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Dear Bob,

I have recently decided to start taking Vitamin D3 in the hopes of strengthening my immune system. I seem to get sick at least twice per year(I am right now), and I’m tired of relying on antibiotics to cure me. I was wondering how much D3 you would recommend I take per day (I bought 5000 UI capsules). I am 16 years old. I’m about 5 feet 11 inches tall, and I weigh roughly 145 pounds. Also, I was wondering if there is anything else you would recommend I take in order to improve my immune system and overall health.


Aaron M

Dear Aaron,

There are several factors that determine how much vitamin D you should be taking: your race, complexion, the latitude at which you live, how long you are outside each day, etc. You should see a health practitioner and get tested for your current vitamin D level. Then you and the practitioner can accurately determine the amount you need. Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D institute says the skin will produce up to the equivalent of 10,000 IUI after about 30 minutes of full sun exposure. He suggests that for adults, daily doses exceeding 40,000 IU may be toxic. As for me, I take 30,000 IU daily and my wife takes 20,000 IU daily because she weighs 100 pounds less than I do. As for your overall health, the best thing you can do is eliminate processed foods from your diet. Eliminate soft drinks and all canned drinks from your diet. Eat whole, preferably raw, organic vegetables and meats. Reduce the amount of beef and pork overall; but with all meats, try to consume only free range meat that has not been injected with hormones and antibiotics.

Best wishes,


Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • FreedomFighter

    ” As for your overall health, the best thing you can do is eliminate processed foods from your diet. Eliminate soft drinks and all canned drinks from your diet. Eat whole, preferably raw, organic vegetables and meats. Reduce the amount of beef and pork overall; but with all meats, try to consume only free range meat that has not been injected with hormones and antibiotics.”
    I would like to add to this WATER purified and filtered only. Get the best reverse osmosis you can afford and/or a Big Berky filtering system that removes fluoride and use them in combination to filter your drinking and cooking water. In addition, see Peggy Layton’s website and order yourself ION water oxygenator — add 10 drops or so to each 8oz glass of water b4 drinking, optional but great stuff.
    Secondly order a colloidal silver generator or MESOSILVER, use drops in your eyes, spray up nose as a wash and spray into mouth after brushing with a none fluoride toothpaste — silver is a natural anti-bacterial. Do this esp. in winter when the threat of infections is high.
    As an after thought add garlic and onions to your diet every day, not to much garlic or your friends will notice. — good luck.
    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • Chris

      Colloidal silver scares me; I’ve read it is cumulative in the body.

      • FreedomFighter

        Don’t worry you wont turn blue…its a myth.

  • Jessie

    You might want to look into food grade diatomaceous earth>

  • David

    Yes, you can get rid of all processed food and go organic, but the reality is, NOT EVERYONE HAS THE MONEY TO DO THIS. I have been studying herbs and vitamins all my life to fight many weaknesses my body has. I come from a family that both sides has diabetes, other sugar related issues, and all types of arthritis. You can fight anything with herbs and the right vitamins. Multivitamins do nothing, because not everyone needs every vitamin that is offered in a multivitamin. Twenty years ago I started getting real bad arthritis in my wrist at age 26, so bad that I could not move them. That is when I started my studies on the body and immune system. Since then I have found the vitamins that work wonders for me. One thing everyone should do away with is the toxic soft drinks and teas that are bottled. This is a must. They have really bad preservatives in them that are really acidic. Since my studies I have healed arthritis, stomach viruses, candida yeast, flues, cyst, eye infections, high blood pressure, heart murmur, canker sores, and more. I use to get sick every year, but not anymore. I will simply now give a list of vitamins and minerals that are a must for the body to live healthy in this present world without changing your whole diet. Magnesium (plenty of this stuff, also known as the antidote for cancer), cesium (also known as the antidote for cancer), folic acid (found in green plants a must for immune system), MSM (this alone when taken habitually will remove any arthritis pain, I have given this to many people and they are without pain years later including myself. This also comes from green plants), Bioflavanoids (comes from fruits, this is very important for healthy immune system), probiotics (these are the healthy stomach micro-organisms that break down foods and send vitamins to your body. Without these you can forget anything helping you. This is the very foundation of your immune system. This is why people recommend raw foods for health, because that is the only way you can get these organisms in your body, or through yogurts or there are some fermented health drinks you can get these. Flax Seed oil capsules are a must and works better than fish oil. Most fish oil has mercury in it. This keeps the arteries healthy and helps with arthritis. The last but definitely not least is ZINC. This will keep you from getting sick with the flue. There are many others I can share with you, but do studies on these and you will not go wrong. But, for them to work you have to take them religiously every day or you will not see a change. I never miss and I am in immaculate health with a teenagers blood pressure of 107 over 68 at age 47 and I use to have arthritis pain constantly, stomach issues, get sick every year with flue and stomach virus, constant canker sores, but none of these affect me anymore. I still eat out and eat processed foods. I eat occasional salads. But, remember everyone’s bodies are different. I have seen people go cold turkey and go health nut and make their health worse, I have seen people die of cancer that eat perfectly healthy. If you don’t know what your body needs it does not matter what you do. The key is study, study, study and learn what your body needs. Pray for wisdom most of all.

    • FreedomFighter

      Agree…been doing the vitamins since 1972, rarely get sick, but when I do its usually something really evil. My wife is a nurse and brings home some of the most exceedingly nasty, nasty bugs on occasion, its almost like having young kids in public school again – only worse. Both of us can attest to the effectiveness of vitamin therapy’s use and yes what works for me does not work for her and visa versa, though some things are constant. Although I have not tried the MSM yet, I had no arthritis until recently, I’m a couple of decades older than you and it just recently started up…thanks for the tip.
      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Chris

    When I go out to a buffet, I will use a paper napkin to grab the spoon in
    each tray to place the food on my dish; if I am at a place that only gives you
    cloth napkins and not paper napkins, I will use a thin, clear plastic throwaway
    glove……you can find these gloves in boxes or packs………women can always
    carry one in their purse and men can carry in their wallet. I once got a cold
    from eating at a buffet because I was not out for a week before or after the
    buffet and since there is a 3-day incubation period, you can usually count back
    about 3 days from getting sick to see where you were/picked up the germ. Last
    March I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia from a cold so since then,
    whenever I am out and about where other people are like supermarkets (germs on carts), etc., I will put some F’rst Defenz on my gums when I get home…….this is grapefruit seed extract and I have read grapefruit seed will kill germs that antibiotics in hospitals can’t kill…….so far I have not had any colds…..I try to put a
    little bit on my gums every few days. This is for people, but they also have an oral care gel for cats and dogs (supposed to help with plaque buildup). F’rst Defenz for people: