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Gold And Silver In A Bubble?

April 8, 2011 by  

Gold And Silver In A Bubble?

At this writing, silver is $39.57 and gold is $1,459.86. Silver and gold are not in a bubble and should be bought. Before this market is topped out, precious metals will be much higher.

Paper money and all fiat currencies are in a bubble. The people who are saying that silver and gold are in a bubble are talking their book.

They are betting against gold and silver by shorting the market, or either not buying it.

As we have cautioned many times, do not invest in any kind of proxy for gold and silver, meaning any kind of scheme, exchange traded fund (ETF) or any type of “storage or security” system. Keep your metals in your possession at all times, the same as you would your firearm.

In my wide reading of the metals market I am reading about silver being in backwardation.
This means that many forms of silver are not available at the retail price.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is considering rule changes that would set limits on the amount of shorts that can be bought. This would limit the manipulation of the gold and silver market by the big bullion banks like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Many writers believe that this will make the price of silver and gold explosive.

Normally speaking, silver and gold are due for a correction and I believe it will substantially correct. Just always keep in mind how much and how fast it has gone up.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Bullets are a good investment also.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Fernao de Magalhaes

    I bought another couple ounces of silver yesterday. I am a member of Max Keiser’s “Silver Liberation Army”.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Fernao. More great info on silver…

    • Lastmanstanding

      Everything that you want to know and MUCH MORE.

  • Jeff

    Invest in precious metals wisely. Remember that the government can take it from you by passing a simple bill in the rogue Senate. Be discreet about how much you have as when times are tough, even close friends and some relations can turn against you because of its value. One idea I keep in mind, even though I know that these metals would most likely be a critical asset when the dollar finally crashes is that one cannot eat it.

    • Vigilant

      Correctamundo! Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

      Tying the “value” of gold & silver to any number of inflated dollars makes sense ONLY if you could offload your precious metals in a stable monetary environment of non-inflationary dollars at some time in the future.

      Any crash of the world’s monetary system would TEMPORARILY bring precious metals to the front as items of barter. But, in such a scenario where fiat currencies have become useless, the global situation with regards to food, water, etc. will become so precarious that the “value” of gold & silver will last only as long as someone has a surplus of commodities to use in trade.

      Once those surpluses have evaporated, no amount of precious metal will suffice to keep you alive. You certainly cannot eat it. You’ll then, if you sold your surpluses for gold, will have a quantity of useless metal on your hands.

      Bottom line: in a moderately unstable global economic environment, your gold will yield great rewards. In a global financial meltdown, your fiat currencies will be more useful, since you can at least light your fires with them.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Vigilant. The elites want you to hold there worthless paper. By buying and physically holding PM’s pisses them off to the nth power.

        In a hyperinflationary economy, a banana or a bullet could be of tremendous value. Just imagine what real money could be worth or what it will do for you when things reset…None of us no the outcome but why not buy some PM’s. Let’s take the risk together!

        Think about it. You eat a banana, you can fire a bullet from a gun, a silver coin will be of irrefutable valuable.

        People have no PM’S may have excesses of other items and know that they can trade or save them…We are a resourceful lot and will need to use our brains more than ever.

        Better have alot of dollars to build that fire!

        • Incredulous1

          At least silver coins could be melted down to make Werewolf bullets.

          Sorry Guys, no disrepect intended. Just struck me as funny. ;-)

          • JimH

            Ahoooooooooooo. Ar, ar, hooooooo.

      • kevinl

        At some point, people no longer want paper currency for their wares, commodities, vehicles, etc. Particularlly, the US dollar — the Fed had been printing all these $’s(or counterfeiting) and exchange them for useful, practical items(imports). So when they(domestic and foreign) smarten up about what’s been going on with the counterfeiting $, they just stop accepting the $, and then we’ll be (offensive word removed) up for real, folks! Thus, only gold and silver coins(real money) can obtain you the necessities of life!

      • James

        Vigilant, there are coin shops all over the contry, where one can buy or sell precious metal coins. Gold and silver are just commodities, that can be traded anywhere in the world.

    • Lomax

      You can’t eat worthless dollars either. I also totally agree with what was said above. Keep what you have in gold and silver to yourself. You can trust your dog to be your friend always but you can not trust people for anything. People will back stab you for any reason that happens to come to their minds but your dog will always be your friend.

      • Patty

        No kidding! And you can always cannibalize them. I couldn’t, but some could. 101 ways to wok your dog!

    • Patty

      They can’t take something if they don’t know you have it. Like in all things, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in 1 basket. As I have seen the economy get worse, I have taken a several prong approach. I leave almost nothing in my bank except to pay monthly bills. Keep your green backs. If you still have a mortgage your note says that it is payable in USD funds. So, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, you can walk into your mortgage company and they have to accept it. Buy some silver, medicine, first aid, ammo to barter. Fill up your gas cans, even at this price so you can get out of dodge. Buy canned anything, I prefer tomatoes. They contain a lot of purified water and are good for you and you can use the water in them to make pasta or other dried ingredients. I am lucky enough to have a farm 2 hours out from the city. It too will be stocked and supplied. I do that anyways every year when I open it up. I really don’t think it will come to all of this, but I am a good girl scout and survive I will.

    • DG

      That’s right Jeff — The other things that I have been stocking up on are Canned foods – drinking water- a good size Generator- and gas–and of coarse -guns and bullets- can’t protect what you have without guns and bullets — but just do not allow “them” to come and take your guns like they did in New Orleans- keep your guns pointed at the door when they are knocking-remember they have bullet proof vests on -so a head shot would be necessary- and stay behind substantial barrier out of the line of fire- I am just your typical Marine- and don’t answer the door and don’t respond verbally–
      And keep your mouth shut about your stash -

      Roosevelt actually only took the Gold then- they devalued the gold and then offered 20/oz for it and then they voluntarily turned it in — just like you pay “income Taxes” voluntarily-by signing a w4- read the Tax code -title 26 USC 31.3402- As I understand it -but you will have to check it out yourself– and then they let it return to the 35/oz price

      • James

        DG, President FDR had possession of gold outlawed when it was about $25/oz. Then after confiscating Americans’ gold, he raised the price to $35/0z. which devalued the dollar – not gold – and essentially swiped 40% of gold-holders’ purchasing power. Gold closed yesterday at $1187/oz., an all-time high. The price of gold reflects the decreasing value of the dollar. For example houses don’t get more valuable as they age, they depreciate just like cars do. Since the Roaring Twenties, the dollar has lost over 95% of its value. But the value of gold never changes, an ounce of gold buys the same amount of corn, beans or wheat, today, as it did in 1925, it just takes more dollars, now, to buy it.

        • James

          Correction, Gold closed yesterday at $1487/oz.

    • marc

      The Gov can take bullion if a law is passed, not coins, which are collectables

  • http://NA Kurt T Horchheimer

    Where is a trusted place to buy Silver? I don’t have the means to buy gold but I do have the resources to buy a few thousand in Silver.


    • ValDM

      Try your local coin dealer; that’s the best place to start. Check your change. I’ve acquired many pieces of silver this way. Pawn shops sometimes have silver available.

      • Lomax

        You are right there. Most coin dealers that I have bought from look at the spot proce of gold and silver. Go to for these prices. That will give you an idea what to expect when you go in to buy.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Kurt. ValDM is right on. I live in a small town and I can always get it and walk out the door. Thousands may require a place like. Jason Hommel is in Grass Valley, Ca. and writes a newsletter. The best site I’ve found for Silver info. is http// These guys have taught me alot in the last 5 months.

    • John J Kiernan

      Join the NRA, 1st American Reserve of 7310 Phelan, Beaumont, Texas 77706 advertises in the NRA magazines. Phone 888-324-2646 Fax 409-860-0455. They cut a real good deal for NRA members.

  • Moonsi

    I think that the precious metals are not in the buble because we have a very destructive printing money machine. I think that if you keep a lot of cash; it can be confiscated by INFLATION. So I am not too worried about precious metals confiscation because of the reason to hold inflated cash. This is a damn if we do and a damn if we don’t situation.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Moonsi. Everyday you wait to buy silver is a day closer to slavery.
      Buy it now, little by little.

      Don’t know where you live, doesn’t matter. Go outside and take a few deep breaths. Look at the trees, flowers, birds, etc. I you have $1 or a million dollars. If you turn it into silver or gold you have something that God created. Not some piece of trash that a bunch of bankers mass produced.

      Turn it into anything that you need. Food, water, seeds, guns, ammo.
      Use what little value is left to save your life.

      What if the dollar, that we all currently have (little) faith in crashed overnight. When you awake, you will have nothing or you will have a pile of silver. What risk are you willing to take?

      Trust in History, Trust in God.

  • Pat

    During WWII in the concentration camps (while people were starving) the gold was salvaged from the corpses’ mouths. What does this tell you?
    Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! Buy it while you can…or weep later.

    • Denniso

      Gold and silver are not experiencing a bubble? Yet Bob goes on to say that they are both due for a correction. A correction from what? A bubble? Most commodities are ‘bubbling’,due to uncertainty after the economic crash and now unrest in the middle east. Oil,corn are doing the same.
      They will correct(crash)and it won’t be long. Buying in at $1450/oz?

      • Bruce D.

        A correction in gold is considered healthy. As long as Obama is in office there will be no crash in gold. Obama has created a hostile environment for business. Until he is gone gold we keep rising. We still need to go though the hyper-inflation Obama has laid the groundwork for which will cause gold to go up even further. As unemployment comes down and consumer confidence goes up gold may be venerable. But that will not happen under Obama’s watch.

        • DG

          Remember –Bush and BO are nothing more than puppets -their strings are pulled by the bankers in the Federal Reserve system and the Federal reserve is not part of “our” government and this government is also owned by the bankers–The “golden Rule” those that have the gold -make the rules–Bush started it and BO is continuing it -NWO–This is all by their plan

      • DaveH

        For anybody that thinks Denniso has even the slightest clue of what’s going on, read this:

        Even better, read the whole article about Hyperinflation if you have the time.
        I like the example of Argentina because in the late 1800s they were very much in the same economic position as the United States was. And their geography is very similar to the United States. They were ranked well into the top 10 economies of the world (I think #3 at one time, now ranked 37th). Then Big Government took hold. Progressives, much like we are dealing with now, took control and pushed their redistribution of wealth schemes.
        There is no limit to the price of hard commodities when the Federal Reserve is allowed to create money out of thin air. The increasing price of those commodities has nothing to do with their value and everything to do with the loss of value of the unbacked paper dollar.
        It may not be long before we are on the list of examples in Wikipedia’s Hyperinflation article.
        Denniso has been on this board long enough to know better, so the only reasonable conclusion that I can come to is that he thinks he will benefit by the destruction of our dollar.

        • Denniso

          The United States is not and has never been Argentina…poor example. Look back at the late 70′s and early 80′s if you want to compare,when inflation was relatively high and interest rates hit 18% or so…but it didn’t last very long,did it? We survived and will survive this economic problem w/o looking like a third world country.

          • Denniso

            DaveH says he has two degrees,so he should know some grammar. He says,’anybody THAT thinks’, when it should be,’anybody WHO thinks’.
            It’s a common mistake that is rampant in our country,and I guess DaveH is a common sort of guy…

            ‘That’ is used when referring to things, ‘who’ when referring to people.

          • libertytrain

            Denniso – a quick review of your post on April 8th above demonstrates that perhaps you should not critique another person for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

          • Denniso

            Point out what you think is wrong w/ my comment. Spelling or punctuation is not the same as using the completely wrong word,’that’ rather than ‘who’, when referring to a person.

          • libertytrain

            Sorry kid, wrong is wrong. That you are creating your own order of what is considered “more wrong” reminds me of the Left. Changing the rules to accommodate itself. I don’t need to point out your errors – you should be able to figure that out yourself. Wrong is wrong in spelling, punctuation, capitalization of words, etc. We all make errors from time to time, but for you to point them out while making your own is beyond silly and a tad bit arrogant –

          • Denniso

            So wrong is wrong? You really think there are no gradations in how wrong something is,no shading in degree of error? Sounds like the typical rightwing absolutist approach for everything,where all is black and white,good and bad.

            So if I use a double negative…’I don’t believe nothing about nothing’,or, ‘ain’t no good never comes from nothing’, you think that’s no worse than using a comma or not incorrectly? It’s possible to use flawed grammar,it does get overly complicated I agree,but still sound like you have a brain,while some more extreme flaws make one sound like an imbecile,and even obstruct the message.

            I don’t usually point out grammatical or spelling errors as it happens to all of us,unless it makes a comment unintelligible or ridiculous. I poked a bit at DaveH because we have a bit of a running war going on and he can become abusive and so certain that I can’t resist when he,w/ 2 degrees,makes one of the most obvious and common mistakes w/ grammar.

          • libertytrain

            “So wrong is wrong? You really think there are no gradations in how wrong something is,no shading in degree of error?”

            I never was taught that some things in grammar are in various gradations of correct or incorrect. I did not get graded on a curve because my punctuation was almost correct or my spelling was only missing one letter or my use of proper nouns were sometimes capped. Perhaps you were.

          • Denniso

            The thing is that we aren’t in elementary school anymore,are we? If you don’t think some errors are worse than others,then I guess that’s why you’re a rightwinger,and I’m a thinker.

          • libertytrain

            Frankly, my dear your greatness of thought lies only within the realm of your own brain cells. And, you are correct, I try to hold on to the basic rules of our society that I learned in school, if not, what is the point of proper spelling, grammar, language, common decency, mores, etiquette, and so much more? Without the skeleton or backbone of a society we have no society -

          • Denniso

            Being a thinker does not mean one has any ‘greatness of mind’, only that one tries to actually think instead of just act on rote learning. School is just the beginning of learning and we should continue it for our entire lives…if we stop learning how to think w/ the end of school,and school really doesn’t teach thinking anyway, we end up stuck mentally in our 20′s…you disagree w/ that?

          • libertytrain

            I do not disagree that learning is something we do our entire life. That’s a given. I do tend to think that becoming lackadaisical about what basic rules we follow is very convenient, self-serving and leads to a disruption of the structure of our society – kind of like what we have been seeing these last several years. A slow crumbling – mostly because of the “it’s not a big deal” kind of attitude. A breakdown of the basics of civility.

      • James

        Denniso, I agree, when people get scared and start buying gold, its price can soar past normal inflation, but then it just moves sideways for awhile before it continues upward. Gold simply reflects the amount of paper dollars in circulation, and with more deficit spending locked in, its price will continue to rise accordingly.

        • Denniso

          We had huge deficit spending under Reagan in the 80′s,and gold sat still for a decade or more. Deficit spending is nothing new and has been part of the gov’t for nearly a century. People are pushing gold as a hedge against collapse or inflation,and they are being successful in driving up the price.

  • kenneth kilmer

    I would be causious to consider investing in gold and silver.Remember
    history always repeats itself. Get your history book out and read what
    happened in the 30′s what the President Roosevelt did to the gold and silver, not to mentioned what it was used for. Fter the war,all the
    ships and war planes, the wiring was stripped out of them because they
    were made from…. you guessed it.Good luck!

  • Alfred Alder

    Remember: Life’s Tough .. Its Tougher if your stupid (John Wayne)
    Greed is the route to evil .. Evil will destroy! Plan ahead. Knowledge
    and wisdom is the key.

  • http://com i41

    Gold and silver is nice to own, but having land where you can grow your food and live with out s–t bird government wonks deciding if you are following the city, county, state, and federal meddling. Gold and silver will top out and then when food is scarce and having starvation rations, metals like these will not last long. Since fuel climbed another 15 cents in one week, did anyone bother to see where Onumnutts was off flying around at a million dollars a flight? Notice that Onumnutts and the Congress will get their over

    • ValDM

      Best invest in heirloom seeds (they’re good for about 4 years). Any over-the-counter seed you get (hardware stores, grocery stores, etc.) have been treated and are only good for the year stated on the packet. Additionally, keep your food growing secret. Eventually, growing your own food will become illegal (the new Food Safety bill ring any bells?) Also, invest in shovels, rakes, pickaxes, any hand-tool with which to work the soil. Good luck, and may God bless.

    • patty

      The gov’t. can/will take your land. To many documents. You can buy metals under the wire from private parties until they outlaw that like they are trying to do with guns.

    • James

      i41, I believe possession of gold will be outlawed, just as FDR did, that’s why I recommend buying silver. Investments in gold mine stocks would be safe because they would continue to sell to other countries.

  • chow

    If anything goes wrong the worst that can happen is for us to live like the US 19th century southwest and back then money was gold and silver coins.

  • Vicki

    You may not be able to eat gold or silver but they are MUCH easier to carry than a 50 lb bag of rice.

    • Vigilant

      Who’s going anyplace?

  • JimH

    If things ever regress to a barter system, Jack Danials and Marlboro’s will be like gold. Unless you live in Utah.

    • Thamera

      Oh, even in Utah…

      • patty

        Geez, I better dust off my distiller….

  • DaveH

    I love this quote (attributed to Thomas Jefferson):
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    • vicki

      As we can see all around us that quote is quite the accurate prophecy.

    • Thamera

      Funny, I just read that quote last night and could not agree more!!!

  • pete

    I heard that the Federal Reserve contract is going to run out in 2012 (or 2013 ?). I also heard that the Federal Reserve does not want to renew this contract with the USA because we are a bad risk …..

    So I reckon that other forms of currency are going to compete against the dollar, domestically . What seems kind of strange is all of a sudden Congress is taking some interest in what the Fed is doing .. but Congress is going at a very slow pace to correct what is going on.

    So the Federal Reserve Bank’s contract is over in about 2 years …. And now Congress is letting Ron Paul have some hearings in May ?

    Shrimp went from $5.00 a bag to $5.33 a bag in WalMart, I checked the price tonight. So I figure it’s about 6.60 per cent inflation in the past month on food items. So I’m predicting food is going to go up roughly 35% more in price by the end of the year ….

    So from now until the end of 2012 that’s 20 months at 6.6% would be roughly another 133% of inflation price increase .. So for every dollar you spend now , tack on an extra $1.33 on your grocery bills. So let’s say you spend $100 / week you’ll probably be paying $233 /week

    After the Federal Reserve Bank’s contract runs out, I sure don’t know how high the inflation is going to be.

    We need competition right now in the domestic currency market !!!

  • DaveH

    “In the election of 1912, the Democratic Party won control of the White House and both chambers of Congress. The party’s platform stated strong opposition “to the so called Aldrich bill for the establishment of a central bank.” However, the platform also called for a systematic revision of banking laws in ways that would provide relief from financial panics, unemployment, and business depression, and would protect the public from the “domination by what is known as the Money Trust.”[6]

    Thend the subsequent Federal Reserve Act voted on when many of the Congressional members were home for Christmas:
    “After months of hearings, debates, votes and amendments, the proposed legislation, with 30 sections, was enacted as the Federal Reserve Act. The House, on December 22, 1913[7] , agreed to the conference report on the Federal Reserve Act by a vote of 298 yeas to 60 nays with 76 not voting. The Senate, on December 23, 1913, agreed to it by a vote of 43 yeas to 25 nays with 27 not voting. The record shows that there were no Democrats voting “nay” in the Senate and only two in the House. The record also shows that almost all of those not voting for the bill had previously declared their intentions and were paired with members of opposite intentions.”

    The above quotes came from this Wikipedia article:

    Ah, you’ve gotta love those Democrats — NOT.

  • http://com i41

    Any simpleton that thinks any dumbocrap isn’t for a dictatorship and total government control, either is a degreed dumb azz or is a government employee with all of the abhorant traits of a marxist/communist socialist. This bubble like all commodities are the design of George Soros and his democrap party legions. Wall Street is made up of mostly dems.

  • DaveH

    This is what we’re up against folks. A large majority of mainstream Americans believe we are over-taxed, but an even larger majority of those in the political class believe that we aren’t overtaxed. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Those Leaders like their power and perks and they aren’t going to give them up easily:

    • Denniso

      Federal taxes are lower than they’ve been in decades…

      • fixyourself

        Rates are TOO HIGH regardless of your failed grasp of taxation.
        Write-offs are at their LOWEST!
        Corporatge Taxes are the highest in the WORLD!
        Have you ever heard of economy of scale??

        Having A fact doesn’t make you informed. Stop offering your propoganda.

        • Denniso

          Any taxes are too high for you and your type. If our corporations are struggling to pay their taxes,like GE paying almost none,you sure couldn’t guess it by their corporate health and record breaking profits…poor corporations,can only pay their CEO’s $30 million and more per yr,and offer stock options in the hundreds of billions.

          You need to think of taxes as the dues to belong to the wealthiest and one of the safest and most secure countries in the world,where people can do business,make money and sometimes retire in total comfort.

          • Denniso

            ‘hundreds of millions’

  • Cal

    How much money do make selling gold and silver, Bob?

    • patty

      I don’t believe he sells it or endorses anyone who does. I read that from a different article with posts.

      • libertytrain

        There is always some doofus that doesn’t read the site but feels the need to try and create an issue that doesn’t exist. If he did read the site he’d know that Bob doesn’t sell gold or silver.

        • DaveH

          Even if he did, so what? One of the wisest statements I ever heard was “don’t assume any offer is too good to be true without first hearing and then carefully considering the terms”.
          That assumption is one thing that keeps the common man from succeeding. The truth is that no deals would ever be made if everybody thought that way. That is a major reason that only a small percentage of people are successful (in the economic sense).

          Good article on the Federal Reserve:

          • libertytrain

            I believe you are correct. Bob Livingston said as a rule he doesn’t recommend specific stocks etc. on this site. However in his Bob Livingston Letter he make recommendations on specific things. I also believe the whole point of this site, was to encourage people to succeed in life in many facets —

          • Denniso

            Most or all of the rightwing sites and media are making money selling advertising to gold and solver pushers…also dried food and survival supplies. They all fit in w/ the armageddon and doom and gloom tone coming from the rightwing. Money,money…

          • libertytrain

            Denniso, Do you not understand how newspapers, magazines, television, cable, satellite, and now websites have operated all these years. Advertising. I still don’t understand why you spend so much time here if you find it so distasteful?

          • libertytrain

            Further if you find one of these places not funded by advertising, they are more than likely funded by the government via our taxes.

          • Denniso

            You don’t get it? Advertising is one thing, advertising products that fit one particular slant on the news and world view is another. The rightwing sites fearmonger and rant about armageddon and coming collapse,and then capitalize on the fear they’ve helped create by selling advertising for products like gold and dried food.
            A bit like a church scaring you about a pretend Hell,and then telling you to pay it money to get a ‘stay out of Hell card’. It’s called exploitation,not advertising.

            I realize you feel the need to insult me,but I won’t retaliate in kind. I come here because there are a few sane and balanced people trying to inject some reason into people and debates here,and I intend to help in that regard. I also view it as practice in debating people w/ extreme rightwing views,who I see as a threat to our country
            and a civil way of life,and that all of us who can stand up to these extremists need to where ever we find them. It also helps me frame my positions in opposition to extremists.

          • libertytrain

            Denniso: This comment of yours above re the advertising – was nothing less than an insult to not only Personal Liberty – but the readers as well. To pretend otherwise demonstrates your over-inflated ego. You just had to do it…

          • Denniso

            You want to defend some of the readers here who post racist comments,habor pure hate for those they disagree w/,exhibit there loathing and hate for the president of the United States,equate Dems and liberals w/ vermin or communists/marxists? You seldom go after rightwingers doing that but find the time to nitpick my comments that never sink to those levels…something wrong there.

          • libertytrain

            Actually Denniso, I do – far more than you have the eyes to see.

          • Denniso

            I’ve been here a yr and a half. I’ve only seen you go after the racists and haters a couple of times. If you do it more, then good for you. Others here should it as well,but it’s seldom done by so called conservatives.

          • libertytrain

            Denniso – you have no idea the length many conservative types go through to protect other people from the racists and the haters of this world.

          • Denniso

            I responded the other day and somehow it’s gone.

            I said,’that is quite a twist on what is actually reality’. If the current tea party and so called ‘conservatives’ had held power back in the 60′s we would still not have voting rights for anyone but the wealthy white. If they held power back in the 1860′s we would still have slavery. If they had existed in enough numbers in 1922 we would still have women w/ the vote. The rightwing thinks that if we just keep gov’t out of everything except the military, we will all be totally free and safe from bigotry and discrimination.

            You can’t believe that…

          • libertytrain

            It’s amazing – you are quite a soothsayer – however, I can’t agree with you.


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