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Gold, Silver Registration On Illinois Docket

March 1, 2013 by  

Gold, Silver Registration On Illinois Docket

It’s certainly not unusual for collectivist lunacy to come from Illinois. After all, the State provides us with (unpleasant) entertainment in the form of a police superintendent who threatens to shoot legal gun owners while his city leads the nation in homicides. It is home to a terrorist adviser to the President (Bill Ayers). It claims as citizens such brilliant luminaries as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the felon Jesse Jackson Jr. (and his felonious wife), his race-hustling father Jesse Jackson, Rod Blagojevich (the fourth of the last seven Governors from the State convicted of corruption) and the illegal White House usurper and fascist in chief. And then there’s Al Capone, whose crimes pale in comparison to those of some of the State’s political class. There are, of course, many more. But space won’t allow me to name them all.

Now comes this from the State with the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation (and likely the most criminals): a bill to require registration for sellers and buyers of gold. Text from the bill reads:

Creates the Precious Metal Purchasing Act. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not exceeding $500. Provides that the Attorney General may inspect records, investigate an alleged violation, and take action to collect civil penalties.

This ordinance is similar to a bill passed in Houston two weeks ago that required gold-buying businesses to photograph and fingerprint those bringing in gold to sell, photograph the items being sold and maintain an online database of the transactions.

The elites hate gold in the hands of the proles, as it demonstrates a growing recognition that the façade of government finance is collapsing. Elites say gold isn’t money. Meanwhile, central banks around the world are snapping up gold as fast as they can transport it; some nations are trying to get their gold out of the United States; and, back home, the regime is laying the groundwork for gold registration a little at a time. It’s all about gradualism, as I have warned you before.

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letterâ„¢, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ronn

    I was in Australia 3 yrs. ago and they had already implemented these policies and more!
    All you have to do is look at policies in Australia and realise that we are not far behind them. Also, the USA seems to be accelerating their efforts to bring in tis socialist agenda!

    • rendarsmith

      And so many people are cheering it on and begging for it! It is truly amazing how well they have brain-washed so many people.

    • Robert Smith

      Of course catchnig thieves has nothing to do with the tracking.



        Pop that bubble you’re living in, [comment has been edited]-since when has this country been prosecuting thieves? The biggest criminals in our country are the ones making these insane laws. Wake the he// up!

      • Fedup

        Dead on, Robert!

      • http://Arkybill.comunderconstruction. Bill Henry

        I have little time left to worry about myself, but it is terrible to sit and think of what is coming and how it will affect my progeny. It just makes me so angry and ashamed to see what this country has come to. People who sell their freedoms for a measly few dollars a month. People who spit on the graves of the ones who have died in gaining and defending our liberties for these 237 + years. Does the current generation have any true patriots? It seems not. Anyone who can sit and be bamboozled by the likes of Obama and his ilk deserve what they will get in the end, and you can trust no one in Washington, D.C. they are all a pack of liars and demagogues. Where are the veterans who gambled their lives on this country? All I have seen of them on some of the forums are more worried about their disability ratings than anything else. I never heard so much liberal claptrap as I saw there.
        The only light I can see is in the attack on the Second Amendment. That might light the fuse on the powder keg. If that comes, may the rallying cry be, “Remember Charlie”! Those little buggers really believed in what they were fighting for, and they turned the political convictions in their favor. As old as I am I would go, because I really don’t have a fear of death. I would rather die a free man that live as a slave to anyone, especially that bunch of [expletive deleted] living in our building in N.Y. calling themselves the United Nations, more like net than a union. Keep you powder dry boys. Non Sibi Sed Patriae.

  • jdn

    From the reports and conversations I’ve heard coming out of DC gold and silver are far down on the list for confiscation . First up will be more than likely retirement accounts and any personal savings accounts. There are no bounds to the growth and scope of our government and nothing short of bloodshed will deter it , that is why our government is arming most all departments and agencies with huge caches of weapons and ammo .

    • Hedgehog

      Look on the bright side jdn. Now you know what government departments and installations to attack to swell your weapon stocks. So nice of your government to provide you with targets when TSHTF.

  • Grandpa Frog

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there something in Obamacare about monitoring gold sales over something like $600?

  • Wumingren

    From what I can tell, the people being registered are those who bring in precious metals to sell to the gold consolidators, not those who are buying gold from the market. The question is: Are the gold consolidators required to register the identities of those to whom they subsequently sell the precious metals? If not, how is this gold registration?

    It seems prudent to discourage anonymous sales of precious metals, especially in a place with “likely the most criminals,” where stolen goods are probably a large part of the underground economy.

    Registration of those who bring in the gold seems no different from the current policies recycling plants have in place to catch criminals who steal copper from vacant homes. Likewise, pawn shops must do due diligence if they are to avoid being charged with fencing stolen property. If thieves are able to sell their stolen goods without fear of being registered, then crime will only increase.

    The gold consolidators are probably in competition with the pawn shops, who begrudge their loss of business to those skimming the best part of the haul, like municipal recyclers who begrudge those who rummage through recycling bins to pull out the aluminum cans.

    Those who own or buy gold for personal use and/or investment are not being registered, are they? If that were the case, then I’d say there was a problem. If I want to buy gold coins or bullion and the seller asks me for “passport” pictures and a thumbprint, then we have a real problem.

  • George Chatraw

    Another drop in the bucket of lost freedoms…Just a little every day and no one will notice their freedoms are slipping away, right? How would you like a much smaller government? How would you like less government in your life? How would you like less corruption and waste in government? How would you like less interfering and warring in other countries? How would you like politicians who listen to the people and respond in like?

    These are just a few of the benefits available to anyone who truly wants them. Keep doing what you have been doing and you WILL keep getting what you have been getting (in government). Why do you continue to do the same thing that will guarantee continued government of destruction? Both parties are corrupt and self-serving and you know this, yet you keep voting them in and then complaining about how they ruin the country.

    So many people vote for the “lesser of two evils” because they don’t like either party or candidate. Voting for the lesser of the evils is STILL voting for evil…Since you are going to vote for one of the evils anyway, why don’t you consider voting for the lesser of the three evils? The Libertarian party is not going to please everyone on every issue, but it will certainly provide a much better system of government than we have had from the other two parties. Look into it, give some thought or keep on doing what you have been doing and KEEP ON getting what you have been getting.

    • GALT

      The libertarian party would be the “lesser of four evils”, since the Tea Party has
      clearly taken over third evil position……

    • DK

      No other party can win anymore until someone realizes that the voting machines are set up. Its fraud and we the people do NOT choose our elected officials. George Soros has something to do with the software or counting of votes from our voting machines. So until this is looked into in a serious way, I don’t think it matters much. Do you really think Obama won “fair and square” I DOUBT IT!

    • Robert

      The Libertarian party must change the song in order to change the dance if it wishes to be viable in the electorate. The Lib Party has in my opinion been to far out on the fringe with its candidates. It must choose candidates in the character of our Founding Fathers. Folk with a vision and wisdom to carry out that vision and inspire America to take hold of that vision to save the Nation. America needs God fearing, Constitution minded candidates that put forth Hope to a dying Nation. Neither the Democrat or Republican Parties have been in the character of our Founding Fathers; but, they do sell a “bill of goods” like ice to the ice-cap dwellers, only difference is each knows how to package their message. Until all Christians unite under the banner of Jesus Christ our Lord will the “Sermon on the Mount” find its way into the political arena and the vision of hope be able to be packaged and bought into by the electorate. America needs a healer and that is the Son of God, Jesus Christ the Righteous to intervene through folk of character who take a stand on the Holly Bible and the Constitution to give HOPE and inspire HOPE in the hearts and minds of America’s Citizens. America needs a Political Party to be the City of Light on top of the mountain to all. At the moment there is none!

      • GALT

        Which particular character trait do you think we’re missing from the
        “founder”s”……..the slave owning trait, the labor exploiting trait, the
        smuggling trait, the war profiteering trait, the land grabbing trait,
        or the “federalist” trait?

    • Ohio Vet

      George,Where is the Libertarian people in Massillon,Ohio?

    • Dennis J

      Voting the lesser of three evils or staying home is what gave us a Marxist predident. Wharever was wrong with Romney would not include gun grabs, 20,000 pages of Obamacare regulations and common core curriculum.
      When the lesser of two evils is extremely lesser, it makes no sense to waste a vote on a hopeless third choice.
      I would suggest that, if the Libertarians really want to gain political power and not just make noise, you start electing state representatives and then congressmen and then senators. You don’t start with a forlorn hope just to show off your principles.

  • Al’sStand

    People; it’s time to tell the Washington administration smucks to “piss-off”! Support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Easyist way ton stop the violence in Shiycago is to drop off a couple hundred guns every 3 blocks made on Cina, and a crate of ammo every 4 blocks peferably starting on the south side. Then everyone has a equal chance, since the mayor Rambuttt, and his good buds Cylpso Louie and the muslim marxist criminal want every thing balanced.

  • Fedup

    Correction: Deadon, sandcasstle!

  • ibcamn

    Well maybe they figure they can put these laws in place to stop the flow of gold n silver!they may not want this preciouse metal leaving the country through dealers that trade with forigen sellers and buyers!they think because(we all know)some of the metal is stolen!and in the hands of crooks,crooks sell it and buy guns!that’s one outcome this law is suppose to stop,i guess!ha’s not like they won’t go to the next place they can sell it at with less hassle!and it’s about control,plain and simple.put regulations and laws and restrictions on the law abiding citizen!keep track of sales and where the money is going to and coming from!the Obama regime has done this before and will keep chipping away at our rights,slowly so people won’t realize it!

    I travel around the US every chance i get,and in the last few years,when i get pulled over,i get asked now if i have large sums of money(which i never ever got asked before)and just lately if i have any bagged(in my luggage) gold,silver,or when i fly,i get asked that!!what is going on?so what if i got a gold watch or ring in my bag!i just didn’t want to have to take it all off at the detector and be hassled,but now if i say no and they see something in my bag and they find gold!!what they gonna do??maybe taser my butt and take me away and seize my stuff take my child away to child services?!?all this come down to control of the people and control the flow of preciouse metals!

    Can you imagine being a pawn shop in Chicago for your whole life and now you have these new laws and retrictions and regulations thrown at you?most of your customers are now going out of state to do their trade!you going to have to shut down??i mean it’s expensive to rent(or own)a building in Chicago.and it’s not just the shop,it’s your home,family,car(s), is this going to effect that?!or how about your credit score??if you can’t make payments and have to rely less on them and more on money,you may be in for a crappy Christmas with the kids!a snowball that isn’t slowing down!wow that was a rant i guess,why should i care?i don’t own a pawn shop!..but we should care,it effects all of us one way or another!..believe it or not!

  • Bird

    I am so glad that I escaped and moved out of Illinois to a sane state and territory where I do not pay state taxes, able to own a gun and protect myself and don’t have to put up with the ever expanding growth in state government. Unfortunately, the government employed gangsters in Chicago would never register the gold they filch.

    • s c

      Way to go, Bird! If decent people would move OUT of Chicago, all you’d have left is gangsters like Obummer and various drug gangs. Aside from that, here is what you need to know about politicians and wealth. When they go looking for money, it means they need an “excuse” to justify their incompetence. We’ve had an incompetent, criminal government for so long that America is very much like a mental asylum.
      The inmates are in charge, and still the rotten bastards expect us to elect and re-elect them. Who the ____ are they to want silver, gold, weapons or anything else? When they START to live on a functional budget, THEN they can talk about raising taxes. Until then, _____ the stinking, freedom-hating S C U M. Especially those who are proud to be a part of THIS administration.

      • mark

        Right, but the Dems won big in the last election – and they will keep winning big in future elections. Your Libertarian ideas are as dead as dinosaurs and are already heaped high in the dustbin of history. And thank God for that.

      • Vicki

        mark writes:
        “Right, but the Dems won big in the last election – and they will keep winning big in future elections. Your Libertarian ideas are as dead as dinosaurs and are already heaped high in the dustbin of history. And thank God for that.”

        A liberal who believes in God. Who knew.

        Now about Libertarian ideals. They are the natural yearning of men to be free so they will never die as long as men have the will to BE free.

        Now with the proper mind control who knows what (evil) can be accomplished.

    • s c

      Bird, I have no idea who ‘Mark’ is (not that it matters). f he knew squat about politics or relaity (obviously, he doesn’t), he’d know that the last REAL ‘Democrat’ was Andrew Jackson. Truman had his moments, but fell short of what he could have been. Since the early ’30s ‘Democrats’ have sold their collective souls to the lowest bidder. If that wasn’t the case, then we’d never had to endure LBJ, Peanuts Carter, Bubba Klinton or Obummer.
      To make matters even worse, Obummer is the first prez to combine all of the anti-freedom elements at the same time. That is, he is NO ‘Democrat.’ He’s a twisted combination of socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism AND utopianism – all in the same defective, warped package.
      ‘Mark,’ get a life, and consider going back to grade school – again. “WE won” – THAT’S the best you can do? Maybe this time around, you won’t be promoted by ‘social fiat.’ You have no clue, comrade. Your ‘teachers didn’t do you any favors. If you have kids, may they become hardcore conservatives. THAT”S true poetic justice!

  • Charles

    The government of Illinois is actively engaged in extortion, too. They have demanded that I pay them extortion on wages I earned a year before I came here. I told the agents involved that I neither lived nor worked in the state when I had my job, and therefore have never owed the state any money. It did no good. They ignored my statements and issued their decree that I owe the money and have to pay it. I wrote to the senators and representatives, the attorney general and the governor. None of them have helped me. This state is run by criminals.

    • don

      Not only criminals, they are also cowards. Do you know that they have made it so you need over 500,000 signatures to run for a state office

  • john

    May God not abandon the U.S.A. and deliver us from evil in Washington D.C. as He abandoned the Jewish people around the world. May he remove the wicked from the U.S. of A.

    • Hedgehog

      John, be careful what you ask for! If GOD removed the wicked from the USA, by my ballpark estimate, you’d lose about one third of your total population and still be stuck with about eleven million illegal aliens!

  • joe1cr

    I wish they would put their floating facebook and tweeting links off to one side or the other and not in the articles or the comments.

  • BD

    This Bill is from the 97th session. We are now in the 98th session.


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