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G8 Moved So World Leaders Can Avoid Angry Proles

March 7, 2012 by  

G8 Moved So World Leaders Can Avoid Angry Proles

Sensing the anger of the masses, world leaders fearing mass protests in Chicago during this spring’s G8 Summit have opted to avoid the proles altogether by moving the meeting to the Presidential compound at Camp David in Maryland.

Leaders from the United States, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K. and European Union had planned to meet in Chicago this May for the annual economic meeting. Protesters and demonstration groups, including Occupy Wall Street offshoots, were also orchestrating events to coincide with the meeting in the Windy City. But with barely two months until the event is slated to occur, the G-8 Summit is being moved to Camp David.

The White House issued the following statement on Monday:

In May, the United States looks forward to hosting the G-8 and NATO Summits. To facilitate a free-flowing discussion with our close G-8 partners, the President is inviting his fellow G-8 leaders to Camp David on May 18-19 for the G-8 Summit, which will address a broad range of economic, political and security issues. The President will then welcome NATO allies and partners to his hometown of Chicago for the NATO Summit on May 20-21, which will be the premier opportunity this year for the President to continue his efforts to strengthen NATO in order to ensure that the Atlantic Alliance remains the most successful alliance in history, while charting the way forward in Afghanistan.

Conveniently for world leaders who do not want to have to listen to the complaints of their people, the U.S. Congress recently passed HR 347, which is awaiting approval. The 1st Amendment-quashing bill will make a criminal any protesters who attempt to get near Camp David.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • JimRed

    Will the occupy morons trade OWS for OCD? I don’t think so; that gathering of new world order commies will be what they are seeking!

    And HR 347, if I’m interpreting it correctly (correct me if I’m not), would make it a crime to “disrupt” government business. That could be interpreted as disagreeing with or asking troublesome questions of public officials during their official duties.

    • Michael

      That is the way I understand it also. Where is the ACLU when the 1st Amendment continues to be shredded?

      • john

        They’ve crawled back under their rock till this is over !

      • Kathryn

        Harassing the Christians where their master Obama told them to be. They haven’t stood for civil liberties for a long time.
        A lot of long time government harassing groups are notably absent where is GreenPeace? The Sierra Club? The left wing animal rights groups? They can’t think this administration cares about animals or environment when they don’t even care about the humans.

      • restorefreedom

        Where is the ACLU anyway still only representing illegal immigrants rights??

    • Warrior

      Yes but, one really doesn’t want to have to arrest their “key” supporters. Sometimes, even progressives won’t tolerate the stench in their “diverse tent”. LMAO.

    • eddie47d

      What’s the matter Jim you won’t get the presumed riots you were hopping for with the G-8 summit being moved. This was actually a smart move by Obama in moving the Summit to a smaller venue. Hotels and restaurants in Chicago won’t be happy but just think of all the overtime dollars they won’t have to pay the police. There are few on the extreme left or the extreme right that really give a rat’s patute about Free Speech. They want the violence card to be played out to stroke their already overloaded insanity. Each side screams “tear the system down” and start with a new Utopia. “Storm Washington or bomb Iran”. The extremists on both sides may have to sit it out this time,but wait there is still the NATO Conference. That would be an excellent time for the left and the right to come together and protest the looming war in Iran. Let’s see who really is against these foreign interventions,the NWO and the Military Industrial Complex. Time to put your words where your mouths are or step aside. The time to end expansionism is now not after the bullets start flying.

    • pepper701

      Well Jim and others that continue to bash Occupiers, You need to find a common ground on the basis of the first amendment. Also you might want to check for yourself and see that the occupiers, like any group is made up of a very diverse crowd that the “lamestream” media doesn’t want you to know about. “Divide and Conquer”. I don’t agree with the”gimme people” either but this is not all of the OWS crowd, some actually DO have a clue, like End the FED. “IF you fail to protect the rights of others, you fail to protect your own rights. They want to create diversion hence “fleabaggers” and “teabaggers”. Both movements are being manipulated as our bank accounts are being robbed and our rights are being taken away.

    • traderphil

      At least the OWS folks are TRYING to do something about this criminal raping of the masses financially by the Banksters(who OWN your Govt) , which is more than most of the US “citizens”(you folks have SO many ILLEGAL immigrants in your country it is hard to distinguish real , legal, citizens anymore) do, IMHO.

  • Larrya PA

    better yet move Obama back to where he belongs Kenya

  • LAB

    Might be an opportune time to anihilate CD!

  • bsg

    It will end up saving Chicago a lot of money and damage. Hope the secret service can protect the big wigs at Camp David?

    • combat seabee

      No it won’t, you have chicago style politics to fill in the void!!!

    • 45caliber

      Actually, I’m surprised that the Chicago politicians aren’t screaming. All that foreign money coming in, being spent by politicians on expense accounts, and they can’t get a chance to put it all in their own pockets.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    We have a criminal in the white house.

  • Sirian

    This is not really all that surprising. Although, it only seems plausible that the OWS and various other groups of anarchists may very well carry out a dual demonstration tactic – Chicago & Camp David. Possible? Sure – they have plenty of Soros money to enable them to do so.

  • Steve E

    You would think Obummer would want the G8 people to meet all his buddies at OWS.

  • Jim

    Oh yeah let all these cowards that are working hard for one world government hide out behind the safety of Camp David. No guts to face the people. That is the problem now. Stupid ass protesters won’t go to where the real problems lie. They camp out where it does no good. Camp out on the roads to Camp David, camp out on the sidewalks in front of the Capitol and White House. Oh yes NATO, where we have to force them into doing anything to help us around the world. Take our troops out of Europe. The Russians are looking south toward the oil these days, not toward Europe.

    • john

      WELL SAID !

  • dagodave

    Wondering how much monies this will cost the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS-( as in the middle class)- !

    • Kathryn

      How much you got? Won’t even begin to cover it.

  • sabulaman

    Money is no object with this clown. I’m not surprised at all about moving the G8. This guy will do anything to stay a step ahead of the people. There probably would have been alot of protesting in Chicago, and his supporters would have been the ones making the most noise and embarassment.

    • eddie47d

      It’s a shame that the left has the courage and conviction to protest these events yet the right will sit back and be smug about it. Oh you’ll sit at your computer and blow alot of smoke about the Bilderbergs and Rockefellers and nary a thing will change. These G-8 controllers have your life mapped out for you yet you will do nothing until after the event is over and then go back to complaining how terrible these world leaders are. These events have been happening for decades and you’ll still be sitting in your recliner cussing at the TV or bellyaching on the Web.

    • Kathryn

      Too true. They are the first ones in line to protest, then in Nov. they’ll be first in line to vote the socialist back in.

  • Pete0097

    Camp David is the perfect place for such a meeting. Why should any city have to shoulder the burdens of any these type of meeting? Why should these leaders have to deal with protestors while they are at least giving the appearance of working? The protestors should go to the embassies or congressmens office building or the white house or the UN as these are appropriate venues for their issues.

    • cawun cents

      “Meet the new boss…….same as the old boss.”-Pete Townshend

  • glenn blackwell

    Reacting to the anger and possibility of violence, world leaders at this spring’s G8 Summit will avoid a potential hostage situation by meeting at a SECURE compound at Camp David in Maryland.

    Leaders of the United States, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the European Union planned to meet in Chicago May 2012, for the economic meeting. However demonstration groups, mock protesters, Occupy Wall Street (few that actually occupy wall street), and other vagrant loiterers planned events to just happen to be in the same area as the meeting.

    Inconveniently for world leaders, any person or persons using this crowd to carry out an assasination have not identified themselves before the fact.
    As a waste of time and money the U.S. Congress passed HR 347, which is awaiting approval. This bill that has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment, makes it a crime for any protesters, terrorists, or any other unauthorized persons to get into Camp David, with the purpose of harm. It in no way stops them from exercising their free speech of writing letters, sending texts, idiotic tweets or protesting alway from the meeting area.

    This law already exists. It is called trespassing.
    This falls under of the heading of SECURITY not another new law.
    If Occupy Wall Street people can occupy Wall Street from San Antonio, Texas…
    They can occupy Camp David from a few blocks away.

    • Kathryn

      They have a redundant law for everything don’t they. It’s illegal to kill, steal, harass people, got about everything covered, but daily are making special interest laws for special groups where none are needed.

      • 45caliber


        It always annoys me when they announce the charges for someone who commits a crime. There may be five or six charges for a single offense. And I’m sure they can select even more. Crime is supposed to be a state affair but the feds passed the “Hate Crime Law” and the “Civil Rights Laws” to be able to appeal any state verdict to a federal court so they can try someone for the same crime a second or even a third time.

  • cawun cents

    Is it hypocrisy?
    But think of it this way…….
    Many folks in the countries for which their leaders are coming to assemble,dont have the freedom to express themselves in the public arena,without suffering penalties enforced by
    angry military personnel.
    Just think of the magnanimous Mr.Obama,as extending the policies of their governments to our little patch of liberty over the pond.He wouldnt want them to have to suffer indignities here for which they do not have to suffer in their lands,and he is willing to take our right to(in the spirit of liberty for all,right?) do so away to make that happen.How polite of him.
    He wouldnt want them to have to put up with folks venting their frustration here,anymore than they have to at their home countries,right?
    My question is…..who’s rights are being protected by this administratiion?
    Ours or theirs?
    And to spare the city of Chicago…..well… very kind of him.
    Wouldnt want to soil his alma mater,would he?
    Of course not.
    I’ll bet he worked that one out with Rahm quickly dont you agree?
    When a republican president does this he is castigated by the left.
    I wonder if we will hear the voices ringing out for liberty in this case?
    I aint Holden my breath.
    So they get a peaceful place to discuss their policy over at the Camp.
    Wrapped in the opulence which we all know they so well deserve.
    Will the circus come to town to steal his thunder?
    Not today boy.
    Thanks for showing many of us your hand sirs.
    We like to think we could go all iin sooner or later and call your bluff.
    This is really just icing on the cake.
    Who is scratching who’s back here?
    It may be a bit early for some to tell.
    But others saw it all along.

  • NOBAMA2012

    Obama wants to try to paint a flowery picture for these foreign leaders, by silencing the publics outrage with Obama and NWO. If these leaders come here and witness mass protesting for them self by which none have ever seen under any other Administration, it will discredit Obama’s approval ratings among his people.

    So Obama and his administration will once again pass another unconstitutional bill into law. Obama and most of the liberals and dems have openly declared that they don’t recognize the Constitution as viable anymore. With that mentality, then in essence we have no form of “law of the land” basically just fly by night laws that are made up as we go.

    It amazes me the ignorance that has been bestowed upon this nation to not be able to see were the future of this nation is going. It is as if everyone has lose of memory and cannot look back over the past few years and see all the drastic changes to our rights and liberties and how this Administration is trying to enslave the people.

    Just wait to see what Obama does to this Country once he no longer has to worry about gaining votes, All of his sheeple who today think he is their Messiah, will be snuffed out once he no longer needs them.

    Does it not occur to people the reason he is attempting to silence them? And the ones who refuse to be silent will be put in detention centers and detained as terrorist indefinitely to get them out of his way. This H.R. 347 Bill and the NDAA and the small arms treaties, giving local law enforcement authority to impose military tactics, controlling the internet and invading individuals privacy so they can hunt out who and where their resistance is, are steps he is taking to get all his duckies in a row. There is more to come through out this year before the election by which he slowly injects into the system, because he knows there will be a huge riot after the elections. I imagine the next step is if the Government deems you a terrorist, they can seize all your assets and use the monies to build more detention centers for the future peoples who attempt to exercise their “freedom of speech”.

    Does it not alarm people of these large purported FEMA camps are being set up?

    Obama knows people of this nation has only short term memory, He does what he wants and slowly injects his poisonous enslaving agendas into this nation and it is forgotten within a few weeks by the majority who is completely oblivious to what his final agenda is. When the election is over he will strike the nation and start labeling everyone terrorists who resist just as the did and still do in China.

    • paradigmshift

      He wouldn’t have the power to do it without all of W’s signing statements! I hate to see the Democrats get ALL the blame, there is plenty to go around!

  • eric slezak

    You sure as hell can’t trust even one of thoes (offensive word removed). what we have here is the wolfs watching the hen house, All this should be televised. it’s absolute greed & POWER MUNGERS .I love this country & the whole world for that matter. there plans for us scare the (offensive word removed) out me, sure we have termendus problems that we all no i would love to no just how the hell they will fix it. all this cradle to grave b.s. needs to stop post hast. And were do we fit in all of there plans or if we are even in there plans. We live in a very scary & dangerous world. So if you pray you better be prayinng for time . God bless us all treat people with respect be responsable we all need to do are part ,yes if you breath air then you have responsability’s butt don’t just lay on you’r asses & hope it will all work it’s way out IT WONT good luck…

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    Maybe they could have it at one of the new FEMA concentration camps complete with barbed wire and armed guards.

    • Sirian

      Maybe Obummer will have it’s named changed and it will be the new “EAGLES NEST”.

  • JimH

    One of the headlines in a Chicago paper, “We could of had a G8.”

    • Today’s Word


  • jopa

    Sean Murray just had another flashback!!Sorry he moved out three years ago.

  • Marlene

    Obama, the Community Organizer, thought he had the perfect way to bring money into Thugtown, U.S.A. and give him a nice opportunity to sensuously stroke Rahm Emanuel. Then he and his G8 buddies realized that their sneaky , betrayals of their countries wouldn’t keep the masses from ripping their heads from their bodies, they decided to run off to a far safer place to hide while they conduct more treasonous business. I certainly hope Congress wises up to the fact that this group is bent on betraying their ‘masses’ and refuses to pass the bogus HR 347. What a rotten passel of cowards!

  • Thor

    Agree with the spirit of this, Sam, but have to say I don’t feel like destroying public property, blocking free access to public buildings, felonious trespass and many other crimes committed by OWS are protected by the 1st Amendment–which I think contains the phrase “the right peacefully to assemble.” When union protestors occupy state buildings and pile up garbage in the halls and block the entry of state officials to their workplace–they are far beyond the confines of the 1st Amendment, peaceful assembly and grass roots sidewalk protesting.

  • Dens

    What a golden opportunity for Iran. Heres your chance to do us all a favor Iran. You can solve a lot of this old world’s problems by demostrating just one of those nukes you dont’t have (wink, wink).

  • rodney hoff

    Nice to see the supposedly ‘elite’ of our corrupt governments are actually seen to be running scared ! and having to hide at Camp David, may they stay there in hiding for all the good that they will come up with in ways to cheat and keep power from their respective countries populations…
    This is going to end badly….. maybe time to invest in Guilotine manufacture.

  • TIME

    The question you should all be asking yourself is this: Why is it that only 3 in Congress and 2 in the Senate voted NO on the bill that takes away all of your 1st Amendment rights.

    Why did the other 530 vote to take away your alledged1st Amendment rights?

    Why is it that both houses of Congress feel that the {American PEOPLE are their
    Why is it that over 510 VOTED – YES – on the NDAA?

    Why is it that over 510 Voted Yes to keep the Patrioat Act in place?

    Now; do you really need anyone to explain this with more details to you?

    Thats why they moved the G8 its just not the right TIME to bring out the BIG GUNS, aka the hundreds of thousands of MERKS that the US Inc has hired to repress you. Oh BTW
    the very Merks that you the TAX payers are paying for………………….

    Peace and Love

    • paradigmshift

      … and the FEMA camps are stocked, manned and ready!

    • paradigmshift

      BTW- EVERY American citizen should be bombarding their Congressmen and Representative with emails and faxes, unfortunately, most people don’t even know about NDAA, and I hate to say it… they don’t care!

  • paradigmshift

    It meant something that the G8 Summit was taken away from Rham the cruel. I don’t know what it meant, but I’m sure they do. Some kind of a slap in the face… maybe!

  • stephen

    Odd, not hosting in public BUT private, why.
    Past G8,G20 riots?
    Or Occupy Movement?
    Like those elitist Brentwoods Conference for 1944 for NWO etc.
    Same deal.
    Privacy, security & No crowds.

  • s c

    Isn’t it curious how our Big Bad [but compassionate and caring and responsible] gubmint is so fricking AFRAID of the American people? Should we start with suspicious and work up to paranoid? Should we start with paranoid and try to go down the whole list?
    This criminal regime has a galloping case of “FEAR,” ladies and gentlemen. Is it something we DID, or is it something that our wannabe slavers THINK we might do?
    It’s hard to tell, when you’re apparently dealing with classic, textbook paranoids. Over-reaction would be a polite way to describe the crap we’re seeing. Irresponsible would be a good way to look at it. Nutzoid fits. So does kookoid.
    So W H E N do our spooked, useful idiots enforce a self-policing method of having themselves checked by batteries of psychiatrists? The strain on their collective nerves must be close to the breaking point. Awwwww. . .
    Prescription drugs to the rescue! And it won’t hurt a bit – honest.


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