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Gary Johnson, Ron Paul: What if?

August 1, 2012 by  

Gary Johnson, Ron Paul: What if?
Young voters are very important to the Presidential candidates.

With the Presidential election in November approaching, both President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are making their rounds, solidifying their talking points and trying to create an image that entices voters.

But some voters still aren’t buying it.

Four years ago, Obama won due in part to a large contingent of youthful voters, many of whom were idealistic and tired of Republican leadership. In the time that Obama has held his seat in the Oval Office, many of those voters have finished college. And a large number of them have struggled to find employment, have moved back in with their parents and have had their idealistic worldviews bludgeoned by the stark realities of coming of age during hard financial times.

The promise of “hope” and “change” isn’t likely to encourage many of the disenfranchised youths to cast an Obama ballot, and the President’s new mantra, “forward,” has likely left many wondering: “Unto what?”

What the President lacks in kept promises to these voters, Romney matches in his inability to excite them (or just about anyone, if headlines are an indicator). The two candidates have left many in the group feeling like the 2012 election will be a pointless one.

Consider the polling numbers. Most polls indicate that Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are still more likely to vote for Obama than for Romney, but by a margin of only about 12 percentage points. For those aged 25 to 29, old enough to have been heavily politically involved during the last election cycle, the gap is about half that.

The numbers indicate that in the latter bloc, about 30 percent of the likely voters remain undecided. The younger voters, according to some experts, will likely be the most malleable.

“The concern for Obama, and the opportunity for Romney, is in the 18- to 24-year-olds who don’t have the historical or direct connection to the campaign or the movement of four years ago,” John Della Volpe, director of polling at the Harvard Institute of Politics told The New York Times. “We’re also seeing that these younger members of this generation are beginning to show some more conservative traits. It doesn’t mean they are Republican. It means Republicans have an opportunity.”

Republicans aren’t the only ones who see an opportunity in the shifting political mindset of American youths.

Ron Paul has been heavily supported by young people throughout his long-shot bid for Republican nomination, and his efforts and supporters are likely going to yield him a moment in the spotlight and a heavy presence of support at the upcoming Republican National Convention. The question remains: How will he use it, and what will he direct his notoriously dedicated supporters to do?

Increasingly, Libertarians are calling on Paul to throw his might behind their man, Gary Johnson. With Paul tethered to the GOP, they argue, he could still win a further victory for his liberty movement by working to ensure that the third-party candidate is allotted a place on the debate stage alongside Romney and Obama.

Johnson has made it clear that one of his primary goals during the campaign is to get into the debate. But, due to rules imposed by the major parties, he must first achieve a 15 percent favorability rating in three national polls. This, many of his supporters argue, is completely achievable if Paul is willing to steer his supporters to Johnson’s side. Currently, Johnson polls around 5 to 8 percent in some national polls and Paul has achieved 10 to 15 percent favorability at times. Combined, Johnson supporters argue, Americans would be given a fresh alternative to the ideas posited by Romney and Obama during the nationally televised debates.

Mainstream Republicans and Democrats give the same reason for excluding Johnson from the debates that has always been given about leaving out third-party candidates: He will cost either Romney or Obama votes and skew the election in the favor of the wrong “real” candidate. But Johnson thinks this is bunk and is confident that if Americans are allowed to hear his ideas alongside those of Obama and Romney, Libertarian votes would pour in come November.

“Anything can happen [in the debates]. That could be crash and burn. [Or] it could bring attention to what it is I am saying, my resume,” he said in a recent interview. “I think a lot more people in this country describe themselves as libertarian as opposed to voting libertarian. I think my voice is representative of the fastest growing segment of American politics today, which is libertarian.”

To many voters, Johnson could offer the best of both worlds; but barring inclusion in the debate, he is unlikely to be taken seriously at all.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • http://liberty Tony

      To Mr. Horton: Although, i don’t agree with you on most things but in this you’re absolutely correct!! This election is “called” for the incumbent because he has no competition in Mitt the “Twit”. However, the Gop can regroup and by 2016 a Rubio/Watts ticket can win.Thanks!!

    • Rhonda

      I am concerned that if we do not think this out and get out and vote for someone other than Obama, yes that means Romney then will we as Americans even see voting in 2016. I am not sure some of the Ron Paul and Johnson supporter understand, it is about America and having a chance to run a 3rd party candidate in 2016 and others in 2014 for more Congressional seats. I am sick of the two party system but not comfortable in telling Americans to sit this one out or to vote for a candidate that is not going to win and we all know it.
      This is bigger folks than Obama/Romney and Ron Paul has done a lot to open up the eyes of Americans. The third party option is there but not now. The situation is too intense for 2012 to lose to Obama and run a chance of a total governemnt take over.
      Please at least consider the outcome and do what is best for our country at this point with the situation being what it is. Our time is coming but we have to protect our voting rights for 2014 and 2016 first and that will be lost if Obama is re-elected.

      • Eugene Sevene

        Very well thought out Rhonda. Just when I think that all of the American people have lost every bit of common sense they think they have, along comes one that showes me ther is still hope. You are completely right. The only thing I would add is that all politicians that have served more than one term in office need to go. Let them know we will no longer tolerate POLITICALLY CORRECT, we need to send a message to Washington. This, as of today, is still a government of the people and we are still in charge

      • Ted Crawford

        Exactly correct Rhonda!
        If Mr. Rolley is correct in his assumption that many young voters view this election as ” Pointless “, that simply proves their ignorance!
        I’m 64, and have been actively involved, at a very minor level, in four Political Campaigns, two for National Senate seats. While my involvement was at a minor level, just being involved makes one aware of things not allowed out in public!
        That experience makes me absolutely certain that this election is the most important one in my lifetime !
        Ron Paul will, clearly have much more influence than his official 158 delegates would imply. I believe that he truly does want what is best for America, unfortunately he is an Idealogue! He is in a position to strongly influience the Convention, and can do a great deal of good for America ! Supporting Gary Johnson ( A very qualified, but unelectable candidate) does not meet that criteria !

      • Brad

        I am afraid you are 100% correct Rhonda

      • Rhonda Reichel

        3rd party is what is best for the country

      • Vigilant

        Mr. Rolley says, “What the President lacks in kept promises to these voters, Romney matches in his inability to excite them (or just about anyone, if headlines are an indicator).”

        “If headlines are an indicator?” Strange observation, coming from an author and a website that continually disses the MSM. Headlines are the equivalent of soundbites, a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

        Excitation has already been generated amongst the Obamacare opponents, and adequate education of the youngsters to the effects it will have upon them would bring over a lot of “undecideds.”

      • Vigilant

        “Ron Paul has been heavily supported by young people throughout his long-shot bid for Republican nomination…”

        As would be expected. The young are volatile and anti-authoritarian as well as largely pacifist in nature. Nothing new here.

        And don’t forget the aging hippies who support him for the same reasons, i.e., their unfounded perception regarding the legalization of drugs, soft and hard.

        Ask most of these same youngsters/oldsters about the Federal Reserve or the Constitution and they don’t know squat.

      • Vigilant

        Mr. Rolley says, “But Johnson thinks this is bunk and is confident that if Americans are allowed to hear his ideas alongside those of Obama and Romney, Libertarian votes would pour in come November.”

        If it didn’t work for Dr. Paul, it’s now suddenly going to work for Johnson?

      • dcjdavis

        Nail on the head.

      • DaveH

        Anti-authoritarian? Translation — They love Freedom.
        Isn’t it wonderful that the two major parties know what’s best for your life?

      • Average Joe

        Watch this….Share this….Vote….For America!

      • DaveH

        Good Post, Joe. I will.

      • Vigilant

        “Anti-authoritarian? Translation — They love Freedom.”

        Make that translation “licentiousness.” We’re talking about kids and hippies.

      • LibertyLover129

        To those who think like Vigilant regarding “youngsters”: It’s possible to love and want freedom without having any intention of abusing it. I think it’s demeaning of anyone to assume that all people in my age range are the same in that way. There are some who give us all a bad rep, just like there are bad teachers, doctors and lawyers that give some people the impression that all of them are that way. With regards to the legislating of morality, here’s a question for you though: Do you really think God is pleased by people only obeying His Word because they’ll be punished if they don’t? Or is there any possibility that He wants us to obey Him because we love and want to please Him? What if some of us want freedom because we want a good future for ourselves and those coming after us? What if we want to teach our students instead of indoctrinate them? What if we want to make our own medical decisions instead of the government making them for us? Government doesn’t define when life begins, God does. Government doesn’t define marriage, God does. It’s none of government’s business what people eat, drink, and use for medicine. No amount of laws will make these issues go away. Churches need to step up to the plate and deal with this. When Jesus Christ gets ahold of a person, he or she will make decisions in such a way to please their Creator and Redeemer. Those of us who are Christians need to work on 3 things: practical personal holiness, being active in society in terms of helping people, and telling the whole truth about God. If you think that anything will change under Romney, you’ve been duped already. This is the guy who invented individual mandates in the US, who had some of the strictest gun regs in the country as governor, who said he’d have signed NDAA if it had hit his desk, who has voiced no plan to end the fed and goes so far to say that bank regs are good, and says he’ll get America into another war that we can’t afford. If something isn’t working, try something different!

      • Rebecca

        Perhaps if people would have the guts to vote for the candidate that they feel best represents their views instead of being cowed into voting just for the Democratic or Republican candidate perhaps a Third Party Candidate would have a chance in winning an election. Then it wouldn’t be throwing your vote away.

    • Theodore Gager

      I’ll sit back, smoke the cigar and certainly get drunk but if obammy wins again I’ll be looking for property in Costa Rica because their won’t be a 2016 election. The USA will be the kingdom of obama….End Game….

      • AK Tom

        Dont’ count on running to Costa Rica. Look who its neighbors are. Also remember what happened in Honduras recently. Obama supported Zalaya. Don’t count on Costa Rica remaining stable.

      • Doreen Mateicka

        I’m not entirely sure there will be a 2012 election. It would be too easy to activate some of the executive orders signed recently to declare martial law with or without any actual triggering incident and “suspend elections for the duration of the emergency.”

    • DAVE

      FYI All elections have been called since 2000 and will continue to be unless WE the people stop buying in to the 2 party lie!

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Sadly, until the voter fraud stops in this country we are doomed to have puppets in office. The media portrays Ron Paul supporters as more aggressive, more abrasive, more organized, more loud, pretty much more everything. But they fail to mention that they are just plain MORE. This may sound like sour grapes but I assure you it’s not because incident after corrupt incident, the will of the people has been striped away. To many to list here but you can look on Doug Wead’s blog for the numerous infractions. If this were a fair world, Ron Paul would be heading up the RNC and leading the charge in dethroning Obama but we don’t live in that world. I find it very telling that Ron Paul has standing room only in campus after campus and Romney has seats open at local town hall meetings. We Paultards are not just more passionate. We are just MORE. I am at peace tho because Ron Paul truly is a movement that cannot be stopped. The time has come and his idea WILL move forward. The people demand it.

    • Vigilannie

      AGREED. This is one long time registered Republican WHO WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED again. RON PAUL 2012

    • Peter Sagi

      Not even Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are willing to publically come out telling the truth about socialistic insecurity, use of socialist slavestate numbers, and the income tax. Those of us who go way back when in the patriot movement remember when patriots raised those issues all the time. It used to be that questioning the income tax was generally the start of how someone would wake up to what was going on. Now, there is so much happening in the way of tyranny coming down that folks ignore this issue as being boring or not so glamorous as exposing false flag ops, the TSA-holes, citizens abused by oinksters, etc. HOWEVER … the issue is still key. Huh? Yeah, it goes like this:

      The federal reserve bank, a private corporation, runs the country, which is bankrupt and in receivership to it. The central bank run, fiat money system is contingent upon the income tax on the wages of workers as a means of controlling the price effects of inflation. That is according to Beardsley Ruml, author of the withholding system, in an article in American Affairs, here’s the link:

      The essential nexus allowing the income tax to be applied to the wages of the American worker is socialistic insecurity/SSN use on the job, but, according to the slave enumeration bureau, aka the social security administration, “having and using an SSN is not required to live OR WORK in the United States nor is it required to have just for the sake of having.” Of course, try to obtain a job without an SSN, it is virtually impossible … due not to any law, but due to the policies of companies that hire in the private sector, policies based largely on ignorance and fear. Furthermore, the vast majority of folk here in the US believe that some law REQUIRES them to have or use an SSN on the job. Therefore, to attack this ignorance and start a movement of people contending with the companies they work for to stop insisting on SSN’s and therefore allow them to drop out of the income tax system would be the way to overturn the socialist applecart.

      Has ANY allegedly pro freedom candidate mentioned this? NO!!!!! In fact, they generally do just the opposite. For instance, Ron Paul stated “maybe we should make social security voluntary for young people.” Ok, Ron, exactly how will you make it more voluntary than it already is, when it is already 100% voluntary as far as hire in the private sector? Ron Paul implied in his statement that there IS a law REQUIRING SSN use on the job, when he could have spoken the truth. Gary Johnson? Great guy, spoke to him at length some years back, but, has he ever spoken out on the subject of social security/income tax truth? No. Not one has, not one is interested. I spoke to Bob Barr on this exact topic, no interest in social security truth whatsoever.

      The bottom line … if you want liberty, why are you paying for your own enslavement, and voluntarily at that, thru use of a socialist slavestate number on the job when no law requires one? Why are you making yourself liable for the income tax? This is THE key to overturning the socialist applecart … massive refusal to pay income tax, done the right way, by not incurring liability for it in the first place. Yeah, you can go to the polls and pull the lever for Gary Johnson, but, each dollar you pay in taxes is a vote for tyranny. The only effective vote there is … drop out of the system via restoration of status.


      • Joe Z

        Thank you for the info here, but, how do you drop out of the system via restoration of status?

      • Peter Sagi

        Dropping out of the system/restoration of status are really two separate issues, but they tend to go hand in hand. Dropping out of the system is as easy as simply not using a socialist slavestate number anymore on the job. That means educating the company that hires you that it isn’t needed, and how to deduct the cost of your labor from their corporate tax return. Read the Dave Champion book “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” avaiable thru If where you are employed refuses to listen to reason, they may still allow you to be an outsource vs an employee. That is, if you can sell your labor/intellectual property thru the use of a corporate entity that you control at arms length. That means using a corporate entity with its taxpayer ID number as a buffer, thereby eliminating the need for you to use an SSN on the job. Whoever hires you hires your corporate entity, which in turn pays you as a NON taxpayer, no SSN. The entity still has to file but need not show a profit.

        Restoration of status is the next step that non taxpayers usually take and for a variety of reasons. Google and view for free in 8 parts on youtube “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” and the follow up video, also by Robert Arthur Menard, “The Magnificent Deception” where you will learn about “Freeman on the Land.” That will give you excellent background. HOWEVER … most people go another route known as “Secured Party Creditor” and for that google “Winston Shrout” with “Zeitgeist” as the also-ran word on an advanced search, and you will find loads of videos on that topic. SPC is generally more practical for most people, but view the FOTL material first to gain understanding. There are two ways of dealing with the same issue.


      • Average Joe
  • Kevin Beck

    I think you exposed the real reason Gary Johnson doesn’t poll very well: Too many poll subjects don’t think he has a chance of victory, so they won’t think of mentioning his name as their candidate of choice when a pollster calls.

    Another reason: Too many online polls will list the two gloom-and-doom candidates, but not any others by name; instead, there will be the catch-all Undecided.

    The whole debate thing is just a sham, to protect the two major-party candidates for the upcoming sheep-shearing (I mean, election).

  • David

    Principle will not allow me to vote for any one who does not hold the Libertarian philosophy. It will either be a write in vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. I won’t know until after the Republican convention. Other offices are of consideration and those who love liberty and freedeom need to select those candidates who most closely hold views that will protect the Constitution and our rights under it. We need to regroup and start grooming candidates for every office from local city government to the President of the US. Over the course of my life time I would like to see this country turned around in the right direction.

    • texastwin827

      David, while I agree with you that we need “new blood” in Congress, until we get rid of the “career” politicians, that won’t make a difference!

      For as long as I can remember (I’m approaching age 67) the problem we have always had is that the new kids on the block get steamrolled by the career politicians. They are openly threatened that they will get nothing to benefit their state if they don’t “go along” with what the Sr members of Congress want….and it’s BOTH parties that do this, not just one so, until we replace the “career” politicians, we will continue to render the “new kids” powerless.

    • joanio57

      Like I have in so many elections in the past, this November I will hold my nose and vote for the least offensive candidate or vote AGAINST the most offensive…this year that would be Obama.

      • DaveH

        That is always the case, joanio. And it will remain the case until we get some more competition going. If you hold your nose and vote for one of the lesser of two evils, how can you ever expect to get anything more than evil?
        Try something new this year. Don’t rubber stamp the lesser evil. Vote for Principle. Vote for Liberty. Vote Libertarian!
        For Limited Government, Free Markets, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and the PEACE that comes with them:

    • Frank W Brown

      RON PAUL for Prez!! Abolish the federal reserve bank, RETURN to the gold standard!
      Problems actually solved for a change!

  • roger gunderson

    I believe our voters have made a colossal mistake by not voting for Ron Paul.

  • Ali

    Honestly, I do not think Ron Paul will endorse Gary Johnson because he is pro choice. From what I know of Ron Paul, that is an issue very near and dear to his heart, as it is mine.

    • Joe Z

      Did you know that, scientific research has found that abortion is mainly practice, 78%, of the time by low income families? That will include, african americans, hispanics and poor white families? That, at the same time, are the main recipients of welfare and entitlements in the United States? The study also found that countries that made abortion legal, criminality was reduced 60% in the next 15 years.
      By the way, I am a fervent Ron Paul supporter since 2003 and would not vote for anybody else and I know he is pro choice and I am pro choice but I believe liberty is about personal choice and assuming personal responsibilities and it is not my responsability to tell other people what to do with their bodies.

    • DaveH

      Actually Ali, Ron Paul is anti-abortion, but he doesn’t believe it is any of the Federal Government’s concern, so he would fit right in with Gary Johnson.
      I am anti-abortion also, but I wouldn’t dream of imposing my will on a mother whose personal circumstances I know nothing about. Let God decide the punishment for her sins (if any). At any rate, anybody who doesn’t oppose the Militaristic Imperialism of the United States, and its concomitant killings, has absolutely no legs to stand on.

  • dan

    Here’s a thought …how about Ron Paul AND Gary Johnson ?

    • Kay

      How about Ron Paul and Allen West? Think West would solidify voters on the perceived notion that Paul is weak on the foreign policy issue. West certainly seems to have the answers for the current middle eastern crisis. He’s been there and done that which is something none of the candidates have experienced. He’s very knowledgeble on national security, the border and immigration, economics and understands exactly whats behind the polical correctness exercised by the current regime. Why do you think the dems are so out to get him? They know he is a true American patriot who doesn’t buy into their game.

      • Ali

        Oh I like Ron Paul and Allen West! But here is the thing. I understand how passionately people feel about Ron Paul. My husband is like that. But he is voting for Romney because he knows a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama. And I am sorry, there IS a difference between Obama and Romney. Maybe not as much as some of us would like, but there is a difference. I get mocked all the time because my first choice was Rick Perry–yes, the dumb Texan. But look at what is going on in Texas…huge economic growth, lower unemployment. I don’t think Perry is responsible for all of that, but he is a big part of it. Now am I going to write Perry in because I feel so passionately about him? No, because it is a vote for Obama. This is literally the heart and soul of the USA we are talking about. I hope people can see that–if Obama wins, we literally will be a fully European socialist state. No doubt. That will not happen with Romney, so I pick Romney! He may not have been my first choice, but he is my choice.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Don’t you just LOVE how “they” can MAKE you vote for somebody you don’t want?!? You’re a FOOL for playing along!!! You and others like you have turned the entire voting system into a FARCE!!! THEY tell you who to vote for and you fall right into step! Well I guess it doesnt matter anyway because THEY’VE already decided who’s going to be president! We have lost our rule of the people, by the people, for the people! We gave up our choices to the two parties a loooonnnngggg time ago! Now, you get to choose between two candidates you DON’T WANT!!! I’m not playing that game!!! The only revolution available to us is in the voting booth!

      • dark angel

        This is a reply to Ali’s post. If what you write is true, it is tragic on how you’ve reached your decision to vote for Romney. Once again the PTB have manipulated you into doing their bidding. You have chosen to forsake your own heart and mind out of fear. Fear of what? An Obama second term. Instead of voting your conscience, instead of following your heart and doing what you KNOW to be right, you have sacrificed EVERYTHING in the vain hope that Romney will save you. The PTB psy-op has worked perfectly. You are a victim of mind control through fear manipulation.

        Aren’t you tired of being afraid? Aren’t you tired of all the killing, the poverty, the insecurity of yours and your children’s future? Aren’t you tired of evil having its way with impunity?! Why for the love of Christ would you want to vote it to continue?!

        The battle is HERE, the time is NOW! Let go of your fear and hate. Do the right thing and vote your conscience whatever that might be. But don’t succumb to some mind controlled BS about how Ron Paul or Gary Johnson can’t win or that Romney or Obama is going to save you. NO ONE is going to save you but you. Trust in yourself and your fellow Americans to do the right thing. If we all do that something AMAZING will happen.

        Let the change you wish to see in the world begin with you.

        • jerryo


          Dark Angel I love you enthusiasm if you could get that message just on Fox let alone CBS NBC or ABC and Cnn I be with you but tell yourself this just most of the morons that vote, where they get most of their info. Oh I forgot the Obama media MSNBC.

      • Ali

        To those who wrote back to me, I get it. I totally understand what you are saying. But let’s get one thing straight: I don’t want Obama OR Romney to take care of me. I take care of me! And I don’t need to let go of my hate because there is not hate in my heart. I love my country. I love capitalism. If I at least want to see it even survive, sorry, my heart tells me to vote for Romney. That’s just me. The MSM or anyone else did not get me to this conclusion. I made it on my own. Again, that’s just me.

      • texastwin827

        Ali, Rick Perry is not what is responsible for the economic success in Texas…if any politicians can be given credit for that, it’s the State Legislature. Do not think that Rick Perry is “popular” in Texas. He’s been elected to 3 terms because of who the Democratic candidates were. The last of which was Bill White, former mayor of Houston, who turned Houston into a “sanctuary” city for illegal aliens. Not many Texans wanted to give him the opportunity to do the same thing for the entire state!

        We have no state income tax
        We have good weather, year round (yes, it gets hot here but everywhere is air conditioned)
        We have an ample supply of qualified workers. What we don’t have, we have many
        “transplants” who have come here for work.

        Last but not least…We have good schools…
        While our ranking may be low it’s because many of our schools are small, rural schools
        and because we are also educating “half of Mexico”. My grandson’s graduating class
        recently received over $26 MILLION in scholarships and to be honest, I’ve never seen
        so many Natl Honor Soc collars in a graduating class (which numbered over 560).
        Graduates from his school consistently rank above the National average on their SAT &
        ACT scores

        And yes, a lot of the jobs created may be minimum wage jobs….but most of those are filled by young people who don’t have either the education or the experience to get higher paying jobs. When you have other states who have NO jobs for their young people, who have the same education/experience drawback, how can that be a fault?

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    The real problem with Gary Johnson is that he appears to be weak willed. He doesn’t look like he could go toe to toe with congress, let alone one of our enemies.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Johnson used his veto power with greater force than any other governor…I’d hardly call that weak

    • DaveH

      Gary Johnson was a triathlete and has climbed Mt. Everest. You call that weak-willed, Pete?

  • jerryo


    I’m sorry to say that 2016 will be too late. The most important thing we all could do this election is change the congress, than maybe will have a chance in 2016.

  • Gary L

    Too little too late. If Ron Paul himself could not excite enough voters, will his endorsement of Johnson make enough of a difference? Perhaps enough to win Obama another 4 years to destroy whats left of our republic.

    • Vigilant

      Excellent point.

      Mr. Rolley says, “Currently, Johnson polls around 5 to 8 percent in some national polls and Paul has achieved 10 to 15 percent favorability at times. Combined, Johnson supporters argue, Americans would be given a fresh alternative to the ideas posited by Romney and Obama during the nationally televised debates.”

      Wishful thinking, as if the numbers are mutually exclusive and additive. They’re most likely not, but rather are overlapping to a great extent.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Liberty & the constitution not exciting enough for you

      But Romney excites? ha ha ha

    • DaveH

      Are you kidding, Gary? Ron Paul didn’t excite voters? Considering that both major parties have been stifling his voice on the MSM, his accomplishments have been amazing.
      Look at this list of straw polls to see what I mean:,_2012

      Why do both major parties stifle Ron Paul? Because he would start upsetting the cushy apple carts of the Crony Capitalists and their Crony Politicians. Paul would move towards getting this country back to the kind of country that our wise Forefathers fought for. The Crony Capitalists and their cohorts will fight to propagandize voters against Ron Paul with every resource they have, because with Paul they would have to earn their livings the moral way — By pleasing the consumers.

      Whether Paul or Gary win or lose, the more votes they get, the more recognition they will get, and the more the voters will look into their very Principled platforms. The only thing that can save this country now is voter education. Not much time, but lots of brainwashed voters to educate. That’s why the Politicians are fighting so hard to meddle with our Internet any way they can.

  • Dwight Mann

    I am so tired of the same old same old. The time to change how Washington works is now. We the people, have the power to decide whom our leader is going to be
    I believe that Ron Paul is the man we need to elect. He is a real American, and he does things right. Look at his son Rand.
    We would be a fool to elect anyone else in times like these. I will have to wait and see what is said after the convention, and I hope that Paul takes the nomination.
    Ron Paul in 2012

  • John Hasse

    There is more than one way to destroy a country, and George Soros, and his ilk don’t care which way it is destroyed, so they give us two choices. You can have fascism under Obama, or war with Iran under Romney. I will waste my vote voting for Johnson rather than waste my vote voting for evil that will destroy the country.

  • Eugene Sevene

    I’m glad to see that someone knows that we are a REPUBLIC, and not a DEMOCRATIC state.GET THE MESSAGE

  • jerryo


    Come on now is everyone living in dream land? Don’t you all see how this is all a fix. With all the media controlled by the same special interest groups the vast majority of the public don’t have a clue to what’s going on here. Even the great hope Fox, dropped Beck, the Judge and I’m sure Stossel will be next.

  • keith

    I have a vision!—-Ron paul and Romney are friends as pointed out during the run for office. it was mentioned that over the last several years they have dinner together at each others houses. now heres a dream ticket—–Romney steps back at the last second and announces a Paul/Romney ticket at the convention. of course he would do this as a matter of fairness in response to the medias bias and his respect for his senior congressman friend with unwavering values. –now —immagine what that would do to the dems already paid for negitive ads, of course romneys ads still work just fine.
    for Romney it would work out great; First—the economy is going to be screwed for a while–no use getting burned by that fact. Second— he could appear the better man for sticking it to the media , i think even the dems are tired of the sensorship. Third— he would bring the third party into the republican party becoming thier savior,–at least for a while. Fourth— a gutsey selfless move like this would garner respect with young voters and ENSURE VICTORY. In time, i’m shure the economy will improve it always does and he’s got time. He takes credit [ or partial credit ] for the improving economy—say 4 to 8 years later becomes president. The people would be happy and build a free speech monument to Romney on our national mall. I hope hes listening? please spread this vision around.

    • DAK

      Wouldn’t it be something if Mitt was just running as a place-holder, allowing Obama and the DNC to spend all that money defending / attacking the wrong nominee? Ron Paul is actually the winner of the convention and is chosen to run in November… which would accomplish the following:

      1. Skating these past 3 or 4 months below the radar of attack ads
      2. Saving all that money because Romney was spending it for him
      3. Giving the DNC and Obama only 2-1/2 months to run ads against him… None of the ads against Romney would be worth spit because Mitt isn’t running
      4. All the ads attacking Obama would still be viable because it doesn’t matter who is running against Obama if the ads are negative
      5. Paul could release the past 30 years of income tax returns… drown the DNC in paperwork and again, they would have a very limited amount of time to go through them for any “bad” items
      6. The voting public has a favorable view of Ron Paul compared to Romney and with less than 90 days, their views aren’t likely to change
      7. The same people voting AGAINST Obama rather than FOR Romney would still vote for Ron Paul and this added to the people who would vote FOR Paul because they feel he is more truthful than either Mitt or Obama… Ought to insure a Ron Paul victory by a landslide.

      I mean Mitt could have been promised a VP slot or a high cabinet-level position… plus he is slated to lose even by some Republicans and he has refused to release any more of his tax return, but as a VP or cabinet member, he wouldn’t be required to anyway and his financials could still be kept a secret because we both know he is hiding something that could cost him the election and it would be damning if the information got out in October, when it really would be too late to stop the bleeding.

      Just a thought…

      A Democrat that would vote for Ron Paul

      • BigBadJohn

        WOW that would be something – we can only hope.

      • jerryo


        Wake-up Dax and all you other dreamers. Haven’t you been paying attention the last 100 years. The only hope we have if any is if we could change the congress and get law makers that will block the progressive agenda. And maybe than and only then can we hope to get the change back to the founding principles. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please this talk is really getting me down, I though if any body had a grip on things it would be on this site.

      • Mr Mike

        Why is everyone so concerened about where your vote goes and to whom. The electorial college is electing the President this time like always. Your vote means nothing!!! Now congress is another story if you want change, CHANGE CONGRESS!!!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Dak:
        Wishful thinking!! They’re not going to give Ron Paul a chance. They’ll do the same to him that they did to Herman Cain. It’s Mitt the “Twit” by nose for the nomination which will guarantee an Obama second term. However, 2016, as stated before, Rubio/Watts will lead a golden age. Therefore, just be patient. There will be an election in 2016. Thanks!!

        • jerryo


          Tony really Rubio What, Watts are you kidding me Rubil folded like a cheap shirt falling right in line with the GOP on the debt ceiling and then turns around a endorses Mitt.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Jerryo:
        The reason why Rubio has endorsed this clown,Mitt the “Twit” is for party unity purposes. Look we all know this poor bufffoon, The “Twit” is going to get crushed. However, as stated before, the Gop can regroup and i’m insisting, banking, plus will definitely campaign for a Rubio/Watts ticket in 2016!! Farewell!!

      • dcjdavis

        Spit in one hand and wish in the other…sigh.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      it would be the ONLY way Romney could win….but he won’t do that, he will pick another RINO

    • excon

      seems everyone is missing the point .if the candidates would quit trying to find dirt or try to find the miss wording of comment and deal with the real fact of economy and how to make it better . for 1 terminate the rehabilation programs in prisons that only benifits the gov. this is a billion dollar industry so were is the assets going from these programs. two in a time when the budgets are being cut why would the goverment take from the working class to make more programs for people that are incarcerated is this system trying to helps get out of a decefit or keep us in one .they cut programs to the public but they make programs for convicts does anyone see that or do they just refuse to want to know the truth. third the go

  • TML

    I would agree with this if the fat lady sings in Tampa… but simply endorsing Gary I don’t think would be enough…. Ron Paul would have to be a running mate IMO.

    Having a third party on the stage, particularly in this election where the differences between the candidates we are offered is little to none, is absolutely imperative to keep a voice of reason in the midst.

  • BigBadJohn

    Why doesn’t Ron Paul just switch parties and run as libertarian?
    This just might be enough impetus to actually get a REAL third party in the running!

    • DaveH

      I’ve wondered that also. Apparently he thinks his best bet is to reform the GOP. But I think the GOP was too far gone when they were conceived to be reformed.

  • Hey You

    Well, I suppose that we’ve all got to vote to continue to support the system. Not sure why, but voting has become a tradition to solve all kinds of political disasters. At least it might save the USA Union which could break-down during the coming years.

  • Dave

    How about a Ron Paul Gary Johnson ticket? Got my support. Can’t vote for the other two sides of the same coin. Gary Johnson should ask Ron Paul to come aboard. Even as a VP spot he would quickly jump in the polls and maybe overtake the other two when the debates start. Devide the GOP and DNC and we could take it all.

  • Dave

    Everyone should contact the site and ask Ron Paul to run and money willl again flow. Let’s have something to be excited about again. Not voting for the other two.

    • r.p.

      Last time I checked, Dr. Paul was still running. He only suspended his campaign to save money. Very smart…. Let Milton and Barack spend theirs and keep fighting. I still don’t believe he will turn away from his supporters who have fought so hard for him and still believe in him. He’s earned a spot to speak at the convention, thanks to his supporters, and I would like to see him tell his supporters that he has faith in them and is still in it to WIN. If Milton would by some slim chance, do the right thing and join a Paul/Romney ticket it would put the Obama headquarters in full meltdown mode, You could then expect another “false flag” event to occure.

      • r.p.

        Of course, I still prefer the “Paul/Napolitino” ticket..

  • Dave

    A debate between Ron Paul and Obama would be the super bowl of debates. I would pay big time to see that go down. Obama would be crushed.

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul would be honest and say it will take awhile to straighten things out. Obama would lie and say he can fix the economy tomorrow and promise sugar-plums to the dependent people. Half the voter population will swoon and vote for Obama.

  • Liberterian

    As long as we have the mentality that there can never be a third party we will never get out ot the mess we are in. The traditional parties have traditional candidates that are all interested in themselves and their agendas, not them of the American people. They will do whatever it takes for whomever asks, to get to where they want to be. As a liberterian I will vote for whomever I want (Ron Paul) and if it don’t meet somebody elses fancy so it be. The mass media and the present parties (one the same as the other) keep telling us lies knowing that we will buy it. Ron Paul has never has a chance to make his agenda.

  • Dave

    The voters may in fact did support Ron Paul in large numbers but the people who counted the votes made sure he did not win. Example 4000 people showed up to vote at one location but only 2000 votes for Ron Paul were counted. The people counting the votes supported Romney and flat out lied. I am sure the same thing happened with Ross Perot. Now the votes will be counted in Spain I have been told. No fraud there, right?

    • JC

      This just proves we live in The United States of Europe. However the double sided coin here is, if we call it an illegal election by default (De fault of some idiot suggesting some other country handle our ballots), it gives Obumer that much longer to do what he is going to do. And if we don’t voice opposition then we set a presidence for the UN to handle all our elections.

  • IreneK

    Oh dear, dear, dear. There are a couple of things I’d like to address. First, the problem of vote fraud in caucuses. That was brought out by the Hillary campaign in 2008, and nothing has been done about it. It will only take the rage of the people to change it.

    And to those who will sit out the election – thanks for insuring that Obama will win and that there may not be a 2016 election to take place. Romney is not my choice, but I’m fully aware of what another Obama term will do – just take a look at the state of California and their problems. And then square it. You think that people on the dole will vote for liberty in 2016? Really?

    Hold your nose and vote for Romney because every vote for him is not a vote for Obama, and you can be sure that his bots (many illegal, you can bet on it. I saw it happen during the Reid election) will be out in full force, voting early, voting often. And then start working immediately on 2016. But if Obama wins, you won’t have the chance.

    • DaveH

      What’s the difference between the two?
      When you want to travel to a destination to the north of you, Irene, do you travel east, west, or south, expecting somehow to get there?

  • GW

    Any implication that Ron Paul didn’t win the Republican nomination ignores the vote fraud which began in Iowa and continued through all states. Vote fraud is the antithesis of democracy. There should be a National Referendum to have vote fraud declared an act of terrorism. Manipulation of the electronic voting machines to consistently produce a result of 51%/49% in favor of the chosen candidate REGARDLESS OF THE ACTUAL RESULTS- (could be 100% against!)is a matter of historical fact and has been entered in the Congressional Record (Feeney). Other problems exist. But unless vote fraud is addressed mankind will never be able to govern itself and will be controlled by a small group of people who “know better,” just as Thomas Jefferson warned. The Democrats were defrauded in 2000 by W.- undeniable. And now the tens of millions of Republicans and Independents who support Ron Paul have been defrauded, including all his supporters in the military and the 70 million+ law abiding gun owners ( who know Romney for his record on the 2nd Amendment) who are currently being targeted by the very small sliver of the population who are dictating the rules to suit their agenda. Such a National Referendum would pass. And I would like to hear any argument against it.
    This trap of voting for the lesser of two evils for the sake of the common good has been around forever. But I feel the most insidious aspect of this trap is that it causes one to consider abrogating their own moral compass for the sake of others who truly are suffering, when the only real answer to alleviate that suffering is to obey that moral compass at all times.
    Let’s abolish vote fraud and then have our leaders submit to a bi-annual treatment of Sodium Pentathol in a public venue where they are asked only two questions- WHAT CRIMES HAVE YOU COMMITTED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHILE IN OFFICE, EITHER BY ACTION OR OMMISSION, and HOW HAVE YOU FAILED TO UPHOLD YOUR OATH OF OFFICE. Anyone assuming the mantle of public office must submit- or don’t take the job.
    The time for half measures is over. Let’s get at this thing the right way.

    • jerryo

      You go GW and Dave and Mr Mike. You guys made me feel a little better, and for you Dak what are you doing on this site? You might as well vote for Obama cause a vote for Paul is the same thing. You poor sole you just don’t get it. And I was a Ron Paul supporter back in 2008.

      • DAK

        I might take your opinion more serious if you learned the difference between “sole” and “soul” BTW. Romney and Obama are just two sides of the same coin and if that coin is worthless…? What’s the difference between a fascist state and a communist state? Like I said, I refuse to reward bad behavior (read liar) and so I will not vote for Mitt Romney and I can only hope Ron Paul shakes up the convention and gets the nomination although I doubt it. In my opinion, the Republicans sold out the American people by picking Mitt to be their front man and now you want me to vote for these guys?

      • DaveH

        You need to do some reading. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are infested with Crony Politicians who are aided and abetted by Crony Capitalists. We are going to continue with the War is Peace nonsense, and the equally nonsensical idea that we help the poor with Government meddling in the Marketplace, until people realize that and quit voting for Establishment Republicans.
        Read this book and join the Force:

  • DavidL

    OMG! Vote for Romney? Who is he? What does he stand for? Did he really get out of paying any Federal or State taxes for ten years? Why doesn’t he release his tax returns? What is he hiding? Why isn’t he explaining his tax dodge havens? Why were his emails showing what he did and how much money he made during the Olympics destroyed? Why were the emails showing how he helped President Obama with the health reform law destroyed? Why wasn’t he better prepared for his “foreign policy” trip abroad? What is he doing taking a $77,000 tax deduction, paid for by the rest of us, for his dancing horse?

    I repeat, Romney is a chameleon, liar, predator capitalist, draft-dodger, dummy, tool of the Koch brothers and other super-rich, and, worst of all, a wuss. Yea, anybody but Obama. That’s an intelligent political position.

    Nominate and vote for Ron Paul. He is a genuine conservative with a high level of integrity. He carries none of the Romney baggage. He’s more intelligent, an adult, and he doesn’t let his wife drive him around on a jet-ski while hanging on for dear life looking like a frightened little girl.

  • DAK

    Everyone on here who is voting for Romney “Because he isn’t Obama” needs to grow up and look at the facts. Everything you’ve accused Obama of doing, Mitt has also done, from the healthcare act to the misstatements in the press. Everyone is human and every human makes mistakes (the last perfect man who walked the earth was crucified) so we’ll leave all those out on both sides.

    Even though Mitt is a known liar, will not release his tax returns, will not talk about his time a Governor, will not talk about Bain, will not talk about the Olympics, will not explain his plan for the country other than “Obama bad, me good!” line… yet you all cannot wait to vote for him. All the things you Republicans say you hate, Mitt is guilty of and yet you want to reward this type of behavior by electing him as President. Politicians are like children and will always take the path of least resistance so if lying and not answering questions in 2012 wins Mitt the Whitehouse, expect even more of the same for the next 4 years and twice as much by 2016.

    I am not saying Obama has done that great of a job and there are several things he has done I do not agree with, but I will not vote for any GOP thug who puts party ahead of country, who owes more to Grover Norquest than the voters, and who openly cheers for this country to fail as long as they can pin it on Obama. The Republicans are acting like third graders and I do not vote for children. Therefore, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I will either write in Ron Paul or Obama gets my vote.

  • Patrick Garrison

    Until this article I’d never even HEARD of Gary Johnson before, much less what he’s about, and so on. So much for totally voting in the dark! And yes, I know all the bit about the Fed, that the idea of income tax originated with Karl Marx and so on.But I’m also in staunch agreement with George Wallace, at least in his observation made when he ran in 1968, “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” And that’s the real issue – career politicians sold to the highest contributors. Never mind the lifetime tenure of the Supreme Court, unanswerable to anybody. It doesn’t matter Romney or Obama – they are both beholden to the same masters who pull the financial strings.

    And I’m not yet convinced that Ron Paul’s more “hands off” ideas wouldn’t even further accelerate the corporate fascist takeover anyway. Not to mention that if he were to be elected would be even older than Ronald Reagan was when HE took office! So if people were concerned about John McCain and Sarah Palin having a shot at becoming President, whomever Mr. Paul would select would face a similar scrutiny. In which case I’d hope he’d do better than H. Ross Perot back in 1992!!!

    Twiddle-dee, twiddle-dum, damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Only Lord Refa, in Bablylon 5, when told he was damned for participating in a coup, replied, “it is a small price to pay for immortality.”

    • DaveH

      Please enlighten us, Patrick. How would Ron Paul’s ideas further the fascist takeover?

  • jerryo


    One last comment for Dax Sole seem to fit I appears your brains are in your feet.
    If you got my drift I know Mitt no hope that’s why I think we should concentrate on congress and vote everyone who is in and up for re-election out regardless of with party just to let them know we now paying attention and the party is over. And you might want to read Media Control.

    • DAK

      Yes, I got your drift but I disagree in voting for the unknown just because he isn’t Obama. No one on any of these sites have listed reason to vote FOR Romney other than he isn’t Obama. Well, Ron Paul isn’t Obama and he isn’t Romney and I would gladly vote for Dr Paul any day of the week.

      I also agree on the voting out of Congress. Now we will see if enough people agree and actually do that in 2012.

  • jerryo


    Thanks Dax I think we reacheds some common ground, I been voting the incumbents out just on principle for years and that’s why I’ll vote Obama out as well. Like I said I have been a Paul supporter but lets face it that vote just gives Obama 4 more years to set us up.

    • DAK

      If more people would take the time to listen and communicate then perhaps they would realize most of us have more in common than not. Yes, we do have common ground and although we may view the world differently because after all, we both have different life experiences which makes us who we are, we both want the same thing. Freedom to do as we please with the talent, drive and ambition God has given us; the freedom to reap the rewards or bear the failures of our actions without some a-hole in DC telling us different; and without Government stacking the deck against us by picking who they want to win (because that also means they pick the failures too.)

      My philosophy is simple: You have the freedom to do as you please as long as you don’t hurt someone else, force someone else to do something they don’t agree with, and are willing to take the responsibility for your own actions, both good and bad.

    • Average Joe


      Watch this….Share this….Vote….For America!
      as well as this:

      Nobody can win….unless we vote for them…nobody!

      Ron Paul /Andrew Napolitano 2012!
      In it To win it!

      Best Wishes,

  • tncdel

    Gary Johnson is rated almost as bad on illegal immigration as is Obama. See:

    Anyone who is “pick ‘n choose” about what to uphold of the Constitution cannot honestly claim to be a “strict constitutionalist.” So too, one who doesn’t strongly uphold the Constitution’s core tenet of DOMESTIC national defense is a fraud.

    Rand Paul is closer to being a “strict constitutionalist” than is either his father or Gary Johnson… both of whom are inexcusably soft when it comes to defending America against the illegal alien invasion.

  • Ali

    OK, well today I tried to dip my toe into what it is like to be a libertarian. Within hours, I was called a fool, “the problem is with voters like me,” that I had hate in my heart, and that baby killing is fine as it might solve social problems. Someone even said Ron Paul was pro choice. (See Ron Paul’s feelings on babies in buckets.) All this because I said I would vote for Romney. Well, this is not for me. I am a Pat Buchanan conservative and back there is where I will go. I thought name calling was a tactic of the left.

  • John Ennis

    Ron Paul still has a slim shot at the Republican nomination. Especially after Romeny’s buffoonery over the past couple of months. After that Ron Paulians will decide for themselves to vote for or against Johnson. Here’s hoping Ron Paul will stand with Gary, together something political good might happen. After all, Ron is retiring with nothing left to lose. Hail. Hail Libertarian Party

  • Rocketman

    I read an article that said that the GOP establishment is NOT going to let Paul be a speaker at the convention, that the planks that the Paul people want are NOT going to be adopted and the Paul supporters if they “get out of line” (mean complain about the unfair and illegal treatment) ARE going to be ejected from the convention floor. Palin is right when she said that the republican party cannot afford to ignore the Paul supporters but that is exactly what they seem to be doing. My guess is that after the convention if that goes down that the Libertarian Party is going to get some SERIOUS backing from the Tea Party and the Republican Party will have just doomed themselves and given Obama another 4 years.

    • DaveH

      I would be pleased if the Republican Party and the Democrat Party would just fade away being replaced by the Libertarian Party and maybe the Constitution Party?

  • Average Joe

    Let’s see,

    “This, many of his supporters argue, is completely achievable if Paul is willing to steer his supporters to Johnson’s side.”

    As a Ron Paul supporter, I can state without hesitation…this is not going to happen…period…put away your fantases and deal with reality. We will not sacrifice our moral compass to vote for a quitter.

    ““Anything can happen [in the debates]. That could be crash and burn. [Or] it could bring attention to what it is I am saying, my resume,” he said in a recent interview. “I think a lot more people in this country describe themselves as libertarian as opposed to voting libertarian. I think my voice is representative of the fastest growing segment of American politics today, which is libertarian.”

    Mr. Johnson, we have heard your views…in the previous debates. You are all for Attacking Iran (without provocation). You don’;t believe that the Federal Reserve needs to be audited or even held accountable. On the two points alone, you cannot have my vote. You claim to be a liertarian…but act like a status quo challenger/warmonger… who is counting on labling yourself as libertarian….a facade…to get in office…I give you a vote of “No Confidence”.

    “To many voters, Johnson could offer the best of both worlds; but barring inclusion in the debate, he is unlikely to be taken seriously at all.”

    Johnson is simply causing the vote to be diluted further and will assure that Obama gets another term…
    Mr. Johnson, you had your chance to make your mark during the run up to the convention…you bailed when the going got tough…. Now,sit down and shut up!

    “Increasingly, Libertarians are calling on Paul to throw his might behind their man, Gary Johnson. With Paul tethered to the GOP, they argue, he could still win a further victory for his liberty movement by working to ensure that the third-party candidate is allotted a place on the debate stage alongside Romney and Obama.”

    Mr. Johnson, maybe it is you that should have your supporters…get behind Ron Paul…rather than trying to throw the election to the current occupant of the White House.
    Failing to support Ron Paul…who BTW, is still in the race ( and a true Libertarian), shows that you are not a libertarian by any stretch of the immagination…you are simply a wrench in the works..a fly in the ointment…an ant at a picnic…
    Again…support Ron Paul …or sit down and shut up!

    Ron Paul / Andrew Naolitano 2012!
    In it to Win it!

    • DaveH

      Even we True Conservatives can Hope and Dream, Joe, but I don’t think Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano is going to happen.
      Meanwhile here is Gary’s position on Foreign Policy:

    • DaveH

      Joe, where did you get this — “You [Gary Johnson] are all for Attacking Iran (without provocation)”?
      I found this:
      I am, however, a little distressed on these answers though:
      “Q: Should the U.S. intervene in the affairs of other countries?
      A: Yes, but only in matters of national security”.
      “Q: Should the U.S. maintain a presence at the United Nations?
      A: Yes, but scale back our current involvement”.

      Is he trying to soft-peddle his Libertarianism? Or does he not yet know what that means?

      • Average Joe

        DaveH ,

        I may have misspoke on that single statement, I am looking through all of the debates and am trying to find the clip. Unfortunately, that is going to be a long process (because there were so many debates), so it may take a while to get back to you..but, if and when I find the clip, I will share the link with you. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I belive that it was a statement that I heard during those debates.

        Best Wishes,

      • Average Joe


        “I am, however, a little distressed on these answers though:”

        My thoughts are , you are either 100% libertarian….or you are not in fact a libertarian….some things are non-negotiable for me.

        Best Wishes,

    • DaveH

      Yes, I’m all for a Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano ticket, but isn’t that the True Conservative form of Hoping and Dreaming?

      • Average Joe

        I based my hoping and dreaming on a statement that Ron Paul has made on a number of occassions. When asked aabout his choices for VP by the media, he has consistantly replied: “I haven’t given it much thought, But I sure do like Judge Andrew Napolitano”.
        The first time I heard him say it was back around June or July of last year. He was being interviewed about raising the debt ceiling and at the end, the female interviewer asked him about his VP choice. I couldn’t find that clip, but did find another vid.

        Best Wishes,



    • Average Joe

      I don’t like Willard Romney and my vote for Ron Paul isn’t wasted…and if he isn’t elected…it was my vote…and none of your concern. If you want MORE OF THE SAME, by all means…vote for Romney or Obama…or stay at home.

      BTW, before discounting Ron Paul, you may want to pay attention later this month at the convention (I’ll be there)…you may get a big suprise.
      Also, if Mittens has it all wrapped up, why is he trying to steal Ron Paul’s delgates?….hmmmmmm

      You vote your conscience…and I’ll vote mine…works for me.
      Best Wishes,


        “Average Joe,”


      • keith

        joe i like your views. you mention that you’ll be at the convention. i live only about an hour south of tampa and would love to cheer for paul . maybe you could share all the info on attending the convention ? if so could you give details here ,,phone numbers to contact.–expected costs ? is their going to be open seating ? is this event only open for the chosen ? wheres the after party–party going to be ?

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    • Gammi

      I could never vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson because both men have shown that they are men who keep their word. I watched both Paul and Johnson being interviewed during the primaries. The most recent poll results had both men at the bottom, indicating no possible chance inwinning the primary. Both men were ask if they would continue their run for president, dividing the vote which would give the election to Obama. Both men said that if they did NOT win the primary they would drop out and throw their support to the GOP candidate. Gary Johnson did not even finish out the primary selection process and announced he would drop his name from the ticket. Ron Paul stated he would never consider running on a third party ticket because that would only serve to damage any chances that Obama could be defeated. Now, suddenly, these two snakes are rearing their heads, having spoken with a forked tongue apparently. This is what most of us despise about politicians. They can’t be trusted to keep their word, making them men of dishonor. So where do we go from here? We certainly cannot afford 4 more yrs of Obama. Johnson and Paul have already lied to America. I hear Roseanne Barr and some Porn star have joined the race. We all Roseanne is a few bricks short of a full load and wishes that everyone who disagrees with her will get cancer (NUT JOB!!!). So that leaves us with the Porn queen and Romney. I think I’ll take my chances with Romney. Please don’t jump on your “he’s rich” soapbox. I would rather have a rich man as president than the crook that is in there now, stealing our future out from under us.

      • Bob Livingston

        Bob Livingston says:
        August 2, 2012 at 8:01 am (Edit)

        Dear Gammi,

        You write: “Both men said that if they did NOT win the primary they would drop out and throw their support to the GOP candidate.” Ron Paul has never said he would support the GOP candidate. He has been very clear that unless Romney changes his policies he would not endorse him.

        Best wishes,

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Ron Paul PREDICTS he will have ‘As Many As 500′ Delegates (???) at the Republican Convention. This is his PREDICTION, not REALITY.

        Romney has already clinched the 1,144 delegates necessary to be the Republican nominee.

        Ron Paul suspended his campaign in May and his son Rand Paul ENDORSED Mitt Romney for president early in June.

        Mr. Livingston, what do you think, Would Rand ENDORS Mitt Romney without his father consent? Nop, NEVER.

        Ron Paul is very manipulative old man and he has his own agenda, which is the VP Nomination for himself or for his son Rand. But this will not happen. And therefore he originates CHAOS.

        It’s absurdity and madness.

  • Little Bright Feather

    College kids have been behind Ron Paul from the beginning and still are and will still vote for him as he is he ONLY man that can get our freedom back and the Constitution reinstated. To vote for either of the CFR OWG Communist guys (Romney or Obama) will give us the same result. Neither are eligible to run either ! ONLY Ron Paul is Constitutionally eligible and the ONLY one who has a real honest Constitutional record that goes back 35 years. Ron Paul is still running – don’t make it sound like it’s over for him because he’s just getting started ! These writers who keep pushing that “it’s over” theme need to get in touch with reality – we Ron Paul voters are still here and are still in greater numbers then for either of the other two OWG dumbos. WE want our freedom back and only Ron Paul has that goal. Romney and Obama are one in the same and the end result will be the same ! Don’t’ fall for the usual every 4 year campaign talk that we get every 4 years – none of it means anything – it’s the same old rehashed lies – everyone with a brain should have notice that after a 100 years of it. Name one candidate that ever kept his word after he got into office – just name ONE ! Romney has supported every Obama bill and policy that has been forced on us – do your homework ! I’ve already called in for my absentee ballot (it’s a paper ballot – the only kind anyone should use since all machines are fixed). Write in the ONLY man who is a non-Communist and wants freedom restored ! RON PAUL !

  • Dan Mancuso

    Are any of you aware that the ‘organization’ that holds/hosts the election debates is a private company? What is their political ideology? What is their connection to the NWO? Look at how difficult it was for Ron Paul and before him Ross Perot to even get on the debate and how they were treated during the debate. Have you not read about how easy it is to ‘fix’ elections with a computerized voting system? Your two party system is a farce – two faces of the same coin – the ‘powers that be’ decide who will be president (and who will replace Hillary Clinton) not the voting public. Sadly and unfortunately America is no longer the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – and you have only yourselves to blame for giving it away!

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government,never went along with politicial correctness,theres no such thing as political correctness,its politicial wrongness, the people by me,have always gone along with we the people realness,god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • Arby Justice Wilder

    If we don’t get R.P. in now you might as well Kiss it goodbye. We will be Done done and DONE! Freedom of speech gone, self defense gone, economic collapse a sure thing. Even with Romney.

  • Freethinker139

    I’m 21, a college graduate, and a Libertarian. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, I plan to vote for Gary Johnson along with doing whatever I can do get him elected, like tell friends about him, promote him on facebook,etc. I was several months too young to vote last time and my parents are establishment Republicans and think that Romney’s the only answer even though no one’s been legally nominated yet. Was hoping you could answer something for me. How do you get polled? I’ve never been polled by any media source before.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    A vote for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or any other loony libertarian will doom this country to totalitarian rule by Obama. You are all crack smoking dopes, if you do.


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