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General Comes Under Criticism For Ban On Pregnancy Among Soldiers In Iraq

December 29, 2009 by  

General comes under criticism for ban on pregnancy among soldiers in Iraq A new order from Major General Anthony Cucolo, who is in charge of 22,000 U.S. troops in northern Iraq, regarding pregnancy among soldiers has ignited a firestorm of criticism and may have caused him to backtrack.

In order to avoid losing soldiers at a time when troops are stretched thin, Cucolo instituted a rule last month that prohibits "becoming nondeployable for reasons within the control of the soldier," which include "becoming pregnant, or impregnating a soldier," quoted by CNN.

The rule further specified that soldiers involved in this type of activity would be subject to court martial, although women who become pregnant as a result of sexual assault would be exempt.

Experts said the order was legal as issues regarding personal autonomy are treated differently in the military, but a spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women (NOW) called it "ridiculous."

NOW president Terry O’Neill was quoted by ABC News as saying, "how dare any government say we’re going to impose any kind of punishment on women for getting pregnant?"

She added that NOW would seek to have Cucolo’s order rescinded, and would turn to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and President Obama for help, if necessary.

This may have prompted the general to backtrack his earlier statements as he told the press last week that he saw "absolutely no circumstance where I would punish a female soldier by court martial for a violation…none."

"I fully intend to handle these cases through lesser disciplinary action," he added.

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  • Ann N Proffitt

    The General was right in the first place. The civilians, particularly NOW and ACLU with their “Rights” cry. These women are doing this pruposely to get sent home. Also along with rights comes responsibility. It is not responsible behavior for a married man to have relations with another female, married or single. It is also not respionsible for a married female to have relations with another man . There is such a thing as birth control and if you insist on acting in an immoral manner at least have the sense to not take a chance of involving an innocent child in the situation.
    Both parties turn their back on their buddies when they act in this manner.

    • Ralph Osbon

      wars do not blend well with our peaceful habits and behaviors … sexual urges continue unabated and might even become more pronounced with the presence of death and destruction nearby. Women do not belong in wars as combatants.


    Once again PC has interfered in the military’s mission,to kill people and break things, this seems to be lost on those outside this organization designed to protect your freedoms and keep this nation secure. Without them you will have nothing, the environment to practice democratic principle and allow the enterprise of the Republic to fuction will be gone.

    Continuation to break down discipline and order will lead to more attacks like those of the islamic Hasan and the role of women will become less respected, the military is not a ordinary part of this nations needs it is a vital part. NOW has few members and yet they can disrupt the flow of command to the ranks, this is a situation that needs to be handled from the top and given a place of less import.

  • M Grossnickle

    The General was right and should stay tough.

  • David

    I have a feeling that this “general”; this “leader of men” crosses his legs at the knee and wears skirts. If he’s allowing NOW to intimidate him, s/he’s unfit for command. The only interest NOW has in this is that they want as many women as possible pregnant so that they can facilitate murdering the babies produced. General, I’m calling you out. You’re nothing but a b!tch!

    • Ken

      I agree with someone sticking to his guns David, but remember who the General’s ultimate boss is. obama has stuck his nose in PC matters too many times instead of trying to figure out how to deal with our economy, our war on TERROR etc. One glaring example was calling some policemen, doing their jobs properly, “acting stupidly”, without knowing the facts. barack obviously knows nothing of the military as he was ‘somewhere’ going to school and learning how to organize communities. We should find out what Chicago type pressure was put on the General first…then call him out. His whole career may be at risk.

      • American Citizen

        Obama sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong so he won’t have to make the hard decisions.

  • Kat

    Ditto for the General sticking to his guns. People outside the military have NO clue what is expected once you join. You become US government PROPERTY, & they can & will protect their investment.
    Go to Obama for help? HA! What will his solution be, abortion?
    I’m so utterly SICK of PC I could PUKE!

  • Marilyn

    I could care less about Islamic Hasan thoughts.

  • Ken

    You are in the military people. And the whole idea is a TEAM from top to bottom. When you spread your legs, on the bottom, you jeopardize the whole team. And if you are getting pregnant because of a way out, you should be discharged dishonorably and serve the rest of your enlistment in prison while leaving the child with a couple who really wanted a child instead of an ‘out’ or just a moment’s sex because of uncontrollable hormones. The male partner should be put in the same prison, right next to his ‘lady’ with only a slight confessional type opening between so they can discuss how dumb and unpatriotic they are.

    Just another reason why having woman on the front is just a dumb idea. I am not being prejudicial just practical. As you can tell from our welfare statistics we already have too many single mothers and children being neglected all over this country now!!! Just the facts people!!!

  • Anne

    Women do not belong in battle situations anyway.

    Sexual relations outside of valid/legitimate marriage is wrong for anyone. If married, then, obviously…

    Why do women want to be men? Leave the men alone!! Stay at home with your children and find honor in the position God gave you. There are too many temptations with male/female in the workplace, never mind the military. And women will never be a strong as men – that’s just the way it is. God made us different for a reason. There is an order to things – and when we try to change that we will have chaos, as we have already seen. Is the world a better place than it used to be? No. So ask yourself what is different? If people are honest they will admit that it started when mothers went to work.
    Hitler said he could change the world by getting mothers out of the home.

    This is where it starts. All I am saying is that we need to get back to the decency we had in the 1940 – 1950′s. I know that things were not perfect but people have to admit there was at least decency and respect. The National Organization against Women has done a terrible job. They hurt women – they have used women, to further their agenda and women will not even admit it. Doesn’t anyone feel that twinge in their gut telling them something’s wrong? I sure do.

    So now we can have more fatherless children and more abortions and more women on public assistance. If we can’t take care of our most vulnerable – we can’t take care of anyone.

    I, for one, want to know that we have men in our military – real men.

  • Kerry

    Once again NOW wants all the rights and no responsibility. If you are a female and you join the miitary then you are subject to being deployed to unfavorable environments. When I served most of the billets for military personnel state side (CONUS) were being filled with women since they could not be posted to hazardous areas or on ships. This ment that males were keep at sea and other areas longer and therefore away from their families. There are no front lines when you are fighting the type of wars we are currently fighting. It is unjust that someone, in this case female, would use a loop hole to get out of their duties without being held accounatable for their actions. The General, until he started backstepping, was right and should have the balls to stand his ground. He exempted females members that became pregnant because of sexual assault. Therefore, if they become pregnant it is due to their own misconduct and they should be held accountable.

  • s c

    What don’t you understand, people? Put the ‘issue’ to a test. What we need is a bunch of elected Washington females who are willing to get pregnant and go to Afghanistan.
    The world will be a better place when we have pelosi (and others) in battle, showing America and the world what THEY can do. Pelosi is open-minded and glad to “compromise,” so no doubt she’d be glad to get pregnant, and go fight for freedom. She wouldn’t need to waste time in boot camp. She’s a “natural.”
    In other words, this is a predictable pc issue, and trying to please these retards is like tying to dung into gold. It’s all smoke-and-mirrors,
    and our fearless Washington leaders are worse than casper milquetoasts. These twits used to bitch about Vietnam, and they’re MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES! ULTRALIBERAL, ANTI-FREEDOM, PROGRESSIVE SCUM!

    • J C

      Yep, send them over.

    • DDC

      Who in the hell would won’t to sleep with pelosi. uuuggghhh. nasty

  • coal miner

    This is from the Coal Miner,

    I am no prude,soldiers male or female involve sexual engagements during military duty should be court martialed.Being a soldier is very serious and should not be taking lightly.

  • Lil Nemo

    A person in the military is “GI,” which stands for Government Issue. Getting a sunburn while off duty can lead to punishment for “destruction of Government property” – your own body. These persons that the general was speaking of are, to coin a phrase, misusing Government property and there are punishments for this. These people are where they are to perform a job and having sex is not in their purview.

  • cathe

    The General is correct.

  • Rod

    The General should have stuck to his guns! Stop worrying about
    O bum a!

  • Wes Evans

    The General was correct in his initial position. The military has been put the most difficult position of trying to keep young women from becoming pregnant yet having them in the same place as young men. Political Correctness has a price.

    • Joe H.

      I can’t believe it!!!! not one dissenting comment!!! It’s a miracle!! Oh, I see, denniso hasn’t been here yet!!!! ;.)

      • usmadgirl

        See, we can all “play nicely together” without denniso’s supervision! By the way, what happened to “eyeswideshut”?

        • denniso

          us…sure,you can play nicely when no one dares to disagrees w/ you and calls you on some of the ridiculous and inflamatory things spouted.
          One problem w/ all of this love and peace among you on this issue is that men in the military have always had sex whenever and where ever they are dogs,of course. the only way a policy can be fair is to ban all sex for all people in the military all the well do you think that is going to fly?
          I do think that women should NOT be in actual combat, and i’m not a sexist,unlike many on this site. Women can be in every other position except can no more be banned in the military than in the flawed policy of the priesthood, and forcing birth control is like trying to get teenagers to abide.

          • denniso

            EYES probably got sick of the insults,vitriol and hatred on the site.

          • Dee Jay

            Sex was not banned; getting pregnant was. Big difference.

          • Joe H.

            Nah, that can’t be it, you’re still here. Besides, we all know YOU are Eyes/dennislobber!!!!!

          • denniso

            Joe H…only clueless again.

        • coal miner


          Eyes got tired of insults and the horse manure slung at him or her.You can disagree whithout mean spirited barbs.

          • Claire

            Freedom—that is what we all want. Eyes has a right to express her opinion the same as anyone else on this post. It is not right that people attack each other just because they do not agree with everything that is being said. I believe in fairness.

  • jkw nelson

    from a 70 year old liberal female…birth control. (NOW get out.)

    the general is right. you women supposedly enlisted and want equal rights, so grow up and put out and be dependable. the govt invested a lot of money in you to get you where you are. fulfill your job so that your fellow soldiers can do theirs.

    • Sandy

      I totally agree – you enlisted, wanted to fight, now put on your big girl panties and start doing the job you wanted. Birth Control people.

  • Bugs

    Anyone who joins the military does so with the understanding that being fit for service is manditory and getting knocked up isn’t battle field fit.

  • Dee Jay

    I believe if women want to have babies, then they should not be in another country fighting a war. Those people are there because they are needed. Getting pregnant should be grounds for a dishonorable discharge because they took an oath before they signed up. Now, me, never being in the military, can not tell you what the oath says, but I know there is one.

    I’m waiting for the day when women have to register for the draft like men have to when they turn 18.

  • Claire

    As a female, I can tell you one thing. I would not get myself pregnant. I would be over there fighting like hell for my country, not for a one-night stand. A person can make up for “lost time” when they get home. War is war, not playtime.

    • Claire

      But then again, with war, who knows if you will ever get home? Maybe I am backtracking, it is a tough call. After all, we are human. This war has been so hard on so many families. Couples have divorced, and the family unit has crumbled. It is a hardship that I hate to see happening.

  • Claire

    I hate war. We lose our soldiers lives, and sometimes the proper equipment is not provided and more lives are lost. The family unit becomes broken, there are divorces, and on and on. Soldiers come back home disabled, and some end up with PTSD and other untold tragedies. Our returning soldiers deserve so much more. Billions are spent and for what? After it is all over with, we spend billions more to “rebuild” the country that was torn up. None of it makes any sense to me.

  • Au Contrair

    I hope you realize that you have all spent the last few days arguing over your petty differences instead of making the last hours of the last decade of the world as we know it count. What is happening to each and every one of us is happening to all of humanity.
    Labels, Politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives, Males, Females, Race, Religion and the list goes on. These are the weapons the mind controllers have armed us with to render us powerless. Why? because if we have a chance to look at what is almost upon us we might literally wake up just in the nick of time to KEEP THEM FROM ENSLAVING US. You, me, the citizens of every other country on this planet have something so basic in common that it defies argument. We will be the victims of the greatest crime against humanity that the world has ever known and Americans will be the last to realize or understand it. Why? Because the mainstream media, especially of this country literally acts as surrogate for the Devil himself. If you care to take your destiny back if it is not already to late, revelations comes as close to explaining it as anything else. If you would like a more contemporary view of what is happening in this country that makes the message so important and timely just understand this. “Marshall Law” was declared this past summer and renewed again in October. We are in the final stages of the overthrow of our government. This was not instigated by one party or one President. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy made the effort to stop it. At least one if not both met their untimely deaths because of their efforts.
    The rest have been and are merely the “PUPPETS” used to distract us from the task of looking at the puppet masters themselves. The beginning of the story starts with a movie for which the Producer also met his untimely demise for bringing to light. Like so many Scientists, Whistle Blowers, Heroes and Heroines he paid the ultimate price for his Patriotism and his humanity. His message to us is that “Patriotism without humanity is meaningless”! Don’t let his message be in vain. He has documented the beginning of “OUR” story “It IS UP TO THE REST OF US TO WRITE THE END OF IT”! If you care to take back your destiny; go toFreedom to watch the movie it is very enlightening.

  • charlie

    adultery has always been against the ”rules of engagment”.. many an officer has lost his/her job and career(kelly flynn).. many an NCO has lost rank and his/her career…this rule is not a ”new” rule… clinton is the only military leader that has gotten away with it….

  • American Citizen

    I think people need to look at who they vote for. If the President is the CIC, then he/she should have served in the military in order to qualify. Women should not be anywhere close to the fighting except to serve in a M.A.S.H. unit.

    • denniso

      Very few presidents have been in the military..Nixon,Reagan,Bush2..none of them in the military. Did you complain about them???

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        Sorry to inform you denniso…..Bush2 was in the military. You may not consider those in an Air Nat’l Guard unit as being military…but they are. When folks enlist in the Guard…they have no way of knowing if they will be called up (federalized) for more full-time active duty service. They are just as important as the regular active duty are, and in some Guard units have been deployed much longer and more often than the regular active duty.

        By the way….when did you serve?

        Fed Up Gal


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