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Gas Prices Continue To Rise

March 10, 2011 by  

Gas prices continue to riseGasoline prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks. According to the motorist group AAA, the national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose 34 cents in the past 13 days, which is the second-biggest hike in the history of the industry.

The average cost-per-gallon was $3.509 on March 6, and experts have predicted that the increase will continue.

"I expect that the average is going to be something around $3.75 or $3.80 a gallon," Peter Beutel, president of risk management firm Cameron Hanover, told CNN.

Violence in Libya has led to a sharp spike in the cost of crude oil, which topped $106 per barrel on March 6. This figure is based on the contract of West Texas Intermediate, which is widely considered a benchmark for oil prices. According to the news provider, oil prices are trading at the highest levels since September 2008.

A recent Los Angeles Times article suggested that rising gas prices may pose another challenge to President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. In 2008, former President George W. Bush's popularity was dealt a significant blow when gasoline prices increased. Furthermore, Jimmy Carter's final years as President became synonymous with problems at the pump as an energy crisis led to long lines as the pumps.

Finally, higher gas prices increase the risk of inflation, which may serve as a further reminder of the importance of investing in assets such as gold and other precious metals in order to protect one's hard-earned wealth from depreciation. 

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  • s c

    OK, Anointed One, let’s get in there and win one for the gipper (you, that is). America needs a serious dose of comeuppance. A great way to do it is via raising gas prices to the moon. Why should we have lower gas prices than England?
    Tell the poor that you love them more than the rest of America. Tell ‘em that a special provision in your healthcare will send checks to them to help pay for their gas (Nancy said it’s in there somewhere).
    Blame the high price of gas on the usual suspects.
    Remind us again that those damned rich folks (except progressives) are the cause of every money problem, and PLEASE remember to remind us that all energy crises were created by what’s-his-name (GB).
    Yowza, bubba. Forget that high gas prices hurt GB AND Peanuts Carter. You’re “different.” You’re The Anointed One, and nothing can tarnish your reputation because you’re an elite. You’re the favorite of the political gods. Yes, you are ‘The One.’ YES, YOU CAN.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      SC… This has got to be keeping Barry up at nights. Should he let this situation just go on while people will have to make a decision as to whether they should buy groceries or gas, or it will give him the opportunity to push his ‘green’ agenda and high speed railways. What to do, what to do?

      • James tucker

        I’m going to make a cardboard sign and stand on the corner. NEED MONEY FOR GAS, GIVE ME A DOLLAR!!

        • Aix Sponsa

          How about, “Need just one more dollar for ticket to leave the USA”

          • Al Sieber

            And Aix, I’m not leaving the USA I’m staying and fighting for it.

          • 45caliber

            Aix: That would only work if you were Mexican. Then you could probably get enough to retire…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Amen to that emotion!!! God Bless this once great country…….AGAIN!!!

        • Al Sieber

          You mean $10 James, a dollar is nothing.

    • EddieW

      The oil companies said the same thing about 5 years ago…why let these ugly americans have cheap gas…we make more money by jacking the price up, and they have done just that…they have been generous, doing it slowly, some wanted instant doubling!! but another factor…our worthless currency going down the tubes…China discounting it 30% for all goods starting this 30% inflation rate…gas will double again!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    As much as I consider the POTUS responsible for Teason and colluding with Wall Street & The Private bank Federal reserve (NOT Federal & No reserves) Americans (myself included) are responsible for not paying closer attention to how things are working.

    That said I say FIRE the FED & Dissolve all Govt Employee positions that have a Private Counterpart. End of making the current problem worse.

    Ths will help force a balance between tax revenues, tax payers, tax funded work.

    • JJM

      Every once in a while we all must clean house by getting rid of the trash, cleaning out the dirt, throwing away the harmful and useless and eradicating the parasites. Either that or take a big loss by not doing anything other than moving to a new house.
      I like my house but not the way it is being taken care of. Time to step up and clear everything out and start anew. Returning to the original concept of limited fed as designed in 1776 might be the only way to save our house.

      • 45caliber

        For a long time, we traded the parties of Congress and the President regularly. Each time we changed parties they would throw out the bad stuff the other party had installed and then put in some stuff of their own, good and bad.

        Unfortunately we went about fifty years with only one party in control of Congress. The President continued to change but Congress continued to keep everything that was passed, good and bad. When we finally had a Congress that switched parties and a President the same, I had high hopes of getting rid of all the bad stuff.

        Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way. The GOP was so delighted with being in power after 50+ years that they immediately passed all the pork projects they couldn’t get under the Dems. And they were so used to all the bad stuff the Dems had, that they ignored it. Further, they didn’t get rid of it for fear the Dems would take over again (as they did) and then throw out the bad pork they had just put in. They figured rightly that if they stayed clear of all the bad Dem ideas the Dems would stay clear of most of their bad ideas. And they were right.

  • Aix Sponsa
  • Kris

    Husain wants these high prices. This is not keeping him up at night unless he’s staying awake because he’s celebrating! He wants 10 dollar a gallon gas like in europe! He stated this when he was running for office and no one listened to him! They were so busy loving his black side and just not listening to what he was saying! He said “energy prices will necessarily rise” but we will have “green” energy! Well it looks like the chickens have come home to roost! He helped push these prices by stopping all drilling in the US and putting so many restrictions on the coal industry that soon we won’t have any coal either! We will be living in the dark ages. So enjoy your windmills (many of which are sittting there rusting and broken) and try and figure out a way to put one on your car for power because you won’t have gas for it! IMPEACH NOBAMA NOW!!!

    • leo

      Sounds to me like your blinded by the color of Obama’s skin.

      • Dale on the left coast

        If O’bummer was a floppy-eared white guy with zer0 experience . . . would 95% of blacks have voted for him? Just askin!!!

        • grannymae

          No because they voted for his skin color and they even say so ! Idiots !

      • 45caliber


        Are you saying that people voted for Oblama for some other reason than the color of his skin? What reason would that be?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only thing that puts a real big binder on that way of thinking by the progs is it may work in England as you could drive clear accross it in less than a day. The countries in europe all of them would fit in Texas, with the exception of Germany. They use one tank of gas or maybe two to drive the length or width of their countries so gas isn’t a big concern to them. We have sales reps that drive more than some of them in a couple of hours!! We have to have the gas or we will come to a standstill!! Don’t give me this bull about electric cars, either. those things will be worthless to deliver durable goods anywhere in the US! Till we come up with a viable mode of transport, we are chained to oil and we had better start drilling here with a whole lot of determination and start building a few refineries in places other than the gulf or we are in big trouble!!!

  • Raggs

    This is just what obama wanted.

  • barbm

    an email going around seems to make sense, but who knows. boycott exxon/mobile. if they don’t sell gas, they should lower prices. if they do, the others will follow suit in order to compete. problem is, everybody would have to do it, and too many don’t/won’t. why aren’t we charging them the same price for a bushel of wheat as they’re charging us for a barrel of oil?

    • 45caliber

      It doesn’t work. If you boycott exxon gasoline, they simply start putting more oil into the plastics division or sell the gasoline to other companies. If they made only gasoline, then it would work. But they have too many other options.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Exxon, like a lot of other companies are expanding into the Specialty chemical products. These include personal care products, cutting oils, synthetic oils, even cooking oils. To really hurt on of them, you would have to boycott ALL of their products and that would be dam hard as there are a lot of their products that are produced under other names!

    • 45caliber


      If we charged them a steep price on wheat, they would insist we are trying to starve them. Considering that the owners (like the Saudi king) are getting the oil profits and the people there get nothing, it would only harm the poor anyway. The Saudi king doesn’t care if half his people starve as long as he can keep getting that oil profits. He doesn’t buy grain anyway – he buys lobster.

  • http://com i41

    barbm, the reason gas prices will not drop, even though we are a wash in oil is because the democrat money man and his mega hedge fund manulipations. George Soros got a bye from the banking refor. You wanty to drop prices and put more money in the Treasury, get to poking holes in the ground and it will lower prices because the goat abusers and Russia will not have a great a market share, something dumbocrats never will understand. In the 1980 the same crap was tried with the CRP to idle all the farm ground to raise price of wheat and grains, it didn’t work, USA prices went down and Russia.Austriala, and England cleaned up by planting more grain. Time we should turn the tables, only these wells would produce for decades. It would trim the goat abusing perverts and Russia sails. Another area the USA could clean house is with dismantling ag welfare and planting idle farm ground to crops after 3 decades of producing notheing. Russia, the Urhraine and Austrailia all lost their wheat crops and will not be able to market grain foranother year and a half at best. Of course I’m talking methods that are too simple and the book trained dumb bastard in the beltway don’t understand reality!

    • 45caliber

      A couple of things on farming:

      The government controls the price a farmer can get for his crops – but no controls are on the middle man. It’s been that way since about 1780. So it really doesn’t matter how much a farmer grows – the amount he gets stays about the same. But the middle man can speculate. The more supply there is, the less the middle man can get. For a long time the government would buy up the excess to store it – supposedly for famine days. That allowed the middle man to keep his profits high. Now they don’t do that. Instead they pay farmers to not grow the stuff in the first place. Unfortunately, though, it is generally the big farms (company owned) that get the money to not grow things. The small farmer gets so little it isn’t worth him growing anything. After all, why work six and seven days a week from see to can’t see when you can get a job somewhere else that pays more and you still get a little to not grow?

  • JC

    New signs at Gas Stations.

    Regular: LOL
    Mid-Grade: OMG
    Premium: WTF

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Cmon now you forgot the 9/10! LOL

    • 45caliber


      Down here it is:

      Regular – Left Arm

      Mid-Grade – Right Leg

      Premium – Don’t Ask

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Little steeper here premium = first born child!!

  • Dale on the left coast

    Remember the last time gas prices hit $4? What did Bush do? He opened up govt land for exploration, anounced that drilling would expand. And what happened to the price of a barrel of oil . . . it went down . . . just on the threat of expanding supply. But Barry has trouble deciding what to have for lunch . . .
    Of course early in 09 . . . Barry closed those lands to drilling, then closed the Gulf . . . why is anyone surprised at the cost of energy? Barry promised it would necessarily increase during the campaign . . . was I the only one listening???

  • jopa

    This is what happens when we have nobody watching the Wall Street crooks because of deregulation.Obama actually tried to pass bills in the last session but out of nowhere comes the party of NO.Don’t like the gas prices, well it sucks to be you and me if you voted for a republican.

  • 45caliber

    Every so often the oil companies need to run up their average price. So they run it up a couple of dollars more than what you pay and then back it down a dollar so everyone feels better about the new price. “It’s lower than it was!”

    Sadly, I can still remember paying 25 cents a gallon for gasoline. Now it is more than ten times that price and will never go back down.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Except this time the Price is going up because the Value of the US Dollar is going down (as all commodities), and the supplies have been over stated (as all have been to allow Oil companies to manipulate their tax shelters). Its all coming to a head.
      The “Petro-Dollar” is taking a beating due to excessive printing efforts (60 Billion/month) due to the collapse of the Treasury Bond Market, and countries are beginning to “shed” their dollar holdings.

      The Dollar as the worlds reserve currency is headed out which will leave the US is a terrible position…There are many very wise men who are not mainstream who have accurately predicted this low interest rate monetary mess…..

      • 45caliber

        When I was a lot younger, I always wondered why the interest rate would go up when the economy started going South. The interest rate in other countries went down. It seems counter-productive since it prevented more business starts. Later I learned it was done to insure the dollar stayed stabile.

        Now, if you notice, it does the opposite. When things get bad, the interest rate goes down. When it starts to recover the rate goes up. And the value of our dollar goes down.

        The main reason is that the Rothchilds owns the mint. Further, they make their money by buying and selling money. Since they also control the printing of money in most of the world, they can artificially bring down the dollar, for example, while they bring up the Euro. They convert the dollar to Euros and then bring the dollar up. That way they can make lots more money.

        What we need to do is take the mint away from them. The main reason that Ron Paul wants an audit is because he is certain that it will show that they are making billions more dollars than anyone knows about. Those are used by them to trade for other bills from other countries. Affectively they are trading something worth nothing for something else worth nothing but on paper they are making huge profits. He wants to prove it so we can take the mint away from them.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      In 1971, I remember a price war in Columbus Ga. and the price went down to $.259 a gallon!! That was only 41 years ago!!! That means the price has risen 1400%!!! What a bunch of BS!!

  • da norseman

    A solution to bring gas prices and the cost of living down would be to do the following: 1. significantly reduce the size of government by getting rid of these unnecessary bureaucrats and czars employed by government – smaller government means much lower taxes; 2. stop printing more money than we can afford – this will help strengthen the dollar against other currencies thus keeping it as the world’s reserve currency; 3. promote business investments in the United States of America – investment opportunities attract more business that also opens up more employment opportunities, even hiring the same bureaucrats and czars fired and taken off the government payroll, where business owners can buy into America, which will strengthen the economy and attract more business – more business, more jobs; 4. get rid of the unions – only union bosses benefit from strikes and not the union worker (the real reason why strikes occur for higher wages is that while the worker earns more in gross pay, union dues are raised at the expense of the worker where the union boss is the only one who benefits and the net pay remains the same for the worker).

    Imposing higher taxes on business owners have never solved anything since it has to be paid back thus creating a much bigger negative impact on the economy where businesses end up leaving the U.S. – remember, investments attract, taxation repels! Most importantly, it is up to each average American to break out of his or her complacent mind by not believing in all that crap the various news media outlets dish out about the economy. The media, regardless of news agencies, enjoy a bigger government, so for God’s sake, turn off the television!!!

  • http://com i41

    jopa the Wall Street crooks arre all democraps likeGeithner and Daschle for starters, who gave the mega wall street hedge fund manulipator all the breaks and no regulations. It is the dumbocraps and their nazi Traitor George Soros who got the pass from the democrap super majority and signed by the head marxist muslim moron in the WH. Jopa time to change your horizontal vent wit hyour nertical vent since your talking out he lower region. The high prices is from voting the envior airy fairy dumbocraps and electing the marxist muslim moron who beleives in windmills and batteries, Republicans don’t get your facts straight idoit!

  • Bert Cundle

    Don’t the Iraq’s owe us for getting rid of Sadam & Setting up their Democracy… We should buy All of our Oil From them @ $1.00 / Barrel, bring our gas to $1.75 / Gallon!

  • jopa

    Bert: Iraqi oil is now controlled By BP shell conoco chevron etc.Do you think they will help America out through the kindness of their heart.They got what they wanted now it sucks to be us.


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