Georgia High School Student Charged With Felony For Bringing Deadly Tackle Box To School


A Georgia high school student has been charged with a felony for carrying fishing supplies to school in his car.

In September, law enforcement officials in preformed a K-9 search of the parking lot at Lassiter High School in Georgia. According to a report in the Marietta Daily Journal, a dog became interested a 1998 BMW 328i belonging to 17-year-old senior Cody Chitwood when it picked up the smell of black powder from firecrackers in the student’s trunk.

The dog’s hit gave officers probable cause to perform a thorough search of the vehicle, which turned up scary, deadly… fishing supplies.

Via the Marietta Daily Journal:

They found four knives, all of them with blades of at least 2.5 inches, according to the arrest warrant. Three of them, including a fillet knife and a spring-assisted knife, were inside his tackle box in the trunk. A butterfly knife was found inside the pocket of the driver’s side door.

“I enjoy fishing. I go fishing probably once a week, sometimes twice a week,” said Chitwood, who has been suspended for 10 days by Lassiter Principal Chris Richie. “I just forgot that it was in there. I had my fishing poles in the car, too.”

In Georgia, the charge of carrying a weapon in a school safety zone is a felony offense. Chitwood was allowed to turn himself in rather than be arrested on the spot. He did so on Sept. 18 and was released later the same day after posting bond of $1,000 plus $320 in fees.

The student said that officers found no other contraband or drugs in his vehicle, and that he has had no previous run-ins with the law.

The student said that he and his parents agree that the charges are “absolutely ridiculous” and he plans to fight them so that he can realize his dream of joining the Air Force upon graduation.

“I have an attorney and I’m hoping to get the felony dropped so I can still get in the Air Force,” he told the local newspaper.

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  • JimH

    A tackle box, in the trunk of a car. What a clear and present danger. Good thing the local crime fighters were there. He may have maliciously filleted a fish or something. The world can breath easier now.

    • Bob Pante

      Have to justify that fatt pay check

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      I wonder if they found any BLOOD on the Fillet Knife?????

      • JimH

        Spend thousands to run DNA to find the victim was a catfish.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          And in today’s Politically Correct World…they would probably charge him for MURDERING A FISH…

          • JimH

            He has a 007 fishing license. License to kill.

    • Shorty Stuff

      Damn liberals, just ruining this country. I can remember taking guns and fishing equipment to school and leaving them in the prinicipals office so I could pick them up and go hunting or fishing after school. We’ve got nothing but pansies in the education system today.

  • littlebigman21

    When did it become against the law to carry a pocket knife or even have one in the car? Since when are they considered a weapon?

    • lbrack

      In the UK knives are not allowed to be carried outside the home. Criminals began using knives to rob people after handguns were outlawed so the government outlawed knives. They have even developed kitchen knives that have no point and are rounded on the end.

      It is all part of the government’s plan to gradually disarm its citizens so they can not retaliate against corruption. It has been done elsewhere; why wouldn’t they do it here. The UN Arms Trade Treaty was recently signed by John Kerry despite a majority of Senators having told Obama they would vote against it.

      • June Maulfair

        Clinton signed the Kyoto treaty but it was never ratified by congress so it wasn’t enforceable – Kerry’s signature means nothing. Libs just love the show!

        • lbrack

          There are 2 significant opposing issues to be considered. First, from:

          “It’s commonly said that the Senate has to provide its advice and consent to any treaty – commonly known as ratifying it – before it can take effect. That’s true, but there’s a loophole. Once the U.S. signs a treaty, we hold ourselves bound not to violate the treaty’s “object and purpose.”

          “In other words, we obey in practice treaties that the Senate has never ratified.

          “This rule is an old one, and it used to make some sense. It would be dishonorable to sign a treaty with another country, do all the things prohibited by the treaty, and then ratify it. But that was a different era.

          “Since the U.N. has already defined gun control as a human right, they will not have to work very hard to make it part of the treaty.”

          Secondly, and in direct opposition to the first issue, Obama broke the treaty when he decided to send arms to Syrian rebels (Islamic terrorists per the US list of such groups). This shows that he will, at the very least, use anything available to accomplish his handlers’ wishes.

          • NadineM

            Considering that the US government has been breaking treaties from way back when they were signing them with the NATIVE AMERICANS, in my humble opinion and being NATIVE AMERICAN, NO treaty signed by any person in the US government is worth the paper it is written on!!!!

          • lbrack

            I agree with you about domestic treaties that would be litigated through federal courts. The government has typically had more influence domestically. The difference with the ATT is that it is an international treaty that can, at least in theory, be enforced by outside entities/courts. Once it is ratified it can be added to or changed by majority UN vote and becomes enforceable without further acceptance by the President or Senate.

  • Karolyn

    That’s not as bad as the little kid who got suspended for pointing his finger like a gun.

    • independent thinker

      It is every bit as bad and just as ridiculous.

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Most of my generation back in the 1950’s would have been suspended or arrested…We played Cowboys and Indians…Cops and Robbers…OH….AND THAT WAS ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS TOO..

  • Alan

    How disconcerting that being charged with a felony for the slightest of infractions has become so commonplace in this country. It’s all part of a bigger plan I think to make the most people possible guilty of crimes that would prevent them from purchasing firearms in the future. The corruption is systemic within the ranks of those who would shepherd us.

    • rbrooks

      you just now figured that out? can not own a gun and can not vote. the two go together.

      the real question is why the public has not demanded that all of these laws be repealed.

      • Clint McInnes

        Because the vast majority of “the public” can’t think critically. That part of the curriculum was carefully extracted some decades ago. Nowadays, appealing to logic from the school adminis-TRAITORS will get you some funny looks and probably a suspension.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          As a teacher for 15 years from the late 1960’s…I saw the beginning of the transformation from Education in Public Schools….TO INDOCTINATION IN PUBLIC INDOCTINATION CENTERS..

      • rivahmitch

        Those demands will have to be issued from the barrels of millions of guns. Semper Fi!

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          I do believe that as the Liberal Gun Grabbers start the process of Confiscating the Guns…they may get the AMMO FIRST…from the working end of the barrel..

      • wavesofgrain

        Unfortunately, as in Maryland’s recent case, they ignore the will of the people and let the Liberal Activist Courts decide for us!!!!

        • rbrooks

          you are not aware that most of these current laws were originally authored, supported and passed by the nra and the gop.

  • richcarro

    This is what happens when you have Liberals running our Country and Colleges. A little common sense would go a long way in this case. And they wonder why kids want to shoot up the school. They destroy someone’s future and they say it’s not their fault that this kid grew up and did this horrible thing. You bunch of mindless fools we have running our schools.

    • John

      In the last 40 years, every mass murder has been committed by a liberal democrat or the son of a liberal democrat. Every one. Extreme liberals should have all guns banned. Give them to the conservatives and people who have not watched the brainwashing news from NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. This has been done systematically and scientifically.

      • FreedomTrainUSA


        • John

          Freedom, in 1991 when the iron curtain came down the liberal media went after all the now unemployed soviet block propagandist. The New york times hired nine in one day. Also hired the psychologist expert in reprogramming the fully brainwashed mind. So since that time you have seen more violence and violent reactions to the slightest thing that offends the liberal agenda. I am sure you have seen plenty of that yourself and I have. All those people who suck up ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN are truly brainwashed. they refuse to watch Fox or anything that does not agree with the communist propaganda spiel.

          • FreedomTrainUSA

            And even Fox is joining the LIBERAL LAMESTREAM MAFIA MEDIA..

  • Ranchman

    I talked with two professors from the Oklahoma university I’m involved with. Both of them said we need to overthrow this admini9straytion…not the govt, this administration. I’m so blessed to belong to a university in the great Conservative State of Oklahoma! This State knows what the deal is!

  • $13614178

    Just more proof that we need to go a lot farther in shutting down this worthless out of control government , from the White House to the school janitors .

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      In this case from the White House to the TEACHERS UNIONS….

      • wavesofgrain

        Amen, FreedomTrain, Amen!!! The Unionization of Public Employees has created a corrupt mafia type control over the citizens. They DO NOT work for the taxpayers, but only for their UNION bosses. You cannot fire a UNION employee, they demand less work for more money, no accountability, no results, education is a disaster.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          As a former resident and teacher in the State of WI….We need more of the same laws that Governor Walker and Republican Legislature put in place that TOOK THE POWER AWAY FROM THE UNIONS…And that law has been UPHELD IN 2 FEDERAL COURTS…What has happened in WI…. is that the Public Employee Unions have now lost vast numbers of people…in Milwaukee & Milwaukee County…2/3 of the Union members dropped out of the Union…And at least 3 or more Teachers unions in the State…HAVE DECERTIFIED….THE UNIONS STRENGTH HAS BEEN SEVERLY REDUCED…WE NEED TO TAKE THAT TO ALL 50 STATES….

          • wavesofgrain

            Yes, FreedomTrain, I wholeheartedly agree with you!!!

  • rivahmitch

    The government is insufficiently afraid of the people of this sort of nonsense would never happen.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      When the Government FEARS THE PEOPLE…We have LIBERTY…
      When the People FEAR THE GOVERNMENT….We have TRYANNY…

      • rivahmitch

        Precisely. Jefferson was seldom wrong. Semper Fi!

  • gson97

    If things don’t change and pretty quickly, I predict there will be a rising up of the “silent majority.” We have sat by quietly for so long and ALLOWED so much of this to happen. Yes, I said allowed…. This school district needs to be revamped …. vote out ALL of the current board members. Parents need to attend school board meeting en masse and NOT stop until they get justice. The school can call the law and have them ALL arrested – when that happens, there are some pretty dang good attorneys out there that would and could fight for constitutional rights. Of course, letter EVERY single board member know that next election they are GONE will go a long way in gaining back some common sense. Next, when it’s time to renew the superintendent’s contract…. DON’T! Find a new superintendent that will listen to the people of the community.

    Folk, we can clean these messes up…. but it takes all of us and it takes commitment. As long as we (me too) sit back in our easy chairs just shaking our heads and typing behind an anonymous keyboard, NOTHING will change. WE have got to take control.

    • FreedomTrainUSA


  • Alex

    We were never allowed to bring knives to school, either. It makes perfect sense to ban them from school property. Another thing they should put the kibosh on is 17 year-olds driving to school. Walk, son—you will look and feel much better right away!

    • JimH

      When I was in school books and other supply’s would be delivered to the classroom. When the box needed to be opened, the Nun would ask if any of us had a pocketknife she could barrow. She would open the box and return our knife.
      That was before the wimpification of America.

    • independent thinker

      When I was in high school knives were also “banned” however if they had frisked the students 99% of the boys and 50+% of the girls would have had one on them. One of the most popular teachers said he did not agree with the no knife rule because you never knew when you might have to cut someone. And yes he was serious. During hunting season if you had checked the boys vehicles at least 50% of them would have had a gun in them many in plain sight such as in a gun rack in the back window of a pickup.

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Same for me when I was in High School in the late 1950’s and early 60’s….Not only did the students have guns and fishing tackle and knives in their cars…trucks…but so did most of the teachers in the Rural Community in WI…


    • Robert Messmer

      Yep and even to suspend those who disobey. But don’t charge them with a felony, certainly not for a 1st offense.

  • jdn

    The only way to stop the insanity is with rage and blood . When the dust settles let the basics and common sense rule . For all those that keep saying , decade after decade , to vote for change . How’s it been working so far ?

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      I has not worked…PERIOD…
      It is worse now than 10 years ago…and the INSANITY IS PICKING UP SPEED….AS EACH DAY GOES BY…

  • FreedomTrainUSA



  • mari

    Soon kids will be eating lunch with their hands (silverware is dangerous), tearing instead of cutting (scissors are dangerous), not be able to garden, have shop or sewing class (tools are dangerous). We are heading to the stone age fast.

  • Stephen Geiger

    The cops in this situation along with the principal are all idiots.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Cops don’t make the laws. When the head-in-rear pricipal made a complaint, they have no choice but to submit the case to the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the one with the authority to charge or not to charge…not the police who merely take the report.

      • Oldmonkey

        But the lights are on and that cockroach is running from your shoe

      • independent thinker

        Perhaps you should re-read the article and this time use your reading and comprehension skills (or did you fail that). The principle was not involved in the arrest. the cops were doing a routine drug check using trained dogs which hit on the car because of fireworks having been in the trunk. The principle filed no complaint.

        • Hoosier Daddy

          I think it’s just SPLENDID that you rely so thoroughly on everything you see in the media. The way you assume that the article is 100% complete, with absolutely no facts left out, is touching.

          “the administrators, they basically told me, ‘You’re going to be in a lot of trouble,’” Chitwood said.”

          “the administrators told him, “Instead of making a scene out of you, we’ll put a warrant out for you and you can turn yourself in at the jail.’”

          Oh, gosh…that CAN’T be right! That COULDN’T have happened! After all, it wasn’t in this article! And this article contains 100% of the facts! LOL

          I’ll bet you’re a low-information Obama voter.

          • independent thinker

            Said by one that assumed something that was not even hinted at in the article.

          • Hoosier Daddy

            Let that be a lesson to you: the media is famous for omitting facts, twisting facts, and outright lying. When you let the media brainwash you, you’re hardly being an “independent thinker.”

    • wavesofgrain

      Our country has a worrisome issue with police. They have become more militarized, they do NOT work for the taxpayers…only heed their UNION boss. They are a left-wing mafia of the Democratic Government. Every day there are more and more incidents of citizen abuse, corrupt dealings and negligence by the police…but, as they “police their own” they always find NO wrongdoing. You cannot fire a cop…or any PUBLIC UNION employee.
      One of the highest crime cities in the US recently (last 6 mo’s) hired a fleet of State Police to aid in the rampant crime. You only see them on the main highways catching speeders…lying in wait on X-way ramps. The headlines of the local paper read the other day “VIOLENT CRIME UP IN DOWN TOWN CAMPUS”. When is the public going to realize that MORE money and MORE cops do NOT curb crime…they will not be utilized as the public wishes. Public Unions should never have been allowed, as the efficiency of the jobs are undermined. Police protection should be privatized.

      • Robert Messmer

        Sure you can, if you have the nerve to do so. Remember the Air Traffic Controllers? They called a strike and the President fired every dang one of them. Had the military run it until they could get new ones hired and trained.

        • wavesofgrain

          As if THIS administration will ever fire Union workers. They got him elected!
          BTW, the high crime city that hired all those State cops a few months ago? Big FRONT PAGE NEWS in the Sunday Paper….VIOLENT CRIME UP IN DOWNTOWN CAMPUSES.

    • FreedomTrainUSA



    Join the Air Force?! Is he stupid?!

    • jdn

      At least he has chosen an honest job to start his life . Better choice than most these days . Stupid is drugs , crime , welfare , panhandling or just camping in moms basement .

      • d-dectiri

        Depends on how much help mom needs around the home, and maybe for her health, or even so she can keep her farm, or maybe she wants someone to share the work with. Be wary of social services vultures, almost as bad as Child Protective Services. There are several cases here in Ohio where seniors are preyed upon to keep incomes rolling into govt subsidized nursing homes and the children are blocked from access while mom is drugged and the ‘home’ gets big ‘caretaking’ expenses while mom’s savings last… when medicaid kicks in, I’d guess it’s death-panel time… I think you’d be advised to revise your list..

    • helovastickman

      I joined the air force and it was the best thing I ever did 50 years ago.

      • jaybird

        The military was great up until Obama got a hold of it and changed the fighting/training manual to accommodate the Muslims.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          And allowed the Perverted Gays and Lesbians to OPENLY DISPLAY THEIR PERVERSION ON OTHERS..

        • Viet Nam Vet

          The military started downhill beginning in the 70s.

    • Briylaln

      I enlisted in the Army in 1972. Every kid, should have to serve – Its the one thing that turns a kid into a man or woman.

      • Yankeelouie

        I agree with the enlistment part, but with the sorry state of our military today, you could join as a man and finish your tour of duty as a woman, and not only would that be allowed, but celebrated.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Liberal lunacy knows no bounds.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    When I was in junior high, a kid at our table during lunchtime in the cafeteria got into a fight with a teacher. The kid stabbed the teacher with MY fork. Why aren’t forks banned, since they can be a weapon just as much as a knife?

  • ted

    Start from the beginning. What right do they have to do any searches of private vehicles?

    • Robert Messmer

      Hmm vehicle on school grounds, ie state property, and I would bet there is either a sign posted stating that by entering the school grounds you voluntarily give your consent to being searched or such a statement is part of the Student Handbook.

      • ted

        Its not state property, its our property, the people’s property. I am sure they have their official justification, but I would use jury nullification of the evidence.

        • Robert Messmer

          Technically of course you are correct, but (and its a very important but) your name isn’t on the deed. If you deface the property, you will be ticketed and/or arrested for trespass, criminal mischief, vandalism. If it is your property you can’t be arrested unless you commit insurance fraud in conjunction with the damage you do. And in reading the newspaper turns out this is a normal once or twice a year thing for all schools in that district. He just happened to not clean his car out and got caught. You would think that the police would have more important things to do, but maybe not.

  • mathis1689

    When I was in high school probably 1/2 of the kids had either a rifle or shotgun in their car or truck during hunting season and most if not all of the school staff did as well. Not only did no one ever get hurt or killed the thought of doing it never even crossed anyone’s mind. God alone knows what kind of terrorists we would be considered today.

  • Alfred Abbey

    One word, homeschool.

  • Briylaln

    For all that have a comment about zero tolerance, this has nothing to do with zero tolerance. This has everything to do with zero brains – and I’m not talking about the student.

  • Sam Norte

    We live in a police state.

  • violater1

    Young man, You and your parents get a good lawyer and you can get enough money and you can go to the Air Force Academy! A man that loves fishing is usually a thinking man unlike these idiots that have arrested and charged you with these rediculious charges! I also live in Georgia and with this sorry Gover
    nor we have it seems we are following obama who is a sorry commie facist muslim swine! Neal needs to grow some manly parts and become proactive in our States affairs!!