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Gold Confiscation

September 26, 2008 by  

Gold Confiscation

I believe that the government could try to confiscate gold at any time. They can make up a reason and the people will believe what they are told. I think that the ETFS were set up to confiscate. This is the perfect scheme for a huge catch of gold for the government to take all at once. Its too tempting when things get really bad with paper money.

Remember, there is a vast difference in the thinking of the people who own gold and the people who don’t. The people who own gold don’t trust the system as others do. They are not likely to give up their gold so easy as they did NOT in 1933. So the goverment mostly got the gold held in the banks in safety deposit boxes.

For survival, everyone needs some silver coins dated thru 1964 which are still legal tender and will have great exchange value in the collapse of paper money. This is everyday money to buy food and small items of necessity.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • fred speyer

    This is only a post thanking you for this site and forum.
    When I have more time and become more familiar with
    the site I will contribute my thoughts and experience.


  • Bob Livingston

    Thank you Fred and welcome! I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


  • Terry Neal

    Do not give up your metals. There will always be an underground market for them. At worst, things will change over time and your children can own them legally.
    I’d also like to thank you Doctor Livingston for a great newsletter and for standing proudly. I have raided your archives and am relishing the older letters as time permits. Most excellent. Too few of you and too many of them. I fear for my young children, as their future is quite shaky. I am bracing them for all the survellience and control, and teaching them to be self sufficient – depending on no one. They are already asking questions and its encourgaging to see their minds on fire. “Daddy, is that just another way for them to get our money”?

  • http://N/A??? RUSS TANNER

    I have had the privilige of “picking your brain” for many years and hope to as long as you are healthy enough to publish.  I desire to thank for your service to our God and to our fellow Americans.  You are truly a great American.

    I have been a precious metals investor for the last nine years, but have restricted my positions to various silver bullion based products.  I have also purchased three bags of wheat pennies. I can remember reading about a minister in WWII Germany having a “bathtub” of copper coins that fed his family very well during the terrible hyper-inflation the banks & government imposed upon them.  I can also remember reading of a gentleman purchasing a resturant for a single silver coin during this same time frame.

    I have tried to restrict my efforts to that which would be applicable to a “worst case” scenario.  If the price of gold goes to the extreme that folks like Jim Sinclair and David Morgan seem possible, then I probably could’nt be able to find any one that could afford to buy the gold. 

    I say this because I live in a remote area about 20 miles west of B’ham., Alabama.  Folks out here would also readily accept a silver dime, quarter and dollar in payment.  They would also know that the “wheaties” were pure copper, without having to drag out a magnifying glass to determine if they were pre-1982.

    I am a disabled underground coal miner.  I am 67 yr. old, married to a wonderful little bride for 46 yr. and father of two wonderful daughters that have blessed us (I should say God did the blessing) with three rowdy & wonderful grandsons of which the whole of our family are church members. Just thought you might like to know something about me since you were kind enough to share a portion of your life with your readership.

    In His service,

    Russ Tanner

  • Bob Livingston

    Dear Russ,

    Thank you for your wonderful letter and your story of your world the way it is happening.

    Boy, I think you are on target with your copper pennies and silver money. Once this paper money myth plays out, and looks like it may not be so far away, it will be amazing how fast Americans will grab those silver dimes, and how much they will be able to buy.

    I think they will come out of the woodwork that have been there for years, waiting to help people survive, a certain cataclysm that I see coming.

    Hang in there and add to your cache some basic items of food storage that you can rotate, use and replace to keep fresh.  This is one place that Americans are going to get blindsided, and we have encouraged people for years, to store food.

    Squirrels know more than Americans, because they store nuts for winter every winter.

    But you remind me of the old farm boy that has his ear to the ground and can hear the vibrations of the way things are going. I think you will make it fine, and I hope that your family will listen to you.

    My best wishes,

    • Vicky

      I work for a retail store in accounting. For the last 6 months I have been getting any silver I get my hands on…silver dimes and quarters, also wheat pennies, I also get the gold dollars…In the last 3 months I have noticed more silver in the registers. people are already using their silver to buy groceries, now I haven’t seen much in the last month, guess everyone is starting to get their income tax back. I only work 2 nights a week, but i will be on the hunt…I am starting to get a little stash together.
      Last year my husband and I decided to put in a big garden, we planted green beans, corn, peas, tomatos, peppers, and herbs.. We canned over 150 quarts of green beans, Froze 122 ears of peaches and cream corn, 52 quarts of freestone peaches, also canned 2 bushels of apples for applesauce…I even canned 30 quarts of baby potatos in their skins…that make wonderful fried potatos, we have a friend with a farm and we get our eggs from him and will be getting a lamb from him to to stock our freezer for the winter…I have been saying, we need to pay attention to the signs of our times and start making our preparations to become more self sufficient…this year we are making our garden bigger, and planting kale, carrots, cucumbers, squash…we still have alot from last year…but we will be doing the rotating thing…our grocery bill was only about 30 to 50 bucks a week, and it sure tasted alot fresher this past winter…I was taught by my grandmother and mother to can whatever you get your hands grandmother wasted nothing..It is really refreshing to read your letter, Thanks for getting folks back to the basics of life…I am new on it may take time to go through all these comments and archives….God Bless…Vik

  • Florida Girl

    Could this be the beginning?
    US Mint Suspends Sale of Gold Coins
    Thank you for your valuable information.  Please keep up the fight!
    All My Best,

  • Bob Livingston

    Very likely, Julie.  Step one is to shut off supply.   Step two is to confiscate what they can. — Bob

  • Vincent


    Thank you for several years of great information and reading pleasure.
    In your newsletter you always discuss gold and silver. With the recent drop in the price of platinum and palladium, what is your opinion on investing in those to supplement gold and silver? Also, when buying coins, do you recommend buying foreign coins (Canadian, Austrian, South African, etc.) or US coins or does it make no difference?

    Thank you and best wishes.

  • Richard

    The word “confiscate” means to steal. Roosevelt, in the Dirty Thirties, did not steal gold from the citizens of the U.S., he expropriated gold from the citizens and paid them $3.00 less then the market price. Let’s just call it a”partial” confiscation and made it unlawful for U.S citizens buy and own gold until 1971 when Nixon decoupled gold from the U.S. Dollar.

    Bob, please add any corrections to my blog.

  • Charlotte

    Hi Bob,
    I just got your info letter today for the first time.  I noticed you mentioned Swiss Annuities.  How does one purchase those?  As you know, insurance companies are in a mess.  How can I chose one in Switzerland that I can have confidence in?

    • KarenLee

      Don’t. Switzerland also has problems. They ALL have problems and I work in the industry. If you found one that did not have problems, they are either going to charge you minus zero interest, which means whats the point of an annuity, which is supposed to serve as a tax shelter for accruing interest, because now there is not interest, and two, there is no guaranteed ANNUITIZATION rate anywhere that I know of when it comes to payout time. And you can’t look it up anywhere either. And they will only pay what the market will bear at the time and even in good times that’s around 2% max.

      I bouth myself a Steinway grand. I bought my first Steinway upright 25 years ago, sold it for triple what I paid, played it along the way, and I plan to do the same with this piano. At the end of the next 25 years, I can sell it or burn it; take your pick depending on the economy. I know a lady who collects Barbie Dolls. She has some Barbie Dolls worth $6000 and more. Not my thing, but hey, it works for her and it’s better than money in the bank, I guess.

  • Bob Livingston

    Yes, we always talk gold and silver. Just this crisis now is what we always have in mind.  The metals have gone down relatively meaning that they have held excellent as related to everything else.   In depressions the metals have been a safe haven and they will be this time. HOLD on!!

    Platinum and palladium are excellent holds also. The precious metals are the same the world over. They are of the same weight and fineness the world over and equally acceptable as opposed to paper money.

  • Bob Livingston


    I still believe Swiss annuities are one of the safest investments on the planet.  You have to purchase them from a Swiss insurance company and to my knowledge, none have ever gone broke in more than 100 years of history.  Look for a strong company with a solid history.  It’s my understanding that there are only one or two that will still deal with Americans and I would not be surprised if that opportunity goes away in the near future as it pertains to new investments from Americans.  –Bob

  • Charley


  • Bob Livingston


    Only change dated 1964 and older which is 90% silver.  The change made since 1964 does not contain the silver.  It’s commonly called “junk silver”.  You can purchase this in bags of $1,000 face value (what you actually pay will be much higher due to the value of the silver in the coins).  Check with a coin dealer for market pricing.  Bob.

    • Tom


      You may not know that Half Dollars that were minted between 1965 and 1970 are 40% Silver. After 1970 Silver was removed from all U.S. circulation coins.

      Do not forget that Wartime Nickels, minted between 1942 through 1945, are 35% Silver. This was due to the shortage of copper because of the war.

      Yes…Collecting and dealing in coins is what I have been doing ever since I was seven years old…some 43 years of experience.

      Also in discerning the economic scenario…In a deflationary depression Gold is the only metal which holds value. I could have bought an ounce of silver for 25 cents back in the 1930′s. A Quarter Dollar contains about 1/5th ounce of silver.

      What does that tell you? I could trade a fifth of an ounce for an ounce? No…Deflationary depressions are not good for anything but Gold.

      On the other hand if we enter into a inflationary depression…then all commodities will have an increase in price…NOT VALUE.

      People…wake up!!! Prices are meaningless. What will retain its REAL VALUE over that of an inflated price or deflated price.

      Historically there has been one item that throughout history that retains value in any crisis…GOLD.

      You have Gold? No??? You’d best get some, because, today, Gold is a deal…AT ANY PRICE!!! WAKE UP!!!

      Tall Tom

  • Maru Beth

    Bob, I was using some of the advice on this article and another. What happened to the Strategies for Financial Survival??

  • Mary Beth


  • John Ausiman


    Regarding Charley’s post on silver coins -you may be interested in my article on U.S. silver coins at It gives some insights on various coins and I am not personally selling anything on this site. As a former saleman of precious metals for a large and reputable company, I felt it was time to share some of my knowledge for free.

    Another site I have started is with some informative articles on gold coins. Soon I will be posting an article on “Selling Scrap Gold – A Case Study”. It will discuss these companies that take in scrap gold and pay you supposedly “big money” for it.

    Enjoying the discussions.


  • Rodney Dezarn

    strong textThe truth according to the Bible is that at this time known as the Last Days, there is no safe haven, even gold and silver will become worthless. The Word of God indicates that niether gold or silver will deliver anyone from the wrath to come. The current economic conditions will worsen globally even to the point of total collapse bringing rise to the Son of Perdition (Anti-Christ) and his empty promises of peace and prosperity. Peace by the sword, for by peace he will destroy many, his plans for peace will be under the direction of military conquest.

    Today there are many false shepherds within the Church that claim formulas for instant wealth even following the fiction of secular economists. The tares among the wheat continue to follow the lead of these seducing con-men trusting in the riches of this world and their pleasures that lead to destruction. The false prophets that brought destruction to ancient Israel with their declarations of peace and prosperity are alive and well today within churches across America. All have a vision or a word of knowledge yet they are as their Father the Devil and his subtle lies.

    Those of us that remain in the faith not taking heed to seducing spirits place our hope in Christ for he is our inheritance and has offered us eternal life. The greatest treasure is not the temporal things of this world that breed corruption and vanity but the hearts of men and women who place their trust in the very one that created them. Many have fallen prey to these wolves in sheep clothing as a result of scriptural ignorance desiring fables that appeal to their worldly lusts, having abandoned the cross for the false promises of monetary gain and security. These will join themselves with the Whore of Babylon (Global Religion) whose end is destruction and eternal torments.

    • Tom

      I also believe in Christ. Yet I am not convinced that these are “the end of days”. Throughout early, medeival, and modern history there have been those declaring “the end of days” then living throughout the crisis to better and prosperous days. This causes those, whom falsely believed that it was the “end of days”, to lose their faith when the “end of days” do not materalize. So I will write words of faith, not words of damnation.

      I am not a “prosperity gospel” advocate. I do believe that God causes the rain to fall upon both the righteous as well as the sinner. Some poor people deserve their lot while other poor people do not. Some rich folks are evil while there are those whom are benevolent. God is not a respecter of person. He does His will to siut Him…not my will to suit me.

      Jesus said that no one knows the day of judgement…the Father did not even reveal it to Him. When the followers of the early church believed in the “end times” when the Romans were persecuting them, the church fathers admonished them for this. Those whom will not work shall not eat…so on…so forth.

      I place my faith in Jesus. If God Almighty would allow His only begotten, innocent Son to perish a horrible death upon the cross, then why would I, guilty of sin, expect deliverance here on Earth. I know that I will live with Him eternally and that this existence is temporal because of the GRACE of God. Jesus died for my sins. He was the propitiation for my guilt. Then God raised Him from the dead so that I, too, could walk in newness of life. So I am forgiven. There is nothing that I can do to earn my place in Heaven. That is what is important…the hope of walking a new life after my temporal existence.

      However I will not stop living here and now because I expect the “end of days”. You, as well as all of those whom are, once again, declaring the “end of days”, just might be surprised and live through this crisis. I expect to.

      Yet I hope that I am the one whom will be pleasantly surprised and wake up with Jesus in Heaven. Yet I do not expect that these are the “end of days”. So my work continues.

      Now living through this crisis might be comfortable…then, again, it might not. If you take heed and prepare you might have a chance to live through this comfortably. If you do not take heed at the famine about to strike then you’ll reap the consequences.

      Now my treasure resides in Heaven with God Almighty. That is where my heart is. However, here in this temporal existence, I’ve got hungry mouths to clothe and feed. Children? Family? Brothers and Sisters in Christ and those brothers and sisters whom are not? Others? You know? That is called MINISTERING.

      So I will take the prudent and appropriate steps…like buying up as much of God’s money as possible (Yes the Gold belongs to Him…the Bible says so)…to see me, and all the others that I can, through this crisis comfortably.

      If it is the “end of days” then I’ll be happy with my Father in Heaven. I could not care less for the treasures which I have accumulated here.

      If, on the other hand, like most of the time the sirens have wailed in the past, it is NOT the end of days then I’ll be able to feed my family.

      Either way, I’ll place my faith in God and I’ll place my Worldly wealth (what little I have) into Gold. I suggest you take the prudent steps and do the same because there are many, many storm clouds builing upon the horizon.

      Peace be with you.

      Tall Tom
      I Cor 13

      • Charlon

        It is true that in times past many have thought it was the end times when it was not. If we know our Bibles, we know that God’s chosen people had to be returned to the Land that God provided for them. That did not happen since God dispersed them all over the world until the year of 1948 when Israel was established again as the Jewish Nation. God did say that the return of his second coming at the end of the age and after the tribulation period was a secret and that only the Father knows the day and the hour. We also know from the scripture that the rapture where Jesus only desends in the heavens to catch up the believers will be in the twinkling of an eye when the number of believers is complete and the times of the gentiles have ended. But, we are also told that there would be signs of the times that we should not be ignorant but alert and these times would begin when Israel begins to return to their land. Many of us have been watching for the past 61 years. He also gives warnings to the Jews and to the tribulation saints in the scripture in Matt 28, so that they can know the signs of the times and look to Him for protection during the Great Tribulation after the Abomination of Desolation.. The scriptures also tell us the signs of the beginning of the seven years in Ezekiel 38-the battle of Gog and Magog, which many of us believe will be after the rapture. The time of the rapture is not a salvation issue because all believers will be caught up regardless of ones view. Due to the fact that we are saved through faith in Jesus as our redeemer by the grace of God and nothing else. Some refer to this as the pan theory…It will all pan-out regardless of you view of the time of the rapture. If the rapture is before the tribulation it has nothing to do with what the saved deserve. God (Being the Trinity) decided that the cost to Him of our salvation through the blood and death of His Son was the only means to satisfy His curse upon sinful and undeserving mankind. He is not only a Holy God but a Just God. The escaping of the wrath to come is promised by Jesus in Rev. 3:10 and other places, purely by the Grace of God and His love of Mankind. Remember Jesus is Risen and alive, dven though his death satisfied the payment to God the Father for our sins.

        This brings me to the faith issue. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6 that our security is in Him alone. You can’t have one foot in trusting in Him and one foot trusting in the world system. The best preparation we have for the coming of the end times is to build our faith to the point of expecting God to send us manna or to be fed by the ravens or the stricking of a rock to release a spring of water, to hide us under His wing or what ever other supernatural means that God communicates to us at the time of need. We are told to occupy until He comes so there is never a time when we are to sit back and stop living…We are to keep on doing good, helping our neighbor, serving others, praying for our enemies and living the royal law of Love. Yes we should be as prepared as possible to provide for our families, but always realizing these provisions come from the hand of God and when and if these supplies run out, our faith is still in the One who promises to provide for those who TRUST in Him. Just wanted to offer some food for thought. Beware of trusting in your own resources.

  • KarenLee

    Does anyone know why platinum is down? I thought it would go along with gold. Or is it a good time to buy some?

  • http://n/a Harryette Burns

    The latest gimmick during this holiday season is advertising for people to sell their gold and silver jewelry to acquire more cash to buy Christmas gifts. I do not believe this is a wise idea. Paper for gold????

  • http://aol Felix Palma

    Does any one know that all these metals are hard to find and maust be “charged” a large “premium” if found?? Who has it all??

  • Texas Patsy

    Friends, a few years ago a man from Australia was urging people to purchase the 1/10th ounce gold coins. I don’t know if Australian coins are “confiscable” by the U.S. government. The coins are small, about the size of your fingernail, but easy to handle. They could be more readily exchanged than the larger coins, those 1 ounce or more. The 1/10th ounce coins were $110 each in 1993.

  • Terri Robson

    Canada has the most Gold Mining corporations spread around the world, and almost 80% registered with the TSX. I believe when the final crash does come this will enable Canada’s money to become the basis for the NEW MONETARY UNIT OF NORTH AMERICA or the Amero if you wish. The Republic of the United States of America has used the money printing press to keep it afloat, with absolutely nothing to back it up, American money is being made virtually useless as a world unit.

  • Jacques Moore

    BOB, I have been a GOLD & DIAMOND horder for many years , when my wife & I owned a old OIL FIELD BAR back in the late 60s & early 70s I found out that it was the smart thing to do, so I put a lot of money into the GOLD in 1999 when it was cheep , I picked up some Diamonds when the DRUNKS came into the bar with there wifes wedding rings after a split .
    Remember what Chuck Hestion said about his guns , well that is how I feel about my gold & Gemstones , we worked our buts off for it & the Goverment will not get it , because they will never find it . That is for my wife of 40 years , if anything happens to me , she will be well taken care of .We both started serving JESUS CHRIST in 1975 & we are still serving him & will until it’s over one way or the other……….

  • Jacques Moore

    BOB, after reading some of the hits here on the blog ,I see that some here are smart enough to know that we are living in the last days, just as the BIBLE talks about & they are right , GOLD & SILVER will become good for nothing, but if a person is a true CHRISTIAN they will not need anything , but those that will be left behind will need something , not all of my children will make it , because they bought into what the Schools taught befor I could catch them & they are not Christians & will not let me teach my Great Grand Children anything about CHRIST ,so I will do the next best thing& leave them books & money & Gold ,it might help , but not sure ,so I just do the best I can for them & GOD HELP them & there DAD’s & Mom’s …..
    Some of these people will live all the way through the SEVEN YEARS of Tribulations @ least I think that WILL BE WHAT TAKES PLACE ?? IT will not be easy & that is for sure , but if they make it , I just hope to see them then ???

  • Sam

    I’ve appreciated your wisdom for some time now. THANK you for making this blog available to all.

  • Chuck

    Re: Ph balance. I have been using a product called X20 from Xooma Worldwide. It balances your Ph, neutralizes chlorine in tap water, and has 70+ minerals. I think it works great. Bob, I enjoy your newsletter.

  • kris

    what about the gold that is not made into legal tender like gold flakes or nuggets or melted gold from gold panning? how do you get a price for this?


    BOB, I purchased quite a few 1922-23 silver Peace dollars several years ago. If and when paper money is no longer of worth, will I be able to use these Peace dollars to purchase necessities or should I just have the smaller silver coins like dimes, nickels, quarters and halves? Would it be advisable to sell or trade these dollars for bag(s) of the smaller coins? I really have no idea as to how to go about this or to make sure I get the smaller silver coins at a fair price. Any suggestions? I truly enjoy your very timely articles and look forward to reading them always. Thank you


    BOB, I have a few St Gaudins $20.00 gold coins MS around 1933 and also a few $10.00 gold MS liberty coins all of which were purchased 4-5yrs ago. Will these be useful to spend if the dollar collapses? If so how do you go about spending or using them?

  • Mel C.

    Dear Mr. Livingston,
    What should folks do who have rolled most of their 401K or Roths out of stocks and into gold or silver that is held at a specific institution whose location, I believe, is in New York? Is it safe there?? Would it be wise to consider other means of personally holding it, after paying withdrawal penalties, of course?

    As a soon to be ‘empty-nester’ who stayed home to raise the children, I don’t have much in my personal Roth account (15K or so), and wonder if it might be wise to withdraw it, pay penalties for withdrawal if due, but use it to go back to school. Any advice for such women in my same situation?

    Thank you for all that you do. May God continue to use you and be your strength!
    Mrs. C. in Central Florida

  • Draco

    Really now?Do you actually think a gold or silver coin is going to keep my thirst and hunger away?Even if you do buy something to eat how much do think you are going to buy? a loaf of bread some bottled water.I need some solid advice here.So far it still looks like we believe the politicians.Nobody is going to sell us anything no matter how much you offer them.The food and water will be priceless.bye.

  • John

    Nows the time to stock up on tins of tuna, beans and soup while the prices are low. The world will experience hyper-inflation in less than 2 years …food prices will go over the roof!

    The day after the believers are removed from planet earth, the world will be in destress are the seven year tribulation period begins….halrf way into this 7 year period the one world leader will cause all those remaining on earth to receieve a computer chip in their body ….without this no one will be able to buy or sell. Money as we know it in 2009 will cease to exist!

  • M.G.

    You listed the dates for US coins and their silver/copper content, but what about foreign coins. I have traveled all over the world for the last 24 years and have quite a collection. Is there some sort of coin dealers reference book that I can get to discern their worth?

  • Judy & LIVID

    Dear Bob, I have read your comments and the bloggers for a few months now. I am overwhelmed by the astute constituent minds of your followers, Some do not have a clue to what’s going on. They are sheep, led to slauder!!! I myself, have been complacent in the past but have found my voice in late 2008, by listening to several conservative talk radio stations and attending my first TEA PARTY in ST. LOUIS, MO. I have plugged into many websites concerned with what this president is doing and is able to get away with. Our nation is facing the Worst with man and his adminstration in charge. These problems are a direct result steming from the “The New Deal”, and a long line of liberal and democratic thinking/ideals. History has proven; economic growth only occurs when we have limited taxes, limited government involvement & limited control. Free Enterprise! WE as American Citizens need to start Voicing our opinions!!! We need to stop this Gestapo type of administraition and take up arms. IF WE DON’T, WE WILL BE A SOCIALIST NATION!!! This administration is NOT ABIDING by the CONSTITUTION AS IT WAS WRITTEN!! The judges that obama wants to appoint will not rule according to the Constitution; but rather rule from the bench. This means their personal agenda will dictate their decision,; NOT THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF THE U. S. of AMERICA!!!
    WE THE PEOPLE have the right to abolish such actions when the government usurps our nation. It is happening as we speak! We as Americans need to become VOCAL, SPEAK UP, and STAND FOR WHAT WE AS A NATION WERE FOUNDED ON!!! We NEED to VOICE OUR OPINIONS and OPPOSE what this so called president (obama and his administration) are LEADING & SUCKING US INTO BLINDLY (the majority of those who have been led to believe he has our best interest at heart!!!


    HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, I want you to feel free to contact me. We as citizens have the right according to the Constitution to Abolish, anyone in public office, BECAUSE THEY WORK FOR US ; THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS!!!


    Call me a rebel, maybe, he could be a ligitimate citizen. I still believe he is a modern-day Hitler, everything obama speaks about refers to the Hitler era. In the early 1920′s, the U.S. adopted the Public School System from Prussia because the population was increasing and the churches could not accommodate the numbers of students. So they blindly adopted that system, which fell right inline with Hitler’s phylosophy. And so the public school system was born. Hence, the Indoctrination of our children began. I know, I witnessed this first hand!!! I noticed this when I became a teachers ‘ aide back in 1985. Every time the school purchased a new series of books or updated the materials; the most important things, (Constitutional – History of the U.S., the Holocaust, and Major Historical events, and science) were minimized of their importance or altered from the truth-NOT as I learned the facts in the 1950′s & 60′s. We had chapters devoted to each individual event that occured in history and the events that led up to it. Our young adults who are becoming our leaders were Dumbdowned. Please, WAKE UP AMERICA – YOUR FREEDOM AS YOU KNOW IT IS ABOUT TO DISAPPEAR!!!!

  • KMD

    Hi Bob,

    In the near future the government might confiscate gold if you buy it by bullion or receive stock certificates; however, if people purchase gold coins and retain them would the government know if you have any? I enjoy your articles and thank you very much.

    Best wishes!

  • mike

    Hi Bob, What’s the best way to store seeds?
    I enjoy reading your comments. Whether we are in the end times or not, change is happening. The future is always in God Hands. We just have to keep the faith!
    and Trust in Jesus even more!

  • Bob Livingston

    Dear Mike,

    According to the Colorado State University Extension office, seeds will store on a shelf at room temperature for about one year without significant loss of germination. Depending on the conditions in your state, this may or may not be accurate for your situation. You can check with your local county or university extension office for local information. A 10-year storage live can be achieved by drying seeds to less than 8 percent moisture. To do so, dry seeds for six hours at 100 degrees F. This can be done outside or in a conventional oven with the door open. Be sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 100 degrees. Store dried seeds in moisture-proof containers in a refrigerator of freezer and they should be good for up to 10 years.


  • David Gallo

    Bob, I still challenge you to read, The Hidden Story of Cancer, by Prof. Brian Peskin, can be purchased by calling 800-456-9941. I can promise it will be quite an eye opener and you will be hard put defending some of your views.

  • Jz

    I want my son to get some coins each month, but where can he hide them in an apartment that is not in a safe or lock box that someone can pick up and carry away? What is a good to store them?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear JZ,

      First of all, tell no one that you have gold on the premises. That goes for friends and relatives. Any slip of the tongue can alert a thief to your valuables who would be more diligent in a search than would a burglar who picked your home at random.

      After that, there are some simple tricks you can use depending upon the way your apartment is constructed. If there are voids in closets (ceilings or walls) you can buy a small—preferably fireproof—safe and secure it in the void. Be sure the void is covered in such a way that it doesn’t look different from its surroundings. If you have large baseboards you can remove one section and cut a small hole in the drywall and place your gold behind the baseboard, securing the baseboard with just a couple of nails for easy removal. You can purchase a package of frozen vegetables or fruit or a container of ice cream, remove the contents and put your coins in the container and the container in the freezer. Most burglars won’t look there. You can also place a few coins at a time in envelopes and tape them inside your cabinets to the underside of the countertop. If you use a little bit of imagination you can thwart most common thieves.

      Best Wishes,

  • http://N/A Will Basham

    Bob, As I read over many of these submissions, there appears to be much uncertainty, about acquiring and saving securely, precious metal coinage, etc. I have been a pew potato in an large evangical churchbody, here in America, and thought I had a large base of beliefs in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit…Thanks to being told by my Mom, who was prominent in the same church, advised me to listen to a broadcast of “The Sheperd’s Chapel, a ministry of Dr. Arnold Murray, Almost dismissed it as just another T.V. evangelist…He and his sons are some of the most prolific Bible Teachers, ever have I had an opportunity to hear…They have told, and documented items in the Bible I have never been told by any other pastor… They are a must listen, to really learn about God and many other biblical ideas.

  • eskort ilanları

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