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Glitch In Healthcare Overhaul Could Cause Some Seniors To Pay More For Insurance

July 6, 2011 by  

Problems with the healthcare overhaul continue to emerge.A glitch in President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul could force certain elderly Americans to pay more than others for insurance even if they are of similar age and medical history.

According to The Associated Press, older Americans who take early retirement and start receiving Social Security benefits at age 62 would likely pay significantly less for health insurance than those who do not retire early, under the new healthcare law.

This is because seniors are not eligible for Medicare until age 65, meaning there is a three-year gap between Social Security and the program, so younger retirees need to find their own health insurance. Social Security benefits are not counted as income, so those who retire early will likely receive Federal subsidies to help them pay their health insurance premiums — something that those who continue to work past age 62 will not receive.

“There is an equity issue here,” Robert Laszewski, a former health insurance executive, told the news provider. “If you get a job for 40 hours a week, you’re going to pay more for your health insurance than if you don’t get a job.”

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  • s c

    From what I’ve seen so far, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that this ‘glitch’ is anything but unintentional. Kindly remember who put the damned thing together. Remember Queen Nancy’s plea to pass the damned legislation ‘so we can see what’s in it.’
    Remember that this is supposed to be the healthcare panacea that will make everything “socially just.”
    I guess it only makes sense that those who create so-called legislative glitches must be bona fide sons or daughters of “glitches.” Besides, it sounds better than sunny beaches, doesn’t it?

    • Cawmun Cents

      THE WHOLE DAMNED THING IS A GLITCH IF YOU AK ME!…..But what do I know?Apparently very little.-CC.

    • TIME

      The HCR bill was written by the “Apollo Alliance” as to regulations as well the rules of law.

      But in so far as being written by whom the bill should have been written, (as in Congress) – well, it falls far short.
      Thus in fact that alone makes the law Null & Void based on how our Constitution was written.
      Thus in turn if the Courts that have ruled in favor of it were not acting with criminal malice, then they could never have ruled in favor of this law as Congress had little to no part in its construction.

      For the slower of you, this would be equal to; a foreign country writting a law that was then brought to congress, then passed by those in congress who lined their pockets with Golden Trinkets paid to them by special interest groups who have nothing to do with how our government is run.
      Again such persons are not allowed to pen Laws of the land, Based on whats written in our Constitution.

      It’s Congress’s Fiduciary resposibility to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Right’s, on this they failed and in fact have caused great damage to the American citizens who pay TAX’S.

      In plain words the whole bill is a criminal act from start to finish.

      • TIME

        Forgive me it should be:

        Parg 3; {Thus in turn the Courts that ruled in favor of this bill, “were acting in a criminal way}”

        A Long night with very little sleep……..

      • dansiler

        time…you got me to thinkin’ with your comment about gold trinkets.
        I think there might be a solution for this entire budget/Obamacare/
        police state fiasco….let’s go to a casino and gamble away the title for this mess to the Indians…they certainly couldn’t do any worse
        than the progressives/socialist-utopians and the Marxist/neo-cons currently running things….sigh.We may all have to “go native” when
        this house of cards folds-up.

      • Debbie J.

        The HCB is just another socialist maneuver. The “Green Movement/Climate Change” is another way America is going to be forced to conform to the socialistic view. They tell you what you can eat, they tell you what you can drive, they tell you what light bulbs you can use and what car you can drive. This is certainly not the American way. If people don’t figure this out soon, it will be too late. America cannot survive another 4 years of Obama and his Czars. The Czars and the Catherine Sebelius, who is in charge of healthcare, have carte blanche to spend money any way that they want, without Congressional approval. Also, the EPA sent $27 million of our taxpayer money to foreign countriesl to help them with “climate change.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want our money leaving the U.S. I have enough family lined up that could use my money to send it to strangers in other countries, most of whom hate Americans any way.

  • C130 Gunship

    ObummerCare is a total disaster from the beginning. The congress should put the bill, in its entirety, up for repealing 3 weeks before the 2012 presidential election. Should it pass the Senate (only 4 senators needed at his point to repeal) then the mulatto Mussolini would be forced to veto the bill right before we throw his ass out of office. Simply more fuel to the fire. For all those traitorous DemoRats, and
    the 4 or 5 Rebubes who voted for it, I hope to see those up for reelection lose their jobs with a commercial of Pelosi stating “You must pass the bill to see what’s in the bill” with the emphasis being nobody read the bill before they voted for it.

    • Debbie J.

      It does need to go. The HCB is a way of punishing those who work and support themselves and to reward those who are on the government dole. It is just another vote-buying program initiated by the Democratic Party. It was passed in the dead of night. They even had to bribe each other to vote for it! I am embarassed by how many so-called Republicans are actually “RINOs.” It is 2700 pages long on purpose and relates to many things that are not connected to healthcare. The fact that I have to pay 2% of the sales price on my home if I sell it after 2013 makes me furious. The income I used to purchase my home has been taxed every year so the government should have no more claim to my home. In addition, inheritance tax has been reinstated so, even after I am gone and the government can do nothing for me, they are sticking it to my estate. So much for freedom.

  • eddie47d

    Another “maybe” story by the author and you automatically assume it is fact. There may not be any truth to it at all. Yes I know you didn’t like the Affordable Health Care Act to begin with but I would like to hear more than rumor mongering and spitting in the wind.

    • Jay

      Hey eddie, instead of your asinine, convoluted and idiotic rebuttal, why not do your own research and prove him wrong. Has that alternative ever crossed your mind?

      • Eddie47d

        I’ve done that before and this nonsense keeps coming back. Too bad the Jay’s can’t separate all the fact from fiction.

        • Jay

          eddie:I’ve done that before

          Its one thing to say it, its quite another to prove it. You are all smoke and mirrors eddie!

          • Eddie47d

            I have been seeing alot of fluff and puff coming from your direction also Jay.

    • Debbie J.

      Eddie, why were ther 1400 plus waivers given by the White House if the bill was so good? Don’t you realize that elderly people will be refused care because the “investment” would not be worthwhile. SO, if grandma breaks her hip, she won’t get a hip replacement–she will get a wheelchair. Big whoop!

  • jopa

    More and more people are coming on board every day and they really love the HCB the more they learned about it.It seems the clueless are really against the bill and it is a great base for the government health program and there will be improvements over the years and it will become even more popular.If the public option had been left in the bill it would have been competition for the insurance companies resulting in lower costs for everyone.However the Republicans and Joe Lieberman receive too much money in campaign contributions for them to let that go through.Things will be much better in time so be patient my good friends and fellow Americans.Have a god one.

    • s c

      J, somewhere in life you missed the boat. You should be one of those overpaid, starry-eyed, false ‘academicians’ whose sole purpose in life is to re-write history books (and make it up as you go along).
      Keep on chuggin’ that Frankenstein Kruel Ade, comrade. Reality has you on its short list for true illumination.
      If no one ever told you, people like Ponzi couldn’t have made an easy living without people like you. Hang on to that thorazine prescription. Y’all gonna need it, bubba.

    • Jay

      Jopa:More and more people are coming on board every day and they really love the HCB the more they learned about it.

      Got any sources, facts, articles, studies, polls to back up your statement jopa? Didn’t think so!

      • Eddie47d

        Those facts have been hashed over and ignored for a couple of years now so why keep bringing them up. Arguing with some of you is like talking to a box of Cracker Jacks.

        • Jay

          You are a consummate liar and evader, eddie. Those are the only tricks you bring to the table, sad!

          • Eddie47d

            Nice try Mr Puff!

        • Debbie J.

          You must be referring to the liberals you hang out with.

    • Debbie J.

      I really love the part where I will have to pay 2% of the sales price when I sell my home to downsize because I am getting old. This is 2% of the sales price I will have to give to pay for Obamacare, even if I lose money on my home due to the devaluation. Yeah, Jopa, got to love this HCB! (Evidently, you don’t work and own a home).

    • Debbie J.

      Jopa, I guess the fact that the WH has had to issue over 1400 waivers proves just how good the HCB is (not). It was passed in the dead of night and crammed down our throats. There is no way you can make that palatable.

    • Debbie J.

      Why is it just the Republicans and Joe Leiberman who get too much in campaign contributions? Don’t you realize that union workers are forced to pay dues, their dues go to the Democratic Party, and the workers are harassed to vote for the Democrat candidate? I know this for a fact because my son worked at a union business. Do you honestly think that the Democrats don’t get money from GE and other corporations? Why is GE in bed with Obama? Boy, you are so naive.

  • tikkei

    The entire so-called “Health”– (care?) bill is nothing but a scam designed to force people and the government to buy drugs.

    This is a DRUG-PUSHING scam– nothing less.

    Seniors who DO NOT use drugs are to be cheated out of “their share” of a system designed to do NOTHING BUT PUSH DRUGS onto Seniors.


    We want GOOD FOOD. You can START by putting those who are trying to destroy Raw Milk farmers where they belong– behind bars.

    We should also stop pushing Palin. This is just another PHONY, FAKE so-called “conservative”. STOP voting for GHOSTS! Mr. Ron Paul gets it. Support his bill RIGHT NOW– to stop various VESTED INTERESTS from ruining, attacking, and Swat-Teaming honest Raw Milk producers.

    Another thing– let’s make it a Capital Offense to possess or use a “swat” team– or anything else that is armed– against an honest American Citizen.

    Thank you. Tikkei

  • i41

    Ron Paul it too far out in the weeds, may have some positive ideas, but is too much of an isolationist. Any dumb azz who will team up with Blarney Flanks on anything, needs their skull examined. The idea of legalizing drugs shows he has been in the beltway too long. Seen too many people kids driven over and killed by pot heads. As for stopping the raw milk haters, defund and elimate the Dept of Ag, another FRD marxist/communist creation, for a start. Next dispose the EPA, since spilled raw milk is considered a enviormental danger, some that most marxist/communist democraps support and want to have more power in government. Get rid of all worthless giveme programs of the government slubs, then there will be an Honest American citizen, because you know they sure aren’t honest in the beltway.

  • Jerome Bigge

    Ron Paul believes in “constitutional government”, which we don’t have now. No where in the Constitution is there authorization for most of what we’re doing now. Ron Paul knows that. He’s told us that fact.

  • Jim

    A “glitch” IF congress people read it there would be no glitches and hopefully no law!!! Make it a law that all congress people have to read the bills THEMSELVES!!! Of course that will never pass Congress.

  • http://GlitchInHealthcareOverhaulCouldCauseSomeSeniorsToPayMoreForInsurance ValDM

    “Social Security benefits are not counted as income”
    WHAT?????? I pay taxes on my SS. If it’s not counted as income, then Uncle Scam owes me a huge refund.

    BTW, for those of you who think that all SS recipients don’t pay for medicare, think again. I pay for medicare to the tune of +$100/month, but can’t use it.

  • http://yahoo Ruth

    I can’t believe the utter disrespect this Odumbo regime and lawmakers have for seniors in this country. What a sad disgrace that seniors have not been given a cost of living raise in 3 years since he took office.
    This regime disrespects our seniors and it is such a disgrace. Most have paid their fair share of taxes.

  • i41

    Don’t forget the marxist/communists democrats also kill and harm children, in anyway they see fit. Remember when the niggardly muslim puke was in the Ill. senate and what items he voted on. This marxist/communist democrats owned by Traitor Soros shure shows its colors when defending destroying USA and all the thinks these perverts support.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear i41,

      I posted this before, but you might not have seen it. So, I’m posting it again.

      The dictionary definition of niggardly is: 1) grudgingly mean about spending or granting. 2) Provided in meanly limited supply.

      Obviously, neither of those fit President Obama. So if you are using it as a racial slur you are ignorant, and if you are using it to feign a racial slur then you are simply trying to stir up racial animosity in the thread. There is no place for either of those here.

      Also, I want to caution you on your language, which is walking very close to the line of unacceptability. Please, mind your manners.

      This is your final warning.

      Best wishes,



  • GregS

    The repeal of ObummerCare needs to be the NUMBER ONE ISSUE in ALL campaigns (i.e. Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional) that oppose the Democrats in 2012. The Democrats are acutely aware that if this becomes the main topic of dicussion, they’ll be dead in the water. The same public outrage (over ObummerCare), which caused most of the Democrats to lose their jobs in 2010, MUST be revived in 2012.

    We must not forget that the Democrats made ObummerCare their top priority, despite the sky-rocketing unemployment rate. They assumed that American jobs would come back quickly, simply because they were in power, and they didn’t need to worry about it. Wow, were they wrong!!!

  • Think about it

    For those of you who live in Florida, This is straight from Your/Our Senator, Marco Rubios office, he is backing the cutting of Social Security and Medicare for people under the age of 55, know matter how many years you have paid into it, this is pure theft by the United States Government. Call his office in DC @ 1-866-630-7106, hear it for yourself.


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