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Global Warming Expert Cleared Of Some Allegations, New Investigation Launched

February 9, 2010 by  

Global warming expert cleared of some allegations, new investigation launched Penn State University officials have cleared climate researcher Michael Mann of concealing information, falsifying data and misusing confidential information, following an investigation into the unauthorized release of more than 1,000 private emails that brought into question current global warming science.

However, the panel was not able to reach a conclusion on whether Mann’s research activities "seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community," according to the Los Angeles Times. Authorities at the university have put together a new committee of five science professors to review the allegations and report their findings within the next four months.

"Even though no evidence to substantiate the fourth allegation was found, the university administrators thought it best to convene a separate committee of distinguished scientists to resolve any remaining questions about academic procedures," said Mann.

"I fully support the additional inquiry, which may be the best way to remove any lingering doubts," he added.

Meanwhile, Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) the top Republican on the House investigations committee, said that the university’s continued investigation calls into question Mann’s credibility as a global warming expert, The Washington Times reports. Issa has asked President Obama to freeze the professor’s $541,184 stimulus grant supplied by the National Science Foundation.

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  • RoBoTech

    Not ONE of these scam artists will be prosecuted for the fraud they have perpetrated on the WORLD, what less America!
    Just wait until Nov. It will be the new GOP majorities mandate from the people to investigate and PROSECUTE any and all that deliberately scammed us!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Now we know!! As usual follow the money trail. If it were found out that global warming did not exist which a teeny booper oould have told you, then they would have to give up that 500,000 thousand plus grant – no more studies needed – however, if they could keep things going look how much money has been spent all over the world on something that did not exist!!! This is unbelievable. They could have perpetrated this forever, taking away the very thing that keeps the planet healthy. Like I said before, simple, plant more trees.

  • J C

    Of course they cleared him. They can never let the facts out. It would ruin their…hang on a sec…(LMFAO) “Credibility”.
    It’s really all just another symptom of how cancerously ill our system has become.

    • JeffH

      Not completely cleared. Mann and his “questionable” practices are still under more investigation.

      • J C

        Good Jeff, But who’s doing the investigating?

  • C G

    Or maybe this is just another comment thread where despite the introduction of new evidence and fact, science deniers simply cannot accept any finding that does not square with their preconceived notions. Anti-intellectual America must be a sad and scary place to live…

    • J C

      I’d love to see some science coming out of the Global Warming Fear Mongers…sadly though, all they have is theory and conjecture backed by manipulated data. And I’m sure as hell not willing to bet one dollar on anything they say.

    • s c

      C G, you might want to explain yourself a bit more. Either you agree with the PL News Desk, or you want us to believe that Al Gore is part of an intellectual elite and you think Michael Mann has been duly ‘absolved.’
      If it’s the former, OK. If it’s the latter, please burn all of your diplomas and certificates, please never set foot on a university campus, cancel your CFR membership, and (most of all) tell Mama Earth to go hump herself.

    • Joe H.

      C G,
      When you show me some reliable “evidence” then I might believe. When they have to FAKE evidence to add weight to their arguments then I do not nor will I ever believe their story, or should I say fairy tale!!! As in the sky is falling!!

    • Stephaan

      YES C G, I will deny MANIPULATED SCIENCE! If you are any kind of scientist yourself, then you should deny it too! Apparently you didn’t get the memo, or didn’t read it!
      How can you see “manipulated science” as anything other than FLAWED?

      Falsifying scientific facts to further the global warming hoax, is nothing more than junk science..
      You should be a politician in the District of Corruption, where irrational thinking, and outright lying is accepted, and even expected!

      • Joe H.

        I believe that would be REQUIRED!!!!

        • Stephaan

          You’re right Joe. I had a momentary brain lapse. I think the phrase “Lying, Deceit & Corruption Required” is actually in the oath that the liberal socialists recite when they are sworn in. ;-)

  • W. Shelton

    The investigatory panel’s findings were to be expected as Penn State investigated its own professor. Penn State will not admit it employed a professor who was actively involved with perpetuating a fraud on its studends and the people at large. I doubt that an independent investigation into this matter would arrive at the same conclusions.

    • Disgusted

      How biased can the investigation be if the professor was employed by the investigator? When and if the IRS ever shows up at my door I want to audit my own books; guess what they were perfect – as a matter of fact the IRS ows me money! What a joke. Absolutely, his $500,000+ dollar grant should be revoked …. immediatetly.

      • s c

        Disgusted, that’s exactly my point. When ‘scientists’ find ways to sell themselves, no one has a right to brag about the credibility of someone who amounts to a third-rate, wannabe politician – NOT a scientist.
        Politicians can’t save anyone. Scientists who worship money and titles are s c u m. Politicians and scientists who want to ‘save us’ from ourselves are unfit to be seen by anyone as people worth knowing or believing.
        Science is one thing. False science is crap. Politicians who use false science to get money and power are firing squad material.

      • Joe H.

        guess what I audited my own books and I came out better than you!! I made 10,000 dollars and the IRS owes me 50,000 dollars!!! Boy, I wish I’d have thought of this earlier!!!

  • DaveH

    A $541,184 stimulus grant to study Global Warming? No bias incentive there! This is what people need to be aware of when it comes to the scare stories that the MSM and Government love to promote. Government funded “Scientists” are making big money to study these trumped up “catastrophes”. How could they not lean towards verifying the dangers?
    Global Warming is a good example. In the 80s when Russia was in turmoil, most of the Siberian temperature moniters were neglected or shut down. So, without the data from those very cold areas of the world, the temperature data naturally showed an increase. How many of you have ever heard the MSM talk about that when they scare us with the Global Warming junk science?

  • Wesly

    I think it will be interesting when the global warming naysayers are hit with the high water, the tornados, the hurricanes, the droughts. They will be the first to wring their hands, crying “woe is me”, why didn’t the government act more quickly and oh yes being the first in line for government handouts…

    • J C

      I don’t think so. I think those of us who see any of those types of things coming will be better prepared than the ones who are relying on government…any government to “save us” from anything. Government’s are completely incapable of any positive or productive action. All they do is ride the backs of productive people and try and take credit for anything good that happens.
      I’ll take my chances on nature. The Government can slither back under it’s rock.

    • Dale

      Wesly . . . oceans are not rising, hurricans lowest in decades. Normal, thinking people KNOW that the Govt CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER or the Klimat . . . they can’t even control their own spending.
      CO2 is a rare, benign gas that causes plants to grow . . . if you have any “inside information” provable science . . . please post if . . . if you just “Believe” . . . join Big Al at the GW Church next Sunday!!

    • Joe H.

      i think I have a better chance of the government screwing me than I have of drowning in ocean water here in Ohio before I die!!! Especially when it was proven that the statement that the glaciers were going to melt by 2035 was actually meant to say 2350!! I think they have a problem with dislexia!!!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I can just see God sitting on his throne up high laughing his _ss off. I am in control. This has been the coldest, snowest winter in some places since records were kept. We are really heading if anyone wants to know, to another ice age. For your own edification, study the Gulf Stream, the Japaneese current and their effects on climate, and then tell me there is global warming. It was just another ploy to tax. It’s not nice to fool mother nature!!

    • Michael J.

      The only rising tide that threatens to drown you, is the water that Obama walks on.

    • Stephaan

      If the global warming hoax ever comes to fruition,(which it won’t for several hundred years), you would be one of the first to go. You would not survive, because you, and those like you rely on, and EXPECT the government to fix your problems, instead of relying on yourself.

  • Dale

    Did anyone expect a different outcome? Mann was investigated by his fellow-travellers. Gorebull Warming is the biggest Scam of the 20th Century. Settled Science – NO SUCH THING!!! Most of the so-called science was MADE UP . . . In the last 100 years the global temperature has warmed by about 1 degree F, and this is well within the margin of error of the equipment. Anyone got a Model T spedometer in their new car . . . lol

  • chuck b

    wouldn’t it be nice if gore and movie producer moore could somehow be held responsible for the the global warming scare, using false information and outright lies. they should have to forfeit the millions of dollars the have made as a credit to the deficit.

  • Michael J.

    Let me see now, Scientists that are receiving grants, are investigating Scientists who are also receiving grants? How does that work?

    It’s pretty simple, Academia has been highjacked by corrupt politicians. This is the purchase of favorable findings that serve to justify an agenda. Scientist have become prostitutes for the governments pleasure.

    The real victim in this will be the stifling of scientific discovery as a result of government intervention.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    In light of the e-fiasco recently exposed, I ask you all to consider the following: Number one of the three items on the agenda for copenhagen is(don’t hold your breath! You guessed it!) Government! Anyone who proposes turning over our constitutional rights to a foreign government (even a “Co-joined one) is guilty of Sedition. Anyone who, under the color of authority, signs our sovereignty away is guilty of Treason (yes! I dare!). On the scientific non-fact of “Settled Science”, I propose the following. “Anthropogenic Climate Change” is, in the custom of physicists’, “Something worse than a wrong idea”, and in this form the phrase often gets used as a generic term of abuse. In the case of climate change theory, the way some scientists are abandoning fundamental scientific principals rather that admit a theory is not supported by facts akin to, or something, of this kind: worse than being wrong is to refuse to admit it when one is wrong. If you “follow the (research) money”, it leads to the political – which equates with power, raw power. By the way: “Cap’n Trade” is only a smiley face mask put on by “Cap’n Tax”. (Think Black Beard, verses Jack Sparrow.) You also might wish to read “Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1,500 Years)” 2nd edition.

    P.S.: The major selling point of Hydrogen Powered vehicles is? They only emit water vapor! And where do they operate? On concrete or asphalt covered surfaces, acting as heat sinks that create updrafts that send the vapor skyward into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to a further “Warming” of the planet! (If the alarmists are right, that is.)

  • Joe Cool

    This is the same manipulate-the-outome, intellectually dishonest kind of thinking exhibited by the gun-ban crowd. First, mine a bunch of data. To understand the data, you have to know its sources and reliability so that weighting, if necessary, can be applied. Then evaluate the data looking for trends, etc and so on. THEN eliminate the data that contradicts your pre-determined outcome, and crow only about the data that supports your theories.

    I won’t hijack the thread into a discussion of firearms. Just remember that some warming is to be expected until we head back into the next ice age. The world has been doing that, periodically warming, then cooling, without human intervention, for countless millennia. I believe the last mini-ice age was in the middle ages – ca. 1200-1400 a.d. Either way, the earth is always either trending warmer or trending colder. Most of us aren’t going to live the 1000 years or so it takes to analyze an actual climatological trend. In earth years, our lives pass in barely an instant.

    So, this data manipulation is political? I’d say yes, with a tremendous dollop of egotism and even megalomania. “There is a terrible crisis, life on earth is threatened, and only WE can save you”. Actually, that sounds a lot like the democrats’ position too…

  • Stephaan

    Joe Cool;
    Your post reminded me of something. It wasn’t more than 15 or 20 years ago that these same scientists were telling us that we were going into another ice age. “Global cooling” was the mantra then. Apparently there wasn’t enough “money or world control” in the cooling threat, so they decided to try the warming hoax. My question is: were they lying to me then, or lying to me now? I’d put my money on Lying Now!
    Personally, I listen to the HONEST people who are out in the environment at the exact same times every year. aka the fishermen in the Bearing Sea. For several years they have been complaining about the ice packs forming earlier in the season, and forming thicker and faster. The fishermen have no axe to grind, and no agenda to forward. They are just complaining about something that restricts their fishing success, and within their complaints is an honest example of what’s really going on…. global cooling……..

    • Stephaan

      I forgot the most important word. SOUTH, lol..
      The fishermen in the Bearing Sea complain that the ice packs form earlier in the year, and farther to the SOUTH with each subsequent year.

  • Dylan

    I just heard on the news that London, Eng. is experiencing the worst winter they’ve had in a CENTURY! That’s a hundred years for you liberals that were smokin dope during class.

    So much for Al “the buffoon” Gore and his “global warming” theorists manipulating science!!!
    I’ll bet Londoners wish he could manipulate the actual weather as well as he manipulates the truth!


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