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Glenn Beck Needs To Make Some More Frog Soup

October 8, 2012 by  

Glenn Beck Needs To Make Some More Frog Soup

Ron Paul supporters who have decided that they can simply not bring themselves to support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for President in November may soon get a clue from the Tea Party original himself as to who is the best candidate for disillusioned liberty lovers.

In an interview with Fox Business last week, Paul reiterated the fact that he has not offered any support for the Romney campaign saying: “I obviously haven’t announced in support for Romney, so that means that’s very unlikely. And I don‘t think anybody thinks I’m going to vote for Obama. So it’s back to that frustration level in not seeing a dramatic choice in how the system works.”

Paul also suggested a third-party candidate may be a better option for a voter who doesn’t want to be complicit in electing a President who really has little or no likelihood of dramatically changing the direction of the Nation.

“There are other people who are technically capable of winning because they’re on a lot of ballots,” Paul said, though he stopped short of offering a particular endorsement at this time.

The very conservative former candidate elicited shrieks from supposed conservatives like The Blaze writer Meredith Jessup, who, in a column entitled “Ron Paul Is Really Starting To Tick Me Off” writes a familiar “conservative nose-holder voting for Romney” response:

Countless conservatives voting for Romney this fall didn’t support him in the primary election but are now throwing their support behind the best chance this country has right now to avoid driving off a fiscal cliff.  Countless conservatives don’t agree with Romney on many issues, but see that they agree with Romney much more than they disagree with him.  Countless conservatives realize that voting for Romney doesn’t represent a rousing endorsement for every policy position he has.  And countless conservatives also know that a president is only capable of change with cooperation with Congress and if they want real change, it’s more important to elect conservatives from their local districts to represent them in Washington.

Jessup also trumps up to selfishness Paul’s and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s ambition to change the direction of the country drastically rather than mutedly, writing: “But the threat of four more years of Barack Obama apparently doesn’t matter to Paul, Johnson and their supporters who think the principle of their protest trumps the best interests of the country.”

The writer’s opinion is interesting coming from someone writing for a website created by the same guy — Glenn Beck — who took massive heat from Republicans three years ago when he told Katie Couric he would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain before boiling rubber frogs to demonstrate why. Beck’s hypothesis, aptly demonstrated with his frog toy, was this: Someone who polarizes the Nation and gives real conservatives a reason to resist heavily, is much safer than a fake conservative who is able to lull others into a false sense of security as they boil to death.

Despite his aversion to supporting a progressive in conservatives clothing in the last election, Beck seems to be happy to support his fellow Mormon in this election, despite a heavy stench of progressivism lingering in the air.

So-called conservatives like the aforementioned writer of the column calling out Paul for not backing Romney already know that Obama is a liberal. They know that he wants to raise taxes and do away with the Bush tax cuts. These things scare them to death. But, evidently, they don’t fear the unknown. They don’t fear a candidate who has been on the same side of the aisle as Obama on a number of issues including social issues, taxes, global warming, ethanol, “model for the nation” healthcare and others but isn’t now only because he says he isn’t.

It would seem — to borrow from Beck — that many so-called conservatives are ready to jump out of this nearly four-year-old boiling pot of water and right into a more slowly heating cauldron where they may be cooked in a more relaxing manner.

But while Paul may be ticking off columnists like Jessup and Beck may have lost the fervor he had back in his days at Fox, not much has changed in the time since the last election: Two guys are running, one a known liberal and the other with closeted liberal tendencies; the economy is in shambles; and neither candidate is offering a clear plan on how to fix it. The bottom line is that conservatives who believe voting for a real conservative candidate is a throwaway are simply telling you (again hat tip to Beck’s frog boiling), “I’m tired of fighting and would much rather be boiled slowly.”

In the meantime, America can probably (and hopefully) expect Paul to make headlines in coming weeks when he throws his support behind a candidate who is on the ballot in 48 States and has been steadfast in his political beliefs.

That candidate said this in response to the debate — which he was not invited to, some suggest illegally — last week:

Everyone, including President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney, gives lip service to reducing the deficit. But when you do the math — whether it be Obama’s, Romney’s or even Paul Ryan’s — there is no plan for eliminating deficits that adds up. When a politician, Republican or Democrat, tells you we can balance the budget while not reducing Medicare costs or while spending even more for defense, it simply cannot be done. And they know it can’t be done.

Americans deserve the truth. The truth is that our deficits are not only unsustainable, but represent a very real threat to this nation. And of the $16 trillion in debt our government in Washington has racked up, it is almost equally split between Republican and Democrat administrations.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I will submit a balanced budget in 2013. Yes, that budget will call for spending reductions of 43% — the reductions necessary to match revenues without raising taxes.

And it would only be fitting for Paul to support the Libertarian. Johnson never flip-flopped, instead spending a massive amount of time smashing down his veto stamp (750 times on bills and thousands of budget line items) during his two terms as New Mexico Governor.

Besides, why turn down the flame under the water pot when there’s a way to cut the gas?

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I can understand Ron Paul supporters not willing to support Romney. I find it difficult to support him myself. I consider him to be an Obama clone and have been waiting for him to give me a reason to vote for him. He’s not a conservative, though, like John McCain, pretends to be one at election time. The thing with Ron Paul supporters, is that as far as they are concerned, they won’t vote for anyone but him, no matter who the Republican is, even if he were a true conservative. They even claim that if everyone voted their conscience we’s all vote for Paul. That’s a load of BS! Except for the economy, Ron Paul is an extreme liberal and I’d never vote for him. I know I won’t be voting for Obama, but unless Romney gives me a reason to vote for him, he won’t get my vote either. Instead of voting for candidates that the parties choose for us, we need to vote for people whom we believe in. I do not believe in either Romney or Obama.

    • steve

      so then your vote will go for obama. when are you going to realize that it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s the same body with a different face

      • dmounts

        I disagree. Just look at the executive orders Obama has issued that trample the constitution. With no future election to worry about, Obama will be free to shred the constitution. It seems, other than a handful, 99% of the Democrats and many(most?) of the Republicans in congress have no fortitude to stand up for the constitution. Just look at the natural born citizen clause in Article 2 Section 1 clause 5. It has neither been amended no repealed. So, it is still the law of the land. Even Ron Paul has not commented (that I am aware of). Joe Arpaio is a true patriot for doing all that he can to find the truth.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > so then your vote will go for obama. when are
        > you going to realize that it doesn’t matter who
        > wins, it’s the same body with a different face

        If that is true, then it doesn’t matter if we vote for Romney or Obama, so if it doesn’t matter, then there is no reason at all, to NOT vote for Johnson.

        Because then, a vote for Johnson would be a vote for Obama, and since it is the same body with a different face, then a vote for Obama would be a vote for Romney, and vice versa.

        So, the next time someone says you voting for Johnson is a vote for Obama, you can confidently tell them that your vote for Johnson is actually voting for Romney, and they don’t have to worry… the machine will keep grinding on same as usual and all will be as it should be…

        (except that it won’t be, but that is a different topic)

        – Smoov

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        As long as the majority like YOU, allow THEM to decide WHO you can vote for, we are doomed!!! THEY choose the candidates! You get the blue guy or the red guy! They’re BOTH THE SAME, but go ahead and choose!!! The revolution starts in the voting booth! Tell them NO!!! I understand that not enough people have woken up yet! They think they MUST vote for the lesser of two evils! But it HAS to start somewhere!!! Make your vote count for SOMETHING!!!

      • Thor

        Faced with a candidate hell-bent on converting us to a socialist-communist state and with no viable (keyword) third-party candidate, we are once again faced with the option that has plagued conservatives for the last century–a vote against the lesser of two evils now and a dedicated effort to take back the Republican Party from progressive, pandering neocons.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Thor, why do you think that electing romney will stop them from turning our country towards socialism/communism??? This isn’t something that just started happening with the election of obumass! It’s been happening for many years. obumass has just been more open about it!

      • vicki

        Thor says:
        “Faced with a candidate hell-bent on converting us to a socialist-communist state and with no viable (keyword) third-party candidate, we are once again faced with the option that has plagued conservatives for the last century–a vote against the lesser of two evils now and a dedicated effort to take back the Republican Party from progressive, pandering neocons.”

        How’s that voting for evil working for you?

        The great con is the (false) belief that you MUST vote for the lessor evil so as to avoid the greater evil. Then you find that the only real difference is the speed by which they (evil) are driving us to socialism.

        You guys go ahead and throw away your vote on evil. All you have ever gotten (history is rather firm on this ) is evil. Or you could vote for good. Join us. Stop throwing away your vote. You CAN make a real difference. 1 vote at a time. Stop worrying about being on the “winning” side and vote for principle.

        Vote Libertarian. It’s the only (current) way to be sure.

      • Wil

        Nancy,I agree.I think the best thing for America at this point would be for a large majority to all vote third-party,doesn’t matter which,anyone other than Obama or Romney.
        That,when those actually running the show see that the two choices they have picked for us have been soundly rejected,may be enough to force them to show their hand.
        And no,I’m not talking some NWO conspiracy theory,merely the minds behind the old Soviet Union,working to weaken us too much to stop them from going global.

      • Deacon

        I made a promice to myself years ago that I would never vote for a progressive and both Mitt and Barry are progressives

      • william landis

        Not voting for Romney is a vote for BO. I’m not a huge fan of Romney but we have to get this marxist out. He has said ” I have this thing called the constitution that gets in the way of what I want to do”. That is enough to make me vote for anyone but BO

      • Centurion

        In the past, we were given 2 alternatives, either of which would meet the agenda of those picking the candidates. Did you not see how, during the RNC convention, the results of each vote were displayed on the teleprompter BEFORE each vote was taken? Have you read Palin’s book describing how a mysterious “headquarters” would send down edicts to avoid subjects, change tactics and not criticize the opposition on certain topics?

        The Hegelian Dialectic has been used for a century to frame a relatively and increasingly narrow set of choices for us to vote on. Read “The Overton Window” if you want a good example of how it works. In the past, I suspect that the people setting the parameters of what acceptable choices we can make, probably didn’t care which we elected. It was much like a parent or teacher using 2 choices to get a child to choose a satisfactory course of action. (You can either eat pizza or hamburgers for dinner) It sets up a false dichotomy. There are obviously many more options, but someone in authority is narrowing it down for you to a range that they like in order to manipulate your behavior to meet their needs.

        So, those in charge of establishing the “bookends” of our choices gave us a false choice with both options within their range of comfort. As things have progressed (using that word advisedly) the range has narrowed. As that has happened, and as the internet, phone cameras and technology have made it easier to see what is happening, the manipulation has become much more obvious.

        For that reason, I suspect that your vote for president won’t matter this year. I think that the results are already set. “They” probably already know the precise margin of victory, because “they” chose it. How your vote will be counted has already been decided. You don’t know who you are voting for because its no longer any of your business. Kinda like the sealed ballots in Cuba that the voters were not allowed to see. The rest is simply theater to lull us into a sense of control of our destiny and participation in the process.

        It is possible and even likely that most of the directed history here is aimed at the presidential election. Your vote for House, Senate and state and local offices is more likely to actually count. So go vote in those races. Who knows? Maybe it will do some good.

        At this point, I believe that our only hope is to do a good job of picking up the pieces when the economy and currency completely fail. The US will default on all of its debts and commitments, which actually amount to more than $200 Trillion. The dollar will be worthless and so will T-bills and other instruments. Your retirement funds, 401(k) and savings will amount to zero. The government won’t be able to make payroll or pay its retirees. Social Security will default and so will Medicare, Medicaid, railroad and military retirement. Banks will fail as will many businesses. A black market will arise and save a lot of people. But everyone will suffer and many will die. If you can hold onto your house long enough, the mortgage will evaporate as the banks die.

        The government will try to hang on for a while, but eventually will not be able to pay its employees. Wanna get rid of the TSA or DHS? Try not paying them for a year. The only way that the government will survive is to essentially enslave the people and I don’t think that when it becomes obvious and by force, the people will tolerate it.

        Hopefully after this catastrophe, we will be smart enough to not repeat the mistakes for a while. Real money and competing currencies, open markets and not engaging in globalist empire building and endless wars would be a good start.

        God help us all. I certainly hope that I’m wrong, but I’m usually an optimist and this is what I see coming at us like a freight train.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Yes, thank you Centurion… that ‘bookend’ analogy was what I was looking for to describe the Dems/Reps and Obama/Romney…

          They work together to keep us on their course… in concert… just voting for one or the other all the time keeps yourself within their plans…

          Every election ends up with both sides predicting the collapse of the country if we vote for the other side. Every time… so just vote for our guy as the lesser of two evils, and we’ll get to work next election to fix things…

          NEXT ELECTION NEVER COMES AND THEY NEVER “FIX” THINGS… not the way we mean “fix” anyways…

          Both conventions were scripted… both primary processes corrupted… these aren’t opinions, these are verifiable facts with video evidence. Not just this year, but previous years.

          You people who refuse to break out of the Dems/Reps trap you’re stuck in are being herded along like the sheep you are, and since you absolutely refuse to vote in your own best interest, to the point where you even refuse to see the cage you’re being kept in, they are correct in managing your lives as you keep demonstrating you are incapable of taking control of your own lives and following your own path, choosing instead to follow the path others keep placing before you.

          The Matrix has you.

          – Smoov

      • tired of DEMOPUBLICANS

        Your vote goes to whomever you vote for…stop trying to intimidate folks otherwise. It’s a free country for now, and we will vote for who we think will do the best job as president.
        You get what you vote for:
        Liberal Communist
        Gary Johnson is still running or are the sands of the beach getting in your eyes.?

        • navyjr

          I don’t for the LIFE of me, understand how it’s so complicated for you and the rest promoting voting for a 3rd party candidate to GET that each vote you cast there draws a vote from the potential conservative pool, and makes the election of the LIB/DEM that much more assured because those candidates WON’T draw any voters FROM that pool and therefore divide the potential votes among candidates who can’t win and one who might! I get that you believe you’re going to somehow miraculously get people to vote for men they WOULDN’T vote for under any circumstances, because they don’t like Romney; but that isn’t going to happen. As I’ve said before, the ONLY hope is NOT at the national level;its at the STATE level. Johnson and Paul are NO BETTER offerings than Romney and Obama! Some of the things Paul says, I HOPE are just senile dementia setting in, and not to be taken seriously, because he can be scarier than Obama, and that one is terrifying enough! But if you’re determined to get Obama put back in for another 4 years , plan on being haunted for eternity!

      • Bungal

        You are correct in that those who vote 3rd party are giving their vote to the one in office. All experts will tell you the same. That is how many bad Presidents stayed in office in our past.

        • SamFox

          Bungal, what has changed since we got GW out & Captain Zero in? 000000

          What you fail to grasp is that Mitt is hardly a conservative. He is a great RINO-CINO though.

          It’s not the man we elect. It’s their handlers. That is if they are the R or D establishment darlings, which MR & 0 are. The only major ‘party ‘ man running who IS out side the establishment box & their control was Ron Paul. You can tell me it’s to late for him now. OK. Sure looks that way. BUT WE LOSE!!!!!!! US! YOU & ME and every one else! All because people didn’t do deep research & took the establishment line on Ron hook line & anchor.

          But since Mitt & 0 are establishment to the morrow of their bones, what’s gonna change? The only hope that Mitt brings is that he slows down the Cloward & Pivon collapse the system agenda to the speed Bush was implementing it. That ain’t much hope!

          I got my early ballot. I voted for Gary Johnson. I refuse to vote for evil any longer, whether it be slow or speedy. My conscience will be clear when Mitt shows his true colors fully. He has already backed off taking down 0bummer Care. What’s next??? And you actually expect me to vote for him?

          Here is where I am coming from regarding Mitt:

          Romney exposed

          Fake Conservative Mitt: [From]

          Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger [YouTube]

          Romney & 0bama the same. [YouTube]

          Thinking that the R ‘party’ is going to save US is delusion. There is only one party, as Judge Napolitano likes to point out. The Big Government Party. The BGP has two arms, the R arm & the D arm. But both are controlled by the same elitists who want to take the US down & rebuild US in the socialist style of all powerful central govt .

          Ron Paul knows this & has been trying to wake the USA up for decades. But to many are still asleep. Why do you think the RNC, in conjunction with disingenuous fringe media, tried to bury him? Even many at Fox ‘News’ were in on that. At YouTube look up Fox News Switches CPAC Videos.



    • Boatman99

      That is not true sir, if we “Ron Paul supporters” were presented with a good alternative to Ron Paul we will vote for him, republican or Democrat. Problem is theres not a clear alternative, maybe Gary Johnson, but definitely not Mitt or Barry. We are too smart to fall for the two party farse and we are not the problem.

      • Ted Crawford

        SMART ? !
        Of course you intend that we accept the first defination of that term; Quick witted, intelligent..OK perhaps that is true! However, There can often be a vast gulf between being highly educated and knowledgable ( That describes many : Ted kaczynski, Rachael Maddow, Paul Krugman,Jimmy Carter, [jury is still out on Obama], ETC.), and being WISE !
        Education is only the accumulation of knowledge. Wisdom, is the practical, effective application of that knowledge when confronted with real world situations! As self satisfying as it may seem to, in essence, vote for “none of the above”, in reality it is simply the use of Saul Alinskys tactics! I think it’s rule 5(not worth rereading to be sure)” use what you have and clothe it in a moral arguement”
        Should one vote in that way, and Obama be re-elected, they might even be able to feel “It’s not my fault” ! However if one is truly as “smart” as they claim, they would also really be aware that it’s only a superficial , self gratifying emotion. They do, in fact, own a share of the responsibility!

      • libertarian58

        The two party system itself actually falls in line with Marxist ideology more than you realize. Study the Hegelian Dialectic to see how forcing all of us onto opposing sides fulfills the socialist agenda of divide and conquer. Both “main” parties are controlled by the same forces and work to the same goal, while all “third” parties must be eliminated and/or discredited. By refusing to consider a third choice, you are falling right into line with Alinsky

      • vicki

        Ted Crawford says:
        “Education is only the accumulation of knowledge. Wisdom, is the practical, effective application of that knowledge when confronted with real world situations! As self satisfying as it may seem to, in essence, vote for “none of the above”, in reality it is simply the use of Saul Alinskys tactics! I think it’s rule 5(not worth rereading to be sure)” use what you have and clothe it in a moral arguement” ”

        So tell us how your practial and effective application of knowledge in the real world of voting for the greater or lessor evil is going to eliminate evil?

        Ted: “Should one vote in that way, and Obama be re-elected, they might even be able to feel “It’s not my fault” ! However if one is truly as “smart” as they claim, they would also really be aware that it’s only a superficial , self gratifying emotion.”

        As opposed to those who will feel it is not my fault when Romney is elected and they find out that, just as Obama changed none of the “evil” Bush policies, nothing changes but the speed at which we are boiled.

        The illogical “feel good” argument that voting for principle is a vote for the greater evil IS the problem and IS the fault.

        Vote for good or evil. But remember a vote fore evil is a vote for evil.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          “education” and “smartness” is of limited value, if the one claiming those qualities, don’t apply them to their decision-making…

          – Smoov

      • jag57

        Romney is better prepared to pull our economy out of the toilet than the alternative. Do I believe he is as conservative as I would like; no, but since either Romney, or Obama will be elected, I certainly believe Romney is a better choice than having the Communist for an unfettered 4 more years.

        Have you seen Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016 Obama’s America? I saw it twice, after reading his Roots of Obama’s Rage, which plays a big part in the documentary. I do not believe our Republic can survive another 4 years, under this unapologetic Communist.

        I would like to see Ron Paul as Secretary of Treasury, since I can’t even remember when we had a Secretary of Treasury that was qualified. Obama’s tax cheat, Ole Shifty Eyes couldn’t qualify on his own merit, for Treasurer of a 2nd class County.

        In 1992, I voted for Howard Phillips, US Taxpayers Party, since I thought Papa Bush had crapped on his supporters, and though I didn’t like Clinton, in that election, it wasn’t a choice where one of them was a Communist.

        From the day Obama took office, he did everything he could do to try to take away our preexisting, God given gun rights, enshrined in our 2nd amendment. Then we have Hillary and they both want to bring the UN terrorists into the equation.

    • Gary

      harold, you’re Just Like EVERY human whose brain has turned to jellied koolaid!! IF you thank that Ron Paul is an “extreme liberal” then you Are as spoon fed a cloned blind sheeple as 50% of american citizens have become, Thanks to Our corrupt federal government *employees* and the equally corrupt and biased lamestream media, your Ignorance of reality Is Asstonding!!

      Gary Grayson

      • Norman F.

        Gary, I’m coming in on your string although I am not goin g to follow the leader in any way. I am astoumnded that the people on this site, can’t see beyond their prejudices to the reality of what is going on here. President Obama is a Muslim and he is taking our country into the hell that enfolds that religeon. He has the support of the Senate and the House is unable to counter their combined efforts. He has issued countless Presidential Decrees that have already set our nation up for him to be a dictator. If you continue to vote for people who can not be elected, you are actually voting for President Obama to be re-elected and enabling him to complete the destruction of the Country I love and fought for in three wars. I hate to see it fail because you are so determined to cast your votes into the dirt. You, I, and the entire coubtry would be better oiff if you get over your snit because Ron Paul didn’t get nominated, and think of your country for a change. Or, don’t you care?

        • navyjr

          Thank-you for your service, sir, and for reiterating what I keep trying to tell those who are determined to vote for a 3rd party candidate because they won’t put the nation ahead of their own “consciences”. I took that same oath you did; and it hasn’t expired for me either; it’s to the Constitution, not any one office or person!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          > You, I, and the entire country[ftfy] would be better off[ftfy] if you get
          > over your snit because Ron Paul didn’t get nominated, and think
          > of your country for a change. Or, don’t you care?

          It isn’t about Ron Paul, the man… it never was…

          We do think of our country, and care, a hell of a lot more than you will ever be willing to give us credit for.

          If we didn’t? It would be easy to just blow it off and vote for Romney.

          But we do… so we can’t.

          – Smoov

          • navyjr

            Smoov, obviously you’re smart and you do care; but apparently you’re NOT a realist. Perot is the ONLY 3rd party candidate in my lifetime who has even shown well enough to have been a remotely viable contender in a race. He mobilized a FAR broader base than Ron Paul has in ANY of his runs for the WH. And ALL Perot succeeded in doing was to insure a second term for Slick Willy! I’m NOT a Romney supporter by any means; he’s just “Obama-lite”! The only positive things I can say is he knows how to run a business, he’s American born and raised, and he’s NOT a Muslim, who at the present time have declared themselves to be our enemies. He’s NOT a conservative and doesn’t hold the same values I do, but neither does Dr Paul or Obama! Dr Paul has some good insights into the economic issues especially surrounding the Federal Reserve, but he’s NOT the leader we need now, and some of his policies would, I firmly believe, hurt America even MORE than Obama has already done. i won’t ask you to LIKE a man I don’t especially like myself, but I will ask you to SERIOUSLY consider what another four years of Obama will do, and if your personal principles are worth throwing him a greater chance of victory at this time in our history? Or might it be wiser to put the slightly slower moving Romney in, and work like crazy at your state and local level to get STATES to hold him accountable as well as individuals, and to get pushed toward the right direction again? In my lifetime, every third party candidate has ALWAYS and ONLY drawn votes from the Repubs; the Dems still vote DEM! And frankly, whichever way this goes, 1/2 the nation’s population is going to be furious. I really expect violence whichever way it goes, much as that notion sickens me. Better to have the troops NOT shooting down American patriots, don’t you think? They are gearing up for the violence and arming with hollowpoints, which have only ONE purpose: to kill humans! So either they’re expecting an uprising over the election, OR they’re planning on cancelling it entirely; which also wouldn’t surprise me, and an uprising over that!

          • Stan Boring

            Remeber those “hanging chads” in Florida? That election went republican by a little over 500 votes! Suppose that many Paul or Johnson supporters had “voted their concience”…Al Gore would have been elected. That’s how close we came to the disaster wwe got in 2008 because BHO was a better liar than Gore. Are you willing to risk that? Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 22:33:51 +0000 To:

          • navyjr

            Not me, thanks, Chief! I know where that folly leads!

          • Stan Boring

            That’s good to hear! BTW, were you a Jr. Officer, or the son of a Navy Vet? Just curious, don’t answer if you’d rather not. Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 05:37:44 +0000 To:

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Actually, both my parents were Navy officers during WWII; Dad was a pilot and Mom was Nurse Corps; but so was I in my turn during Vietnam/Cold War era.

          • Stan Boring

            Good background. Thanks for responding. My dad was a tool and die maker on some project for the Army. They would not allow him to enlist. During the war the steelworkers union called a strike for some reason. The Army locked Dad and his colleagues in the plant and kept them working. We visited him on Sundays. I still remeber thos wool blankets. They were much rougher than the grey Navy ones i used later. One uncle was Navy; another Army. I enlisted 12 days out of high school. Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:44:12 +0000 To:

          • navyjr

            My extended family goes all the way back to 2 in the Revolution; except WWI; one farmer, one disabled, and all the rest too young or too old. And we’ve hit all the branches. My sis was Air Force, and one aunt was USMC. One of those ancestors crossed the Delaware in Washington’s Army, to attack Trenton. Very strong “genes” for that in our family. It’s the ones who DON’T serve that I question, especially when they come on like “patriots”. I’m of the opinion we need to amend the requirements of the CIC to include SOME service time; doesn’t even matter what rank or MOS. Just so he/she has signed that contract, because EVERYONE learns the basics of how it works that way.

          • Stan Boring

            Not a bad idea, though I’m sort of partial to the voluteer status of the troops. My Navy uncle joined the Army for Korea. My GGF and two great uncles were in Co. A, 18th Georgia Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. Until after Antietam, they were part of the Texas Brigade. Their CO, Col. Wofford, commanded at Antietam. I had two in the Revolution; Peter McCollum and Isaac Boring. They fought in the Carolinas. Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 06:59:56 +0000 To:

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Your blood is in there too; maybe that’s why we’re feeling it more than many of the others around us seem to be…

          • Stan Boring

            And we both swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 21:57:37 +0000 To:

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > And we both swore to uphold and defend the Constitution.

            Then… why don’t you?

            – Smoov

          • Smoovious Laxness

            … not a conservative …

            … on the Republican ticket? not a conservative? …

            reason enough not to vote for him.

            I’m not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian.

            If he truly was a conservative? Then it might be a different story, but he isn’t even that.

            We (Libertarians) just don’t see politics the same way as you establishment types. As far as we’re concerned, both of the establishment parties are equally the problem. An honestly conservative candidate would have had a good chance to _earn_ our votes. Romney didn’t earn them, and he isn’t entitled to them.

            They aren’t the establishment’s votes… they belong to us.

            – Smoov

      • SamFox

        @ navyjr, not Gary.

        Navy, what Ron Paul policies you have in mind? Name them. You make what I call a false accusation, a serious one at that. Your jive calls for some examples.

        Ron Paul policies would be guided by the US Constitution, [actually, all our founding documents] & the US Founder’s intent. What a danger! Yeah. Right.

        Non-intervention one of yer dangers? We would have prevented 9-11 & other blow back if our Founder’s policy of non-interventionism were followed & we had not started bombing the ME in the 50′s. If it were not for our meddling & manipulations we also would not have seen a spike in Islamic nutcase recruiting more radicals. So how is minding our own business & setting a good example for the world, as Ron calls for, more dangerous than 0 & other administration’s bullying the ME & killing off hundreds of thousands of their people??

        Monetary policy? Ron says go by the Constitution. The Constitution does not call for fiat $$ or fractional reserve banking. Ron has studied economics & has concluded that the Austrian economics model works best. That’s the model that says basically ‘let the free market work’ & get the govt out the way! Also Ron opposes a central bank. How is all that a dangerous policy? And how does Mitt feel about all that? You need to study up on The Depression You Never Heard Of. Google it.

        Internal policy? Ron says let people do what they want, make their own choices, as long as they don’t infringe on others. No danger there. Ron opposes the police state that is being slowly expanded by 0 & co. as 0 continues what other POTUS’s have started & kept adding to. Ron more dangerous than 0? You sir are out yer skull.

        You can vote for who ya want. I am not voting for Mitt or his political brother 0. I am no longer trapped by the phony 2 party dialectic. You can bounce around in there all ya want. But I am out! No more voting for evil here! Gary Johnson! Ron Paul is better though…



    • speedle

      This is the most insane logic and complete lack of forsight have ever seen from what one would have to assume are educated adults. You people just can’t get over yourselves and realize that this election is about long term goals rather than whether or not the federal reserve is done away with and replaced with the gold standard within the next four years. Boiling frogs is now about boiling liberal frogs not libertarians. We have been boiled for the last 50 years, and their strategy has obviously worked.

      But now you idiots think you can reverse it all in one election. Instead you will likely drive a nail in the very coffin you are trying to stay out of. Idiots. There is no other excuse.

      • MNIce

        Speedle is on to something here. We have had this mess accreted onto us for about 100 years, starting with the 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act. Life without these institutions can only be imagined from reading the history books – most of which have been written by proponents of socialism.

        What would be the consequences of electing a President Libertarian who plans to enforce the Constitution from Day One? Consider: President L. does his research and discovers that there is no appropriations bill for specific Social Security and Medicare payouts for the year, so he suspends payments accordingly. Tens of millions of angry, frightened seniors call their Congress critters. Congress immediately passes an appropriations bill amid a lot of nasty talk about doctrinaire extremists in the White House. President L. vetoes the bill because the programs are unconstitutional. Congress immediately overrides. President L. refuses to pay out the money because he insists it is unconstitutional. He is immediately served with more than 10 million lawsuits, including one from Congress citing the precedent in which President Reagan was told by the courts that he could not sequester funds appropriated by Congress.

        Meanwhile, the senior citizens totally dependent on Social Security can’t buy groceries ot pay their rent and utility bills. The Democrats in Congress are pushing and shoving each to get to a microphone as they compete to see who can make the most vociferous excoriation and resignation demand of the President. Everyone understands that the President is political dead meat less than six weeks after taking office.

        I don’t seriously think any President would start out that way. My point is, we must literally retrain the entire nation to take care of itself without Federal handouts. As some have put it, the Democrats have raised several generations of overgrown toddlers who have to be weaned off the government teat. Even the Department of Education cannot be closed down overnight without creating serious disruption – too many young adults have already set plans for college using federal grants and loans. What we must do is set firm cutoff and expiration dates, and make it clear that no new beneficiaries will be added.

        Perhaps the easiest way to do it is to enact a complete repeal of the United States Code, effective four years after its signing. Congress will then designate subcommittees to write a new code, based only on the enumerated powers in the Constitution. Overly broad interpretations of the power to tax to provide for the general welfare of the United States will be strictly out of order (the original intent was to provide funds for the operations of the United States government in its exercise of the enumerated powers). Meanwhile, the standing committees would be tasked with writing the phaseout bills for the transition to a new, Constitutional code.

        Notice that the President is absent from this proposal. The only thing he can do besides make suggestions is sign or veto the bills. Restoring Constitutional government is the task of the people as represented by Congress.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Johnson isn’t an idiot. He knows that you just can’t restore the federal government to its proper limited role at the stroke of a pen. Those things have to be done in steps, and, like you said, we have about 100 years worth of damage brought out by the Democrats and Republicans, to repair. This isn’t going to be a one-president fix.

          As you said tho, this is about long-term goals… ones that the Democrats and Republicans, together, have been furthering along, getting us to where we’re at now, and where they intend to continue taking us.

          Change won’t happen if you keep looking to those that brought us to this point, to abandon their long-term goals, in favor of Libertarian principles of restrained government.

          You’re going to have to go with a Libertarian, if you want Libertarian fiscal goals.

          – Smoov

      • don

        speedle the ron paul bunch just may be the only ones who are awake. this voting less of to evils is a crock thats all we ever do. mitt i’m soory ain’t the is more that likly to late to save the usa. obama has done what he sat out to do an will be near imposible to save us now. no one want to do what has to be done. an that is attack all the freebes .every thing has to be cut to the bone EVERTHING read my lips EVERTHING do you think anyone will do that hell no. if we were taxed 100% for 20 years it would not be enought. is their anyone out there that really knows or will admit just how far in the toilt we really are.ron pauls people want vote statis quio. my hats off to them.

    • http://yahoo hangman

      Seems that the thing Ron Paul is best at is brainwashing a bunch of mental midgets.m When will you retards realize that , like them or not, one is definetly going to destroy this country, and the other will get it back on track. How is that parallel? Don;t hate Romney because he is rich, he earned it. Your enviousness leads you down the wrong path.

      • libertarian58

        If Romney is elected, no significant changes will be made. watch and see.
        The FED will continue to print money.
        The IRS will remain virtually unchanged.
        Your taxes will still go up
        Unemployment will remain stagnant
        Perpetual war will continue unabated
        The same puppetmasters that pulled obama’s strings will be pulling Romney’s.

      • vicki

        hangman says:
        “Seems that the thing Ron Paul is best at is brainwashing a bunch of mental midgets.m When will you retards realize that , like them or not, one is definetly going to destroy this country, and the other will get it back on track. How is that parallel?”

        Seems what you are best at is ad hominem attack (happy now Eddie47d?)

        But let’s ignore that and look at your position. One (Obama) is definately going to destroy this country and the other (Romney) will get it back on track.

        So now let us talk about that “track”. From available history and evidence that track is Socialism. That would pretty much destroy the country the founders created.

        The speed at which Obama would press us down that track is much faster than Romney (just think about Romneycare) but down that track we would (and the 2 party system has for MANY MANY years) go.

        The beauty of having obama in there is that liberals have no patience and will (and have) blown their cover (obamacare, NDAA-2012, bunch of interesting executive orders…) and many many more people are waking to realize that the water is hot.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Vicki, your logic is totally off the rails. Honestly you sound like an Obama mole writing on a Libertarian blog trying to influence back door support for Obama (by discouraging Romney votes). I choose to think this about you because the only other possible explanation is that you are brick stupid, and who am I to make unkind remarks?

      • don

        hangman your in need of a flash light YOUR lost in the cool aid

      • Will.


        I and no one else can be sure what any man will do in the future regardless of what comes out of his mouth. Historically however, we can see Mitt is exactly like uhbamma in two crucial areas. History shows us 1) Mitt won’t totally repeal uhbammacare because he wants and NEEDS that 16000 new IRS agents that it mandates. 2) He will not shtcan the fake patriot act or ndaa. Those two actions or inactions combined with the debt that so called republican and democrat congressional leaders have voted for, will guarantee tyranny in the coming 3 years. Romney or uhbamma, tyranny is coming (maybe already here). Liberty is worth fighting and if necessary, dying for but, I don’t Want to die for liberty as it seems so much easier just to vote for policy makers who support it. Fiscally, “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” That said, I favor jumping off the “fiscal cliff”. Even though we will suffer greatly in the coming 5 years. Mitt won’t let that happen and in avoiding the harsh pain up front, he will pursue more Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/uhbamma policies of borrow and spend our way to prosperity. Even though it should be clear by now that it isn’t gonna work.

        You indicated that Libertarians are foolish or somehow more childish than even You. Those supporters who are for no federal dope laws only may well be. I certainly can’t see a good outcome from Your supposed solution. If you can in any way justify a permanent ndaa/patriot act in this republic (temporary, emergency circumstances excepted), I’d like to hear it.

        Romney will get my vote. I have absolutely zero hope for this country turning back to God and being “the blessed” again. My hope for myself is that Mitt will slow down the slide some from ubamma’s reign and give me time to get myself, my daughter and my grandchildren to south america before the inevitable stink Really hits the fan. Because of a majority of voters being very unsophisticated and un (or mis) educated about liberty and the causes of it and how valuable it really is, this repub vs. demo lie has been very easy to pass off as legit. It is not. This country hasn’t had a great president since Harry Truman. He, like Ron Paul, was also unelectable. In those days however, the God of the Hebrews protected and nurtured this country. If you have a differing opinion, and can express it, please do.

      • Deacon

        wow Hangman you sound like a liberal calling the smart , dumb, Do you study the government much or just take in what you want to hear?

      • SamFox

        Hey hangingman, how about some of examples of how us Ron Paul peeps are brainwashed. You know, back up for your slander. Love to see some proof.

        You can start with Combat Veterans For Ron Paul & go from there.

        Ron Paul. HMMM….I been sayin much of what Ron Paul is saying since the 70′s before I even heard of RP. I been against the ‘Fed’, larger govt, income taxes, wars we don’t need or belong in like ‘Nam…now the ME. I been for a return to the Constitution, restoration of freedom, following the Bill of Rights & taking our Founder’s advice. I used to be called a conspiracy nut a lot of times.

        When I 1st heard of Ron I could not believe we were on the same page. I didn’t think that the one worlders would let him live, like the way they killed off Larry McDonald on KAL-007, IMO. Not long before the KAL-007 ‘accident, Larry had stood up against the ‘Fed’.

        So I investigated Dr. Paul. Like I investigate all the peeps running for or in office who talk Constitution. Ron is the real deal. I think that is what your Spooky Dude handlers are afraid of. Ron Paul is the most feared POTUS candidate to come down the pike in many a decade.

        That’s why the corrupt RNC tried to marginalize, ignore & discredit Ron. They didn’t want him at the debates last time & Ron, like Gary Johnson now is, was shut out by the RNC & blacked out of lied about by most of fringe stream media, including Fox ‘News’.

        You can say whatcha want, but it’s Ron’s message, not him per say. If Ron Paul goes away, the next person with the same message will be able to take the freedom baton & go forward.

        That the freedom movement has made inroads is evident in one example; the fact that this time Ron FINALLY made it into the debates.Even then often Ron’s time was cut short. Then there is the RNC scramble to keep Ron from gaining delegates….

        Don’t be fooled by fringe media, the restore the Constitution movement IS alive & well. We just receive much factual press.


    • Phil Myers

      I don’t believe you know Ron Paul. It is true that he is a liberal but only in the classic or historical sense. He has an open mind but believes that our constitution is a rigid document and not elastic except for amendments made using the constitutional methods.

    • Ronald R Worthington

      i went to the american legion ‘boy’s state’ in the summer of 1963. one of the major things i learned was the concept of ‘vote splitting’. a third part candidate might be appealing, but unless they could garner enough votes to force a runoff, it is not a good idea. since the 2 available candidates between them will get 95%+ of all votes, one of them will be the next president. therefore, anyone voting for a third pary candidate will in essence, be giving a positive vote to obama. Do you want to ged rid of obama? better vote for romney, because that’s the only way it’s going to happen. wake up & smell the coffee!

      • libertarian58

        The only reason this is “true” is because the socialists always unite in their efforts and the rest of us divide ours. Additionally, most of us still actually believe there is a difference between the two parties. If you really actually want less government, you have to vote for it.

      • vicki

        Rationalization by math. It is still rationalization.

        Using your math example you can vote for evil or evil. You still get evil. Vote for NOT evil for a change. When enough people do it you will get CHANGE you CAN believe in.

        Until then you will get, as both math and history have shown. EVIL.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Ronald R Worthington,

        You write: “a third part candidate might be appealing, but unless they could garner enough votes to force a runoff, it is not a good idea.” There is no runoff in Presidential elections.

        Best wishes,

      • Steve

        You are making a lot of assumptions there, RW. You assume that the ONLY people who will vote Libertarian (or Constitution Party) would otherwise vote for Romney. That’s simply not true. Many people raised Democrat see the GOP as shills for crony capitalism (which they are) and military hawks, who are also shills for the military industrial complex (which they also are). They tend to see the Democratic Party as the party of the common man, and have not really considered political philosophy to the point that they understand the distinction between capitalism and socialism. Their party, however, are also shills for crony capitalists, big banks, and the military industrial complex. People from the old Left are also waking up. A third party that gains a measurable share of votes is quite capable of pulling support from both sides of the two party aisle. Only by some of us having the wisdom to jump the two party ship will another way ever get a fair hearing. If we keep voting party lines we will keep getting big government of one flavor or another. Only by voting third party can we force the media to report on their message.
        I’ve been a registered Republican since I first voted, but have been voting third party for years. I do it because it seems to be the only way to get the Liberty message out, though Ron Paul was able to do a lot from within the GOP establishment. With the rise of the Tea Party, I did vote GOP again at the midterms.
        I will absolutely NOT vote for a Romney/Ryan ticket though. I may vote Constitution or Libertarian, or I may just vote Obama. Why not? If we’re going to hell in a bucket, why fight over which bucket? Boiling is boiling.
        Also, Obama is NOT going to usher in a socialists America. The fiat money game, upon which all socialist schemes rest, has run it’s course. This is true of Obama’s Marxist flavor of Socialism, just as it is true of Romney’s Mussulinian flavor. The jig is up! We’re broke, and the two major parties both did it to us. We are Greece. We just haven’t quite discovered it yet. We are, however, about to.

      • DonR

        Steve says: Also, Obama is NOT going to usher in a socialists America.
        I think you are dead wrong!
        Remember Obama’s comment to the Russian,”I’ll be more flexible after the election.”
        What do you think that means? He will do whatever he damn well pleases!!!
        And it won’t be good.
        Have you seen 2016 the movie?
        Obama want’s to raise the world by lowering the US!

        • Ronald R Worthington

          you are missing my whole point here, jusst like all these other rattletraps. since there is no third party candidate to garnere a sizeable chunk of the vote, enough to force a runoff, either BO or romney -one or the other-will be sworn in on jan 20th. a great many of us believe BO is a failure. BUT if you do not vote for romney, for any reason whatsoever, that will count as a vote FOR BO. tell me, what is it you don’t understand ??? Git ‘er done!

      • MNIce

        Steve, the collapse of the monetary system will not bring down socialism. It may bring the end of the Republic. Look at what happened to Germany’s Weimar Republic. We already have our ReichsKanzellor in place; we don’t want to leave him there to become America”s Führer.

        Bob Livingston, we actually do have a runoff system. If no candidate gets a majority of the Electoral College vote, the House of Representatives holds an election for the President from the top three Electoral College vote recipients. In that case, guess who wins? It won’t be Gary Johnson. See the US Constitution, Amendments 12 and 20, §3.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear MNIce,

          You write: “Bob Livingston, we actually do have a runoff system. If no candidate gets a majority of the Electoral College vote, the House of Representatives holds an election for the President from the top three Electoral College vote recipients.” You know that is not the type of “runoff” RRW was referring to.

          Best wishes,

      • John Woodbury

        It has finally dawn on me why I am seeing a rush of people calling on us to vote for Johnson, the DNC realizes no one here, other than their trolls, will vote for Obummer; so they are trying to leach support for the only hope that America has. It may be a bad hope, it may not work out, we all may become boiled, but if we do not take it we are done as a free people. I did not almost die in Vietnam to watch a bunch of Jackass fools piss away the nation I grew up in. I voted for R&R, simply because I am only 3/4 as well off today as I was 4 years ago. I put my retirement check into the bank every month and take in RMB the last one out. So no B.S., the dollar is dropping like a hot potato. I have RMB, but not in my name. The government can not get my funds. If you vote for Obummer, by direct vote or indirect (Johnson), you are part of the problem. I know Ron Paul, I worked on his house race in 1978, He is not a liberal, he is a constitutionalists, in the strict terms of the word. Please do not be led off by DNC trolls, yes my pick did not make it, but I voted to keep boiling slowly and work for change next election.

        • navyjr

          Thank-you for serving instead of running across the border to Canada as so many did when their time came. And you’re right; these are efforts to pull votes away from R&R to insure Obama wins, which we DEFINITELY don’t need. I didn’t serve back then for this either! None of us did. The Federal level is controlled by an oligarchy, many of whom aren’t Americans and NONE of whom have American interests in mind. The best bet is to work at the state and local levels, to effect the changes back to where we want our homeland to go!

    • Tony Ruiz

      That’s because you’re dumb [expletive deleted] who can’t see the forest for the trees. Go ahead, make their day (Obama & Co.)

      • vicki

        THEY don’t care as long as you continue to vote for evil (greater or lessor). They will always get what they want. Just different speeds.

        Throw away your vote on greater or lessor evil if you want. But quit telling us that a vote for good is a vote for greater evil.

        Amusing side note. The democrats on their sites are telling their readers the same story in reverse. A vote for say a green party candidate is a vote for that evil Romney.

    • dan

      Ron Paul’s foreign doctrine boils down to the Golden Rule; Do unto others what you would have them do unto you……that’s too frickin’ radical/liberal for you Hal ?! Seems like you and the Demoncrats booing the inclusion of God on their platform (consistent with butchering babies)
      have more in common than you think.
      if we had listened to Perot instead of the media shills, we would have avoided NAFTA…
      I’m voting for Johnson and I’m hoping that’s Ron’s strategy,too. Long live the Republic.

      • mudguy

        In other words you are voting for Obama and you approve of the direction he will be taking our country.

      • mjr47

        I was for Ron Paul…until I watched this video on you tube. It opened my eyes to what the ‘Islam’ agenda has been for 1,400 years. Ron Paul’s ‘let’s all be friends’ idea just doesn’t fly if you watch this video.We NEED a Leader in the WH…one who isn’t afraid to make the tough choices.

        If the World continues to watch, while Iran makes the bomb, we will see WW3. That’s a FACT!! If you want to have your eyes opened, watch this movie. It will change HOW you feel about Islam. Understanding WHAT we are facing is more than just the devaluing of our currency. It’s more than controlling the oil in the Middle East. It’s more than a foolish notion that THEY want to live peacefully with us.

      • metalflyer11

        I saw the whole video and it has good history in it but it is made by a muslim hater so its content is biased. The video does not give me a reason to go beat the crap out of muslims for things of the past. A similar video or worst can be made about the Catholic Church and its atrocities around the world in the name of God. BTW I am Catholic if you wonder.
        How do you feel about the wars in Korea or Vietnam. We beat the crap out of those countries for years that were no threat to us but we were all sold the BS of communism threat and the Cold War to keep the Military Industrial Complex going. The Cold War ends the MIC needs a new enemy so now is the War On Terror which never ends and the enemy could be anyone so the solution of our goverment is to take our constitution and piss on it for our safety(Patriot Act, NDAA, NDRA) and everything the government does is national security so we can never know their crimes.
        I believe that 9/11 was nothing more than the Pearl Harbor event they needed for the final destruction of our constitution and liberties and rule by FEAR.
        Ron Paul’s foreign policy is right on and is not isolationist. Doing business with other countries do not mean Marines, Air Force, Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruise Missiles, Drones, Military Bases everywhere(of course a few people allways profit big from war and helps their agenda of control and power). We can no longer support the foreign policy blitzkrieg of war.
        Neither Robama or Obamney will fix anything. Both work for the same puppet master.
        In my opinion if Obama wins the only benefit will be that more people will wake up to the Fascist take over of the US. If Romney wins the so called republicans that hate Obama’s socialist policies will go back to sleep and accept the republican version of the same.

    • libertarian58

      Calling RP a liberal is the height of ignorance. Either you don’t know RP at all or you simply don’t understand what liberty means. Today’s “liberal” wants government control of virtually everything and RP stands for the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Harold I wanted Ron Paul for the very reason that he is a Constitutional and Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment supporter and always has been. I don’t like his Idea of the Muslims because there are no Moderate Muslims !!! They will all take up arms if there is an all out war with the Radical Muslims because they are brothers. But with that thought, another 4 years of the Marxist, Muslim in Chief and we will not be a Nation !! Just imagine a Lame Duck Abomination, look at how he went around Congress and filled our Government with 55 Radical Muslims, Liberals, Communists and Socialists his CZARS, passed ma Socialized Death Care Bill that to this day 70% of the population dosen’t want and passed it without reading it. He also signed into law where he can circumvent our 1st and 5th Amendment rights and even take your citizenship away without any proof. If re-elected he will pass by executive order Agenda 21 and the Lost Treaty which will end America as we know it and he will sign and let the U.N. come in and take our guns with the signing of the International Small Arms Treaty which side sgteps Congress and eliminates our 2nd Amendment rights. This is pure Marxism and Adolf Hitler Stated in 1933 If you Wish To Take Over A Country You Must First Disarm Its Citizens. So I am Voting for the Flim Flam Man Romney over the Great Abomination an Illegal Marxist Muslim Semi White man who has burried us in Massive debt and unemployment and Amnesty for 1.7 million ILLEGAL ALIEN,S and given them Work Permits when we have 23 Million Americans out of work for a Record 44 Straight Months. Foreign Policy, Apology and kissing the ass of our enemies and being caught telling China and Russia hje will be more flexable when re elected, TREASON these are our ENEMIES and if you don’t vote for Romney its a vote for Abomination. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      • APN

        Viet Nam Vet 67-68, #1……THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! I have numerous family members who served in Nam as well.

        I agree with you comments 100% and will be voting for Romney as well. He is the only choice we have to unseat ODUMBO this election cycle.

        SAD but FACTUAL!

      • TML

        Viet Nam Vet 67-68 says, “I wanted Ron Paul for the very reason that he is a Constitutional and Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment supporter and always has been. I don’t like his Idea of the Muslims because there are no Moderate Muslims !!!… … and if you don’t vote for Romney its a vote for Abomination.”

        I think your post is a fine example of abandoning reason for misplaced fear-mongering. Essentially you just said, to hell with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you would rather support the American Empire war machine… imperialism, and everything the Constitution and Bill of Rights stands against (freedom, independence, liberty and justice for all)… just to satisfy that fear born from inability (or unwillingness) to understanding your enemy.

      • TML

        Correction: …and *against everything the Constitution and Bill of Rights stands *for (freedom, independence, liberty and justice for all)

      • SamFox

        Viet Nam Vet, have you heard of Combat Veterans For Ron Paul? I think you should at least check them out. It’s easy to find their site.



    • JeffH

      “Many of the ablest tongues and pens, have in every age been employ’d in the foolish, deluded, and pernicious flattery of one set of partisans; and in furious, prostitute invectives against another: But such kinds of oratory never had any charms for me. And if I must do one or the other, I would quarrel with both parties, and with every individual of each, before I would subjugate my understanding, or prostitute my tongue or pen to either.” – John Adams

      • Smoovious Laxness


        Good quote… thank you for sharing…

        – Smoov

      • Ray

        Seriously? You’re quoting the President who signed the Aliens and Seditions Act into law then enforced it vigorously–sending editors and publishers to jail for daring to criticize his policies. And, incidentally the man who led what many historians call the most vicious, divisive and hate-filled presidential campaign in American History? That’s the man you’re quoting? All that quote reveals is that Adams was as big a hypocrite as he was a tyrant.

      • JeffH

        Ray, seriously, would you rather I had taken full credit for the quote? It is the meaning of the quote that is important.

        Note that Adams “Alien and Seditions Act” was heavily opposed by Jefferson & Madison and most likely cost Adams a second term as POTUS.

      • Vigilant

        JeffH, you are of course correct, and Ray has but a superficial view of history.

        Adams worked tirelessly for the revolutionary cause, probably more so than any other Founder beside Washington (but in a different capacity, of course). He and Franklin brought the warring parties of the Continental Congress together to forge the Declaration of Independence.

        It was Adams who asked Jefferson to write the document. It was Adams (among others) who worked in Paris to bring the French over to our side, and it was Adams who obtained a life saving 5 million Guilder loan from the Dutch. He was the first ambassador to Britain after the war.

        He hated political factions, and it was Jefferson who behind the scenes began the scurrilous slanders against Adams in the elections of 1796 and 1800. It was the “High Federalists under Hamilton who ran a dirty campaign, not Adams (presidential aspirants never even campaigned in those days).

        Adams’ political philosophy was supported by Washington, who said in 1798, “that you could as soon scrub the blackamoor white, as to change the principles of a professed Democrat; and that he will leave nothing unattempted to overturn the Government of this Country”.

        A little known fact is that Jefferson, for all his supposed outrage over the Alien and Sedition Act, “also used the acts to prosecute several of his own critics before the acts expired.” (Wikipedia)

        As Adams said, “facts are stubborn things.”

    • tim orner

      though many of us feel that voting for Romney is no different than voting for Obama, needs to understand that Obama is a “Communist” leading us to become a communist nation. Romney may have some “progressive” tendancies, and he does, he still is not a communist. What we need to concentrate on is, electing true conservative congressmen, and senators and then “FORCE” Romney into a more conservative viewpoint, through policy changes. The president really doesn’t have the power in Washington. He proposes, but Congress passes. Lets change the communist path we are now on, by electing those who are willing to stand for the principles that made our nation great and act on them.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > Lets change the communist path we are now on,
        > by electing those who are willing to stand for the
        > principles that made our nation great and act on them.

        As this election cycle is making abundantly clear to all of us, the majority of voters, including those who choose not to vote, but are registered to do so, are not willing to elect those people.

        They are choosing, instead, to vote for the lesser of two evils, all the time, and I don’t just mean the Presidency this time, but I see this same scenario play out in my local elections too.

        The plots are the same, even if the scripts differ slightly.

        You’re never going to get those who are willing to stand for the principles that made our nation great and to act on them, if you have to rely on an electorate, who are not willing to stand for the principles that made our nation great, and who won’t act on them.

        Sorry, but waiting for those people to come around is a pipe dream… until we’re willing to change ourselves, and allow ourselves to vote for those people instead of the people the men behind the curtain hold in front of us, then those people who want, will never be elected.

        This is a basic truth of our political system, that sooooo many of you, sadly, keep failing to grasp…

        Nobody is going to come and save us… we’re going to have to suck it up, and save ourselves, first.

        – Smoov

      • Carolyn of Arizona says:

        I won’t go on and preach to anyone writing on here, all I ask of all of you AND wish I could reach the whole NATION is…..look at the BIG PICTURE!!! Quit analyzing everything, our country is at the edge of ruination….PLEASE SEE THE BIG PICTURE and vote your AMERICAN HEART!!!!!

      • mjr47

        Romney has shown that he CAN work with those we elect to represent us in Congress. Unlike the present administration, he WILL work within the framework of the Constitution. He won’t rule by ‘executive decree’.

        As others have stated, we have to work through the State and Local elections. The only way that is going to happen is to ensure that ‘berry’ does not get another opportunity.

        Ron Paul should have run on a third party ticket. He didn’t…for reasons that are his own. He DID teach those who supported him, how to work within the ‘system’ for future elections. If we are going to use that ‘training’, there needs to be a ‘future election’. If the next four years are any indication of the last four years, the ‘future’ of the electoral process is in jeopardy. The UN will rule us. At least we STILL have a semblance of that process…what’s it going to be like in another 4 years???

    • grandpa

      Just a short comment. For all. Voting third pary just means a vote for Obama. Our only hope for this country, is to vote for Mitt. We may not know just what will happen but we do know what has happened to this country under Obama. Also, we all know that we will never get enough votes to bring in a third party. No matter how good they may be. Maybe if enough people get lit up that we can change whatever it is that we may not like in Mitt. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    • Kevin

      I think people put too much into who the President is. It does not matter if the President is Obama, Romney or Ron Paul if your not working toward a personal goal and trying to achieve something with all your ability you will be either stagnant or looking for Foodstamps. Its like people think they cant find work because Obama is in the White House or they will lose what they have if Romney wins. There are planty of jobs that companies just cant fill because a lack of skilled labor. It does not matter who wins this election winners will still be winners and losers will still be losers you can probaly find enough spelling errors to see where i fit.

    • clark

      There isn’t a liberal bone in Ron Paul’s body… unless of course you have redefined “liberal”.

    • gary baker

      yes ron paul is a big believer in personal liberty so were our founding fathers???? Get a life and learn some history. You right wingers are the very problem with all oppressed nations. You think god ordained u to decide for everyone else their brand of sin. But greed is the one top sin of the ultra wealthy and they buy their way out of trouble when their greed breaks the law. Pride may be their second preferred sin.

      • icetrout

        Ultra Wealthy like Soros or maybe Warren Buffett? How bout “do as I say ,not as I do Bloomberg”??? Simple-minded commie bast*rd…

    • KG

      Glen Beck is a certified looney tune. That’s all I gotta say about that.

    • icetrout

      So your saying your for Obama/Biden by not voting for Romney/Ryan…& you morons are for Antietam II I suppose? That’s just what’s going to happen with 4 more years of Communist Rule… Guess it’s time to buy more ammo…

    • http://none Michael Westrich

      I hope that you are not confusing libertarian values with liberal values. There is a huge difference! Contrary to popular belief, legalizing drugs is not a liberal notion, rather, it is akin to what our creator endowed in us: free will. The U.S. spends and loses north of $100B a year in the so called “war on drugs”. We incarcerate nearly 10% of our population, many of which, are being punished for “victimless crimes” (unless of course you count yourself as a volunteer victim). Personal liberties are disappearing at an alarming rate, while nanny state conservatives “wax moralistic” about the state of popular culture. My now deceased father told me that you cannot legislate morality. He was sooo very right.

    • http://AOL E. MARTINEZ


    • http://yahoo patrick t flynn

      If you remember Ross Perot? He split the party and we got CLINTON and a new meaning of what sex IS!!!!!

    • Dorian Douglas

      Even our founding fathers found government to be distasteful; govt is and forever will be imperfect. But it is we the people who have allowed what we have to happen. This will be the last election we have to START to turn this around. Were it not for the tea party and libertarians in 2010 and later, we would not have this one last chance. And the best we can hope for is that this election will only start to turn us around.

      THERE WILL BE NO REPUBLIC LEFT TO WHINE ABOUT OTHERWISE! So forget about sitting this one out!

      If you think it is bad now, you will not believe how much worse it will be in 4 years. I just happen to believe that our republic is still worth the effort to save, but save for US, not for the crooks who solicit our votes, then steal from us our possessions and our dignity.

      But our real tragedy is not who we have elected, but lies in not holding the electees accountable AFTER we elect them.

      Contrary to the author’s assertion, a balanced budget in 2013 (and likely 2014) is not possible, if only because of the interest on debt. I wish he was right, I wish Paul was right; but they are not; if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The borrowed money has been spent, so we have to pay for our past sins. But what the author and BO seem to have in common is that neither one seems to take into account the effect of a growing Economy. Just repealing the ACA, and making permanent the Bush tax cuts produces companies with the incentive to hire, which puts people back to work (AND KEEPS THOSE WITH JOBS IN THE PERMENANT EMPLOYEE CATEGORY), WHICH IN TURN GENERATES MORE REVENUE, and fewer on welfare (lower costs).

      Just understand, raising tax rates means lower revenues, & vice versa. If you doubt it, e-mail me. I’ll send you the history, so you can verify it yourself.

      BO could be sailing to a landslide win if he had done those 2 things, with a 4%-6% growth rate. But he’d be spending the revenue largess. Romney has promised to do both. Our job after the election is to be sure he does, and scream just as loudly as we are now if he doesn’t; and/or if he continues to spend beyond the revenue when the economy is rolling.

      We can wring our hands (which is what we as a people have done for a century or more), or we can roll up our collective sleeves and take back our country, one vote at a time, one election at a time, and most importantly one oversight of our officials at a time. It can be done. After all, that is how the Progressives have taken it from us!

      We are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. There is no middle ground.

      I’ll get some nasty comments about this view. But I get them all the time. I just consider the sources and rise above them.

      Dorian Douglas

    • Kay Cleveland

      Romney? A clone of Obama? There will never be another Obama…He is a Communist, has a Communist advisor {Valerie Jarrett}, and has a Communist agenda for America…and he will do it if re-elected. Stupid people didn’t try to find out anything about him in 2007, nor did they even care when he said “I will bring America to her knees, and level the field with the Middle East”. Well, so far he has done a good job….and never in history would a president got elected if a member of The Radical Black Panthers, The Muslim Brotherhood, and The SOCIALIST New Party. The man in the White House has nothing good planned for America…. People should read up on this “Mystery” man who has inhabited the highest office in the U.S.A. See the movie 2016. Read “Obama’s America: The Remaking of the American Dream”. In case most people don’t know…we now have 28+ Terrorist Training Camps here in America. They are a threat to us everyday. Three here in my state. What has Obama done? Nothing! Does he care? No! He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and friends with all the dictators, and the Jihad.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Harold, I dislike Romney very much and hated to see Ron Paul drop out, but a no vote is a vote for Abomination and I HATE this Illegal Kenyan Born Marxist Sunni Muslim Half Breed who has gotten our Country on the Brink of Bankruptcy and anyone who votes for a Marxist should be shot as the Traitor. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      • navyjr

        You really shouldn’t stuff your feelings so much… Let us know what you really think! BTW, did you plan to wait for sunrise to shoot the traitors, or will just any old time do?

    • Ronald R Worthington

      how many times do i need to repeat this? if so many concerned people really wanted a more ‘principled’ candidate, they should have gotten him in the primaries. the way our system is set up, the ONLY way someone can be elected is if he is the ‘official’ candidate of one of the two major parties. technically, it would be possible to have a third party candidate force a runoff in the hoouse of representatives, BUT in order for that to work, he would have to have a majority lead, and i really don’t think that is going to happen here. therefore, it will be either O or romney–there is no real possibility of anything else. so- O has been a failure for his entire term. do you want him back for another 4 years? if so, vote for him. if not–you’d better vote for romney, because to cast a vote for ANYBODY else is to take a vote away from romney, which amounts to the same thing as voting FOR O!?!? what is it you cannot seem to grasp about this simple deal???

    • Citizen Patriot

      Never heard anyone call Ron Paul a liberal. lol Were our Founding Fathers liberal as well? At the time it may have been considered so by the King of England. Ron Paul would be a Constitutional Conservative. Nothing liberal about that.

    • thomas

      I, for one, refuse to support RP any longer. His idea of not his and his supporters refusing to support Mitt just guarantee the in for Obama. If they really cared for the poor country they would put side their self serving ideas and pull together with the rest of us and support Mitt to avoid another four years of BHO>

    • SamFox

      Harold, since when is John McManchurian a conservative? He is a CINO-RINO like Mitt.

      Who was it that slid indefinite detention into the NDAA bill? It was McManchurian & a fellow Dem. I know what John says he is, but his voting record shows him for what he truly is.

      So how about some examples to back up your contention that Ron Paul is a liberal. This should be good for a real belly laugh.

      How is wanting the US govt back under the Constitution’s restraints lib? How is having the same foreign policy as the US Founders lib? How is auditing the NWO private bank cartel’s ‘Federal’ Reserve lib?

      How is restoring personal freedom lib? How is having the fed govt only spend what it takes in lib?

      All those are planks of the Paul platform.

      I would have to conclude, with all due respect, that you are breathtakingly uneducated about Ron Paul & his platform. Apparently you know little or nothing about Dr. Paul.



  • Congress Works For Us

    Sorry, but this is idiocy. Gary Johnson’s philosophy matches my own as close to 100% as any politician could.

    But. there. is. no. way. in. hell. he gets my vote if it means giving the current squatter in the White House another 4 years.

    Sorry, but I love my country too much to see it destroyed by incompetence.

    (And yes, I live in a swing state, so it IS important!)

    • deerinwater

      So when asked to ~ you can not support your convictions?

      • Ted Crawford

        I can only speak for myself. I feel much the same, and I find no unbearable contradictions with my beliefs and voting for Romney.
        Choices, at least in my experience, are rarely between good and bad. I discovered in Nam, they are most often rather, between bad and worse! Not between live or die, but who’s to live and who’s to die!
        Voting for “none of the above” might give one a temporary, warm, fuzzy feeling. That, however, will only last untill reality crushes ones idealistic Utopia!

      • Tony Ruiz

        You might want to check on Gary’s record a governor of my state. Blotto. If you don’t support the Republican party’s choice, you’re even dumber than originally thought, and if you vote for the enemy you’re helping to turn out the lights on a once great country. You think too much.

      • http://speedle speedle

        “Vote your convictions” Deerinwater, it’s not that simple. Slogans, no matter how noble sounding, are not going to keep this country above water. You have to use both sides of your brain to make strategic decisions. The woman in Ohio who says she is voting for Obama because he gave her a phone is “voting her convictions”. She is into “free stuff”, and that’s what we are up against, not whether or not libertarians are “voting their convictions”.

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Not when the Cost is losing your Country !!!! I hate Abomination with a passion I never knew I had, a hatred that is overwhelming, where I cannot be around him. To give this Illegal Kenyan Born Marxist Sunni Muslim another 4 years is Treasonous. He has destroyed our 1st and 5th amendment rights and is trying for our 2nd Amendment rights. Agenda 21 and LOST Treaty would finish us off and his massive spending would double what he has already done and his destruction of our Military and Nuclear Weapons cutting them below Russia and china’s levels leaves us open to total takeover, so yes I am Voting for the Puke Romney nover the Manchurian Candidate Pathological Liar Marxist Muslim Abomination. I wanted Ron Paul. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      • APN

        Ted Said: Voting for “none of the above” might give one a temporary, warm, fuzzy feeling. That, however, will only last untill reality crushes ones idealistic Utopia!

        Well said Ted, EXCELLENT!

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        That play on words dosen’t work, sometimes you have to break with what you believe to be true for a second choice that is better than the third Choice which in Abomination’s case is no choice at all and I would never ever let this pile of CRAP Abomination get another 4 years of Destroying this Country Completely. So you belong to what Muslim Cult??? Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • Warrior

      Agreed, ABO! All dems must be defeated. All their programs offer is misery and destruction. I’ll take a citizen of Janesville, Wisc over a crook from chicago everytime.

    • eddie47d

      Why would you say” Congress works for us” when they have an under 8% approval rating and nothing gets done? LOL! They actually get paid to “work” with out any measurable results? I responded 3 times last week that neither candidate honestly addressed the debt question (as Sam Rolley brought up) and neither provided a workable solution. Obama is known for his spending and Romney is well known for his flip flopping (definitely the new king). The fact that Romney wants to INCREASE defense spending when there is an already bloated military budget shows he doesn’t have a clue. That makes them both big spenders and are not willing to give up their favorite toys.

      • Vigilant

        “The fact that Romney wants to INCREASE defense spending when there is an already bloated military budget shows he doesn’t have a clue.”

        Check your stats, eddie. As I mentioned before, Romney’s proposing a military budget of 4% of GDP. At the moment, Obama’s military spending is 4.7% of GDP.

        In what parallel universe does a reduction of .7% equate to an increase?

      • Vigilant

        “Why would you say” Congress works for us” when they have an under 8% approval rating and nothing gets done? LOL!”

        Sorry, eddie, you need to tell the difference between a statement of aspiration and a statement of fact. It’s abundantly clear to me that he is decrying the fact that Congress does not work for us, but Constitutionally the Congress (and the rest of government) are REQUIRED to work for us.

        But thanks, anyway, for going against your root philosophy and pointing it out. Too bad it has been the progressive influences of your group that have created that very situation. One wonders on which side of the political spectrum you are.

      • eddie47d

        If defense is 4.7% of the GDP Vigilant and Romney wants to increase it then obviously you enjoy fuzzy math yourself.

      • Vigilant

        DUH, eddie, he doesn’t want to increase it. Read the figures, son.

      • JeffH

        eddie, not even a nice try…it must be the math!
        What’s the difference between 4.0 and 4.7?

        Hint, hint, hint…0.7. You can twist it anyway you want but simple math is a much easier way difine a 0.7% difference…that ain’t even close to an increase.

        The balls in your court now!

      • eddie47d

        Romney has insisted he will increase the military budget. Now listen carefully! If the defense budget is now 4.7% and Romney wants to increase it it would obviously be higher than that 4.7%. That 4% is meaningless since that is not were the actual figure is at and doesn’t meld with Romney’s campaigning. It could be 5.1% if he is going to increase it so stay tuned to reality.

      • TML

        Vigilant says, “Romney’s proposing a military budget of 4% of GDP.”

        Vigilant says, “he doesn’t want to increase it.”

        I think the point of the matter abundantly clear to me is that Romney has a record of being a habitual liar. I’ve seen the 4.0 figure in comparison to Obama, and I have also heard him say directly in the last debate that he will not reduce the military. Yet the more telling intentions he has for the military budget is in his imperialist foreign policy. Under objective scrutiny of those policies, it can be projected that the military budget would increase, despite even genuine aspirations to reduce it.

      • Vigilant

        eddie says, “Now listen carefully! If the defense budget is now 4.7% and Romney wants to increase it it would obviously be higher than that 4.7%.”

        Now read carefully, eddie: Romney wants defense spending to be 4% of GDP. He has mentioned that number several times. It is not an increase to current spending, it is an increase to Obama’s projected spending based on budget reductions.

      • mjr47

        Keeping a strong Military is not something that is against the interests of America. Islam is spreading at an alarming rate. True Islam does not want to get along with us in peace. They want to destroy Christianity and any other religion on this planet. They want to kill us…period…end of discussion. If we allow our Military power to be weakened, it’s all over for the ‘ideal’ of Liberty. I posted a comment about a video on you tube concerning the 1,400 years of Islam.

        Obama has furthered their agenda. He ignores the threat of Iran and the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Our tax dollars are being sent to Muslim countries. They are using OUR money to further their ideology. It is spreading and it is spreading FAST! They do not believe in ‘peaceful co-existance’.

        Ron Paul’s ideas will not work when you are dealing with FANATICS. His ideas are based on how modern civilized people conduct themselves. Sadly, we are approaching a very near time when we will have to take drastic measures to ensure the future of a civilized and free World. Downgrading our Militatary is NOT the answer!! Negotiating will not work.

        Go ahead and ‘vote your conscience’. It’s probably the last chance you’ll get. The TRUE deception is being ignored in these ‘comments’.

        • navyjr

          How right you are on this! I got an e-mail from a former Muslim friend in that region, and it was a warning for me, in AZ, to be careful; that that IS the intention of the nations over there! This is a person in the journalism field over there, who is aware of all the goings-on and who’s saying what. I take it seriously!

      • TML

        mjr47 says “Keeping a strong Military is not something that is against the interests of America.”

        I’m sure keeping our military strong does not have to include it being spread across the globe.

        mjr47 says “Islam is spreading at an alarming rate. True Islam does not want to get along with us in peace. They want to destroy Christianity and any other religion on this planet. They want to kill us…period…end of discussion.”

        Hardly the end of discussion. You speak of Islam in the collective sense – sweeping generalization – rather than understanding the national elements. Iran has doesn’t even have a history of being an aggressor nation, and has a right under the NPT to develop nuclear energy. A treaty Israel isn’t even a party to. The last time we heard the cries of Islam growing at an alarming rate, by people who tremble with fear, is called the Crusades.

        mjr47 says “ If we allow our Military power to be weakened, it’s all over for the ‘ideal’ of Liberty.”

        Even if true… using a sledge hammer to swat wasps on a glass boat is a very bad idea. That’s how we lost Vietnam and that’s what’s happing now as the Empire chases nomads and bandits to the ends of the earth. Military might means nothing if you have no brains.

        mjr47 says “I posted a comment about a video on you tube concerning the 1,400 years of Islam.”

        Ok… and…?

        mjr47 says “He ignores the threat of Iran…. “

        There is no threat from Iran unless we don’t stop f*cking with them. While religious, these people identify themselves more as a nation. They aren’t even the same people as Arabs, they are Persians.

        mjr47 says “Our tax dollars are being sent to Muslim countries. They are using OUR money to further their ideology. It is spreading and it is spreading FAST!”

        End all foreign aid, even to Israel.

        mjr47 says “ They do not believe in ‘peaceful co-existance’.”

        When the Israeli Prime Minister makes a warmongering speech and our President says we will seek a diplomatic solution, and the supreme leader of Iran praises him for a desire for diplomatic talks…. I would have to disagree. They are very interested in peacefully resolution.

        mjr47 says “Ron Paul’s ideas will not work when you are dealing with FANATICS.”

        Are you talking about people such as yourself? You seem to be letting your fear drive you… a fear born from a lack of understanding your enemy. The blow back has coincided with every intervention, even Libya, and you would advocate more of the same? Ron Paul’s ideas are exactly what this country needs.

        mjr47 says “His ideas are based on how modern civilized people conduct themselves.”

        No, his ideas are based on understanding the national elements of a people, rather than collective fallacies of a religion as a whole. It’s about being able to separate ‘religion and state’ in dealing with foreign affairs, while understanding that they do not (thus any political war is a religious war, to them)

        mjr47 says “Sadly, we are approaching a very near time when we will have to take drastic measures to ensure the future of a civilized and free World.”

        If you think it’s our job to ensure the future of a free and civilized world, you simply push the globalist agenda with fear mongering. The keener minds see through it. And if you talk of America, then humor me on how Iran, half way across the globe, is a military threat to the U.S.

        mjr47 says “Downgrading our Militatary is NOT the answer!! Negotiating will not work.”

        Stopping intervention in internal foreign affair, and taking on more diplomatic relations (negotiations) is exactly what will work in a civilized free world. But you don’t seem to be advocating that.

        mjr47 says “Go ahead and ‘vote your conscience’. It’s probably the last chance you’ll get. The TRUE deception is being ignored in these ‘comments’.”

        The true deception is the fear that drives you.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          TML to eddie47d> The true deception is the fear that drives you.

          How civilized…

          – Smoov

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Then you’re part of the problem…

      If you are casting your vote for anyone other than who you think is the best choice to hold the Presidency, then you have indeed wasted your vote, as well as everyone else who is voting for someone else, just to vote against the current office-holder.

      It is easy to talk about what you believe and what you stand for, but it is your actions, that say, in no uncertain terms, what that talk is worth, and if you can believe so much that Johnson is the right candidate for you, and you still aren’t willing to give him your support? Then there is no helping you, and you deserve to get shafted yet again by yet another Progressive President.

      You’re choosing to stay in this Progressive vs Progressive voting trap that has been going on for decades now, and you refuse to stand up against it, instead just falling for the very game they’ve been playing against us over and over…

      Grow some balls, man…

      – Smoov

      • william mcdonald

        Smoov.. This is where your case falls down. Those that accuse us that will vote for a less than ideal candidate, of not voting our conscious, reminds me of a child that doesn’t get it’s way and threatens to “hold their breath till they die”.
        My conscious revolves on my country and not an individual. I’ll not do ANYTHING that would allow my country to continue to slide deeper into a socialist/entitlement mindset. A vote for Goode, Johnson or Paul does exactly that by allowing Obama to win his re-election. I’d suggest you do what the real TEA Party movement has done, engage in building your base over the next four years, get your movement elected at the local and state level. Get Governors, Congressmen and Senators elected. Change the system from within. Don’t throw a tantrum and beat your head against the floor screaming “I’m not voting for Romney”… Grow up, grow a “set” and stop this socialist from a 2nd term.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth, I hope you realize that…

          Your vote will perpetuate the very slide deeper into socialism that you claim you are trying to avoid…

          Come on, wake up… work out the logic in what you’re saying… it doesn’t add up…

          – Smoov

      • Charles A

        A wasted vote is one that goes for someone who is GUARANTEED not to win, because he can’t get more than 6-8 percent of the vote. This isn’t about popularity, it’s about winning. Your non-standard candidate may be popular with a few people, but he will never, repeat, NEVER be elected. Waste your vote, but don’t claim that a vote for Romney is wasted. At least he has a chance of winning. Our immediate concern is to stop the destruction of America. That can only be done by slowing the process, not by speeding it up.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          “non-standard candidate”!???!

          What are you, an Establishment shill!?

          – Smoov

      • Ted Crawford

        That…mindset, is best described as Petulant Idealism, William!
        You excellently charecterized the petulance and others have accurately described the idealism: “An Idealist is one who, on noticing that a Rose smalls better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup” H.L. Mecken
        “…Idealists regard everyone as equally corrupt,EXCEPT themselves” Robert Wilson

        • Smoovious Laxness

          … none so blind as those that will not see …

          You refuse to let yourself see where the threat actually is… you either ignorantly, or willfully, blind yourself, to the actual threat we’re confronted with.

          You still imagine that this is all about Democrat vs Republican… and that is all you will let yourself see this issue as…

          It is not. The Democrats and the Republicans, are colluding… there are no independent Democrat or Republican parties anymore. They both are facilitating the long-term goals of the Progressives now…

          This Democrat vs Republican fight you are allowing yourself to be draw into, is an illusion… intended to keep you fighting amongst yourselves, while the long-term Progressive goal continues to advance.

          The fight isn’t Democrat vs Republican, and hasn’t been for years… it is Progressive vs Libertarian now, and you are holding the knife to your own throat.

          Voting for the lesser of two evils, is still evil, and your two candidates amount to a Progressive vs Progressive vote. They don’t care who wins. It doesn’t matter.

          All it is going to change, is the performers involved, the play remains the same.

          Step outside of the whole situation for a time, and look at the big picture, without bias or pre-disposition. Stop getting caught up in all of the petty bickering that both parties repeatedly blow up into the biggest of issues.

          Come on, you can do it… your country and your constitution, depend on it!

          – Smoov

      • Vigilant

        William and Charles, your common sense and logic fall on deaf ears. “Grow some balls,” he says, as if Don Quixote really made a difference when he tilted at windmills. “Grow some balls,” he says, as if the Perot voters didn’t give us Bill Clinton. “Grow some balls,” he says, as if his self-centered ability to sleep well at night for voting his conscience is more important than the welfare and future of our nation. “Grow some balls,” he says, as if his knuckleheaded brand of patriotism is not the last refuge of a scoundrel. And “grow some balls,” he says, as if those genitalia will not be speedily excised by an Obama re-run.

        And let us not forget, the road to perdition is paved with the best intentions. We live in 2012 on the planet Earth, not some surrealistic parallel universe in which the lost cause is always rewarded with success. In short, perception of reality is not the long suit of personality cultists.

        No, if you live in a solid blue or solid red state, go ahead and “vote your conscience” by pulling the lever for an also-ran. You will do no harm since the electoral vote will be uninfluenced.

        But if you live in a swing state or a leaner, your action could very well condemn this country to a continued acceleration downward to a most ignoble end. The problem is not growing balls, it’s growing brain cells.

      • momo

        Vigilant says: “The problem is not growing balls, it’s growing brain cells.”

        Sad, but true Vigilant, sad, but true.

      • Charles A

        Smoov, unlike you, I chose to be neither insulting nor condescending.


        “Grow some balls, man…” Wow, now there is someone I should admire!

        “Come on, wake up…” Finally, the only person who is awake.

        “…work out the logic…” Gee, this guy is the only person in the world who is logical.

        “Establishment shill” Yeah, insulting people always makes them follow you.

        “…ignorantly, or willfully, blind yourself…” Another insult to force everyone to fall in line.

        “You still imagine…” Right, no-one but you can see reality.

        I’m not going to waste any more time on you. You have demonstrated that you are completely wrapped up in yourself.

      • TML

        Excellent article, Sam

        I think it (along with many of the posters) draws good attention to the fallacious logic in the ‘anyone but Obama’ crowd. As Charles pointed out, they actually rationalize in agreement to the analogy, “…ready to jump out of this nearly four-year-old boiling pot of water and right into a more slowly heating cauldron where they may be cooked in a more relaxing manner.”

        They are willfully oblivious to the fact that a third party such as Johnson, or even Paul, would actually draw the votes of just as many Democrats for their constitutionally conservative positions. There is no logic in the idea that a vote for Johnson, or even Paul, is a vote for Obama, even in a swing state. It’s a mere rationalization – a talking point never followed by sound reasoning – to support their own choice, which seems to coincide with their personal views of foreign policy on most occasions. For others it might be the stance against the drug war, or gay marriage positions.

        And then there are those like, “Congress works for Us” who plainly say he agrees 100% with Gary Johnson’s philosophy, but brought to say there’s “no way in hell he would vote for him”. His reason? Fear of Obama winning a second term.

        The lie has been repeated so much from the very beginning that some people have simply bought into it. The lie is nothing more than ‘circular logic’ rationalized (at best) using the ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ fallacy.

        Vigilant says, “And let us not forget, the road to perdition is paved with the best intentions.”

        Vigilant says, “…your action could very well condemn this country to a continued acceleration downward to a most ignoble end.”

        I’m sure that same philosophy can be better applied to you by voting for Romney

        Vigilant says, “The problem is not growing balls, it’s growing brain cells.”


      • Vigilant

        TML says, “They are willfully oblivious to the fact that a third party such as Johnson, or even Paul, would actually draw the votes of just as many Democrats for their constitutionally conservative positions.”

        The “fact?”

        If it’s a “fact,” then there’s no further need for discussion. Upon which crystal ball do you base such an assertion? I could use it for investment decisions.

      • TML

        Ron Paul as the model – we have witnessed this during the Republican Primaries in which many Democrats are known to have registered simply to vote for Ron Paul. He is (was) the second most popular candidate among Democrat voters in NH for example. Not to mention sites such as this one… … along with my own testimony that many of my Democrat friends openly admit that they would have voted for Ron Paul even against Obama at this point.

        So, yes, I’d call it a fact.

        Even in conjecture it stands to reason, as I pointed out, that this is due to his strong anti-war position, stance against the failed drug war, and gay marriage position… not to mention, his fight for racial equality, and support for Social Security and Medicare, along with other agreeable aspects of his platform that span across both Democrat and Republican Parties; his battle against the Federal Reserve and inflation.

      • Vigilant

        Sorry, TML, anecdotal “evidence” and conjecture do not a fact make. I understand what your saying, and you may be 100% correct in your conjecture, but until I’m presented with hard facts/figures, I will remain skeptical.

      • Chief Boring

        Mr. McDonald has it right. I’ve posted similar suggestions before on this subject. Start at the local and state level and build a base. In this election, any vote for someone besides Romney will serve to elect the resident idiot for another four years. We can’t afford that. Anyone who cannot see the differences between Romney and BHO is just not paying attention. As a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. When we get Romney elected, we can get together and hold his feet to the fire. Chief Boring

        • Smoovious Laxness

          > When we get Romney elected, we can get together and hold his feet to the fire.

          And just how do you think you’re going to actually accomplish that?

          It is just like a woman choosing a man, expecting to change him later, and he isn’t going to.

          You pick the man who is already what you’re looking for.

          If you seriously think that once he is in office, you’re going to have any say at all in what he does, you’re dreaming.

          – Smoov

      • MNIce

        Smoov, there is one crucial difference between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. Mr. Romney respects the powers of the legislative body. His record in Massachusetts demonstrates that. There were many things the state legislature pushed on him that he would rather not have done, but he followed the law.

        By contrast, every time Mr. Obama says, “We can’t wait for Congress,” he’s announcing his latest intent to violate Article I Section 1 of the United States Constitution. He’s done it more than half a dozen times in the last two years; beyond that I’ve lost track.

        Mr. Romney is not the ideal candidate, but he is far from being the evil many here proclaim him to be. Given a half-way decent Congress, he will at least be somewhat more conservative than George W. Bush. That doesn’t sound like much, but 90% conservative is surely an improvement over the Communist Party-endorsed candidate. (For that matter, there is no such person as an ideal candidate; Jesus does not meet the natural-born citizenship requirement, besides that He is Lord of All, and has no need to run.)

        Many think Mr. Romney would lead this nation to ruin, just at a slower pace than Mr. Obama. News flash: unless this nation repents of its sins of covetousness, (as exemplified by the demand for other people’s money in the form of government programs), sexual licentiousness and marital infidelity leading to the majority of the children being raised in broken homes and most of the adults emotionally damaged, and the callous murder of many children through abortion, we are going down. It does not matter who presides over the crash. The consequences of our national sins will not be fire from the sky; the sins carry with them the seeds of destruction. The idolatrous worship of government and its handouts has produced a crippling national debt. Many fatherless/motherless children are growing up incompetent to do much besides apply for government assistance. Abortion has cut a hole out of the work force demographics that has made our labor force inefficient and our pyramid retirement system unsustainable. It will take a work of God to prevent our ruin.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          90% conservative?

          Romney isn’t even 50% conservative, who you trying to play…

          – Smoov

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Smoov, which is it you are a Left Hand Ass Wiping Muslim or just an Ignorant voter who thinks voting for a candidate who has less than ZERO chance of winning so you stupid vote goes for nothing and let’s a Marxist Muslim back in the Semi White House to finish off our Country. I hate the fact that this is another election of the best of the worst and we need to make sure that we get out right after the election and start getting people excited about our third Party and get rid of the Corrupt Congress. Its not going to happen this Election and Abomination has to go at any Cost. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        • Smoovious Laxness

          > I hate the fact that this is another election of the best of the worst

          but apparently, not enough to do something about it…

          talk is cheap… man up and take a stand, if you hate it so much…

          quit waiting for someone to follow, and lead for a change…

          someone has to step up and take a stand, and it obviously isn’t going to be you.

          – Smoov

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Congress Works FOR Us, the incompetence will be yours!!! Our founding fathers gave us a system in which the PEOPLE have responsibility too!!! Ceding your responsibility by not demanding REAL choice, makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution! The American people have become LAZY! They allow someone else to do their thinking and deciding for them! We MUST say, NO MORE!!! We MUST take back OUR responsibility!!! We MUST become AWARE!!! We must NOT allow others to decide for us!!! We MUST TAKE BACK our country!!! It HAS to start somewhere!!! If not now, WHEN?!?

      • mjr47

        Perhaps it will start AFTER we have another 4 years of obama…you know, when Sharia Law becomes OUR Law and when Islam takes over OUR Country as it is doing on a Global basis…or when the UN dictates to us from THEIR Laws!!

        Many say “lock and load”, ‘Keep your powder dry” “Time to buy more ammo…” Well, this isn’t the first revolution…we aren’t going to be going up against muskets…Look at the competition…Do you really want it to come down to that???

        I don’t really believe that Romney WANTS to be involved in these wars, but when it’s brought to our doorstep, WHO do you want to be in the Oval Office?? Someone who calls terrorism what it is…or someone who will apologize…”oh, so sorry we offended you…here, let me take away MORE Constitutional Freedoms.”

        IT’s coming, whether we want it or not. Do you want VJ or the UN making those decisions?? I can guarantee that it WON’T be Ron Paul or Gary Johnson!!

        • navyjr

          Got that right, about the muskets and the wars. Further, you’re right it won’t be Paul or Johnson, and neither of them would be a leader in such a war, even if it was thrust in his lap. Romney has at least had some experience in the military, and would have some semblance of an idea . It’s a shame that Paul hasn’t had the decency since he lost the primaries, to tell his followers to choose otherwise and aid the nation, rather than massaging his own ego, and their sense that this will somehow change the outcome. All it CAN do, as happened in ’94 is to INSURE a DEM win!

    • Steve

      I’m in Colorado, a swing state. All of this ‘vote Romney’ nonsense may just get me to vote Obama. We might as well just get the crash over and done with. We’re not turning Communist. Communism doesn’t work, and never will. It collapses, and always will.

      • http://n/a Kenneth Frazier

        Steve, are you kidding me. If Obama is reelected for four more years you and I will experience the end of America as a free nation and you know it. Romney was not my choice from the republican party, but me not voting for Romney now would be like turning by back on all our brave warriors that gave their lives fighting for our freedom. Hitler was once thought to be the savior of the German people too. Wake up! A vote for a third party member would mean a vote for Obama.

  • http://liberty Tony

    Hey Everyone:
    Ron Paul is supporting Gary Johnson, it looks like!! Therefore, i urge everybody to do the same. It could shakeup the political establishment. Thanks!!

    • Corkey

      People voted for Obama because they hated Bush and McCain. So people are going to vote for Romney because they hate Obama? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Vote for the best candidate, not the one who you think will win and not the lesser of two evils either. That is truly a wasted vote

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Tony says:
      Ron Paul is supporting Gary Johnson, it looks like!!

      Really?!? I don’t think so!!! I don’t believe that Ron Paul is going to endorse anyone!

      • Ted Crawford

        You are almost certainly correct Nancy. Paul is far, far too infatuated with himself to endorse anyone else! His Narcissism is on a par with that of Obama himself!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        And that just PROVES you know NOTHING about Ron Paul!!!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Nancy and others: Although Ron Paul stated he hasn’t endorsed anyone yet, but leading indicators state he supports Gary Johnson. Check this out- Read this article everyone for it’s quite revealing. Thanks!!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Nancy and Everyone again: That last link i gave isn’t going through, i guess modern tech. Well, let me try this one. Hopefully, this one will go through. Again, this article is quite invigorating. Thanks!!

  • george myers

    Romney wasn’t my choice but, IMO, a not-vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. Somebody needs to tell Glenn Beck that God’s been in control all along. Beck thinks God’s involved because of Romney’s mormonism. So what’s Glenn gonna’ say when Food Stamp prez gets reelected? Jesus is coming for his church very soon. It will be interesting to see who’s still here. Google ‘Word 4 Today’.

  • Deerinwater

    Glenn Beck is history and why you would attempt to bring him back from the dead at a time when we need to be serious suggest to me the writer focus is lacking.

    • GRusling

      Glenn Beck is history? Apparently you live in a world defined by the alphabet news agencies, or you’d know Glenn has amplified his voice dramatically since leaving FoxNews…

      • http://Livingstonletter Patti

        Glenn Beck is the first and only voice to predict the catastophic happenings in the world today! Maybe this web-site spoke about it, but I wasn’t reading Personal Liberty at that time. (4 or 5 yrs ago) He is a decent and honest man. Yes, thankfully he is out there speaking truth like no other………….I guess these people don’t have Dish or access to “The Blaze”…………:)) Glenn is alive and well!

      • Cheerio

        Patti- There were many others way before Glenn Beck! Ron Paul, John Birch Society, Milton Friedman, etc. etc. and in my world Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen have sounded the warning bell decades before Beck.
        I loved Beck before he started attacking Ron Paul “unrighteously”. I am a happy, secure Mormon but I always question everything, even Mitt Romney’s words and actions. Harry Reid? He is no Latter-Day Saint, but a perfect example of how someone can infiltrate and fake it.
        The only choice was shut out and cheated out by wonderful, conservative, so called Christian GOP folks. Ron Paul champions the Constitution which is inspired, a heavenly document, freedom comes from God not Government.
        O and Romney are both Big Government takeover “kings”, Romney is a flip-flopper for a reason, he has to change his views depending on what audience he is speaking to for votes.(Research how both Bush’s were New World Order cheerleaders.)
        That being said, the shadow run government is not going anywhere till this country, repents, truly turns to God and upholds His commandments and our Constitution. It is them vs. God, God is all we have left……
        I believe we have no choice. Romney or O, the same big government, elitist puppets. I think no matter what if O is to have a second term, “they” will decide and make sure it happens, too much power and agenda is at stake.
        I want to vote for
        Ron Paul but in my mind I will vote for Romney not because I believe he is what we need, but because if he wins, we will be able to judge him for his works not just his words. People may finally be forced to see him for who he is, a progressive in conservative’s clothes. No one is going to wake up until they see it for themselves, or until we truly start suffering from decades of the progressive (both R and D) agenda which is upon us.

    • Steve E

      Glen Beck has a program on and is also on the Dish network. I hear he is doing good with that business and is making more money than he did at Fox.

      • Daveh234

        The money is really all Beck cares about.
        He’s another sham in sheeps clothing.
        A DJ with an ego a mile long and when he got started doing talk radio he saw that if you push certain buttons and rouse the rabble, people listen.
        Him and Limbaugh are the narcissists of modern radio and could care about anyone other than themselves.

      • mjr47

        I wish they would put a ‘reply’ button on EVERY post. This is in answer to ‘cheerio’ Oct 8th @ 12:21…”There were many others way before Glenn Beck! Ron Paul, John Birch Society, Milton Friedman, etc. etc. and in my world Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen” the people you listed were good people and DID sound the alarm…but, they never made it to any ‘higher offices’ except for Ezra Taft Benson, who was a Prophet of the LDS Church. The John Birch Society saw a communist behind every tree…and History is now proving him right. Cleon Skousen wrote many good LDS books…Milton Friedman was a genious thinker.

        I have ALWAYS voted as an Independent so I could vote for WHO I felt was the best candidate. I registered as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul and to be involved in the delegate process. I attended one of his Rallies…What an AWESOME experience. I have prayed daily…multiple times…for God to have His hand upon this election. If we are to believe that God does hear our prayers, then Mitt Romney must be the answer. Mormon prophecy says that this Country will hang by a slender thread and the Priesthood will rise up to save it. I see THAT prophecy being fullfilled in this Time.

        I know that anyone who has walked in Mitt Romney’s shoes for his entire Life is a person who Believes in Prayer and Prayer is something that is central to ALL they believe in, as is the Church, their families’ and Church community. This has been Mitt Romney’s entire Life. I noticed a picture from just before the Debate. Ann Romney was reaching up to Mitt on the stage…he was bent down, close to her…they were holding hands and their heads were bowed. What I saw was two people, pausing to ask for God’s Guidance and Blessing…what you may have seen may have been something entirely different. I choose to believe that God has given America someone who will lead this Country… ALWAYS asking God’s guidance FIRST!!

        What we have NOW is someone who prays to ALLAH!! I would rather have America in the hands of someone who BELIEVES in God than in ALLAH. IF Mitt Romney wins this election…WHAT he does with the Presidency will rest upon him when he faces God.

        Ron Paul knew he wouldn’t win…I saw it on his face during one of the debates…he became ‘detached’ after that and focused on training his followers. THEY could start the process that it will take to finally grow a ground swell that would build up through Communities, States and National elections…a more informed People.

        America is on Life support… If we screw up this election…it will most assuredly be our last chance. Liberty AND our Freedoms will be destroyed in less than 4 years. The mechanism is already in place.

        Yes, we could revolt IF ‘berry’ gets re-elected. They will have armoured, crowd control vehicles…tanks and drones…rocket launchers and any other weapons they would need at their disposal. WE have guns!! I don’t think that what we have is any match against theirs. Get Real!!!

        I ask you to Prayerfuly read my words. I took a lot of time to write it, pausing and thinking about what to say. During this Time, when America IS literaly “hanging by a thread”, we are at a cross roads. The choices we make will impact the Future of America and the Lives of our Children. Hopefully, this may lend some credence to this discussion…THAT is MY Prayer….

      • DonR

        mjr47: you’re right. I believe Romney is an honest man, certainly more so than Obama.

        To everyone: I think the situation we are in today (high debt, high unemployment, poverty, etc) is due to most of us being asleep for the last 30 years.

        This internet has allowed us to discuss things in a way that was impossible 10 years ago and to bring to light just how bad many of our government officials are and their laws.

        For this election I’m voting for Romney because he is WAY BETTER than Obama.
        Voting for a third party person will make absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the people elected, they will just ignore it.

        If you want real change, then it has to be a long term process and it starts at the local level which may be the greatest benefit of the TEA party movement. It can work if we put the best people in the local Republican party machine since it is closer to what we need than the Democrats. By this I mean, the people in it determine it’s direction so to change direction you have to change the people. I agree that the Reps are to “Progressive” but that is due to not standing on principle, in many cases, to get reelected.

        The 2010 election was a great first step and this one can be even bigger.

        I’m in Ohio and our incumbent Senator Brown is really smearing Mandell, and will probably get reelected even though Brown is in Obama’s back pocket.

        Do I make any sense?


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Deer, your ignorance clearly shows in your statement that Glenn Beck is history. He has many followers on the Internet, GBTV, dish network AND on the radio! I don’t agree with everything he says. I think his view is self limiting. But in many cases, he is spot on!

      • Steve

        Patti and Nancy, Beck is OK, but he is no modern day prophet.. I have been influenced by Austrian economics for years, and have been abreast of everything that has occured before it occured. I left the markets in ’99 and bought gold at minus $300 and silver at under $5. I knew housing was about to crash before it did. Etc., etc., etc.. Mr. Beck, though I like him in many ways (I liked him better before he became a born again Jew), is not a pioneer. He tells people to read the very things I read a decade or more ago. That’s fine, because I think those things need reading, but Beck tries to act like he made these discoveries himself. That is sad.

  • eddie47d

    I love the quote that voting for Romney “doesn’t represent a rousing endorsement for every policy position he has” Now substitute Obama within that same quote and those voting for Obama feel the same way. There is no fire in the belly for either candidate yet both sides look for excuses to endorse these candidates. Its like saying, Well he’s not so bad after all and it sure beats the other guy! Both sides say the exact same thing so who is fooling whom.

    • momo

      If Romney or Obama wins, we lose!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      eddie47d, I’m so glad to hear you say that! What I wish most is that there be no more blind following of ANY candidate! People need to really SEE what is happening. Out of all of the people in this country, NEITHER of these candidates are the right man for the job! WHY do we allow our choice to be narrowed down to these two?!? Why do we allow them to tell us WHO we can vote for?!? IT IS APATHY!!! Not enough people CARE! They think that things will just go on forever! We must SOMEHOW make our vote MEAN something!!! The road we’re on is the road to destruction!!! At SOME time we MUST get OFF this road! WHEN???

      • Daveh234

        Yep, put your money on red or blue and spin the wheel. When counting the numbers of those that don’t vote because of the lack of choice, apathy, or whatever reason it is typically in the 40% range. So if the two parties are splitting the other 60% range a possible alternative could succeed. It is hard though to surmount the powers that the Red and the Blue control.

      • Vigilant

        “So if the two parties are splitting the other 60% range a possible alternative could succeed.”

        Interesting thought, but the drawback is this: those who care enough about an alternative are unlikely to be in the 60%.

        Someone should analyze the demographics of that 60%, if they haven’t done so already. Do they not vote because they don’t care, because they’ve given up, or what? Would be an interesting study.

    • alpha-lemming

      I suppose I can accept the “luke-warm” premise, but with a MAJOR caveat……

      The conservative/Libertarian side feels the Constitutional principals (minimalist Government) aren’t championed, fought for, and implemented nearly enough by Mittens while the Communists are disappointed because Chairman ObaMao hasn’t already relegated the Constitution to the “bottom of the bird-cage” of history

  • Bobby

    As a veteran who takes his oath seriously: I have a DUTY to not vote for Romney – nor Obama. Both support the indefinite detention of American citizens w/o due process of law or Constitutional rights. Go ahead, fool yourself and vote “against” Obama, as for me I’ll use my vote the way I want to – to vote FOR the Constitution.

    Romney = Obama = Bush = FAIL

    • Bobby

      Oh, and Glen Beck can KMA!

    • Boatman99

      Thank you sir, short and precise.

    • Ronald R Worthington

      bobby-i too am a vet. i did not serve in order to promote socialism, we were fighting against it !?!? what don’t you seem to understand here? no matter what, one of these 2 guys will be the president on jan 20. your choice, but my personal feelings (and many others)–if you wish to live in a socialist country–GO THERE. most of us really want the capitalist democracy and freedom !

      • http://AOL E. MARTINEZ

        AWESOME REPLY………………

    • Steve

      Amen, Bobby. You made a point that definately needed making!

      • Ronald R Worthington

        steve-you and bobby are both fools. i guess ill have to repeat it again– O or romney–one of these guys will be sworn in jan 20, 2013, i don’t care what you think. if you do not want O, the only way you can make your vote count for anything is to vote for romney; anything else is exactly the same as voting for O !?!? Git ‘er done!

  • Frank Fredenburg

    How is Ron Paul a Liberal Harold? Because he doesn’t believe in using the American military to police the world? Because he thinks the president should get authorization from congress before he takes this nation to war? Because he doesn’t give lip service to our Constitution? Because he believes in states rights? Because he doesn’t believe in the phony war on drugs? The CIA is one of the biggest drug runners going. The war on drugs has been a great success, hasn’t it Harold? The government has used it to violate our rights and given the bill for it to the American taxpayer. It’s a big bill too! Big in financial costs, as well as the human life that has been lost. Anyone that wants drugs can purchase them easily.
    Remember the video of Beck blatting? That’s Glenn Beck! Actor through and through.

    • rendarsmith

      So many people seem to think that being conservative means being warmongers. Yet both the recent republicans and democrats have been waging these proxy wars. Being conservative means less government power and people learning to take care of themselves. What the hell does unnecessary war for corporate profits and playing the global policeman have to do with that? Especially when we have so many problems at home that we should address first?

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Being conservative, means no war-making unless congress approves, and formally declares war.

        All this policing we’ve been for decades, the wars-that-aren’t-wars… that’s not conservative.

        Painting conservatives as warmongers, is asinine…

        – Smoov

      • eddie47d

        That may be the way you want it to be Laxness but in reality Conservative endorse and support each and every war and by a wider margin than Liberals. Conservatives quite often put patriotism before facts and fall into the follies of war.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          @eddie47d: perhaps you should go read that other thread about what patriotism actually stands for.

          – Smoov

      • eddie47d

        I’ll stand by what I said.

      • Cheerio

        For any and all, Conservative is a word, idea made up by none other than Progressives. Our political machine does not follow our Constitution, period. Either we live under that banner or some U.N. Contract for America. The Constitution says we do things one way or lose our freedoms indefinitely. Both parties are for war, not by what they say or claim but by their actions. Both parties tout New World Order, out of their own mouths, no coincidence……
        Ron Paul is different, he is for the Constitution, period, all other are for Government by a few makes rules for the many……
        Freedom comes from God not a few men running their own government….


      Thanks Fred Fredenburg, for setting the record straight concerning Ron Paul.


    The fault with the way this country is going is the good ole people of the USA. We allow what happens because we don’t hold our senators and congressmen accountable. When we the people have enough of tyranny coming from government of this land, a national revolt will emerge and only God knows what the end result will be. WHO is the almighty magnet that has allowed the imposter to remain in the Oval Office? Answer that question and you can see why “America” has been replaced with “Amerika”. It’s called change!

    • Miki Bell

      Alvin, you are right on, we need a revolution, a radical change is in order. Support the 10th amendment.

    • Ted Crawford

      Hopefully the “revolt” you speak of will involve the convening of an Article 5 Convention! Where we might repeal the Seventeenth Amendment and remove the first sentence from the Fourteenth!

  • votedagainstcarter

    A vote for Gary Johnson IS a vote for Obama. PERIOD.

    Just the way it is. Tooo bad deal with it.

    • rendarsmith

      BS! I am sure the dems will claim that a vote for Johnson is really a vote for Romney! That argument it total hogwash!

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Johnson pulls votes away from the Democrats too… perhaps even more so.

      Do you seriously think that it is only the steadfast conservatives that support Paul and Johnson?

      Where some others may see Paul and Johnson as liberal, I see as conservative.

      It isn’t conservative, to use the government as a means of telling people how to live their lives, and interfere. It isn’t even an authorized power the federal government has.

      It isn’t about whether the federal government is for, or against, certain behaviors that the political strategists label as liberal or conservative…

      It is about whether the federal government has any business even taking a position in the first place. It doesn’t. That’s conservative.

      – Smoov

      • GRusling

        You’re right, but everyone who has looked at history knows that our constitution has been, basically toast since the civil war. That leaves us choosing from among those who will do the least damage to our personal freedom. Since neither Paul nor Johnson can possibly win, a vote for either (while principled) is wasted. It won’t get you anywhere nearer to what you desire.

        What we need is principled conservatives in Congress and in our State governments, then we can stop all the unconstitutional charade in Washington. Any other approach (including a conservative President) is a waste of time and effort. Take back our STATE governments and we can shut Washington down. Failing that our only option is another revolution, and having been to war once in my life, I don’t recommend it…

        • Smoovious Laxness

          A principled vote… is never… EVER… wasted…

          – Smoov

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Oh… and if you’re serious about getting principled conservatives in office, there is one very crucial thing you have to do, to make that happen…


          – Smoov

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ron Paul’s principles are neither liberal nor conservative! They are AMERICAN!!!

      • Cheerio

        Problem is we have no choice…..the powers that be will force their choice through if they want. It is “We the People” becoming government, checking and balancing, waking up is how things will change, voting in this game is for entertainment only.
        People turning to God, repenting, loving our neighbor, forgetting selfishness is the only way out. The Constitution cannot last under an immoral people, the founders promised this is what would happen……

        • Smoovious Laxness

          > Problem is we have no choice

          Of course we have a choice… we need to be willing to actually make it…

          and don’t try that “God” will save us crap…

          “God” helps those who help themselves. You won’t find him swooping down to save us from ourselves when we keep choosing to elect evil (Progressives) over and over again, expecting him to fix it.

          It is folly to think that you’re going to change Romney once he is in office.

          – Smoov

    • http://AOL Bob Merriman

      Ron Paul and Gary Johnson both have exactly zero chance of becoming POTUS and anyone too stupid to realize that is way too stupid to be allowed to vote

      • Corkey

        Yeah, vote for the guy you think will win then. Like that line of reasoning makes any sense either. Vote for the best candidate, regardless. Just because most voters are idiots means you should do the same?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Some people just want to vote for the winner. Some people just want to vote against someone. People with true integrity will vote for the candidate who will best serve this country! Your vote defines you. Are you for sale? Are you easy and cheap? Do you stand up for what is right or do you just go along?

    • MattN

      If everyone who didn’t want to vote for Obama or Romney voted for Johnson, who would win? I’ve hear the “You are throwing away your vote by voting for a third party” many times, but even Perot showed a good following and would have probably done better if he hadn’t went daffy towards the end of the campaign. I wonder if he was right saying his family had been threatened? Sounds almost like a Clkinton or Obama trick.

      • Lisa Smith

        To those that plan to vote for some one other than Obama or Romney please watch this video, listen and consider what he saids

  • Z. Mattie

    This is all theoretical nonsense. We have a major two party system in the good old U.S.A. While I would prefer a viable 3rd party alternative, it simply
    does not exist today. You might as well be hoping Santa Claus fills your stocking. So you really only have 3 choices: 1. vote for either Romney or Obama as one of these men will be the next President, 2. vote for a fringe party candidate such as Johnson, Stein, or Goode which may make you feel good but will accomplish nothing as none of them can win – period, or 3. you can just choose not to vote. Options 2 & 3 essentially equate to the same thing. Look we may not like it but that’s our present day reality of our 2 party system. Hold your nose & pick the lesser of 2 evils – you have no other realistic choice. All this crying & gnashing of teeth is just an exercise in futility. Look Ross Perot’s candidacy was an illusion – all it did was secure Clinton the presidency. Today’s fringe party candidates aren’t even in the same league as Perot as far as viability (& he never stood a chance himself).
    So go ahead & vote for no one or Johnson or Stein or Goode or Mickey Mouse but stop kidding yourself that someone other than Romney or Obama will be sworn in as our next President. Awaiting with bated breath who Paul may or may not endorse? Seriously, who cares? Like it matters or will make a difference – not!

    • Smoovious Laxness

      You stop kidding yourself, and thinking that holding your nose and voting for evil, is going to do anything at all to save you.

      – Smoov

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Z.Mattie, you have lost sight of the purpose of voting. This isn’t high school where you’re voting for student body president! The PURPOSE of voting is to choose the person that will best serve this country! It is not a popularity contest that you want to be on the right side of. It really won’t matter if obumass or romney wins. NEITHER of them will SERVE this country!!! They will serve themselves and their cronies! I agree that obumass is destroying our country and that things will continue to decline under him. But don’t forget that the scariest things that he is doing actually started while bush was in office. BOTH parties are following the same agenda. They SAY different things but they DO the same things. It won’t make any REAL difference if romney OR obumass gets in. Only the rhetoric will change.

      • dan

        dingdingding….You GET IT ,Nancey. A big hug and bouquet for the girl from Nebraska…
        loved the he’s an AMERICAN comment….
        Republican Federalists are Big Gov Corporatists ,
        Democrats are central-planning federalist socialist eutopians (the mystery)

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Thanks, Dan! The bouquet is beautiful!!!

  • Frank Fredenburg

    Ron Paul is a traditional conservative. It’s sad people who claim to be conservative think Ron Paul is a liberal. Guys like Romney and McCain are the liberals faking conservatism. They sell conservatives out every chance they get. The whole neo-con movement is leftist.

  • Sylvin

    I was going to vote for Johnson, but then one thought made me question why I wouldn’t just plug my nose and vote for Romney. Johnson won’t win, which would allow Obama to win, and what if Obama gets to replace 1 or more Supreme Court justices this next term? Roberts screwed us over with the Obamacare decision in my opinion. Just imagine what the rulings from the Supreme Court would be with 1 or 2 more ideological morons like Sonia or Ginsburg?

    Listening to Ginsburg actively lobby in favor of Obamacare during the questioning made me sick to my stomach. It’s so bad they have no more pretense of an open mind, but actively lobby for positions clearly and specifically excluded from the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution. They clearly don’t believe in the Constitution so how can they uphold and protect it?

    I haven’t decided yet, but the prospect of more liberal Supreme Court justices makes me think a vote for Romney really is the better choice.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      and what exactly in Romney’s actual voting record, that is telling you, that he won’t do the same thing you’re afraid of with the supreme court?

      take an honest, hard, look, at what he actually does, and how he actually votes, and ignore all of the “I wanna be president” lip-service he’s throwing at us.

      the politicians can say anything when there are cameras in front of them, and they always do… the votes are what matters.

      This isn’t about Liberal-vs-Conservative, and this isn’t about Democrat-vs-Republican…

      This is about Progressive-vs-Progressive… what other choice do we have left, but to look elsewhere?

      Romney isn’t it. If he was? They wouldn’t be trying so hard to tell us he was.

      Same as with Paul. If Paul, REALLY, was unelectable? They wouldn’t have gone so far and so hard, to keep telling us he was.

      – Smoov

      • MattN

        Good point Smoov! I wonder who Romney would select for the Supreme Court. I tend to think it wouldn’t be as bad as the last two, but it wouldn’t be true Constitutionalist either.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Sylvia, don’t forget!!! It was a SO CALLED conservative judge that cast the vote in favor of obumasscare!!! There are NO LONGER any CONSERVATIVES in government! They DON’T exist!!! BOTH conservatism and liberalism have slidden so far to the left that they are no longer recognizable!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Sorry, meant to say Sylvin but my I pad changed it to Sylvia. It often “thinks” I want to say something that I dont.

  • roger gunderson

    I’m writing in Ron Paul on my ballot and I’ll take whatever consequences are.

    • http://AOL Bob Merriman

      There will be NO consequences to you (it likely will help obama win). You may as well write in Daffy Duck or Charles Manson, they have the same chance Paul does.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > I’m writing in Ron Paul on my ballot and
      > I’ll take whatever consequences are.

      Just make sure your state is actually going to tally the write-ins for him.

      A lot of states won’t even bother to total them up, if the candidate hasn’t filed the paperwork for a write-in candidacy. If they haven’t, in a state that requires it, and you write him in anyways? Then, you’ve wasted your vote.

      Vote who you want to, just make sure it counts… literally… :)

      – Smoov

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It makes no difference! Those who count the votes will decide who wins! It’s the message that counts!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          What kind of message would it be if others won’t be able to see it?

          Don’t get me wrong here, I have no problem with a write-in for Paul, if you know the state would tally the write-in results, and post them with the other records, but if they won’t even be counted, it won’t even make it onto the list at all…

          If you know your state won’t be tallying those write-ins, your protest vote would be better cast for Johnson, or one of the other non-Progressive candidates… if for no other reason, than it would be counted in the lists.

          That’s all I’m getting at there…

          – Smoov

      • Drifter

        There will be no consequnces for you because you obviously are so ideologically blinded that you don’t care one way or the other. All that you will know is the futility that you already know. The rest of us will bear the consequences…

        • Smoovious Laxness

          …consequences of your own actions to perpetuate the collusion we’re all victim to.

          Your own fault, not mine.

          I’m doing my part to change things, you’re not.

          – Smoov

  • karen

    I voted for Ross Perot because I thought he was the best candidate in that race and I still believe that to this day……..and yes, it was a throw away vote for the priviledge….I won’t stand for another 4 years worse than the last 4 so I’m voting for Romney. He’s not perfect but no candidate will ever be…..he has a business accumen obama will never have in his wildest imagination. To quote the article “And countless conservatives also know that a president is only capable of change with cooperation with Congress” unless of course, you’re the egotistical, narcissistic obama who continues to violate the law of the land….if he is re elected, he will destroy the constitution along with this country…God help us!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      “He’s not perfect” ?????? It would seem to me that he only has ONE asset!!! He’s NOT obumass!!!!!!!

      • http://yahoo wendell

        Which is it Nancy, first you say Romney is the same as obama, then you say he’s not. I think your going senile, no, let me change that, I know your off your rocker if your going to vote for Paul or Johnson. That goes for all you other libertarians also if you vote for either one of them. They have zero chance of winning.

    • APN

      Karen and Nancy, I AGREE 100%

      I will be voting for Romney even though he was not my first choice.

  • DOM

    Hey all you die hard Ron Paul supporters….Hope you enjoy your next 4 years of Obama COMPLETELY destroying what’s left of our once great Country. At least Romney would slow things down and allow a possible third party to come into play next time around. But NOT if Obama takes the ship down. So go ahead and throw your vote away. MORONS!


      Dom, The issue here is Obama is predictable whereas Romney is an unknown, he changes with the wind of opportunity in a desparate vote grabbing play. What will he really be like as President? Every economy and every business needs predictability which Obama offers and Mitt Romney does not. He doesn’t even believe in the Dr Ron Paul system. Unfortunately, Romney does not cut the mustard, but the Republicans chose him on looks and young age against older wiser Ron Paul.

      When you compromise with a compromiser you compromise your principals and beliefs which Dr Ron Paul supporters wont do. You should have gone all the way with Dr Ron Paul if you really believed in reducing the deficit. And decieving Ron Paul supporters with your statement …”At least Romney would …….. allow a possible third party to come into play next time around” I never heard Romney say that as part of his strategy or who would believe that if he said it?

      Unfortunately Romney is too unpredicatable even for business and imo Obama gets the real business vote.

      • DonR

        Gilly: “Romney does not cut the mustard, but the Republicans chose him on looks and young age against older wiser Ron Paul.”

        Did you sleep through the primaries???
        We the people chose Romney. Well at least in theory!

        I voted for Ron Paul and he got about 10% of the vote.
        Keep an eye on Rand Paul, he may be the one to do what his dad didn’t.

    • karen

      DOM….I agree with you……….change needs to happen, this election is the wrong time to throw your vote in the toilet……if obama has 4 more years, America will be done and the people won’t have the opportunity to voice their choice because the constitution will be no more….

      • Susan Johnson

        I really agree with you. Change happens very slowly. But the opportunity for change may be completely destroyed once all us are put under complete control of the government and additional multiple layers of taxation. We won’t have a right to convene, we won’t be able to voice an opinion that does not reflect Obama’s, we will not be able to carry fire arms to defend ourselves ( I see this as a mute point. Anything they would allow us to own would hardly stand up to be hunted down by drones and Soros has allegedly bought out all the small arms manufacturers so there may no longer be any available for purchase). There will be no Writ of Habeas Corpus, there will be no right to form a posse commitatus, we will not be able to communicate when all email addresses will be handed out by a UN authority for the express purpose of hunting down dissidents, we will not get to choose where we live (Agenda 21), there will be no private property ownership including ownership of businesses, union power will be totally solidified putting us all under more taxation used to reward the governing class. I believe Romney is the best chance. That will give us another 4 years to instill the flame of freedom. We should continue in the universities just like Marxists and Progressives did. Notice how Ron Paul literally lit a fire under young college students at extremely liberal if not downright Marxist leaning universities even here at CA’s UC system schools. They even changed their voter registrations to Republican. The idea of freedom is contagious. We need to be slower but more sure. We have to reeducate and convince people (not force). The change over won’t take 100 years like progressivism has taken to gain the critical mass necessary to destroy this country forever. The ideas of freedom will take hold like wild fire. So, I will vote for Romney. ANd hope Ron will be available to continue to lead the cause.

      • Susan Johnson

        ONe more thing which is important, just like the Communist party runs their candidates thru the Democratic Party (look for a 2010 article which explains this on the CPUSA website – explains a lot, doesn’t it) we need to run true conservatives thru the Republican PArty just like Ron Paul and various tea party affiliates and even have some DINO;s thrown in for a little fun. Then we can repeal the rules which are all stacked against political parties other than Dems and Repubs. Ron Paul got screwed by Republicans but right now they are the only party we can hope to work thru. We need to pay attention to Dem strategy. Please check out a book by HL richardson,Confrontational politics which explains how dems are so successful and Repubs are so lame in their strategies. Also watch a German movie, the wave , it’s instant view on Netflix which explores the questions of whether or not the rise to power of another Hitler in Germany was possible. May have implications here.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      WHAT in the world makes you THINK romney would slow things down OR allow a third party to come into play next time??? There may not BE a next time! You have ABSOLUTELY NO evidence to even SUGGEST that romney will slow things down!!! It is only wishful thinking on your part!!! It’s the FANTASY that they’ve sold to you!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Over and over we think….”well I have to vote for the lesser of two evils THIS time, but we’ll get them NEXT time”. When are you gonna wake up and realize that THIS IS IT?!? If we continue to “go along” we will NEVER have ANY choice other than “the lesser of two evils”!!!

  • Ralph

    In mass we need to change and we need to do it now, no more kicking the can down the road.

    When we vote for the lesser of two evils, that are both running in the same
    bad direction, only at different speeds, we will still end up in the wrong place, in this case
    over the fiscal cliff (amongst other tragic dead ends).

    By voting continually for the lessor of evils, we keep over and over again falling into the establishments trap, who want us to do just that, elect one of their chosen ones.

    The have brainwashed, and they manipulate us so thoroughly, and then we fall for it over and over again every election time.

    When we keep voting for the lessor wrong person, we keep getting more of the same, and that is what we then deserve.

    We have to stop playing into the hands of the establishment and giving them one or the other of their picks (Busch / Clinton, McCain / Obama, Romney / Obama).

    Instead we need to become the land of the free and the brave again.

    That means stand up for our own convictions, we do that by supporting to the bitter end those time tested effective and efficient constitutional convictions, not only vote for those who stand committed to them but perhaps if the time comes be prepared to sacrifice our property, lives and fortunes so as not to let them be extinguished by the stupidity, arrogance, and greed of a small selfish group of elitists financiers who have been dominating this country by it financial controls and media propaganda long enough.

    And don’t ever forget to pray for God’s assistance for we can’t fight and undo this evil alone.

    • DOM

      AGAIN….enjoy the next 4 years of getting liberal judges to finish taking away ALL your liberties, because Obama will be replacing those OLD supreme court justices. Also, that little “DEAL” he made with the Russian leader when the mic was left on. Hey, there’s a whole laundry list of things you are going to be enjoying…a wrecked economy, sky rocketing energy prices, for all the GREEN energy, lost jobs and a federal deficit for your kids and grandkids that will finish off America. I’d vote for the WORST Republican we have right now just to get this DISASTER out of the white house. And Romney is certainly NOT the worst. He’s an honorable, generous and decent man. He may not be perfect, but who is? Only ONE perfect person will come again to rule this world and we ALL await that day, but until then, we have to put up with imperfect men to rule over us. Just make a list of the ramifications of your throw away vote and what it will do to this Country if Obama is re-elected, which he will be if all you die hard people stand your ground. Go down with the ship repeating…..we are right, we are right.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > Also, that little “DEAL” he made with the
        > Russian leader when the mic was left on.

        If you think he wasn’t aware that it would be caught by the mic when he said that, then you’re even more delusional than you think us Libertarians are who won’t vote for Romney.

        That would be something he would have already told him in private, away from the cameras, if it needed to be said.

        To tell him that, in front of a room full of cameras and microphones? He knew damned well what he was doing, and that it would be caught.

        Ever since I felt Kerry threw the election at the last moment, when it appeared to be too close to call, I’ve been watching carefully, this choreographed dance the two Progressive parties play with each other, to the point where it is almost predictable now.

        Even now… Obama has been shown in such a light, to make the Republicans and Conservatives (they are not interchangeable), so afraid of an Obama/Democrat re-election, that they will vote for ANYBODY to replace them.

        Where do you think the “Anyone But Obama” catch-phrase came from? It didn’t happen naturally, it was planned in the back rooms, and all of a sudden, it explodes all over media at the same time. Choreographed.

        And then, the RNC does everything they could, including violating their own rules, to make sure that the least Republican and the least Conservative candidate ends up with the nomination, banking on the “Anyone But Obama” push to carry him the rest of the way.

        Just like earlier elections… both parties colluding to pull us away from what conservatism REALLY means.

        Even Ron Paul… I can’t be the only one who noticed how EVERYONE kept saying the same exact phrase, at the same time, about how he couldn’t win… about how EVERYONE wouldn’t even mention his name when listing off primary results… 1st place, 2nd place, 4th place… what… you forgot about 3rd? who happened to be Ron Paul?… but 4th was important enough to mention? please…

        This whole farce was engineered from the get-go.

        Including that Putin “gaffe”…

        It was no gaffe… just part of the script.

        – Smoov

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        DOM, in case you FORGOT…. It was a so-called conservative judge that gave the passing vote for obumasscare! You’ve GOT to get OUT of the matrix! Open your eyes! It makes NO difference who’s in office! The agenda goes forward!!! You want the red guy or the blue guy??? They’re both the same but go ahead and pick!!!

      • OLD MAN

        Well said Dom……..I posted this in another place but it fits so well with your thought and analogy of the sinking ship I think it is worth a repost.
        People you don’t turn a battle ship around in a city block. You have to realize that all this must be done in increments. INCREMENT ONE. GET RID OF OBAMA! From there on we can work toward getting the person into office THE NEXT TIME to really begin to turn the battle ship around.
        Granted time is getting shorter every day but let’s not sink the whole ship by our picky little arguments against Romney. Right now no matter who he is or what he is, he is our best shot at UNSEATING OBAMA. Don’t be a stupid “useful idiot” just to stand on your principles. You have a choice. Obama a known quantity attempting to destroy this country>>OR<< Romney who at least makes an effort to look like a conservative.
        Remember this……..IF you FAIL TO VOTE for the lesser evil you *ARE* voting for the Greater Evil!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          … what a sad, pathetic, state that our countries electorate has become, when the people can’t even recognize the insane reasons they keep telling themselves, about why they should vote for one evil instead of another evil…

          our country has gone truly mad…

          – Smoov

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Smoovious, we’ve been taught: you gotta go along to get along! Ain’t working for me!

      • Jay

        Smooviuos says: I’ve been watching carefully, this choreographed dance the two Progressive parties play with each other, to the point where it is almost predictable now.

        Ain’t that the truth!!!

  • craig wettstein

    As a life long Libertarian, I have a suggestion!!! Rather than fret over this, (being boiled in oil, vs water angst), let’s all vote for Obama and bring this festering boil (no pun intended), to a head. After 4 more years of Obama, the country just might, finally be ready for true change!!!

    • The Christian American

      I’d be inclined to think America won’t be here in four years with either of them running the show. It might not be here in one year. Their both pathological liars. They’ll prove that when they take the oath of office and swear to uphold the constitution.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      TRUE change will be hard fought regardless of WHO gets in.

    • momo

      There might not be a country in 4 years.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Since when does the common vote matter in regards to the presidential elections?

    The electorial college control filter needs to go away. The people’s voice needs to be heard.

    By having control of the delegates who represent the electorial college then the elitists can more easily control the peoples highest office in the land…the Presidency. It’s a double layer rig as they control the college & control who the people get to vote for. If I offer you 3 pens of different color & you choose one of the 3…who really chose that color for you? You? Or me as I chose which 3 colors you got to pick from…all who work for me.

    Seriously…talking about the impact of our votes regarding the presidency is like a hampster running on his wheel…we keep running but we don’t get anywhere. This exercise in futility does however keep the masses focus off the real issues that do matter. In otherwords…this is just one more feature within the Roman gladitorial arena to keep us entertained while our Nation crumbles around us…by design.

    Nothing changes unless we speak about the greater issues that are not spoken of…such as what the ruling elite doesn’t ALLOW to be reported in the MSM. ROOT level thinking. Fix it at the ROOT and all the symptoms we just treat will finally go away.

    God Bless everyone. Project positively from your heart chakra and the energy you emit is the energy you will recieve. Consciously, truthfully & naturally emit this and the Universe will respond. :)

    • dmounts

      “Since when does the common vote matter in regards to the presidential elections? The electorial college control filter needs to go away.”………………I believe if you study the founders you’ll see that the electoral college is 1 of the checks and balances put in place to prevent the majority from completely shutting out/down the minority.

      • BrotherPatriot

        dmounts…you are correct. Upon further review, the electorial college does smack more of a Republic vrs a Democracy. In this I support…it’s the control of the people who cast their votes in the electorial college that I’m suspicious of and that needs to be moderated to prevent fraud & abuse. But corruption is rampant within our government so why should I be surprised?

        There is no sure fire solution…I was just thinking that a common vote where there are regulations, perhaps requirements to vote (such as being a legal citizen, alive & not a dog perhaps) may represent the Will of the People more. That capping the amount of votes coming from the major cities of a state to equal the voting power of the rural county within the state may be another answer. Just brainstorming here…trying to reduce the elites control over us.

        I learned a great deal from the following link…

        To my knowledge there has been just three times that the common vote didn’t match the electorial college in 1876, 1888, & 2000. I think that’s a pretty fair track record the more I research the subject. Thanks dmounts…!

        God Bless.

      • Chief Boring

        “That capping the amount of votes coming from the major cities of a state to equal the voting power of the rural county within the state may be another answer. Just brainstorming here…trying to reduce the elites control over us.”

        Dmounts, and Brother Patriot, that smacks of the old County Unit System in Georgia. A more corrupt system of elections would be hard to come up with. The Electoral College protects the voters of smaller states from the tyrany of the majority. How would you like the coasts to select our president? I think not a lot. The electors are pledged to vote for the candidate who wins the state. There is too much publicity to corrupt that, unless a third party threw the choice into the House; then Katy bar the door! That’s what happened in the examples you cited, and when the President and Vice President did not run as a unit.

        BTW, Senator Rand Paul has endorsed Romney. Chief Boring

  • Kim

    This isn’t about Glen Beck at all! His not running for office?

    If you don’t know who your choices is by now… with all the facts of history available which as been, bleeding and pouring out there in all kinds, types of slant media and news print, … then you are lost.

    By now, you either vote or don’t vote.

    If you don’t vote, then shut up and put up. You don’t have a voice or right to whine or complain period.

    I don’t like period! ….negative, whingeing complainers!! I grew up with that crap. The crap, that tries to personally hold you hostage emotionally. I much rather act on my decisions making processes then based on the wrong choices or lack of choices from others. Then to set back and whine about it. I live and make my choices to act upon.

    I’m even annoyed as and adult…to have to address this to other adults now! Adults who are acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way.
    Here that baby crying “whah, whah.” Lets just keep kicking this around….while you kick this country down the road. I don’t cotton to be held by others in being their hostage for their emotional whingeing lack of action crap.

    I’m so annoyed with this as an adult to even be taking the time to write this now. Keeping living Mars folks. Do you travel much? Find me another country you’d like to live in that you think is perfect. How does Iran, Iraq, Israel, Africa., mmmm Eygpt sound to you?
    Better yet, do you want to live in Greece, Spain or France were you are taxed to death.
    Cheese, China is the best at building wealth, military…but you settle for dictator. Oh, there’s Cuba…. I know you’d feel safe in Mexico right now with all the violence from drug cartel Keep trashing this country folks…you have it there.

    I’m not investing in this non-sense any further. To much of my precious time is being taken up with this. Frankly, I will not even be wasting my time to read your responses.
    I don’t need too, I know how to act on my choices.

    Can’t believe,…I even have to address this…now!!!

    I’m going out to pitch real horse [expletive deleted] and not the [expletive deleted] of others who waste my precious time.

  • Scott in SC

    Who knew there were so many die hard communists on PLD. Everyone has the right to vote as long as you vote for “the party’.
    Keep your little red book. I’m voting for the person who will uphold the values put forth in the U.S. Constitution which excludes both Obama and Romney.

    • OLD MAN

      Thanks for your vote useful idiot…………… We all may not think Romney is “the best” but he is the ant-Obama. Voting for anyone else is a vote for Obama. Ponder this one…IF you FAIL TO VOTE for the lesser evil you *ARE* voting for the Greater Evil!

      • Scott in SC

        “Policy and tactics are the life of the Party; leading comrades at all levels must give them full attention and must never on any account be negligent.”
        Keep believing in Chairman Mao and that party nonsense. See where it gets you.

      • Cheerio

        Both men running are for dismantling the Constitution. They just go about it in different ways. Was not Bush Jr. the lesser evil? He and his Dad are pro-New World Order….Both parties are the Progressive party, they all spend $$, print $$, send our soldiers to die in foreign wars, discard the Constitution, they fool us perfectly………..


    Well folks, if you would like to make a real change in this country, stop sending in a tax you have never owed on your income. To make the change though, you need to know what the Constitution says and what the Internal Revenue Code says. Remember that the Federal Government depends on your free gift in the non-federal private sector every year. The Constitution protects everyone, including government officials. But because government officials have a privileged occupation, they can be made subject to the income tax by making a voluntary agreement with the employer to withhold tax. Likewise, federal corporations can make the same voluntary agreement to pay. Proofs follow.

    Constitution : Article I Section 2, clause 3, section 9, clause 4.

    Internal Revenue Code (Title 26) Chapter I Subtitle A ( No section of the 1,564 sections of this subtitle provides for making anyone “made liable” for income taxes). Chapter 24 Subtitle C (Income tax collected at source) Definitions: Section 3401(c) Federal employee defined Section 3402(p) Voluntary withholding for federal payment (income). Nowhere in all of subtitle C is there provision for non-federal employees of the private sector subject to pay the income tax by a voluntary agreement. In fact, all voluntary agreements cause you to commit perjury. Knowledge is power!

    Know the law or remain a slave to government tyranny.

    Don’t forget to vote responsibly. Surely we don’t want to come under United Nations control do we?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Good luck with that!!! Ask Wesley Snipes how it worked out for him!!!

  • Sirian

    You’ve made several good points that I agree with but you need to keep in mind that Glenn is working in close conjunction with Freedom Works, 9/12 & various Tea Party groups as well as many very strong Constitutional scholars & advocates, Libertarians included. Glenn is more of a Libertarian than it may presently seem. So, it may appear as though he is supporting a “Mormon brother” but there are several sides to this coin, not simply two. Whether we like it or not – (obviously the most of us don’t, we’re not in the pot boiling) – between the political machines that exist between the two major parties unfortunately makes Johnson’s chances very, very slim. These two powerful bulwarks will cease at nothing to prevent such a possibility of coming true, legally or otherwise. I too wish it were otherwise.

  • The Christian American

    Anyone following the path of our would Emperors, would quickly realize what Ron Paul is saying is truth. Romney has sold his soul to the Zionists and the Zionist are dictating policy to America. He’s announced he’d become more “involved” in Syria. He’s bosom buddy to the King Zionist Netanyahu. Sure he might handle our eternal affairs differently but difference does that make if we find ourselves at Armaggedon? Take your pick, a communist or a fascist. Romney was no good when he ran against McCain and he’s no good now. Maybe he’d be good by accelerating the Lords return. John 3:16

    • OLD MAN

      Dear Christian American……I respect your religious beliefs but you are being one of the nitt picky useful idiots when you run off at the mouth about our next best hope of UNSEATING OBAMA. Ponder this…IF you FAIL TO VOTE for the lesser evil you *ARE* voting for the Greater Evil!

      • Carolyn of Arizona says:

        Good one Old Man….I 100% agree with you!!!! OLD IS GOOD…..AND WISE!!!!

        • craig wettstein

          Carolyn…It was thinking like the “Old Mans” over the last hundred years, that has put us where we now are today. Don’t buy into it…it’s just more “samo-samo”

  • lukn003

    I “Personally” do Not give a flying rats azz what glenn beck OR any talking head, disembodied airwave voice, Or candyazzed politician Says!! The TRUTH is slapping you, Me and the rest of the world in the face Daily, Our Freedoms And Liberties ARE being stripped from Us, as Many lazily sit and “Listen” to beck and Others and Yet DO NOTHING, as a Corrupt and Disfunctional Two Party Political system Ground *We the People* into the dust Because 50-55% of Ya’ll are Sheeple!!!
    I dont like Or dis-like beck or any “news reporter/commentator”, for that matter,, But ” I ” dont need or Want anothers *Opinion when My Own Eyes tell Me the truth!!

  • Chris

    It’s so sad that so many just don’t know what to do…… literally almost brings one to tears……..what a sorry state for America…..especially because really good men won’t stand up and run……for President (“OR” congress, with the exception of a few who “are” good but voted down on issues by the bad/stupid). I don’t think Ross Perot “went daffy” at the end as some people say………I think people took his words verbatim………after listening to all of his speeches, I did not because I can somewhat “read between the lines”. Anyway, how “I” see it: if one does not want Obama, then they should vote for Romney……..the ONLY way to make a statement is to get rid of what you don’t want and keep doing it. I do not want Romney (especially since I can’t stand that anti-union idiot Paul Ryan), but you have to give the other guy a chance……..unless a savior comes along and it looks like it’s too late for that now.

    • Cheerio

      The Unions are Obama’s greatest ally. The Unions are Communist in nature. Workers of the world unite is a perpetrator of slavery……….

  • Charlie

    I’m glad I live in Massachusetts. That means I can vote for Gary Johnson in clear mind and not have to wonder if I should just vote for Romney because Oblunder will win here, anyway.

  • Richard

    What a great thought! Vote for the second worst candiate to keep the worst from winning? Wow, that’s smart! That kind of thinking will guarentee that we will elect bad candiates from here to hell freezes over.


    • Chris

      Then who else is there to vote for?


    People you don’t turn a battle ship around in a city block. You have to realize that all this must be done in increments. INCREMENT ONE. GET RID OF OBAMA! From there on we can work toward getting the person into office THE NEXT TIME to really begin to turn the battle ship around.
    Granted time is getting shorter every day but let’s not sink the whole ship by our picky litlte arguments against Romney. Right now no matter who he is or what he is. HE is our best shot at UNSEATING OBAMA. Don’t be a stupid “useful idiot” just to stand on your principles. You have a choice. Obama a known quantity attempting to destroy this country >>OR<< Romney who at least makes an effort to look like a Conservative.
    Remember this……..IF you FAIL TO VOTE for the lesser evil you *ARE* voting for the Greater Evil!

    • Chris


    • Smoovious Laxness

      @OLD MAN

      You shouldn’t be endorsing evil.

      Don’t vote for evil. It isn’t good for you.

      – Smoov

      • Drifter

        If Romney is evil, why are you trying to elect Obama, again?

        • Smoovious Laxness

          I’m not… or, perhaps I’m misreading what you said, Drifter…

          Perhaps you mean, that you don’t think Obama is evil, and so you’re voting for him?

          I’m voting for Johnson instead.

          Thanks for playing… here’s your consolation prize.

          – Smoov

    • Scott in SC

      Old Man you are the greatest useful idiot of all. The ship has been heading in the wrong direction for decades and no administration, Democratic or Republican has veered off course even one degree. And yet you spout this party nonsense like it is the solution when it is actually the problem.

      • Dale left coast

        Been heading in the wrong direction for decades . . . correct, but . . . back in 07 the last Bush budget the deficit was a mere 160 BILLION . . . since the Dimmicraps and then the O took over continuous 1.3 to 1.5 TRILLION deficits . . .
        Question: CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE? I can . . . in fact I can see the CLIFF we are about to go over . . . from here ! ! !

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      OLD MAN says: “if you FAIL TO VOTE for the lesser evil you *have* voted for the Greater Evil!”

      THAT IS BIG LIE!!! If you vote for evil, you have voted for evil! Period!!! It amazes me that satan can so EASILY deceive!!! The bible says: “They will call good, evil and evil, good”!!! You need to take a good look at yourself and see what you have become!!! Stop trying to lead people astray!!! End the deception!!!

      • http://yahoo wendell

        Nancy, Old Man make a hellava lot more sense in his analagy for voting for a person than you do. He uses reason and logic, you use blind, fanatic, following. kind of like the Jim Jones followers did when they drink the “koolaid”.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        oooooooooooh! That’s all you got?!? You overwhelm me!

    • Carl Manning

      That’s the all too typical and trite GOP Propaganda line every 4 years. Every 4 years later what do you get??? Just more of the same and often an even more Liberal RINO than the last Socialist RINO Turd they presented you with 4 years earlier. This just serves to perpetuate the endless lesser of two evils until the evil just compounds itself like compound interest in reverse. The GOP’s greatest coup and asset is that they threw a bone to the masses of Conservatives out there with Ronald Reagan. This is how they keep you fools hooked on believing they’ll change with the continuous Battered Voter Syndrome you all suffer with seemingly eternally. Most of you are sleepwalking thinking they will ever allow another Reaganesque Conservative to be their standard-bearer. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! Who did they follow Reagan with??? BUSH I, DOLE, BUSH II, McCain, and Romney – ALL NEOCON NUTJOB ESTABLISHMENT RINO’S. Who preceded Reagan??? Ford, Nixon, Eisenhower – MORE Moderate RINO’s – NOT ONE SINGLE CONSERVATIVE AT ALL. There is no home for Conservatives in the GOP. The RNC’s treatment of Ron Paul supporters throughout the entire primary and caucus nomination process and at the convention this go-round was adamant proof of that. I want no part of a political party that chooses to govern by such tyrannical methods that thwart the will of the People. They wouldn’t even let Ron Paul speak at the Convention because they know HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH THAT THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO HEAR BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It is long past time for Constitutional Conservatives to divorce themselves permanently from the GOP. It is the ONLY way we will ever find representation and respect in the District of Criminals. TEA Parties will continue to be co-opted and useless as long as they sympathize and align with the GOP.
      If the TEA Party had gone Third Party from the get-go, Ron Paul right now could be giving the Establishment fits, headaches, and a well-deserved heart attack right now as an Independent TEA Party candidate for President.

      • Chief Boring

        If Ron Paul had won the primaries he would be the Republican candidate. He lost. Gary Johson did not get enough votes to be included in the debates. The last Libertarian to run has endorsed Romney. Rand Paul has endorsed Romney. Romney or Obama will win the election. Another four years of Obama will be an unmitigated disaster. Ergo, the only sensible vote is for Romney.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          I guess that all depends on your criteria of “sensible”…

          “Anyone But Obama”, to us, is not sensible. After looking hard at both candidates, voting for either one, to us, is not sensible.

          – Smoov

  • RichardS

    I’d vote 3rd party, but I guess I’m a [expletive deleted]. I abhor what BHO has done to us in 4 years, yet alone 8! I think that Romney is going to need every vote he gets to beat this guy. Sorry., I’m not willing to die on that hill.

    • Smoovious Laxness


      It’s ok, little one… (pats your head condescendingly) …we can’t all be brave… just go on back with the other children and we’ll try to protect you as best we can…

      Run along now…

      – Smoov

      • Chief Boring

        Sometimes, Mr. Smug, being brave is refusing to die on that hill. Please get down off your self righteous high horse. Chief Boring

  • jopa

    I have seen a couple of posts on here by Veterans saying they went to war to fight Socialism.Technically speaking the only true socialist program we have here in the United States is the Veterans Administration hospitals.They are government hospitals staffed by government employees with their own retirement plans, wages and plans paid for with government funding.Does anyone know of any other boogieman socialist program they can think of within the US since you folks seem to think Socialism is running rampant within America.I just hope all of these men that went to war were not there just to fight against their own hospital when I have always thought of them as one of our better programs.

    • Cheerio

      Socialism is the deceit before the death blows of Communism. Socialism has taken over our once beloved Constitution. Power away from states, into the hands of a powerful few. Socialism is in every nook and cranny of our society from Hollywood to the Unions. We have two histories in US, what we are fed through media and other controlled areas, public schools, government agencies, etc. and then there is the truth. Socialism is supposed to be manipulated, deceitfully crafted and hidden otherwise people won’t want the next step, Communism by any means. Socialism will portray love, help, freedom, compassion, rationalism, all that is good, it has to or only fanatical evil people will embrace it. Many books out there -some praising Communism and Socialism, others exposing and condemning. It is your responsibility to find out for yourself. Communism is the opposite of freedom, it is exactly the opposite of God’s system, the law of Consecration, where you give freely and share because you love. Communism forces it to happen, it is a government of force and death, period.

  • Drifter

    These people are so ideologicical that they are actually working for Obama, all the while disclaiming that ugly fact. They seem perversely unaware that they are adopting a course toward the same objective as Obama–to take the country down- but they imagine different results. They foolishly posit that, after the crash, people will be angry enough to follow new leaders, (them).

    One of the things, which should come out of this moshpit, in which we have involved ourselves is a complete realignment of conservatives in a totally revamped Republican Party or some other. I haven’t been a Republican for over twenty years because, as the Democrats, in the 90′s, aligned further and further to the left; the Republicans moved left into the vacuum to fill their ‘Big Tent’. That left a huge number of true conservatives, including some conservative Democrats and Independents with no party. In some ways, we should be thankful because that abandonment was the progenitor of the Tea Party.

    The establishment Republican party has discredited itself by running so weak against the worst, most corrupt, most incompetent President in U. S. history. They have failed to understand just how important this election was to both the American people and the princples of conservatism, which they left behind.

    If they lose this election, the Republican Party itself is history but win or lose–things will never be the same again.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      It isn’t that they failed to understand it… on the contrary, they understood it all too well…

      You can tell, by how hard they work to keep conservatives out of the party and out of office.

      You can tell, by how often they betray not only their constituents, but their own party itself, or at least, what their own party is SUPPOSED to stand for, which results in repeated moves further towards Progressivism and away from Libertarianism, which is what the Republicans are supposed to be rooted in in the first place.

      Oh, they understand it alright. They are afraid of it, and try very hard to marginalize it at every opportunity.

      … and we’re the ones who are supposed to be the “useful idiots”?


      – Smoov

      • Drifter

        Amen–My point exactly…

  • Liberty Lover

    I would love to be able to vote for a viable Libertarian candidate. Earlier, I had intended to vote for Gary Johnson since I live in an incorrigibly blue state where my vote won’t matter. But I see this as a live-or-die election for the greatest country the world has ever known, and it bugs the hell out of me to see two kindred spirits (Johnson and Paul) threatening to deliver the election to the most dangerous threat this country has ever faced. Comments to the effect that there are no meaningful differences between Romney and Obama are utter nonsense. Romney is the only choice in November for those who hope to preserve a meaningful degree of liberty in a country that has already lost so much.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      @Liberty Lover

      Lost, in large part, to the refusal of the Republicans to do a damned thing about it, and in many cases, facilitating and protecting it.

      Time to pull your head out of the sand and take a hard, unvarnished, look around.

      No more excuses or justifications for the Republicans’ failure to be conservatives anymore.

      They have failed, failed, and failed again, their duty to uphold the constitution and live up to what they stand for.

      Believing that they have changed and will be different this time around, is fantasy.

      It is time to face facts, and rejoin reality.

      – Smoov

      • Kim

        Oh so wrong Smoov lost by Progressive in both parties.
        I’m sick and tired of all the Republican’s only be bashed for this blamed.
        Plays well to culturally corrupt your own thinking.
        This blame goes around in both parities.

        It really depends into whose in office, their agendas that see has priority to their personal principles or issues that they’ve collected.
        Let me see….

        How longs has Hillary Health Care been put on the books.
        Gees that was Democratic Party there. Now look where it lead us wonderful HMO to O’bama-Care.

        Roosevelt had to sale his New Deal….Social Security…real secure now.

        The Bush’s for their bills to address other countries concerns…..Check out Bono’s praises on Aids to Africa. That’s Republican.

        Get real, it’s in both parties.
        Its a matter are you a conservative constitutionalist or progressive period.
        NO fool it’s by both parties Progressiveness to Universal Health, government to education.
        There went personal liberties right out the door.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Of COURSE it is both parties… haven’t you been paying attention?!

          I consistently say it is both parties… I’m screaming at the top of my lungs it is both parties!

          They’re both controlled by Progressives!

          The reason I rail against the Republicans more, is because they’re the ones who are betraying what they’re supposed to stand for.

          The Democrats take just as much blame as the Republicans, but the difference is, they are doing what they ALWAYS do… grow government.

          The Democrats are the big government party… they are doing what they stand for.

          If the majority actually believes in, and wants, what the Democrats offer, then so be it. That is what a fair system is supposed to be about.

          But, if we are to have a fair system, then there has to be other sides, to choose from, and we don’t have that.

          The Republicans are moving right along in step with the Democrats, following their lead, instead of standing up for what they always claim to be about, but won’t deliver on.

          I can’t come down on the Democrats for being true to their nature, but I damned sure can come down on the Republicans for abandoning theirs.

          I want small government. I want less intrusion into our personal lives by the federal government. I want the federal government to stop meddling in things they don’t have the authority to meddle in, as defined by The Constitution.

          The Republicans won’t do that, and they are supposed to be championing those things, with action, and not just vote-getting lip-service.

          What other choice to we have BUT to vote Libertarian? They’re the only game left in town willing to be The Constitution’s champion.

          – Smoov

      • Chief Boring

        Here’s an idea; why don’t all the conservatives rejoin the Republican Party and take it over. If conservatism is the best philosophy, and I believe it is, then voila! we will have control of one half the political system. We might even convince some democrats to join us!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          … so naive …

          – Smoov

    • http://AOL E. MARTINEZ


  • JeffH

    Off subject but worth posting.

    Report: Vulnerable to Illegal Foreign Campaign Donations

    The Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have democratized elections, made the world more interconnected, and allowed the velocity of information to be faster than ever before.

    But an extensive eight-month investigation by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) released on Monday found these same forces can also be the greatest threat to America’s sovereignty.

    This is a bipartisan problem potentially impacting all levels of government, as those whose organizations were found to have been vulnerable include President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Republican National Committee (RNC), and third-party groups like ActBlue, which funnels money to progressive politicians.

    The report found that the website, which is not owned by President Barack Obama’s campaign but redirects to the campaign’s official donation page, may make the Obama campaign the most susceptible to illicit foreign donations. is connected to an Obama campaign bundler, Robert Roche, who is from Chicago but now lives and co-founded a corporation in China. Roche has direct ties to China’s state-owned banking industry.

    According to the report, nearly 68% of internet traffic to comes from foreign locations. And the website is connected to “Robert Roche”, who lives in China and co-founded a Chinese company called “Acorn International”. Roche, the report found, made 19 visits to the White House since 2009, including being seated at the head table during a State dinner with Chinese president Hu Jintao in 2011.

    Peter Schweizer, president of GAI, told Breitbart News the ease with which foreigners could donate to American candidates puts America’s sovereignty in peril.

    “Foreign donations mean that we no longer make our election decisions anymore,” Schweizer told Breitbart News.

  • just sayin

    Supporting Gary Johnson will hand the election to Obama. If Obama wins, Ron Paul and others like him will be silenced and have NO say in the future. In a Romney Presidency, I believe we will see not drastic negative results, but a turn for the better. Without a revived economy, we are doomed anyway. Your article is BS in this regard. You parrot the mainstream media saying Romney has no plan. You are no better than them. Romeny published a “White Paper” in late August that outlines his energy and economic plan. Don’t spout that he hasn’t given us a plan because you are not aware of it. Look it up! Google “Romney White Paper August Energy” and see what happens. Not difficult!

    • Cheerio

      I guess you did not watch the GOP Convention? or pay attention to the scandalous state by state delegate process? the GOP is the DNC….just sayin

      • chuckb

        after watching gary johnson debate during the republican primaries it would be interesting to know how this last presidential debate would have turned out, i would say, exactly like the bolsheviks wanted and barry would be sitting on a 16 point lead.

      • Chief Boring

        At least the RNC didn’t have to conduct three phony votes to return God to their platform, and to cite Jerusalem as the rightful capitol of Israel.The result could even be seen on the teleprompter!

  • just sayin
  • http://Yahoo Dennis

    Rest assured folks that one of the two primary candidates will be president for the next four years. So what if you’re not in love with either one. If you vote for a third person, then your vote will be wasted. Pick one of the two and vote for that person!

  • Dale left coast

    Four more years of the “O” and the debate won’t matter any more . . . you dopy libertarians are a few feet short of the cliff that the O will drive the US over, sooner rather than later . . . but you ramble on about a man who has ZERO change of winning anything . . . can Romney and the Repugs save the USA . . . maybe not . . . but they can back the USA a few more feet away from the cliff for a while . . . . watch the following video . . . puts it all in perspective . . . . your future? what future?

    • Dale left coast

      s/b . . . . “ZERO chance of winning” . . .

    • darrelljr

      who;s the dope sir? Over the cliff is over the cliff no matter who is driving!!!!!!!!!

  • JeffH

    Is voting for the “lesser of two evils” right or wrong?

    For decades, disaffected Americans have been trudging to the polls and voting for the lesser of two evils. That’s how they register their preference for a presidential candidate.

    Choices based on that dubious strategy seem to work for the short-term (at best). But in the long run, the law of diminishing returns sets in.

    Term after presidential term, the lesser of two evils lowers the quality of life for everyone and keeps nudging the decline of the American Republic. The hole to dig out of becomes deeper, and successive presidents—each one the lesser of two evils—are less capable and willing to do the necessary digging.

    That’s the story of leadership in America. Where does it stop?

    “Look, this time I’m picking the lesser of two evils, because the national crisis is so terrible. But next time, I promise I’ll do something else.”

    Really? What else will you do? Hope the sun comes out?

    The voter who is chronically addicted to the lesser of two evils is like a man in debt who borrows to pay it off. Each time he borrows, the debt gets bigger. He says, “I know this is crazy, but what else can I do? Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is the lesser of two evils. If I don’t do it, I’m sunk. I promise I’ll straighten this mess out—but not right now. I have a payment coming due. I have to borrow again.”

  • Sol of Texas

    Anyone supporting the status quo is a Tory – not a Patriot. Just an observation.

  • Ed

    If you haven’t realized it yet, last week’s debate should have proven to you that Obama and Romney are definitely NOT THE SAME. Nowhere even close. Romney is not a socialist wannabe, a Muslim, or a Constitution hater. Like it or not, those who are against Obama and his “vision” of America, not to mention bankruptcy and insolvency, but who refuse to vote for Romney because: He’s a Mormon, he’s not conservative enough, and worst of all: “He’s no different from Obama” and insist on voting for Ron Paul or some other 3rd party person might just as well cast their votes for Obama and “hope he changes!” Anybody remember a guy named Ross Perot? We MUST get Obama out by whatever means necessary.

    • http://yahoo wendell

      Ed, right on! At least a few people on this blog that has some common sense. Most libertarians have blinders on and can’t see either to the left or right. If it not their man, its nobody.

  • Rich

    Vote to stop foreign aid to Libya Egypt and Pakistan lost in the senate 81 to 10 how’s that two party system working for us?

    • Carl Manning

      They all passed NDAA too overwhelmingly. They’re all guilty of High TREASON, every last damned one of them.

    • Chief Boring

      Aid to Libya we hope will get some kind of decent government; the aid to Egypt goes mostly to the military, which is currently the most sensible group there, considering the Muslim brotherhood, but should have some conditions on it; that to Pakistan keeps some semblance of restraint on their nuclear arms, and possibly keeps them from atacking India. The world is not a simple place.

      • Chief Boring

        “Smoovious Laxness says:

        October 12, 2012 at 7:42 am

        … so naive …”

        Smoov, I’ve been called a lot of things in 74 years, but naive is certainly NOT one of them! If you persist in voting for someone with no chance of winning, that strikes me as being the epitimy of naivete! Chief Boring

  • BJH

    i am afraid for this country if either Obama-nation or Romney is elected. I think the US will go down soon no matter who is elected. I think the Bible clearly states that in the last days Russia and Iran etc. will come against Israel and the US will be gone by then. I am concentrating on the Senate and House races for myself. I will vote for a third party I do not know which one yet.

    • CA

      Having a Republican Congress will not matter if BO remains in the White House. Have you not paid attention to his continual use of Executive Orders to push his agenda with absolutely no input from Congress? He believes that he has the right to control this country all by himself. Get rid of BO!

  • chuckb

    ed, if people watching the debate are that dense they could not see such a difference are blinded by their libertarian ideology, lot of them are more interested in getting drug laws changed than they are anything else. i have never supported romney, always thought of him as an empty suit, i thought the gop railroaded newt gingrich to get their guy romney in. since that time i have completely changed my mind, i knew very little about him and now after searching him out and seeing what he is all about, the guy is one of the best candidates we have had since reagan. the mormon religion doesn’t bother me, these people complaining about that are willing to except a muslim without reservation.

  • Rafael

    “The academic world rejected Ludwig Von Mises’s theory of socialist economic calculation. Everything in their system was against acknowledging the truth of Mises’s criticisms, because he was equally critical about central banking, Keynesian economics, and the welfare state.”

    The Keynesian economic system makes no sense.

  • Carolyn in Arizona

    Voting for a third party will DOOM America as it still barely is….but I love my freedom, what we have left of it. Please people, SEE THE BIG PICTURE, I cannot say that enough!!! Do your homework, educate!

  • lou

    Every four years during the Presidential Election cycle we hear from the RP supporters. Funds are raised support is bellowed but they are no where to be found at any other time. After 12+ years we have not seen more Libertarian candidates for Public office at the Local or Legislative level. Where are they, where are the candidates during the mid-term elections? Yes, they roll out every four years and claim we should vote our conscience then, nothing. I recognize the tone of the most zealot of supporters, I call it Alinsky Screech, and all they do is split the vote. Shifting to Johnson this election is a vote for another four years of failed policy. RP supporters have already wasted over a decade of opportunity, or have they?

  • Len

    Only Romney or Obama can win. At stake is the Supreme Court. By 2016 Obama will be able to stack the Supreme court with Liberals who will block any game-changing conservative legislation. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama and surrender to his principles and pure stupidity

    • Carl Manning

      The GOP gave us Roberts, and look what that got us – Obamacare!!! Can you imagine who Ron Paul on the other hand would put on the Supreme Court – none other than Judge Andrew Napolitano of course, a truly Constitutional Conservative, as opposed to bribed Republican RINO Establishment Riffraff like Roberts.

  • CA

    The idea is to vote for someone who has a chance to win, then work with that person to bring about the kind of government you want. The Ron Paul supporters I have read here have made it clear that they have no intention of ever working with anyone if they don’t get their way. In that respect, they are no different from the rabid liberals who are pushing for BO and more government take-overs.

    • JeffH

      CA, by your name can I assume you’re from California?

      If so, then I can also assume you voted for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in the 2010 elections because they were the odds on favorites and had the best chance of winning. I’d also guess that you voted for Obama in 2008.

      In that respect you’re a hypocrit and supporting the ongoing destruction of our country.

      What you said in your comment is just plain ignorant.

      • http://yahoo wendell

        JeffH, I think you are the ignorant one. CA said “The Ron Paul supporters I have read here have made it clear that they have no intention of ever working with anyone if they don’t get their way. In that respect, they are no different from the rabid liberals who are pushing for BO and more government take-overs.”
        If you think CA voted for Oblamo, then you can’t read

      • JeffH

        wendell, I beg to differ. CA’s whole point was to vote for a winner, not the candidate that is the most qualified to lead.
        Huge difference. Why should anyone abandon their morals and vote for the potential “winner”? This isn’t about winners and losers here. We’re

      • JeffH

        Oops! Wrong key!

        wendell, and you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Try to comprehend what’s said and the process it somewhat intelligently.

        We’re Talking about the welfare of this nation, a Constitutional Republic and it’s people. To compromise principles is a big reason why we are faced with losing everything we have. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome isn’t the answer.

        For a better understanding try reading this from an earlier post about voting for the “lesser of two evils” because that basically what one does when they try to pick a winner rather than a morally principled candidate.

        “For decades, disaffected Americans have been trudging to the polls and voting for the lesser of two evils. That’s how they register their preference for a presidential candidate.

        Choices based on that dubious strategy seem to work for the short-term (at best). But in the long run, the law of diminishing returns sets in.

        Term after presidential term, the lesser of two evils lowers the quality of life for everyone and keeps nudging the decline of the American Republic. The hole to dig out of becomes deeper, and successive presidents—each one the lesser of two evils—are less capable and willing to do the necessary digging.”

        • Ronald R Worthington

          the whole problem with your approach is–we need to get the better principled man to win a major party nomination, because, just like right now, one of these two guys will be president on jan 20, 2013. who DON’T you want to win? vote splitting could cause romney to lose. so whyare ron paul and gary johnson still in there? they need to support romney, not be threatening to give it to obama !?!?

      • JeffH

        Ronald, no…just doing the same thing over and over again gets us nowhere but facing the same challenges in another four years.

    • Honestly

      CA…I agree

  • DutchUncle

    I dislike this nutcase, Paul, more then just about any politician because he and his followers,,,like the ones that followed Ross Parot,,,will re-elect Obama. He is a disgusting individual and needs to go away before he finishes what Obama started.

  • Chris Creamer

    I refuse to be force-fed this crap! I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I am voting for Johnson this election because he is what is BEST for this country! So yes, I will vote for someone other than Paul in the election and no it will not be Romney or Obama. Honestly, how is Romney better than Obama? Because he’s got an “R” after his name? You all need a better reason than this BS. I hope it pisses all of you off when Romney looses and you have someone to point your finger at. Romney is every bit as bad as Obama. Neither is the lesser evil. If the Republican Party wanted my vote so bad, they should have nominated Ron Paul. If you really want a republican in office, Romney should drop out and put Paul back in. That’s the only way you will get a Republican president this time around.

    • Honestly

      Chris Creamer…Get real… Obama if Obama has a chance he will complete his destruction of our country. I like Paul also, but he has not chance.

    • Chief Boring

      I don’t particularly like repeating myself, but…Ron Paul ran in the primaries. He lost. Johnson did not get enough votes to get into the debates. The last Libertarian to run has seen the light and endorsed Romney. He wasn’t my first choice, but he’s who we’ve got. Rand Paul haas endorsed Romney, though he does not agree with everything Romney says. Either Romney or Obama will win. Romney is far better a choice that Obama. So get over yourselves and make the best choice to defeat Obama, which should be the first priority. Chief Boring

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Just an FYI to Michigan Johnson supporters…

        If you haven’t already heard, he was removed from the ballot here by the SoS office. Johnson did file paperwork for a write-in candidacy in case the courts dragged their feet and they are doing so. The SoS, after waiting for months on the ballot issue until it is to late, won’t even confirm that they will even count his votes even tho he registered for write-in status.

        Regardless of if people think he has a chance of winning or not, this stinks to high heaven of corruption.

        Check here for instructions on how to do the write-in on our ballots. You have to write in both the President and Vice President candidates when you do.

        Just more corruption by the establishment parties like we saw in both the Democrat and Republican primaries. All the more reason why they don’t deserve our votes anymore.

        – Smoov

  • Honestly

    I don’t agree with everything Mitt Romney is about, but I saw this happen when Perot would not back down and that is why Clinton was elected. It is time for everyone to pick Romney or Obama and be done with it or Obama will be elected and that would be totally unacceptable. So, WAKE UP!!!!!

  • doradear

    I have lost respect for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. No matter what they say, they are supporting Barack Obama by not endorsing Romney. If they loved our country, they would support Romney/Ryan. I pray for God’s mercy on our country if the president is re-elected. As a Christian, I cannot support him because of his support of abortion. His lack of leadership has emboldened our enemies; there are even Muslim terrorist training camps in this country!

    • Honestly

      doradear…I could not have said it better!

    • Carl Manning

      “If they loved their country, they would vote for Romney/Ryan…” Are you on killer drugs??? Do you as a Christian relish murdering millions of innocent Muslims for nothing more than a hidelous LIE of 9/qq perpetrated by the District of Criminals??? Is that what Jesus would support – LIES AND MURDER AND GENOCIDE??? Is that the way to convert Muslims to Christianity??? Do you believe Christ supports mindless deficit spending to bankrupt future generations into endless poverty by devaluing the currency to pay for more and more endless government largesse??? That’s all you get with these FINANCIAL and CONSTITUTIONAL TRAITORS. Both of these parties saw no reason to stand up to a degenerate abortionist, criminal, serial mass murderer, fraud, forgerer, and homosexual, and yet you want to support such behavior because that’s exactly what the GOP has implicitly supported by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Obama’s hideously evil behavior?

      • Carl Manning

        That would be the “hideous lie of 9/11″.

      • Carl Manning

        How does one “love their country” by killing and destroying it??? That is exactly all we have gotten from these two criminally insane parties of legalized crime bankrolled by the endless funny money of the FED for their endless Socialist Santa Claus power grabs.

  • Dave

    A “no vote”, a vote for a third party candidate, or a vote for Obama all maximize his chance of winning. Either you cast a vote for Romney OR your vote counts for Obama. There is no other rational position one can take. It’s great to be an idealist and vote your heart but in the end if Obama wins, we all lose. Reality sucks…….

  • Jay

    A Romney victory is the work of God? Oh oh…mormonism; the American version of Islam!

    • http://yahoo wendell

      Jay, I see you are on this site again spreading lies and half truths about the Mormons. Just amit it, you are a bigot that don’t like or understand the Mormon religion. I know, you said you were once a Mormon, but I highly doubt it. You know just enough about it to be confused and disoriented.

  • Carl Manning

    If the GOP in Congress itself saw no reason to stand up to Obama and defend the Constitution, why should we vote for any member of the GOP??? Apparently, the GOP really doesn’t think he’s all that bad after all now do they??? THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • chuckb

    car3l manning, please tell me when the republicans ever stood up against anyone. they are the esence of wimpyism. the only thing they are good for is controlling the bad legislation the bolsheviks come up with.. it’s not saying much except they are a tad better than the nancy pelosi’s and harry reid.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > please tell me when the republicans ever stood up
      > against anyone. they are the esence of wimpyism.

      They’re waiting for god to save them from themselves.

      – Smoov

  • chuckb

    jay, all this time i thought you were the strong conservative voice and now you are comparing mormonism with islam. please tell me how you arrive at such a conclusion. all faith’s have their questionable positions, i don’t believe in mormonism. however, i certainly couldn’t compare them to the muslims and if i were one would find your remarks highly insulting. i would compare islam on the same plane with occultism, witchcraft or just plain ignorance.

    • Jay

      Similarities between Muslim and Mormonism?

      The concept of Heaven for both Islam and Mormonism (Latter Day Saints) are basically the same. Both believe heaven to be some type of brothel where droves of women are there for their various whims. To both of them the rewards of heaven are sexual and physical; not Godly and not Spiritual.

      Jesus Taught:
      Matthew 22:29,30 Jesus answered and said unto them, “Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they (people) neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

      Both Islam and Mormonism each came basically from one man each.
      Islam – Mohammed and Mormonism (LDS) – Joseph Smith.

      Both are a product of the preferences and imagination of a single person. While the events that brought Christianity into existence; the virgin incarnation, miracles, the death (cross) and resurrection of Jesus, all have been explicitly foretold by the many Jewish Hebrew Holy Prophets who’s prophecies were written down in advance, publicly distributed and the actual events themselves have occurred ushering in the Christian era.

      Both came long after Jesus walked the earth.
      Muslim 700′s A.D. – Mormonism 1800′s A.D.

      Both now claim to be the true representation of Jesus’ teaching although neither acknowledges that Jesus is God in the flesh as He claimed.

      John 4:19-26 The (Arab) woman saith unto Him (Jesus), Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The woman saith unto Him, I know that Messias (Messiah) cometh, which is called Christ: when He is come, He will tell us all things. Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am He.

      Both originated outside of Israel by anti-Jewish men.
      Islam in Saudi Arabia, Mormonism in New York, USA.

      Both are Strict Legalistic systems.

      Both are Strict Political systems.

      Both believe and follow Revenge, Lying and Killing as a way to further their cause.

      Both deny that women posses the ability of eternal salvation. Muslims – that women do not live eternally like men do and therefore treat women accordingly here on earth. The Muslim “Virgins” of heaven are spirit beings and not earthly women.

      Mormons – that women can only receive their highest salvation by being married and submitted to a Mormon man. The marriage must take place in a Mormon Temple where the women is given a secret password that her husband if pleased by her will use to grant her entrance into his paradise.

      Yet the Bible says that God created both the man and the woman equally, that men and women are of the same flesh and of the same spirit. The original woman Eve came from the man but now all descendants whether male or female come from a woman therefore creating equality in life giving among the genders. If women do not posses eternal salvation (a relationship with God) on their own then neither do men.

      Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

      Genesis 2:23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she {Eve} shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

      1 Corinthians 11:12 For as the woman {Eve} is of the man, even so is the man also by {Childbirth} {from} the woman; but all things of God.

      Both deny the Deity of Jesus.

      Muslims – believe that Jesus is only a Prophet, and Mormons – believe that Jesus is only a man just like Adam and every other man. Neither acknowledge Jesus as the Manifestation of God that Jesus claimed to be.

      The writings of both are plagued with Errors and inconsistencies.

      “There is no other religion on earth that has lower moral expectations of itself, yet higher expectations of others than Islam.”

      Here is a Quote from Joseph Smith declaring Mormonism and not Christianity to be his greatest ideal and defining Mormonism as a “worldly” religion.

      “We should gather all the good and true principles in the world and treasure them up, or we shall not come out true Mormons.”
      (Joseph Smith, TPJS, p. 316)

      The Bible teaches:
      Philippians 3:18-20 For many walk, of whom I (Apostle Paul) have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:
      And much, much, more …

      Islam and Mormonism have Nothing to do with Christianity and much to do with each

    • Jay
    • Jay

      Did Joseph Smith plagerize the Quran to create the Mormon faith?

    • Jay

      Here’s the 11th Annual Mormom studies conference title:

      Mormonism and Islam

      Commonality and Cooperation Between Abrahamic Faiths
      March 10 & 11, 2011 ~ Utah Valley University ~ Centre Stage

      The eleventh annual UVU Mormon Studies Conference will engage in a comparative exploration of Islam and Mormonism. Scholars and practitioners will reflect on points of connection and contrast between two traditions that face challenges related to public awareness and social inclusion. This two-day event will explore a variety of issues for Mormons and Muslims including 1) religious freedom and public perception, 2) mutual goals and cooperative endeavors, 3) areas of theological connection and divergence, and 4) efforts at dialogue and bridge-building.

      Within a year of the founding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1830, detractors of Mormonism began to compare this new religious movement to Islam. Referring to Joseph Smith as “the modern Mahomet,” these early comparisons reflected religious prejudices of the day and were intended to marginalize Mormons and Muslims in American social and political culture. The aim of this conference is to enhance public understanding of religious diversity and to explore two traditions at the epicenter of
      discussion in American religious discourse.

      Hmm, interesting. Don’t you think so, Chuckb?

      • http://none Claire

        Jay: the early teachings of mormonism were racist. Check it out.

  • Nathan

    The presidency is irrelevant at this point. Big gov repub or big gov lib. What we need to focus on is putting fiscally conservative people into the house and senate.

  • hoser

    I voted for Gary Johnson and I do’nt look back. I voted for who I thought would make the best president. That’s what we’re suppose to do right? Our patriotic duty. Why live and die in a two-party system that’s broken?

  • Jay

    A Letter to Glenn Beck
    Posted On: 09/02/10 03:08:10 PM Age 0, ID

    Dear Glenn Beck, I believe that it is a little bit ironic that you appear to be stealing the mantle and the title of the poster boy for the new political machinery that controls the evangelical Christian right, while in the process using your friend Sarah to hijack the Tea Party title from its true founders.

    For a man who talks and attempts to sound like a Christian, spiritually your true beliefs do not even come close to the Biblical definition of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes your cunning speech employs His Name for some plotted advantage to promote your cause, but it is only deception that you skillfully wield in an attempt to solidify an alliance and binding of two faiths so directly in opposition to each other. In doing so, only shame and judgment may fall on your head and on those you have deceived.

    Your faith in an unbiblical religion is in direct opposition to the Biblical God and the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. In His Holy and Inerrant Word, Jesus Christ declares no one comes to the Father accept through me, but you seem to want to climb into the sheepfold your own way or convince those inside to throw you down a rope to climb in.

    Your clever masquerade to bring honor back to America only brings further shame and judgment on all who support you. The God of the Bible will never align spiritually with those who hate Him. The God of the Bible will never hear the prayers of those who are not His chosen people. Why? At the top of the list stands your rejection of the doctrine of justification by faith, your works religion. You have on many occasions denied that the righteousness of Christ is the sole ground of our justification, teaching instead that we all must reform our own hearts in order to be acceptable to God. Rarely do you speak the words of Jesus Christ, who I might add is not Lucifer’s brother. Please take time to explain your belief on this to your viewers and watch the rating drop.

    You have implied many times that the fallen state of our nation’s morality is purely a voluntary condition, and therefore, we citizens have the power simply to will otherwise.
    You imply that sin results from wrong choices, not from a fallen nature as the Bible declares.

    Accordingly, it seems you think that Americans can freely reform their own hearts, and must do so themselves if they are to be redeemed. In your telling of God, it becomes clear that you believe your own will is the determinative factor that brings about hope and honor and not God’s Will. You have said we are all I Am and this comes as no surprise since the tenets of your faith teach that members may one day become Gods themselves.

    Glenn, though you excel at cloaking your real opinions in ambiguous language and biblical-sounding expressions, your views are pure Pelagianism. In case you do not know what that terminology means, in Biblical terms you are indeed a heretic to the doctrines of Biblical Christianity. Just admit what you are and stop hiding behind crafty speech!

    Your political arguments mixed with what seems Christian, employed to sustain and promote your ill views are nearly always rationalistic and philosophical, not biblical.

    For so many folks to canonize you as an evangelical political hero is to ignore the facts of what you really stand for. You are indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing as far as representing true Christianity, so stop trying to portray yourself as a Christian.

    Sadly, if we measured your current spiritual beliefs with scripture you would be way short of wearing this title. When you say we need to turn back to God, I applaud your words and suggest that you take yourself up on the offer and turn away from your false beliefs, repent and accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for your sin and this will be the start of bringing real honor to America! Starting with the grace bestowed upon you by Jesus Christ! Then you can beg without any further hypocrisy, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    Concerned, E. S. Myskowski

  • chuckb

    jay most of what you say is true about momonism, however, this church has evolved away from the old doctrine and polygamy. in “barbers history of the western states and territories” printed in the middle 1800′s it is reported that a man named spaulding actually wrote the so called book of mormons and some did claim it was copied in part from the qur’an and or holy bible either way it was never published he couldn’t find a publisher for the book. after his death john smith obtained the writings from spauldings widow and being a con man claimed he dug up the manuscript and thus started the mormon church.

    the mormons i know do believe in jesus christ and redemption thru him. they believe he is the son of god and the the only way to the father. truthfully can anyone say for a fact that christ is the one and only god? i cannot prove this yet i believe in christ and i believe he is the son of god.

    i cannot associate this church with islam, most mormons i know are very devout and patriotic people.

  • Chris Nichols

    LOL at all the Massachusetts liberal supporters bashing Ron Paul supporters thinking douchbaggery is going to get them another vote……you establishment neocon boot licking trotskyites must have to leave yourselves post it notes to remember to breathe.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      >patiently waits for the din of pages rustling to die back down, of Romney supporters, rifling en masse through their dictionaries, trying to figure out what Chris had just said<

      • Chief Boring

        Smoov, you’re on that horse again; the thin air up there must be getting you light headed. FYI, I have a Bachelor’s in Communication, and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. Wonder of wonders, I even have heard “douchbag” used in the context Chris employed. Chief Boring

        • Smoovious Laxness


          Being book-smart, even with degrees in fields unrelated to what we’re discussing here, and being a fool, are not traits that are mutually exclusive.

          – Smoov

  • Chris

    This article just rants on but offers no answer Jeff:

    I think many (including me) would vote for Ron Paul/Johnson if they can be “assured” these guys could win, but if their loss equals a win for Obama, then we have to vote to get Obama out. I’d rather have a Mormon at the helm than one who condones Islam; and to those who believe in Islam saying it is not a bad religion, well the rest of us who have seen only the bad in Islam in the world are fearful of it because we just don’t know if there “really IS” a good side to the Islam religion.

    • Chief Boring

      “Smoovious Laxness says:

      October 13, 2012 at 9:34 am


      Being book-smart, even with degrees in fields unrelated to what we’re discussing here, and being a fool, are not traits that are mutually exclusive.

      – Smoov”

      Smoov, a degree in Communication would seem relevent to this discussion, although the lack of understanding and common sense among some of our correspondants requires a rather broad defintion of communication. I think I will bow out at this point, as talking in circles gets a little tedious. Good night all. Chief Boring

  • Chris

    Johnson’s support for gay marriage, eased immigration and a scaling back of government search powers authorized after the Sept. 11 terror attacks make him a wild card in some key states.
    In Colorado, Johnson has aligned himself with a ballot measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

    Above blurbs from:

  • DetroitWheel

    There isn’t a good candidate among them. 534 wannabe honest politicians?? No, I think not.They are corrupt to the point of total destruction of this great land we call the USA. Obombya wants the turnover of this country to the UN and Agenda 21 while he and his minions of Devil Worshipers are doling out poisons to the masses (Big Pharma and the Medical System) our air is poisoned from chem trails (Global bullcrap Warming and the prospect of taxing the hell out of YOUR carbon footprint) our food is so poisoned with chemicals and Big Pharma only says we’ll incorporate all of the vaccines and the chemicals and the suicide side effects into all of our GMO’s now. Will they stop – EVER! Go to hell Washington – we’re ready to fight to get you fake pres imposters and Warmongers out of our White House and change the site of our seat of gov’t to Texas! Ron or NONE! You Washed Up Land of freaks are all killers in our books.

  • Ronald R Worthington

    everyone is drifting off the subject here. it all comes down to ‘vote splitting’. a third party candidate would work IF he could generate enough votes to force a runoff. that ain’t going to happen. principles or whatever, either O or romney will be sworn in on jan 20th 2013. this is the way it’s going to be. if you don’t want O, you better vote for romney; any vote cast for ANYONE else-ron paul, gary johnson, the town dog—it would be the same thing as a vote FOR Obama. Git ‘er done!

    • MNIce

      Your “runoff” would take place in the House of Representatives. The last time I looked, the number of Libertarians likely to be elected was less than 1%, and with the retirement of Ron Paul, is probably about 0. It would still be a choice between Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney.

  • Chris

    Ran across the following that California did…….all possible candidates on the ballot and everyone votes their first, second, and third choice…….this way if one’s first choice doesn’t get it, one’s second choice hopefully will. What do you all think?

  • Errol

    Why is it that the 4 years between the presidential election session I do not hear and party building, never hear about libertarians, except if I listen to Glen Beck. Now we are up to a few weeks before the election and Ron Paul pops out off the closet again. I have no idea if he is still running or not. Starting right now is when the libertarian party needs to build, it’s base and its support across the entire country lets not wait another 3 o4 years, there isn’t any momentum, just wasted voted and not vote is a vote. Vote, Pray, Vote

  • hpw3506

    Romney is the only candidate with real business experience to turn the economy around and decrease the deficit. He did this as a business consultant, with the Olympics and with the state of Mass. So, anyone who realizes we can’t tolerate 4 more yrs of overspending BO and giving preference to muslim backed governments and giving special treatment to lgbt, should vote for Romney.

  • Jeff Penso

    I do agree with most of these posts as far as the media or party giving us our choices for President. That’s the way it is, for now. The new media is gaining audience. I believe the best chance for a change back to the constitution as the rule of law, is to start with your local elections at the city, state level, then move up to congress and the president. I believe this is all being done but there is too much emphasis on the main prize and not enough enjoyment and satisfaction on some big local and congressional victories we have won and failed to fully appreciate. Rome wasn’t built or destroyed in a day. This insane creeping destruction from the progressives has been infecting us for well over 50 years and will be slow to change. I agree to never be satisfied, but to take what we can get and enjoy the victories, they are here right now. Romney was not my first choice, but Romney Ryan are now. The more I see of this ticket, the more I believe in it. It is foolish to stay home and pout on election day. Be patient we have to crawl before we run.

  • T. Jefferson

    I love Ron Paul and think he is the best man for the job, but, the object is to get obama out of office. If we split our vote we will lose. If we don’t hang together we will most suredly hang alone.

    • Paul Wells

      I agree, T. Jefferson, to the point that i voted for Ron Paul in the primary. But when you can’t pull more than 2 ~ 3% of the vote nationally…and listen up Gary Johnson folks, this applies to you, as well. You all keep saying, yes, that is the game they want you to play, is to say if you don’t vote this way, then Obama will win. But guess what. Despite you howling to the stars, if you can’t pull at least 10% ~ 12% nationally…it just ain’t gonna happen. Therefore, put down your Johnson/Paul signs, and get on board and vote for Mitt. At least that will get the idiot out of the WH!!!!

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Doing so will leave the progressives in power… can’t go along with that, sorry…

        – Smoov

      • Paul Wells

        Smoov, if you were replying to me…I didn’t state it very clearly, but I was saying exactly the same thing…Vote for Mitt.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Mitt, as well as a significant number of the Republicans, particularly the ones in string-pulling positions, are also progressives.

          Voting for Mitt, will leave the progressives in power.

          Can’t go along with that, sorry…

          – Smoov

  • Paula

    I realize that many of you are set on your principles and want to vote for another candidate on the Libertarian or write-in ticket, however everyone on this posts knows that a vote for either of these candidates is a vote for the incumbent Obama. Paul and Johnson do not have enough support for a landslide win. I wish that another candidate had been selected on the repubican ticket, I would have selected almost any of them instead of Romney; However I despise Obama, I know that our Nation cannot survive another 4 years of this President. I do not trust Obama nor do I like his principles, his character or him being a representative of our nation. I would rather toss my pride and principles aside and vote for Romney because I believe that I can trust him to lead our nation, I believe that he loves this country and respects our flag and will protect our Constitution. I believe in his leadership abilities and I believe that he will do what he says that he will do. We all know that all we have gotten from Obama is broken promises and an economagedon and most people don’t know half of what the media has kept hid from the American public. Please caste your pride aside and vote for what is truly the only selection in this race, Romney/Ryan, I do not want to live in a Socialist/Communist government, maybe the next term Johnson or someone else can build enough public support to win.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      A vote for either Obama or Romney is a vote for Progressivism…

      Obama, is a self-proclaimed Progressive…
      Romney, is a self-proclaimed Progressive…

      Progressivism, is the cancer that is killing our country.

      We recognize this, even if you don’t.

      How can we possibly vote for the very thing that is taking us to ruin?

      From our perspective, voting for either one is equally damaging to our country.

      If you really believe that the Republicans, when it comes time to actually do something to reverse things, are going to seriously do something about it? You’re dreaming.

      They make a big show of it when they don’t have the power to actually pull things back, but as soon as they do have the power to do it, THEY DON’T.

      You think Romney is going to repeal Obamacare? Really!? Logic fails you.

      For us, there is no way we can vote for either one of them.

      – Smoov

      • Paul Wells


        You and your “crew” can vote for whoever you want. It won’t change a thing! Either Obama or Romney WILL BE elected. Since you apparently see them both as poison, and will not differentiate between degrees of bad….then I guess Obama will pick up votes from you and your crew. That’s how it is.

  • sesame

    Rand Paul has also refused to endorse Romney. Problem with Romney he has been on every side of every issue.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Rand Paul endorsed Romney a while ago already…

      If you have a reference to where he announced pulling his endorsement from Romney, please post the link.

      Just can’t let that misinformation pass, sesame, sorry.

      – Smoov

  • Michael Griffin

    A vote that is not cast for Romney has been perceived as being a vote for Obama. This is the old line of voting for the lessor of two evils. To vote ones consciouse it looked on as worthless to those with an alfernate view. They want desperately to revile anyone that would affect the outcome of their candidate. It is their aim to bludgeon them onto their twisted way of compromise.
    The long running Glenn Beck conservative false flag is coming to its real motive, and that is the real reason for this Beck agenda all along, and that is to be their for the Mormon cause of another Mormon Mitt Romney from the beginning. I think we were being set up as real suckers all along.

  • Jefferson Dowda

    I don’t care for some of Romney’s tactics, but, I agree with him way more than Obama, and if Obama is re-elected, you nor I will not get another chance too stop this rollercoaster. I want a chance to turn our country back too it’s constitutional principles, but it didn’t get here over night, under Obama it has been expidited, and imagine him another 4 years where he dosen’t need too worry about re-election, because he will make himself King, with another 4, and he will use the UN too accomplish this. I agree that Romney isn’t the best thing going, but no one on the primary was, not even Ron Paul. Someone like Allan West, Trey Goudy, or Jim Demint, would have been the optimal choice, but were not even part of the choices. But my point here is Obama must go, we can use the next four years to start a third party, but now, at this point it is futile and will garuntee Obama’s victory as well as the end of America. Say what you will, yes some will fight and wont just give up, but as many guns as we own, how many tanks, drones, fighters and bombers, granade launchers, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and lasser guided missiles do any of us have? no where near the amount that the UN has, and they will take our military supplies, as most of our military wont turn on us, but will be useless too us. And don’t call me a conspiracy freak, if anybody has been watching Obama’s Executive orders, and even Congress and the Senate have assisted him with the NDAA, it had overwhelming support. And why do you think Obama can get by with openly commiting Treason, and Congress says nothing, maybe a little smoke, but no serious action, look at Fast and Furious, a lot of smoke, and NO ACTION except behind closed doors letting Obama play King. Get real, it will be a slow process too fix this and a lot of suffering will be had by all, but it starts with removing OBAMA, and at this point Romney is the3 only option. And don’t compare him too John McCain, McCain was and is a progressive, and I hope you all know what a Progressive is, be it Democratic or Republican, a Progressive is the new easier too digest term for a Communist. Romney isn’t a progressive, he may not be Conservative but he isn’t a progressive. If you do not vote or vote for a third party, you are voting for Obama, not literally, but in essence. The only chance we have at this point, to limit the suffering we will encounter is too vote Romney in and demand that Obama, Reid and Pelosi be prosecuted for Treason.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > Romney isn’t a progressive, he may not be Conservative but he isn’t a progressive.

      Not according to Romney himself… he himself claims his views are progressive, here:

      Or, is this just yet another Etch-A-Sketch moment?

      – Smoov

  • John Brown


    > The original woman Eve came from the man

    I commend you for getting everything spot on in this post (I have not read every message, just that) except this. Eve was not the original woman, she is called the mother of all living because Christ came through her.

    Genesis uses two difference Adams. You have to know Hebrew. Adam = man = 6th day. Adam=ruddy=8th day. If you have a Strongs it says Eve was created from Adam’s “curve”, we now know what the “curve” is today, DNA. back in 1611, the only “curve” they knew were ribs. Same as when Noah was told to take two of every flesh, look up flesh in the Strongs, it is flesh of man aka “adam”, not the ADAM (ruddy). Check out ruddy throughout the BIble, only refers to the king line. Which we now call Defender of the Faith aka Queen of England who is a direct blood of Jesus through the 3 daughters of Hez., who the KENite (look up 7017) dissed, aka Obama.

    Know our 40 year probation period for borrowing against God’s word, Deut 28:12, expired Aug 2011, which Nixon started in Aug 1971 when he killed the gold standard to borrow from other nations.

    Know our probation period for killing babies (Roe vs. Wade) through abortion is up Dec 2012 or Jan 2013, depending on which case.

    Earth will not end on Dec 2012, but, I expect the SHTF then.

    mayan pagan calendar ends to user in a new world order
    sequestration comes due for violating Deut 28:!2
    40th year of violating Luke 1:36 with 1st degree murder.

    All the candidates (all the republicans too except Gov. Perry) have now been warned about Deut 28:12 and Luke 1:36. None of them will mention it and all support abortion. As in the case of rape, read Eze 18:20.

  • WW 2 vet (no overseas)

    Some pack of idiots who would like to see the country go down if they are not viable candidates.You can,t ever win a national election even with all the tea in China and you want to let Obama destroy the country. Remember what you did in Nevada and Delaware.
    You sound like a bunch of cry babies.

  • Jefferson Dowda

    We cain’t wait till two years before the election too try and bring about a viable third party. We must start something like that on Nov 7, 2012, in order too be a serious threat in 2016. I personally feel the Tea Party, with it’s current base and organization on a national scale is where we start this push. And you allow only true Conservative candidates on the ballots for the primary. You push people with strength in all areas like Allen West as your party’s representative. Alan West has backbone, he explains his positions, and he dosen’t back down, from anyone. That is what it will take too fix America, but we cain’t start this election, especially with any of the people mentioned above, they are weak in some area, and it is too late too mount any kind of counter assault against the two. any attempt at this only makes Obama stronger, and America cannot survive another 4 years.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Allan West voted to give Obama 2 trillion dollars to spend as he wishes completely defying his Tea Party credentials on August 1st, 2011. He betrayed the American People and caved to the RINO’s. He’s all talk – NO WALK – another typical GOP crap sandwich!!!

      • navyjr

        Working at your state level is the ONLY rational way with the nominees at the Federal level controlled by people many of whom are NOT even Americans; and never have been! Get with your state legislators, and work with your LOCAL governments too; Agenda 21 is a creeping cancer taking over ALL our local and state communities! Don’t just bemoan the Federal problems and DO NOTHING about it; your state and local levels are where to start changing things

  • John Brown


    I solved the Curse of the Zeroes, which people such as O’Reillly (Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy) and wikipedia have ignored. It is tied directly to the Civil War and ignoring God. If you want to know what Dec 2012 will likely kick off, find my article and read all three parts. Then figure out from the CDC data how many babies have been killed and how many black babies (3x the rate of whites). Then you have an idea of what kind of Civil War Dec 2012 will lead to. Bill Ayers will finally get his wish.

  • braindeadus

    If you want to take back this country quit voting for the party and not the person. We as a country need to vote these old corrupt politicians out of office no matter what party they belong to. Have you read the communist manafesto if not you better. Obama is following it almost word for word. I am a Ron Paul supporter but I have to be realistic to think voting for him is a vote for Obama. Whats important is we vote for congressmen, and senate candidates who are closer to the libertarian view than those who have taken us to socialism.

  • william

    John brown says: if pohs doesn’t get reelected, there will be riots in the streets,

  • George Somsel

    Those who will pass up the good in pursuit of the perfect strike me as singularly ignorant. They will, in the end, get the worst that they seek to avoid (and deserve it).

    • craig wettstein

      What a freakin dreamer you are bud…calling either one of these boys being offered up to us as ” good and or perfect” is bull. They’re samo samo!! Same thing we’ve been gettin for 50 years!!! As far as I’m concerned it’s time to let this charade totally blow. I have more faith in our Military taking over, and guiding it back to a true Constitutional Republic. I’ld rather live under military order than what these bums are offering us!!!

    • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

      I haven’t read this much hog wash and nonsense in a long time. It is is quite evident that there are a lot of people out there that do not grasp the reality of what is going on. Vietnam Vet. I am with you,I was there too and I’m quite sure that you share my views. When I enlisted in the Army I took an oath to defend the constitution of this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. When I was discharged no one relieved me from that oath.It is up to we the people to use our common sense. Fact: if we split the vote by voting for one that can not possibly win,we increase the chances of one who could {lesser of two evils or not}. Fact: Obama has completely ignored our constitution and refuses to listen to and act in the best interest of the people. Fact: those that are in office either will not or are afraid to oppose him for fear of riots which would allow him to declare marshal law according to his executive order which again ignores the constitution. Fact: whether out of fear or just plain ignorance we have elected officials that refuse to do the job they were hired to do. Fact: A one person change in Washington will not get the job done::::. If we really wants to get the job done we have to work together for one soldier can not win a war and believe me this is a war. If you have followed me so far you realize that we have a president that is bent on destroying our country and a congress and senate that refuse to act. I believe that everyone understands getting fired, It is not pleasant but I believe that is exactly what needs to be done, and for now we still have the power to do just that.. If the wrong person is elected we may not have that power for long. If you can understand and grasp what I have just said I Hope for all of us in this country that you will use the common sense God gave you and vote to give us the time to change what we the people have allowed to happen. Also understand this WE THE PEOPLE are as much at fault as the politicians. We had life so good for so long that we allowed them to do as they pleased and now we argue over how to change it. The answer is, use common sense and work together> If you can’t understand this concept then continue to fight one another and guaranty that we will fail. God help us

  • Mike

    The fact that some are whining because their candidate did NOT get out his message or is not able to convince people TODAY, that he is the right choice, does not suprise me. Ron Paul ran in the 2 party system and he got nowhere. Not because they conspired against him. People do not want him. I do not know enough about Gary Johnson to make the decision at this point. This is a tipping point election. If Barry is re-elected, we will cease to exist as the Country we know and love.
    The Tea Party has the right idea. Take over the Repub party. Vote in the better candidate 1 person at a time. This is where Paul-bots and some others make their mistake. 1 step at a time and build your base and momentum. Use the better argument, not anger. Romney is not my first choice but between the 2, there is no other choice.
    I will do everything I can to insure Barry is moving out in January.
    In 4 yrs, I would like to see a steadily increasing Rand Paul or Gary Johnson team makes some headway. But remember simple math. 1/2 of 50% does not win elections. Work from the inside to eliminate the Romney types and be the nominee.
    Just remember. If your vote keeps Barry in office and our Country collapses, you will be part of the reason and therefore my enemy. No different than Barry.

  • sj

    I will vote my conscience, I will stand on my own two feet and use my backbone, which many of you don’t seem to posess, to pull the lever for whom ever I deem worthy. And if that means that BS wins the election so be it. Perhaps that will speed up the revolution that must be if freedom is to survive. And just maybe another four years will give BS just enough rope for him to hang himself !

  • jsdorn

    so a lot of you people would like Joe Biden as our president if something were to happen to Our socialest Dictator.Obama is not an American he is nothing but a lousey Muslim .He wants this country to fall He hates our costitution.I for one will vote for Romney .I am an indenpendent.

  • Stu

    What I would lie to see happen is for Romney to offer Ron Paul the position of Secretary of the Treasury or Fed Federal Reserve Chairman. Then for Ron Paul throw all his support to Mitt Romney.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > What I would lie to see happen is for Romney to
      > offer Ron Paul the position of Secretary of the
      > Treasury or Fed Federal Reserve Chairman.

      This is probably the only way I would consider changing my mind from Johnson to Romney… _IF_, it could be cast in stone… no just saying it to get the votes, and then change his mind afterwards… so fed up with that over and over and over again.

      Doubt it would ever happen tho. It would undermine the progressive agenda.

      – Smoov

    • Paul Wells

      Now THAT really wouldn’t be a bad move at all, and I could enthusiastically support Ron Paul as Fed Res Chairman or Secy of Treasury! That would be great! Sadly, I too don’t think it would happen, and I actually doubt that Ron Paul would give Romney an endorsement even if that were dangled out as a carrot! Neat idea, though!

  • Greg

    Paul is not wrong, but Obama is such a danger everything possible must be done to defeat him. The main line GOP should not have silenced credentialed delegates at the convention if they wanted their votes. They are treating libertarians like the Dems treat blacks. We will do as we please because you have no place else to go.

  • Danny Mast

    To the so called ethical intellect consider this .. the next president will likely appoint supreme court judges and federal judges. the question is … do you think obama or romney will appoint more conservative judges ? presidents come and go; judges are life time . i go back to when F D R was president

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Since neither one of them are conservative, what makes you think either one of them is going to appoint conservative judges?

      – Smoov

  • howa52

    This election is between two people , Obama and Romney. WHen are you people going to realize that . If Paul is what he says he is then he will get his head out of the sand and start supporting Romney. Because he is the only chance we have to even start turning this mess around. Only an idiot is going to vote for Obama. Viet Nam Vet is one of the few on here that has made any sense at all.

  • Paul

    Okay, lets get this right. Unless you agree with me 100% I’m going to destroy this nation. That is the mindset of the “Ron Paul” , I’m smarter than you because I know all the “conspiracies and Obama and Mitt are clone crowd. Again I say that Ron Paul supporters are as dangerous as Obama is to American liberty. They are just as blind as the cool aid drinkers who vote democrat without thinking. Romney is a conservative and will govern that way. He will follow the Constitution and he will get this country on the path to fiscal responsiblity. He has done it before. He has a record. Only an idiot will vote for Obama and only an idiot will vote Ron Paul at the expense of country

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      I’m sure Romney, the “Conservative???” will appoint fine outstanding Conservatives like John Roberts to the SCOTUS to screw us over 6 ways to Sunday, right??? LMAO!!! Keep drinking that Kool-Aid, and besure to keep plenty of lipstick on hand for that pig!

      • Chief Boring

        Roberts has voted TWICE to uphold the Second Amendment. Do you think BHO would appoint someone who would do that?

        • navyjr

          True he has; but then they didn’t threaten to smear him on that one as happened with Obamacare, on which critical issue to not just health care but our entire economy and many of our personal freedoms, HE CAVED! Obama and Co. are working on a back door through the UN on the guns issue anyway and Obama knows that so it was less crucial how he went on that one!

  • norml14u

    remember when O said “He’d been in all 57 states while on the campaign trail?”
    Wasn’t that FUNNY? Well, not so much. He just forgot for a moment where he was ISLAM HAS 57 different factions “STATES”. The MUslim Brotherhood were welcomed AND WINED AND DINED IN our wHITEHOUSE!! Don’t tell me that there is no difference!!
    What’s worse than death?? Being a subserviant slave to the Islamic, commie , marxist s.ob.’s that are being handed our country on a silver platter by US?
    Obama’s Kenyan family. all of a sudden, have become wealthy Muslim Brotherhood bigshots in the Arab world.


    Mitt Romney is a god fearing man who has the background to make a difference in the direction we’re going.

    Vote ROMNEY/RYAN- because there is a hell of a difference and our lives and our children’s and their children’s futures depend on us NOW< TODAY!!!

  • Kay Cleveland

    So, let me get this straight…Ron Paul thinks he is better than anybody else to run this country…so he is going to not vote for Romney or Obama…split the votes. What a stupid old man. He is right up there with Biden in my book. After the past four years of the current Communist administration…Bozo the Clown may be better….But Romney rates as #1 considering. He was not my 1st choice, but he won the RNC so he is now 100% better than what we have. America will not stand under 4 more years of Obama. You are just a stupid old man Ron Paul…and you need to give it up and go home.

    • Smoovious Laxness


      EVERY presidential candidate thinks he’s better than everyone else to run the country.

      If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be running.

      – Smoov

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        True, but all the others who have dropped out or weren’t chosen in the primaries have given their support to the candidate slated, unlike Ron Paul, who ran on the Repub ticket this year: his failure to do so hurts AMERICA, not just his personal ego!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          He isn’t obligated to support Romney… in fact, with all of the cheating and corruption surrounding the primary process to insure Romney got the nomination, that is reason enough to not endorse him.

          I’d respect Ron Paul less, if he gave his endorsement now.

          If Romney played and won fair? Different story, but that didn’t happen.

          – Smoov

          • navyjr

            So, no matter what, you’d RATHER cast a vote that will insure Obama’s re-election, than slow the slide and work on changing the system reasonably? That’s essentially what you’re saying. Most of us DIDN’T want Romney; the “establishment” did {aka the Bilderberger elitists}; and some of us are working at the local levels to get that changed; but it does take time. You could help, in YOUR local community…

          • Smoovious Laxness


            Your argument is meaningless… your false choice doesn’t work…

            You’re voting for the establishment…

            I’m voting against the establishment…

            I don’t give a damn which of the two establishment candidates win, because they’re still establishment, and they’re still going to push through the establishment’s long-term agenda, no matter which face gets put on the packaging.

            Say hi to the rest of your boiler-room friends for me there… and let your supervisor know that you guys need more variation in the scripts you’re supposed to be using… gotta keep the FUD fresh ya know, or it loses its flavor.

            – Smoov

          • SamFox

            Smoov, I am with you.

            I got my early ballot a few days ago. I marked it for Gary Johnson.

            Ron Paul is much better than Gary & I wanted to write him in. But Gary’s name was on my ballot so I voted for him thinking hsince his name is there that he would get more votes. Though Ron is a better candidate, Johnson is light years better than the 2 clowns the Big Government Party’s Dem & Repub wings gave us.


            I say!! It is Time to take a stand against the farce deceptively called the two party system.


  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Much as I detest Obama, and dislike Romney as an alternative; the reality is that any effort to vote for ANY 3rd party candidate will INSURE the Lib/Dem GETS re-elected! That’s the sick reality of the way our system works, because SO many will vote for that candidate regardless of WHO they run, even their symbol the Jackass would win; but 3rd party candidates pull votes ONLY from the Repub pool; and as always, our choice in reality is between the lesser of the 2 evils presented to us. Had Paul succeeded in winning the primary and enough electoral votes to be a viable candidate it MIGHT be different; but in this case, HE is NOT a good choice for our nation at this time either! While some of his ideas with respect to the economy and domestic policy are sound; some of his notions about foreign policy would land us in WORSE trouble than Obama and Carter have done! Coming right on the heels of the disaster of Obama, we simply can’t afford or absorb that, as a nation!

  • Dee

    If the supporters of Ron Paul want to keep their votes instead of giving them to Gov. Romeny, they are very foolish. Maybe they want obummer to win the election. If that is the case, they are very stupid. Just because their candidate didn’t win, they should work to help the country.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      For all you Romneybots out there,

      Let me tell you something. Romney will win this election hands down, but Obama will not give up relinquish power at all. He will not – I REPEAT – he WILL NOT STEP DOWN. So, please, do us Ron Paul Constitution-loving Conservatives a big favor: When your man, Mr. Willard Bilderberg Romney, globalist NWO neocon nutjob Socialist Liberal RINO extraordianire wins and wins big in a national landslide on November 6th but is not allowed to take the reins of power on January 20th, 2013, please take a look in the mirror and see just who is responsible for the DEATH OF AMERICA AND THE DEATH OF THE US CONSTITUTION!!! When you vote for the Establishment, you vote for your own nation’s and your own posterity’s suicide. Is this the value you place on freedom??? Your behavior is the behavior of Esau – selling your birthright to freedom for WHAT??? – a meaningless victory.
      Your Nightmare on Elm Street is about to begin, but you won’t be able to blame Ron Paul or anybody else but YOURSELVES AND YOUR ENDLESS IIGNORANCE OF THE TRUTH AND LACK OF COURAGE TO FOLLOW AND BELIEVE THE TRUTH

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Carl, take some meds and calm down, if abomination stays in office as you say it dosen’t matter if Romney wins does it??? Have you thought about what you RAVED about, I wanted Ron Paul but if as you say Abomination will not Relinquish Power then it also dosen’t matter that Ron Paul had won, Does It??????? You make no Sence !!!! Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Of course, I know if Ron were elected, he would be assassinated just like they did to JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, JFK Jr, and Princess Diana and almost did to Ross Perot, and if he were elected and somehow survived his assassination attempt, he wouldn’t even take the reins of power from Obama either on January 20th, 2013. Nobody will. The point I am making is that if we had supported opposing the Two-Party hegemony by divorcing ourselves from the GOP entirely, we would not be living this Nightmare on Elm Street. Continuing to support the Establishment does nothing to bring about political revolution and/or Secession and/or Civil War if required, God forbid. The GOP is not, has not, and will NEVER be a Conservative Constitutionally-minded party. Reagan was their best coup to deceive their faithful. He was just “baiting the hook”. Sadly, the only thing that will come out of this election is that the American People will finally come to terms with the fact that they have a permanent Dictatorship with no Constitution however much they believe to the contrary courtesy of the CIA/Mossad/B’nai Brith-controlled State Propaganda. They will finally know the REAl GOP. I can only hope the GOP pays for its Treason at Obama’s hands.

        • navyjr

          They were before 1860; , but went astray during the Civil War, when their FIRST candidate for the office of POTUS got elected! Might have had something to do with the unConstitutional powers he seized during that war; the martial law portion of which remains in force today! The lies and deception go back to well before my GRANDPARENTS were a twinkle in anyone’s eyes! THEY were young when Wilson pulled HIS boondoggles on them!

      • navyjr

        And somehow voting for Ron Paul is going to magically change; that??? Don’t be absurd, please! I’ve been saying for months that it doesn’t matter which wins the election, we’ll still have half the population FURIOUS, and there will be a backlash; probably quite a violent one. I’ve also been telling my state legislators and b governor to prepare for secession; that it may well be the only way to salvage anything of the nation we love, and the Constitution we love and took oaths to serve!

      • Chief Boring

        You, sir, are living in a fantasy land. Even BHO would not dare to do that. He might try it in four years, but not now.

  • Jo Ann Kellet

    Is Ron Paul another Perot that got Clinton elected. A third party candidate will elect Obama!!! Is that more important than our country??? How are they going to LIKE & THRIVE IN SOCIALISM??? NOT MY VISION FOR AMERICA!!!!!

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      The GOP already is socialist, so what’s your point??? America already is a socialist country. Do you really think Obamacare will be overturned now??? Do you really think Romney, the inspiration for Obamacare, will do anything to repeal it??? Get real! No Ron Paul supporters like myself are buying the lies. This guy, like Obama, is just another pathologically lying politician who tells you what you want to hear.

  • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

    What most of us Ron Paul supporters already know is something of which MOST OF YOU haven’t a clue. Your nation, your freedom, your US Constitution, and your republican form of government IS ALREADY OVER. It doesn’t matter if Romney wins in a landslide on November 6th. Obama, the Communist, is not relinquishing his power on January 20th, 2013. IT’S ALREADY OVER FOR AMERICA. By continuing to vote for the GOP that did absolutely NOTHING for 4 years when they had the chance about Obama’s ineligibility and numerous crimes, you have unwittingly secured your own destruction. I place the blame squarely at the GOP for allowing Obama to remain in power and destroy the country. IT IS OVER. It doesn’t matter if Romney wins. IT IS ALREADY OVER. This is what we Ron Paul supporters understand that you guys can’t wrap your little minds around because you have no understanding of the machinations of the District of Criminals.

    • navyjr

      So by persisting in voting for Paul, you’ll throw your vote away and punish those of us who can see that NEITHER of the main candidates is good {AGAIN the lesser of 2 evils presented is the choice; as it’s been all my voting life}; but realize that the only real hope to stop this is at the STATE level, and that if we can slow it down a bit; now the intentions are clear; and people are beginning to wake up to who all is behind it, then maybe we can convince our states to pull out of the DC corporation, and restore our Constitution, maybe even band together against those globalists who are shoving all of this down our throats? Nice; that’ll really help fix what’s wrong in America!

      • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Secession from the District of Criminals is a beautiful idea. It will never come about though until they collapse the currency very soon and instigate martial law. It is encouraging to see some States like Utahanticipating this devaluation and already proposing heir own State currency. I expect massive defections from the Union when the currency collapse happens courtesy of the un-Constitutional FED that keeps these two financially treasonous parties of insanity in power by allowing them to play Santa Claus Socialist ponzi schemes on the masses.

  • Mary Negrete

    If you can’t figure out who to vote for, maybe you should think about the possibility of something happening to a president where the Vice President would be in charge. Would you rather have Biden or Ryan in charge?

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, Senate Pro Tempore – either party – doesn’t matter – they’ll all bankrupt us in short order. None of them will do anything to dissolve the FED which is devaluing our currency every single second they remain in existence. None of them will present any realistic viable budgets that can pay down the national debt or even simply balance the budget. Ryan’s budget was a big joke, too. His budget wouldn’t even balance the budget until 28 years later, which is an insult to our intelligence. THEY REALLY THINK AND APPARENTLY KNOW WE’RE THAT STUPID because they have put us in such a desperate situation.

      • navyjr

        Ryan was trying to do so without the “sticker shock” that Greece is suffering, now the bill has come due on their economy; and for which we’re headed full tilt every day Obama is in office 28 years IS a long time; but not near as long or harsh as total collapse would be for us! You need to stop listening exclusively to Ron Paul; even his son differs with him about many key issues; but keep in mind Ron Paul has been in Congress a very long time and part of the problem too! I’m not an economist; but this isn’t brain surgery, and bringing the debt down at a slightly less painful rate, like a diet that’s not so strict, is more apt to be adhered to than the austerity plan Greece is now stuck with!

  • http://personallibertydigest Pat

    this site is beginning to sound more idiotic everyday, guess all of you want Obama to finish
    the mess he started. But the majority of the other folks want him out. Go ahead and vote third party if you think that it’s the right thing to do, but I can imagine the crying and wailing when O is reelected. I thought people were smart enough to remember who got Clinton elected and it was not the Dems.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      The GOP would have you believe it’s Third Parties that are to blame for Democratic administrations when in fact Third Parties would have no need to even be around if the GOP were REALLY a party of the People and the Constitution and the rule of law in the first place, all of which they are neither. The GOp has only itself to blame for its own eventual downfall. Its ignominious downfall will likely come at the hands of the Obama administration it has given a free pass – HOW IS THAT FOR POETIC JUSTICE??? It’ll be a popcorn and Coke moment when Obama televises their executions on CNN & Faux Noise. They’ll get their just reward for High Treason. This is what you get with continuing to vote for the lesser of two evils instead of what you know is right for your country and your freedom – THE END OF FREEDOM.
      Get used to it; it’s what you voted for – MORE TYRANNY.

      • navyjr

        SOO much rage that the Bilderbergers didn’t choose YOUR guy over Romney? So now you’ll choose to punish the rest of us for that choice? You know that motto was what Booth is alleged to have shouted as he jumped to the stage at Ford’s Theatre after assassinating Lincoln; and while I realize it’s also the VA state motto, the former seems to fit you better; in that how BOOTH used it did more to hurt the southerners he claimed to do it for, than it did the Yankees he so hated. But then that’s so often true; your hate and rage will hurt YOU more than most of us; although your actions based on it will also hurt all of us. I would venture to guess that MOST of us here wouldn’t choose Romney as our candidate, had we the choice, but neither are we foolish enough to waste our votes to satisfy our own egos when we can clearly see where that will leave the nation. Romney is “Obama lite” . He has the same agenda and goals, yes; but so many of Ron Paul’s would be JUST as disastrous for the nation, and maybe the world. So it’s NOT a matter of a better choice out there; and Johnson is all for keeping the borders wide open too; which he did as governor of our next door neighbor, NM! Made it a LOT harder for AZ being stuck between 2 “sanctuary” states with an easy to cross border! Show me a VIABLE candidate who won’t make an horrendous situation FAR worse, and I’ll give him/her due consideration; but that’s NOT going to happen this cycle; and if there’s ever to be another, you need to rethink your stand NOW! I do expect violence, whichever way this election goes, because right now the nation is about evenly divided in half and that means HALF the people will be FURIOUS, whichever candidate wins!

        • Citizen Patriot

          Ron Paul was the only good choice. If you think his supporters would even consider voting for Romney then you were not paying attention. That’s the campaign that blatantly cheated RP out of every small chance he had to win the nomination. By the way, if you think that your vote is actually counted; I’ve got some land that comes with a bridge to sell you.

          • navyjr

            Ron Paul was NOT the only “good” choice; he’s not even A “good” choice!

  • omanuel

    We are up to our eyeballs in

    a.) Energy, and
    b.) Deception

    That is why society is in free-fall worldwide, and will collapse in disarray if we do not end sixty-seven years (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs) of deception to hide the FORCE at the Sun’s core that:

    a.) Made our elements
    b.) Birthed the world
    c.) Sustains our lives
    d.) Controls our climate

    Science is now hiding 1975-1977 deceit on the fact that our ‘sun blew up and is now a neutron core covered with waste products of H and He’ The publishers, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) have removed links in the Table of Contents to two deceitful articles [1,2] published on 26 Dec 1975:

    1. “Host Phase of a Strange Xenon Component in Allende”
    Science 190 (26 December 1975) 1251-1262

    2. “Extinct Super-heavy Element in the Allende Meteorite”
    Science 190 (26 December 1975) 1262-1271.

    Here is a private link to the debate on deceitful claims in those two 1975 papers.

    With deep regrets,
    - Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • navyjr

      Settle down here, son; I agree our sun is much more to blame for the current climate changes, as is Earth itself; and that climate change is the NORMAL behavior of our Earth and Sun in concert. But if our sun had exploded, I believe more than a few obscure scientists would have noticed it. He and H are NORMAL elements that are part of our sun’s “engine” and have been since I first started taking science classes in the early ’50s, so they BELONG on the surface of our sun. THEY are the FUEL of our sun! And I believe, but am not certain, that AAAS bunch are the ones who aided and abetted Gore in his “hockey stick ” lie to garner wealth, at the expense of humanity! I’d have to go back and look that up to be certain; but that’s what I’ve got that bunch connected to in my mind. Granted, there was plenty of deception involved, but it was COMING FROM them! So for now, maybe stop spreading THAT hysteria, and try worrying about the solar flares that ARE happening and being kept from the bulk of the public, which are MUCH more an immediate threat to all humanity at present!!

      • omanuel

        H and He are waste products from the solar engine, a neutron star, although you and almost everyone else were taught the Sun is a giant ball of hydrogen. The data and their explanation are here: [“Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

      • omanuel

        The Sun’s pulsar core produces the solar flares that ARE happening and being kept from the bulk of the public, which are MUCH more an immediate threat to all humanity at present !!

        See: “Super-fluidity in the solar interior: Implications for solar eruptions and climate”,
        Journal of Fusion Energy 21, 193-198 (2002).

        • navyjr

          I know that, and that they’re expecting some massive flares this fall; so bad a direct hit would be an extinction level event. Or at best , would knock out the entire, global power grid, So what would you like me to do about that? There’s NO way to prepare for the former; and for the latter, I wouldn’t like it, but I could do without electricity, if I had to. And yes I do know what that would mean; instant 16th century or before! But I have enough of the skills that most don’t, which such survival would require.

          • Stan Boring

            Solar flares occur on an eleven year cycle. So far, so good…Chief Boring

            H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 05:33:32 +0000 To:

  • one voice

    i will just say again–most of plan on holding romneys feet to the fire.
    i beleive he will be more responsive than obama.
    4 more years of obama–i will have nothing to fight for.
    we have apent 4 years just trying to avoid total personal collapse.
    he gets re elected and we (personally) be slaves–we will have no choise.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Like you held Bush jr.’s feet to the fire when he passed one of the biggest Socialist boondoggles in American History with Prescription Drug Benefit D and the ridiculously un-Constitutional No Child left Behind and the LIE OF 9/11 perpetrated on the American People??? Are you people really that gullible???

      • Smoovious Laxness

        just like they held the Reps’ feet to the fire when they did the TARP bailouts…

        just like they held the Reps’ feet to the fire when the totally unpatriotic Patriot Act was passed…

        and this time, they aren’t even pretending to be conservative anymore, by pushing through the nomination of a candidate that isn’t even conservative…

        and yet, they still delude themselves over the fiction that they can actually hold their feet to the fire once in office.

        once they’re in office, they don’t have any more use for you anymore… until the next election, when again, the deck is stacked, forcing you to vote for the lesser of two evils, when the string pullers don’t even care which one you vote for to further their long-term goals…

        I just don’t understand people who willfully blind themselves to reality…

        – Smoov

  • http://personalliberty Zen

    Does anybody remember the time when Bush vs Clinton vs Perot occurred? Third Party gave way to Demo victory and the NAFTA laws bringing a giant sucking sound. Demos voted for it before reading the bill and just like Obamacare it happened again.This time it’ll be worse if people vote for the destruction of America by ignoring the lessons of the past. Americans must be for America and the Constitution.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Ross Perot warned of what these two establishment Wall Street Whore parties were up to when he referred to the “giant sucking sound” of American jobs going overseas.

      WTO came about because Gingrich made a “deal” with Clinton behind everyone’s back after he was elected Speaker, but before he actually was a sitting Speaker during the lameduck session. That’s how devious these bastards are! He and his GOP “freetraders” overwhelmingly supported NAFTA against the will of the American People (Sound familiar???) which became enforceable law on January 1st, 1994. Don’t believe me if you like; after all, I’m a bonafide Constitutional Conservative Ron Paul supporter and a former Ross Perot supporter. No, take the words of Phyllis Schlafly, a respected Neocon Conservative columnist for the GOP, when she exposed the real Newt Gingrich in the Eagle Forum…

      • navyjr

        I voted for Ross Perot too, and that’s WHY I know doing so again WILL have exactly the SAME result! BTW, you’d better go back and recheck Ron Paul’s votes and goals; he’s NOT as conservative, or as much a Constitutionalist as you seem to believe! He is in truth a Libertarian who leans more LIB than Conservative!

    • navyjr

      All too well, and the sucking sound was American and Canadian industries and jobs departing for Mexico, faster than you could flush your toilet!

  • FreedomRules

    For all you Romneybots out there,

    Let me tell you something. Romney will win this election hands down, but Obama will not give up relinquish power at all. He will not – I REPEAT – he WILL NOT STEP DOWN. So, please, do us Ron Paul Constitution-loving Conservatives a big favor: When your man, Mr. Willard Bilderberg Romney, globalist NWO neocon nutjob Socialist Liberal RINO extraordianire wins and wins big in a national landslide on November 6th but is not allowed to take the reins of power on January 20th, 2013, please take a look in the mirror and see just who is responsible for the DEATH OF AMERICA AND THE DEATH OF THE US CONSTITUTION!!!

    This is why Ron will never win. He and his followers are nut cases. The armed forces would never let this happen. They wouldn’t follow Obama’s orders because he would no longer be C.I.Cheif. Not to mention the citizens. So vote for Ron, exercize your right to be a dope. You’ll fit right in with Obama’s drones.

    • navyjr

      One psychotic is pretty much the same as the next, and since Paul is as divorced from the realities of our modern world as Obama is, NEITHER is a viable choice in my mind! Romney’s a train wreck, yes, but having already dealt with a few of those, I’d rather take the train wreck than the psychos {having also dealt with some of those!} Work to bring about change at your local and state levels where change CAN still be effected!

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      The armed forces of the United States at the Pentagon are run by brass buttkissing yes-men. How do you think LTC Terry Lakin was put away for challenging Obama’s credentials??? Did the military choose then to follow the Constitution??? OF COURSE, NOT! The military would have long ago done something about Obama’s blatant un-Constitutional usurpation of the CinC if it really ever gave a damn about the Constitution but the brass buttkissers are too concerned about their promotions, 6 figure salaries, and bogus wars based on their false flag of 9/11 to satisfy their military complex contractors wsho pad their wallets to give a damn about the US Constitution. THAT’S COMING FROM ANOTHER VET BY THE WAY!!!

  • Citizen Patriot

    Anyone that says Ron Paul is more liberal than conservative is way too stupid to be allowed to vote EVER.

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Most of the 9/11-believing, Kool-Aid guzzling, gullible Neocon nutjobs on here wouldn’t know the Constitution if it bit them on the butt. Once again, they’re putting lipstick on a RINO and telling us he’s a “Constitutional Conservative.” We’ve all seen this silly dog-and-pony show one too many times now to ever be deceived by their silly ciricus acts ever again. This time, their RINO will win the election but never take the reins of power. It’s going to be hilarious watching these bloodthirsty Neocon socialist nutjobs suddenly being forced to realize that we “Birthers”, “911 Truthers”, “Conspiracy theorists”, and “Constitutionalists” were right all along about Obama. It will be hilarious watching the ridiculous GOP explain away this one. It’ll be a popcorn and Coke moment. The US military will do absolutely nothing. If they try anything, Obama, who is a KGB agent himself, will tell Putin to launch the SINO-Russian invasion immediately to preserve his power. The coup has been successful thanks to the useless GOP many of you sheeple continue to support. The only thing the GOP and indeed all of the District of Criminals deserve now is a noose around their necks for HIGH TREASON. If you can’t see that, you either have selective amnesia, are chronically ignorant, or suffer incorrigibly from cognitive dissonance like most of the fools who believe the government did not commit 9/11. Maybe Obama will do us all a favor and show the GOP how important the Constitution really was. God will have His Judgment on America’s numerous sins. The election cannot stop Him. Obama is a tool of His Judgment. As all tools of His Judgment, he, too, will be destroyed, but America will be destroyed in the process. We are the daughter of Babylon. We are Egypt under Pharaoh.

      • alex

        not putting lipstick on no pig ;just telling it like it is if you vote for johnston or paul you are voting for the worst of two evils obozo

  • tired of DEMOPUBLICANS

    Romney Ryan has an eye out for your pension and they believe that is an entitlement and they aim to get it to pay off the banker’s debts. Obama is also a big dork and he surprised me by keeping the middle east corridor open and killing american soldiers. So, the lesser of the two evils, must be obama because Romney will keep the NDAA and all obama’s queer-up policies in the military so might as well keep him because I ain’t paying a debt that bankers made and has never benefitted me…So, I will vote for Johnson to keep the party alive for next election cycle!. Yes, more funds for the party if they get enough votes the previous election cycle. All you spoonbill NEOCONS will never learn that FOX newz is buffalooning you and we know and expect that all progressives are a bunch of burned out half gay poop packers! My vote won’t be wasted because someday, you spoonbills will wake up…too late perhaps but you will wake the fludge up!

    • navyjr

      That you need to resort to name calling tells me you can’t mount a convincing point any more than the Libs can. So keep your name calling opinions where they belong; deep sixed.

  • Diane K

    I feel there is only two choices for presidency, Obama and Romney any vote other than that is a waste of a vote. Whether you are for Obama or Romney. Choose one! The facts are Obama is leading us down a street towards socialism and Mitt Romney definitely would like to slow this process up. Why don’t we make our vote count and give him a chance because obviously the country is going down fast. And we as Americans need to take a stand and not allow socialism to occur. It’s all up to the American people! We need to not remain quiet. Voting for a third party will not work so why go down that path! And calling each other names for all the frustrations that we have about what is happening to America is no answer. We at the present can make a choice. So let’s do that before they take that right away. It will be too late. So let’s stand together to protect the American Constituition.

    • tired of DEMOPUBLICANS

      Go ahead and waste your vote on Romney! I’m wasting mine on someone else!

  • Diane K

    Fine, that’s your choice.

    • omanuel

      Thanks, Diane K.

      It looks like tired of DEMOPUBLICANS and I, and a lot of others plan to exercise our right to vote for someone other than Romney or Obama.

      We’re fed up with DEMOPUBLICANS.

      • navyjr

        Well, at least we’ll know exactly WHO to blame for Obama being in office and destroying the rest of our freedoms and our lives! Thanks a heap!

  • Kate D

    Go see the movie 2016–then come back here and tell me there is no difference between Obama and Romney. I thought liberals were stupid, but reading most of these posts tells me liberals are brain surgeons compared to libertarians. Our country is literally being disassembled by Obama and his Czars while you bubbleheads babble on about throwing away your vote on candidates who did not have enough support to be viable. When we are all in chains it will be too late. If you give Obama four more years, you won’t have to worry about throwing your vote away in the next presidential election. There won’t be one. But then, I guess a lot of libertarians would rather live like the Venezuelans under Chavez than act like adults and recognize the chance to choose someone imperfect over a truly evil man. Romney is a good guy and he is a competent adult who loves the country. The only other choice is Obama. How can a rational adult not want to help free our country of Obama. Please, I am begging you, see the Movie 2012. Think about what your choices will be in Obama’s vision for us.

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      And who let this happen??? WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT OBAMA??? The useless GOP! So, ifthe GOP sees nothing wrong with this man, why should We the American People??? Apparently, according to the GOP, he must not be all that bad. they had 4 years to do something about him, but they could care less.

    • navyjr

      Kate, Libertarians run over a wide spectrum, as do Repubs; some are very liberal, others quite conservative. Although I’m registered Repub; for primary voting purposes, I tend to be more libertarian, but of a pretty conservative set. And I agree with you, and share your frustration in trying to get these to see the reality of the political world in which we live and function. However, they appear to be as foolishly entrenched as the Libs are; so maybe it’s time for both of us to stop beating our heads against that particular wall. What most amazes me, is that these can see what’s wrong with Obama and Romney, but CAN’T see what’s wrong with Paul and Johnson. Or won’t see it. And they refuse to see that their choice is only hurting the nation, and all of us the more.

  • Diane K

    I agree.Kate D. And I didn’t even see 2012. I realize Obama is evil.

  • http://What'sThis? willpen1

    What at a bunch of Looney Tunes!I I can’t imagine anyone could be so stupid that they believe that voting for Ron Paul or this Gary Johnson at this time, can do anything but help Obummer get elected.Are you people really that dumb? If Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, really loved this country and wanted to save it for the destruction it’s headed for, then they would be out there telling you you nut jobs to vote for Romney /Ryan so that you can stop Obummer. For any of you to say that there is no difference between Romney and Obummer tells me that you haven’t paid attention or that you are playing with half a deck.It’s actually frightening to believe that some of you actually believe that you are going to gain anything by not supporting Romney,no matter what you think of Him. Mr Obummer will ,without question,destroy this nation if you give him another term.! How on God’s earth can you not see that?……………This is the most important election of your lifetime,don’t blow it!! Come on guys and gals,do the right thing………..Thanks for helping us get our country back!

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Calm down now, Willy,

      Your man, Willard the Bilderberg Rat, will win the election on November 6th in a landslide. The GOP will have a massive party celebration. Establishment CIA propaganda outlets such as Faux Noise and RINO Radio will be jubilant. The only problem will be that on January 20th, 2013, the Communist and Muslim Brotherhood Obamanation, whose lack of Constitutional credentials the GOP and SCOTUS thought they could just sweep under the rug to hide their abject incompetence and avoid a Constitutional crisis and embarrassment that could take down the District of Criminals and the US CIA-controlled media overnight, will suddenly refuse to relinquish power possibly with a false-flag that hasd already been planned by Valerie Jarrett. This operation has been green-lighted at the highest levels of the DHS according to Doug Hagmann, who has an insider in the DHS keeping him informed. Martial law with a currency collapse may be the cover by which he justifies suspending transfer of power or WWIII with Iran.

    • craig wettstein

      “Thank you for helping take our country back!”, you say Willpen1. Back to what??? To what point would you like to see it return??? This is the question that everyone seems to have their own answer to. I have no clue as to what point in time you want to “go back to”, but there is not one true lover of FREEDOM that would not choose the election of 1912. 100 years ago the 1st “True” Progressive President was elected. Since that day the populace have been fed a steady diet of “progressive socialism”, with 3 notable eating binges thrown in. 1. FDR, and his thouroghly illegal “2nd Bill of Rights”. #2. LBJ, and his “War on Poverty”, or as I like to call it,..The Death of the Traditional American Family, and #3, Barak Hussien Obama, or as some refer to as “Little Caeser”. Anyway…here’s my problem as a “True Lover of of Freedom”. There is NO POINT in the last 100 years that I want to go back to. It’s all been bad from the standpoint of lose of freedoms. I certainly don’t want to take another 100 years trying to go back and reclaim those freedoms. (seriously doubt it could be done at all that way due to so many pigs being slopped at the governmental trough). So …In short….I’m ready for this fiasco to start coming down around our ears. The quicker the better, because afterall…we are “Americans”, and there has been no-one else in history capable of keeping up with us when we’ve set our minds to “REBUILD” somrthing!!!

      • navyjr

        I disagree, Craig; I believe we need to go back, in terms of the Constitution and Amendments, to 1871, and set straight the revisions made when Washington, DC incorporated, took out the original 13th Amendment, and set us up for Wilson and the Banksters to come in and lay the foundations you speak of in his term. I believe that would help end several of the problems we have with our leaders and legislators, at all levels, and enable us to get back into a truly free market economy, as well as our Constitutional Republic.

    • navyjr

      Willpen, it’s a waste of your time to try to convert these who have decided to vote for 3rd party candidates; they’re as entrenched as the Libs for Obama.. Rational explanations and appeals to patriotism fall on deaf ears. Frankly, I don’t understand it either, and both Johnson {former governor of NM, until the ’10 election when Conservative Susanne Martinez replaced him} and Paul are as selfishly determined to see this nation go down in ruin, clearly. As you pointed out if they cared, they’d step aside and support one of the 2 with any chance of winning.

      • omanuel

        Your repeated effort to tell people to vote the way you want them to vote are childish and ineffective.

        • navyjr

          I don’t “want” you to vote “that way” I want you to use something called common sense and recognize WHERE you’re SENDING your vote, if you put “Paul” or “Johnson” on your ballot. I’m ASKING you to think of something BIGGER than yourself. I don’t like Romney either. I don’t like OBAMA in the least! And I don’t want another “amnesty for invaders/ open borders” nut in the WH, which is what Johnson did as Gov of NM! Paul unfortunately thinks our enemies will stop being our enemies by some magic, I guess. The golden rule works fine, if you don’t mind being slaughtered for your unwillingness to convert to another religion, because that IS the intention of the bulk of the Muslim world! It’s not “just a few radicals”; the only “few” are those who would willingly LIVE in PEACE with others! We have ENEMIES coming into our nation FREELY across our borders every day in AZ! Our Border Patrol has the SAME insane ROE as the troops in Afghanistan, which are getting both killed. We cannot put Obama back in,and that is truly ALL “voting your conscience” will do in this election. I “voted my conscience” in ’94, and look what we GOT! I learned from that. THE ONLY CHOICE we have is which might be the LESSER of the 2 evils the main parties present us. That’s what I’m trying to get you to understand. We’ve not had free and fair elections in this nation since I’ve been eligible to vote and probably since long before that! Voting for a 3rd party candidate isn’t going to change that either. Get involved with your local government; that’s the place where you can have an effect!

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > I’m ASKING you to think of something BIGGER than yourself.

            We ARE.

            Do you seriously think this is about ego? That this is EASY for us?

            The easy thing to do would just throw our hands up in the air again and keep voting for the establishment parties like most people do.

            Do you think we don’t know that the chances of our candidate winning are slim? Seriously?

            We’re NOT going to get the people into office that we need to get our governments back under control (at all levels) by continuing to vote for the same establishment parties year after year like we, collectively, always do.

            It would be EASY to just hold our nose and pull for Romney… but that’s the thing… if that’s what we have to do to cast our vote, it is a pretty obvious sign we’re doing the wrong thing.

            We are looking at the big picture, and this has nothing to do with ego. If we don’t start putting our support behind another party, now, it will never get more support, later. We’re choosing the harder road. We’re looking at a bigger picture than just getting Obama out.

            This isn’t about Obama at all. This is about Progressives. The Democrats have em, the Republicans have them, and both of the establishment candidates running this year, AGAIN, are both Progressives.

            Progressives are up for (re-)election in many other races as well.

            You have to make a stand sometime, and we’re making ours, and it won’t be over just because this election is in the bag. We have elections beyond that, and more beyond those. We’re in this for the long term.

            We’re up against hoardes of people who will just vote party-line Democrat or Republican, in every election, not even bothering to care about who the individual people are. They’ve always voted for one, they always will, and that’s that.

            The cycle of Dem/Rep collusion has to be broken. That’s the truth.

            and you think this is just about EGO!?

            WTF is WRONG with you…

            – Smoov

  • Diane K

    I agree, he is Obummer!

  • http://What'sThis? willpen1

    Edit…it should say.above…….”from” not “for” destruction..P.S. Let’s ALL work together to save this wonderful nation………Please!!

  • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Listening to some of the twisted logic on here, I am convinced that some of you would be perfectly content if Jesus Christ had abandoned his own principles, too, out of political expediency.

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      and where would that have gotten us??? All of you can’t see that yiu’re just taking one step forward, two steps back and only further regressing into more and more evil. You are accomplishing nothing. This “oh, we can’t start a Third party now but maybe next time” mantra is just your own patently ineffective way of absolving your consciences. Many of you, if you are truly honest with yourselves, will acknowledge that you have said this same nonsense during the last election and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that ad nauseum et ad infinitum, and where has it gotten you??? TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN FACING THE IMMINENT DESTRUCTION OF YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR FREEDOM. Einstein defined this sort of behavior as “insanity”, yet you remain perfectly content with checking into the GOP voting booth asylum again. How’s that Kooky Kool-Aid working out for ya’???

      • Stan Boring

        Political parties are made up of people. They are of varying intellect and personality. They, to a greater or lesser degree, control or influence the platforms of the parties. At this point, that influence is weak. But if more people got involved, their influence would grow. The tea party is working within the Republican party because they are smart enough to now that third parties have never worked and never will, except to the detriment of their desires. Ask some democrats about Ralph Nader. He knew he had no chance, but went ahead. He very likely at times made the outcome favor the republicans. Get into one or the other of the two parties we will have for the foreseeable future. Any other action is counter productive. Chief Boring

        H. Stan Boring, PHC, USN, (Ret.) Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 02:12:22 +0000 To:

    • navyjr

      Make it simple for you; you want to hit the cliff at 150 mph or 30 mph? Because the CLIFF is there and not going to move. And the vehicle is NOT going to turn. Most of us have learned that you can’t take control of that wheel; you have to do that at the LOCAL level, and the state level. Reality bite: One of 2 men will be at that wheel and neither Paul nor Johnson will be that man! But those of you who mark them on YOUR ballots might just as well mark Obama on them, because that is for whom your vote will count, and there’s NOTHING you can do to change that fact! The very fact that when Paul did NOT get the nomination, yet also did NOT encourage his followers to support the man who dd win in the party in which he ran, tells me that he’s in this NOT for the nation, but for Paul! It’s a shame you can’t see that. And I resent that you’re dragging the rest of us down with you in your folly!

  • NSmith

    My vote for Gary Johnson is just that: a vote for Gary Johnson. Too many people are thinking short-term. Simply “shifting” back to a Republican(I have voted R my whole life) will change nothing for the long-term. Both parties are in such a deep rutt of promising too much to too many (beholden to special interests) that they cannot crawl out. I care deeply about my country and realize that a Johnson win is unrealistic. However, I believe Congress will keep things just as predictable and bleak the next 4 years with either candidate. Therefore, I will vote GJ this election and work very hard for him, or a similar candidate who stands for fiscal responsibility and true social liberty, in 2016. The time is now….don’t fall victim, once again, to the duopoly. Vote your conscience.

    • navyjr

      I ‘m a social as well as fiscal conservative, which is where I part ways with Johnson, strongly. But that’s neither here nor there; you can accomplish far more effect if you work at your local or state level, which is what I do.

      • NSmith

        I very much appreciate your respectful feedback, even more because it is not completely in agreement with my comment. Fresh air. You are right about working locally, which I am also doing, supporting mostly very conservative Republicans due to their economic platform and demonstrated integrity(Joe Walsh). I attended several of his local meetings and he is doing in D.C. what he promised. My biggest concern is fiscal responsibility, which we probably agree on. Socially I am quite conservative as an individual. We must differ, then when it comes to our opinion on the role of government in controlling what others do. I am interested in your opinion on this point. Thank you.

        • navyjr

          I would like to see us go back to the ORIGINAL Constitution, before America was incorporated in 1871, and to the original 13th Amendment, then seriously review ALL the rest, especially the 17th, which I believe needs to be repealed, to see states’ rights strengthened, and securing the borders; in such a way as to defend our nation properly, the abolishing of the Federal Reserve and ousting of the foreign banksters who own it; and the ouster of the UN, with an end to ALL foreign fiscal support, as well as to the entitlements and charities in this nation. As for “social” issues; we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles by Godly men, and not all were Christians {as I am not}, they saw the soundness of those principles for building a healthy society upon, as do I. Charity is not the purview of the Constitution or the federal government; it IS of the Federal government {as incorporated in 1871}, it’s the job of religious groups, and civil organizations { LIons, Soroptomists, Kiwanis, etc.}. I believe history shows us consistently the acceptance as “normal” of homosexual practices is antithetical to a healthy society; that doesn’t mean I want them “gone” or some such; they were listed as a behavioral disorder in the DSM III, and removed from that list in the DSM IV, NOT for reasons of a change in the MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC thinking, but because threats of LAW SUITS that would cripple if not destroy the APA’s members’ abilities to treat others with mental illnesses and problems; in other words it was a FISCAL decision. I

        • navyjr

          I believe we need to restore the Constitution of the united States for America, including the original 13th Amendment, and review the merits of every subsequent Amendment, especially the 17th, which I believe needs to be repealed. When the Congress incorporated the Federal government in 1871, and revised our Constitution, removing and replacing the 13th Amendment, and changing us from a small, loose federal government to a strong and powerful central Federal government, it opened the door to the sweeping socialist changes, including the take-over of our monies by foreign “banksters” under the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. The 17th Amendment took the loyalty of the Senators out of the States and placed it SOLIDLY in the central Federal government, and pretty much insured that government STOPPED really listening to the States or the People! Madison, among others, stated that there’s nowhere in the Constitution that says the government has any business in charity; and that would include “social” issues. The Declaration states we are all CREATED equal; but that doesn’t mean “equal outcome”, it means equal in worth and opportunity, in the eyes of our Creator. But we don’t have “equal” intelligence, talents, ambition… we’re each unique. Not even monozygotic twins are THAT identical. Social issues are the business of the States to deal with, and the People of those states, NOT a central government!
          Right now, the Federal elections are so corrupted and rigged, we the people have virtually no voice in them; and voting for a 3rd party person only insures that the most liberal/BIG government candidate WILL be installed. The only place we can have any impact now, and it’s precious little, is at our local and MAYBE state levels. But if we ignore those, and think voting for a 3rd party candidate will change the reality, then we are throwing away what voice we DO still have. I personally believe no matter which way this election goes, we’re headed for civil unrest, possibly open warfare even. It won’t matter which wins. fully 1/2 the population WILL be furious! The divides are so great and so emotionally charged, I honestly don’t see any way violence will be averted; it’s worse than it was in 1861!

  • Mike

    Flame up. flame down. Romneys a liberal, yadda yadda yadda. Bottom line is if Obama is re-elected it won’t matter, the country will be gone within his second term.

    • craig wettstein

      And from the ashes….what will arise???? I for one, am an optimist, and firmly believe in the American People to “do what’s right”.

  • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

    All you Kool-Aid drinkers, calm yourselves down. Take another good long refreshing gulp of your GOP Propaganda Kool-Aid and relax. Romney’s going to win, and he’s going to win big, so WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT??? He has a 13 point lead over Owhointhehellareyou, so quit your fretting. You’re all going to tune into Rush Bimbo and Sean Insanity on RINO Radio and listen to Machine-Gun-Annie Coulter and William Pistol Kristol, the son of the father of the Neocon Movement on Faux Noise, and Karl Rove, the RINO Establishment RNC party mafioso, as they all go into a wild partying frenzy and breathe a collective sigh of relief that Romney the RINO has won the election in a landslide a la Ronald Reagan in 1984. The RINO Propaganda machine will have you all believing before you hit the sack on the night of November 6th, 2012, that Reagan has been reincarnated, and tomorrow it will be “morning in America” all over again. On January 20th, the dream will be short-lived only to be followed by the Nightmare on Elm Street that Obama will refuse to step down. That won’t be the fault of Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or those who voted for them. It will be the fault of the GOP in Congress and on the SCOTUS who let it happen. When that happens, promise me something: WILL YOU THEN PUT THE BLAME SQUARELY WHERE IT BELONGS – ON THE GOP ITSELF – for refusing to investigate Obama’s ineligibility and innumerable crimes???

    • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      joyingthe holidays with your families, they will spring a surprise on you when you least expect it. It will be deeply troubling and upsetting. It will be the end of your freedom. Don’t blame me; I’m just the messenger. The blame goes squarely on the GOP and all of the criminals in the District of Criminals for abandoning the US Constitution. Laugh, mock, and ridicule me all you want. I really could care less, and I encourage your freedom to exercise your 1st Amendment rights even at my expense. My desire is only to inform you of the consequence of voting for the socialist GOP AT ALL LEVELS and supporting the wasted efforts of the TEA Parties when they support socialist, anti-Constitutional GOP candidates and refuse to become a Third Party themselves. Right now, if the TEA Parties had gone Independent, they could be forcing the socialists in the GOP and the Communist Party to actually balance the budget instead of lie incessantly to the American People. If Ron Paul had been their candidate for President, there is a distinct possibility that even the CIA-controlled propaganda media would be coerced into allowing Ron Paul a chance to openly debate the socialist anti-Constitutionalist parties in the District of Criminals. With the strength of other elected officials in an Independent party, more and more Americans would take notice of this Third alternative to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – the usual Hobson’s Choice between two narrow degrees of INSANITY. If TEA Partiers had gone Independent and embraced confronting Obama over his obvious forgery of a Birth Certificate, do you really think the GOP would have been able to sidestep the Constitution on this issue??? The two parties in power have committed countless crimes among themselves. They will never be held accountable for their High Treason until an Independent Third party arises from the masses and goes to the District of Criminals to clean house. The first order of business should be to fund a huge federal prison for the Criminals in DC in both parties, and then launch the 9/11 and Obama investigations. They should also investigate and arrest the CIA and Mossad agents who were involved in 911 and are currently or were recently in our State Department. This is all what could have been, but sadly, it’s now too late. The Communist Coup was a smashing success and they succeeded without even firing a shot.

      • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Correction: “When you will be enjoying the holidays with your families,…”

      • alex

        the only reason i don’t support ron paul is his foreign policy, in this day and age we can not afford to be isolationist

        • SamFox

          Alex, what is Ron Paul’s FP? I take it from your comment you never looked up what Ron said but took fringe stream media’s spun ‘analysis’ as true.

          Ron has never called for isolation. His FP is CALLED isolationist by fringe stream media & warmongers who profit from the blood of our troops & treasure of our nation.

          Ron Paul holds to the same foreign policy as the US Founders. When were they ever isolationist? How is minding our own business & setting a good example at home isolationist?

          You need to look up at YouTube,

          9-11, War & Why Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is Right

          Did Blowback Cause 9-11, by the Southern Avenger

          Then do a net search for,

          Quotes by US Founders on foreign policy.

          If you had done your home work rather than being led about by fringe media & RINO war-hawks & any one else who has lied about what Dr. Paul’s FP is, you would have not made such an inane comment.

          Many at Fox ‘News’ lie about Ron as well. At YouTube look up

          Fox Switches Ron Paul C-PAC Videos

          Not trying to cut or be hurtful, just correcting a HUGE misconception. When it comes to a true Constitutionalist like Ron, you have to see what they said, not what was SAID ABOUT them.



        • Citizen Patriot

          Ron Paul is not an isolationist! With our economy we can’t sustain all these wars and we can’t afford all this foreign aid, especially top our enemies. Bring our troops home, place them on our borders and seaports for defence. Stop meddling in other nations which provokes war; but if attacked we’d go at them with all force. No more tiddly winks. Big boom, battles over. We’d still have trade going on and with even more countries.

  • Carl manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

    The GOP is an Establishment Party whose lies have finally caught up with them just as the Communist Party across the aisle ran out of lies a long time ago. All you get with thes two parties are flip-floppers and whoppers. Believing their incessant lies now is akin to believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Just as I stopped listening to their CIA-controlled Propaganda media, I stopped listening to any of them years ago as well. AT this point in time, Secession is sorely needed in this country, yet at the State level, weare subject to the same two Establishment parties of our enslavement. State legislatures have been nothing more than the Minor Leagues for our corrupt criminal politicians. After being good “capis” at the State level, they eventually go to the District of Criminals and become mafia dons. The US Constitution has no place in this system of crime. This is subtle tyranny masked as republican government. It is all a farce, and look where it has led us. Continuing to buy into this system only encourages and sustains it.

    • omanuel

      I wish you were wrong, Carl, but there is increasing evidence you are right.

      George Orwell explained how a government used deceptive propaganda to control people under Stalin prior to the Second World War in the novel, “Animal Farm”.

      The United Nations (UN) was formed on 24 Oct 1945, almost immediately after atomic bombs ended the Second World War. Governments started to promote deceptive models of energy in the cores of atoms [1] and stars [2] in 1946.

      George Orwell wrote a futuristic novel in 1948 warning that new governments would use deceptive propaganda again to control the public after the Second World War: Nineteen Eighty-Four (“1984″).

      Here’s the history of the decision to form the UN on 24 Oct 1945 and again control the public with deceptive propaganda:

      Regretfully, I couldn’t couldn’t connect the dots until world leaders and leaders of the scientific community tried to excuse, whitewash, or ignore evidence in Nov 2009 that government funds had generated fraudulent global temperature data.

      1. Hideki Yukawa, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (1946); Introduction to the Theory of Elementary Particles (1948)

      2. Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-259 (1946); “The synthesis of elements from hydrogen,” ibid., 343-383 (1946).

      With deep regrets,
      - Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

  • Bungal

    I see some bringing up the religion thing and that seems to happen most every time. It did with JFK, who turned out to be a Moderate and a good leader. Anyone but Obama, or our Nation is finished.

  • natalukjoe

    One More Night With The Frogs……..Stanley Floyd

    V. 1
    Long ago in Egypt frogs were everywhere.
    Pharaoh said to Moses, “Please take them out of here.”
    Moses said to Pharaoh, “What shall I pray?”
    Pharaoh said, “Tomorrow, take these frogs away.”

    One more night with the frogs sleeping in your bed.
    When sin is in your heart, there’s no place to rest your head.
    Don’t say tomorrow, salvation is today.
    Cry to God within your heart, “Take these frogs away.”

    V. 2
    What about your problems, want you let God help?
    Aren’t you tired of trying to do it for yourself?
    When you ask deliverance, ask Him for today.
    Don’t say, “Tomorrow, take these frogs away.”

  • Leon Berton

    At least being in slow boiling water might buy us time to incrementally change things and save the Republic; making a futile gesture does nothing but make oneself feel good.


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