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General warns that deep defense cuts could hurt national security

July 28, 2011 by  

General Dempsey recently testified in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned against cutting defense spending too much.

General Martin Dempsey said that several debt ceiling proposals that would cut the defense spending by nearly $1 trillion would harm national security, reports The Hill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) released a plan that would pare $1 trillion from defense expenditures over the course of several years.

A number of members on the Senate Armed Services Committee said that the Defense Department should anticipate that hundreds of billions of dollars would be cut from its budget over the coming years.

While Dempsey acknowledged that the military is entering a “a new fiscal reality,” he said that cuts of $800 billion or more over the course of a decade would weaken national security.

The panel’s Ranking Member, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), said that entitlement spending was the major problem with the government’s budget, not defense expenditures, reports the news source.

Dempsey is currently undergoing the confirmation process and has said that he expects cybersecurity to be the most important issue during his time with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reports The Washington Post.

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  • http://deleted Claire

    NEVER cut back on military defense. Especially in this day and age. Sure hope these politicians realize this fact and use common sense.

    • Matt Newell

      Common sense and politics NEVER mix. If they can do it WRONG they will!

  • TIME

    Cuts should be made yes indeed they should be made, very DEEP cuts to the Military at this point in time.

    In Plain words take away all the Politicians abilities to start wars that grind our youth to bits for the “”$$$$$$$$$”” Gain’s of a gang of fat ass Politician, or some Monkey Butt Con artist within the Military’s upper ranks.

    Close the our bases all over the world and bring home all our troops lets just stop the Crazyness.

    We need not be the worlds police.

    • Karolyn

      TIME – For once I agree with you!

      • knights templer

        I’m sorry but I think you’re both nieve. You think it wise to significately cut defense while Iran, North Korea, Venezuela are working on Nuclear weapons? With all the trouble in the world are you that blind? You think just because we have CHL and rifles we can fend against missles and chemical & biolgical warfare? I agree we shouldn’t be invading countries like the traitor in chief the Nobel Peace Prize Loser with his unilateral war in Libya putting us more aggressive in the eyes of the world as well as spending what we don’t have. If you want to cut spending have the Muslim in the WH stop sending millions and millions of money to Egypt, Syria and other middle eastern countries to repair their mosques. It doesn’t help and they precieve us as being weak. Didn’t hear about that now did ya? We can cut spending else where like entitlements, welfare to the able and Obamas BS commitees that he ignores. Imagine if Muslim obama can get 86 million for campaine contribution I think we can do better in making cuts than making our military weak. Choose another target to reduce spending and strenghen our military not weanken it. Imagine not getting parts for F16′s or M1 Abrams tanks or reducing the fuel for patrolling missions? A strong country is strong not only economically but militarily as well. Any animal showing weakness will get pounced in no time.

        • TML

          “You think it wise to significately cut defense while Iran, North Korea, Venezuela are working on Nuclear weapons? With all the trouble in the world are you that blind?”
          Doesn’t North Korea already have nuclear weapons? Besides… there are plenty of other countries that have nuclear weapons. This is nothing more than blind fear mongering.
          “putting us more aggressive in the eyes of the world”
          That’s right, which is why we should stop… reduce those trillions of dollars we use to police the world.
          “I think we can do better in making cuts than making our military weak.”

          Bring our military home, rather than having them scattered across the globe, would not weaken our military, it would strengthen it. It is weak being spread so thin.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yup N. Korea has nukes but they are short on money and don’t have a reliable delivery system! Now Iran, has plenty of money, working on nukes and have SWORN to destroy ” The Great Satan”! In case you don’t know it, that’s US!! Think beyond your pitiful life and think of your kids and grand kids!! By the time the grand kids are ready to go to work, Iran WILL have nukes and a delivery system, as well!! Think not? Willing to bet your grand kids lives on it??

          • DanB

            I think it goes deeper than that. How many of these countries would face the wrath of their neighbors if the United States were not acting as the police force of the world.

            For example, while we are the police force of the world, we draw the ire of would be conquerors and for good reason. So they collude to convince the world that the United States is the enemy. But if we were not the police force of the world, how quickly would their neighbors collude against them as a matter of self-preservation? France, Germany, Spain, and much of Europe might have committed their own military to support former Soviet States when Russia began their efforts to reconquer those lands. Why? Because it would have been a threat to their sovereignty as well. They would have feared that Russia would have continued onwards. So they may have taken action sooner as opposed to objecting from a distance behind the safety of a United States military commitment to protect their nations. And what of Iraq? Would the neighboring countries have dealt with Saddam Hussein early into his dictatorship when he showed signs of seeking influence in the region? Instead many of them left him alone or allied with him against “the great Satan”, the United States, Emperor of the World. Now we are being dethroned through our own negligence, overspending, and putting our military in all corners of the world.

            Personally, I would downsize our military budget. It is entirely possible that we could fund our full military without the full budget we currently expend. For how many questions are ready, today, to fill in the gaps of their own defense if America withdraws and closes our bases around the world? Many nations might suddenly find need to actually pay for our military to protect their lands during a transition period. Thus giving us the means to stage down our military on a more natural progression. And us those nations actually fund their own defense instead of the US military, we would see two benefits. One, it would no longer be our military all over the world so the stigma of being the Emperor of the World would fade. Two, our military expense would drop. And a third bonus, as someone else mentioned, with a reduced military our politicians would no longer be as free to entangle us in meaningless conflicts across the globe.

          • TML

            @Joe H. – That is the very definition of fear mongering. Preemptive war is wrong, and makes us no better than the so-called “terrorist” themselves… it incites hatred, and multiplies enemies… it doesn’t reduce them. You should think beyond your own pathetic life before you attempt to tell others whom you don’t even know. –

            @DanB “How many of these countries would face the wrath of their neighbors if the United States were not acting as the police force of the world.”

            How many of ‘those’ countries are capable of protecting their own sovereignty? This is just a self-righteous ideal. Why are we taking care of other countries while not only neglecting our own, but deteriorating it with a broken pocket book, and trampling the Constitution and her peoples individual rights from a perpetual never-ending state of war? So while we police the world (counter-productively inciting hatred and multiplying our enemies in the process), our country has become a police state, not only abroad, but at home as well.

          • DanB

            @TML That police state at home is another very good reason to pull back from the international conflicts. Of course, my question would be: Did we first accept the mindset needed to accept a police state at home before we got into international conflicts? Or did we get into international conflicts and then accept a police state at home? I suspect the answer is neither. I think the answer is also both. I think the mindset that we must control our neighbors is the problem. This attitude that we have some right to take away God given rights from others is what infects this country and is the core of our problem domestically and overseas. However, we did not “evolve” into such a people overnight, so I don’t expect immediate change. All the budget crisis does do is force us to accept reality that it is financial and political suicide to keep going along this path. Over time as we deal with the inability to afford such actions will people begin to awaken that it was not our right to do these things. They may realize that despite all the rhetoric of evolved man, that we are still the same natural man who created Rome and caused its fall. The same man who sought to overthrow God with the Tower of Babel. The same man who crucified the Son of God. And if we accept that we are not as evolved as we think we are, then perhaps we will accept that God gave us freedoms that we have no right to take from our fellow man. And then, just perhaps, we will realize that we have been violating the natural laws of this earth and of God by denying our neighbor their rights to live, to breath, to think, to be who God created them to be.

        • TIME


          Saddly, we have sent all our contracts to other lands therefore we don’t get parts when we need them right now, so by that alone your argument has little to no merit.
          But let me address your post with a tad more detail.

          By spreading our troops around the globe we leave our selfs open. Lets look at it in a differant light for a moment, then perhaps you can grasp why I said what I posted.

          If you were in a hand to hand fight, you keep your guard up to block any incoming shots. That way your using yout arms to block and keep your body and head from harm.

          The current methods used by our military is keeping our hands behind our backs tied tightly and allowing anyone who wishs to punch us at will. Thats not within reason, that just crazy.

          As to your nuke issue, ok lets say that NK send a Nuke at us we have the ability to blast that puppy out of the sky over the Pacific long before it gets here.
          Ok lets say it makes it to the US, so what, we take a hit we loose 2 million people, thats all within the scope of reason.

          What we do next make’s all the differance, we send back 100X’s that amount and well guess what. No more NK left. They will be back in the stone age. By the way that also follows any nation who send a Nuke at us.
          Look war is HELL, lets not make it something its not.
          Many people will die from wars, but we have better Tec, better traning, if you would please read the Art Of War, you will find that numbers mean little to nothing when one understand how to commit to real war.

          • Wayne James

            If NK or any other country, especially if it is a Muslum country, do you honestly think Obummer would nuke them back.? He would want dialog from that peaseful religious sector…
            Cutting the military is lunacy to the max. Other countries especially China are building their military programs in high gear.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            One flaw in that scenario! You set off ONE nuke let alone 100 that close to China and I guarantee we will see about a thousand of them HERE!!

        • freddie

          Cut military spending, not defense spending. There is a difference. Bring the troops home. End perpetual warfare. We cannot afford empire building and hundreds of bases throughout the world. We spend more on military spending than the rest of the world combined. This is making our country go bankrupt. Only politically connected elitists benefit from perpetual warfare. While we wage war, hina is buying the worlds assets.

        • Bill C

          You are about as original as a cheap painting! War is a scam…just follow the money! How do we benefit as a nation arming the world at U.S. taxpayer expense and then fighting wars against our own weapons! Are you that effing stupid?! The war on terror, the Patriot Act, the budget crisis…all invented to take away more of our civil liberties. This country is obscenely immoral and rotten to the core, from the top down!!! Wake up, oh stupid one and think for yourself, rather than waving the flag and parroting the words of the talking heads you clearly listen to and believe!!!!

    • Al Sieber

      You’re right TIME, continues wars that never are win able, sounds like George Orwell’s “1984″.

    • http://deleted Claire

      TIME: I agree- we do not and should not be the owrl’s police. However, we NEED to be able to take care of America.

      • http://deleted Claire

        “world’s police”

  • James

    I spent 10 years in the US NAVY, and I love every minute in the NAVY. The U.S military budget can be cut very substantially. This country will never, ever, be invaded by a foreign army. The reason why? Because of 80 plus million U.S. gun owners. There is no larger heavily armed society on the planet.

    Stop the fear mongering, for the military industrial complex. The U.S. borders are still wide open, for undocumented democrats crossing the border.

    Wars are started for politics & greed. Follow the money.

    • pegasis

      The southwestern US is ALREADY being invaded. At least6 half of the illegals crossing the border are ARMED! After Obama’s (yes, whether he conciously knew of it or not, HE is the POTUS, so HE is ultimately responsible, just like the commander of any military unit)Fast and Furious debacle, we here are now facing American military grade weapons, including .50 cal sniper rifles.

    • pegasis

      BTW, I also spent 12 years in the Navy in Spec War.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you forgot to mention that they are also finding PRAYER RUGS along the southern border, as well!! We don’t need the US Army on the border, just let the people there do their job the way they see fit!! If an illegal or two gets harmed or killed, that’s the price of CRIME!!! you DON’T jail your people for doing their job RIGHT!!!

        • TML

          “If an illegal or two gets harmed or killed, that’s the price of CRIME!!! you DON’T jail your people for doing their job RIGHT!!!”

          You are one sick bastard

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    God help the emeney that invades this country.We will kick ass.

  • Joy

    Typical liberal attack: cut the military budget. China spends a huge part of its GNP on its military, and I’m sure they aren’t just doing it for show. You don’t build a multimillion man armed force just to parade around Tieneman Square. As much as the libs hate to hear it, China is NOT a friend to anyone in the world, and the wise ones take note and remember that. It leaves the current regime out, I’m afraid.

    • Karolyn

      In case you didn’t notice, this is a conservative site, with mostly libertarians, republicans and conservatives posting.

      • Joy

        And your obscure point is….what?

      • ron miller

        The democrats are to busy trying to get that LOSER Obama elected! Obama’s agenda is to bring this great nation to its knees!He knows how to lead nothing, never has! He has never gave any solutions to fix the debt crisis or has none either! I don’t know when you people are goig to wake up and realize Obama cares NOTHING about this country’s problems, except how to create problems he hasn’t a clue how to fix!

    • TML

      “Typical liberal attack: cut the military budget.”

      Obviously, Karolyn is saying these are not liberals calling for cuts to the military budget.

      “I’m afraid.”

      It’s what drives your reason.
      Cutting off the trillions we use to police the entire globe… (spreading our military too thin in the process, and inciting hatred against America with all our “military actions” at the same time)… and bringing our troops home to consolidate our strength… are the most reasonable solutions to our problems.

  • Crystal

    There are numerous ways to cut the military budget that won’t harm National Defense. How about we get rid of government/military ‘contracts’ and open it back up to the free market. When our military spends $3 for a $0.97 pencil b/c of a contract, it’s time for major changes. This is just one example. How about $33 for a 100 set CD-R that I can get at Staples for $12.99, but the military can’t buy at that rate b/c of gov’t contracts. The list could go on and on. This isn’t just military, it’s federal gov’t wide, and it’s time for a big change. Get rid of the contracts, open it back up to free market, and price competitions and see how much of the budget drops!

    Fear mongering it the worst. I despise it with every bone in my body. It is time for a big change, a REAL change, not the crap we were promised in ’08. The only presidential candidate showing any type of true change is Ron Paul. I’ve done my research, and he is the only one with an honest record. If his type of change doesn’t come around soon, I’m afraid America as we know it will no longer exist.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It’s not so much due to a contract as to a “most favord bidder” list! If a man not on the list sells a quality hammer at say 5.00 but the bidders on the list are selling them at 10.00 then the government doesn’t even see the 5.00 bid as that guy is not on the list and can’t bid!! Open it up to TRUE OPEN BIDDING and you will see the cost of materials and supplies DROP!!

  • Ernest Mumford

    Have someone who has nothing to gain evaluate the waste in the US military, Start by looking at personell. Get rid of the civil service power in the military. I spent much of my life in the US Army Officer Corps and know a little about the waste. It is a shame. And also do not get involved in pissing games like Iraq and afghanistan and pakistan, libya, egypt. stop giving away the wealth of this nation.


    Security? How are others so safe who spend 1/4th as much per capita?
    Rumsfeld + Clinton right. Cut to 1 million combat troops-go small- quick reponse units. Do not get involved in Huge Land Mass Wars like ten years on foreign soil. What? Are we so dumb?

    Foreign involvements plus Debt created End of Empires like Rome-Spain-Holland-England. America is on the same Trend Line–exact trend.

    Inequality sinks nations. America with no Safety Nets today would have 120,000,000 workers marching the streets like Egypt.

    In 1980 we ranked in top 10 on Equality. Fourth from bottom today.
    In 1980 top 1% owned 20% all financial wealth- 43% today.1% took 10% all individal income. 24% today.
    What do you name a nation where 5% own 63% of all Wealth?
    Conservative? Liberal? Dumb? Corpocracy? Idiot?

    The Minorities are in terrible shape and look out folks. Recall Watts? Hunger=Desperation=Violence

    Bob is a good person just off Trend Line to Equality and on Trend Line to Inequality = Unhappiness=revolutions
    Achmed Mad

  • Rennie

    Clinton gutted the military and intelligence agencies and we got 9/11. Makes you wonder what is being prepared for us after Uhbama leaves office?

    • Joy

      What do you mean ‘after he leaves office’? He’s working like a beaver on it right now.

  • ken

    Please review the attempt for gun control, if the politicians could remove the guns from the citizens then they could control every aspect of our lives. Fear is spread by the politicians to expand their control. Stop Obohma now, so much of your freedom is being taken away from you.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      would kinda blow that “no country would invade us as 90% of us own guns” all to hell and gone!!! we won’t kick azz or any other body part if we don’t have the means to defend ourselves!!

  • s c

    General Ramsey can be removed from consideration the same way he was nominated. He knows that the MIC will do its worst to keep us in a perpetual spending loop. Hardcore retards in Congress will do their worst to remind us that we need to fund the rest of the world ‘so they’ll like us,’ and all the many groups involved in military budgets will sit down and compromise. Blah.
    If Ramsey is anything like Haig or some other ring-knockers, let him retire now. We need professionals who would rather die than see America taken over by any enemy – DOMESTIC or FOREIGN.


    Those who believe in taxing, spending and big government or those of the liberal persuasion, a mental illness, will always threaten your security and the fundamental souvereignty of the nation in order to maintain their benign luxiurious way of being the governing elite.

    Take a good look at what we are now enduring and ask yourself, “Are we better off with this kind of nonsense?” If you say yes, then your American history lessons were all in vain and you have a severe case of government dependency that borders on thumb sucking.

    This government is in dire need of Re Pare and I am going to do all I can to make sure we can diminish it’s burgeoning size and rid ourselves of liberal elites and irresponsible, parasitical fatasses.

  • Bert Cundle

    Is 800M. Considered Waste? I’m sure that the Government can Screen, What is Waste & What is Vital For Our Defense, “if”, they put Defense, as their “only” crytirea! When it somes to Amounts… No one realy knows our correct income / out go!

    • Bert Cundle

      Government has been given Blank Check Statis too, long!

      • Bert Cundle

        And Borrowing limit too high!

  • Jerome Bigge

    9-11 happened because we never did anything effective about preventing airliners from being hijacked since the first one back in 1965 or thereabouts. If airliner cockpits could not be reached from the passenger compartment, then there would be no hijacking. Maybe the 9-11 gang would have set off a fertilizer bomb or something. 9-11 itself was financed by the Saudi multi-millionaire Osama bin Laden. Saddam of Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 and there was no justification for the Iraq war. If one of the Mexican drug gangs commits some “action” here in the US, are we going to invade Mexico? Or one of the other Latin American countries where the drugs come from? We financed the Taliban in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Russians. It is in the interest of the Pentagon to get as much money as possible because the bigger the military, the better are the opportunities for advancement in the military. Your local police department would also like to have more officers for the same reason. GM would like to sell more cars too. Asking anyone who benefits from getting more taxpayer money whether they’d like more will always come back with a strong “YES”! No one ever says they’d like less money!
    The US currently spends almost 1/2 of all money spent on defense for the entire world. We are the most war like nation on Earth going by the number of wars we’ve been in the last century (1911-2011). This is why we have a $700 Billion dollar defense budget. Libertarians like myself believe in self defense, not aggression against everyone else. We could very effectively defend the continental US with a much smaller military than what we have. As someone pointed out, we have more gun owners on a per capita basis than any other major nation on Earth.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Perhaps if the Mexican gangs keep killing American citizens on American soil and the Mexican government won’t get serious about it, we should!!! as far as I’m concerned, not one of those scummy gang members or drug cartells is worth one American life other than in a direct confrontation with them!!

  • Stunned at sunset

    How can the “New World Order” crowd drastically cut defense while at the same time starting brush-fire wars all over the globe AND thinking that they can use the U.S. Military to bludgeon American Civilians into line?
    Do these people even think things through when they act? Never mind, I guess that was a rhetorical question.

    • 45caliber

      They believe by doing this that they can ring in the One World Government. And if there is only one government, then there will be no war since they believe that all people will be loyal to and follow that one government – with themselves in charge, of course. If people get tired enough of war – or get afraid enough of it – then perhaps they will support a single world government.

  • http://n/a Joseph

    Whoever says that OBAMA IS NOT A SOCIALIST MUST HAVE HIS OR HER HEAD EXAMINE. Charles Krauthamer said, “he says something to make you feel he is on your side but does the opposite.” In short, he is NOT ONLY A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR BUT A HYPOCRITE TO THE nth degree. He is FSOB.

  • Bob Marshall

    Our founding fathers warned us about too large a military and too large a government. Now, both are out of control and we have ourselves to blame. Since we remained silent we have a debt that will never be paid. A military bodget that is eleven times larger than Russia and ten times larger than the Republic of China yet everyone is asking for more and more.Go to the government and you will see how much the US spends on the military. I would say fifty four percent while allowing our nation to have the worst educational system in the free world is a huge price to pay of our youth.The only one benefiting is the corporate elite and many members of congress.How does everyone think congressmen and women got their positions. Lobbylist.One back scratches the other.Only only have we been dumbed down by the news media controlled by the corporate elite and the censoring by the Whitehouse but it still continues to this day.Every great power that hada powerful military fell. Why are we different? Why should God protect our nation? What have we done that deserves his protection? We have allowed Socialist and Commumist organizations to remove so much of him from our country by allowing the removal of prayer in school,removing the pledge of alligence and allowing moral decay to corrupt our land.No man can serve two masters.You will love one and hate the other. My master is Jesus Christ! I am not ashamed.

    • Patriot

      I agree 100% Finally some sanity!

    • 45caliber


      Our educational problems in our country are NOT due to a lack of money. There is more than enough given to the educational programs.

      The real problem is that our government insists on many types of education that distract and take away from the basics that all countries teach. Our government insists we teach things like acceptance of homosexuality, environmentalism, etc. This takes away from the time the students have to learn things such as math and science.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We only spend more than China because they have the next thing to slave labor! Have one of their people tell them “no I’m not going to work for the military!” and see what happens!!!! They won’t work EVER!!

  • Dave Carr

    Our military budget is unsustainable…it’s just the plain and simple truth. We are flat broke and in hock up to our ears, if not completely under water. Close the 700 bases or so world wide, bring the troops home and lets for once defend our own borders, which are a complete joke. We still have the capability to destroy anyone attacking the US directly, many times over. We need to think about taking away their motivation to hate us. We’ve interfered time and time again in other people’s business, with this blind ego that we know what’s best for everyone else. No wonder we’re despised in many areas of the world. If we keep us the levels of spending we’re doing now, we’ll undoubtly self-destruct.

    • Patriot

      I agree 100%

    • 45caliber

      There are two main reasons we are hated world wide. First, we are a rich country. Americans consider things like AC as important – and they have the money to buy it. Most people don’t. That breeds jealousy and greed. The other reason is our attitude. We consider ourselves equal to the position of anyone else. For instance, are you as good as the Queen of England? We all think we are. But those in other countries don’t. And they don’t like it when we act that way.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Dave C,
      Our military budget is unsustainable?? what about all the aid we send to EVERY little backwards country in the world? What about all the 25 million illegals here we are supporting with welfare and free medical?? For that matter, how about all OUR people that are able bodied and get welfare?? how about all the retirements these government leeches get after three or four terms in office?? What about people like Peelousy that turns in a million dollar flight budget each year??(she’s only one!) THESE are the type of things we need to cut BEFORE we even think of cutting the defense budget!!!

  • Walt

    The list below shows the military spending by country and its % of GDP

    As you can see from the 2010 figures below, we are not exactly scrimping on defense spending and spend more than the other top 14 countries on the list. In fact, we spend 42.8% of all military expenditures in the entire world. Please don’t tell me we can’t cut a couple of hundred billion per year from this outrageous budget and still sleep soundly at night.

    1 United States 687,105,000,000 4.7%
    2 People’s Republic of China 114,300,000,000 2.2%
    3 France 61,285,000,000 2.5%
    4 United Kingdom 57,424,000,000 2.7%
    5 Russia 52,586,000,000 4.3%
    6 Japan 51,420,000,000 1.0%
    7 Germany 46,848,000,000 1.4%
    8 Saudi Arabia 42,917,000,000 11.2%
    9 Italy 38,198,000,000 1.8%
    10 India 34,816,000,000 2.8%
    11 Brazil 28,096,000,000 1.6%
    12 South Korea 24,270,000,000 2.9%
    13 Canada 20,164,000,000 1.5%
    14 Australia 19,799,000,000 1.9%
    15 pain 15,803,000,000 1.1%


    • 45caliber


      Keep in mind that the US is almost the only country in the world that reports what they spend on the military truthfully. And I’m not even really sure of us. For instance, China’s ICBM’s and nukes are not considered military – to them. So the costs of this program are not on the lists handed out. According to the figures the military considers, these numbers are a lot higher.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I think we need to also notice that Saudi spends 42% of their GDP! I noticed that Iran was conveiniently left off the list, as well!

  • 45caliber

    I’ve heard several libs insist that the US is too strong to attack – so we don’t need a military.

    We are strong BECAUSE of the military – not for any other reason. Without a military, we are subject to invasion – just as the illegals are doing now.

    • Gary Gerke

      Your right…….However we can’t nuke the invaders!!

  • chuckb

    just look back to the beginning of ww2, roosevelt had decimated our defense to the point our army had to use wooden rifles for training. they used cardboard cut out tanks. we retreated in many places because of lack of equipment and personnel. in many respects we lucked out, this could have easily been an advantage for a japanese invasion on the west coast and hawaii.
    we need to leave the afghan area and not get involved with anymore of these small. but, very expensive wars, “expensive is the life we lost,” (for what.) let the muslims fight their own wars, if they interfere with our national security then wipe their cities out, it seems we didn’t have any compunction when we leveled the german cities, killing hundreds of thousands of mostly christian men, women and children.
    if we did that to any one of these muslim countries there would be a howl herd around the world. we would be condemned from the face of the earth. remove the threat in this country by removing the threat within. keep the military strong and this will keep our young men alive.

  • Gary Gerke

    This is really simple folks, we need to leave the middle East totally in the next year. We are not wanted and they do not want our type of government. I realize, that the middle East at the present time controls 40% of the worlds oil reserves, however, at what cost to the American people. Obama gives Brasil billions of dollars to drill off shore but ignores a federal judges mandate to allow off shore drilling off of our Southern coasts. This President seems dedicated to the overall destruction of the USA’s economy as a matter of course.
    I really would like a legitimate reason for his actions in this time of need for the American people…Please…no media talking points, just the realistic facts!

  • JW

    US military expenditures are SEVEN times those of the USSR, China, Japan, India, and NATO combined !
    The US has 150 military bases around the World.
    No other country can even approach US military strength.
    China just launched their FIRST aircraft carrier, the US has had them for 80 years !
    Yes we can cutmilitary spending dramatically.
    Obama will not bring our troops home before 2012 elections as it would add greatly to unemployment statistics…ie. make him look bad.
    We will never eliminate the Muslims, they like to kill each other any way.
    Iraq and Afghanistan cost the US 12.2 billion/month.
    Eliminate foreign aid.
    Bring home our troops.
    Let China have the Middle East oil.
    Switch all US vehicles to our 300+ year supply of natural gas, our domestic supplies of oil will sustain out petrolium needs.
    Secure our borders.
    Greatly increase use of the armed drones.

    • Zdravko-K

      So you really believe the statistics re: Russia, China, et al.? Would you bet your freedom on them?

      I am not advocating a blank check for the military, but if you cut its budget significantly, the already deplorable unemployment picture will worsen. The defense budget is ~695B, less than than the Obama stimulus package that largely failed to achieve its goals. I daresay we get more value from the military budget $$.

      As for bases around the world, we can and should cut many, but not all. Surely you are familiar with the concept of forward basing. The costs of remobilizing troops and equipment to areas currently hosting bases would be huge, and the time lost in responding to legitimate threats would jeopardize US troops once repositioned.

      As for the commenters suggesting that the personal arsenals of US citizens would be a deterrent to China, Russia, etc., as it relates to an invasion, well, that is pure nonsense. China & Russia already have CBW capabilities that render that scenario moot. The neutron bomb is also a very effective stand-off weapon and more than a match for any armaments that could be fielded by citizens.

      And natural gas – it will take years and billions to develop the delivery infrastructure.

      • JW

        Start with ALL government vehicles from City up through the Feds. Nat. gas will catch on fast. Especially if its significantly cheaper than gas.


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