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Glenn Beck Shows Us Presidential Cabinet Appointments Based on Private Sector Knowledge

December 4, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://Yahoo Robert

    I got it first Let all the people in your prison’s that did petty crime’s go, I show of good faith. Second start growing hemp in all the fields down south where nothing grows give the farmers what they need to grow this product, it can be used for fuel and close, teach the people love not hate. Third take the gun’s off the streets, that would be a vary hard sell but must be done,get all peoples to start helping one another to build the country again. Forth instead of oil make Alcohol for all automotive world, there are jobs out there, just need motivation and a good plan for your future USA. I live in Canada so it don’t matter to me what you all do, but I can see that you are all afraid.

    • s c

      Robert, your comments don’t have much to do with what Beck said. Could it be that you are a Canadian hemp entrepreneur? Could it be that you specialize in ‘smokable’ hemp products?
      Beck’s main point deals with ‘leaders’ who make use of people who have (or don’t have) practical experience in real-world issues. Comrade obama, who is anything but a leader, relies on those who need to stay on campuses (or are in need of long-term, comprehensive therapy). He has appointed some people who belong behind bars. Some should be thrown out of America. Some got elected because they sold themselves.
      You are known by the company you keep. In comrade obama’s case, it’s a toss-up as to who’s getting the shorter end of the stick (him or his appointees).
      The REAL loser in this farce is America. Let us know if you want obama or any of his ‘pals.’ You are more than welcome to have ALL of them.

      • DaveH

        That’s a great idea SC. Let’s exile them to Canada.

        • Greg

          Impeach them all…………………………

      • http://Yourcomments... Robin

        Brilliant retort! Well done…my guess was the combustible hemp, as well. TeeHee

        • Charlie

          Surely we don’t hate the Canadians, who for the most part, have been our friends, selling discount drugs to seniors, even though our border patrol boards the buses and tries to conviscate legal drug, but by an large Canadians are our allies, so from this one three cheers for Canada.

          But as for Obama and his administration. I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican but I’ve never seen such a clueless administration, nor some of the ilk that has flocked to him like lemmings. I’ve seen the Canadians come here, willing to pay for health care they cannot get under their socialized program. It sounded good on paper but in actual use, any nation that has it, their health care suffers. There has to be better solutions, perhaps with just a tweeking of laws.

          But as for this clueless administration, start at the top: They convinced voters he was black, but his father was an Arab and his grandfather, and they were both Muslims. Michelle might be black but he is an Arab, who have darker skin than most whites but are not black. If Obiden were born in Kenya would he be black? That is my point. But they lied, PR’d, SPUN, and only promoted hate of Bush in the last election, never allowing anyone to know their true agenda, which is radical socialism. The recent job symposium they did not invited the Federal of Small Businesses, The Chambers of Commerce, nor the Small Business Association, who know how to create jobs, but need the government to get out of the way! But Hussein Obama has never had a job, neither have most of his administration…and they’ve always been on the public dole, so what would you expect? More of the same…and a gaggle of insane proposals, laws, and attempts to destroy private enterprise entirely. All the stimulous money went to foreign countries, including the wind and solar, and the bailout of AIG went to Germany and France, not Canada.

          No, I’d pack up the whole kit and cabboodala of them and ship them to Russian or Red China, let them see radical social in action, one way tickets I might add. In my lifetime I’ve never been ashamed to say this was my president, idiot maybe but mine, and this one won’t even produce a birth certificate that isn’t a forgery and the DNC and RNC apparently don’t care. No wonder the tea parties are growing and the exit polls suggest they are not Republicans but blue dog Democrats and conservative Independents who have had enough of the lies and stupidity?

          Just my 2 cents…


    • RefreshTheTree

      I don’t want to offend you Robert, I think you mean well so I will put this gently. If what you mean by taking the guns off the street you mean stop people from having illegal firearms I agree. However if you mean outlawing guns in the US I have to tell you: there is no way that is going to happen any time soon. Second, the ideal of teaching love not hate is of course a good idea. The problem really is that people come from a line of hominids that frankly are violent, really violent. They live in groups and attack other groups incredibly viciously for example they rip body parts off of members of neigboring troops. This is the culmination of millions of years of evolution and unfortunately cannot be taught out of people. I don’t know about the hemp idea, but farming really has been stifled by the government itself. Our country has been ruined, and I find it hard to believe it was ruined accidentally. People are coming to grips with it now, but as they fall down the rabbit hole I think they will be confronted with so many ugly truths that violence may be the outcome. Lets just hope the outcome is better than the current state. We are headed into dark times I think, but it is a great time to be alive.

      • Dan-o

        Hey tree hugging (Offensive content removed), depending on how far back you think your ancestry goes. why you living life on theories.

      • Sumerian

        Dear Sir or Madam, nice of you to be so polite. You are, by the way absolutely right, at least that’s how I see it also. Robert, on the other hand must never of heard of Paine or Jefferson as referenced in your title – Refresh the Tree (of liberty). Carry on good person and let us never forget – the Blood of Patriots goes a long way.

    • http://Yourcomments... Robin

      First to your suggestion…hemp is the answer to our problems…well we can tell you been smokin it…and to your foolish suggestion to disarm…how naive you are…LAST assertion? Afraid!? HAH!Not a shread of FEAR HERE, Canada boy!

      • Charlie

        think about this for a moment? Why would a country that is supposed to be for, of, and by the people, why would its leaders be afraid of their citizens having guns? The gun poses no threat to you but it does the criminal. If they know you have none in your house, you’re open season and fair game. I saw a woman on Johnny Carson once who claimed the piece in her purse was her biggest detterent to rape. Why he asked? A gaping chest wound and the ~~~~ forgets all about trying to rape me!

        You don’t need to attack guns and I think the anti gun fanatics have missed the point. You need to attack criminals, those who have stolen them, use them to rob, etc. You lock them up. 85-90% of the crimes committed, and this was confirmed several years ago by the FBI, are committed by repeat offenders and criminals. Simply because you own a gun and are willing to shoot a burglar doesn’t make you a criminal. In many states in the U.S. it is not unusual to see a hand gun in a holster, carried openly, and guns hanging in gun racks behind the seat of their pickups. When I see these folks I have no fear, but then I’m not a criminal…most of the police officers I know aren’t afraid of them either. They know these people, for the most part, are good decent people, but don’t try to steal their property, nor harm them or their family…because you will not like them. You might even expire of lead poisoning? I have no problem with that at all. We’ve been taught to coddle criminals by the far left, and that attitude is wrong wrong wrong…

  • http://none Delores Smith

    I find it difficult to believe that so many of the radicals surrounding President Obama have not been vetted by Congress or the FBI. Glenn Beck’s report is excellent. It clearly shows which presidents had experience around them. It also makes me want to know what exact experience each of the czars have had. I saw a video of Mark Lloyd of the FCC, saying “We need to figure out a way to have some step down to make room for others.” That’s not an exact quote but it is very close. Hello, Mr.Lloyd, this is America. That’s not the way it’s done! Delores Smith

    • Bradley L.

      Good point Deloris, the czars in my opinion are strictly unconstitutional ass there is no vetting of these folks, and as Glenn pointed out before on his show by exposing Van Jones, you really don’t have any idea what these people are about. Look at Pres o’s main talking head, (name escapes me) she’s about as socialistic as it gets in terms of Government Policy, and she makes no excuses for it! The whole Cabinet and most likely all the staff will have this mindset!
      When the fore fathers founded our sacred Constitution, it was scribed on parchment made from hemp. Hemp was a leading ag crop at the time, (and not for smoking either, but I’m sure some towns folk may have!) but, at that time in our Nations history, almost every one was self employed, and ran their own business to make a living. Some did really great! and some did not so great but thats the way it was. Now, as the fore fathers prayed night and day for Gods wisdom and hand in it’s drafting, they came up with a model of Government that would surpass all others. This model of Self Governance was indeed modeled after a business model.
      The Elected President, same as CEO, COO, CIC,
      in charge of our military, resposible for our international security, sworn to uphold our laws, “doing the peoples business” making sure the peoples company is running smoothly.
      The Elected Govenors, same as a District Manager, resposible for over seeing the State’s residents, it’s security, and issues at hand that have a reasonable positive or negative attribute to the general welfare of the Country. “doing the peoples business”.
      The Elected Congress People, same as board members, department/floor managers, resposible for our concernes and issues at hand that have a reasonable positive or negative attribute to the general welfare of the Country.
      “doing the peoples business”
      The Average American Citizen, you, same as a share holder, or a stock holder, as a soverign citizen, you own a piece of stock in the Constitution of the United States of America!
      responsible for yourself, and yourself only!
      The Average American Tax Payer, your responsible for paying for everything!

    • johnmcenroe

      Two things:

      1. The private sector got us in this mess;
      2. This “excellent” report is based on research by the chief investment officer of… JP Morgan (and we don’t know a thing by the methodology that’s used)

      • http://Yourcomments... Robin

        Oh and the Government is the answer? You must be kidding! Step away from the kooliad. It can cause loss of brain function. 1913…Wilson…Nevermind. It has already set in…

      • JIM

        Your 1st point. What do you mean by private sector? If you listen to Newt Gingrich & Carl Rove, BOTH have clearly proved what exactly happened, please research this and then declare what you mean by private sector. heres a clue… WE ALL SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRESENT, IF WE ALL DID, THIS WOULD NEVER HAD HAPPENED when it did. Watch this Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis…

        & wall street journal,
        please check it out. good luck, jim

        • Steven

          Jim I want to thank you for posting these 2 sites. When obama was running, I had seen both of these. At the time I wasn’t informed enough to know that I might want to use these to help defend President Bush. I am posting these on my FB where family and friends can continue to think I am whacked out of my head. I keep trying to get my people to pay attention. Thanks again Jim.

          • Concerned American

            Hey Steve, I posted this on my facebook too! I am with you don’t think you are a bit crazy! We are a lot alike brother. TRUTH is Absolute! <

      • SusieQ

        Whether or not the percentages are absolutely accurate it is apparent that the administration is over loaded with professional parasites (organizers, professional politicians, academia, etc.) who suck the life out of Capitalism. The child’s story says it all – ‘he isn’t wearing anything at all’.

  • Rod

    I have an idea S.C., Lets give all of Obama’s criminals to Robert
    in Canada. He is so full of Ideas for our country. Why does the people in Canada keep comming to America? Could it be they can’t get
    the care they need in Canada????.
    Hitler failed and so will Obama!

    • Charlie

      The real question Rod is did Hitler fail?
      If he did, did we learn the lessons we should have?
      Obviously with Hussein Obama in the white house we didn’t?
      The spirit of that bully of Hitler is very much alive and
      well with the bully tactics of the far left wing right now.
      They bribed the Lousianna Congressmen to advance the
      health care bill? Some reports come back saying they
      bullied Hillary’s supporters out of the primaries, often
      replacing their ballots with theirs, or throwing Hillarys
      away. McCain never showed up for the debates. Why?

      We think Hitler lost. We think Hussein lost. But did
      they? Right now everyone thinks they have to be politically
      correct to be a great leader. Sorry, we all have our rights,
      and in case I haven’t said it “Merry Christmas” not Happy Holidays.
      If you’re Jewish or Muslim, Happy Hannukuh or Merry Ramidan…
      That is my point. You’ve given up your freedom inch by inch. You don’t cook a frog by tossing him into a hot boiling pan. He’ll
      jump out. You put him in compfortable water, he feels safe and the fire beneath slowly cooks him….too take he realized its time to jump out?

      I think Hitler, Sadam Insane, Hussein Obama, Nanci Pelosi, Harry Reid, Spector, and Snowe should be given one way tickets to Russia, not Canada, the left foot of fellowship if you will.

    • Greg

      Can We Help Oboma Fail, and I mean before 2012 !

  • RefreshTheTree

    The original systems in this country perpetuated an unprecedented surge of this nation from 13 colonies grasping at independence to becoming the world sole super power in only 200 years. That house the founding fathers built with capitalism as our economic structure, and a federal constitutional republic as our form of governance has been distorted irreprably. The simple solution is to tear it down and rebuild it the same way, only adding a few changes to try to save it from the greed and power hungry people that populate it. It has been proven to work, it just needs modernization (limited) and to be taken out of the hands of the villians on the hill.

    • Charlie

      Precisely…my point too. The tree needs good fertilizer and water, not more BS.

  • RefreshTheTree

    By the way, that was my idea, I was focusing on the part of his broadcast that said someone may have an idea to fix the mess. I think most people could agree, and perhaps think the same thing themselves. On the subject of the private sector experience: that is where hopeless liberals come from. They live a sheltered live, then go to college on mom and dad’s dollar. When they emerge they are so liberal they can’t think straight. They have true idealism, and the only way to create their utopia is to follow the Communist Manifesto to the promise land. The promise land is the final step in communism. Everyone is equal, and there is no government. Sadly this is not possible, and when they start their campaign to acheive utopia it will be very painful for all of us.

  • Merl

    If the economy continues its downward spiral; if competent business types: CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, economists, etc. do not populate Obama’s world; then we will surely know that his presidency is about ideology and a socialst agenda at the expense of everything else.

  • Thomas Anthony

    I’m 20 years older than Glenn… which has given me 20 more years of research into the demise of our beloved country than our “Golden” brother Glenn. God bless him. I would like to focus your attention much further behind our so called President, and other Empire Builders this country has and is suffering. After graduating Art School I was introduced to the works of Alice Bailey. Thirsting for answers from the spirit world, in order to practice my Art profession at the highest levels of society, business and politics I read the 24 volumes of the Bailey Books from the Lucis Trust. Which you can find on the web. It used to be called the Lucifer Trust back in the 1920′s. Their office in America is at 104 Wall Street. What does that tell you? The information in the Bailey Books was the information used to establish the League of Nations, which is now the United Nations. I know I am being painfully brief, but am I getting through to anyone… especially Glenn? The Arcane School (..meaning HIDDEN school.) is the right arm of the Lucis Trust. It is a world network… an intricate tapestry of triangulation of useful spiritual pawns, soldiers, or channels… whatever you or Shirley McLain want to call them, that are above and beyond the imagination of mere mortals. It took every shred of my God-given artistic imagination to fathom what the hell they were talking about in those Books. But I did it, and consequently lost my soul. Not to get religious on you, dear reader, but enter Jesus Who saved my soul… but that is another very long story. I touch on that to say, that as I lost my soul because of the Powers, and Principalities,and Spirits in high places, so has our top leadership lost it’s soul, because of the Lucis Trust. For years I would send in my monthly report to the Arcane School when they were located in the United Nations Plaza. This is, in my estimation, the fountain-head of all that is wrong with our Country. But I will caution you, you who are curious enough to dig further in this direction, you will not find nor deal with flesh and blood, but SPIRITS. I was being trained to be one of them. Obama is nothing but the most limber of puppets, in the hands of these puppet masters. There are not five or six strings controlling him like you see on an actual toy marionette, but thousands of strings. Invisible strings. So how will you ever know when they are all cut? Browse the website of the LUCIS TRUST… be careful not to get sucked in to it. The knowledge is very alluring. Glenn, I hope you are reading this, because this will give you the ultimate answer to what exactly you are dealing with. This Knowledge, that the Lucis Trust offers for sale, wars against the basic spirit of the little man, the entrepreneuer of America. The Lucis Trust’s main goal is, as they so often chant, is to “Usher in the Christ” …. Guess which “Christ” they are talking about? …you guessed it! You win a free lollipop.

    • s c

      It sounds as though you paid a high price for your education, TA. Most readers won’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about.
      They don’t know about Bailey, Blavatsky, groups that pose as public servants and thirst for power, the war business, the incestuous relationship of ‘religion,’ power and money or the redistribution of wealth that makes comrade obama’s efforts seem almost innocent.
      It’s tough to see what needs to be seen. It’s easy to surrender to rose-colored glasses and the lure of ‘success.’ Perhaps it’s enough to know that in spite of what the world’s movers-and-shakers do, nothing in this life lasts forever.
      Everything in this life has a price. And some things are too expensive for any mortal, no matter how successful they’ve been in this life. Some lessons are eternal.

    • uponroof

      Mr. Anthony, Anyone with a 50+ year perspective, and basic Christian understanding sees exactly what you speak of. That said, they’ve probably never had it ‘fleshed out’ spiritually in your terms. Thank you for the clarification and reference.

      I have always informally monitored man’s love affair with man. Within that measuring it’s important to understand that ‘knowlege gain’ doubles in increasingly shorter periods of time (knowledge not wisdom!). Internet communication, greatly multiplying available information, has this gain now on steroids. As accumulation quickens there’s a tendancy to become infatuated. And so we are becomming lovers of man….”Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (II Tim 3:7)

      As worldly knowledge, vis a vis information, increases man is lifted and God is lowered. This worldly love fueled by unbridled information intoxicates and blinds. All Godly ideals are forgotten in the name of all powerful man. This godforsaken backdrop will eventually produce the one you allude to.

      But back to Obama…

      Pride being the Hum vehicle of sin loses nothing on Obama. The classic narcissist exudes self love while his world view includes man as God. He literally believes man/government is capable of providing all answers. Big government/world government is the symptom of this growing self love sickness. God’s truth is nothing more than something to be controlled by government. The path is well beaten with more and more following daily. One day sooner than we all think man will expect government (man) to provide ALL answers. Again…fertile ground for a one world leader.

    • http://Yourcomments... Robin

      I believe Glenn knows…you are underestimating, to a certain extent, his platform and his audience. This has not escaped the left, either. They want to bury him and FOX. Don’t misunderstand…Glenn is not my golden boy…he is a mere mortal…like the rest of us. The Lucis Trust, the Bilderbergs, The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Affairs and ultimately the Illuminati…All arms attached to the same beast. That is why there are so many strings…They all possess a strong demonic undertow but… Lucifer and all of his minions are NO match for our GOD! He will utterly destroy them all with HIS BREATH! MARANANTHA!

    • Dan-o

      Thank you for reminding me where the real battle is, the politics can be consuming my thoughts with anger. I need to get back to the spiitual realm and continually be in meditation on God word (Bible).
      Jesus came to give us truth.

  • Suzannah in the South

    Hey Mr. Anthony:

    I am intrigued by what you said about Alice Bailey, etc. I’ve studied alot of Biblical prophecy. There are many evangelical ministers out there that are becoming very cautious about what they say on TV, now that we all live as comrades in the brave new world of Obama-Marxism. Sorry this is off the subject. GB is right on as usual about presidents who have and don’t have any business experience. I’ve been trying to get Glenn’s attention about THE NEW WORLD ORDER and the real shakers and movers behind the puppet OB. Please give more feedback on this stuff. I’m very concerned about the future of our beautiful America, Christianity, and our democracy and economic system. If they vote thru Cap and Trade, or Crap and Tax, we’re all headed for disaster-help us, Jesus!

    • s c

      Suzannah, if your preacher is afraid to speak out against Caesar, you’ve got a wannabe politician impersonating a preacher. American church members are about to get a hard lesson in why no church is safe if it’s on a short leash to Caesar (yes, I mean ‘tax-exempt’ status).
      The vast majority of churches suffer from the same problem. They’re apostate. They’ve been seduced by forces that have nothing to do with God or true good works or responsibility.
      A typical church has a wannabe politician for a leader. Sadly, it’s hard to tell the difference between most preachers and those arrogant self-lovers in Washington (they worship the same false ‘god’).
      You have much reading to do. Test, sort and sift your church ‘leaders.’ If you can’t discern any spiritual qualities (and I do NOT mean if they’re ‘popular’ and in the media on a regular basis), make your escape while you can.

  • Linford

    I do not have time to read and it take to long to go through all my e. mails need to eliminate some of them

  • bob

    We have become a Walmart,McMansion,Viagra inhanced sex, SUV,Beer,Sports,Television brain, masturbating bunch of CNN educated Mr. Rogers motivated cry babies who have excepted the role of victums who demand,except,and vote for anyone who lies and says I will take care of you.

  • transhumanist

    Bob, you forgot to say FoxNews watching, then you would have been right!

  • Andrew Panken

    There just isn’t any reason for the production or sale of hemp products to be regulated. Conservatives are easily fooled by politicians who have been bought off by lobbyists of competing products. Hemp was a critical crop during World War I and II. Now, the government would have you think it’s some awful drug that you can smoke. Hemp is a great crop for the farmers that can’t be used as a drug. Our politicians will make anything illegal to put a buck in their pockets.

  • Wes

    Bo Gota GO

  • http://comcast jow

    Obama is trying to buy us out of the recession. It didn’t work with the first stimulus so how can he think it will work for the second. I cannot believe he is such an idiot about commerce. He is interested in socializing this country and he thinks he can force us on a green economy but the only problem with this is, how many people in this age of high tech manufacturing will be employed in this type of environment. Not many. Now he is touting weatherizing your home. Doesn’t he realize that most houses that are being built for the past forty years are already winterized. I guess we are supposed to re-winterize our homes even though my home was winterized, (I live in central CA) when it was built in 1959. It only stands to reason that Obama thinks he is Kenya where they do not winterize.

  • pay our debts?

    cant we just repay the rest of what we got? we run deficits anyways lets send chinas money back now and then cut the interest.

  • Linda L Hill

    Eventually, hopefully soon, America will wakeup and smell the Communists within the White House. For myself, when this happens, I pray, Obama will slink away after dark just like his Czar, Van Jones. I know, I’m dreaming, but I pray to God he does for his sake!

  • Jimmy

    I am a daily viewer of Glen Beck. Glen is dead on target with all the radical people surrounding the current President.The radical czars this president has chosen to surround himself with is to help him change America as we and our forefathers have labored to make it. The voters of this country is to blame, they didn’t listen or investigate who this man is thats sits in the presidents chair. The president can do very little if the congress and senate would do their job. The true Americans are needing a leader to step forward to lead the country throught these challanging times.Its getting time for the millions of people thats understands and sees through this corruption in washington, to go to washington and don’t leave until something is done.

  • John

    Obummer has appointed so many czars that the congress has no say in the matters anymore it is all done by the czars.


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