusations ranging from honest (Obama fiddled while Benghazi burned) to ludicrous (Romney plans to murder black people).

The corporate media offered their level best effort to push Obama over the top, repeating tropes that ranged from stupid (Obama has shown true Presidential leadership) to ludicrous (pretty much everything that has fallen out of Chris Matthews’ face-hole). Although, cracks in the media wall have appeared: Dozens of newspapers have leapt off the port-listing ship of fools in likely response to the increasing disgust displayed by their readership.

Even Mother Nature weighed in, delivering Hurricane Sandy and subsequently exposing Obama’s ineptitude at a depth previously un-plumbed. But I would be remiss in my duties were I to omit the fact that Obama’s response to the storm’s devastation makes former Federal Emergency Management Director Michael Brown look like Mother Theresa and the Democrat-authored horror of New Orleans look like a mild delay on the way to work.

It’s highly unlikely that most of you who peruse Personal Liberty Digest remain uncommitted to a vote for the candidate of your choosing. Many of you likely have cast your ballots already. A few of you — who are inexplicably hostile to that which we colleagues of Bob Livingston proffer — have even stood behind the criminals, cretins and cronies who operate against our best interests in the shadowy folds of the White House. Nonetheless, allow me to share some thoughts as a gift to take with you on your way to the polls.

  • Remember Ambassador Chris Stevens, Consular officer Sean Smith and Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty; and remember the casual mendacity of Obama as he changed his rhetoric about the Benghazi, Libya, murders on a virtually hourly basis.
  • Remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Immigration official Jaime Zapata and the unknown hundreds of Central Americans murdered by narcoterrorists deliberately armed by the Obama Administration in the disastrous Operation Fast and Furious. And remember Attorney General Eric Holder as he blatantly lied under oath to Congress and the American people about the gunrunning nightmare that cost hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of lives.
  • Remember the dozens of ventures led by Obama cronies that dove into bankruptcy one after another, like the swimmers in an Esther Williams film. And remember the billions of taxpayer dollars which disappeared forever beneath the surface of solvency.
  • Remember the record numbers of Americans needing government assistance to survive, our society sliding into the abyss with them.
  • Remember the brazen hostility displayed by our enemies as they sense Obama’s fumbling weakness the way a coyote smells a nearby lamb.
  • Remember the record rise in our national debt.
  • Remember the millions of illegal aliens roaming our land, safe from law enforcement as they spread misery and crime.
  • Remember the hate. Never before has America been so deliberately divided. Never before has a President directed his accomplices and minions to show such overt disrespect and disdain for those among their fellow citizens who labor to make America exceptional despite Obama’s belief that exceptionalism is something to avoid. Remember every time some liberal has slandered you with baseless charges of racism — or worse — because you expect him to strive to contribute something worthwhile to the Nation.
  • Remember the violence of the union thugs who went so far as to deny their fellow citizens aid in the wake of Sandy.
  • Remember the dream that is the real America. Remember the gift of liberty which we share.

The shining city upon a hill has lit the darkest corners of the world for generations; now, the light glows through peril. So get out and vote. As I’ve warned you before, the Democrats are planning to do so twice.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • GALT

    Be more fun to wait 24 hours…….and then start remembering……tick, tick, tick…..

  • Warrior

    In chicago, today is “dawn of the dead”. We get to see all the same winners like jesse jr, booby rush, all the madigan followers and possibly a suprise or two, but not likely. The demons have even “redistricted the cemetaries” just for good measure. Doesn’t matter that we’re totally broke. The “dolts” just keep repeating their “handlers” slogan “forward”. It will soon be time this “settler” will have to leave as well because the only option in this place is more theft and misery.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      I had an uncle in Chicago who was a rock-ribbed conservative and voted straight Republican until the day he died. Now he votes Democrat.

      • momo

        Good one!

  • Liberty Lover

    Reads like a bill of pariculars at an impeachment proceeding, Ben. Absolutely amazing that this election remains competitive in the face of such blatant incompetence.

    • Amused.

      LL: That this race remains competitive is due primarily to Mitt Romney.

      In every election I can think of (except possibly post-Nixon), the winner has passed the Beer test: With which candidate would America rather have a beer?

      KENNEDY/Nixon. JOHNSON/Goldwater. NIXON/Humphrey. NIXON/McGovern. Carter/FORD. REAGAN/Carter. REAGAN/Mondale. BUSH/Dukakis. CLINTON/Bush. CLINTON/Dole. BUSH/Gore. BUSH/Kerry. OBAMA/McCain.

      Obama v. Romney? Hell, Romney doesn’t even drink beer.

      • Liberty Lover

        Thanks for confirming my belief that a shallow American electorate goes for style over substance and cool over competent. Hope today proves the exception to the rule.

      • amusedinil


        You and I do agree on that. (Shallow electorate) Can you blame them? Whoever’s President comes into their homes via TV every day for four years. Whether the spin around the president is FOX, MSNBC, or The Comedy Channel, we gotta see him for four (or eight) long years.

        According to Stephen Ambrose’s book “Nixon”, in 1952 Dewey said to Nixon: “Make me a promise. Don’t get fat. Don’t lose your zeal, and you can be president someday.”

        It’s been 60 years, and ten’ll-getcha-twenty that Christie knows that history by heart.

      • Karolyn

        Right! Every time I see Romney shaking hands and kissing babies he looks like he can’t wait to get to his hand sanitizer. He has a very unnatural way about him.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Reads more like a script for a Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck show, actually. (And not to be sexist, Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter could be substituted for those two). I hope Crystal isn’t abusing any “substances” as those two gasbags did—-he certainly seems to be “drunk” on how clever he is in twisting the truth. .

  • Karolyn

    Remember Ben Crystal so aptly contributing to the divide! I don’t get how some people can get such pleasure out of bad news. Sad way to live. As far as hurricane Sandy response, it cannot be compared to Katrina response. There was no mobilization pre-Katrina as though Bush was caught unawares. Response this time has been much better.

    • Steve E

      Everything is great Karolyn, now go back the sleep.

      • eddie47d

        Some of us actually noticed how the author slammed Obama yet treated Romney with kid gloves. Then again your on the right so you never would have noticed anyway.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Uh, “Yeah” Eddie, you noticed that huh? Do ya think Crystal is trying to tell you something maybe? Obama’s record and his ideology is there for all to see. If you think it is so great why do you have objection to it being exposed?

      • eddie47d

        It doesn’t bother me a bit if I hear the truth about Obama as with Romney or even Bush. You ought to try it sometime.

      • Karolyn

        Life is what you make it, Steve. I prefer to focus on whatever good goes on, like all the support pouring out for the victims of Sandy.

    • Paul Wells

      Why don’t you ask the New Yorkers and people in New Jersey that can’t get any gas, Karolyn. Why don’t you take a look at grocery stores being out of food there, Karolyn waiting on FEMA and other life saving government agencies to provide on the ground aid, caught up in government bureaucracy to get aid on the ground. Why don’t you ask those people that caught a glimpse of Flex the Pres. doing his photo op. then bailing. I don’t think you know what you are talking about (as usual).

      • Ted Crawford

        Saddly Paul, the Pillsbury Doughboy over his right shoulder deserves no better assesment! What a bitter dissapointment Christy has become!
        In consideration of his rapid and fiscally responsible turn around with New Jerseys Economy, I allowed myself to be taken in with his rhetoric and believed he was a competent leader!
        Sandy comes along and he clearly became overwhelmed, panicked and pandered to Obama, for funds that Obama would have dispensed in any case, for his re-election chances! Christy has proven that while he would be a valuable advisor on issues, he should never be given Executive powers!

      • eddie47d

        The President received much praise for jumping in quickly Paul Wells and aid came immediately. Rather hard to control folks trying to buy gas when there are dozens of cars in line. That alone makes the waiting time long and tedious but you wouldn’t grasp that! The gas stations have gas for the most part. I bet you wouldn’t even understand that the NY subway system couldn’t be used for the first week because of the 10 ft of water. Unusual circumstances make things hard on everyone and the water couldn’t be pumped out until the rest of the water receded. Food is getting to the area residents yet the stores couldn’t restock for a few days. You know blocked roads and debris everywhere. Yet you wouldn’t understand since you are a typical anti-FEMA trolling Republican who says the states should take care of their own problems. Heck when a blizzard is announced in the Denver area people jam up the stores and buy products fairly fast and a little snow will only set them back a day or two. Yet they act like armageddon has hit! Now tell us Paul how prepared are you and what natural tragedy have you had to wade through?

      • Paul Wells

        eddie47d, the only tragedy (thankfully) that I’ve had to handle is the endless stream of liberal socialistic drivel that you regularly churn out without basis in fact, without any documentation or proof to back your claims, and your endless belittling other people who don’t agree with you. Why don’t you go spend your time at You (and everyone else) would be better served.

      • eddie47d

        That makes you part of the problem Ted Crawford and what is wrong with America. The President stepped in quickly and Christie made it clear he wanted the aid for the people of his state. That is taking care of the needs of your states residents and rebuilding from all the devastation sooner than later. Another typical Republican like you Ted who doesn’t want anyone working together and if they do you make traitorous type comments. So keep on dividing and see how that works out. Besides Christie made it clear he is still voting for Romney. Obviously nothing pleases Republicans and folks like Ted resort to the dark side in spewing BS. So are you saying since it is election time and people are ready to vote that nothing should have been done until after the election? Sure sounded like it!

      • http://speedle speedle

        Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, please tell us what you mean in praising Obama for “jumping in quickly”. Do you mean he jumped in quickly with a photo op and speech? That’s all I know of that he did. Obama never lifts a finger unless there are political gains to be achieved, and even then it usually only a few words and lousy jokes. He has never worked a day in his life, so the notion of Obama “jumping in” as in “rolling up his sleeves and helping” is a metaphorical bridge too far.

      • Karolyn

        I am a NJ native and have family and friends up there. I have been closely following things, and it certainly is going better than it did after New Orleans. These things take time. My best friend has been powerless since last Monday, and she isn’t even near the shoreline. There is so much being done it is almost mind boggling. As much as I have a problen with Christie, he, along with the Pres. are getting the job done. What do you expect? Instant success? You are delusional.

      • eddie47d

        I see Speedle believes in Republican promoted fairy tales. Have a good day!

      • eddie47d

        You really think you can get away with your lying and spinning Paul without any repercusions? If you can’t tell the truth maybe you ought to find another place to hang your hat.

      • Karolyn

        You can bet nobody’s thinking about political ideology in NY and NJ while giving and getting assistance from fellow AMERICANS!

    • dcjdavis

      Sitting on your thinking cap again, are you?

    • Steve E

      Eddy, I’m not on the right. I am right.

      • Christin

        Steve E,

        Love it!!!

      • eddie47d

        Its like that Timeshare king who made over a billion dollars scamming people. He lives in Florida and said he would firing anyone if they voted for Obama or even hinted that they would vote for him. Another shyster for Romney!

    • Alex

      So true and so sad, Karolyn. The Fright Wing in this country thrive on bad news when the opposition is in charge, even when it means the deaths of Americans. They exploited the deaths of the soldiers sent by President Carter to rescue the hostages in Iran and now have tried to use the deaths of the embassy staff in Libya for political traction.

      When not exploiting tragedy for polling bumps, the leadership of the GOP dismiss, deride, or deny any good things that the opposition accomplishes. They were clearly and very sadly upset when Osama bin Laden was killed, not simply because it shined the light onto the failings of the Bush Regime, but more importantly, it did not bode well for whichever caveman or woman the GOP sent forth as their Official Republican Lamb to the Slaughter.

      Mitt Romney said bringing the troops home from Iraq was “tragic”. He also went through his entire RNC acceptance speech and never ONCE acknowledged our troops in a war zone—the very troops that he wants to command!

      Expect the posts to get nastier in the months following the election, Karolyn. Over time that will die off. The GOP will see that President Obama is correct in following the People’s Edict that it is time for the One Per Cent to step up and pitch in their fair share. If they have any hope at all of keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming our first woman president they will have to learn to compromise.

      The economy continues its slow rise from the last GOP toxic waste dump left for a more sensible president to deal with. In time whatever is left of the GOP will realize that WE were always right about trickle-down economics. As the economy moves forward, it will set the stage for the nation’s continued maturation into a civilized and Progressive society. Some malcontents will never accept change, but the thinking people will see the GOP lawmakers either grow up or be shut out.

      President Obama will end the OTHER war the GOP blundered us into, while Mitt has indicated on numerous occasions that, despite his lies during the final the debate, he will extend it with the $2 TRILLION check he wants to write on OUR account. This is to be expected from a businessman who dodged combat during a war he was gung-ho in favor of—and as long it involves sending OTHER people’s children to their deaths in the MIddle-East and not his own, he would certainly accelerate our War of Capital.

      Maybe by the time President Obama ends the LONGEST war in US history, failed candidate Romney will understand that reuniting families with their loved ones back from battle is anything but “tragic”.

      You probably are something like me today, Karolyn—cautiously optimistic that our nation will not be thrown into reverse by the same Wreconomic fools who steered us into this ditch. Not only has Mitt engaged these ame Bush holdover monetary pigs, but his foreign policy is being dictated by the same neo-conartist who put two wars on OUR credit card to benefit their Killing Korporation Kronies at KBR.

      The polls have been looking better for us of late, which means better for our children and grandchildren.

      It is going to be a very long night, and no matter who ‘wins’ this very important election, it is certain to be run back and forth through the courts for some time, as the early voting problems indicate.

      President Obama has been a disappointment to the Left, but only the most-strident folks on the very Far Left would see a Romney victory as anything less than, to use Mitt’s term, “tragic”…

  • pete

    And remember too that the present potus has just been following orders. He couldn’t make a decision on his own if his life depended on it, it takes a backbone to stand for something and leaders do not follow orders, they encourage folks to do what is right. Do either of these fit that bill? Hardly.

    • Ted Crawford

      Come now! Obama faithfully follows the commands of his Iranian handler Jarrett! I supose that, on occassion, Michelle has some input. I’m uncertain what else this Menage A Trois engages in together!

      • Christin

        Valerie Jarret is from Syria…but I spilt hairs.

      • Ted Crawford

        Guess again! She was born on November 14, 1956 in Shiraz Iran!

      • eddie47d

        What are you really digging at Ted? There are citizens born all over the world who live in America. Are you trying to present a scandal/conspiracy where there isn’t one. Its like all the trolls who love bringing up Obama’s middle name and then mention Iraq as if he is somehow connected. That is just another part of the dog and pony show!

      • Christin

        Ted Crawford,

        i stand correct… you are right… I just looked it up.
        I had read something earlier that said Syria, but Iran is Jarrett’s correct birth place.

        It is very telling… about the policies of this administration, don’t you think?

        • Amused.

          Valerie Jarrett was born to two American citizens, just like George Romney. John McCain was born in Panama, again, to two American citizens. John Sununu–Former White House Chief of Staff for GWB– was born in Cuba, and had Lebanese roots. What’s your point?

    • eddie47d

      Is that right Pete as in re- Pete. Every President has their handlers and have folks working behind the curtain. Yet I bet this President has fewer NWO connections than most of the previous Presidents. Since he was fairly unknown Obama had to go out and seek his own coalition. He made some good choices and had some duds. Romney has Netanyahu in his back pocket and Israel’s Prime Minister had him on board with going to war with Iran. That was brought to light in today’s paper where Netanyahu was ready to launch a surprise attack on Iran in 2010 and had Israel’s President wanting to strike. The thing is he forgot to include their National Security Council who rejected that attack on Iran. We don’t need reckless leaders dictating wars to us or a candidate so eager to do so. We have Presidents who make terrible judgement calls such as Johnson in Vietnam,Regan in Central America and Lebanon,G Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan,Obama in Libya and now a preview of Romney who will do the same with Iran. Not a one of them has a “backbone” for if they did none of those actions would have occurred. Wars are for glory seekers who seldom understand the futility of their incompetence. In the G Bush administration Cheney made more decisions than the President and we know Cheney was a loose cannon at times.

  • Chester

    Well, IF, as you insist, some Democrats vote twice, and some from the grave, how does that fare when the Republicans are counting the votes and only counting one of every four Democratic votes as such? Remember who owns the voting machines in most of Ohio, then tell me where the fraud comes in.

    • eddie47d

      The Republicans Constantly bring up voter fraud in their attacks on Democrats and have done so with a rabid fervor. Chester makes an off the cuff comment and you call him a moron so are all those Republicans morons too? The headline today was that Scott Gessler our Secretary of State was indited for misuse of state fund for personal use. (panel of 2 Dems,2 Reps and 1 Ind) He also lied about how many people were voting fraudulently in the last election. He said over 8,000 and so far it has been fewer than 100. Can you trust anyone who makes those kinds of false claims? Its best not to overly trust either parties heads but lets be fair.

    • Karolyn

      How about those letters I saw on tv this morning sent to minority voters by Repubs telling them they may not be qualified to vote?

      • phideaux

        How about the multiple reports of voting machines that record votes for Romney as votes for obama.

      • Gordon in Texas

        How about the unions in Nevada registering non-citizens (read: illegal aliens) and pressuring them to vote? Worked in 2008 so I guess they believe it will work now.

      • eddie47d

        I see those unproven Nevada myths are still being brought out for all to see. Fairy tales never die and even grow legs.




    • eddie47d

      My comment was to MOMO which seemed to have disappeared.

  • wethepeople

    Even if you don’t like Romney, just suck it in and vote Romney….a Libertarian even said, Obama has done more harm to this country in 3 1/2 years than all of his predecessors did in 8 years in office. The deficit, the over-spending, now QE3. When you hear Michelle Obama saying everything is recovering, just remember QE3, which means, your dollar is worth Toilet Paper now and Obama is funneling trash to the people when he says the economy is on an upturn. It is a false positive, as it is going up a steep hill ready to fall off the precipice and it will CRASH LOUD AND STRONG.

    • amusedinil

      When it’s bad news, it’s PROOF that Obama’s policies aren’t working. When it’s good news, it’s PROOF that the statistics are cooked, or that it’s a false positive. When gas prices went up, it was because of Obama. When gas prices went down, it was Obama the puppet master pulling off election year shenanigans. Honestly. The brilliant master criminal that pulled off the greatest forgery and fake identity in history is too stupid to “cover his tracks” when he secretly wanted Americans to die in Benghazi… I know it’s true because a 30-year retired P&G vice president and an octogenarian retired General said so. Really?

  • jopa

    Most voters when they get to the polls will remember how far we have come from the devastation of the Bush era.We have had over 40 straight months of job growth,GM alive Usama Bin Laden dead. Obamas superb leadership in bringing the troops home, Hurricane Sandy,the Lilly Ledbetter act plus a number of other acts to give equal rights to women.If Romney gets in your health insurance will be unaffordable and we will be back in the fifties and sixties with your obituary that will read died young of natural causes.I remember those days well when they didn’t even do autopsies.That was acceptable back then but not in today’s world.If you or anyone you know has a mortgage or student loan you will be the one to pay for Romney’s personal tax break when you lose your own deductions.Ninety five per cent of Romney’s advisers today are from the Bush team and you know wher that group brought us.Economic collapse and two wars unpaid for.Romney is Bad for America.

    • Steve E

      The only persons who are bad for America are the ones that vote for Obama. Especially the ones that didn’t learn the first time.

    • eddie47d

      Ya right Democrats bad …Republicans good! How quaint! I could say the only persons bad for America are the ones who voted for Bush especially those who voted for him the second time. That makes about as much sense but I won’t say it! LOL!

      • Steve E

        I wouldn’t know. I voted Libertarian in all elections prior to this one. I was Libertarian way back before Libertarian was cool.

    • Gordon in Texas

      This grouping of words that must be your thoughts would only be appropriate if it were posted on April 1 (pick the year). As I was reading your misguided perceptions I kept hoping that the words “just kidding” would appear. But they didn’t, and this is not April 1st, so I can only assume that you just woke up after a 4-year coma and believe everything the obama zombies believed in 2008.

      For those of us who still prefer to think for ourselves, the year is 2012 and all the promises of “hope and change” became: a foreign policy that no longer exists; an economy that mirrors the Great Depression; unemployment that is grossly underestimated; an America that is more divided than it was in the 70s; and a “transparent” administration that is so secretive and corrupt that dictators from 3rd world countries are begging obama for the game book.

      I suggest you slip back into that coma of yours and wake up in…oh, 10 or so years, when you’re a little older and wiser. But, with obamacare, you’d probably be deemed a burden to our society and put down.

    • Don

      so jopa, i supposed when Romney wins this election you and the rest of your LIBERAL pukes will pack up and leave this country, maybe to cuba or chavez country ??

      • Cliffystones

        Not one of the libs has the spine to put their money where their mouth is. Alec Baldwin said he would leave the US if Bush was reelected. We see how that worked out.

  • Gordon in Texas

    It still amazes me that this election is close; especially after the events of the past 2 months. Or was it 2 years? This White House squatter has given the American people every reason to not only vote him out of office but to remove him through legal means that, for some reason, no longer seem to apply. I guess after Clinton did his oral office gig, anything goes. The fact that this administration has been allowed to operate at all says a lot about how complacent the public has become. I believe that if Queen Michelle shouted to the masses that they should eat cake, the masses would shout back, “What flavor?”

    Although both sides are declaring a victory, this election could go either way. Expect to hear of voter fraud, corruption from special interest groups, and other accusations from both sides of the stench…er, I mean trench. The fact that both parties have already retained numerous legal experts tells me that this election will not be over today. This “election” has all the ingredients of an event that can last for months following the final count. In my opinion, if Obama is re-elected this country will go down in flames. If he is not re-elected, the cities of this country will go up in flames. Either way, the Divided States of America will have a long road to recovery; if that is still an option.

    • eddie47d

      There were some who said the exact same thing about G Bush and wanted him tried for incompetence and falsified war crimes. Several issues about Bush were very true but Republicans never had the backbone to punish one of their own so I hardly think the impeachment attacks on Obama will bear fruit.

      • Gordon in Texas

        Eddie47d, I was not a fan of Bush and his policies. I truly believe that he is a good person who let his advisors (father included) run his life…and the presidency. We lost a lot of 1st and 4th Amendment rights under his administration and we also got dragged into two wars that really didn’t have a damn thing to do with national security. If anyone believes the crap that was jammed down our throats about 9/11, then they need to really research the technical aspects of the event and then reach their own conclusion. I grew up during the Kennedy assassination and the Gulf of Tunkin false flag attack and am not a wide-eyed babe in the woods who believes everything (or anything) the government tells us.

        But I also did my research on obama’s past, his way of thinking (read the books he says he wrote), his mentors and those who most influenced his early life. He brought those ideologies with him to the White House and that should scare anyone who still believes in this country’s values. We don’t need to “transform” this country; we need to bring it back to what our founding fathers intended it to be: a country of free people who are responsible for themselves and what they become; a nation of people from all walks of life who work together to become one.

  • brett

    p.h.d. piled higher and deeper.

  • jopa

    I don’t think their are too many multi millionaires on this site but the ones posting seem to act as if Romney would be good for their own personal interests.Romney would be your President as long as you are not a Veteran,Senior Citizen, Under 55 ,Over 55, a student,a homeowner with a mortgage,have children for deductions at tax time, children or grandchildren that may need a student loan or grant or a member of the military service unless you want to go to Iran and Syria to fight for fifteen more years.Otherwise Obama is the man for our next President.Obama 2012 for America not the elite filthy rich.

    • Gordon in Texas

      I am a veteran and a senior citizen and believe in taking responsibility for my own actions and my own life. I signed the papers for my home; therefore, I am responsible for paying the mortgage. I chose to take out college loans for my three children; therefore, I am responsible for paying back those loans. I decided to take control of my life at a very early age (first business at age 13–lawn care) and have continued to do so without anyone’s help. I put myself through college, working 3 jobs, and now have a life that I can be proud of. Not sure I’d be able to say that if everything was given to me.

      obama believes that the government should be responsibile for my life and my well being. Does that promote good citizenship? No. Does it encourage people to better themselves? No again. Does it promote dependency on the government? Yes, it does. And once you have people dependent on you they will do what ever is necessary to get their daily–or monthly–”fix.” They will become lazy, complacent, lead weights around the government’s neck. They will also become demanding, in that they will expect the government to furnish whatever their needs be at any particular time. And if they don’t get their “fair share” they will act as those do in Greece. Greece is the bad parent who never said “No.”

      I am far from being a millionare but I do have an issue with those who believe that I should give up what I have worked for so it can be given to those who do not have the ambition to better their lives. We are all equal at birth. It’s what we do after we come into this world that separates us from others.

      • Don

        Very well said Gorden, i am also a veteran with a mortgage paid for and the Gov. didn’t build that !!!!!

  • Bill

    Right on, Ben

  • xizangone

    I’m amused that the same GOP elite that were so anxious to throw Ron Paul and his delegates and all their supporters under the GOP Greyhound, as well as send 8 TSA agents to the Clearwater Airport to harass and threaten Ron Paul, his wife and granddaughter as they prepared to board their PRIVATE AIRPLANE back to Texas, are the ones telling us how badly they now need our votes. Pretty funny.

  • Midnight1200

    “So get out and vote. As I’ve warned you before, the Democrats are planning to do so twice.”

    Yep, the much-dreaded Zombie Apocolypse has already begun…The dead have risen from their graves & they’re voting Democrat…ACORN was NEVER disbanded (only split up into smaller groups & renamed).

    The self-proclaimed “Progressives” are actually Regressives, stifling humanity & social evolution…Liberals pushing for even LESS actual Liberty.

    Voting machines are already rigged & media has prepped the lying vote tallies already mistakenly displayed on TV, 18 days before the actual election.

    Illegal Aliens & even some household pets are registered to vote…Votes will be getting counted in Spain, by a company owned by George Soros.

    The Public Education System has already been degenerated into Government Indoctrination Centers.

    The government infrastructure is all ready prepped for massive civilian massacres, only to repeat what has already happened numerous times throughout human history…Waco, Texas & Ruby Ridge were only “dress rehearsals” to test public reactions. It’s no longer a question of whether or not the Criminal Government will openly strike at American Citizens, committing mass murder…It’s only a question of the exact moment they do.

    The weight of history has already proven this to be the “status quo” of power-mad jerkwads…It’s the only way they know how to do anything & they’ve been doing it the same way EVERY TIME for at least as long as the invention of Writing has allowed us to actually record our history.

  • octavio y cely esquivel

    Eventually the apocalyptic facts are goig to be…However, why we can not see the other side of the coin in Obama. No question that he is a black person, so the civil war had to do with racial issues, and look at him being he fisrt president. We understand that after the cold war capitalism overcame comunism Rusia style. China is another business like a mixture of capitalism and comunism. Any way, financialy and socialy in the middle is virtue and it could be social justice in favor of the humanspirit and christianity. The bull of money adored by capitalism and the slavery of despotic comuinsm are two extreem evils. I thinkthat actauly the economic cises in the world is both thestrugle of those same evils. America is was and could be the best country in the history of the world, tpough needs the equilibrium of social justice. I thikthat Obama is far better thanr Raomney for this Job. Th problem hopfuly might be the positive vision of Congress and Sanate to process it with the vision of a democratic presidente y armony with the real american dream. Roney speculating crossing chest on Medicare is the enemy of the persitent dream of Edward Kennedy in regards for this obligation of the richest country in the world ignoring that need very much esentialpart of humanity and christianty as well. I think that Obama has the charisma and a call to actualize this posibilty in Anerica. So a possble reward of justice could be with the same souport of powers onall branches of Govrment, to process the balnce of the financial debet mof the nations beyond each and one of the political interest of any party, but the honesty and obligation of America to itself and the conomic world.

    • Gordon in Texas

      How can you possibly equate Obama with slavery and the Civil War??? Obama is not African American, as most believe; he’s actually of Arab decent. The only African blood he has in him is from his grandmother, and it’s less than 10 percent of his genetic makeup. His father is of Arab decent and that group in North Africa TRADED in slaves, as they still do. So, don’t even try to promote Obama as someone with a background that would promote social justice.

      Obama’s Marxist views and values are not a way to stimulate the economy. Ask any Russian who went through the Soviet Union era if redistribution and envy (which redistribution and socialism promote) stimulate the economy. Once the Soviet Union was dissolved, the people embraced capitalism with an enthusiasm not even seen in the US.

      And you mention that Obama has charisma. Well, so did Hitler. He was a great speaker and the people loved him until they had the time to really see what he was made of. Am I comparing Obama to Hitler? Sure am. Obama uses some of the same tactics that were used by Hitler in the 1930s to wow the people to his campaign. Most of Obama’s ideas and “solutions” come directly from Marx and Hitler; almost word for word. Go check it out if you don’t believe me.

      One suggestion for future posts: Please use your spell check. If I have to read your post numerous times to comprehend what you’re trying to say you’re really not communicating.

  • ranger09

    BIG DEAL, The President and Christi Jumping right in All it takes is saying GIVE the aid to the People that THEY PAID FOR, ITS the Money from the American People And its Americans doing the Work and being paid for with American Money. JUST how can credit be given to President and Christi Its not their Money nor is it their Labor, Give credit where deserved. TO the AMERICAN PEOPLE. AND exclude the ones that Profiteer off hardships of others. Stick in in their third left ear.

    • octavio y cely esquivel

      o.k. good advice regarding my 3th ear. However i comment that your erar is missing the mesage of the dynaics of money because America is part of nature and the resources of this world and the global economy has existed throgh the stages of time as a social resource for all human beings. It is the secret of survival of the animal species even with the law of the jungle, please try to see on a human vision at the side of the capitalistic point of view of your money and amerca ‘s money. Just a suggetion….

  • cerebus23

    This election would be close anyway because blacks will almost as a solid block vote obama, Sure there are cracks there, but many many of them will vote for obama based on not only his skin color but the fact he is a democrat. Also they will be motivated to vote to keep their guy in, to fight the hordes of racists etc it will not be that difficult to motivate them.

    Unions made out very well under obama so they are a lock.

    With women trending romney over obama, that trend if anything says to me that romney will pull this election out.

    Soccer moms have traditionally been a major swing vote, and have trended democratic in recent years, if they break repub this cycle with such a hair tight election that would be huge in a major way for romney.

    This was always going to be an all out war of an election, dirty as all hell, and laced with enough overtones of racisism and finger pointing and name calling it is amazing voters pay any attention at all.

    Obama certainly has not been good for anything unless you got a check from the bailouts as a union worker. He has been a outright embarassment on foreign policy. His handling of the “riots” in the middle east was criminal most likely. massive unemployment, massive debt, massive spending, massive printing, massive borrowing.

    Romney may not be the savior of anything but he sure as hell could not do things much than obama is doing atm. And i will say this for romney, for all his b.s. as a politician, at lest he has done business, has a basic understanding of how commerce works, that may be a quality that this nation needs if he has the guts to roll his sleeves up and try to get this mess under control.

    As badly as we are doing now that right there is the one very real core thing that seperates these two guys, obama has run nothing, knows nothing about anything without it coming out of a teleprompter, and the way he runs things out the the oval office it shows.

  • ableton

    Did ya vote yet? I did and I voted for Gary J! It matters not who you vote for just get out and vote already! Have a great day and celebrate America!


    “RevNowWhileWeCan” AND “DaveH,”



    • ableton

      Great Job Christopher! You now have bitchin’ rights!:-)





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