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Geraldo Rivera Schools Bill O’reilly About Recent Domestic Terror Plots Being Fake

December 13, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest DQuiney

    geraldo is stupid. the guy was not seduced to become a terrorist, when the want a be terrorist walked into the recruiting station and pushed the button to detonate what he thought was a bomb he was not seduced. no one made him push that button. give him the death penalty so u send a message that u.s.a. will not take care of terrorists for life with free medical and dental care and 3 meals a day and cable t.v. . that money can be spent better on american citizens like educational programs or infrastructure upgrade.

    • Richard

      I don’t know if rivera is stupid or not and i don’t know if this kid would have tried to blow up this building on his own or not. What i do think is that this “let’s kill them all that don’t agree with us” attitude is one of the most important parts of the problem we are having. As far as someone being able to be seduced into doing something, don’t forget what bush and his pals did to us. While we are looking at those that we want to die or kill, the haves are bit by bit stealing what was once our God given freedoms. Keep looking in the wrong direction, keep following by the nose and one day it will be reality. You’ll do whatever, whenever, however your told. Just like prisoners. I do believe that prison should be just that. But not an entire world of haves and have nots. Are you kidding me?

      • http://personallibertydigest Len

        Proven fact Richard. If it were not for Bush’s pro-active response to the Al-Quaida training camps that were established in Iraq, Aphganistan, and Pakastan, more Americans would have died. The US armed forces broke up and destroyed several heavily armed training camps who’s sole mission was to carry out more terrorist attacks in the US.
        And please remember, sir, It was Osama not Bush who purposely murdered the 3,500 plus individuals on 9/11/01.

        • Cristiano

          For 10 years of my life I tried to obtain money to move to the USA legally to legally study economy, but my income was very low enough, and I didn’t own things like a car or a house, thus I would ever be denied the visa to enter the USA. What causes me hate is that the US authorities give allowance of entrance to those muslims that hate the Americans because Americans are the few remaining peoples on earth that are reference for others to not think that communism and similars are the only way of life to accept with heads turned down. Because revolutionaries need to destroy Americans. The problem is not the country, but the prosperity still visible in America that impedes the world to become communist from a second to another.

          Then I see those vagabonds from muslim countries, Central America entering the USA legally but without leaving their trash mentality all behind, and yet want to kill Americans.

          The US Gov. should pay attention in what people to refuse entrance in the United States of America, poor people that want to be like Americans or people with some money that want to destroy America like viruses do.

          Today I am 35 years old, and I still hope to make money to enter the USA legally for tours and business. The mood for living there is over, because I am not young anymore. The taste of that has vanished. Thank you Bush for launching aircraft against the towers… There was no 757 crashed into the Pentagon or Pennsylvania, but missiles. I saw the video from the Pentagon showing a missile hitting the outer building. I saw TV channels covering the moments when explosions came from the underground of the two mega towers of the WTC. And nothing could collapse that black tower. Bush, you keep profitable business with bin Laden’s family, and allowed a Kenyan backed up by the international communist to become president of the USA without proving personal documents. Bush you are blamed for people like me, even doctors to not enter the USA, as those damned terrorists are being poured in the homeland of the USA.



        • who cares

          Bush is to be blame for 9-11. It was not enough being a president he needed people to die as he said he needed a Pearl Harbor. The FBI and bush new of the 19 supposedly highjackers but did nothing to prevent 9-11. White america is deficient in judgment bush new this. he also new when killing people of color like Iraqies, whites would give him a pass. every one of us is to be blame for every single life killed by bush. bush family is friend of the (osama) bin landen family for over 30 years. they benefit by going into Iraq. when Clinton was President the price of gasoline was $1.40 a barrel of oil was $18 dollars. the bush family are in the oil business. bush is to be blame for 9-11!!! see Rachel Maddow for you news and fact.

    • who cares

      Dquiney, Remember when you were 19 year?? Plobably not because your plobably 19 now. This kid was set up, What white people would think other wise. We all know whites are scared of their own shadow. this kid is Black you ask why would the FBI entrap anyone, ask them. you want him put to death, what did he do that warrant the death penalty for you. Dquicy you are a freaken %&$*)*%- you must be a republican.

  • Amren

    I can’t wait for the video of Muslim terrorists cutting off the head of Geraldo Rivera! He’s as much an idiot as the rest of Hollyweird. They all think that by saying they think Islam is a religion of peace, that the Muslims won’t cut off their head. You all better wake up! This “religion of peace” is coming for YOU!!!!
    America is not the enemy, HOllywood! Islam is. The sooner you admit that fact, the sooner you’ll be able to keep you head attached.

    • Rick N.

      You, and so many others who spew the same hate-speak, are victims of propaganda. Don’t be so gullible – don’t let the media so easily mold your thoughts. There are more than 1,500,000,000 Muslims in the world and I would guess that about 1,499,999,000 of them have never cut off anyone’s head. You are focused on a tiny fraction of the Muslim world. You watch the news and see the actions of a few, and you then want to make a blanket statement about Muslims.

      Don’t you get it??? This handful of whacked-out idiot criminals (al Quaida and other radical groups) WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THIS IS A RELIGIOUS CONFLICT!! You and other suckers are stepping right up to the plate and buying into it. The “enemy” (this handful of idiots, including some Islamic government leaders and spiritual leaders) NEEDS the world to believe this is a religious conflict to be successful. They NEED to stir the hatred between the east and west. They NEED to rally the support of their Muslim neighbors by demonstrating how the west “hates” them. Quit giving them what they need!

      Understand that 99.9999% of Muslims want no conflict with the west. They don’t want to cut off anyone’s heads or indiscriminately kill people. They want the same things every other person in this world wants — to be respected, to have basic freedoms, to prosper, and to be free of discrimination and belligerent actions by other cultures/nations.

      America has a very real and very dangerous enemy out there, but it is NOT the entire Muslim world. If you believe it is, then the REAL enemy has already won you over.

  • Mark

    The only people who believe that there is ANYTHING noble about WikiLeaks, are people who have a disdain for America.

    • Right Wing

      Mark, you are entitled to your opinion. I believe in America, what it was founded on, and what it stands for. WikiLeaks has regurgitated information that has not been disputed as fictitious. In fact our government has preempted the release of information by apologizing and warning of harm to our troops. This is pretty much a tacit admission of wrongdoing. Sure…white lies and covert operations are necessary to obscure a mission deigned to benefit the greater good. If all the “leaks” can be lumped under this catagory then perhaps the actions of our government are justified. I find it difficult to believe that information leaked in these disclosures represents the sum of our governments covert operations and instead represents the outstanding sum of information hidden from the American people by our ruling elite.

      I choose to rely on telling the truth and allying myself with honest and truthful people to achieve my goals. I learned this from my parents and their parents before them. In fact I believe it to be the pivot post of our country’s moral compass. The fact that our government has taken it upon itself to engage the world front with agendas hidden from We The People tells me our government has exceeded its constitutional function and is out of control. Branding WikiLeaks as a demonic institution is contrary to the concept of free speech and our media has been largely employed to propagate this message and hypnotize the sheeple. When you stop asking questions and only regurgitate the message of the ruling elite then you have been washed.

      • http://personallibertydigest Airborne

        Right Wing, more like, might sing. You are no more a right winger than your are true american. Anyone who commits and act that may jeopardize american troops, philosophies, strategies, or positioning, or hinder, expose, uncover, or sabatoge American foriegn policy, commits treason. Please investigate the intel before you flap your gums on something you obvioulsy know nothing about.

  • Bob Hauser

    The single greatest moment on TV was on his own show when Geraldo got his ugly nose flattened all over his matching face by angry Skinheads…the half-jew, Geraldo, is a media maggot just like O’Slyly and I have no use for either.

    Islam hates America because of the way this country sucks ass to Israel and provides them with 3 billion (officially, which means its probably five times that much) of the tax slaves’ money and all the military hardware so they can incinerate Gaza…sure the Islamics hate our guts, can you really blame them or the rest of the world for doing so?

    • Viktor Leben

      What About the 500 billion + we pay on overpriced oil from Arabs ? Give Israel a break ! You can send my tax money to Israel …

  • JimH

    I guess if you are weak minded enough, someone could seduce you to do something you normally wouldn’t. To say he was entrapped by the FBI to do something, that he could have said no to, is what is bogus, Rivera.

  • Viktor Leben

    Muhammad Hussein is crazy ! I not for entrapment but this dude would have blown up a recruiting office. That’s nuts ! It’s good he’s off the street !

  • s c

    ‘Horrendo Revolver’ is so predictable. It seems he has a low boredom level, or he’d use his talents to do a better job and become a much
    better ‘journalist.’
    As I recall, Mr. Rivera once had a “scoop” on TV about Al Capone. What a first-class flop that program was, folks. He’s had many years to improve, and still he comes across as an ex-lawyer with the investigative skills of Al Gore.
    Keep trying, Geraldo. I assume you’re trying, but it can be so very hard to know for certain. There’s always a grocery store rag that might give you a chance.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Did you ever see the expose in the news about his house he sold?? It was suppsed to be a “smart” house but the guy couldn’t get the doors to unlock, had trouble with the heat, all sorts of problems with it!! This from a host of This Old House!!! I’m always seeing him advertising for Craftsman tools and it irks the hell out of me as from what i’ve seen of him he doesn’t know which end of a screwdriver to use!!!

  • SH

    A gulible youngster? Herrendous – GIVE ME A BREAK! Just what would you be saying if that bomb wasn’t fake? You have reached a new low.

  • Judy S.


  • Justin

    Geraldo did not “school” Bill O’reilly, at least not from what is shown in this clip. I’m surprised of the terminology used. For somebody to be “schooled” there has to be a debate and that is not what this is. Most of the time Geraldo is allowed to say what he wants to say. O’reilly makes it clear he disagrees, but he basically just says, “whatever, you have your opinion and I have mine.” I don’t even like Bill O’reilly and I think this statement is stupid.

  • David Lawrence Dewey

    Through the sands of time…the written word has changed the course of history, inspired many to fight for their beliefs and most importantly…elevated mankind to a higher understanding of man’s in-humanity to mankind”

    ~ David Lawrence Dewey

    It is time that we as humans, regardless of spiritual beliefs
    apply common sense of what is right and wrong to do to our fellow man,
    no religion teaches to “kill” our brother. Truth Is What Matters,
    and that I feel has been lost in mankind’s spirituality regardless of what religion or faith they follow. Too many are getting off on tangents of disinformation about many things. The media does has great influence on the “perceptions” of certain things. The radical Muslims that are committing these acts are no different than those we have had in America. They are FEW in comparison to the total of good people, regardless of any religion or faith.

    Geraldo may have “some” truth in what he is trying to convey – what is needed is the searching of the facts and truth to come to an intelligent decision whether there is truth in what he is saying.

    Mankind’s closed mindedness has been one of the major problems, but first is FEAR, which then leads to all the other mental emotions of expressions, which are often many times wrong.

    O’Reilly has some truth as well, however, as in Geraldo, each has a game plan first and that game plan is to either keep their ratings up or be recognized…sadly, many in the news media have become
    show business news celebrities – instead of real journalists who only report the facts, sometimes with opinion. What is the major task here is to pull out what little truth each have out of the “show biz” stunts they pull.

    A good journalist provides the facts, a celebrity journalist is all about “show business.”

    ~ David Lawrence Dewey

  • http://BobLivingston Frank

    All Geraldo needs is to experience a bomb blast neare one of his children, and you’ll see how quick this hippi lawyer changes his sentiments towards poor little young kids who are just upset and feel the need to blow people up. Innocent people will continue to get blown to shreds if we continue to find excuses for this demonic act of terrism.


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