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Gingrich Considers 2012 Presidential Run, Calls Obama A 'Disaster'

July 16, 2010 by  

Gingrich considers 2012 presidential run, calls Obama a 'disaster'Former United States Speaker of the House and current political analyst Newt Gingrich told the Associated Press (AP) on Monday that he is seriously considering a presidential run in 2012.

Gingrich, who said he will decide early next year whether he will run for the GOP presidential nomination, is currently campaigning for several Republican challengers in an effort to help his party retake Congress this November.

The former speaker also took the opportunity to blast President Barack Obama, who he believes to be a one-term commander-in-chief.

"I think he will replace Jimmy Carter as the worst president of modern times," Gingrich told the news source.

"He is a disaster," he added. "His principles are fundamentally wrong. The people he appoints are more radical than he is and less competent."

Whether or not he wins his party’s nomination, Gingrich predicted that Americans will turn against Obama in 2012 and vote in the Republican challenger.

Furthermore, Gingrich noted that Obama shows no signs of moving away from the far left and toward a more moderate stance.

Meanwhile, a recent Des Moines Register poll indicates that Iowa residents would be more likely to vote for potential Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin than Gingrich. The next presidential nomination process will begin with the Iowa caucus.

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  • s c

    Gingrich is typical of what happens to integrity and ethics in politics. He’s right about Obummer, but Gingrich is the WRONG guy for a presidential candidate. He put himself in the McCain mold at least 8 years ago.
    We need non-connected conservatives who will name names and tell us where the bodies are buried. Newt needs to back off, and take a long vacation from the political arena. Write some books, Newt.
    Spend your time making Obummer zombies see who and what they elected. Use your influence to derail cap and trade. Explain to America how Gore is getting rich off Obummer’s oil spill disaster.
    Help force Obummer to close our borders to all invaders. Forget Washington, Newt. You’re not presidential material.

    • Gwen

      ICANNOT BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT! Newt has more intelligence in the tip of his little finger than MOST of the sorry excuses that are in the running to replace Obama. He has a level head, political smarts, and knows how to lead. I have hoped for a long time that he would consider running. Where do you get off being so judgemental?

      • dandy dale

        Newt was Speaker of the House when he helped push the NAFTA bill through. 8 million jobs were outsourced to China Mexico India and Pakistan, we now have 8 million unemployed, resulting in a “jobless recovery”. Newt is a Globalist to the core. Newt is very intelligent and talks a good game, in the end he will leave you with your pockets turned inside out.
        His best ruse was the “Contract with America” it was all touchy feel good rhetoric, never intended to be carried out.
        Others say he will compromise, we now the the Constitution compromised.

  • Claire

    Newt is definitely NOT presidential material. Forget that idea!!! I shudder when I think about the others that are running for other offices at this time. Some of the drivel that comes out of their mouths has turned me off, literally. The comments they make are off the wall. As s c suggested, make them take a mentality test– a common sense test. I seriously doubt if any would pass a test. They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Politicians in Illinois are notorious liars. Republicans and Democrats alike. Lies flow from their mouths like Niagara Falls. Are these type of people all that we have to offer? No wonder America is in bad shape. What happenened to the good honest people? People with integrity? America gets stuck with the chronic liars and cheaters. Heck, some of the people on this blog would be better candidates.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bonnie J Wren

      Claire, I’ve been mulling over an idea….I totally agree with what you said about career politicians and how we keep re-electing them, only to sink further down in the mud! I think it would be great if, in towns and cities across America, voters could raise up ordinary citizens who do extra-ordinary things for the well being of others and write their names in the ballots, thereby gradually replacing the old stand-by hanger-ons who devote their entire lives to running for office! These would be John and Jane Q, Public….one of us! They could be small business owners who have a clear grasp of what being a successful American is all about….a school teacher, a health care professional, a rancher, a firefighter, a plummer, a radio or television talk show host or anyone who loves and understands this great Republic! We all know that heroes can be found everywhere….whenever a disastrous event takes place, heroes pop up from all over! Personally, I am very tempted to write in Glenn Beck….or Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Maulkin, Ann Coulter or any one of our great patriots who keep
      Americans in the know! We are so blessed to live in this wonderful country which is populated by so many amazing citizens….we certainly do not need those career politicians who care more about holding onto their seats than they do about upholding or defending OUR Constitution! We need to take America back from their gnarly, grasping fingers and return it to the people….of the people, by the people and for the people – a long forgotten phrase!

  • Vippy

    The only right thing to do next elections is to vote out all incumbents and vote for a third party! 40 years of their mess should be evidence enough for us that they are incapable and self-serving.
    The little man was left out every time.

    • will

      That would be a good start but remember , we need a guy/gal who can undo what the bonehead in DC has messed up. Somebody who will bring integrety and respect back the oval office. Somebody who will quickly cut the heads of all the obama snakes in DC and around the country.

  • Michael J.

    Newt is just another progressive like John Mc cain, Lindsay Graham, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney. They all talk a good fight and then side with the democrats in the wee hours of the night. The constitutional conservative we need has not yet appeared. God help us.

  • JP

    Of course Newt is an excellent candidate! There will always be a need for reasoned compromise. We cannot govern from extremes. In addition, Newt may be the best-principled potential candidate with a wealth of needed experience.

    • s c

      JP, do you say that as a card-carrying RINO, or does Newt control your life so much that you are ‘obligated’ to try and make him look good? Either way, we need more wishy-washy, limp noodle, fence-sitting “moderates” like we need jock strap supporters like you. You have not a clue, and like your useful idiot friends among the progressives, I don’t think you want a frickin’ clue. Join the Graham, Specter and McCain fan club(s) and GO AWAY. DUHHH!

      • dean

        you far rightwing nutcases are so out of touch with reality,you cant see that the republicans, conservitves, tea party useful idiots are trying thier best to turn our country into a third world country, you guys want to repeal health care reform, regulations on wall st, social security, minimum wage, medicare, medicade, prety much everything the democrats have done going all the way back to fdr, everything that makes america a land worth living in, it would solve the illegal alian problem because nobody would want to come here. by the way, gingrich sucks, sarah palin is even stupider then george w.

        • Palin12

          She’s a lot smarter than you, moron! I doubt if you ever made the “dean’s list”.

          • libertytrain

            Palin12 – the comment was made by one of those leftist folks that claim they never say unkind things about people. Hmmm.

        • Michael J.

          I you like all the things Obama and FDR have done then you would love living in Russia, comrade.

          • lizz59

            the thing is that we are not in russiaf
            this is AMERICA the land of the free

          • dean

            your an idiot

        • Joe K


          Hmmm… Actually, I had not thought of repealing EVERYTHING the democrats have done since FDR, but I have to hand it to you, that is a great idea! You are mistaken to say that those things have made America a decent country to live in. What has made America a decent country to live in was the ideas and ideals of our founding fathers, of whose ideology the democrats have done everything possible to demean, denigrate, marginalize, eliminate, castigate, deny, obstruct, overturn (particularly the US Constitution), alter, pervert, misuse, abuse, malign, destroy, twist, spin, and in all ways by any means make obsolete in the minds of human beings whose rights are endowed upon them by God, not government.

          I can’t claim to be proud of the Republican party over the last few years, but considering progressiveness towards socialism, which can only be maintained by govt coercion (call it Fascism, communism, totalitarianism, Nazism or what ever you wish, the result is the same: the people become economic and political slaves to the ruling elite) You can have your democrat party. Please remove it to Russia, China, North Korea or even Cuba where it will be appreciated.

          Or, if you can persuade enough Americans to your way of thinking, get them to vote for the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Ried, and such, you can bring Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba to America, in a manner of speaking. When we have become what they are there will no longer be a difference between them and us, a democrat party utopia, I am sure. There will also no longer be an American dream of freedom for the rest of the world to emulate.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Joe K,
            what you missed was people like Deano and the “bright”(?) one below is that they hope you listen to them so their hero Nobama can get in for a second term!!! They know Newt is unelectable so they “support” him in those hopes!

      • Ron Rowland

        All of what you said DC…………………reverse those words and say them to yourself….You have got to be a Liberal?

        Do you know anything about the man ?
        As it Stands right now ………….he is a great Candidate for the position ….And if he was that person now …….I would vote for him . Put that in your pipe and smoke it …


        • lizz59

          you got that right,because they are only
          there to look pretty and collect a fat pay check
          and say only what people wants to here

  • Julia Gwin

    Newt’s fundamental errors preventing presidential consideration are cowardly expedience and unfaithfulness (both personal and public). His only constant is his intellectual acumen. This can be employed very helpfully in support of a candidate who has moral and political courage and faithfulness. I enjoy listening to Newt’s brain at work, but I do not trust the heart that motivates him.

  • Bob L

    Newt the CFR member in good standing who, if I remember correctly, was instrumental in neutering the “Contract with America” back in the 1990′s.
    Definately NOT the choice for chief executive.

    • Truth

      Newt is a Bohemian Grove member too. He’s not a good guy, although mostly correct about Obama. Newt is a New World Order patsy too.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Newt would make a great advisor, but not a great president. He should not be in the political arena in that capacity.

  • Norm

    Newt is one of the smarter potential candidates, but he is a scum bag.
    Here’s a guy who was screaming at Clinton’s infidelity at the same time he had his own affair going. Hypocrisy is a very bad trait.
    It appears to me, at this time, that the Republican Party hasn’t got anybody who could beat Obama.

    • will

      I could beat the little o hands down if he would only come to my door one on one.
      WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND………this time it’s the US gorvenment.

    • Michael J.

      Obama will beat himself if the Clinton’s don’t defeat him first. I guess Barry is aware of that ancient Muslim proverb about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. That’s why he defanged Hilary by appointing her Secretary of State. Now he has made Bill deputy president to stump for his drowning cronies in the midterm election who turned down Obama’s offer of campaign support.

      Besides that, Obama’s pole numbers are going south faster than snowbirds in november and even a drunk like the one on the Andy Griffith show who used to let himself into the jail cell when he was plastered will stand a good chance at winning. I believe his name was Otis. He could run as Otis the POTUS and turn things around in about a week if successful because any moron could change things for the better in this country if that’s truly their intention.

      • Kinetic1

        The quote “Keep your friends close and you enemies closer.” is from “The Art of War”, by Sun Tzu. Most Chinese people in his period (400 BC.) were Buddhist or Taoist. The Islamic faith did not appear until hundreds of years later and bears little resemblance to Taoism. So while the President may well know the proverb, your insinuation that Barack Obama is a Muslim and therefor would know this “Muslim proverb” is worthless. You need to get your facts straight if you want to prove that the President is something he says he is not. Then again, considering the crowd your preaching to…

        • chuck b


          suggest you doing a little research on your friend barry. he has advised the muslim world he is a “muslim” and you just don’t want to believe it.

          • Kinetic1

            No, Chuck b, I have seen the videos and read the reports. Problem is, most of what I see is taken so far out of context that it bears little resemblance to proof of anything other than fear of a Black President.

            In a conversation about his religious beliefs where they discussed the accusations that he is a Muslim, Obama said Muslim when he meant Christian. So what? Bush suggested that people want to put food on their families. We may have joked about it, but no one thinks he meant it.

            Yes, the President grew up in parts of the world where Islam is the religion of choice and part of his schooling involved attending a public school there, but he also attended a Catholic school. He has studied the teachings of the Koran, but also the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita and other religions. I was raised as a Christian, but through my church and on my own I have studied many religions. In fact, most seminaries teach classes in comparative religion. The knowledge of religions other than your own is a valuable tool, not proof that you are not what you profess.

            What upsets me most about the accusations against our President is the ignorance displayed by those who profess to have such knowledge. How many of you truly have any first hand knowledge of Islam? How much of what you “know” comes from the mouth of a Christian fundamentalist propagandist that you saw on Glen Beck’s program? When I hear President Obama state that we are not and will never be at war with Islam juxtaposed over video of the 9/11 attacks, it’s clear that you people have NO idea of what you are talking about.

            Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world, if you consider all Christian faiths as a whole. The actions of one sect is no more an inditement on Islam as a whole then the words of Reverend Wright or Kevin McCullough are of Christianity. The President knows this even if you don’t. Those of us who understand tolerance can see the damage that is being done by the anti Islamic rhetoric being spewed forth from the far right. President Obama was reaching out to people around the world saying, we don’t blame you for the actions of a small group or a single country. We will not condemn or attack you and we will not ask you to pay the price for their actions, no matter what you may be hearing from a small group of radical Americans. And he’s right, because despite the paranoid fears of you and your friends, most Americans are NOT at war with Islam.

          • Ron Rowland

            Kinetic is unreal …
            I can go one further …………and if you want it ?
            I can show you a place …in VIDEO ……..Obummer…..has stated to the world …He is MUSLIM with his own 2 lips!!!!
            Do you believe it ????
            Your good with words my friend……….BUT??????

        • Michael J.

          Kinetic 1,
          I mentioned many things in my post. Your sole dispute over the “Muslim Proverb” tells me that you agree with the rest.

          The Tea Party knows this:
          To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. So-sayeth Sun Tzu

          • Kinetic1

            Michael J,
            I’m so glad that my response encouraged you to learn something.
            As to the rest of your post, Lincoln brought his political opponents into his cabinet as well. Does this mean he was afraid they would unseat him in the next election? It’s an argument that did not warrant a response, but since you pressed.

            As for Otis the POTUS, it made me laugh. I have images of Bush sitting in the cell, choking on Pretzels. But the idea that “any moron could change things for the better in this country if that’s truly their intention.”, well that’s as hard to swallow as those pretzels. I’m sure that you believe strongly that you have a simple, no nonsense solution to all our countries woes, and you’re not the first to think so. Unfortunately, history has shown that running a country has never been that simple.

          • Michael J.

            Oh Kenetic One,
            How do you know that Lincoln was not keeping his enemies closer? Just because Doris Kearns says otherwise? She was wrong about LBJ’s American Dream, so why do you believe she could reach into the mind of ole Abe?
            As far as changing this country goes, hand me the reigns and I’ll show you.

    • coal miner


      He wrote contract on American.His first name Newt, said it all.Newt is the word meaning, a slimy salamander.He sure lives up to his name sake.

    • Momo

      I hate to say this, but I agree with you on this one. As for Obama winning in 2012, that’s a possibility (see Allan Lichtman’s The Keys to the White House).

    • George E


      For all of Newt’s failings, he did lead the Congress in getting us to a balanced budget for the first time in many decades. It seems to me that our number one priority as a nation right now is getting our finances under control. If we don’t do that, nothing else will matter much. I think Newt is one of the guys who might be able to help in this effort.

      Regarding the next Presidential election, Obama will defeat himself. It really won’t matter who the Republicans run against him, they will win. However, that doesn’t mean they will turn our country around or win the hearts and minds of the American people either. That’s the big unknown.

      • dean

        i think that was bill clinton’s doing

    • lizz59

      Maybe Joe the Plummer,
      would be the best candidate at least
      a real working man knows what best for america

  • FlaJim

    Haven’t trusted Newt since that hand-holding he had in the ad with Pelosi, preaching about the dangers of ‘global warming’ and the need for ‘green’ measures.

    We’ve already had conservative lite and conservatism with compassion. We need to go with a real conservative next time.

    • Dewayne

      Run, Newt Run Please Run!

      • dean


        • George E

          What is a “CONCERVITIVE”?

          • dean

            ok,so my spelling isn’t good somtimes.

    • will

      Anybody who would touch pelousy has tainted and contaminated himself.

  • CJ

    Once again, an example of the problem. If you only have people like this running, voting is NOT a matter of putting the right person in office, it’s preventing the worst ones from it. You can’t make a good cake without the right ingredients, and you can’t build a good government without the right candidates.

    • George E

      Unfortunately, the list of “perfect” candidates is very short.



        • will

          Right on, she has the right idea about illegal messicans and the like.

          • Michael J.

            Don’t forget illegal Guatesmalluns.

  • Sandie

    Darn, I sure hope NOT! He is a RINO and a Globalist!

  • chuck b

    don’t worry folks, sarah palin is your next president!! your dream boy barry is just that a bad dream, it will soon be over. just returned from mexico (so.calif) and the illegals are falling off the wagon.

    • Kinetic1

      chuck b,
      If you have not figured it out by now, SP is in it for the money. Even those of us who don’t support her feel the sting as she betrays her followers again and again. Making her the republican candidate in 2012 will do nothing but help bring out the Democratic voters to defeat her.

      • chuck b


        don’t you think the democrats will “not” vote for any conservative, that’s why they are democrats, get it!! i know a few demos that are willing to vote for palin. you demos fear her more than any of the empty suits like romney, huckabee, nominating either one of the two will guarantee barry stays in office. they are both losers and rino’s.

        by the way, you better investigate barry further, he wasn’t making a mistake of speech when he said muslim, he is a muslim.
        This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show».

        This is the statement recorded:

        Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympatetic towards the Muslim agenda.

        Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.

        Source: Israeli magazine, Israel today. (full article)

        My comment:

        Few American and International media seems to be covering this news event in Egypt.

        I wounder why?

        Are they embarrassed that the American voters have been fooled to vote a Muslim into the seat of the Commander in Chief of United States of America?

        Or have the Obama Administration been able to convince the press, that this media story from Egypt is false?

        Under any circumstances, the Obama Hussein Administration has shown us that they favor the Islamic World. The word «Islamic Terrorism» is now deleted form the vocabulary in the US. Islam shall from now on only be presented to the American public as a religion of peace.

        • Kinetic1

          My point was, we feel for Republicans who supported Palin as she goes on her “make me rich” tour. The second point is that some Dems are disappointed that Obama has not done more to undo the damage of the Bush years and these Democrats might choose to sit this one out. However, should we risk a Palin Presidency by not voting, I believe every single Democrat, from left to right will run to the polls.

          As for your latest “proof”, the first thing you need to understand is that I don’t care what religion he follows. If our President is a Christian or a jew, a Muslim or an Agnostic, as long as his allegiance is to our nation, what does it matter? Now I know you will want to point out his anti American agenda, how he was part of the bombing of the BP rig, how he is intentionally trashing our economy, etc. etc. but I’ve heard it all before. Some of the same accusations were made about Bush and his plan to turn the country over to big business.

          2nd, why would I believe an Israeli magazine offering inside information about an Egyptian meeting with our President? It’s obvious that this president is not as quick to fawn over Israel as Bush, a fact that I’m sure is not lost on them. Then there is the fact that the Israelis are none too fond of Muslims. If they are suspicious of our Presidents relationship with the Muslim world, why would they not stoke the fires here in America?

          Now, you’ll say we Libs are so blinded by Obama that we will not believe any evidence, no mater how strong and I will have to respond that you Cons are so bent on discrediting the President that you’ll believe anything. In time I may have to swallow my words, or maybe I’ll do a “told ya so” dance. Till then ….

          • Joe K

            The primary damage done during the Bush years was done on his part by his failure to call those who called him a liar with every breath what they are: LIARS and his failure to use his VETO pen on democrat legislation. It would have been nice if the republicans had stood together against the onslaught of demoralizing lies and obstructions of the democrats as well.

            The current flock of democrats is not attempting to repair anything. They are set on destruction and if they get their way, in a few years a man will have to prove he is homosexual to apply for a job due to the dictates of political correctness and the average citizen will have to wear a hammer and cycle arm band to avoid persecution. I am being facetious, of course. I do not really believe those things … At least, I don’t think I mean them. LOL

          • dean

            i think kinetic1 is right,i also think Bush/Chaney and the rubberstamp rebuplican congress he had for part of his regime, were the worst bunch to ever run the country, and i pray to god that the american people don’t put republicans back in charge of the house, or senate, in fact i hope they lose seats.

      • Liberty

        I believe you are 100% right!!

  • Ed

    HUCKABEE HUCKABEE HUCKABEE !!! IT HAS TO BE HUCKABEE OR I WILL VOTE FOR NOBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Claire

      If Huckabee and Gingrich were the only two running for POTUS—-I would have to vote for Huckabee.

  • Danna Knox

    Not Gingrich.

  • Chris

    Newt is a RINO, a globolist, a one world order guy, a liar, a flip flopping fool, a womanizer, he also was right there when Bush was lied to get us into the Iraq war, we need him like we need a hole in our head!!! Ron Paul for President in 2012. Chuck Baldwin for Vice President!!! Then we would have a constitution that would be honored the way it should be. Also vote most incumbents out of office, it is time for CHANGE.

    • lizz59

      what would you call Obamma,he is the
      biggest flipfloop say on thing and do the oppisite

      • Liberty

        What does he lie about? What does he flip flop about? Just because his opposition say one thing and do another does not mean that Obama does. I used to believe them and after years and years of sounding so pure and good all that is ever left from their being in office is huge debt that the Democrats have to try to pay off while trying to protect the people and the environment AND paying off all those dollars…there is never anything left when the Republicans are in office…it really is time that the American people stand together!

  • dean

    i think america would be better off if more polititions would go to the center “moderates” instead of far to the right, or left, and if big business, big oil, and wall st, would stop running the country, and people would stop listening to demegogues like beck,rush, and fox ” propiganda” news. both political parties have the ears of big money and it drowns out the voices of the common people, we need more then two parties to vote for, becouse too many people either dont vote a all or they vote for whoever they think will be the lesser of two evils,nomatter who gets elected you either like em or hate them.

    • chuck b


      a moderate is one who has no idea which side of the fence he belongs on and that’s not good. you call rush, beck and fox news demagogues?? please tell me why they are demagogues!! you sound like a disgruntled democrat, you know your president is a complete failure and you would like a replacement, like half demo and half rep. so newt gingrich should be your man.
      america would be better off if we had politicians that respected the country instead of living off welfare voters.

      • dean

        rush is a man who makes things up and convinces people that its the gospel truth, he’s a racist, and a hatemonger, glen Beck is a con artist, he also twist history to get people to beleive his bogus political views for his own twisted reasons, mostly to make large amounts of money for his boss rupert murdock, who owns fox news, glen makes pretty good money 32mil, i heard. to cry aligater tears and spread misinformation, Rush and Beck are good at what they do. so is Fox news, it spreads misinformation, and hatred aginst our gov, and other make Big money, for itself, and other Big monied poeple, and big business, and to make people angry, so they will vote for extremist coservitives,so that they control congress, the white house, and the supreme court. in short, we’ll have a one party gov, corporite government is facist, these people don’t give a danmed bit about the constitution, or the united states, Beck is starting his own online ” University ” to con people out of their money. you pay $75.oo dollers to hear a fake ” Historian” to make you believe that the founding fathers meant to make America a cristian theocrisy. thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers made it pretty clear that gov, and religion should be seperate,my ancesters came to america to get away from tyrant kings, who also advocated one form of Chistianity, religist freedom is our right under the constitution, but they never meant to have a gov. controlled by religion, or by Big business either. our gov, has been corrupted by BIG MONEY’ed special intrest groups, that have trambled the contitution and our gov, for thier own sake.

  • http://ingredamail Nora Kelly

    Some comments like communist, not born in America, I feel are made to instigate anger against the president. This type of talk is nothing more then hate for his brown skin. Americans HAVE LOST RESPECT all over the world. It looks absolutly ridiculous what U people are trying to do to your president. America is going to fall apart because of U. How SAD YOU COME ACROSS TO ME. What is really scary is that a lot of angry people believe your lies, and are about to shoot themselves in their own foot. I can’t believe i’m actually writng this, but I was so moved by the stupidity of these accusations.

    • Michael J.

      With due respect, you gotta quit watching the nationalized Obamedia.
      fact is that the man was born to and raised by communist mother, father, step father and grand parents. After being abandoned by both communist mother and father he was left to the care of his white communist grand parents. He was also mentored by a known communist named Frank Marshall Davis during his formative years as an adolescent child. When he attended college he sought the most sosialistic professors on campus. Upon reaching the White house he has surounded himself with communist advisors, czars and staff members.

      As far as eligibility goes, if someone accused you of not being a citizen, what would you do? Spend nearly two million dollars in legal fees to bury the issue, or merely produce the legitimate document that would put the matter to rest?

    • http://comcast evelyn

      Nora Kelly: look if the guy is not doing his job right….dont you think he needs to be fired..just like any ceo or pres of a large company that is letting the company go to ruins? hmmmmmmm….dont you think he should have to explain his acations?…he is about to go on vacation now…wow!! doesnt he need it poor guy…probably take his favorite ride the Air Force One..on taxpayers money….wonder where he is going to go? Back to the Big Onion to cohort with his good ole buddies that were his mentors for this job???? Or maybe back to Hawaii to play in the sandy shores and visit Obamaville???? dont know what obamaville is…? a shack-town close to a school he once went to. now thats being famous….

    • dean

      RIGHT ON!!!!these angry voters should watch what they wish for, becouse they might get it. and if they go down this path, we’ll end up in another civil war. almost everyone i know has at least one or more guns in thier house, weather they are reps, or Dems, or neither.

  • chuck b

    nora kelly

    apparently you are considering the color of barry’s skin. i am watching what the man is doing. he has disgraced this country throughout the world in an attempt to honor himself. his policies are a complete failure and socialistic. did you ever wonder how 3rd world nations arrived at that status? study what barry is doing, he is heading us in that direction. you are blinded by the color.

  • Eric S

    Is Ron Paul running? What’s wrong with a President who will follow the constitution and serve the people and good of the nation instead of the ole standard Demopublican establishments? They all must have all attended the same school of “Pathological Liars”. Give us a break here and give us someone befitting to hold the office. Otherwise I will make a write in vote. I will no longer give into the clichés of voting for the worst of two evils. We will take this fight to the local and state levels and be involved in the primaries. We will take out the crap that is at the bottom and eventually there will be less crap at the top. We will defend our rights for ourselves, children, and our generations to come. Because we the people will wake up and speak this. We shall be aware against your envoys and media deportations.

  • Gwen

    I can’t believe the stupidity I see here. And to think, you actually have the right to vote! Anyone remember the “Contract for America? Newt did that! Looks like this forum is full of BUBBAS. DUH!!!

  • John

    I’m a Bubba and proud of it!! And I say Newt needs to go home and stay there. Maybe you Gwen, need to check your vote. The name Bubba has nothing to do with getting rid of all the slime in D.C. I’m a little “r” conservative and have taken the red pill! Ask me about it and I’ll tell you! Don’t wait till November do things do them now! Quit being a social conservative like Newt. Do you understand what a social conservative is? Think about it SOCIAL, SOCIALIST, we don’t need em’ any more . Let’s get back to the constitution. Then maybe we can get this country back on track. If you think Newt, Romney, Huckabby care about this country like most of We the People your wrong. I’m tired of the same old Bullsh##t quaysi socialists.

  • Joe K

    This is the same Newt Gingrich upon whom the democrats brought over 70 ethics charges in the attempt to depose him as Speaker of the House. As I recall, they finally got him on a ‘conflict of interest’ because he had the audacity to write a book while he was speaker of the house. At that time, some 23 democrat senators had also written books while in office, but since the democrats see themselves as the only enlightened species of human being in the country, that was ok.

    Today, Nanci Pelosi is speaker of the house and her ethics are never questioned by the democrats. Go figure.

    This is also the same Newt Gingrich who authored the “Contract with America” that resulted in the republican party taking over the house and the senate for the first time in over 40 or 50 years during which the democrats in the house and senate paved the way for the downfall of freedom in America.

    It is unfortunate that the republicans, who had been the minority party for half a century failed to take the leadership given to them by we the people and allowed the democrat obstructionist and liars to continue to rule and allowed them to regain control of the house, the senate and now the white house.

    While he was speaker of the house, Newt did not have the benefit of what we see today as greater and greater involvement by we the people. He did not have the benefit of a news media alternate to the left wing ‘drive by’ media of today. Today, alternate news sources are putting that type of media out of business. Perhaps if enough American people will continue to get involved and vociferous, if enough people will decide that they have had enough of what Washington has become, a man like Newt could be exactly what we need.

    Having said that, it remains to be seen who will take the republican party nomination. What the party needs right now is a man who will stand up and deliver an honest fight who believes not that America owes him something for being black, or because of his gender, or because of his war record, but who actually sees himself as owing something to the American People. If that fails to happen, then the second best thing would be a woman who would stand up and deliver an honest fight.

    Unless the Republicans can come up with such leadership, and unless the republicans can stand together on behalf of the MAJORITY of American interest, it isn’t going to matter who wins the next election. We are in a hole right now. If we cannot stop digging it deeper, we are done.

    While I am sure there are others in the republican party who understand this, I am convinced that Newt understands it very well. Perhaps he has compromised somewhat over the last few years. Sometimes, that is necessary. But if conservatives could do what the democrats have done IE: STAND TOGETHER, then maybe, just maybe the country has a chance. They could start by listening to the people. Only a political fool would discount the Tea Party. I do not believe Newt is that foolish, unlike the democrats who insist that the Tea Party is all about racism and hatred.

    • chuck b

      joe k

      you are correct in your estimate of newt. the problem is newt talked a great fight when elected speaker, however, it didn’t take long for him to show his weaker side. if you remember when clinton and the repubs were fighting over the budget, clinton accused newt of shutting the government down during the stalemate and it was clinton who did the job, he blamed it on newt and lo and behold newt disappeared, no one could find him even the media. instead of calling clintons bluff newt ran. newt is a highly intelligent man, but he does have the same trait as george bush, “no guts”
      we don’t have any man in the repub ranks i could call a strong person to run for pres. huckabee is a joke and romney is a rino so who else do we have: sarah palin she stands heads above the rest and has the courage to face off the democrats, shes smart and has lots of experience to handle the job, the demos have a fit when her name is mentioned, they know who can beat them and their messiah barry.

      • Joe K

        I cannot address what may have been on Newts Mind, but it seems to me that Clinton and party was forever twisting the facts to Newts detriment. The contract with America, for instance, I am not sure but I believe that 9 of the 10 points listed in the contract became law or policy and Clinton took credit for every one of them. Then he put in place his own version of things to over turn some of them. For example, he bragged about ending welfare as we know it, but came up with the so called “earned income” tax give-a-way in it’s place. Gingrich was up against a huge, devious giant in those days and he had little support from his party, or not enough.

        He also had the news media twisting and perverting all things political and moral

        I can’t say that it was, but I suspect the reason for his ‘disappearance’ was that Bob Dole, who loaned him money to pay the fine imposed by the dems in congress for the writing of his book, was running for president and Newt was tied to him by that loan, which made Bob Dole a target for the left wing hate mongers in the news media.

        Personally, I see politics as a team sport. The strength of the liberals and democrats is that they hang together. The weakness of the republicans is that they do not. If they continue not to, we are done, but if they can begin to stand together as the democrats have then we may have a chance to turn things around. If they can do that, Newt might be alright. After all, we are looking for a good ‘team captain’, not a liberal savior.

    • http://comcast evelyn

      Joe K: you are very much right…..I love Sara Palin….but just like this country was not ready for a black president who didnt know what to do….very ignorant for the job…..I dont believe now is the time for a female president…..maybe VP with a strong candidate for president. Mccaine and Sara at that time was the wrong combination. Anyway we must all pull together and get the Republicians back in office…These Demos in there now are all traitors. Where can we go to complain? Even the AG is a bigot…and the FBI? who knows…we must get our own people back in office. Some say his religion does not matter…..remember when there was a thing about a Catholic pres..?? but Kennedy got in anyway..he was still a Christian! but having a muslim in our WH as prez was very sneaky…alot of people are so stupid…and most just dont care but complain when they dont have a job anymore and no social security….because SS taxes are not being paid for their future!!! and this bum in office now doesnt know his a$$$ from a hole in the ground…he is all show and no product…a bulls$$$$ and nothing else…it is not the color of his skin I look is the production…blaming others for the problem is ok if there is nothing else to do..and he is excellent at that.

  • hundabuxt

    chuck b

    Rarely do I disagree with you but I know Sarah some having spoken to her when she was governor here and she is NOT presidential material, at least not yet. Newt may not be the perfect candidate for us but he’s the pick of the litter in that he has EXPERIENCE in the workings of the sewage tank we call the federal government. He is articulate and intelligent. The dream team for us is a Newt/Palin ticket. Let her get 4 years of understudy under her belt and we’ll see. Sarah is a good person, about as honest as we’ll find and she’s not stupid as some contend so with a little of the real world of politics behind her at the executive level, she’d be the pick of the litter I suspect.

    • chuck b


      if newt had shown he had any courage to fight the democrats, i’d buy your argumnent. i’m afraid the democrats would have a field day with him. he does have the experience and he is highly intelligent, however, he is still a rino in my book. when newt first came into the congress he was a very conservative congressman and one of my favorite’s. eventually he got caught up in the power scene and like a lot of them couldn’t keep his fingers out of the cookie jar. the demos are laying in wait for someone like him.
      sarah is the only one out there that can change things, she’s honest and intelligent, has far more experience than barry soetoro. we have to face the fact hillary will probably run in 2012 if things are going like they are and there are enough bleeding hearts, minorities that will fall at her feet. you think she has more experience then palin, no she doesn’t, she does have a lot of experience in evading the law!! we need someone new, clean and a leader. (sarah palin)

  • http://comcast evelyn

    well as a VP she would certainly be better than Biden..I always rush to see what he has to say…not for intellegence but how many times he sticks his feet in his mouth.!..he is really a comedian…a great choice with the guy in there as prez….what a team.!!…and everyone was haveing a fit about the Mccaine/Palin ticket….hahahahaha. Sara is very believeable, honest, and a very good Christian…she believes in and loves this country…

  • http://BobLivingston Melveta Seely

    SORRY, but I just happen to like Newt Gingrich. To each his own, and that is why, exactly WHY we have in the Presidency and White House, and all its branches…a bunch of EVIL POWER MONGERS, the likes of which we have NEVER KNOWN BEFORE in AMERICAN HISTORY. Like dictators, if OBAMA wants it, they kinive, like, cheat, steal and threaten in order to attain it. Sorry our AMERICA and its fore known freedom is on the way out if this continues. Wake up buy a $1.00 copy of the US Constitution, read it for once along with the ammendments….and maybe you will for the first time in your life learn something….Obama’s way is not the Free American Way.
    I am very patriotic and value the American Freedoms that my family, friends and others have fought for. I don’t want a Marxist society.
    Maybe before you vote again you should have a mental evaluation done, and also a reading test, so you can READ the BALLOT. If you don’t like Americas freedoms, move to another country…they can tell you what to do and where to go… (smile)…you are on your way.

  • hundabuxt

    chuck b

    Well Sarah couldn’t deny you’re a fan and so am I but recall we elected Carter who professed to be a “good christian” and he was a disaster. My eyes are wide open with Newt but he’s worked Washington for years and understands it. We are not going to get Snow White to take this job. Politics, in particular Washington politics is ugly. How would you feel about going into serious combat, a very dangerious mission with someone who just got out of boot. Would you depend on them to not panic, to not be overwealmed by the gut wrenching situations where your life is in their hands?
    The movies “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” Jimmie Stewart and the “Candidate” with Robert Redford are relevant today. Actually I believe Washington has become worse. They would eat Sarah alive at this stage of her career. I want her in the top spot but not until I’m sure she can watch my (our) back. How about if Newt shaved his legs and wore red sexy shoes? Nope? I didn’t think so.

  • chuck b


    the thing that worries me about newt, is the fact he is too political.
    we need someone who is not corrupted by washington politics. putting the same old process into running the country doesn’t seem feasible to me. i really don’t see anyone out there other than sarah that would stand against schumer, leahy or any of the old communist type democrats. newt would be into making deals and that’s where it hits the fan. if newt gets the nomination i will probably support him, but with remorse.

  • http://gmail i41

    The beltway is just a frat boys club any way, I really don’t see the democrat sows as basket weaver or cookie bakers. Those long claws and massive wrinkle releif surgeries, they don’t flex too much cann’t blink or shut their eyes.Term limits should only be 8 years just like the President. one term as a Sen and one term as a Rep, or 4 terms as a a Rep., then theyy have to not be lobbyist or sit in Washington for 12 years. End the unions seniority crap style. Which I bet will wig out chicken wire and smilee, union clowns who always need a leader to follow.

  • John

    Gingrich is a horse’s ARSS!!.

  • Bruce

    Newt is the only who has ideas and the political persuasion to get beneficial legislation passed.

    He has proved it in the past. He not only can explain the legislation and why it would work, he can campaign for it.

    No one can debate the issues like Newt. The debates with obummer will be crucial. Newt knows so much he’ll be able to though fact after fact at obummer without getting personal. He’ll have obummer’s head swimming.

    If elected, he can also put together a team to fix these montrosities that have been passed. He knows the right people who can ferrot out the small print. We have a mess on our hands with obummer.

  • don l.

    I think GLENN BECK should run for president. he could rattle the left’s cage and drive them crazy with the FACT’S.

  • hundabuxt

    chuck b

    Washington politics is the land of compromise even among those of the same party. In order to get most legislation passed you have to make deals, sometimes with the devil. Sarah does not yet have the strength or experience to go up against veteran politicians. Newt does. Newt is the least of the evils for we conservatives. Give Newt 4 years to turn thing’s around with Sarah at his side picking up the skills necessary to go against the hard assed opposition and then turn her loose. You’re right about Sarah being relatively clean politically and she is a fresh complexion on what is a dirty business, politics, plus she scares the hell out of the liberals who will try to rip her heart out but she hasn’t had enough time to produce enough dirty laundry they can attack effectively, notwithstanding the lack of experience as was made evident when she was interviewed during the run for VP. They’ll go after the fact she quit her governor’s position and the reasoning for that will come out positively in her defense.
    The comment above by John: “Gingrich is a horse’s arss” is encouraging in that he gets under their skin effectively. He’s confident, even arrogant and knowlegable enough to take on whatever the opposition can throw at him. He pisses off the liberals and that’s entertainment.

  • jopa

    I vote for Sarah with those implants she is looking good would’nt you say.Also she was a governor of AK. for half of a term, like two years and it has a population the same as Fargo ND. Kinda makes her look like a two term mayor rather than a governor.Oh well she gets my vote and the Mormon guy could be VP.I do’nt know how many wives he has so he cannot be president because you can have only one first lady.Open the polls I’m ready you people finally convinced me to see it your way.

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes Washington is the land of compromise, to the conservatives compromising alway to the socialist a**hole marxist democrats, it means giving in. Name one damn thing, dems every compromised on, with regards of spending or any government programs. We need people, that are not in the union styled seniority standrads. I have had enough seniority beleifs in Congress of the last 2 bastards of our Congress with Sheets Byrd and Drunk Teddy finally expiring. Newt may have some experience, but it will just old home week with the frat rat club. I would rather take any working person in real life, than all the overeducated, no minded, jackasses coming out of our eleit acadamia colleges. We need someone who has worked at something and produced something besides good grades and theories. After getting slamed by the party eleits, I say Sartah is still the best, Newt maybe experienced, but to much of a soft shoe compromiser. Democraps always talk get along, and non partisian rules and laws, as long as it is the other side caving and getting along. Get a backbone and really get damn tough when dealing with the marxist bastards. When you give up and compromise, it means poor leadership no core beleifs, when you get hosed, which is happening in dealing with Russia and all the other communist dictators around the world. Reagan’s advisors didn’t like his clear statements to the Russians. We now need someone to tell the pedopho;e muslim freaks to settle down, and back off or we will turn the sand duns into a shiny glass waste land. But with a muslim girly whoosy Prez at the lead, don’t hold your breathe!

  • chuck b


    i had a feeling you would turn around and see things correctly. by the way how do you know she has implants? or are you just jealous!!.
    two years as governor gives her more executive experience than barry had!!
    and look at barrys current record, not too good wouldn’t you say, somehow organizing gangs in the ghetto doesn’t quite cut the mustard.
    thanks for the pass! its good to get away from all those democrats for a couple of days. lol

  • Sam

    No more RINOs for president. Gingerich is a good guy, but he’s not what this nation needs for a president.

  • hundabuxt

    Sarah doesn’t have implants! WT*! How do these rediculious rumors get started and even if she did what difference does it make? I wouldn’t care if she had butt implants!
    Pelosi could stand a brain implant calling the CIA a bunch of liars. I’m surprised we haven’t had another Dallas incident after that one.
    OK you guys don’t like Newt. How about this: Lets draft our representation much like was done during the selective service era.
    Do an extensive background check and set a standard for education, organizational skills and leadership. Compel them to serve for 4 years and while away from their normal jobs the government will pay to have their position occupied by someone who’s temporary and trained in the skills necessary to carry on the position. That will make for ostensibly desirable job skills that will enable that temporary to get a job following 4 years of experience and the job origionally occupied by the drafted person is assured by law when he or she returns. What this does is provide us with real Americans not career politicians (royalty) making decisions for constituants. Lobbiests would have to be restricted for access and equity and no “campaign contributions” AKA bribes, would be necessary or legal. No more Abramoff’s. The only danger would be the career bureaucrats on staff who possess the esoteric skills necessary for crafting legislation and their influence on the representative.

    • Flagstaff Gus

      Gingrich is part of the problem our country is in today. He is part and parcel of the Washington DC “Ruling Class Elite” and is not a valid Conservative candidate — just look at his record and compare it to what the “Constitution” says.

      In today’s political climate I refute the term “Conservative.” Look at the range of “Conservatives” in American politics. You have a John McCain, who is left of center, a Gingrich who maybe somewhere in the center, and a Sarah Palin who is right of Center and all the in-betweens in conservative politics. I prefer to use the term “Constitutionalist” verses “Conservative” to define candidates I would chose to vote for.. When that term “Constitutionalist” is used, I know where the candidate stands — one who support the Constitution and not bills that have no “Constitutional” merit or citations. Of course, their actions, not rhetoric, must prove they are “Constitutionalists”.

      We need to vote out of all the present day “Ruling Class Elite” in Washington and elect “Citizen Legislators”, who want to get our country back to the greatness we had before our Constitution was systematically corrupted by the “Ruling Classes” since the early 1800′s. Our forefathers, when the “Constitution” was written and our “Republic” was formed, were farmers and independent businessmen who felt it was a duty to serve in the government, not as a career. After several terms in office, they went back to their farms and businesses and lived under the same rules and laws they legislated. But today, the Washington DC “Ruing Class Elite” does not have to live by the rules and laws levied on us, “We the People!”. If and when they get out of office, they legislated laws that allow them to be exempt from the laws they imposed upon us.

      By getting back to our “Constitutional” roots and electing “Citizen Legislators,” America will prevail and prosper — if not, it will wither and perish. We need new faces — “Constitutional Warriors” to lead up the charge of taking back America. Keep re-electing the “Ruling Class Elitists” now in office and our country will continue to slide down that “slippery slope” to oblivion. Vote out the “Ruling Elite” and vote in the “Citizen Legislators”, who take their oath of office seriously to defend the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic, will defend our borders against foreign invaders, and replace our domestic enemies, the “Ruling Class Elitist”.

      No…Gingrich is not that “Constitutional Warrior!”

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I agree with those who think Newt may be ‘losing it’. I.e., I was disappointed to hear Newt going along with Nancy Pelousy on the climate change/global warming scam. My firm opinion is that we need to bury the global warming myth, and just say NO to the flat earth/no growth environmentalist wackos. However, instead of just criticizing potential GOP candidates, we should search for the right candidate for 2012. After reading the other day, should we encourage Jeb Bush to run??

    As former governor of Florida, Jeb kept taxes and spending down, and Florida’s economy was pretty good. Jeb also responded well to several hurricanes in his state – more than we can say about BHO’s handling of the BP crisis, or flooding in Nashville or Long Island. Mnay people I know from Florida say Jeb Bush is more conservative than his father or brother who’ve served as POTUS. Newsmax also pointed out that Jeb’s wife is Latina, and he speaks well in Spanish, thus he can deliver effective speeches to potential Latino voters. He may be the biggest threat to BHO’s hopes for a second term.

    As for Newt Gingrich, I think he’d do well to just work with the GOP in trying to win back Congress this year. Finally, even if Newt is the 2012 nominee for POTUS, we have to understand that he would be a big improvement over BHO, who’s proven to be a disaster over the past 18 months!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Earl, Queens, NY
      Since his wife is “latina” what is to stop him from pushing for amnesty the same as Nobama???

  • Mr.T1

    If the economy sucks as badly in 2012 (heaven forbid) as it does now, Obama will lose the election to anybody (even Palin).

  • babyBaby

    now I’ll admit: I didn’t read through much more than half of the above posts, for what I’m sure are obvious reasons.

    but I have a few questions from some of the comments I did read…

    1) what is RINO?
    2) what is Contract for America?
    3) what’s Newt’s stance on torture?
    4) why would anyone who really professes to be for “Personal Liberty” ever consider actively supporting anybody to become Autocrat in Chief?

    5) is there not one among you who isn’t a raving lunatic?
    6) must you use (un)clever insults like “Nobama” “Obummer”, etc?
    7) does anyone have a friggin clue about what Russia’s economy really is?

  • Joe R.

    At least Newt is right when he calls BO a disaster. That is the worst disaster to ever hit this country.

  • Joe R.

    BO will go down in history as the worst person to sit in the White House ever and one of the three worst ones we have ever had. The other two bad ones are Clinton and Carter.

  • http://none OJD

    I am a Newt fan , but the conservatives need NEW BLOOD.
    Someone with no Baggage..Love Palin.. but she is not yet electable.

    Maybe a Tea Party conservative candidate with Newt as V.P.
    He has a brilliant command of the facts.


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