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Geraldo Rivera changes mind on AE911Truth and BuildingWhat

November 16, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    Such a silly discussion. Obviously building 7 was taken down by controlled demolition. There were news reports at the time that to protect other structures it was decided to demolish building 7.

    For some unknown reason all this is hidden. Maybe, like Obama’s birth Certificate, it is there as disinformation. It sure has been useful for getting people to claim that the twin towers were brought down by explosives planted inside. This in spite of the obvious pancake collapse of the twin towers.

    • C.S. KAHN

      Didn’t Hitler himself do away with his own parliament building for the same inside reasons, look back at the Lithutania, that was a great way to insight Americans into entering the war, our men rushed to register the very next day…the same goes for Pearl Harbor, our gov knew of the incoming attack weeks before—good excuse to test the bomb…..and finally, what a perfect way to go into Iran and that was done , what next??? Study your history dear, that goes for many of you out there..Time to awaken, we are people, not sheople, the founding fathers warned us of this…it all started with the Creature of Jekyll Island, the Fed…international bankers(the new priesthood)and now we have international treaties worldwide….there is much,much more to say….Yes, our beautiful planet is going towards martial law and tyranny..They planned it so well.

      • gary sturrock

        come on people!! use the brains GOD gave a goats behind, will ya??

  • Michael

    The towers fell at freefall speed, if the pancake fairytale were true it would have provided resistance at every floor, thereby making it take longer. Besides, the central core was not included in the idiotic pancake theory. Wake up!!!!!!!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Bingo…they can’t keep the truth concealed forever…try as they might.

    Our people were murdered. It was a conspiracy. It was an inside job. It was a criminal act and affects many, many, MANY of our government people. They have circled their wagons and are trying to protect each others asses knowing theirs is connected…that is all.

    Investigate. Subpeona. Expose. It’s treason…plain and simple. Convict.

  • http://none Mike

    The 2 main towers might have been brought down by the planes. I say this because once the structures started to go the weight upon the central core would have increased as the floors above collapsed. The laws of Inertia would apply to the 2 main towers once the collaps had begun. Building 7 was a diffrent story though if you look closely at the video look at the windows just before the collaps you can see them blowing out.Another thing that caught my eye was the fact that just before the collaps you can see the center of the roof bowing.That is another charecteristic of a controlled demolition collaps.Really begining to make me think for thoes charges to be set someone had an idea this was comming. I like thoes families represented in the add would really like to know who just knew what before 9/11.I have really wondered just like Bob that if these people were really traind in the deserts and caves of Iraque how they gaind such intament knowledge of the planes themselves. I dont think they were traind there maby indoctrinated there but not trained. This I bet is where the hidden knowledge leads these people might have been traind in aronotics right here in the united stats under Saudiarabian passports. Which would imply the Saudies had more to do with it than the Iraques or Afganistan.The implications of that would have been disasterous for our oil supplies so we had to choose a scapegoat in the middle east which opened the door for the invasion of Iraque. All of this implies that our own goverment had prior knowledge of possible attacks.And may very well have been guilty of at the very least complacency in them. Mike L.

    • L

      It really makes one have the think about what the Saudi royal family was doing here in the U.S. at the time; and then why, with all other planes grounded; they were flown/escorted safely out on our own military aircraft. Then…let’s think about Obamination bowing to the Saudi king…. just wondering??? There are certainly a lot of strange
      dots” floating around that have not been connected publicly.

  • Jerry

    I believe that all 3 buildings were previously set with explosives
    long before they were hit with the planes, once the planes hit the towers, electronic devises were used to bring all 3 buildings down.
    I don’t believe our government was involved, this was a well planned
    (in advance) attack on our country. We are dealing with extremely
    intelligent terrorists. We better wake up and stop being politicaly correct, and start racial profiling.

  • Earl

    Speaking as one who has been up close and personal, and is acquainted with one of the controlled demolition co.’s, I am certain that this was a case of demolition, not a fire caused collapse. It takes some time to plan and place strategic charges in order to control the direction of fall…..This simply could not have been done in that time frame. The last job I saw took two weeks to prepare, and it was only 13 stories tall. I have seen videos MANY time since 911 and feel that the “pancake theory” is full of hot air. Then we have numerous reports of explosions by employees of WTC that characterized the sound as boom, boom, boom boom boom, boom,boom. sounds just like what I heard in Denver at that demo. All explosions are timed to collapse strategic columns at proper intervals to bring the structure down on itself. There were various materials found in the settled debris which are only generated when THERMATE (look it up) is used as a chemical byproduct.

    Add to this mix the fact that there was a military exercise going on at that same time, with the same scenario involved…..

    Also, why were the fighters from Nearby Bases told to stand down when they were scrambled, by persons high on the command chain?

    There is much,much more than my little offering, folks, just do your homework………..

    • http://?? Joe H.

      woulden’t that be thermite????

      • Earl

        No, thermate is related to thermite, but is different in characteristics:
        From Wikipedia:

        Thermate is a variation of thermite and is an incendiary pyrotechnic composition that can generate short bursts of very high temperatures focused on a small area for a short period of time. It is used primarily in incendiary grenades.

        The main chemical reaction in thermate is the same as in thermite: an aluminothermic reaction between powdered aluminium and a metal oxide. In addition to thermite, thermate also contains sulfur and sometimes barium nitrate, both of which increase its thermal effect, create flame in burning, and significantly reduce the ignition temperature. Various mixtures of these compounds can be called thermate, but to avoid confusion with thermate-TH3, one can refer to them as thermite variants or analogs. The composition by weight of Thermate-TH3 (in military use) is 68.7% thermite, 29.0% barium nitrate, 2.0% sulfur and 0.3% binder (such as PBAN). As both thermite and thermate are notoriously difficult to ignite, initiating the reaction normally requires supervision and sometimes persistent effort.

        Because thermate burns at higher temperatures than ordinary thermite,it has useful military applications in cutting through tank armor or other hardened military vehicles or bunkers. As with thermite, thermate’s ability to burn without an external supply of oxygen renders it useful for underwater incendiary devices.

        Because they are not intended to be thrown, thermate incendiary grenades generally have a shorter delay fuse than other grenades (e.g., two seconds), although this is contrary to the information at the website that states they are designed to be thrown up to 25 metres (82 ft).

  • Earl

    Has anyone ever considered that this may have been a false flag attack by Mossad (Israeli secret service) to make it look like Arabs did it? Such things have been done before…Somebody explain to me why Mr. Silverstein took out double indemnity insurance on the towers just days before the incident

  • GingerB4

    Our government is corrupt …and that’s an understatement. We really need to get together and reiterate our foundational documents. Expose every single employee (public servant) for the crimes they have committed against our FREE NATION! All laws, amendments, etc… must be put to the test of the initial Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we don’t do anything…all is lost. Just go on and get that government job, apply for food stamps, obamacare, rent your home from an illegal alien (because most of our homes will be given in trade to foreign debt) due to the foreclosure of your own home. Heck, that may be one of the new options…rent your own home. Buy the contaminated boxed food and die young. You’ll have no other choice. This 9/11 thing is only the tip of the iceberg! Repeal everything, think for yourself, stop watching TV, read “The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen (for starters), research, ask questions, and above all pray to God the Creator for mercy, guidance, and strength (we’re gonna need it).


    hi memeber of congress,
    good mornin ladies and gentle men of congress, warmestregard this season, 20ii will be the end of the islamic controversial administration in the history of the united states of the UNITED SOVREIGHN WORLD………..HI dad comin to nigeria you need the pilots directives .to land………for the total recovery of the economyandn world power.

  • sbs

    Geraldo is a plant, he’s helping the Obamanatiion to help “Pull it” ie America in favor of a NWO..Fox News has an adjenda, it will end in Armeggeddon……….hang on, it’s getting close

  • jeronimo

    People are talking and thinking… this is soooooo good. Now is the time to ACT!!

    Do Not COMPLY with the ‘authorities” they are against you!

    The airport security in the U.S. is managed by the Israeli MOSSAD

    DEFY them, they have no legal right to monitor us…. it will be proven that they ARE the Terrorists
    They want WW3 , don’t ask why, that’s for leater. Let’s expose this NOW and get the World that we
    live in back on track. We do not need any centralized banking system run by a bunch of secretive
    Banksters their only business is profit and for them the way to maxmize their share of the pie is
    to create WAR. We, You and Me have the POWER to end their 5,000 year old domination of us.
    The thing that they fear the most is our Non-Compliance and our collective Defiance of their
    laws that were made in Secret without our knowledge or input. We need NOT be Governed by these illegitimate laws. It s time for the Corporations to PAY ALL the TAX for all of us. This IS the end of Wealth, which will also bring the end of poverty, homelessness and a multitude of other ills….
    and restore America to its rightful place as the land of good rather than its current position worldwide
    as a Pariah…

    We are ALLL in this Together… and we will overcome this assault on us from the very people who
    have been held up to us as the ones we can trust… They will not fool us again!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Mostly correct…

      What we need is government transparency and accountability…these both to be enforced actively by a knowledgeable & aware public.

      Those guilty of severe enough lies to be barred from any further politics and to just basically fully uphold the Constitution.

      God Bless.

    • Joanne Oswald

      They don’t fear our compliance,what do you think the concentration camps all over the us are about? And Obama’s 60,000 troops in training to answer only to him …if and when riots take place we will be the star boarders in these camps..probably alon with FOX news. Good luck and GOD bless


    How many companies are there that are the implosion experts – and military units, also?? What companies supply these materials? That amounted to a very big order and should be very easy to trace.
    How about offering immunity and a multi-million dollar reward to the whistle blowers!! Remember, MONEY talks very loud.

  • “JAVOPE”

    Any metal when heated by fire before reaching a state of total failure will go through a state of lowering it’s yield point, which means it will slowly begin to bend. In order for the building to fall from the fire it would have had to be on the bottom since the building structure collapsed bottom first with the fire higher up it is impossible for the heat to go down and not rise.

    I feel that some catastrophe like this had to take place in order for them to initiate the control over everyone by computers.

    In Revelations it speaks about every one having to have the mark of the beast in order to be able to buy, sell or trade.

    Computers scan our purchases in the stores, computers scan our shipments and mail to deliver it where it needs to go. Computers are doing everything for us now, even carrying all these messages just as revelations said, that communication would be increased in the end in order for it to come about quicker.

    I am not saying the world is cumming to an end this week or real soon, but it is the end of the world as we knew it!

    It says the beast shall rise up from the sea. You know sand is made in the sea by the water beating the rocks until it becomes sand. Funny that computer chips are made from sand.

    As a Viet Nam Veteran I walked right in the middle of a bunch of BS and it smelled like it to, especially after I got home and really learned about warfare, I couldn’t even vote for the politicians who sent me but I could die for them.

    It is not a government that is bad it is the people who control it that can be bad. The fight is not about flesh and blood it is about what is good and what is evil.

    I know I might sound religious to some of you but I am not I only believe their is a God, and if you don’t well that’s OK with me you don’t need to read this and don’t reply because I don’t care.

    How about someone in the know just standing up and telling the truth.
    NOT, they know what will take place next.

    I have seen it and experienced it. It is so very sad to see it happening to America with such an apathetic gutless bunch of people who call themselves Americans when most of them are too dam antipathetic, lazy, or stupid or something to stand up and say enough is enough. I salute those of you who have the backbone and courage to stand up.

    Our country is the greatest in the world and it was not made that way by being a police state.

    “Just another visitor on planet Earth”

  • Dad

    The nut-jobs are coming out in force…

  • HumanFoodFactor

    Enough is enough. As a professional, I am losing so much peaceful sleep over a “not so invisible” enemy running rampant in our country. I just can’t stand it anymore.

    “They”, the Condoleeeza’s, Rumsfelds, Bush’s, Cheney’s and their bumbling attempts to get their stories straight, along with all the eyewitness and video evidence; there was an obvious plan that destroyed our freedoms and killed thousands of Americans on our own soil.

    This same group of people are the ones trying to convince millions of people that they didn’t see, what they saw. Like missles taking off in the waters of California. Hallucinations!!

    These people need to be charged with treason, murder and everything else they did. I am sick of this crap!!!! They knew it, they planned it and they executed a badly performed plan, that killed our own citizens, to promote their insane agenda worldwide.

  • T.L. Lewis

    Why could TERRORISTS not have also planted explosives days before the plane crash as a part of a total destruction plan?

  • Charles2439

    The collapse of building 7 did not start at the top of the building. It started nearer the bottom around the 8th floor – which supported the weight of 39 more floors above it. To understand the facts, you have to examine what happened with the twin towers.

    If you analyze which tower fell first, you will see that the first tower took a hit at a higher level that the second tower. The weight above the fire of tower 1 was far less than the weight above the fires of tower 2. Tower 2 fell first even though it was hit some time after the first because it had a much heavier load to support.

    Average building fire temperatures range from approximately 700º to 900º Celsius. Steel weakens dramatically as its temperature climbs above 230ºC, retaining only 10% of its strength at about 750ºC.

    If only part of the structural steel in building 7 was heated to 750ºC and held at that temperature for several hours, it would dramatically increase the load on all the other supporting steel – to the point of failure and eventual collapse. As the building began to collapse, the collapse would accelerate like a house of cards falling due to loss of structural integrity and pressure of the weight above the collapse.

    As a retired engineer, I know that structural steel loses strength when heated to high temperatures for extended periods of time.
    The collapse of building 7 was due to the effects of fires burning for hours and hours. The windows blew out as the building collapsed due to increased air pressure inside caused by volume reduction not explosives.

    In conclusion, there was no conspiracy unless you are talking about conspiracy by the Muslims to attack and kill innocent Americans. The Muslims were and still are the culprits, but many Americans have been led astray by the liberals who still refuse to accept the facts and put the blame where it belongs – on the Muslims.

    • BrotherPatriot


  • Kimbercarrier

    Other buildings around the world have burned for a much longer period of time and none of those collapsed.

  • andi

    We fight over details–like Nero fiddling while Rome burned–we must first develop plans for national safety and security. Right now we need to tend to the fire and rescue the survivors; we can convene investigatory panels once we have re-established proper conditions of protection for our nation. Our fracturing of the unity of all patriots only makes it easier for our enemies to vanquish us. Ben Franklin said it best–if I may paraphrase–if we don’t hang together, then we shall all hang separately. Personally, I have no desire to have my neck stretched. We need to go beyond blog conversations, step away from our keyboards, and get into the public arena where we can put into action our ideas for saving our country.

    Our military is the visual protector of our nation–God bless them–but we are the citizen militia that must confront our legislatures with peaceful but intense questioning of their decisions on our behalf. It isn’t as glitzy as storming the baricades but in the long run working from within brings the most effective change. Become a fifth columnist for our nation’s security.

    When was the last time you attended a public hearing or went to town meeting or even voted. That’s where the map of the nation’s journey is created. When the decision makers think they are out of the view of the public, they tend to make less than perfect leaders. If you are not a part of the solution, you are definitely a part of the problem. Be sure your opinions are heard and implemented when they are the best choice for our country.

  • justacitygirl

    There’s a lot of good videos online about this…how about the fact that cheneys company reaped millions rebuilding a country we destroyed…what was it called…black water? He had to think of something to get the war started….I. heard that a couple weeks before 9/11, there was security shut down at twin towers to install new cabling?! Sounds too suspicious…the people involved probably fear for their lives if they came forward with the truth…too bad

  • Drake Pendragon

    From the information I have read, it is clear that Al Qaeda planned and initiated the attack. It is also clear that Mossad who had been tracking the terrorists for many months, completed the job. It is also clear that OUR government has concealed the facts for political reasons. Thermalite is a nano-explosive that is only manufactured by a few sophisticated governments.


    hide the truth in plan sight just as JFK was shot


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