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Gingrich Nazi Comparison Stirs Firestorm Of Criticism

May 24, 2010 by  

Gingrich Nazi comparison stirs firestorm of criticism Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has found himself in a hot seat for the controversial comments he made in his latest book, where he compared President Barack Obama’s administration to the Nazi and Soviet regimes.

In To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine, Gingrich wrote that Obama and his closest Democratic collaborators, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), are implementing a socialist agenda, especially in areas such as the healthcare reform and economic stimulus, according to media reports.

In Gingrich’s view, these types of policies pose "a great threat" to America, and are comparable to those that characterized Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

His comments have provoked a strong reaction from many groups, including the American Jewish Council (AJC). David Harris, executive director of the AJC, said the analogy was "foolish and dangerous."

"It is vital that the Republican leadership say clearly that such analogies are unacceptable," Harris said. "Unfortunately, as the recent controversy over the new immigration law in Arizona also demonstrates, demonizing political opponents as Nazis is becoming all too common in American political debate."

Criticism has also come from Gingrich’s own political allies. Former GOP Congresswoman Susan Molinari told talk show host Joy Behar that she wanted to "distance myself from that remark. To compare anything that is going on in this country to the atrocities of Nazi Germany in any way, shape or form is just crazy," quoted by CNN.

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  • steve russell

    Yeah but, he is right and 75% of the American public believes it to be true. The elections of 2010 and 2012 will prove it to be so.

    • Norm

      steve russell
      Where did you get the 75% number from?
      As for 2010, Republicans will gain seats in the House and Senate but but Democrats will maintain modest majorities. Read the polls.

      • john

        75%? He’s Republican, he made it up!

        • Sam

          John and Norm better pray that 75% is right in order to save our Nation from obamnation and his thugs!!!!

          • Diamond Dave

            Hmmm a redneck cousin lover like Newt calling a Black president foul names? I really don’t see the news value here. 8 Years of the largest deficits in the histroy of the world – the world! And anyone else can do worse? Now I guess we could have elected McCain and had him die in ofice and leave Sarah “Moosehunter” Plain to push the big red button – I can just hear it now “We’ll be safe in Alsaka nce we nuke them Russians because we are way far North”.

          • http://naver samurai

            Diamond Dave, where do you get your misinformation from? “Osama’s” deficit spending will hit 20 trillion by 2012 and that’s a lot more than Bush ever did. I guess tax cuts and all the positive things he did didn’t matter did it? Your probably one of those lazy fools on welfare and haven’t even earned the right to be called an American.

          • Steve

            Only the 5th post in and Dumbone Dave’s already playing the race card. Denniso must be your mentor. You liberals are truly pathetic.

      • http://naver samurai

        Actually, if you read the polls you would see that many dems have lost or are losing in the polls. Just look at Boxer, Reid, etc., they are all losing or have basically lost and are just too stupid to quit. Get your facts straight before posting.

        • Norm

          This only a prediction, but I think fairily accurate given present conditions:

        • denniso

          Gingrich is an old joke and is trying to hold on by keeping up w/ the
          hyperbole of Limbaugh and Savage and the tea party. He’s pathetic at this point and is like an aging hollywood star trying anything to stay employed.

          • Sam

            Obviously you are another have not who depends on obamanation and thugs!

          • denniso

            More adolescent drivel…why can’t you think?

          • cheryll

            Ruin a Liberals day, recite historical FACTS

          • http://naver samurai

            Speaking of a job, why don’t you have one? Drinking too much koolaid these days? The TEA PARTY wants not to have our country back from this stalinist regime, but we also want things to be the way our christian founding fathers had envisioned this country to be. You say bad things about Gingrich, but don’t forget just one thing moron: “An American shall have the right to speak out against their elected officials, without anything happening to them. This freedom of speech shall not be taken from any American.” U. S. Constitution 1st Amendment, verbatim. Stick that up your liberal @#$!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            samurai ,
            Denniso says he is self employed. Did you ever see Mary popins? Remember the little old lady that sells the pidgeon food in little bags to feed the pidgeons? she cries tupence, tupence a bag, That’s denniso!!!! My wife saw her on her last trip to London!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Joe H, you just made my day! Very funny!

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

            Actually Gingrich is one of the smartest people in the country. Obama is taking us down the path of big government. That means government control. Call it what you like but it isn’t good.

          • rwnut

            denniso…Like Michael Savage said on THE SAVAGE NATION yesterday,”you can’t -iss on my back and call it rain.” But we know who you listen to anyway.

          • denniso

            Bruce…No, gingrich isn’t one of the smartest people in the country,just maybe one of the smartest in the Repub party, which isn’t saying much. His supporters think he’s ‘smart’ because he taught history…boy,now that must make him a virtual genius because he taught history! Give me a break, no one has to be especially smart to teach much of anything,let alone history. You need to be able to memorize material and regurgitate it…some are smart,some are average.

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

            Do not underestimate the wisdom in history Denniso. Your failure to understand and recognize what has transpired is what allows you to hold beliefs that brings civilizations crashing down. Socialism is a slow death but history has taught it kills whole civilizations and deprives people of human dignity in the name of social justice..

          • Steve

            Bruce D.
            Your post is much too deep for dumbiso to understand. Think Forrest Gump, only with 70% fewer IQ points. Your first few words to dumbiso::

            “Your failure to understand and recognize”….. <—-That pretty much sums up his mental capabilities. The most he has ever been able to do is parrot the lefts socialist doctrine, and play the race card.

          • denniso

            Bruce, you miss my point. I mean that a person doesn’t have to be especially smart to be a history teacher. I’m a student of history and believe that it’s study is very important in learning and not making the same mistakes repeatedly…as an individual and as a society. Most of our fellow citizens are woefully ignorant of history,
            as many on this site are and it leads to poor decision making for the future.

          • http://naver samurai

            Oh, so you are just a mixed up kid! Take it from me a real historian. It’s more than not making the same mistakes again, it’s also about learning not to make them again and how our past is affecting us now. Carter, Clinton, Obama bin Laden, need I say more?

    • Larry

      I suspect Mr’ Gingrich’s comments have been taken out of context and I seriously doubt he compared obama actions to “Nazi atrocities” as Susan Molinari said in her comment. I suspect he compared the Nazi & Soviet policies toward business and private property with obama’s take over of healthcare and the auto companies, etc.. But that’s the way the MSM works…. they crucify any conservative who doesn’t go along with the move to socialism and let any terrible comment by a liberal to go unchallenged.

      • Bigpicture

        Please see this link for additional information.

      • Anthony

        C’mon Larry – Molinari si a shill… There’s no shock that she would take that stance – she went on the Behar Show. Seriously, that is the last place you would want your mug seen on, unless you were puckering up for the CFR and THE FED – trying to get your fingers in the Have’s Pie as opposed to being on the HaveNot’s Team trying to end the miserable Fractional Banking System that has the whole Planet in bankruptcy. She would never get my vote, no matter what she tried to do now – it would all be a scam, ala Harry Reid.

        And, as far as The Dems using the NAZI word – isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Remember, it means National Socialist.

        Only from Hollywood movies have the American Public somehow combined fascist behavior (threats, name-calling, intimidation, bullying (online or otherwise), physical violence (at all the Town Halls prior to the Health Care vote?).. you name it..(to become associated) with the word NAZI. In the very essence of the word in “duetsche”… it only refers to a political philosophy… and has nothing to do with violent behaviors. THAT part, as several name-callers on here already well know… is FASCISM. It dang sure isn’t godliness.

        My only real problem with Gingrich was how he took quite a bit of money from the FED during his Contract with America. But, behind the scenes, the Money Masters got even by having him charged with making a buck off his book, (only to see Hillary get a free pass when she did it shortly thereafter).

        Otherwise, Gingrich’s own website is full of information the grassroots Americans can make good use of. To turn away from it is your choice and I’m fine with it – that will leave more room for the smart people. Check out his Articles on how Hospitals can be graded by the Patients, themselves, and eveyrone else can then learn where the superior health care really is. I’m sure Jeb Bush had a real issue with that knowing what I know about the background workings of the Bush Family since the days of ol’ Prescott, himself.

        People, my belief is that we do still have some politicians who would luv a chance to rid us of the Central Bank. Molinari?…. is not one of them.

        • JeffH

          Anthony, I’m probably to late to the post, but I always enjoy your seemingly well informed posts and commentary.

    • Bud

      Larry is correct. The concentration camps and the gulag were not the ONLY Nazi/Soviet policies. The policies espoused by the American fascist left can certainly be compared with other policies and actions of the Nazis/Soviets.

      And don’t even start that nonsense that the Nazis were “right-wing.” The difference between the Nazis and Communists can be compared with the difference between the Bloods and Crips–just different factions of gangsters.

    • Hugh Jordin

      If Gingrich wants to see a Nazi he need go no further than the nearest mirror.

      • http://naver samurai

        How is that? Can you get off of the koolaid? Hitler and “Osama” are more aloke then you think. Hitler had the Gestapo to enforce his rule, but “Osama” has unions and their thugs to do his bidding. Just look what they did to a banker’s house in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. This was an act of terror and intimidation by people of the SEIU. You also notice that the media wasn’t invited either. “Osama”, every time he says “yes we can” on any recording, it says “SERVE SATAN” when played backwards. We also know that “yes we can” also means seig heil. Remember, “Osama” wants to create a civilian military group to be larger than our current armed forces numbers? Sounds more like “brown shirts” to me. Get off of the koolaid and actually learn something before you post. Oops! A looney liberal study and learn? They’ll be having snowball fights in hades before that happens!

        • Hugh Jordin


          Your thinking is right out of the Tokugawa period.

          When “yes we can” backwards is “nacewsey” Hardly “we serve satan”

          Your sound machine that plays backwards needs an exorsism.

          • http://naver samurai

            These recording were played backwards by the F.B.I., so get your facts straight. Why do you talk about Tokugawa? You libs don’t know anything about history.

          • Hugh Jordin

            Sorry Samuriai, you are proving yourself to be an ignoramus and unworthy of the nickname.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Hugh, but you are still wrong. “Osama’s” policies are like Hitler’s in many ways. Read a bokk called Mein Kampf, it may just open your eyes more than they are now because of the koolaid. By the way, I was given this name in the army because I fought with honor, distinction, and the guts of a samurai. Were did you serve? I know. You probably hid under your couch and did a nice healthy crap in your shorts to keep from going. You libs are all the same. Spineless cowards who haven’t earned the right to be called an American and haven’t earned anything in your life, unless it was just handed to you.

          • Hugh Jordin

            3 years in Nam – 2 in Laos

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ve served this country for 20 years, different war though. I suggest that you get off of the koolaid and really take time out to see what he is doing to this country. A good leader is compelled to know his situation at all times, but it doesn’t seem that way in your case now does it?

    • Bill Coker

      Steve I agree with you 100% and many, many, many other Americans do also. Those that don’t has their head stuck in the ground just as they did when they voted for this unqualified man for President. We need a Pesident for the people not against the people. He stands fdor every thing bad for our Country. He, Pelosi and Reid needs to go. America does not need politicians like them.

      • Chaos Factor

        Newts just an old fool looking for attention….and as usual anytime these rightwinger call anyone some vile names it’s themselves they’re talking about…

        • http://naver samurai

          How about Barney Frank, Pelosi, Hillary, and others there CF? Haven’t they been doing a good job at mud slinging?

  • Kris

    It’s amazing that patriots can see this but not the news media! The liberal loons see it but are hoping that we the people don’t see it!! People need to wake the hell up, and fast!!!!! Hussain is taking over everything and the republicans are helping him. Traitors

    • Bob Wire

      Quote;”The liberal loons see it but are hoping that we the people don’t see it!! People need to wake the hell up, and fast!!!!! Hussain is taking over everything and the republicans are helping him. Traitors”

      This is so atypical of this crowd and still, It’s is funny everything I read or hear such comments. “We the People” seems to be a select few but definably not loony liberals. Liberals (and that’s yet to be understood, just not us) are some kind of non-people. HA Ha! Isn’t that much the similar approach the 3rd Reich applied to it’s citizenry as they marched marched non-people off to death camps and the young pretty women to server a whores for the troops?

      What we have here, is a failure to communicate or the cat calling the kettle black. In any case, Newt has finally pouted long enough for not getting a presidential nod from the GOP for his handy hatchet work on Clinton. If he’d just kept his willy in his pants and “not” ran off with another mans wife while leading this attack on Slick Willie for playing with a single lady,he might have been President today. The GOP has limits on what it will abide with but a short memory I fear on every level.

      So he’s written a book, in his spare time. Another “Contract on America” most likely. I’ll set it next to Bill O’Reallys books by the commode with all the other lite reading.

      Newty has high ambitions, myself I wouldn’t trust him with my woman, my money or the time of day.

      “Criticism has also come from Gingrich’s own political allies. Former GOP Congresswoman Susan Molinari told talk show host Joy Behar that she wanted to “distance myself from that remark. To compare anything that is going on in this country to the atrocities of Nazi Germany in any way, shape or form is just crazy,” quoted by CNN.”

      Now Susan ain’t no dummy, so why should you be?

      • Mary

        Wake up and smell the coffee Bob. Facts are facts and you and all the sheeple that follow this horrible marxist president are supporting subverting our Constitution. Way to go Bob. Why not get down on your knees and thank the Lord you live in America and defend it instead of supporting this coup?

        • MichelleO

          AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!

        • john

          Supporting the Constitution? Like Pres Chaney did when he used it to wipe his ass? Oh, but that was different, he was on your (His) side.

          • http://naver samurai

            State the facts, you piece of liberal !@#$#%! “Osama” has done more to shred the Constitution than any president in the history of America. I’ll also tell yopu that I did a lot better under Bush than under this terrorist that we have now.

      • Rob Alexander

        You started out alright, made some valid points about Newt and his career, then did the liberal crash and burn thing with a gross distortion leading to a non-conclusion.

        Was that supposed to get an emotional reaction out of the ‘congregation’ or do you actually believe Newt is comparing Obama’s policies to gassing people in concentration camps? Or are you deliberately setting up the classic straw man fallacy where you attack a distorted version of the argument you’re against?

        The comparison is the policies of the USSR and Nazis’ and Obama’s administration toward BUSINESS, -not- mass executions, and it’s a valid one.

        • Rob Alexander

          For that matter, does Susan actually think that’s the comparison? I’d say that makes her a MAJOR dummy.

        • http://none Alex

          God Bless Eugene Debs! God Bless the Socialists!! Capitalism is dying because it DOES NOT WORK, sorta like Communism. The only valid life-affirming system will be the Democratic Socialism. Look what the evil of Capitalsim has wrought: The current Gulf Disaster, Bhopal, the Cuyahoga River on FIRE–and those are just a few of the environmental injuries caused by Capitalism—let’s look at the human horrors of Capitalsim: My Lai, the misdirected Iraq War, the Haymarket Massacre, the bombing of OUR OWN CITIZENS at the MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia, the Wall Street Bailouts, the sending of all manufacturing jobs out of this cuntry to feather the nests of the uber-rich few. The White Estates of America is a joke mouldering in its death throes. Death to the ugly brutal fascist America! Death to Capitalism–and hey, you better believe it is coming….

          • http://?? Joe H.

            All I can say to your post is kiss the dark side!!!!!

          • Rob Alexander

            Capitalism works just fine… the problem is we’ve had manipulated/controlled markets, not capitalism, for a long time in America.

          • http://naver samurai

            I don’t know what you have been smoking, but I think it is time to stop!

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

            My God Alex! Can welfare be smoked? If it can you have lit up too many times. Get off your seat and start a small business. There is nothing wrong with a little hard work and taking responsibility for your own life. Get off the self pity where you need others to do for you.

      • 150fowl

        Bob you need to read German history. The Russians have been this way for centuries. Whats going on in this country now is the early history of the Nazi. Not the exterminaton of people but the take over of goverment and the freedom of the people. Wake up coolade drinkers.

        • Angel Amador

          What do you call a person that lies constantly?

          Yes! — a liar or a politician

          What do you call a person that is very much implicated and associated with the Chicago Climate Exchange, The Joyce foundation, the Apollo Alliances and so much more?

          If you bother to look you will see the same players and wow! — They are all in this administration or very much associated with it.

          If it walks like a duck…

          One small reminder, Hitler did not start out as a villain, he even made the cover of time as Man of the Year – Jan 2, 1939.

          Why was Hitler given Man of the Year?

          He improved Germany’s economy (1938)

          He was also Man of the Year in 1933 so much for good judgment.

          Core values are important when you are will to trade them of the lure of power you begin the journey to the dark side.

          To put it in another way, those who ignore history are doomed to repeated.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Angel Amador,
            You ask what do you call a man that lies constantly?? I call him Obummer!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Actually, Hitler had anti-semitic views before he left his native Austria in 1914. People didn’t pay much attention to him then. They just thought he was blowing smoke, but look what happened to him and his ideals. At least there is some differences between them.

            1. Hitler actually had the guts to serve in the German Army during WWI and be given several high awards bor bravery, but what about “Osama?” Don’t think so….

            2. Hitler ran his whole political campaign on his ideals and for love of country. Does “Insane” Hussein love this country? Did he run for president to improve this country at home and abroad? Don’t think so…

            3. They both are anti-Jewish in belief, but their sources are different. “Osama’s” comes from the false faith of islam and Hitler’s came from the beliefs of Jews by the Catholic Church. They both also support Arabs over the Jews and Israel every single time.

            4. Hitler believed in strong industries, economy, and military. “Osama” believes in a weaker downsized military, bailouts and not successful businesses, and he also cares less about the economy. Our national debt is more now than at any other time in our history. Hitler’s Germany never went into debt.

            5. They both also have a belief in a civilian paramilitary group. Hitler had the brown shirts (Who were later killed our forced to join the army) and “Osama” has union thugs (His version of the Gestapo and brown shirts) and wants to create a civilian military force bigger than our own army.

            I could go on, but it would take up too much space. For God and country!

    • Big John


    • Anthony
  • Kris

    All the patriots can see this but the media just can’t seem to see it!~ The liberal loons and the leeches are hoping that we don’t see it. Hussain is taking over every aspect of our lives just like any good dictator.

    The people had better wake up and in a hurry to!!

    • Norm

      One man’s “Patriot” is another man’s “Traitor”.

      • Anthony

        Well, well…. so, you either favor Prince John of Nottingham, or Robin Hood.

        Which is it?

        • Norm

          Good analogy – I like it.

      • rwnut

        Norm…..You’re wearing that Che t-shirt aren’t you?

        • Steve

          Yes, rwnut, Norm IS wearing his “Che” T shirt today, and being the liberal dumbazz that he is, I’m sure he’s started looking for the camera that he thinks you installed in his computer ;-)

    • uSNpops

      Looks like some of those writing in this thread have no clue as to what happened with Hitler, and Stalin. In their earlier years they were just your averge politician, pandering to those that did not want to work for their daily bread, the downtrodden, but have it taken from those that worked and redistributed. This was followed by media blitzes telling lies over and over about the idea of conservtism and self reliance. Teach socialism in the schools at an early age. finally taking over education completely and indoctrinating children to their will.Next bring in social programs that get more and more of the people dependant on the government for their living. As the economy begins to fail due to decreased production and increased consumption, blame it on the greedy folks that made the finacial system work in the first place. Then take over those institutions, and like all government run programs, they fail even worse. Government answer, print more money now, back it up later. When inflation reaches a point where people have to use a wheelbarrow full of worthless paper money to buy a loaf of bread, the people begin to riot. The government declares Martial Law, and finds a common enemy to round up and imprision, and eventually do away with. Meantime, the government has control of every aspect of every person’s life. Simplified, but look at the history of germany between the first and second world wars.

      • Anthony

        Actually, they were “Community Organizers”….

        • JeffH

          Who else was a community organizer? Hmmm!

    • john

      Yes, the country should wake up and throw everybody out, left and right and keep them out. what’s funny though, is that the right wing nut bags only want people to wake up when their own off the wall beliefs aren’t being appeased. It seems all you rightees fell asleep while Reagan ( who also fell asleep ) devastated the country,and then took Prozak when president Chaney used the Constitution for toilet paper.

      • http://naver samurai

        John, if all you are going to do is tell these stupid lines of yours without any facts, then don’t even bother posting and wasting our time.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          John don’t need no stinkin facts!! he laughs at facts!! He dismisses facts. He doesn’t Recognise facts! He doesn’t think facts prove a thing!!
          Actually, just the thought of facts scares the total sh!t out of him!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Ha, ha, ha! Keep them coming! It’s good to get a good laugh! Well done and God bless you!

  • Dionyz

    The truth hurts – does it not?

    All you need to do is look at Obama administration policies and intents. When you compare these with communists/socialists and Nazis you see an amazing resemblance.

    The reason the Obama administration protests so much in these comparisons, is because they are afraid of being exposed for what they truly are.

    • Bob Wire

      Yes! the truth is painful, and I though many of these same thoughts you entertain during 43′s tenure.

      This is a “connect the dot crowd” with an aggressive hyperactive imagination.

      You place your own dots! and discount others, and use a wide brush to paint whatever picture you feel like painting.

      • http://naver samurai

        OK, so let’s connect the dots shall we? “Osama” has continued with Bush’s programs and hasn’t repealed a single one. He has tried many times to override the Constitution, passed legislation without the Senate or Congress ever seeing what was passed behind closed doors, cancelled the National Day of Prayer, won’t wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart for the national anthem, sent another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan (He promised not to do that), violated states rights and the 10 Amendment, has traitors and cowards for mentors and friends, won’t prove he was born here, when he says “YES WE CAN” in any of his speeches and they say “SERVE SATAN” when played backwards, has left us more unsecure against terrorists, etc., etc., the list is long and undistinguished. Look for health care to be a thing of the past this coming November! For God and country!

        • rjg

          “Yes We Can” backwards is NAC EW SEY!

        • Gary

          now just where were all you people when Bush was in running this country into one of the biggest defiect since the GREAT DEPRESSION?
          I’ dam sick and tired of you peole who do not know one dam thing Bushs family did and how we got this dumbass not elected but selected by the court.
          If you can’t put two and two together that this fixed election in florida and in his brothers state then your all dumber then dumb.
          no1 Bush whole family was running the savings and loans in Colorado
          ran that right into the ground just like they did this country. no2 Not one of you know what Bush’s tax to the rich cost and
          I bet none of you will look it up. I will tell yu that it cost a lot more then health care ever did or would but then aganin you people are to busy bitching about Obama.
          No 3 rev. Moon I bet none of you even know just how much money he to the Bush’s and this from a cult leader.
          No 4 Remember the lie Bush told the whole country i one of his speechs to the country?
          No 5 Remember when Bush want to hand over our ports to the Arabs? I guess you people like htis kind of government well I do not.
          No6 Anybody who says that Obama is like Hitler is nuts.
          No 7 People are leaving congress because of cheating on their wives.
          No 8 Now in case you were on a different planet good old Nwwt got kicked out of congress and he was the speaker of the house at the time.
          No 9 Newt asked his first wife for a divorce when she was in the hsopital battling cancer.
          no 10 He divorced his second wife also and he just is a low life when it comes to women.
          Now you take the time to look all this up ypou all have the internet and you might just learn something.

          • Pat davis

            You need to go back to school and take classes in spelling and English composition. you shouldn’t Allow yourself to appear stupid while you try and make your point. It’s just to foolish.

          • http://naver samurai

            Look at the facts before you post. We are farther in debt now then anytime under Bush. We were also more secure, had money, had jobs, a better life, no union thugs running around assulting people because “Osama” asked them to, etc., please get some education before you post.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If Bush was so bad because of all that you list, them Obummer is just as bad and worse!!! He has continued ALL of Bushes policies and is spending us into a black hole that swallows everything it comes into contact with!!!

  • Herby

    Gingrich is right! The people have become so uninformed about history that they can’t recognize growing tyranny even when it is right in front of them. Don’t say it can’t happen here, it is happening right now. The Government has taken over the two largest automakers, The Banking system, the monetary system, the student loan business, and the health care system. They refuse to enforce immigration law, but have added thousands of IRS agents, and for the first time in history is arming them. PBO intends to create a civilian military force under his direct command (not under the joint chiefs) All of these things have happened before. Wake up you people.

    • American Conservative

      Wow, is that true? What sources do you have about that? I think I’m only a little surprised, but this seems even more drastic and faster than I thought, especially about the civilian armed force.

      • Al Sieber

        Obama, said in one of his speeches before the election that he wanted a private army (civilian corps) bigger then the regular army. they’re working on it. SEIG HEIL!!!!

        • s c

          Al, do you get the impression that der Obummer doesn’t trust the military? Let’s see, the last time we dealt with a #$^*! who had his own private army, it was that scummy sob in Iraq. I’d sure like to know the name of the pond scum who told der Obummer that the American people will bend over and smile when or if a “private” army tries to bypass our own military.
          For mentally defective, paranoid progressives who need to be reminded, when oppressed people are expected to live under the thumb of a dictator, the gloves come off, and that ‘army’ is seen and treated like an invading army. Ask historians and King George III’s relatives about that.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually he said “larger than our military and better armed”!!! He actually said it in two speeches!!! I’ve heard them both!

      • gary

        Have you read about the FEMA prison camps and the NATO troups in our country? A lot of things are happening very quickly just like Obama did with the health care and now the finacial bullshit. WE are history as a free country.

        • Al Sieber

          Yes Gary, I have, and I believe it. try getting other people to believe it though.

          • kate8

            There are a lot more of us who believe it than you think. And much more than FEMA camps. Info has come from some highly credible sources.

            People are finally catching on to what’s happening. Did you hear Osurper in his speech today to some Cadets, stating that in some areas his power is “absolute”? Yikes.

            The libs don’t get it. They still look to BO as their hero.

        • Dominick Mondi

          Not on my watch, Gary. If they want my guns and my liberty they will have to fight me as hard as I’ll fight back! Newt is right, Slime and scum is taking control in the U.S but only for a short while.

          • http://naver samurai

            I keep my freedom, money, and guns. They can keep the change!

          • JeffH

            Oh yeah…count me in, my hands ain’t cold yet…

      • Dagney
      • uSNpops

        It’s in one of the parts of the health care bill. By putting the armed force under FEMA, the Possee Commitatus Act of the 1800′s is bypassed. And there are old military bases being secretly redone as interment camps all over the country right now. Plus the army has established a new specialty to train solders in the interment of mass groups of people. Do a Bing search for “interment camps in America”. Could be BS, but who knows.

        • Anthony

          The FEMA CAMP conversions began in Clinton’s first years… that’s why he was closing bases all over the place to begin with. Move on to Bush and they spent $400,000,000.00 alone in 2007. Folks, this nonsense hasn’t stopped… it’s been escalated. The sad part is that so many Construction Companies have a hand in it.

          And, I challenge the Left-leaning Posters to highlight “any” Bush move that Obama has reversed.

          1. Has he eliminated the Patriot Act(s)…?
          2. Has he rescinded the Dictator-like Authority that Bush setup in the E.O.’s….?

          More correctly, have any of you taken time to read Obama’s own Executive Orders? Any of them? There’s quite a few for only being on Office since Jan 2009.

          Anyone who is going about defending either Bush or Obama crtainly makes a fool of themselves – it’s obvious they haven’t read the real evidence.

          • Norm

            In this blog the “in” thing is to crucify Obama in any way or any form. Truth and common sense are not of great importance.
            Racisim, name calling, fear, and absolute hatred to the extent that only a good bible reading, armed Christian can totally understand are the rule of the day.
            I seem to detect a spark of reality in your comments – keep it up.

  • http://personalliberty brad

    Newt is being too easy on the Obama administration by comparing them to the Nazi(s). I believe Hitler was much more subtle in his approach. We will see in the upcoming elections and in 2012. I just hope it is not too late!

    • Norm

      Sieg Heil!

  • Fred

    In reading this article and Newt’s comparing what’s going on in the current Administration with Nazi Germany, look back to WW II and note who Nazi Germany was collaborating with. You will find Hitler had strong ties to Islam and Islamic Ideology. They shared a common goal; “Wipe the Jews from the face of the Earth”. What religion or affiliation does Obama have? Warning: Don’t listen to what he says watch his actions. With respect to Rep. Malinari and her opinion I say, “follow the blood”.

  • BOB


  • Robert Casale

    Newt is correct in so many area’s of government it is hard to argue with him. He is honest and sometimes blunt in his describtions as he is here. When people mention Nazi or Marxist what they mean is Marxism. I have beleived through reading and listening that we eventually are going toward a Marxist Government. If the Republicans can get control of the House and Senate, they can handcuff the President from doing anymore damage, although a tremendous amout has been done already and for years to come.
    Karl Marx has stated Democracy is OK as long as it is not combined with capitalism.
    Redistribution of wealth is Socialism and worse if put to the final degree.
    Our country has never been more polarized, Dem against Dem. race against race, worker against his employer, people against banks, Wall Street, Manufactures, people against Oil, but never against Hollywood, organizations like Acorn, apollo, and the other subvervise organization that seem to be intergrated.
    Religion is being tested, the constitution has and is being tested and ignored.
    We cannot have a government like this and survive. What is and has been done could end the most successful economy and civilization in the world.
    People seem to hate us from foreign countries and some Americans hate the America now. That is why they seem to want change in behalf of a few, and are against middle American’s, the ones that have built this country and pay most of the taxes to make it run.
    We cannot spend money to bring the poor up to the level of the rich and you don’t try and bring the weathy down to the level of the poor.

    There are books and plenty of articles written on how to nationalize and socialize a country, whereby none come to reason with a capitalistic philosophy.

    • Rob Alexander

      Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but you seem to think “the Republicans” in simple terms are the solution to this. If I’m reading this right, and I’m open to the possibility that I’m not, but people like you need to wake up and understand the solution, as opposed to contributing to the problem.

      The problem is the Republicans as a PARTY are 100% complicit in this “Marxist” takeover, and among the individuals that make up the party, whenever there’s a good one who actually will cast the votes that match what they say to get elected, their party attacks them from within and tries to sabotage their election. Republican Party leadership is 100% behind the pseudo-Marxist, corporatist system.

      The Republican establishment tried to sabotage Rand Paul’s campaign in favor of their hand picked puppet candidate Trey Grayson They are doing their best to make sure Peter Schiff is ignored in his bid for the Senate in CT, so their hand picked puppet Linda McMahon has a chance. Paul and Schiff are both true fiscal conservatives who will NOT tell you how much they oppose what’s going on while simultaneously voting FOR it or even introducing their own legislation towards it!

      John McCain, one of the biggest RINOs ever to grace politics, the presidential nominee of a supposedly conservative party? Give me a break!!! Scott Brown? The MA idiots voted AGAINST the Democrats without actually having a clue what they were voting FOR. Can anyone say “big time RINO”?

      People that vote for establishment-backed Republicans are THE PROBLEM and THE REASON we haven’t already taken this country back from the leftist Marxists, socialists and corporatists – because REPUBLICAN VOTERS keep voting for RINO leftist-in-disguise establishment candidates.

      For reference, this is the kind of candidate the Republican establishment pushes to get elected….

    • Rob Alexander

      Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but you seem to think “the Republicans” in simple terms are the solution to this. If I’m reading this right, and I’m open to the possibility that I’m not, but people like you need to wake up and understand the solution, as opposed to contributing to the problem.

      The problem is the Republicans as a PARTY are 100% complicit in this “Marxist” takeover, and among the individuals that make up the party, whenever there’s a good one who actually will cast the votes that match what they say to get elected, their party attacks them from within and tries to sabotage their election. Republican Party leadership is 100% behind the pseudo-Marxist, corporatist system.

      The Republican establishment tried to sabotage Rand Paul’s campaign in favor of their hand picked puppet candidate Trey Grayson. They are doing their best to make sure Peter Schiff is ignored in his bid for the Senate in CT, so their hand picked puppet Linda McMahon has a chance. Paul and Schiff are both true fiscal conservatives who will NOT tell you how much they oppose what’s going on while simultaneously voting FOR it or even introducing their own legislation towards it!

      John McCain, one of the biggest RINOs ever to grace politics, the presidential nominee of a supposedly conservative party? Give me a break!!! Scott Brown? The MA idiots voted AGAINST the Democrats without actually having a clue what they were voting FOR. Can anyone say “big time RINO”?

      People that vote for establishment-backed Republicans are THE PROBLEM and THE REASON we haven’t already taken this country back from the leftist Marxists, socialists and corporatists – because REPUBLICAN VOTERS keep voting for RINO leftist-in-disguise establishment candidates.

      For reference, this is the kind of candidate the Republican establishment pushes to get elected…. Go to treygrayson dot info

      • uSNpops

        There are some good democrats that believe in the Constitution, some good Republicans as well. But it is the overall congress that is the problem. Which if you educate yourself, is what the Tea Party is about. Don’t elect according to party, elect people that think like our founding fathers in limited government, balanced spending, lower taxation, defend our borders, and basically maintaining our American tradition. The constitution if taken as written is just as applicable today as when written 200 plus years ago. but to say it is now old fashioned, and not relevant to our present society is the problem. So all “we the People” have to do is make sure that those we send to Washington are willing to adhere to their oath of office “To uphold the constitution”. And if they don’t, vote them out. Representing the people waas not supposed to be a lifetime job. One of the best answers would be term limits for congress, but don’t wait for that. just vote them out if they arent doing their job.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Now you done it! Now every crazy on this site will jump down your throat!!! God Bless ya pops!!!

        • http://naver samurai

          Hoooraaah! For God and country!

      • 150fowl

        Rob you are so correct. The education system is winning.

  • Bob

    A civilian military..So BO is starting his own Citizen Militia? Hmmm?
    Sounds like Hitler’s SA, SS and Mao’s people’s army…Hmmm?
    It is a shame that the main stream press has fallen in with this junk, they should be the beacon for the preservation of Liberty.
    However, they may have been promised (free) press when the take over becomes a fait au compli. That scenario makes the press more gullible than the people.
    HOWEVER, we must take care in 2010 and elect those we think will be different, not those that may just be of a different party!

    • Al Sieber

      This is more like the “Hitler Youth”.

    • Rob Alexander

      The press is complicit because they will have a monopoly on reporting the news in the “New World Order”, not because they will be “free”. The press (obviously) has no problem reporting only what’s favorable to the administration (or mostly, with only enough sanitized negative info to appear credible).

      It’s all about money and power, as usual in politics.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Unfortunatly, even though the main stream media may believe this, they will soon find that dictators only let what they want to be reported and who they want to report it!! One slip and you are not “favored” anymore!!!

  • http://GingrichNaziComparisonStirsFirestormOfCriticism Brian

    I agree with all these responses. Obama is a dangerous puppet that is the first President in History to be totally against Israel. This country is an alli that supports the USA in the middle East. He is downplaying his intentions in this area. He is a muslim which the masess dont understand. He is not a born American. Something needs to be done by the American people before it is to late. The practices of Obama are similar to Hitler. God help the American people before its too late.


    “All you need to do is look at Obama administration policies and intents. When you compare these with communists/socialists and Nazis you see an amazing resemblance.

    The reason the Obama administration protests so much in these comparisons, is because they are afraid of being exposed for what they truly are.”

    • GL McClendon

      I am surprised at your saying any president, the one leading this great country,would be a Fascist. We have had good and bad leaders, but not one have been charged with anything so low.Why don’t you come out and say what it is you really want to say. Go ahead call him the name you have been aching to call him. Are you man enough?
      Some of our leaders led us into war that perhaps did not have to be. Permited the banks to fail for one reason or another and then give them money so they would not fail, but I never heard that charge. I would not believe it even if you said it! Sometimes people can not get past their own Fascist ideas. I am not saying you are one, but do you sleep well at night?
      You remind me so much of a national leader we had that along with family Wanted to enchance interragtion but was afraid to go to war!
      Lets not get into name calling it will make us all look bad.

      • uSNpops

        Name calling? Perhaps you need to read history my friend. I believe in turning the other cheek, but as i see it now, history is repeating itself in Washingrton even as we speak. Berlin between the two wars to end all wars and Washington D.C the past few years are a parallel in time.

        • Anthony

          Pops… Always remember, wealth is never destroyed. It is only transferred.

  • John Gaver

    For educated Americans, history trumps liberal spin – well at least, till they start rewriting the history books, like they did in the USSR. Anyone who has studied the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich will recognize Obama’s tactics. A charismatic community organizer (substitute Acorn for Nazi), with no real experience, wins election and then overhauls the government with his own radicals (substitute czars for the SS), creates crisis out of ordinary issues, so as to have an excuse to enhance the power of the government, over a people who are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their choice of leader and then demonizes anyone who has the nerve to express even the slightest concern over his heavy-handedness. Sure, we haven’t seen concentration camps in the USA,… yet. But the pattern is very clear. Obama is leading the USA down the same path as Nazi Germany. Once again, Newt hit the nail square on the head. Now all we need to do is oust the weak-kneed RINOs, who go into apology mode, at the first sign of bad press coverage, along with all of the Democrats who will be ousted in November.

    • http://personalliberty PFFFF


      • http://naver samurai

        Now you know better than to say Bush is like this terrorist we have now. Get off the koolaid, weed, and whatever else you are doing to yourself and wake up!

    • Raggs

      Very good post John!!!!

    • Tammy Canfield

      John, your are sooo right. I read a Juvenile non-fiction book on Fascism and I can call his next moves. It is so obvious what Obama is doing. Besides the fact that Obama refered to himself as a Marxist in his own book. So why do we need to be afraid to speak the truth. That is why our country is going downhill. I hope Newt does NOT apologize, nor any other real GOP member. We have to quit apologizing to our enemies, and Marxism, fascism, Islam and liberalism (which is all of the previous ideologies) is our sworn enemies-and they do not apologize for it so neither should we. We have truth on our side. Heard on radio the other day that Obama is our first PostAmerican President. He shouldn’t even be there. It is treason-Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Sotomayor, Kagan, Dodd, Frank…need I go on?

  • American Conservative

    Most people in Germany didn’t wake up and smell the coffee early enough, either. Do they think that we’re that much smarter than Germans from the 1930s were?

    Curious that David Harris of the American Jewish Council should so quickly and harshly criticize Gingrich. What does he mean by “dangerous”? I bet no Jews from the 1930s would say it’s dangerous to be suspicious of government leaders. Perhaps he means it was dangerous and foolish because of what might happen to Gingrich later. I guess this *would* be similar with the views of people from the 1930s.
    On a more serious note though, is it now dangerous to criticize other people and say that their policies are Nazi-like? “Dangerous” is thinking that we’re so far past the holocaust that it can never happen here, that none of our leaders are capable of such atrocities. “Dangerous” is silencing all the opposing voices and opposing factions, and making people believe it’s safer to do so.

    Obviously Hitler and Obama have some serious differences. I don’t see Obama slamming his fist on the podium and screaming, and I don’t think he’s proposed any symbols or emblems to represent his new movement yet, but if we can’t say that someone who has fascist policies is acting like a Nazi today, then what will be off-limits tomorrow?

    • Al Sieber

      Give him time, one more “false flag” incident like 9-11 and he can declare martial law. he already has the power. the Patriot Act did that.

    • uSNpops

      No symbols??? How soon we forget his changing the Tail marking of his plane during the campaign from an american flag to his own personal symbol. check his website.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Obviously, from reading these posts, you can say anything you want to – no matter how off the wall it is. The important thing to remember is that when you do say off the wall things, the majority of thinking individuals will see your statements/positions have no credibility and/or you are totally gullible. Almost everything I’ve read in this string totally lacks credibility, is hateful and inflamatory, and shows no grasp for history (the horrors of Hitler’s regiem) or current events.

    • Anthony

      AC: As far as the AJC is concerned – you need to read this link – - then come back and review what you’ve read and posted. Not sayin’ you’re wrong, just revealing you are missing a few pieces to the BIG puzzle.

      It will give you a whole knew view of the Jewish Community.
      Focus especially on the first few paragraphs – take notes if you have to.

  • ralph24

    Newt is correct. May God bless him and others who speak out for us. This threat does exist and must be removed by the citizens of this country as quickly as possible…hopefully by 2010 and 2012. Who would have ever thought that someone of obama’s ilk would ever get elected and place these crazies into such high positions. Pelosi and reid also appear to be just followers who know no better than to follow obama’s lead; basically overcome with their high positions and their ‘inalienable’ arrogance.

  • Faye

    Newt Gingrich is right on. I pray that more people will speak the truth about what is happening to the United States
    Of America. I would hate to be like those in Germany who said they did nothing, until it was to late.

    • Tammy Canfield

      And we have no excuse. We have history to warn us what is coming. Of course, they have already changed the history books so real history is not taught in public schools and universities (like Commmunist Russia). That is why the politicians don’t like homeschooling because they can’t indoctrinate all the people in their political untruths.

  • Norm

    Comparing the Obama adminstration to The Nazis is simply ridiculous. (Actually Bush and Herr Cheney were much more Nazi like.)
    I’ve always liked Newt and thought of him as one of the few bright and knowlegable Republican politicians remaining.
    Unfortunatly, he too has fallen into the Rush/Glenn parnoia and has lost touch with all reality. God bless the Republican party!
    Idiots like Palin, Paul, and even Demint and Boehner do not, and never will, represent American values.

    • SDJW

      The comparison is not to Nazi Germany as it finally evolved. Look at the beginning of the Nazi era. Compare the current to the beginning of the taking of power in Germany. Nazi Germany did not begin by killing Jews but evolved into that and the attempt to conquer Europe. We are in the evolving era of grabbing power and it will probably not lead to killing Jews but killing the Constitution.

      • Di

        And the way of life that once made this country strong. How many of you know of someone or have heard of someone who has quit a job because the income was interferring with “services” or “entitlements”, as they are referred to now? Our march toward socialism did not begin with this administration. Though Obama did say, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”? The tear in the fabric started with the first appeal to give people something they had not earned or worked for. That “assistance” became the new way of life for many. “Assistance”, although socialistic, appealed to our generous natures but “entitlements” takes it to a new level of socialism.
        Will we find the needle and thread needed to repair the tear that has continued to rip through the fabric? I don’t know.
        I’m only a baby boomer who understands that I’ll have no ROI from “SOCIAL Security”.

        • uSNpops

          Had the social security program been done as instituted, it would be wonderful. and have enough money to go on forever. But as soon as they took the money and put it into the general fund, it was doomed. Something you can thank your democratic party for.

          • Norm

            I’ve lived through many administrations of both parties, and frankly the only time I’ve heard ramblings of putting social security into a seperate or “locked box” catagory was in the later part of the Clinton years when the US was running surpluses.
            I agree that robbing SS to fight useless, non productive wars and to spend on buying friends who truly hate us was, and still is, shameful. If the money had been invested in home mortgages, stocks, and comodies, through blind trusts, SS would be golden.

          • Rob Alexander

            Yep, politicians in general cannot keep their hands off of large sums of other people’s money.

            That’s only one part of what doomed social security, the other part was when they expanded its scope… Politicians are also very generous when it comes to making promises to buy votes with other people’s money, regardless of the eventual outcome (bankruptcy, insolvency, etc).

            This is why the Constitution was written as an enumeration of powers and anything outside said enumerations was supposed to be “unconstitutional”. But politicians are also not very good at following their own rules.

          • Rob Alexander

            …and this illustrates why I’m against programs like social security. Because of the tendencies I outlined above, no program will EVER remain as instituted. The temptation for politicians to expand programs which they have no personal accountability for in order to influence their re-election is just too great. There is NO SUCH THING as a government program that has existed indefinitely within its intended scope nor within its projected budget. They ALL require laws prohibiting competition against them and special protections to even exist, and none of them are ever solvent long term.

      • Anthony

        Actually – in watching Documentaries on the History Channel, I’ve seen photos of Restaurants in Holland, saying: NO JEWS ALLOWED

        This prejudice, this nonsense, has been around for a long long time – it’s just that our own Press won’t openly discuss it.

        • Anthony

          Ouch – I got ahead of myself….

          I meant to add – the photo in the Documentaries… were from the 1920′s.

    • sonny

      Norm: YOU need to get your head out of your anus. Newt is right on
      as are Palin and other conservatives. Obama is following right in
      Adolf Hitler’s footsteps. No, we haven’t seen any c/c camps in this country…YET. It was idiocy to put Obama in the W/H in the first place. The American people are soooo STUPID. Hopefully, they’ll
      come to their senses before it’s too late. Perhaps YOU will also…
      OR get the hell OUT of this country. We don’t need you and your nazi

      • john

        Apparently, YOUR head is still up there. As for using the word stupid, the dictionary should be modified to say– STUPID: see Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh.

        • http://naver samurai

          Gee, let’s see. Sarah graduated from college, was governor of Alaska, and tries to be the VP, but what have you done? Sarah seems a lot smarter, more informed, and probably a lot better looking than you!

      • Norm

        Get a grip. Maybe some professional help well get you out of your world of fantasy and dillusions.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          No You and abnorm don’t deserve that quality of company!!! They’re too good for you!!! you deserve the likes of Obummer, P-lousy, Fwanks, and all the other pond scum!!!

    • John Cunningham

      Well Norm, what is it you like about the Republican Party? You just castigated just about all the top People. If you do not see a comparison to the way Obama is taking us into a deep pit of authoritarian despair, you have blinders on my man. Were are our Liberties going, answer me that? Give Obama another couple of years, and European Culture, will be the subject our children learn in school, and American idealism, will be a faint passing in the dust bins of History.

      • Norm

        John Cunningham
        The four morons I mentioned above are liars, hypocrities, and don’t have a complete brain between them.
        I forgot to throw in the ultra right Gov. of Louisiana who’s now begging Obama for federal help with the oil spill. Sometimes faulty principles come back to haunt you. Bobby I thaught you hated Washington.

    • john

      Norm, look up the article at the top “who is Bob Livingston”, the very first sentence explains what’s behind this whole forum. That is when he isn’t trying to sell you something.

      • http://naver samurai

        John, I think that you are in dire need of getting a life.

  • Randy

    Lets play drag-net, just the facts Ma’am,

    Fact that we Americans have not really learned history is why we are making the same mistakes that others made prior to 1937 and forward. Obama administration is doing for the most part just what the other bad guys did that lead to WW1 and WW2. Take a real hard look at what happened during WW1,WW2 and the great depression political time frames you will find the answers of where we are headed. Do we have to make the same mistakes again, that were made then. One interesting point this time is that there is no-where else to go, to get away from this tyranny. When American freedom disappears freedom everywhere is gone for a very very long time. I for one do not wish to live at the dictates of someone like Obama and his administration. We must live by the U.S.constitution and UNDO what has been done by the political correct liberal progressive people. Did you know that their is only one thing that the U.S. Government is to do for us!…..Protect the country….end of story. Not take care of us that is our job…as it may. I have just begun to fight, Don’t tread on me, get the point.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Most of the progressiveson this site wouldn’t know a fact is they slept with it, had sex with it and produced an offspring with it!!!!!

  • priscilla

    Winston Churchill was booed and vilified for saying to the British Parliament and people…just what Newt has said..but turned out he was right ..wasn’t he…and as far as the Obama military ..i have read that over and over..but did not keep the data..didn’t think i needed to..I am amazed that the jewish people think it is wrong for Newt to sound an alarm they do not want to hear apparently…Well, we all need to hear it..and if you want to see what subtly creeps the movie Swing kids…it is entertaining but oh sooo right on the mark..

  • http://ce Frederick H

    IMO the quality of the comments here very much typifies the quality of the current conservative mentality in the US of A. Quote, “Is this the same country it was 20 years ago?” Well, it would seem that this is the same country indeed, with millions upon millions of uninsured or poorly insured citizens, but who cares? Rampant obesity and poverty all around the country, but what the hell? Banking corporations who keep doling out super fat bonuses to their CEO’s, whilst we’re struggling to overcome the worst economic crisis since the 1930′s, and why should we bother? Yes, that’s America today: as selfish and hypocritical as ever before (e.g. 20 years) ago. Hooray!

    • john

      Make that 25 years ago, when the country was tanking under Pres. ” Facts are stupid things- 1983″ Reagan.

      • http://naver samurai

        The country was a lot better under Reagan than it is now!

      • http://naver samurai

        So you didn’t like having a job, strong military, and a president that helped bring down the U.S.S.R. by bankrupting it? Reagan did more for this country than Clinton, his whores, and “Osama” have evr done till now. Read your history and get your facts straight before you post.

    • Ann M Szafko

      Frederick H

      Propaganda: “millions upon millions of uninsured or poorly insured citizens, but who cares”
      They are uninsured because they couldn’t care less: they can still get A-1 treatment without insurance. Really “poor” Americans (there is a great difference between poor in other countries and poor in America!) have state sponsored insurances like Medicaid that pays for everything, including dental, prescription and optical care.

      Propaganda: “Rampant obesity and poverty all around the country”

      An oxymoron of the first rate! Obesity and poverty does NOT correlate!

      Propaganda:”Banking corporations who keep doling out super fat bonuses to their CEO’s, whilst we’re struggling to overcome the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s “

      Government legislated to give mortgages to high risk segments in society; banks complied or else they were forbidden to expand their businesses. Banking corporations did what they were URGED to do, and after the legally earned bonuses, on the verge of international collapse, they were bailed out with taxpayer money! GOVERNMENT administrations starting with Carter, re-enforced by Clinton created the mess to begin with!
      We are NOT experiencing “the WORST economic crises since the 1930s”; you must be either too young to remember the Carter years, or are suffering from a deep seated covetous mindset to make such comparisons.

      Propaganda: “Yes, that’s America today: as selfish and hypocritical as ever before (e.g. 20 years) ago. Hooray!”

      The last place I heard such statements was in Ceausescu’s Romania; at least I understood their envious and Communist imperialistic agenda of defamation, but what is your agenda? Hate America, as president Obama does?

      You are a brainwashed, America hating, Communist loving ignorant! YOU would deserve a Hitler-like dictator who’d get rid of your sorry behind once and for all!

    • uSNpops

      in my falimy alone, there are 3 adult males in their 40-50′s that have lost their jobs within the past few months. At first they began to look for work while drawing un-employment. But after awhile, they quit looking, and are now content to live on the government money till it runs out. Then maybe look for work. One was contacted by an old employer the other day to come to work, but for only $15.00 per hour full time as he was just beginning to recover his business. He refused saying that he was not going to work for slave wages when he could just sit home and draw un-employment pay. And all three are lookingforward to another extension from the obama administration. that’s what happens to the work ethic within socialism. consumption soon exceeds production.

  • gary

    Sadly as it is, I believe it is too late and what you think is coming will soon be here. America has had its values and political view diluted by so many foriegn immigrants from socialist countries, it is no wonder what is happening.

    I do not think we can make a difference in November and in 2012 Obama will get another term. The country has turned out too liberal. The liberals will help Obama run er right into the ground.

    • Victor L Barney

      Gary, you definitely get it! All that is left now is “hell coming to dinner!”

    • kate8

      Gary, you may be right the coming elections. Of course, there will be a new crop of young voters coming of age, but I’m not sure that would seal the deal. They are determined to give voting rights to millions who don’t currently have it, and that would do it.

      The dems aren’t about to lose power now. They plan to win by hook or by crook – any means to an end. Even if it means staging another false flag, and eliminating elections altogether.

      Hope I’m wrong.

  • Dave

    There are those within this group who are espousing that Barak Hussien Obama’s Administration are going down the same path as Adolph Hitler in their actions. I would like for someone to conduct a study and show specifics that are irrefutable.

    Once this is documented, then maybe the people and liberal media will acknowledge this gross injustice of the Constitution of the United States of America. It has been my belief that those who are currently in power and the liberal media, feel that if you state something without backing it with factual evidence, and repeat it enough times, then it will make it true.

    Whether it is the misrepresented health care system, the statement that they are not taking over the economy, or even the most unconscionable statement of separation of church and state within the constitution of the United States of America. I know that they espouse the establishment clause as freedom from religion, but it states “freedom of religion.”

    Lets not just make statements that make conservatives look like the liberal so called intellectuals who make blanket statements, document and back up the claims so that they are irrefutable and we may be able to hold the administration accountable for their actions in the future. By bringing forth the documentation, it will only bring the position about their actions to light and allow those who truly care about this nation to gain a better understanding of what is going on.

    The liberal education in our country has blinded many of the so called educated to not have a true understanding of our nation and its Judeo-Christian founding, and its history within the world.

    • Jerry


      Looking for documentation? Read Newt’s book! Nearly EVERY statement is footnoted. It’s all there.

      Also, if you haven’t listened to Glenn Beck,do yourself a favor and listen and learn.He is a patriotic national treasure.I find him sometimes too painful to listen to,but for my own education I grit my teeth and listen and learn.

      • john

        Grit your teeth is an understatement. you should vomit and turn the channel as quick as possible before your mind becomes like his, an blabbering pile of misinformed crap. He has the right to say whatever he wants (1st Amendment ) but no sensible person with a clear sense of the truth should bother to listen to him!

        • http://naver samurai

          Sorry John, but the 1st Amendment says that Americans can speak out against their elected officials without anything happening to them. It doesn’t say that we can say anything we want to anyone we want. Look up your facts before posting you moron!

      • Rob Alexander

        Beck is a puppet who is part of the establishment censoring/smearing of real freedom candidates to ensure that establishment RINOs get elected.

        • Anthony

          Totally agree – Beck is decoy conversation (on purpose).

          Watch out people… do your homework first.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            All three of the last posters are ignorant. Had they ACTUALLY LISTENED TO Beck, they would know he backs up everything he says with proof!! You brain dead losers would rather make remarks against him based on what you have been told!! I hope someday somebody does the very same thing to you to say the cops and you don’t have an alibi!!!

    • john

      What is so unconscionable about the separation of church and state? Look at what happens when you take away that statement. Maybe you would rather have the pope in the white house, or better yet move to a country where there is no separation- Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, I’m sure you and others like you would be much happier in these places. As for Judeo-Christian, I’m sure that is exactly what Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin had in mind.

      • Dave

        Do me a favor; please do some your research yourself about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Do not take the medias word for it or anyone else’s. You may be surprised in what you find, and what the founding fathers of this country implied. In fact, I think it was Thomas Jefferson who stated, “We have given you a republic form of government, if you can keep it.” I have extensively researched both of these individuals, and have not found anything in their character that would suggest any such assumption.

        The only way to get to the truth about the subject is to find out for yourself and not take the opinion of others who have a particular agenda to propagandize.

        Personally, I do not agree that the church should control the state, but I also do not think that the state should control the church. With legislation being put into place which limits the free practice of religion, especially Christianity, there is a blatant misinterpretation of the intention of the founding fathers of this country.

        By putting modern sensibilities and perception into this interpretation, fallacies are being put into these interpretations so meet a particular agenda, and curtail anything that is not within their perceptions. Both parties of this country are guilty of misrepresentation of these facts just to become elected. But the blatant socialistic ideas that are being perpetrated in the name of free exchange of ideas, is a slap in the face of each and every citizen soldier of this country, and diminishing the sacrifice that was made by those who gave their lives so that we could be a free people.

        Both Jefferson and Franklin believed in humankind having free will, and should in turn take responsibility for their own actions, whether these actions were for the greater good, or if their actions were harmful to others around them. Nowhere in either of their writings do you find them to be socialists, nor do you find that they believed in total governmental control, their writings are more to the contrary.

        In my personal opinion, politics should be taken just like religion. If someone makes a statement, then it should be able to be backed up by facts and not suppositions. The way that those in power and the press have portrayed the separation of church and state, is not factual in any way form or fashion, only assumptions made on those who construe documentations to meet their own agendas.

        If you will research Benjamin Franklin, who started public schools, it was his opinion that each child should be given a Bible. So how does this pertain to him wanting a separation of church and state as it pertains to modern philosophies, where prayer, the Ten Commandments, or any mention of GOD or CHRIST is prohibited in public schools? This is one area in which I cannot agree with the ones pushing these ideas.

        These groups are willing for Satanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and a myriad of other philosophies to be propagated. Nevertheless, is portrayed in a symbolism of free exchange of ideas, in which they encourage other religions within this county. If they truly wanted there to be a free exchange of ideas, they would put forth all ideas and information, not only what they want to propagate to the students. In Science, to find out the true and factual results, each trail must be followed, to eliminate and discrepancies or falsehoods to come into the results.

        As with Darwinism, the theory of evolution, many schools have removed the word theory in their instructions. They cannot know what really happened back in history, they were not there, they are only making assumptions based on data that has been construed by others throughout the years. I personally do not know if creationism is factual, but they should also deliver the information to students in the same manner as the theory of evolution, and let the student make a decision based on all of the facts, not what they want to impart to them to make them come to the same conclusion as they want to propagandize. To me the theory of evolution is as much as religion also, just as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam is to others, it involves faith, because they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it happened the way they are portraying. As was told to me by a confessed atheist, anything that involves faith becomes a religion, and taking Darwin’s philosophy as factual in not appropriate, because there are many instances in which his theory is fallible.

        By denying any sign or mention of Judeo-Christian philosophies to be put forward, and having removed any such consideration within the school systems that are funded by federal tax dollars. The schools are not offering education they are propagandizing.

        • uSNpops

          Amen brother. Separation of church and state was to prevent oppression by, or establishment of any religion by the government. Pretty simple actually. it did not say that the government could not be composed of religeous people, or ideas. And just following the ethics taught in churh to govern was not to be considerd against the constitution.

        • Rob Alexander

          This Atheist has no agenda to push, and will blatantly say that governments DO NOT want Judeo-Christian principles propagated because they are in direct opposition to the wielding of power by governments, the concept of state-owned property, etc.

          Judeo-Christian principles pretty clearly state that what you have acquired or earned by non-coercive means is YOURS, that which exists in nature is open to legitimate acquisition by whomever gets there first, and that which you have not acquired by either of these means is NOT YOURS TO TAKE, drawing a clear line that it’s morally wrong to take that which belongs to somebody else. They also state clearly that it’s wrong to use force to achieve ends, and that thou shalt not kill another human being except in self defense.

          Governments, however, want the “divine right of kings”, in other words to be able to steal and kill and generally violate the principles governing civilized handling of human rights and property ownership at will, whenever it suits them. People who are not educated in these principles are much quicker to accept government doing these things, especially if they can propagandize the belief that they are doing them for “righteous ends” or to “bad people”, as opposed to the knowledge of basic natural rights and why it’s important to stand up for them at all times.

        • john

          Only two points of contention and then I have to leave. Saying that something said has to be backed by facts automatically rules out every religion men have ever thought up. As for teaching these things in publicly funded organizations, it should be all or none. If they are to be taught, they should be so from the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians through Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Greek beliefs, Druidism, Christianity, Religious beliefs of the Mayans, Hopi, Native American, Buddhism, Shintoism, Atheism, Hinduism, Islam, etc. with no emphasis or preferential treatment for or against any. Irregardless of the thinking of some, this would be the only fair way for a student to see the pros and cons of these beliefs through time, along with the benefits and/or disastrous results to the believers and the effects each has had on non-believers of each through time. Personally, a belief should be brought to the attention of a child by the parent and/or an organization the parent of the child thinks would be most beneficial to them; when old enough to understand, other options should be presented and the child or young adult should be given the opportunity to freely make up his or her own mind without prejudice. The left should not ignore nor should the right try to impose.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            what you say will never come to be!! you libbies try too hard to kill Christianity!!

          • Rob Alexander

            I personally find NOTHING wrong with the basics of religions being taught as an academic subject in schools… “This is the basics of what the Christians believe, this is what the Jews believe, the Muslims believe… etc”.

            What they should NOT be doing is making claims on one religion being right or correct over others.

        • john

          Thanks for the clarification on Ben and Tommy, as for other things you say,………some other time.

        • john

          You seem like an intelligent individual, but you know you should not use words like imply, infer, I think, maybe , an assumption, when trying to prove something. It makes people think that your only guessing instead of actually proving. And if the beliefs you mentioned cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, why teach them at all; the alternative would be to classify them like evolution, the theory of Christianity, the theory of Islam, etc. Also, whether you realize it are not, you are doing what you accuse others of; pushing a personal agenda. Hey, freedom of speech.

        • Anthony

          BRAVO, Dave…. BRRRAAVOOOO!

          And, as a footnote to that great speech… I recommend you ALL read at least one book… and that’s

          Hamilton’s Curse

          I’m halfway through it now. There are a few pages where the Author slightly confuses himself – but it is NOT about Hamilton… or Jefferson.

          Along the way – see if you can handle walking away from the Left/Right Paradigm

          Why? It’s FALSE.

  • Carolyn

    Priscillia is right on…she said what I was going to say…Obama has spoken about “a civilian army that is stronger than the military” (his words…not mine!) on least two occasions, and it blew me away as it passed over everyone’s ears. It scared the hell out of me!

    Newt is a great Historian, and he knows what he is talking about. I, too, am surprised that Obama is supported by so many Jews. If Newt decides to run for President, he will have my vote!

  • Larry Miller

    Fussing about the Nazi comparison is just an attempt to silence free speech that reflects a negative opinion of the administration. The last I checked, the first amendment is still somewhat operational and if I were to compare Obama to Pinky Lee, it may not be correct, but I should still be able to make the comparison. Pinky Lee was smarter and, to my knowledge, never tried to hurt anyone or destroy the country.

  • Bruce Eden

    I don’t know what the problem with the Jews are. Obviously, the current crop of Jews don’t know their history. And, as we, who are in our late 40s and older had a decent education and were taught about history, are seeing it repeated here. As author Norman Podhoretz writes in his book “Why Are Jews Liberals?” it makes no sense that Jews vote for liberals, who have a socialist mind-set. Adolf Hitler had a socialist mind-set as well and he and Barack INSANE Obama were equally charismatic that the populace swooned at every speech. And, we know what happened to the populace who were taken in by the speeches of Der Fuehrer.

    Given that Obama is friendly to Jew-hating blacks like Louis Farrakhan and others, it would seem that Obama is fomenting a black-style national socialism (Nazism) in this country. The only problem with this is that blacks only make up 10 percent of the population, and if they get the rest of the population angry enough, they could become the next targets of a new civil war that could escalate just like it did in Nazi Germany with the inception of “Kristallnacht”.

    • uSNpops

      I’m not really sure, but seems to me that the Jews were in Hitler’s corner early in his political career. Seems to me his family had Jewish ties.

      • Anthony

        Actually, some say there is very credible proof that Hitler was really an illegitimate child of the Rothschild Family (one of the maids). Go look it up.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

      A Jewish friend told me Jews were not opposed to Fascism. They had no choice like many others once Hilter showed his true intentions. I am guessing that many Jews favor socialism out of habit. Many were part of the garment industry when the socialist were trying to create unions in America at the turn of the century. Many take up the cause of supporting the underdog. I do not think that they believe socialism will effect them negativly. I think Obama will cause many Jews in the newer generations to wake up and rethink old positions. Obama threatens Israel’s security with the poor handling of Iran. I think Jews can see the debt Obama is creating and worry about his competence like the rest of us.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

      Bruce Eden I think one thing Jews have to be thankful for about Obama is he has brought out in the open the progressive agenda. You can also thank Glen Beck. People now see that while a good many Jews are progressive it is not a Jewish conspiricy. It is a very broad base movement that is now taught in prestigious universities. Main stream media has embraced progressivism. Jews are not seen as responsible as a group anymore for this usurpation of power by government. Jews are only responsibly as individuals who embrace the philosopy just like anyone else. It is only the left who divides Americans into groups to pit one against another. This is my sincere opinion.

  • Norm

    Comparing the Obama administration to The Nazis is simply ridiculous. (Actually Bush and großer Führer Cheney were much more Nazi like.)
    I’ve always liked Newt and thought of him as one of the few bright and knowledgeable Republican politicians remaining.
    Unfortunately, he too has fallen into the Rush/Glenn paranoia and has lost touch with all reality. God bless the Republican Party!
    Idiots like Palin, Paul, and even Demint and Boehner do not, and never will, represent American values

    • WALLY



      Norm, I can see you are a true and faithful democrat and that’s great, for you.
      In Newt’s comparison, Obama to Hitler or Stalin’s govt, neither began killing Jews the day after they took office. Little by little they started taking over {Stalin’s case, the Bolshiveks had already taken over in 1917, making it easier for Joe.]and instituting their socialist plans.
      So in 2010 we get a health care program that begins in 2014, and maybe you will be old enough then to get the pain pills and are urged to hurry up and die, “it’s your patriotic duty to save medicare”.
      Do yourself and others a favor and read up on Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, or Kim Jing Il, then ask yourself why so many Cubans are in Florida.
      When your Messiah gets all he has planned in place our only place to go is Canada or Mexico and illegal immigration penalties in Mexico are bad news. Do you like cold climates? dan

      • Norm

        DAN BIGGS
        For starters I’m a registered Republican and have been since the 70′s.
        Secondly I’m becoming ashamed of that fact more and more every day.
        I’m also a recent medicare participant(although I have a supplemental plan including drugs from a former employer.) The standard plan, which has no private sector input, will be improving. In 2011 yearly medical exams and many other diagnostics will be covered.
        If your concerned about death panels and the rest of that right wing garbage, save your money. You can pay for infinite comma coverage and get your body frozen for eternity.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Don’t bet on it! Obummer will thaw you to give you the pill!!!!

    • Rob Alexander

      What’s ridiculous about noticing a LOT of similarities between the early actions of the Obama administration and the early actions of Hitler/Stalin, and wondering how many similarities there will be to the later stages of those administrations? That seems more “prudent” than “ridiculous”.

      “Ridiculous” would be burying your head in the sand and refusing to entertain the questions.

      • john

        Isn’t burying your head in the sand what the ridiculous right did between 1980–1988 and 2000–2008?

        • Anthony

          no slanted attitude there….eh?

        • Rob Alexander

          Was there supposed to be a point in there, besides the obvious (and very childlike) lashing out against “the right”?

        • http://naver samurai

          What about you looney libs from 1993 – 2000 and from 2009 till now? Do you any answers for that question moron?

  • Raggs

    I for one am glad to see Newt finally see things for the way they truly are….

    It’s a shame however that millions of Americans are still blind to the facts!

  • Tom

    President Clinton might have been a morally deficient individual, but the focus of his terms in office should have been the running of this country and not his eating pizza with Monica. George Bush’s second election has been proven to have been fraudulent. His people ran things while he played computer games. Clinton’s 8 years in office were the best years of any President, economically. Bush’s was the worst, with greed taking over totally. 9-11 has been suggested by some like Rosie Odonnell, to have been fraudulent, perpetrated by Bush as the reason for the Patriot Act, which is the single biggest invasion upon the US Constitution ever. Bush was a joke as a human being, a drunk who found a false religion for his own purposes, and the man who should have stepped down after being falsely elected for his second term. There have been at least two TV specials about this, proving it, that haven’t been addressed. It, along with our wrongfully invading Iraq, is the most serious event in the History of the United States. We must prevent it from going any further. How to do this is the main question. Without the US Constitution, which George W. Bush was quoted as saying “it’s nothing but a G.D. piece of paper”, we are lost. Freedom is lost. Lee Iacocca can tell you in no-uncertain terms of this. “It might be too late”, is his belief. Freedom, without protection, is lost. We cannot take freedom for granted as we have done. Now the freedom of religion is being attacked, and we can’t have “In God We Trust” printed on our currency. Thank you, Madelyn Ohare, whose atheism is now being promoted vigorously. America, get serious about Freedom. Don’t let our Government leaders take it away from us any further. Get informed if you aren’t. Pay attention to what may ruin your lives in due time, one way or another, it will affect us all. I has already. Crime runs rampant in Washington D.C. It’s legal for the rich to bribe our Politicians by Lobbying, something that Barack Obama promised to eliminate. It is illegal for anyone to bribe others in Political office, so why don’t we start to clean up our Government there? Let’s replace all of the House of Representatives this year and some of the Senators, wherever possible, as they are ultimately at fault. The Buck doesn’t stop with them, it stops with us. Let us value our freedom and protect it by regaining it first where we have lost it. We need more than Republicans and Democrats, for example. A third party would be a huge plus. As it is, the Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the middle class. Which party is for honesty and justice? Stand up America, before we can’t do it without being put in prison or ruined or even killed, as is the case in some other countries where the people didn’t care enough to stand up against what is wrong. Do we care enough to stand up anymore? Is this how we honor our Military who have been injured or killed to protect our Freedom? Or is it that we don’t know how to stand up. Maybe this is a start. Let us all do a little to at least say what we feel about the wrongs that our Government is doing. Let us straighten out our own country before we go further in controlling the world. Let us stand up now or forever hold our silence. Let us remember why the United States was founded, how it came to become the home of Freedom and a country run by the people, not controlled by the few. Let us not give up what has been fought for so vigorously in the past. Let us learn from the past, and let us be brave but not foolish. Let’s rebuild our governments so that they honor the Constitution and the great people that wrote it and, if necessary, died for it. Let’s again be able to hold up our heads in the world and show all the world that we haven’t given up as a people, but still value what is right and just for all enough to give up our lives, if necessary, to rebuild and protect it. Let us live in peace, but freely and honestly. And let us Pray to our God for help and courage so we can do this in the right way.

    • uSNpops

      WOW! You sure nailed it. Proving your lack of education that is. Take some time, print out every sentence you wrote, then look up the facts on each of them. You might actually become intelligent.

    • Rob Alexander

      The Clinton years were just inflating bubbles, not truly economically good. A bubble is something that is unsustainable and much eventually pop.

      Apparently you were not employed in the IT field near the end of the second Clinton term. Dot coms were one bubble, which were driving the “disposable income surplus” of the 90′s, which popped near the end of his presidency, prior to the Bush/Gore election. The second bubble was the housing bubble that kept inflating until near the end of Bush’s 2nd term when it popped.

      Bush did all the wrong things handling the housing bubble pop (in fact exactly the same things Obama is doing now), but he did NOT cause it.

      • Anthony

        Totally agree, Tom.

        Clinton is responsible for NAFTA and GATT – which drove almost all of our own Industry to other Countries. Very easy to check out.

        Also – Clinton re-wrote the Mission Statement of Fannie and Freddie
        What happened to the Housing Industry? Yea, that was Slick Willy for quite a bit of it.

        The real issue from the 80′s, 90′s, and on… is what were the Money Masters doing with the money supply… were they making it larger, or were they shrinking it? THIS PART, all of you had better get a handle on. Try answering my question – people who favor eithe side. What was THE FED policy thru these last few decades?

        Gingrich would do well to discuss this TOPIC and stick with it.
        He’s already a Civil War Expert, I have some of those books. They’re very good.
        If he were to take the next logical step in his investigation surrounding the Civil War Era, he would have no choice but to end up where I’m already reading as we speak.

        The Money Masters…… (google it up)

    • Doc Sarvis

      Good summary Tom.

    • Allan

      If Rosie O’Donnell says something is true, it must be, right?

  • Bob Wire

    yea, him, Rush & Rove have been working hard on “our future” working to keep the money flowing from special interest to their pockets.

    and these are not “facts” okay? but opinions. there’s a difference.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Bob Wire,
      Isn’t that Barb wire?? Newt isn’t an angel, nobody here has said he is. He does, however, know what he speaks of! All I have heard from you, however, is unfounded, unfactual inuendo!!!

  • Raggs

    Well I for one am glad to see that Newt finally seen the light.

    Too bad however there are millions of Americans that are still asleep.

  • Tea Lover

    What happened to Freedom Of Speech! It seem only to apply to what is popular at the time! If that’s the way Gingrich sees it, then he has the responsibility to say it the way he sees it. Our government is looking more and more socialistic every day, wake up America before it’s too late!
    Americans opposed the Health Care Bill, and Obama crammed it down our throats anyway. What happened to We The People?

    • john

      If your such an ardent believer in ” freedom of speech” why aren’t you posting pictures of the “prophet?” Mohammed all over the country? It is free speech, isn’t it? Stand up for Americas rights!

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry, but this is a christian nation and not the nation of a false belief like islam. If you were to come to my neighborhood and put up posters of Muhammed, you may not be able to leave in anything but an ambulance!

  • s c

    First, SCREW the polls AND the poll lovers. If polls were accurate, we wouldn’t need elections. Second, I’m no Gingrich fan, but this time he’s right. A White House brownshirt is a White House brownshirt. And, he’s SO many things to SO many people, including a reborn Stalin or Mao and (when it’s necessary) another Hitler. What a guy. He plays so many roles to please his masters.
    When a prez dares to play so many parts at the same time, you don’t need a party’s blessing or a TV network’s sense of “gravitas” to see the defects of White House dictator.
    Get over it, progressives. You traitors gave America a hardcore LOSER. In NO way are we going to adore or even ‘like’ him. It will be enough to see and hear your reactions when the many masks are ripped off (coming soon to every TV, radio and movie theater).

  • Rex

    I have seen Obama’s speech in which he calls for the formation of a National Civil Defense Force comprised of draft-eligible young men 18-25 years of age who will be required to serve a 4-year hitch. He also stated that this Force would be larger and better funded than our own U.S. Armed Forces. Why? For what purpose? Like Obama, Hitler was a foreign-born national who duped the German people into electing him to office, and once he established his power base, he had his Brown Shirts, SS, and Gestapo to enforce his will on the people … and I believe this was the analogy Newt was attempting to make when he referenced Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, only Allah knows what that Kenyan-born Muslim will do next.

    • Milobeto

      Birthers! It does not matter where Obama was born, by now a birth certificate could have been forged and public records, CIA enhanced, to prove his citizenship.

      What does matter is that in his heart he is not an American. Some of you Glen Beck haters need to actually watch his show and see the truth.

    • Rob Alexander

      Um, I think it does kinda matter, and the US Constitution says I’m right and you’re wrong about whether it matters.

      People can ridicule the “birthers” (and invent stupid names like “birther” intended to make them sound like kooks), but the Obama administration has spent a couple million dollars fighting NOT to have to show a birth certificate with the hospital and attending physician’s name on it.

      To any person not completely falling-down drunk on the party Kool-Aid, that really should be all they need to form a belief about his place of birth.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Rob Alexander,
        They also arrested three or four for hacking into his college loan information and they are facing a year apiece!! They didn’t say what they found, but I sure would like to hear it and see it!!!

  • TIME

    Well we see that the truth hurts the marxist progressives.
    Who by the way owns the lions share of the Media now, as in NBC, MSNBC, MCN, etc. and AP.

    General Electric known as GE. Thats right as well they are part of the “BIG PICTURE.”
    Add all the dots up get your pen out and draw a line from one to the next and what do you get? A Marxist Progressive agenda.

  • Marilyn

    Newt makes some good points. The Socialist party tried to win the Presidential vote a long time ago and failed. That was when the presiedential candidate of the Socialist Party decided that Demococrats had the same platform as the Socialist and there was no need for Socialists to even run for president; let Socialist votes go to the Democrats! People who moan and groan about Obama must remember that the majority of American votes went to this man. He was voted by the people because he promised “Change.” And, “Change” we are getting. No one realized what kind of “Change” Obama was referring to. This is where I agree with Newt. Hitler promised “Change” and the people got it, the entire world “got it.” Read your History books. This does not mean that Obama is another Hiltler but it does mean that Obama has a Socialist agenda.

    • Raggs

      NAH…. I totally disagree with you…

      Hitler used force… obama is no different, sorry but you are mistaken.

      • uSNpops

        hitler did not use force in the beginning, just had a governing body under his complete control. Sound familiar??

        • Doc Sarvis

          If President Obama had “complete control” as you put it, we would have Wall Street behaving responsibly, a much better Health Care bill, and an energy policy that was moving away from oil toward more renewable sources and much higher efficiency standards. Our country would be much stronger, safer, and more free.

          • Anthony

            C’mon Doc … knock it off.

            Obama’s people around him are ALL from Wall Street.
            Obama has NO Leaders of Industry surrounding him. NONE

            This is about the Central Bank and what they want. YOU don’t count.

            To me – half-black or not – Obama is essentially the biggest Uncle Tom I’ve ever seen.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I have been told by many folks on this site that all of President Obama’s people are:
            Chicago Thugs
            Hollywood Stars
            Muslim Radicals
            and Marxists
            Okay, now I need to add Wall Street moguls. I wish you folks would make up your mind.

          • http://naver samurai

            Remember dude, we still have 2 years left with that terrorist in office.

          • Doc Sarvis

            So we have two more years of competent leadership during some of the country’s most difficult challenges. I’ll take it and I am glad President Obama is an American willing to stand up for the truth.

          • http://naver samurai

            What truth? The ways of our founding fathers or the ways of lying about one’s faith just to get elected? Why you libs want this country to be a cespool of disunity, no morals, no ethics, no God, etc., is amazing to me. If this country continues down the road we are on now, thanks to Obama bin Laden, we may face the same fate as The Roman Empire. If you remember right, they also went down the same road and eventually lead to their destruction. When they stood by their convictions, they were invincible.

      • 4gsltw

        I’d say it’s vital that the GOP stand behind Newt and his comments–maybe even add to them. What Newt said is accurate, and anyone with any knowledge of history knows that. That the AJC came out against Newt in this simply shows how far from reality they’re willing to venture. Keep up the good work Newt!

    • Rob Alexander

      More accurately, people voted AGAINST the party of George Bush without having a clue what they were voting FOR.

  • Raggs

    Newt is right…

    obama forces his agenda on the people, This is simply Marxist / socialist / Fascist as Hitler, The key word here being he uses FORCE…

    Hitler used force to subdue the Jews, I’m sure obama will use Force to subdue any dissent.

    • C

      Yup, just like when he called in the SWAT to have a bunch of 70 and 80 year old Tea Party members forced away from the building he was having a meeting at. The video is on youtube. They were doing horrible things like saying God bless America and singing patriotic songs to the USA. Obama must have been furious that they weren’t singing the songs dedicated to him that school children are forced to sing. Nah, Obama isn’t trying to become Hitler…lol. Sarcasm for all the liberals, in case you didn’t catch that.

      Or maybe Obama has a paranoia of the elderly…

  • Klaus J Christoph

    This is interesting. Here we have left wingers getting upset over Gingrich making comments about some of the tactics being used were copmarable to Nazi and Soviet style tactics, and right in the Washington DC area there were 700 or so union thugs bussed in to harass a Bank of America official. Now as I recall, these were methods used by the Brown Shirts during the 30′s. So it seems to me, Mr. Gingrich has a point, and I certainly hope he does not apologize for writing what he did.

  • Mick Russom

    I’m no fan of RINO Gingrich, he is by far not conservative enough and I felt he handed Hoffman Scozzofava poorly by not strongly and continually backing Hoffman, plus his personal life is a mess.

    But, The Obama regime is a socialists police state statist regime that is incompatible with the US constitution. He and his cabal of America hating lunatics should be prosecuting for all of this.

    • Doc Sarvis

      This from someone who used a cartoon face icon to represent himself.

      • Anthony

        Oooh, Doc … are feewings was hurt……

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Watch it Doc will tell you where he served. Then he will have to illiminate you with extreme predudice!!!! HAHA!!!

          • Doc Sarvis

            I have never used “predudice!!!!”

          • http://naver samurai

            You mean he had the balls to serve?

      • Steve

        Yeah, as opposed to you Doc Scurrilous, who doesn’t know the difference between an icon, and an avatar, and haven’t figured out how to even put one in your blank space.

  • Glaser

    Hitler rose to power under the auspices of providing for the German people, he wanted to create a utopia on earth through the use of National Socialism. He used his popularity to gain positions of power and ultimately rose to the top. Once there, he was able to incite the people to desire more controls by the state. He eliminated religion and replaced it with a religion of the state, where all rights derived from the state and Hitler was considered god.

    Ultimately Hitler’s administration was able to pass and enact enough laws and policies to render their Constitution worthless. He then used the people’s emotions to incite hatred toward the Jews and instill a sense of extreme narcissism in the German people; to feel they are ultimately superior to other humans. And he arrested and murdered all who criticized his regime; silencing all opposition. This all led to Hitler’s totalitarian government, the expansion of his empire and to the holocaust. Germany moved from democracy to totalitarianism with horrific ease, and most Germans hadn’t even realized what had happened until it was too late.

    There are some glaring similarities and I believe Gingrich may be on to something; all of my recent studies have led me to the same conclusion. Obama is inciting the desire for socialism in the US by offering “free” things to people and by trying to expand government control over the private sectors. Like the Nazis, the Left has all but managed to destroy God in the US; another tactic used to create the desire for utopia on earth and to solidify the government as the creator of rights…and its leader as a god. The Left already has an elitist attitude where they believe wholeheartedly that they are superior to any people with alternative views. Obama exudes an extreme case of narcissism and before he was even elected people began to refer to him as a messiah.

    How long before his administration is capable of passing enough policies to render our Constitution worthless? How long before this administration treats conservatives in a similar fashion that the Nazis treated the Jews? He has already been working overtime to silence his opposition and critics, how long before it is clearly illegal? And the big question: will the Obama administration become another Nazi regime in the world’s encyclopedia, ending the reign of freedom in the US? Either way, reading the history of Hitler and comparing him to Obama I see far too many correlations and can only fear that history will indeed repeat, but instead of Germany this time it will be in our own backyards!

    Reread everything leading up to the rise of the Nazis, then look closely at current events of the Obama administration. It may be an extreme coincidence, but it seems that Obama is using Hitler as a “road map” to his power trip. Everything matches up perfectly.

    • uSNpops

      Taking over the internet is in the offing, if not already in place. thisis the last place where you can freely speak your mind, and it soon will be under complete control of the FCC. There are already sites that have been forced to be taken down because the powers that be do not like what they say. If the administration had their way, rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and fox news would be censored daily, if even allowed to exist on the web. Wake up people, it’s oming.

    • Anthony

      Actually – Hitler was funded by Warburg – one of the three men in America responsible for the creation of the 3rd Central Bank in our Country.

      In fact – THE FED transferred the wealth americans lost in the Great (scripted) Depression straight over to Germany – this is documented. So, while we were over here in read lines, the germans were building monuments with our Stock Market Investments. Remember, wealth is never destroyed, only transferred.

      Hitler was never a wealthy man, so someone had to fund his attempts to go into politics. And, it was Central Bankers with underhanded motives that did it.

  • Ron

    The former speaker was telling the truth, and calling a spade a spade. I wish you idiot liberals would get your heads out! You are afraid of being called out for who you are. American haters and out to destroy our country. If I was President, I would have our Federal law enforcement agents taking you all to jail, starting with Obama, Reid and Pelosi. You are all traitors to this country, and you should all be held for Treason!

    • rjg


      “I would have our federal law enforcements agents taking you all to jail

      For what crime?

      And still some posters argue that the extreme right does not end in a tyranical dictatorship.

    • Rob Alexander

      And you would be just as bad as they are. :-(

      Unfortunately, if we still want America to remain America, the best we can hope for is to get these criminals out of office and never vote them back in.

      Sadly, the burden of proof required makes it difficult to PROVE they intended to violate and nullify the Constitution, which we know full well they did – however as our founders said, I would rather suffer the consequences of too much liberty than not enough… and that means they’ll never be prosecuted without destroying what America is in the first place.

  • larryc

    During the time of Hitler, smooth words were established, people were persuaded, and laws were established making everything legal. I would suggest that the Jewish people review the history leading up to Hitlers rule. We see this same thing happening to establish a goal under the progressive movement.
    This in fact is the liberal regressive movement to 1930′s in which they have boldly stated in public.
    True evil takes on these characteristics. Hitler believed he was a godsend such as many of those who are in power today.
    History has recorded, Newt understands but once again you have those who cry unfair and spout the word greed as their defense.
    self imposed Blindness of history is the best socialist characteristic.

  • Peter K. Connolly

    What’s to criticize? Obama has shown himself to be a Hitler clone. Perhaps worse. He needs to be forcibly removed from office, if necessary. Where the hell is our military? Exiled by Obama?

    • john

      The army? George Bush and President Chaney condemned the army to Iraq and Iran.

      • http://naver samurai

        Dude, get your facts straight! First, we are nowhere inside Iran.
        Second, we could have been done in Iraq by now if the dems from 1993 – 2000 didn’t cut our military by 50% for some stupid programs of theirs.
        Third, where are your enlistment papers? You would have some if had some patriotism and the BALLS to go with it.


    I agree with GINGRICH Wake up america! Before it is too late

    I agree

  • virginia johnson

    Our new president is most definitely marxist and a devout muslim as well. We the American people can not trust this man, his czars, our senate, our representatives. They all are evil people and also stupid people. The czars, senator, and representatives don’t realize when Obamas’s World Government takes over they also will loose all their wealth, their cadillac insurance plan, and their cadillac retirement plan, they will be commoners just like you and I, but we will be better adapted to survive it because we have not lived the live of luxury as they have. Let the senators and representatives keep kissing his ____ and learn the lesson.

  • Dale

    The nation was in shambles.

    A previous ruler had led the country into an unnecessary war, the economy was failing, and a sense of depression filled the air.

    Then, a new leader emerged. He was a powerful speaker, offering hope, change, and a fix to the economy.

    He wrote two books about his experiences and used his literary work to propel him to success.

    He called for unity and considered himself an advocate of peace.

    Some of his political opponents cast him as naive and inexperienced.

    He also had a lot of radical ties, but the media, and ultimately the voters, were willing to overlook that.

    His Party slogan was “Common Good Before Inidividual Good”.

    His Party made these demands:

    “Newspapers transgressing against the common welfare shall be suppressed.”

    “We demand that the State shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood.”

    “We demand the nationalization of all trusts.”

    “We demand profit-sharing in large industries.”

    “We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose.”

    “We demand that ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the common welfare.”

    This man had NO business experience, this man was primarily a ‘Community Organizer’ and was a motivator.

    This man gave his first speech to a gathering of 2000 people – the speech he gave that day changed the world forever.

    The answer is of course Adolf Hitler the leader of the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ (NAZI).

    Gingrich is correct . . . question is . . . what are the sheeple going to do now???

    • WarriorH

      Good post Dale – parallels do look similiar don’t they?

  • Jim H.

    I noticed the MSM will interview every body except Gingrich. If they would talk to HIM, he could elaborate on what he meant and answer the questions people my have about his statement. These so called journalists would flunk a first semester highschool journalism class.

  • Commonsense

    I can’t believe what I am seeing. You all can’t see the forest for the trees. It isn’t just Obama or Bush or Clinton, it is big government that is happening here. It isn’t just one man or woman, it is a collective force that you all elected, and you have kept electing them for decades. Gingrich is just as slimy as any of them and he is going to run in 2012. This is political B.S. played by both sides. Enough!!!!!!!!! If you want to change this current mess we’re in, then first we have to get rid of the professional politicians and get people in our government that have worked for a living and know the value of a dollar. You have an elitist government filled with lobbyist and special interest money. Look back towards the beginning of the 20th century and you will see this very same scenario played out in our country. We, as a nation seem to have a very short memory. We can learn from the past if people, instead of trying to create panic, fear and pandamonium, would just stop and think and reason with the brain the Lord gave us. This global warming joke that Al gore and many others are trying to play was also tried during the turn of the 20th century. And then, like now, it cooled off and they tried to say it was going into another ice age. Our country loves a good emergency, apply a little paranoid behavior with the U.S. loving to villianize itself, and,”Voila!”,you have a wreck similar to the one we are in. Obama isn’t Hitler in the simple fact that even he isn’t as smooth as Adolph was. This is Gingrich just trying to capitalize on any fear he can. Don’t for one second think he cares about America any more than Obama does, he just wants his shot at being President!

  • Jerry C.

    Newt is right on the bulls eye with this comparison. Anyone who knows history (which he does) can see plainly the parallels with the Nazi takeover of Germany and Stalin’s rise to power in the former Soviet Union. Anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see knows that Obama and his radical cohorts are hardline Marxists. The Nazis were also Socialists according to my reading of History. Those making the most noise are those that are most horrified that Newt and a number of others have now let Obama’s Marxist cat out of it’s bag. The Republican critics are few and are those that always put covering their own asses before defending the Constitution and your God given liberties. As long as the second amendment is in place they can’t succeed at what they did in Germany and Russia. Americans need to arm up, stock up on ammo and be vigilant with the protection of the Constitution. . We can turn this bunch around at the ballot box without a shot being fired.. But we must always be ready to lay down our lives for liberty or they will surely take it away. Always remember the old Roman adage. Si vis pacem, para bellum translated as, “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”….

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    well you people voted for it and now you have to live with what you asked for. I saw this comming since 1964. when people vote for government to take them from cradle to grave you get socialism and you dumb down the people. when you teach in the schools that you have to take care of the poor and disadvantaged by the government you get the disasters that we have been getting. I help the poor and disadvataged because it is not the governmments job. taxes are not to be used for that purpose. when people think it is a right to get food and clothing and housing and cars and soforth you get less freedom and more dictatorship. enjoy your requests.

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    attaboy commonsense

  • kay morris

    I totally agree with Newt. In my 68 years on earth, I have never seen or knew a president like this. He is a socialist and I fear for OUR COUNTRY. He also brought in the White House with him a socialist regime. May God Bless you Newt for telling the truth about him. Alot of ex-presidents are probably turning over in their grave. GOD BLESS AMERICA and may we never lose her.

  • Robo

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Anyone can see that Newt’s comments have validity if they study the history. Quit with the emotional responses and do some reading.

  • Carolyn

    Newt has said it exactly as it is. We have a Socialist/Marxist/Communist sitting in the White House and Reid and Pelosi are his two biggest supporters. Come on American’s get your head’s screwed on straight and see what is happening and be willing to do something about it before it’s too late. This year is the time to get those OUT OF OFFICE who are against everything our Constitution is for.

  • Randy

    In Gene E. Veiths work “Modern Fascism – Liquidating the Judeo Christian Ethic”, Veith makes a chilling observation of the tragedy of the last generation defeating the Fascists militarily only to have their sons and grandsons surrender to Fascism culturally.

    Though the Obama’s burgeoning administrative Despotism is not a well oiled, industrial grade murder machine like Nazi and Communist tyranny, it is neither irrational nor unreasonable to point out that the philosophical foundations of Obama and his henchmen are uncomfortably close to that embraced by the evil men who erected those grisly regimes. The risk here is that the goodwill of godless men is the only thing materially standing between Obama’s brand of administrative despotism and full scale murderous tyranny of historical rogue regimes. That is an awfully thin line to bet our lives upon and I think more and more sober and sensible Americans are drawing similar conclusions.

  • Tami

    I support Mr. Gingrich 100%! I watched him interviewed recently in regards to this matter. His detail description of Obamas actions throughout his unfortunate Presidency can lead us in no other direction and from my view the comparison is so close it scares me to death. I have not seen an American “Leader” degrade our once GREAT Nation, it’s military, or refuse to listen to it’s citezens as much as Obama. I hope we can survive his destruction. I think Gingrich should have included the comparison to Nero…me,me,me,I,I,I.

  • Bullet

    I agree whole hartily with Newt – This administration is clostit Communism (not very wel closeted) A grave danger to the Constitution and to all America.

  • J.M.R.

    people wake up obomb is not a president he’s a DICK-TATER plain and simple he’s about the lowest scum to run this country and he’s running our great country into the ground. yes he’s got several helpers on both sides of the fence.

    • john

      How true…but ten years too late!

      • http://naver samurai

        Jonh, why do you keep attacking a good president and supporting a bad one? I guess having some brains in your head isn’t a requirement for the libs!

  • Maggie

    Talk, talk, talk, I’m so sick of talk!!!! Try reading ‘The 5000 Year Leap’ by W.Cleon Skousen and ‘When a Nation Forgets God’ by Erwin W. Lutzer. Just remember, when freedom dies in America, it dies, period.
    Just know who you are, Whose you are, and what you are willing to die for. Sola Gloria!!

  • Victor L Barney

    What “if” Obama is “THE” Anti-Messiah? I mean, what “if?” You DO realize that Karl Marx did say that Marxism is anti-messiah, don’t you? Think of the voting block? Again, what “if,” or is that even politically correct? What a cover! Unfortunately, the “if” will mean that Ya’aqob’s(Jacob’s) trouble is coming for 3 1/2 years by the two-witnesses described in Revelation. Again, what “if” he IS what he says he IS? As Clint Eastwood said in one of his many great movies, “get ready, because hell’s coming to dinner!” P.S.: As Deuteronomy states in 17:15, we are absolutely “forbidden” from appointing a foreigner(non-Israelite) over us! Again, what “if” the Set-Apart Scriptures are true? OOPS! Rocks cover us, because we won’t repent! That just wouldn’t be politically correct! Watch! September 9th?

    • Norm

      Victor L Barney
      What if the Christian religion is really a bad joke? I mean just what if.

    • john

      Yes, what “if” Alice really did fall down that hole?

      • http://naver samurai

        Bad analogy! Can’t you think above the children’s level?

  • art

    David Harris should be absolutely and unequivocally ashamed of himself. Here’s a guy with absolutely no sense of history where he should at least have a sense of history. His apologist’s reactions to Gingrich’s comments are a pathetic rush to judgement. I’ll bet, like Holder and Nepolitano relative to Arizon’s new law, Harris was the last to read Gingrich’s total comments. I’ll bet he’s responding to mini-brained Joy Behar’s comments. Guys like Harris should step down from his post and let those with at least some cajones comment. He has none and is hurting AJC’s cause and that of Jews over the world. He and Molinari should go out for cocktails with each other. They deserve each other!! Yeccch!

  • toni

    Hitler used the law to slip in and to do what Ob is doing. He was looked as a savior in the begining. They came for my neighbor and I did nothing! Then they came for me. Not rememering how it goes but what Ob is doing is not right he picks and choses who he will destroy and who will succeed. This is not America this mofia

  • JiminNT

    Newt’s mistake was not comparing b. HUSEIN o.’s fascist policies to those of benito mussolini. But, then, mussolini doesn’t generate the same impact as hitler or stalin. (small case used out of disrespect.)

  • art

    Furthermore, I think David Harris is ‘foolish and dangerous’!! Newt, keep telling it like the way it is! We love you!!

  • toni

    By the way isn’t what the mainsteem media was call the tea party as natzies they brought it up Pilosi said we were bringing up that we if it walks like a duck thats the way I see it . Ob is working for the Unions and wants to take over Our 401 ks and everything they can to take our money to pay for union pentions so the unions will become another unelected arm of the gov. Read history hitler dismanteled the unions after they helped him get into power. watch what you ask for.

  • toni

    wow that was really inarticulat sorry

    • uSNpops

      Something funny, NOT. How many people know that in 2011, any money that an employer pays for an employee’s health care will be on the employee’s W2 form as income. Increasing the employees tax bite, and evn tax bracket. Sorry, that’s not considered a tax, its a maintainence fee or some such.

  • Laura Schlegel

    PBS is showing a great series “WWII Behind Closed Doors” that can also be podcast.
    Investing in a sound social infrastructure with our taxes is The American Way giving rise to upward mobility for all, otherwise known as The American Dream; not to be confused with Socialized Dictatorships. We must all take a serious look at policies that have gambled away our health, homes, jobs, manufacturing, and our environment over the last few decades. Gouging profiteering or “In Greed We Trust” has bled US dry and taken the place of sound sustainable profits.
    “Everyone benefits when everyone does better.”

    • uSNpops

      in all my years of working, well over 50 years, i was never hired by a poor person. Everyone i worked for was “well to do”, and got that way by getting a good education, and putting it to work for them. What a concept. And I never expected them to share their good fortune with me, considered them greedy, but rather was pleasd to have a productive job.

      • Allan

        Sorry I misspelled your name.

    • Allan

      Totally agree with you USNops.

      Some people see capitalism as evil, others as opportunity.

      Al Sharpton said (Monday I believe) that justice will be realized when what’s in his house as the same as what’s in your house.

      Thanks for being honest, Al. That’s all Progressives really want. Everything they say and do is to attain this long-term goal. When you listen to them speak, just keep that thought in mind.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Janice, Alabama native

    I don’t have the time or inclination to engage in the name calling and opposition bashing. That said, I have personally made it my business to keep up with what is going on in D.C. and have also done considerable research into issues and current affairs. Those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it.

    Some very disturbing events and rhetoric coming from this regime lead me to believe that Newt is right (though I don’t trust him because he is part of the “inside the beltway” gang). Comparing historic events in Germany and the USSR I am convinced the actions of this regime are aimed at complete and total control of the United State of America and the forced submission of the American people. (Please don’t bother to reply to this comment. I won’t see it as I am moving on to other topics.)

  • Raggs


    This next move by obama should sicken everyone.

    A $128 billion dollar bail-out to the unions for pensions.
    Hummm… sounds like Greece is getting much closer.

    Oh and by the way after he bails-out the unions, they in turn will donate $100 million of the same dollars back into the democratic party for this years mid-term elections.

    Corrupt P.O.S all of them!!!!!

    This man is a sicko pig!

  • Angel

    Wow – what a bunch of morons here.

    Obama a socialist? Doesn’t socialism equal no private property or private businesses? When did that happen in the USA?

    Obama a nazi? Have the genocide started? Where are the death camps (other than the ones set up by Rumsfeld in the Bush administration)? Has Obama liquidated the Jewish businesses and properties and handed it over to the Bush family (just like Hitler did)?

    You people are just plain SILLY!!

    • Dale

      Give it a little time David . . . 18 months is only the beginning . . . too bad you’re still drinking the kool-aide . . . start paying attention, you too could figure it out!!!

    • Randy

      David, socialism has a range of manifestations. In the US it is a quasi-benign administrative despotism which tends to cause injury through clumsiness and neglect rather than premeditated planned evil. Moving further left we run into National Socialism or “Fascism” with all its attending evils. Moving to the extreme left we have Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism which all seek to abolish private property and individual initiative. You should have paid more attention and done a little less sleeping in your political science classes.

    • uSNpops

      Read the bill to regulate wall street now in the congress and soon to pass. read the fine print in the Cap and trade bill. check out the treaties we are making with the un, that will restrict our ability to have guns, and control our own financial institutions. check out the answerto illegal immigration being proposed, complete amnesty again.

      • Anthony

        1. Takeover control of Health Care
        2. Take away the “right to bear arms”
        3. Take away crops and starve the people….

        It’s happening right before your eyes.
        This is how it’s done in Country after Country – google it up.

        We are half way there now… and the FEMA CAMPS are for those that do fight back. Once inside, who says they have to feed you?

        • kate8

          Anthony, things are moving so fast.

          I saw where the facilities at the FEMA camps are all equipped with gas lines, and I don’t mean for comfort.

          I don’t think they intend for people to be there long enough to worry about feeding them. What about all the millions of casket liners they have stacked up.

          Let the libs laugh. We’ll prepare.

  • Godi38

    Mr. Newt Gingrich has Alzheimer. Then we must ignore their opinions. And maybe the actual government must pay a good clinic until their disappearance.

  • Jim

    Whether Newt’s statement was an analogy or seriously meant, I don’t care. This country is in trouble without capitalism. Socialist states just don’t survive and thrive and retain freedoms, USSR. We have already seen what this administration is doing, in that imposing a health system on us that over 50% didn’t want, see polls. Opposing a states border protection because they want votes and won’t do their own job to protect the borders. Polls show AZ residents overwhelminly favor the immigration law as does the rest of the country. The loud minority are determined to impose thir will on the rest of us. they threw out a huge stimulus to gain the Administration favors. That stimulus could have been given to the people where it may have helped, but no it had to have a government control issue because our govt leaders know so much more than us. I am disabled and would likely benefit in the short term from Obama’s plans but our country will go down in long run. A ruthless grab for power is in the works under the guise of “change for the better”. As a matter of information, I don’t consider myself Democrat or Republican, but am primarily anti incumbent for any congress person who has not tried to stop the tidal wave sweeping over our country. For emphasis, don’t be serious as some will.

  • Sharon Knopping

    We would do well to pay attention to Newt!! He has it right. Nazism didn’t begin with people being pulled out of their homes in the middle of the night~it was much subtler than that~if Obama has his way this is only the beginning of the change for this country. The reason Obama doesn’t use the words Jihadist terrorist is because he is one~hence the creation of the phrase violent extremist whom we are not supposed to recognize as the Jihadist terrorist (foreign or domestic). We had all better wake up and begin to take our country back before it is too late;and we don’t even have a vestige of our Republic left.


    Susan Molinari and Joey Behar are two women whose mouths could not be swabbed out with a a bucket of hot soapy water and a string mop.

    • john

      Don’t forget Ann Coulter, the worst of the bunch.

      • http://naver samurai

        Let’s not forget Hillary, Nancy, Barbara, etc. What about these fools that say they are ladies, not? Their mouths have gotten so big that Nancy and Barbara may lose their re-election bids this year.

  • reuben

    We may stand to be corrected, but did not “Frau” Pelosi make some statement and/or remark about the “Tea-Party’ers” or Tea-Baggers”, back when they were starting to be heard,where she made mention of a comparison of them to the “Nazis’”, of course not, do you think the “drive-by-media” is going to dwell on and/or report on any thing that may put “Frau” Pelosi in a position where she may have to explain “away”, what she said w/some “rambling”, incoherent,un-related “jibberish” explanation!

  • airangel

    The Nazi part is the business take-overs

    Looking back on 2009, Not only did the federal government effectively take over half of the U.S. economy, it also expanded public-sector debt by more than all previous governments combined. Now a trillion dollar bail-out for Greece…a country less than Los Angeles County, Europe is in trouble also and guess what, they are abandoning the Welfare State policy as it’s NOT WORKING! Gee wonder why we are adopting the Welfare stage when history teaches us it DOES NOT WORK!

    Most of that growth of the state stems from the creation and expansion of programs that increase dependency on government.

    Government dependency rose 13.9 percent in 2009

    • airangel

      This explains the Welfare States better from a poster on MSNBC…talk about libs on Newsvine *lol but this poster makes it clear. A good read.

      Its called the Cloward Piven strategy.

      “Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The strategy was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as a plan to bankrupt the welfare system and produce radical change. Sometimes known as the “crisis strategy” or the the “flood-the-rolls, bankrupt-the-cities strategy,” the Cloward-Piven approach called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants – more than the system could bear. It was hoped that the resulting economic collapse would lead to political turmoil and ultimately socialism.”

      These methods proved effective. “The flooding succeeded beyond Wiley’s wildest dreams,” writes Sol Stern in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. “From 1965 to 1974, the number of single-parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times. By the early 1970s, one person was on the welfare rolls in New York City for every two working in the city’s private economy.”

      As a direct result of its reckless welfare spending, New York City – the financial capital of the world – was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1975. The entire state of New York nearly went down with it. Leftist agitators swooned in triumph. The Cloward-Piven strategy had proved its effectiveness.

      The Backlash
      The Cloward-Piven strategy depended on surprise. Once society recovered from the initial shock, the backlash began. New York’s welfare crisis horrified the nation, giving rise to a reform movement which culminated in “the end of welfare as we know it” — the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which imposed time limits on federal welfare, along with strict eligibility and work requirements. Both Cloward and Piven attended the White House signing of the bill as guests of President Clinton.

      Most Americans to this day have never heard of Cloward and Piven. But Mayor Rudolph Giuliani attempted to expose them in the late 1990′s. As his drive for welfare reform heated up, Giuliani accused the militant scholars by name, citing their 1966 manifesto as evidence that they had engaged in deliberate economic sabotage. “This wasn’t an accident,” Giuliani charged in a 1997 speech. “It wasn’t an atmospheric thing, it wasn’t supernatural. This is the result of policies and programs designed to have the maximum number of people get on welfare.”

      Cloward and Piven never again revealed their intentions as candidly as they had in their 1966 article. They learned to cover their tracks. Even so, their activism in subsequent years continued to rely on the tactic of overloading the system. When the public caught on to their welfare scheme, Cloward and Piven simply moved on, applying pressure to other sectors of the bureaucracy, wherever they detected weakness.

      The Cloward-Piven strategy – first proposed in 1966 – seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Application of this strategy contributed greatly to the turmoil of the late Sixties. Cloward-Piven failed to usher in socialism, but it succeeded in generating an economic crisis and in escalating the level of political violence in America – two cherished goals of hard-Left strategists.

      Radical organizers today continue tinkering with variations on the Cloward-Piven theme, in the perennial hope of reproducing ’60s-style chaos. The thuggish behavior of leftwing unions such as SEIU and of certain elements of George Soros’ Shadow Party can be traced, in a direct line of descent, from the early practitioners of Cloward-Piven.

    • john

      Don’t forget the SIX TRILLION dollars GeorgeII pissed away!

      • http://naver samurai

        Let’s not forget the 13 trillion dollar debt of “Osama” and will make 20 trillion by 2012!

  • Maxine Jensen

    I would like to see a poll taken to see what the public thinks about gingrich’s comments about Obama and comparing with unfavorable personages.

    Show selections: such as 1. Agree in principle but could have been worded differently 2. Disagree totally 3. Agee

    I feel like if that comment had been made against a white American Citizen- this excitement would have not happened.
    Review History: While President Bush was in office, such comments were common place among the “Liberals” and the media thought it was perfectly alright. The transgretions of Obama far outdo anything President Bush ever did. These same comments were aimed at Bush.

  • Mick

    go**am bark hussein obuma.America you are da*ed.Yousealed your judgment when you denied CHRIST and chose this muslim imposter.The only hope now repentance toward GOD and faith in JESUS CHRIST the ONLY Savior!

  • Roy Wescott

    I compared his whole campaign to Hitler when he was running. Unfortunately there was no way to get rid of Hitler. We can and will get rid of Emir Obama

  • Raggs

    We are going to see the fall of this regime…
    As many states that will stand against the tyranny of obama.

    As of now “the government” thinks they have the almighty power over each state by the use of force regardless of the reckless media controlled union thugs…

    He has to be stopped!

  • william ahrens

    If you look back and consider all the chipping away of our moral fibre, it leads one to believe this is all a carefully planned stratigy to reduce the US, the last bastion of freedom, into a political and economic weakling that will end with a wimper begging to be brought into the new world order. I read now where there’s a move to remove the American flag from schools because it causes fights! Doing so teaches that generation no respect for that symbol of freedom, which disparages all of those who fought and died for this wonderful country. The trillions of dollars being squandered by this administration that we have to borrow weakens our position in the world and will do the same to the economy to the potential point where we might need the sort of bailout Greece needed, mostly because of hyper inflation. Our currency will no longer be desired like it is throughout the world now because of its stability, which leads to a world currency or perhaps a cashless society so the government can keep an eye on all transfers and transactions. Of course they’ll tell us its for our own good because the money laundering, cash hideouts used by the wealthy thieves and corporate dishonesty. Oh for another Greatest Generation to take on the evil in the world toe for toe! They did it in less than 5 years.

  • ROD OH

    For all you ignorant, dumbed down conservative voter base people out there do me a favor. Call up the “head Nazi and Comunist” leader of the American movement and see if they would back Newt’s statement. They would “laugh” at you about this “comparison. And Newt being a student of “hisotry” knows that too. But he is doing it for one reason only. He knows most of you are not intelligent enough to know the facts and too “lazy” to research them. So all he is doing is “pandering” to your knee-jerk “emotions” and doing his best to inflame and enrage you. And until you get smarter they are going to serve this “garbage” up to you on a constant basis. He doesn’t deserve “any seat”…not enough a “hot seat”. he knows what he said is totally untrue.

  • bigotae

    Rob Alex has it correct we need conservatives not Republicans.
    I used to wonder how a society could allow such a thing as Nazi Germany happen. It was beyond my imagination how educated people could allow something as mindless as that to happen.
    After reading Bob Wier’s comment it became perfectly clear how it happened.

  • Rossman

    As a 60 y.o. american born caucasian male, educated in the 50′s and 60′s; I now see the effects of 50 years of Liberal Socialism taught in our american schools from K-12 and in colleges….I am amazed at the un-intelligent, non-thinking verbage that streams from the minds of many individuals that post their dribble because of the free speech that our fore-fathers deemed so important to a free nation. I just wonder how many of you so called Progressives or Liberals have taken the time to actually read the Costitution in its entirety. As I enter my senior years, I truly feel sorry for the next two or three generations behind me and my peers….as you folks talk trash and throw stones at each other, your freedoms slowly vanish away and you aren’t even aware of it…I guess when the government doesn’t allow you guys and gals to express your dribble, then you will wake up to a very different country… then…it will be too late….I’m just glad that I grew up in the country when eating a hamburger and taking your girlfriend out to the movies and then dancing the night away was a good time……you folks enjoy your freedom now…what little you have….’cause in the next few years, if things remain on this horrible track, you all will be marching in lock step with the king of America….and wearing the same drab overalls, living in the same drab housing…..everybody will then be equal….equally miserable..

  • karl koebke

    Newt Gingrich is right! Hitler and his henchmen started the same way. Taking over every sector of manufacturing,every little country club, controlled the bancs,housing, the entire healthcare, pensions. Only Nazis could be judges.All of the media danced to his tune. No dissenting voice was heard for 12 years.

    The German capitalist gave Hitler the campaing money. The opposition got nothing.Soon after January 30. 1933 they gor huge summs for armarment production also stimmulous money for consumer goods. The voting mob needed to be happy to.

    The same swindel had taken place in the USA. Wallstreet gave millions to Obama and the media to influence the election. The money stolen from the investors, and cut dowwn the dividend to zero, like the interest. I wolud like to know where the difference is?

  • karl koebke

    What does Susan Molinari know about about Germany and the Nazis?

    Absolut nothing!

    Has she ever lived under or seen and experienced a dictatorial system. Like all the fools in the media today, they mumble and fumble around and have no knowledge of what did happen 1933 in Germany.

  • http://gmail i41

    Norm, You will a big kick in the ass next year, your medicare will climb in cost and have more decuctables. If your past employer is still providing medicine, either you worked for a union or are full of bull.I took care of my dad the last 15 years of his life on mwdicare. The last 12 years always had some increase in cost and required more supplements. Maybe you didn’t pay attention when the Great Society came in to being he law, but medical costs tripled in 1 year, so get set tight in the saddle of life, when the gate swings opens, because all the dumb asses, that got sucked in on the democrat health care crap will whine. Trying to say Omoron isn’t like the Nazis, does somebody need to use a BFH “big f——G hammer” to get the gears between your ears unfrozen? Omoron and all socialist dems have taken over our banks, healthcare, media, and manufacturing. They have pretty well sewed up the economy. Now the Hillary has followed Omoron’s rule to sign on to the UN bill for the center gangs to control ammo being sold in the USA, at the whim of the UN advisors. All on a executive order by the De Fuher, congress can not voter on it and no doubt will not even make a peep. He will now before Nov. make another executive order to ban or take away our guns or at least greatly restrict their owner ship. Still feel safe. There isn’t a simgle scocialist democrat that doesn’t just love the muslim, Omoron is following his Koran right down to the letter,beside using over lays of Marxs, Stalin, Alinshi, and Hilter. If you doubt, read all the statements made by Omoron on his veiws and ideology. Bush and Cheny never even dreamed of some of the socialist massive government control crap like Omoron and his domistic terrorists have. I think some other posts will go one on one with you. To Alexander, the athist, you don’t beleive in anything, except knock anything that you can bitch about, you have no grounding in anything but sewage and will can to fit the populatir cause in a minute. Since you beleive in nothing or for anything, instead of making life miserable for everyone else, go the Korea, Mexico, Iran, or anyother dictator’s hut, or simply just stretch a rope with your socialist neck. You are worthless like a socialist democrat communists!

    • poysunivy

      Obama has these KoolAid drinkers right where he wants them. They do not realize that he & his clan of crooks have poisoned the KoolAid not unlike what the Rev Jim Jones did down in Guyana back in the 80′s. Mesmerized by his Hope & Change teleprompter sermons, he had his followers acting like rock star screamers. No clue as to what was going on. They were the indoctrinated and the 60′s druggies that have always expected to be taken care of. He has now promised this at our expense. I hope they don’t have grandkids. If so, they will be saying to their parents in a few years, ” I wish my grandma & grandpa were still alive so I could kick them in their stupid ass for putting us in this mess.”.

  • Claire

    Newt Gingrich?? Another book I will not buy. My money is never going towards making these politicians any richer. It will be a cold day in you know where if I ever buy a book written by Gingrich or any other politician.

  • Loren

    The criticism is hysterical nonsense. Gingrich’s point is that policies such as Obama’s often LEAD to dictatorial and totalitarian regimes. We are on that path, and we must turn back now. Once we lose our fundamental human rights (speech, freedom of our individual pursuits, freedom to worship) it is almost impossible to get them back. And this administration has been chipping away all of these and more since day one.

    • denniso

      Do you pay attention to anything at all or just listen to Limbaugh?
      The administration that you should have worried about was Cheny/Bush.
      Surveiling Americans,tapping your phone,twisting CIA intelligence,premptively invading foreign countries,looking at what books you check out from the library,paying journalists to write favorable stories, and more….
      You’ve got your presidents mixed up…do some reading and thinking on your own. Get the heck off this site and as far away from some of these rightwing wackos as you can.

      • WarriorH

        You should listen to Michael Savage.

        • denniso

          I’ve listened to him…he’s a pathetic and sick human making money from suckers like you.

      • http://naver samurai

        I think you have been reading just way too many spy novels and Sci fi books. If you ever read the Patriot Act (I have), you’ll see that what you have just said is a load of BS!

  • poysunivy

    Democrats are not smart people, especially KoolAid drinkers.

  • BonnieMW

    I really don’t understand people who make childish slams at each other because you are Republican or Democrat. We are living in an age of political change. People were unhappy with what was going on so they elected a President that promised to provide certain essential needs such as health reform, reform on the banking industry and wall street and as he promised support to small businesses. I will agree we have a President that puts no value on the truth, gives payoffs for votes, passes laws the majority doesn’t want and uses thugs to threaten and intimidate and no doubt is trying to make our county into a communist like country. I would compare him more to Carl Marx than Hitler. And Arizona needs to be careful that they don’t fall into becoming like Hitler. That is how it all started getting rid of the immigrants. I will agree the worst of the worst is the trio Obama, Pelosi, Reid but Gingrich didn’t fall short behind them in being a respectable person. Maybe better at governing but not much better as a person. I am a Tea Partier I would like to get rid of the entire bunch.

    • Jeff Frost

      Get a clue, all you democrats and republicans that are “LIBERAL” to the core!!!! Anybody that is a “LIBERAL” has serious BRAIN SCRAMBLING that has taken them into a hypnotic shock of NO REALITY! Notice I have NOT directed the “LIBERAL” to JUST DEMS…. Although, most of the DEMS do have their heads in the sand!!! Wake your FRIGGIN eyes up, so that you ALL may see, and “LISTEN”, in that you ALL may hear! Our great “COUNTRY” is going WAY SOUTH of the BORDER!!! November 2010 may be our last chance to save our country due to the “RADICAL” TWO faced sides of King Barry Soetoro, our FIRST CZAR of the United States of “SOCIALISM and MARXISM”… What and see what is headed towards our Country! You people that are NOT CONSERVATIVES, and are NOT Voting for TRUE CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES to TAKE BACK our COUNTRY need to WAKE UP!!! You sleep as the sleep of a mighty dust, has your head covered hills over with sand, in that you can’t wake up out of the deep abyss that our country is truly in! King BARRY doesn’t even have a “BUDGET”…. When was the last time you people that are married or are in a relationship, and don’t follow a BUDGET?????? OUR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T!!!! They, the boys up on the HILL just keep spending, and spending…… The sad thing about it, is they DON’T have ANYTHING to SPEND!!!!

      WELL DONE NEWT!!!! Bring and RESTORE TRUTH back to our COUNTRY…. Especially to ALL you “IDIOT’S” that DON’T know how to get on the INTERNET, and READ the ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW, as well as listen to the TRUTH…. FOR IT SHALL MAKE YOU FREE!!!!

      The Problem is, is that Good Men, and Women don’t KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT, Because YOU are taken away by every TOM, DICK, HARRY and Nancy, the Mother Harlot Pelosi, as well as Dingi Harry Reid and the rest of the Cronies who are “STEALING”, CHEATING, and worse than Al Capone and the rest of the MOBS!!!

      WAKE UP, IDIOTS…. There are plenty of you out there in our dear beloved Country!!!

  • Anthony

    I like adding little (?) postings to many of the comments and singular threads between all of you – no matter the Article.

    But – let’s cut to the chase, here….. the real meat of the matter.


    • Anthony

      Seriously, go watch the video(s)… it’s in two parts.

      If you avoid this – you will never figure it all out.

      Gingrich has the “right of free speech” as much as anyone.
      If you don’t agree with it – provide PROOF where he is wrong.
      Don’t just spout opinions — bring PROOF.

      BUT WATCH THE VIDEO … then come back and re-read some of your own comments.

  • ann lawler

    So, Gingrich is in the hot seat for telling the truth???! lol

  • ann lawler

    To liberals trying to discredit Gingrich on this blog —- What happened after Hitler promised and passed socialized HC for all and ran out of money to pay for it???

  • chuck b


    how can you comment that arizona could be like hitler in enforcing a law copied after the federal law. is that becoming hitler like? we have the immigration laws to protect our borders, the barry soetoro admin, refuses to comply with the fed. law. the arizona law sb1070 does no more than require officials of the state to enforce the fed. law. is that hitler like?. you have been listening to abc or one of the other communist networks.

  • http://gmail i41

    bonnie mw, what a load of feel good wonkish crap. The health care sure isn’t a guarenteed right, you have access to it even, if you are a welfare rat or a illegal fence jumper. Why the hell should every tax payer have to foot the bill for some lazy asses numskull, that will not go out and get a job ,because he or she might have to move or learn something more than under water knitting. Your statements make you sound like a old 60′s flower power hippy. If we all hold hands s and sing kum by ya, we can just talk about it and compromise, and we will all feel good. USA is past the point of trying compromise, “All” democrats love government control on everything and every part of your life. They have been trying for years for the USA to become another EU. AZ finally has had enough of the federal BS, I don’t know how you can whine they might be like Hitler. Az is a state, Omoron is a muslim questionable Prez, he definitely follows Hitler style of taking over the banks, controlling the media,control monetary institutions and printing money, and then running manufacturing with his union thugs,and last government health care. Omoron love Marx, which is scary enough, Alenski, and any other puke brained socialist communists.When dictators like Chavez, Castro,and his muslim brethern thugs. Karl Marx talk and theorized radical ideas, Omoron surrounds himself with domestic terrorists and radical goons. Sounds and acts like Hitler. Where we are as a country talks some real hard hitting and tough actions. Feely meely ideas in Congress has created this mess, which rinos and dems cann’t get out of the ruts. Dems have kept this country in and rinos approve of the socialist plans. They go along, so they aren’t veiwed a partision and alway compromise way to the left.

  • Guy

    Reading the polls, it is reasonably clear that roughly 50% of Americans say that Obama has gone too far too fast. About 25% say that Obama has not gone far enough or moved fast enough. Most of the remaining 25% want to know “what is an Obama?” Newt is dead on with his analogies.

  • John C.

    I don’t think Newts comparisons of Obama to Hitler and the Soviet Union are off the mark.Even Chavez of Venezuela was less aggressive in the beginning than Obama.Some people may say that Hitler and the Soviets were mass murderers but Obama’s friend,Bill Ayers, was in the Weather Underground terrorist group setting off bombs in American police stations.His group said that it would probably be necessary to exterminate 25 million US citizens so the comparisons may be more accurate than you think.

    • mike mc

      Sure Newt’s right. The proof is demonstated by real action.

      1) illegally passed the so called health care.
      2) Corp bailout with our money without our permission.
      3) banking bailout again without our permission.
      4) talking to that crook from Iran as though he was ligit
      5) total neglect of the problems in Arazona with full intention of exploition the race issue.

      6)total neglect of the oil spill, he wants the oil industry and the industry in the south and in the country to fail
      7)obviously socialism is his goal

  • Joe pistofferson

    Newt is right on the money! I’m not a big fan but the old boy knows what the hell he’s talkin’ about. More people need to wake up and realize what this “REGIME” is all about! Total Control!

    • denniso

      Are you out of your mind? You say you’re not a big fan of Gingrich,but you agree w/ what he says as long as it’s something trashing Obama…boy, such good,logical thinking.

      • Jim H.

        Hi Denniso, You don’t have to be a big fan of some one to agree with them. Is he agreeing JUST because it is trashing Obama? Maybe he agrees because there is more truth to it than you want to admit.

  • Magee, Robert H.O.

    Gingrich would rather have the Wall street executives that plan theft for our hard earned money, and banking system that out rightly supports corrupt executives. We work and they keep it instead of giving it to us. Sickening behavior must be confronted and if call that socialism then I call it ethical way of governing by promoting social capital rather than money capital. Gingrich failed with his social contract and Obama is succeeding and he is not too happy. As a southerner I think he is jealousy and envious against this smart guy. The President is not making us socialist but responsible and responsive to social problems.

    “We the people” have the power to change systems not Mr Obama and if we let him then he is smart in seeking for change that we can believe in. That is why we are letting him do what he is doing so successfully.

    By large we think he stands to succeed where Gingrich failed with his so called social contract for America. Mr Obama is the President and Gingrich is not. He cannot even convince Republicans to let him run. I have respect for the former speaker and I was his student follower in his ideas but here is off the tangent of even his own ideas to liken Mr Obama of the Nazis.

  • chuck b

    gingrich has forgot more than barry will ever be able to comprehend.
    and if he sees what soetoro is then you have to respect he’s right.

  • http://naver samurai

    Here is a letter that I wrote to “Osama”. I hope Joe, Jeff, and others read this. Ready?

    Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. There are no bombs falling on our cities, there are no large armies at our gates. We are facing a disaster of monumental proportions exceeding the tragedies of all former calamities combined, we face the end of America.

    Our representative democracy is dead. Replaced by a swampland of party politics. Ignoring the will of the people, playing games with the future of our children, bailing out failure and taxing success, traitors and cowards in elected office, seeking to appease advocacy groups and ethnic interests who promise to deliver the most votes at the next election.

    Let us not be fooled that a failed economy is the central issue, it is not. The economy will rebound, but the issue is how much more dependent on government to satisfy your every need will be when it returns? And can a nation that no longer teaches the principles of our founding fathers, lest they offend some special interest, ever regain it’s soul?

    Look at the causes that are erroding our national unity. Our citizens are being buried alive under burdens never authorized by our Constitution or our founding documents. The corruption of the judiciary, with judges now dependent on the will of political parties. Our sons and daughters subjected to bodily harm and injury in foreign countries without a formal declaration of war. Which would ensure that they go to battle with the full support of “WE THE PEOPLE”, and not the whim of spineless leaders in Congress, advocating cutting their funds and playing politics with their lives. Have we not learned that America cannot accomplish the mission without “WE THE PEOPLE” being an equal partner in the fight?

    Our military has to win those wars, but are condemned for colateral damage, lest we be criticized by countries who either work against democracy’s interest or refuse to fight for themselves.

    The heart and sould of our economy, small businesses, paralyzed by government regulation and control over every aspect of their lives. The average citizen working the first 6 months of the year just to pay for welfare programs and handouts to foreign nationals never authorized by our Constitution. Overburdened by a tax code 7 times larger than the Bible and understood by no one.

    I understand your passionate declaration that we need to be good global citizens, but you weren’t elected the president of the globe. You were elected the President of the United States. The globe hasn’t provided you a treasury to solve their problems. We, the neglected people of America, pay your salary and provide the funds to support our interests first. Your house is on fire and your wife and children are in danger. Would there be any doubt as to where your allegiances should lie? Isn’t it common sense to put your nose to the American grindstone first and remember, we’re broke.

    I represent no party or group, just a return to common sense and reason. You can be our greatest president ever, if you have the guts to do what others only dream of doing. Choose the harder right! Turning your back on your political handlers and those who would dismantle our country’s history, traditions, and values over the easier wrong of bowing and appologizing for America’s mistakes. Stand up and inspire us all with the respect that is obvious, we are Americans, the most generous people in the world.

    With the DNA of past generations who willingly sacrificed their lives, their treasure, their future, to make the world free. We ask for nothing in return, not land, not servitude, not glory. That history needs no appologies! That history needs no forgiveness from anyone! And may you never mislabel pride and gratitude in country as politically incorrect arrogance and extremism.

    I know that you are worried about criticism about America not being a good global partner. Perhaps its about time you remind our critics that Americans were the first people to shed their blood fighting for global freedom. There would be no possibility of globalization if it weren’t for the contributions of the United States of America.

    Secure you greatness. Stand in front of “WE THE PEOPLE” and declare an end to the self destructive welfare state. Sanctifying everyone with a problem as a victim. Remind them that our country was built and preserved by people who refused to be victims. Hand up and not hand outs! Declare what every citizen with common sense understands, there can be no bipartizenship if you stand in the cespool of divisive politics and policies.

    Lady liberty is mortally wounded and the only hope this nation has to find bipartizen strength in action, is to raise the debate to our founding principles of self reliance, personal responsibility, and the vigilance to ensure that government remains our servants and not our masters. If we need judges, lawyers, and the athiest communist looney liberal union to tells us what those principles are, then we have lost our common sense and we have lost our country. Forbid it Almighty God!

    It’s time for all of us to earn what we have been taking for granted so long. It’s time for all of us to earn the right to be called an American! God bless our country! And may God give you the courage to stop appologizing for us and stand up for us. It’s the right thing to do! My name is “Samurai”. For God and country! For God and country!

    • Steve

      That’s good Samurai, but that is not O’Liars plan for America, so he would just ignore it. He has a one track mind and ha sees all American Patriots as right wing extremists.

  • Roger Peterson

    Newt is right on! I am happy he has the guts to speak the truth.

    • denniso

      Isn’t ‘newt’ a type of salamander? Ugly,slippery and w/ a tail? ‘Newt’,as you sheep like to call him, is a disgrace of a human who should be content to sit in his recliner and leave the governing to smarter people. If he’s a hero to the ‘conservatives’ then we have nothing to worry about from them…what a joke.

      • Jim H.

        Denniso, WOW, What a retort. Did you get a second grader to help you with it? If the worst thing you can find about him is his name, he must be pretty good.

  • olga


  • Craig

    Oh mercy, when we’re all either in a FEMA camp or unemployed wondering when the enforcer police powers-that-be are going to throw us out on the street for not being able to pay our mortgages I wonder if the mindless sheeple will still be bleeting “2 leg bad/4 leg good!”

    Both parties are bought and paid for and the predatory ruling class stages these kinds of silly feuds to energize our division so the predatory ruling class is able to rob us blind while we fight and quibble over much ado about nothing.

  • Dave S

    i am in totally agree with samuri and mike mc as to what is going on but there is a new bill on the table brought in by mccain and liberman (both republicans) it will make it a crime to speak out against the administration plus, it will make this a federal crime called domestic terrorism.(hitler did this very well after he was appointed president in his second year in office) reading only a small amount of this bill, it also appears to me that it will open another door (bill)within sixty days or so that will take our right away to vote (mccain has always been a right wing liberalist ask people from arizona he is not well appreciated out there and he is starting to fall behind in some polls) the reason behind this is that too many current members of the congress and the senate are losing and guess what, obama does not appear to care.why? because this is almost the last right we have left and that it is a socialistic way to control the people. history dictates that poeple like nero, castro, chevaz, hitler, napoleon, lenin, stalin, mussolini were some people that forced a single name on ballots or no elections at all. people like denniso and hugh jordin do not grasp reality on this . i spent time in europe with the military (army)and learned the truth by seeing Daschau (not very pleasant but sombering) but this is what happens when the government is run against the people and the Constitution or amendments made to prevent attrocities like this are just ignored. as the admiral of the japanese fleet that bombed pearl harbor stated ” i fear that all we did was to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” this is what obama and his cohorts did not want to happen, but it has, that is why all these new bills are being rammed down our throats now

    • http://naver samurai

      Sounds good and the Japanese admiral was a man named Yamamoto. Thanks Dave! It’s good to see another sane person on this post!

  • Dave S

    sorry that is supposed to be joe lieberman

  • Tommy

    Jordin says “3 years in Nam – 2 in Laos”.. Thank you for your service, (if your not lying like Blumenthal, a Democrat by the way) I spent 3.5 years in Japan, Air Force. Some people spend 20 years or more in the military, but that doesn’t make them smart. You and denniso need to go back to sleep and let the grown ups talk. Don’t pick up a history book and look at the past, you might learn something. Obama is the WORSE piece of _h_t that has ever stepped foot in the White House, hands down. Michelle would be the second worse. These are two of the most racially prejudice people in the country. Hitler all over again, it just won’t work this time. Tea Party people will fight and not lie down. For every one you see on tv, count 4 to 5 THOUSAND lying in wait. You have to break a country financilly and then break the will of the people to take it over. He will NEVER break our will … but we may be eating out of our gardens again before it all ends.

    • denniso

      Sorry Tommy,but the cake goes to Cheny/Bush as the worst president ever…Bush was an incompetent fool and Cheny,the actual president,was evil and as twisted a person as we’ve elected since Nixon. Let me ask you fine fellow,did you sit back and quietly watch the 2 dolts wreck the country and a good part of the world? Did you keep your foul mouth shut like a loyal party man while Bush doubled the national debt and presided over the largest economic collapse since ’29? Did you willingly support the illegal and utterly ill advised Iraq invasion while saluting to your fool of a commander in chief and faking your blind patriotism while thousands of our kids were blown to bits on a fools errand?

      • http://naver samurai

        You are the fool! First, they are not kids that have been blown to bits you moron! They are all HEROES, something that you cannot and will never be you bag of trash! Second, when are you going to listen to reason? Obama bin Laden has the highest debt on record of 13 trillion dollars and will make 20 trillion by 2012! This economic collapse falls back into the lap of the dems, fannie mae, and freddie mac. Clinton passed legislation to have them approve all loans, no matter how risky they were. Kind of stupid don’t you think? Don’t forget dummyo that we remove one Hussein from power and in 2012 we’ll remove another one! For God and country!

        • denniso

          Fom the bag of trash,to samantha…now, seriously,are you just pretending to be as dumb as that comment sounds? You can’t actually be
          that devoid of intellect to make such ludricous statements that you think are facts,can you?

          • http://naver samurai

            This coming from a person who doesn’t have the BALLS to serve? I served 20 years, went to Iraq and Afghanistan, and did things that are the reason why you have your freedom today, moron! I challenge you the next time you post, try telling the truth and list your sources. Unlike you I’m a real historian, not a want to be. We should get back to the ways of our founding fathers, declare an end to the self destructive welfare state, and kick Obama bin Laden (Along with his cronies) out on his backside! He has done more harm than good for this country and if you are too blinded by the koolaid to see what is going on around you, than you really need to get a life and go live somewhere else! I hear Iran is nice an warm this time of year. They’ll love having your stupid !@#$% there!

          • denniso

            Anyone here can say they ‘served’,and no one can know whether it’s true. You want to trumpet to the world that you served,fine,but it’s not relevant to any debate of the political issues. I don’t broadcast
            to you or the others here whether I served or not and it’s none of your damn business. Got it?

          • http://naver samurai

            This means that you didn’t serve. Service to country shows honor, duty, pride, and love of country. I always say I served, because I’m proud and have the honor to serve our great nation. Another reason is because you !@#$%^& libs always talk about Iraq, Bush, etc., just like some broken record every single time. If you stop talking about the items I’ve mentioned, I’ll stop talking about my army days OK? It’s true that I don’t know that you served or not, but I know that 20 years of service, 1 silver star, 1 bronze star, 2 purple hearts, and a true heart makes me a hero of this nation. You’re just jealous because you will never be anything more than the very small, snivling, lib crap you are! Why don’t you do something that Obama bin Laden refurses to do, show us your papers and we’ll call it even. I know you are younger than me, so respect your elders and show us the papers!

          • denniso

            Now try hard to understand this,it’s not rocket science…since you or me or anyone else can say anything about their personal life here,including military service,and there is no way to verify it then it is essentially a meaningless comment. Also,military service in combat, though laudable,does not mean anything in a debate on political issues that have nothing to do w/ the details of military life. Tim McVeigh ‘served’,and he was a monster…serving does not mean the person is qualified or knowledgeable on any issue except her/his service. Think before you spout and call names…..

          • http://naver samurai

            I suggest that you take some of your own advice. Calling Bush an incompetant fool, like the president we got now isn’t? Bush has done more for this country that Obama bin Laden has ever had. This president has told so many lies that it is impossible to believe him on anything. Also don’t forget, those kids blown up in Iraq are HEROES. You keep dodging that point. I can tell you from experience that things there are a lot better than when another Hussein was there.
            In 2012, look for another “Insane” Hussein to be taken out of office by the votes of “WE THE PEOPLE!”

          • denniso

            The dead and maimed kids from the entirely needless Iraq invasion are definitely heros…as are their grieving parents,siblings and friends.
            But they all died in a lie of a war perpetrated by the truly evil and liar Cheny/Bush…the 100,000 or more dead Iraqi women and children are also heros,and they and their families might disagree w/ you about things being better now…that’s a freaking joke. Bush destabilized the whole country and opened up religious hatred and violence and unleashed a true hell on earth…car bombs every day or more. Hussein was a tyrant,but he kept the country under control. Women had careers and now they walk around in fear covering their entire bodies in black burkas…things are better? Don’t be ridiculous.

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ll just ignore your arnt. You’ve never been there, so you don’t know what it is like. For instance, women not only work, but they also have schools for them. We went there to knock out Hussein and did. Believe me, it’s better there now!

          • denniso

            Whether you’ve been there or not,if you think it’s better in Iraq now than you are blind and deaf to reality and you have no credibility on the issue.

          • http://naver samurai

            Then you go to the towns and villages that I’ve been to and ask them. Before we came there, some of these places had no running water, no schools (girls also), no medical facilities, electricity, etc., and what else do you want to know? I also remember many of these people got tired of Al Queda amd others coming into the country, so what would they do? They would tell us where they were at, shoot them themselves, or some other things I’d rather not talk about on this post. The news always covers the bad things, but never covers the good things in Iraq. It’s only a few people causing trouble in Iraq and not the whole country. You talk about 100,000 dead? Most of that is because of these murderers coming across the border and blowing people up in the name of “allah.” Get your facts straight before you post. You know nothing about Iraq, except what the liberal press is telling you, so be the bigger man, concede defeat, and shut up! If I was still in the army, I would go over there again to fight for freedom and their right to live. Have you ever done the same for this country, or did you just sit back on your big !@#$ and do nothing? Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

          • denniso

            God above!! How on earth can someone be so wrong? Iraq was a first world country before we blew it to bits and destroyed the stability that existed at the iron fist of Saddam. Women had medical and science careers…women didn’t cover their bodies in black burkas.
            Al Queda didn’t exist in Iraq and they had no suicide bombers blowing children apart.

            The only way Iraq is better is in comparison to the years after we blew it to pieces and opened up sectarian violence all across the country. You’re either ill informed or in denial…

  • Anna Mydlarz

    I agree. Obama is doing many of the same things that the Nazi’s did. Why are so many blind to this. I think he is the worst president our country has ever had. I will vote Republican and contribute to all that run against the health care yes voters in September.

    • denniso

      ‘Why are so many blind to this’? I ask you,why are you so blind to reality and facts? Good God above!

      • http://naver samurai

        How can you mention God? Your leader, Obama bin Laden, is a believer in the false faith of islam. Libs tend to only use God’s name if they are loosing or just want to sound like they go to church, which one are you? Don’t forget, liberalism and christianity are diametrically different in belief and actions. Speaking of church, I suggest that you start going. You may actually find out why you are currently paying for your sins.

        • denniso

          If you’re an historian then you should know that Jesus was a liberal…turn the other cheek,give away your money,help the poor and downtrodden,give to the gov’t what is the gov’t’s,judge not lest you be judged…

          • denniso

            Oh,and you say Islam is the false faith and I guess Christianity is the true faith? How childishly predictable…..

          • http://naver samurai

            Let’s not forget the conservative beliefs of no lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, drunkeness, etc., good try there dude, but no cigar! The things you mentioned have nothing to do with liberal beliefs. These have to do with faith, hope, and love. The libs show no faith in anything but themselves, no love towards their neglected American neighbors, and definately offer no hope to Americans. If you are going to quote scriptures, that’s fine. Just make sure you tell everything and not just the parts that go with what you are saying.

          • denniso

            If what you say is true,then why is it that the Dems and liberals fight for the environment,higher wages for low income workers,for the right of workers to band together to ensure safer workplaces,push for affordable housing,fight for civil rights for all Americans and try to avoid war and work for a more peaceful world?

            And why do ‘conservatives’ fight against all of those laudable goals and stand by their corporate lobbyists and industry?

      • http://naver samurai

        Since you talk about islam here’s a few things to remember:

        1. Muhammed was never a saint or holy. He was nothing more than a murderer. He started his adult life as a pirate. He stole, killed, and raped women for his own gain. He even marched 10,000 troops against the city of Mecca, just because they believed differently than he did. Gee, does that sound like a true faith to you?

        2. He was a child molester. His last of his 4-5 wives was between 6-9 years old at the time of their marriage. Who marries a young child? No real prophet or saint would do that.

        3. He advocated spreading the word of islam with the sword and not with disciples like Jesus did. Millions of people were killed and enslaved to this false religion. The last kingdom in Iran was brutally conquered and many were killed because they didn’t believe in “allah”. Christianity believes in conversion, a more peaceful way of doing things.

        4. He was so bad to his wives that his 3rd or 4th wife killed him by poisoning him. He didn’t die a prophet’s death and was no martyr for the faith. His bones are still here on earth, I think that they are probably what is enshrouded behind that black curtain in Mecca.

        Everything I have told you can be found in your library or advance history books. Look them up sometime. Try harder next time!

  • 383ci

    Poor denniso, I knew him well. I remember the disappointed look on his face the day Prez O’Bummers civilian army goons marched him off to the internment camps. He never did understand how O’Bummer could turn on him, when he had been one of his biggest supporters.

    • http://naver samurai

      Ha, ha, ha! OMG! That’s very funny! Ha, ha, ha! Then he’ll really get to know what life was like from 1937-1945!

      • denniso

        I really doubt that you guys are adults….if you are,you’ve never matured into thinking men.

        • Jim H.

          Denniso, go back and read your post about Newt’s name and tell me about reaching adulthood. You really showed us the “thinking man” there. Your comment about Jesus being a lib., Alms giving is to be from the heart, not the government “redistributing” the wealth, by force. Turn the other cheek? how many times. He also told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. Defending yourself is OK.Judge not. OK, but if you see something wrong or evil happening, you are to do what you can to correct it. Jesus also wasn’t kind throwing the money changers out of the Temple. What the Father did with a flood and to Sodam& Gamorah, was loud and clear. Your preconceived notions that conservatives aren’t charitable or loving people is misguided. Jesus is far from the political definition of a Liberal.

          • http://naver samurai

            Right on. I couldn’t agree with you more. If Jesus was a liberal, then I’m the Pope!

          • denniso

            Self defense is a little different than taking up arms against a gov’t you don’t like and lying about the president of your country. You think your’re being forced to redistribute your wealth because we pay taxes to support the gov’t and social systems like highways,schools and defense…it you guys weren’t obsessed w/ money you would realize that it’s in all of societies interest to not have people dying in the streets and kids not being educated. Don’t we pay for police protection,most of which is directed toward people w/ enough money and possessions to worry about it?

            And I don’t recall Jesus saying anything at all about how charity should be given,except the ‘give unto Caesar’ line. Face it,you and your fellow ‘conservatives’ are just cheap and focused entirely on money and begrudge the poor living on scraps from society .

            And speaking of the pope, he’s more liberal than all of you guys,as are most religious leaders.

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, What if it is that Government you’re defending yourself from? We understand paying taxes. You are the one who brought up Jesus saying to help the poor in a previous post. I just stated that Jesus meant for you too do it from the heart. Being taxed and the state giving that money to a poor person, isn’t the same. Just because you don’t recall Jesus saying how charity should be given doesn’t mean I don’t recall it.As far as me just being “cheap” and only focusing on “my” money, just giving the scraps to the poor, I’ll give you a list of the charities I support, if you want to tell me the ones you do. We can compare the compassion factor. The Bible also says those who don’t work won’t eat. I donate to food banks anyway.Just because YOU declare the Pope a Liberal doesn’t make it so, I already refuted your declaration of Jesus being one earlier.

          • denniso

            The Pope is against the Iraq war…he says that capitalism creates poverty and we aren’t doing enough to address poverty and issues that affect the poor…he says we need to take care of the environment because it’s God’s creation.
            Sound like a ‘conservative’ to you?

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, ask him about choice, ask about assisted suicide. I’ll bet abortion will be viewed as a woman’s RIGHT. Doesn’t sound lib to me.

          • Jim H.

            Not only libs care about the environment, just another lib fallacy. We just weren’t taken in hook,line and sinker about MAN MADE global warming, like the rest of the drones. The Catholic Church has programs for the poor that work through private donations, the Christian thing to do. Not through Government redistribution of wealth(Doesn’t sound lib). In all of the sermons I’ve sat through, in the Catholic Church, I’ve never heard of the Pope being anti-capitalist, or that capitalism creates poverty.( a fallacy) Why do Non-Catholics and former Catholics (the Catholic religion isn’t for wimps) try to tell me about MY religion?

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, meant to write, NOT a woman’s RIGHT.(I NEED a proof reader)

  • Rob

    Bottom line? He is right on target. One day Obama and his goons will pay for their treason.

    • http://naver samurai

      I hope that it is sooner rather than later! The man, along with his cronies, are nothing but traitors to the country and our founding fathers. For God and country!

      • denniso

        Can’t you come up w/ anything else but this mindless mantra? Try criticizing specific policies and maybe people will think you actually have some intellectual ability.

        • http://naver samurai

          OK. How about the unconstitutional “Osama”care that was rammed down our throats though a large majority of Americans didn’t want it. “Osama” even gets to hire 10,000 new IRS agents to make sure that people pay what they owe. Gee, kind of sounds like the Gestapo to me.
          This program is a direct violation of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Many states, to include Indiana, have filed injuctions in federal court.

          How about the small arms ban that was signed with the blessings of the U.N.? Since when does this administration just tear up the 2nd amendment to side with the U.N.? The U.N. doesn’t tell us what to do, no matter what Obama bin Laden wants.

          He has hired czars who can bypass congress dealing with litigation. This is a violation of section 1 para. 7 of the U.S. Constitution.

          These are just some of them, but I’ll bet you that he’ll cancell the first of Bush’s tax cuts next year. If he does, this country will be a lot worse off than it ever was since FDR. Let’s also see what happens to him after illegally offering a job to someone in exchange for dropping out of a primary. Heads are going to roll! Heads are going to roll!

          • denniso

            The only possible constitutional issue w/ the healthcare bill is the mandate to purchase insurance,and I hope it is found to be unconstitutional…I think they blew it on that aspect of the bill. But,your Repub party has sat back for decades and fought any real attempts at reform and affordability for healthcare,so now we get an imperfect solution,but it’s at least an attempt to solve a major problem that the Repubs have let fester because they’re in the pocket of the insurance industry.
            The 10,000 agents to collect money from us for payments is a lie put forward by the Repubs fighting the bill.They made it up out oif thin air for pure political purposes.
            There is no small arms ban in this country,and you should know that.

            Czars? Bush had more of them than Obama and there is no secret plan behind them…they are staff that get hired directly so they don’t have to go through a lengthy approval process.
            I’m glad to note that you didn’t call me names for the first time. Maybe you could call Obama by his name?

  • Dede

    I live in a large west coast city that is extremely politically correct. We do not speak about how we feel politically to each other. Why is that? I find it inappropriate. I feel restricted, shut up. It feels like a form of control–social control. The leftist mentality rules here. So many impractical, oddly uncomfortable laws, rules. Like victims rights. What happened to protecting the innocent citizen, which most of us are. Where is the normal-ness in protecting the thief, the continuously threatening mentally ill person who constantly defies court rulings without penalty and terrorizes the life of those around them for years, the rights of the murderer being meticulously cared for when the victims continue unprotected and/or dead, the reduced ability of an apartment community to protect themselves from realized danger in any meaningful way. All of these things and more I have witnessed in my recent life. I am getting too old to have the energy to deal with things that have no basis in common sense. What is wrong with people? Most of us don’t know where milk comes from anymore. Out of touch with reality. Could it be that many of us don’t know a true principle and an intelligent choice from a glass milk bottle that appears onto a grocery store shelf?

  • Kathryn

    I don’t think Newt is far from the truth. Washington is so corrupt what is a person to think? This administration wants to live in luxury and continue to run the biggest ponzi scheme ever. I feel robbed of both money and freedom.

    • denniso

      Kathryn…w/ all due respect, this administration is busting it’s butt trying to fix the economy after the largest collapse since ’29,and trying to clean up the biggest mess ever left behind from a former administration. The problems are very serious and there are no easy or quick fixes but thousands of comitted people are doing their best to fix things. All the Repubs are doing is blocking every
      initiative to repair the country and using politics to get back into power,even if it means the country is wrecked in the process.

      • Jim H.

        I’d rather have the 06 economy than the one we have NOW. Who’s in charge NOW and who was in charge when the markets were at 13000 and the unemployment rate was 4.4%?

        • denniso

          Now really, the collapse happened under Bush. The president oversees the FEC,not congress.Bush was in power and in control for 7yrs before the collapse. The biggest collapse since the Depression was ocurring before Obama came into office. He’s been in power for less than 1 1/2
          years and essentially followed what Bush had begun w/ the bailouts. The whole world is in the same predicament and other countries are trying the same economic strategies that we are. After a financial collapse of this magnitude you don’t recover in a month or year…we were in a bubble economy and now we have to get back to some better
          economic growth and employment w/o having a bubble to fuel it.
          It doesn’t happen easily or overnight.
          If you can’t blame Bush/Cheny after being in almost total control for
          7yrs,then you can’t blame anyone.

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, 07&08 the congress was in the hands of Pelosi& Reid. In 06 things were going great,what changed? IF Obama & Biden are the answer, why are things WORSE than the last day Bush was in? I know of your RABID hatred for Bush & Cheney, it gets in the way of your reasoning. Facts are facts in 06 things were good, they suck NOW. Thanks Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, and Obama.

          • denniso

            I meant to say ‘SEC’ above. Bush set a new tone of coziness between the regulators and the financial industry,warnings abounded about Madoff,for instance,and Bush’s SEC didn’t look into him. Just as Bush
            allowed the MMS division of the interior dept to become cozy w/ the oil industry it was supposed to regulate…sex,gifts and more handed out from big oil to the regulators…part of the problem that led to this disaster of an oil spill. Congress doesn’t control these agencies,the president does. Everyone in their right mind who isn’t blinded by partisanship or loyalty knows that Bush/Cheny were soft on regulation of the financial,oil and other industries…it’s obvious because they and their conservative allies take that position on regulation…it’s part of your ‘conservative’ philosophy and they fulfilled the view that business and the ‘market’ can regulatate itself.
            How’s the lack of regulation working now?
            And,things were ‘good’ before the crash? That’s as smart as saying that a balloon looked before it popped,or peace was great before the war…of course,things were good before the crash,we were living in an economic bubble and a crash comes when the bubble pops. Do you think that crashes come before the build up of a bubble or boom economy?

          • Jim H.

            Since we didn’t let the markets try to correct themselves we won’t know what would have happened. Since things are WORSE now than they EVER were during the Bush administration, I would say that heavy regulation and big government involvement really isn’t the way. 3.5 years of Dem congress an 1.5 years of Dem monopoly and things are worse than ever. How is that HOPE AND CHANGE thing REALLY going for you. I found enough CHANGE behind the couch and bought a lottery ticket and I HOPE to win.

          • denniso

            So you would like to run a double blind experiment? Leave the ‘free market’ to ‘correct’ itself and see what happens? Read some history and you don’t have to try it. After the great crash of ’29,Hoover and the Republican free marketeers did almost nothing to dig the economy out of the crash…the result after 3 years? The largest depression the modern world has ever seen!

            Almost every economist in this country and the world said we needed to bailout and stimulate the economy after this collapse to avoid a calamity bigger than the Great Depression…every other country is doing what we have done, but you think you know better? And you have a degree in what exactly?

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, EVERY? economist in this country and the world recommended the path we took. Where are we NOW? Including the rest of the world.(Greece really is proof of why it’s NOT working) I doubt it would be worse had we let the markets work. I would say it would be much better. THINGS ARE WORSE NOW, THAN IN ANY TIME DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. 1.5 years later. Leaving the markets alone, seems to have worked better in the early to mid part of the decade. Why not now? It is to the advantage for private enterprise and the markets for the economy to be good, why would they do something detrimental to it? Big government is the problem, not the solution.

          • denniso

            You clearly don’t understand what an economic collapse is in a capitalist economy. And you forget the free fall we were in before Obama took office? There was panic and people’s investments were dissapearing in a puff of falling stock values.
            If you actually fell for Reagan’s simplistic mantra about ‘big gov’t’,then you are hopeless…and I wonder if you’re one of the ‘conservatives’ who are now faulting the gov’t for not being able to shut off the oil spill that is devastating the Gulf? I wonder if you can imagine how much larger the gov’t would have to be to have the
            capacity to deal w/ an oil disaster like this and even to properly monitor and regulate the thousands of oil and gas wells we have?

            You have what sort of training and degrees in which fields to be able to criticize what the gov’t has done w/ the collapse? You didn’t answer,try again…

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, The oil leak was an accident, so why go there? You compare what is going on now to the crash in 1929. Why do you want to use the same template Roosevelt used? !0 years later things were still in a bad way and it took a world war to get out of it. Not a good plan. Who says if I believe in Reagan’s philosophy I’m hopeless? YOU? You believe in BIG GOVERNMENT control. If you believe that going TRILLIONS of dollars into debt, and having people with absolutely no business experience telling private industry how to run it’s business is the way to go, I would question YOUR rationality. Things have gotten progressively worse since government has tried to “help”. Reading and life experience DON’T require a degree. I can read history and remember back in my life to see what did and didn’t work.

          • denniso

            I believe in a gov’t large enough to do what it needs to do ina modern
            complicated world. Regan said Gov’t is the problem,not th solution…in other words,all gov’t is the problem….very simplistic,but sounded good to simple people.
            The oil companies were not regulated well enough for the past decade at least,no contingency plan for this worst case disaster,so we sit back and watch the gulf area die. Gov’t has to be large enough to be able to regulate large,complicated industries like the oil co’s. And haven’t you paid attention to the news reports that talk of the corruption and lax regulation of the oil co’s? People were taking shortcuts in the drilling process and ignored safety issues…leaking
            hydraulics,dead batteries,no plan.
            That’s what regulation of industry is for and that’s why we need it,and you can’t have a tiny gov’t to accomplish it.

          • coal miner


            You can’t talk to this idiot.JimH. got all the answers,except the right ones.He knows everything and everybody else knows nothing.

          • denniso

            Hey Miner…how’s it going? You’re right that most of the extreme rightwingers don’t listen and think they know absolutely everything. They are all repeating the same talking points that they get from Limbaugh/Savage/Beck for smearing Obama…in Jim’s case he thinks he knows more than essentially all economists who said we needed to bailout the greedy financial sector and stimulate the economy to avoid the largest global depression ever in the history of capitalism.
            He and others like him say we should have just taken our chances and let the ‘free market’ correct itself,ignoring the fact that there is no evidence that the market can recover on it’s own from such a large collapse w/in any reasonable time period. If the prez was a repub they would be supporting exactly the same thing that Obama is doing.

            What still amazes me a bit is the gall and know it all attitude that most of these people have. Unfortunately,to the detriment of the country, all they want to do is attack the prez and party that is trying to get all of us out of the giant mess that the Repubs got us into.
            Take it easy,Coal Miner….

          • Jim H.

            Denniso& miner, 2 legends in their own minds. I think I know more than all those economists? I don’t see any positive results. YOU just KNOW the market can’t correct itself, because YOU are the only one who knows anything. They weren’t even given a chance to try. You say there is NO evidence that they can,there is also no evidence that they couldn’t. I’ll ask of you what you asked me, WHAT DEGREE DO YOU HOLD IN ECONOMICS.If they are so on the ball, I would think there would be a little bit of an up swing. It has been getting worse since they started to “help”. You speak of the giant mess the Repub’s got us into, all the Dems have done so far is make it WORSE. You just pretend Fannie and Freddie, with the support of Dodd& Frank don’t exist. You ignore how good things were in 06 and who was in charge then. I don’t claim to know it all,(like you believe you do) but I do know some things. I know from the non-results were getting now with nothing to show but TRILLIONS of dollars of debt, that we may just be heading in the wrong direction. You accuse me of being a mindless follower, but you could get a job being a recording for the DNC. I’ve never seen an original thought come from you in any of your posts. When do you in all your wisdom and expertise( you go from all your degree’s) think we can see some improvement, following the good advice we got from the experts. As I stated before and you chose to ignore, we have people in this administration who have never ran anything telling experts how to run their business. How is that working out for us. Instead of asking me what qualifications I have you should ask what qualifications these people trying to dig us out have.

          • denniso

            You won’t say what qualifies you to speak on economics? I have a minor in economics and an engineering degree,where we also studied a little economics.

            You say that things are no better than when they started trying to rescue the economy and stabilize the banks? Our and the global economy were in a free fall…there was a real panic developing…the stock market fell to about 6500 from 13000…big banks were failing and many were in trouble…trillions in pensions and investments were
            gone. Now? The market has risen to 11000 and restored much of the wealth that had vanished at 6500. There is not a panic going on…
            Large banks are once again stable and making money and bank failures are controlled…Housing prices have stabilized and the free fall for the economy and housing prices has abated. Unemployment has also plateaued at about 9.7 %.

            Are things good? no,but they’re better than they were and better by far than had the gov’t sat by and done nothing…and, we needed a gov’t large enough to be able to handle this collapse as opposed to some limited gov’t too small to accomplish anything. Gov’t had a role in the collapse by not being a good enough regulator of the financial sector,but they have saved the economy from probably the largest collapse ever…Bush was even convinced of the need for bailouts and stimulus.

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, how much of this minor recovery that cost us tax payers TRILLIONS of dollars was the result of stimulus and how much would of happened on it’s own? That 2 trillion dollar price tag didn’t phase the unemployment rate and got the markets back almost to where they were when Bush left office. Money well spent? As far as government regulation goes, who watches the watchers? the SEC guys watching porn on the computers they were to be watching the investors with? The oil rig that had the accident in the gulf was recently inspected and passed. Some wanted stricter regulation on Freddie and Fannie one of the biggest causes of this collapse and we all know who stopped that.(Dodd& Frank) OSHA’s a joke.

          • denniso

            You’re right about the SEC…the watching porn and sex w/ the oil guys and the regulators, and phony inspection reports all happened under Bush/Cheny. They and the Repubs don’t want regulation of industry and they set out to defang the regulators w/ cozy appointees and essentially a directive to back off of regulation.

            So now you blame regulation after your Repub prez essentially dismantled the regulatory agencies.

            Who watches the regulators? We do, the voters, who can turn out officials if we see the things we saw under Bush…it’s at least some degree of control,unlike the total absence of any citizen control over industry.

          • Jim H.

            Even though the oil rig passed inspection a year after Bush was gone in your mind it’s still his fault. Since you didn’t answer the first part of my post I’ll figure I was right. In 04 Bush wanted to put tighter regs. on Freddie and Fannie. Frank and Dodd fought it. The real estate bust is one of the biggest reasons we are in this mess and Freddie and Fannie are a huge part of that. Should Frank and Dodd be held accountable? I understand that there are many other factors but that one is major. Who over looks the SEC regulators, so I can use my vote?

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, On a post from another article about the oil spill, one post was saying that since the oil rig is owned by another country and in international waters, U.S. regs. wouldn’t apply. The only thing we can get from them is for the damage done in our area. I heard the rig was inspected and passed. Who’s people inspected it? If the other post is right our inspectors wouldn’t have jurisdiction. I was wondering if you had any insight on this?

          • denniso

            I don’t think the well is in international waters. I know that BP filed an application w/ our gov’t and said there would be ‘no environmental impact’ because they have ‘failsafe technology’. So i think it’s in our water and we have jurisdiction and our inspectors were involved.

            You know,I assume, that getting rid of regulations on industry is a fundamental part of the Repub agenda…whenever they gain control,as they did under Regan and then Bush,they roll back regulations as much as possible and get rid of as many as possible…they think that the market is a more efficient ‘regulatior’ and that gov’t regulations hamper the economy… they certainly can make a small dent in the billions in profit that the largest co’s make and so they are all in favor of cutting oversight. Bush and his people actively worked to soften regulations where ever they could,and they did it in the oil industry…it’s not a surprise because that’s what they stand for. Now we see direct evidence of lax regulation. The Obama people admit that they hadn’t yet done enough to clean house in the MMS after the exposed corruption under Bush,and were still operating under the previous conditions.

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, I have found in my life, when ever you try to get by cheap, or take a short cut , you pay more in the long run. By not putting that fail-safe system in, to save a few dollars, it will now run into billions. People died from it and there stock is in the toilet. I really hope those inspectors and the manager who said to keep running when the operator said they should shut down have to atone for what they DIDN’T do. To bad the operator didn’t just disobey orders and shut down anyway.

          • denniso

            I agree…to his credit,Obama has launched a civil and criminal imvestigation. Hopefully the industry learns from it and culpable people will be held responsible.

      • Steve

        You’ve finally figured out how ridiculous it was to continue blaming Bush, but blaming the repubs in congress for all the ills in this country is ALMOST as stupid. Obama’s a liberal, the dims are liberals, and the MAJORITY OF OUR CONGRESS & GOVERNMENT IS NOW COMPRISED OF LIBERALS! HOW can you blame the repubs? Use your head you little mutt.
        The repubs are in the minority. WHY don’t you put the blame where it belongs for a change?

        • denniso

          Cheny/Bush essentially wrecked everything,yet they would have wrecked more if the Dems hadn’t stopped them…remember the brilliant idea of privatising Social Security? People would have lost even more than they alresdy have in the market had that happened. The stability of Social Security is one thing keeping us afloat now and out of a death spiral down to national banruptcy. Bush was an idiot w/ not enough brains to handle the job and w/ a rightwing agenda that wrecked the economy and led to tens of thousands of war casualities…Cheny was and is evil and a ideological zealot and manipulator who controled
          Shrub for most of the terms and will go down in real history as the most vile and controlling VP ever…he’s going to be a legend,like
          John Wilkes Booth or Tim McVeigh. Bush/Cheny should be in jail.

  • Rose

    Obama is like the Pied Piper, people are blindly following him. He blames everyting on Bush (including the stimulus that he voted for and was consulted on). He has tripled the deficit in 1 year with no end in sight. He, Pelosi and Reid have strong-armed and bribed Senators and Congress to pass the Healthcare Bill. He is a Socialist and has surrounded himself with fellow Socialists and is pushing us into “Global Governance” Gingrich is right even if he is not “Politically Correct”, We are being led down a dangerous path. Hitler used the Jews as his scapegoat, Obama is using “the rich” as his scapegoat. He is using race to further divide America.

    • denniso

      Rose is apparently delusional…if people are ‘blindly following Obama’,then why are his poll numbers at or below 50%?

      And to equate the treatment of the Jews under Hitler to the rich under Obama is just idiotic and absurd. The Jews were gassed and burned and starved to death…children seperated from mothers and worked to death. You are clearly ignorant of what Hitler did in the worst human rights crime in world history…The treatment of the rich in this country? Oh,yes, they may have to pay a few percent more in taxes and maybe won’t be able to but the island of their dreams w/o saving up for a few extra months…you are ridiculous and utterly partisan and uninformed. Oh, the ‘poor’ rich,they have it so tough,don’t they.

  • Steve Frasure

    The truth is the truth. This administration has as much a fascist ideology as a socialistic agenda. As the one post said watch their actions don’t listen to their rhetoric. Obama and his regime is implementing the most anti American ideology in the history of any government. He has chosen to destroy the very fabric of this country and everyone should open their eyes and look around them. Is this the same country it was 20 years ago. No it isn’t, and more change is coming fast, so prepare.


    Wrong comparison, world of difference between National Socialism, German Version, and Soviet Communism. The Obama Regime is Socialism a la Soviet Style. Hitler’s National Socialism hated Communism, their ideology was “right wing” not left. Big difference between the government control under the two systems; Soviet Communist system had complete control whereas German National Socialism exercised deciding control over Unions and Industry and ultimate decision to settle disputes over all economic, political and military decisions.

  • Barbara

    Two different ways of government control. It is still the government controlling the people. One way is very direct. The second way is through multiple layers: unions, health care, corporations; ie, banks, industry, etc.
    The government is telling us how to eat, (fat kids), drink, smoke, cars, invest, work. Take away our freedoms a little bit at a time and it does not seem like much. Now we have very little freedom and it is a lot of government in our every day lives.

  • Di

    Maybe you should read The Manchurian President. You may want to revise your statement afterwards. But does it really matter? Whether it’s Soviet Communism or German Socialism, what it isn’t is American Capitalism.

  • Igor

    Can’t see any difference, Raoul. Whether you’re a slave to the left or a slave to the right you’re still a slave. How about we throw out ALL of the incumbants; thougherly vet candidates and vote for people who believe in and will continue the democratic republic our religious founders gave us in our constitution.


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