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Golden Platform Additions For GOP

August 27, 2012 by  

Golden Platform Additions For GOP
The GOP is set to make at least investigating a gold standard part of the Party platform.

A return to the gold standard in American currency is something that has been constantly cited by Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul as a viable option to help the dollar reclaim its strength. Despite mainstream politicos writing off Paul’s economic ideas as kooky, the GOP is set to make at least investigating a gold standard part of the Party platform.

According to CNBC, drafts of the Republican Party platform, which will be adopted at the convention this week, include provisions for setting up a commission that would investigate the effects of a return to the gold standard. There is also a call for an audit of the Federal Reserve, another of Paul’s utmost goals.

The commission would only have the power to make recommendations, but could serve to educate politicians and the public about the pros and cons of a return to gold.

“There is a growing recognition within the Republican Party and in America more generally that we’re not going to be able to print our way to prosperity,” Sean Fieler, chairman of the American Principles Project, told Financial Times.

In the Republican platforms of both 1980 and 1984, gold was mentioned as a possible way to improve American economic affairs. And in 1981, President Ronald Reagan created a commission to examine the possibility of returning to a gold standard. It has not been part of the Republican Party platform since.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    It would appear that including a study of the gold standard in the party platform is simply a bone thrown to the Ron Paul supporters to mollify them. Does anyone seriously think that the GOP will do anything of substance along these lines?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So my question would be, will there be gold confiscation because most gold is in private hands in jewelry/coins? There is no “money” available for buybacks.

      • kellys

        They cant confiscate it if they dont know you have or where you have it.

    • http://dorstp fancyfilly

      Their certainly isn’t a lot Anyone Can do as long as the Dems control the senate. Hairy R won’t even bring bills to the floor for an up or down vote. Hopefully in Nov we can change that

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Vigilant, we certainly have a better chance than the Great Illegal Abomination the Sunni Muslim Left Hand As_ wiping Traitor who has stopped a video of him admitting he is a Muslim and will allow Muslims to take over this Country, I also now have a real Birth Certificate with Abominations name and Birth Record in Kenya and that is not in Conneticut. As soon as I can figure out how to transfer it to a blog I will get it out. Abomination is an Abomination and Traitor to our America and anyone who can look past his associations with Radical Muslims, Communists black Panthers and hios great friend Bill Ayres the founder of the Weather Underground, Rev. Wright, The America hater Farakan and bowing to all our enemies and sending $12 Biullion Dollars to American hating Muslim Countries. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • GALT

    Wow a “gold spinner” fishing for the Ron Paul die hards…….don’t waste that vote on election day……..we have a COMMISSION that MIGHT recommend that we return to the GOLD STANDARD. and if it does, we will of course ignore it.

    I wonder if THE COMMISSION will consider how we actually managed to LEAVE the gold standard, since the constitution requires that congress coin money, fix the value thereof, and of foreign currency and determine the standard of wgts and measures, while states are forbidden to use anything but, gold and silver coin?

    The treasury does coin money and it is no coincidence that the one oz gold coin carries a stamped value of $50. as “legal tender”.

    Should be an interesting meeting….and very short, since you can’t coin your way out of this fiasco either…….but the constitutional questions will never see the light of day, and someone has to pay for this little charade too……..I wonder if they’ll take food stamps or maybe do this pro bono? I here Tim is looking for a new job, and Greenspan must be getting bored not having the limelight………Hank, Barney, Chris?

    Fundamentally, the problem is Economics itself……….a fraudulent con game, and equal to the one which pretends that the constitution still matters………..yet, for some reason, these cons are working very well………despite the fact that they are quite visible….people never seem to be able to grasp the fundamental issue’s or ask the right questions?

    Enter Economics Unmasked:The Amazon Book Description

    The economic system under which we live not only forces the great majority of humankind to live their lives in indignity and poverty; it also threatens all forms of life – indeed life itself. Economics Unmasked presents a cogent critique of the dominant economic system in order to help transform our society into one in which all forms of life will be protected. The first part of this book is devoted to showing that the theoretical constructions that have been selected, work mainly to bring about injustice. The second part is concerned with what should be the foundations of a new economics where justice, human dignity, compassion and reverence for life must be the guiding values.

    “As is clear from the title, the book argues that modern neoclassical economics is a mask for power and greed, a construct designed to justify the status quo. Its claim to serve the common good is specious, and its claim to scientific status is fraudulent. The latter is sought mainly by excessive mathematical formalism to the neglect of concrete facts and real values. The mathematical formalism is in imitation of nineteenth century physics (economics viewed as the mechanics of utility and self-interest), but without any empirical basis remotely comparable to physics. Pareto is identified a villain here, and to a lesser extent Jevons.

    The hallmark of a real science is a basic consensus about fundamentals. There is no real consensus in economics, so how can it claim to be a mature science? Easy, by forcing a false “consensus” through the simple expedient of declaring heterodox views to be “not really economics,” eliminating history of economic thought from the curriculum, instigating a pseudo-Nobel Prize in Economics, and attaining a monopoly on faculty positions in economics departments at elite universities.” Herman Daly

    “They identify what they consider to be the foundations of a new economics, which are articulations of the very core of our work here at nef:
    The economy should serve the people, not the people the economy;
    Development is about people, not objects;
    Growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth;
    No economy is possible in the absence of eco-system services;
    The economy is a sub-system of a larger and finite system, the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible.” Nic Marks

    Now this subject is a bit more complicated regarding the simple question that explains what happened to the constitution ( and which people ignore and have yet to ask any of these so called “patriot” office holders and aspirants ) but really, is there anyone out there that can say that the “economy” is serving them?

    From what I can see on this site, the people who managed to escape being victims are blaming those who were the victims, mostly because they are concerned about joining them, and for some reason fail to see that the present victims, before they became victims, were just like them……….

    “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately.)

  • don

    this country has more debt than it has in value in gold. i wonder what that would do to a gold backed dollar?

    • Crush O-blah-blah 2012

      The dollar WILL crash. In the meantime, the price of gold will rise until it reaches the actual value of gold, which is our debt divided by how much gold we have. Neither the size of our debt nor the amount of gold available will be a hindrance because it is the ratio of these two numbers that determines gold’s value. You just raise the price of gold to its true value, then you can go back on the gold standard.

  • Bob

    Once the hyperinflation hits, the gold value will outstrip the paper $ value giving US the chance to return to the gold standard.

  • Jakohl

    To get back on the gold standard they would either have to claim bankruptcy and start over, crash the economy and start a new currency, or go to a silver standard instead. There is not enough gold on the planet to back the current mess unless it really does go over $3,000 per ounce.

  • Kevin Beck

    The thought of this is good for the nation. But I predict two things will happen:

    1. They will appoint hapless hacks to be on the commission;
    2. The commission’s recommendations will cause one of the following to happen:

    a. The recommendation will be in favor, which will result in the report being dismissed;
    b. The recommendation will be against, in which case it will be touted as an endorsement of the Federal Reserve.

    I think I see the writing on the wall. But I would hope to be proven wrong.

  • Theodore Gager

    Ron Paul is a good man. Even with him as president the gold standard will not return. The gold is probably all gone. Redistribution at it’s finist….

  • ppt

    I have heard that China has been buying gold by the tons. Wonder how that will effect our liberty?

    • Ernest Ocepek

      China has been buying gold like crazy, I think they are sometimes smarter then we are! Could any one tell me why we are in debt to china?
      Why would we be borrowing money from them or maybe our presses can’t print it fast enough.

      • Fred Brown

        We’re not!! 75% of the debt is owned by Americans, personal or organizations as an investment. The remaining 25% is owned by many buyers, especially the British and Canadiens. China only holds 25% of the 25%, as an investment. secondly, go back to the gold standard and the world doesn’t will totally crash our economy and we will all be ruined. Fred

  • William Wiley Bolton

    Political is in the pocket of bankers and a return to the gold standard takes control out of their hands. It will not happen unless we replace the current professional politicians completely.

  • Steve

    The value of gold will sky-rocket to a certain point where it will suddenly become worthless and cause worldwide panic!

    • Crush O-blah-blah 2012

      Your logic is….

      highly illogical. Read what you wrote again then think about it and you’ll see how pointless your point is.

  • Let’s Be Real

    If most of the speculations are true, Fort Knox has been emptied of it’s gold over the years. So how could we return to a “Gold Standard”? The Government would have to again confiscate gold like it did back in the 1930′s. The American people would not stand for a confiscation of their gold, as most people holding gold, are doing so for profit. The American people might consider a “Buy Back” program, but the Government doesn’t have the money to back up such a process. It is a “Catch 22″ and anyone with a basic knowledge of economics, will see this as just a smoke screen to cover up other things. It is time to wake up America and try to see what these politicans are trying to keep you distracted from.

  • David J. Sanchez

    Gold, silver and Dr. Ron Paul are the answers. The mainstream politicians are totally out of control and a standard of this kind will keep them under control.

  • Daveh234

    Sounds like a fake news item to me.
    Next to impossible to accomplish.

  • david

    What ever currency standard, Washington can not be trusted to control responsible spending. VOTE!!! Control their income to the results promised.

  • http://whatmeworry? darrell

    out law the super -packs!!!leave the real choice to the PEOPLE!!!Oboma should have never been elected President in the first,he is not a nutral born Citizen!!!Clean the mess up on Nov.2012!!!!This should be our first main target!!!!

  • kellys

    They are justt rying to be inclusive(trying to stick the Paul supporters in their pockets) after they have denied Paul any place within the party or its convention. Much ado about nothing IMO, politics as usual




    Too much long-winded opinion on the issue of returning to the Gold Standard, or more correctly, to the Gold Reserve Standard. Just look up Bretton-Woods Agreement of 1944, at the tail end of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s life. He began his successful efforts to attack the Elite Bankers and other Money Changers, by making his first legislation the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT, of 1933. This Act, and the Bretton-Woods Agreement, of 1944, were the two PILLARS of FDR’s control of the Wall Street Crowd, and of his arch-enemy, J.P. Morgan, the Colossus of Wall Street. Glass-Steagall separated, i.e., created a fire wall between our normal commercial banks from the predatory Investment Banks, and their inordinate influence and power over the American People. These two pillars in FDR’s Economic Recovery kept our American Economy on a relatively even keel, until Bretton-Woods was dismantled by President Richard Nixon in the summer of 1971, and finished off by the elite powers in 1978-1979 under Carter and Paul Volker, Bretton-Woods was a world-wide agreement to maintain a Fixed Exchange Rate on Gold ( $ 32 per ounce at that time, later $ 42 per ounce ), and Glass-Steagall kept the severely predatory Investment Bankers utterly SEPARATE from the commercial banks that all ordinary people and normal businesses use for daily economic life. Glass-Steagall was dismantled, in final form during the second term of President Bill Clinton and Al Gore, (who very strongly favored getting rid of it..) AND which Clinton later acknowledged was the greatest mistake of his entire eight years as President. I think he knew when he did it that it was the wrong thing to do, but he compromised as was his wont….and we are still suffering the catastrophe of this colossal mistake. We must Reinstate Glass-Steagall first, in a bill presently before the House of Representatives, in Congressional bill HR-1489 which already has more than 70+ co-sponsors. When passed, Glass-Steagall would eliminate the multi-TRILLION DEBT from the Backs of the American People, and would then return this huge, gargantuan DEBT to the International Investment Bankers, who received the benefit of the TRILLIONS–( $ 20 Trillion to 60 Trillion, as estimates vary– ABOVE and BEYOND our National Debt of $16 TRILLION. So pass Glass-Steagall first, and then reestablish Bretton-Woods, and this were the true beginning of a genuine recovery of the United States and its People, of every political persuasion….across all categories, from very wealthy to poor and poverty-stricken. NO Recovery is even possible without the passage of both of these fundamental corrections to our current economic and financial Nightmare on Elm Street.
    Although I am a lifelong Democrat, on the Progressive Wing, President Obama opposes, adamantly and without quarter, both of these essential actions for a full recovery. It is due to this central fact, in his rejection of these two policies, plus his strong support and passage of the NDAA, the virtual elimination of NASA, and his continued and consistent failure to defend and protect the freedom of Speech, and of Assembly of the demonstrators of Occupy Wall Street, whatever one’s own views might be, that I openly and completely oppose Barack Obama for a Second Term as our President. I do not support Romney either, but I shall not vote for Obama under ANY circumstances…He SAYS one thing, with his Words, and does completely the opposite with his Deeds. He must not be reelected.

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