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Gingrich Wants To Sue Over Attack Ad

January 13, 2012 by  

Gingrich Wants To Sue Over Attack Ad

The campaign attacks are beginning to get so nasty in the Presidential primary that Newt Gingrich is threatening to sue.

Gingrich’s campaign is threatening to sue South Carolina and Florida television stations that air an ad by a pro-Romney super-PAC claiming Gingrich was “fined” $300,000 for ethics violations during the 1990s, according to The Hill.

The ad says that Gingrich is a desperate candidate who has “more baggage than the airport.”

Gingrich attorney Stefan Passantino called the commercial “a defamatory communication which exposes this station to potential civil liability” in a letter sent to television stations, according to NBC Politics.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • skippy

    Newt must be some kind of ‘Whiner’. LOL…I remember them on SNL back in the day…what a hoot!!!

    • Robert Smith

      Actually because it is a political ad that stations are pretty much required to carry if it’s paid for I don’t believe they are liable in any way.


      • combat seabee

        If it contains no truth, it is libel and possibly slander. The truth must be shown. If the implication was a fine, but it was resolved as Not a fine, it is Not a fine, hence, libel, and by twisting his words, slander. There could very well be culpability here.
        The saddest part of this is the GOP infighting. It’s so bad that they are really looking to destroy themselves, but it is because of the liberal media that the GOP candidates are unraveling. They,the libs want Romney and NO, don’t let the media/leftist oblowhole propaganda machine pick our candidate, you are all playing into oblowholes hand! It is the liberal media that is fueling the fires of in-house discontent!!
        Another question, why are the GOP debates moderated (yeah righ) by the liberal media? Did you notice that ass george steponmyfootalous guy asking about contraceptives and such? Maybe his parents should of used contraception and we wouldn’t have such an idiot involved in something so relevent as the saving of AMERICA!!!

        • APN

          Excellent post and factual!

          Yes, running fictional ads that slander an individual’s reputation can and WILL get you in a law suit…..and….you will lose….period. I’ve seen it happen many times. Also, I agree with you, the GOP is about to fall right into the hands of the socialist trap with Rhombo.

          Go NEWT!!!!

  • Randy131

    If Newt wasn’t fined as the ad says he was, then I don’t blame him if he sued. I think of myself in that predictament, and how I would feel, and it isn’t very nice. Stating a lie publicly, and especially in an advertisement for millions to see, is defamatory, and it makes you wonder what you would have to do to prevent such a distortion of one’s character, especially when it impedes your attempted goals you’re working so hard for. I’d seek advice as to how to stop it myself, and wonder what would be advised as to how to achieve that stoppage?

    • Mountain Saint

      Randy, just use your search machine and determine for yourself if Newt was fined $300,000, reprimanded and driven from his Speaker of the House position…That’s the problem with people these days, they won’t do any research and they don’t know history…Also, while you are at it, look up Judicial Watch and discover for yourself who was considered one of the most corrupt politicians of 2011, along with Obama. Yes, Newt.

      • APN

        THE SYSTEM is corrupt, therefore, logic would dictate that all who operate within that system. is CORRUPT! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Jeff

    You have Romney & Paul who have turned to Trash. Not saying they weren’t before all of this, but It’s out in the open now.

    • Joe

      Is using the facts actual documented evidence Trash? No it is not it is part and parcel to who they are and should be exposed.

    • APN

      All are spending OTHER PEOPLES money to BASH the opposition. A corrupt system breeds corruption, period. Newt did his best to keep the GOP focused on defeating Obama in the early stages of the primary by sticking to the KEY ISSUES, HOWEVER, this worked only until HE began to gain traction with the PEOPLES.

      Guess what happened then, RHOMBO and PAULY spent MILLIONS trashing him, and in all probability, will hand deliver the Presidency back to King AMABO.

      Way to go BOYS, we appreciate it!

  • Daylo

    I hope Newt does sue. Lies are so unethical. I wouldn’t vote for any candidate who aired these ads, or allowed his SuperPAC to air them. No control, you say? I say baloney!

    I saw the smirk on Romney’s face when he said, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”….and he knew they were lies when he allowed them to be put on the air.

    Now Newt is fighting back and Romney all of the pro-Romney media are crying foul! I say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Turnabout is FAIR play. That’s an OLD saying…older than Paul…now that’s old!

    • APN

      I agree with you completely! Now, would you vote for someone who built PORK into a spending bill and then voted against that bill?

  • Daylo

    Romney is a RINO and a MIMO. Republican in name only and Mormon in name only. I’ve never met a mormon like Romney. He’s greedy, and he did the things that the movie about Bain Capital said he did, he is okay with lies about his opponents and he funded Pro-Abortion. Just what kind of Mormon is Romney? Is he allowed to enter the temple — if so, is it because he has money? Because the mormons that I have known were extremely different than Romney.

  • Fay

    I personally hate the ads that have to accuse the other candidates to try and win so much like obama did to dig up trash instead of stating the issues I personally will not vote for the trash slingers I will listen to the ads that state Their ideas for the Country but will mute the ads that sling the trash and not read what they say either. I want to know Who has some ideas now about the Good Old U.S.A. Who can beat obama in Nov. for the right reasons.

    • APN


  • eddie47d

    Gingrich is also suing to get on the Virginia ballot when he couldn’t garner the 10,000 signatures needed. So much for respecting State Laws and Rights. Things don’t go his way so he tries to sneak in a run around game play. Perry,Santorum,Huntsman also missed the boat and are challenging that State’s Laws.

    • John H.

      If there is a threshold that must be met to be on the ballot, then ALL the candidates must be held to the same standard, and those who scrutinize the signatures must apply the same standard to every signature from every candidate. From what I’ve heard, the same standard in determinging validity of signatures was NOT applied in all cases. If that is the case, then Newt has every right to sue.

    • combat seabee

      By the way, for once in our history , the ACLU is on the side of ALL of the candidates that didn’t get on the ballot. Their contention is that the Va system is wrong and that the citizenry deserves to be able to cast ballots for a more full pool of candidates. For once I agree with the ACLU because for once, they are on the side of reason!!

    • APN

      Newt deserves the right to be on the ballot just like any other candidate!

  • Mountain Saint

    It is a fact that Newt was fined #300,000, reprimanded and driven from his Speaker of the House position. How can you sue over a fact?…If you think telling the truth about a “slimy, evil man” like Newt, who has a long history of scandals and corruption, is negative campaigning, just wait until the Democrats get hold of him (they have even more evidence)…Mike Savage says Newt should drop out now before he destroys the Republican Party

    • Kinetic1

      The Mayor of my sleepy little town used this same tactic to convince the local cable company not to show legally obtained video of our town council meetings. Newt knows he’d never win in court, but the threat is often enough to convince a third party from getting involved.

    • James

      Newt was fined $300,000 by the ethics committee for the problems it cost them because he lied to them. I saw no evidence that he was removed as Speaker of the House.

    • combat seabee

      Show documented truth as in original paperwork and reciepts of such said fines or payments therof!

    • Albert

      NO..absolutely false!..The $300,000 was NOT a fine. It was for the cost of the investigation. Newt reimbursed the government. And by the way..of all the charges the Democrats leveled at him..ONLY 1 had any merit and that the mistake of his attorney.

  • slapjack

    This a prime example of politics as usual. SNOOTY is not presidential material and he can’t see that his pompas ass stinks. Mr professor didn’t even make a speaker of the house and the Demorats run ruff shod over him thus we have the Libtards we have today. Ride quietly towards the sunset Snooty, cause you are done !!!!!!!!!

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    In my opinion Campaigners do more harm to their candidates when they attack or attempt to defame their openents. It makes no sense and distracts the voters from the main game and plays into for OBAMA first as the incumbent then the other candidates.. So good luck to both the attackers and the attackee who wants to sue…they both lose out. Means more votes for Dr Ron Paul…

    • APN

      Well, since RP has spent MILLIONS on very effective negative attack ads, your comments appear to be illogical and mutually exclusive. I wouldn’t vote for RP if the freaking world was coming to an end.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    Instead of discussing policy in the media…they will spend more airtime and press pages on ancient history….its NOT WORTH the grief in losing the message momentum.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    And it also shows how fractured the Republican message really is…IYS NOT GOOD NEWS for anyone trying to tip out the uncumbent President. Obama is lying in wait…he dont need to say much…whyle the Republican candidates destroy themselves in this war of words the voters are not interested in…hope you all understand what I,m saying here. Get them all back in line…PLEASE

    • APN

      Well Gilly, you being a RP supporter, I would suggest that you petition RP to stop the negative attack ads against Newt, Santorum, etc etc etc.

      I mean, let’s face the facts here, Newt did his best in the early stages of the primary to keep the focus on the ISSUES, AND, when that message began to resonate with the people, BINGO, MILLIONS spent by Rhombo and Pauly attacking him.

      Bottom line, corrupt system breeds corruption and it will in all probability ensure BO the KING a second term……AND…. WE AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET, if that happens. Goodbye America…welcome the United Socialist States of America…..USSA.

  • Dennis

    If Newt, Santorum, and Perry want to beat Romney in the nomination for president they need to find something other than attack adds. Their trading back and forth of attack adds just hurts the eventual nominee in November. Newt, Santorum, and Perry need to agree among themselves that the highest vote getter of the three in South Carolina will carry the conservative banner, and the other two will drop out. As long as they continue split the conservative vote, they continue to move Romney toward the nomination. An agreement like this is probably too much to expect from egotistical politicians, but if they don’t do something soon, they will all go down.

    • APN

      Then why did the negative attack ads work for Rhombo and Pauly?

  • Walt

    Go here for the facts on: House of Representatives,Report of the Select Committee on Ethics


    Why not just tell the whole story and let the public decide, Newt was pretty much exonerated and did pay a much smaller fine in the long run. This suit is Newt’s fault for misapplication of fact in order to hobble the Romney lead but it back fired big time. Newt has become a horses ass on this Bain matter. He seems to look as though his biz sense has deserted him in order to lauch a hysterical, ranting case against venture capitalist, now he looks a lot smaller to those who supported him.

    Maybe all of these candidates should read the Republican Platform out loud to themselves and all their staff and understand why conservatism is the best form of government.

  • GrayStroke

    What a pathetic P.O.S. this man is… not only is he a closet Communist (that wrote the foreword to Alvin Troffler’s book) but he can’t stand the heat of the primary, which means Chairman-Mao bama will eat his sorry ass alive and then we get another round of Marxist transformation. (or a movie called how to lose again McCain style) Why are American so freaking DUMB that they actually allow and follow Newt and Mittens as if those two actually cared about us? Where is the TEA Party denouncing these friggin RINOs and pushing for real Constitutionalists??? please don’t even mention Bachmann she was a total joke. Her and Palin lack the projection of character like a Thatcher (as Margaret would not take any BS). TEA Party and the GOP make excuses for these RINOs and we the people just say ‘oh uh ok, I guess’ you know best…..NO they do not know best, they know what is best for THEM only… these wussess make me puke…santorum another big government is the solution loser…..sigh…

  • Joe

    Vote for Ron Paul for smaller Federal government less taxes an end to constant wars the end for the Boom and Bust cycles that rip up our economy Most of all a restoration of the Constitution and all the Rights
    We are supposed to be guaranteed by our Government.
    Live free our Die Ron Paul 2012!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Speaking of lawsuits, I’d sure like to see Herman Cain bring suits against those who have lied and/or brought such frivolous allegations of sexual harassment against him. IMHO Herman Cain was the best choice for 2012. He’s so much better than the three RINOs/nincompoops Romney, Huntsman and Ron Paul. ….. Likewise, I’d like to see Sarah Palin file lawsuits where appropriate against the leftists and their lame stream media cronies. Even if she doesn’t run this year, she can be an effective voice in campaigning for the best (conservative/tea party) candidates.

    • WickedPickle

      You notice you don’t hear a peep out of him (cain).. Tells me volumes.

      • APN

        Maybe, maybe not. The fact is, given the feminization of America, it wouldn’t matter if he had 1,000,000 witnesses to refute the claim.

        Guilty until proven innocent!

  • Thinking About

    Sounds like a lot of bleeding hearts and blaming someone else. All the whining will not get Newt anywhere and he continues to cry.

  • s c

    Why Newter would waste his time with a lawsuit? Is he on the campaign trail, or is he looking for ways to go to court? Does he know the difference?
    Obviously, I’m no Newter fan. It seems a bit strange for someone who can be intelligent to let himself get distracted this easily. If he’s looking for a way to self-destruct, ‘pull a Perot’ and the bow out of the race this is a good way to do it.
    To me, this is classic Newter. He uses his intelligence when it’s convenient. Until he finds a way to use it ALL the time, he is NOT a serious candidate for ANYTHING. Newter backers, your candidate is having a serious brain fart.

    • APN

      …but no more serious than RP, correct?

      • APN

        I mean lets face the facts, it’s those Neo-cons, RINOS, etc etc etc….It’s the constitution, that will fix it!


  • jopa

    Well if the Newt can’t take the heat it’s time to get out of the kitchen.I never have had much use for lawyers and trivial lawsuits and the people that sue others.The best definition I have ever heard for those that do sue is”sewers”.

    • APN

      Newt can take any HEAT YOU or any other person on this planet could possibly “attempt” to “ASSERT” on him. LMAO!!!!

      Let someone cast aspersions on YOUR reputation and then come back to me with your euphoric mindset. Bottom line, a MAN that would allow any person to attack his reputation/family without consequence, AINT much of a MAN, as is foolish and a COWARD.

  • jopa

    If Newt had the money or a super pac behind him he would be casting the same stones.However he doesn’t so he is saying,come on guys lets be nice to each other.


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