Gallup: Despite Economic Optimism, America In A Hiring Slump


Any American with a basic understanding of economics must recognize one undeniable truth: Small business is at the heart of the Nation’s economy. And according to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup poll, the country may be headed toward a flatline.

The poll indicates that a majority of American small-business owners report that they are letting more employees go than they are hiring due to a number of economic factors beyond their control. A net hiring index of -12 was reported for April; that’s fewer hires than January, with a hiring index of -10, and April 2012, when the same poll illustrated a hiring index of -9. The most dismal hiring numbers were reported in January 2010, according to Gallup, when it dipped all the way to -27.

Unfortunately, American small-business owners were fooled by reports of economic turnaround in the past several months; many of them expected to add jobs if the economy allowed. Employers’ earlier recorded hiring intentions stood at +6 for April, according to the poll.

From Gallup:

[F]our in 10 small-business owners say they have held back on hiring, and one in five owners say they have let employees go, due to the healthcare costs associated with the Affordable Care Act. As implementation of the law continues, the number of small-business owners who take these steps could increase.

Further, Gallup’s Payroll to Population (P2P) measure is no better at the end of the third week of May than it was in May 2012. In turn, the lack of improvement in this overall job measure suggests that many small businesses — the key drivers of job growth — are not doing a lot of hiring of full-time employees, consistent with their April hiring intentions.

The polling organization reports that other polls show that American small businessmen continue to report an optimistic outlook for the economy, but the optimism simply isn’t, to this point, reflected in hiring-enabling business growth.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • BarrackHussein

    Optimism? No… what you are observing are the few decent Americans left who have a moral compass and a strong work ethic. Like the Eveready Bnny, they just keep ticking. When the communists bring another 50 million illegals in for us to support, you’ll see more than a slump.
    …and the Libs know it.

  • jdn

    The only economic factors that matter to the White House and Congress come from the Fed and Wall Street . Main Street can wither and die for all they care since we don’t fund lobbyists or major campaigns .

  • Dave

    Thanks to conservatives in the GOP, they killed Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Reform Bill… It allowed students to borrow at the same rates the gov gives the banks which the banks turnaround and make tons of money off us.
    So in conservative world… Less student debt (bad), More money for the big banks who continually screw the country (good)
    Its so obvious who conservatives work for and who liberals work for. And many here are suckered in by conservative doubletalk.
    It really is pathetic. Conservative Corporatists do not care about this country, the poor or the middle class. As long as they get theirs….Conservatism in America… Serving the top 4% since 1980.

    • vicki

      RINO’s are not conservatives.

      • Dave


        RINOS, Conservatives… they are all the same. They don’t do a darn thing for the poor and middle class of this country. They want the way it was which is to ensure the wealthy has the upper hand. When ia conservative says they hate “spreading the wealth” that means keeping the wealth where it is now, in the hands/control of the banksters and wall street.

        I say NO.

    • doktor don

      Couldn’t agree more! David Stockman, Reagan’s Budget Director has just released a new book; that, really helps one to connect the dots.
      Clearly, and succinctly; Stockman places the blame on The Nation’s Economic and Political Demise, on three Conservative Presidents: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and, the Bush Family – – singling out Bush 2. Nixon took the Country off the Gold Standard; thus, ushering in the printing of Fiat money. Reagan and Bush, each; almost Tripled the National Debt. Reagan’s well known phrases, “Deficit’s Don’t Matter;” and, “Trickle Down Economics;” turned out to be the biggest lies of the past 30 years. Stockman says, that in the end, Reagan and the Bush Family were responsible for running the National Debt to $12 Trillion Dollars! Reagan Failed as both a Commander and Chief; and, as a Budget Master. As for Bush 2; probably the most incompetent President the Country has had during the past 100 years.
      Stockman’s Book is entitled, “The Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.” It should be on everyone’s, “must read,” list for the Summer.

      • Vigilant

        Stockman and you are living in some parallel universe if you truly believe that either Nixon or the Bush’s were conservatives.

        Look at Nixon. Took us off the gold standard and established wage/price controls plus took social welfare spending to new highs. You call that CONSERVATIVE? Pick up a dictionary.

        BTW, Nixon did not usher in the printing if fiat money. The first Federal Reserve notes were series 1914.

        “Reagan Failed as…a Commander and Chief?” Odd you should conveniently forget he and Maggie drove the USSR out of business. Also odd you should conveniently ignore that we’re above $16 trillion in debt now. Reagan/Bush can’t hold a candle to Obama when it comes to increases of debt. But then. mathematics has never been the forte of leftists.

        You’re obviously one of those propagandists who faults presidents for doing progressive/socialist things and then says that those measures were “conservative.” Your “logic” fails miserably.

        • Dave

          Did Reagan start the policy of containment? No… That was Truman and Esienhower. Did Reagan champion arming the Afghan rebels after the Soviets invaded? No…
          Reagan did his part, just like Carter, Ford, Nixon, John, Kennedy, esienhower and Truman did. Unless you are here to say the Soviet economic model was a good one. Are you? Reagan just happened to be on watch when the music stopped.
          What Reagan did was triple our national DEBT through tax cut and spend policy, ushered in a new era of corporatism in Gov, set us on the course to have high personal debt through loosening credit rules to mask the lose of economic power by the middle class and poor due to the growing globalism.He allowed over 200 marines to die in Lebanon with no justice for those who did the act. He lied to our faces when he said we will NEVER negotiate with terrorists then he goes and sells weapons to Iran to pay for his illegal war in Central America to install out thugs to replace the old thugs.He jumped back in bed with big oil.
          Reagan was garbage. The Conservative revisionist history does not change that reality.

          • Vigilant

            Again, you’re obviously one of those propagandists who faults presidents for doing progressive/socialist things and then says that those measures were “conservative.” Your “logic” fails miserably. As does your education in history.

            BTW, you don’t get off dodging the subject so easily. “Also odd you should conveniently ignore that we’re above $16 trillion in debt now. Reagan/Bush can’t hold a candle to Obama when it comes to increases of debt.”

            You have an answer to that, or will you dodge it a second time? Alinsky tactics carry no weight here.

          • Dave

            We are above 16T in debt because Reagan thought tax cut and spend policy was a good idea (tripling the debt), Bush followed suit (doubled the debt) and Bush 2 followed Reagan’s example again (doubling the debt). Obama came into office with the worst recession in our lifetime. What happens to tax receipts in a recession? They go down… What happens to Gov spending on unemployment spending, job training spending? It goes up… Then add that to the wars Bush started in Iraq and Afghanistan and bungled badly and while they were raging the Bush tax cuts were still in place… There is the bulk of the debt under Obama. So you can say all BS you wish that you can’t substantiate with any numbers to show all this “reckless” spending Obama has caused the debt to go over 16T because all you care about are GOP talking points.

          • doktor don

            Dave, may I add that the Country has had four serious Recessions under Reagan and the Bush Family: 1987, 1991; 2001, and 2008. That’s some serious hurt, to both the American People; and the Economy.

          • doktor don

            Perhaps I can assist Dave. It is pretty clear than Nixon, Reagan, and the two Bushes, ran up the National Debt to $12 Trillion Dollars. The RW is trying desperately, to stick Obama with the remaining, $4+ Trillion. After Obama was sworn in; he stopped by the Oval Office. He found the Bush 2, Budget on the Desk. Unfortunately, for the new President, it contained a deficit of One Trillion Dollars! When the Bush Crash of 2008, occurred; one might remember that millions lost their jobs. What would a reasonable person think about what that meant in lost Personal Income Taxes at the Federal Level? It was devastating. Over Obama’s first four years; he was not able to eliminate the Bush Deficit in the Fiscal Years; thus, it was carried over for 4 years. Sad, I know; but, it was Bush’s going away present; after Crashing the Economy. Stockman has said in his Book, that No President ever, had to face the kind of Fiscal and Economic Mess that confronted Obama when he took office.

        • doktor don

          Logic has very little to do with it, my friend. It’s the FACTS – – not RW Opinions, that matter. You are right about one thing, tho; many Republicans claim to be Conservative; when, in reality, they are great Spenders and Borrowers.
          Nixon took the Nation off the Gold Standard in August, 1971; in order to loosen the Money supply; and, improve a recessionary economy before his up coming Election. For the next several years; the Country had Hell to Pay! High Inflation followed; along with Wage and Price Controls. Further, the Deficits were on a run away train. The Oil Embargo, occurred in part, because the Fed was jacking the rest of the World around, with a Floating Dollar. That action by, “Tricky Dickey;” was the first shot fired in the Currency War, that is now heating up.
          As for Reagan; Stockman tells an interesting story. Reagan was a true Patriot; but he came out of an Industry that McCarthy asserted was full of, “Commies.” It is not surprising then, that Reagan saw a, “Red,” behind every door. When Cap Weinberger became Secretary of Defense; he played on Reagan’s fears. Led by Weinberger; the, Neocons, convinced Reagan that the, “Commies,” were coming; well, at least in the form of their Nuclear Missiles. The Neocons convinced the President that Russia was preparing for a First Strike; and, that the U.S. had to develop a Strategic Nuclear Plan to Counter their efforts. The concept (no plan), was called MAD – – Mutual Assured Destruction. It was a concept that essentially communicated to the Russians: “Alright! go ahead; hit us with your best shot.” It communicated too; that we were developing a strategy to assure, that you will be destroyed as well.” Meaning, in a sense; try to find our Missiles! Without going into detail; Reagan over the years, ponied up, $1.43 Trillion Dollars to the Military and the Defense Department. Stockman alludes to two ironies here: first, a Strategic Nuclear Plan was never developed; and, instead, all the money went to hardware that is used to fight a conventional ground attack. Planes, Tanks, Ships, Rocket Launchers, and more. Can you imagine! None of these weapons of war had anything to do with a Strategic Nuclear Attack. Secondly; Stockman points out that on the Ground in the Soviet Union; the inefficient state controlled economy was already in the early throes of collapse. As for their Military Strength; In AFG, the Russians were never really able to stop Tribesmen from killing 15,000 Soldiers with RPG’s; likely supplied by the U.S. Reagan was a Patriot; and, paid great difference to the Military Brass when they assembled; but he was very naïve. Cap played him like a Fool! In the end, the Military Budget doubled under Reagan; and the National Debt skyrocketed. Characteristically, the GOP loves to Borrow and Spend. Check the record; they don’t pay for a thing!
          In Eisenhower’s last speech as he was leaving office; he warned the American People about the continuing threat of a growing, Military Industrial Complex. The Neocons used Reagan to get everything they wanted; and the Rich Contractors and Merchants of Death; made Billions and Billions of Dollars. And, since the Reagan years; that Industrial Complex has gotten stronger and stronger.
          “The Reagan Armada did do one thing: it provided the Bushes with the Military Strength, to Bully the World; and, to try out the newly developed Weapons, on the Mud Huts in the Middle East. Both Bushes were big on, “Shock and Awe;” if you remember.
          Want more; just ask.

  • mbfromwv

    Gallup is unreliable. All of the pollsters are unreliable. They have lists of people to call in order to obtain a predetermined result.

    When you walk into Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc. and find most of the merchandise marked “made in china” or some other sweatshop country, and see closed factories all across the United States, there are NO jobs being created regardless of what is being said. The EPA is killing coal mining and inexpensive domestic energy production; agricultural chemicals which worked for years are EPA banned…

    Student loans NEED to be affordable, and tuition expenses should be fully deductible to the amount actually paid…none of this $4,000 a year crap. Want to know why kids don’t learn beyond (or during) high school….the smart ones are denied because of the price tag. A mind is a terrible thing to lose. Congress has lost their minds a long time ago by selling out the United States.

    Check out the sale of Smithfield Foods to the chinese….bet we will find melamine in the hams and pork if this goes through….the FDA has already sold out….

  • Michael Shreve

    “…a majority of American small-business owners report that they are letting more employees go than they are hiring due to a number of economic factors beyond their control. ” Businesses HIRE when DEMAND requires EXPANSION. There is DECREASING demand, INCREASING taxes and COMPOUNDING regulation. Demand is no longer the PRIMARY force in the equation. Most small business are in CYA mode.

  • Robbie

    Gee, what went wrong? Those tax cut extensions to the mega rich were supposed to help them create jobs. That’s what the GOP told us anyway. Doesn’t anyone remember that nonsense? Of course the President had pointed out that the mega rich had their tax breaks for 10 freakin’ years and where did it get us. The Bush tax cuts to the richest folks didn’t work back then and it still isin’t working. Time to wake up folks.

    • Vigilant

      I’d say YOU are the one who needs to wake up. Roll back ALL the tax cuts, get rid of ALL deductions/tax shelters and tax EVERYONE at 100%, and you still won’t do beans to substantially reduce the debt.

      We are beyond the point of no return already, my mathematically-challenged friend. Tax cuts for the wealthy were/are a drop in the bucket compared to the gallons of financial relief we need to save this country.

      • Robbie

        No return? Really? The country has made a nice rebound from the near world wide economic meltdown of 5 years ago. The stock market breaks record highs almost every other day. Jobs are slowly coming back. Most citizens will have affordable health care soon. One war has been eliminated and the other is being wound down. Methinks you are overly pessimistic. Time to stop listening to the likes of Rush (and worse) and get hooked up to reality based news outlets.

        • Vigilant

          ” The country has made a nice rebound from the near world wide economic meltdown of 5 years ago.” LOL! If you believe that, then you must THANK Bush for the tax cuts which remained in place!

          Another Pollyanna, gullible, blind liberal. The stock market canard has been blown out of the water a hundred times on this site, and all you can say is “Duh!”

          How ’bout the war that’s winding up, leftie? And as for Obamacare, you’re about to see in less than a year exactly what effect that’ll have on the economy.

          P.S. I don’t listen to Rush or Hannity, and I don’t watch Fox.

          “The children who know how to think for themselves, spoil the harmony of the collective society that is coming, where everyone (would be) interdependent.” — John Dewey, 1899

          • Robbie

            Your memory is short plus you are getting the chronology wrong. First we had the Bush years and the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy that were supposed to create jobs. We got, instead, the economic meltdown. The turnaround came after the stimulus was introduced in the last days of the Bush administration and increased by Obama which saved the economy. Also now that the war in Iraq has been ended and the other one winding down literally billions of dollars a month will be saved and, of course, a vast majority of Americans are very tired of having their sons and daughters getting killed in yet another foreign land that most of them couldn’t even find on a map!

            As for John Dewey the simple fact is that we really are all interdependent. Unless one lives alone on an island out in the ocean we depend on others. No escaping that fact.

          • Vigilant

            “The turnaround came after the stimulus was introduced in the last days of the Bush administration and increased by Obama which saved the economy.”

            Absolute bunk! There IS no turnaround. Look around you. And the disaster toward which we are headed will be like NOTHING you’ve ever seen in your lifetime. But you are deaf, dumb and blind to that, as are the rest of you collectivists.

            “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of liberalism” they will adopt EVERY fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas (Former Socialist Presidential Candidate)

          • Robbie

            When do you figure this disaster will hit? Anything as horrible as you are indicating must be already looming on the horizon so you should have a pretty good idea when it will be upon us. Will it be in September? Will it be 20 years from now? 2 1/2 years from now? When exactly? And how should I prepare? Build a bunker filled with cans of tuna? Pray tell when this disaster will hit. Thank you so much. (For my part I’m pretty confident that America will be around for a good long time and probably even remain the world leader. Have a nice day… unless the disaster will be happening later this evening!

          • doktor don

            What disaster is being referenced here? Is it a Natural Disaster; the coming of Christ; a Depression-size, Collapse; or, and attack on our Country? I’m a bit confused.

            Let’s talk about the, alleged, Recovery for a minute. Ordinary Working Stiffs are not doing well. Pat Buchanan said recently, that regular workers haven’t had a wage increase in 40 years – – adjusted for inflation. Today, 24.6%, of those working; are earning $10 an hour, or less – – with little, or no benefits. Most of the jobs that have been created are in the Service Sector; again, in the $10 an hour range for the most part. I did read today, that about 500,000 Manufacturing Jobs have either been created; or were returned from abroad. Those jobs hopefully pay much better.
            Yet, we read almost daily of additional layoffs. Corporate Profits have been falling since the second Quarter of 2012. Income growth is flat for us poor people. On the other hand, the Top 5%, have been doing quite well. The Rich has had access to the Fed’s newly printed money; and they have used it to run up the Stock Market. There are few fundamentals that justify the run-up. It is pure speculation, in my opinion. Credit Card Debt is back near $1 Trillion; as is the total amount of Student Loans. They say that the Housing Market is showing signs of life – – and, that’s good! What’s not so good is that Predator, or Vulture Capitalists, are sweeping in, and buying entire neighborhoods – – in some instances. Foreigners from Canada, China, India, other Asian Nations have joined the Party. There have been instances where legitimate, first-time Home Buyers have been squeezed out of the Market because of carefully crafted unfair strategies in the buying process. About 77%, of the new housing starts are in the building of new apartment complexes. Here, again, the Rich are able to obtain low interest loans to build the apartments. For the most part; the American Dream is no longer possible for the vast, vast majority, of the American People.
            In essence, the United States is rapidly becoming a Renter; and Wal-Mart Nation. Discretionary income is all but gone, for the Hollowed Out Middle Class. The number of people living at, or near, poverty level in the Suburbs has grown over 65%, since 2002.
            Let me finish by asking posters two questions: 1. How did the Richest, and Leading Creditor Nation; become the Poorest, and Leading Debtor Nation – – all, within a period of 40 years? 2. If the Poor will always be with us; and, the Middle Class has been hollowed out; and, are on a fast track to the Poor House; and, the Government is Broke! but, on life support, with the reckless printing of money that is not worth anything; WHO HAS THE MONEY? THE COUNTRY HAS HAD ECONOMIC GROWTH – – WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, FRIENDS.

    • doktor don

      Robbie, you are right. The Bush Tax Cuts was Crony Capitalism, pure and simple. That lost Revenue amounted to a lot of money over a ten year period. And, Bush 2, got nothing for the largess; not, Job One!