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Gibson CEO Denounces Anti-Business Obama

September 13, 2011 by  

Juszkiewicz has been on the defensive since the Obama Administration began investigating his guitar company due to alleged illegal importation practices.The chief executive of the Gibson Guitar Corporation has targeted President Barack Obama for being anti-business and an obstacle to job creation due to the impact that the current Administration has had on his company, Fox News reported.

Henry Juszkiewicz has noted that Obama and his Administration have limited the competitiveness of his company due to regulations that have been imposed and the difficulty that comes with trying to obtain foreign labor, according to the news outlet.

“It’s not easy to compete on a global basis,” Juszkiewicz told Fox News. “We’re competing with Chinese, European companies. We’d like to feel like we’re respected and help create jobs.”

Juszkiewicz has been on the defensive since the Obama Administration began investigating his guitar company due to alleged illegal importation practices. The executive has noted that the charges have forced him to “lawyer up and lose money” in defense of what he has said to be an iconic American brand, reported the National Review.

Federal agents first raided Gibson following allegations concerning suspect wood shipments that had come from Madagascar, something that the Administration has pursued again in the time since the initial investigation, according to Fox News.

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  • TIME

    Join the club Henry, I told you this was going to happen.. At least you woke up. Now dude what will you do to wake up others?

  • Doc Sarvis

    If he were anti-business he would have already closed tax loopholes many businesses enjoy and he would have eliminated the tax incentive for corporations to export American jobs overseas, among other things.

    • Ret

      The problem is that the guy is a Republican, and probably doesn’t spend a few mil $or bil $ on lobbyists.

    • Morduin00

      If he eliminated tax loopholes, then his buddies in business wouldn’t get their “fair share” either. Obama is anti-business by the regulations his administration passes, allows to be passed and selectively enforces.

      Explain to me how Boeing, who wants to build an additional plant in South Carolina (a right to work state) gets hammered by the National Labor Relations Board and General Electric, who wants to build another plant in Texas (a right to work state) doesn’t. Oh… I know. Immelt, the CEO of GE is working for the Obama Administration. Go figure.

      • Patriot II

        We (America) need to WAKE UP and pull our heads out of the sand! What if the Filthy Elite Rich Power Brokers of the World are really in Control. What if The Dems, Libs, Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party are all actually in the same boat and we are ALL being duped? Would it make sense that the Elite who really run the World want America to Fail in favor of One World Government? What if they are doing this by manipulating the Media, to divide Americans? FACT: The fall of the Roman Empire was due to Internal Strife. “A house divided against itself will soon fall”. The Boy Scouts say the first thing you need to do when you are lost in woods, is admit you are Lost! We need to admit in this Country that we may not have control, that we are being manipulated by the Elite who actually run the world and unless we stand together we will be working for them and loose our liberty. Is this a possibility? We have already lost much of it, and unless we wake up and realize the real enemy we will loose it! Albert Einstein saw this happening in Germany and tried to stop it. There may have been Elite who were behind Hitler and our real enemies. Hitler may just have been just a Patsy as well. To Those of you who think this is Whacko thinking, I hope to God you are right and I am wrong in asking these questions.

        • http://yahoo olerocker

          PATROIT, to late, we are a Socialist Country, we have everything the overseas folks have, welfare, foodstamps,no jobs,gov. pays the bills and rent,now no one wants to work if they can stay on the dole, gov has taken over business, banks ect…..we are there.

          • bill steffen

            I am American and I live in the Philippines. there is no “Social Safety Net ” here. No Food stamps, no Welfare, no free school lunches. Americans should get off the high horse and take a lesson from a 3rd World country. Either you work over here or you starve and the people here find ways to earn money without the Govt dole. But I guess Americans just think they are “Entitled’ Take a trip over here and learn a lesson.

      • http://yahoo olerocker

        I heard the boeing plant was built at a huged cost, and I think yesterday a judge ruled in boeing favor……

        • independant thinker

          Hope you are correct about the ruling.

    • TIME

      Your ignorance is in fact your best attribute.
      Good on you doc S bubba.

    • Brad


      Then answer this question, if the government is going after Gibson for importing illegal wood why isn’t the government going after the other guitar maker who imports the same wood from the same country and does all their own finishing work? Hmmm…because one is a republican donor and the other is a democratic donor at least I see the double standards here and someone in the justice department misinterpreted international law. Then close the loopholes for all to include taking away all those speacial obamacare waivers, all those company’s and organized labor union bosses need to either sink or swim, just my opinion.

      • ValDM

        You forgot one……….Gibson isn’t a union shop & their competitors are. Got to give those poor union pukes more than they deserve, since they’re providing all those well-paying jobs. And Gibson doesn’t????

        • Brad

          ValDM Sir,
          You are so right, the Ohmama administration to include the justice department has gotten it so wrong. They are using a set of double standards only going after one and not the other, and after doing my own research have come to the conclusion, Gibson Guitar is doing what it takes to preserve natural forrests and resources.

    • Christin

      Doc Sarvis,

      Obama is definitely Anti-SMALL Business as he WILL NOT END burdensome Taxes and Regulations that send our American companies abroad, but he is not against BIG Corporations that donate to his campaign coffers or that the gov owns and controls… there is a difference… obama & the WH even gives some small businesses that donate to the Democrats a pass and they doesn’t harass them.

      In any case, obama is for high taxes and big spending to Redistribute American Wealth… and I believe against America and the Constitution and its Freedoms and has been killing America and American businesses and jobs and the people’s prosperity… we are not recovering economically with his Spending and Inflation policies.

      And we NEVER will if we don’t have AMERICAN businesses producing products, goods and services HERE again.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Gibson is non-union…and has kicked everyones ass for years…all other guitar companies are unionized.

      Unions are ON THEIR WAY OUT! The writing is on the wall and barry needs money.

      • 45caliber

        Oblama needs the money, all right. And one the best ways to get it is to give billions to the unions so they can return millions to his private campaign funds. I’d be willing to pay him one percent too, if he’d give me money like that.

    • s c

      Good morning, clueless. Now, here’s what you need to know. Your false White House ‘god’ is a liar. Gibson has been singled out by a weasel mindset that is intent on punishing anyone who doesn’t want to “play along” with the criminals in Washington.
      By the way, Bubba, did you ever scrape together some reasons for GE not paying taxes or the Fed’s being immune to prosecution? BOTH are, if you can’t get it through that granite head of yours, Bubba, are CORPORATIONS. If GE isn’t an evil influence in America, it’s damned sure working on it. As for the Fed, it’s in a league of its own – as are you – and America can’t afford to have GE or the Fed or people like YOU, comrade.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Hmm, people like me. I am someone who works hard, pays taxes, obeys laws, participates in the public debate, serves my country, takes care of my family and friends, never been on public assistance, and loves America. And you think I’m bad for America.

        • Jyrine

          I never knew a communist that didn’t lie about the very things you just listed Doc Sarvis.

          • Doc Sarvis

            There are A LOT of things you don’t know.

          • Opal the Gem

            Yeah doc and one of those things is who REALLY pulls your strings.

    • 45caliber


      I love your (copied) arguments about tax incentives to go overseas with the jobs. You never state what those incentives are.

      The biggest incentive is that they don’t pay corporate taxes in other countries or, if they do, the taxes are a LOT lower. If you want Oblama to get rid of those tax incentives, then he would have to eliminate the corporate taxes here – and you and he don’t want that. Further, the regulations are a LOT less in other countries – one of the main reasons that they go elsewhere.

      I used to work for a company that had 25 employees. A good third of my work year was filling out government forms to “inform” them what we were doing. So the company was paying me thousands of dollars just to keep the government happy so we could actually make stuff to sell. I now work for a large company who employees several hundred people full time to do the same thing. (Luckily I no longer work in that area!) All that money is spent uselessly simply to give some government employees something to do.

      So your arguments are hillarious! LOL!

    • Robert

      He could cancel the tax loopholes granted to try to get the non-commercially viable “green” industries moving. (They are going bankrupt anyway) He could cancel the loopholes that let his “most favored” General Electric pay ZERO taxes on billions in sales. My small business is terribly burdened with taxes, as we are a subchapter S corporation, and as a result are his “most hated” group with income of over $200K per year. He could cancel the loopholes that let HALF of our citizenry pay NO FEDERAL TAX AT ALL… or even make a “tax profit” through the much-abused earned-income tax credit!

    • Ramona Callender

      you are nuts, obviously you don’t may any attention to what is happening.

      Its regulations regulations regulations…….more government intervention. get a clue Doc. its the core of America he wants to destroy, not the big exports or importers. They can’t possibly supply America with enough jobs for everyone, its the SMALL BUSINESSES that hold this country together. If he can destroy the small businesses, he has destroyed America……pay attention. PLEASE

    • Lorraine Smith



      The people in Holder’s Justice Department have told Gibson that they should lay off their 1200 employees, and move their production to Madagascar. If that’s not anti-business for Americans, what is?


    Obama and his wonderful buddy,Eric Holder have their priorities messed up.Why don’t they take care of immigration,jobs,and the economy instead of targeting Gibson.If Henry would support the dumocrats,things would be better for Gibson.

  • Jay

    One would have to be a fool not to see that Obama is anti-business. Yet, he insists that he is in favour of free-market.

    Democratic presidents never appoint business-men, merchants, or entrepreneurs to their cabinet. These are people who have started, and run private businesses, created jobs, met payrolls, and made profits., thus they might be sensitive to how government can help or hurt business enterprises, especially during a tough economic period.

    The number of such business-people appointed by Obama are non-existent. Members of his cabinet come mostly from government, academia, think tanks, and the law.

    There is none in his cabinet who ran a company, hired workers, or was an entrepreneur. Obama doesn’t qualify either, he was a lawyer, law school instructor, and a community organizer. As a community organizer, he did several things, but starting a profit-making business and creating jobs was not among them.

    There can be no doubt that Obama’s personal decisions prove he’s anti-business, and his administration clearly isn’t stacked with free marketers, quite the opposite! If any one sympathizes with business and appreciate how free markets work, their input will fall on deaf ears! Clearly, the enemy is inside the gates, and driving the Nation off the precipice!

  • Robert Morrow

    Not only Obama, but your own Senator and Representative has sold us down the river. I know my Senators from New Mexico have just done that. Why? All for the 30 pieces of blood stain Silver. Why, have they voted to increase powers to all the shadow governments and Petty Bureaucrats with no controls. I think it is about time all small business fire the employees and shut the doors until this corrupt government returns to the constitution and the Republic. One more thing Just why is the FDA allowed to approve poisons drugs with profits of 30,000 and higher for these drugs that kill. Also the 15,000 plus toxins allow into the food supplies. I hope that you like bread made with toxic foam plastic and wood pulp. Happy eating.

  • Becky

    If anyone who read this article would have bothered to read up on this is not the first time this company has been raided for this very same illegal import of product. Additionally, the Lacey Act was enacted in 2008 under the Bush administration. Of course, this will be leached onto by Republicans and Tea Partiers far and wide as an infringement on the companies right to do business. For those of you who do not know what the Lacey Act is it makes it illegal for any individual in the United States to import, export, buy, sell, or transport wildlife or, since 2008, plants or plant products that were taken, harvested, or exported unlawfully – in any way. Unlawfully is dictated by the country where the product originated. This man is crying wolf, make now mistake it is not the first time he has broken the law under the guise of doing business. But I suppose to the “maverick” Republicans out there that is alright, just let the man do business, right? Americans are supposed to represent the best of humanity, and that would include honoring the laws of other countries you are doing business with, wouldn’t it?

    • Doug

      Wow Becky you think you know the ins and out of the Lacey Act? Are you a custom broker or a corporation that has to deal with these ridiculous rules? So please tell me what fines or penalties that Gibson paid for importing illegal wood? That’s right none they are following the law the lacey act is just another Federal government take over by regulating! Most regulations are for the big businees not small business who does not have the people or means to file paperwork and the cost to do them! Please tell me of all the endangered plants and trees that the lacey act has protected! Thats right you don’t know you don’t deal with the Lacey Act and what the addtional cost it has cost companies to comply with a garbage act it should be removed along with most government agencies!

    • 45caliber


      They imported ebony from Madagascar. According to Madagascar laws, if there is enlay work (and there is on guitars) they are supposed to do the work there in their country before shipping it. It was not done. HOWEVER, Gibson has permission in writing from the Madagascar government to ship it in without the enlay. (You sort of forgot to mention that.) They got more paperwork from the Madagascar government after the raid to back up the first. The Madagascar government did not request the raid or make any protest to our government. All ebony was confiscated (have you priced it lately?) along with all guitars that were finished using it. The government has dropped the complaint but has refused to return any of the seized stuff. Actually, they have refused to agknowledge any requests.

    • Michael

      If you bothered to watch Fox News you would know the wood in question was legally harvested and approved for export by the Government of the country from which it came. Same as the wood used by the other Guitar Manufacturers. Broaden your mind and watch someone other than the ‘used to be’ News Broadcasters.

    • ValDM

      If you had done even the teensiest bit of research, you’d know that the wood in question is farmed & harvested under an international Fair Trade agreement. Since it is farmed & harvested under this agreement, it’s impossible to import this wood illegally…too many people watching. Go into your local whole foods market & see how many Fair Trade products are on the shelves; coffee is the one that most readily comes to mind. However, Fair Trade applies even to imported gem stones and other high-end products. Read up on Fair Trade, you might actually learn something.

  • 45caliber

    It is very important to enforce some other country’s laws here (instead of ours) – even if the perpatrators produce documents showing they didn’t break those laws in the first place and the foreign country didn’t ask for them to do it. The fact that the company gave a lot of money to the opposing party of those in power had nothing to do with the raid…

    (And if you believe that, I have this bridge for sale …)

    • Raggs

      That is it .45… Gibson has in the past supported the republican party and oblama wants revenge for it. It was over two years ago that I stated that oblama would go after anyone that is against him and now we see it.

      • 45caliber

        Correct. The Demos have always done that when they think they can get away with it – and protest if the GOP tries to do the same. Actually, I think they think they have a patent on things like that.

    • iam

      45, what you are saying is that as long as we ignore documents we can claim that anyone is committing any crime we choose to charge them with. It depends only on our own desire to attack those we disagree with. Our own evidence is manufactured, therefore we can claim that their evidence is manufactured.

      • 45caliber

        What I meant is that Gibson, along with others, have documented evidence that they broke no laws here or in the other countries. But our government prefers to ignore those documents showing innocence since they want to persecute their politicial opponents – and perhaps steal a lot of stuff they can sell or use themselves at the same time.

  • iam

    “Anti-Business Obama.” Now there’s a redundancy if I ever saw one. That’s like saying “big huge” or “little tiny.”

    • Jyrine

      Bingo iam;o)

  • BrotherPatriot

    On a more light hearted note…I link you this that came to me this morning from my Grandfather, a retired Commander in the Navy.

    God Bless & Enjoy!

    • OB1

      Thank you, Brother Patriot. I was starting to get discouraged. Loved your link!

  • Kevin Beck

    If I had the choice, I would give my permanent and unyielding support to Gibson Guitars by buying and playing their instruments exclusively, except that their electric guitars are made too small for my hands to play correctly. So instead I just have to hope my other instruments last a long time while I boycott all the other guitar manufacturers.

  • Brad

    No money for O no money for your company. Extortion finely tuned by a great extortionist Welcome to Obama’s new jobs program.

  • daniel

    Welcome to Chicago politics payed for with our taxes. Just replace the boss with Obama and you won’t have to far to think before you get how the one operates. Pay protection or pay the price. The Gibson guitar incident is a blatant threat to anyone that does not play ball or pony up. I just can’t bring myself to believe that the White House did not know about this and a few other DOJ decisions. Where is Eliot Ness?


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