GAO Report Reveals $95 Billion Worth Of Obama Administration Hypocrisy

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A new report out from the Government Accountability Office, which highlights where executive branch agency programs are costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in overlapping costs, demonstrates the Presidential Administration’s hypocrisy with regard to the Federal budget.

The findings of the GAO report that was issued on Tuesday show that while President Barack Obama and top Administration officials have made a point of making Federal cuts stemming from sequester impact the public in visible ways, they have repeatedly failed to reduce costs in places that would eliminate redundant expenses.

There is at least $95 billion in Federal overlap spending that could be reduced.

GAO identified 31 areas where agencies could make cuts in the name of efficiency; among them are 17 areas of fragmentation, overlap or duplication where multiple programs and activities exist. The report also points out 14 areas where opportunities exist to achieve cost savings or enhance revenue collections.

And though GAO has offered Federal officials 81 suggestions that would cut taxpayer costs if the Administration and Congress took the initiative, Americans probably shouldn’t hold their breath. Spending redundancies and suggestions noted in GAO reports for the past two years have gone largely unaddressed.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) highlighted the following findings from the report on his website:

  • 679 renewable energy initiatives at 23 federal agencies and their 130 sub-agencies cost taxpayers $15 billion in FY 2010.
  • 76 programs to prevent or treat drug abuse are spread across 15 agencies, costing $4.5 billion in FY 2012.
  • Three federal offices are involved in overseeing catfish inspections.
  • 159 contracting organizations in 10 different Defense Department components provide defense foreign language support. GAO estimates $50 to $200 million in potential savings by eliminating this duplication.
  • The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) offers 69 different language services. GAO found 23 instances of overlap involving 43 of these services, accounting for $149 million, or nearly 20 percent, of the BBG’s FY 2011 annual appropriations.
  • 21 programs, including eight tax expenditures, are in place to help students save for, pay, and repay the cost of higher education, annually costing $45 billion, $104 billion in financial loans, and $25 billion in lost revenue from tax spending.
  • Six programs to employ and train veterans are operated by two government agencies, which spent $1.2 billion in FY 2011 to serve 880,000 participants.  The GAO found, “Despite these efforts, the unemployment rate for veterans who have recently separated from the military is higher than that for other veterans and nonveterans.”
  • The Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) was established in 1950 and tasked with collecting and distributing certain reports.  Despite the fact that nearly 75 percent of these reports are now available online for free, NTIS continues to charge the public, and even other federal agencies, for these reports.  Even more, 95 percent of those on other websites, were available for free.  Making the government looking even more foolish, GAO explains, “The source that most often had the reports GAO was searching for was another website located at”
  • The Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) was established in 1950 and tasked with collecting and distributing certain reports.  Despite the fact that nearly 75 percent of these reports are now available online for free, NTIS continues to charge the public, and even other federal agencies, for these reports.  GAO explains, “These results show that NTIS disseminates and charges for many reports that overlap with information that is available for free from federal agencies and other public websites.”  Over ten years ago, the GAO issued a report highlighting this clear overlap and government waste.  In a November 2012, GAO “estimated that approximately 621,917, or about 74 percent, of the 841,502 reports were readily available from one of the other four publicly available sources GAO searched.” Even more, 95 percent of those on other websites, were available for free.  Making the government looking even more foolish, GAO explains, “The source that most often had the reports GAO was searching for was another website located at”
  • Six separate offices at the Department of Homeland Security are involved in research and development. In one example, “two DHS components awarded five separate contracts that each addressed detection of the same chemical. Moreover, DHS did not have the policies and mechanisms necessary to coordinate or track research and development activities across the department.”

Meanwhile, the $85 billion sequestration “cuts” are leading to furloughs for Federal workers, affecting the National Parks system, closing the White House to the public, grounding the Blue Angels and having other consequences designed to be noticed by the public at large.

Read the GAO report here.

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Sam Rolley

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  • GALT

    Don’t you just love “pretend investigative journalism” that leads
    with a headline……pretending to establish cause and effect.

    Clearly this must be an entirely novel function of the GAO in that
    they have NEVER, EVER done this before.

    Clearly the Dept of Commerce established in 1950, as noted above,
    for some reason has recently lost it’s way. ( and this one was repeated
    twice )

    Clearly, Congress which must actually submit a budget and/or spending
    bill for presidential signature or veto, have never failed to eliminate
    fraud, waste and duplication, based on GOA “suggestions” or that of other “commissions” until now…….but wait, no budget has been passed, so
    we are in the nick of time, problem solved.

    Of course, this is simply a repeat of a previous “story” where Coburn alludes
    to waste, fraud and duplication……with out specificity, and were it not for
    Mr Rolley’s deadline……..and journalistic integrity, the “cause” would remain a mystery.

    What will be more of a mystery, is that this budget will be approved and passed by Congress….and none of these problems will be corrected……nor have
    they ever been corrected……..yet political blame is always assigned.

    Welcome to the “agency problem”…..which is a pervasive problem in
    all human activity……public or private, of course not many are familiar with
    what it is, or its different manifestations depending on the activity…
    we see the effects, but never correct “the problem”…….because we never
    identify its source, which simply put… our own ignorance.

    Today’s comments will be a perfect illustration of this ignorance.

    You have met the enemy and THEY is YOU!

    • Ringgo1

      Well, your comment today is certainly the leader in being a “perfect illustration of this ignorance”.

      • GALT

        and we will all eagerly await your analysis in pointing out
        those specific things that would prove your assertion?

        • $20888627

          Wait? For what? More communist/socialist/fascist drivel from you? We’ve seen it ad nauseum.

          • GALT

            and another w.i.f.i.

    • Steve E

      GALT, The dumbest guy in the world that I know will even acknowledge that the government wastes a lot of the taxpayers’ money.

      • GALT

        [comment has been removed]

      • GALT

        We having a problem with “willfully ignorant, functional illiterate”?

        Or was it “hallucination”? because the claim here ( by Steve )
        is either one or the other………

        since no such thing exists in the piece he is replying to……

      • Ted Crawford

        You need to get used to Galt, his mantra is to obfuscate every issue with Semantics and disjointed commentary. He appearently believes that we will mistake his confused ideaology for intellect!
        Instead it brings to mind an abservance of Karl Kraus ” Education is a crutch with which the foolish attack the wise to prove that they are not Idiots”!

        • GALT

          and we have another w.i.f.i.

    • $20888627

      Aren’t you the one who ALWAYS makes sure to stand up for Obumma, the most corrupt, evil, incompetent Fraud-in-Chief this nation has ever seen?? That makes YOU the enemy, as if we didn’t already know that you hate America but LOVE her dictators and ruling class.

  • Brian Barlow

    We spend that in one month over seas so if he’s helping Americans I support him. We have to do more for our country!! WE SUPPORT YOU OBAMA!!

    • $20888627

      NO, WE DON’T. The INTELLIGENT people KNOW that this Kenyan fraud is actively destroying this nation thru bankruptcy, . Brian,[comment has been edited] what part of BANKRUPT do you not understand?? You must be a paid Obumma troll like GALT and KG.

  • John Cherish

    It is not 95 billion worth of waste in Obama’s administration it is that much waste in government no matter who is in charge but the problem with Obama is he is purposely making the sequester hurt Americans while at the same time allowing the waste to continue so it is obvious that he is using the sequester to attack his opponents and blaming them for something he and the democrats caused in the first place and something he signed into law. He never accepts responsibility for any of his actions and what makes anyone think he would start now. It is always the blame game with him

    • GALT

      lets see…..there is a majority in the house for republicans and a senate
      that can be blocked by a republican filibuster………

      since the “sequester” had to get by both of these……to be signed, how does your conclusion follow?

      if the republicans are not in favor of the sequester, they could pass legislation that ends it in the house……and watch what the senate does….
      then you could blame the senate democrats…….

      now if the senate did pass it also, and Obama vetoed it…..then you would
      finally have evidence for the conclusion you have reached.

    • Warrior

      Actually it’s all about the gubmint staying really “busy” with “things”. And “important things” too. What kind of “busy important things”? Glad you asked that question. Ya see, these “busy important things” are in the “national interest”. FORWARD!

      • Mike in MI

        FORWARD! To the next tee!!

    • Mike in MI

      Look up the word “sequester” in a good or a legal dictionary and you’ll find that some of its meanings are “to confiscate” as in government leadership seizing property for its own purposes and control.

      Now, I wonder which of the meanings the professional word-parser-in-chief has in mind? Hey!, trolls, he wrote it and presented it. Not me!! The other meanings make nonsense in respect of what is going down.

      You don’t need a business background to get the idea that taking something from “A” and giving it to my friend “B” or keeping it for myself “C” makes my gang richer and more powerful. It’s a violation of the Constitution and, therefore, treasonous and a violation of the oaths administered … but. … so what. “My way of business is more better.”

      That’s Obamathics – his version of ethics (without having to worry about or be bothered by people (u-u-ugh!) or morals (HUH?).

    • Smilee

      He had a choice, veto it and shut down the government or sign the bill that congress gave him, he did not write the law and the cuts where across the board limiting his decisions making on them. Obama could hurt no one if congress had given him what he wanted he now is only caring out their will.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Here is a term that Obama hates. WORK He could achieve more than his stupid tax increases by cleaning up government. Must be easier to get tax increase than making government work! Why else would he take his route? He gives lip service but doesn’t accomplish a thing. He has at his disposal tools that could save billion but being a government fan will not move on them. He has accounting firms that could audit and coordinate reductions. Why hasn’t he begun? That is part of his job! Explain this: CEO’s work 7 days a week to achieve profitability and Obama spends more time on vacation than working. Bluntly I have no use for no improvement. He is playing president. You see the results. POOR PERFORMANCE!!!!!

    • GALT

      I guess we do live in a dictatorship……..

  • Tom brown

    Ya, keep raising taxes to bail out the mega banks and I can keep living on welfare, food stamps, (whitch is growing) and have free health care,? Life is good here on the sofa. It’s to bad there’s not enough $ to give our kids tours of the White House, but I’m sure Obama, faimly and Biden could use another vacation, they only had about only 8 our so of them so far this year! O ya did I mention were only 17 trillion in the whole, we can dig it deeper! Keep up the good work Obama, I’m glad someone like Brian Barlow and I don’t care about a budget, just keep the checks coming?

  • Brian Barlow

    I don’t have to agree with you Sir and if there’s something, Mr. Obama can say is he’s trying to get our country back on track for the middle class/ small business! Americans for Obama!!! I voted for him!!!