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Give Obama Four Pinocchios

September 23, 2011 by  

Give Obama Four Pinocchios

Liberals are doing such a good job of bashing Barack Obama, we conservatives can just stand aside and watch. And isn’t it fun?

The most dramatic rejection of Obama’s policies occurred in New York’s 9th congressional district last week. Republican businessman Bob Turner defeated his Democratic opponent, State Assemblyman David Weprin, by a margin of 54 percent to 46 percent. This was a special election to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner, who resigned in disgrace over a sexting scandal.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to put an optimistic spin on the outcome by saying, “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats.” Come on, Debbie, try another one. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district by a margin of 3 to 1. The seat had been in Democratic hands since 1923.

Turner very wisely made the election a mandate on Obama’s failed policies. When he did, a majority of voters gave the President a decisive thumbs-down. One of Turner’s most prominent supporters was former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who urged “the voters of this district, the largest Jewish district in the country, to register a protest against the positions of President Obama and the Republican leadership on a number of key issues,” including “President Obama’s open hostility to the State of Israel.”

Democratic pollster and Fox News commentator Doug Schoen said the Republican win in such an overwhelmingly Democratic district is a “stunning rebuke” for the President and his policies. Longtime Democratic campaign strategist James Carville was even more blunt, saying it is time for the President to “panic.” An unnamed Democratic strategist told The Hill: “I’m warning my clients — ‘Don’t run in 2012.’ I don’t want to see good candidates lose by 12 to 15 points because of the president.”

Meanwhile, Republicans also won a second special election for Congress in Nevada, where former State Senator Mark Amodei crushed Kate Marshall, who was in her second term as Nevada’s State Treasurer. Despite the unions pouring in tons of money and “volunteers” to help Marshall, Amodei won by a margin of 58 percent to 36 percent. In other words, it wasn’t even close.

But it isn’t just voters who are becoming vocal in their opposition to Barack Obama’s policies and promises. So are many of Obama’s former comrades on the left. I have a folder full of articles and quotes I could share with you from politicians, social activists, liberal lobbyists and a bunch of others. Even some community organizers are mad at him! A bunch of his former supporters are treating the guy like a piñata these days, banging on him as hard as they can.

It’s fun to see such dissension in the ranks. But none gave me as much pleasure as one from The Washington Post. It seems Washington’s most powerful newspaper has assigned a columnist the job of confirming the veracity, or lack thereof, of various political statements. After doing his research, Glenn Kessler then gives them the “Pinocchio” test.

One Pinocchio means there has been “some shading of the facts” and “selective telling of the truth.” There may be “some omissions and exaggerations, but not outright falsehoods.”

Two Pinocchios means Kessler found “significant omissions and/or exaggerations” or a deliberate effort to create “a false, misleading impression by playing with words and using legalistic language that means little to ordinary people.” (Bill Clinton was a master of this one.)

Three Pinocchios means Kessler found “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”

What garners Four Pinocchios? Kessler sums it up in one word: “whoppers.”

According to Kessler, in his Labor Day speech in Detroit, the President told a real whopper. The columnist began with this quote by Obama: “We said working folks deserved a break, so within one month of me taking office, we signed into law the biggest middle-class tax cut in history, putting more money into your pockets.”

Did he really? I guess it depends on what the word “biggest” means to you. (Sort of like Bill Clinton’s argument over what the meaning of the word “is” is.) For most of us, “biggest” in this context would mean “the most money,” wouldn’t you say? By that standard, the Obama tax cuts in his Making Work Pay package was nowhere near the biggest in history. Heck, the Bush tax cuts — the ones Obama has ranted about so often — were more than twice as large.

And we could argue all day over what comprises the middle-class in America. Whenever Barack Obama uses the phrase, he typically includes members of the working poor and excludes anyone earning $200,000 or more. As it was for the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, apparently words can mean whatever he wants them to mean.

When questioned, the White House explained that “biggest” to them referred to the number of people who received a tax cut. According to the spinmeisters there, every working family in America (except those making more than $190,000 a year) received something in the Obama tax cuts. That makes it “the biggest” of all time.

Kessler wrote: “Obama’s claim of having passed the ‘biggest middle-class tax cut in history’ is ridiculous.” He then added that the staff at The Post argued about whether it was a three- or four-Pinocchio violation. They finally concluded that Obama himself knew he was telling a whopper, so they made it a maximum nose-grower.

By the way, Kessler likes to point out exaggerations all across the political spectrum. In fact, folks on the right garner many more Pinocchios than those on the left. Check out his website to see how many Rick Perry, John Boehner, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have received.

Of course, the fact that Barack Obama can stretch the truth beyond all recognition will come as no surprise to regular readers of this column.  We’ve come to expect nothing less from our Obfuscator in Chief.

But the distortions, exaggerations and outright falsehoods of the past three years are nothing compared to what we’re going to see between now and next November. I can confidently predict that there is almost no limit to the lies Obama will tell about us — or the amount of your tax dollars that he will promise to give others — if only they will grant him four more years in the White House.

So guard your wallets, folks. And get ready to see Barack Obama’s nose grow a lot longer.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • s c

    For now, when Obullpuckey says ‘rich,’ he means anyone who makes over $250,000. At some point (when he gets truly desperate), he’ll mean anybody who has a job is “rich.”
    It should be pointed out that this yutz lies out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. It almost seems there are so many ultraultraleft kookoids that their voices are drowning out the loud voices of his jockstrappers who are merely ultraleft kookoids. I’ll
    have a good laugh at his expense for now. I’ll reserve my heartiest laughs (and relief) when Obendthemover is no longer in the White House.

    • barb

      Obama goes around talking about just taxing the rich..but what he and his pals never mention is their plan to redo the COLA calculation to make sure no one depending on Social Security will get COLAs anytime soon..also the Dems plan to include health insurance paid by your employer as income which will raise taxes on everyone (except those 47% Americans who pay no federal taxes)….not just the rich! Obama and team plan stop federal employees’in-grade raises, and increase the amount employees have to pay toward their pensions (so Treasury can borrow more from the Federal pension funds like they did in March.. next year?} I doubt very serious that any of the millions of federal employees make over $250,000 and very few depending on Social Security to survive have an income of over $250,000 . SO..I say all this to say that Obama is lying about wanting to “just tax the rich”.

      • EddieW

        Obozo, our Liar in Chief told the “super” congress, he wanted a 1.4 TRILLION Increase in taxes or he wouldn’t sign any budget deal!! Tax and Spend…the motto of all Dems, Liberals and leftists!!
        POur States are needing more money, our Counties are needing more money, our Cities are needing more money, our schools are needing more money, and ALL want tax increaes…Taxed Enough Already!!

        • FreedomFighter

          They all need to do less spending.

          Obama is a Marxist, it should be obvious now to even the gumps, the only question is:

          Do you want a Marxist America?

          If not, vote the entire diaper load of Demonrats out of goverment both local, state, and nationaly, replace the liberal judges, it goes on from there.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Dan az

            Good one chip.Its nice to see that a few here are seriously now looking at the truth.THANKS!!

          • di-Oregon

            Any time obummer opens his mouth he’s lying. Gosh, if only his nose would actually grow longer with every lie, he could never give another speech, his nose would ram the teleprompter outa commission! Somebody needs to do a video with that theme! I love it!
            May the Truth win out, may all liars be shamed publicly for the damage done to our nation that they inspire. Amen

          • denniso

            Well,well…to all the gold lovers here,is this the end of the gold bubble? It dropped today more than any single day drop in 31 years. Silver has lost 25% of it’s value this week. If the society crumbles and we’re on our own,does anyone really think that gold will be worth anything at all,when survival will depend upon real goods that can keep a person alive…gold is worthless in survival mode.

          • ron

            Good for you freedom fighter We go from leftist/ Marxist/liberals, to fascist, Reich wing, social conservative government. Hey, wasn’t Hitler a social conservative?

          • Al Sieber

            denniso, you sound like a 3 year old talking about a gold bubble. other metals also went south, copper, etc. explain that, you can’t..

          • DaveH

            Anybody who would take advice from an ignorant Liberal like Denniso would deserve to lose money. What other class of people could embrace an agenda that has impoverished nations throughout modern history? Denniso can’t even grasp the simple reality that Big Government doesn’t work, and yet he thinks he can predict the vagaries of the gold market?

          • vicki

            ron says:
            “Hey, wasn’t Hitler a social conservative?”

            Apparently not.

          • Jana

            You sound like you are gloating. Al Sieber is right, you make yourself sound like a 3 year old.

          • Al Sieber

            DaveH, you answered my question, concerning denniso’s statement about gold. I keep forgetting how these people think, they don’t.

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks Jana.

          • Al Sieber

            Jana,I think denniso is the real Pinocchio.

          • Jana

            Al Sieber,

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If you noticed, which you probably didn’t, oil dropped as well! We now have gas at 21 cents cheaper per gallon around here. If you had a single lick of common sense, you would know that precious metals and oil are entertwined!! Oil drops more than a few dollars, so does gold and silver!

        • Marlene

          Let him veto any bill with tax cuts. If a budget is not in place by the deadline, it will be his fault and all we’ll hear is “Blame the Republicans! It’s their fault!” His blame game and veto pen are what he considers his chain mail and he believes he’s immune from his own lies. he’s absolutely delusional as well as a liar.

      • ron

        Barb, first let me tell you what Chip would not, and that is the district lost by the dems will be no more after the republican finishes Wieners term out. So due to redistricting the seat will most likely return to democrats in 2012. Come on Chip just the facts man. Now as for Social Security (COLA) and the wages of government employees there is not one republican in congress or Tea Party member of congress who does not think government workers make too much money and would also like to see them pay more for their health care packages. I am not sure where you get your information from but I now understand how the party of big business can keep the poor and middle class fighting while at the same time convincing both to vote against their own interest.

        I do not agree with everything this president does, but I have worked for the government both state and federal and I know that when conservatives talk about the government being too big the first to suffer are the worker bees. When was the last time anyone in congress passed up a pay raise? I do not think since Andy Jacobs has a pay raise been turned down. So when you think of fiscal conservative think shrinking government jobs and pay checks. If there is one thing this president has not been accused of it is of being a fiscal conservative. I do not expect to change your mind about the president, and I will not try. The way the story is supposed to go is liberals like big government, Social Security, COLAs, big government, government jobs and taxing the rich, oil companies, millionaires, billionaires. Conservatives dislike all of the mentioned liberal likes. Besides this president is the least progressive democrat to ever occupy the white house.

        • independant thinker

          If memory serves correctly congress has voted to refuse their automatic pay raise the last two years.

        • Bud G.

          Ron: You said that Obama is the least Progressive President to ever occupy the White House. Please explain then why all but one of his appointees are progressives and czars as well. That said, it is the voters who put him there and it will be the voters who remove him.

          Obama was heavily financed in his campaign for President by George Soros, a known progressive who believes in the New World Order and he owns or controls many of the media outlets who push the progressive agenda. This least progressive President made Socialist/Progressive statements during his campaign such as “distribution of wealth” and “National Health Care”. He told the people what he was about and even his college classmates said he was a Socialist. It is what it is and there is nothing in our system of government to prevent a Socialist from becoming the President. How did we elect a President though who has a phony birth certificate and is using the Social Security number of another person and likely not even a U.S. Citizen? I saw the video where he stated to an audience he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii and confirmed by his wife Michelle. This information was known during the campaign but covered up. Hillary was outed when leading in the polls. I think most see the error in their thinking now except for the progressives.

          I am an Independent and do not like what this President has done while in office. The fact is this administration has added more to our national debt than all previous Presidents combined and placed a tremendous burden on our economy. Obama should not be reelected!

    • wandamurline

      Call then Falsehoods and Whoppers is too politically correct, a term which I am truly sick of …. don’t sugar coat it…call it for what it is a downright “LIE”.

    • Ralph R.

      Yes support mining for metals especially “Lead”,load em up fellow countrymen,take “America Back”back to “Freedom of Religion”,”Freedom of
      choice”,”freedom to carry concealed,”otherwise be prepared because the ones with guns will be the drug cartels and other criminals!!!

  • Thom Peschke

    He should change his name to “Barack Hoover-Carter Obama” and save the hitorians the chore.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You left out Roosevelt and Wilson.

    • Cliffystones

      You reminded me of an old song from the early 70s. I think it was Charlie Daniels. In the song the one guy refers to the other this way (I’m quoting from memory here, may not be exact)

      “He’s the head of them long-haired, hippy-type, pinko-fags! Why I bet he’s even got a commie flag, tacked up on the wall inside of his garage!”

      Anyone else remember that one?

      • Jibbs

        Don’t forget that reached out and kicked old green teeth in the knee.

        • Cliffystones

          That’s actually George Soros!

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Cliffy, I listen to it our in the geraje all the time enjoyin some Miller Lite. And he kicked ol’ green teeth right in the knees..

        I think Charlie would make a good Secretary of Defense – under President Paul..

        • Old Henry

          Whoops. Sorry JIBBS didn’t see your post.

      • Dulceb

        Yeah, the song is “Easy Rider” by Charlie Daniels.

      • Jerry

        The song is called,”Uneasy Rider”

  • Robert A Hirschmann

    I’ve seen his ad on TV about putting America to work by passing his bill. He should get 5 Pinnochio awards for that one!

    • Old Henry

      The other night I was drinkin and thinkin out in the driveway and got to tinkin about gettin my 24 year old F150 painted and thought it would be fun to have a bumper sticker that said “Pass this truck, NOW”, or, “If you love me, pass this truck”. However, I “figered” it would go over most people’s heads.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        O H,
        Too bad nobummers nose DOESN’T grow with each lie! By now he could tight rope walk it back to Kenya!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Just goes to show you that President Obama IS NOT a liberal as many here try to convince us.

    • Al Sieber

      You’re right Doc he’s not a liberal, he’s a Marxist and I don’t mean like Groucho Marx either.

      • JeffH

        Kudos to you Al…Marxist extroadinaire is more like it…the Liar in Chief.

        We’ve seen how that “Hope & Change” is working for you Mr. POTUS.

        How does it feel to have the majority disagree with you Mr. POTUS? Isn’t it tough to handle the reality that a Marxist inspired “community organizer” is just that and nothing more? You’ve been nothing more than a “con man” and the whole world is now seeing you for what you are…a radical community organizer. Put that in your pipe and smoke Mr. POTUS!

        • Old Henry

          Hey JeffH, I was just wondering about what Carvil said about Little Barry firing someone. Maybe he’ll fire the Teleprompter..

          • JeffH

            OH, yeah…that darn teleprompter is the “liar” for the Liar in Chief!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Old Henry N JeffH,
            Too bad someone couldn’t come up with a remote programmer for the teleprompter!! I can see it now…”Ladies and Gentlemen if you love me, pass $%%^& the hat and send me back to Kenya!!!”

      • Old Henry

        Just say the secret word, and win a waiver…

        • JeffH

          :)… You bet your life… :)

          • Al Sieber

            Remember that show Jeff?

          • Al Sieber

            And here’s Groucho and today’s question is, who is buried in Grants tomb? and people would get the question wrong.

          • JeffH

            Al Sieber, yeah…I’ve even seen some re-runs recently. Remember his annoucer co-hort George Fenneman?

          • Al Sieber

            Yeah Jeff, I remember George and the magic duck.

          • JeffH

            LOL…the magic duck… :)

    • vicki

      Of course not Doc. He is a Socialist or Marxist or some such big government must run everything type. Then again most of the people who call themselves liberal are socialists too. Classic liberals (many of us who are called conservative) changed their name to libertarian a long time ago.

      • Old Henry


        Liberal, Socialist, Progressive – many ways to spell Communist.

        • Marlene

          I agree and I believe that his handlers are trying to use him to revive Communism. Of course, they don’t have to work hard at using him because he’s perfectly compliant.

        • vicki

          The actual measure is here.

          Note the proper axis is 100% government – 0%. Socialism, Communism etc are all on the far left (100%)

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks Vicki, I suspected that and thanks for the link.

          • DaveH

            His definition left to right is a good one, but I’m afraid that isn’t common usage of the terms Left and Right. I think most people think of Left-Wingers as being those who favor the Nanny State, and Right-Wingers as being those whose favor militarism, both of which favor Big Controlling Government, and both of which favor a Police State to enforce their pet agendas on the citizens.
            Such is the English language.
            And I grow really weary of the way Anarchy is always displayed as Chaos, when in fact there are always Leaders in any movement. I doubt such a thing as Anarchy has ever existed, or ever could, since it is human nature for some to assume the role of Leaders, and most of the rest to assume the role of followers. They can call it what they want, but there will always be some kind of “Government”.

          • vicki

            DaveH writes:
            “They can call it what they want, but there will always be some kind of “Government”.”

            That is exactly the point of the story in the link above. Of the 5 most common ruling conditions (Monarchy, Oligarcy, Democracy, Republic, Anarchy only the 2 (0ligarchy,Republic) are stable. The others devolve into one of the 2.

            Anarchy does not HAVE to be chaotic but because of the nature of man, usually is. The anarchy shown in the video does have agents promoting chaos just to make sure it happens so they can form an oligarchy.

          • DaveH

            How do we know that it’s chaotic, Vicki? I know of no examples of anarchy in history. The chaos used as examples of anarchy is that which resulted from Big Government. I would just call those transitions of Government.

          • DaveH

            Anarchy in its strictest definition means absence of Government. But most of us have been propagandized that it brings Chaos. Now why would they do that? Obviously because the propagandizers want us to believe we can’t do without them. Poppycock.
            I’ll give you an example of what Big Government advocates give us to supposedly keep an orderly society — the Drug Wars. As a result of these “wars”, police (those great peacekeepers) have burst into homes terrorizing often innocent victims and sometimes even killing them. In fact, I fear the drug users far less than I fear a gang of thugs suddenly breaking down my door with me pondering “Are these police? Do I dare be holding a gun? What if I don’t and they aren’t police? What if I do and they are police, in which case they are no doubt going to shoot me to death, for merely possessing a weapon with which to defend myself? Even if I couldn’t identify them as police, and then somehow successfully shot all of them to death, the rest of their ‘Government gang’ would soon be coming for me, in which case I surely wouldn’t have a chance”. And they call this order?

            For an in-depth discussion on the subject of Anarchy:

          • vicki

            DaveH writes:
            “Anarchy in its strictest definition means absence of Government.”

            You are correct (of course :) ).

            1a : absence of government

            Unfortunately, like many other words, there are additional definitions/uses of that very simple word.

            1b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority

            1c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

            1c sounds a lot like the utopian society that the 100% government folk want. Just with out the elite to enforce the utopian nature of it.

            2a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
            2b : absence of order : disorder

            From the link on types of government you can see however that people use absence of government to create disorder. This was well known by our forefathers which is why they stated in the Declaration of Independence
            “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,…”

            It is not that we want as a free people to be governed. It is that we know that there are those out there that do not take no for an answer. So to secure the rights of a free people from those who would try to enslave us we instituted the non anarchy condition of LIMITED government.

    • Bob from SoCal

      Hello Doc,
      You can put your money on Obama being liberal. Its just that his loyalties lie with the Globalist elites; the ones that are pulling his strings.

      • Bud G.

        Exactly. Obama is only the pawn in the big scheme for the United States being pushed toward the New World Order based on Socialism and one currency.
        Want proof? Read the biographical information on George Soros and how he poured millions into the election of Obama. Look at the organizations he supports, then look at the members of the Bilderberg Group, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. I am certain you will have a different perspective when you see the connections.

    • DaveH

      The biggest difference between Obama and most of the other presidents we’ve had is his lack of patience in working to completely subjugate the citizens. Now the other Leaders are scrambling to get control of the mess he’s created when he woke the American citizens. Their highest priority now is to silence the Freedom Loving Ron Paul.
      Don’t let them get away with that.

      • Old Henry


        I caught the begining of Limbaugh’s show today and Mark Stein was hosting. Right our of the box he began making fun of Gary what’s his name – you know the former NM goenor. He thought it was funny that he was included, but he did meet the minimum poll # of 1%. I turned the show off.

        • DaveH

          They are able to successfully marginalize Gary Johnson, but he is young. I think he’ll be back next election, especially if Ron Paul successfully wakes enough people to the benefits of a small government (even if Ron Paul doesn’t get elected). If we get another establishment Republican in there, no doubt things will not get much (if any) better, so the pump will be primed for another small government guy like Gary.
          Our task has just begun. It isn’t going to be easy waking up those who have been mesmerized by the trough.

          • JeffH

            DaveH & OH, I caught a bit of the post debate Hannity interview with Ron Paul. Hannity had a short disagreement with Paul over the Iran/nuclear premption question and Ron Paul set him straight on it and Hannity had to agree that Ron Paul was correct in his approach and thinking.
            Paul used the cold war/Nikita Khrushchev had nuclear weapons and didn’t launch on the hated USA scenario to get his point across. Sean Hannity didn’t talk over RP and did show great respect for him.

          • DaveH

            Hannity’s a good guy, but he has bought into the military state.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, I agree. He’s a sincere in what he believes but he couldn’t argue with RP’s logic which means he understood it quite well.

            I too have tweeked my position on the US military’s roll in world affairs. There’s a reason why we police the world and it’s not about being the good guys…crony capitalism, greed and control.

          • Old Henry

            Yeah DaveH, as my grandma used to tell me as a kid worthwihile things are usually not easy and easy things are usually not worthwhile.

          • Old Henry


            I missed it. Dozed off. Not much of a late night person any more and I have found I need to catch the sleep when it’s available as I am a bit of an insomniac as I get older.

            I would have liked to see Dr. Paul dress-down Hannity as I do not care for him. He has, in my opinion, a smart-ass attitude and talks over guests when they do not agree with him.

          • JeffH

            Old Henry, actually Hannity is a pretty great guy, loves America and is a great family man…He’s got morals. Paul didn’t dress him down to bad, just got his point across. I look at the substance of a persons talk…not the delivery but you’re right, Hannity will talk over a liberal everytime. Then again, don’t they all.

    • Dan az

      When has anyone here ever called him a liberal?
      When we call him a communist socalist marxist pig is that what you call a liberal?Well if the belief fits then so be it.

      • DaveH

        Liberals are a subset of Socialists. After all, their ideas will never be accepted willingly by the average citizen, so they must employ Big Government to ram their ideas down our collective throats.

    • Allan

      If I understand you correctly, liberals don’t lie. Therefore the President is not a liberal. Imagine the entire MSM were doing what Kessler is. Democrats would have pushed the panic button a long time ago. But they lived in denial, stuck with Obama too long, and are losing power. During the 2008 campaign, Obama could say anything to sway people. It worked in part because there was no track record. Now, not only are people skeptical of what Obama might say, but they see a track record of his ideas not working. Of course, he reminded us this week that he will be reelected because his ideas are better. Who among current liberals could do any better? NWO Hillary lacks the pragmatism of her husband, and Progressive socialists like Wasserman-Schultz have made the moderate Democrat an endangered species. They have us right where we want them.

    • Harold

      Not a liberal?? He’s way past liberal, he’s a Marxist lying commie slug

    • W M Douglas

      Now you know why I call him the Kenyan Kommie a member of the Commiecrat party!

      Bill D

    • Jerry

      Old Doc here has been adrinkin’ from that thar spiked coolaid!!!

  • Larry S

    He can’t help himself ….. Narcissist let it roll off of their tongue naturally!

    • Bob from SoCal

      You can always tell when Obama is lying. Just look to see if his lips are moving.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Bob from SoCal,
        Used to be you just had to see if he was awake. now he even lies when he sleeps!!

  • Pastori Balele

    What! “Liberals are doing such a good job of bashing Barack Obama, we conservatives can just stand aside and watch. And isn’t it fun?”. Are you copying my line? On 9/2/11 I wrote that my predictions were here now. I told you early January this year that TEA Party and GOP would kill each other in the course of this year. And that’s what you’re getting in New Hampshire and elsewhere. The fight in New Hampshire is an extension of what is going on in Washington. John Boehner has had enough with TEA Party. You did not bring in the topic how GOP governors now abusing American workers in their states – stripping them of rights gained through labor unions. GOP is not helping state republican governors. Labor Union Party has now replaced TEA Party. Paul Ryan with his Voucher-Care which intends to kill all poor seniors. As a whole TEA Party and GOP killing each other in Wisconsin, Iowa, New York, New Hampshire and in states governors are republicans. GOP should not blame Jack Kimball for not raising enough money. Look also at GOP debates. We now know the baggage of each GOP candidates. They are all unelectable. American people are fed up with TEA Party and GOP. And we Democrats are on the sideline watching these two parties kill each other. Please join me to re-elect President Obama unopposed.

    • S.C. Murf

      Past and not present, working America is waking up to the lies of the democrats, also if you look back on the scandals you’ll find most have a democrat attached to them. And as far as the thug unions being stripped of their non American rights, its about time, along with all the dirty money that they give to the democratic party. And while we are at it don’t you think its PAST time for you to make that popping sound?

      up the hill

      • Thinking About

        Seems like you have lived quiet a sheltered life or perhaps you would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth. So are you a tree bugger or a ground worshiper?

    • Rose Bryant

      No Way, will I join you in re-electing Obama!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Pastori…your on the wrong site if you want to drum up support for Obummer.

      The math of his equation doesn’t add up. Anyone who does some impartial research about him & what History tells us about him…finds that it’s very possible he isn’t even a citizen of America. He went to school in Indonesia. Back then, you couldn’t go to school there unless you were a citizen of that country. We have no record of him petitioning to become a American citizen again. If he did…then that would have made him a naturalized citizen. In order to become POTUS…our founding fathers made a special clause for that highest office in the land…the candidate must be a NATURAL BORN citizen. One born on American controlled soil and of two citizen parents.

      Obummer’s math doesn’t add up and he will go down in history as THE worst unlawfully elected “President” in the history of America.

      Do some much needed research.

      God Bless & may you awaken to the some simple truths.

    • Patriot

      PB-The TEA Party is just getting started because principles, values and character never go out of style and will trump anything else! Our country has been in dire straits since the start of this administration and instead of focusing like a “Laser” on the economy the only focus was on the $1 trillion payoff to their cronies and Obamacare! Where has this taken us…….off the F…n cliff! Some people will not get it until they are starving in the streets or walking towards the chambers. Drones sometimes never wake up, that is why we Patriotic Americans will do the heavy lifting!

      • Bob from SoCal

        This country has been in dire straits since 1913.

        • BrotherPatriot

          ^^ BINGO ^^

          You are obviously a man who has been doing his research! I commend you Bob on knowing when the 3rd central bank got chained to the backs of us Americans!

          God Bless us all…and thank you dear Lord for the people out there who are helping to educate the masses!

          • JeffH

            BrotherPatriot, did you by any chance pick up on this link posted in a nother thread by hawkeye nd reposted by Dan az? Check it out…interesting.

            Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

          • BrotherPatriot

            JeffH…the jury is out for me on this. I am trying to dig up some credible cross references but as of yet…haven’t found it.

            There is a man who works for American Free press by the name of Jim Tucker. He has been chasing the Bilderberg people for 30+ years and trying to reveal them & their Agenda for what it is. I haven’t noticed anything yet on their site talking about the White Dragon Society and he would definitely have said sumtin I would think.

            I’ll try and send a message to him (never tried that yet) and perhaps even to Alex Jones at Prison Planet to try & see what they think/say about the WDS.

            I 100% would LOVE to find out that there has been 2 of the NWO’s underground apocalypse bunkers destroyed and that they are being given surrender terms…but as of yet…I haven’t found any collaborating evidence yet.

            My fingers are crossed for now…

            God Bless & I appreciate the link.

    • Juan Cruz

      With all due respect Mr. Balele,
      You claim as per your statement towards the end your comment the following:
      GOP is not helping state republican governors. Labor Union Party has now replaced TEA Party. Paul Ryan with his Voucher-Care which intends to kill all poor seniors. As a whole TEA Party and GOP killing each other in Wisconsin, Iowa, New York, New Hampshire and in states governors are republicans. GOP should not blame Jack Kimball for not raising enough money. Look also at GOP debates. We now know the baggage of each GOP candidates. They are all unelectable. American people are fed up with TEA Party and GOP. And we Democrats are on the sideline watching these two parties kill each other. Please join me to re-elect President Obama unopposed.”
      I don’t know what you are smoking, but I have never heard or saw written on the news about your claims. I would say that is your wishful thinking which holds no water. Wake up to the fact that America is fed up with Obama. What we will do is join in the rejection of Obama unopposed.

      • Allan

        Hey. You’re right! The Tea Party is having a cleansing effect on the RINO’s. Now, moderate Democrats need to DO THE SAME THING to Progressive/Socialists!

        • ron

          What he meant was that there is not one person running on the repugnantcan ticket who is elect able except maybe Romney and he is not Tea Party enough. So who remains in the Reich wing capable of defeating this sitting president?

          • Allan

            As I indicated, Romney is a RINO who probably won’t need all of the Tea Party votes to defeat Obama. As to who’s an electable conservative, the opinion of a Progressive/Socialist is irrelevant.

          • DaveH

            Why do you use such a term as “Reich wing”, Ron, when in fact Hitler’s Nazis were Socialists? Get it right.

      • Void1972

        You are an unwanted guest in our country. You and your fellow unwanted guest in our country really have no say in our country. I know that the communist that have supported you in the past are getting their heads handed to them in the election booths, but it was only a matter of time before their failed, anti-American agenda would come to light.
        It’s time for you and yours to crawl back under the fence and go back home. Your good comrad Fidel will take good care of you. Not as good as Obama, Frank, Polosi, Reid, Clinton and your other communist friends, but at least you might find a dishwasher job now that the obama opened the gates to cuba again. There is much more work south of our border, thanks to your friends in office.
        We will all miss you and yours, but in the end, it will be wonderful to get American’s thier jobs back and to hear English spoken in America once again.
        God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

        • ron

          And you my friend will be the minority in about ten or so years. Hopefully it will be good to hear the native american language spoken again. What makes you think you are any more american than the next person? Unless you are say Dick Chenney, or Russ Limbaugh who are both draft dodgers.

          • Void1972

            I misread juans post, but you are very wrong about being the minority in ten years. I am sick of the political correctness when it comes to so called minorities, most of America is. This will all change in the next few years. Most of the minorities are to blame for destroying America. This too will change.
            good luck to your future, you will need it!

          • Al Sieber

            ron, so only the Native Americans are allowed to live? what does your statement mean?

    • AzPatriot

      Pastori… So you are one of the 20% who still can’t get off the Koolaid. Throwing yourself in the ring with the idiot Obummer and the thugs from the labor union pretty much passes for an IQ test. FAIL!

      Obama: Why stupid people shouldn’t vote!

      • death to non belivers

        o’s comment shows how confused he is. if stupid people didnt vote, he would never had gotten elected president. though i agree with him stupid people should not be allowed to vote, neither should dead people. only land owners should be allowed to vote. all welfare would dissappear very quickly.

        • Randy G

          That’s what you think. I used to get laid off jobs in the 70′s because ‘I’m single & I can afford it’ & the females did not want me as i didn’t have money & prestige.

          • Dan az

            That’s sounds to me like a personal problem.

    • Stephanie

      You must be an absolute idiot! Blurble,blurble,lurbleb,urblebl (my eyes are now crossed and I’m drooling). GOSH, I can’t even think of anything to say to you. Maybe you’re a lost cause.

      • CrackedObama

        Dear Stephanie,
        You are not a lady and probably not female.

    • daniel

      When pigs fly!!! I would vote for Ron Paul before that would happen or maybe the town drunk. Re-elect “It is Bush’s fault,tsunami fault, earthquake fault, hurricane fault Obama? Not my fault

    • http://none Bill Cook

      Pastorie,I suggest you go back to the country you came from.You are obviously Not an AMERICAN!!!

      • death to non belivers

        Mucho Correcto !!!!

    • JeffH

      Pastori Balele…and then you woke up! Nice dream huh?

    • Fed up

      Well Pastori Balele, I don’t know what part of the world you’re from but you can go back any time. We insist! I can’t wait to see you melt like the witch of the west when we take over the senate and the White house next November. And by “we” I mean “Americans”. Red, White, and Blue baby.

    • Alex Frazier

      lol … in the words of the Bandit, “do the letters FO mean anything to you?”

    • DaveH

      You’re just Hoping and Dreaming, the only things Liberals can do since their agenda has no logical or experiential legs to stand on.

    • Mary Cares

      After seeing the posts here, I am further convinced to vote Democrat. Mostly because what I see and have seen (in groups like this), Dem is the lesser of two evils. I am astounded at how ‘evil’ and selfish you Conservatives are. Thanks, to you all in helping me make a ‘informed’ decision. I am enlightened by you and will be contributing to the OBAMA/BIDEN campaign.

      • Old Henry


        YOu can’t fool us by using an alias. Guess Little Barry has rubbed off on you..

      • DaveH

        We’re “evil and selfish”? Who helps themselves to other peoples’ money using the Force of Government? Who uses Government to force their personal energy choices on the rest of the citizens? Who uses Government to force their health care choices on others?
        You think we’re selfish for wanting to keep and spend our own money, and you aren’t selfish for wanting to help yourself to our money? Get real, Liberal.

      • Jana

        Mary Cares,
        That just goes to show you that if you have come to this conclusion (which I doubt) then you can’t read. Actually, you already felt this way before you ever got on this site. So now we know who you are and WHAT you are. Someone who doesn’t tell the truth, which is a normal liberal.

        • Jana

          People like Mary Cares helps me be more informed all of the time. They just can’t help but show their true evil nature.

    • Old Henry

      Pastori Balele:

      LOL! Get back on your meds!

    • Ed Svanoe

      Oh-Bummer is a National Socialist, his policies and actions mirror another National Socialist who became famous back in the late 20′s and early 30′s. If you read his book “Mein Kampf” you’ll have Oh-Bummers game plan in it’s totality. The Question is: Are we as gulible and selfish as the average German socialite during that time frame or are we going to throw the bum out before he sets the World on fire (again)? Think on it people.

    • Harold

      Pastori, Don’t count the Tea Party and the GOP out. They are still alive and kicking, Obama is dead in the water, he couldn’t win in Chicago, even if he paid off every voter. He has no strength of conviction and no cajones and we all know it, Dems and Repubs. He has no concept of economics, his ‘stimulus’ have only worked to destroy the American workers chance of a good life by getting our economy so messed up and the Dollar messed up by so much inflation that most foreign nations will not accept them at all

    • http://Google Bob

      This does not pass the reasonable man doctrine test! As a former State worker I can attest to the corruption of the unions and it is not unreasonable for these people to pay their fare share towards retirement contributions.

    • Jerry

      Balele? That’s Russian, isn’t it?

  • Buffalo John

    I think that ovomits toung would not know were it was if he ever uttered a wisper of truth.His philosophy is if you tell the lie loud enough and long enough,well,now ovomit believes the lie is the truth.

    • Old Henry


      That was Goebel’s (sp?) point of view in the ’30s and into the 40s. Loud enough and long enough and people will believe it.

      However, they did not have Algore’s Internet back then to combat the lies.

  • Linda

    Ron Paul 2012!


    If bovine fesces were music, Obama would be the largest symphony orchestra in the world. The people in his administration are mesmerized by his hypnotic abilities, and follow him blindly, no matter how bad his proposals are. He is mesmerized by the sound of his own echo enhanced voice, much the same as dictators have been throughout.

    • eddie47d

      Don’t get so giddy Jukebox the fat lady hasn’t come on stage yet. How about the lie that has been brought up repeatedly right here that Liberals fawn all over Obama and he is their Messiah. There are several Pinocchio’s distorting the facts on this site. Liberals are not pleased with his dragging out the Middle East Wars and have said so loudly since his election. They also don’t like his ignoring their causes and not doing enough for social programs. Some think Obama is a closet RINO so that is adding insult to injury for both sides. Never fear though the Republicans are tripping all over themselves to see who can be the best circus clown. Is it now a 10 ring circus? It is comical to see the Republicans tearing each other down simply because their Teflon coating is also coming off. They could open their own Pinocchio factory with their tale tales.

      • Jimmyd

        I’m not going to state my political views one way or the other but it seems to me that anyone with half an ear and a lick of sense can see that Barack Hussein Obama is the most inept, juvenile, inexperienced and way overrated president this country has ever seen. Were he a priest or pastor he’d soon be out of a church once people perceived his phoniness. We all know people that we’ve learned not to trust because they either don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and/or they obfuscate that fact with vacuous rhetoric. At best BO is not nor will he ever be fit to be President and at worst he will take us all down with him when his total ignorance of the office he holds results in our destruction as a nation. The Muslims savages couldn’t have done a better job of causing severe damage to this country had they hit us with another 911. Sorry, but he just can’t cut it and everyone knows it whether they admit or not.

        • chilipadi

          Thank you Mr. Jimmyd for your insightful comment. Even before this O-Zero was elected, his lies were so apparent that I had already tuned him out. You are too kind with your words. Nevertheless, you hit the nail on the head.

      • S.C. Murf

        fast eddie how ya doin? Do you know that Ringling Bros. have all their clowns attend their clown college, simply put they have to study about clowning, something the liberals just seem to come by naturally, clowning that is. And for the social programs obama needs these to be strong soas he can reap all his votes.

        up the hill

        • eddie47d

          Doin’ fine Murf. Thanks for the laugh.

          • S.C. Murf

            Anytime brother of an American mother

            up the hill

          • S.C. Murf

            Sorry eddie that should read, my brother son of an American Mother

          • http://?? Joe H.

            C F Murf,
            with eddie, you might have had it right the first time!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            sorry about the goof on your initials!!

      • Jay

        eddie, what you should realize, as many here do, obama is just a puppet, as is the left, and the right, and everyone else involved that we can see, and know by name. And btw, obama will do as he’s told, or suffer the same fate as Ab Lincoln, and, JFK! The one’s that pull the strings, and are causing the upheaval, are the real enemy! Yes, a secret, transnational, banking cabal, and privately owned, that pull the strings. They provide us with the focal point at which we unload our hatred, and hostility towards. Wether it’s a president, the left, the right, or rich people! This of course, will keep us pre-occupied to the point of futility, and exhaustion! At least check this out, and consider it’s implications.

        • DaveH

          Abe Lincoln got what he deserved. Unfortunately he became a martyr and the South probably suffered more as a result.

          • WickedPickle

            “Abe Lincoln got what he deserved”..? Are you an idiot!? Nobody deserves to be murdered for any cause (right or wrong).. You sound like the the fools (back then) who applauded hanging the (neighborly)people who helped this murderer during his cowardly escape even though they had no idea what he had done. Murder is no answer to opposite ideals and those who set-up barbque picnics in celebration of the process of chuckling about the untimely fate of another without due process of law is lower than pond scum. Maybe you were the shadowed figure behind the grassy knoll.

          • DaveH

            Lincoln’s War on the South cost the nation 600 thousand lives.
            And he imprisoned thousands of people for speaking against him. He was a liar and a phony (like most politicians) who turned our Federal Government into the same kind of mercantilistic central government that we fought a revolution to rid ourselves from.
            Read this book, Wicked, and you will find you are the idiot:

          • DaveH
          • DaveH

            Pond Scum?
            How does one address somebody with such a poor grasp of reality?
            Politicians rarely get “due process of law” for their actions.
            True morality, Wicked (apparently you really are), would demand that no person is above moral code. Murderers are murderers, no matter the flowery language they use to mask their actions or their positions of leadership. And Lincoln was beyond a shadow of a doubt a murderer, despite the fact that he ordered others to do his murderous dirty deeds.

          • Al Sieber

            Dave, Wicked probably received his education from public school and never searched for the truth.

      • JeffH

        eddie says “Some think Obama is a closet RINO so that is adding insult to injury for both sides.”

        That’s a new one…what an imagination. “Closet RINO”? Excuse me while I LMAO!

        Republicans? Who cares? How about Ron Paul 2012!

        • Alex Frazier

          How in the hell can an elected Democrat be a Republican In Name Only?

          I think someone needs to do a little homework on the popular acronyms.

          • JeffH

            :) Yepper!

          • DaveH

            Eddie needs to do a lot more than just “some” homework. But then that would take some effort, and he is a Union guy you know.

          • eddie47d

            Some on the left think Obama is leaning so far right in trying to appease the Republicans that he has become one. Thus he would be a RINO. Not a true Democrat or a true Republican. I should have known you wouldn’t get it!

          • JeffH

            Duh! eddie, a moderate or right leaning Democrat is called a “Blue Dog” Democrat. It is YOU that doesn’r “get it”…as a matter of fact, not even close.

            Republican In Name Only (RINO), is a pejorative term that refers to a member of the Republican Party whose political views or actions are considered insufficiently conservative or otherwise not conforming to Party positions.

    • Old Henry


      I think they blindly follow Little Barry because they are all of like mind regarding communism and this country.

    • Demolay


      No no my friend. You got it backwards. The people in his admin are NOT mesmerized by his hypnotics, hypnotics means control, and he is controled by them 100%.

  • FRAN

    RON PAUL 2012!!

  • Martin Fee

    I am just so tired of the stories this man tells and no one calling him on it. If this was a Conservative selling these lies it would be front page news Just like yahoo has today about things said during the debate last night.
    That he decieves the American people on purpose just to gain more personal power is disgusting. People compare him to Hitler but in all honesty that is an insult to Hitler.
    Hitler at least turned around the German economy and put people back to work. Obama has spent trillions of dollars and has managed to put more people OUT of work.
    No I am not supporting Hitler or the genocide the Nazis committed, just making a statement of fact. But hey we have no one to blame but oursleves WE allowed this to happen. We allowed the media to ignore or not bother to investigate his past. As soon as we realized the media was going to do this we should have put a few of them into the hospital. Our Nation is much more important then a few broken noses or jaws of idiotic journalists

    • Old Henry

      That is, and was, the plan Martin.

      Remember, Fundamentally Change America. He campaigned on that and people voted him in.

  • http://n/a Anna M

    Vote for Newt Gingrich! Love him or hate him, HE TELLS THE TRUTH. Our human nature is to block truths that are uncomfortable and refuse to believe them. This is exactly why Newt should win – HE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH and do something about it.

    • BrotherPatriot

      You have GOT to be kidding, Anna!

      Gingrich flip flops as bad as the worst of them. His personal life history is a great example of the person who he is inside. Do alittle research and you’ll learn he’s not the kind of man he is trying to reinvent himself as.

      Though I do not advocate the JBS, here is a well done video regarding who the real Newt Gingrich is.

      I’m providing a video vrs a text document as I feel it’s easier for you to digest. Having to actually research by reading I feel may strain sumtin in ya. (Sorry…feeling fiesty today.)

      God Bless and please do some much needed research.

      • Jana

        Brother Patriot,
        You are so right. Newt does talk a good talk but he doesn’t walk the walk. He says one thing and does another.
        He just can’t be trusted.

    • Jibbs

      Ahh,hahahaha, give Newt the boot!! He’s just anither fools fool like big lipped barry.

    • Old Henry

      Oh please Anna…

      I think the main reason Newtie is running is because his current wife wants to be First Lady.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Another good grief.

    • Demolay


      You must have forgotten about the time he jumped in bed with Hillary. That was the day Old Newt Gringrich died.

  • Mike

    Here in Cincinnati, yesterday, Obama claimed he was a warrior for the middle class! If that wasn’t enough to make you_________ then I don’t know what will! Liberal policies have literally wiped out Middle America & have made it even impossible to maintain such a standard of living. Most people I know over the past fifty years+ were very happy being middle class. To me, that means having a house, a car, good food, clothing & a little money left over for a vaction, entertainment
    & yes, retirement! It means having a good job, career, trade, etc. to help pay for all of this without government assistance. It means being able to have a family & the ability to provide for them finacially without undue interference, for example, taxation. It means being able to raise a family without the pressures of an amoral system that is condoned by government & reinforced by its agents whether it be the news media, corporations, special interest groups, etc. Unfortunately, the end of the middle class is fast approaching.
    However, I persoanlly don’t need this _________ championing a cause that he & his coherts have helped to destroy over the past fifty years. It’s a too late.

    • Robert A Hirschmann

      You’re right! I’ve been a middle classer all my life and was happy to be there. Now, of course, I’m in the lower class living (?) on social INsecurity. It is NOT an entitlement as I’ve paid into it all my working life. Social security did not cause the country to go into hock. The congresses spending spree did. And if congress left its hands off this fund it would be solvent today.

      However getting back to the middle class, Obama enacted so many restrictions on business that people are not only not finding jobs but are losing the jobs thay have. How can that SOB we have in the white house claim to be a champion of the middle class when all he is doing is try to eliminate it? What kind of champion is that?

      • Mike

        Thanks Robert! Sorry for the misspelled words. I was very angry writing this as I’ve seen the middle class disappear before my very eyes.
        By the way, Obama was here in Cincinnati on Thursday to support the I-75 bridge replacement over the Ohio River. The total cost to the taxpayers will be over 2 billion $$$$ of pork! He mentioned in his speech that a new structure will spur economic growth & then began his sales pitch about saving the middle class. About 100 years a new word entered the English lexicon; it begins with b & ends with t. That’s my analysis of his speech. Enough said!

        • DaveH

          The problem is that for every dollar Dumbo spends on make-work projects he must take a dollar from the private sector, the real producers.

    • Jibbs

      Mike says; Here in Cincinnati, yesterday, Obama claimed he was a warrior for the middle class!

      Thanks for posting that line from big lipped barry, I thought maybe I was hearing things when he said that. ROLMAO!!

      • Mike

        It was headlines in our morning & only big daily newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer. Pictures, too. It use to be editorially conservative. Gannet bought it out years ago & turned into a mostly liberal ragsheet. On the good side, circulation & readership is down & by 2020, we may not have a daily anymore!

  • Jennifer

    My name for “O” is Osamabama!

  • http://AOL BOB Robbins

    Don’t you know the patients in Calif. are going to love the Unions when they call the nurses out on strike because they cut their benefits a little.

  • Juanita

    It is disgusting how the Conserveratives have such a short memory of events. George Bush gave the rich the biggest tax reduction in history and even they said they did not need it. Then, he left a big deficit of 800 billion that Obama inherited. Then, if that was not enough McCollun said up front President Obama would be a “one term president”. Then, a congressman yelled on the floor of the congress during a State of the Union Speech you “lie” The fact is that you do not respect this President. He is a good President with some ungrateful, racist, people who wish to bring back slavery. Not that it was ever really eliminated.

    • Bendecido

      It seems that the one with a short memory is you. As you claim, Prez. Bush left Obummer with an $800 billion in deficit. But the big question you should ask yourself is: How come we are now in $1.5 TRILLION in deficit. How come Obummer did not do anything to reduce the debt/ Instead he increased it. DO YOU REMEMBER NOW? To quote you: “The fact is that you do not respect this President. He is a good President with some ungrateful, racist, people who wish to bring back slavery. Not that it was ever really eliminated.”
      If Obama wants respect, he has to earn it. Another thing, nobody wants to bring back slavery. That is a product of your imagination, or your mind is stuck on the past. I take it for granted that you are an Afro-American to be talking such trash as slavery. Slavery is gone for good, so stop lingering on it. One only becomes a slave in his own mind. Don’t you have a dream?

      • DaveH

        No, Bendecido, Juanita was correct about the slavery. The only problem is that it is her and her fellow Progressives who are doing the enslaving.
        Juanita would be able to figure that out if her gaze wasn’t so firmly fixed on the trough.

    • Mary Cares

      Sorry, but I have to agree with Juanita. The GOP contenders are all a bunch of losers. Robert you are lying.

      • Jana

        Mary Cares,
        Of course you would have to agree with Juanita. That is your job.
        Your job is to spread lies and bring disharmony, the only problem is we can see right through you.

    • Mary Cares

      Sorry, but I have to agree with Juanita. The GOP contenders are all a bunch of losers. Robert you are way off.

    • daniel

      Turn the page Juanita. “It is George Bush’s fault got old a long time ago. O has had enough time to do something. And he has!!! Every time he opens his mouth stocks take a dive. That does no good for the “working class”. Not taking responsibility for your actions and blaming others is a sure sign of irresponsibility.
      Calling people racist because they disagree with a president is soooooo passe. When African-Americans or Spanish-Americans disagreed with Bush or Clinton were they racist? So get a life!!
      By the way as far as that congressman goes if you checked out the rest of the story you would have found out the congressman was telling the truth.
      By the way. Get your information from somewhere else other than an SEIU union hall.

    • BOB,


    • Jibbs

      Please due more research before you speak, 800 billion doe’s not even compare to 14 trillion. Public schools at their best.

    • Alex Frazier

      No one is being racist. We hate him for being a moronic, communist, incompetent, Democratic, wealth-stealing, liberal douchebag.

      The only thing the color of his skin has to do with anything is that we have a well tanned moronic, communist, incompetent, Democratic, wealth-stealing, liberal douchebag. And I might add, he is a moronic, communist, incompetent, Democratic, wealth-stealing, liberal douchebag supported by retards who think that an attack on his idiocy is an attack on his race.

      I swear, one of these days I’m going to hear someone cry racism one time too many, and I’m going to just blow my top and call them every racist name in the book while I beat the crap out of them.

      • Thinking About

        You must have really hated dumb and dumber Bush. How does the Republician candidates make you feel? Kinda makes you feel a big void huh.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Good grief.

  • robert shrugged

    Jennifer my name for hin is toxic waste and manure.

    • Randy G

      Robert, just say he has his brain on the wrong end of the spinal cord!

  • Oakley Mann

    I sincerely believe Pres Barrack Hussein Obama deserves far more than 4 Pinocchios. His first should have come on the platform he ran for office under. Instead of Democratic, he surely should have run under the Socialist heading. How a sitting US President can make a mockery of any party in the US by his known policies, some of which include outright Socialism such as taxing one group more and above their fair share so the open gate on immigration he expounds upon can be taken care of is unheard in the annals of history. When you overtax the rich, or any particular group, Democracy is gone. He is surely a man who has not a clue as to American beliefs and values. Oakley Mann

  • robert shrugged

    Jusnita obama,fdr,lincoln,lydon johnson, and carter were the worst persidents, and the rich have paid 95PERCENT

    • Ed Svanoe

      t, please stop shrugging and start proof-reading? Thanks!

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    who vetted this dope

    • moonbeam

      Apparently no one did. He slithered in under the door unnoticed like a thief in the night.

  • robert shrugged

    the rich have paid 95 percent from the 1900 to 1980, but they have got a reduction down to 70 percent. do ever wonder why they just give uup and stop working and see how the people will react when they no longer suport all the envious welfare, illegal alleins, and government paper pushers, who produce nothing. if you keep kicking a dog all the time the dog will eventually bite you. when reagan lowered the taxes on the rich our ecomomy came to life, but the politicians want more so they can buy the votes of the uneducated and welfare crowd. then we can turn into a third world nothing. I would apploud them if they went to other countrys and got better treatment so the could keep a little of thier earnings. how would you feel if you had to pay 90 percent of what you earned ? especilly if you had to pay more taxes on things you purchased ?

  • robert shrugged

    skyraider who vetted you?

  • George Peck

    Re the constant wailing about our presence in Iraq and Afgn. The military has to be paid, fed, clothed, given medical attn. housed, armed and whatever else they are entitled to WHEREVER they are. Yes, it does cost something more whenever they are out of the country, but not the BS amount the lamenters keep shoving at us. Just more hocus spokus folks!

  • http://yahoo Rob

    OK….Repub or Dem….Tell me….Which party has stepped up to the plate and denounced the ILLEGALS invading our country? Which party has stepped up to the plate and condenmed the $BILLIONS$ spent on social assistance that ILLEGALS are receiving at TAXPAYER expense? Just dealing with this one issue, I have not seen either party condenm this travesty. If I am wrong, I am willing listen….

    • Ed Svanoe

      ….. NO ONE! They ALL need the 15 MILLION VOTES that COULD come from the Illegle vote…. Nuf’ Said? ;-)

  • http://yahoo Rob

    OK….Repub or Dem….Tell me….Which party has stepped up to the plate and denounced the ILLEGALS invading our country? Which party has stepped up to the plate and condenmed the $BILLIONS$ spent on social assistance that ILLEGALS are receiving at TAXPAYER expense? Just dealing with this one issue, I have not seen either party condenm this travesty. If I am wrong, I am willing to listen….

  • Robert the Swiss.

    You guys would be perfect to come over and teach us Swiss peasants true hatred.
    Bob: get help, please.

  • jerry

    Government speak:
    No more taxes = Know more taxes.
    Biggest tax cut= You will pay a lot more
    Tax =User fee
    Money in your pocket = Only in my freinds pockets.

    America, keep your eye on the ball. It is islam that is at the basis of Americas destruction. They have corrupted officals at every level
    Learn what JIZYA means.

  • DaveH

    So politicians are liars. What’s new?

  • Alex Frazier

    I have the greatest idea of all! Let’s give Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize!


    As a lover of Uncle Remus and the tall tales from the south, I liken this clown in a non racist way to the Tar Baby in Song of the South, touching this guy has become a real sticky thing to do. The more your around him the worse off you will be and the evidence is as obvious on you as he is being the sticky one……ask B’rer Rabbit.

    Someone recently called the Mysery Man a trojan horse, I disagree,he is more like a used Trojan birth control device.

    • Ed Svanoe

      So that would make him a Con-Dummie??

  • JeffH
  • Raggs

    Pinocchio oblamas nose will be growing much sooner than you think since he has his back up against the wall with the Palestinian statehood ordeal… How will he be able to keep his promise to Palestine?

  • JeffH

    Here’s a video of an unwarranted verbal attack by liberal hater…another shining example of the compassionate, open minded liberal…or maybe just another example of how the sheeple respond with their MSM indoctrination/education.

    • DaveH

      Was that Eddie?



  • Janice Fortin

    HOw many Pinocchios does it take to REMOVE the offender from office?
    why should Americans be stuck with supporting this fraud and his family for a lifetime? And why should America have to put up with the actions and policies of his fraudulent term? I say America deserves a reelection vote. After all, how many cemeteries are fresh out of names to even offer him for his next election? REMOVE!

  • chuckb

    if we could turn the tables around and make barry a white conservative president and the situation exists as of today, how long do you think he would last in office? the bolsheviks would have destroyed him, he either would have been impeached, on the bc matter alone. there would be so many investigations going the man would have to step down.

    the republicans don’t have the courage or fortitude to question barry on anything, they are afraid of his color and the msm. the word racist stops them dead in their track.

    • Harold

      The GOP is not afraid of being called ‘racist’ we know it is not true

  • Duffy49

    Obummer should have been removed from office after his 2nd yr, as GWBush should not have had a 2nd term. I’m hoping and praying people will research their chosen one this next election.
    God Bless America and God Bless its people.

  • lee

    Obama revealed as a consumate liar…….. this is news because?

    • Harold

      Lee, It is not news to me, I knew he was a liar when he was a senator. He needs to be impeached NOW we cannot wait til 2013

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Just remember, if we impeach him, it legitimizes his presidency!! He needs to be tried for treason!!

  • Marlene

    I’m almost giddy because George Stephanopoulas is saying O can’t be re-elected and James Carville is telling possible Democrat candidates not to run as long as O is in office. He expects them to be painted by the pame brush, guaranteeing a loss. What a refreshing turnaround.

    • JeffH

      Stephanapolous is an Obama lackey…it killed him to admit that Obama would have to make an unprecidented comeback in the next 13 months to get re-elected. Ignore em all…you can’t trust a word they say.

  • Publius

    Hmm, so rights came from unions. Our Founders foolishly thought they came from God.

  • Daniel from TN

    And the daily whopper from obama today is newsworthy because…..?

  • Jay

    I agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said last week, “We know more about the CIA than we do about the Federal Reserve.”

    The Federal Reserve is the Freemasonry of government agencies. It is a virtual secret society unto themselves – a group of unelected brokers who hold the value of our dollar in the palms of their hands. This one agency, with its power to raise and lower interest rates, has exercised more control over the economy than any other government body.

    So with that type of single-handed power, why should we be surprised when the U.S. Senate blocked a bill last week to audit the Federal Reserve? Tis true! Rep. Ron Paul and more than half of the House cosponsored the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207, which they hope to have hearings on soon. On the Senate side, however, Sens. Jim DeMint, Mike Crapo and David Vitter cosponsored S 604, companion legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders. But it was stopped cold before even being introduced on the floor on “procedural grounds.”

    Could it really be a mere coincidence that the bill to audit the Federal Reserve was refused from even being introduced and that this agency remains the “quick convenience store-house of money” for the Obama administration’s borrowing and bailout monies?

    Sign WND’s latest petition, demanding the U.S. Senate support an audit of the Federal Reserve now!

    Again, as Judge Napolitano said, “The Obama administration not only doesn’t want the Federal Reserve audited, it now wants to put the power to regulate all financial institutions – banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses – into the hands of this super secret bank. What are they afraid we might see if we get a chance to look at their books?”

    As if there are not enough signs of the Fed’s inadequacy, two expert economists on the Federal Reserve specifically warned Congress last Thursday not to expand the power of the Fed to oversee and monitor public financial structures. Allan H. Meltzer, professor of economics at Carnegie-Mellon University and one of the central bank’s most prominent historians, having written a three-volume reference work on it, conveyed a series of U.S. financial collapses over the last three decades in which the Fed had either failed to take preventive action or made things worse.

    And the White House and majority on Capitol Hill want to give the Federal Reserve more power and autonomy? Have they finally lost their minds?

    So why does this federal agency need a complete auditing? It’s very simple. Because America is in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression, the value of the dollar is tanking on the world market and the Federal Reserve wields the greatest power to control it with virtually no accountability – let alone that the American people and even Congress have virtually no knowledge of what those inside are doing day to day.

    On Dec. 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, creating a seven-member board of governors (appointed by the president and approved by Congress) and 12 regional banks. From thereafter, banks continued lending money to the public, but the Fed controlled the flow of money via fluctuating interest rates and the tides of credit and money supply and demand. (This was the gravest governmental mistake in 1913. A close second was the ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which mandated income taxes as national law.)

    Read more: A force of one: the Federal Reserve

  • Magnum

    Obama apparently is an avid student of Joseph Goebbels style of political rhetoric. The Nazi propaganda minister claimed that the bigger the lie, the more apt the massses were to believe it. He also said he could change public perception of an issue in 3 days. I have watched films from the Nuremburg Rallies in which Hitler effectively enthralled tens of thousands in attendence. I’m struck by the similarities in oratorial style between him and Obama, from cadence to mannerisms. I wouldn’t consider Obama of being a Nazi, by any means, but I do think that some of his policies, and those of some of his appointees, certainly wouldn’t seem unfamiliar to the Social Democrats. For that matter, I’ve never known a President who so blatently undermined the Constitution he took an oath to defend

  • don

    instead of running again in 2012 why does’nt obummer do wat lyndon johnson did. announce he is not up for reelection. all of his policies are failures. he is almost guaranteed he will not be elected again. he said we did not need 4 more years of bush but it seems we’re in worse shape now.i just hope after he is out that things get better. i hpe that with all the money printing we don’t fall more. ron paul seems like the best choice, but the news industry is trying to push him out. too bad big money rules and decides who our elected people are. what happened to government for the people by the people? get out and vote. the vote is more powerful than the dollar. lets put the unapproved one of the elite in. vote ron paul in.

  • gelfner

    Debbie Wasserman always speaks as if she is on some sort of psychotic medication, totally believing what she is saying but from another planet.

  • Homer

    The man is a Kenyan Born “MUSLIM” why that is the Muslim way, IT is OK to lie for the cause of Allah, why even Allah can lie and deceive you and then kill you when you don’t know the Muslim truth, which is a lie! See Sura 9:80 The only time Obama doesn’t lie is when he doesn’t speak!!

    • Thinking About

      So you are saying if someone lies it makes them Muslim. Well we know you are Muslim and you lie.

      • JeffH

        TA, c’mon now, you’re using liberal logic…Homer said no such thing and you know it don’t you!

        • Thinking About

          Homer said Obama was Kenyan born and it is the Muslim way to lie so this is Homer’s description of a Muslim. If the shoe fits he needs to wear it.

  • chuckb

    the clintons are working in the shadows to dethrone crockobama and if hillary gets the nomination those same people that voted for barry will be enough to elect her. we lose either way.
    we better make sure we have a viable candidate to run against either one, if sarah palin doesn’t run i think gingrich would be my pick out of this crowd, i have been against him because of the baggage he carries, but, listening to him at the debates he is the only one that knows the issues and makes sense. herman caine would make a good vp.
    christie said he is thinking about running and will make a decision in a few days. i don’t want the republican hierarchy picking the candidate and it looks to me like they and fox news are pushing rommney. bad choice!

  • Burratino

    Vitriol ahead!

  • Who You Kidding

    Per Chip Wood’s column, he’s happy that Obama’s people lost because, ‘the largest Jewish district in the country, to register a protest against the positions of President Obama and the Republican leadership on a number of key issues,” including “President Obama’s open hostility to the State of Israel.” Now we know who the GOP work fo and the last time I looked our wars were not fought for Israel. They didn’t send us to Vietnam to fight for Israel. Nor do we fight and die for them now in Iraq and Afghanistan. So why are they telling the American people, it’s their way or the highway. It’s the Koch brothers all over again making policy so teh rich (mostly GOP) do not want to pay taxes.


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