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Gaming Industry: California Censorship Law Is Unconstitutional

September 22, 2010 by  

Gaming industry: California censorship law is unconstitutionalA major player in the video game industry believes a California statute violates the First Amendment and the group recently filed a lawsuit with the United States Supreme Court.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade organization which represents some of the gaming world's largest manufacturers, asked the Supreme Court to rule that a California law, which bans the sale and rental of violent computer and video games to minors, is unconstitutional.

The statute was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2005. It has yet to go into effect because, in the last five years, both a District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals have ruled that the law violates the First Amendment's freedom of expression right.

On Monday, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and International Game Developers Association (IGDA) provided their support for ESA, filing a brief with the Supreme Court that says video games should be a constitutionally protected form of expression.

"Censorship based on content should not be acceptable to a free society," said Jim Charne, an attorney representing the IGDA.

Arguments in Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association and ESA are scheduled to commence on Nov. 2.

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  • dan az

    If you think about how we go to war with the high tech joy stick bombing runs from cities like nevada and others it would make perfect sense to teach our young its not real its just more of the same gamming that you where taught as a youngster.No real blood just game blood and just think how good you are at that!

    • Austan *****

      i agree. but at least 99% of the youth understand that.

      • 45caliber

        99% may understand it – but they are still conditioned to do it. When I was young, you weren’t and had to be taught it to become a good soldier.

    • Bob

      Whenever I go to the mall as I go past the game room I see 50 year old men playing these games killing little people and planes and tanks and other objects. And they look like they are really killing.

  • Austan *****

    First of all video games do not violate the constituion. also every generation the adults find something they dislike and try to ban it for instance the 50′s. books were burned. the 60′s they tried to ban rock and roll. 80′s/ 90′s censorship on the radios. come on! the world has changed the youth has changed majority of the youth say racist words but its a joke nowadays its racist to asume its racist if you beleive its meant that way than your racist. games are games. authority always trys to change things they dont understand. they fear change. in the 60′s and 70′s people with long hair were jumped and even killed for being different. only because they were changed or with the times.

    • EddieW

      That’s a nice ultra liberal attitude…thinking children should be able to enjoy violent games, killing others, maiming in any way possible…What you put in your stomach affects your body…what yu put in childrens minds affects their charachter and their spirits…oh yeah…libertals have no spirit!!! but the rest of us do!!!

      • Suraj

        “I abhor politics because much of it is “fake.” Just wanted to clarify that i am not a liberal or conservative or whatever but you argument made no sense. In fact, it was just a sarcastic remark towards the poster of the comment rather than actually arguing any point about this issue, other than how you think video games should be censored.

  • s c

    People claim that to give kids access to things that attract young minds via violence is irresponsible. I tend to agree. In some respects, watching TV news could be considered a way to see irresponsible violence.
    Kids who are raised on a ranch or a farm should know the difference between ‘real’ violence and violence that some call “entertainment.” In that respect, ‘city kids’ are at a disadvantage. Violence that desensitizes kids should be seen as strictly negative, and should be monitored and prohibited. Good, loving, concerned parents make the differnce.
    Unfortunately, parenthood isn’t what it should be in America, and many parents have surrendered their
    parental rights to Uncle Scam and his psychological conditioning process we call public education.
    Kids need to have a sense of childhood. Without it, we get generations of kids who are anything but well-adjusted, and society literally pays for it.
    Watch which politicians support giving kids access to violent things, and then do what it takes to single out those pretenders as social pariahs who need to be behind bars.

    • Austan *****

      you are completely blind! everything to a older generation is controversial and kids on ranches whou live in rural areas maybe even less modernized areas are the ones who create violence or see a gun for instance in a game or movie that they like and they are the ones who bring them to school. a urban youth is the modernized breed who understand the times and are the ones who change it! they are at no disatvantage if you a tell kids those games are wrong all you are doing is raising a child with your views not his own. plus movies are way worse than video games.

      • ValDM

        You are wrong on soooooo many levels. Check out the headlines in local newspapers from about 2 years ago (it isn’t being reported now) and see about these 6-7-8 year olds that have been exposed to violent video games. They ALL talk about getting their hands on a gun, killing someone, and when they don’t get up again, they say “but that’s what happens on my game”! Don’t be fooled, these kids that don’t have abstract thinking skills (doesn’t happen until they’re about 13), also don’t have the ability to distinguish between “real” and “make-believe”. Ask anyone who is a parent and they will tell you the same thing.

      • 45caliber


        You said that movies were way worse than games. Not really. You watch a movie; in games you kill things. Many times other people. And you get so used to doing it that really killing something or someone doesn’t bother you at all.

    • Austan *****

      your probably a christian or beleive in christanity. you beleive all you hear on the news or media. plus if you are a christian or catholic just “turn the other cheek” on the subject, or have you forgot you teachings.

      • Austan *****

        sorry about all the grammar mistakes…;)

        • Gary

          Austin, When you grow up you will realize you do not know it all.

        • ChuckL

          That’s OK Austan, those mistakes just demonstrate your education and logic abilities, or perhaps inabilities would be more appropriate.

      • s c

        Accidentally, you said something that borders on the profound. That is, you said “if you are a Christian or Catholic.” When America starts to come apart at its seams (it will get much worse than it is now), remember what you said. Do yourself a favor, and chisel those words in granite.

        • dan az

          that was way above his realm of thinking.Its obvious that he has never been to war.

  • Donald

    The law does not really censor anything. It just says you cannot show this to kids. They will have plenty of opportunity to watch this stuff when they grow up and become adults

    • eddie47d

      Wow! They can hardly wait.

  • freeplay

    This has to be the most pointless law if ever seen. First, how will they decide which games are “violent”? Most likely by the ESRB. Well most retail stores already don’t sell M rated games to minors. Second, this law doesn’t prevent kid from playing these games, just buying them. Second, I read another article saying that 75 percent of parents are for this law. How many of those parents do you think currently buy these games for their kids because the stores don’t sell them to minors? Finally, why is it the government’s job to keep children from playing these games? Wouldn’t the parent be more able to know when their kid could handle them? Think about it.

  • Dan Burke

    I have read what I think are several good comments.

    1. I believe that the exposure to violence is bad. But how many of us ran around as kids pretending to have guns or bows fighting off Indians, aliens, gangsters, robbers, or any number of scenarios. I remember pretending that our tree house was a rocket ship and standing out on one of the branches was some sort of turret where I pretended that certain branches were controls that would fire lasers and/or missiles. I think the real problem with violence is that we fail to live up to our responsibilities as parents. Sort of like seeing parents bring in their children to see a PG-13 movie on opening weekend at the theater. And then the parents are shocked that the movie was violent or had sexual themes? Do you now ban the movies from admitting children under 13? As for myself, I am shocked that the parents took their kids to the movie without first watching it themselves. Did you know that many video games are also given ratings? Now there are a lot of “mature” video games I like to play, mostly because of violence. I was even shocked to realize that a couple games I thought were fairly clean were also rated mature as well. It sort of opened my eyes and I realized that while those games were clean of the sexual content I find disgusting that they were quite graphic in their depiction of the fighting. I haven’t stopped playing those games, but I have reevaluated when, or if, I will let my kids play them. They might have to wait until they’re older before I let them play those games even though the games pass my standards. So, my first point here is that we need to take responsibility as parents for our children.

    2. This should not be the place for government intervention. We have been selling our freedoms for what? We complain that parents fail to live up to their obligations to teach their children and then turn around in the next breath say that government should regulate and legislate in the very areas that we think parents are failing to meet our lofty expectations. We ARE encouraging the problem to get worse. The more government does for us, the lazier we get. I know some of us here are exceptions to this rule, but when we complain about people living off of welfare we need to acknowledge that this is part of the problem. So why is wrong to encourage people to be lazy in the financial obligations but perfectly okay to have government take over the guidance of our children? Isn’t this what we will turn around and complain about in the next forum, the next thread, the next bit of news? So if I don’t want the government teaching my children to all be nice little communists, then why do I want to turn over the responsibility to teach my children the basic commandment of “thou shalt not kill?” I want the government to enforce the law of “thou shalt not kill” but not do everything else that my wife and I are responsible for. We aren’t going to get everything perfect with our children, but parents have been raising children for how many thousands of years? Last I understood, none of us were perfect.

    3. While we will complain of the violence, which isn’t just limited to these game, how often does an R rated movie have more than just violence? Sure, you can find the R rated movies that only have violence. We even have one on our shelf, “Saints and Soldiers.” Yet I have experienced many R rated movies that had both violence and sexual content of some sort. I remember watching a few edited for television and thinking this movie might be nice, renting or buying it to only find out that there was a sexual scene edited out for TV. The one example is no longer in my movie collection. Enjoyed the movie all except for that one scene. Well, many video games are the same. Not only filled with violence but also filled with messages that degrade relationships between men and women to sexual innuendos. I realize that sex sells, but that doesn’t mean I want my boys growing up thinking of girls as sexual objects. And I don’t want my girls growing up thinking that sex is all they worth to society. I want better for my children. So if I am to reduce mature video games from my home, and regulate what my wife and I will accept (and I expect her to be harsher on the violent content than I am) into our home, I think that should be my choice. Not a mandate from government. When my children are adults, they can make their own choices, responsible or not. While I am raising them, I have to make choices on what I allow them to be exposed to and how I will handle it when they get exposed to things that I object to (and I am certain they will be). But for to go out and demand government protect my children from content I object to is wrong. This not only takes away the liberty of my neighbor, but sets up the loss of the freedoms of myself and future generations of America.

    • independant thinker

      If there is no way to know just what is in a game how can you censor it or allow it? Under your logic we should let any age person buy alcoholic beverages, tobacco produts, drive, etc.

      As to cowboys and indians or cops and gangsters or other actual old fashioned play games I would hazzard a guess that all the kids understood it was fantasy because they were in the middle of it activly participating in the “shooting and dieing” and getting up to do it again. This is fundamentaly different than watching and participating in it on a TV or computer screen.

      • Bob

        It should be up to parents to make sure their kids don’t play these games. Unfortunately some people can’t control their kids. And some don’t really care.

  • James

    I haven’t read the lawsuit, so I don’t know what IT charged, but if it alleged that the video game violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it will be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    I defy anyone on our planet to explain how a restriction on “Congress” can possibly apply to any state action.

    • John Woodbury

      Should I start with Brown vs Topeka or do you need me to go further back?

      • Chuck

        So… Since the supreme court has been allowed to trash our constitution we should just be happy and ignore it? The Constitution is extremely clear that all law making power resides in congress.

        the constitution does not define the role of the supreme court even. It is only by custom and case law that they created their role as being able to declare a law unconstitutional. However, it is funny that they VERY seldom actually USE the constitution to make a ruling. They are much more in favor of using foreign law, etc. They are rather pathetic, and I am personally in favor of a few amendments that clearly spell out the limits of their authority.

        • James

          Chuck, the only law making power that resides in Congress, are the delegated powers that are enumerated in Article, Section 8 (eight, not s smiley face). The 10th Amendment reminds Congress that the powers that were not delegated to Congress reside in the states or the people.

          • Chuck

            Very true! I was mainly discussing the balance of power between the legislative and judicial branches, and not talking about state vs federal power, which is a whole other problem :-)

      • James

        John, in Schwarzenegger v. EMA/Entertainment Software Assoc., the Respondents alleged “that the Act violates the First Amendment and is unconstitutionally vague.” The District Court granted summary judgment to Respondents and the 9th circuit affirmed. (The Act, was signed into law on October 7, 2005 by Gov. Schwarzenegger. It restricted the sale or rental of “violent video games” to minors. The issue was over what ‘violent’ means.) This case and many others have always accused state laws of violating the First Amendment. What they mean is that some state laws violate the unalienable rights enumerated in the First Amendment. The amendment itself starts with “Congress shall make no law…” which can only apply to the federal government. To add to the confusion, most Americans refer to their rights as “constitutional,” “first amendment,” or “second amendment” rights. But unalienable rights were retained by the people in the 10th Amendment, they are the right, not the constitution.

      • James

        John, if you meant Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka…, that decision held that equal but separate facilities was unconstitutional because the 14th Amendment mandated equal protection of the laws. The 1st Amendment was never mentioned.

  • Gary

    Wow! I post a comment that someone may look at things differently once they grow up and it is removed. Yet the comment that is critical of someone being Christian is left alone. So much for Liberty.

    • libertytrain

      Are you sure? I see this comment by you posted above? Sounds like what you were describing in your complaint comment?
      Gary says:
      September 22, 2010 at 11:03 am

      Austin, When you grow up you will realize you do not know it all.

    • Dorothy

      Sorry Gary but your comment is still there

    • independant thinker

      The same thing has happened to me. If the comment is in fact showing up on others computers perhaps there is a glitch in the system that sometimes blocks the remark from the posters computer.

      • libertytrain

        Most often times one simply has to “refresh” the screen/page and that does the trick.

  • Sara

    Austen is a product of our lovely public school system. He is uneducated in things that matter. He can’t spell for crap and his grammar sucks wieners! Would hate to see what his math skills are like!

  • Sara

    Dan, I concur with you. The gov’t needs to stay the he’ll out of our business!

  • Sara

    Take back our country in November! Everyone get out there and vote the commies out of office!

  • loonze

    austen is a child rebelling against the adult world, his comment ”you will just be raising a child with your views and not their own” shows this clearly. He has no concept of a parents role in raising children,which is to instill moral,and ethical values,as well as physically providing food shelter ect. I’m sure that most children from about 12 on would just love to have everything provided for them with no guidance or restrictions attached, some DO have this environment and we all know how that turns out!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. Children are ALWAYS raised with their parents’ views, regardless of what those views are, good or bad. Many of the young criminals arrested today learn that way of life from their parents. But it is a requirement that parents should try to teach them a way to lead a better life. And a life of ease and gratification is not what they should be taught.

  • Sara

    That business about kids being handed everything has been going on for decades, since the hippy era.

    • 45caliber

      Before that even. Probably its been said since words were spoken.

    • 45caliber

      The big difference today is that the kids EXPECT to be handed everything instead of working for it.

  • Sara

    I just love how iPhones edit and spell the wrong words for you! It’s quiet in here, wonder if Austan went to school or did he play hooky again? Hmmmm!

  • jopa

    There are many parents that dont have a clue what graphics,type of actions and yes porn are incorporated into todays video games.We have 16 grandchildren and the latest games on the market for them to play when they are here, but each game was scrutinized by us before they were able to play them.It is up to the parents not the government to control cencorship.I still have to laugh when I think about Elvis being censored and now we are the older generation.

    • 45caliber


      For once you are right. The PARENTS should do this – but sadly many won’t. “They just don’t have time.” But we should NOT depend upon the government to do it for us. They pay attention only to money, not morals. I made a point of allowing my children to see some violence with the understanding that there are people out there willing to commit these crimes and they need to be careful. So far (they are grown now) I’ve been happy with they way they do things.

      And one of my sons recently told me, “I want to raise my son the same way you raised us. None of us got into trouble and I hope to keep my son out of it too.” A real compliment.

      • independant thinker

        “The PARENTS should do this – but sadly many won’t. “They just don’t have time.” But we should NOT depend upon the government to do it for us.”

        I agree but I also believe there should be limits by law on what minors can purchase just like with alcohol and tobacco products. If the parents want the kids to have the games they can buy the games for them otherwise the restrictions serve as a way for the parents to screen the games without having to purchase them to see exactly what is in them although they can still do that if they want.

  • eddie47d

    It’s not so easy as pooh poohing the mean ol’ government. You all seem to go there. Either that or” it’s strictly up to the parents”. Reality says it’s a little of both but more so on the parents side. Nobody seems to be asking the question; Why are violent videos and the mistreatment of women even accepted in any society? Is that our real inner desire and we want to make sure it doesn’t go away or get banned. As we become desensitized to violence will it become the norm? This isn’t the “Book of Eli” yet but how far are we willing to push it? I’ve seen violent videos in homes of parents with kids so they must approve. Kids or teenagers will “sneak a peek” or play that game when their parent isn’t home or even loan it to a friend. My son brought home a couple of these videos on more than one occasion.So it’s not that easy to monitor until after the fact.

    • 45caliber

      You asked if we were becoming desensitised to violence.

      Yes, we are. The young criminals going into the prison system are so out of control that the older criminals – many of whom committed violent crimes to be there – are afraid of them. Most prisons have to segregate the youth from the older prisoners for that reason.

  • cerebus23

    consoles also have parental controls in them, stores also use the esrb ratings as a guide of who should be buying what games. bottom line kids will nag parents for games, parents need to take the 1 minute to look at the esrb rating and read it, and weigh that rating vs their childs age and maturity level, if there is any uncertain area ask a store clerk or go do some research online. and setup your parental controls on your xbox or playstation, solves many issues of what they can or cannot do while your not paying attention.

    thing that really makes this bill so wrong is the fact is uses shoddy research to equate violent games with violent behavior and increased violent behavior. as video games have risen in popularity over the last decade or so violence is down drastically. most research shows no link between video games and people acting violently, if anything more studies suggest video games are an outlet for aggressive feelings, or escapism from negative emotions.

    if studies want to make a claim that violent games increase violent behavior, then why when everyone is gaming and more game systems exist in more homes than ever before and continue to get more popular, is violence itself down?

    this bill seeks to put games on a equal level of pornography, and say they have no first amendment protection or any artistic merit like pornography. this is something that has never been done to books or movies, like video games movies self regulate and there are no laws banning children from getting R rated movies, but stores voluntarily use the ratings on movies to guide sales, thew same way many retailers use the game ratings to guide sales.

    so often our rights get trampled with the calls of protecting something, and no better war cry than in the name of protecting our children from evil game makers selling adult games to kids.

    parents need to do their jobs as best they can, and educate each other, but this bill is nothing but bad lawmaking based on false data, and would set a dangerous standard for a emerging media that is on par with books and movies in artistic merit and are deserving of 1st amendment protection period.

    • ValDM

      I don’t know what studies you’ve been reading that violence doesn’t beget violence, but I can tell you you’re way offbase here. Ever hear about the known facts that an abused child will become an abusing parent? ALL current sutdies have been rigged to say that violence is down in our society, when, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Open your eyes and observe what’s going on around you, and SEE instead of congratulating yuorself about the various “studies” you’ve read. How very erudite of you to read “studies.”

      • 45caliber

        When I went into the service, basic training included a lot of training young men to accept the need for killing others. Thanks to our violence in games and on screen, they no longer need to train them. They enter the military already ready to kill.

  • 45caliber

    They may have the right to sell such things – but I have the right to not buy them. (At least I do until the government says I MUST buy them.) And any parent who does without bothering to find out anything about the game is the problem.

  • cerebus23

    so now your going to equate child abuse to video games?

    nevermind that many minor courts have already struck down this law and noted the studies that the lawmakers used to base this law on are flimsy or just plan bad to begin with.

    video games are simply the new boogy man, if it is not rock n roll, or dungeons and dragons, now it is video games going to turn us all in drooling killers.

    people that commit crimes are flawed to begin with. nothing makes a person more likely to commit violence but themselves, my father liked to commit violence and he never played a video game in his life less it was maybe pong. and for the record i have never hit a woman or a child ever in my life. you can either be weak and give in or be strong and say i will not repeat the mistakes my old man made.

    i have played many violent video games, and never had any urge to go out and relive that in real life nor has the vast majority of gamers.

    i think you are way off base in your assertions, i mean we can all cherry pick numbers or studies, but the fact is when even liberal courts that like to shoot down personal liberties and love censorship have struck down this bill and many studies directly contradict the studies this bill cites.

    if gaming were causing people to be violent there would be stories every day of school violence, workplace violence, the rise would be drastic since gaming is a big business in this country.

    • 45caliber

      There is a desensitizing of the youth today due to violence. It does NOT make them more likely to commit crimes but if they do, it does make them willing to harm and kill that wasn’t present in my generation. It is recognized by both the army and the prison system.

      It simply means that the youth are more readily willing to kill if they are faced with the need or desire to do it.

      • Suraj

        If this is recognized by the army, i feel it extremely contradictory that the US army released a violent (First person shooter) video game, and this is not their first one either.

  • alpha-lemming

    Protection of children does not have to come at the cost of adults rights. Kids are impressionable and thus hast it always been and forever will be. That’s why we as a species (biologically, physiologic and societal developement) have such incredibly long neo-natal thru adolescent time period vs. the rest of the animal kngdom. We grow slow because we’re born VERY immature… scientifically speaking. There’s also no denying that the “Coumbine Syndrome” is a recent phenomenon, unheard of in prior generations, sparked by what??? Sexual activity up. Did a former POTUS telling us “oral sex isn’t sex” have anything to do with that?? These are all clues stressing the need for vigilant parenting… NOT micro-managing government.

    When law is enacted based on what the stupidest and most irresponsible among us will do, that’s a pretty depressing existence.

  • ChuckL

    This lawsuit is ridiculous. We protect society and children from danger all of the time based on content. An easily found example is what happens if you sent a 10 year old into a liquor store to buy a bottle of Jim Beam or Johnny Walker.

    If the store is a grocery store, the child is permitted to buy a bottle of Coca Cola, but not the bottle of liquor. This is an example of censorship by package content. It is an example that has been upheld many times in multiple courts.

  • Scott I

    Children, if your son or daughter can not distinguish between cartoon video games and shooting or killing a real person, then video games are the least of your worries. The difference and distinctions are far too obvious and blatant.

    If children do not learn kindness and empathy through love and affection, they will grow up cold and indifferent and then be in danger of becoming indifferent or even violent. Stop blaming games for your own deficiencies. Stop blaming everything but yourselves. You are why the country is in a mess and why your kids are because you are always looking for escape goats, and absolution of your won sins and guilt. Find a mirror quick and have a good long hard look into it.

    Even if games are banned, it will not stop God from making a few decisions you might not like. Time to accept personal responsibility and accountability and get out of the blame game. That is for kids.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    Ok, OK what next are they going to allow, Porn, child porn, sex with children and animals? snuff movies or live stage proformances, how deep a hole can they dig for us. Oh God, what next? what next?

  • Steelcowboy59

    Here is another gamer’s perspective.
    I am 51 years old,and have been into computer games for about ten years. They have come a long way in the last ten years. At this point anyone with a good system,internet access,and the time to invest,can change the right game into almost anything he wishes it to be. I have over 300 hours in my latest game(not counting mods,and the time to install them) This “game” now includes sex, drugs, prostitution, a strip bar with nude dancers, violence, unlimited weapons, cannibalism, A vampire cult, nukes, and all kinds of mutants to kill or get killed by. Am I enjoying my time in this wasteland? Hell yes! Would I want some kid playing the same game? Hell no! Can My 16 year old son kick my ass playing the latest Call of duty? Sure. (sixteen year old reflexes) Should he have access to the modded game I am playing? Nope,I don’t think he should. Is that censorship? Maybe.

    • Bob

      No Cowboy That is called parenting.

    • WTF?

      I taker it your referring to Fallout 3? I have a vanilla version myself on my PC. Most of that stuff, besides nude strip bars, is just in the standard, depressing, lonely story that takes place in post apocalyptic DC. Your son seems like the average child, simply playing the next Cod and any other violent games he sees(no offense meant to your son, btw). Why did FO3 appeal to me? I like a good story, universe, and visions. Sure, the violence and gore is cool, but it is realistic. Sure CoD is fun, but some kids actually like games that are more then just fun. Why do you enjoy roaming the earth that has been ravaged by destruction and radiation from a nuclear war? Because it is something that you will never be able to do for real. Same with CoD. You will probably never see an alien occupied earth like in Half Life. Or a post apocalyptic earth as in Fallout. Or a city that has fallen in a drug war, underwater as in BioShock. I enjoy all those. But I guess enjoying them will be that much harder for me, who doesn’t just play these games, but wants to make them.

  • WTF?

    Hey, guys, calm down. There is no convincing evidence proving violent game make people violent. Obviously people between 5 and 10 years of age have more, to say in few words, “spongy” brains. They shouldn’t be allowed to play these violent games. But this is like people throwing stones at glass houses, then complaining that their feet are getting cut. Quit blaming the stores and developers because your a crappy parent. It’s pretty easy: DON’T LET YOUR KIDS PLAY THE GAME! I have a neighbor who was allowed to play GTA probably at the age of 9, and he is calm and nice.
    @bob’s first comment. The reason you see those people playing those games, killing people, and enjoying it is because they are having fun. It relives stress. Come home from a long day at work/school, load up something like Half Life or BioShock, and unwind and take out your frustration on fake people. People who don’t have a way to relieve stress, whether it be games, sports, etc., tend to be the more violent ones who crack and commit crimes to relieve that built up stress.

    And finally, I am 14. I am not violent, but if you look at my Steam profile, I have about 80 games, most of which I bought myself. A lot of those games are violent. But despite all those games, I manage to still be one of the calmest, least violent people I know. So if playing lots of violent games makes you violent, then why am I so calm and nice? Because gaming is my passion. Whether it be mapping, modeling, or just playing, I love video games. I want to do it for a career. So all that could get thrown off course because people believe it when the government and over protective parenting sites say that watching violent movies and playing violent games will make your kids violent.




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