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Gift Suggestions For The Lover Of Liberty

December 12, 2011 by  

Gift Suggestions For The Lover Of Liberty

“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” –James Madison, letter to W.T. Barry, Aug. 4, 1822

What is the best way to acquire knowledge? I believe the best and only way is to read, read and read some more.

I read voraciously, but I’m selective in my reading. While I follow current events through some daily mainstream publications, I don’t depend upon them for knowledge because all they feed you is the propaganda their masters want you to know.

Follow them too closely, and you remain stuck in a vortex of conventional wisdom. Follow them too closely, and you will forever be bound by normalcy bias — that state of mind that prevents one from considering the possibility of a crisis that is outside his or her normal experience.

Liberty lovers now find themselves engaged in a war with political and financial elites over the soul of our Nation. There are some of us who have been in the trenches fighting this fight for a long time. But many, many people are newly awakened, and more people are awakening daily.

They thirst for the kind of power that knowledge gives, as Madison mentioned in the quote above. And they are looking for sources of that knowledge. So, if you have a liberty-lover in your circle of relatives or friends and you’re looking for a gift idea, I have a few for you. (The books I have reviewed for Personal Liberty Digest™ will have a hyperlink to direct you to the review.)

The Bob Livingston Letter™

For 42 years I have been sharing through my printed newsletter the health, wealth and liberty information that I have discovered in my extensive research. I work hard to uncover the truths that the elites and power brokers don’t want you to know. And then I compile it all into an eight-page newsletter each month. Give a subscription to BLL and you’ve given a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays have passed. Each issue includes breaking health discoveries your conventional medicine doctor will never tell you about, money-making and money-saving investment tips your broker would never share with you, and privacy and asset protection strategies the government hopes you never learn.

Many Americans are deluded into thinking the economic mess in which we find ourselves is the result of mistakes made by the leaders or some confluence of accidental events. But in reality, it’s all a grand design to steal your wealth and transfer it into the pockets of a select group of elite power brokers. To truly understand what’s going on, one must understand the Federal Reserve. Here is where you start.

End The Fed, by Ron Paul. This is the perfect companion book to The Creature from Jekyll Island. It will help you understand Ron Paul’s philosophy and why he believes the Federal Reserve is the source of our economic woes.

A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II, by Murray N. Rothbard. No liberty-lover’s library is complete without something from Rothbard. He has delved deep with this economic history to detail the effects of currency manipulation and make the case for hard money. No one alive or dead has ever done as good a job of explaining economic theory or Austrian economics or making the case for sound money.

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, by Antony C. Sutton. Beginning with Alexander Hamilton’s efforts to establish a privately owned national bank in the European model, Sutton brings the reader through the history of the national bank movement in the United States. He covers who was behind it and who opposed it, and why. Using their own words and writings, Sutton documents their motives and untangles the connections.

It is essential that we understand our history if we are to understand what is wrong with our government. Of course, the first place to begin is owning a copy of the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. While there are books that can be purchased that contain these works, they are also available online for free.

Here are some other books that are essential to understanding our history.

Patriots: Men Who Started the American Revolution, by A.J. Langguth. If you truly want to learn about the men behind the American Revolution, this is the book for you. It gives you details about the lives and times of America’s patriots: Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Hancock and others. It describes how the movement toward American independence and war with Great Britain grew from discussions at a back table at a pub to direct confrontation to victory. This is the history you were not taught in school, but that you need to know if you truly want to understand what motivated the Founding Fathers.

The Frontiersman, by Allan W. Eckert. Eckert chronicles the lives of men who tamed the American frontier and provides insight into the relationships between the white settlers who struggled to expand the borders of the new world and Indians who sought to preserve their way of life and their lands. The book focuses primarily on two men, frontiersman Simon Kenton and the Shawnee warrior Tecumseh, but their lives cross paths with many of the important figures in early American history. I will go even further and recommend all of Eckert’s books; his histories like The Conquerors, Wilderness Empire, The Wilderness War and A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh or his wildlife books like Wild Season, The Silent Sky: The Incredible Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon or The Great Auk. Eckert is one of my all-time favorite authors.

The Civil War, by Bruce Catton. First published in 1960, Catton provides an unbiased look at the Civil War and the events that led to it. It not only deals with the battles fought on the battlefield, but also those that took place in the political arenas for the armies and governments on both sides and their interactions with foreign governments overseas.

The Real Lincoln, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. Although he is called the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln embarked on a war that led to 620,000 deaths and the destruction of 40 percent of the American economy — not to free those held in slavery, but to centralize power in Washington, create “the American System” of Henry Clay and build an empire. Lincoln was a proponent of Clay’s American System (taxpayer subsidies for railroads and corporations and infrastructure improvements) for 28 years prior to becoming President. DiLorenzo unmasks Lincoln and turns the myth surrounding the Father of the Republican Party on its head, using his own words and actions.

Regarding politics and more recent events, here are a few books to start with.

Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott. In Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, author Peter Dale Scott delves into the underworld and reveals the behind-the-scenes players whose actions actually drive the decisions of the surface politics we see.

The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World by John Perkins. American democracy paints a pretty portrait of the United States as a peace-loving, democracy-spreading, benevolent benefactor to freedom-loving nations and people around the globe. But what goes on in the shadows is quite different. It’s actually an ever-growing leviathan that employs bribery, coercion, extortion and even, at times, assassination as billion dollar corporations and people acting under authority of the U.S. government — the corporatocracy — work to spread U.S. empire. Perkins, once an economic hitman himself, reveals what’s really going on behind the scenes and shows why America is rightly reviled around the globe.

The Constitution in Exile by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. Almost since its adoption in July 1789, the U.S. Constitution — the oldest continuously effective written Constitution in the world — has been under assault by Presidents, Congress and errant decisions handed down by Supreme Court justices. Napolitano explains Natural Law — that rights are endowed by a Creator, not by government — and what that idea meant to the Founders and should mean to us today. He describes Natural Law’s opposite — Positivisim — which is the idea that the law is whatever those in power say it is.

The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin. A shadow government made up of a select group of powerful political and wealthy elites meets annually to chart the course of world affairs. This group — which today includes many familiar names like Rockefeller, Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, Ford and Greenspan — advocates for a single world government in which they hold all the power.

Named for the opulent hotel in which the first group of the world’s elites and power brokers met in Oosterbeek, Netherlands in 1954 — the Hotel De Bilderberg — the Bilderberg group operated clandestinely for many years. Estulin is one of a few intrepid reporters that has managed to pierce the veil and peer inside their secret enclave.

Three Felonies A Day: How The Feds Target The Innocent by Harvey A. Silverglate. This book is about the breakdown of the rule of law in the United States. Individual freedom and the rule of law are gone in America. They haven’t come for you yet, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t broken the law? The Feds (U.S. prosecuting attorneys) now target the innocent and create laws out of thin air to use against anyone they choose to target. Silverglate says the, “federal prosecutors are abusing their power by using the criminal law to prosecute law abiding citizens…” They are seizing illegal power by twisting marginal and highly questionable interpretations of criminal law.

Finally, here are a few more for your consideration. They may be difficult to find, and they certainly won’t appear on The New York Times’ Bestseller List, but they are crucial reading for anyone interested in learning what’s really going on in the world.

Political Books

  • Occult Theocrasy, Vol I & II, by Edith Starr Miller, written in French and translated to English.
  • Freemasonry, an Interpretation, by Martin L. Wagner reveals esoteric freemasonry.
  • The Pincers, Freemasonry and Catholicism (author anonymous)
  • Tragedy and Hope, by Carroll Quigley reveals the new world order. It’s the blueprint of the British Aristocracy.
  • Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Nilus and Victor E. Marsden. Another blueprint of the world order.
  • Spiritual Communism, (author anonymous) tells how the American churches have been deceived into believing and teaching political messianicism or Judaism.
  • Defenders of the USA Republic (author anonymous) a compilation of letters written in the 1960s revealing methods of the takeover of the United States.
  • The Union Jack (author anonymous) exposes the theology of British Israelism as a Christian front.
  • And Men Wept, Catherine Palfrey Baldwin reveals the secret British Earl of Dysart movement to conquer the United States.
  • The Empire of the City, E.C. Knuth tells how the world is ruled from the city of London.
  • Mystery Babylon, collection of newsletters by Don Bell — very valuable.

Health Books

  • The UV Advantage, by Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D. reveals the explosive power and health benefits of ultraviolet light, sunshine and vitamin D. This has been hidden for 100 years. Points the way to revived health and healing.
  • The Vitamin D Cure, by James E. Dowd, M.D. and Diane Stafford indicates low levels of vitamin D may be the cause of most of your health problems.
  • The Arginine Solution, by Robert Fried, Ph.D. and Woodson C. Merrell, M.D. provides information on the high value of nitric oxide in health and male potency.
  • The Dr. Royal Lee Lectures in the 1940s, 50s and 60s — extremely valuable.
  • Going Back to the Basics of Human Health, by Mary Frost.
  • The Real Truth about Vitamins and Antioxidants, by Judith A. DeCava.
  • The Royal Road to Health, by Charles A. Tyrrell, M.D.
  • Bacteria, Inc., by Cash Asher.
  • Pasteur Exposed, The False Foundation of Modern Medicine, Germs, Genes, Vaccines, by Ethel Douglas Hume.
  • The Cholesterol Hoax, 101+ Lies, by Sheldon Zerden.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    People need to have their own library. One can be had without too much expense, and if nothing else, it will show you how others think and often you will see how ‘old’ ideas apply to what’s happening now.
    Ask questions, and discover authors who help show how deep faith can help sift through what I call huckster religions. Because of what is at stake in America, there is little difference in not having a faith and having complete faith in religious or political leaders.
    I’m convinced that our ‘leaders’ read very little, and they justify it because they have learned to do what they are told. People neeed to be on guard against 1) leaders who say this and do that 2) faiths that stress what can be had now if only people surrender to those who ‘know better’ and 3) rely on ideas and information not filtered by America’s media cheerleaders.
    Avoid herd-thinking, avoid “faiths’ that are indistinguishable from country club businesses, and learn to trust your gut instinct instead of what you see and hear. What made America great was individualism, not acting like or being treated like sheep.

    • Sirian

      I agree sc. Isn’t the same called common sense? Yes, I know, that was put on the “endangered species” list a very long time ago.

      • denniso

        There is another way to learn…listen to people who have aquired some wisdom through time and study and thought. Most of us don’t want to listen to those w/ beliefs that challenge our own and so we become stuck in our own little herd of narrow mindedness. That can happen no matter how many books we read,if those books only reinforce our own biases. Many people think it’s a waste of time to read fiction,and I would agree if it’s most of the best seller,mysteries,romance,adventure…but really good fiction opens us up to the entire human condition and can help us become truly empathetic and compassionate to all.

        Bob uses the phrase ‘liberty lovers’…I don’t know many people who don’t desire as much liberty as possible. Republicans claim to be the party of freedom and liberty,while they want to control a woman’s body,imprison people for using a natural and very common plant,and restrict the rights of those who have a minority sexuality. All Dems want liberty,they just know that human nature and our economic system need rules and guidelines to enhance freedom for all and not just the wealthy and powerful. We all want liberty but often allow our religious or cultural biases to impinge on it,and then rationalize the hypocrisy away.

        • Alex Frazier

          “Minority sexuality”????? What are you hinting at here? Surely you’re not suggesting that “freedom” consists of the right to molest children?

          • denniso

            I’m not ‘hinting’,I’m saying Repubs want to restrict the rights of gays,based upon some silly biblical passage and the fact that they are a small minority repressed by the majority. Any molestation of anyone underage or any unwanted sexual advances or rape is a real crime and people should be locked away for that…including all the priests,boy scout leaders,coaches and others who inflict terrible harm on their victims. Being gay is not indicative of being a criminal.

          • s c

            Don’t rule it out, Alex [your second sentence, that is]. Mental devolution being what it is, a group known as NAMBLA is patiently waiting in the wings to be blessed by the first party to extend comprehensive “rights” to any and all devoted ‘pracitioners’ of every sexual problem known to mankind.
            I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we already have NAMBLA members in Congress. It’s a truly perverted Big Tent, and the damned thing is getting bigger, Alex.

          • denniso

            There are perverts who want the right to engage in sex w/ children,but they are a tiny number and will never get anywhere legally w/ that absurd notion. The greater threat is from priests and other men who get involved w/ coaching or scouting for the purpose of molesting…pay attention to them and lock them up. ‘Common’ rapists are also a much larger problem across the entire country.

          • Old Henry

            Theer are no “silly biblical passage”. God Almighty will not be mocked.

          • denniso

            There is no ‘God Almighty’,he,it exists only in your mind. Just as there are no space aliens walking around here,there is no god that has any connection or concern for us little specks of sand. Superstition and myth belong to the distant past,and only hinder rational and sane discussion and solutions to our problems.

          • bob wire

            The “silly” is to those who misconstrue meaning and take things on face value or fail to acknowledge biblical scripture as being comprised of many authors from different points in history. The many different points of views that are reflected by the demands and conditions of their times while the underlying theme is much one and the same. It was not written by God but by man unless you are willing to accept that God is a Sexist bigot of some sort.

            The Old Testament suggest God to be a jealous, vengeful God while the New Testament depicts a loving benevolent God. ~ So which is it?

            The”Message” was crafted for the “People” of their time. The earlier people Required the fear and the raft of an All Mighty Powerful God, to change their wicked ways.

            By the time of Jesus, the message was soften, somewhat as Jesus spoke of a Loving God and keep his message positive and up lifting.

            If you will notice many times, that are several authors offering accounts of the same incident. Each offering something new to the account. Like Luke accounting of the “speaking in tongue” , as The Roman soldiers spoke of bad wine being the cause of this strange talk, as they could not understand those that gathered at the Pentecost with Roman spies in their mist.

            Why did Luke ofter write under a Pen name? Because it was dangerous times to be found a disciple of Christ or be a Christian.

            Get the holy water out of your ears and read the bible as a compilation of early historian text,tribal law and lore of early cultures of the Middle East.

            There has always been fairy’s among us, humans, dogs, horses, none of the animal kingdom is immune. God bless them, he made them too! Don’t allow some post caveman views and writing to blur your intellect.

          • James

            Bob, Your New Testament understanding has been warped by priests and preachers who didn’t especially like the Old Testament God. Concerning OT law, Jesus said: “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.”

          • http://naver samurai

            What do you mean some silly biblical passage? You are a complete moron. Their lifestyle isn’t normal, that’s why no one wants them around. Neeeeed to be making that popping noise. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Telfire

          These diatribes always make me laugh. Always gotta be the guy who thinks he is the reasonable one. “X party is a bunch of hypocrites but Y party just understands reality.” The reality is, both parties campaign heavily against liberty, literally every last president we have elected in a century is a liar and a hypocrite. There is not difference between the two, they are used to polarize people. The dem vs repub farce has been successful for far too long. It is a total charade. Our foreign policy doesn’t change. Our freedoms keep going away. Our money keeps getting less valuable because of nutty Keynsian economics and methods that have been proven to bring down economies! Printing more money is about as elegant of a solution as I could come up with to fix our economy at age 4. Surely we can elect someone that has a better idea.

          Wanna drain the swamp? Ron Paul. Do it.

          • denniso

            No difference between the parties? Really? Bush/Cheny started two major wars that they didn’t handle well or finish. Obama is ending the Iraq war and winding down the Afghan war,and being criticized by the Repubs for leaving ‘too soon’! How can you not see the difference?

            Obama wants to end the trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy,the Repubs are fighting tooth and nail to keep it,while they obstruct the continuation of the payroll tax cut that affects the middle class most.

            Obama has been trying to push us toward sustainable and cleaner energy,the Repubs are still fighting to preserve tax subsidies for big oil and doing all they can to stop alternative energy.

            Obama has tried to do something about Global warming/climate change,most of the Repubs call it a hoax and follow the lead of big mouth Limbaugh in saying it’s a ploy to destroy capitalism.

            No differences?

            Obama appointed two women Supreme court justices,one probably gay,both fairly liberal and one the first ever Hispanic. Bush appointed two white extreme conservative men…

            No differences?

            Your statement is common among people who have given up the difficult chore/duty of paying attention and studying our politics and current events in a critical way…it’s the easy way out of the complicated political times we live in,and doesn’t help our situation at all. There are better people and better policies mixed in w/ the mess we see and hear every day. As citizens in a relatively free and democratic country we owe it to ourselves,our kids,the country and even the world to do the difficult work of differentiating between the crap and the truth.

          • DaveH

            Sure the two parties have different agendas, but they share in common (with few exceptions) the desire to achieve total control of the people, the Opposite of Liberty.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Ah, but obama has involved us in three (at least) new conflicts. Lybia and Yemen being two of them.

        • DaveH

          Denniso says “All Dems want liberty”. Sure, Denniso, they want the Liberty to relieve others of their money and property, the Liberty to control the health choices of others, the Liberty to control the energy choices of others, the Liberty to control the employment choices of others, etc., etc., etc.

          • Old Henry

            And now Dave unless the House stops it in Reconcilliation thanks to over 90 Traitors in the Senate the Liberals will have the use of the military attheir behest to liberate us of everything.

          • denniso

            I realize you guys think we live in the 1800′s,but we don’t. We also have a multitude of issues and problems brought on by too large a population,here and globally,and modern,high tech gadgets,toxins,pesticides,poisons,nuclear waste,weapons…

          • DaveH

            Your kind always have excuses for their trespasses.

          • denniso

            Why don’t you tell your Repub buddies here whether you support the trespasses of their party when it comes to invading Iraq,locking up people for smoking pot,refusing rights to gays,having the State tell a woman what she can do w/ her body,forcing kids to recite a pledge to the State that most don’t even understand,wanting to force their brand of religion on the country,and using the fear of migrant workers to harrass all of us w/ border patrol and checkpoints on highways?

          • DaveH

            Nobody ever forced me to recite a pledge, Denniso. Do you have any references to back up said accusation?
            As far as the rest, I pull no punches. I believe that people have a right to control their own bodies and property. Unlike you, I don’t make exceptions for my particular pet peeves, Denniso.

          • denniso

            So,to be clear…unlike the Repubs you are trying to recruit,you don’t support the war on drugs,you do support the right of every woman to her own body,you don’t think the Christian religion should be forced on kids in school.

            There have been school districts and states where the pledge is compulsory…look it up. And even if kids have the leagal right to opt out,how many individual kids are going to stand up to the peer pressure and implied pressure from teachers and principals by staying seated during the pledge? It’s a propogandizing tool that few can resist,and says absolutely nothing about the details of loyalty to one’s country. It’s no better than loyalty oaths forced on people in dictatorships and police states.

          • denniso

            DaveH, here is just one example of the repubs and the pledge of allegiance.


          • DaveH

            Denniso says:
            “And even if kids have the leagal right to opt out,how many individual kids are going to stand up to the peer pressure and implied pressure from teachers and principals by staying seated during the pledge?”.
            How many kids stand up the peer pressure from their fellow Liberals, Denniso?
            Are you okay with Forced Health Insurance, Forced Energy Choices, and Forced Employment Choices, Denniso?

          • Buster the Anatolian

            “Are you okay with Forced Health Insurance, Forced Energy Choices, and Forced Employment Choices, Denniso?”

            Of course he is DaveH. Denniso is for anything that results in ever bigger government and more government control of our lives.

        • Jefferson Thomas

          Lies are lies. It does not matter how many times you repeat them and call them “truth”. Repetition does not bring truth to the lie.

          “Listen to me woman (said Lucifer), God just does not want you to know what he knows. He just gave you that law to keep you from being like him…take a bite, you shall NOT surely die”.

          One can spend a lifetime learning and thinking about lies called wisdom. This only gives a person knowlege of lies…not wisdom.

          Your assertion that everyone wants Liberty is totally false…to phrase it another way, it is a lie. The Republocrat party has hijacked the machinery of government. They want to build their empires in different sectors of government and as a whole on the backs of the producers in society through coercion and fraud in the form of bogus laws and taxes. If this does not work they will use blatant force to take it away from the producers.

          When you said “all Dems want liberty” it made me ROFL.

          What you really want is for every one to accept what you believe by force, coercion, or outright fraud through government mandate.

          Homosexuality is wrong and is a sin. It is the final stage in the collapse of a society when it accepts this behavior as “normal”.

          Abortion is the murder of a human being. This is a sin.

          Now for the empathy and compassion part…God can forgive people for their sins. The sins of homosexuality, murder, and other sins. He can give us the power to change our lives and become more like him.

          Our liberties and rights come from God as does everthing else in existence. The government does not give us our rights and liberties. The government is supposed to protect us from the evil that they have become.

          Final summation by the wisest man who ever lived named Solomon:

          Ecclesiastes 12:11-14

          “The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shephard. And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil”.

        • TML

          You seem to be confusing religious conservative republicans with constitutional conservative republicans. I consider myself the latter and don’t believe in any of those things… I frown heavily at those who would have abortions but concede it’s not place to force anyone’s choice of anything when it comes to their own bodies. Prohibition of any kind is always a failure. Gays? None of my business what they do.

          “Obama is ending the Iraq war and winding down the Afghan war, and being criticized by the Repubs for leaving ‘too soon’! How can you not see the difference?”

          I guess you have forgotten that Obama started other wars in their stead… and I criticize for not leaving these wars sooner.

          “Obama has been trying to push us toward sustainable and cleaner energy,the Repubs are still fighting to preserve tax subsidies for big oil and doing all they can to stop alternative energy.”

          I doubt they are doing everything they can to stop ‘alternative’ energy, but it would be nice to be allowed to drill for oil in our country and stop our dependencies on foreign oil. Clean energy is great, if it really is clean, and I think most government agencies do nothing more than pseudo-science, to even know what clean energy even is… they push for electric cars when… hello… how do you think most of that electricity is made? If either of them were really smart, they would be looking into the new discover that uses radio waves to burn salt water as fuel…. Which was discovered the good old fashioned American way.

          “Obama has tried to do something about Global warming/climate change,most of the Repubs call it a hoax and follow the lead of big mouth Limbaugh in saying it’s a ploy to destroy capitalism.”

          Um… it IS a hoax buddy, but I say so out of my own study of the information given from both sides of the coin. Certainly not because of some big mouth who I can’t even stand. There are real scientists who have given information to debunk the idea of global warming who the government attempts to silence rather than hear opposition. Don’t you think an honest government would want to hear all the information from real scientist to make a decision based on all the facts? Besides… the Sun has more of an effect of global climate change than a mere 200 year or less of human industry in the entire span of the history of the earth. I don’t need to be taxed for exhaling carbon dioxide thank you very much.

          “Obama appointed two women Supreme court justices,one probably gay,both fairly liberal and one the first ever Hispanic. Bush appointed two white extreme conservative men…”

          You’re point just became invalidated with “one of them PROBABLY gay”

        • http://naver samurai

          All the libs want to do is tax and spend us to death. Making us slaves to our government. They are not the party of liberty. Let’s not forget what party supported slavery and which one wanted to abollish slavery. The KKK was started by democrats from the South and many other things. Neeeeed to get your facts straight before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • s c

      I waited to scan this topic again (it’s late March now). For whatever reason, very few people took the time to LIST any reading sources. One book that isn’t on Bob’s list (but should be) is [Jonah] Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.
      It’s very informative, and it will give you a good idea as to how and why libtards “think” the way they do. From my experience with ultraliberal progressives (utopians), their #1 fault is in the FACT that they rarely THINK. They want to to FEEL their way through life, and what that has done is to leave them vulnerable to any sociopath or wannabe criminal who wants to run for office.
      It’s done nothing for the poor, it has decimated blacks (people are well-paid to murder black babies), black leaders ignore the destruction of their own people, it has dumbed-down at least 3 generations of poor and working poor Americans and in effect amounts to being happy with being treated like a feeble-minded child by those who profess compassion and unity.
      God help progressives [their "leaders" WON'T].

  • alex

    And don’t forget a ho jo perpetual motor to make electricity out of thin air, an investment black box to so you don’t have to be a waiter, or some other worthless product sponsored on this site!
    If you want to be taken seriously, you need to act seriously and you don’t with this and the other junk you promote.

    • bob wire

      I too find that odd. ~ and what is the deal with the gentleman with no teeth displayed on the life insurance promotion? ~ I’d be willing to guess, some store bought teeth, a good facial and a haircut would be a much wiser investment for him. Try to leave a pretty corpse should be everyone goal! Is that add just a joke? I looked at it three times, thinking WTF!

      It seems “scams” are everywhere anymore and commonplace. With the way Wall Street bankers has been allowed to conduct business and so few of them going to jail, these is little wonder.

      The internet and my mailbox is full of scams everyday. They are traps, hoping to capture pieces of personal information that can be exploited.

      Yes, I agree with Mr. Livingston people need to read more, much more. But we all tend to read what interest us. There has to be a genuine interest in the subject that incites the reader to devour a book.

      As a younger man, I enjoyed Boxing, I worked and studied the art form for years. My motives were simple enough, I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I was a skinny kid. There is few things better then a solid punch in the nose that blacks both of your eyes to instill the desire to know how to avoid a repeat.

      People do things for reasons, Clear Reasons. I doubt if I’ll ever read these books Mr. Livingston has read, thou they sound very interesting. There has always been someone trying too take and control you and your “things” and I know they are beyond an arms reach and I can’t touch them. I’ve grown use to it. They usually get caught in their own trap, given the time.

      If I don’t understand it, I stay clear of it.

    • DaveH

      Ah, yes, the “compassionate” one speaks. Alex, do you honestly expect us to believe you care about people when you constantly show us your disrespect for other people?

      • alexa

        sorry daveh, you are referring to the wrong idiot. accidentally dropped the last a. i’m a different idiot.

        • DaveH

          Did I say “idiot”?

          • libertytrain

            well perhaps she has her own idea of what she is when she writes stuff this life.

    • libertytrain

      wow – this alex(a) is as rude as the doofus alex.

      • http://naver samurai

        Libs can never change their stripes. Especially duhnisso. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Alex

    “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn

    • DJ

      Zinn lied to further his communist agenda. If you didn’t know that, there is no helping you.

      • Alex

        And “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is truth? You, mam, are an idiot.

  • dave b.

    “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group”?
    “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”?


    You are a nut, and probably have some more sinister issues as well. You represent the worst of Ron Paul supporters. Good luck with your “newsletter” and good riddance; I’m out.

    • steve in AZ

      Yay. The sooner the leftists depart, the sooner meaningful discussion can ensue in this forum, instead of all the bickering and personal attacks. Back to DC,vermin!! lol And don’t forget to

      DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      Thank you, Bob Livingston, for this great venue for us “social misfits” to be able to find other patriots and share ideas. :):):)

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Dave b.:
      I, definitely, agree with you sir, especially when it comes to the book ” The Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion”. What a crock!!
      I mean anyone one believes or even reads such mish-mash has serious emotional problems. Also, they don’t understand the history behind this book. This book was a forgery written by Czarist police in Russia during the early 20th century. This bogus novel was written to
      find convenient scapegoats along with promoting a popular prejudice
      against a certain unfavorable group of that time period. Basically, it was created to take the citizens minds of the real cause of their woes, the Czar. I tell you a good book people should recieve and read at Christmas time is called “What’s the matter with Kansas” written by Thomas Frank. Granted, i’m no fan of Thomas Frank’s bleeding Heart
      analysis. However, he’s right, in essence, about the ignorance of many Americans. Thanks!!

      • DaveH

        He’s certainly right about you, Tony.

        • http://Personalliberty Tony

          To DaveH:
          I hate to say this but Mr. Frank’s analysis would apply to you and those of your ilk. Sorry plus Godd bye!!

          • DaveH

            I said it first, Tony. Wahhh.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To DaveH:
            “I said it first. Wahhh”. Sir, that’s the sign of an immature mind.
            Look beat it and let adult conservatives take over so the W.H. can be
            returned to us. Thanks!!

          • DaveH

            I was referring to your childish parrot-like comment, Tony. You know it. I know it. Grow up, Tony.

      • rich hutchins

        wow- i was agreeing with the list – many of the books that I have read &/or own but in the pile to be read- then i saw ‘the protocols.’ Having tried to read it a few times [it is totally f'd up] anyone can see it was written to keep the powerful in power by blaming the Jews… even the wording does not make sense if anyone has heard torah read or listened to conservative Jews discuss religion. Having been to many passover celebrations, I can attest they didn’t ask for any of my blood. If this were true, then what does that say about Jesus Christ & Christianity? Check your history. Christianity started as a sect of Judaism.

      • James

        Tony, It’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ EXCEPT after ‘c’.

        • http://liberty Tony

          To James:
          Honestly bro., what are you talking about? Do you work for Rick Perry’s campaign because you sound just as incoherent as him. So long!!

          • James

            I was tring to be humorous. You spelled receive as ‘recieve.’ The ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ was an old spelling teacher’s saying.

      • DaveH

        Tony says “especially when it comes to the book ” The Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion”. What a crock!”
        Is it, Tony? Maybe, but how about you prove that? How do you know that the books detractors aren’t the ones pulling the scam?
        History is replete with misinformation. All any of us can do is read as much as possible and determine which makes sense.
        What I do know is that Ron Paul has been one of the most consistent and honest Politicians in Congress for 30 years now. None of the others have been so honest about the scams Government plays on the citizens. Yet, you support a guy who denigrates that good man. To me, that puts you squarely in the camp of either the blind sheeple, or the Misinformers. In other words, it doesn’t do much for your credibility.

        • DaveH

          A good example is the book “Lincoln Unmasked” which has unleashed a firestorm of protest from those who fear the blinders being removed. Thomas DiLorenzo heavily documents his conclusions which reveal the Real Lincoln rather than the “honest abe” we’ve all been propagandized to worship. Read the review from Publishers Weekly to see what I mean, the one starting with “In this laughable screed, a senior fellow at the libertarian/free market Ludwig von Mises Institute charges that most scholars of the Civil War are part of a “Lincoln cult””:

          When honest critique is lacking, you can count on those without real critical ability to resort to personal attacks.
          Anybody who reads the book and then goes back to read the Editorial Reviews will see what I mean. The wizards don’t like it when somebody opens the curtain.

  • 4-just_us

    I’m very concerned about which way our country is headed.Congress, President and the courts are playing Jekyll and Hyde with our Constitution. Perpetual war is one way of funneling money from taxpayers to the war profiteers. Our young,immature, idealistic soldiers are being exploited and used like a candy wrapper.How can we the people get rid of this boa constrictor called Government? Sending our hard earned money to Washington is like giving it to a spoiled, rich playboy with an attitude of “money is no object.”

  • Al Hill

    I’ve read several of the selections in your list and they have shaped my thinking along libertarian lines.

    I suspect that dave b. has been brainwashed by a so-called “public education.” Reading, not mainstream media, is where the truth lies. And if one doesn’t believe what he reads, skepticism is a good policy. Disagreement requires some research to either prove or disprove what one believes. Common sense (backed by real facts),not “common knowledge” should be the goal.

    Great list, Bob.

    • s c

      Al, this late in American history, anybody who touts the ‘value’ of a public education went out of his way to see that he actually GOT a good public education [rare, these days] OR he let himself be programmed along with the other lemmings.
      If no one else caught a nasty reference above, Howard Zinn is one of the WORST choices to be included on a suggested reading list. Zinn and Alinsky are like two sides of a counterfeit coin.
      Utopians might be glad to see that name appear, but then some folks don’t appreciate reading OR thinking (a good way to describe most utopians).

    • eddie47d

      SC believes she has Thinking all wrapped up! LOL

      • s c

        e, thanks for admitting that you’re a utopian. You can stop taking massive, daily doses of estrogen. Obviously, it works.
        By the way, I have no plans to try and educate you. I was merely pointing out the fact that you rely on hearsay and crap from your political icons WAY too much. You deserve to be a utopian.
        It takes no talent or effort. Now, get your nose back into that Dick and Jane book, and prove that you deserve to be an 8th grader [no more of that 7th grade 'stuff' for YOU].

  • Raggs

    This is a great idea…
    Are any of these books available in a download????
    Several of these books I would love to have…..

    • DaveH has many free online books available for download in PDF, or sometimes other formats, including at least one of those that Bob recommended here:

      If you have an e-reader you can convert PDF files to .mobi files at, then download them to your e-reader.

    • s c

      Raggs, if you haven’t read it, put Ludwig von Mises’ ‘Socialism’ on your list. It can be a hard read in places (one reason why utopians will never read it). It cuts through the muck, and it makes clear why unions are no better than a slow-acting poison in a free country. Anyone who’s not sure about the incestuous relationship of unions and government will have their eyes opened. Also, include anything written by Murray Rothbard.

  • steve in AZ

    Mr. Livingston,

    I totally agree with the premise. I also feel that some real life experience (outside of the so-called hallowed halls of academia) drives home the knowledge gleaned from such education.

    As Mark Twain said ” I try never to allow my schooling to interfere with my education.”

    DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Alex Frazier

    People should absolutely read, read, and read some more. I have four bookcases, two of them double stacked, full of books. There is no greater thing I could ever recommend to any person than that they should educate themselves and understand.

    • denniso

      It depends entirely on what you read…there are neo nazis and KKK nuts who read a lot,and it only feeds their delusions. Most people don’t read ‘good’ stuff,just what aids their bias or dangerous views. The tough question is,what is worth reading and what is harmful? Most people can’t deal w/ that.

      • DaveH

        Denniso says “Most people don’t read ‘good’ stuff,just what aids their bias or dangerous views”. Sounds like your personal experience to me, Denniso. How do you know what “most people” read?

        • denniso

          Ummm,let me see…I pay attention to the world,and I don’t live in a cave.

          • DaveH

            No, Denniso, it’s more like “I’m a Liberal, and I can say what I want, true or not”.

          • eddie47d

            No Dave you study the fringe groups and then find out the books and literature that they publish. Few go beyond a certain curriculum.

    • DaveH

      Glad to see you back, Alex Frazier. I was wondering if all the low-life comments on your article burnt you out.

  • ChristyK

    The books selected here seem to deal with how and why things got bad in the US. I think you need a foundation, to know what you do want, not just what you don’t want. Here are some suggestions.

    “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat which describes why government is necessary and what it’s limits should be. A short but deep book.

    “The 5000 Year Leap – A Miracele That Changed the World” by W. Cleon Skousen It describes why our consitution is such a miracle and how it is responsible for the prosperity of the world. It describes what the important principles are and why. It is probably 50% quotes from our founders and their contemporaries, but is a can’t put down book.

    “The Making of America” by W. Cleon Skousen. This is more of a textbook. It describes what was going on when the Constitutional Convention was called and why it was called. Details every member of the constitional convention. It then goes through the Constitution line by line describing what it means and why it was chosen using actual discussion from the constitional convention. It also describes how things have been changed by amendments, laws, and supreme court cases. Very detailed & informative, but it takes a long time to get through the whole book.

    “The Real George Washington” by the National Center for Constitutional Studies

    “The Real Thomas Jefferson” by the National Center for Constitutional Studies

    “The Real Benjamin Franklin” by the National Center for Constitutional Studies

    The last three are very detailed and really give a good feel for who the men really were. At the end there is an extensive list of quotes by subject.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, Your blatant promotion of Ron Paul, is wearing thin with me. I have an extensive library numbering over 300 books, that I have offered to my friends and family over the last 40 years to little avail. I have found that most people do not want to take the time to read, what they call boring historical/factual books. I will continue to encourage all that I know to read until the very end.

  • Chris

    For those who do not like to read , or cannot read for whatever reason, sit back and watch this eye opening presentation.



  • Monte

    Bob, one of your books pertains to Freemasonry, an organization I know little about, though some of the members of my church are also members of the local. Gary North, however, has a free book on the web that places great emphasis on the Freemasons’ part in creating the Constitution. From a Christian perspective, I found the book quite an eye opener. Many of the topics he covers I’ve never seen anyplace else. He brings into perspective Christian questions that alters your understanding of our founding. Here is a link:

  • Chris

    Add a few more books to the list—- The Age of JAckson by Schlessinger, The Age of Reform by Hoffstadter, Lincoln reconsidered by Donald, and of course The Prince by Machiavelli.

  • DavidL

    Many of the suggested books here are good, some are not. What I find interesting is what is omitted from this recommended reading list.
    Here are some absolutely crucial readings from which many of the recommended political books above can be better judged as either worthwhile or crackpot. For a conservative website, I’m surprised these were not on the list:

    1. The Constitution of the United States.
    2. The Federalist Papers
    3. The Story of the Constitutional Convention By Catherine D. Bowen
    4. A Republic, If You Can Keep It By Earl Warren.
    5. Conservatives Without Conscience By John Dean

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear DavidL,

      You obviously did not comprehend what you read.

      Best wishes,

      • DavidL

        Thanks Bob. But MY point was that all of my recommended readings should come before all of yours.

        • DaveH


        • Monte

          With all due respects, DavidL, but your comment is very pretentious. Since this is Bob’s site and he is editor-in-chief, your comment amounts to attending college and, on the first day of class, instructing the professor on what to teach.

      • http://naver sook young

        Let’s please not forget the Bible. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • FreedomFighter

    Im sending long term storage foodstuffs to those I love. Just in case.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Michael Hardesty

    Great list, Bob, but you left out the most important book of all time, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, now a great movie in Part One.
    Economic Controversies by Murray Rothbard is the best intro to his corpus of great work.
    Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises.
    Capitalism by George Reisman, an acolyte of Mises and Rand, an Atlas-sized book that would be 2,000 pages in a regular book.
    Man, Economy And State with the Power & Market deluxe edition by Murray Rothbard.
    The Bastiat Collection by Frederic Bastiat
    Principles Of Political Economy by J.B. Say
    Capitalism The Creator by Carl Snyder
    The God Of The Machine by Isabel Paterson
    The Failure Of The New Economics by Henry Hazlitt
    Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods
    The Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn
    The Zionist Connection by Alfred M. Lilienthal
    The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century by Arthur Butz
    Lectures On The Holocaust by Germar Rudolph
    Dissecting The Holocaust by Germar Rudolph
    Auschwitz:The Case For Sanity, two volumes, by Carlo Mattogno
    Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, PH.D

    David L’s suggestions by Earl Warren, John Dean and Catherine Bowen should be completely ignored as should all comments by Denniso.
    Obama is more a warmonger than Bush and is much worse on both foreign and domestic policy than Bush, who was terrible.
    Schlesinger and Hofstader are terrible, ignore that suggestion.
    With the AIPAC control of FedGov the so-called Protocols now look like serious understatements. They are probably invented but with a kernel of truth.
    Ron Paul is great on everything but abortion and ‘God’ and he’s been fudging on his previous strong anti-Israel Govt views but still better than the other GOOPERS, all of whom are worse than Obama on foreign policy.
    Go to for economics downloads and for revisionist history downloads including debunkings of the Shoah Business racket.
    Since the Communists killed over 200 million people in the 20th century why are our demented libs still focusing on alleged nazi fringe groups ?

    • eddie47d

      So Michael you denounce Denniso and David L. as not worth reading yet bring up Holocaust denial tripe. Maybe the Nazi’s are brought up because we have to have eternal vigilance against those like you who are one.

    • s c

      Michael, utopians and their fellow lemmings have been programmed to look down on Hitler’s National Socialism because Stalin (through Lenin) hated all competitors. Both National Socialism and Communism are ‘brothers.’
      Utopians are trained to ignore the obvious. In Lenin’s “mind,” anyone who dared not to be a Communist was automatically labeled a Fascist.
      National Socialism and Fascism are not synonymous terms, but in a utopian’s myopic world, research and thinking are ‘bad’ habits, and utopians won’t dare get close to thinking or research.
      They’re happy being mental eunuchs in their la la land fantasy. Lenin would be SO proud of them. Generations of useful idiots, and Russia never had to invade America to brainwash them.

  • Ursula

    DennisCo states categorically that the Bible is silly because there is no God. Finally I can ask someone to PROVE to me that there is no God, the way atheists always challenge me to PROVE that there is one.
    as for the consumption of “plant material” – aren’t the laws liberal enough ? I read that 80% of Californians have medical marihuana cards. Under Reagan, California would have been the fifth largest economy in the world; with the help of more liberal laws, they are now bankrupt. Any relationship ? As for sexual preferences, what else do you want ? Homosexuals have all he rights as anybody else, more if one considers the hate laws. So what else do you want in that sector ?

    Freedom is something that everybody should enjoy. We have to give up some of our preferences for the good of the cause of freedom. You know as well as anyone that boundless freedom is anarchy, so give it a rest.

    • denniso

      If there is no evidence that a thing exists,then the only logical thing to say about it is that it doesn’t exist,at least in our world. Alien life of some kind probably exists in the astness of the universe but we will never likely see or contact it,so we have to live as though it doesn’t exist. The same is true for any sort of god or gods. We see absolutely no evidence that any thing like that exists,though we can never say it is impossible,just highly improbable,so we should live as though there is no god…at least one that has any connection w/ us or any existence we can even relate to. It’s not so frightening or threatening to realize that man is on his own; it’s actually enlightening/empowering to accept the fact that humans control their own fate as well as the fate of the world in our hands. It can give you the sense that we’d better learn to work together or face even bigger problems.

  • Jefferson Thomas

    @ Bobwire:

    Thanks Bobby for your synopsis of the Old and New Testaments, the attributes of God, and your definition of intellectual superiority.

    Your summation of the infinite into the finite has answered all of the burning questions we have and your complete honest integration of all of the facts of infinity in context has converted me back to atheism.

    Did you mean to say that there was one author through many different individuals at different points in history as we percieve in our time bound minds?

    Perhaps your definition of sexual bigotry is in fact your sexual bias?

    Can you say “false dichotomy” Bob? God can be jealous, vengeful, loving, and benevolent. Reminds of the old sales presentation that ends with “will you be purchasing a or b today? bzzzzz neither, I’m not buying it.

    There is nothing new under the sun in the context of human nature Bobwire. People require all different types of ways to be brought to God….fear or love, or both or more.

    Jesus spoke of love, yes, but he also spoke of hell and punishment.

    If I understand your sentence correctly “several authors offering account of same incident” you are speaking of the four gospels and their message. Try integrating the following information into your synopsis…Matthew was written for Jewish believers, Mark was written for the Romans, Luke was written for Gentiles, and John addresses more of the mystery of the personhood of Jesus.

    What is the source of your facts on glossalia on the day of Pentecost Bob? Roman soldiers? Roman spies? There were people of many different nations and backgrounds there that day for the Jewish celebration.

    It has been dangerous to be a Christian many times at many places throughout the history of the Christianty. And?

    Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature (he is heir and ruler of all creation, as the eternal Son). For by him were all things created , that are in heaven and in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers, all things were created by him and for him: And he is before all things and by him all things consist. Colossians 1:15-17 Pretty heady stuff for a “post caveman view” aye Bobby? (Colossians was penned by the Apostle Paul of whom it was said “much learning has made you mad”) I would venture to say that Paul was better travelled than you, spoke more languages than you, and had a better understanding of Judaism (he was a Pharisee before his conversion) and Christianity than you.

    Don’t let the babbling of 20th century pre-eternal life pseudo-intellectuals blur your eternal spiritual understanding.

  • wayne

    Bob,This about your sponsering a cancer cure. I pass on to someone who needed help, he googled it, he got alot of bad about it. I just wondered if you check out the info you post. I like your site. Wayne

  • Vigilant

    DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln” will be relegated to the trash heap of journalistic history as reductionist, tunnel-visioned, and wholly false in its premises and conclusions..

    With the all-too-typical myopia of the specialist, he ignores the cultural context and actual recorded history of the times, preferring instead to take isolated snapshots of the political activity surrounding the economics of that era. These he extrapolates into a general pseudo-history,

    He could be forgiven the error of his ways if we considered only that he is, after all, not an historian but an economist whose zeal for his field tends to make him overemphasize the importance of that discipline, something to which Karl Marx fell prey. But DiLorenzo takes it more than a step beyond a mere one-sided view of history: he draws completely invalid conclusions based on his preconceptions about the primary cause of the Civil War.

    For DiLorenzo, slavery was just some peripheral issue on the sidelines that was used by the north to justify a war and consolidate power in the central government. All the source documents of the time point to quite a different picture. His work therefore becomes a one-sided political tract, not history.

    Moreover, the enthusiasm with which he paints Lincoln as some sort of warmongering centralized-government demon is typical of someone who has an agenda to push, and is completely off base. There can be no doubt that he shares the same biased view that so many southern children have been spoon fed by their slavery-apologist instructors: that slavery, not all that bad to begin with, was not the proximate cause of the Civil War. In this he is as blind as a bat.

  • Michael Hardesty

    Eddie, there’s no such as ‘holocaust denial’ but there is a growing holocaust revisionism, starting with the fact that the very word ‘holocaust’ which means a great fire is a lie. 500,000 Jews in wartime Europe died of all causes, the great majority in the last year of the war due to typhus and other diseases in the camps, CAUSED by the Allied bombings.
    Before you mislabel something you ought to take time to read the books
    which I listened and for which people are going to prison for in many countries under Stalinist Style Thought Crimes laws. The truth does not need to imprison dissenters or heretics.
    Vigilant, your comments belong in the trash heap, not DiLorenzo’s great book. He demolishes the dictator and racist Lincoln en toto.
    Lincoln said many times that the war was NOT over slavery. The Founders agreed that the states formed the union, not vice-versa.
    The documents of the time totally support DiLorenzo and Lincoln’s actual indifference to slavery. Lincoln wanted to repatriate all Negroes to Africa or the Caribbean. Lincoln told a delegation of freed Negroes at the White House in 1863 that they could never be the social and intellectual equals of the whites.
    Next time read carefully a book before you criticize it.
    Denniso is right on ‘God’ and statist rightists who enforce that silly Pledge that Bush Senior made such an issue of it in 1988 and
    on the stupid anti-abortion laws.

    • Vigilant

      Your totally uniformed comments belong in the toilet.

      To address your remarks:

      (1) “Lincoln said many times that the war was NOT over slavery.” Where, in my posting, did I say that LINCOLN claimed the war was over slavery? Your propagandist technique of attempting to turn the conversation to something different is no better than DiLorenzo’s screed.. Lincoln’s sole reason for responding to the attack on Fort Sumter was TO PRESERVE THE UNION, and nothing else. There’s no doubt that he felt the slaves were inferior to whites, as did the overwhelming majority of both southerners and northerners. He also saw the institution of slavery as immoral and not IAW the Declaration of Independence, but his feelings took second place to his overriding concern that the Union must be preserved. So what’s your point?

      (2) “The documents of the time totally support DiLorenzo and Lincoln’s actual indifference to slavery. Lincoln wanted to repatriate all Negroes to Africa or the Caribbean. Lincoln told a delegation of freed Negroes at the White House in 1863 that they could never be the social and intellectual equals of the whites.” Once again, who in the Hell is talking about LINCOLN’S motivations? It was the SOUTH that went to war over slavery, not the Union. Even Richard Shenkman, a debunker of American myths, has said “[Abolitionism] had little to do with the secession of the South or the coming of the Civil War. What sparked southern rage was the movement to limit slavery to the places where it already existed. Almost no one in a prominent position seriously considered abolishing it outright.”

      (3) You want to talk about the documents of the time? Look at the Democrat and Republican Platforms of the 1856 and 1860. Look at the constitution of the CSA and articles of secession of the various southern states, read the Lincoln Douglas debates and study up on the Missouri Compromise, “bleeding Kansas,” and a plethora of documents that show two things: (a) the arguments from the early 1800s were NOT about slavery in the south, it was about whether or not slavery could be extended into the new territories, and (b) the south NEVER threatened to secede for any other reason than slavery (Dem. Platform, 1860), not tariffs or any other reason than to preserve the cruel institution of slavery.

      (4) Far from wanting war as a pretext for consolidating Federal power, the Congress passed and Lincoln endorsed a Constitutional Amendment to legalize slavery (the original 13th Amendment, unratified). And would you say this was to prevent war or to incite it?

      (5) Somehow I doubt you have read this voluminous documentation, preferring to take one man’s word for it. A man with an OBVIOUS agenda of assassinating the character of one of our greatest presidents.

      “Next time read carefully a book before you criticize it.” I have read both of DiLorenzo’s execrable works on Lincoln, I’ve also read a great deal more of the history of the times than have you, as is obvious. And lastly, to throw your words back at you, next time read carefully a posting before you criticize it.

      • denniso

        You’re right,slavery was the fundamental issue dividing the country and the question of extending it into states other than the south. Many people thought that the Blacks would be better off if they were repatriated to Africa and it could solve the bitter problem here. The bottom line is that Lincoln DID free the slves and stop one of the greatest stains upon our country.

        The Halocaust,correct name or not,was brought about by one of the most evil men the world has ever see,and killed 6 or more million Jews,gays,Poles,communists,and it was the allies better late than never action that ended it.

        It’s also a fact that Hitler and others used the Christian God and the crucifiction of Jesus to demonize the Jews,and get the masses to go along w/ the horrible crime.

      • Vigilant

        BTW, Mr. Livingston calls himself an ultra-Conservative. So does Mark Levin, whom I heard last night on the radio excoriating the propaganda and Lincoln-hating lies of DiLorenzo.

        I am vindicated.


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