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Glenn Beck on the Constitution

November 23, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Cynthia L. W.

    Thank God for the Glenn Becks, Bill (the master) O’Reilly’s, etc.
    They tell the truth in the face of a LYING administration. Obama cares NOTHING about Americans because he’s not an American; he is taking down a sovereign nation – and we are letting him! Where are the reactionaries? Tea parties aren’t going to do it folks.
    They are a laugh to this administration. What will it take to take our nation back from a bunch of thieves?

    • Curtis S

      Tea baggers are a laugh to a lot of people. What will it take to get your nation back? It’s called an election. Mark your calendar. Elections happen on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday in November on even years. Be sure to vote for Sarah Palin!

      • Sebastian Baldwin-Smith

        The “Tea Baggers” were good American Citizens making tremendous effort to let Govt know they were going in the wrong direction. Of course the “leftists” laughed at them, that’s standard tactic.
        Read “Animal Farm” where all people are equal, but some are “more equal” than others, like the Soviet Union. The people worked and shared everything, but since there was very little, they mostly went without, while top Government elitists had fancy vacation homes and the best of everything. Anyone who spoke out against Communism, or against Saddam Hussein, were murdered. Educate yourselves, learn the facts so you can recognize the truth and not be easily taken in by lies & subterfuge. Remember “transparency”? There hasn’t been any. Just recently they told us “how smart” the people on the “health advisory panel” were because we’re too dumb to understand their “wisdom” about breast cancer screening for women over 50. 25% of those who die of b.c. are 40 and under. Obamacare will change that “Panel” from advisory to “compulsory”, and no insurance will pay for any care not recommended by the bureaucrats (-not doctors.) Obamacare is compulsory & costly for vastly restricted coverage. Buy it or pay huge penalties, fines and risk jail -(unless you’re an illegal, then you get free care and a free ticket home after you’re healed. “Managed care” is RATIONED CARE, with restricted care for elderly, sick, terminally ill, disabled, children with severe medical problems, like brain cancer, lukemia, etc. And mentally ill. TaintedVaccines are causing enormous # of Autism cases. Big Pharma will continue to rip-off Medicare-Obamacare. In Radical Marxist thinking, American’s have had it too easy, everything handed to them, spoiled, fat* and lazy. (*fat caused by the chemical additives & fungus-molds in stored grains-which causes cancer & MS.) We think the
        FDA protects us, but it only protects Big Pharma, at our expense, both financial support & poor quality food & drugs. Americans work harder, longer, are more productive than other countries. Americans built this country, brick by brick, nothing was handed to America. The “Radicals” were the spoiled children of the rich who hated their parents, ruined their brains on drugs, (no wonder they can’t think straight)& brainwash their children to carry out their radical ideas, and carry their guilt. With the best College education they’re taught to hate America. They blame America first, they apologize for our ‘past’ behavior..based on lies. They must have absolute power to run every aspect of everyone’s lives, including when you can see a doctor, what type of care you can have. And whether or not you can have a child. But they’ll live the best life, above and beyond everyone else. If you don’t like the direction they are pushing us to, then join the Tea Parties or come up with ideas and ways we can turn this socialized trend around. Socialism & Communism don’t work.
        The years from 1918 to 1989 is PROOF, all over the World.
        God Bless America, our Military, good Conservative Citizens & you.

        • mitchell bennett

          Well spoken. Wow, you have succinctly stated what I see as obvious, but so many cannot or will not see. God bless you and may the Lord bless this nation.

        • http://None Reita Hering

          Fantastic! You Hit The Nail on the Heal !!!!!

        • DaveH

          Good Comment Sebastion.

    • Howard Kelly

      People need to know our real history and learn for it;
      On January 13, 1947, as Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Peter Marshall petitioned Americans saying:
      The choice before us is plain: Christ or chaos, conviction or compromise, discipline or disintegration. I am rather tired of hearing about our rights and privileges as American citizens. The time is come—it is now—when we ought to hear about the duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America’s future depends upon her accepting and demonstrating God’s government.

      • BD

        Excellent point. I don’t hear enough from Conservatives or Liberals about how they are going to step up and get involved in building a better America. Everyone wants to be a Monday morning quarterback, complaining about what plays were called on Sunday, but I don’t see enough people putting their time and money where their mouths are.

        • Shane

          How about if God would come on down here and tell us how things are supposed to be? You know, he would have to put his unicorn factory on hold for a second and come help us out. IF there were a God don’t you think he would have made an appearance by now? God was created because people couldn’t explain things, and now that we can explain how the world was created, do we really need to rely on this imaginary being to run our lives? We know the earth has been here longer than a couple thousand years, we know there were dinosaurs down here, how much more does it take? 95% of all wars start because of religious convictions…do you think these multiple different “gods” would want things to be this way? I doubt it.

          • http://gmail Tomm Payne

            Shane, I appreciate your few well said words. Would love to
            hear from you. If you can do contact me.

  • http://LibertyAlerts Yvonne M.N.

    Cynthia, you are so right. I go to sleep at night wondering what happened to my country. I think that the hometown meetings should continue with a vengence! They should continue monthly in every community!! It’s going to be the only way. The Dems will learn that if they continue they will be booted off the block.

    • http://None Reita Hering

      You are so right! We MUST Stop This National Heal Care, and the bankrupcy of America.

  • Al B Tross

    The tyranny you are being subjected to is not from the left, rather from a small group of Corporate Elitists.
    Corporate fascism, like that endorsed by Mussolini, Reagan, and the growing “NeoCon” movement, are using fear and confusion to promote their Corporate agenda. Why must they pay people and bus them in to attend a “local” rally??,..

    WE the people….. if you don’t enjoy our style of democratic, representative government(by the people), then you seem to dislike humanity, you should not run for office, or perhaps become a hermit in Somalia, no taxes, no gun control, no government…

    Why should less than 5% of our population benefit from the hard work of the rest of us, yet that is the reality, all the fear and lies about “higher taxes”are about taxing these rich, NOT the middle-class.

    If a man works his entire life, and has 100K in the bank, is he less of a man than he who inherits it, though never lifting a finger in his days? Show me the millionaire entenpreneur without a single employee.

    Conservatism, as defined by facing the challenges of the future, with the SUCCESSES of the past, is being pirated away by an Authoritarian agenda.
    Not all of us conservatives are Authoritarian, but most authoritarians are conservative.

    • s c

      Al, this is much deeper than mere corporatism. If you think what most people “see” is the result of greedy corporations, you’re seeing ‘what you’re supposed to see.’
      We’re in the middle of a process that has been going on for hundreds of years. When you throw in the religious segment, what you have is the ULTIMATE conspiracy, and that involves uncountable years.
      This goes far beyond politics, education, corporations, religious ‘leaders’ and psychotics who worship power in the name of ‘hope and change.’ If you’re younger than 40, you probably haven’t been exposed to enough research material to get you past things that are obvious.
      Good luck with your research. Please don’t settle for easy answers, and never rely on a government or newspapers or TV or radio or politicians to keep you informed.

      • http://Personallibertysdigest Donna

        I’m with you sc. Read and listen to all information you can find. I have been wundering if there has ever been any Mr. Smiths in our government.

        • s c

          Whether I like it or not, Mr. Smith wouldn’t have a chance in DC politics. Al’s response tells me what I need to know about his corporatist slant.
          I was researching and re-educating myself in politics, government, the Constitution, religion and who, how and what before Al was born. That doesn’t give me all the answers, but it did make me realize that the layers of an onion are easier to take apart and understand than what we’re supposed to see in this life. For example, comrade obama’s ‘fans’ will die before they try to see him for what he is. May they live long enough to learn that it takes more than words to be a ‘friend’ or a leader. Obama is NEITHER.
          If we get close to the truth, we’re lucky. I’m just glad I saw through the veil to know that most religious and political leaders are pretenders, and they’re not to be trusted. Keep reading, Donna, and don’t let anyone tell you our problems are due to corporations or mere party politics. This ‘game’ is no kid’s game. The entire planet is the prize, and we are much more than actors on any stage. The hard part is to get people to know that it’s not enough to see what we want to see. If we don’t see what we must see, we’re a willing part of the problem.

  • Angela

    Who in their right mind would want to go for the Gov. Health Care Plan when you will have to pay 12 + different taxes and cannot use it until 2014, and then for only 5 years. They are crazy and should all be put out of office as soon as possible. (2012) It’s a shame that it is a long way off. They certainly will not go into the plan, so why should we. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

    • Al B Tross

      SC>> I am 45, and my father was a 21-year vet in the Air Force, so, as a child, I was exposed to many different culture, lifestyles, in several different countries.
      There are no “Illuminati”, there is no central group of folk, liberal or “conservative” who plan this out.

      There is not a planned, 100 year+ ultimate conspiracy.
      That is a fabrication people fearful of change use to comfort themselves from a world that has grown more complex than their small minds can handle, and their society has abandoned any form of compassion, or empathy to help them cope.

      The truth is simple, some people want more wealth and power than others. More than they deserve, more than their fair share, more than they know even what to do with. But they WANT it, to the point they are willing to destroy this world.

      There is empirical(as in absolutely proven, no doubt) evidence that Authoritarian behavior is the cause of it all.
      And when left unchecked, it is a cancer upon humanity. Thus the invention of law. And the constant struggle of to keep law fair and open.
      And that is why Authoritarians need to be kept in check, as they see law for others, not for themselves. “Do as I say, not as I do” could be their motto.
      Thus the term “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is an acknowledgement of the threat posed by Authoritarism. And that is why the Constitution has dived power into 3 separate, but equal branches.

      But was it not Dick Cheney that called for a “unitary executive”?? One man that has more power than all? And didn’t he also say that the office of vice-president was neither Executive nor legislative, so it was above all law and review??
      Hmmmm, sounds like we have a very determined Authoritarian attempting a power-grab, eh??
      That is why I must question my fellow Conservatives, for none of them thought that Mr.Cheneys’ actions were improper, albeit illegal.

      I hold the Constitution in the highest regards, and I find my fellow conservatives more and more willing to abandon it to gain power, or personal wealth.
      This is what angers me, that hucksters and power-mad amateurs- Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, Rush Limbaugh, and the biggest schyster of them all, Glenn “Goerring” Beck have managed to scare good people away from honest discussion and debate about our nations, and worlds problems, and cater to “the angry mob” mentality, another Authoritarian trick.

      Read Dr. Robert Altemeyers’ “The Authoritarians” free, online
      Or “When Corporations Rule The World” by Richard Korten, Phd,

      No more fear!!!

      Al B Tross
      ” The trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to realize there IS such a thing as being smart.” – K. Vonnegut

      • Manny Whitlock

        We welcome your thoughts. I have your comment and feel the same way. I was far right at one time and had to split.

        The Liberal Democratic Party

      • gates

        So the only bad guys in your world are the people who speak out against the government in power, huh? Can you dispute ONE quote in the Glenn Beck monologue? Don’t attack him as “Goering” (it’s an East German uniform and hat BTW)unless you happen to be willing to be tagged as a bigot. No, the liberal will happily call others “NAZI”, but never debate a point or principle, because you cannot.

      • Richard W

        It is obvious that you are part of our nations problems. The men you named are doing the only thing they can do–SPEAKING THE TRUTH!!!! The only way you and your fellow liberals can retorte is buy personnally attacking them, you cannot refute what they say, because what the are saying is true and you cannot refute truth. So, I suggest you do some more research and get your facts right. We The People have to re-take our country and re-institute our constitution. Freedom is not free, we must fight for it, part of that fight is removing these idiots/marxist/socialist and communist from our government-NOW. Some Americans were B.S.ed into voting Obama and his cronies into office, we need to fire them NOW!! He is violating our rights, he deserves impeachment immediately!!!!!

      • Robert Jackson

        You Liberals who have your head in the sand so deep you can’t see where this PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST is taking you. Obama is not a Democrap, he is not Black, he is a MUSLIM and is in it for HIMSELF and wants to be a DICTATOR. You Ignorant people who follow him because he promises you everything BUT when he is through with you he will throw you under the bus. GET OFF your welfare mentality and relying on your CORRUPT UNIONS and go to work and THINK for yourself.
        Thank GOG we have MEN like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh around to wake you people up that wants the Government to coddle you.

  • Al B Tross

    Taxes?? hmmm Since 1980, taxes were cut to the upper 5%, and there wealth TRIPLED!!, During that same time frame, If you made less that $250,000, your purchasing power( and personal wealth) has dropped by over 10% (source- GAO)
    Thus the term welfare for the wealthy.

    So why should I give a damn about 5% of the population, when they are causing 95% of us to suffer? And then keep their money in offshore accounts? That is what Mr. Mitt Romney does for a living, he helps multi-national corporations, whom glean money from us American working-class stiffs, and helps them evade responsibility. They need to pay the rent, or get the (word removed) out of my country, and my bank account.

    I would endorse a flat-rate tax, only if we had a flat-rate economy.
    It would work like this….
    If I make $30,000/year, and gas is $3 a gallon, it should be $300/gallon for the guy who makes $3 million a year, right?? Flat -rate!!

    That is why I still support a progressive tax, it deals with the reality of dis-proportionate earnings, and the fact that those of us who WORK usually EARN a lot less money than those who merely “own”.

    • gates

      Jealous of others success? Work harder. Want to pay more taxes? Go right ahead and buy something, and pay sales tax. If you can read, the Constitution is quite clear. Dispute Becks Constitutional points and stop campaigning against Cheney, Bush and a group of politicians who are out of office, and out of power. Since you are a devoted Obama supporter, just get honest and say so. And admit that you want other peoples stuff,rather than getting your own.

      • BD

        Beck doesn’t make any defensible points, that is his one true skill. He can talk for hours without saying anything, he just fans emotional outrage with unsubstantiated assertions.
        He says the constitution would not allow the health reform bills… but he offers no logical points whatsoever to support this assertion… he just says it, and YOU believe it, no questions asked. Blind faith?
        The questions of what the federal government can and can’t do have been tested in the courts for over 200 years… there is a wealth of history and facts that Beck could’ve referenced. He’s too lazy, and he knows it wouldn’t help his ratings. Better to fan ignorant outrage.
        The taxes he rages against mostly have legitimate reasons. Personally, I don’t have any problem with a tax on cosmetic surgery… next time some CEO pays for his latest trophy wife’s boob job, he can pay a tax to help correct some poor kid’s club foot or cleft palate. Sounds like a reasonable trade-off. Should employers have to pay a tax if they don’t offer health insurance? Consider that Wal-mart used to tell their employees to sign up for MEDICAID! Yes, Wal-mart was using YOUR TAX dollars to get health insurance for their employees because Wal-mart was too greedy to pay for it. Is THAT fair?
        Not that Glen Beck could be bothered to learn actual facts… he’s too busy spinning your head around.

    • DaveH

      The top 20% of income earners pay 80% of the taxes. You call that progressive; I call it theft. Those people typically create the jobs for the rest of us. They work long hours, sacrifice quality time, and take personal and monetary risks that the rest of us won’t.
      You apparently don’t have a problem with the big spenders as long as they are in your Party. The politicians are partying hardy on our dime. And what did they do to earn that largesse? They spent other peoples’ money and flapped their lips a lot. Take the green-colored glasses off and wake up to the fact that socialism has never made an economy robust.
      Do some research. Enter “economic freedom” into your search engine and start reading. The countries with the least market regulations are the most economically robust and desirable.

      • Robert Jackson

        RIGHT ON, but there is a few people who want others to pay their way. Let them go to a third world country and take these Progressive Socialists with them if that’s the kind of country they want. This is AMERICA and want to keep it the way it was founded.

  • Hugo Fernandez

    I wish we could have freedom-thinking fighters as Glenn Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbau and you Bob, just to name the first few that come to my mind of an (thanks God!) increasing number of true Western Value Conservatives here in Australia. However, the true is nlike the sun and cannot be hidden with the hands. Your preaching from the US is reaching all of us around the remaing “free” world. And we spread the message! Thank you 1,000 times! Hugo Fernandez, Brisbane Australia

    • DaveH

      Thank you Hugo for your kind words.

  • Laura Schlegel

    Hope those of you who buy the low information rhetoric of Fox News follow the Murdoch money/market share/corporate tentacles and seek access to a variety of more investigative journalism, independent news.
    Fox chronically and blantanly violates journalistic doctrine. Shock jocks profiteer on fear, ill will to hate mongering, which is proven to be dangerous to societies. We need to raise the bar, for all hands on deck, with sound debate and critical thinking skills for solutions to our complex problems.

    • s c

      Can you define ‘journalistic doctrine’ in 25 words or less? Can you do it without using pc tactics? Can you be objective?
      There is a very fine line between an OBJECTIVE journalistic doctrine and a constant stream of SUBJECTIVE C R A P that the lamestream media throws at us in the name of “protecting” free speech.
      Your words remind me of a pimp who demands to be seen as a protector of the downtrodden (prostitutes). As long as you have things on your terms, you’re happy. However, if and when you feel like PROVING that ethics and objectivity mean more to you than smoke-and-mirrors, Nazi-style propaganda, we might have a reason to think you truly value free speech and CONSTITUTIONAL rights.
      Rarely do I find a progressive ultraliberal who doesn’t secretly admire ARBEIT MACHT FREI as a life philosophy. Hitler didn’t get away with it. Neither will progressive ultraliberals.

    • Robert Jackson

      We can thank God that FOX NEWS is there to challenge the Dictator “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” that is making SLAVES of you and your to DUMB to realize it….. YOU POOR SOUL If you don’t like America as it was founded then LEAVE if you think you can find a better place, I’m sure it won’t take you long to wake you up living in a third world country.

  • Robert

    Too bad Health Care Deform Bill will pass. I’m afraid most Americans have become so complacent and taken the banner “I give up”, that no matter what happens this coming Novemeber, we’ll all be seeing the same old thing. We can all agree that there is a need to readdress our current health care system. But who can say the entire system is broken and we’ll all die if something isn’t done right now? That appears to be the message Washington is sending out. If they don’t get their deformed bill passed, I can expect to die in a few years. And it’s the fault of George W. Bush so don’t forget whose to blame for everything that has turned to crap in our country. That’s right Bush is the blame, Obama has told us so, and he wouldn’t lie, would he?

  • arise_kill_eat

    Common sense; anti-corruption; anti-political correctness; anti-entitlement; work ethics; anti-greed; moral and personal resonsibility. These are the principles, if adhered to, that will save this country from an inevitable fall into chaos. If we do not start making sound choices, our very way of life as we know it now will soon be over. Should we as Americans be entitled to health care? I do NOT think so. You make decisions in your life that have consequences. You decide to not get an education so you can have a decent jobb why should the government reward that! You decide not to help your kids with homework they stay in poverty. You are lazy,suffer the consequences.
    Greed, it’s the root of everything that wrong with America today. It breeds corruption. Greed to be powerfull. Greed to make the most money. Greed to be the most entitled.
    Work ethics…..the future is NOT SO BRIGHT! The couch potato video game generation of children is upon us and growing rapidly.
    Common sense, why is insider trading allowed in Congress? Why do we allow lobbyist? Why do we allow unlimited terms in Congress? Why do the people proposing this health care not want this health care for themselves?
    Did you know that a Democracy…by its very nature, is destined to fail? Eventually a civilization will collapse under a Democracy because of greed, lack of personal resposibility and corruption. Follow me on this one if you will. Our leaders are elected by the people that have the most to lose. Corruption will infiltrate so that it ensures only candidates that will serve their interest will be elected. These leaders will “take care of” those that elected them. This will happen over and over and over…again and again. Our leaders give entitlements to our minority segments of the population as to give them hope and support. Eventually…these entitlements become a necessity because it breeds laziness. These minorities will have to have these to survive (or so they have become to believe). Eventually, these minorities will become the majority and will only elect those that will continue the entitlements. The greedy for power politicians understand this so they are hell bent on giving these entitlements (AS THIS KEEPS THEM IN POWER)This will eventually lead to our country going broke paying for all these entitlements. Well….eventually is HERE!!!!! I am a small fish in a big pond of greed, corruption and laziness. BUT, I do believe with common sense……making hard choices….and by pulling the “tit” out of all those mouths that are sucking this country dry…..we might have a chance to save a free democracy that has created the best country in the history of our civilization.

    • Al B Tross

      Enlightend post, you make anumber of good points, I only differ in that I believe that we do have a right to health care , under the constitution. It is stated in the Preamble,
      “insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,”
      If we can spend $350+ Billion/year on our defense of our lives and society, is healthcare not a defence of our citizens? Think of how much more productive and free we would be without the burden of doctors bills.

      Can you honestly say a child stricken with leukemia made a poor lifestyle choice?
      Lance Armstrong was a model of health, yet was stricken with cancer, what poor choices did he make?

      I understand the fear of abuse in such a system, but if you remove the greed from the system you will remove much of the abuse. I hear the argument that people will abuse themselves, become Government drug addicts, well, would addiction be considered a treatable condition also?

      Rush Limbaugh would not have to lie, and break the law to supply his Oxycontin habit.

      And was it not a private Doctor that worked for Michael Jackson, gave him what he wanted, with no oversight, how is that working for you, Michael??( Or Elvis, or Anna-Nichole??)

      There are no simple solutions.

      Obamacare is a Corporate written, taxpayer sponsored giveaway to the same Elitists that spout conservative, free-market values, and then turn to the govt for tax breaks, and handouts.

      As crazy as it sounds, single-payer makes the most sense, to eliminate the tyranny of the Corporation, and honor the constitution.

      But we need open , honest debate, not town hall intimidation tactics.
      Really, who wears the same shirt as domestic terrorist, child murderer Timothy McVeigh, and shows up to a public forum packing a gun??

      Not a conservative!!, thats who.

      • DaveH

        Read the Constitution:

        It grants the Federal Government only certain limited powers. The rest are left to the states. The Federal Government has long ago trampled those powers because the people, by and large, don’t understand the Constitution and haven’t insisted that the Government abide by those laws which they swear to uphold when they take office.

        To say that the Government can provide for the people as they see fit ignores the reality of limited powers. Their would be no need for the Constitution if the Federal Government could do what they think is best for the people.

        A takeover of our Health Care choices is not one of those powers.

      • Robert Jackson

        There is no hope for people so stupid as the ones who thinks that the GOVERNMENT owes them a living, Health Care, a Home, a Car, FREE Food, what ROCK were you born under. I ask you, what happens when the “SO CALLED RICH” (according to you that’s anyone with a dollar more that you) runs out of money. Don’t say like I’ve heard so many MINORITIES say, The Government will pay for it… Who do you think the Government is anyway…. “IT’S all OF US” WAKE UP STUPID…

  • Freedom Loving American

    I think the far left might be thinking the same thing about corruption in the the far right but because the politicians have split the country in order to gain power but the left don’t see their precious Obama as corrupt as they think Bush was. Both sides have us fighting amoung ourselves. The corruption is on BOTH sides, the greed is on BOTH sides (just look how the SEIU has promised all this premium healthcare and now that they can’t deliver because the big bosses mismanaged their money) they have Obama destroying healthcare for the rest of America. The Dems create and enable dependency. They hold people down …at least the Rep. allow independency and job growth. If the both sides would actually do what is best for Americans and stop regulating us to DEATH…there might be enough jobs for the ones that can’t ever seem to find one…But again, BOTH sides care more about lining their pockets and getting re-elected!!! And by the way that is what the Tea-partiers are trying to get out there….OUR GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. They are destroying our Freedom and childrens future. HELLO

    • DaveH

      Well said Freedom.
      For a party that stands strong against Big Government and promotes individual liberty, and individual responsibility:

  • C D

    Common Sense:

    What happened to it. Let us get past the past. It does not do us any good to dwell. The president is the president, lets work with it. I believe the answer is in the future elections. Do not re-elect anyone. Clean house. No one is listening to us ( the people) they are only fighting each other for their own interest, what ever that may be. Both parties are trying their best to bash the other party. We are not even in the picture. If we were, they would discuss the important stuff, like jobs, working class (which is most of us), investigating the insurance companies and hospitals. All of us know the game that is being played there. While they are arguing with each other, why aren’t they investigating why a person has to stay bedfast for four years while workers comp and the insurance companys figure out who is paying and how much. They talk about water board torture on some poor terrorist, hurting his feeling, not being able to get your injury fixed and pain 24/7 is true torture. Who is fighting for these people? Let us choose our people for office at election time carefully and make sure they are for us. The people have spoken and no politicians are listening.

    • kattie chg.

      I agree with you, and most of the comments made here. WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE, THAT IS..OUR WHITE HOUSE, THE CONGRESS, AND THE SENATE.
      We have to take back our country, however, we have to take action now, whatever that may be, ( I dont have an immediate solution, unfortunately)and we can not wait until 2012!!!!

      • Robert Jackson

        RIGHT ON…. Check out these people real good before VOTING. Not just what they are saying now to get elected BUT their past. WE must get these Progressives out of office, weather Republican or Democrap.

  • renoriverlady

    I prefer the like of John McCain—someone who is not a hysteric.
    I prefer someone who actually reads, researches, & has an understanding of how our government works before they speak. I prefer our hard working politicians to someone who’s title is Entertainer according to his own boss Rupert Murdock. This applies to Glen Beck & also includes Bill O’Riley & O’Hannity who also were named by Rupert Murdock as entertainers in his employee. I do not go to Ozzie Osburn or Tom Cruse or any other entertainer for important information either.

    • DaveH

      John McCain is my state senator riverlady, and he is the quintessential mush-mouthed people-pleasing politician. No doubt that Obama is taking us on the fast track to destruction, but John McCain and other Liberal Republicans were taking us in the same direction, but just more slowly. So what is better – the fast death or the slow death? I prefer living, so I vote for politicians who want to shrink the size of Government. I vote for Libertarians.

  • jn can2


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  • Vicki

    Capitalism is not the enemy you seek. It is an effective diversion to get generally progressive and liberal (as in wanting freedoms) folk to see an enemy that is not there. There are groups of people who make use of both corporations and governments to get their special way. (See Crony Capitalism) Those people are not Reagan and Reagan is not in any way similar to Mussolini.

    What Glen said about the Constitution being a set of limits on Government is exactly true. There is nothing in there about giving the government power to provide health care. Remember the Constitution is a list of LIMITATIONS on what government can to and a very short set of jobs for government to try to do. Providing health care is NOT on that list.

    Though health is a right health care is a business. Think about it. I have skills to provide you with health care. Do you REALLY want to force me to use those skills to “fix” you. Wouldn’t it be far more useful (and safer :) to offer me something I want in return for my providing you with health care?

    Now lets look at the bill. It forces you to pay lots of money to some bureaucrat so that in 5 + years if that bureaucrat thinks you are sick enough but still worth enough he will send you to me to “fix” you. I might get paid what the bureaucrat thinks you are worth. If the thing that is wrong with you is fixable for the price the bureaucrat is willing to pay for you then I will be allowed to “fix” you. Do you REALLY want some unknown and unaccountable bureaucrat deciding what medical procedures I will be allowed to perform for you?

    Remember also that I get paid for the procedures the bureaucrat chooses for you so what reason do I have to go against that and dare to suggest you might need something different. More or less expensive. That same bureaucrat might just happen to be able to tell me if I am even allowed to work. That would be VERY strong incentive for me to do as the bureaucrat says and move on to the next patient. Is that REALLY the health care you hoped for when you voted for change? It is what you will get if this health care package is signed into law.


    P.S. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV but it was useful for this scenario to personalize the message that our Democrat controlled government has in mind for us.

    • Al B Tross


      When Gov. Reagan was confronted with student strikes and protests in the 60′s, “If it’s to be a bloodbath, let it be now. Appeasement is not the answer. ”

      He was speaking of his fellow U.S citizens.

      Texas Truth Teller is on the trail, it is not political, that is the methodology, it is….

      Global Corporate Fascism.

      It is capitalism gone all wrong, even Adam Smith called for greater regulation for a greater more complex economic structure, and all that is heard is free market means unregulated market, with no honor, or integrity, rules or law. The fox in the henhouse, yes?

      Now mix that with the mean-spiritedness of Authoritarianism, you have trouble.

      Mr Shelton, I sound intelligent because I am. I use logic, and reason, and the conservative principles taught to me my my Family to guide myself through this quagmire.
      I am sorry our politicians are corrupt, and Mr. Beck has you fearful and thinking you are powerless.
      You are not. Do not listen to the Corporations spokesman!!
      Why do you elect thieves? I don’t, that would be stupid. It is sad that Corporations pay to have thieves elected, this is true!!

      You can thank the Republican K street project for taking Corporate sponsored lobbying to a new level.

      Healthcare is not your right to give. Sorry, you are not the center of the universe.
      It is our right as citizens,and human beings. Do you disagree with the Constitution?. I stated, and provided substance for my position, I used the PreAmble. To what document in the Constitution do you find it is NOT a right?

      Are WE THE PEOPLE not the keepers of integrity, is it not our government? Then does it reflects us?, are we are greedy, deceitful bullys, unwilling to accept responsibility for ourselves, blaming others to deflect our own misery?.
      Who will take responsibility for Corproate sponsorship of our Government, and now our lives??

      They have pitted the citizenery against itself, its own government.
      A government founded on the notion that all people are created equal, no one is above the rule of law.
      Now the message is to destroy it, make it “small enough to drown in a bathtub” .
      Note the violent imagery of the recent “conservative” movement???

      Conservatism is not violent, but Authoritarianism is.

      I noticed how you dismissed my argument, without providing one of your own, ie:”Plant?, Spy? whatever? rambling(that i do!), “NO OFFENSE MEANT”in caps(but much implied!)?

      It is conservatism that has been infiltrated my friend, by a violent group of Authoritarian Corporations. Please , quit being their pawn.

      • gates

        No one has been more violent than the left. Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin. more dead than any other movement, and in a very short timwe, so when Al jumps up the “violent conservatives” let’s see him confront a group fo Black Panthers at a polling place. Oh yeah, how about the black man who was beaten by Obamists at a teaparty, for supporting the constitutional rights of citizens.
        And PLEASE, read a definition of “fascism” so you’ll know what the word means. You’ll find that when a government takes over a business (like banks, Medical services or the auto industry) that’s fascism. But you didn’t know that, did you…..?

        • DaveH

          It’s useless to debate with an “intelligent” person who believes that a document created to restrain Government abuse of power allows the Government to do as they see fit.

          • s c

            Right again, DaveH. According to AlBT, it’s those nasty conservatives who’ve been ‘infiltrated’ by authoritarian corporations. I don’t know about you, but I will sleep very well tonight, knowing that America’s progressive ultraliberals HAVE NOT been ‘infiltrated’ by authoritarian corporations.
            It simply IS NOT POSSIBLE that ANY progressive ultraliberals can be infiltrated by any ideas or infuences that would do them harm or make them look bad.
            What’s the name of the planet where AlBT comes from? Maybe he can hitch a ride with ET and go scour the universe looking for friendly groups that are above being ‘infiltrated.’ One simply must have one’s lofty STANDARDS.

          • Al B Tross

            No, only a government corrupted by the love of money and power. Whom an equally corrupt society has let multinational corporations fool hard-working Americans to support policies, against the citizens own best interests.
            Mr. Merl Elton posts most eloquently at the end of this thread. Please note.

        • Al B Tross

          Excellent point, given the mentioned examples, the “Left” appears more violent.
          Upon a closer look, and following in perfect order with the research I have referred to( The Authoritarians, by Robert Altemeyer, Univ. Manitoba), these men all are known as “Double High” Authoritarians, as are all dictators, “Right” or “Left”. Their followers are naturally fearful, and thus submissive to authority.

          (I must use quotations, as the research has proven that there is no difference in the mindset of the ‘Double High’ Authoritarian, merely the system of power and wealth that they find opportunity to exploit.)

          Which leads me to my point , all along…

          They do not command by the free will of the people , but by ego. Thus , their regimes could never be considered socialist , nor Communist, regardless of what label they, or anyone else may put on them. Just as it is not Democracy when 1 party, or ideology, has total control of all Gov’t. and civil discourse, nor is it when multi-national Corporations purchase control of our legislature.
          I am well aware of Mr. Clintons giveaways to the Timber and Mining industry,the billions lost to the Telecoms in free bandwith. As I said, Authoritarians come in all forms, but the results are the same. ALL for them none for you.

          This Nation was founded by people with lofty ideals,higher values, though not without their own personal faults.

      • http://none Deborah

        Thank you for an intelligent response to all the lock step marching to a stubbornly and greedy,meanspirited group of conservatives who have to defend the very people that are profiting from their closed minded support. The conservative party has become an angry mob of people that don’t have sense enough to vote for their own best interest. Where were all these people when billions of $$$$$$$$$$ and hundreds of people were LOST to Bush & Cheneys war? They are screaming about the deficit while defending those deregulating war profiteers who ARE responsible for so very much of what we have been left with. But alls fine for the top 5% of the American people. They have the very victums of this mess supporting them. Vonnegut was/ is so very right.Keep up the good work Al b Tross.

        • s c

          Deborah, if you REALLY want a prime example of classic mean-spirited(ness), ask one of your icons, queen nancy pelosi, if she’s still getting filthy rich from a war she said was so ‘morally wrong’ a few years ago. It boggles the mind how comrade obama could change his mind about that nasty war, and will now continue it.
          Don’t they speak to each other? How the winds of integrity CHANGE when there’s someone new at the helm. So, will progressive ultraliberals line up for a big group hug and dare to HOPE for the best? This ‘transparent’ administration has changed course 180 degrees, and still, most of you progressive ultraliberals don’t understand that THE NEW GUY IS CONTINUING THE WAR. Somehow, it’s unjust and immoral for one president to wage it, but it’s peachy keen dandy for the new guy to do it.
          I could be wrong, but if you do a little research and ask some questions, you may be in the market for some new icons. Do keep us informed.

      • Robert Jackson

        Spoken like a Liberal Democrap Union member that blames big companies on everything….. It’s Companies weather Big or Small that creates jobs, NOT the Federal Government, they only create PAPER, REGULATIONS and MORE TAXES on us.

  • insideknowledge

    We have only two choices:
    1. Support and attain lower taxes, less government, and more individual freedom, or,
    2. DISASTER.

  • Ivana K.

    The reason Obama has any followers at all is because God has left the scales on their eyes. Thank you, Lord, for letting the rest of us see the light! We ask that you save this nation from the corruption among our politicians, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! AMEN

    • Robert Jackson

      AMEN and AMEN

  • Marion

    Hey Glenn

    If they haven’t read it then who the hell wrote it? I want to know who is running this country if our legislators aren’t reading what they supposedly wrote and then voting yes for it! Who is running this????

    • DaveH

      They obviously haven’t even read the very short Constitution. How can we expect them to read a 2000 page document? Our politicians are lawless. It is up to us (the citizens) to enforce the Constitution by removing those people from office.

  • Paulee

    Mitt Romney was the one that had the courage to say during the 2008 primary, “That Washington Was Broken.” And looked at as if he had three eyes???? He was the maverick…Interesting, he was pretty much ignored.. His serious nature of care for this country and it’s course was just brushed off…I believed him…Why? His turnaround capability with the Olympics, Staples, Domino’s Pizza etc. etc..You know, he knows profit and loss statements…He knows balance sheets. He understands how the economy works…Meg Whitman, same cloth cut…Carly Florina, self made and exposure to the real world…and they all respect and love this country..So, I was ignored when I asked, “What happened, Glenn? You were in Mitt’s bandwagon, before Palin…I cannot believe you think she has more sense than Mitt at age 63. Seasoned, exposed to reality, certainly not on the job training, well spoken, great debater…You willing to have 4 more years of Obama? Well, Palin needs mire foreign policy training, Mitt has it in his DNA!!!!!! And believe it or not, I am a Glenn Beck fan…Romney 2012….A true American Patriot…..

  • Texas Truth Teller

    Wake up people. Glenn Beck is a FAKE conservative, better known as a “Neo-Con”. He is nothing more than an OPERATIVE working for the very same globalists that pull Obama’s strings. Obama and Bush are both puppets working for the Wall Street internationalist Banksters that run the Federal Reserve. Don’t forget, it was McCain who called for a halting of the Presidential campaign so he could “work with Senator Obama” on “fixing this problem”, referring to the housing crisis and our whole economic downturn at that point. But what happened after the Bush administration threatened the Congress with MARTIAL LAW if they didn’t pass their “bailout”? NOTHING went to the “housing crisis”. Instead, it gave the Banksters a BLANK CHECK, and so far, according to Bloomburgs, ut has cost the American taxpayers $28 TRILLION! That’s about twice the entire GDP for the United States for a whole year! And they did it in 10 months! These people are nothing but a CRIMINAL CARTEL that hold no allegiance to ANY “Party” because they want one main thing: WORLD GOVERNMENT. Hence, in their eyes, we are nothing but “useless feeders” as Ted Turner calls us, and we only exist for THEIR profit. They are imploding our economy on purpose BY DESIGN, and they have enlisted media whore “front men” like Glenn Beck to keep people “pleasantly distracted” by harping on this whole false “Right vs. Left” paradigm. It is time for Americans to WAKE UP and realize that we have been SCAMMED on a grand scale! Bush and Cheney set up a whole “police state” apparatus via their phony “war on terror” that Obama is now accelerating. And if we don’t all get past the political “dog and pony show” that media whores like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Larry King, Keith Oblerman, Geraldo Rivera, Bill Mahar promote in deceptive fashion, we will soon find ourselves under something WORSE than what the people of Germany, Russia, and China found themselves enslaved under at the hands of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao respectively. The New World Order is real, and their “end game” is to EXTERMINATE at least 80% of the world’s population. After all, according to Al Gore and Ted Turner, HUMANS cause this fraud they call “global warming”, so HUMANS must be eliminated! Please! Stop listening to FAKE “Americans” like Glenn Beck, and instead go to Get copies of “Terror Storm”, “End Game”, “The Obama Deception”, and “Fall Of The Republic” by Alex Jones. Stop living like a “sheeple slave” and instead use the brain God gave you to THINK CRITICALLY and thus prove yourselves A FREE CITIZEN! Otherwise, your local “FEMA Camp” is right around the corner and just over the horizon! One last thing: NINE ELEVEN WAS AN INSIDE JOB, and if you still believe the “official story” about that, I’ll sell you some swampland on Mars!!!

  • Texas Truth Teller

    Oh, and one more thing: forget Mitt Romney or any of those OTHER fake conservatives. Mike Huckabee is a member of one of the most notorious globalist organizations, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Rudy Juliani is another Neo-Con, definitely not “America’s Mayor”. He is guilty of being part of the WORST cover-up in American history: getting rid of the evidence at the crime scene known as “Ground Zero”. NONE of the wreckage of the twin towers was EVER examined as evidence by the 9-11 commission. If you want a REAL “conservative” in the White House who doesn’t give mere LIP SERVICE to the US Constitution (like Glenn Beck DOES!) then the choice is clear: RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! He is the ONLY person in Congress who’s had the guts and spiritual fortitude to stand up against the criminal banking cartel. That’s why his “H.R. 1207 Audit the Fed” bill is so important! Get a copy of G.Edward Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyl Island” and read the most thorough expose of the Federal Reserve Bank and how they have ROBBED us blind through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Also, visit and get a copy of Aaron Russo’s excellent documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism”. You can also Google that and watch it for free, along with all of Alex Jones documentaries. Also, check out “Loose Change Final Cut” and “Fabled Enemies” by Jason Bermas, THE definitive documentaries on the September 11, 2001 attacks. The REAL terrorists still live in the District of Corruption. And they work for BOTH parties!

  • james shelton

    Mr. Tross sounds inteligent but then so did Obama to some people.
    If it were not for Mr.Beck &Fox News we would have only C.F.P. to get at least some of the truth about what our elected thieves are doing.
    Now when did I give some stranger the right to get his healthcare paid for from my wallet?? That’s the same crap congress has come up with except all the money they collect will go into their pockets and when this sh#t is supposed to come into effect there won’t be enuf money there and more taxes bestowed upon the people. From what you say and how you use our language you can’t possibly be that stupid therefor I”ll just consider you as a plant spy or whatever and save myself the anger by simply deleting or by passing you rambling nonsense. NO OFFENSE MEANT

  • Peter B.

    Two hundred and some years ago obama would have been arrested and tried for treason. We will find out after his term that he really was not a citizen, and is laughing at us every night from the safety of the White House. You must always look into someone’s past to see who their associates were, what they said in college, what they absorbed from their professors to their preachers. Yes, you are a product of your environment.

  • s c

    The main obstacle to that (treason) is an UTTERLY CORRUPT CONGRESS. I wonder if he has enough integrity to see himself as someone who needs to be taxed at a much higher rate so Americans can feel that he has “redistributed” some of his wealth.
    Without a doubt, if comrade obama was around during George Washington’s time, he would have sided with the British. He probably would have fled to Canada. It’s just a matter of time until his ‘pals’ are seen for who they are, and then more Americans will have a reason to ‘connect the dots’ and see comrade obama for who he really is. As of this last election, America truly has a Manchurian Candidate in the white house. And the people who helped him get there are no better.

  • Merl Elton

    Right on, Mr. Smith sensible people would agree with you. What the US also needs is to protect its balance of trade. Too many jobs are going out of the country. Also, we buy more foreign goods; and foreigners buy less American goods. The government mostly under Clinton and also under Bush set up this unfair trade balance perhaps to profit from cheap labor? I think it was called NAFTA and that was also mostly a lie causing Americans to loose their jobs and not improving their quality of life. It is incredible how this admin virtually is in denial over a 10% unemployment rate; an eventual 40% tax rate; and substandard health care that will be the norm as a result of its policies. However, they plan to get long gone after all the damage they have done becomes apparent. Yes, we must stop this train.

  • Merl Elton

    I agree with Tross that there truly is a corporate welfare state. The corporate elites who decry socialism are hypocrites because they profit from corporate socialism and are therefore socialists themselves. This is why I do not watch some of the biggest corporate charlatan denizens who populate the prime time and drive by media making millions of dollars a year for just looking nice and speaking well. Nice work if you can get it.

    More needs to be done for the average Joe/Jane. The stock market is filled with shiesters. Hard working people need a chance to profit rather than be taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous brokers. Most of us distrust the market and will not invest for fear of getting fleeced; so it remains a rich persons power game. However, we do not need socialism so that the workers of America can profit from their labor. Fairness is the answer; not communism or socialism. It is a shame that communism/socialism gets attached to every good motive and drags it down. This needs to change before the world can be more fair and humane.

  • Merl Elton

    Yeah, why is that even the boldest fold like lawn chairs and turn into mush-mouthed saps once they get to Washington? I know why; they value money, praise, and ego over doing what is right. These formerly good, caring and ethical souls have no allies. They fear being brutally attacked, isolated, opposed. We need a party of brave and unwavering souls who will do right despite the temptations of million dollar payoffs in various forms of pork for selling out. Only the most true and virtuous types will resist and prevail; and we need many of them who will band together to do what is right for the people; only then can we save America.

  • http://none Dale

    Al B Tross reminds me of some of our previous tenants. Feeling sorry for his position in life, a position he created all by himself. My wife and I worked two jobs creating a position for ourselves for a comfortable retirement. No one helped us. We worked hard, saved, and bought our first home when I was 45 years old. We continued to work hard, bought our first rental house when I was 49 years old.

    One saturday we were at a rental installing a new eneregy improved living room window solely for the benefit of the tenants. The tenants knew weeks ahead of time that we were coming. They were mad claiming we were invading their privacy, complained the entire time we were there (4-hours) where fighting with each other the whole time because he wanted to watch the game and she wanted him to do something else.

    When these tenants moved out they left behind several thousands of dollars in damages, you know, broken windows, holes kicked through doors, grafiti all over the walls, holes kicked and punched through the walls in every room.

    We sent them a bill and the wife came to my place of employment and accused me of being a “filthy rich greedy landlord” for charging her for the damages she voluntarily created herself.

    The point here is that she could have bettered herself, she could have worked as my wife and I did but she was far too lazy. She is also one of those 40% of americans that don’t pay taxes.

    Instead of blaming businesses for sucess, Al B Tross should get off his butt and do something for himself, quit expecting hard working people like me to give him a handout. Nobody helped me (and most business men) why should I help him?

    I’ve always said about welfare, many need a helping hand once in awhile but not a hand-out. I don’t mind paying for welfare but I do want know which one I am paying for, I want their name because I have work that needs to be done.

    I’ve never seen a newspaper that didn’t have columns of want ads for employment yet every business person I know has trouble getting help, especially help that is looking for more than an entitlement job handout.

    Every person is the master of his own destiny. If Al B Tross has a bitch about his life IT IS HIS FAULT HIS LIFE IS WHAT IT IS. He has no right to blame anyone but himself.

    Al B Tross, remember the bible story about the ten talents? Which one are you? It took my wife and I over 20-years to save enough money to buy our first home. A few more to get into business but we made it and now we too pay tax to those that don’t work and you call that fair?

  • sal

    lock and load the socialist r coming for u and yours

  • ellie

    If my people , who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2nd Chronicles 7, 14. Shall we do just that, we have no power without Him. Our forfathers came to America to have freedon to worship their God. Yet, just a few hundred years have gone and our freedon is gone. All because we stopped praying and teaching our children right from wrong. Shall we then, turn from our own ways and seek Gods ways, pray and do what is right. Come together Americans and pray for our Land. May we listen to what our God is saying and He will heal our America!

  • rich schultz

    Rich say’s Amen to what Ellie says. Many people think GOD is a figment of peoples imageination and his SON JESUS as well.History has a way of proving GOD correct.I have personally talked to one scientist who was an athiest.His field is astronamy.With the Hubble telescope and another that that I don’t remember the name of, they can see way,way out into the Universe.They are seeing that it continually is expanding.His group of scientists discovered what an intricate balance everything was held in.This could not come from evolution.So they started to use the old Testament of the Bible to check things out and found it to be correct in its desciptions.He is no longer an athiest.His name is Hugh Ross.

  • http://None Gene says

    I enjoy reading all the comments of those who have written in answer to this article. I am 90 years old. I have lived to see the automobile, the airplane, radio, WWII, and the material and political development of our county. It has been a great trip. I worked most of my life without a great deal of government on my back. Today, those of you who will follow me in the next generation better believe in God and the constitution as it is written and that individual responsibility is the key to all the political ideas that I have read above and not the government. Put your money into Gold and Silver before our financial system goes over the cliff and vote to get an administration unlike the one that we have now. Good luck


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