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Get It Through Your Thick Skull

January 11, 2013 by  

We’re getting tired as well, Mr. President. Speaker of the House John Boehner told Wall Street Journal columnist Stephen Moore that during negotiations over the fiscal cliff, he kept trying to tell the President that the Nation doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. Moore quotes Boehner as saying he repeated this message so often that the President finally responded, “I’m getting tired of hearing you say that.” Well, we’re getting tired of having to say it, Mr. President.

The high costs of wind subsidies. In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, former Senator Phil Gramm gave an interesting comparison of the cost of various energy subsidies. Wind power tops the list, at a cost of $54.28 per one million watt hours generated. The same amount of electricity from nuclear power costs $3.10, from hydropower 84 cents, from coal just 64 cents and from natural gas 63 cents. Yet it looks like we will spend another $12 billion in wind subsidies this year. Why?

A costly break in a Presidential vacation. According to Newsmax, most of the Obama family’s vacations in Hawaii cost about $4 million, much of it for Air Force One. But when the President interrupted his Christmas vacation this year to fly back to Washington at the end of the fiscal cliff negotiations, the extra round trip added $3.4 million to this year’s tab.

Al Gore’s dubious deal. Current TV, the cable network founded by Al Gore and some friends, never caught on with the American public, averaging fewer than 40,000 viewers a night. But that didn’t deter the pro-Islamist network Al-Jazeera from ponying up $500 million to buy it. The sale will be worth about $70 million to Gore, who tried but failed to get the deal closed by Dec. 31 in order to avoid the higher tax rates that kicked in on Jan. 1. Gore reportedly will remain on the board of the new entity, to be called Al-Jazeera America.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • brett

    for as much as i will agree that the gov.t has a severe spending problem, i think it is foolish to ignore that it also does have ( and for a very long time now ) a revenue problem. decades of tax cuts and loop holes and subsidies for our corporate masters have gone far to hurt our country to the extent that our local and state gov’ts are in far worse shape than the fed ( sure, let’s privatize so that our corporate masters can further tighten their reigns on us ). speaking of subsidies… not surprised that oil wasn’t listed. why? too many politicians do very well at the expense of the american tax payer, singling out the pres. is just being petty. finally, the “pro-islam” newsie al-jazeera. last i knew, there were not any openly anti-christian national ( or international ) newsies in this country, so to call out al-jazeera as being “pro-islam” ( and subsequently anti-american ) is pretty petty as well. especially when you do have a distinctly anti-american arab network rotanda, which just so happens to be partly owned by a major media mogul who’s network just so happens to have affiliates that write for this newsie.

    • Bill

      History has shown us what raises revenue and what does not. The more costs you impose on business, the less business does and the less revenue is generated.

      The way to create more revenue is to lower taxes, which creates a thriving economy, which brings in more revenue. It has been proven in the past.

      Once, in an interview with Obama, the moderator pointed that fact out to Obama and he said he did not care. Because in his mind, it is all about fairness. Which translates to him having a different agenda than creating a thriving economy

      • brett

        i’m always amazed and disappointed over the replies that i get. i keep thinking that i’m being rather clear in my statements but the replies regrettably tell me people are only reading what they want to see ( you are all too well trained and programed ). tax breaks, loop holes and subsidies are not costs imposed. yes, theoretically, lowering taxes could raise more revenue if ( big if ) profits were to ( as they should in a proper capitalistic economy ) role back into investments ( r&d, infrastructure, ( big one ) payroll ( aka-profit sharing ), etc. however, giving how our current ( and very real ) history has played out… by allowing our corporate masters pay less and less of their fair share of taxes, and freezing our pay, and cutting our benefits, our economy is doing anything but thriving. which makes me more inclined to hear out the pres. and his agenda.

    • Walt


      Rather than try to convince you here on this message board about the tax issue. Please go to Google and search for the following PDF book (available free on line). It is called:

      “America’s Great Depression”, by Murray Rothbard.

      Do yourself a favor and read this book FIRST, before you decide to contribute future comments on economics.

      You’ll learn a lot about the decisions made by politicians of that period, and how they affected the 1930′s and future economic decisions to this day.

      • brett

        gee thanks walt, but since my comments are meant to be on capitalism in a democratic republic ( or what should be ), i can tell you that the views of an anarcho-capitalist who believes in a unregulated laissez-faire style economy does not interest me because i just don’t cotton to that type of thinking. see walt, the problem i have with letting them do as they please is no different than letting the fox guard my hen house. the problem i have with leaving the market alone to regulate itself is rooted in the very fundamental instinct of self preservation. people are naturally selfish and will make selfish decisions. and an individual in a desperate situation will most likely chose poorly. it is essential to have proper outside, independent, objective, incorruptible regulation ( which we by no means have ) because of this. not to mention that the founding fathers were all about the general welfare of all of the citizens of this country, not just a few.

        actually walt, thanks for nothing.

      • toosmarttovoteGOP

        Oh yes, by all means PLEASE read a discredited book by a discredited author promulgating a discredited economic theory largely based on faith, Seriously? What is it with what is erroneously called the “right-wing” and their adherence to disproven economic failure?

        I mean, we’re all taught, “If you don’t succeed try, try again” but at some point the admission of failure is no longer optional if one’s viewpoint is reality-based.

        Face it: if Republicons’ economic theories worked, Pres. Ronnie wouldn’t have needed to raise taxes eleven times in order to (pretend to) try to shore up his tripling of the national debt, and we’d be awash in jobs.

        We aren’t.

        It failed because it was never viable.

    • SirCrashton

      The problem with giving more money (revenue) to governments is that politicians inevitably will find more ways to waste the additional revenue while sucking potentially productive capital from the private sector.

      • Bill

        Good analogy, SirCrashton

  • Bill

    So, the hero of the global warming profiteers is trying to not pay his fair share of taxes

  • archie brown

    Bill, that’s not a surprise. As Dennis Miller says, he’s a fraud. He’s just like that arrogant spoolhead in the White House.

  • Chester

    Bill, Reaganomics only works so long before it becomes another spending item, which in many cases, it already is. When you give businesses tax cuts so they can export JOBS, then you are cutting revenue twice, once in the tax cut, and again in no personal taxes on the workers producing those goods. When you have companies reporting multi-million dollar profits, yet getting tax refunds rather than paying taxes in, something is wrong somewhere. Right now, it is cheaper, taxwise, for a company to make ten billion dollars a year than ten million, and that is NOT good for government revenue, or most of the smaller businesses.

    • Bill

      The reason business export jobs is because it is more cost effective Make it more cost effective, and they will stay here.

      A friend of mine manufactures nut, bolts and hardware. For a long time his busness was hurting due to foreign competition. But recently, due to the high cost of shipping, he can now be competitive with foreign manufacturers.

      Souther California’s golden goose has always been the movie industry. If you were a producer or a director, everything was ten minutes away with a phone call. The last thing they wanted to do was move out of California. But instead of the govt appreciating that business, they made it harder to do business and opened the flood gates for other areas to be more competitive.

      Michigan got smart. They offer to rebate 40% of a producers budget if they would shoot in their state. That’s what the govt should do. Instead of trying to steal as much as they can from business, they should offer incentives to keep business home. They will make twice as much money in the long run

      No business wants to deal with vendors that are far away. They would rather deal with local venders due to the convenience and service.

      But business is not there to offer you a job, they are there to make a profit. The way you protect workers is to create a climate that is condusive to business and for them to keep good workers thay have to pay better wage and benefits

      • brett

        you are so right that they are all about making a profit, but so wrong about them “to keep good workers they have to pay better wage and benefits”. not only have they froze and cut wages and benefits in the name of profits, they have also let go good workers for any who will work for less, hence the poor quality of goods.

      • Bill

        The reason they are holding on to cash is that your buddies in the government view them as a milk cow and want to take everything they make. How to you expect them to have extra cash to pay people more money.

        You cannot rely on other people for your livlyhood. Maybe you should become self employed, then it is up to you to give yourself a raise

      • brett

        bill, if you pulled your head out of you’d know i don’t call the gov’t my friend. obviously, giving your reply, you have no clue other than b.s somebody has feed you ( prob this site for one ). get out and live a little, and, if possible develop a well rounded educated mind.

      • Bill

        Is that all you got, Brett. So, instead of finding ways to better yourself, all you do is call people names that you do not agree with.

        You sound like you are whining because someone has not “given” you something and you do not like the way capitalism works.

        What do you really want? It is a common fact that you will never get ahead with a wage earning job. But when I suggest that you take charge of your own destiny, you lash out

        Abraham Lincoln said “Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those that hustle”

        You, my friend, are a loser. Go cry in the corner and quit wasting our time

      • brett

        bill, you want me to be a name caller like yourself ( i called no names, if you actually had pulled your head out of your ass and actually read anything that i wrote and not what it was you wanted to read within your pathetic delusional world, you would know this ), than i call you a douche. you, like many others in this forum, assume too much and incorrectly, and i’m no ass. what i offered was much more substantial than the trite codswallop you spewed.

  • brett

    love the irony in the title.

  • GRusling

    brett: The “revenue problem” you refer to would vanish entirely if our federal government would just retreat from all of the unconstitutional activities it’s now involved. “Social Policy” is nowhere authorized in the federal constitution, so if it would simply withdraw from all such activities there would be no revenue problem at all!

    You object to tax cuts? Is it just other people’s tax cuts you deride, or your own as well? You refer to “Corporate Masters” but if our federal government were simply disentangled from Wall Street and all other business elements (like banks) there would be no Corporate Masters in America. Have you noticed the “revolving door” between the federal government and big business? This is what keeps the COST of government on the rise, ear in and year out. It’s called “Crony Capitalism” and it’s about as far from TRUE capitalism as is possible.

    What we really need to do is eliminate ALL federal subsidies to any business, and realize that “Corporate Revenue Taxes” are nothing less than DOUBLE TAXATION on the same money, because any and all “profits” from large corporations are distributed to SHARE HOLDERS who are individuals, just like you and I, who then pay income tax AGAIN on that same money!

    “Social Programs” are nowhere authorized by the US Constitution. IF they even SHOULD exist, it would be at the State and not the federal level. Always remember that our federal government is nothing more than an AGENT of the States, created to do for them collectively the few jobs which are difficult for them to do individually, like defense of our national borders.

    Our federal government has a MAJOR spending problem, and the large majority of it goes to support programs where it has no business being involved in the first place, like the education of some individual. Social Security is totally unconstitutional, as is Medicare, and only the lack of “REAL EDUCATION” in our society allowed such foolishness to ever be enacted in the first place. The United States was never intended to be the “Sugar Daddy” for the underachievers in America, where “OPPORTUNITY” to succeed is the only part of “success” supported by our founding documents.

    BTW, I’m 71 years old, eligible for Medicare and drawing Social Security right now, and I’m not wealthy, nor is my “retirement” secured by anything at all. Maybe that’s why I still WORK for a living, just like everyone else in America needs to do. If Social Security ended TODAY I would survive, because I’ve never spent any time trying to find OTHER PEOPLE to pay my bills and support me or my family.

    Chip Wood is right. I’m tired of the federal government CONSTANTLY searching for new and unique ways to RAISE MY COST OF LIVING, which is precisely what happens whenever it raises “TAXES” on anything and everything that eventually reaches the CONSUMER! BUSINESS doesn’t pay taxes. It counts them as part of the “COST TO PRODUCE” whatever product or service it provides, which simply increases the price of whatever that may be, and passes such costs thru to the consumer. That, my friend, is you and I…

    • brett

      thanks grusling. believe it or not i am not that far off from what you think. the corporate masses that i refer to run our gov’t on every level from local, state and fed. they are both nameless and faceless. do remember that before the constitution was passed, that libertarians were mostly concerned with their own liberties and not others. state sovereignty was based in special interest ruling it’s own territory by it’s own rules ( before the revolution, sovereignty was granted though royal charter ( please don’t be so naive to believe that the power of local money ended with the brits leaving, not all tories left ya know )). remember how catholic md used to discriminate against other religions? and i find that the preamble of the u.s. constitution’s “promote the general welfare” and “insure domestic tranquility” can easily translate to social policy. but since our gov’t is corrupt and is not for the people nor by the people, i get where you are coming from.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Admittedly Obama looks stupid but he understands what he’s doing, he’s trying to destroy our America. He is the worst president we’ve ever had.

    • Aaron

      The french citizen that I am agree your comment.
      I allowed myself to call him “the witch président” since nov.2008…He is theworst with J.Carter.
      I wish you good luck but what USA will be in four years after eight years of obama’s disaster ?

  • Aaron

    I red that Al Gore sold his TV chain to Al-Jazeera!!
    This is an anti-patriotic act.
    You have a risk of islamisation for your nation .

  • needfulthings

    Okay Bonner please tell us just how many SPENDING BILLS your signature has been affixed to over all these years? Yep! 95% of’em.


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