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Girl Trouble For Obama

September 24, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Morduin00

    Good one this week Ben! Especially liked the part about Mamooooooooooo Abajja a whosit. Seriously, can anyone spell his name?

    • Stunned at sunset

      Morduin00: Come on, man! Don’t make fun of the mentally disabled! It’s not diplomatic! :o)

      • Moses

        Mentally disabled? I think he left his brain at home on a closet shelf.
        I listened to a taped recording of his speech to the U.N., and couldn’t quite understand the translators words. Then I read the news print of what he said, and got a huge laugh. I wonder how many realize, that were Osama still alive, this turkey would still be hiding behind closed doors.

        • Carol J

          I like Jay Leno’s version of his name the best. “I’m a nut job.” It fits.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Carol J,
            I like Imadinnerjacket!

    • mick baker

      …..’ do ya mean aryamadyadad ( are you mad ya dad’?)I refer to the ‘little terdski twit’ like that it’s easy to remember’……

    • Nancy

      Let’s just call him “SHORTY”



    • denniso

      Nixon was a crook,and turned the CIA on American citizens who disagreed w/ his policy in Vietnam. There is nothing illegal about Obama,and all you wack jobs are just dense enough to be controlled by the elitist powermongers who see Obama as a threat to their billions and their controll over the country.

      You specifically sound like you have trouble thinking clearly…all you’re doing is repeating the same crap that your rightwing buddies spout. Get a life…do some critical thinking…do some volunteer work…pick up trash. Do something productive beyond b*tching and making false accusations about a president of the United States.

      • Cheryl

        QUICK!!! Somebody grab a shovel and dig this nitwit’s heaad out of the sand before he suffocates…..

        • Morduin00

          Cute. Are you married?

        • Glenn

          Don’t you mean, remove his head from his rectum??!!

          • Bruce

            Glenn, Rectum, No it damm well killed him.

        • Not For Grabs

          I have to agree with John Ham, Cheryl. The elitest in American need to exploit those who fail to use their tax credits to create jobs and get the economy moving. The shovels that need to be used should be into the bank accounts of those who do not pay their fair share of taxes. Now do not get angry and shoot your insults further because I do not agree with you.

          • Wildwilly

            I agree with you, since there are 48% precent who do not pay anything.

        • Dave Carter Sr.

          Cheryl you are so right he and obammy and his mammy is the trash that needs to be removed along with all the stupid czars that we are paying for. That butt hole might be his president but shure as hell not mine. If I were still in the service in this day I would rather take orders from a Private than that islam muslim Idiot.

          • ALL AMERICAN

            GOOD COMMENT DAVE.

        • http://aol jim


        • Ralph R.

          You are right on that one Cheryl,where’s he been since this tyrant stole

      • Morduin00

        Yes Denniso, do some critical thinking. While I do not agree with the rhetoric of Dennis, there are several instances where this president has violated the Constitution of the United States and his Oath of Office. Investigations will reveal whether he used his office inappropriately or not and whether his “favoritism” is bought and paid for.

        Just because Congress does not hold his feet to the fire, doesn’t mean he is innocent as you proclaim.

        BTW, conservatives per capita donate more money and invest more time in volunteerism than liberals. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that alot of them have and follow their faith.

        • John S

          Morduin00…. You stated the following;

          BTW, conservatives per capita donate more money and invest more time in volunteerism than liberals. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that alot of them have and follow their faith.

          I suspect that the reason Conservatives tend to give more is because we WORK!!!! and EARN!!!!! our damn money! We don’t sit around waiting for some crooked liberal bureaucrat to pass a “program” that will “take care” of our lazy asses!

          • Morduin00

            And that too John. Thanks.

          • denniso

            I don’t believe that ‘conservatives’ donate more money to charity. The only way they they even come close is by giving money to churchs,sinse more of them attend church. Churches are not charities though,the money supports the institution w/ a small % going to needy people. Famous liberal,Ted Turner gave a billion $$ to the U.N. over a ten yr period. they use much of the money to help w/ poverty,drought,civil wars around the world. Any ‘conservatives’ who have given that much?

          • http://naver samurai

            Really duhnisso? He may have given them the money, but not all of it went to good causes. I’ll bet most went to pay personnel, the receiving government’s leaders, and hardly anything got to the people that needed it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Jeep

            Great! So Denniso gives an example of a great liberal doner…too bad he didn’t invest in US charities!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            What about the Appalachian school that he sued for using his windows with out buying it??

        • Kitty Katz

          Not only do conservatives per capita donate more money and invest more time in volunteerism than liberals, they actually hold 9 to 5
          jobs, and since they are, in general, businessmen and women, entrepreneurial, they are the only group in the country actually creating jobs that employ real citizens.
          Mind you …I said,”in general”.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          “Several INSTANCES?” This POS has violated the Constitution on every day that he has been in office! To him, the Constitution is only an “inconvenience” to make end runs around–it means less than NOTHING to him. What I don’t understand is why the liberal FOOLS in Congress, the media, his STOOPID fawning followers and all the rest of the liberal retards in the world just smile and nod like it’s cute the way he is trampling our Constitution and our freedoms underneath his evil little puppet feet.

          They apparently believe that when ALL our freedoms are finally disposed of and the Great Eared One declares himself “President for Life” that they will somehow be IMMUNE to the Totalitarian horrors that will follow.

          I guess they MUST believe this, because history has proven that leftist totalitarian governments since the world began have murdered MILLIONS Of their own citizens, and yet these fools just can’t wait to get the same thing going here. Poor little “useful idiots” (per Lenin). I guess they also did not read the part in the history book about how the useful idiots are the FIRST ones disposed of once these unprincipled bas**ds get into power. So just keep on smiling and nodding, while you march proudly into the Gulag, the gas chambers, or whatever they decide to do with FOOLS like you who helped them into power, once they have the upper hand.

          • WickedPickle

            “FOOLS like you who helped them into power”…?

            It was the majority of the American public who voted Obama into office, not FOOLS! What? you think those who did this were planning on him being a fool’s leader? Then what about the majority who voted for Bush? TWICE!! Were they fools? Did they anticipate that HE was going to be America’s disgrace so they foolishly voted him in? There wasn’t one fool who voted this man into office, however.. They WERE fooled because he too hasn’t worked for the good of America. Quit calling your fellow Americans fools and gather all the information that you can on the next elected wannabe so that maybe you too won’t be referred to as a fool when the same problems follows him or her into an impossible situation. Obama has failed us, that’s a fact.. That he’s not a citizen, that he’s a puppet/puppet master, a closet Marxist or the reincarnation of Adolph himself has to do with the lack of investigation before going to the polls and by now, you the people should realize that no media mogul is going to tell it in any other way except what profits them.. Next election THINK before you choose or else we might end up with yet another corporate Texan and become a Nation of fools..

          • Jeep

            WickedPickle, you are funny! No “majority” voted in either Bush or the current prez. Only the majority of those that voted…get it right.

        • ALL AMERICAN

          Liberalism IS a flawed religeon and mental disorder.

          • http://libertyalert David

            Definition of liberal: A person opened minded their brains fell out their head!!!

        • http://aol jim


      • tsunami


        I am not American, nor political and my objection to Obama is that he seems lost, with little focus and seems to sway in the breeze on so many issues.

        If he were in control he would fire several of his advisors, and get rid of Timmy, and Bernake who are clearly over their heads.

        Why do I care? Only because we in Canada have a major stake in the US (over 75% or our exports go to you including oil, cobalt, ) and if and when you stop buying or go into recession so do we.

        This is a Global issue and has all the potential of a world wide disaster with the wrong man in the most important position in the world.

        I sure hope all Americans can quit with the childish wrangling and focus on solving their problems. Seems to most of us that both sides down there are to blame.

        • Scared To Death

          Sounds like you Canadians would like to have a democracy.

          • Marten

            Democracy is for IDIOTS

          • Jibbs

            Seems like you are brainwashed also, WE Are A Republic! Not a democracy.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          Well, see, he CAN’T fire his advisors, because these are the leftist radical scum that he has been TOLD to put into positions of power by the people who tell HIM what to do.

          Obama is nothing but an America-hating, Islam-loving, Marxist PUPPET of those who want to destroy the United States. He is also ghetto trash who is quite willing to aid and abet in destroying our country, as long as he gets to strut around acting like a KING with an entourage of thousands, parade of Cadillac limos and a herd of private planes to fly him, his fat-a$$ed wife and their DOG (on a separate plane, of course) wherever they want to go vacation this week. Ghetto trash living large on somebody else’s dime, and willing to commit TREASON to be able to do it. That is what Obama is, and THAT is what all the “wrangling” is about.

          I don’t agree that it is childish to try to stop the destruction of your economy and your country by unprincipled fugitive radicals from the 60s who think they are finally going to see their dreams of WORLD MARXISM come true through this evil little puppet they maneuvered into the White House. It’s the least any patriotic American can do is fight him TOOTH and CLAW while he is busily doing everything he can to destroy our freedoms, our heritage and our country!

          Wasn’t it MOO-chelle Obama who said our “history would have to be rewritten” to accommodate their ideas? Well, there you go–that is their idea of “governing”.

          • usmadgirl


            You’ve hit so many nails straight on the head with your two comments that you could’ve built a house! Everything you said is “spot on” & I just wanted to compliment you on your accurate observation & evaluation of precisely what’s going on with this radical administration & all of O’Dumbo’s brain dead, thrill-up-their-leg “worshippers”.

            When I hear people in the media (even on Fox) saying that O’Dumbo is “in over his head” & “needs to fire his cabinet, advisers & czars”, I want to scream & shake them until they understand! They STILL honestly think he’s a blithering idiot that has no idea what he’s doing. No, he’s NOT intelligent & probably has no more education than my pets everything about him is phony), BUT he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing & is being manipulated by his multiple puppet masters (George Soros, Jeffrey Immelt, Andy Stearn, Richard Trumka, Valerie Jarrett & all the other “Global Justice” ideological freaks) because he WANTS to be & probably being paid generously to be. They have an agenda & they’re going to see it through by any means necessary. They’re following their “Saul Alinsky” & “Cloward & Piven” tactics to the letter.

            Our country is being led by radical “America-hating, flag-burning, Constitution-shredding, dope-smoking, acid-dropping, brain-fried, left-over hippy” progressives & we just have to sit by helplessly watching the country being taken down by these fools with nothing but hope (I hate that word now) that we’ll survive until the 2012 elections & that our “Dicktater-In-Chief” won’t create some “crisis” to eliminate the election altogether or have all his thugs waiting at the voting polls to beat the crap out of us or shoot us if we try to vote OR bus all the illegals, prison inmates, Disney characters & dead people to the polls to vote!

            I never understood how a country could let a dictator take over their country…until now. I never knew how Hitler managed to take over Germany & persuade so many people to do the despicable things they did…until now. With all O’Dumbo has done to destroy our economy, bow to our enemies, insult our allies, tromp on our Constitution & spend us into bankruptcy, still almost half of the country supports his sorry, evil a$$! It’s just impossible to imagine anyone of even normal intelligence being deceived by such an ignorant thug!

        • R Brown

          Tsunami: You sound like a serious person who has given our problem some thought. You have defined our problem well. Our problem is too inexperienced and untested for the office he holds. I am working to make our problem go away.

        • ALL AMERICAN

          Okay Eh.
          Now mind your own business.

        • http://aol jim


        • Aix Sponsa

          Focus on solving the problems? DUH…. THE administration is the biggest problem. The congress is second. The illegals are a close 3rd.

      • Rifleman

        . . . and there are some 60 to 80 million more of folks like this one that voted for the boy and thus are as yet un-indicted co-conspirators and one must one day reap bitter fruit of the evil sowed.

      • http://Chevyek Ed Kypers

        Never have I encountered anyone so dense & clueless. A true ‘cool aid’ drinker. It’s almost embarrassing.

      • Templar

        False accusations Denniso? You don’t need to get your head out of the sand, you need to get your head out of your A$$! Obama hasn’t created a job ONE, he’s destroying the economy and NOT by accident or because he’s stupid, He’s a Muslim, Traitor, bought and paid for by Seros, Saudi Arabia and Unions placed to destroy America. His house of cards is collapsing all around, democraps running away from this disease not quick enough. Obama’s is a FRAUD, everyone knows it and EVERYONE who bought into his BULL are waking up to this communist. Obama was identified early on as a JOKER. He’s an embarrassment to America and to our allies that he’s spat on. You Dennis are a mutt, have two more nerons than a horse which keeps you from pooping in the street. You and your kind(liberals)unions etc are either communists, traitors, or obtunded and need to increase your meds.

        • chali

          Don’t think I have heard it put so perfectly before. Thank you for your response.

        • Dave Carter Sr.

          Man are you ever so right. It will take at least 10 years or longer to repair the damage this Communist non American has done to this Great Country and its people. He has tried to do away with the Christian Morals of our Faith in Schools in Homes and everyday Praying as we know it. He is an Idiot and must be defeated.

        • Scared To Death

          Hey, hey, hey!!! Or should I say hay, hay, hay!!! I train horses for a living. They are remarkably smart animals. They can learn over 50 words. They have managed not to become extinct, which is more than I can say for the plight of humans. They never lie, which is more than I can say for humans. They pick the strongest, most qualified horse to lead the herd, which more than I can say for humans. A horse that can’t cut the mustard as leader gets knocked out of position immediately, no pussy footing around, which is more than I can say for humans. When horses battle one another, nobody holds a grudge afterwards, which is way more than I can say for humans.

          And the word is spelled “neuron”.

        • Demolay

          You forgot to mention Opra as one of his sponsers. You’re right. Those millions and billions plus muslim money put that fool in office. Not the American voter. I’m from Washington State and I saw how voter fraud works in at least two Gubinatorial races, Gary Locke and Christene Gregior. Gary Locke flew the Republic of China’s flag from the Capital. He is now in the current administration. Gregior’s Demos happened to find several hundred ballots in someone’s basement, just enough to give her the lead after she lost to Dino Rossi. It’s money, my friend, Anti-American billionaires, mllionaires, polititians, and foreign despots.

      • Robert Hauser

        So called “liberals’ and equally misnomered “conservatives are so punch drunk from beating each other up that even when it finally (after a dismal century) dawns on BOTH of them the truth about the “federal reserve bank” and the other banksters and what they’ve done to the country—-instead of getting their heads out of rectal defilade, recognizing the common enemy of this country—the REAL domestic terrorists, Wall Street banksters, they still go right on trashing each other. And Benjamin Buttface Bernanke goes right on laughing at a safe distance while raking in the war profits off of Afghanistan and Iraq. America will never learn.

      • chali

        We will pray for people like you who are incapable of thinking for yourself and seeing the record of what the prez has done. I find it incredible that your type can be so blind to what is really going on. One day you will wake up and what the h— happened? Pitiful!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To denniso:
        Right on my man!! You know i’m a self proclaimed conservatives but these fools are embarrassing me with this paranoid nonsense. Thanks!!

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          It is not “paranoia” if they really ARE out to get you, and it has become clear to all but the MOST obtuse (of which you are undoubtedly one) that they most certainly ARE out to get us, by destroying our economy, our country, and our freedoms.

          While I don’t think the Great Eared One is even HALF as smart as he THINKS he is, I also don’t think all the sh*t he has done has been out of incompetence. I think he is DELIBERATELY screwing up the economy and everything ELSE he can mess up to destroy this country, which he has made clear on many occasions that he DESPISES.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            There’s an old saying that goes” Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!” very apprapo here, I’d say!!

        • http://naver samurai

          You are an embarassment Tony. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Vicki

        Denniso writes:
        “There is nothing illegal about Obama…”

        Other than his status as an undocumented worker, who may be an illegal alien with a stolen SS that will not pass E-Verify. Where, for instance, is the Birth Certificate. The real, undoctored one? If, as liberals say, it is that pdf mashup released in Apr 2011 then Barry is an illegal worker since his parents were not both U.S. Citizens when he was born.

        • Vicki

          And for those who are still unsure about the definition of Natural Born Citizen there is this set of tidbits.

        • Vicki

          Some people will point out that the term “natural born citizen” is not defined in the Constitution. Well neither is the term “is”. That is cause the framers expected the population to get smarter over time, not dumber.

          Based on the Clinton’s raising the question of the definition of “is” the framers may have been in error.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          Forget the birth certificate. He has violated his oath to uphold the Constuttion–and the Constitution ITSELF every day that he has been in office. THAT is illegal, and reason enough to impeach his sorry a$$ before he destroys the Constitution and the country altogether. Not that I imagine in my fondest dreams that our gutless and worthless Congress would actually do anything good for the country like impeaching him. It will never happen, because they don’t care about ANYTHING except their own salaries, perks, pensions, staying in office to stay on the govt. gravy train, etc.

      • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Vieteravet

        Get off the site idiot, Obama needs another boot licker!

      • Gwen

        And what about this video with Obama saying he is not an American and was born in Kenya? Not Natural Born — TRUTH MATTERS – YouTube

        • Karolyn

          Doctored video!

          • CJM

            BULL HOCKEY, Karolyn—I SAW THE ORIGINAL WHEN HE WAS CAMPAIGNING….the only thing doctored here is your mind.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          I actually heard MOO-chelle Antoinette talk about “his home country, Kenya” on at least one occasion, and when asked whether they would be erecting a monument to Obama in the Kenyan VILLAGE WHERE HE WAS BORN, he said, “Oh, yes–in fact, it is already underway.”

          And yet the press and Congress continue to ignore the inconvenient fact that this fraud has NO LEGAL RIGHT to be squatting in the White House, running the country into the ground, which is all he has done since he’s been there. They are like COCKROACHES–loathsome, unwelcome, unhealthy for the place the occupy, etc.

          • Grammy_4_Freedom

            I’m sorry – I left out part of that sentence. It was the President of Kenya who said they were erecting a monument in the Kenyan village where OBAMA WAS BORN to commemorate him being elected president of the U.S. Did you not see how they danced in the streets and celebrated in Kenya that one of their “native sons” was going to be President? Is it any WONDER that he is so kind and tolerant towards illegal immigrants? Hell, he ARE one!

      • will

        denniso ,

        Your 100% right Nixon was a crook , now take three steps back like I did you will see that the rep party and the dem party is full of them.
        And its my hope that two American people like us can come together and take out he trash .

      • Grammy_4_Freedom

        There is nothing illegal about Obama? Puh-leeze! The man has VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION on every day since he took office. I think that is, um, illegal? The only difference is when a Republican violates the Constitution we get threatened impeachments and forced resignations. When Obama does it, the press and every other liberal FOOL in the world just nods and smiles. You freaking IDIOTS — what part of “uphold, support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” (the OATH he swore when he was inaugerated) do you NOT understand? Apparently this “professor of Constitutional Law” did not understand ONE WORD of the oath, since he has not kept it ONE MINUTE since he was elected!

      • white tiger

        Lets see: Oscumbag kills babies, promotes homosexual sodomy and fellatio, weakens our defenses, ignores illegal immigration, supplies drug cartels with weapons, aids and abets ever islamic jihadist movement in existence, spends our money like a madman, wars in Libya illigally, breaks every promise he makes, insists on enlarging Government to totalitarian proportions, appoints every leftwing whacko he can find to six figure jobs, communizes the healthcare, auto and insurance industries and you think he does well.Minds like yours applaud the gangbang molestation of newborn babies.

        • Karolyn

          Gee, White Tiger, many of the things you attibuted to Obama have been done by most of our presidents.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Many, but not all like nobummer!!!

        • denniso

          Karolyn, these people are so full of nonsense and out to lunch on facts that there is no way to respond. It’s like trying to have a conversation w/ severely mentally handicapped people…there is no way to actually communcate w/ them. These people are suffering from a mass delusion syndrome,fed by their wonderful leaders like Limbaugh. The difference is he makes millions spouting the nonsense they regurgitate,while these people wallow around in front of their computers munching on chips.

          • http://naver samurai

            Actually, you have just described you brainless libs. Many of the more vocal ones are from Gollywood and shoud just keep their yaps shut. BTW nice rant. No facts, sources, or anything positive just hate, lies, innuendo, and rhetoric. But then again, you libs always do personal attacks when you don’t know what to say. This seems to be very often. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Same Old Liberal Playbook


            About 1 year ago who was Quoted: ” We have to pass the Bill in order to see what is in it” – Really, denniso, you would sign a contract first before you know what is in it? If that is how it is done then you are leftist Liberal who think we out here are all stupid – Give it a rest!

      • CJM

        denniso: where have you been hiding? In the closet? Your messiah (aka: liar-in-chief) has been very busy breaking the laws, trampling the US Constitution, creating more embarrassing moments for the citizens of the US, and the list grows on….so what’s your beef???

        • denniso

          All you can do is bithch and moan about the perceived flaws of Obama…let me guess,you voted for and supported the dumbest president we’ve had along w/ his crooked and evil V.P.,Cheny? And you can voice any complaints about Obama after that 8 yrs of crap and destruction?

          • http://naver samurai

            Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Can’t you lib wackos ever come up with some new material? Bush may not have been perfect, but he’s a far better president than Obama bin Laden. Still the ostrich, eh duhnisso? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Among independants, nobummers second largest support group during the first election, 45% think nobummer is a worse president than Bush and and 29% thought he was just as bad. This is according to a recent gallup poll!!! Looks like his popularity is slip, sliding away!!!

          • denniso

            Bush will go down in history as literally the dumbest and most clueless president we’ve ever had. He and Cheny should be in jail for war crimes. Bush and his economic team allowed the housing bubble to grow for his whole 8 yrs. Bush was a total joke and cheny was the devil incarnate.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry Denniso, but wasn’t it because of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, Jimmy Carter’s Fair Housing Act, and Bill Clinton’s policies that lead to the housing debackle? Bush a war criminal and ignorant? Why do you say the same things? Obama is not qualified for the job. He didn’t even say “so help me God” when he swore in. I have to swear before God before I can start working anywhere as a nurse.

            Nightingale Pledge

            I solemnly pledge myself, before God and in the presence of this
            assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession
            I will abstain from whatever deleterious and mischievous, and will
            not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in
            my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and
            will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping,
            and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my
            With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in their work, and
            devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

            If my husband and I had to sware before God to work, then why can’t he? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • http://naver samurai

        Need to be making that popping sound, duhnisso! Nothing illegal about a president that pays millions of dollars to hide his past? Sounds kind of weird to me for a man that is always up for close scrutiny. If I had to show my past to the army before enlisting, why can’t he show his before becomming president? I think you need to quit going over to rob smith’s house so often. You sound like you are sharing his stash. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • LittleFartBert

        Are you a member of obama and the donkeycrats People are posting things that are on record. Seems that obama is the one who can not tell the truth. He has said that his grandmother is not senile and does not have Alzheimer’s. But yet when she said that she was at his birth in Kenya, he said she does not know what she is saying. His wife has also stated that he was born in Kenya. When he was teaching at college, his students said that he told them he was born in Kenya. Are you telling me that all these people are lying? I don’t think so. And, in the 1960′s African-American was not in use. How do you explain that being on his birth certificate? I could go on and on, but I won’t.

      • joecaff2

        Denniso: WOW, Nixon was a crook, interesting position since most of the people who propelled Dear Leader to office wouldn’t know Nixon or anything that he did, why he did them let alone how he got to the White House (let alone what he did in an attempt to hang onto his job)!
        One of the major problems that we have today is that there is NO CRDITBLE PROFESSIONALS IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA let alone anyone such as Woodward and Bernstein. The fact is, Obama is the creation of the mainstream media and they continue to carry his water today. They haven’t done their job of delivering facts, truth or information on who or what Obama really is all about. Since you claim that “there is nothing illegal about Obama” and “we are controlled by the elitist power mongers who see Obama as a threat to their billions and their control over the country”, (keep in mind that there are many more liberal billionaires than conservative). Who is delusional sir? Me thinks that it is you!
        Let’s look at the facts; Obama and his dear wife buy a house in Chicago, then a friend Tony Rezko or his wife to be accurate “sells” the Obama’s a portion of the empty lot next to Obama’s new house. Note, the sale is never recorded with the County Clerk nor is the property properly divided but, now the remaining portion owned by Rezko cannot be developed so Obama basically owns then entire lot but yet hasn’t paid taxes on the parcel? Minor, yet illegal and the average citizen would find themselves in court as a result. Not good enough for a critical thinker such as yourself? What about the numerous Constitutional violations committed by Dear Leader? How do you feel about him using taxpayer money to bail out GM, Chrysler, AIG and numerous foreign banks? Was it legal for Obama to give union’s preferential treatment over long standing bondholders, allowing the unions to leapfrog debtors in the restructuring of the aforementioned firms? Was it ethical to allow unions multiple seats on the boards of these companies? Should Obama have been permitted to fire the CEO/Chairman of GM? What gave him the authority to make this change in a private company? What about healthcare, was it FAIR of Dear Leader and the power crazed Democrat’s to lock ALL Republican’s from the debate or restructuring of NATIONAL HEALTHCARE? What right does Obama have to take over fully one sixth of the U.S. economy without proper debate in the Congress and input from the American public? I could go on for pages and pages detailing the questionable acts of Obama, his administration and his team of LEFTIST CZAR’s but I won’t bore you with the DETAILS or FACTS. Perhaps since you have stopped thinking for yourself you would rather look into why Obama’s aunty and uncle both have enjoyed the fruits of America’s support network and various social programs while being here illegally (we both know the press won’t look into such matters). Maybe your natural curiosity is peaked by the DOJ and ATF’s illegal gun running program? Not interesting enough for you how about Solyndra or the other “Green” companies backed by this inexperienced leader? Are you okay with Obama essentially shutting down oil exploration in America while giving taxpayer money to Brazil to develop their oil industry? What about the coal industry here, should Obama and the EPA zero in to close this energy producing sector so that energy prices “necessarily sky-rocket” here in America? Are you at all concerned by Obama’s reckless spending? Are you concerned that he promised to “end the wars” yet he currently and quietly has now got troops on the ground in Libya? What about Pakistan? Are you bothered by his unmanned airstrikes into an allied country? Are you concerned about his Czar’s; who are they, what is their background and how much are they paid never mind that only Dear Leader knows what they do for America.
        Apparently, you have adopted the philosophy of the Mainstream Media… ask no questions and you will be told no lies. Maybe you are the one who should do some “critical thinking” and you need to “get a life”? As for picking up the trash… we now pay for three separate garbage trucks every week, one for regular household trash, one for recycling and in the spring, summer and fall one for yard waste! All thanks to America’s Liberals (sorry, I intended to say progressives). In reality, voters will voluntarily go to the voting booths in November of 2012 and we will take out the trash… most of it is in Washington DC! Think about it.

        • ALL AMERICAN

          I think that is the best comment yet.
          I thank you for taking the time to spell it out for the blind, even though some will never see the light.
          Once again, thank you.
          TAKE OUT THE TRASH 2012

          • denniso

            joecaff2…why would I read that much of a rant,when you don’t really say anything anyway?

          • http://naver sook young

            Just think Denniso, Sarah Palin may just run for the presidency. If she gets elected, she will be re-elected. 8 years with a conservative that doesn’t play to any party, sounds very good for me and this great country. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

        • Void1972

          You pretty much summed up a total communist conspiracy on an unprecedented level. This traitor in our White house should be taken out and locked up with all his brothers.
          I also believe Bush and his cronies should join him.
          This nightmare that is coming is the product of many decades of corruption and deceit. Our elected leaders that our corrupt media helped elect, have sold us out to a one world government, and they are all responsible. Those few that have fought against the corruption will be given immunity. The rest should pay with their lives.
          Unfortunately it is our young service men and women, and now those who don’t know what their gender is, that will pay with their lives.
          A red flag operation is on it’s way. It will arrive this year. This will be the end of our world as we know it.
          I think time is out for us, but we can still do things to make it a little easier for the survivors.
          Do not waste your time trying to deprogram the sick and demented progressives. They have sold their souls and have little to no hope.
          Save your energy and time for those who matter.
          Spend quality time with your family and friends.
          Keep your faith in God.
          Enjoy the gifts that God gave you, you have many.
          Thank you for a well thought out and honest post.
          God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!


          • BrotherPatriot

            God Bless you & your family as well, Void1972.

      • Jaime

        dennis, are you for real? none of what you alleged is true. Get a life.

      • Jibbs

        denniso, are you really that ignorant? You need to read the Constitution, it’s written in very plain language, meaning you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand the simple words used.

        Constitutional requirements for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States

        Amendment 12 – 1804 – “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.” – Since 1804, the constitutional requirements for Vice President have been the same as the requirements for President.

        Article II Requirements
        No person except a natural born citizen
        At least 35 years of age
        And fourteen years a resident of the United States
        The only exception to these requirements was those who were citizens at the time of the adoption of the constitution. Nobody alive at the time of the adoption is alive today.
        Natural Born Citizen

        Our founders borrowed the term from the international Law of Nations treaty.

        The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.
        As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.
        As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.
        The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.
        in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”
        Two Presidents have served unconstitutionally

        Chester Arthur – 1881-1885 – While Arthur himself was “native” born on American soil, he neglected to mention that his natural birth father was not an American citizen at the time of Chester’s birth. Arthur was elected as Vice President and almost immediately became President when Garfield passed away shortly after being elected President. It was not learned that Arthur was not a natural born citizen until after he left office.

        Barack Hussein Obama II – 2009 – Obama is the second individual to serve as President in violation of the US Constitution. Obama did not conceal the fact that he was not a natural born citizen, claiming throughout his life to be the natural born biological son of a foreign father from Kenya. His father was at no time in his life, a citizen of the United States. Obama has stated this repeatedly.

        But he has also dodged the issue by using the term “citizen” in place of the term “natural born citizen” when responding to queries. He has intentionally misled Americans and the press by running from the term natural born citizen – because he knows that he cannot meet this requirement for office.

        As the country of the fathers is the country of the sons, by natural bloodline birth right, Barack Obama II was born the natural born citizen of his father’s country, Kenya.

        His mother was a young American citizen, and this has led to great confusion as 14th Amendment naturalization laws make it possible for a mother to confer citizenship, even if the mother is not a U.S. citizen, by simply delivering a baby on U.S. soil, often referred to as anchor babies.

        Via man-made statutes, a mother can confer citizenship in the United States. However, only a natural born citizen of the United States can hold the offices of President or Vice President in the United States.

        Based in natural law, the laws of nature and the Law of Nations treaty, only the biological father can confer natural born citizenship rights. Without a U.S. citizen father at the time of birth, the son (or daughter) cannot be a natural born citizen in the United States.

        Without being a natural born citizen of the United States, you cannot serve as president or vice president, according to the U.S. Constitution.

        This is not a matter of discrimination over race, nationality or gender. It is a matter of national security and a clear cut effort to avert all possibilities of a foreign agent with loyalties to any foreign entities or foreign entanglements, from holding the most powerful position in America, the office of Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces.

        Some are very concerned with this reality while others couldn’t care less what the U.S. Constitution says or means. But if the most important constitutional office in our land does not matter, I submit to you that nothing in the Constitution matters and none of it can be upheld, protected or preserved.

        Of course, the American people can change these requirements at any time, but only via constitutional amendment. Laws and statutes do not alter the constitution. In fact, if they are at odds with the constitution, they are “unconstitutional” laws or statutes and are void.

        There is no constitutional amendment as of today which has either altered the requirements for office, or redefined natural born citizen. So Article II requirements stand as the law of the land.

        On this basis, Barack Hussein Obama II cannot be president of the United States and everything that bears his signature during the unconstitutional term is void as if it never happened.

        As our nation has never been here before, there is no clear path and opinions vary on how to best address the matter of a sitting unconstitutional president and the people surrounding the president who made it possible.

        However, allowing a usurpation of the U.S. Constitution to stand once known, is to fail to uphold, protect, defend and preserve the very foundations of freedom and liberty, as well as the rule of constitutional law.

        We are either a nation self-governed by laws, or we are a lawless nation. There is no in-between…

        JB Williams

      • s c

        d, stop trying to prove to the world that you’re just another horse’s @$$. We’ve known that for a while. Now, since YOU brought it up, do America a huge favor and move to Arizona. Get yourself some good gloves, boots, jeans, hats and sunglasses, and PICK UP ALL THE MOUNTAINS OF TRASH THAT ILLEGALS BRING INTO ARIZONA.
        While you’re at it, take your favorite false ‘god,’ Obummer, with you. It will be the FIRST job he ever had. No milk and cookies for you, young man.
        Hint: if you’re a gambler, find a way to get rich fast, because you’ve bet your life and your family on the false that you could get a “savior” into the W H. You lost that bet BIG TIME. Sorry, Arizona, but someone has to pick up the trash, and d is the one to do it (you DO know how to pick up trash, don’t you?).

      • Sarah

        Hey denniso!!! How did you escape from the nut house?

      • http://None Hank

        Now, this is what we mean when we talk about the modern noneducation system. Bet this clown has no idea what or who Evangeline is/was.Guess his reading skills fell off afterthe large print books of the first grade.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i would pick up the trash, but i can’t quite reach you through my ‘puter!!

        • http://naver samurai

          Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Joanne

        Denniso——I am so sorry, I hope u get well soon—–

        • denniso

          Why don’t you actually say something? Express an opinion,make a real comment,do some thinking?

          • http://naver sook young

            Can you do the same thing Denniso? You see to be full of hate and you are a bully. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • Same Old Liberal Playbook


        Most Americans and Republicans agree Nixon was what he was, get up to speed from the past and talk present FACTS! Defend yo President on PRESENT FACTS if he’s got any. That’s why Liberal Left’s go for the attack or past that doesn’t relate – Oh I’m sorry you mean nixon was a crook and so is obama – ah I get it.

    • Millicent

      I have written to Speaker Boehner several time about Congressional oversight and want to know why he is not being impeached. To date, I have never received a reply. This man is a liar,a Muslim, and a Communist with a photoshopped birth certificate. He is destroying America and I live in fear now because of all the evil he is doing. What is wrong with America that we vote such evil men to gov’t? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson Jr. Dennis Kucinich and Barney Frank who now wants to legalize prostitution and online gambling. Incidentally, Barney got plenty of money from the ponzi scheme. Yet this evil man is still there and will be reelected I am sure

      • chali

        Bite your tongue Millicent! Our prayers are that he will not be reelected.

      • Dave Carter Sr.

        I feel that everyone she mentioned should be put on a Ship under guard and send them all to Kenya and let them do what they would like to do, such as run that tiny little cess pool down. But assure them if they try to return their ship will be sunk.

      • Karolyn

        Why souldn’t prostitution and online gambling be legalized so it can make money for the government and be monitored? People are gonna do it anyway, so why not do it right? It’s called personal liberty.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          When you really think about it, how much worse, and how different s on-line gambline and legalized prostitution to the crap that is going on daily in our government with these VERMIN in charge of it? So I spupose it is only natural for them to want to install those things, so can will feel more at home.

        • white tiger

          Because they are illegal and sinful and destructive to the persons practicing them. By you r”reasoning” murder, rape and robbery should also be legalized and taxed by the Feds.
          Hint: It helps to THINK before typing!

          • http://naver samurai

            Karolyn has no possibility to think. This takes the ability to reason and have a brain. She’s just another wayward troll that haunts this site. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • CJM

            White tiger: there’s a big difference between prostitution & gambling and murder & rape. Legalizing prostitution does 2 things: (1) reduces rape incidences (as proven by crime reports from European countries who did legalize the trade); (2) Enables greater control over the spread of STDs because laws demand that prostitutes undergo WEEKLY checks for STDs where legalized. As for gambling, it causes those winners to pay more taxes…and they have to provide RECEIPTS which record wins/losses. What’s wrong with that? Even Christ loved the prostitute–so why can’t you? Furthermore, sin was never defined in the Bible–other than to say it is a transgression. Guess the revisionists of centuries past either obliterated from the original text or forgot to add it in as an inspired they added a few other things that neither God nor Christ uttered (and proven by historians).

          • moonbeam

            CMJ, the NIV is FULL of stuff God and Christ didn’t say, which is why I don’t read that version of the Bible.

        • bill steffen

          Yes yess yesss Karolyn!!!!!! Then you could have a job and get off the blog

        • Jibbs

          Lets make a few drugs legal so it makes money for the duberment and it can be monitored, it will also take a huge bite out of crime and the drug cartels.

        • http://naver samurai

          Not if it is illegal, butthead! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Please don’t call for empeachment as that would give validity to his illegal take over of the presidency!! Try him for treason and crimes against the US!!


    This new book once again exposes the Duplicity of the “SENSITIVE” liberals in the treatment of the women in his administration. The high ranking women would not be welcome in his favorite Chicago bath house, even though the masculinity of most of them is more obvious than some of the men in his close group.

  • http://Yahoo Sam

    According to your comment policy,If you can’t write what you want to write, then what you write would be pretentious. So have a nice Day.

  • Sid

    Dennis! You are SO right!! There is not ONE inside the beltway with the intestinal fortitude to question this imposter-in chief’s elegibility to even BE president!!
    They are all spineless cowards that have sold out.

    • Templar

      Another mindless blind lemming of an idiot speaks who calls himself Sid. Facts PROVEN. Who was it who said, ” The only one who fails to disclose the truth has something to hide” It was the Traitor in Chief your hero the JOKER. Now Sid, explain why Obama the Muslim, Traitor,and Fraud in chief, corrupt as he is and has demonstrated time and time again, continues to spend millions HIDING the truth? His Birth certificate, a FRAUD! His Social Security, a FRAUD, By the way parrot, 042-68-4425 belonged to Jean Paul Ludwig before it was stolen by Madelyn Payne Dunham obama’s thieving grandmother when she worked in the court house in Honolulu Hawaii. Just FYI.

      • ValDM

        Templar, Go back & read the posts again. You’ve confused DENNIS with denniso.

        • Templar

          seems so. I apologize. Thank you

  • Liddie

    Any investigator would question Obama’s background because:

    -birth certificates considered a forgery by professionals
    -no grade school buddies, high school buddies, college classmates or people who were present at his college lectures, or girlfriends have come forward as having known him here in the US
    -no college records publicized
    -no high school, college pics in yearbooks

    Wouldn’t these missing items make one just a bit curious? If not, you don’t have much gray matter between those ears, just another follow the donkey lemming with a dumbed down government education who can’t think for themselves.

    • http://Chevyek EdK

      Good to see a real ‘thinker’. A few of these commenters(fortunately only few) are so dense & clueless, reading their comments is actually painful!

    • CJM

      Some time back there was an article that indicated bozo went to Russian colleges/universities where he reeived some ‘special education.’ However, there is evidence that he applied for and received financial aid for foreign students in order to attend Harvard. I can believe the Russian education as a prelude to becoming a student in the US–a citizen? He has never been a citizen of the US and never will be. Unfortunately, people in high places are providing a cover for him–let’s hope they all get caught and go to trial. With a guilty verdict, they can legally be buried under the jail.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Further evidence that he is ineligible for the presidency. If he IS a foriner, then he is inelligible, If he is not and applied for assistance under foreign student status, he defrauded the federal government and has commited a felony and is inelligble to be president! check out the requirements to be president!

  • Joele

    Too hilarious!!!!

  • boondock

    @denniso — You had better hope your golden boy’s health care plan covers proctology! They’ll probably find more than just YOUR head!

    “Who’s a tiny dictator?” Priceless! Another ace for Ben!

    • John S

      ****LOL*** THAT’s funnier’n “2 run-over dogs”!!! Now I understand why O-Bammer stands while shifting to the sides……his ass is sore from the lib’s kissing it! AND…you just may be right about the “proctologist”!

  • OlMcNelly

    @ Denniso:
    Who’s the wackjob? That birthcertificate is as fake as a three dollar bill, a 4th grader could have done a better job @ photoshoping it. It has been proven fake &, furthermore, the multipule certificates used for the forgery have even been discovered. Since when does a 1960′s Document come in a .PDF format?!? Look man, perhaps you should do some reading yourself & I’m not talking about Status Quo reading either. Get your head out of the box; It’s pretty much a given that the media machine has been lying to us for years & they understand that tap water drinkers, like yourself, will believe anything that is repeated enough times. YOU DOLT; snap out of it!
    Do some fact finding before you criticize people for making comments that disagree with your brainwashed way of thinking. Read a book! Dr. Jerome Corsi’ “Where’s the Birth Certificate” might be a good one for you start start with……… He holds a Phd from Harvard so, not much chance in belittling that man!
    You Sir, Mr Denniso, You are the problem with My country. Over opinionated & under educated!!!

    • denniso

      You want to read crap and lie about what’s really going on,be my guest! You read only things that support your narrow and ignorant view of the country and world,and then pretend that you are educated? And, on the contrary,you and your buddies are what’s wrong w/ MY country. Why don’t you take a nap…

      • Same Old Liberal Playbook


        Once again: NOTHING NEW FOR PRESENT FACTS: just copy, twist it, and then repeat it back, and then call it your response.That’s Unbelievabe!

    • http://naver samurai

      Thank you for that accurate description of Obama bin Laden and duhnisso. They are both, in my opinion, enemies of the state and should be given the proper punishment for their transgressions. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • denniso

        So, another threat on Obama’s life,and now you include me? What a freaking joke! If you can’t stand differing opinions w/o suggesting violence then you should move to Iran,or Saudi Arabia,where everyone pretty much has to follow the gov’t line,or be imprisoned or killed. You phony ‘patriots’ decry tyranny and claim Obama is a dictator/fascist,but it is you who are the wannabe fascists and tyrants. You and your type are pathetic excuses for Americans,and have no idea what freedom is.

        • http://naver sook young

          Why do you say lies about my husband? He has done more for this country than you have, in my opinion. He knows what freedom is alright, since he had to help people fight for it many times. God bless this Christian nation and forgive people, like Denniso, of their wayward and ignorant ways. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Hey denniso,
          hows it feel to be drop-slapped by a little LADY???? WAY TO OPEN A CAN OF WHOOPAZZ SOOK YOUNG!!!! Keep up the good fight, lady!!!

          • http://naver sook young

            Thank you Joe H.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    J.B. is going to campaign for B.O.? Didn’t he call for B.O’s impeachment after the Libiya fiasco?

  • james

    Liddie, I concur. Wake up America! Hell, even the Canadians seem to get it.

    • bill steffen

      James, I am an American living in the Philippines and even the Filipinos get it.!!!!

  • Robert Hauser

    What are the entrance requirements at Davidson College?…All it takes is a valid driver’s license, isn’t it? “Obama has girl troubles”???…you mean Sasha is pregnant?


    • Earl Edwards

      Sasha pregnant? Oh, no, no, no! Our Moslem in chief has probably used that old Arab trick of infibulating his off spring so they are pure for the sheiks he’s betrothed them to.

      • bill steffen

        Yup Drunken Uncle Omar. The rascal…..

        • denniso

          You guys are nothing but pure idiots!

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s OK, duhnisso. He could have made it more believeable and said Clinton. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • willie

    Another great Great 8 this week Ben, keep ‘em comin’. The responses are entertaining also, thanks to cats like Denniso. Hope theres not too many like them around. We should probably infiltrate the left’s blogs and write responses on those, similar to Denniso’s on this one, they could probably stand a bit of intelligence.

  • http://HughesNet madog2

    Who is going to investigate BHO? You would have to far outside Washington to find someone who is not in the same brotherhood of crooks…

  • George Peck

    The weakest and worst copout in the history of mankind: “Well, lookit the mess I inherited.”

  • http://websiteavailableonrequest Furginya Gal

    Have you noticed how much hate has developed in our Country? Why is it not okay for someone to have their own opinion, now? Yes there has always been hate, (sorry to say) but to this extreme? There is an increase in mobs attacking innocent bystander’s, hate crimes and bomb’s placed in areas that would kill children? What can we expect from a Leader that has been given approval to practice Christianity in order to reach the goals in place by his Muslim relationship.
    What seems to be slipping by most of people……
    1. The increase in Muslim’s coming into America since 2008, terrorists included.
    2. The increase in religious attacks on the Constitution by the Muslim’s over the Sharia Law and the freedom to convert our weaker Americans into their beliefs.
    3. The attack on our Constitution, God and Country, and statues and monuments (that cost us a mint) being removed due to the pressure’s of 15 % of the population. (how can that occur?)
    4. The U.S. is being attacked from within by Muslim’s,radicals, far leftist’s, and atheist’s.
    5. Obama’s goal by 2012 is to bring enough Muslim’s into America to assure his next election. The problem will be what this Country will become with the larger percentage of Muslim resident’s.
    (need to go look up information on what Muslim’s are doing in all the other countries with over 2.5% Muslim population, if you don’t believe this)
    6.Obama has allowed the U.N. to step in and ruin Israel, by acting on the Palestine’s request for statehood. Reason? Duh, he’s Muslim. What are Muslim’s working for? The take over of Israel.
    7. Although I didn’t vote for Obama, I sincerely hoped he would prove me wrong. Sorry to say that so far he has actually went way past what I felt him capable of, and it’s all due to the American’s backing him in the senate and congress who DO have their HEADS up their backsides.
    Wake up People, our day of reckoning is not far, at the speed Obama is moving. Doesn’t matter what party you belong to, this is a fight for Freedom, and keeping our Country as it was before the Government takeover, and to make changes in the American way. Vote for a person with an American heart next election, not an imposter. This is just my opinion, stated just as all of yours were stated. Right or wrong.
    God Bless America! Once the Land of the Free!
    I enjoyed, your humor Ben Crystal. Humor helps us take a break from the seriousness of what we are facing and it helps get us through another day.

    • Edward R

      Muslims is the plural, not Muslim’s. Same goes for bystander’s, bomb’s, atheist’s,leftist’s and American’s. Plurals don’t require apostrophes. Perhaps if you spent more time reading decent literature than in writing nonsense about Sharia law and atheist mobs roaming the streets you’d know this.

      • ValDM

        You just don’t like what she had to say, so you attack her grammar. Too bad you can’t focus on what was being said instead of how it was said…….poor you to be so petty.

        • Edward R

          Your reading comprehension is lacking. I did focus briefly on what she said. I called it nonsense. That’s all it deserved.

          • http://naver samurai

            What she said does make sense. What’s the matter? Did she hit a nerve or is it because that she attacked the freakish group you belong to? Classic liberal strategy to attack the person when they have no real answers. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Jibbs

            Foolish Idiot

          • http://deleted Claire

            I am an editor and I make typos. So what? If you want to crucify me, go ahead. I could care less. I am not working when I am on this site. At my job it is a different scenario. On this site I am expressing my opinion and I am not out to impress anyone. I only have to answer to myself, my husband, and God.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said Claire! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            It is the same for Idiot’s as in worthless idiot’s attempts to tell us how to write when we are denouncing their hero!!

          • BrotherPatriot

            Nice responce, Claire.

            God Bless you, your family & your clear vision. :)

      • Vicki

        Attacking the messenger instead of the message. How liberal of you.

      • Void1972

        You must be one of those “educated” professors. Your communist education will not save you from the facts. You evidently have no idea what is happening in your own country, because i’m sure your very busy destroying the minds of our children.
        Furginya stated all facts, but you liberals despise truth.
        You and educated idiots like you are the reason Lenin and Stalin murdered tens of millions of “educated” morons like yourself. The same idiots who supported the communist revolution were executed within five years.
        I wonder what obama has in store for you?

    • Flooreda

      You are so right! Obama has done his best to ruin this Country by taking God out of it and putting his terrorists in His place. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama doesn’t think he is taking the place of God and, therefore, has convinced his voters of such.

      • ace


        • http://?? Joe H.

          Remember, Nobummer has one thing in common with God. Neither one of them has a birth certificate!!!!!

      • Raggs

        One thing for sure.. He believes that he is a KING and a ruler over us. We are his little servants and our opinion and our wishes mean NOTHING. Everything that he has done and will continue to do is against America..

    • Karolyn

      The reason there is so much hate in this country is because of the availability of information and people with small bigoted minds who spread messages of hate and rumors. Of course, actually, ignorance is the main cause of hate.

      • Grammy_4_Freedom

        That is quite true. I have never SEEN so many IGNORANT liberals who HATE anybody who might disagree with them and their Messiah, the Great Eared One. They call us names, call us stupid, etc., etc., because there is NO OTHER DEFENSE for the sh*t Obama has done. Being a liberal means never admitting your wrong or saying you are sorry for all the grief and trouble you have caused–you just go right on down your little blind, brainwashed path, spouting the party line. It amazes me that so many people could be so BLIND and STOOPID. Thank GOD you fools are a minority of the population. Just look how much trouble you’ve caused–even though you are only 20% of the population–God KNOWS where we would be, or what you would have done if you’d been in the majority. The rest of us would be stuffed in the ovens and long gone by now, if there were enough of you to manage it. And you call US haters? Look in the mirror, leftwing lemming, and see what a HATER looks like.

        • Grammy_4_Freedom

          Sorry, my fingers got ahead of me there. What I meant to say was, “being a liberal means never having to say YOU’RE sorry or that you were wrong. Lemmings.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Way to open a can of whoopazz!!!!!

        • Karolyn

          Well, Grammy, it doesn’t matter what you say about me it won’t change the fact that I love you as a member of the human race, and I always admit when I’m wrong. You seem not to notice that much of what you said can be switched to the other foot too. Who is one of the worst? Rush Limbaugh!

          • http://deleted Claire

            Egads–Rush Limbaugh–sure hope he had his wife sign a pre-nupt. Wonder if his middle name is “Arrogant” –more like self-serving to me. I can’t stand the guy.

          • http://naver samurai

            You always admit when you are wrong? Great day of the morning, since when did you start that? You haven’t done it on any of your posts to this site yet. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            sure she does, all the time! (cough, cough, cough!) Like Bob Livingston says” a blade of grass blowing in the wind”!

          • http://naver samurai

            Just like a freshly laid cow chip in the middle of a pasture. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • white tiger

        If so, if “ignorance is the main cause of hate”, the Jesus Chrisy, Who, Heb.1.9, Hates iniquity”, must be most ignorant? Let me suggest that the main cause of hate is the recognition of iniquity, sin, that spiritual cancer which destroys our loved ones eternally.Do you hate sin, cancer because you are ignorant of it; or because you know the evil it does?

  • PAWatcher

    That little dictator needs President Sarah Palin to tower over him, look down on him, and fight him like girl.

    • Morduin00




  • John

    Don’t be elated that Hillary might run! She is just as much an alinskyite as Obama. In fact, Hillary interviewed Alinsky and wrote a paper about him when she attended Wellesly. Alinsky thought so much of her that he offered Hillary a job upon her graduation. She declined, later met Slick Willie, and the rest is history. Hillary for President ? Just what we need-Obama with a vagina and a post-menopausal attitude ! She is educated, however. She has her BS,MS, and Phd. Everyone knows what BS is. MS is ” more of the same,” and Phd means ” piled higher and deeper. “

    • guidepost

      PHD also means “Pin Headed Dope”!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Or in nobummers case, PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER!!!

    • Raggs

      Who’s to say that oblama doesn’t have a vagina he damm sure act’s like a bitch ( whore )..

  • John Ham

    This sounds like a lot of GOP trash with no evidence to back it up. I do not argee with all of Obama’s ideals.I don’t accept lying about him is justfied.Many of the gop are a bunch of lying, deceiving politicans who can only win by a fear campaign. I am supprise they don;t blame Obama for the Financial mess Bush and the GOP made or why not blame him for the lies about Iran that cost us over 4000. brave men and women. Plus Billions of dallors,some lined the the pockets of Forgien leaders and the oil company’s plus over charging of the company that did the rebuilding.Your readers are ignorate to the facts.There have been thousands of jobs created and saved.Congress should pass a law that prohibits unfactual stories from being published. Sure put a lot of Quacks out of businrss.

    • Morduin00

      Ham. Be careful of what you wish for. That would be the doom of CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC not to mention the New York Times.

      I see choking on the lies of the mainstream media hasn’t affected your oxygen-starved brain. Have you ever talked to vets that came back from the 2nd Iraq war? They have a much different story to tell than the press does.

    • Frank

      Right, congress should pass a law not to allow idiots like you from showing your spelling ineptitude!!! And showing your total ignorance about anything. You best be careful the men in white suits must be looking for you. God please tell me these kind of people aren’t authorized to vote!!

    • Vicki

      John Ham writes:
      “Congress should pass a law that prohibits unfactual stories from being published.”

      Regrettably that would not stop the flood of liberal lies cause most of them publish opinions and not stories. :( It would however totally destroy Hollywood. Hmmmm… maybe you have a point there. Much less propaganda.

    • ipsd48

      Who got$137,000 from fannie/freddie in 2008 to keep them from being investigated? Bush or Obama?

    • Grammy_4_Freedom

      You are right that many Republicans are crooks, liars, etc. The entire SYSTEM is rotten with corruption, and OBUMMER is leading the parade, setting new records for cronyism and old-style Chicago corruption on a national scale. The man is a crook, not to mention an unprincipled liar, America hater and TRAITOR. But I guess we can’t really call him a traitor–he would have to actually be AMERICAN to be a hater. If he wasn’t foreign born, he was most CERTINLY foreign-raised and educated in his formative years, and well schooled in the Marxist CRAP his worthless family espoused. One thing is sure, he has NOT been good for this country. In fact, if he does not succeed in destroying it altogether before he is done, it will be a wonder.

      • http://deleted Claire

        One must remember Obama has had a lot of help in the ruination of America–previously and currently.

        • http://naver samurai

          100% agree. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Name three PERMANENT jobs that have been created by the government/nobummer!!

  • MadMax

    Another great one Ben. I seem to be addicted to your videos because you disparage the libs in a very funny way as no one else can. Keep it up!

  • FreedomFighter

    I have a little statue in the back yard with obummers face taped on it and all 6 of my dogs cock there leg on it multiple times a day and pee liberally.

    It has amazed me how hard a belly laugh my friends get when they see the dogs line up and well … do there thing.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Raggs

      How about some oblama toilet paper… :)

    • Jibbs

      Thanks for the idea! I’ll be heading to the store later today.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have a garden gnome that just had a face lift er drop, what ever, I’m sure you get the meaning!!

  • RLM357

    Gee, if Hitlery runs she could just return all the furniture they took from the W.H. when they left. SIX TRAILER LOADS!! for a couple that had Never owned a house before the W.H. !!!

  • norman

    Hope an change,,well,you got it,,Obumma,,didn’t lie..

  • iam

    What? The “Day of Rage” fizzled? I was told that there were “probably” “nearly” two million protesters there. Which side should I believe, you or someone who listens to the MSM?

  • Barbara

    For all of you out there enthralled with our president I would love for just one person to come forward and verify that Obama attended, was president of the Harvard Law Review, contributed articles to same and graduated. My husband is a Harvard grad class of 1989 and I have all the year books dating back to 1979 up to and including 2001. I also have all the Harvard Law Reviews and adjunct articles for the same period. It’s extremely troubling that no where is there a class photo, anything in the Law Review indicating Obama contributed nor any evidence of his attendance. This includes the name Obama and Seotora.

    • rich

      Thank you for the information. I didn’t think he would have been a graduate of such a school. I really doubt that this country can survive another term of the current congress. I, in MY opinion, don’t know if the country will survive very well if they are back in office. Vote out every incumbent!! The experience they claim to have has not been shown to help us. We need new blood: God fearing, hard-working, honest(or really close), and really American minded. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  • white tiger

    Oscambo is a fraud and a sociopath and eventually, far too late, the truth will come out.I fear that our electorate is so depraved that he will be re-elected and finish killing off the Republic. One consolation is that this reprobate will certainly scream in agony in the fires of Hell eternally.
    We must remember that Oscumbag is not the only guilty one. Each and every damned fool who voted for him has best repent and fly Right, or a similar fate awaits him! It is incomprehensible to some of us how anyone could support such an intrinsically evil person.

  • chuckb

    barbara, why have so few people brought this matter up, i have wondered many times how he could have been a professor, constitutionalist an president of the harvard law review.and it seems no one can prove he ever attended harvard. everything about this guy is fraudulent. somewhere there is one big cover up including his bc.
    it seems the republican congress has no stomach for any fact finding investigation. the facts should be produced.
    my own contention is barry soetoro is a flat out forgery from beginning to end.

    • rich


    • http://?? Joe H.

      Exactly!! Any college, especially Harvard would do anything to bolster attendance of the eliete and what better than a spread in their pamphlets showing president nobummer attending?? Have you seen any??? I’m very sure you haven’t as I don’t think they exhist!!

  • Barbara

    It has been reported that millions of dollars were spent to cover up all his academia and I’m quite puzzled. Who benefited from this since there was obviously nothing to hide since there is no evidence he attended anywhere except Occidental College in CA. I agree that Ovomit’s nefarious past will eventually catch up with him and it’s more than annoying that both the senate and house failed to protect it’s citizens by disregarding the vetting process. I further agree that the whole blooming corrupt group need to be replaced…!!!

  • http://personalliberty marilyn

    obama went to occidental college under the name barry soetoro and received financial aid as a foreign exchange student for indonesia.
    on his birth certificate it states his father was born in kenya, kenya wasn’t in existance at that time, it was a providence of England.studies released shows obama has spent 950,000 dollars on lawyers to block disclosure of any of his personal ongoings. call this transparency??Ask obama which passport he used to to shuttle between new york, jakarta and karachi? if he traveled with a british passport then he was claiming to be born in Kenya. in his book Audacity of Hope, he speaks of a coil of rage he harbors against america. and this, i will stand with the muslims should the politcal winds shift in an ugly direction. go to the library and get this book and his fathers book. dreams of my father.

  • WickedPickle

    Bulletin! Even if you vote in the right person, you’ll hardly recognize him/her.. Whatta you think? The next elected President will wave his magic wand and everything will be hunky-dorey? If nothing else he will have to enact difficult decisions, there may be rights toyed with, hard choices, hard times and priveledges taken away to balance a budget this large in the allotted time everyone wants it.. Yes, welfare will be cut to the bone(there will be deaths but so what, it will solve an over-burdened problem) the elderly may suffer (as this administration will be forced to ‘borrow’ again from a trust that should not have been violated in the first place) medicare/medicade turned over to the private insurance industry (wow! more premium costs, record breaking profits) your pay may be cut in an effort to allow others to work while congress drags their feet in an effort to beg big b’ness to come home.. The rich being taxed even beyond their capabilities.. Food will probably skyrocket.. All this and more will be necessary for a balance to be achieved within ten to twenty years (of this same crap) and through it all, someone will be accusing others of being a fool to have voted for a leader who is actually trying to save America (call it hard love).. This mess is not going away soon, it will take more sacrifice, more elbow grease and more hope than anything we’ve encountered since the 1930′s and that’s not even counting any rouge Nation(s) deciding that the time is ripe to attack us where we live.

    • Void1972

      Very true post. The only chance America has is making sure we elect a true American next year.
      Life is going to get extremely difficult, there will be rioting, murders, bombing and everything else that obama can pull out of his bag of tricks, but in the end I pray America will prevail.
      We will survive if an American is elected, but will fail if a RINO, obama or hillary wins.
      Lets find that American.

  • LittleFartBert

    Want to know how President Obama helped with one of the biggest fraud cases in US history. Google “Pigford vs Glickman” or “Pigford vs Obama” He helped reopen a case that resulted in a settlement ballooning to $1.25 Billion during 2008. That was right in the middle of a worldwide recession and the American public did not know about it, because he had it done in silence and behind closed doors.

    • Jibbs

      He didn’t help reopen the case, he supported it. Two different things, but I would agree that we were ripped off with his support of the case.



    • Jay

      Paul, i have a better idea. Why don’t we all work together and get rid of the Federal Reserve? There’s no reason anyone should be paying exorbitant taxes that go to the Federal Reserve for loans they created out of thin air, and are backed-up by NOTHING. Another words, the Federal Reserve makes pure interest on imaginary loans, but we, the tax-payers, pay outrageous interest on loans that didn’t exist to begin with! What do you think?

  • MrB

    Many times I have heard the statement “We need to vote out all the incumbents”. For those of you who feel that way you need to start looking into just who is what. There are a lot of good hard working Congressmen and Senators who are on your side… They have been outnumbered and overpowered by the money grubbers and stupids.

    Do some research before making such rash decisions you are libal to upset the apple cart in favor of those you want to be rid of.

    Just sitting in front of a computer mouthing off does not make you a good American, you need to really get involved or your no better then all the rest of the liberals.

    • Jibbs

      So what are you doing to solve the problem, besides sitting at your computer? I see you didn’t post any links or ideas.
      Please name some of the hard working dems or repubs that you claim earn their keep/job.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Jibbs: Fo some dang reason I am not coming up with any elected politician that has proven to be worth their salary, etc. To me, it looks more like they are out for revenge, and 2012.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I can name one! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Jay

    The Federal Reserve Plan: Steal the Value of Your Money and Give It to Banks

    The Federal Reserve has announced it is lowering the federal funds interest rate to between 0.00% and 0.25%. This means it will now be even easier for banks to create new money. When banks borrow money from the Federal Reserve, the Fed is not lending them money it has saved. The Fed is creating entirely new money that did not exist before. The banks then loan this money to individuals and businesses at an interest rate higher than the federal funds rate.

    The 700 billion dollar bailout was only the beginning. The Fed has already greatly surpassed this amount. The Fed has created over two trillion dollars and used this to buy stocks, bonds, and debt. Who authorized the Fed to do this? No one! The Fed did it because it could. The reason the Fed could, is because the government illegally refuses to take on its constitutional responsibilities. The Constitution requires that the government create money, and most people think the government does create money. However, it is banks that create money, not the government.

    The banks in America are collapsing, and the US government has spent over $700 billion to save them. The ostensible reason is they have lost so much money because of loan defaults, and they need money to keep the economy going by making more loans to each other, to businesses, and to consumers. But this is a lie that twists the reality of the financial system. Banks do not really provide the valuable service to society most people think they do.

    Many people believe the government creates money. It does not. In reality, banks create money through the loans they create. Banks loan out their depositors’ money, right? Nope. Banks never loan their depositors’ money. When a bank makes a loan it is actually creating entirely new money that did not exist before. It does this simply by typing the amount into their computer. So if you get a loan for $10,000 the bank simply types that amount into its computer in your account and creates a corresponding debt for you. This works, because over 99% of all money exists only as computer entries. Less than 1% of all money is actual physical bills and coins. Banks literally create this new money out of nothing. And the people who take the loans will have to repay the money the bank created.

    Through this scam banks steal from everyone else in three ways:

    1) Banks charge interest on the debt for the money they, private corporations, created out of nothing and did not even possess until it was lent to the borrowers.

    2) Banks charge fees for making loans, often several thousand dollars. Banks also charge sellers a fee between 1-10% of the total amount of any sale paid for with a credit card. Of course, this cost is passed on to the consumer through higher product prices.

    3) Banks devalue all existing money when they create new money. They reduce its purchasing power.

    Devaluing everyone else’s money is a form of theft, because the new money banks created obtains the purchasing power that the other money has lost. The banks are stealing the purchasing power of everyone’s money and transferring it to the new money they created. Banks have been running this same scam and stealing the value of everybody’s money since medieval times. The only thing that has changed is the scale of the scam. The total mortgage debt alone in the U.S.A. is over 10 trillion dollars. If the average interest rate is 7% then over 700 billion dollars is paid to banks in interest each year for something they created out of nothing. And this is just the mortgage debt. The total debt owed to banks is much higher.

    The banks are not lending not because they cannot, but because it is not profitable for them to do so. Banks will only loan money if they believe they are statistically likely to profit as a result of making the loan. If too many people do not repay their loans the bank loses money. The bank profits and makes up for the loss from defaults by charging interest.


    • Demolay

      Jay, if what you say is true, I’m more sick now then when I received a letter from BofA the other day that told me as of October, 2011, There will be a monthly charge on my savings,and checking accounts from $6.00+ to over $20.00, depending on the account type plus teller’s and drive-through banking fees. What a way to encourage depositors. Why would they do this?

      • Jay

        Because they can, because they’re thieves, because the law allows them to legally steal, because we let them, because they’re greedy, and because they’re trying to destroy us! Please check this u-tube video presentation on the creation of the federal reserve. It will explain why things are the way they are in America. Be sure to pass it on. God speed brother!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        wait till the government passes their banking tax bill!! There will be a charge for EVERY TRANSACTION on all accounts!! Deposit your check? Fee! Pay your electric bill by check? FEE! Cash a check? FEE! Transfer from one account to another within the same bank? FEE! The worst one of all? Auto deposit your social security check or veterans disability check? FEE!!!!

  • http://deleted Claire

    I cannot believe people do not realize that both parties caused this mess America is in. The two-party system sucks. Do any of you really believe the Dems or the Repubs/tea party will get rid of the Federal Reserve? Do you think they will get rid of all the lobbyists, the pork? All I can say is be careful what you wish for, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to.

  • Jay

    Federal Reserve Scam!
“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” —Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., 1913  

    “The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.” —President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination!

    “Government spending is always a “tax” burden on the American people and is never equally or fairly distributed. The poor and low-middle income workers always suffer the most from the deceitful tax of inflation and borrowing.” —Congressman Ron Paul

    “You are a den of vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.” —U.S. President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816)

    ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8 OF THE THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof. Today however, the FED, which is a privately owned company, controls and profits by printing money through the Treasury, and regulating its value.

    The FED began with approximately 300 people or banks that became owners (stockholders purchasing stock at $100 per share – the stock is not publicly traded) in the Federal Reserve Banking System. They make up an international banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison (Reference 1, 14). The FED banking system collects billions of dollars (Reference 8, 17) in interest annually and distributes the profits to its shareholders. The Congress illegally gave the FED the right to print money (through the Treasury) at no interest to the FED. The FED creates money from nothing, and loans it back to us through banks, and charges interest on our currency. The FED also buys Government debt with money printed on a printing press and charges U.S. taxpayers interest. Many Congressmen and Presidents say this is fraud (Reference 1,2,3,5,17).

    Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:

    1. Rothschild Bank of London
    2. Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3. Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    4. Lehman Brothers of New York
    5. Lazard Brothers of Paris
    6. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    7. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    8. Goldman, Sachs of New York
    9. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    11. (Reference 14, P. 13, Reference 12, P. 152)

    These bankers are connected to London Banking Houses which ultimately control the FED. When England lost the Revolutionary War with America (our forefathers were fighting their own government), they planned to control us by controlling our banking system, the printing of our money, and our debt (Reference 4, 22).

    The individuals listed below owned banks which in turn owned shares in the FED. The banks listed below have significant control over the New York FED District, which controls the other 11 FED Districts. These banks also are partly foreign owned and control the New York FED District Bank.
(Reference 22)

    • First National Bank of New York
    • James Stillman
    • National City Bank, New York
    • Mary W. Harnman
    • National Bank of Commerce, New York
    • A.D. Jiullard
    • Hanover National Bank, New York
    • Jacob Schiff
    • Chase National Bank, New York
    • Thomas F. Ryan
    • Paul Warburg
    • William Rockefeller
    • Levi P. Morton
    • M.T. Pyne
    • George F. Baker
    • Percy Pyne
    • Mrs. G.F. St. George
    • J.W. Sterling
    • Katherine St. George
    • H.P. Davidson
    • J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life)
    • Edith Brevour T. Baker
    • (Reference 4 for above, Reference 22 has details, P. 92, 93, 96, 179)

    How did it happen? After previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson’s campaign for President. He had committed to sign this act. In 1913, a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas when much of Congress was on vacation (Reference 3, 4, 5).

    When elected, Wilson passed the FED. Later, Wilson remorsefully replied (referring to the FED), “I have unwittingly ruined my country” (Reference 17, P. 31). Now the banks financially back sympathetic candidates. Not surprisingly, most of these candidates are elected (Reference 1, P. 208-210, Reference 12, P. 235, Reference 14, P. 36).

    The bankers employ members of the Congress on weekends (nickname T&T club -out Thursday…-in Tuesday) with lucrative salaries (Reference 1, P. 209). Additionally, the FED started buying up the media in the 1930′s and now owns or significantly influences most of it
(Reference 3, 10, 11, P. 145).

    Presidents Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy tried to stop this family of bankers by printing U.S. dollars without charging the taxpayers interest (Reference 4). Today, if the government runs a deficit, the FED prints dollars through the U.S. Treasury, buys the debt, and the dollars are circulated into the economy.

    In 1992, taxpayers paid the FED banking system $286 billion in interest on debt the FED purchased by printing money virtually cost free (Reference 12, P. 265).  Forty percent of our personal federal income taxes goes to pay this interest. 

    The FED’s books are not open to the public.  Congress has yet to audit it.

  • Jay

    “If we stuck to the Constitution as written, we would have: no federal meddling in our schools; no Federal Reserve; no U. S. membership in the U.N.; no gun control; and no foreign aid. We would have no welfare for big corporations, or the “poor”; No American troops in 100 foreign countries; no NAFTA, GATT, or “fast-track”; no arrogant federal judges usurping states rights; no attacks on private property; and no income tax. We can get rid of most of the cabinet departments, most of the agencies, and most of the budget. The government would be small, frugal, and limited.” —CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL

  • Jay

    Structure of the Birth Certificate

    Did the State Pledge Your Body to a Bank?

    By: David Deschesne
    Advanced Civics Research Library

    Right: Some birth and marriage certificates are now “warehouse receipts,” printed on banknote paper, which may mark you and yours as ‘chattel’ property of the banks that our government borrows from every day.

    A certificate is a “paper establishing an ownership claim.” – Barron’s Dictionary of Banking Terms. Registration of births began in 1915, by the Bureau of Census, with all states adopting the practice by 1933.

    Birth and marriage certificates are a form of securities called “warehouse receipts.” The items included on a warehouse receipt, as descried at §7-202 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the law which governs commercial paper and transactions, which parallel a birth or marriage certificate are:

    -location of the warehouse where the goods are stored…(residence)

    -the date of issue of the receipt…..(“Date issued”)

    -the consecutive number of the receipt…(found on back or front of the certificate, usually in red numbers)

    -a description of the goods or of the packages containing them…(name, sex, date of birth, etc.)

    -the signature of the warehouseman, which may be made by his authorized agent…(municipal clerk or state registrar’s signature)

    Birth/marriage certificates now appear to at least qualify as “warehouse receipts” under the Uniform Commercial Code. Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th ed. defines:

    warehouse receipt. “…A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument and is often used for financing with inventory as security.”

    Since the U.S. went bankrupt in 1933, all new money has to be borrowed into existence. All states started issuing serial-numbered, certificated “warehouse receipts” for births and marriages in order to pledge us as collateral against those loans and municipal bonds taken out with the Federal Reserve’s banks.

    The “Full faith and Credit” of the American people is said to be that which back the nation’s debt. That simply means the American people’s ability to labor and pay back that debt. In order to catalog its laborers, the government needed an efficient, methodical system of tracking its property to that end. Humans today are looked upon merely as resources – “human resources,” that is.

    Governmental assignment of a dollar value to the heads of citizens began on July 14, 1862 when President Lincoln offered 6 percent interest bearing-bonds to states who freed their slaves on a “per head” basis. This practice of valuating humans (cattle?) continues today with our current system of debt-based currency reliant upon a steady stream of fresh new chattels to back it.

  • Jay

    Most Welfare Goes to the Bankers

    Shameless American bankers living on US Taxpayers’ welfare bailout money seek to hire foreign workers instead of American workers with $100 K salary

    The shameless creatures are really shameless. The species is called American Banker and Financial Institutions. After their greed, corruption, and anti-social behavior wiped them out; after begging and stealing American Taxpayer’s hard earned money through buddy Bush and Paulson; after violating rules after rules in the name of deregulation, these rare species now seeks to hire foreign workers with American taxpayers’ money.

    This is a case of day light robbery in the main street. They stole our money bribing the Bush Administration and perhaps doing the same with 17 hired lobbyists in Obama Administration; they foreclose homes and put young children, mothers, and sisters in the street, they suck our blood through 22% credit card interest rates, they repossess our cars with the help of thugs who call themselves repo agents, … the list goes on.

    According to an Associated Press investigation, the shameless American Banks and Financial Institutions collecting billions of dollars in federal bailout money sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers to the U.S. for high-paying jobs. The 14 banks receiving the biggest rescue packages, totaling more than $170 billion, requested visas for more than 22,300 foreign workers over the past six years for positions that included senior vice presidents, corporate lawyers, junior investment analysts and human resources specialists. The average annual salary for those jobs was $90,721, nearly twice the median income for all American households. In addition they hired thousands for computers, programming, and other technical jobs.

    On one hand, these shameless biological species are firing American workers in hundreds of thousands. On the other hand they are trying to bring in white collared slaves on H1B visas promising salaries far higher than the average American workers. As the economic collapse worsened last year — with huge numbers of bank employees laid off — the numbers of visas sought by the dozen banks in AP’s analysis increased by nearly one-third, from 3,258 in fiscal 2007 to 4,163 in fiscal 2008. Shame has no limits.

    Bushs, Clintons, Obama are responsible for these shameless insult on Americans. It is American patriotism at its best. What is Obama doing? Well he just woke up to find these shameless creatures just paid 18billion dollars of tax payers money as bonus and hired thousands of foreign workers as slaves to replace American workers who tax supported bailout fund keeps these banks afloat.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Excellent links & posts, Jay…as usual.

      I have had a long day & headin off to bed…so thanks for doing the bulk of the work on this article for me already so I don’t have to stay up and scream my usual rant about the a-holes who are really the cause of all this…lol. (wink) You have covered the needed material.

      God Bless & please…keep up the good work, brothers & sisters. We can not let up on trying to bring the truth out into the light. If we just wake one person up per article…and if that one person then enlightens one or even a couple more…the fires of the few can awaken the country!

      Yol Bolsun!

      • Demolay

        Brother patriot, where I was blind, I now see. Although, at this point it’s very hazy and confusing. I’m overwhelmed, scared and sick.

      • Jay

        Exactly, Brother Patriot! I believe people are, waking up. Now, if we could all work together, instead of against each other, and realize that we have a common foe that desires to destroy us, all of us, we could turn this around. Clearly, our common foe has ingeniously divided us into two separate camps, and instigated hatred between the two, thus, while we are at each others throats, we are rendered impotent to fight, and apply ourselves to the real work. We must get the foreign international bankers out of our economic system. We must de-solve the federal reserve, and tell them that the so-called debt that they fabricated, and all the illusory interest on the factitious debt accrued, is here-by, dismissed, cancelled! As well, shut down the IRS! Lastly, round-up all elected officials connected, and that have been sub-servient to the banking elite, and fire them! Until we accomplish these imperative objective, we will have no chance of saving our country!

        • BrotherPatriot

          Damn, Jay! We speak as one…so often.

          What you are saying above…is so very true. The bulk of our government, past/present has helped enable everything to unfold as it has. Indeed, what you said is necessary but I’ll take it the extra step further and add if I may…

          That we need to investigate, then reveal the information & prosecute, imprison (hang some for treason) and confiscate the great wealth and resources that has been stolen by these social degenerate, bankers, secret society organizations. This wealth then could be used to right the wrongs (crimes against humanity) that has been perpetrated not just against America but the world as a whole. The wars in the past & present has affected us all. They killed so MANY and destroyed so many familes! The false flag attack of 9/11 is the Peal Harbor of our time…& we know Pearl Harbor could have been avoided if we had true leaders serving America! Nothing has changed as they still are playing the same old game…but I have great hope that the gig is up for them. We are becoming educated to some simple truths as History is telling us how the math of it all adds up. Who did what…when they did it…who they answered to…what organizations are they affiliated with (NWO)…etc.

          Let common sense prevail…the kind that the mass majority of sane & rational people would ask to be done in a given situation.

          I call this the Common Sense Filter…which could be applied to virtually every topic/legal situation that comes up. This filter of course is guided by our Judeo-Christian belief system…the same system that founded our country. (Though religion itself may get rocked if the truth of the past is brought out. This doesn’t affect the belief system however of what a good person would say about a given situation.)

          Let’s kick out all illegal aliens…period. Give them 2 months to get out of the country. This would solve soooo many problems and open up jobs for our people, stimulate our economy & reduce crime!

          End American company’s from manufacturing in other countries. Make being made in America something to be proud about & not the fact that it was made by the cheapest labor in a foreign country and with the greatest profit. There is more to life than profit…how about knowing you employed an american so he can feed his family which would help make this country strong & great again…Employers!

          I’m so pissed at how things are going & wish that we just pulled our collective heads out of our bums. That we wake up, stand up & kick the hell out of the one world order people’s Agenda…reveal the truth of what they do & have been doing to us…call it all out into the Light of God & let that Light burn away the impure which is the majority of the crap we are being fed by the controlled media & entertainment industry of Hollywood & Disney.

          Do all this before it’s to late America. Our childrens future relies upon it.

          God Bless…and Thank You to all you Patriots out there fighting the good fight!

  • popper2u

    How much longer will we keep saying ‘No’ to “Do the right thing”?

  • http://naver samurai

    He also has competition from other women like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Here is a video of Bristol Palin taking on an Obama bin Laden supporter. It’s very interesting.


    • Void1972

      The video is a perfect example of the sick and demented progressives. The gay guys are naturally good, God fearing American citizens, just voicing their well educated opinions, as many liberals do.
      I’m sure rachel maddow will be proud of these good American’s, as most liberals will be.
      There is a reason homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in every dictionary, prior to 1979.
      Now it seems to be a badge of honor.
      As I stated earlier, if America, as the last hope of freedom in the world loses this war against evil, and the communist win, then the only good thing to come from our loss of life, is the fact that all of these demented freaks that supported communism, will be executed in the fashion of Stalin and Mao.
      They will “rot in hell”, the hell they don’t believe in.
      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I wonder if those are those “kind and decent” gays that karolyn speaks of??? Real decent AZZHOLES!!

      • http://naver samurai

        I second that motion, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        WHAT??? No answer from karolyn???

        • http://naver samurai

          I hope not. I like the quiet. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • homesteader mike

    the scary part is obama did tell us what he was planning on doing during his campaign. But too few listened.
    obama care, days of rage cascading across the middle east and coming to America. some folks were telling us it would happpen and got told they were crazy but look like prophets now (GB-912 project-Palin at the repub convention).
    Support the tea party and Cain.

  • chuckb

    does anyone notice the liberals how they want to embrace both parties as corrupt, now that crockobama is in deep trouble and the democrats have ran this country into an abyss. so they want to share the blame.

  • Stephen

    I find it amazing how you people keep complaining about Obama when you take a look at the clown before him and the clown that ran against him. Those two idiots made Obama look like the right choice to Joe six pack and Sally soccer mom. I wish this country would wake up soon before it’s to late( though I think it already is). And if you think Perry or Romney are the ticket, think again. We have to look harder at a Republican candiate, one that see’s the evil in this country i.e. The Federal Reserve for a start, that abomination needs to go. Next stop those two wars, the job is done, bring our troops home!!!!!

    • Void1972

      We are probably from different parties, but I agree with you on the amount of clowns that have been running our country for decades.
      Obama is the product of a corrupt and controlled media, as are most politicians.
      People need to educate themselves before voting, and I’m afraid that will never happen. This is why it is too late.
      Good luck in your future.

  • Jay

    “War, and the threat of war, are big government’s best friend,” he wrote only recently.” Liberals support big government social programs, and conservatives support big government war policies, thus satisfying two major special interest groups. And when push comes to shove, the two groups cooperate and support big government across the board — always at the expense of personal liberty. Both sides pay lip service to freedom, but neither stands against the welfare-warfare state and its promises of unlimited entitlements and endless war.”

    —Congressman Ron Paul

  • Janis Keller

    The scary part is that Obama has proven himself to be anti-American time and time again. This is not right-wing rhetoric. This is just what Obama has done, for all to witness. He has also taken a state, Arizona, to the U.N. He has sued Arizona, and that suit is in process now. Gov. Jan of Arizona is counter-suing the federal government. Meanwhile, people in Arizona and other border states with a large influx of illegal immigrants are in constant danger. Obama does not care. He refuses to enforce federal law concerning border control. Then when Arizona protects herself, she is prosecuted. Obama is not doing these things in a closet. When he was a new president, he and his wife refused to place their hands over their hearts to pledge allegiance to our flag. Obama went around the world apologizing for America. For what? Only a Muslim would know. I don’t. This was not done in secret either. These are signs, signals that something is wrong. Something is wrong when the president won’t pledge proper allegiance to the flag of his country. Something is wrong when a president apologizes for his country to that country’s bitterest enemies, enemies who have attacked that country and murdered civilians and partially destroyed one government building. Something is wrong when this same president hides all of his background, even when the citizens are hollering to see it for evidence. That is disrespect. The only respect Obama has for us as citizens is our money. I vote we fail to give it to him. I vote we say “NO.” Obama lovers, all of these things were in the news of the day. All of these things happened. No one could make up anything this maniacal. There are other things that Obama did to prove his guilt, but I don’t have enough room here to write it. Watch him. He is unstable. It is not funny.

    • Void1972

      Something is very wrong, and only we the people can change it!
      We must organize better then the acorns, unions and communist.
      We must boycott all that is involved with these people.
      We must join together and build a defense against the evil that consumes our children, Hollywood.
      We must fight against evil, communist organizations like the ACLU, NAAPC, SEIU and the teachers union.
      I believe that we are about to pay a horrible price for our ignorance, greed and poor choices we as a nation have made in the past, but there is still hope.
      They cannot eliminate God, and as long as we keep our faith, we will prevail.
      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • hitthedeck

        The Cookie War:
        I really don’t know which war will be coming first, class warfare or a cookie war?
        We have a black congress woman calling Herman Cain and Rep. Col. Allen West Oreo’s. This recent show of white hate coming from blacks as a defensive tactic against criticism of the Obama policies is showing up nationwide. The blame has been everything from Bush, hurricanes, Greeks, floods, Wall Street, rich people and now it’s Whitey. This is just awful! It’s going to be the Chocolate chips against the Vanilla wafers and Oreo’s. How could something so sweet end up leaving such a bad taste in Uncle Sam’s mouth?

  • http://deleted Claire

    I missed my anniversary! I have been on this site two years September 12th!! Time flies when you’re having fun. It has been a real “trip” exchanging thoughts and opinions. This is the only site I participate in. It has been and will continue to be a mind-blowing experience. There are a lot of strong-willed people on this site. The backbone of America. Kudos to all.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      mine will be 10-7-11!! Time flies when you’re helping bust progs!!

    • libertytrain

      Claire – :)

    • http://naver samurai

      I’ve been on here a year and seems just like it was yesterday. I guess that you lose track of time fighting the enemies of this country from within. Some of them are on this site also. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Elba Saravia


  • Zoltan

    What can you expect!!! Currently the best job on the market is political
    jobs. No intelligence, common sense, knowledge required, only ability to
    to talk and tell the public what the public want to hear and don’t deliver anything since responsibility not required. It pays good, and provide excellent pension even a short time. ( I call this occupation
    “political prostitutes” category.)

  • Sephora

    I loved the midget armandajohn, who is not funny at all, he is taking life very seriously and moving as quickly as he could forward. I just wonder why our wonderful president was rushing to take out kadafi who is our friend and does not do anything about armandajohn, who is rushing to off with his head. perhaps hussein would be happy to give his head to armandajohn

  • hitthedeck

    Ben-I think the humor you’re putting on about the left is fine but I’m sorry to say that you are just not the comedian type and its very difficult to laugh when you are moderating. If you would keep producing the humor and find someone that has comedian qualities, it would be to your credit.


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