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Gay Marriage Legislation Stalls In New York And New Jersey

December 4, 2009 by  

Gay marriage legislation stalls in New York and New Jersey In the wake of Maine’s recent repeal of same-sex marriage laws, legislatures in New York and New Jersey have stalled on the issue, and the long expected votes to legalize gay marriage in both states have been postponed.

Although the two states have Democratic governors who are eager to sign bills legalizing gay marriage, it is not clear if the legislation will ever get to their desk.

Earlier this month, the New York State Senate failed to vote on a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to wed. Advocates and opponents of the legislation said that the Senate lacked the necessary votes to pass the measure, The Huffington Post reports.

This shift in momentum comes after New York’s highest court recently ruled that gay couples married elsewhere are entitled to some government benefits.

A similar situation exists in New Jersey where supporters of gay marriage are fighting hard to pass the legislation before Republican Governor Chris Christie, who promises to veto the bill, takes office in January.

"If they are unable to pass gay marriage in New York and New Jersey, combined with the loss in Maine, it will confirm that gay marriage is not the inevitable wave of the future," said Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which mobilizes the fight against same-sex marriage, quoted by the Associated Press(AP).

However, Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, stated that "in any civil rights struggle there are going to be periods of creeping and periods of leaping."

As of this posting, there are no votes planned in either state.

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  • Homer Sims

    Who says it is a faggots “civil Right “to marry one and other? Homo’s do NOT multiple they “recruit” Conversion to the “TRUTH” is what is needed not allowancwe to flaunt their “sexual Orientation” My God how is this even an issue, homosexuals are married to each other when they join flesh to flesh in an unnatural way that they do. This “ACT” is unseemly! It is NOT natural, no child comes from men laying w/man or woman laying w/a woman, they that do such things are worthy of death, lets pray God will show them their error! Read Romans 1:26-27 KJV P.S. the judgement in the O.T. was Sodom and Gomorrah and they were burned by fire, remember that?

    • Im4God

      What is wrong with people that they can’t see or believe the truth? Sin blinds the mind’s eye to darken the heart to believe Satan’s falsehoods. One cannot sin against the truth of God’s word and expect blessings in their life. Pigs wallow in the mud because it’s their nature. I rejoice in the light of God’s Word because of what Christ did for me on the cross of Calvary. I know where I’m going when I die…do you?

      • Ashley

        God also says except people as the way they are!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley

      Why not let them be happy its their lives not anyone elses so everyone else should stay out of their way.

  • ironman56

    Stop with the “politically correct” BS already. MOST normal people do not want this sick law passed. Democrats are trying to destroy this country, as seen with what Obama has put in the White House. Pelosi, Biden Hillery, Bolton etc.. The ACLU(Democrats)has made it impossible to speak, without being sued. It is “ok” for two confused same sex people to “have rights”, yet you can’t say “CHRISTMAS”, or have any activities in school(Christmas/Easter/Halloween)without some “minority” deciding that they are “offended” Well, I am “offended” with the constant HOMO life style, so I demand, as these minorities do, that ALL Homos go back into their closets.

  • Charlie

    People will do what they will in their own privacy. I find the problem to be that liberals try to hijack a social/religious practice for gays to get their same rights. They’ve been offered all of these rights with civil partnerships already. (the same but equal ‘back of the bus’ retort from liberals does not apply)
    It’s a Constitutional freedom that society and religion should keep their practices and customs and not be redefined by government. I wish we could all stick to this illegality instead of throwing around moral insults about individuals and their private behavior. If it were not for the Bible beating of the right, this problem could stay on track instead of dividing us from our true evil of Progressivism.


    Homer – slurs are inappropriate no matter how much you vehemently dislike a group. “Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord. Hopefully the anti-same sex marriage signals Maine, NY, and New Jersey are sending will have a contagious effect across the country. But this may only serve to make the gay movement strive even harder. They’re betting on wearing down the resistance of the public as well as state legislators until the sensitivity to this issue becomes almost non-existent. They know it can take decades. They’re willing to do whatever it takes, however long it takes to silence opposition. But what this group has not forseen, is that Americans have awakened to fight, thanks to proposed healthcare reform, for a return to conservative values and pesonal freedoms this country was founded on, and hold dear.

    To conservatives & libertarians, I encourage you to continue the good fight against perversion, lies, and immorality. Do not succumb to the false label of “being intolerant” which attempts to demean, demoralize, and denigrate our values. Stand firm in our convictions that we can no longer tolerate aberrations in any form. We must let our voices be heard, challenge the status quo, protest, and even run for local/state office to integrate the system and work to change from within. Fight them with their strategies. God is always on the side of truth!

  • gaetano

    Polititions don`t give a damn about (word removed)They will say any thing that will get their vote.I hate (word removed) and could care less about what they want. They will live together any way. I wish they would keep their status to themselves. They would be better off to keep their mouths shut and go about their devils deeds. I also think that sooner or later we the godly will eraticate them.The only thing more sickning to see is a (word removed) that tells me he believes in god,or that he was born that way.That has never been prooven and never will be.I am also starting to believe that the (word removed) of the world might just be the mark of cain.

  • Joe H.

    I could care less if they want to live together, just don’t cheapen the marriage of a man and a woman by calling it marriage!!!

    • John

      Let them live together, but go back into the closet. And stop trying to indoctrinate our children with that garbage in our schools!

  • http://Yahoo Robert

    Why so much hatred in this country, he said she said, just lessen to yourself’s and don’t bring God into the picture, he won’t help you come judgment day your all alone, so please No Judges

  • hobokendave

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the hateful condemning language is not helpful to the argument, in fact, the repugnant language only betrays the “christian” values you are trying to protect.

  • RAY


  • RoBoTech

    I hope the (word removed) Do get to marry. That way, I can marry my 4 year old 1st Cousin. I mean, if it’s the girly-mens RIGHT to get married, than Cousin Debbie and I can huga-bunch, too, Right? Isn’t it equal rights for all?
    You betcha. If Homosexual Marriage is legalized, then incest, pedophilia, bestiality, etc is a “right”, too.
    And THAT is what brought Rome down. That, Immigration, and Diversity.
    Watch and see. It WILL happen.
    Whatcha gonna do when that sick pup neighbor runs off to Vegas with your favorite ewe?

    • Joe H.

      I think you could have gotten your point across without getting sick about it!!! You have a very perverted mind!!!

      • s c

        JoeH, Robotech isn’t really exaggerating the point. If you know about NAMBLA (yet another progressive ultraliberal group trying to blast its way out of its ‘special’ closet), then you’d know why it’s just a matter of time until the latest wackos (e. g., obama ‘s herd) will find a way to bless it in the name of a ‘matured, enlightened’ society.
        Actually, bubba clinton had his chance to ‘bless’ it, but he knew it was too early, so he shelved the idea. Comrade obama, on the other hand, seems to be the kind of prez who may find NAMBLA enough of an ally to claim that America would be a better country to recognize and welcome it into his ultra-sized ‘big tent.’ Put NOTHING past politicians, JoeH. When people are sufficiently dumbed-down and morality is just another word, you’d be amazed what can happen – ancient Rome
        being the prime example.

        • Joe H.

          s c,
          I know about NAMBLA and I hate what they stand for but the animal crap robo talks about I can just plain do without hearing or reading about!

  • Merl Elton

    How then do we explain gay ministers and priests? I think God will forgive them if they did not harm others with their gayness or they sincerely repent their transgressions. If one is really secure about one’s heterosexuality, then gays are usually no real threat. However, many people just do not trust or accept gays. Regardless, most of us must attend school; and work with gays; and therefore must learn to get along with them. Gays virtually run the fashion and beauty industry, and are prevalent in the entertainment industry. Many gays are extremely talented and intelligent and are great people. The minority of gays are criminals; just like the minority of people are criminals.

    • BOE

      Oh yeah? Gays pose no threats? What about that gross Adam Lambert on national TV that performed the oral sex act by another man? No harm done right? If they would just keep their perversions to themselves!! Straight people don`t act like that in public and we are not going to accept the disgusting behavior they display!! Go back in the closet and pray for your own soul..


    Homosexuality goes against God’s loving design for marriage between a man and a woman. You see, the devil loves to imitate what God has established, and puts his own twist on what he imitates. Homosexuality mimics marriage, but the devil perverts it. Homosexual behavior is from the very pit of hell. There will be consequences for our behaviors that have gone against God’s commands and He will deal with transgressions with justice. Gays deceive themselves about their lifestyle when they say that their view of God is a God of love, therefore He would never condemn them. God IS love, But He IS also a God of justice.

    • I agree…

      I completely agree with you Babushska. You have spoken well.

  • Becca

    Oh and BTW again you all did not take history class. The Pagans were practicing marriage before christianity was even thought of. You stole it from them just like you stole the solstice and called it also stole easter as well and many many other Pagan holidays. There are good kind decent humans out there who practice christianity but you who are posting on here are not one of them.

    • Terrie McCormack

      Did the pagans have gay marriage? No, they did not. Even if you take God out of it, nature by itself dictates that it is wrong. Certain behaviors will cause terrible diseases to take over. For instance, E coli bacteria does not belong on your privates or in your lungs. A rational person can see this. That is not to say that we have to hate gays and treat them badly. We all have sins to atone for so I do not hate gays. I just think that they are really confused.

  • Becca

    The devil did it is not an excuse for everything you don’t want to agree with or believe in, find a new way of defending yourselves.

  • Terrie McCormack

    I don’t understand why the gays think that the world should revolve around them? We have crucial problems that we are dealing with in this country and all they worry about is making themselves happy. People have a right to do what they want in this country in their own homes as long as it is legal and is between consenting adults. However, since this country was founded under God and He says that homosexuality is an “abomination”, there should be no question that America needs to keep marriage between one man and one woman. That is also what our Constitution says. If all the gays want to have their own country with their own laws, perhaps all the rich ones would like to get together and buy their own country and live in the utopia that they dream about. Even aside from God, there are so many implications of gay marriage that a whole bunch of new government spending and paperwork will be added to our ever growing government. That means even more taxes. And all for no reason because God has already told us what to do. If we stay with the constitution we can heal this country. America will not stand without the laws and principles of God and Nature. You are only fooling yourself to deny this truth.

  • David P. Hock

    I am a 65 year old male. Considered very Conserveative. I am also Gay. I served in the military (Army) but did not “come out” until 1969. While I am not espically in favor of gay marriage I do believe in Civil Unions for same sex couples. I am a very religious person, I believe God made me gay for whatever reason, and that willnot, cannot be changed. I have known what it is to be “in Love” where nothing else matters. Just to be with that one person. You know the Demacrats are very smart. Looking back to the 50′s & 60′s the demacrats were for the most part blue collar, red necks, bubbas. The Republicans were white collar, college educated, professionals. Bubbas hated homosexuals but then they discovered that gays could mannage to pull the lever in a voting booth. So they pandered to the gays and many, many gay people switched parties. I was not and am not one of them. For several years I did not even vote, but in 2008 I made sure I voted because I did not want Obama to be my president! When are the republicans going to wake up and see that gays anr not the anti-christ Hi is in the White House. He is destroying our country that I and many other gay people love. I did not ask to be gay, I was not taught to be gay, but thats the way I am, and I think I should have the same rights and priveliges that hetro-sexuals have. Not special rights but the same rights, is that asking too much?

    • Terrie McCormack

      I am not gay but I respect what you are saying and I agree with most of it. I am not sure that people are born gay. Nonetheless, gays should not be allowed to marry. Perhaps the gay activists are fighting for the wrong thing. We really have a lot of highly important problems to deal with in this country and no time to waste. The Constitution makes gay marriage a mute point. Let’s get on with standing up and making our government and the Federal Reserve accountable for what they do. It is time that all Americans pull together against this tyranny that we are headed to instead of wasting time debating gay marriage. We must unite or we will lose our freedoms.

  • Becca

    Ha you people just completely ignore history don’t you? This country was NOT founded on your god, it was founded on religions freedom the founding fathers did not believe in a god they were deists. All you have to do is read any of Ben Franklin’s writings and you will know the truth. This is NOT a christian nation and will never be stop trying to pass your fake gods laws here its not for you to decide how anyone lives their life. Also human rights are a big deal just as big of a deal as any other problem being ignored in this country. The first sentence on this page is “Benjamin Franklin was raised as an Episcopalian but was a Deist as an adult.”

    • Joe H.

      you need to read some of the writings by the signers of the declaration of independence! Most did believe in God and a good number of them Most assuredly believed in Jesus!!! Read the letters that were written by them at that time!!!

    • Terrie McCormack

      I recommend that you read the book, “The 5,000 Year Leap” . It will help you understand our Constitution and Founding Principles. America is one nation under God and if you kick Him out then America will fall.

  • Crazy_Redneck

    Who gives a crap if they want to marry and call it marriage. We all know it isn’t really marriage. I can call my jon boat a yacht, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so…and the misnomer doesn’t make it any less capable of navigating the same waters.

    What matters is that they, like heterosexuals, want to enter into a legal contract with each other (at least where the state is concerned). That’s it at its most basic level, religious connotations aside.

    The false notion that it would then be legal to marry a 4 year old and engage in beastiality is simply nonsense, as 4 year olds and animals cannot enter into legally binding contracts.

    Ours, like it or not is a secular society with freedom to practice the religion of one’s own choosing.

    I am married and have 7 children. I love my Jesus. However, I believe in personal liberty. Ironically, the name of this site is, but all I see in this comment section is the desire to prevent some from exercising their own. The test of what is or is not a personal liberty is whether or not, in the free exercise of that liberty, the liberties of others are infringed upon. In this case, I can hardly see how same-sex marriage infringes upon the liberties of those of heterosexual persuasion.

    If you don’t want others to infringe upon your own liberties, whatever they may be, try not to infringe upon the liberties of others. Hey, that sounds a bit like the “Golden Rule”, huh?

    • Joe H.

      Yes, there are laws that say children can not enter into contracts, NOW!! there were laws in all states in the beginning that said people could carry guns. Now there are laws in states like Wisconsin that say you can not carry concealed!!! The speed limit when I was a kid was 75 on main highways, then it went to 55 and now it is 60 or 65 and in some states it’s 70 and 75!! Don’t say it can’t happen!! Now it says you can own guns but they are trying to outlaw gun powder and ammunition. They WILL find a way around it given a chance!!!

  • Becca

    I will research the author/s of the book The 5000 year leap. And only when I find out it is written by non biased parties then will I read it. I trust no book or article written by anyone with any kind of agenda it’s human nature to lie, steal and screw one another over just to protect personal interests, this is why you can not believe everything you read. If you are and intelligent person you read and research both sides of a story heavily before just going along with the answer you like.

  • cr747

    What disturbs me about this gay and lesbian thing is, that people will sit and watch a TV sitcom with a gay or lesbian as host of a program, and our children, and grand children see’s this evil going on right before their eyes. Try to explain to a 4 or 5 year old that the people hosting the show has adopted children and living with the same sex as mates. This to me should not be allowed, for those adopted children are going to grow up and start school, and catch all kind of H— from other kids telling them they have 2 mommies, or 2 daddies. This is the most ridiculous thing and sicking to see them even being allowed to have a TV program, “period.” Much less allowing them to adopt children.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Barks

    I’ve observed this until installment 21, at the conclusion of the arc about the black kirin, Taiki. Founded on these episodes, I totally agree about the details in your review. The tale commenced really slowly for me, and at first, Youko’s role was genuinely disagreeable but as the tale collected stride and she started to rise, it actually turned up its stunning level to the max. Unfortunately, I feel really apprehensive to end it due to the uncompleted nature of the last arc, which is a prolongation about Taiki, my favourite persona in the serial. I’m thinking of finding at least the novel about the last arc in the tv serial, before I continue viewing, so I can at least study the novel to genuinely enjoy the last arc.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The gay marriage bill passed in New York by a thin margin; obviously by a few ‘republic-crats’. I heard a question raised here, which should also be a concern in any state which passes such a bill. Will churches and their ministers be protected?? To be exact, will they still be able to refuse to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies?? Let’s not forget the 1st Amendment, which gives us the right to worship; INCLUDING the right to NOT do what goes against our Christian-Judeo faith. It’s not just about gays or lesbians. I know of at least one pastor who refused to marry a heterosexual couple because the guy was more of a redneck than a Christian. There are liberal churches which I’m sure will marry same sex couples, so let gays and lesbians go there, and leave our churches alone!! Again, having lost a (gay) cousin to AIDS, I have to say it’s possible to hate the sin but love the sinner. We are all sinners. Doing something privately (as in the previous DADT military policy) is one thing. But being proud of one’s sin, getting in our faces with it, encouraging it, and pushing for legislative acceptance and respect of sin, IMHO, is a complete outrage. Instead of more moral decay in our nation, what we need is more ‘defense of marriage’ acts, which a majority of Americans support. We should also get rid of liberal judges who rule against the will of Americans, and in favor of militant LGBT groups by striking down bills defining marriage as between a man and woman.


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