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Gentlemen: Is Your Sex Life Killing You?

May 25, 2010 by  

Gentlemen: Is Your Sex Life Killing You?

Sex feels good, and the proper amount of sex can help maintain physical and emotional health. But balance is the key. Both having too little or too much sex can lead to unhealthy conditions. Let us look at the effects of too much sex, too little sex, and what the proper amounts should be based on your age and condition.

How Much Sex Is Too Much?
The theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) warn that a man who engages in too much sex can become what is known as “kidney jing deficient.” Jing is a term that refers to the body’s essential fluids, distilled by the kidneys from what we eat and drink. The kidneys are thought of as the body’s “batteries” and the place where jing is stored. Chinese health theory suggests we are actually equipped with enough jing (life essence) to live 120 years. The problem is we exhaust this essence through poor diet, lack of rest, lack of exercise, the effects of stress, disease and… an unhealthy amount of sex.

Signs and symptoms of kidney jing deficiency include a weakening of the bones, hair loss, a graying of facial color, loosening or loss of teeth, soreness in the lower back, weakness of the legs (particularly behind the knees), poor memory, loss of libido, impotence and a general lack of sexual desire. If you are suffering from any of these signs and symptoms, perhaps you should consider if too much sex is killing you… or at least weakening you.

With too frequent ejaculation, jing (semen, the essence of pure fluids and life energy) is depleted from the body. Moreover, as a man passes middle age, the excessive loss of jing can cause the disastrous effects described above. Like contact sports, sex is a young man’s game. Middle aged and older men need to retain their jing (semen essence) and ejaculate less frequently. (There is an entire art in Yogic and Taoist traditions of men learning to come to orgasm while not releasing a single drop of semen. (More on this in another article)

Two-thousand years ago Su Nu Jing, the classic text on TCM, was published. It advised how much sex/ejaculations are safe for a man to have. For example, a healthy 20-year-old can ejaculate twice per day with no adverse effects. Also, to maintain proper health, the 20-year-old should have a minimum of one ejaculation every four days.

The following chart suggests the sex guidelines from that classic text:

Average Health
Good Health
20+ Every 4 days 1X Day 2x Day
30+ Every 8 days Every other day 1x Day
40+ Every 16 days Every 4 days Every 3 days
50+ Every 21 days Every 10 days Every 5 days
60+ Every 30 days Every 20 days Every 10 days


Of course, these are rough guidelines set forth within the theories of TCM. This gives you an idea of the frequency a man should have sex in order to maintain good health and balanced emotions.

The average 20-year-old male who is engaging in masturbation three times a day is probably overdoing it. This could possibly affect his grades (poor memory) or affect his tennis match (with weak knees and sore low back).

If you are a 40-year-old executive thinking of having that affair with the 24-year old-intern, you might want to consider if you are in good enough health to survive an extramarital affair. You could wind up suffering from hair loss, aging of the face, low back soreness, weak legs, poor memory, loss of libido, impotence and lack of sexual desire that could cost you your career and your health… not to mention your marriage (if applicable).

How Much Sex Is Too Little?
Keep in mind that no sex at all is unhealthy. Psychologically, it can cause resentment, depression and anxiety. Sex is important for relationships, not just emotionally, but for the organ systems as well. Ladies, when men tell you they feel like they are dying from lack of sex, it’s partially true. In reality, the choked up emotions and lack of connection can cause him to suffer what is known in TCM as liver qi stagnation.

According to TCM theory, the liver functions to move the qi (life energy) freely in the body. So, liver qi stagnation is a pathogenic flow of qi manifesting in some of the following signs and symptoms: feeling of distension in the chest and hypochondrium, sighing, hiccup, melancholy, depression, moodiness, unhappiness and feeling of a lump in the throat. Often the etiology of this syndrome includes emotional problems, a state of anger, frustration and/or resentment.

If this condition persists it can grow into what is called liver fire. The signs and symptoms associated with live fire include irritability, anger, shouting, ringing in the ears, temporal headache, bitter taste in the mouth, dream disturbed sleep, a red face and red eyes. This is the result of long-standing emotional states of anger, resentment or frustration. This can cause problems like high blood pressure, tinnitus, insomnia, migraine headache and the like.

Good sexual relations are a part of good health. Overdoing it can be detrimental to health, and so can too little of it.

My advice: Be happy and be wise in the ways of lovemaking.

—Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Al Sieber

    Sex will only kill you if you get caught with somebody else’s wife.

  • joe berger

    this article contains a lot common sense
    But the frequency charts are utter nonsense.
    At age 64 I was lucky enough to have sex 10 to 15 times a week
    I never felt better in my entire life.
    Everybody is VERY different
    What evermakes you feel good without straining yourself is the right frequency for you.

    • DR. D

      You are full of B.S.

      • Ken Yonan

        Not BS at all. I’m 69, have sex every day and feel great. Your chart is full of BS!

    • Mark Are

      WOW, JOE! I thought I was doing good at 3 times a week at the age of 56. Actually, I think 10-15 times WOULD kill either me, or my wife. Do you use synthetic oil? LOL! You only need to change it every 6,000 miles.

    • Doug

      Joe are you a politician because then it would make sense we are getting screwed every mintue of the day by our politicians! But yet they sure as hell don’t seem to be dying off quick enough!

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        Ha ha ha……….LoLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….Perfect response…..and so funny….but there is some truth to your comment……….I bet I’m gonna regret responding on this article…..but I couldn’t help myself…….afterall, I’m only human :-).

    • Lora

      Joe…I agree with the Dr….BS. I would rate you as an “icky” if I ever met you

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Good for you, Joe, on the active sex life! The point of the chart was to offer a basic overview, based on an ancient text, as to sexual frequency. When middle-age or seniors read it, they should reflect on the amount of sex they have had over their lifetime (not merely in one specific decade). The chart offers a way to “share the love” over time with no damaging effects to the body over that time period.

    • coal miner
    • iowaheretic

      You are exactly right, everybody is very different! The problem is that too many people are being brainwashed into believing all these self proclaimed “experts” and doing what they tell you while ignoring thier own feelings and then wondering why everyone is so screwed up!

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    This is total nonsense. The thing that will kill you, is worry. Plain and simple. Worry a lot, and you will die young, as it will eat you up. Sex is a great and wonderful thing, created by my Father above, and as long as I practice it like he designed, in the confines of marriage with my wife, it will never hurt me at all. Im 51, and have sex at least 4 times a week, and I show no signs of slowing down now. It does help having a wife 10 years younger, but I know younger men with wifes older than them, and they get it on regularly also. This is preposterous and wrong. The Chinese can spread all their so called wisdom if they want, but how wise are they when they dont even know who came to save them? Thats what Im talking about.

    • Mark Are

      The Chinese also have a 11,000 year recorded history…oh wait, that can’t be right. The earth is only 6,000 years old. How do I “know”, well the Bible tells me so…

      • Vicki

        In dreams the world has a recorded history of many many years yet has only existed for seconds.

        In an online MMO that I play from time to time there is a recorded history of thousands of years. Yet the world has only existed for less than 10 years.

        Hmmmm…… Perhaps there is more to this RL world than we know.

    • coal miner


      Here is my website,in case you miss it. · Cached page

    • coal miner

      Here is another website. · Cached page

  • Ms. Richardson

    What on earth is this doing on this website? Good grief. I open up our family computer this morning and it’s talking about how frequently to have sex. I don’t appreciate this. I have asked to be removed from your list. Good grief.

    • McCool

      So sex is not a family issue? How’d you get here? The Bible offers an entire book (Song of Solomon) to relationship of desire and… gasp… SEX!

      Perhaps you and a few others on this list should ask to be removed from God’s list too… that would certainly help the spread of Christianity.

      • Vicki

        Note to self. Reread the Song of Solomon :)

    • Mark Are

      OMG! Sex? Can’t have that word on my computer.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Ms. Richardson, this column addresses all aspects of health and wellness. Sex is one of those aspects that relates not only to mental health and feelings of love and well-being, but also to physical health… and illness. If viewed in that light, I think the article’s contents will be less offensive to you.

  • Boyd

    I have no trust in TCM, and less in this website. I will remove myself from your mailing list as most of your articles seem to be nonsense.

    • Snazzee

      Some people are ignorant but still capable of learning
      But if you are stupid, there is no cure.

  • http://none Ken Sabic

    Dr. Mark Wiley

    Your article, Is your sex life killing you? is in the top ten of the most idiotic articles that I have ever read! Where did you get your doctorate degree from Women’s Lib. University? Who taught at this honored university The Most Honorable Mao Tse Jing? Why don’t you find a real job? Get a job with President Obama in his office health and human services putting cameras in the American people’s bedrooms and then sending in the sex police in to stone to death all

    Ken Sabic

    • Mark Are

      I think this response may have made it my top 10 most idiotic responses that I have read…

  • Joseph

    I just an article about how torture weakened America by John Kerry. If I wanted to read anything by that phony I’d read the N.Y. Times. I’m out of here.

    • Mark Are

      Naaa…torture makes a country more righteous. Shows that they are trying to seek justice and harmony with their fellow man. How could John Kerry come up with such an assumption? I know that the Muslims hate us because of our freedoms! How do I know? ‘Cause king George said it was so…

      • Sam

        This is not freedom, but rather fornication

  • Berti Harkness

    AMEN KEN……

  • Mike

    The problem with life is that the screwing you get isn’t worth the
    screwing you take.

    • Mark Are

      SO TRUE! And expect some more coming down the pike from the usurper in chief.

  • marathon man

    Believe it or not but Chinese males are known to be less sexually active and oriented than just about any other nationality. They are not lovers, they are merely ———so to take any of their advice seriously is ludicrous. Greater credibility on enhancement would naturally be more likely to come from the French, the Japanese (reputedly lousy but eclectic lovers but extremely sexual), and, yes, Americans. Confucius say man who have JING upside down have crack-up.

    • Mark Are

      IS this from Ripley’s “Believe it or Not”?

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Chinese men may indeed be among the world’s least gifted lovers, as you say. I cannot comment as I have not researched this. However, that was not the point of the article. The ancient text on TCM is not addressing love making and passion, but frequency of ejaculation (with or without a partner) and its long-term effects on the body.

  • Snazzee

    I am 80 years old. I have sex at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. Here is what I take to maintain.
    2000 mgs of L-Arginine per day.
    600 mgs of Maca per day.
    400 mgs of panax ginseng extract per day.
    800 mgs of Horny Goat Weed per day.
    That’s it. I also take a good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement every day. That’s it. I get all kinds of ads in the mail for erection products and none of them work.

    • Mark Are

      It’s the horny goat weed. You should see my goats when they eat that stuff! Can’t keep off the ewes…

      • Doris

        Ewes are pertaining to female sheep. If you have goats they are billies and nannies, or bucks and does. Just a small lesson in animal husbandry, =)

        • Mark Are

          Well that’s the problem, Doris…my goats are going after the ewes (female sheep). That horny goat weed gets them all messed up.

      • deprived, but living

        Ewes are all crazy!! Jewish people can*t even spell sex, but they live long, healthy lives!! I bet you can even find a Tibetan monk, who is in his 80*s!! Unless you know something I don*t, lack of sex don*t kill, stress does!

  • mark

    …???? how dose ANY thing this article says make any sense? liver fire? kidneys containing the “life force”?? Have you done ANY emprical research on ANYthing the article says? what is killing the human race is #1 worry, #2 chemicle crap we put in food/the enviroment. # idiotic beliefs like this. ….DANG!
    mark aka lord Hades

    • Mark Are

      How dose? And then there is the rest of this response? PLEASE put a spell check on your computer, and utilize it for your writing prose.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Mark, I can understand how these terms can be confusing to you and others. Indeed, in the West we are educated along an allopathic view of the body, using biology and chemistry to reduce the whole to its individual parts. Therefore, when we are faced with trying to understand a medical system based in concepts and metaphor, we struggle. In response to this, I have written an article for next week (June 1, 2010) that explains the difference between Eastern and Western views of the body and its organ systems. I hope this will make terms like “liver fire” more easily understood.

  • Don Tillery

    Dr. Oz says men and women in their 60s and older will live longer if they have sex at least 2 times per week. I am sticking with Dr. Oz.

    • Mark Are

      Don’t you mean the Wizard of Oz?

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      I have not read Dr. Oz’s article on this. However, I will say that if what you say is correct, he is utilizing the allopathic idea of reducing things to their smallest parts. “Sex in your 60s” is a small piece of TCM’s view of “sex over a lifetime.” I will bet that Dr. Oz does not advise this amount of sex if the people involved have specific ailments. And how about those unable to have sex because of erectile dysfunction? If one takes a view of sexual frequency as an activity over time, like exercise and sleep, that effects the body (over time) in good and bad ways, then an understanding of the point of the article can be gained.

  • Patsy Cochran

    I thought the article very informative. I wonder what kind of sex life all of these critics really have. My husband is diabetic, 60 years old, and I am 60, have had a complete hysterectomy. The medicine my husband takes interferes sometimes with his performance, but he still does exceedingly well. The hysterectomy took away almost all of my hormones, so I have to work harder to enjoy that big “O”. It is time to bring things like this out and quit bragging, lying or exagerating about sex. It is a very fun,healthy, meaningful way to connect emotionally with another person, hopefully a spouse, and the subject needs to be treated as such, not something shameful or dirty. To take it one step further: it is also a subject that we need to discuss with our children.

    • Mark Are

      GREAT RESPONSE! SO TRUE. At the age of 12 I thought kissing is the way children came about. And that was back in 1966. I am sure that with the movies out today that most children have figured it out by the time they are 12, and many are even doing things they should be. But that is human nature…to explore strange new worlds, and boldly go where no man has gone before…(where have I heard that before?)

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Excellent Comment!

  • Joe

    I agree 100%with this article. I also DISAGREE with the first 7 (seven) replies on this article. If anyone is “nuts” it’s the first seven replies. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading them, I usually don’t read replies, but this time I thought to myself ‘maybe there would be some others out there that might have the same problems as me’ Boy was I wrong. So NOW I see the caliber of readers on this site. I will not unsubscribe to this News Letter, I just won’t read the replies.

    • libertytrain

      Joe – seems like when it comes to this subject — the high school mentality comes out.

      • Mark Are

        Hey, Liberty…you’re being nice. I was thinking Elementary School mentality, possibly kindergarten…

  • Dan

    Damn Snazzee you have raised the bar, 12 big Os! I’m 54 and can barely raise 4.

    • Snazzee

      There is other ways to give those 12 big O’s besides an erection.

  • Alfie

    A loaded topic for sure.
    What about women? Don’t they need a little jing jang?
    I don’t know about the veracity of TCM. What I do know is that for some at least, the lack of sufficient sex can lead to terrible distortions of the male libido.
    Ever wonder why sex crimes are almost universally committed by men?
    The Japanese used to train their women in the arts of entertaining men. Wouldn’t hurt if this practice were introduced into the curriculum of other countries.

    • Mark Are

      I know that in 72 hours if I haven’t had some, I’m fit to kill.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      You raise a very good question, Alfie. And to be quite honest I do not have an answer for you regarding sexual frequency for women. However, since women do not actually ejaculate semen (vital life force), the theories here do not hold for them–which is why the article was aimed at men. I will see about writing one for women in the future.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    i’m a believer in the truth and prophecies of Yahweh given to us by many inspired holy men. i am from the Israelith nations of Western Europe and the Isles…WHAT IN HEAVEN’s NAME DO I WANT CHINESE MEDICINE FOR??? It is as flawed as anything Western because it’s roots are not in Yahweh but in vain musings of fallen pagen humans.
    PLEASE, study the spiritually behind the Chinese system, it may open your mind to what is truth and what is the flawed wisdom of this world. Your article is an insult to our one almighty God hereitage. Believe in this crap at your own demise. ps. I don’t condon flawed Western medicine either!

    • Mark Are

      You’re response is an insult to Daniel Webster. He’s dead though…and probably couldn’t care less. But, I on the other hand, have to sit here and have my mind tortured by your effort at spelling and destroying the English language. PPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE get a spell checker! It makes you more credible…we’ll except for the Isralitish thing and all…

      • concerned citizen

        dude, why dont you lay off people about thier spelling??? if you are really doubting peoples credibility based on an occasional mis-spelled word you are nothing but an intolerant fool… good luck with that…

  • Rick

    I think all the discussion about sex and this article could be put to better use by everyone going back to school and learning how to spell.

    • Snazzee

      Your probablly write. Do I need to dot some e’s and cross somme i’s.

    • Mark Are

      Naaaa…that’s what happens when you try typing with one had and use the other hand for ________________!

      • Mark Are

        See, told you. Can’t even spell hand right twice.

  • Average Joe

    Sex without love is merely healthy exercise.
    Robert A. Heinlein

    • Rosebud

      I agree, sex without love is only exercise, and is meaningless.

      • Mark Are

        So….exercise is meaningless? I guess you’re right. That is why so many HUGE people are riding around on those scooters at Wal-mart. Cause they aren’t even having SEX for exercise.

        • Doris

          hilarious, and just sad!!!

    • Average Joe

      The worst sex I ever had in my life was………..Wonderful!

  • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

    I’m in grave trouble then, as I have a 17 year old’s libido trapped in a 56 year old body. And some of you think you’ve got it hard.

    • Mark Are

      Hey, Ben…ALL MEN SHOULD JUST ADMIT WHAT YOU JUST DID! Then they would be honest to themselves and everyone else. You’re one up on me though…I’m an 18 year old trapped in a 56 year old body…

  • Jim H.

    But he died with a smile on his face.


    DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT … A …woman…? Lets hear about a WOMAN…

    • Mark Are

      I think that most woman will die if they have sex more than one time an hour. Or should I suggest that it is just a matter of time when she dies. Maybe at the age of 90 or maybe at the age of 18. Sometimes circumstances beyond your control may even cause death that has nothing to do with sex. Like stepping out into traffic while jogging wearing a MP3 player in your ears. Or possibly dying in a car wreck because you can’t get the cell phone untangled from the makeup kit caught in the purse between the seats while eating a Big Mac and trying to juggle the baby back to the car seat while the dog is barking and running up on the dash board. So don’t be too worried about dying because of too much sex. Worry about killing your mate with too little, or driving him crazy with too little.

  • herbert emerson

    i have a kidney problem. dr,s don’t address any thing me , i’m 73 years old have had a extreamely high sex drive all my life , is this what is causing kidney failure in me . doctors only do blood work send me to specialest.would like to hear from you on this subject.need,to hear from you.

    • Mark Are

      Bad news, Herbert…AGE is killing you. It is an oxidation process that comes from living in an environment full of chemical pollution, eating food filled with steroids and antibiotics, being bombarded daily by electro magnetic radiation from cell phones, micro waves, radio waves, heck you name it. Eating GMO garbage AND going to doctors so that they can “practice” on you. Got to have SOMEONE to practice on! Drink lots of cranberry juice, unfiltered apple juice and get a taste of “you know what” on occasion and heck, you’ll hang in their for another 2 years at least! Maybe 5 if your “lucky”. I’m 56 and figure I’ve been lucky to live the past 40 years without being shot by some goon working for the “government”. But recently I upped the ante by not filling out my census form all the way. I’m expecting the black helicopters anytime now!

      • libertytrain

        I apparently didn’t fill out the census form to their liking either. I have had numerous phone calls and I’m not sure what they do, if they copy the info to process but the stuff they read back to me, even the name spelling, dates, etc. were not what I wrote. I found that more frightening than anything.

        • Mark Are

          She said she wanted my phone number and I told her it was unlisted and I don’t give it out to strangers. She wanted my name and I told her that if someone came to my door off the street and wanted my name I wouldn’t give it to them and what made her any different? Because she worked for the “census”? Can I call the census and talk to it? Will it answer me? Will it allow me to tell it to drop dead? Can “it” carry on a conversation with me? Oh, NO? So I have to talk to total strangers and give them my personal information? BULL! Heck we’re heading down a rabbit trail. I’d say if they come by, ask them how much sex is too much and if they can’t answer that, they should even have a census job! LOL!

          • Mark Are

            and that should be “they shouldn’t even have a census job.”
            Darn I’m having a hard time typing with one hand!

      • Observer

        Amen, neither did I. I’ve received one notice already taoed to my front door, then called the number listed therein, was informed by the woman that the goverment is big and can make you answer the questions. Yeah right. Not being a lawyer I found some helpful info at

        • Observer

          And that is supposed to be … “already taped to my front door, …”

        • libertytrain

          Another thing I mentioned to gal I talked with last is that the questions she was asking were not on the census form – she just said she knew that. My census was completely filled in, they just apparently had more questions -

        • Mark Are

          I think already taoed goes along with the Chinese “stuff” in the article. So keep it taoed to the door. As for being big and making you answer the questions…I guess they could kidnap you, cage you and water board you for those answers they seek. And then again…my rifle is very big too…

  • Rosebud

    I agree with the article. I studied some on the Chinese Five Element Theory on the body. The East Indian Auyervedic Medical Theory is generally the same. In fact, the Chinese learned their theory from the East Indian.

    The study is fascinating, and I feel is true. Our bodies were designed beautifully by God. We can liken our body to a fine tuned car, of course, this is in a real simplistic analogy. It’s what we put into a car, depends on what kind of performance we get. We are born with so much energy, depending on our ancestors health. We use energy every day…it’s how we use it that makes a difference. We cannot separate the mind/body/spirit. We are what we eat, think, feel, do. Emotions play a big part, positive is good, negative is not good. Faith, prayer is important.

  • Rosebud

    I think this is an exceptionally important article. In today’s world of promiscuity, emphasis on sex (sex sells) and free sex, it is very important both physically, emotionally, and spiritually to have BALANCE.

    I admit sexuality is a pleasure that God gave us, but as with anything, moderation is key. We need BALANCE in life. We must learn how to deal with stresses, perhaps in a different way. Some people may use sex as a stress release, but perhaps should use intellect, their mind, over their body.

    This article is good for people to hear.

    • Mark Are

      Good for you Rosebud. As I have grown older what I have found out is this…I know that what I think I know I don’t know.

  • JIM


    • Mark Are

      How can I go to Jesus and ask for sex advice when he never had any? Or go to him to ask about marital problems if he never was married?
      That’s like going to a marriage councilor that has never been married!

      • Doug

        Orlike going to a consultant. Who can tell 100 different ways to make love to a woman but has no girlfriend!

  • selwyn marock

    Yeah my sex life is killing me,not having any

    • Mark Are

      Soooo Selwyn, what can we as a group do to help your situation? I say better to die with too much sex than NONE!

  • Unsubscribing Now

    What a collosal waste of time and bandwidth. Science is not always the answer, but it can certainly help inform.

    TCM? That’s where you get your info? The writer truly is a man of faith. TCM’s lists of ailments, and their treatments, are laughable at best. I think I’ll go grind up two cockroaches and a canine eye booger to cure my ingrown toenail…

    I am absolutely stumped as to why this article is even on this site. Unsubscribing now!

    • Mark Are

      Bye…saves me some lines to read.

  • FlaJim

    This article is arrant nonsense based on a flawed philosophy based on pagan beliefs that predate any modern science or empirical inquiry.

    Usually, I skip this author’s columns and certainly will in the future when he’s basing his advice on ridiculous ‘research’ like this.

    • Mark Are

      OK, so with this type of thinking can you explain to me how the Coral Castle was erected or what form of modern science was used to construct the pyramids? Just because something is “old” and predates modern science (whatever THAT is) doesn’t mean that it is untrue. Do you suppose there was a reason that Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyff project was abandoned had anything to do with modern science? OK, now I’m rambling, but heck what could you expect for a comeback with your response?

      • jbird

        Should you use the word “erected” in an article about sex? Just sayin’…

  • del

    Best thing about it all is that American Liberal has not posted anything!

  • Raynold

    I am 80 and still enjoy daily sex. I have the Samson syndrome – I have let my hair grow. Read the whole story of Samson in Exodus and find out how he was used as a stud for thousands while he was imprisoned. I can stand that type of prison.

    • Mark Are

      so Raynold, all two strands of your hair are growing?

  • Cavy

    Why do we sound so angry on any of these reply site…no matter what the subject is…is it because we are not using enough words to really do some thinking about what we have to say. I have lived a while on this earth to know we really don’t know anything at all…some people the more we are educated seem to think we know everything. Maybe we just need to talk it out more. This article poses a problem for me…what are they saying…is sex excercise and no more? and that is good…or is less sex better for you emotionally…I am more confused after reading it. They just want us to talk on here to see if one day…maybe we will just say what is truly on our minds. Sad…God gave us sex as a gift…that is all…an extra bonus … to make our lives peaceful…not to be gross
    and over use it … and sacrafice some time without when our partners are ill…

    • Mark Are

      Do you suppose that King David had to sacrifice when one of his hundreds of wives or concubines were sick? LOL!!!

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Cavy, you ask good questions and I apologize if the article was not clear. No, the idea is not that “sex is exercise.” The idea is that male ejaculation of semen, known as Jing (vital life force essence), should be regulated over one’s lifetime. Why? For the simple reason of preventing health issues related to either too much or too little of its release from the body.

  • Don

    Something to think about,like women with breast cancer, most men will die from prostate cancer. The prostate is located very close to the digestive system, and that is how and where the Dr. usually checks it. If it isn’t “exercised” frequently, it’s like never using a water pipe,and rusty water comes out. What we eat and the chemicals we get from our fast food diet and processed food should make us take a step back and look at our habits, and their results. So sex one way or another can be a benefit. My father-in-law, who lived to 81, with prostate cancer,always said “If you survive heart attacks,kidney failure,lung cancer, prostate cancer would always get you in the end”

    • Cesar Fernandez-Stoll

      Come on! You don’t really believe that, do you?
      The implication is that the zillions of men that have died other than Don Juan Tenorio and his likes, all of them died of prostate cancer?
      I would think more carefully about the idea because on the contrary, the fact that prostate cancer is becoming so ‘popular’… Could it be because of the excesses of trivial and undiscriminated sex activity?
      Of course is nonsense as it is your theory.

  • Cesar Fernandez-Stoll

    So how many human activities will actually be ‘good’ for you? Like sex.
    What will definitively kill you is to treat sex as something so trivial, which implicitly, ends up treating everyone, other than the self, of course, as something, yes, something, very trivial and only to work for the subject.
    What in the world you are thinking? Money, that’s right! You pick up a subject because it looks popular and sex, well, what can be less popular?
    But Human dignity which comes with individuality and identity and many other gifts that God gave us; makes us to be people, with not just self respect, and certainly not just respect for the rest, but people capable of loving, which is not equal to sex as sex, is nothing but an small part of it and it is reserved for the one, one person of the other gender, to whom a commitment is given for life under marriage and which can only be of one man and one woman. Love is giving and it is love what people needs, to be free, to get rid of stress and to be useful, to be healthy.
    I am afraid your ‘business’ will catch only with the ones that see themselves either selfishly special or the ones that see themselves as nothing worth in creation, like any other animal, pray to the many predators out there of the other kind.

  • 14Freedomfighter88

    Hey Snazzee! If I am 80 years old, I would rather eaat some fine meal and 2 eggs a day, cheese and beef, insterad of load myself up with harsh chemicals and measurer equipments. Some supplement companies keep you on their chains to grab your wallet.
    My advise?
    2 eggs every morning, milk with coffee, drink a cup of hot chocolade everyd ay (100% pure cocoa powder, green tea and eat a little potatoes, rice, broccoli with a cup of red wine or 1 bottle of beer (beer has flavonoid which helps erection).
    You don’t need chemicals stucked up in your body.

  • Steve

    I don’t think that graph is anywhere close to being accurate. It is 2,000 years old and people change in 2,000 years. If I had to follow that guide I would be one horny s.o.b.

  • Hank Jackson

    Your chart is way off base for a single male who is waiting for the right woman. I am a 47 year old male, I have never had sex. I am waiting for marriage to do so, I am strong as an ox, healthy and young looking. My hair is all there, I am a Christian and staying disease free.

  • Hank Jackson

    Dr. What do I do if I am not getting any. I do not want to just settle for any ole woman? Beside, even if I find a good woman, it is still a year or so away, I want to stay pure, how can I stay healthy for trying to be a pure guy?

  • http://yahoo Louise Hamilton

    I never heard of such a thing. It is hard enough to get it on with my husband with out you putting more crap in his head. What about the women who suffer from lack of sex? All they think about is the man.

  • Mark Foley

    I sure hope so!

  • Chuck

    Louise Hamilton says:
    May 27, 2010 at 8:32 pm
    “I never heard of such a thing. It is hard enough to get it on with my husband with out you putting more crap in his head. What about the women who suffer from lack of sex? All they think about is the man.”

    Oh please, Louise (sorry, couldn’t resist). I’m 58 and have spent my adult life waiting for my wife to desire me. WHEN we have sex she really enjoys it but more like a guy does – fast and furious. I’m more of the long and sensual frame of thought but she thinks that this is too much of a production. Well, after a year of serious health problems I didn’t want sex for a a year and you know what? I got past wanting it any more. Now, she’s my wife and deserves the attention but I require porn to get ‘fluffed’ for performance – I’m not proud of that.

  • Dan

    I haven’t had this much fun since i first divorced my dumb — wife. (words removed for offensive content) Snazzee, You are my hero!

  • Dan Willis

    How do you reverse the damages if you have them. Some of the symptoms you mentioned I have. Since you are a doctor could you help me.

  • Gary

    Thanks for the very interesting information. At 68 with a much younger girlfriend, I see that I’ve naturally adapted to your precepts, while keeping her happy and protecting my own “Jin” health at the same time. Now, I understand the natural flow, it makes perfect sense.

    I’am a little dismayed at the closed mental attitude of too many responses, it makes me fear for the long term future of the West. My grandkids are studying physics, and Chinese.

  • Jean


  • Jean

    Wow this will blow you away… but here it goes.
    I have not had sex with my husband for 3 years. Mind you I was a once a day kind of person- could not get enough loved my sex life…and then the pits.
    Why? Well basically because it was all up to me.. He never ever initiated sex ever. If he did it was just a look and then the deed. Well I think that he should take some initiative. Sex does start in the kitchen you know.. So I have been waiting for him to initiate it it has been 4 years. He has not even mentioned it. I have done everything I can think of to get his attention ( which is all I want ) from sleeping on the couch to dressing in the bathroom to sleeping facing away from him in bed. He does not even notice that we have stopped having sex… Don’t know what else to do. It would appear that unless it is served up on a platter-meaning no foreplay or original interest in the activity on his part- he is not interested.
    I think this has sent me into early menopause.

  • Jean

    Oh I am a whopping 50 years of age.

  • http://http Lou

    I wonder if this applies to me. I am 74 have a young wife, I have sex every 2 or 3 days and I feel great. Before I turned 70 I was having sex every day and sometimes 2 times per day. I slowed down after 70 because of all the articles I read on the subject. In the past I just egnored all the talk about what is good or not good for a person, and now I wonder. My wife is ready anytime day or night so I am going to have to review my position on this matter. I think that one of the problems with our society now we are too ready to believe any crap that comes down the pike and I know it has clouded our minds and I think I am going to get off the train.

  • Sex Manicle

    Now that you brought up sex, what do you do about reverse ejaculation? It is great but don’t know when to stop.

  •!/kladionica kladionice

    Definitely consider that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be on the net the easiest thing to bear in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as other folks consider worries that they plainly don’t understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire thing without having side-effects , folks can take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you

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