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Full Belly Starvation

May 28, 2012 by  

Full Belly Starvation
Poor people will eat nutrition-empty but filling foods to avoid “hunger.”

World domination by the elite doesn’t come by force but by deception. People can repel force but they are defenseless against deception.

The ruling elite is a small number of families who have ruled the world for 1,000 years. They are not Christians or benevolent rulers. They are merciless and Malthusian despots who demand blood sacrifice from the deceived humanity. They use psychopathic bureaucrats and politicians to carry out their deception and systematic oppression.

A constant and ongoing theme of the elite is that the Earth is overpopulated. They say that unless population growth comes under control, population overgrowth is a time bomb leading toward world disaster very soon. What is the plan to control the “population explosion?” Of course, this is a myth; but it’s a well-indoctrinated fear of the population.

At least one of the plans for population control is to create worldwide full belly starvation: nobody hungry, but everybody starving. What an oxymoron! You will be surprised that it is not an oxymoron.

Oh, there are many ways and means to accomplish worldwide starvation. One is developing genetically modified seeds (GMO) for world food control under Monsanto Co. Others are financial repression and unofficial destruction of the currency that create an impoverished population that is forced to eat nutrition-empty but filling foods to avoid “hunger.”

Then there is the megatrillion-dollar pharmaceutical/medical monopoly creating mass sickness and death with “modern medical care.” What a cruel hoax to put upon a deceived and desperate humanity!

But our purpose today is to focus on full belly starvation. This is the apex of the deception of the ages. This deception of full belly starvation is based on the fact that the standard American diet is high in calories and very low in nutrition. This is the diet that builds an obese population, a sick population, and — above all — ensures an early death.

Think for a minute. Early death for any reason is purely and simply population control.

Yes, our standard American diet means early death caused by low nutrition or malnutrition.

If you, dear reader, are worried that what I write is an oversimplification, please stay with me. I am talking about food and nutrition science. What appears to be obvious is apparently the grossest deception of the ages.

The overpowering solution to the standard American diet of high-calorie, low-nutrition food is the vegetarian diet, which is very high in nutrition and very low in calories.

What are the attributes of a diet very high in nutrition and very low in calories?

  • It will reverse obesity and reverse diseases including killer diseases.
  • It is not a fad diet. It is really a new way of eating and is sustainable for new health and long life.
  • Hunger is not associated with this diet because it sustains the body for long periods without constant snacking and eating.
  • The American standard diet is devitalized food. This is the formula for sickness, chronic disease and early death. This was the basis of the well-publicized and well-known American food pyramid.
  • The vegetarian diet is tasty, delicious and filling.
  • The standard American diet is acidic (as measured by pH).

The progressive acidification of the body brings early death. The vegetarian diet is alkaline, and it is the diet for health and longevity. Disease thrives on acidity. Death is full-body acid saturation. The world population can be controlled and contained with high-calorie, low-nutrition foods and, at the same time, feed the medical establishment with sickness and disease.

My friends, this is a new paradigm that can bring new and vibrant health to Americans while destroying 80 percent of the useless so-called health system. It would wreck the pharmaceutical cartel and free Americans from controlled “healthcare” if enough people did it. It would put trillions of dollars back into the pockets of Americans.

This subject is way too important and too complex to be covered in this brief essay. All who want to learn more should start by ordering the DVD “Forks Over Knives” for an orientation. (I do not profit from this in any way beyond the satisfaction of knowing you are learning about true health.) It is available from as well as many other sources. It will, I guarantee, change your life and those with whom you share it.

There is a world of good information available on the subject on the Internet and in books and DVDs. Please let us hear from you if you know of any good sources.

Raw Milk Nazis

The California raw milk Nazis have moved from gradualism to force since many Americans are now divesting themselves of conventional wisdom and experiencing an awakening about nutrition.

The Los Angeles County (Calif.) health department is now sending teams door to door to threaten and intimidate customers who have legally purchased raw milk from Organic Pastures Dairy.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures told that the California Department of Food and Agriculture ordered his dairy to recall raw milk after complaints of illness from campylobacter, a common bacterial cause of diarrhea, found in raw milk purchased from Organic Pastures and other farms. During the recall, CDFA acquired Organic Pastures’ customer list due to an employee mistake.

Following the recall, tests from CDFA and an independent lab showed levels of pathogens in the milk from Organic Pastures were well within accepted California levels.

The raw milk from Organic Pastures is legally sold and legally purchased. Still, representatives of the CDFA have contacted some of Organic Pastures’ customers through telephone calls and by making home visits in an effort to remove raw milk from their homes.

What is the truth about fake milk (pasteurized) and real raw milk straight from the cow? The way dairies completely convert healthy raw milk to a synthetic non-food is by cooking the milk (under the pretense of purity, cleanliness and shelf life). Doing so changes the milk from a potent allergen (a substance that builds natural immunity to allergies) to the most common allergy (disagreeable sensitivity).

Pasteurization kills the good bacteria in raw milk and destroys the all-important bone-forming enzyme alkaline phosphatase. This substance is sold as milk, but the only similarity to it and raw cow’s milk is that it is white.

Milk Nazis have already conducted armed raids on raw milk distributors. Are armed raids on raw milk consumers — who so far have refused to turn over their milk to the milk Nazis — far behind?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • WOLF

    Any milk is not healthy. Why promote any type? stop drinking milk. lose weight.

    • Tom W.

      Sacred Ground

      This sacred ground, deserves my all
      No less for God, or freedom’s call
      If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

      It was purchased with the blood of Patriots,
      consecrated for liberty
      Protected, through the generations,
      Now the future rests with me

      This sacred ground, deserves my all
      No less for God, or freedom’s call
      If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

      Who will answer the call for warriors,
      Who will be there at the battle line
      Who will lift up a prayer for courage,
      Who will bury me if I die?

      This sacred ground, deserves my all
      No less for God, or freedom’s call
      If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

      If I should die, watch o’er my family,
      But brother shed no tears for me
      For I will be among the angels,
      Who’ve given all to keep all free

      This sacred ground, deserves my all
      No less for God, or freedom’s call
      If my life, be laid down,
      Let it be on sacred ground

      In memory of my uncle Earl Benjamin Kresen who went MIA on 11/29/1950 in N Korea, I’ve always been a romanic and would like to believe that he found the girl of his dreams over there and just decided to renounce his citizenship.

      HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYBODY!!! Honor our fallen heros today as you celebrate the GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF FREEDOM that unfortunately, BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN HAD TO DIE TO DEFEND!!!

      “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13 (KJV)

      • Robert Smith

        What about food irradiation?


      • OneGuess

        RC, you are such a mutt. Get a life.

  • Michael J.

    According to Wikipedia,

    “Proponents of raw milk (meaning milk that has not been pasteurized or
    homogenized) credit it with having more beneficial bacteria and enzymes than its processed counterpart. However, raw milk cannot be preserved for a long time and its disadvantages may exceed its benefits. In fact, raw milk is far more likely to contain harmful microbial contaminants, and pasteurization is the only effective way of killing most pathogen bacteria.[14] On the other hand, raw milk does contain antimicrobial properties,[15] which are destroyed with the heat of pasteurization,[16] along with many of the vitamins within the milk itself.[17] Raw milk consumption has also been shown to positively influence the immune system’s resistance to the development of asthma, hay fever, and atopic sensitization, although the mechanism is not entirely understood.[18]”

    It seems important that people consuming raw milk learn all the pro’s and the con’s surrounding shelf life and potential side effects. Knowledge lost to us, but part of everyday survival to our ancestors must be reaquired hastily to insure there is a future for humanity.

    • coal miner

      Very good Michael J.

    • independant thinker

      In a past issue (I’m not sure which one but perhaps December) Mother Earth News had a very good article that covered raw milk and pasteurized milk. It also covers the difference in the way milk is pasteurized now and how it was done originaly.

    • Deep Sea

      Michael J:
      Wiki is wrong on this one, raw milk stays fresh under refrigeration at least as long as, and possibly longer than pasteurized does, at least in every test (admittedly non-scientific) I’ve conducted in my own fridge LOL. I didn’t drink commercial milk for 35 years, til 2008 when a lovely lady (shout out to Suze!) from the Westin Price Foundation (re)introduced me to raw, fresh milk, with cream on top. I make kefir and yogurt now, and consume about a half gal. per week that way. Never been healthier. I suspect that there are subtle energetic components of raw milk that are destroyed or altered by processing, energies of the Spirit realm, however you conceive of that realm, Akashic, energetic, vibrational, whatever. These subtle energies work healing on a higher plane than our ordinary day to day existence, and that “spiritual healing” is the first step of “physical” healing. We should know the origin of everything we eat, and we should eat with gratitude and respect for the animals and plants that provided our sustenance.

      “..Proper nutrition is the backbone of long lived spiritual serenity”. Agreed! Without health, our spirits cannot be centered and at peace, causing more stress on our physical bodies, and more ill-ness in a negative feed-back loop, a loop that feeds straight into the Pharmo/Medico industrial Complex. Our corporate masters feed us de-vitalized food to keep us sick-ly, then prescribe their nostrums to “treat” the dis-eases caused by a poor diet. We’re bred like sheep to power the profit-mills of Glaxo-Smith-Kline and Monsanto. Time to free your minds, Folks. It’s time for all of us to start researching what constitutes “Health” instead of “Dis-ease”, fire our doctors, break the back of Agri_Biz, and take charge of our own health in every way we can. Growing some of your own food is a good place to start. A very tiny urban garden, even window boxes and containers, can grow some herbs and veggies, fresh and natural and healthy, with the side benefit of a reconnection with the natural world that nourishes our spirits as it heals our bodies. If city living means you can’t grow your own, find the Farmers Markets near you and get to know the farmers who sell there, make a connection, buy from them, visit their farms, get some cows#%t on your boots. The closer you are to what goes in your body, the more good it will do you.

    • Karolyn

      How about just using common sense? As long as the cows are fed properly and kept clean, there is absolutely no reason to forego raw milk. I just wish I could get some instead of having to drink that white colored liquid with vitamins added because there’s nothing else in it. We are fortunate in that SC does allow purchase of raw milk; however, I live some distance from the dairy region and would have to take a day off just to get milk each week – maybe when my full-time job is done I will do that! :-)

    • MB

      Man-kind has survived, indeed thrived for the 6000 years of recorded history on natural milk. Pasteurization as applied to milk on a commercial scale is only ably 60 years old. So ask yourself what is natural? COOKED milk, or that which is truly natural, straight from the cow?

      For an eye-opening look & long history, including medical testimony on the health benefits of natural milk vs the dis-ease from cooked milk, may I recommend “The Milk Book” by William Campbell Douglass, MD. Its original title: “The Milk of Human Kindness is Not Pasteurized.”

      Btw, I believe the majority of the battle is in the terminology. “Raw” makes it sound dangerous. However, “natural” vs “cooked” puts the battle on their side. Who thinks cooked milk is “natural”? No one! If we play the game on their terms, we lose.

      I raised my children on natural milk, made butter, got buttermilk as an added benefit, made yogurt, clotted cream (can only be made from natural milk) & more. Sadly, I no longer have access to natural milk & the cooked stuff from the store makes us I’ll, so we avoid it.

    • Bimbam

      Ever heard of CLABBER MILK? Raw milk left unrefigerated gets NATURALLY sour and still can drink it. Possibly more healthy that way.

      Pastuerized milk left unrefigerated gets ROTTEN!!!

  • Michael J.

    Monsanto conditions your body to contract disease, then you are handed over to Big Pharma to finish you off while realizing huge profit.

  • Michael J.

    Genetically Modified Organisisms for the world’s peasantry, Heirloom seeds for the Elite.

    Bill Gates publicly praises the work of Monsanto GMO’s, while storing non GMO seeds exclusively for elites. Double standard?

    • Doctor Mom

      Michael J…Thank you for the link about the Doomsday Seed Project.

    • Cathy Michael J.

      I’ve been trying to tell people for years now, Bill Gates isn’t the nice guy they think he is…He’s a monster of the worst kind. Not only is he promoting those GMO seed crops to kill us off ahead of the norm, he’s also seeing to it our highly skilled engineers get put out to pasture while he hires in mostly H1b & L1 Visa workers from India. This country has so many damn good engineers not finding jobs right now, yet all the attention is on bringing in more and more of these low payed workers. “BUT WAIT ON THAT ONE OK”. Low pay they say…Oh, are you in for a shocker on that one. How much money do you think it cost to live out in Silicon Valley, CA, and do you really think anyone being paid in peanuts as claimed can live here? Thing is, many of these imported workers are getting free rent and pre-loaded credit cards issued to them, loaded back in India where they don’t have to pay fee’s and such. How about these visa worker getting rewarded with fully paid family vacations to Hawaii should they get some project accomplished below budget by slave driving other, either here or back home to get the job done for Mr. wonderful. You’d be hard up to pass by and Rotten Apple corporate building out here without seeing thousands upon thousands of the foreign workers. The parking lots are overflowing with brand new sparkling cars belonging to these workers, cars not coming off a Craigs list spcial of the day. “Peanuts huh? You believe that one, well you can go get yourself some of those GMO seeds he’s selling you. We, the Anerican people are getting the screws put to us, yet we don’e even know it.

      • Debi

        I think most people kno it deep down but no one knows what to do about it,and the rest are sleeping. They look awake but they are in a deep sleep. You’de have to be to not see whats going on around them. This goes alot deeper than just food and medical. I watched Ethos on Netflix and it scared the h— out of me. We’re all in trouble,where do u turn when the only ones u can turn to are the ones causing the problems?

        • Katrael

          Debi, there are options but most people won’t be willing to take advantage of them even if they were aware that there is a problem. I agree with your assessment that many look like they are awake but are really sound asleep.

  • Louis Lemieux

    There are pros and cons about pasteurized milk but without pasteurization no doubt some people would die every year.

    • Karolyn

      Louis – Without pasteurization, more people would live longer, healthier lives! Think of all the sick and dieing people due to food additives and medications!

    • DaveH

      It doesn’t matter, Louis, whether you’re correct (doubt it) or Karolyn’s correct. What matters is that we have free choice to decide for ourselves what we put in our own bodies, Free of the Force of busybody Progressives.

  • Frank G

    Why mess up your autoimmune system with cows milk when you can have any kind of milk made from grains and it will be good for you?

    • Karolyn

      As long as it isn’t soy milk. I know I’ve read where people are really not meant to drink milk; however, it tastes so good; and raw milk does supply some great immune boosters.

      • JUKEBOX

        I have been on the Budwig Diet for nine weeks now for an alternative treatment of cancer.
        It eliminates all dairy, with the exception of cottage cheese, which converts to a positive product with the addition of flax seed oil. It is a difficult diet, but for a cancer treatment that does not depend on chemo or radiation therapy, I am willing to try it.

      • Karolyn

        Jukebox – Have you heard of hemp hearts? I just found out about it. Hasn’t TIME had experience with fighting cancer naturally using hemp? I believe I remember him posting about it.

      • TIME

        Dear Jukebox,

        Please Google the following intel; { Run from the Cure the Rick Simpson story.}

        It worked for me, I also used the next one along after I finished this treatment.

        Google; the benifits of H2 02

        You’re dead on with “UN natural” – sugar products and junk foods. “FRESH food” made Fresh daily,

        If you have any questions please feel free to let me know I will try and point you in the right direction.

        Good Luck – Please – don’t toss the baby out with the bath water due to its rather odd nature.

        Peace and Love

      • Karolyn

        TIME – Thanks for posting that info. I am always interested in material about natural healing and try to impart knowledge to people I know. Whether they listen or not is their problem, but I try.

      • Craig

        Jukebox, Budwig heal thousands of people with her diet. Stick with it. The AMA was going to sue her and drop the suit because they would be exposed.

      • hawkeye10

        Jukebox; It is said that lemons will kill cancer cells. Also it is recommended to freeze lemons and grate the whole thing peels and all onto your foods, such as salads, soups, beverages, etc. The peel is high in vitamin c, and the white part of the peel is high in bioflavenoids which are also very good for you. The peel has more vitamin c content than the juice. Thank God for lemons.

  • Floyd

    I was a pole vaulter for a big ten university.

    I asked the coach if I should eat like the runners did.

    He asked me what I ate.

    I told him a pizza per day.

    He said you should eat anything you want–I will take care of your weight.

    He wasn’t kidding–440′s in the outside lane with the pole.

    4% body fat Bunky.

    It should be clear to everyone by now it is not the food.

    What happened to dodge ball?

    • Michael J.

      A pizza a day might work fine while you’re in your twenties, keep doing it till your fifty and we’ll read about it in your obit.

      • Chester

        Mike, as long as he keeps working like he is doing under that coach, he will have little problem with his weight. There may be some cholesterol problems, but that will have to be checked out by one of those people you hate worse than a corporate, or even large family farmer, a doctor.

      • JUKEBOX

        Elimination of processed sugar and gluten is the key to cancer prevention, diabetes,and many other maladies, including obesity.

      • Billy

        I would think that pizza would be a very healthy food combination, ketchup is a very good cancer fighter. If you are troubled with cancer, I think that a vegetable diet is a must.

    • DaveH

      It takes time, Floyd, for bad eating habits to destroy our bodies, just as it takes time for bad politics (Progressive) to destroy our country’s economy.

    • Pete0097

      When I ran track ( hurdles, high jump) I could not eat enough to keep my body weight up. Now in my 50′s I eat and i have trouble getting weight back down no matter how little i eat (3 meals a day I know about starvation weight issues) the weight stays the same.

  • gerryrichard

    it isnt what you put into the body that defiles the temple,its what comes out of a wicked heart that defiles…so much needless concern over food….

    • Michael J.

      Utter Twit Twatter.
      Proper nutrition is the backbone of long lived spiritual serenity.

      • TIME

        Dear Michael,


      • ReadBeforePreach

        Luke 12:

        29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.

        30 For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.

      • Karolyn

        AMEN! Isn’t your body supposed to be your temple?

    • cawmun cents

      I couldnt have said it any better.
      But Jesus did say that folks would be concerned with these things,not understanding that it is God who holds the key to their longevity.
      Remember Jim Fix?
      Remember George Burns?
      Nutri-nazis bug me on a scale that American socialists do.But they are even worse,becuase they dont even have the courtesy to give God his due,unlike American socialists who at least perceive themselves as doing humanity a kindness on Gods behalf.

      • independant thinker

        Reminds me of a Shel Silverstine song called “your still gonna die”. Here is one verse.

        “But remember that for all your pain and gain
        Eventually the story ends the same…
        You can quite smokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
        Cut out cokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
        Eliminate everything fatty or fried,
        And you get real healthy, but you’re still gonna die.
        Stop drinkin’ booze, you’re still gonna die.
        Stay away from cooze, you’re still gonna die.
        You can cut out coffee and never get high,
        But you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.”

      • Karolyn

        cc – The FACT is that if people took proper care of their bodies, we could have a lot fewer problems in this country – like the healthcare (HA!) system. Americans are the fattest people in the world.

    • Mike

      Yeah, why bother with food at all. Just drink lots of water and breathe deeply.

      Better consider who gave Adam and Eve the original healthy diet.

      • Karolyn

        Actually, Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life supplements, has a book called “The Maker’s Diet” based on original diet.

      • daniel

        Karolyn like rubin who wrote the book the Makers Diet I have crohns disease. While the book is a good start in learning nutrition associated with this disease as well as an introduction to nutrition for those not educated I would also add it is too expensive to follow.
        As valuable as health is if you can’t afford to feed your family what is the use? Use the book as a first step to proper nutrition. Also at the end of the book all of these terrific products come up for sale and guess who sells them including the “black dirt”? His reasons for writing the book are not as altruistic as he wants you to believe.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Read the whole Bible and apply its precepts correctly so you don’t slander God before the unbelievers.

      • nc

        Nad, I was thinking the same thing about just reading the Bible and forget about storing seeds! Just pray for MANNA! Surely if God would do the manna thing for the Jews ( the other Palestinians) he would do it for all the good worshippers here in the good Old USA! He blessed our Constitution, so THEY say, so surely he would throw a little bread our way in a time of need> If you can believe in Revelations miracles you can believe in Exodus miracles!
        We will promise not to bi**h like the Jews did because it did not come in different flavors who wanted to go back to Egypt where they could get it in TUTTI FRUTTI!

        I am surprised that Mr Livingston didn’t see manna as the answer for the Bible wavers who contribute to his cause! I am not sure about the fat content of manna but that is a moot point when the Ryan budgets kills all the regulatory agencies and 700,000 to 1million other jobs held by Americans! Won’t it be great fun to watch that suffering by the families of those laid off??? Well, it just people!!

      • DaveH

        Listen to that. NC ragging on somebody for their unfounded beliefs when he believes in Progressivism which has been an experiential failure around the world.
        Seek help, NC.

  • onlineghostwriterforhire

    Awesome Blog! Bravo! Keep up the good work!

  • boyscout

    It seems that the evil raw milk has had its day after eons of supporting human health, and that those organic fools that produce it today (yes, some states still allow for this) are required to have healthy cows without the use of hormones and antibiotics. And, worst of all, if acquired in its inconvenient un-homoginized condition, it requires the gruesomely horrendous task of hand shaking the bottle. Who has the energy – or time? Pasteurization is a wonderful process that kills germs, and since factory style milk producers pump their short-lived animals with so many healthy production enhancing inject-able “supplements,” the majority develop puss producing mastitis which yields extra volume to the product. A true Win – Win for all.
    And, although bovines have evolved (Creationists, please disregard this reference) to survive on a high cellulose diet of grasses, filling their rumens (Sp ?) with GMO grains has proven a fantastic way to keep them diuretic. This provides a perfect excuse for more antibiotics which, in turn, helps our friends in in big Pharma and so, in turn, stimulates our flourishing economy. Who cares about germ resistance anyway?
    Anyone care to hear how the mean old pyramid collapsed into a healthily proportioned plate ?

  • Henry Ledbetter

    AMEN TO YOUR ARTICLE. Pastuer confessed on his death bed that he was wrong and yet modern medIcine comes from him. Tomorrow I will go to preach a funeral for my brother in law that was 85, living by himself and on Thursday of last week was driving his car but fell on Friday. Saturday morning they did exploratory surgery and declared his small intestine dead, They sewed him back up and within a couple hours he was dead. I am convinced that our foods are killing us and Bob is on the right track with his article. I have confronted one of our Senators about genetic engineering at a town hall meeting recently but all he could say was that he had no desire for having a replica of himself. I agreed that this would be good but he has no knowledge of a Monsanto agenda. I find our soil is also missing the minerals our bodies need for good health. PRAY FOR GOD’S WISDOM IN DEALING WITH THESE PROBLEMS..

    • Mike

      I’m glad you mentioned that. It triggered a memory.

      Long ago I was investigating how to enrich the soil of my garden. I learned that garden fertilizers (commercial that is) leach out certain critical chemicals, I think it was sodium salts, from the soil so we have to keep adding more of what was removed. Commercially grown foods are now grown on large scale farms that have come to rely heavily on commercial “fertilizers” which tend to be just more chemicals. Ancient Israelis were ordered to let the land rest at least every seven years so it could regenerate nutrients. Today’s commercial farmers cannot afford to do that, it is their paycheck.

      There is a farmer John north of the city of Caledonia, IL, who has been working hard since about 1990 to make his farm into an organic farm that avoids all chemicals and strives to improve soil quality because he learned the disadvantage of forcing the soil to be productive.

      In another unrelated article, I learned that selenium is one compound the body needs in order to process vitamins from food. Too little selenium and vitamins are not properly absorbed. Our soil today is deficient in this much needed nutrient so we have to supplement it with (gasp) laboratory produced, chemical selenium. I know most of the readers strive to avoid adding chemicals to their diet but I highly recommend adding selenium to your diet so you can extract what few vitamins there are in your food. Look for an organic version.

      • TTom

        Mike, You may not realise just how far commercial fertilizers go to depleting the nutrients in the soil. Growing up on a small “real” farm I can remember when my father used both cow manure and commercial fertilizer in a true side by side test, 40 acres of CF and 40 acres of manure. At harvest time, the 40 acres of maure ground produced a minimum of 10 bushels to the acre more. That was with the exact same variety of seed on both acres and the same weed control treatments.
        To this day I follow in my fathers footsteps. I use true organic fertilizer, aka manure, and heritage, non GMO/Hybrid, seeds. And I will fight any who try to stop me.

    • Karolyn

      OMG! It appears your senator is sorely out of touch, and I would imagine a lot of them are, unfortunately. I keep writing to them to educate them, though.

      • JUKEBOX

        For once, I agree with you. Most of our Senators are motivated by the contributions of major agriculture corporations.

  • Suzanne

    I disagree with only one point: the vegetarian diet. Human beings cannot be healthy without protein any more than they can thrive without fruits and vegetables. Although some do well without animal protein most do not. I have known vegetarians who were weak, sickly, and overweight. Balance is the key.
    Avoid sugar like the plague. It is completely devoid of nutrition and leads to obesity.
    Today’s fruits and vegetables are raised in largely demineralized soils and do not contain all of the nutrients necessary to maintain optimum health. The bottom line? Raise as much of your own food as possible. Don’t use chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides. Compost to improve soil quality. Buy heirloom, organic seeds while they are still available and save seeds after every growing season. Collect rainwater for irrigation. Learn to can and preserve. If possible, raise chickens for meat and eggs.
    Our food supply is extraordinarily vulnerable. No one should count on being able to buy food from a store indefinitely. Everyone should strive for some degree of food self-sufficiency.

    • Chester

      Suzanne, did you ever hear of the idea of moderation? Most things are good for you if used in moderation, not too much and not too little. Today, too many people insist on too much food to feed their too large bodies. Unless you are doing hard physical labor, it doesn’t take five thousand calories a day to keep you alive, yet all too many of our people wouldn’t know how to exist on twenty five hundred. It isn’t that they would be starving so much as it is they wouldn’t be getting what they are told they want by “people” such as McDonalds and Burger King.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Great advise if you live out where all of the city ordances don’t stop you from raising chickens or have a yard big enough to grow your own food and don’t say put little boxes around the house or on you window sills. Hundreds of millions are stuck in small apartments or row housing with no place to grow food and if this Govrnment is doing what I know there doing we will have a shut down of our whole system and they will have complete control, Heir Obamination has been training his own army of Brown shirts just like Hitler and our Liberals in our Military with a little help from the million or so Muslims that have poured over our borders in the last 2 1/2 years and the Black Panthers Who have been rattling their sabours for the last 3 1/2 years with our Half Breed Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Communist President who has tried to get a race war going so he can legally call Martial Law on the American People and complete his Sunni Muslim Communist agenda.

      • independant thinker

        “Hundreds of millions are stuck in small apartments or row housing with no place to grow food…”

        While I agree with your point overall unless you are in a windowless apartment you can grow something if only a pot of herbs for seasoning or a few onions etc.

    • awakeandinformed

      Good morning Suzanne; don’t forget, beans are a great source of protein, as is spinach.

    • Karolyn

      Add eggs to that if the diet is not vegan, and you add the food with the most complete protein. Beans and legumes also have protein.

    • Congress Works For Us

      While I am by no means a vegetarian, I have less issue with people who follow such a diet (which allows dairy and egg consumption, etc.) than those misguided fools who follow a vegan diet…

    • Billy

      You can get all the proteins that you need from beans, legunes.

      • Katrael

        Billy, you especially can get enough protein from vegetable sources if you don’t denature(cook) them. All of that beef we eat got it’s protein from vegetable sources and when it doesn’t the cattle develop “mad cow disease” because it wasn’t meant to eat animal products.

  • TIME

    Dear Bob,

    What a super blog! Thanks, I agree with you, we eat foods we get from local farmers. We also have a local Hippy lady who makes breads and yogurt etc. for us.

    When we were on the road in the past and eat at local restaurant’s where ever we have gigs etc. { I always feel hungry no matter what I eat}. Also less energy, etc..

    So – over the last number of years we have been bringing foods with us when we take shorter trips, my aid has foods lined up from local farmers etc when we travel on longer trips now, the good news is since we started that I feel much better.
    It also cost about the same so its no big deal.

    Also I never drink soft drinks and never did, nor any form of bottled drinks etc.

    Again Bob Super blog! God bless you dude for telling the TRUTH.

    Peace and Love

  • awakeandinformed

    Listen up guys, these people know what’s going on. If you don’t have the time or inclination to read, Prison Planet and Info Wars are also great sources of info. Jones can be a pain, but his guests are fabulous, and you can get the show free here on the net. Just click on the Windows Media button at the end of the written description of the daily guest.
    Coast to Coast is another good one. On the radio late at night here in the SW, so it probably starts in the early evening for those of you ‘back east’. They had a guest the other night who was talking about the FDA. Last night, they had Jim Marrs on. I turned it on late, but I guess some people were sending in nasty emails over the fact that Marrs is telling people a much differant history than what they learned in school. Like this website points out, we’re watching the result of what was laid out years ago unfolding now..

    • speedle

      Yeah, and be sure and have your tin foil hats tuned in on the correct frequency so you don’t miss details of the latest UFO abduction. Come to think of it these Malthusian families causing all this are probably aliens.

      • Karolyn

        Don’t knock aliens unless you have proof they don’t exist; and the may not be from outer space but from a different dimension. Expand your mind a little speedle. Anything that cannot be proven otherwise, can exist.

      • DaveH

        Attacking somebody for ideas that you can’t disprove puts you squarely in the tinfoil hat category.

  • http://na Roger Connor

    Paranoia strikes the uneducated again. Half-truths equals conspiracies.

    The reason its called pasteurization, for example, is because Louis Pasteur discovered that boiling the milk stopped a number of people from getting a number of diseases including smallpox.

    One should read about the problems with disease, in the US, as well as the rest of the world just since the War Between The States -or i you prefer more recently, World War II.

    Genetic manipulation has been ongoing for centuries- it’s the reason we have corn (Zea maize) to eat, instead of the grain of a small grass from Central America. You might want to look up the work Luther Burbank did on making better, more hardy and nutritious vegetables; potatoes for example.

    However, it is true that overpopulation is a problem and was predicted to be so by Malthus, although we have a long way to go before we reach his predicted end result.

    The individual has the ability to make choices in education, lifestyle, and diet, which will directly affect longevity, general health, wealth, and ultimately, happiness. Most people (me included) are simply too lazy to make the effort to maximize our potential.

  • Carolyn

    Wow! Incredible ‘truth-telling’!

    And the comments are excellent too. Michael J. … Incredible!

    I only consume milk in my latte, but think it’s silly to drink milk from a different species … what other species does that!

    Growing our own food is absolutely the only way! But I’m not in a place to do it. Anyone in VA, who would allow me to rent some of your garden plots for growing some veggies? : )

    Write me at

    Thank you all!


  • Euskaldun

    All in all, this is one of the silliest articles I have ever read. It is shot full of absurdities (a cabal of elite conspriators is deliberately decimating the world’s population by using the trickery of “empty calories” food and using the “obesity epidemic” created thereby to create a debilitated populace) and the evil large corporations are complicit in this, the medical profession is in cahoots, the drug companies are in league with the conspirators.

    Well, Bob, why is it that the mortality rate has fallen for years, and we are living far longer than our ancestors? My father will be 99 years old next month; when he was born the average lifespan for men was under 60 years.

    The major problem with the developed counties is the rapidly increasing number of older people and the young couples not reproducing at the necessary replacement rate.

    Methinks you probably think the Zionists are behind the whole alleged “Full Belly Starvation” conspiracy, the 9/11 attacks, the “war on terror”, all the wars from WWI forward, etc…oh, those evil Jooos!

    • boyscout

      The mortality rate has fallen because the mother / child death rate has dropped considerably with modern obstetrics. Our cave dwelling ancestors actually live longer. Want citations? Get off that fat-body butt and do your own research.

      • Euskaldun

        What! Our ancestors were lucky to live to be 40!

        For centuries people lived hand-to-mouth, and disease and malnutrition kiiled many before adulthood.

        For your info, I do not have a “fat butt”, and am probably in far better health than the average 76-year-old…I walk 3 to 5 miles a day and eat a healthy diet…

        You are truly misinformed if you think lifespans have not incresed markedly in the past 100 years…yeah, in spite of all those “doctored” foods…and the pernicious corporations and evil medical profession…


    • DaveH

      We live longer largely because of better sanitation and much better access to nutritious food than our rugged ancestors had, thanks to capitalism.

  • Bill

    I’ve thought this for sometime. I’m not the brightest bulb in the sockrt but the ones that are know they can manipulate to control certain types of population including a spoiled and greedy one. Aha the American public. We’ve inundated with propaganda (advertising) about what to eat and what not to eat by government people and health ‘professionals’. The same goes for fast food companies pushing just the opposite. In fact each time governemnt types come up with a reason to cut back on sizes and certain types of food the fast food giants make portions larger and add items with blast advertising. And of course the avid greedy population pounces to the fast ood sites because ‘the governemnt cant tell me what to eat or how much to eat’ Of course that’s exactly the response governemnt wants. Better wake up stupid (the American public)!!!

    • FreedomTrain

      And the Governmnint School Food Police as in the case of the mother who sent a healthy lunch along with her pre-schooler, only to have the Food Police confiscate it and make the child eat one of the government Politically Correct Healthy Meals that included CHICKEN McNUGGETS.

      • Billy

        Tell me the contents of chicken nuggets. I will not eat chicken nuggets.

  • Sam

    The problem with this theory is we are living longer.

    • sesame

      Good Point! Of course, a lot of folks nowadays are eating more wholesome foods too. Then again, we are also taking more drugs to keep our blood pressure down. Many Americans prefer pills to walking.

      • Euskaldun

        Sesame, many people eat healthy foods and exercise; I am one of them. Some of us are genetically predisposed to atheroscleosis and high blood pressure, so medications to control such are a blessing.

        I had low cholesterol and blood pressure until I reached my 50′s; unfortunately “father time” caught up with me then, and I needed medication to supplement a healthy diet and exercise. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

      • Karolyn

        ere are many supplements to help with blood pressure and cholesterol. Do you know what the medications are doing to you? Lately, statins are being found to be very bad for people.

      • Michael J.

        Americans have been living longer, it’s the next generation that’s predicted to have a shorter lifespan.

        Notice that this is a government prediction. Do they have inside information? This isn’t the same country you grew up in.

    • Chetan Lutah

      Yes, we are living longer but are we living better? IMO, there are far worse things than dying. Quantity of life is what is being tracked as measures of civilization or our triumph over historical disease processes. Is there a measure of quality of life? I know there are but is anyone up to discussing how to improve that? Yes, pasteurization prevents some bad things but does it destroy a whole lot more very good things? Is there a balance to be struck? What about the spiritual qualities of food…..?

      We’ve been sold a “more, better, bigger, faster” line of consumerism BS by the establishment for so long most can’t even conceive of anything else. That’s the stuff that comes out of most liberal arts schools and certainly today’s business leaders who HAVE TO HAVE the MBA to continue to advance and meet their own “more, better, faster, bigger” goals. There DO exist tiny pockets of plain folks that reject the ideals of consumerism but they are often looked down on as insignificant and even made fun of because of their simple ways. But, from my experience, closeness of community and closeness of spirit are inseparably interwoven. Who is better off? Can we regain our sense of spirit and decency so that the myths of eternal growth and consumption can be seen for what they are?

  • Spyder dalton

    They are using agent orange as a pesticide now on genetically engineered foods and attacking organic food producers. That should be all you need as proof. I personally saw the effects of going on a vegan diet of no processed foods only organic “green” food.
    I have photgraphs that prove in only 2-1/2 weeks this diet cleared my red blood cells from stroke level cholesterol, a rare cancer, and stress with no meds, nutrients, radiation or chemo. Watch the video Fork over Knives. You will be shocked how true this article is.
    Also fire retardant is in your soda as well as baby matresses, bedding, etc. A top cancer
    causing toxin. Get educated. Google microwaves and cancer… Anything and cancer… It will change your life.

  • FreedomFighter

    “■The standard American diet is acidic (as measured by pH).”

    This is a key, all or allmost all disease thrive in a acidic body including cancer.

    Not onlly do we have a system pushing nutritionaly voide food they wished to deprive us of all supplementation thru regulation.

    What do you do about a leadership that thru technocratic totalitarianism wants to kill us all off…? How do you react to those that want you dead and seek to do so thru regulation and scientific manipulation? — get pissed off, really pissed off.

    Once you know who wants to kill you, you know whom the targets are.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Michael J.

      Freedom Fighter,
      Chantilly Lace, it’s the place…
      Tyranny takin shape, right in your face…

      • FreedomFighter

        Im for 100 percent passive resistance, that said, I believe a time may come when passive resistance will come to an end. What we all do for the next 90 days will determine the lives of many and the death of many. World and domestic Events are coming to a head, a point or turning point, just look at the rise of the police state, the new laws and the economy, dollar value and lack of jobs — collapse is almost inevitable.

        Get prepared the powers behind world government will not relent, remember they openly call for the rapid reduction of world population by a at least 6 billion and If I remember correctly a population target for the United states of 30-40 million a 90% reduction from 320 million we have now. That means they want 9 out of the 10 people you see everyday dead, and that means YOU.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Michael J.

        Freedom Fighter,
        See you in Hell, I’ll be the guy selling snow cones.

  • Ron

    I was able to purchase raw milk one time from my local health food store. It was the best milk I ever tasted in my life. After that time the store said they don’t carry it anymore. I knew the authorities found out about it and stopped it. I miss it so much

  • FreedomTrain

    My dad drank Raw Milk, and spooned off the cream an ate it. By the way he lived only to the Ripe Young Age of 91.

    • Euskaldun

      My Dad will be 99 next month, and he drinks pasteurized milk and processed foods.He eats in moderation, and drinks no coffee or alcoholic beverages…

      It seems like common sense and competent medical attention have extended his years….

      Enough of the alarmist nonsense about a “full belly starvation conspiracy”…it is pure idiocy!

      • FreedomFighter

        Genetics certainly play a role, how much longer could he go if he maxed his nutrition?

        I have raised dogs for 50 plus years, doing so I have learned that optimum nutrition for my dogs increases lifespan 25% or more for most of them, not all. They drink filtered water also and take vitamins.

        Strong genes will take you only so far, weak genes a handicap, both benefit from proper nutrition, supplementation and dental medical care.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Karolyn

        FF – What breed?

      • DaveH

        Earlier, Euskaldun, when it served your argument you said — “Some of us are genetically predisposed to atheroscleosis and high blood pressure”. It’s looking like you will use whichever side of the story suits your current argument.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    What’s needed is good education on this subject. It’s not hard to find nutritional foods such as fruits, veggies, wheat bread, yogurt, juice, etc. Also, it’s not too expensive to buy vitamin c tablets. Our society need to encourage this plus we all need to excersize. We can all take walks. In addition, there’s free martial art classes in my city at the university that people can take. I’m definitely enrolling next month. Anyway, the main thing is to educate the public about nutrition and excersize which is not hard to do. If not, then the future generations are going to have serious health bills. Thanks!! Happy Memorial Day!!

  • Sondra

    Over 1 million brave men & women, 6,500 in the last 10 years have given their lives to preserve our liberty & our Constitution. 40,000 wounded-some suffering horrors most of us could not comprehend. What better way to honor their sacrifice than to demand the hired help in Washington adhere to the oath they take to support & defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic or THEY MUST STEP DOWN. NDAA, UN Agenda 21,another try at gun control, the federal reserve. Our liberty is at stake.
    Dr. Ron Paul said vote for him & have raw milk.
    Preserve our representative republic for future generations, our children count.
    Vote for the Constitution – Vote Ron Paul
    traitor=’a person who betrays another, a cause or any trust. 2. a person who betrays his country by violating his allegiance.


  • dbear

    The general claim is that we are living longer today than our ancestors did. I’d like to point out that this is not something we can know yet. What we know is that people who were born in the 1930s and 1940s are living longer than THEIR ancestors did. For all we know, people born in the 1980s are going to start dropping dead at 40 years of age – of course, we won’t begin seeing that until the year 2020.

  • Elmer Neutzling

    Well written essay, but I must take umbrage at some of what you say. You attack modern medicine. I am 65 years old, and I dare say I can count the people that I know and have known through these many years, that would be ALIVE if it weren’t for modern medicine! So, on that point, you are DEAD WRONG. Number two objection: The ELite Rulers of the world, via Agenda 21, want you be become VEGETARIANS. In fact, their idea of what we peasants should eat meat wise is chicken once or twice a week! So, I see your premise as something of an oxymoron that somehow there is a conspiracy to force us to eat low nutritional meat. Number 3: Raw Milk. Unpastuerized milk (Pastuerization is heating the product slowly to 140° F), which kills MOST bacteria in it without damaging the content of the milk. Remember … the cow herself is nearly 100°F. Super Pastuerization is bringing the product to 180°F. Many people died from raw milk which could NOT BE widely distributed safely. Now, I agree, that if one wants to buy milk from a farm for personal use, it should be legal, but the law was passed in the 30′s to protect a vulnerable public. I was raised in Ohio, and we drank milk and water, period! I suspect I drank a 1/2 to 1 Gallon of whole milk a day, and have been healthy as an ox all my life … except for being overweight … which I have been since turning 40 ish. So, I think your essay is informative, but I also think you are asking a real stretch of imagination to believe it in its entirety. When reading fiction, we must ‘suspend our disbelief’, and your essay bears that same imprimituer.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “The ELite Rulers of the world, via Agenda 21, want you be become VEGETARIANS.”

      Re-read the article. If you do so you will see that it is Mr livingston reccomending the vegetarian died.

      “(Pastuerization is heating the product slowly to 140° F),”

      That is the old method, the current method of pastuerization is to flash heat the milk to about twice that for several minutes.

    • Karolyn

      Is the medication people take actually prolonging their lives or is it shortening them? There is really no way of knowing. All I know is that there are natural methods to treat diseases and not just control symptoms. Big Pharma is happy that there is still disease, so they continue to make mega bucks. God forbid people should find out about all the natural cures for cancer, etc. The human body is designed to heal itself given the right conditions, meaning treating it right results in a healthy immune system that can fight off anything. As far as raw milk goes, check out the Weston G. Price Foundation. I believe that is where I read about the LACK of deaths attributed to raw milk.

      • Jay

        Hmm, i agree with your approach to using natural products to heal the body. Btw, there is ample evidence that would confirm your assertion. Food(natural)was made for the body, and the body, designed to operate at optimum capacity via wholesome foods, and adequate rest, and exercise.

        Homogenization, the process, destroys all goodness, and vital nutrients in dairy.

        Pharmaceutical drugs, although they alleviate, to some degree, the symptom(s), they, more often then not, produce multiple, and nasty side-effects; often times resulting in death. Not to mention they over-tax the liver. Not good!!!

        Anyways, on some things, we do agree! Cheers!

      • independant thinker

        Is it the medication itself or is it running to the Dr. every time you or your kid gets a sniffle and expecting to be medicated. Is it vaccinations or is it vaccinations for every dammed thing they can think of these days instead of the core group of vaccinations we were given 55-65 years ago.

    • DaveH

      Elmer says — “Many people died from raw milk which could NOT BE widely distributed safely”. So you say, Elmer.
      But Karla says this:

    • DaveH

      If you believe any laws were passed in the 30s to protect people you need badly to do some reading. Start here:

  • FreedomFighter

    Why the DOJ/ATF push to ban shotguns?

    Let’s take a look at the shotgun:

    Shotguns are the optimal home defense weapon, almost the optimal all around hunting weapon, and almost anyone can shoot a shotgun, pinpoint laser like skill unneeded. Shotguns have an entire sport of skeet, that thousands and thousands of Americans enjoy every year, duck hunting and other animals every year — why why ban shot guns?

    Shotguns have limited effective range, you would think DOJ/ATF would be happy about that. Shotguns are usually large easily seen weapons. Shotguns make a very loud sound when fired. Shot guns do not penetrate modern police body armor — you would think they would want you to own a shotgun.

    IMHO the reason DOJ/ATF want to ban Shotguns:

    Robotic DRONES that’s right DRONES especially the small flying armed drones. Ever watch a good skeet shooter? They could blow 5 drones out the air as fast as they could pull the trigger. Yes even the ground based drones are vulnerable to the lowly shotgun, if you only get one shot on a drone put as much lead downwind as possible to disable the drone and laser like skill is not needed
    IMHO the DOJ/ATF want to render you helpless to drone attack, they have already stated they want to use swarms of small flying drones to control people – the shotgun makes these expensive flying weapons — VERY VULNERABLE.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • FreedomFighter

      oops sorry didnt mean to put this one here, it ok though its a need to know

      Laus Deo
      Semper fi

  • bressler


    • nc

      Bressler, Obama may not have a sexually trasmitted disease BUT that does not mean that you don’t! He may not even be homosexual but THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU’RE NOT! THOU DOEST PROTEST TOO MUCH!!

  • vikingtwin5

    1000 year conspiracy by some mysterious elite? Puhleeze, the main conspiracy is the search for ever greater corporate profits.

    • Jay

      Sounds like a conspiracy to me, and, its been happening for thousands of years! Or do you think that the search for ever greater profits is a new concept, invented in our present age? Puhleeze….

  • vikingtwin5

    Profits, no. Multinational corporations serving us genetically modified, nutritionless food, yes. I believe that was the gist of this. My only disagreement was with the “who”.

  • uvuvuv

    i live in a farming area and these people have access to raw milk in unlimited quantities, their own surge or bou-matic or delaval milking systems. and yet you never saw such decrepit overweight hulks. also when i started my job in 1971 one of the younger guys was 36. this means he was born in 1935. then you have the guys at age 46 born in 1925 and guys at age 56 born in 1915. starting with their late 40s they were definitely old. saggy and grey faced and grey haired. i hated the idea that after working there for 30 years or more i would look like that myself. but except for the hair it never happened. i can’t say it’s because of my diet, i have always eaten atrociously. i ride my bike 7 miles every morning delivering papers, and i eat all that processed trash. my BP is 120/70. my blood panels are text book. my last C scopy was clean. i am not particularly from a strong line of genetics, no centenarians. i have always taken vitamins. i would rather experiment by taking them than not taking them. and i take a balanced efa supplement. and lots of uvuvuv.

  • Bimbam

    Some of this article is correct – others is just plain wrong!

    A vegetarian diet is not very healthy. I have tried it myself and others who were sick and THEY GOT JUST AS WORSE! I returned to meat/fat/veg diet. It is, however, a good cleansing diet but not a sustainable one!

    Clears and resets the system, but return to a good organic, grass-fed, or pasture based meat diet. No farm-raised fish either. Eat vegetables, though but don’t eat it as an entire based nutrition dinner. You will soon get sick and DIE! You know, like not past 40, like your ancestors.

    Actually your ancestors were a lot healthy who ate a meat, raw dairy and fat (kosher) based diet. Records show more “edlerly” living per population in the Civil war days than now.

  • amagi

    An observation: Having been on the road for a few days and had to eat out, I notice
    that if French fries were removed from American cuisine, the same would be reduced
    easily by 50%.

  • uvuvuv

    the sad trouble is once you eat the pie, chocolate cake, pizza and ice cream your jaw is too tired to eat those wholesome nutritious foods. but you can rest your mouth by retreating to the couch and watching oprah. but then you go and eat popcorn.

  • 45caliber

    To many in politics, an idle person is useless – unless he votes for them. Therefore most elderly who worked all their lives are ignored by the government while those on welfare are not. Those who worked generally are conservative, which our government (both parties) are not. Since they won’t vote as commanded and are no longer paying massive amounts of tax, to the government it is better if they simply die. So they give them barely enough to live on (SS) and are encouraged to buy and consume food that isn’t good for them so they will soon die off.

  • Katrael

    Bob, I ‘m glad you posted this. The masses are deceived but much of it may be a form of self deception? What we are born to we often perpetuate. The SAD has been around for many generations. It appeared for a while that we might actually come out of it. The average man in the mid 1800′s lived to be 52 and stood no more that five foot two inches. The average woman fared even worse as she lived to be 35 years old. Her babies were likely to be still born or die shortly after birth. The old cemeteries are full of the grave sites of these poor children. But, what happened?

    Our nutrition began to improve with the advent of modern farming practices and more people had access to more nutritious food and the birth rate didn’t soar but more children survived to become adults and to go on to have more children. This better access to more nutritious food led to a longer lifespan. This was to the horror of the elites who had to come up with a plan to control the population and they succeeded in doing it through two means.

    The elites you spoke of found a way to convince the people to accept poisons into their food and they found a way to make many of these poisons more addicting than many illegal drugs and alcohol. It may be a tougher addiction to break than drugs and alcohol? What is it that happens to a bag of potatoes that makes you want to eat the whole bag of potato chips?

    The pharmacology of today was the sorcery of ages past and is what the book of Revelations spoke of.

    Rev_18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceriesG5331 were all nations deceived.

    From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.

    This sorcery makes it’s way into most aspects of our modern lives. They practice sorcery on our foods by introducing things like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and many other addictive concoctions. There are thousands of deadly food additives that they can legally add to processed food under the misleading catch all label of “natural flavors”. Add the microwave into this mix and you have an electronic device that so denatures the food we eat that the body doesn’t know what to do with it but store that poison away as fat. Then there is the modern medical use of deadly drugs and the idea that you can abuse your body and all you have to do is take a little purple pill to fix it. These sorceries have made it where women are no longer healthy enough to have many children just as it used to be in the “good ole days”.

    Then they have sold several generations on the idea that they can enjoy their sexual fun and all that a woman needs to do is take an oral abortifacient and if that doesn’t work then she can just simply have a murderer chop her child into pieces because it’s just that unwanted mass we call a fetus. Calling your child a zygote, embryo or fetus confirms the notion that it’s not human. After all, it can’t be human or the scientists would have said it was.

    The elite have managed to deceive people into believing that it’s wrong to have children. To bring unwanted children into this world is a sin. Now many of the Western European countries have birth rates well below the 2.11 children per breeding woman level necessary to sustain a population and the United States is right at the 2.11 level. They achieved this feat through several methods but the biggest one of them all is the “we can’t afford to have more” reason. excessive taxation and inflation have done more to control the population of the “developed” countries than any other reason there is…maybe even more so than the idea that a woman can’t have more children because of medical reasons.




    • Katrael

      CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON, that NEGROES(sic) live to be in their 80′s and 90′s on the diet you described, and I’m familiar with it, proves nothing about the efficacy of that diet. They also lived off of that diet throughout the 1800′s when the life expectancy of the average man was 52 years of age and the average woman’s was 35. What’s changed? Our allopathic medical system has found ways to keep us alive while allowing us to suffer many diseases giving us the illusion that we can eat anything we please. There is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes within the black population and those are only but two of the numerous diseases caused by poor diet. The bottom line about diets is that the age a person lives to on any diet proves nothing about how long that person may have lived on a better diet. Perhaps the same people could have lived to be 100 or even 105 but we will never know because that person died when they did? No second go arounds to prove anything.

      Speaking from my own experience I know I feel better when my diet includes plenty of fresh uncooked food.
      Be well and prosper on a healthy diet.

  • bill

    i drank raw milk (not from the cleanest animals) while i was living in mexico. there for 4 years with no health problems. would still be in mexico but the cartels just became to dangerous.

    • Katrael

      bill, I’ve never lived in Mexico but I drank raw milk for about ten years and never suffered from food contamination. I know that you know this: that generally the problem isn’t from the milk as it comes from the animal it’s due to how it’s handled. We sold raw milk for many years but we always sold it to people who had their own containers and we never sold it from animals that were obviously sick. We never had any complaints.


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