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From The Gulf Stream To The Bloodstream – THE VIDEO BP DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!

September 10, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • SinSeer

    The spill was an orchestrated event. Just part of the de-population agenda for one thing,and so many others nefarious intentions. My question is this…How come all the American people do not take to the streets, peacefully! And, all and every company, person known to be part of a secrect society,corrupt organization is not ousted from consumer acceptance, or social/political/religous acceptance. Then , those found to be guilty should be imprisoned with no CHANCE at parole.

    • Steve

      I mostly agree with your statements, but, now stop and think for a moment. Would the Obamaistia government sit idly by and allow this to occur? Obama would have the National Guard out in full force to ‘put down a terrorist rally and rebellion’. Most likely it would turn into another Kent State, Ohio, massacre, and be covered-up as it was then. Even though it was proven that the students were NOT doing anything ‘provocative or threatening’ to anyone. It was a peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War on a college campus. A few Gaurdsmen lost their cool when the students insisted on their civil right to peaceful gathering and assembly. That was when the “few Gaurdsmen with unloaded weapons” opened fire, killing four unarmed, peace-loving(hippies)students. I beleive Obama would order the Gaurdsmen have thier weapons fully loaded, to expect violence and to meet ANY resistance with deadly force. This would be to show everyone just WHO was in charge, and who’s orders are to be immediately obeyed, or else. I do not trust a kowtowing, apologetic, butt-kissing ‘pretender president’ named Barack Hussien Obama to do any less. We need a REAL leader, as was Ronald Reagan. What happened to the real men in this country? All have gotten fat and lazy from McDonald’s fast food poison, too much TV, and no exercize in the name of being ‘politically correct’.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I hate to break it to you, but I had a sister there at the time and the problem was brought on by non-student agitators!!!It was not the fault of the NG or the students! There were outsiders on campus that had no business there except to agitate and rile up the croud by making the students step forward and by throwing things from back in the crowd!!

  • dan az

    I read some where that during the clean up of valdise all of the workers have died from the chemicals that where used to sink the oil just as it was used in the gulf. Except higher consintration here caused by the warm waters and higher temps of the air which makes it more deadly than the alaskan coast where temps are colder.They where warned not to use these chemicals because of the loss of life prior but refused to listen just so they could hide the oil below the surface of the water so as to make clean up quick an easy.So how does twenty billion cover the loss of life that will be going on for years and possibly generations? Do you think there may have been a reason that they jumped at the cost with out a wimper when just a few weeks later the anointed one gives them two hundred billion to drill elsewhere!I feel that the south should rise again!That is if any of them live long enough!

    • Claire

      dan az–I agree–I just cannot believe the government continues to be uncaring about this issue. They destroy everything they touch. They destroy everything that is good in America. I feel terrible about this oil spill and the havoc it has created for the Gulf and the people. I feel terrible for the wildlife but the powers that be could not care less. Do they have any heart? Any soul? Any compassion at all? Any conscience? I don’t think they do. They only care about themselves.

  • G’s

    The first day of the oil spill, my words out loud were, “the Gulf is done and it’s a dead zone from now on! This is exactly what the Hopi Indians prophecy said was coming, here it is folks! Next thing that came to mind and said out loud was the famous Republican words “DRILL BABY DRILL”!!!
    What ya think now people, still think we should continue to turn the earth’s crust into swiss cheese by drilling holes in her for our greedy energy needs? The more we mess with the earth underground, the more pollution and destruction to our soil, air, oceans, and the creatures that live in it and depend on us to not destroy it for them.
    The moment I saw them spraying the dispersant, I knew what they were up to, quick, we have to hide it! We have a choice, sink it so it’s hidden and kill the ocean and all living things in it there, or face the public when they are coated in crude and lose the beaches and wet lands for our life time.
    They thought the public will never know the dangers and hazards of what that deadly dispersant will do, and by the time it comes to law suit time, most of them will be dead from cancer.
    Just like what has been going on in the past from our modern world ways.
    I don’t know earthlings, this earth has a way of balancing things out that get out of wack in this world, and to me it looks like the earth has had enough of these fleas crawling on her back, and is about to do a big shake and remove as many of these fleas as possible to get the balance back.
    Good luck BP, I think you’ve crossed the line this time, big time, and Karma is headed ur way!
    Now, if I could only get that image of that pelican coated in crude flopping around on the beach out of my memory, all those poor creatures wondering “what the hey has happened to me”!
    Good luck explaining that one to the creator at judgment time!

    • Claire

      G’s– I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for posting your comment.

  • rob

    I suggest that the authorities and the people of the Gulf Coast region use the Freedom of Information Act to force all the testing results to be made availiable to them. And then to bring in non-partisan experts to analyze the data. Then move to prosecute whomever is guilty of covering up whatever damaging information that should have been provided to the public. And make all of this known to FOX NEWS. The rest of the medial is in bed with the Obama administration, and probably would not objectively report it!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Prosecuting the guilty that are involved in the cover up…would end up gutting the majority of those that are involved in our government.

      But then again…this would indeed be a good thing. This includes right up to the top…since Obama blocked boats that were offered by the dutch and other foreign nations that wanted to help clean up the oil damage.

      It is indeed another false flag attack upon America and helped further distract the public from what the other governmental hand was doing. America is awakening to the truth…to much evidence is being revealed that confirms we can’t continue to think our Government has American’s best interest at heart.

      This has to stop America…you can’t continue to be the couch potatoe any longer and expect others to fix the problem. Become educated, research and then become vocal. Join your local grass root tea party and support taking America back from the corporate machine.

      • Steve

        And Brother, what ARE YOU DOING? Writing letters and SAYING what should be done DOES NOT GET IT DONE. Get off your computer and put your words into action. No less will do, or be acceptable. Don’t talk about it, DO IT! I gave four months of my life working trying to undo the tragedy done to the Gulf by greedy Big Oil. When it comes down to it, it was OUR own greed that ultimately caused this disaster. WE wnat ‘cheap oil and gas’ so WE are to blame. ALL of us, ME TOO. I have since changed my lifestyle, using public transportation (a bit inconvenient to be sure,but…), installed new thermal windows, solar hot water and electricity and more insulation. In Arizona you know the value of insulation, it’s worth more than it’s ‘weight in gold’, or what you choose for a measure of worth. It’s NOT inexpensive initially, but what is the Earth worth?

        • Claire

          We have one Earth and it is up to us to do the best we can to take care of it. During the past 5 years, I have put in new windows, doors, roof, siding, insulation, and new garage door. I recycle, I do not use plastic garbage bags, I conserve on electricity, I do not run around in the vehicles, I make every trip count. The heating in the winter I do what I can but because of my husband’s health issues (he is cold all the time) I cannot turn the heat down too low.
          The oil spill- I am upset with BP and our administration. I will never forgive either one of them for not having the good common sense to be able to deal with this disaster. Neither one of them was on the ball. BP should have had the proper equipment and the administration fooled around and turned away help. Now the Gulf is polluted, there is still millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf and we are being lied to. The dispersement was used and we were told it was not harmful. They are all liars. I feel terrible for the people, the water, the wetlands and the marine life. Why is it that some people destroy everything they touch? Why don’t they care? All it takes is common sense and the proper machinery and doing a job correctly. No, I have no forgiveness in my heart for the people that appear to willingly destroy our Earth.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    BP is never gonna satisfy the enviromental cleanup. Cause they would never take the perfect cleanup they way it actually needs to be done. Cause that would cost them too much money? Nobody’t gonna make them do it either??? That’s gonna make alot of animal’s, people future’s espcially from eating the Seafood for many generations to come in the future. If it was their backyard, they would force BP to do something about it. I live in Oregon but I won’t stand for laziness on BIg OIL companies they did this same thing here in Oregon. A Oil rig grounded itself on the Oregon Coast a way’s back. Now the animals, humans & lands, beaches, are still suffering the shoddy job done on the Cleanup. They will never do a good enough job to satisfy me or God!!!

    • s c

      DRL, if you have solutions (“if,” that is), then do the right thing. Move to a place where you can do some good. Volunteer. Go help clean up the mess, and stop bitching about it.
      By the way, do you REALLY think Herr Obummer can distance himself from the ‘clean up” issue? It’s HIS ‘watch.’ HE’S at the helm, DRL. It’s HIS responsibility. HE’S the whiz kid who’s supposed to have all the answers. HE’S supposed to be dispensing America’s HOPE and CHANGE.
      Neither you nor your White House “God” can be absolved in the BP matter. NEVER forget that.

  • Delores Smith

    Thanks for this info on the Gulf. It angered me when I heard that the seafood was safe to eat. One of the tests I saw consisted of people sitting around a table and smelling the shrimp…and giving their responses: yes…or…no! Another test was the visual test. If it looked good, it was good. I also listened to the results of the laboratory tests. None of the tests performed could conclude that the seafood is safe.
    Delores Smith

  • Claire

    Bob Livingston– I thank you for this article, I truly appreciate your words. Another example of the lies being told by our government, and an apparent cover-up.

  • CAS

    I agree w/ SC! It WAS OBAMA’S WATCH and he blew it! If your house is on fire, are you going to refuse help to put out the fire? That is what he did! Other countries that have long experience in dealing with this sort of disaster wanted to help and could have been on the job w/in a few days giving advice and cleaning it up. They know about the potential deadly residual chemicals that will be left in the water & marshes, on the beaches, and in the seafood for possibly decades to come. Obama did NOT WANT the solutions or a valid handling of it! He wants any disaster whether economical, ecological, political, cultural, medical, spiritual or anything that will challenge this country and ultimately bring her to her knees. People were begging for help and they were ignored (as usual!) And he won in this situation! I feel very sorry for all the people that have lived their lives on the coast and have so many challenges ahead of them. May God help them every day.

  • s c

    In the near future, when the dust has cleared, the political bodies have been ‘buried’ and enough time has elapsed so most people will be trying to forget this incident, I believe it will be proven that Mr. Obama and BP share a common (money and power) umbilical cord.
    The losers in this scenario are a) those who rely on the gulf (jobs, retirement, etc.) and b) small British investors who can’t afford to own shares of a corrupt corporation. Mr. Obama knows that his relationship with BP must be kept a secret at all costs.
    Mr. Obama’s ‘achievement’ in this staged disaster consists of 1) a pathetic attempt to portray himself as a “leader” and 2) a massive transfer of wealth. Once again, America has been hosed by its ‘leaders.’ God forbid that America has ‘disasters’ on two coasts at the same time. We can’t ‘afford’ it in any way, shape or form.

    • Richard Pawley

      “Disasters on both coasts” – wait until the ‘big one’ finally hits LACALIF. We won’t be prepared for that either. Although I mentioned this in some detail in THE LAST DAYS OF THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES the earthquake that was discovered to have been mentioned more than 15 years ago in Israel by those who first uncovered the so-called Bible Code it was the only one that did not happen when predicted. All the other quakes discovered happened when what was found in the Bible Code said it was likely to happen, Kobe, Japan in 1995, LA in 1994, SF in 1906 and 1989 and even the Haitian quake this year although the date wasn’t mentioned as I recall (you would have to find out that from the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society). Although I mentioned that there was a high probability of THE GREAT EARTHQUAKE happening during the past 12 months in LA (based on what was found in the Bible Code) it did not happen, but I was praying this past summer and I clearly heard that many were praying for Los Angeles or the people of Los Angeles and that the earthquake had been delayed until the summer of 2014. I believe that while the residual effects of the oil spill may kill many more over time (just as those who breathed all the asbestos dust from the collapsed World Trade Center on 9/11 (one of the last major buildings on earth to be insulated with asbestos) may develop lung cancer so all of this may not show up except in isolated incidents for years. According to our best scientists the ‘big one’ could happen at any moment in LA. However, we have a chance to perhaps save the United State and that is this November at the polls. We must replace Congress, all the corrupt politicians of all three parties (Democrat, Republican and the 70 members of the House who are members of the Democratic Socialists of America or we are going to have much worse problems than polluted fish and shrimp and more cancers. I’m not trying to belittle the severity of the problem in the gulf but I am saying that unless Americans get a whole lot more involved in what is REALLY going on then our nation is going to be change more in the next decade than most can even imagine. The availability of food itself may become an issue. Vote in November like it was the most important election in 50 years because it will be. May God help us because no one else is going to do so.

  • Brad

    Some great comments concerning the gulf oil spill, but my lingering question is, where is Greenpeace, and the rest of the environmental movement? If the spill happened when a republican was president they would totally be up in arms demanding answers and when will the oil get cleaned up!!! Further more where is the EPA, why aren’t they stesting more, IMHO the seafood in the gulf is contaminated and will stay that way for a decade or more, just my opinion. The participants in the video had further testing performed and sent the samples to no-government labs with results of chemicals that cause cancer. This is his legacy (Obama) and what he realy wants is cap & trade or some form of environmental bill that will raise taxes on every form of fossil fuel/natural gas.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest efferse

    Thanks Bob for taking a stand and giving the people the correct information. We often tend to lose sight of the truth, especially when we ASSUME that the “news” is suppose to be accurate. In order for the people to make informed decisions, we all have to step up and research the issues, the candidates, whatever it takes for what is at stake.
    It is time to take a stand against the injustice that is being inflicted on many by the hands of our own government. Our Nation was established by God fearing men and women in search of a new life. This nation was built through alot of hard work, sweat and many tears. But, as Americans we have always reached out and helped one another, even in other countries; and resolved to the reality(fact)that we could not wait on the government to react.
    It doesn’t matter if the problem stems from a hurricane, an oil spill, a terrorist attack, or even a lousy economy, etc. — WE ARE CHRISTians and WE ARE AMERICANS!
    We can point fingers all we want in regards to the Oval office, the House and the Senate. But,the bottom line remains the same; ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ have the right to know the truth and let the truth set us free to make the right choices!
    Our blood bought, God given freedom gives us a right to let our voices be heard! Our own fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors have sacrificed their lives in order to perserve our freedom. Was it all for nothing? We must get involved and Stand strong. Let’s turn this country back around. Let all people everywhere know that we are proud of our Christian heritage and we will be heard! We have been chosen as representatives from all walks of life throughout this great land. This is self evident by the comments and replies listed.
    Besides,… Who, but God, could help with such a time as this? Let God direct your path and your thoughts in doing the right thing. With God going before us; WE are the “Hope for a Change!”
    And if God is for us; who can be against us?


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