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Global Economic Slowdown Signals Sad New Year

December 18, 2012 by  

Global Economic Slowdown Signals Sad New Year

The markets, as most people reading this should now well know, no longer reflect in any way the true economic health of our country. If one were to measure the financial “recovery” of this Nation by the strength of global stocks, he would likely come to the conclusion that the collapse of 2008 was mere hiccup in the overall success of the worldwide economic system. However, electronically traded equities with little more to back their value than scraps of receipt paper and numbers on a screen have no bearing on what is going to happen to you and to me over the course of the coming year. The stock market is a sideshow, a movie, a façade. The real drama is going on behind the scenes and revealed in fundamentals that mainstream analysts no longer discuss.

The only advantage of a long, drawn-out disintegration of the overall system is that as the years pass, it becomes possible to discover a pattern through which we can gauge where we really stand today and will stand tomorrow. Unfortunately, the pattern now in motion suggests that the next year will be exactly what we have been predicting over the past several months: dismal.

The mainstream media refuse to discuss it at great length, but all signs show an epic global slowdown in demand and production, especially in the final quarter of 2012. This is exactly as I predicted in January of this year using the Baltic Dry Index as a guide. During that first quarter, the BDI fell to record lows, indicating an extreme decline in shipping demand around the world, which, in turn, indicates a fall in demand for raw goods, which, in turn, indicates a fall in demand for consumer goods. Mainstream pundits sought to distract the public from this fact by claiming that the BDI was collapsing due to an “oversupply of ships,” not rescinding demand. This disinformation was proven incorrect in the beginning of the third quarter of this year, when export nations from China to Japan to Germany all began reporting abysmal manufacturing numbers and steep faltering in overseas purchases.

Of course, we all know what happened next: The markets began to tank, losing 1,000 points within the span of a week. Not so unpredictably (since I also predicted it at the beginning of the year) the Federal Reserve leapt into action with its announcement of a third round of quantitative easing.

QE3 has done little to change the problem of falling global demand, but it has certainly defibrillated stocks. In fact, I think it is safe to say that a majority of QE fiat funds are flowing (directly or indirectly) into the Dow, and not much else. International trade and consumption are starting to feel the pain, and respective countries are no longer able to hide it. Keep in mind that this slowdown is occurring right at the height of the Christmas season, when consumption is usually supposed to reignite.

China’s export growth fell far more than expected in November, something which many Chinese economists are attributing to the complete lack of resurgence in American markets.

Manufacturing in the U.K. went into steep decline almost simultaneously, showing that sinking demand is striking both the East and West .

Germany, the largest economy in the EU and the only country still holding the absurd political entity together, has been shocked to discover that Bundesbank is forecasting a contraction in growth to near zero in 2013.

Japan’s economy suffered an annualized decline in gross domestic product in November greater than that which occurred during the Fukushima disaster.

This contraction has recently caused Japan to install a new, revamped government during elections this month, which unfortunately will be instituting almost identical policies.

Finally, Brazil, a developing export nation with very important significance as a litmus test for world consumption, posted near zero growth in the third quarter of 2012, far below expectations but in line with the bigger picture. The global financial machine is disintegrating, right under our very noses .

In order to understand what is happening, I want you to imagine a diminishing cycle. Imagine that in 2008, America was on the edge of a whirlpool and was suddenly caught in the current. Today, we have circled the epicenter several times, each rotation becoming smaller and more volatile than the last. Eventually, the whirlpool will reach an end, and our economy will be sucked into the funnel. One can see evidence of this decline in the BDI:

Baltic Dry Index D1

Notice how each year since 2008 there is a spike in shipping rates, indicating a rise in demand for materials at the onset of the Christmas season. Yet also notice that this spike in demand grows smaller with each passing year. In 2012, the increase has been almost nonexistent, meaning that we are likely very close to going down the drain.

Some pundits may argue that November’s Black Friday sales were tremendous, and this signals a recovery in spending and consumption. I would point out that such numbers are deceiving. High sales during the most discounted day of the Christmas buying season is not necessarily a good thing. What it shows is that a majority of shoppers were looking for the lowest prices possible because of a lack of funds. Full season numbers have not yet been released; but when they are, I believe we will see a fantastic spike in sales on Black Friday followed by a complete flatline for the rest of the year. Obviously, high consumption has not been sustained; otherwise, manufacturing and shipping would be in much better shape.

The issue here is one of priorities. With multiplying distractions going on around the world, including the fear of mass murders at home, will the public be able to keep track of deadly financial tidal waves just off the coast or will people even care with so many sharks in the water? The next two months will be very revealing. The so-called “fiscal cliff” is on the way, and the question of whether the U.S. government should kick the can down the road or take the sour medicine it needs and move on has arisen once again. This debate is and always has been an illusion. Whether we continue to increase government spending, taxation and inflation or we cut all spending and shut down the fiat presses, there is still going to be a collapse.

This collapse will not be due to the indecision or partisan bickering of our politicians. They are in much closer agreement than the MSM would like to admit. Instead, the monolithic Catch-22 of our age will be the direct result of the actions of the private Federal Reserve and the peripheral international banking cartel. What I fear most is that the results of the fiscal cliff negotiation along with other triggers around the planet will be used to veil the already imploding system and eventually be exploited as scapegoat events for a disaster that has been in the making for decades, not just a few years. The omens are not good for 2013, and we can only circle the drain for so long.

–Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • Vicki

    What ever happened to the theory that the Federal Reserve lease was expiring in 99 years. Which would be this year.



      • Reloader

        Why! What the has your silly god done for anyone in this world other than to incite wars. Silly thinking! Wake up and smell the coffee you hypocrits.

    • Old Henry

      Vicki, I have never heard of a “99 year lease” for the FED. As I have understood the issue it was created by legislation in 1913 by the Congress and signed into law by Woody Wilson the communist college professor.

      The closest thing to enternal life here on earth is a government policy / legislation.

  • Warrior

    Yes, the secret “cliff” negotiations make awesome “theater”, wouldn’t you agree? I’m not sure if they’re on sale right now but get your loved ones a “Fear This” tee shirt this Christmas.

    Anyone see the “Sandy” porkulis bill yet? Never let a crisis go to waste. Anyone know who the company is that produces the ink for our currency? I want to make a year end stock purchase.

    • Old Henry


      What is that tee shirt you referred? And where might I see one?

      Do you have a plan in place to get outta your metro paradise by the lake when the parasites go balistic?

  • Chris Condon

    One good thing about the reelection of Obama is that Obama, not Romney, will have to take the blame. The next few years should see the end of liberalism, as it will be unable to do this time around what it has done so well for decades: shift the blame.


      SAD BUT THE DEVILS AND DEMONS ARE BUSY TO DESTROY AMERICA.IT IS PEOPLE AGAINST FINANCIAL TYRRANY,FINANCIAL the book the arrogance of evil from amazon.huge concern for the middle class.good vs evil.

    • DaveH

      First, Chris, people must be aware that it is even the fault of Progressives. They will do their usual dancing around the truth and ignorantly Propagandized minions will know no better. The only way to cure that condition is education, and we can get that here:

      • Benjamin Fox

        Russia was once the most educated country in the world and it didn’t help them. What is needed is to read the only book of truth, the Bible. We are headed for a cashless society and a one world govrnment ran by a child of satan. Every prophecy in the Bible has come true as it is written, there are no mistakes in the Bible but, many who are wise in their own minds don’t like the truth, they wanting to be little gods forsake the real God to their destruction.

    • Old Henry


      Little Barry Soetoro will never get the blame. The communist anti-America MSM will go into overdrive covering for him. And the brain-dead Soetorobots will simply pick their collective noses and pick their collective a$$e$ and blame the producers.

      Remember, Romney stated he would put people BACK TO WORK. 51% said ef that.

      • Kate8

        Old H, Dave H, and anyone interested in America’s economics and why we are where we are, here are the answers we need:

        The Only Game In Town

        This explains the TRUTH about who is manipulating our economy, how and why.

        He also tells about a plan to reset our economy by those who have our returned prosperity in mind. This plan is already in place and set to to.

        Obama is not at fault, no are the others. They are all puppets and tools.

        Again, information is key to the solution. It’s all described in detail here…things they’ve gone to great lenghts to keep us from understanding.

        Once the people know these things, (if they are not TOO braindead), we can stand up and demand redress.

      • Old Henry


        Thank you! That is fascinating, for lack of a better term. I am going to send the link around and will try to make time to watch it again. Lots of new concepts / information to get it all digested in one viewing.

  • Aileen

    So much for Transparent government as to the bogus negotiations w/ Obama and Boehner. What a MASSIVE disappointment Congress has become (more than ever) and where do the People of this country end up? Last place again. This president is the joke of the century (sadly). We pay and he plays. He has and will cause additional irrepairable, unbelievable damage to this country and its image. His plan of self inflicted destruction is well under way and most of us will one day have had enough. I can’t believe he won the election without massive fraud and the ignorance of the Takers that followed the Pied Piper, BHO. There is nothing good about Obama and his legacy, we all lose. Have you had enough? I pray that this is just a nightmare that we can wake up from.

    • chocopot

      “I can’t believe he won the election without massive fraud…”

      He didn’t. There was massive fraud, and there is plenty of evidence out there. Sadly, it has all gone unchallenged, which forces me to come to the seemingly inescapable conclusion that both sides are in on it.

      • Aileen

        The question begs to be answered……What does this bring in the end? American Implosion? I am searching for an acceptable answer….other than that BHO is really the anti christ or the Muslim impersonator who will bring the Sharia/islamic mentality to tear us apart limb from limb. The idea that the free people (soon not to be free) of America are infatuated with the Evil that BHO is cannot be understood. The scariest and most offensive president this country has ever had. it is sickeningly clear that we are in a death spiral with this administration piloting the plane.

      • hanna

        chocopot…my sentiments exactly! This present adminstration..republicans as well are the most corrupt in the history of our country. They serve only themselves oppressing the good folks in the process. This government is blantently stealing from the hard working tax payers.every dollar they borrow from China must be payed back by OUR FUTURE CHILDREN.Its no sweat off those in high places.The government is stealing us blind while making us carry around that millstone of debt.We are being oppressed daily with new regulations and new laws that are burdensome.Where is the spirit of the American ppl?

      • DaveH

        The only difference between Obama and most of the rest of our Presidents is that he has indeed been more “transparent” in respect to his true intentions — to take what’s left of our Freedom and Prosperity. The rest were much sneakier.
        Speaking of pushy, self-serving Leaders, everybody who is concerned about our country should read this book and learn how and why the early American citizens came to stage a revolution against tyrannical Leadership:

      • Old Henry

        Here is a link to an article you might like to read. It explains why the Kenyan was re-elected. It’s a reason that people of God are aware.

      • Perdido

        They are and they have been for decades. It’s obvious once you step back and look at it in an historical context. There can be no other explanation.

  • Boyd

    No need to worry about the Mayan calendar, Obama got reelected. That’s what scares the —- out of me.

    • Old Henry

      That’s right! the world ends on Frideay! Does it happen right at midnight, noon, early evening?

      • walter agard

        Non one knows the time ,day date or when the world will end you may have sines but that’s all.When the time comes, every one will know,. Any body says they know,they are the devil.

  • John

    Recession has never ended. Ways of calculations have been changed so many times to hide the facts. Those in power want the US to crash to implement NWO. We put them in office with our votes. Is everyone blind? Old saying You reap what you sow. Look at foreign policy. We are now in our reaping the harvest of what we have sown.

    • chocopot

      Bozo was hand-picked by George Soros and a cabal of uber-wealthy people whose goal is nothing less than the complete destruction of Western Civilization. They aim to create a New World Order (basically, nouveau Communism) with them, the self-anointed elite, in charge and running the world for their own enrichment, and everyone else in the world serving as their serfs – essentially slaves – and surviving just well enough to keep serving the masters. Sadly, the plan has been wildly successful and we are well on the way to the end of life as we know it.

  • Deerinwater

    This insistence to place credence in thieves and gamblers is truly amazing.

    It’s like Football must rule your Sunday . No football, no Sunday

    The connecting that you make are only your connection and are not rooted in any reality but that of your own making.

    Only if enough people believe this, might the House of Mirrors appears so.

    • DaveH

      Now that’s the Obtuse Deer that we’ve come to know over the years.

    • Deerinwater

      Don’t wish to disappoint. ~ Swim with sharks, swim with friends ~ All Seaman learn that to get in the water, man ceases to be at the top of the food chain.

      But by all means David, feel free to jump in. For myself, I find other ventures more honorable and rewarding. Maybe you have no other opinions but I have much to offer without soiling myself with the lust for another man money.

      • DaveH

        No lust for other peoples’ money? Then please explain (in plain English) how it has come to be that you support Progressives, Deer?

  • ToughGuy1

    Impeach Obama!

    • Old Henry

      TG1, therein lies the rub. In order to impeach he would need to be lawfully occupying the office. Since he is not, he cannot be impeached. He must simply be arrested, put in handcuffs / chains, led from OUR White House and placed in a cell in Leavenworth.

      However, there is not ONE person in the entire legislative or judicial brances with the stones to even bring it up.

  • Poor Old RAY

    The God of the bible is still in control and America and the world is going to learn that we as a nation cannot thumb our collective noses at Him forever. He is a forgiving God but He is also a just God and Americas sins will not go unpunished. Want proof? Look at the record breaking unnatural disasters that have wreaked such indescribable damage all over the world including America just in the last decade. As a nation and as a world, we are a wicked and disobedient people. God is just, He is sovereign,He is all powerful and He wil do His good pleasure. We will and have been incurring His Wrathand we brought it on ourselves. We do not have good government because we do not deserve good government.

    • bachelorwithsense

      You are correct that God Rules. However, IF you will Humble yourself and return to me, I will heal your land. The PROBLEM is that “Christians” have turned the other cheek for way to long!! They ALLOW Evil to get a foothold and flourish!! Put GOD back into the Schools, Government, Courts, AND CHURCHES. Quit teaching the Doctrines of MAN in your Churches and start teaching the BIBLE. IF you Love ME, KEEP MY Commandments said Jesus! Why do Churches meet on SUNDAY for which there is NO Commandment in the Bible?? GOD said “Remember The SABBATH to keep it Holy”. Well, The SABBATH is Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset NOT Sunday, the Venerable Day of the Sun a PAGAN Holy Day!! SO RETURN to Sabbath Worship AND Heal Your LAND!!!

      • Leasha

        Thank you so much for speaking the truth about all of the commandments.
        I am a Sabbath keeper. God’s character is found in His law and we have a privilege and duty to obey them. “If ye love Me, keep my commandments”. We honor the ten promises because of our adoration and love for Him, not out of fear of punishment and wrath. We worship Him “in spirit and in truth”.
        Thank you again for your insight!!!

      • Reloader

        Wow. Why don’t you hypocrits get together and start a civil war. Thats all your stupid religions do, start wars.

    • nc

      Poor Old Ray,Poor old Ray, There is a God who guides our every step or at least has the power to yet he GUIDES us to do wrong??? Is he just playing a gameI with us? If he can just slam the door on us can you tell me what he is waiting on? Can you tell every time what is GOd’s will and what is not? If you can’t tell EVERYTIME how can you tell ANYTIME??

    • Leasha

      I do believe in God and His judgements. However, He has communicated over 800 times in the bible to be glad, shout for joy….
      The psalmist King David writes about God’s mercy and justice together.
      The father of lies, Lucifer, or Satan,
      Is evil continually. Please don’t attribute these destructive acts to God. He does and will exhaust every effort to demonstrate His love and salvation.
      Remember the story of Jonah? God sent him to warn Nineveh. The people heeded the warning and God spared them. Are we any less significant to Him now?
      There is the conflict of good and evil from the very beginning. Satan will always be the cause of evil. There will be a day though when he will impersonate goodness. And many will be deceived. Pray and ask for God’s comforter the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to His righteousness and everlasting salvation. His ways are true. Let there be no confusion when God withdraws His mercy, the real evidence of sin is felt

      • ranger09

        Well it seems like EVIL is winning, And GOOD is not to be found in the world, All we know is the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor are getting Poorer. And all we do is keep on following the Bell.

      • Reloader

        You poor messed up people. Your silly god will not help in any way. Your messed up thinking will only make your life harder. It is up to the individual to find a way to survive this economic armageddon that is coming. Keep your silly faith and you will probably starve. I feel sorry for all you brainwashed people.

  • Vern Wheatley

    How you digging Obama’s CHANGE ?

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama the NWO puppet will now begin the confiscation of GUNS from Americans, armed slaves can be dangerous, esp when you plan to kill 90% of them to create your utopian earth: 7 billion to 500million.

    I think things are about to get nasty, our leadership is not ours.

    Note from Watchers:

    Many top elites are leaving NY city and other east coast locations for colorado and other western bunker down destinations,,,this a signal for New Years event?

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • KG

    The REAL problem is the fact that everyday ordinary people are NOT MAKING ENOUGH. Real wages are at the lowest they have ever been. Back in the 50′s when America was about 28% unionized, there was money at the bottom. But now, thanks to “right to work”for less, and outright union bashing, the People do not make enough money. You can give it to them through social programs, or you can let them work for it through higher wages. It’s a no brainer. The rich have all the balls, why not throw them out so we can all play?

  • DaveH
    • KG

      Oh yea – the crazy Russian lady who thinks that selfishness is the answer to everything.

  • Jake Goode

    Don’t sweat it, guys! The economy should pick up in the second half of next year. There won’t be a boom, but there won’t be a bust either. ‘ZERO GROWTH’ – isn’t that what we wanted, anyway? Well, here ya go.

    Don’t believe it is a sign of economic collapse. It’s more of an economic shift of the poles. Call it ‘the rise of the East.’ Soon enough, we’ll all be working for the Chinese, only it will be in raw materials extraction. Asian companies have continually expanded upstream in the latest technology. Of the world’s most modern factories, they are all in the East. Manufacturing is dead in the US, and will not be back. We don’t make anything anymore, except movies.

    Americans’ earnings will continue to go down, and the currency will continue to depreciate. Maybe in time, this will make us competitive with the Vietnamese, Indians and Mexicans. They’re willing to work for half us much, twice as long, and not ask for a weekend. Is it a good thing? Probably not. But it’s a fact. If you want to take the high road and demand your benefits, such as mandatory time off, maybe you can enjoy a year or more of ‘funemployment.’ Otherwise, get used to working more for less. You can’t stop this slide; neither can Obama, Romney, or anyone else.

    You’ll be happy to know, the ship companies are aggressively scrapping old vessels. They are taking a hit, but in a few years they will digest through the inventory. They are actually scrapping some vessels earlier due to increased environmental regulations for ballast water and maybe CO2 emissions. It will take time. With the life of a ship being 20+ years, it is foolish to think that changes can happen in a few months. Let’s talk in the end of 2014 to see where the shipping market is. And see how much your Chinese has improved.

    And look for the Chinese to try to unload as much USD as they can in the next few years. They don’t want to see their earnings from 1980-2008 depreciate either. That means YOU, dear citizen, should get ready for this. Take advantage of it!

    And don’t expect the future to be anything like the past. In this unique time in history, the past has no bearing on what will happen tomorrow. In human history, there has never been a moment like this. We are in unchartered territory. You can cower and cry foul, and dream of being back in the ‘easy 80s’, or you can buckle up and see where we end up.




      2013 will be a banner year for the powers that have devastated America.

      Let’s start off with an epic event before the years begins, like exterminating 20 innocent children, or rioting in the city street in anticipation of the Mayan end of society.

      We as a nation will come together and mourn for the loss of innocence and become divided on the right to defend ourselves from the same evil that created this young murdering demon.

      Then we will see the ignorance in our culture, as thousands of people rape, rob and murder in what their sick minds (that the media has deformed) deem the end of the world, December 21st.

      Then we can continue to print unlimited amounts of cash because we are now a third world nation lead by an African and we all know nothing good has ever come out of that morally corrupt continent.

      Once they print the dollar into collapse, then the real fun begins……

      Most of our military is disbanded and government is shut down. Workers are no longer paid, welfare is eliminated and unemployment is a joy ride of the past.

      The savage welfare society will be the first to go to war, with mass riots, looting, rapes and murder in the public housing sections served for our first course. 1 million + dead.

      2nd course will be the union revolt, as millions of laid off police & firefighters that have given their entire lives in service to the public, now are broke, with no income and no pensions for the retired. They will fight against the savages that try and take from them, and then turn on a government that has lied to them. 2 million + dead.

      Entrée will be a delicious battle between the discarded military that made an oath to the constitution and the thugs that serve the corrupt president, served with much collateral damage. 4 million dead.

      And for the Grand Finally, China walks into a totally devastated nation, and executes all remaining government officials; starting with the ones they promised the world too, including the president with most democrats and 70% of the republican house and senate.

      Most of the surviving welfare state will be executed, because they never served a purpose to any society to begin with.

      The rest of the world will be controlled by this “New World Order” where as Daddy Bush once stated, “a new world order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind; peace and security, freedom and the rule of law.

      The rule of law?……Once upon a time was the Ten Commandments.

      Those of you that know God, keep your faith, those of you that don’t…’s never too late!

      May God grant the innocents and their grieving families peace this Christmas, and us the wisdom to defeat this evil that infest America!

  • Mike in MI

    Nah-h-h-h Brandon,
    You’re WAY off, as far as I see.
    What you report here is just symptoms of the disease, not the disease. Economists always look to the things on their personal horizons according to things they’ve been trained to look at. Just like medical doctors trained in symptom recognition to define what they think is wrong. Seldom can one find root causes via symptom analyses. Therefore, the therapeutics they prescribe treat the symptom, not the cause, and the disease gets worse. That’s why medicine is an expensive failure. Also, it’s why economics is a bust.
    When one fails to recognize principles, the analysis and projections regarding the outcomes will usually prove to be wrong. If people’s actions in regard to the PRINCIPLES CAN change the whole picture alters, sometimes, swiftly.
    Obama is taking away and debasing the ability of our people to do that which has made it possible for wealth to be generated in our nation. God, not people, generates wealth to a people who follow His principles most accurately (with the right heart). People pass wealth around and consume it. If wealth generation occurs slower than its consumption no fiat facade will undo the ultimate ugliness.

    Four years ago, unlike Rush L., I didn’t just “hope” Obama would fail. I said he WOULD fail, no matter how hard he tried to do right things according to his training and ideology.
    Hearing his plans to “transform” us, along with what little he would say about how he’d do it (knowing his ways to get there meant obviating God’s principles) it was obvious he was a failure at the outset.

    Obama’s ideology tells him to do things that God says are not wise. If one invokes, enacts and joins in policies that God indicates are foolish (unwise), one can not expect His participation. IF He refuses to participate in the actions one inaugurates they’re gonna DIE. God alone gives things life and health and prosperity. If He ain’t in it, it’s going down. R.I.P., mutha. If you’re on the loser’s side of the equations nothing can sustain you when its involution proceeds.

    Obama will be sustained for a while on the basis of the strength of what was built before him. But, what he is advocating is 180 degrees out from God’s laws and principles for economic weal. Further, appealing to the baser elements in the weakest people can never infuse strength to one’s cause nor should good poll numbers from them elevate one’s expectation for good results.

    One need not learn principles from trial and error experimentation. (The T&E method is prone to E.) God had the principles written and presented on a silver platter for anyone wise enough to investigate His matchless Word.

    Give your kids and grand-kids a chance. Avoid being an Obama. It is our duty to pass on to them the best available.

    • KG

      Please, explain to me why China – full of ‘…atheist, Communists, and Pagans” be soooooo sucessful? Acording to your Puritan logic, the Chinese should be doing the worse. So, we kill all of the Gays, Athesists, Academics, and Liberals. THEN “G-D” will bless us.

      You are probably from the same group who thought George Harrison was trying to convert everyone to Krishnia because of his song “My Sweet Lord.” Or convert everyone to Ultra conservative religious bigots through the “ministry” of Jack Chick comics that are full of lies.

      Go sit on a pile of Bobby Dylan albums – maybe the “LORD” will enter you.


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