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Genetically Modified And Unlabeled Salmon

September 29, 2010 by  

Genetically Modified And Unlabeled Salmon

The Food and Drug Administration is set to approve the sale of genetically modified salmon to consumers and has said it has no plans to require the fish be specially labeled as genetically modified.

This is the same FDA that doesn’t allow growers and sellers of natural products to tout the health benefits of some of nature’s best foods — like fruits and nuts — because doing so would make them a “drug” not approved by the FDA.

The makers of genetically modified salmon claim that special labeling would only confuse the consumer, writes Mike Adams of

“Extra labeling only confuses the consumer,” David Edwards, the director of animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization told Adams. “It differentiates products that aren’t different.”

But genetically modified salmon is different from natural salmon. The salmon has been genetically modified — hence the name — and has been shot full of growth hormones and other drugs to make it grow bigger and faster. It is so different, in fact, that the process has been patented, as Adams points out.

There is a growing body of evidence that the mass-produced foods we consume — made from animals that are pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and other foreign substances — is behind the increase in obesity, earlier onset of puberty, cancer, diabetes and other health problems Americans suffer from today.

If a company wants to produce genetically modified food, and if people want to eat it, that’s fine. But we need truth in labeling so we can make it our own decision.

Unfortunately, it seems that once again we have government bureaucrats making choices for us. And they are choices not based on what’s best for the consumer but what is best for corporate America. This is not a trait of a free society.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    David Edwards missed the boat. He should be in politics, where he can lie, cheat and steal and get paid for it. If he can lie well enough, he might even make it to the White House.
    There is a simple way to prove or disprove the safety of the “new” salmon. ‘Volunteer’ everyone in the White House and Congress (they won’t mind because they’re on our side). There can’t POSSIBLY be anything wrong with it, or the FDA would be “on it” like flies on stink.
    As we all know, the FDA is a pristine organization, and they would never resort to allowing a new product on the market without fully testing it. Someone might get in trouble, and that just can’t happen when you’re dealing with people who have the highest standards.
    And, it might not be a bad idea to serve the new salmon at important functions at the White House. Then, we could make lots of new friends in a hurry, and the prez would leave a legacy that would not be “topped” for generations to come. Give it a chance.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    • jm


      • Christin

        Good one, jm.

        sc, well said as always.

      • lucas callahan

        hey how weird are these peeps

    • JoMama

      SC -

      THAT is a GREAT idea!!!!

    • Christin

      Anybody posting here want to apply for the new WH chef ??????

      Feed them their own GM cr@p, but don’t tell them, that would only confuse.

    • airangel

      SC – we did have a small win for now but we all need to keep the fight hard hitting…

      “Environmental organizations, consumer groups and independent researchers assailed the plans of a Massachusetts company to market the first genetically modified animal as food in the United States—an Atlantic salmon—and argued at a public meeting Monday that federal regulators should deny permission.”

      The Washington Post and NY Times indicated that the FDA’s passage of the genetically modified salmon was already accepted however the FDA’s veterinary panel (the committee responsible for advising on GE salmon’s approval) unexpectedly requested more information from AquaBounty, the fish’s manufacturer, and asked for more time to study the data. They want to pursue a more rigorous analysis of the fish’s possible health effects and environmental impact.

      The FDA is not required to accept the panel’s recommendation, but it is harder for the agency to ignore it because of intense public interest in the issue.

      Two hundred thousand public comments were submitted on the AquAdvantage salmon issue, and hundreds of organizations, restaurants, and food companies have signed letters opposing the genetically engineered fish.

      It takes all of us United to make a difference and be heard! This also needs to be done on Monsantos Genetically Engineered Soybeans, Cotton and Corn. We are humans! Not robots or machinery!

      • Kate8

        Mr. Livingston says, “If a company wants to produce GM food, and people want to eat it, that’s fine…”

        I submit that that is NOT fine, as GM foods escape into the environment, contaminating ALL foods around the globe. Some say this will prove disastrous beyond all expectations.

        GM foods cause disease, spontaneous abortion and sterility. They produce new proteins and chemicals our bodies can’t recognize, and genetic disruptions are shown to pass from one species to another. This is a depopulation dream…

        Not only that but, should a blight hit a particular group of crops, it could devastate the whole shebang and famine would result.

        Because there is no way to control contamination of these GM crops, saving seed will be criminalized, as Monsanto holds the patent. There have already been numerous lawsuits against organic farmers, driving them out of business.

        These people at the top know exactly what they are doing. Meanwhile, they have their own food stash, such as Obama’s $1,000 steakes.

        • Christin

          Agreed, kate8.

          I heard that the GM salmon could sterilize the wild salmon population should someone mix the two.

          Genetically Modified (GM) foods are dangerous to us humans and the plant and wild life on our planet.

          There are dangers when man tries to be God.

          • airangel

            Amen- Scientist will never be God. This is why they can not duplicate nature or make a nutritious, reproductive seed. Nothing they engineer has the synergistic components of a whole plant or whole food that has not been genetically altered or synthetically cloned. They don’t even know how our bodies truly function and are still discovering “cell communication” which proves a great, supreme being created us and the planet with all it’s healing abilities before man came in and started contaminating Eden and disrespecting her by not caring for her or being thankful for the bounty in which was gifted to us. We have not been responsible stewards of this planet! We have grossly abused her and all life forms.

          • Christin

            Thank you for your post.
            You should watch and listen to this video:


            It is just beautiful. Many mornings I start my day with this positive message to remind me of our Creator and His Glory and blessing to us.

            You are right… we have been lousy stewards of this beautiful land… some more than others.

          • Christin

            Yes, thank you, for finding my mistake.
            The correct address is:


            I’m glad you enjoyed the music video and hope others will too.

        • Kinetic1

          In general I agree with you. I don’t like the idea of genetically modified foods and I’m not at all convinced that they should be allowed. On the other hand, we humans play God all the time, and it would seem that God gave us that ability. Without the medicines and procedures we humans have developed, our life span would be much shorter. Diseases and physical shortcomings that would have spelled death just a few decades ago are nothing these days. Why I met a man just the other day who had just received a titanium shoulder implant that gives him almost natural range of motion. 20 years ago he would not have been able to lift his arm level with his shoulder.

          I can’t say that GM foods will be a good thing, but I can’t guaranty they will be bad either. For now, I’m not ready to see them on our supermarket shelves and I’m sure not ready to eat them. Maybe after a generation or so of controlled testing, but not now.

          By the way, those wagyu steaks are $100 a piece, not $1,000. Still out of my price range, but not that uncommon these days.

          • Kate8

            Kinetic1, Obviously you haven’t done much research into GM foods, or you know about all of the issues with them.

            Food plant genes are spliced with toxic plant genes, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Seeds are generally sterile.

            We’ve already been eating these GM foods for a very long time, without knowing it. They are largely responsible for the vast increase in food allergies, digestive health complaints, and who knows the damage.

            As far as Obama’s steaks, it was all over the news media that they cost $1,000. I can assure you that, personally, I didn’t even know such expensive cuts of meat existed.

          • Kate8

            Oh, and one other thing. Congress plans to legislate that GM foods are ALL we can eat. Another denial of our freedom to choose.

            They plan to make illegal all organic farming, including backyard gardens. Monsanto seeks to utterly control the seed industry.

            That, alone, should tell you something.

          • Christin

            I don’t think all doctors are playing God. God has given humans the power to heal. He has given us vitamins, minerals, herbs and plants to use as natural medicines to heal people from disease, illnesses and stings, burns, stomach aches, headaches…. He has given them a gifted brain and many resources to learn about His provisions here on earth to do great things in healing people from disease an illnesses.

            Although I would consider it playing God when someone is put on life support system, when people help others in assisted suicide, or when doctors perform an abortion.

            Playing God is also when someone fools around with nature trying to CHANGE God’s perfect Creation.
            That would include cloning… so far animals… what’s next, humans? Those beings will not receive a soul if done that way.
            And, of course, that would also include Genetically Modified plants and animals. The GM seed is no longer productive (ie. non reproducing) and in some cases eliminated from the fruit altogether (seedless watermelon or grapes). And there is already proof that the altered seeds in the plants have contaminated other farms and crops or rendered food useless as in the corn seed… Mansanto dilema.

            Genesis 1:11-12 says: And God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is THEIR seed, each according to its kind, upon the earth.” And it was so. 12… And God saw that it was good.”

            Cloning and altering food/ seeds and animals is NOT God’s way… He is all about life and reproducing with His devine design of plants, animals, or humans.

            And Kinetic, I believe things are not so subjective. They are either Right or Wrong. It all boils down to having moral values and doing the Right thing. Many corrupt people/corporations/gov agencies are not doing the right thing and they are scamming the public and pushing poison and altering God’s wonderful provisions.

            Just my opinion, friend.

          • Richard Pawley

            Kinetic1, Kate8 is correct in the saying how common genetically modified foods already are in our food supply. They started to pollute our food around the time that autism started to greatly increase but that may be just a coincidence (although the Amish who grow their own food without chemicals have almost no autism. At least in Europe citizens are given a choice if they want to use GMO foods. It is only in the USA where Congress feels we are to unimportant to be given a choice. About 91% of our soybeans are genetically modified – hence I ceased to use soybean oil or eat things with soybeans in them years ago. Corn is 75%+ GMO and between 75 and 85% of all processed foods contain either GMO corn or soy. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) would not be good for you even if it weren’t GMO but almost all of it is GMO. Beet sugar is cheaper than cane sugar and it is now GMO as of last year. When I found that out I went out and purchased a several year supply of PURE CANE SUGAR before they “improve” that too. Smucker’s makes a new Orchard’s Finest jam with real sugar but they don’t say if it is cane sugar so it may be GMO beet sugar. I was going to ask about this on the Internet but Smucker’s requires to much personal information on their web-site so I will just not buy it. I use imported jams made with sugar, mostly from Europe where they have to tell you if the food is unnatural and I make my own. WE ARE THE TEST on whether GMO foods are healthy and I prefer not to be the guinea pig upon whom such experiments are conducted. I heard they nixed the idea years ago of putting a gene in one common vegetable that would reduce the number of births but I read they did introduce a poisonous spider gene into one vegetable so insects would not eat it. Of course this won’t hurt us because the FDA says so. Hence I pay more for organic cereal, and organic corn and organic eggs. I don’t eat much meat but the beef I eat is grass fed organic. One cannot eat what most Americans eat and not get the diseases that most Americans get. I also take almost a dozen supplements and Congress is trying to make them all prescription items to give big business an even bigger slice of the pie and keep people like me from staying out of their clutches.
            We must vote out the 111th congress in five weeks and replace them or we may not get another chance. Remember to register. Most states close the registration on Oct. 4th.

          • airangel

            Christin….the video was beautiful…the n was missing in the link above but I figured it out. Correct link if anyone is interested. Everyone should watch to relax, meditate, de-stress, whatever…very peaceful.


        • BDouglas

          So WHAT do you (constructively) do about it?

          • GreatScott

            Find someone or a small grower who has heirloom seeds and grow your own food. Buy as much food as you can from local organic farmers. If your budget is alreay tight (mine is), look and see where you can cut spending to pay the higher food prices. If you eat enough organic fruits and vegetbles and grass fed, organic beef, you may not need Health Insurance.

        • Billy

          Only wild salmon is good nothing else.

        • FlaJim

          Spontaneous abortion and sterility? What nonsense! Show me the proof.

        • JohnB

          Kate8 – You are absolutely right. I can’t believe Bob Livingston condones the fish-farm salmon as freedom of choice. It should definitely be banned along with all the GMO’s. I can’t believe the ignorance of these people. They don’t understand the seriousness of the situation, they are so stupid. You’re the only one who speaks with any intelligence. They don’t realize that the GMO’s and fish-farms are poisoning future generations of kids. It’s insane.

          • JerryM

            I hate to break the news to you folks, but I don’t think there is any food today that has been genetically modified at some point. Have you all not heard of cross pollenation/breeding? It’s been going on for centuries. Most of the food baught in the grocery stores is the product of some type of cross pollenated vegetables/fruits and most of the meat is from cross bred animals.

            I t doesn’t matter what you eat, you’re going to die anyway.

          • JerryM

            Sorry, I meant to say that I didn’t think there was any food that HASN’T been GM’d.

        • SANDRA

          Czar Sustein at work! Most dangerous man in Obama administration. NUDGE – that’s the name of his most recent book.

        • Lewis Munn

          Obama does well! And he has only to eat 15 of those steaks to equal ALL the money I get for everything off 56 years of paying in to Social Security, and he thinks that is too much so planning to take part away for his precious illegal voters.

          I do think Genetic Modifications need to be tested in the lab long term, and be sure too they do not splice into the human genome.

          With all the hassles of the ‘flu medications and the side effects, I do not trust a “trust me” much from the government, or the UN.

          And Obama in most things says to do as he says, not as he does, and this is proven over and over. Not just in food. Unfortunately our school systems have been dumbed down by both major parties, until people know little of science, and only learn to play around.

          We may be cooked as geese with the government control falling thick and fast now. And the nay-sayers being bought out or otherwise silenced by the government.

          Look too at how Obama is permitting and/or encouraging rigging the elections using the newly appointed Union bosses and lawyers to do side runs around our constitution. Even laws are being “genetically Modified” for his purposes, and the entire Constitution may be next to be “genetically” modified; watch for it.

        • Kenneth S

          Should anyone want proof of these things,take the Africanized bee,or the GM corn fiasco some years back.The corn was producing its own insecticide which was causing severe allergic and toxic reaction in consumers.They pulled it off the market causing billions in losses,but today,they are still finding this GM corn in 1% of all corn tested.And now they want to go into nano-technology.These fools will eradicate life on this planet eventually! As for me,when food gets scarce,I plan to kill liberals and eat them!!

        • ONTIME

          Man has been genetically altering the food source for thousands of years by cross breeding and plant alterations, new products should be of concern and they have been throughout history. What we have presently is a lack of trust because the veracity of our controlling agencies under government supervision cannot be trusted to tell the factual truth and release all the testing results in a satifactory manner.

          This a a downright shame when we can feed so many and use less space and energy as never before, the distrust brought on by lack of credibility has now hindered this ability. There is so much more to offer and yet the greed factor and lack of responsibility is going to make this task even harder for mankind to eliminate hunger.

        • ChuckL

          There is a relatively easy solution to this problem. PROHIBIT PATENTS ON ANY FOOD OR MEDICINE.

          Follow this with a requirement that any patent based upon research which used public tax funds MUST BE PLACED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Make this retroactive for all patents.

          And eliminate the prohibition on providing information on the curative effects of natural foods.

          We have seen the results of the FDA authorizing the sale of laboratory created drugs for treatment of diseases in the lawsuits that are regularly filed against the drug companies.

          We must authorize physicians to prescribe the use of natural cures, even when this does not require a prescription for a “controlled” drug. We must prosecute for ALL kickbacks from drug companies to those who issue prescriptions and the penalty must include penitentiary time. This penalty must apply to the executives of the company and the negotiators.

        • nikenow

          The once slow-undoing of our freedoms is clearly accellerating under the current Regime. Stand firm against these corporate cancers.

        • NormP

          Trust in the LORD (not the government or men) with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6 (parenthesis, mine)

    • EddieW

      And….now we know why they are called the Federal DEATH Administration!!! Not without reason guinea pigs!! As for me and my family…we will never eat Salmon!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I will still eat Salmon. It will just be salmon I CATCH FIRST!!!

    • Carole Howell

      There was an inaccuracy in this article, it is not government bureaucrats, but the corporation behind the bureaucrats that determine what is said about products and get the government bureaucrats to push them on to us.

      Personally, I do not want genetically altered food on my plate, but if I shop at any supermarket in the U S, or eat in any fast food vendor I do not have a choice.

      They no longer have to label food about it being genetically altered, or containing hormones or antibiotics.

      As a matter of fact if any business wants to put a label on their product saying they do not contain these things the government will come after them and force them to remove such wording from their labels, remember BEN & JERRY’s ice cream?

      Did you hear about the meat processing plants who wanted to tell the public all their beef was tested for mad cow disease and the government threatened to shut them down for advertising they were testing all their beef for the disease?

      It is not our health or public safety this big business run government cares about, it is the bottomline of the major corporations that run it.

      The CIA is now working for the Corporations, it spies for them, gathers info for them. (paid for by our tax$$$$$s of course)

      This system is so corrupt it stinks and only will be corrected when we the people stand up and demand ‘publicly financed elections’.

    • christophercurry

      Let’s have the families of the FDA and those of Congress test each item for say, 5 years. Isn’t that what they require for drugs ? And by the way, what do people in Europe think of this idea? (For some reason there seems to be a wide divergence of approval of different things in the U.S., with approval being in direct proportion to the financial clout of the producing company.

  • DaveH

    We need a “truth in labeling” law for the Socialist Democrats who are masquerading as benevolent humans.

    • Disgusted

      Good one.

    • Norm

      You want government protection from fish capitalists?
      Now that’s not very libertarian.

      • DaveH

        Did I say that, Norm? Can you show me where? As usual, Norm in his Liberal Ignorance is grasping for straws.

        • Norm

          “We need a “truth in labeling” law for the Socialist Democrats who are masquerading as benevolent humans.”
          Truth in labeling LAW? C’mon Dave can’t the private sector be trusted?

      • s c

        N, stay away from semantics. You have all the problems you need trying to cope with the truth. We expect those miserable, sunny beaches in Washington to do their JOB(S). You willingly confuse a responsible government with a government that does what it wants whenever it’s ‘convenient.’ NEVER confuse the two.
        As for DaveH being a libertarian, that’s his business. How very PROGRESSIVE of you to put words in his mouth.

    • Christin


      I think people should put truth FIRST and people ahead of GREED and POWER.
      Socialist (Dems and Reps) people can just get out of leadership positions because they stink at it.

      We have enough LAWS in America to make the ROCKS cry out!

      GM salmon will never be any good unless their is a famine. The people may eat the GM products, but they will no doubt have health problems or die early.

      LABELING PRODUCTS SHOULD BE THE LAW… label truthfully or don’t get into the business.
      STOP MAKING GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS… no one does it better than GOD.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Norm was right about Libertarian Beliefs, but wrong about me saying what he accused me of saying.
        I believe that Government should butt out of business except to litigate against Fraudulant claims by business people. We need to give the power back to the consumer. I do think though that the consumer should exercise their power and not buy products that aren’t labeled “Non-GMO” if they feel strongly about it. You can bet your bottom that people would do that because there a lot of us that are creeped out by GMO.
        I remember when they routinely put preservatives in potato chips. I told friends they should only buy the chips that didn’t have preservatives in them. They felt that wouldn’t have any influence on the food processors. But you know, after a year or two, there were more companies marketing chips without preservatives than with. Several years later I could not find chips with preservatives.
        My point is that the consumers have tremendous power. They just need to exercise it.
        Why shoudn’t Government just force it? Because in many cases, there are people who prefer different choices. Maybe, in the case of the above example, they would rather take their chances with preservatives and pay less. But with Big Government one size typically is forced to fit all.
        With Big Government the most popular choices of the masses tend to become the only choices. And who says the masses are correct in their choices? In fact, if the masses had a corner on correct decisions they would all be rich, instead of just envying the rich, wouldn’t they?

        • Christin

          Dave H,
          Relax… I didn’t read Norms post nor do I bother much with the typical socially retarded progressive views of those posters.

          I am here to learn from all you guys, share my knowledge or viewpoint, laugh a little, but not fight with would-be wolf attackers.

          My comment to you was to say we have enough laws, we are already over regulated, people/companies should follow the constitution and use the laws we have and obey them.

          FULLY DISCLOSE WHAT IS IN YOUR PRODUCT or get out of the business.

          That is your “Truth in Labeling” Law… I agree.

          Wouldn’t that law already exist?
          Companies should already DO that, don’t you think.
          Either you are TRUTHFUL and disclose or you are a LIAR and hiding your bad product or ingredients.


          Their GM products wouldn’t make a dime if their products were labled correctly and people were informed on the dangers of consuming GM foods and how it has affected other crops.

          I’ll say it again, There are dangers when man tries to be God.

          Everything’s cool, DaveH. Have a blessed day.

          • DaveH

            Here’s how we do that the Libertarian way, Christin. We tell the supermarket butchers, or whoever runs the meat section, that we will buy no more salmon until the producers mark the package (truthfully) as a Non-GMO product. We also find out who is the producer and tell them the same thing. If enough of us are concerned (and I’m sure there are) believe me, they will mark the packages. If they don’t they lose business, and the Liberals can tell you that those “greedy” capitalists will not want to lose business. That’s the beauty of Free Markets. We don’t need no damn expensive government to accomplish that.

          • Norm

            I wouldn’t expect you to read anything that doesn’t fit your extremist views. No sense confusing yourself with other view points.

            I like your idea of “people”, by their pocketbook, regulating the market. The problem is that most people won’t even know that there is a problem, and if the price is low enough they won’t care. Look at the garbage coming from China.

          • Kate8

            Christin, DaveH, and anyone else interested: Power utilities are in the process of installing SmartMeters all over the country, as you may know. These remote wireless devices not only allow the power companies control over your energy usage, but also subject us all to very high wireless pollution. People are reporting an increase in health issues, migraines, restless sleep – you know the drill.

            Once they install the unit on the outside wall, they want to install another receiving/transmitting device inside your house. The effects of every house having them compounds the pollution in the neighborhood, and adds to the already high wireless pollution from things like computers and cell phones.

            Anyway, many people are fighting back, and we need more to speak up. They are trying to force me to have one installed – they tell us we can’t opt out – but they have no right to do that! I keep saying ‘no’.

            Here is a website dedicated to stopping SmartMeters. We need EVERYONE to get on board.


          • Christin

            Thanks kate8,

            I have read your posts where you discuss “Smart Meter” before, but did not know too much about it. This post makes it more clear. I have not heard of utility companies doing that in our state or area… yet. I would think that they are trespassing on your property and trying to force something onto your house that you have not agreed to. Is it law in CA already? How will you fight this? Can a group of you file a complaint against the company or is that a mute idea. How do we know if “they” have already come to our house while we were away and DONE this without our knowledge? Is there a box by the meter on the outside of the house? Can we rip it out? Or is it like the tag on the mattresses where you get fined if you do! Sorry about all the questions.
            Wonder if we can shed some light on this topic statewide or nationally to raise awareness and expose the rotten plan? I wouldn’t think ANYONE would want this type of home invasion or health problems. I can’t imagine how they are packaging it to make is sound desirable.

          • Kate8

            Christin, Check out the link I posted. It explains all about SmartMeters.

            They are going in everywhere. I remember, years ago, hearing a Congressman give a townhall talk (in Montana, I think) about the SmartGrid coming, how we need to stop it before it becomes implemented. It’s all part of the new control grid, controlling every aspect of our lives. It’s part of Agenda 21, and the NWO.

            It’s already in place in several other countries. I’m not sure how many states are currently affected. I know CA and AZ are being set up now. Some towns and cities in the CA Bay area have been successful in holding them off, and local governments have been pressured into banning them in some localities.

            There is also some class action suits going on over it, but I have little faith in our courts these days.

            Remember the push to get us all to install new, HE appliances (energy efficient)? These are all electronic, and can be remotely shut off by the SmartGrid. I knew something wasn’t right when the power companies offered to purchase them for people who couldn’t afford them, and give rebates to people who did buy them.

            Do a little research and learn about Agenda 21, and the SmartGrid. Then start talking to everyone, and make them aware. It is coming to your town soon.

            BTW, Agenda 21 has metasticized to pretty much everywhere now. Even the smallest hamlets.


          • Christin

            Thanks for the info and website.
            I will check it out. After some more research I will pass it on.
            “HE”… ya know I buy ALL laundry soap and I was trying to find the regular kind, but lately all I have been able to find is “ALL he…safe for all ‘he’ washing machines.” I didn’t know what that meant, but now it would appear 1. that it is tied into the smart grid turning off your appliance info that you are talking about and 2. that they are advertising and pushing (nudge) that product to use in the HE machines… hhmmmm … very intersting.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            thanks for the site!!! I got as far as the part where they talk about fires and the 440 current comming in over 220 lines and that was more than enough for me!!! I will do everything in my power to see that they don’t put one on my house!!! Bet money on it!!

          • ChuckL

            Christin, We have way too many laws that simply need to be revoked.

            The best thing that the new congress could do would be to review all laws and revoke all of them that are in violation of the Constitution. If that were done, it might be possible to not violate the law in ignorance of the law.

            If they concentrated on this, they would not have time to screw us over.

        • Kinetic1

          I agree, consumers have a lot of power when they join together. Liberals use this power all the time and are often lambasted for it. It’s a good way to deal with a problem after the fact, but why should we have to? Why shouldn’t we have a government organization that reviews new products and procedures before they go to market? The manufacturers tell us that their own trade organizations do that work for us, but why should we trust them? The idea that businesses will do what’s best for the customer only holds up when the businesses is small enough to be affected. Just look at Ford and Firestone. A small town mechanic would never knowingly allow a car to go out with tires that can cause a fatal roll over. It would be morally wrong, would likely lead to the loss of his business, his friends and maybe his freedom. For and Firestone just lost some money and credibility for a short time. No one went to jail and the business is still going strong.

          The real problem with the FDA and other administrations is that they are open to corruption from lobbyists and politicians. If they were isolated from such influences they could be more like Consumer Reports, though even they have their shortcomings. Sometimes the tests are flawed and you need an expert to tell you if the brakes on that bike are really adequate for trail riding, or that Salmon is really “the same as wild”. It’s all a matter of finding uncorrupted experts. And Christian, take it from a “socially retarded progressive”, truth is subjective. That Salmon company will be happy to produce the “proof” that their product is as natural as if they had done nothing to it. Truth laws seem like they would be simple to prosecute, but when there’s money to be made…..

          As for allowing the public to decide about things like preservatives, your argument sounds fine Dave, but you fail to note that those consumers who choose to spend less and suffer the consequences affect us all. The cost of health issues in our society are huge and everyone who makes bad choices adds to that cost. Now I admit that the best answer is to educate the consumer, but that can take generations. And while we can’t go around regulating everything that people eat, and we can’t force every bad product off the shelves, why should we allow companies to use known poisons to cut the cost of production and then sell those poisons to an uneducated buyer?

          • Christin

            I did not label you nor would I classify you as a “socially retarded progressive”… but I will let you make that call.
            You have good ideas and I have appreciated your view point.

            I feel the laws made years ago to warrant the FDA which were to regulate and have “tests” on food, medicine and other non-edible products for SAFETY before introducing to the public were good, since people/companies were “Just NOT Doing the Right Thing”. Isn’t that why we have all these agencies.

            The original FDA would have put a testing/vetting time in place before introducing these altered and inferior food, seeds and products into the market, but they have relinquished their original goal.

            It has been apparent to me that the FDA has not put the people FIRST , but allowed power and greed to corrupt its function.

            The new laws seem to express that you can sell the American people “a bill of goods”, poison even, and reckless Chinese lead products to help the NWO depopulate the earth and make them dependant. Politics and corruption have entered into the equation and the FDA is another cancer we can add to the list to fight as well.

            Keep Fighting the Good Fight, Patriots.

        • DaveH

          This isn’t for Kinetic, he likes paying for an ever-growing Big Government (I assume he’s paying).
          But for the rest of you, who don’t, you are playing right into their hands. They will gladly accomodate you, pass more rules, create more agencies, and give you the illusion that you are being protected while they impoverish you.

          • Kinetic1

            Yes, Dave. My wife and I are well enough off that we pay quite a bit. If only we could get into that bracket that is high enough to pay a lower percentage then those making less than $50,000.

    • Conservatives United

      All politician and buracrats should come with a written label. Then we could immediately decide which ones are harmful, and throw them in the garbage disposal.

    • Carole Howell


      Sounds like you have a desire to eat any and all types of excrement in your food and die. Well, just do it on your own and let the rest of us have our safe food.

      I do not understand why some people are so careless about their own health, I never will, but I take offense to their objecting to people who do care. What? do you drive while drunk also?

      We are the cancer capital of the world. What is it now 1 in 3 men and 1 in 5 women who will be victims.

      • Claire

        And from what I read, we have the most obese people on earth.

  • Angelwannabe

    Well_ this will be simple at least for my husband and I, we don’t like or eat salmon!_Thanks Bob for Constant vigilance__I’ve said this plenty through the years, that the hormones they shoot in our meats, is directly responsible for the rapid maturity in children, especially females. Our daughters become women, before the age of ten!

    • Marlene LMT TEXAS

      check you milk as well. some 30-40 years ago they approved suppliers to mix milk with soy and not put it on the label. Best way to tell is to freeze the milk and when thawed-its lumpy its soy!!! Soy has a lot of estrogen in it, which can hasten maturity in women.

      • Christin

        Marlene TX,
        I did not know they were mixing milk.
        I do not drink milk anymore except in my cereal or cooking, but my two boys do. I usually buy Organic, don’t know if that is a whole lot better or not?
        I’ll have to look into the soy addition to some milk.
        Thanks for the info… keep it coming.

      • independant thinker

        Have not heard about that. I have a source for unpasturised fresh from the cow milk and that is what we use. As far as red meat is concerned we eat mostly wild game. When we buy chicken there is a brand available localy that does not use hormones, antibiotics, etc that we purchase.

    • Bob

      Most of the formulas for babies has soy in it which contains Phytoestrogens which makes childre reach puberty early. The best thing is to breastfeed until the child is old enough to drink real milk. It’s become a full time job just trying to find healthy food today but you have to read all the labels. Almost everything is gmo or contains HFCS or Aspartame, Sucralose or some other poison. Soy also causes a depressed Thyroid. I know that is true because it happened to me.

      • Disgusted

        That is unfortunately true. Most people don’t even know it.

      • airangel

        Even more why we need to demand “Honest Labeling”. There is a lot of controversy on soy however natural, organic, pesticide free soy is a regulator of hormones and very safe. In a lot of research, what is being put into vitamins and soy milks and formulas is Monsanto’s Genetically Modified soybeans which are from the “franken-seeds”. Also, many dairy farmers are using Monsantos “rBST or rBGH” (bovine growth hormone) which is causing many reproductive problems. Endocrine system in women and breast cancer and prostate problems in men.

        The genetically engineered hormone was developed by the Monsanto company to supplement dairy cows’ natural bovine growth hormone and stimulate milk production. The FDA approved rBST in 1993 — in what opponents call one of the FDA’s most controversial decisions – and Monsanto began selling it the following year under the brand name Posilac. Nearly a decade later the complications are surfacing – Good news Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s do not buy from suppliers that used these engineered hormones! Yoplait jumped on the bandwagon and many others. This is all because of us, consumer demand!

        Monsanto controls 90% of the soybean crops in the USA. I don’t know how much in other countries but the cross contamination via wind, birds, etc is going to ruin the organic farms with cross contamination. The Franken-fish, Franken-seeds, Franken-hormones need to be stopped! We are only starting to find out and link the health disasters to the assault of synthetic toxins in our bodies!

        • ValDM

          Read up a bit more on soy. Soy is dangerous in its RAW incarnation. The ONLY soy that is not harmful is soy that has been FERMENTED: miso, tofu, soy sauce and tamari. In ANY OTHER form it is dangerous to your ENTIRE endocrin system. Ever see someone that claimed to be vegan, but was obese? Soy consumption did that to them by turning OFF their thyroid. The thyroid exudes a hormone that regulates metabolism. Ergo, if the thyroid is turned off, you don’t sleep or digest, and then grow obese. Additionally, in ancient Japan, wives would feed unfermented soy to their “wandering” husbands in revenge so they couldn’t perform with their favorite concubine. I affects (severely) reproductive organs.

          • airangel

            VaIDM…I guess people need to do what’s right for their body. As for me, all the processed, refined foods gave me great complications and a major surgery of hysterectomy due to Endometriosis because of all the xeno-estrogens that mimic natural estrogen from the franken-foods…long story short, it was life changing for me and at 45 I did not want to go on Hormone Replacement Therapy so I drink Organic Soy Milk and roast natural soy beans in their pods and eat those as a vegetable with lean protein. In my case, I need the estrogen now that I don’t produce my own and I get it in natural form from Soy and it works for me with some diet changes. I guess it’s the same with Red Wine…a glass (6oz) can be very beneficial but the whole bottle wouldn’t be. Whole Food vitamins are very beneficial but too much of a good thing can be bad….life is about balance and we each are responsible for ourselves so everyone must do their research for their own health concerns. One size does not fit all but the beauty is having choices available to us in which to choose our “healing modality” as long as we can trust the “science” and “research” about the products!

          • Kate8

            Yep. Soy is high in phyto-estrogens.

      • coal miner


        You are right.… – 57k – Similar pages

    • Kate8

      Angelwannabe, All commercial meats are corn-fed, and all corn is GMO. This includes chicken, turkey, beef…

      The damage done to these creatures is passed on to us and our pets. The really sad thing is, animals won’t eat GMO food unless they have no alternative and are starving. They instictively know it is unnatural and will make them sick. Squirrels throw out the corn from the mix in the feeder.

      I recall, years ago, when ‘Atlantic’ salmon became available. Yuch! The texture is mushy and it’s generally unpalatable. We wouldn’t eat it, an went for only ‘fresh WILD Pacific’ salmon. NO farm raised fish at all.

      I visited a fish farm once. The fish looked unhealthy and many had tumors and deformities. And this was decades ago.

      None of this is new. It’s been on the market for a long time, and is only now coming into general debate.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        the reason for the taste of farm raised fish of any kind is their diet! The stuff they feed them looks like rabbit pellets! When I was in college, we were just down the road from a trout farm. they had some in there that had to go fifteen pounds so we came up with the bright idea of getting a line tossing it in at night (they would hit ANYTHING!!) and pulling one out across the short concrete pad and outside the fence. well, it worked and we got away but the fish tasted like $hit!!! It was the mostgross piece of fish we had ever tasted!! nothing but fresh trout after that!! I don’t like farm raised catfish either!

  • Frank

    25 cents a head for federal employees on a silver charger.

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    It is like everything else that the “government” does, when the population says they want one thing, they go their own way, We don’t matter to the “Government”. There is one thing we can do. We can start rufusing to buy any Salmon at all. The “government” is just using their population control tactics.

  • Pen

    This means that I won’t be eating salmon, I love it, but the FDA is trying to kill us through our food.

    • Disgusted

      At least make you sick enough to medications to make you “better” (not). Dependency on the drug companies is the ultimate goal. If you are so sick you can’t live without them then they have achieved exactly what they set out to do.

    • ValDM

      Don’t stop eating salmon. Where I live the fish must be labeled “wild caught” or “farm raised”. If you get caught with a farm raised fish, you will be able to tell with the first bite. Farm raised fish is mushy, not firm; and has a strange aftertaste. GMO foods (frankenfoods) have been around for more than a decade and have never been labeled. It’s high time they were.

  • john

    Another reason for me to hate salmon…and Obama and the FDA

  • Janine

    Simple solution to NOT labeling the genetically engineered salmon is for the suppliers of the Non-GE salmon to label it as such.
    I for one will look to ‘Whole Foods’ for guidance as their standards are particularly high, until I can find a labeling standard in other stores. We as the public, do get our way, if you are in a store purchasing salmon, as for verification that it has not been gen. eng., refuse to buy it if no such evidence exists and sales will decline. All of a sudden it becomes a marketing benefit to supply non-ge salmon and problem solved. Do you really trust the FDA anyway?

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    Another thing, that SLOB that said that the “lable would confuse us”, should be stuffed with genetical Salmon and throw him in the ocean. Does that not pith you other people off. It is like him calling us dumb.

    • Disgusted

      Everytime the government officials or state officials do someting that is not in our best interest, that we have clearly stated we don’t want or believe is in our best interest then they pass it anyway – they are saying we are stupid. Too stupid to really know what is best for us, that they are smarter than we are and that they do know what is best for us. It is maddening!!! I want to scream.
      Why can’t I buy raw milk? Legal in 28 states with no health issues being reported, but not WI. Stupid.
      Our paid “representatives” in local, state and federal government have been overstepping their bounds for a long time. It’s time they were taught a lesson in respect!


      • http://?? Joe H.

        Bet you don’t eat the venison from WI!!! Waisting disease, anyone???
        Same as mad cow disease!!

  • David R. (Canada)

    Check out this site:
    It has all the dirt on GMO’s, Monsanto, etc.
    You can sign up for intermittent e-mails from them.

    PS. I will not be buying any more salmon once I know it’s on the market.

    • Bob

      You can still but wild caught Salmon. There’s no reason to punish the people that sell good products. Don’t listen to all these naysayers on this site. I’ve been eating salmon all my life and I’m as healthy as anybody.

      • eddie47d

        I love Salmon but just remember,at least for now that all modified salmon are raised in Panama. (not natural to Panama).The country of origin is required on all food products so look for Panama on the label.

  • David

    I’m confused….

    Your article is asking our “government” to expand its role in this area (GM food production/distribution) but oppose it in other areas? How consistent is that?

    Why not let the market place work this out?

    As “Janine” stated above, let those who sell “non-GM” salmon label it as such. Let you (and other like-minded folks who oppose GM foods) pay the extra for non-GM salmon.

    But WHY speak about “smaller government” and then beg for more regulations?

    I just don’t get it.

    • Janine

      Thank you David, we cannot insist on smaller government one day and then ask for their protection the next. We must own the responsibility for our own welfare. Yes this means extra effort to research and understand, but it IS our responsibility not the governments.

    • s c

      D, you don’t ‘get it’ because you don’t want to ‘get it.’ In effect, you act like just another horse’s ass progressive who adds little or nothing to a discussion.
      Re-read the article (or have an adult read it to you). Bob Livingston does NOT argue that we need MORE regulation from Uncle Scam. What we need from Uncle Scam is TRUTH.
      How much room does it take on a label to say that a product is this or that? If you never look at a food label, you deserve whatever is in the item you’re buying. Your blind faith in Uncle Scam is misplaced. And your galloping ignorance won’t do anything for your health.
      Let me guess, you think ‘choice’ is fine, as long as YOU are the one who decides what we can have.
      Nice try, comrade. Take a hike.

      • Kate8

        s c – It’s pretty simple, really. If a product is knowingly harming people, then the producer is guilty of criminal conduct, and should be handled as such.

        Marketing a product using deceptive labeling is also criminal.

        For many, many years we had a system that did a pretty good job of protecting the consumer, using common sense practices.

        Now, it’s become a matter of more government regulation? Why? Only because there is another agenda in play here. Our government is no longer interested in our welfare, but is now dedicated to our demise.

        These foods, even to the most uninformed, are suspect to say the least. We need to do what we always have done: get them off the market. They are a public health hazard.

        It’s just like everything else nowdays. It’s just another mind-boggling twisting and contorting of our laws and our very thinking processes.

        • Disgusted

          We aren’t just talking about salmon here and labeling of products. We are looking at a government that is trying to control eveything including what we eat. We are supposed the trust the FDA and what they tell us is OK and not OK to put into our bodies. I don’t trust the FDA one little bit.
          The government is now trying to say you can’t take your vitamin D supplements, check it out:
          Their ultimate goal is to have control over all medications / supplements. You would need a doctors order to get Vitamin C if this bill passes. Let’s all be worried about that. I urge you to click on the link above and send a message to your senator’s – tell them to stop this idiotic idea! These supplements are already labeled that they are not FDA approved – that should be good enough. Let “we the people” decide for ourselves.
          Putting a cigarette in your mouth and smoking it is legal, but taking vitamin C they want control over? This government is out of hand!

    • Bob

      David I am against gov’t regulation but what has that to do with wild caought Salmon?

  • oldbill

    It’s very simple. I don’t eat something if I don’t know what it is. The Salmon Industry lables its cans as to whether or not it is wild caught. I don’t eat “farm raised” fish, much less GMO.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      oldbill… So, if it is farm raised you believe it is altered? That’s good stuff to know. I’ll be on the look out for that kind of information. I love salmon! I could eat it a couple of times a week! I am glad you posted your comment so now I’ll know what to watch for… Thanks…

      • AMJ

        Farm raised fish tasts muddy and its color is lack-luster. Wild salmon has a beautiful color and flavor, nad it has more health benefits than farmed fish.

      • airangel

        Robin – farm raised is injected with growth antibiotics that will mess with your hormone system and immune system…Stay away from farm raised fish – not natural at all!

        • Disgusted

          Look at your beef. Look at your chicken. Look at your pork. They are all raised the same way.
          No one cooks a meal from scratch anymore. They buy a box of pre-measured ingredients that is full of preservatives to keep it on the shelf for 100 years. Most kids today don’t even know that a potato grows in the ground and you have to dig it up. They think a potato comes in the form of a french fry!
          Everything has to be cheaper and faster in our society today. We are getting what we asked for.
          Have you ever seen butter made from organic raw milk. I did and it was bright yellow. I looked at my store bought butter when I got home and it was nowhere near the same color. I looked at the ingredients and the only things listed were cream and salt, so, why the difference. It turns out the government (FDA) has deemed certain products as additives OK for us in certain amounts and therefore don’t need to be placed on the label. They won’t hurt us they say!
          This mislabeling of products is all across the board and it all needs to be stopped. Tell me what is in each and every product I am buying so I can make an informed decision about what goes into my body!

          • independant thinker

            “Look at your beef. Look at your chicken. Look at your pork. They are all raised the same way.
            No one cooks a meal from scratch anymore. They buy a box of pre-measured ingredients that is full of preservatives to keep it on the shelf for 100 years. Most kids today don’t even know that a potato grows in the ground and you have to dig it up. They think a potato comes in the form of a french fry!”

            Way too much generalization. I know many people who raise at least part of their food and cook from scratch. Of course I do live in a rural area. I agree a lot of kids do not have a clue where their food actualy comes from but there are still many who know and understand how we get it. My daughters have helped me clean and process wild game and know meat from the store must go thru similar processing to reach the store shelves they also have helped me plant and harvest the garden. The one shortcoming in my education of them is not teaching them about preserving foods.

          • Disgusted

            If you live in a rural area then you are probably know a higher percentage of people that raise some or all of their own food. It is not like that everywhere. In some places the majority of people don’t even cook at all! Eating out is what they do!
            Good for you for teaching your children where food really comes from and what it takes to make it grow. A lot of parents today are not. I didn’t mean to generalize the topic, but there really is a large majority that what I said applies to. The other day at the grocery store I passed a woman with two children and her cart was full of boxed mixes – hamburger helper, noodle roni, pizza rolls, frozen pizzas – stuff like that. These are all boxes full of preservatives and junk. It is actually not that hard to make the same thing from scratch, just more time consuming.

    • Bob

      I don’t eat anything that comes out of a can. Fresh food is the best.

  • Norm

    By KIM CAROLLO, ABC News Medical Unit
    Sept. 20. 2010
    After two days of hearings, several members of an 11-member advisory panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that there are not yet sufficient data to determine that a genetic modification that enables salmon to grow twice as quickly is safe for the affected fish or for consumers.
    The panel, made up of outside experts, did not vote or make a recommendation on whether to approve these fish for human consumption, after holding today’s public hearing to determine whether genetic engineering is safe for the fish; whether the fish are safe to eat; whether the fish actually do grow faster; and the potential environmental impacts the production of these fish could pose.
    AquaBounty Technologies, the company that hopes to get the modification approved, faced considerable criticism from a number of consumer and scientific advocacy organizations at the hearings.
    The genetically altered salmon eggs include a growth hormone gene that cause them to reach full size in about half the time it takes regular salmon to reach the same size.

    • ValDM

      While this doesn’t concern salmon, it does go to clarifying the GMO topic. Corn has been altered for some time now. I remember watching the wee morning broadcasts of the Farm Report, where every commercial was devoted to “Round-up Ready Corn”. Now Round-up ready corn has been modified to not shrivel and die when this herbicide is applied. The “new” product, however, can’t be digested by livestock. That would be the reason for the big push on ethanol. If livestock can’t digest this corn, there had to be another market for the farmer who was hoodwinked into buying this seedand planting it.

      • Disgusted

        They have gone beyond that. They now have a “suicide” seed they have genetically made in the chemistry lab. This seed will produce one time, the seed that comes from it is sterile.
        You tell me why they would even consider making something like this.
        Control over all food! That’s the goal. He who controls the food supply controls the world!
        Watch a video called “The Future of Food” – it is the scariest movie I have ever seen. Monsanto is so far imbedded into our government that bias is way out the window here. We are all in trouble if we don’t do something about this.
        We will be living in Monsanto land and begging for food rations.

  • New Grandpa

    The Salmon “Farmers” keep them Bunched in “large Pens”, Roped off from the Oceans and swimming in their own waste and force grown by feeding genetically modified “food” produced with “who knows what”
    and tailored for “fast growth” much like Cows and Chickens are! Some one will probably blame GWB for this also. To quote a long passed Mentor, “the POLITITIONS are ALL winking at each other”….to “keep the masses Stupid”

  • TIME

    People, This is not a new event, I am not a farmer so I will use farmers that I have met and buy from by way of their own words.

    Pig Farmers; It used to take a year and a half to raise a pig for market, Now it only takes three months.
    How do you think that works, 18 months – 3 months = 15 months missing from a natural form of growth.
    Do Pigs now just grow faster by nature?

    Chicken Farmers; Chickens are ready for market in 30 days from hatching. But as he stated “For the free range” you buy its like the old days they took 10-12 months.
    So from and egg to a 10 pound Chicken in 30 days, is that natural, if the free range I buy fresh are like the “OLD DAYS” when it took a full year to get an 8 – 10 pound bird?

    Folks I buy veggies from folks that do Organic growing, they tell me the Cost / Values ratio is due to the lacking of sprays that not only enhance the growth, as well reduce any bug infestation, thus the veggies grow faster and larger, with less taste.
    Now that can’t have any effect on you can it?

    Folks we have been sold a bill of goods for years, if you look at the Cancer as well as other issues such as heart lung and kidney, liver problems growth rates in relationship to the addition of Genetically enhanced foods its odd that the numbers on a graph chart are just about equal to the starting of the heavy usage of the new methods.


    They are also putting mind altering drugs in the water supplys, such as Prosaic as well a host of others.

    • Christin

      That was enlightening… wow … the Farming Industry has had to keep up with our desire to have tons of food NOW… like a Fast Food Industry. Good post Time.

      I have read and heard about ALL sorts of drugs put into the city drinking water. They broadcasted the findings of tested water in California and there was a page full of drugs, but I remember the drugs used by gays/transvestites was at the TOP of the list with HIGH percentages… ya think that has anything to do with their “choice of sexual preferences”?!

      What do you think of well water that is about 300 feet deep? Do you think that it is much better or are they contaminating the aquafers as well… in addtion with chemicals on farms and lawns? We are considering drilling a deep water well on our property.
      Would you say water filters do not work on the drug filled city water?
      Is bottled Spring water much better or is it, too, contaminated?

      Some people have posted here about not needing “pasteurized” and “homogenized” milk and have consumed it for a life time without those processes. I thought that was needed to clean it up so it wouldn’t have germs or diseases. What is your take on that? Our son’s nutritionist says NO to MILK period. He refered us to That, of course, goes way beyond the growth hormones and antibiotics injected in cows. What say you?

      Sorry for picking your brain… hope you have a few answers.

      • independant thinker

        “Some people have posted here about not needing “pasteurized” and “homogenized” milk”

        Homogenized milk only means it has been run thru a process that breaks the fat (cream) into extremly small particles so it will not float to the top. Pasteurized means the milk has been heated to a temperature that will kill any disease organisms in the milk. The primary danger from “natural” milk is the possibility of the milk having tuburculosis in it but if you know your source that risk is extremly small. Natural (or unpasteurized) milk will spoil quicker than pasteurized milk but if you use it fast enough that is not a problem. We use “natural” milk and a gallon will last 6-7 days begore it spoils.

        • Disgusted

          Raw milk is legal to purchase in 28 states. There have not been reports of people getting sick or dying from the consumption of this milk, yet some states refuse to make it legal. Again, it is legal to put a cigarette into your mouth and smoke it, but you can’t make the informed decision of buying raw milk and drinking it. Rediculous.
          You should write your state elected officials and ask them what their view is on the legalization of raw milk. If you already live in a state where it is legal – LUCKY YOU! I wish I did.
          Pasteurization kills everything good. Raw milk is loaded with nutrition and you could actually live on it alone if you had to – check out this link:

          • independant thinker

            Where I live you can sell raw milk but cannot sell it for human consumption. Of course what I do with my cat’s milk after I get home is nobodys business but mine.

          • independant thinker

            If you live close enough to a rural area and can find a willing farmer you can also make arrangements to purchase part interest in a dairy cow and get raw milk that way.

          • Disgusted

            I know someone who has done that. He pays the farmer a stipend and the farmer files with the state that he has an “interest” in the farm. They are getting flack from the state about it and are being investigated right now. The state is WI by the way. That’s what they get for doing it legally! Don’t understand why they just wont legalize it.

          • independant thinker

            oops, I was guilty of over generalization there. I should have included some areas of the country as well.

            Another swource of information about this and similar topics is Mother Earth News.

      • independant thinker

        “I have read and heard about ALL sorts of drugs put into the city drinking water.”

        Most of the drugs are not put into the water but get there from people improperly disposing of their old meds and it makes its way into the lakes and streams that the water comes from.

        “What do you think of well water that is about 300 feet deep? Do you think that it is much better or are they contaminating the aquafers as well”

        That depends on the aquafers, some are replentished rapidly and if their source includes contaminated water then they would have the contaniments in them if they have a thousand year replentishment then the problem would be minimal at worst.

        Bottled water just depends on the source. Much bottled water is just municipal water that may or may not have been put thru additional treatment. I know Wally worlds 1 gal. drinking water comes from a municipal water source.

        • Disgusted

          I purchased a reverse osmosis filtration system and placed it under my kitchen sink with a separate “drinking spout”. More information here on what reverse osmosis is and how it can benefit you everyday:
          This water is better than most of the bottled water you purchase. You do have the initial cost of the system (less thatn $150 bucks at Menards, Lowes or Home Depot)and replacement filters (they last quite a long time) – but in the long run I am helping to save the planet by reducing the number of plastic bottles being thrown out and I have control over what I am putting into my body.

          • independant thinker

            Good point. I left mention of filters out for brevity. Probably should have included a brief discussion of them as well.

      • Kate8

        Christin, raw milk contains enzymes that are destroyed during the heating process, making it a much less healthy food. Same with irradiation of our produce – it destroys the enzymes that make it healthful and digestible.

        Producers of raw milk are held to MUCH higher standards of cleanliness than are pasteurized dairies. Pasteurized milk is allowed to contain many contaminants, like pus and bacteria. Dead bacteria isn’t healthy, either.

        Our food is being rendered lifeless through government regulation in the name of ‘food safety’. It’s all a ruse. We’ve been eating raw, NOT irradiated, NOT tampered-with food for centuries. All of a sudden, we have all these ‘outbreaks’ in our lettuce, meats and eggs, in order to sell us on the idea that these procedures are justified to keep us ‘safe’.

        • Christin

          All this talk about the “altred, genetically modified, anti-biotics, growth hormones, irradiated, pus, bacteria… ” food is making me not want to eat anything.
          Who knows if my organic seeds I’ve planted in my healthy garden are even any good…

          Ya know, kate, I sometimes wonder if the contaminated food “out breaks” (ie. the recent salmonila egg recall, and their was lettuce, and peanut butter…………………) I sometimes wonder if they are staged like a false flag to get people to agree to and get Congress passing more “Safety Bills” with hidden language and agenda which will allow MORE GOV control.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Here’s just some of my own research and opinions if anyone is interested!

    Farm raised is definitely altered. When looking for fish, always look for the words “wild caught.” This stuff is affecting all of our food…you can hardly avoid it. It’s so frustrating. I have to shop at 6 different stores when I do my grocery shopping to make sure my kids are not being pumped full of chemicals. Everything is going the route of GMO’s, that includes all meats, fish, vegetables, grains…you name it. The best thing you can do is grow your own veggies in the summer if you are able. Go to farmers markets that have amish sellers. You can also purchase Kosher labels, they have very strict dietary guidelines for their foods and meats. Find whole food health stores when possible. Don’t eat white bread and pastas. Try to buy organic whenever possible, look for labels that say antibiotic free, grass fed, free range, hormone or growth stimulant free. Be wary of grain fed beef, cows are not meant to eat corn (watch Food Inc), it can interfere with the meat and make people sick due to e-coli. Swiss Premium milk is antibiotic free, not sure if you can find it in your area but it’s cheaper than the five dollar a gallon Horizon or other organic milks. Almond milk is very good! Be wary of labels that say “natural” if it’s not accompanied with any of the above phrases like “grass fed” etc, then it’s a trick to get you to buy it and think it’s organic or good for you. Food shopping has become a royal pain in my butt. I just want the best for my kids and it’s becoming more and more difficult, not to mention expensive. The FDA, Big Pharma…they all have the same things in common, politicians, greeds, and favors…at our expense. They care not about who gets hurt or sick, we are nameless and faceless.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      Oh yes and AVOID fluoride. Fluoride is poison. It is not good for you or your teeth.

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        Oh yeah and one more thing, most regular seed you buy in the stores are manufactured by Monsanto, which means they are GMO’s. Buy heirloom varieties, open pollinated, non-hybrid. Be careful where you buy them. The two places I use and completely trust are and Also, if you can take the time to learn how to collect seed, it’s invaluable. Most seeds stored in the correct conditions have a viability for a least five years! I have been collecting seed and teaching my children to as well. Preservation is possible but we have to get involved and teach our children so they can pass to theirs and so on.

        • Christin

          Super informative posts.
          Thanks Strawberry Shortcake.

          Would you say “Organic seeds” are good to buy also.
          Doesn’t “organic” mean NOT containing pesticides or genetically altered, non-hybrid?

          You are RIGHT… shopping is a pain and keeping up with the Criminals who are loading up our food with toxic and altered junk is getting old.

          Wish people in Companies and Government would put TRUTH first and PEOPLE ahead of greed and power.

          STOP producing harmful GM foods. NO ONE does it better than GOD!

        • airangel

          Always follow the money. Who lines the FDA and EPA’s pockets? Big Pharma and Monsanto! There definitely needs to be reform and those that have falsified safety data reports or hid any complications under the table need to be in prison. Instead, they pay a few million in law suits (chump change to them), another warning label is slapped on the product rather than being pulled from the shelves because the poison caused fatalities! This continued abuse to the mass populations is just wrong. We need to close Monsanto and put the engineers to work on every states water treatment system to be upgraded and ozonated to kill all pathogens with oxygen and not chlorine and fluoride which do not even begin to get all the urine traces pumped full of pharmaceuticals. Over 109 beaches were closed 2 years ago due to the toxic run off from sewers. What is happening is at an alarming rate (like a runaway train with no brakes) is going to be irreversible if we don’t stop it.

      • Kate8

        Strawberry, Did you hear about the iron-filings in ‘fortified’ grain products? Like cereals and pasta.

        YouTube has a video demonstration of this. The guy grinds up the cereal, puts it in a plastic bag with magnets on the outside, and iron filings collect around the magnets.

        Metal is not a good thing for our bodies, and it’s damaging our children!

      • JEM

        Floride used to be favored to kill mites on chickens! And next time you get the chance – check the active ingredient in Black Leaf 40 (a favorite insect spray). Nicotine sulfate – A substance many people inhale freely and often.

    • Merry

      Everyone who is interested in the availability of health producing, wholesome foods needs to be making their voices heard against the so-called ‘Food Safety’ bill, S.510 with the accompanying S.3767(the teeth for enforcement). We are a small farm family, and if that bill passes with its ridiculous regulations and criminal punishment, it will be very hard for the small family farms to remain in business, including us. The only ones who can afford to meet the new requirements will be the big corporate operations. Please contact your senators and demand that they vote against these bills. Thank you.

    • TIME

      Strawberry, I have to drive all over to get our food supplys, our dogs food is made in the US, most of it is made by China. Thats just the dogs, the cats eat chicken that I cut scraps from our meals for them.

      Yogurt we get from a lady about 30 miles from here she makes it fresh weekly for us, she also grows Fresh fruits. But the good part is on the way We can pick up our fresh meats, the fellow & his wife are really nice folks and have a good solid customer base.
      When we lived in New York I used to pickup fresh fish from two guys who always were out fishing, here at our new home we are looking for someone like them, but so far thats not quite working.

      We stopped eating shrimp a few years back after we figured out where they were coming from. When we lived in Florida I used to buy them fresh from the Fishermen along with fresh fish daily, man do we miss that. But whats comeing out of the Gulf of Mexico now you don’t want to eat.

    • larryh

      “Be wary of grain fed beef, cows are not meant to eat corn (watch Food Inc), it can interfere with the meat and make people sick due to e-coli.”

      Meat from cattle being conyaminated with E-Coli has nothing whatsoever to do with what the cow was eating-corn fed to cattle is dry,cracked corn,which does not contain E-Coli,the bacteria is found in a lot of things,but dried cracked corn is not one of them.The E-Coli bacteria is only found in the feces of animals and humans,and sometimes can get into water contaminated with the feces.

      What causes an E. coli infection?
      You get an E. coli infection by coming into contact with the feces, or stool, of humans or animals. This can happen when you drink water or eat food that has been contaminated by feces.

      E. coli in food

      E. coli can get into meat during processing. If the infected meat is not cooked to 160°F (71°C), the bacteria can survive and infect you when you eat the meat. This is the most common way people in the United States become infected with E. coli. Any food that has been in contact with raw meat can also become infected
      Other foods that can be infected with E. coli include:

      Raw milk or dairy products. Bacteria can spread from a cow’s udders to its milk. Check the labels on dairy products to make sure they contain the word “pasteurized.” This means the food has been heated to destroy bacteria.
      Raw fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, or unpasteurized apple cider or other unpasteurized juices that have come in contact with infected animal feces.
      E. coli in water

      Human or animal feces infected with E. coli sometimes get into lakes, pools, and water supplies. People can become infected when a contaminated city or town water supply has not been properly treated with chlorine or when people accidentally swallow contaminated water while swimming in a lake, pool, or irrigation canal.

      Unless the cattle were fed grains contaminated with feces,you are not going to get an E-Coli infection from grain fed beef-the cattle are fed grain to improve flavor,and tenderness of the meat,My family raised cattle for years,we never used growth hormones,antibiotics unless for a specific infection,and then only for a few days,the cattle ate grass until the last 3-4 months,then were fed grain,it not only makes the meat taste better,it makes the meat more tender,it does add a few pounds to the animal too. My grandparents ate our farm raised animals all of their lives and lived to be in their 90′s.

  • Disgusted

    You are all eating GM good everyday! All the beef you are buying from WalMart is already GM. The cattle ranchers they utilize are the huge industrialized farms, when the calfs are born they inject a “bar of soap sized” implant into their necks that contains all the growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics and anything else they feel like putting into it that will make it grow to butchering size in 12-16 months. The grass fed cow takes 3-4 years to get to that same size. No one is screaming foul about that – I bet you are all buying beef – now you are all upset about GM salmon? If you are going to cry foul here you should be crying foul all over the place. Chicken, Pork, Beef, Milk – anything made out of corn or “highly processed” foods are GM. Seedless watermelons are GM.
    We all need to WAKE UP! Not only are all these GM foods killing us, they are killing our environment. This is not sustainable and eventually we will ALL pay.

    • Christin

      We are waking up slowly and learning about a flood of abominations the gov agencies and beaurocrats have been doing to our food supplies and lands without our approval or attention. It is a lot to take in. Why can’t people just do the right thing? I would think people wouldn’t get hired for these positions if they had Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde ideas about harming people and our planet. Much of what they have done is just plain wrong and probably against the law.

      It is a GOOD thing to put light on the No-Label GM salmon food.
      Then we can shine the spot light else where and everywhere!
      Others will continue to wake up…


      • JEM

        Salmon is the headline now BUT a few years back there was another issue – CORN. What is a major problem when growing corn? Corn ear worm. So how to fight it? Alter corn so that it produces its own worm killer. Then what? That same poison showed up in people who were unforunate enough to be the lab animal who ate that corn!

  • JCO

    I am in shock! Our gov has been in bed with the big pharma, and any company that has enough money to pay them, at the cost of millions of people. Its called mass murder, making the slaughter of jews, and the bay of pigs look small compared to what is going on today. My shock is: why do so many people believe the GOV, FDA, and polititions, to the point of death? The masses refuse to believe there is a problem, and continue to eat the tainted food, and when they get sick, arthritis, cancer, and so on, then they say: how did this happen to me. They go to the DR, and get more poison, and die a slow horrifying death. I pray for the ability to help people, and the funny theig, my own family does not care to know, and continue to eat fast foods, drink soda pop, eat chicken, soy, wbatever thrills their taste buds. I will continue to pray. We have all this knowledge, and can not save a single child, unless you convince the parents. Thanks

    • TIME

      JCO, Didn’t you know that we are now living longer, is that a bloody laugh or what? :-)

      My Great Great Grandmother was a Slave in Georgia in the 1800′s she lived to be what was believed to be 105 years old, now real proof of when she was born.
      My Great Grandmother, lived to be 101, My Great Grandfather lived to be 92,
      My Grandmother who was Cuban lived to be 99, My Grandfather the son of my Great Grandmother lived to be 90.

      I am 60 and in very good health for now, but being on the road 250 plus days a year I picked up Cancer two years ago, I am better now but on 100% Free Range foods, as well Organic natural grown veggies, not unlike my GrandParents.

      So why are we living longer now, well the facts are we are not, child birth was the number one cause of death until the 1920′s.
      People who worked hard doing labor outside lived longer.

      People in offices now are eating junk all day long, and it shows.
      (People now are alive longer, but thats not living.)
      When your druged up on stuff that keeps you alive for an extra, 5-10 years of pain and suffering thats not living. keep in mind that genetic’s play a big role in how long you live as well your quality of life.

      My Great Grandmother used to work in her garden daily so too did my Grandmother as well as taking care of the farm as did my Grandfather. Of what not a one of them ever saw the inside of a Doctors office during their life’s and never were sick.
      Until I got cancer I was never sick with anything more than a cold, that last me all of 24-48 hours.

      • Kate8

        TIME, In OT days people lived for hundreds of years!

        Anyway, the initial increase in longevity in America was due to better methods of hygiene, not drugs. Clean water, fresh food, bathing, better nutrition.

        Degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, etc. started rising with the degradation of our food, through processing, added chemicals, and increased sugar intake.

        The same people who own BigFood also own BigPharma. It is in their interest to have lots of sick people, and then convince them that drugs will help them and food quality doesn’t matter.

  • f a

    How many have watched “Food Inc.”? Look at who the major players are at the fed level in regards to regulation of food and agriculture (including aquaculture); then, look where those top regulators came from (i.e. Monsanto, ADM, etc.) New World Order doesn’t just apply to governance, it applies to every aspect of our lives, including food. Soon there will be just one supplier of (fill in the blank with: ‘food, clothing, housing, medicine, banking, transportation’, whatever you care to come up with).
    As an aside, where’s PETA in all of this??, and also: can sports figures now say they “just ate food” after they test positive for steroids?

    • Mark L.

      One supplier?? You mean like China-Mart?

      • f a

        Or Elite-mart or Gov-mart…

    • independant thinker

      “As an aside, where’s PETA in all of this??,”

      PETA could care less, as far as they are concerned 99% of the humans should die off anyway leaving 1% who would all be vegans.

  • Mark L.

    Whether genetically modified or not, farm raised salmon (and most fish) should be avoided. The operators of these fish farms have no choice but to treat these fish with antibiotics and other medications due to the saturation levels of fish in the water.
    Buy wild caught fish only.

    I would also add that free range beef and chicken, eggs included is also the only way to go. I don’t want to eat a chicken that was raised in a little cage the size of a microwave and pumped with who knows what crappy food and medications, just so that the chicken factory can maximize its profit.

    • airangel

      It is slowly catching on. I am seeing more organic and free range offered in the grocery stores where I live because we are demanding it. Times are tough now and people are buying “cheap”. Somehow we have to educate that by being healthy, not missing work, not having to go to the Dr. or buy expensive medications, and having quality health rather than drug induced foggy health is actually cheaper. If we all demand organic and stop buying all the fortified cereals, hormone infested meats, battery caged sick chicken, etc. The food will go bad and rot on the shelves forcing stores to seek the suppliers of natural. We can shift the tides when stores start seeing which inventory is moving and their top sellers, they will start stocking more of those products and less of the GM products. Money always talks!

      • independant thinker

        While the idea is excellent there is one “fly in the ointment” of your idea. There are a couple of bills in congress that would put such strict rules with the accompening paperwork that it would force most if not all small organic farmers out of business. Someone else has given some more info on this in the discussion.

  • FreedomFighter

    Anyone know what happened to the rats that were fed GM foods for several generations? Find out for yourself.

    Probably give you a good idea what it will do to humans.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • http://gmail i41

    Merry, you are right about the doing away with small and all private producers. When I see BS on antibotics in milk that is just that. 15 years ago I ran a 300+ plus dairy, we were inspected by the UDSA and state inspectors for what antbodics we had on the premises. We could only use penacillin deravitive meds. After calving, the mother was given a shot for any possible infection, milk could not be used for first for 3 days because of collastum in first milk, so it never is put in pipe line, so no milk every has any antibodics, every cow has a number and every day of her life history is montitored. From 305 day online production history, the 60 day gestion rest, calving date, on line observations of general health down to feet problems. When I see comments on food production most people are talking in their ignorance. A good herdsman take cares of the livestock that they own or entrusted with just like their family. Water quality has to be high quality and usually always potable for human quality. If you don’t like the quality of the milk look at the corporation that does the bottling usally processing brands on the same line. As for beef prtoduction private producers calve and raise the beef up to 600 – 800 lb range before weaning and then pre condition for sell or hold over till the next fall and sell as yearlings as a 1200 lb weight, then these are sod to a feed lot operator, who feeds them for a short time and the contracted to one of the 4 slaught plants. There is price you pay for beef is determined by these big corporations. In factThese corporations want to control thecattle from birth to plate including the cows. like the chicken, pigs and now beef in vertical intergration by the slowly government control with regulations.

  • Mike Berman, Ph.D.

    Why don’t we just send out a petition to our Senators and Congress to ban the FDA and insist that we start over or just don’t have one in the first place. Seems like a simple and good idea. It just seems that once we start with a given regulatory agency, it just goes out of control and becomes something opposite to that it was suppose to promote in the first place, our lives, liberties and our pursuit of happiness!!!

  • jopa

    Oh boy.Now you people want the government to get involved with labeling GM salmon.The other day everyone was saying no to big Government and let the sellers of vitamin suplements sell their poisons without listing the ingredients.Which way is it going to be??

  • Soldier

    I disagree that people think the rise of obesity is due to all the crap we eat (GMO food). Eating lots of GMO food could and probaly will lead to sterlity, cancer, etc., but calories are calories. To move a human body of a certain weight at a certain speed and acceleration requires a certain amount of energy (calories).

    I believe the rise of obesity has much more to do with our society in general. Kids, in particualr, have lots of fun video games that make exercise outside seem like a real bore. Bottom line is that an hour of playing Halo 3 amounts to way more fun factor than running for an hour on an after school cross country team, but not QUITE the amount of calories burned. Not to mention that you have facebook, and all the interent crap and TV to tempt us into hanging out in doors, which leads to us not burning calories. Oh, and I also forgot about all our desk jobs and less manufacturing jobs. A manufacturing or contruction job has you burning more calories than sitting at a desk. Since all of our manufacturing jobs have been shipped to China, we have less average calories burned per 40 hour work week per human.

    bottom line, is I have to beleive obesity has more to do with lack of calories burned versus calorie intake. Not surprisingly, when I go to the local ymca, your average regular patron is in decent shape. Sure there are some fat people who work out, but not many. when I go to my local gamestop, I see a lot more fat people.

  • Scott

    Has anyone seen the movie “Soilent Green” with Charlton Heston. Genetically Modified Food.

  • coal miner

    Coal Miner,

    I think it should be labeled.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    Ya sure,,, feed the family all the GM food you can find on the store shelves. you well not only pay a higher price but.. but you may start to wonder why your 8 and 9 year old girls have started to grow brests and your 12 year old wants to have sex with the 13 year old next.

    Maybe we need a name for the cause of this new development…
    Let’s call it the GM Factor.

    If I know its a ‘GM Factored Food’ a “GMFF , or a “GMF” I woun’t be buying it.

    That’s why they don’t want it labled as such.

    Don’t Buy GMFF or GMF.

    A Canadian’s point of concern.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    Sorry. I typed the words… ‘next door’ above, but they got lost..

    The sentence should have said..

    but you may start to wonder why your 8 and 9 year old girls have started to grow breasts and your 12 year old wants to have sex with the 13 year old next door….


  • http://gmail i41

    larryH, are you just a concrete poding retard or what. Cattle can eat corn as well as any other grains, they are a unglulate type animals, deer, elk, camel, just another cud chewing animal. You are spouting the green earth b–l sh-t. When the enlightened “save the world” idoits want everyone to eat only nuts and berries, there isn’t enough poductive land in the world to keep people alive. A bovine is the only organism that can convert grasses,into protein to something that keeps humans alive. The crap of GMO food making people lard a$$es, it is the lazy smuck parents dinks who don’t want the lazy a$$ed kids as well as the lard rear pot gutted adults, to have to work or do a damn thing, but go to school and stay in college as long as possible. These pencil pushing, paper chasing non productive, chair polishing, s–t brained, multi degreed idoits we have in the beltway and the work place are the problem. These same puked brained book trained morons have never done a damn thing productive in life. But turn pages in books and come up with theories, like the multi degreed, pistol gripped, jug eared, worthless jackass, in the WH. And all thru the government bird minded crap pickers, who create money wasting regulations inventions. To enforce on the productive businesses and taxpayers. As long as public educted union run teachers, keep teaching kids government knows best, for total dictatoral control oover us, we will have a few corportations growing, processing, and delivering food to the population wheather it good, tainted, or worthless. That is your only choice because the idoit citizens have vored for the socialist marxist communist democrat run government morons for years. So we have a binch of fat bastards complain what they hay to eat and have no opertanity, pay for idled government controlled productive farmground for decades to a few owners, with most payments of millions of dollars going to corporations in vertically controlled food corporations like ADM, CON-AG, Smithfeild Foods just to mention a few. All big lobbyists to Congress and the Elitist beltway idoits that approve mergers of different controlling corporations with close ties to Congress. Go back to FDR’s presidency and see how government masterplan is slow been moving along to control food production all the way to the plate. With years of Dumbocrat control thing keep moveing and now Onumnutts want to take ove all private property by an executive order, guess you idoits just love The National Marxist Democrat Communist Party for a dictatorial control over everything, even what you eat!

    • Disgusted

      I just have one comment regarding cows eating corn and grain. They can but it causes lots of health problems for them since it is not their “natural” food source. It also cuases large amounts of saturated fats to accumulate in their meat so when you eat it you then absorb those saturated fats.
      Check out this link:
      Would you eat something that caused you all the problems corn and other grains cause the cows? I think not.
      Eating corn and grains is not the natural way cows eat! Period!

  • GotSense

    Foods don’t magically become a “drug” just because somebody say so!
    They need to be more honest, moral people hired at the FDA.

  • booker


    • Claire

      And this has been going on for years.

  • Lorraine Gauthier

    I also had cancer because the FDA does not care about us but only their pockets . Wake up people,,eat organics,detox ,stay away from chemicals and GM. foods it’s not natural foods.


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