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Game Over

March 15, 2012 by  

Game Over
Woody Harrelson portrays John McCain and Julianne Moore portrays Sarah Palin in HBO's "Game Change."

I knew what I was getting myself into before I turned on the television. Nonetheless, I wanted to see what liberal-dominated pay cable channel HBO would offer in the new docudramedy “Game Change.” I reasoned that any channel that allows Bill Maher airtime to work out his mommy issues in public and once devoted an entire day of programming to covering Barack Obama’s inauguration with the fanfare of the coronation of a Holy Roman Emperor was unlikely to air a movie that didn’t repeat virtually every stereotype the left has fabricated about Sarah Palin. Additionally, I have to confess to a bit of morbid curiosity about watching liberals entertain themselves. The idea brings to mind a bad car accident; you don’t want to see but you can’t refrain from looking. Thus, armed with my traditional three fingers of Matthew Gloag’s finest, I settled in for the show.

First, full disclosure: Julianne Moore, Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson are excellent actors. I know their personal politics — especially Harrelson’s — are as shallow-minded and silly as those of the rest of the Hollywood horde. But given the fact that the film was adapted from a much longer — although similarly questionable — book designed to make Sarah Palin look like a cross between Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Imelda Marcos and Joan Crawford, it’s fair to assume that Moore, Harris and Harrelson played the parts scripted for them. They — notably Moore — did so wonderfully.

The film’s content was depressingly predictable. “Game Change” is a two-hour character assassination of Palin. Interestingly, the thinking viewer can detect an unintended subtext: If Palin is as far out of her depth as she is portrayed in “Game Change,” then she is actually a hapless dupe victimized by callous politicos. While most liberals might cheer such a characterization, she can’t be a victim and the glowering monster they usually describe.

That dichotomy inherent in Democratic (hence, “Game Change”) depictions of Palin submarines the remainder of the film as its written:

  • She’s an egomaniac who cares for no one beyond herself, yet she becomes depressed when separated from her children (including the Down Syndrome-afflicted Trig, whom liberals consider appropriate fodder for comedy).
  • She hates her home state of Alaska. “Game Change” invented a conversation in which she professes: “I so don’t want to go back to Alaska.” Far be it from me to pop this balloon, but Palin still lives there. In fact, the inclusion of this clearly fabricated exchange is one of the more incongruous moments in the film.
  • She’s inflexible. At one point in the movie, Palin refuses to share the spotlight with a pro-choice Republican, saying: “There’s no way I’m going on stage with anyone who’s pro-choice.” Besides the fact that no such conversation took place, Palin attended rallies throughout the campaign with multiple pro-choice people, notably including Senator — and former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee — Joe Lieberman.
  • She’s stupid. One scene brings up the infamous Washington Post “Palin Links 9/11 to Iraq” story, but deletes the Post’s essential retraction of that inaccurate headline. In another scene, Palin receives a foreign policy briefing that mimics a 4th-grade geography lesson. Again, if this woman is anywhere near the babbling neophyte shown in “Game Change,” then hatred of her seems a bit extreme — even for liberals.

Running against your opponent as well as on your own record is standard procedure for an incumbent. I suppose Obama, who has no record on which to run, must run against not only his challenger, but anyone else who enrages his liberal base. And as the Democrats have established over the years, there’s no one who more enrages the liberal base than a woman who defies the liberal elite — except possibly a black man who defies the liberal elite. One small problem: Sarah Palin is not running for President.

HBO can be forgiven, I suppose. Whether it’s filling the nights with Maher or allowing consistently fact-deprived liberal schlock masquerading as “documentaries,” it clearly lives by an unwritten version of its tagline: “It’s not TV; it’s HB-Obama.” Moore, Harris and Harrelson likewise can be excused. After all, they’re merely actors.

At the beginning of “Game Change,” a reporter is overheard paraphrasing Alice Roosevelt Longworth: “Can a soufflé rise twice?” Judging by the crudely pointless exercise in liberal hatred “Game Change,” the answer — as pertains to Obama’s 2012 campaign — is a resounding “no!”

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    So much for utopian intellect [aka entertainment]. I knew not watching TV would be an improvement. I won’t waste any time trying to explain Maher’s warped mental issues. Beyond boring.
    Now, if we could get equal time [HA!], a program about Billary Klinton or Her Lowness, Queen Nancy, would yield quite a circus – assuming that any good can come from schizoid, utopian “distractions.”
    Palin is considered fair game because she’s a woman who won’t prostitute herself to make politicians and their robots happy. She won’t move to the ‘Democrat’ plantation (when you live in Alaska, any plantation is irrelevant). And, what really whizzes off people like Yahoo Maher is the fact that Palin won’t yield to pc insanity – especially Maher’s.
    Some people outgrow childish things. Some like being used and abused. Some like it better when they get paid to flaunt their collective stupidity. Chrissy Mathews probably gets endorsements for telling the world about the joys of Tingling Leg Syndrome. Maher’s two friends who have extremely low standards for friends. BFD, folks.

    • Pat

      What it boils down to is that the Dems have absolutely nothing they can brag about and everything to cover up, minimize or lie about. Their only option is to smear, ridicule and lie about the opposition and keep a stream of inane little stories going to detract from the realities of Fast and Furious, the Solyndras, the stimulus that wasn’t, the trillion $ deficit, Obamacare and the failure of their radical programs, etc.. It’s going to be dirty, mean and nasty before November. Hang on to your hat, support people who care about and love America and fight against those who don’t….

    • richard oliver

      The t.v. show about Sarah Palin was the easiest and cheapest to make in the history of film. Just take what ever she did and put it on film, it’s her, why cover up her lack of experiance, you knew it be for she was picked by your party. In fact, republicans knew they couldn’t win after what they did to America, so they took one for the team, just as they are doing now, you have no contenders. Think, if Bush would have done a deceint job, a black man would never had won for president of our country. Bush divides the country with his religous right format that he dosen’t follow and all of a sudden thiers a good side and an evil side. America was never like that openly until it was a way to win an election. A real American that Bush Boy. Republican means you are always right and never have to say we are sorry, cause we didn’t do it, they did. Note : Regan raised the debt ceiling 8 times and little Boy Bush 5 times and Obama is not allowed to do it once. !!!!! I love you people but you refuse to do the same, sooooo,do it to your self!!!

      • http://naver sook young

        Gee, what an unfounded rant. Obama is the president now and Bush did a better job. Why do you use the racial comments? You must be a liberal. We need Sarah to run for president. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai


  • cawun cents

    What do actors do?
    They get paid to lie about who they are,and whatever part they are playing is embellished to reflect whatever the producers want from the film.
    Some parts are(loosely)based on real events,but the film isnt necessarily.
    Okay we get it,we are supposed to hate Christians.Especially those who wish to gain any kind of foothold in power.We are told time after time that we should separarte our Christian walk from our politics.But in doing so it seems that we…like the world,forget what brought us to this crisis of identity which we are now living in.
    There are two diametrically opposed ways of thought here.
    One says that you can be wishy washy and yet maintain order.One says you should keep in touch with the higher authority who gave you what you have and exhibit integrity and character.
    One side is represented by both political parties,yet the other side must stay out of politics,because of some notion(from a single letter which Jefferson sent the Danbury Baptists)that you must separate religion and politcs.
    One party says you leave it out,and the other party hypocritically adopts the group which has no say and uses them as a political tool to hammer away at the other while ignoring the tenants of what their constituents espouse.
    So when someone who has some integrity and wears their Christianity on their sleeve,they are attcked by these other forces to keep down their voices.There is some idea that becoming a Christian makes you flawless,and if a person doesnt exude perfection then they obviously cant be a Christian.
    Now we get to the media/academia side of the equation.
    Here you have snobbishly rich people acting sanctimonious on a daily basis,while parading around and awarding each other,and taking up charities and backing special interest groups who feel left out of regular society.The more deviant from what is socially acceptable the better.These folks get paid exhorbitant amounts of money to lie to our faces and entertain us.Entertainment is after all a valuable comodity.Billions are spent annually on fallacial productions of dubious intent to make us shout and scream.
    I am not one who doesnt see the talent,but I do see it for what it is.
    That’s entertainment folks.
    Nothing more,nothing less,that is it;s value.To mildly amuse us.
    But it should never be taken seriously.Otherwise we make truth out of complete fabrication.
    Politicians do this on a daily basis to convince us that they were woth our time and effort to vote for.Some do it well,others faill miserably.For the last twenty years they have been in the latter category.
    This film about Palin isnt just a jab at the political system of note,it is a jab at most of us who think we need more integrity in our politcs.
    But consider the source.
    The entertainers and their overlords.See the modern political lanscape for what it is.
    A charicature of entertainment,for use a such only.

    • FreedomFighter

      Good people that love America are now demonized by the Liberal Hollywood parasites.

      Just makes a man want to puke.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • James

        how can you hypocrites write all this crap talking about her as if she is above the fray .all that is coming her way she asked for it and you can talk all you want to she can’t go around talking about people and think she is going to get by untouched.Ireally don’t give a flip about what you all say the movie is right on time .I guess you are saying STEVE SCHMIDT is wrong with his truth about your little darling,if she can’t measure up she should shut up!!!!!!!!!

      • http://naver sook young

        I agree with you Freedom Fighter. She has been systematically assulted by tghe liberals since 2008. I think they do this because she is right in what she is saying. I wish she would run for president. I know five votes for her would come from this house. James, you just need to be quiet and learn something before making such a childish post on this site. This is for adult level dialogue. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • cawun cents

        So if she is so inconsequential,then why the media blitz to put her in her place?
        Wouldnt that be a waste of time and resources?
        Whorelywood….the world’s largess of waste of capital.
        The silver screen degraded to tin,then further degraded to iron ore.
        Now it has all the pomp and circumstance of a urinal cake.
        Your stars are dimming,and you cant see what they are becoming anymore.
        But you love your movie stars.
        Even if the talent has faded,and the stories keep happening over and over,you still flock to the screen for the crapsteak you enjoy eating while you sit stupified.
        So now you scour the planet for new stars you can train to bring back the glory days.
        As the wise man once stated.

        Mirror vain,gone insane,
        But the memory remains.
        Heavy rings on fingers wave,another star denies the grave.
        See the nowhere crowd cry nowhere tears of honor.
        Like twisted vines that grow,the kind that swallow mansions whole.
        and dim the light of an already faded pima donna.

        America is following its faded stars into vanity at the peril of its children.
        And lecherous leeches with vile deceit in their mangled minds,draw immense crowds and lead them on the wide path to destruction.The fools parade plods gleefully down the street behind the pie=eyed piper and waits for the exterminator to come and sweep them from the path.
        This party is too big to stop,they say as they dive into the abyss.See you all at the bottom.
        Yes….demonize good people and glorify the deviant.
        Then you can tell your grandkids what fine people you were when they ask you why you are so idiotic.

  • james temple

    I like Palin but felt she was not prepared to be president although she did enthuse the
    base, All I know are the people who dealt directly with Palin say the scenes shown in the movie were accurate. Unless they are lying Palin thought the queen ran England, that is sacry if true.

    • Honestly

      Politics is all smoke and mirrors. You can not trust anyone, and the ones you can you will not be able to later. It is a shame but true. The worlds government will not last. It will be replaced with something so incredible it is hard to imagine, but it will be amazing and eternal. I obey the laws of the land and we are suppose to, but look to the future of wonderment unimaginable. Lord Jesus come soon……..

    • Gary Garrett

      She is not only PREPARED to be Pres. She is the ONLY only that could put an end to the corruption in Wash.
      She has the guts to go there and say”You are going to jail” and “You are fired” ” EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that the phony obama signed and appointed are hereby NULL & VOID.
      There will be NO obamacare and the pipeline is started TOMORROW!
      We sent a weak person last time and we are sending another weak person AGAIN.
      Will We never learn that it will take someone with REAL GUTS to fix what the libtards have done to our Country
      Wake up people,We are in trouble!
      Wait till You see what he can do as a LAMEDUCK!

      • http://naver sook young

        Very true and thank you. Run Sarah as we really need you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • Joe Z

        What are you? Stupid?

      • http://naver sook young

        Gee, I see Joe Z says bad things about someone, but it seems that he does not being told the truth. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • sherri

      You do realize that obination gave the queen an ipod filled with his speeches and talked all the way through the playing of their national anthem, right????

      How is that for scary?

      • Libertytrain

        and one that doesn’t work in England – so no prob – she can’t listen anyway. He has got to be surrounded with people very unschooled in decorum as well. You think he being the “world traveler” would have a little knowledge of his own as well on these things, but apparently not.

  • Wayne

    Bill Maher needs to know the Obama mob will take his money but beyond that he will eventually be in the same boat as the rest of us should the president succeed in stealing the Nov. election with illegals and deceased voters. Maher, a nasty man, has intellect at a high level. Too bad it’s all aimed in the wrong direction.

    • catfish

      What makes you think Maher has a high intellect. His behavior is that of an 8th grade bully and bullies have plenty deficiencies, one is the lack of brainpower.

    • Wyatt

      Bill Maher has an intellect ? If so it hasn’t progressed beyond the high School Sophmoric form of Jockstrap mentality that so many leftists find so appealing . And any mention of him in an article about Sarah Palin is an affront to public decency !

      While I am sure HBO went out of their way to put their own spin on the story and depict Mrs Palin in a bad light , they probably worked just enough truth in to give it credibility when called on it . Like Sarah Palins name ?

      At any rate , Bill Maher is a low life fail comic who thinks he is a political commentator . And for all the good it does him , if the left ever does manage to take total power (thats what their goal is) he will be tossed into the internment camp along with the rest of us and will probably be one of the first they stand against the wall and shoot . Or exiled to one of Obama’s Gulag’s in the frozen north .

    • James

      all this about bill m.,this and that it is all right as long as you all let limaugh and beck talk about anyone else you talking about insanity you rightes are beyond repair

      • http://naver sook young

        Is this any worse than a liberal, who posted on this site, using the “C” word to Sarah Palin? James, you sound like a confused little child. Please stop with your hate and try to ubderstand what is going on around you. All the ones you have mentioned have the God given right of free speech (First Amendment of the Constitution), so only God can take that from them. Just like you do and this makes it possible for you to speak your mind on this site, though your childish personal attacks are unwarranted. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • ceejay

        Next time you post anything , pay attention to your SPELLING and GRAMMAR. We can’t understand what you are trying to say. You turned a SENTENCE into a whole PARAGRAPH.

    • ceejay

      Bill Maher has an INTELLECT of the highest level ? You’re so kind. He is a CRETIN and a SEXUAL PERVERT whose TESTOSTERONE LEVEL is as LOW as his I.Q. He gets his THRILL by putting down attractive women like SARAH PALIN and MICHELLE BACHMANN . They are beyond his reach. He has no redeeming qualities – he is UGLY and CRUDE.

      • http://naver sook young

        Doesn’t he get tingles down his leg every time he hears Obama speak? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • doctordoctor

    You may forgive the airhead actors; I do not. I believe even the trite little people who become sockpuppet hollywood actors these days(there was a time when Hollywood produced real people with admirable character and useful lives: Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne et al) could try to exhibit some little bit of character. But no, we have Clooney, and Pitt, and what’s the little guy’s name? Crews. They are truly small inconsequential detritus of humanity; I do not pay money to see them in movies. Actresses? Well either they are lesbos or serial mattressbacks with less character and morals than macaque monkeys. Sadly I guess they are the transient reflection of the average American in this day.

    • Armyblue


    • Karolyn

      You certainly can’t include Meryl Streep in your diatribe.

      • http://naver sook young

        Nor Mel Gibson, but you can include a satanist named Lady Gaga. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • richard the wise

      I’m certinly glad to be a part of a fair and intelligent group of people that wiegh the issues and are concerned about America as the post thier opinons.I really like people that want to pull the country to gether like we did when we were attacked and supported Bush to go after the RATS ! BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS WERE TOGETHER AS WE SHOULD. AMERICA IS IN THE SAME SITUATION NOW AS WE WERE THEN, A WAR, FINANCIAL. wE ALL HAVE OUR FEELINGS ON WHO IS TO BLAME, IF WE PUT THAT ASIDE LONG ENOUGH TO JOIN ARMS AND WORK AS A TEAM, WE WILL SUCCED. A nation divided is weak, lets not let that happen.Working class people are the engines that make America strong, we will do our part, lets see if the Big Businesses will do thiers and start hireing Americans and not illegals. That would be plenty of jobs. Big Business, don’t make Americans try to lower our standars by trying to compete with slave labor over sees and here. Start paying you share of federal taxes by moveing your head quarters back to the U.S.A. WHERE YOU GOT YOUR START, BE LOYAL !!!!!

      • richard the wise

        sORRY ABOUT MY SPELLING, especcialy….SEAS !!!…Thank you !

  • Warrior

    John Kerry should call for a senate subcommittee hearing about this show and then possibly we could learn the facts about Palin. John could get chris goons and al faken to grill this shows producers about how they performed their research. Ya know, yesterday johnny had george clooney on his show to talk about how we can bring about positive change in Darfur.

    • Karolyn

      There are many actors like Clooney who put their money where their mouth is and do much good in the world.

      • http://naver sook young

        But this means nothing when your views are so very liberal and also he is gay. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • Gary Garrett

        Clooney is a Commie,libtard that should disappear from the face of the earth.

      • http://naver sook young

        I do agree he is a liberal, but making him disappear may cause the liberals to have incidents around this country. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i dont watch leftist tv shows.

  • PCW

    I disagree that Maher has any notable level of intellect. True brain power allows a person to relate to people of all walks and intelligence levels with grace and ease. Maher is a foul mouthed hater of everything moral or limiting of his whims. His ‘intellect’ is more aligned with an angry 4 year old than a person of integrity or discipline.

  • Windrinker

    After a couple of posts where the people seemed to put so much thought into what they wrote…I just want to put forth a couple of obvious observations.

    Palin is continually attacked because she personifies all the things that the Left abhors…Christian religions, patriotism, and love of Family.

    If the progressive communists can destroy our values, our love of country, and destroy “the American Family,” their job is nearly complete! They can insert their lawless, Godless, “no fault” regime and bring with them the destruction of Americanism and Christianity.

    Christianity and Americanism have gone “hand-in-hand” to build the greatest country the world has seen. Anyone or anything that exhibts having signs of either, are targets of the progressives. Its is a war and God Rules this country, or else…

    • Dens

      It is as you say.

    • Firefight

      Spot on! Our vigilance is of great concern to them yet they display no fear of continuing their attacks. We’re making a list and we’re checking it twice. We always know who’s naughty and who’s nice. America will rise and the fire will be fought with fire. Maher and his likes exist in a scripted world and fear every day for their jobs. They will not let up for fear of being terminated. They are no better than those who feed upon the labors of honest hard working people. They continue to bite the hand that feeds them. How stupid is that?

      • Richard J Gregory

        Hear!!!Hear!! It deserves mentioning that Mrs. Palin,an American Born,American Raised.Wife and(soccer) Mother is in DIRECT opposition to the sitting President who is not American Born, raised in India,as a Muslim, and wouldn’t know a Boy Scout if he ran over him.He has had no exposure to the American Character, and Culture and he despises Capitalism.and is hell bent on bankrupting and destroying America as his mentor George Soros dictates.

    • http://naver sook young

      This is very true Windrinker and I hope to see more of your factual and thought out posts. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Wolfman




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    Credit Card


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  • Geiser Carol

    Maybe – just maybe – someone here can please tell me just why Sarah Palin is on the receiving end of ALL of that WARPED and LYING attention. What is it folks?

    Why does obama and his Komrades fear Sarah so so so much?

    • Brad

      Did you see the crowd react to her ay CPAC??

      That’s why!

    • Karl-Ohyd

      Sweethart, it is all very simple. The left is scared to death of her. She is a woman, that no
      one on the left can come even close. And president Obama, probably for the same reason.
      She has more class and quality to become a competent president than president Obama.
      Just look at her past as mayor and governor.
      Do some home work baby!!!

    • Bonnie Lesando

      My guess is that they are preparing for her incase she decides to run for president in 2016. In 2016 Hillary will be back as a Democrat Presidential candidate, a payoff for her good behavior under Obama, so just incase Palin does decide to run they will keep destroying her for the next 4 years.

    • Honestly

      A very interesting question. I believe it has to do with her values. The ones they can not understand, because she loves God.

    • http://naver sook young

      Liberals are affraid of women that are God fearing, patriotic, family oriented, and strong. They want them all to be like Micjelle or Hillary. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • K. Zack

    The Counter-Movie “The Undefeated” is an excellent portrayal of the real Sarah and her story from mayor to VP candidate.

    Hope it’s shown again on TV and hope it becomes available on DVD.

    This shows why tea partiers and conservatives still love her.
    They know not to even waste time with this other hate filled thing.

    Yes, why are “they” so afraid of her?????? She’s just a private citizen.

    • Karl-Ohyd

      How do i get hold of the movie “The Undefieted”

    • fern rivers

      The movie “The Undefeated” will air again on Sunday March 25th at 5:30 pm Et and at 2:30 pm PT…It is run on REELZ channel 238 direct TV…cable…REELZ also.

      Walmart was selling the DVD…I don’t know if they still do…

      I watched the movie on Sunday 3/11 It was really good…As much as the criminals tried to show Sarah as a fool…the REAL Sarah is doing a great job. Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace were incompetent at running a campaign…so…what do they do? Blame her for their failures…Sarah carried the entire campaign…something that the “handlers” did not approved…They both should have been sued for malpractice.

      Find out the real truth about Sarah…well worth it…

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    The mainstream retards have to have someone they believe is thier enemy to keep railing on , As most of us that pay a little bit of attention know the libtards are incapeable of thinking for themselves so have to have a leader to follow. and they do that very religiously I would make a good bet none of them ever knew Sarah Palin. But just wallow in any jucy bilg that they can drag up about her . I never knew her personally, as she was in school when i met her parents, There isnt one dam lib ive met that is as great American and solid nice people as her parents. .And all the trash they dig up about Sarah is worse by far than what Rush said about the slut. Just more libtard garbage…

  • Dave

    Some posters here have real issue of their own with Hollywood anything. Kind of like blaming the poor because the big players gamed the system and brought America’s economy to its knees.
    Sarah Palin is all about Sarah Palin. What she does, she does to promote herself. In essence she’s prostituted herself for fame. What her personality is like or what kind of a person she really is doesn’t matter one whit, so I’ve no idea why the right is getting so huffy about a stupid Hollywood production.
    Sarah Palin will survive this and probably prosper as her admirers circle the wagons to protect her from those evil liberals.

    • carrobin

      What got most of us women voters in a knot about Sarah Palin is that she made the majority of serious women who do know something about the government and world affairs look bad. Too many narrow-minded misogynistic males (e.g., Limbaugh) could point to her and say “look what a lousy president a woman would be” (never mind the many men who could make us women wonder why anyone would elect a male?). Needless to say, the men who liked the loony Palin couldn’t stand the smart, capable, well-qualified Hillary Clinton.

      • Bonnie Lesando

        I think you got that last sentence backwards.

      • Doug

        Wow you say you know more about government than Palin? And then you name a progressive communist like Clinton! It shows you know absolutely nothing about our country and the constitution Hilary and her piece of crap husband Bill can you see my penis Clinton are nothing but Socialist and Communist pigs! Here a little something for you Hilary thinks the UN and other international organization have a say in how the US is run is absolutely wrong and is against the constitution and she and most of the political hacks should be brought up on treason charges. You know very little go back to your feminist camp with Hanoi Jane and get the hell out of our country!

      • Honestly

        Having Clinton would be as bad, if not worse than Obama.

      • http://naver sook young

        Hillary was only able to have a career, due to her staying married to Bill Clinton. Though she could have divorced him, it would have destroyed his carrer and made it impossible to start hers. Hillary is more qualified than Sarah? Hee, hee, hee, hee! Sarah earned everything she has and is a good example for women of America to follow. She is God fearing, patriotic, and family oriented, but is Hillary? No, she isn’t. She is actually the opposite. Do you think that Sarah would initiate procedings to make the U.N. Small Arms Treaty into law? No. Would she ram an Unconstitutional healthcare bill through legislation, though seventy percent of the people did not want it? No. Would she bow, apologize, and demean this country in public or private like Obama has done? No. I guess you haven’t red her book Going Rogue where she talks about family, faith, and flag. I have and it is a very interesting book. I highly suggest you read it. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • http://naver sook young

      Could you please cite a source that describes what you have just said? Sarah is about family, faith, and flag. She’s a good American.
      Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Walt1

    Sadly, if you watch interviews with the real Sarah Palin on YouTube, you will realize what people laughed at in 2008. Judge for yourself–it didn’t take Hollywood to create a poor representation of Palin–it was Palin herself and what she said in these interviews. The idea behind Republicans picking Palin as the VP nominee was a shallow attempt to use beauty and sex appeal to capture voters. She did have the ability to convince hockey-mom-type of female voters and people of limited intelligence to vote Republican, but Palin was no more capable of running the country than one of the Kardashians. Oh, by the way, it was Ed Harris who played McCain, not Woody Harrelson.

    • Richard J Gregory

      Of course you are referring to the edited interview and the “Gotcha” crap. It wouldn’t occur to the LIMITED MIND of Progressive “thinkers” She was chosen for her recored as Mayor and accomplishments as Governor. You fear her as you FEAR any and all who believe in the Constitution and it’s princples. You prefer the CAstro,,Chaves or Putin form of RULE.

    • Bryce

      Interesting, the MSM pored over every comment Sarah Palin made, yet let that total buffoon Joe Biden talk complete idiocy on most topics without ever being grilled for it. Sarah Palin had/has leadership ability, something the pretender in the White House knows little about. She had a better resume than Obama by a long shot, and it has shown every day since the election as Obama has no clue how to be a Chief Executive of any kind. He’d fumble as major of a small city. His energy policies are complete lunacy, and change each time the wind blows in a different direction. His appointees are embarrassments to the country. Yet the Left picks on Palin. They HAVE to, because they’ve got political minorities convinced that Liberals are their best bet…and when they see great Americans like Palin show us otherwise, they freak out that they may lose their strangehold on those groups. I’m saddened that Palin is demonized by people who fear a strong woman, or a Republican woman. And nothing in her life is off-limits for them to attack.

    • fern rivers

      You helped elect someone that is /was nothing but a shake down troll…that’s what a community organizer do…You bashes Sarah Palin and the world knows what she is like…yet you approve of a zealot…know it all…with NO past…NO college diplomas…NO University records…NO vetting done…NO email trails…NO accomplishments…

      The Obama ideas of campaigning is all about trashing everyone…its never been about his own capabilities…He trashes our Constitution…something he was supposed to have taught…I guess he missed the fact that he took an oath to support it…

      People voted for him for the Free Stuff…he was going to pay their mortgage…get their welfare checks for life…take from those who works to the lazy bums…He hates the rich…yet hangs around with them…lying again…

      • Honestly

        How would we like to have Biden as pres. Oh my, a terrible thought. We think it is bad now, we don’t know bad until that happens.

    • http://naver sook young

      At least she is a native born citizen and can prove where she was born. She is also more intelligent and more able to run this country than Obama. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

    • ceejay

      Your HARVARD educated leader has NO IDEA how to run this country. with its 57 STATES .Too bad no one had put this in the TELEPROMPTER. Not even the NAVY CORPSEMAN can protect him from his IGNORANCE.

  • bigjeff1

    Man, makes you wonder if we all saw the same movie and if we all lived through the campaign and all of the interviews and speeches made by Ms Palin. The movie was, in fact, sympathetic to Sarah Palin the person. What it showed was how our current electoral process bends and twists both truth and people into knots where they are put into situations meant to secure victory at whatever cost. Sarah Palin had neither the background nor the intelligence to be thrust onto the national scene as a potential President of the country. The movie was sympathetic to her plight and it was also honest in presenting the impact of sudden, inexplicable fame on her. In the end, she believed that she really was a powerful, qualified political figure even though she was little more than a short-lived pop icon in a world that celebrates caricatures more than real people.

    • Richard J Gregory

      Time and her ontinued and rising popularity prove how wrong your analysis is

      • carrobin

        Rising popularity? Maybe in your house….

      • http://naver sook young

        She is more popular than Obama, Corrobin. You being a woman should know this. As I have posted before, if she runs there are five votes for her in our house. Just watch her speech at CPAC and see how the people reacted to her. It was a lot louder and patriotic than at any of Obama’s rallies. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samuari

  • William Stutchman

    Why do you people watch Bill Maher, he is a degenerate piece of trash that would rather live at the Playboy mansion than in the real world. He makes fun of any one or anything that has to do with God. If everyone would stop watching anything he does, he would soon disappear from the screen. Bill S.

    • Deerinwater

      The more effective, the greater the hate. Even I take some comfort in my enemies.

      Most voting American’s saw though Palin by November 2008.

      Palin was little more then an act of desperation by Mc Cain’s camp, a Hail Mary pass, airing it out, long and deep. If he connected, he’s been much closer to victory.

      That McCain allowed his eyes to deceive him, was not the first time and won’t be his last.

      Palin had nice curb appeal, she looked like she could run a good race with those legs and shapely hips but there wasn’t anything under the hood. 0 to 60 in 16 seconds.

      The voice was grating and could peel paint, (like my mother’s) the tongue was only good for “sound bits”

      I felt sorry for Mc Cain but he did it to himself. I felt sorry for Ms Palin, for being snatched out of her “element” and seat of power to compete on a level it takes 8 years to prepare for and she hadn’t studied.

      I haven’t seen the movie but little doubt the truth most painful to watch.

      • Wapitiman

        Dare I disagree? I drove 180 miles to vote for Sarah Palin and I am proud of it! I estimate that she garnered at least 25% of McCain’s votes. It was she (the real girl next door) that I voted for, none of the others.
        BTW, are you happy with that ‘hopey-changey’ thing? Looking forward to the dollar being destroyed?

  • Ron

    The notion that a terribly unqualified candidate could be manipulated by hard-core, hard-right political agendas to stage a virtual coup d’etat is nothing new. In 1999, the Karlrovian deathstar used Lil’ W, a pampered rich-kid ne’er-do-well, to sneak Dick Cheney into office as the First Unelected President in American history.

    W was the goofy, aw-shucksy, “g”-droppin’, good-ol’ boy that conned stupid people into sayin’ “Hey, he got a DUI, he’s dumb as a box-of-rocks, and he didn’t Eff-up his debate appearances nearly as bad as I thought he would. He can’t read his name without a teleprompter (which is so ironic that you beat on Obama for using one when you hang on his every word, praying to Jesus that he’ll slip and say something proving his CommuNaziNig-aKenyanHomoSocialism), whereas Dick Cheney CONSTANTLY went on Meet The Press, etc. and spoke for 90 minutes straight without notes about the policies of the “Bush” Administration.

    The problem was, Cheney was unelectable. He was the mastermind of a cabal of men bent so far right that they would take America into a political space that would make Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln seem like traitors by comparison. And the RightWhiteRight knew they’d never get Cheney into the White House. He had too much garbage–I mean baggage–I mean history–for people to ever trust him as President–much less as War President or Decider (BTW, If a black guy had DARED to ask Cheney to produce proof that his birth certificate wasn’t a forgery, y’all woulda been gunned up and chanting in the streets with accusations of “uppitiness”.) So by using the dumbsky, Cheney skulked in the back door. Those of us who saw that train wreck coming and couldn’t believe you still dared to consider these guys as members of the Party of Lincoln figured: “Man, this is awful. These former oil-baron draft-dodgers do NOT need to be given the car keys to start America into it’s two longest wars in U.S. history…but how much damage could they do? Surely, the American people will keep them from killing thousands of G.I.s and wasting trillions in a boondoogle that couldn’t acheive in a decade what Obama did in 18 months or so: Get Bin Laden.”

    But the rest is history.

    Immediately upon seizing power, Cheney began “secret, national-security” meetings with oil company executives. And gas prices spiked and have never come down since. While you’re constantly banging the blunthammer about Obama’s birth certificate/Obama’s parentage/Obama’s religion/Obama’s education, do you suppose you could take even a moment to grovel before the pee-pee of the Great Dick Cheney to ask him to share with the public what he and the oil company execs were talking about that was soooo important the American people didn’t deserve to know? If he’d be so kind? If it’s not too much to ask? I realize that sounds a lot like Servile Insurrection, so forgive me. A good share-cropper NEVER questions the plantation owner, I realize.

    So maybe that’s asking too much of you. After all, we must NEVER question our betters, because their wisdom, like their wealth, will surely trickle down to us all if we just blunt down, continue warring against education, keep our place, and remain uppity-ness-free.

    That’s why the left may be deluded by a Vast, International Liberal Conspiracy of Knowledge, Spanning Decades, and Many Languages and Conflicting Ideas and Histories…
    …but only Lord Limbaugh, Lady Ann, Lil’ Lord Hannity–and yes, Lord Crystal, having purged himself of the “damage” of education–know the Real Sacred Truth. And they promise you that will NEVER have to lift a finger to do any book-learning. You just listen to exactly what they say. And think exactly what they tell you.

    –Which is why Sarah Palin and W are so popular among the mentally lazy. Slobs like me that didn’t have daddys pullin’ strings and packin’ our a$$es off to Yale for a party education have had to actually read books and entertain ideas we disagree with in order to arrive at the best truth we can–always subject to change and contradiction and the uncomfortableness of admitting we’re wrong. But Sarah and W are the poster children for lazy, opportunistic deadbeats who’ve never done any mental heavy lifting and yet they can get the power to send thousands of Americans to their deaths and–heck, it was EASY!

    Now if you think the first Cheney Administration was “fun times”, can you IMAGINE the wars and intrigues that Cheney 2.0 has got planned for us in 2012?

    • speedle

      Hey Ron, just curious here. I keep seeing the refrain by liberals like yourself pounding on the notion that conservatives are ignorant. Of course that could be said to be a relative term – meaning that compared to er..”progressives” conservatives are ignorant. I have to say I find this drum beat to be more than a little curious. Perhaps you equate the rejection of logic as “intelligence”, and vice versa.

      It would be helpful and informative to most of us for you to define and maybe even give examples of “conservative ignorance” while perhaps even complimenting that with examples of “progressive brilliance” to make your point. I suggest you consider the areas of the economy, the deficit, healthcare and throw in a bit of foreign policy if you like. I suggest this because these are the areas of vital importance to the country, and as such require the most “intelligent” attention.

      • Ron

        No, actually the shame is that the rulers among the conservatives aren’t uneducated at all–they know exactly what they’re doing.

        There are plenty of issues to debate and I’d love to hear conservative voices joining that discussion (David Brooks comes to mind as one of those conservatives that I respect tremendously), instead they give us Rick Santorum calling the President of the United States a “snob” because he dared to suggest that Americans might want to get an education–even at a trade school–in order to better their lives and try to make a living in an increasingly complex job environment.

        He could have suggested, like his (‘hard to believe this guy could’ve been a Republican to listen to the modern Karlrovian, Glennbeckian nonsense) predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, that it was important for American boys and girls to get a decent education.

        He might’ve even dared to join with the President and say: “I don’t agree with this man on much, but on this we’re all in agreement…”

        Instead, Santorum offers, with cynical Sarah Palin’ folksiness, that maybe Real Freedom-Lovin’ RealAmerican SuperPatriots don’t want no educated-idiot-book-learnin’ and are just fine with their God-given freedom to work two shifts at McDonalds. U-S-A! U-S-A! These colors don’t run!

        This is why Eisenhower was reluctant to endorse Nixon in 1960. He felt Nixon was creating a new, power-grabbing, Joe McCarthyism, angry, fear-based kind of Republican appealling only to the lower angels of our nature. I always liked Ike, and I think he was dead-on. Even Barry Goldwater, no shrinking violet of conservativism, expressed fear before his death of the Karlrovian coup d’etat that was seizing control of the Republican Party and turning it from the Party of Abe Lincoln into the Party of Jeff Davis.

        For the record, I’m an Independent. Yes, I voted for Obama, but I considered McCain until he picked Sarah Palin in a cynical attempt to counter Hillary Clinton. I would’ve voted for Colin Powell. I would’ve voted for Eisenhower and T.R.

        And I definitely would’ve voted for Lincoln.

        But I’m not at all sure Lincoln could be a Republican today, ’cause it’s been turned from the Party of Lincoln into the Party of John Wilkes Booth, who after all was a simple, patriotic RealAmerican exercising his “second amendment remedy” to take with the bullet what he lost with the ballot. ‘Judging from all the dark murmuring and praying for the President’s death on sites like this, I don’t trust y’all not to do it again, frankly.

      • speedle

        Very well said Ron, but you still didn’t address your previous accusation (implication) that GWB was a few bricks short of a load, and had to rely on your idea of Darth Vader (Cheney) as his mouthpiece. I believe your proof of this was that G had the dialect of dropping the “g” and such. I suppose that adding an “r” when a word ends in “a” (a practice in the northeast) is a sign of intelligence in your order of pecking.

        You claim to be an independent, yet you seem to parrot all the left’s stale talking points (Cheney is an evil oil baron and Bush is a rube) mantra which couldn’t be further from the truth by the way. At the same time you choose to defend (by omission of noting) the shallowness of Barack Obama in his almost non-existent knowledge of business and economics, bumbling of foreign relations, and sickening pandering to special interest groups for purposes of buying votes. And does some trite weak populist speech by Obama citing the importance of education mean that conservatives are not concerned about education? That seems to be your assumption.

        Rob, I can cite details of all this all day and never get into the petty issues that you (like the left) seem to be orating on auto pilot. I could talk about Obama’s misunderstanding of how many states are in the Union or the mysteries of his non existent college work that seems to have elevated him to “high IQ status”, etc. etc. But I don’t need to reach that far into the ammo supply to make my point. I was hoping you might be able to do the same.

  • catfish

    I believe the fruits don’t fall far from the tree, How many out there know old Woody’s daddy murdered a federal judge?

    • carrobin

      I’m pretty sure everybody knows that. What does it have to do with his performance?

  • jopa

    I did watch the show and at first I thought it was just a lot of Hollywood baloney.However when Steve Schmidt the campaign manager for McCain Palin came out and said it made him even squirm a bit because the movie was right on the money. He also said just the thought of that woman being a heartbeat away from being President was very scary.For those of you that didn’t see the movie, there were many points brought up about Palin that did show some positive notes and it wasn’t alll negative.Thousands of hours of research and observation were used to create an accurate depiction of the facts.A good show to see.

    • Doug

      Really Poopa you mean the same guy that want to McShame into the WH was afraid of Palin becoming president? That’s kind of funny when we see the piece of crap Obamanation in the WH who for all we know could be any ones son but I am guessing if you pull back one of those big ears on his head you will see the numbers 666 or return to Kenya after you heard enough of his lies!.

    • Bryce

      And it doesn’t scare you that Joe Biden is a heartbeat away from the Presidency? The guy is a walking example of foot-in-mouth disease and so full of spit (yet bloviates so much I think he actually believes what he is making up on the spot). The best example is his claim that President FDR went on TV to calm folks after the Stock Market crashed.

      In reality, Wall St. crashed three years before FDR even RAN for President. And the TV wouldn’t be in homes pretty much until about a decade later.

      Had Sarah Palin said this, we’d all know about it. Instead she makes a dubious (but far more accurate) statement about Alaska and Russia, and she’s made out to be a laughingstock.

      I’d feel much more comfortable with Palin in the Big Chair than Obama or Biden.

      • Thinking About

        Bryce, since you are so quick to correct others, you also need to be corrected about FDR being on tv. Actually FDR was the first U S President to be on tv and the year would be 1939. So if your comment remains you know someone else was lying, then does your incorrect facts make you a liar also.

        • Bryce

          Do the math, Thinking About! Biden said President FDR went on TV after the Stock Market Crash (1929) to calm people down. He wouldn’t be president until 1933 and went on TV ten YEARS later (1939) if your date can be trusted. The date I had is 1940 for when TVs actually began getting into people’s homes. So, no, my point was spot-on and yours sticking up for Biden is just as ridiculous and unsupported as the stuff he makes up on the spot and passes off as truth. And those who are sheep just nod their head and believe his outright lies and made-up stuff. Nothing like advertising your own ignorance.

      • Bryce

        And Thinking About…I never said he didn’t go on TV. I said he didn’t do it right after the Stock Market crashed, which was Biden’s gaffe. Geez, when you’re going to correct someone, it helps to actually be correct.

    • http://naver sook young

      You just don’t like patriotic, God fearing, family oriented, and strong women Jopa. You want your women to be like Hillary. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Theotherhalf

    People who feel the need to Demonize. Palin with their time & money will also turn a Blind Eye to the Slaughter of women & Christians in the Middle East

  • Olin Ross

    Palin is an airhead…….and she has a potty mouth…..

    • Bonnie Lesando

      Your a good whacky liberal. Spoken just the way the “lame stream media” has taught you. You get a smiley face : )

    • http://naver sook young

      How about Michelle Obama claiming that she is proud of her country only when they chose her husband to be president? Why not before? How about when she said, “All this for a d— flag!” at a 9/11 ceremony? I guess that you just don’t really know who is a bad woman and who isn’t. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • http://Yahoo. Chetohimler

    Sarah Palin is a woman who loves her Country. She fights for those who are afraid to go up against the system. Sarah Palin is an individual who believes on standing up for what is right. Maybe it’s the “twang” in her voice that Liberal dispice, but the words in her message are more important. Now everyone knows that if you start repeating a lie, sooner or later other’s will take it as the truth.

  • TIME

    Ok just a quick review of this issue, you can take it as you wish.

    Palin is a RINO, please do keep in mind her running mate is one of the biggest RINO’S of all time, just like that nasty POS; Joe Liberman.
    Now I know you all are tired of hearing this but; there is no differance between a R or a D when they hit the City State of DC. There is only ONE party there.

    Please check the { voting records } of all the RINOS, then compair them with the alledged EVIL big D’s – so why is it that these Great RINO’S all VOTE the same way as the Big D’s?

    This is not Rocket Science this is just a matter of doing the due diligence, what you will find TIME after TIME is that they are all the very same, as they Vote for the very same Act’s that restrict and or take away your alledged Freedoms.

    So do I care about the Political Thearter from this event or any others, No, why should anyone?
    Why should you take sides when there is NO SIDE, its all a distraction to keep the American public divided.
    Thus begs the question why is that after all these years so many of you will still jump at the drop of a hat? Have you all learned nothing yet? EMPTY your CUP.

    Can you admit your mistakes and move on?
    Can you admit that all the Political Theater is of no value?
    Can you admit that your being used and have been used?

    When you can, then and only then can we as a Nation start to fix the FLAT TIRE and forget about the motor’s that don’t work.
    Learn what the game is, and stop playing let alone feeding the Political monsters!
    The system is broken and if we don’t fix it soon – we will never get the chance to.
    Your choice keep feeding this monster or flip the tables on it.

    Peace and Love

    • Bonnie Lesando

      Palin ran as a tea party favorite and John McCain used her to get that vote. How can you compare her records for voting as a Rhino when she was never a member of Congress, therefore, has no voting record.

      • TIME


        Thank you for your question, but as the old adage goes; you are like the company you keep. She has backed every RINO out there and thats of record.
        Only one of the alledged Tea party congress persons lower house even has a clue.
        And one in the upper house.
        Oddly all the rest in both houses voted for the NDAA, and everything else thats PURE EVIL.
        Thus they are in fact nothing more and nothing less than RINO’S.
        Even the alledged Tea Party leader Demint voted Yea on NDAA.

        Please don’t take this the wrong way Bonnie, but the tea party is so ill equipped to deal with the real issues that we face, they are not even on the same page with the root problems.

        Peace and Love

      • s c

        Bonnie, when Palin realized she was on a sinking, modern Titanic, she might as well have repudiated that yahoo and told him face-to-face that he has no business being in politics. Then she should have told the RNC herd to stick whatever feels good wherever they could find a place for it.
        Someone who runs for the W H and is stupid enough to think that refraining from using Obummer’s middle name is an automatic LOSER. Whoever decided that surrendering to pc insanity is an acceptable condition in an election needs to understand that only a stallion ‘packs the gear.’ A jackass pretending to be an elephant NEVER ‘packs the gear.’ No wonder ‘Republicans’ are able to confuse suicide with leadership.

  • chuckb

    time, you are full of it. palin a rhino? that’s ridiculous. show me the beef. the republican hierarchy karl rove, with the help of news commentators such as bill o’reilly and charles krauthammer did her in or she would be on her way to the presidency. so your accusation doesn’t hold water. palin is out of the loop with the rhino’s. she certainly is better than any of the current crop of republican nominees.

    • TIME


      When you really wake up let me know, until then please do keep your head in that nice tight sand bag.

      “I can’t help you to see what you will refuse to see.” Do you know who said that?

      You have to empty your cup of all you think you know, only then can you ever hope to understand whats going on, or has gone on, and will keep on going on.
      Until the flat tire is fixed.

      All in all Chuck, I wish you only the best.

      Peace and Love

  • Guest

    I hope Sarah files one h**l of a character assassination lawsuit against all who were involved in this documentary.

  • ClintM

    Ironic how Sarah Palin STILL catches flak for mentioning the very real proximity of Alaska to the Russian coast (it’s a major security focal point in our strategic planning for a west coast attack), but that I can ask anyone about Obama’s remark that his ‘adopted’ state of Hawaii was in Asia and they’ve never heard that!? Liberal media bias? Surely that doesn’t exist if you as those same people.

    • Freedom

      And ZERO comment about the 57 states. I have not been able to find those last 7 states that were admitted to the USA. Might they be Saudi Araba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Pakastan, Syria????????

      • Jessica

        That was so funny. Where did these people in office come from……and why are they still there?

  • Thinking About

    Sarah Palin is a Tea Party activist, hey, Rush here is another victim for you.

  • John Heeckt

    Jessica they got into office because we put them there and they continue in office because we keep them there. Example: Massachusetts has a history of electing and reelecting taitors and scoundrels like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank.

  • John Heeckt

    While one has a right to be angry at the arrogant stupidity of Hollywood actors and
    media nincompoops such as Bill Maher the fact is that this movie will fade away in near time to flow into the cesspool of leftist bilge puked by Moore, Maher and a host of their
    ilk. Sarah Palin will just keep on being Sarah Palin.

  • John

    The left wing loonies must be bored or so scared of Sarah Palin to devote as much time on her as they have been ever since John McCain brought her down from the Cold climate of Alaska to the Heat of the Southern States and she has been having the heat applied ever since even though she is not officially running herself what a sad state of affairs when SO CALLED comedians and Talk show hosts spend so much time denigrating her. What a lot of FREE advertising she is getting .

  • r.p.

    Watching both Game Over and Undeafeted it was easy to discern the biased propaganda that came out of each of them. Neither of them prestent any kind of journalistic integrity or any form of unbiased truth. But I can assume the truth lies somewhere in between. My conclusion is that Sarah got into politics for the money, got wined and dined by the media and now plans on going for the FAME. I see her future in second rate reality shows and newsbyte commentaries for whore media outlets. By the way Ben, aren’t you being a little biased?… Of course, I know I am!

    • http://naver sook young

      Go Sarah! We need you! Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai


  • JOHN



    Shakespeare once wrote, “The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope”. Feel pity and compassion for liberals, for these are the miserable among us. There is a poem that best captures the plight of these godforsaken.

    The first time I ever saw her, I was captivated and charmed,
    but then she spoke and suddenly I became anxious and alarmed.
    But I was not honest with myself, intolerance sealed my fate,
    and weakness fed my folly, and ignorance my hate.
    She was cherry folksy and spirited, qualities you rarely find,
    and I just couldn’t forget and shake her, and get her out of mind.
    I became obsessed and filled with anger; she upset my plans and schemes,
    and finally to my horror and shame, she now even haunts my dreams.

  • American Working Man

    Sarah Palin is an airhead. Just listen how she speaks. Sounds like some D average cheerleader with nothing between her ears, but space. With apologies to smart D average cheerleaders.


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