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Glenn Beck: The Cap-and-Trade

July 14, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Oscar Goldman

    This sure sounds like a doomsday deal for the US. But Glenn Beck isn’t known for being fair and Balanced. He presents the side of the story to support his own personal thoughts and the party agenda of just saying NO to everything. I would like more information from both sides before I fly off the handle and cry the sky is falling the sky is falling.
    Mr. Livingston, can you please report on the side of this issue so we can make informed decisions? (Probably not)

  • Skippy Horn

    Fact Check

    Gov. Palin’s Misleading Washington Post Op-ed
    July 14, 2009 10:44 am ET
    On July 14, 2009, Gov. Sarah Palin wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post that falsely claimed cap-and-trade would harm low-income Americans and kill jobs. In reality, the American Clean Energy and Security Act would create jobs in every state and help America become more energy independent, all for the price of a postage stamp per day.

    Gov. Palin Falsely Stated Low-Income Americans Will Be “Hit Hardest”
    Gov. Palin: “The Americans hit hardest will be those already struggling to make ends meet.” [Palin op-ed, Washington Post, 7/14/09]

    Cap-And-Trade Would DECREASE Energy Prices For Low-Income Americans. In its analysis of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the Congressional Budget Office wrote, “households in the lowest income quintile would see an average net benefit of about $40 in 2020.” [CBO, 6/19/09; emphasis original]

    The Actual Cost Will Likely Be Lower, As Federal Subsidies Were Not Taken Into Account. In its analysis of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the Congressional Budget Office wrote: “The analysis does not include the effects of other aspects of the bill, such as federal efforts to speed the development of new technologies and to increase energy efficiency by specifying standards or subsidizing energy-saving investments.” [CBO, 6/19/09]
    Gov. Palin Falsely Stated Cap-And-Trade Would Cause Job Losses
    Gov. Palin: “Job losses are so certain under this new cap-and-tax plan.” [Palin op-ed, Washington Post, 7/14/09]

    Investment In Clean Energy Technology Will Create Over 1.7 Million American Jobs. According to the Center for American Progress: “Investments in a clean-energy economy will generate major employment benefits for the entire U.S. economy. Our research finds that spending $150 billion on clean-energy investments would create roughly 1.7 million jobs. This is even after assuming a reduction in fossil fuel spending equivalent to the increase in clean-energy investments.” [Center for American Progress, The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy, 6/17/09]

    Every Single State Will Gain Jobs From An Investment In Clean Energy Technologies. According to the Center for American Progress, investments in clean energy projects would create 1.7 million American jobs in every state in the country. [Center for American Progress, The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy, 6/17/09]
    Investment in Clean Energy Technology Creates FOUR TIMES As Many Jobs As An Investment In Oil & Gas. According to the Center for American Progress, “spending $1 million on energy efficiency and renewable energy produces a much larger expansion of employment than spending the same amount on fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Among fossil fuels, job creation in coal is about 32 percent greater than that for oil and natural gas. The employment creation for energy efficiency-retrofitting and mass transit-is 2.5 times to four times larger than that for oil and natural gas. With renewable energy, the job creation ranges between 2.5 times to three times more than that for oil and gas.” [Center for American Progress, The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy, 6/17/09]

    Investment In Renewable Energy Has Already Salvaged Many Manufacturing Facilities Closed During Economic Downturn. Across America, factories and plants abandoned by the old economy have been re-tooled and re-opened to satisfy the growing demand for new energy technologies. For instance, once hopeless manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Michigan have re-energized their communities by creating jobs and leading the charge toward a new energy future. [Bloomberg, 4/2/09; Star Tribune, 4/22/09; Grand Rapids Press, 3/6/08]

    • Matt

      Yeah, Raising taxes costs people money. Higher energy bills take more money away from those that pay them. For Every “Green” job created, two other jobs will be lost. Wake up moron!!! Cap and Tax is an America Killer and a socialist life line!!

      • Skippy Horn

        The facts above are not mine. They are from That is a no bias non partisin organization that takes time to check the real facts. You can go there yourself and research a lot of things like Obama’s speeches. It will tell you what he said that was correct and what he said that was wrong. So there you go moron. You WAKE UP! I’m sure fact check did a much better job than your hero Sarah Palin did of checking her facts. Funny, she was for cap and trade before she was against it. Kind of like the bridge to nowhere. moron.

    • Skippy Horn
  • Jana Murray

    It may be inconvenient for you, Mr. Oscar Goldman, but this is not a one sided unfair assessment of the Cap and Trade program. Mr. Goldman you are ignoring the truth. Who funds your unbalanced comments?

    • Skippy Horn

      What do you mean it’s not a one sided assessment? All I see is Glenn Beck, Mr. I hate all Democrats, by himself ranting about the Cap and Trade bill. All I want to know is the other side. I want fact from both sides not just one knuckle-head ranting because he doesn’t like the President. It seems to me you are all saying this will be bad. But, have you actually read the bill? Have you done any real research? Probably not. You just listen to people like Gelnn Beck, Sean Hanity, and Bill O’riely go on and on simply because their party lost the election. Truth is that you don’t know the truth. You don’t know how many jobs will be lost or created because of this bill. You have to learn that people like Glenn Beck are very powerful and can persuade people like you that are already one sided thinkers. If you really want to make informed decissions you have to research more than just watching Fox news. I’m sure I could rant to like Mr. Beck, but I don’t have a TV show.
      I guess you also feel that we don’t need any kind of envirmental protection either. But have you ever seen photos of Pittsburgh, PA. back when the steel mills were operating? It was so dark from the smog and polution that at noon it looked like midnight. Yes it’s true.

      • keith

        what YOU do about it? nothing,thats what,except to enjoy the prosperity and do nothing but gripe.thats all you meely mouthed wishy washy tree huggers do is whine complain gripe,god yall make me just plain sick!

        • Skippy Horn

          Well, It’s a good thing congress is working on health care since you’re so sick. But since I’m sure you’re against it I hope you don’t choose to use it once it passes. Just keep paying those high cost to your insurance company. Do you know how much money the CEO of your insurance company makes per year? I bet it’s a heck of lot more than you make! But maybe not. Daddy always told me if you ever want to get ahead in the world, you don’t need talant or skills, just a good line of bull. Well, I forgot, I was responding to Keith.

    • Oscar Goldman

      Dear Jana Murray,
      I’m not ignoring the truth, I’m trying to find out the truth. It’s widely known that Gelnn Beck supports the right wing agenda. That’s fine that he does, but because he does he isn’t going to tell you the whole truth. He just gave us his side of this story. What is the other side. Can anyone here tell me show me proof that Mr. Beck is correct? Something in bill, or some independant web site, that says, yes this is a bad idea. Because to be honest I looked on Skippy’s and they feel it’s not nearly as bad as Mr. Beck is making it out to be. Is the sky really falling? You seem to have blind faith in him. Maybe you should think for yourself and get information from sources other than Fox News.

      • Deborah

        Yes, Mr. Goldman, I agree that we all need to examine all sides of an issue. I must disclose that I am a Conservative, but I am first interested in the TRUTH, and sometimes I am ashamed of the political party that I am affiliated with. I also watch MSNBC and surrepticiously receive emails from “the other side” to stay informed. I do find that both sides are guilty of this: We see the goal we desire — in this case, a clean environment, and we attempt to get to this goal by whatever means necessary, even if it will raise taxes, send companies out of the country, and cause a soaring electric bill (Obama disclosed this himself) at a time when most families are financially strapped all to save the environment. On this issue, the Republicans seek to save families from losing jobs, to keep their homes heated, and to prevent another tax hike. While we must seek to protect our environment, we must also find ways to allow our economy to thrive. The fight is a good one and we all need to be engaged and concerned. Thank you for being a concerned citizen. I know too many who are not paying any attention. I admire Beck, and I think he will help our country in the long run. It does get discouraging to listen to him too much, but he may be right on most thinks. I have yet to find him in error. DS

  • Matt

    Every Obama Supporter and Demecrat “yes person” is personally responsible to the fall of the United States. In a Revolution, they would be the enemies. To the defense of you uninformed victims that support these idiot public servants I say this: When you voted for these socialists, you didn’t know they were going to kill our country. When Obama promised Hope and Change your were thinking our Government would be “cleaned up”, not shifted into a “gangster style” regime. You didn’t know that Obama was going to appoint 30 czars to bypass the checks and balances of congress. It’s not your fault unless you knew what we, the Patriots of this country were telling you was true. You who believed the lies of liberals didn’t believe us. Guess what, everything we said would happen is happening!! Stand UP!! Be Heard. We need to take our country back. We need to stand united and defend our constitution. The wimps we send to Washington either won’t protect it, or they want to demolish it.

  • http://hotmail Mark

    Obamas push for a Socialist America

    Government takeover of the Health sector…More Taxes
    Government takeover of the Auto sector………………….fake bailout.
    Government takeover of the Education sector…………NCAAP speech.
    Government takeover of the Energy sector…………..Cap and Trade push

    Its almost like Obama wants more and more power in every aspect of your life.

    Sosialism leads to communism leads to dictatorship.

    That asshole is all about power………………….plain and simple!

    • Skippy Horn

      Obama’s push for a better America

      Government takeover of the Health sector…..Lower health insurance cost and Less money business have to pay for healthcare thus being able to put more money back into the company and expand and grow creating more jobs.

      Government takeover of the Auto sector………………….Obama didn’t make the auto companies fail. They did that on their own. Gave them money to keep operating and restructure to save millions of auto related jobs all accross the country.
      Government takeover of the Education sector…………Public Schools have always been funded by the Goverenment. That’s why they are called “PUBLIC” pay teachers more so they care more and are better at teaching our kids so they can make informed decisions and not have to get the ideas from Gelnn Beck.

      Government takeover of the Energy sector…………..Invest in new forms of clean renewable energy so we can get away from oil. Thus getting away from the Middle East and then the Muslims can do what they want and the US no longer has any interest in the region.

      See, 2 sides to every issue.

      • keith

        in the time it took me to read your unbeileavably naive,unmeasurably idiotic liberalistic drivel i think i got dumber just from reading it,damn,now i have wait for it to wear off,why don’t you PUT A WARNING on the stuff you post so people with a modicum of commen sense won’t be assaulted mentally with a vast humongus load of unfathonably anal feces?

        • Skippy Horn

          OMG I hope you didn’t get any dumber! Your already pretty……..

    • Billy Wells

      Ever notice how these people get really angry when you tell them they are wrong or just present a differant view on a topic? Then they wonder why Homeland Security, (An agency deveopled and put into place by GW Bush to expand Government) issued a warning about a threat by Right Wing Extremeist. Seems to me many are posting blogs right here.
      Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. Imagine that. They just add fuel to the fire of their own demise. LOL!

      • keith

        okay your last comment got me going,what?,you think citizens of a FREE country can no longer speak their minds anymore? what,you sympathize with the jackbooted assholes who may come after them? go screw yourself,obviously your already a mentally programmed sheep ripe for the slaughter house,who would’nt lift a finger to save yourself or your country from the socialist gestapo when they come to your neighbors house cause he spoke out,what would you do?,i bet nothing,except to peak out through the curtains and cringe in fear,you make me sick,FREEDOM OF SPEECH!,ever hear of it? so SHUT UP and let us patriots who are not cowed speak out,it’s obvious your not.

        • Skippy Horn

          Freedom of speech so shut up? WHAT the heck does that mean? Freedom of speech so shut up. Freedom of speech so shut up. Oh I get it. You feel that you have the right to say what you want, but anyone who thinks differently doesn’t have the same right. Is that it Keith?
          Hey Billy, I think Kethi sone of those angry right wing extremeist you just spoke about. Better bow down and do as he says and think only the way he thinks because you know this is a free country and we have every right to think exactly the same as the right wing extremeist. Just don’t come up with your own thoughts, Keith says that’s wrong, even though he has freedom of speech only if your a Republican though. Sure an glad I have a voter registration card that says Republican on it. Those damn dems you know, they are running the country into the ground in just 6 months. Next you thing you know the war will be over in Iraq and Obama will refuse to invade Iran because they’ve done nothing wrong to us and OMG I’m going to go crazy just thinking about how mad Keith is going to be when he reads this because he’s a Republican that probably listens to Rush Limbaugh and everyone knows Limbaugh is the all mighty seer of knower of everything that is right.

  • Billy Wells

    The truth is the Republicans have to do everything they can to stop any plan that is introduced by Obama or the Demacrats before Nov. 2010. It’s not that these are bad bills for the country or tax payers, it all comes down to politics. The Republicans want comtrol of congress back. If these bills pass and they actually work and the American people are happy, they will vote out even more Republicans in 2010 and then reelect Obama in 2012. Plus the Republicans that are getting huge campaign contributions from oil, insurance and pharmasutical companies are going to be in trouble with their base supporters. Now the only way the Republicans can stop any of this is to lie and spread rumors about how bad it will be for the average American. They have no better plan to offer or anything ideas of their own at this point. All they have are threats. Kind of like the George Bush tatics, keep them scared so they submit to us.
    So that what it all comes down to, politics and getting reelected. What’s the number one goal of any politicain in Congress? It’s to get reelected! It’s about money and power, has nothing to do with all of us little people.

  • s c

    Probably, Congress won’t read Waxman’s crap-and-trap bill. Why do we elect morons who can’t or won’t read? When this disaster fails, b o and his useful idiots will go into full denial mode, and look for scapegoats. Obviously, Washington lives in a dream world, and Peter Pan is their ideal role model. Politicians make careers of telling us what we want to hear. Lying 24/7 is a way of life for these blood-sucking losers. This is economic survival. To deny it makes us part of the problem. Waxman is bent on $crewing America, and he’ll do it with a smile on his sold-out face. Waxman will do to America what Hitler did to Russia in WWII (let’s be ‘friends,’ comrade).

  • Stassi Parker

    Today’s Question
    Is it true that persons older than 59 can’t get heart surgery in England?

    • Herbert

      What does that have to do with this controversial topic?

    • Raymond Babcock

      not if you have money to pay for it

    • Brenda Gill

      If this is true in England and becomes fact here in the United States people like me and many others would be inhabiting a plot in the nearest cemetary. I had two major heart attacks at 55 and 56 years of age and died both times. I was blessed and they did manage to get me back but they almost pronounced me. After the second one I had open heart surgery. Obama health care will let more people die then people ever imagined would be the norm for the United States of America. There will be two classes of people, those who can afford the best of medical care and will put doctors on retainers to take care of them and the regular folks who will have to fight for every bit of medical care. Which caterory will most of the people fall into?
      Someone asked the question, “What did medical care have to do with the conversation”? It’s important because it’s just one more area “We the People” will suffer under the Obama regime. People wake up and STOP drinking the kool-aid!!!!!

  • Herbert

    People should wake up and start to see the difference between reality and unreality. The power of media is now luring people’s mind to see the politic differently. Death of Michael Jackson is NOTHING compared to what US government is doing today. They are passing out bills which gives them more power, rights, and money. Everyday, they are closer to achieve their goal which makes us wonder…. what have we been doing?

  • Jonathan Rice

    Arguing right wing vs left wing is exactly what government wants you to do. Divide and conquer. In fact, the goal of both parties is the expansion of government. Despite rhetoric from both sides, the results is the same no matter the prevailing party. The ultimate goal appears to be total and utter control of every facet of our lives. The biggest problem in America today is that we do not force politicians to live up to their oath of office. I would like to know where congress gets the constitutional authority to even propose the bills they are working to pass today.

    This country grew and expanded on the back of entreprenurial spirit that, in part ,is driven by desire to provide better for family. Some may call this greed, but it is what made us grow. The very people that did well want protection from competition, in steps government with corruption being the result. Stop the name calling and arguing and attack the source of all problems in the U.S. today, government intervention, government control.

    • Scotty

      Gotta agree with you there Jonathan. That’s exactly what they count on. Just think of what the bunglers in DC would do if the American Public united to kick all of their buts out of office. I’m a Republican, but I certainly don’t agree with everything the NRC does, nor do I agree with what the Democrats (notice the correct spelling) are up to. I am firmly against any further Government controls, including the Cap & Trade which will cost the economy overall, and I really, really don’t want the Feds dictating my health care! Remember, these are the people that brought you the IRS, the ATF, the DHS, the list goes on and on, the bureaucracy just gets bigger. Dealing with HMO’s (and trust me, I have) is bad enough.

      I think we need another Party, one called the Moderate Party. I’m reasonably sure that it would succeed. IMHO the American Public is sick to death of the partisan BS spewed forth by our unrepresenting representatives in DC.

      My 2 cents, where’s my change??

      • Brenda Gill

        Scotty, I’m fed up with both parties also but I’m very concerned with having a third party. I remember how Ross Perot managed to help get Clinton re-elected and worry that the same thing could happen today. This country will not survive more years under the Democrats and Obama. I consider myself an Independant but more closly aliened with the Republicians. The ideal thing would be to get rid of the Democrat Party or at least negate their influence and power. The Democratic Party of today is totally different than the one of JFK and Robert or maybe I was too young (15) and didn’t see them for what they are. Now, I think the Democratic Party is evil. Sounds harsh and a strong renunciation of the Party, I know but when research is made of the Democratic Party’s history this should be very clear to people. So, my bottom line is to join more with the Republicians and let them know that if they manage to get my vote they will have to honor their promises. One thing which is in our favor is that the Republicians still remember their defeat when they departed from the Conservative principles that has always defined the Repubs and the Dems are so arrogant and riding high that they think they can not be defeated and do not remember any defeats they have had in the past. If they are defeated they blame someone else and not themselves and don’t admit to defeat and that their policies are wrong and not what they American people want. So please let’s not talk third party until we have at last defeated the Democrats and their party is so weak there is no chance of them winning anything.

  • Albert Wacher

    Glenn is the best, he is not afraid to buck the liberal establishment. Keep going after them Glenn there needs to be more light shed on the shoddy underhanded tactics of this Administration and his crooked cohorts.

  • Craige Roberts

    Oscar is blind to the truth. Obabmanomics is aimed straight at the heart of America. I challenge Oscar to name ONE entilement or regulatory legislation that has met it’s projected cost and/or benefits as originally claimed by the CBO, just one.
    The Democratic strategy from day one has been to take from the middle class and the rich and give to the unions (who by the way, think that Boy Scounts volunteering to clean our landscape should be banned because they don’t pay union dues).
    If Oscar is so much in favor of the Democratic strategy of the Socialization of America, perhaps he could also travel back in time and take up residence in 1935 Germany.
    Cap and Trade is anti-business, anti-Jobs and anti-American. Or maybe…. Al Gore was right? The polar ice caps aren’t really growing, it’s all an optical illusion perpetrated by the Conservatives.

  • Ummmm! Ummmmm! Ummm!

    Global warming is a hoax! It is all about GREED, and POWER, and CONTROL!
    Just as we see European countries realizing the errrors of their socialist ways as manifested in the domestic violence of public service UNION agitation; and bankrupted countries being brought down by the burdens of supporting too many unproductive non-contributors to their economies, and as we can see China booming as they shift toward capitalistic principals, we are subjected to an overbearing liberal, excuuuse me progressive, mentality that seems to think that capitalism is the problem.

    It is truly sad to witness the world today.

    Our constitution which is responsible for the greatest most generous beacon of freedom the world has ever witnessed, is now deemed outdated by these same lib…uh, progressives. But I digress.

    The world has now been set in further disarray by the repercussions of the US collapse of the housing/finance/banking industries as precipitated by the idiocy of the mother of all bleeding hearted politically correct greed motivated corruptions that is hardly being mentioned at all. FANNIE MAE/ FREDDIE MAC, et als.

    We can either accept the false accusations and public orchestrations of outrage postured by those very same shamelessly corrupt liberals now in control of our government (see Barney Frank/Chris Dodd/The Congressional Black Caucus, etc., etc.) and as abetted by OUR LIBERALLY BIASED MEDIA, that the collapse was due to Wall Street and the AIG’s etc. of the world, and to some as yet unspecified “deregulation”, and, we can remain dumbed down as to the truth. Or, we can wise up to the fact that the crisis created by Fannie and Freddie (as the absolute ROOT CAUSE) was due to ignorant financial policy perpetuated by political correctness run rampant and driven by corrupt government cronyism and the “politicization of mortgage lending” culminating in the absurdity of Fannie and Freddie having, by 2006, required QUOTAS as high as 56% of their loans being directed to “low or moderate income borrowers”. Thus, MILLIONS of loans forced upon a system by government mandate to people who either never could repay them or never even intended to repay them. “With near universal approval of regulators world-wide, these securities were injected into the arteries of the world’s financial system.”

    ( )

    The all so obvious, though as unspoken as government vice-grip can manage to contain it, TRUTH of the matter was/is …. that it was LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT POLICIES that caused the worst economic crises since the great depression. But hopefully, we will not see the same as it pertains to Cap and Trade.

    WE MUST LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES! And we must not allow the fraud of government cronyism to intimidate us and keep us dumbed down to accept this inevitable boondoggle which if ever implemented would all too likely lead to the fall of this great republic. For, this liberal concoction of puffery and alarmism would actually do nothing to eliminate carbon production but it would rather serve to create economic havoc for most of us while creating the next great
    cash cow for these crooks we now are ruled by as they create and play a corrupt paper game that would cost consumers in the form of higher prices for everything as the “players” (see Al Gore, George Soros, B. H. Obama, et al)simply rake in their ill-gotten gains, by the BILLION$ (see Chicago Climate Exchange). ITS ALL ABOUT GREED, POWER, AND CONTROL………of “We the People”.


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