Full Belly Starvation


World domination by the elite doesn’t come by force but by deception. People can repel force but they are defenseless against deception.

The ruling elite is a small number of families who have ruled the world for 1,000 years. They are not Christians or benevolent rulers. They are merciless and Malthusian despots who demand blood sacrifice from the deceived humanity. They use psychopathic bureaucrats and politicians to carry out their deception and systematic oppression.

A constant and ongoing theme of the elite is that the Earth is overpopulated. They say that unless population growth comes under control, population overgrowth is a time bomb leading toward world disaster very soon. What is the plan to control the “population explosion?” Of course, this is a myth; but it’s a well-indoctrinated fear of the population.

At least one of the plans for population control is to create worldwide full belly starvation: nobody hungry, but everybody starving. What an oxymoron! You will be surprised that it is not an oxymoron.

Oh, there are many ways and means to accomplish worldwide starvation. One is developing genetically modified seeds (GMO) for world food control under Monsanto Co. Others are financial repression and unofficial destruction of the currency that create an impoverished population that is forced to eat nutrition-empty but filling foods to avoid “hunger.”

Then there is the megatrillion-dollar pharmaceutical/medical monopoly creating mass sickness and death with “modern medical care.” What a cruel hoax to put upon a deceived and desperate humanity!

But our purpose today is to focus on full belly starvation. This is the apex of the deception of the ages. This deception of full belly starvation is based on the fact that the standard American diet is high in calories and very low in nutrition. This is the diet that builds an obese population, a sick population, and — above all — ensures an early death.

Think for a minute. Early death for any reason is purely and simply population control.

Yes, our standard American diet means early death caused by low nutrition or malnutrition.

If you, dear reader, are worried that what I write is an oversimplification, please stay with me. I am talking about food and nutrition science. What appears to be obvious is apparently the grossest deception of the ages.

The overpowering solution to the standard American diet of high-calorie, low-nutrition food is the vegetarian diet, which is very high in nutrition and very low in calories.

What are the attributes of a diet very high in nutrition and very low in calories?

  • It will reverse obesity and reverse diseases including killer diseases.
  • It is not a fad diet. It is really a new way of eating and is sustainable for new health and long life.
  • Hunger is not associated with this diet because it sustains the body for long periods without constant snacking and eating.
  • The American standard diet is devitalized food. This is the formula for sickness, chronic disease and early death. This was the basis of the well-publicized and well-known American food pyramid.
  • The vegetarian diet is tasty, delicious and filling.
  • The standard American diet is acidic (as measured by pH).

The progressive acidification of the body brings early death. The vegetarian diet is alkaline, and it is the diet for health and longevity. Disease thrives on acidity. Death is full-body acid saturation. The world population can be controlled and contained with high-calorie, low-nutrition foods and, at the same time, feed the medical establishment with sickness and disease.

My friends, this is a new paradigm that can bring new and vibrant health to Americans while destroying 80 percent of the useless so-called health system. It would wreck the pharmaceutical cartel and free Americans from controlled “healthcare” if enough people did it. It would put trillions of dollars back into the pockets of Americans.

This subject is way too important and too complex to be covered in this brief essay. All who want to learn more should start by ordering the DVD “Forks Over Knives” for an orientation. (I do not profit from this in any way beyond the satisfaction of knowing you are learning about true health.) It is available from Amazon.com as well as many other sources. It will, I guarantee, change your life and those with whom you share it.

There is a world of good information available on the subject on the Internet and in books and DVDs. Please let us hear from you if you know of any good sources.

Raw Milk Nazis

The California raw milk Nazis have moved from gradualism to force since many Americans are now divesting themselves of conventional wisdom and experiencing an awakening about nutrition.

The Los Angeles County (Calif.) health department is now sending teams door to door to threaten and intimidate customers who have legally purchased raw milk from Organic Pastures Dairy.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures told Naturalnews.com that the California Department of Food and Agriculture ordered his dairy to recall raw milk after complaints of illness from campylobacter, a common bacterial cause of diarrhea, found in raw milk purchased from Organic Pastures and other farms. During the recall, CDFA acquired Organic Pastures’ customer list due to an employee mistake.

Following the recall, tests from CDFA and an independent lab showed levels of pathogens in the milk from Organic Pastures were well within accepted California levels.

The raw milk from Organic Pastures is legally sold and legally purchased. Still, representatives of the CDFA have contacted some of Organic Pastures’ customers through telephone calls and by making home visits in an effort to remove raw milk from their homes.

What is the truth about fake milk (pasteurized) and real raw milk straight from the cow? The way dairies completely convert healthy raw milk to a synthetic non-food is by cooking the milk (under the pretense of purity, cleanliness and shelf life). Doing so changes the milk from a potent allergen (a substance that builds natural immunity to allergies) to the most common allergy (disagreeable sensitivity).

Pasteurization kills the good bacteria in raw milk and destroys the all-important bone-forming enzyme alkaline phosphatase. This substance is sold as milk, but the only similarity to it and raw cow’s milk is that it is white.

Milk Nazis have already conducted armed raids on raw milk distributors. Are armed raids on raw milk consumers — who so far have refused to turn over their milk to the milk Nazis — far behind?

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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