Gang Of Eight Conversion Has Rubio’s Star Falling Among Conservatives


A new poll from the Rasmussen Report shows Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has lost much of the good will he’d cultivated among conservatives since his election during the Tea Party’s 2010 midterm surge.

The poll finds Rubio slipping among his base, with his approval rating among conservatives standing at 58 percent — a drop of 10 percentage points since May, and 15 points since February.

Blame the Gang of Eight. Rubio’s involvement in the push for a bipartisan agreement to effect immigration reform, and especially the inclusion of President Barack Obama’s sine qua non condition to allow amnesty and a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, has incensed the majority of Rubio’s conservative base.

He also hasn’t helped himself by flip-flopping on his election-year stance, when he famously slammed the immigration plan put forward by his present-day colleague in the Gang of Eight, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). “‘Earned path to citizenship’ is basically code for amnesty,” Rubio had said back then. “It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so.”

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with this helpful graphic produced by the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

Marco Rubio_amnesty_timeline_2-15-2013

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Ben Bullard

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  • Alan

    Rubio is just another RINO infiltrator of the party like most of them.

  • manuel

    rubio has joined the ranks as a lap dog for schumer. He takes a proud place beside mccain, mcconnell and crybabyboehner. Of course they will all be with us for at least another 20 years as they ride on their incumbantcy to their greater rewards inside the Beltway. But don’t be concerned because Erik Erickson will defend him to the end. First o’reilly and now Erik, guess all must be lost, or coming close to it. Thank gawd (at least for now) for Bill Whittle and PJTV.

    • k92509

      Apathy is the reason incumbents are re-elected. No one does their own research they merely listen to the media. Those who receive benefits paid for by others and know who is responsible for their sustenance will continue to vote for the incumbent so why rock the boat? More one dimensional thinking as no one ponders the future it’s only now that counts.

  • Robbie

    Next president will be either Hilary or Joe. The G.O.P. has become so extreme of late and simply can not come up with candidates who could ever win a general election.

    • sysadminpgh

      So you have no problem if I fire ALL my employees and hire illegals so I don’t have to pay for healthcare or the fines, sorry taxes, for not? You have no problems that BILLIONS are to be spent on oBooboCARS? Yes now it’s FREE cars! You have NO problem that African and South American students GET preference over Americans in college admissions? You have no problems that HUGE Corporations can legally discriminate against American High Tech workers and hire just foreigner workers? And here I thought the democrats were the Party of the Working People…. NOT!

  • sysadminpgh

    It’s simple! Conservatives need to quit the Republican Party as they not only left us they kick us around and laugh in our faces. Let’s see if they laugh as we DUMP them! Let’s set the ground work for a new party… Without the Elite moron Republicans like McShame and Rubio. Let the Party die a slow death losing EVERY election as Conservatives lay the groundwork for real reform and regain control with True Values. Call and let the Republican Party in your State know if YOUR party ignores YOU for illegals… Criminals… Then they can remove your name and you will register as an Indep. Inform them that their decision to pander to illegals will result in you NOT supporting ANY Republican including Governor and local races. You’re done…. It took my parents over 5 hours to get through to our State’s Republican Office. They were registered Republicans for 68 years… WERE!

    • k92509

      I’m afraid there will be nothing left of the USA when that happens by then we will be the USSA

  • PJ Algreen

    Rubio has dual allegiance. With Cuba and America. This is why we must vote for a natural born citizen for POTUS. NOT A CITIZEN ONLY!! Maybe we should expand that to the Senate and Congress as well!

  • IsThisAmerica

    This is the new part of the amnesty bill. Talk about unfair and treating us as citizens this way.
    Crime Illegal RPI Us (citizens)
    1. drunk driving,
    assault, battery WAIVED 1 YR. jail
    2. basically I.D.
    Theft WAIVED felony 5 years
    3. Falsely claiming
    citizenship on Form
    I-9 WAIVED felony up to 3 yrs.
    4. Altering a S.S.
    card WAIVED felony up to 5 yrs.
    5. Document fraud
    to prove eligibility
    for employment WAIVED up to 15 yrs.
    6. willful failure to
    pay taxes WAIVED 1 yr + $25,000 or both
    7. tax evasion WAIVED 5 yrs $100,000. fine or both.
    Now you tell me that is fair to us. Who the hell are they to break any of our laws then get citizenship handed to them? Flake is having a phone conference at 7:00 A.M. AZ time and I plan to be calling in and asking him about all of this. He said before being elected that he would fight all this illegal immigration. HA! I see how you are fighting it and hope for a recall against you and McCain! LIARS! I had my identity stolen once and when I got the address I looked it up and found a bunch of mexican names living at that address. Gee, go figure. It put me through hell but according to this new amendment, it’s ok, I’m nothing but a U.S. CITIZEN! BAH!

    • IsThisAmerica

      Sorry that list did not come out right. Hope you can make it out. Basically any crime commited by an illegal is waived and still gets citizenship. That is in the new bill being voted on this week.

  • BarrackHussein

    …and you wonder how someone like Fidel can come onto power so easily.

  • Richard Menius

    Rubio, I guess you and Obama are joined at the hip. You are both liars.

  • BarrackHussein

    Little Fidel was against it before he was for it. What’s it going to be next week?