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FTC Proposes Online Protection Mechanism

December 7, 2010 by  

FTC proposes online protection mechanismThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has asked Congress to consider approving an online privacy measure.

According to USA Today, the agency has proposed a Do Not Track mechanism that would allow consumers to stop advertisers from tracking them on the Internet, similar to the Do Not Call registry that allows people to prevent calls from telemarketers.

David Vladeck, director of the FTC's consumer protection bureau, said that online advertisers will not limit their activity voluntarily, so a legislative mandate may be necessary to protect consumers. If the proposal is approved, Web browsers would be required to include a feature that allows users to review data that has been collected about them, and an option to not be tracked by anyone.

The nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog has pledged its support for the FTC's proposal and has requested that Congress pass the necessary legislation to implement the protection tool. If Congress does not take action, Consumer Watchdog president Jamie Court said that he will push for regulations on a state level.

"As a ballot measure backer who knows the public wants these protections, I for one am ready to move in California to make a 'Do Not Track Me' mechanism mandatory," said Court.

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Hmmm…. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Usually when the government gets involved, WE don’t benefit.

    • EddieW

      I agree with you!! I sounds great, but I no longer trust our government to do what’s best for us…the people…If they regulate this, it’s not much further to regulate speech!! If you say damn…your whole commet is deleted!! If you say Constitution…also deleted!! The Dept. of (in)Justice, Erick Holder promised bad things to us who use that “dirty” word!!!

  • CJ

    Why does everybody run to the government to fix things that should be done in the open market. Educate people about the problem and create a product for them to use. When you give the government power, you take one away from yourself. There are so many regulations now that they can not be policed and/or inforced. It creates an environment where ‘bad guys’ know the chance of getting caught are slim, so they ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Get smart people, educating yourself and taking action is more effective than looking to the government. They take way to long, and enforcement is a joke.

    • Dagney

      So, I’m guessing that the public really doesn’t care. If they did, there would already be a product to combat this issue, no? Using the force and might of the government, as this Jaime Court of the Consumer Watchdog group is doing implies he/she has another adjenda. What it is, I don’t know.

      The eight scariest words of the English language, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. – Ronald Reagan

    • Munday in Texas

      you are so right. Its time for people to depend on themselves again. We are getting sucked into a black hole of”expecting some one else to do it”. Well the time is fast coming when we will be the “some one else”, so dust off your brains and put them to a better use than just sitting on them.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. But so many people simply do not want to be forced to think. It is hard work. At least half of those in our prison systems like being there because they don’t have to think about what their day is to be like. They already know years in advance.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. To make things even worse, most laws have another law that counters them. In other words, when you follow one law, you break the other one.

      For instance, it is illegal for the government to require you to give your race. BUT … another law states that you must. If you give your race, you break a law. If you don’t give it, you break another one.

      This is one thing we need to solve. Of course the politicians like it this way. If they want to punish you for something, they can charge you since you automatically break one law by obeying another.

    • hflashman


      Al youhave to do is run a program tracking what is being sent out from your computer system and what is up and yrunning in the background and you’ll realize this is way overue for some sort of protection to the end user.

      I have four security filters AND a keystroke logging program to protect against malware. I ‘clean’ the system daily, and the average number of lil’ crittrs cleaned each day average in the teens.

      you may well want to think about the information you’re sending out next time you visit those gay porn sites you’re fond of …

      • GayTuna

        Glad to see you are “Out”. Most of the free gay sites I visit are high risk. Do you have links to some that are not? Please send.

        • http://naver samurai

          No need for those sites nor your advertising what you are. Get off of the kool aid and go back to church. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Carl T Johnson

    I like the ” Don’t track me idea” so long as it includes GOVERNMENT!
    We need protection from the internet fairness act. I don’t want subversive leftist pop ups either.
    And Your right CJ, we should not ask government to fix ANYTHING! Once we are aware, we can fix the problem our selves through the free market system if we are allowed.
    Do Not ask government to fix anything
    Fix it your self
    Do not ask government to control anything!
    Control yourself!
    For government WILL control YOU!
    We should adopt what is known as the PRIME LAW
    Check it out at
    Carl of the Neothink society and the twelve visions party.

  • J.M.R.

    not no but HELL NO we dont want or need the crooks in D.C. sticking their noses in the internet, they are real good at screwing up everything they touch.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    It sounds good if they stick only to that, but we may be opening a ‘Pandora’s Box’. It may set a precedent for them to regulate other things on the internet as the Chinese do and other socialistic and communistic governments do. If they say we would never do what other contoling governments do, remind them of Obamacare and the other social programs being forced on us by the Democrats. Look at our airports, we are now worse than the socialistic and communistic governments when violating basic human rights at our airports, and if you say you don’t have to accept what their doing by just not flying, try going to the airport and changing your mind about flying after you see what you have to go through to fly, you have to submit against your will just to not fly and leave the airport. Real American freedom, right?

  • 45caliber

    I would personally like a repeal of the “People’s Privacy Improvement Act” that Clinton signed into law.

    That one mandated that every communication device such as telephone, fax, and computer have a chip installed that allows the unit to record and transmit to the government on demand every message it handled. Want to talk sexy to your lover? Someone can hear it. Want to tell of your worst mistake by email? Someone else can read it. Want to fax a picture to family? Someone will see it.

    Remember hearing a slight ring from your phone about once a day? It would just start to ring and then nothing. That was the government checking up on what you were communicating to others. They have worked that bug out of their system now.

    A government computer contacts your house and copies everything. Then the computer looks it over for words such as “bomb”, “revolt”, etc. Of course these words can be changed as desired. If one is found, then a human will review the message.

    If you want to kill some time and tie up the system, just send messages to all your friends entitled, “This is NOT A BOMB THREAT”

  • Vigilant

    “Web browsers would be required to include a feature that allows users to review data that has been collected about them, and an option to not be tracked by anyone.”

    Anyone except the government. Big Brother is watching.

  • Carl T Johnson

    I just do not trust the government. by the way, it seems that is the illuminati’s plan. Get every one to distrust the governments so that we will revolt against the pasitical elite rulling class. In otherwords, to depolitizie governments. (twelve visions party) hopes to take it one step further with the prime law amendment. Governments would be true protection only and the prime law would put a squash on the elite law makers.
    Do not look to government to protect you anytime soon. We must STOP doing business with the pasitical elite, ( Like George Soros and all the subversive orginizations he supports – Like The Tide Foundation, obama and all his crew, unions (seiu) etc.

  • Robert N

    I agree with all of the above comments. I dare say, however, that the vast majority of Internet users have no idea the extent to which they are being tracked. I am and I’m beginning to get more than a little upset by it.
    A user based product that would block trackers would be my preference. The government can’t manage their way our of a paper bag. Look how ineffective the DO NOT CALL list is. If just one illegitimate marketer gets your info it spreads like wild fire. This is why I have a VERY PRIVATE email address and several others for general online use that I can blow away periodically to get rid of the 400-1000 SPAMS a day that I get.

  • TheyWillCome

    Do not allow the Government to get their nose under the tent. One regulation only leads to another

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately for Americans these days is that the gvt has done it’s home and leg-work for over 100 years. They have experimented with the American people (sheep) and know collectively how they will react and think when specific stimuli are applied. Of course, there is always that one individual(sheepdog) out there who can affect others and change the direction Americans are being herded. I agree with .45 that there are a multitude of laws that are counter to each other, but if the fine print is read, one would probably see our they are connected. Have you noticed how many of the acts of men are now against a law, when before they were overlooked as nuisance acts? When I was in high school, rolling someone’s front yard with toilet paper was part of school rivalry, but today in many cities it is a crime with the addition of FELONY attached to the conviction. In case you haven’t noticed, one who has a Felonious conviction in the record means in most all cases, one cannot own or be in the vicinity of a firearm. Take that a step further into internat control and airways snooping and tracking by the gvt. and people are even now being prosecuted for felonius crimes by what they write in an email. i.e. hate speech, religious chat and words can be twisted in a court of law to charge one with a treasonable behavior. The aim of the elite is to have complete control over the populous in such a way that they fear doing anything against the gvt. The door on any of our freedoms is about to shut. Trust in the Lord God Almighty, because one cannot trust in anything to do with man.

  • Idylewylde

    Let me see .. download this and it prevents profile tracking.
    How does it prevent profile tracking?
    Oh, the Homeland Security computer makes sure I can’t be tracked and sends in a hit team if someone does try to track me.
    Yep .. this has got to be patriotic.
    Plus, the only one who knows every move I make is the server that monitors my protection software for my own good.
    Okay .. now I can’t go on most sites that require the ‘activate cookies’ dialogue, unless I turn off the ‘protection’ software.

    Is there a logic loop here, or what?

    Why does this give me a bad feeling?

  • Carl T Johnson

    gives me a bad feeling also, Question is! How can we stop it?????
    this administration has a habit of putting new laws in effect without congress, without our input and inspite of our input. The only thing they understand is $$$$$$ from lobbyist. OH, they would love it if we got violent, can’t do that, would be like taking a rapist to a strip club. MUST BE SOMETHING WE CAN DO! Where are the hackers when we need them?

  • Dan az

    A web browser named start page is suppose to do that all ready.It was to prevent any one tracking like the EU it would intercept all of the trackers to there IP address rather than yours I use it but found it to be slower than others like fire fox So the choice is yours tracked or not tracked slow or fast.Like what some one already said its the server that should provide the means not the guvment!

    • Carl T Johnson

      Thank you for that info.

  • troubleinparadise

    The more things the govenment controls the more messed up things get, they borrow money to pay for everything and the less freedoms we are left with. Each new commission they add on just gives them cause to raise some kind of taxes to charge us with and adds on the total national debt. Nothing is free in life the more control they have on your life choices, the less freedom you have. Wake up America, we’re going communist. Other nations have warned us of this, listen to their warnings.

  • Les

    I like how they describe it to be like the “Do not call” feature. We all know how successful that is, now instead of calling me from my state they call me from another state or country. Problem solving is not one of the government’s strong suites. Government’s “ideas” have a 99.9% failure rate. But then most of those schemes have a hidden agenda that will make someone filthy stinking rich. Usually like the “Climate Control” crap, designed merely to move money out of your pocket and into theirs. This is usually done through a second party so it isn’t completely obvious that you are being taken for a ride. The Roman Empire didn’t see the end coming either…..


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