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French Satire Magazine Attacked For Muhammad Cartoon

November 3, 2011 by  

French Satire Magazine Attacked For Muhammad Cartoon

A French satirical publication called Charlie Hebdo was attacked by extremists with a firebomb pre-dawn Wednesday after publishing a cartoon depicting Muhammad saying “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter.”

The attackers also hacked the publication’s website to post images of a mosque and the message “no god but Allah,” according to Reuters.

The publication which has published unholy illustrations of the Pope, Jesus Christ and various world religious and political figures has come under attack in the past. In 2006, the magazine published Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad with a bomb in his turban and one of him standing on a cloud, turning suicide bombers away from paradise saying, “Stop, stop, we ran out of virgins.” Islamic groups sued the publication in French court then, but lost.

The French Muslim Council (CFCM) condemned the Wednesday attack, but said the paper needs to cool its tone toward Muslims.

“The CFCM deplores the deeply mocking tone of the newspaper toward Islam and its prophet, but reaffirms with force its total opposition to any act or form of violence,” said a statement issued by the group.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said that the country will do everything it can to bring those responsible of the “incursion against press freedom” to justice.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • 45caliber

    “Islam has a message for mankind”

    It sure does. “Bow down to us or die!”

    • Dave

      The foundation of their faith, the Qur’an, can be construed to mean and say anything. They order their sections not by reason or logic but by length, have conflicting statements about just about everything, still believe that the earth is flat, etc.
      Many run their finger over the words without a clue of what they are reading and trust Allah to reveal it to them; no wonder this book is enigmatic, closed, and feared.
      Solution – read it if you know Arabic, get a translation and find out what they say they believe and with all the love you can muster, enlighten them as to what it says about them and their future.

      • 45caliber

        I have a copy of both the Qoran and the Koran on my computer. I agree about the differences. I think everything in it is refuted somewhere else in it. Interestingly enough, Paradise is not mentioned; neither are the 72 virgins. The closest reference is, if you are a good Muslim, you will receive a “dark eyed maiden” to wait on you once you die. ONE.

        The 72 virgins and Paradise comes from the nephew of Mohammad who was kicked out after Mohammad died for being non-religious. He went to Turkey and tried to rule the world through assassinations. He trained his assassins to believe in Paradise and promised them 72 virgins IF they were killed while trying to murder someone for him.

    • Frank

      This is something that the communist occupying the white house would do-only he’d go a step a further and prostrate himself to show subservience to this garbage cult called islam!

      • ian

        Any human believing in a religion that promotes violence, undermines woman’s rights, and straps bombs to there children all need to be removed from the united states immediately and waterboarded the whole way to North Korea.. just an opinion :)

        • Pixelkiller

          Well? What do expect after 1400 years of inbreeding?
          Islam is a cancer.

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Frank you sure have Obama’s number! Hopefully after the next election and he is voted out he will leave the U S A and can be remembered as the closet Muslim who wanted to be King of the U S A and when he couldn’t he and his cult pulled up stakes and left!.

        • Matt Newell

          He just might WIN in 2012 if he can get enough fools to vote him in or if he declares martial law.

    • wandamurline

      All I can say is lock and load and don’t forget to put bacon grease on the bullets because soon or later, we will be fighting these people right here in America.

    • Opal the Gem

      I have a message for them.

      UP YOURS.

      • Kane

        I’ll add to your “message”;
        Come get some.

  • Randy131

    The next world war is coming, soon. WW III will be a religious war, as Biblical Prophecy warns, the Anti-Christ will be installed as head of the ‘One World Government’ by the ‘One World Religion’, which the only religion on earth that seeks domination of this world, as does Satan, is Islam, for there is no other religion that seeks domination of anything in this world, but only life in the next with thier diety. Islam seeks the complete destruction of Judaism and Christianity, and the forced worship of thier God Allah through out the world, and control of all governments on this earth, as does Satan and his son the Anti-Christ. Discern the commonalities, for they foreshadow the truth of motive, desire, and actions. The final battle of Armegeddon will determine which religion will survive, and which GOD is true, Allah or Yahweh. Until then much misery is due to those who refuse to see the truth until it’s too late. The more prepared, the less suffering will occur, yet there is much that will be cast upon all.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I cannot remember where, but it says that a NEW country will be victorious in the next world war. Islam is about to be beaten to a pulp. If everyone would stop calling it a religion, and know that it is a cult, bent on world domination, we could then make some progress.

  • No fool

    And we have a message from them. There’s millions of gun packing Christians and Jews who will not put up with their BS.

    • Ranchman

      I agree, NF. I truly believe that war is the only thing that get muslim’s attention. But they have no idea what they’re getting into…we haven’t played Cowboys and muslims…yet!

      • No fool

        It’s going to be a our “one shot one kill” (it’s not just our Marines who are good at this, but millions of US citizens) vs their “spray and pray” mentality. Cowboys and Muslims … bring it on. Practicing on non moving targets all the time is really starting to bore me.

        • wandamurline

          If you look at the number of just hunters in America, there are millions and millions of us…not to mention the ones like me that just carry to protect myself. America has the biggest non-military army in the world and should we have to protect America, we will.

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            Not withstanding Mzzzzzzzz Hillary Butt sniffing Clinton – who wants are guns

      • Lost in Paradise

        Hahahaha its going to be a riot.(meaning fun) Lets fly over them with a fire bomber loaded with liquid pig manure first.

        • 45caliber

          When they were blowing up the caves with the Muslims in them, I always said they should have run a pig into the cave before blowing it up.

    • No fool

      Typo: And we have a message from “for” them

  • Tim P

    It’s funny how Muslims keep saying they are a religion of peace but all we see is killing and uninvolved bystanders being killed by bombs. I could use a Koran and lead one of them to Jesus, but they won’t even believe their own writings. They only use bits and pieces to justify their hatred toward those of a different faith. I wouldn’t waste my time burning a Koran because the problem is with those that are full of hatred anyway not an ungodly book. Jesus had the same problem with His own people. They had the old writings, but changed their meaning to fit their purpose. These people need the same thing everyone else does- the truth.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Yes, and the truth is there is only one God, and it is no Allah!

      • Steve T.

        Just a little update, not only is “there only one God but Allah IS one of his names”. Now before you miss construe what i just said and you “lock and load” to blast me out of the water, hear this.
        Islam is not a cult, even though there are just as, there are in many other religions, proponents who for whatever mental defect, take a few of the teachings to heart, falsely interpret other parts however they feel suites them, and then go out and create holy hell by whatever terrorist means, Islam is not a cult.
        In Islamic theology, Allah is the arabic term for the very “GOD” you have printed “IN GOD WE TRUST” as the
        motto of this USA , and is written on all money.
        JUDAISM and its three main sects, CHRISTIANITY and its approximate 38,000 denominations, and Islam and its half dozen or more denominations, ALL pray to and revere the very same deity. And while each and every division somehow thinks they and they alone are , on the right track, and all the remainder are lost sheep, who will eventually all come back to the same way of thinking, they all will admit one way or another that they share the same very “GOD”.

        There are approximately 16 different names of Hebraic origin, in the OLD TESTAMENT, there are 50 various names in the New Testament, plus transliterations in both the greek and old english, and there are 99 names of “GOD” plus one, the 100th plus all the “UNKNOWABLE” hidden names that come from Islamic tradition and they for better or worse refer to the ONE, the same, the all powerful, the creator.
        Allah is a translation in Arabic “definite article al- “the” and ʾilāh “deity, god” to al-lāh meaning “the [sole] deity, God” (ὁ θεὸς μόνος, ho theos monos).” It so happens that the term ALLAH is ” the perfect description of the ‘ONE GOD’ ” because if you knew a little about language especially the crack pot ENGLISH of the AMERICAS, you would realize ALLAH means “THE GOD” and it means that, to all who claim allegiance to the ABRAHAMIC FAITH AKA Jews, Christians and Muslims.

        And essentially the only thing that separates the members of all of these faiths, the one single concept, is not who or what “GOD” is, but that “IT” somehow favours one of you over the other, that the others have lost their way and need to be chastised back into true belief , understanding and truth and that any means under the sun, even asking “IT” for its devine vengeance in wiping out any and all others is an acceptable means to an end.

        What’s really amusing is how from our western point of view we decry the “ISLAMIC TERRORIST” ( which for the most part doesn’t even exist except as a fear tool for political manipulation) and yet we quickly and conveniently dismiss or accept or forgive the “CHRISTIAN TERRORIST” or the “JEWISH TERRORIST”,
        past and present.


        • 45caliber

          I have to agree with Lost.

        • crisscross

          The Hebrew faith is one thing, but its progeny are quite another. Islam can claim roots in Abraham and Judaism can claim roots in Abraham and Israel, but both were deviations or departures from the faith that Christ quite clearly condemned (e.g., the Talmud, the core of Judaism, was the Tradition of the Elders despised by Christ). Despite its hypocrisies and other human failings, Christianity is the closest claimant to the philosophical succession of the Hebrew faith, which has evolved through the various covenants contained in the Old and New Testaments. But this cannot honestly be said of the Islam of Mohammed or the Judaism of Babylon.

          • Steve T.

            I wouldn’t use the term succession, because the Jew is still with us today. Christianity according to Judah is an aberration in that the Christian claims Christ to be a deity, but they don’t agree. And Islam agrees that Christ was a great and important prophet, but their fault would be that they don’t deify Christ either and then go one step further and claim Muhammad is the last great prophet of God. But then the Muslim is upset with the Jew because of land problems and if the truth were known they are both a little pissed at Christianity because of the Crusades, because although the original excuse of the Catholic church was to hold back the Muslim invasion of and cutting off of Jerusalem, i have a feeling there was just a little bit of anti semitism going on in that the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE had plans for Jerusalem too. And of course the holy inquisition didn’t sit well with almost everyone, so much so that the Catholic caused the reformation and the whole protestant split. And when they couldn’t stand the infighting in Europe a group of them moved to the New World only to find more witch hunting and death, so once again there was a split and low and behold John Smith talked with John the Baptist no less and formed the Church of Christ, which if there ever was such a personage in history he would roll over in his grave to know the torment,torture, infighting and heresy caused by a misrepresentation of his teachings (where in he clearly points out that he was GOD’s servant, it was the church over 300 years after his death that deified him)

          • Steve T.

            ps if you believe in birthright and first born son, Ishmael, considered to be the ancestor of the Arab people, was Abrahams first born and therefore Islam and the Arabs may have first rights to it all before the
            Hebrew or the Christian. Maybe they are just attempting to take back that, which was stolen from them and their people. You know sorta how both the Christian, the Jew both lay claim to. No matter who you look at maybe all of them , all fall short of the grace of God, and as it says in the bible somewhere it will all be given to the GENTILE . (is it not that history, has recorded in HEBREW CHRISTIAN and ARAB terms some pretty upsetting, to GOD, really bad behaviours)

    • 45caliber

      Tim P:

      Sad to say, there are also supposedly Christians who take verses out of context too. We have some on here who try to blast the Christians and Christ all the time by using verses that way.

      But the Muslims HAVE to take bits and pieces. If you read it, everything said in one place is refuted or counterdicted in another. You have to pick and choose which parts to believe since somewhere else it says something different.

  • Lost in Paradise

    It is really difficult to do anything about Islam, when the U.S. government is so lenient with them. Now of all times, Hillary is trying to make it easier for Iranian students to come to the U.S.Last year I read there were 250,000 Iragi’s coming. I was fired from a job, because I supposedly said a bad thing about Samali’s that the government more or less forced the company I was working for, because the Samali’s could not get along in the small midwest town they were currently in.It was a peaceful town, before the Samali’s came to work there in a food processing plant. Crime went through the roof, and then there was the loud prayer garbage early in the morning through loud speakers.

    We need to ask ourselves, why is our government sympathetic to the muslims and not us? Its really crazy. They should not be allowed to build any Mosques, nor should they be allowed to play their prayer over loud speakers. Instead of Michigan giving in to them, there should have been another hunting season opened.

  • hitthedeck

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA – From Audacity of Hope

  • brian

    I have seen some really good muslims……….they were dead.
    Like to see a lot more good ones.

    • 45caliber


      There used to be a business up North that had a sign out front. “We prefer to do business with Muslims rather than Christians or Jews.”

      Before you get mad about it, realize it was a mortuary.

  • Buck

    These Muslim citizens are just so tolerant and freedom loving I can hardly stand it . In truth they are no good lousy Satan worshipers , worshiping Satan under an assumed alias ” allah ” invented by Satan or his disciple mo HAM ed , is no excuse for the medieval , barbarism they constantly display . I hope they know their 72 virgins are all homosexuals like mo HAM ed was .

  • Richard Holmes

    Here is a message for muslames. Go to hades and kiss the devils bu*t.

  • Sirian

    Isn’t it rather obvious that the primary problem that exists within the Muslim faith, having remained as their faith proclaimed driving force, in reality is nothing more than “Power & Control”?! As is so evident, the leaders/controllers of Iran, as well as various other factions, have at their own pleasure, conveniently twisted the true meanings of their faith to serve their psychotic power & control mindset. They forcefully preach and drill this devised form of their faith into the minds of everyone within their grasp. Keep in mind the thousands of children that are being brainwashed, literally, within the “male only” schools that are all over the place in the Mid-East and elsewhere. This form of violent mind training has existed for hundreds of years and shall continue. As example, look at the people of North Korea – what choice do they have? They too are forcefully driven to think of their leader as the “Messiah” otherwise they too will be imprisoned or destroyed without hesitation.
    We have been at war with this proclaimed “Power & Control” faith since our countries founding. Look it up, Jefferson even had to send our Navy & Marines to battle them – where do you think the lyrics “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” originated? Again, LOOK IT UP!! At different points in time, for hundreds of years, they have swept across nation after nation. Have you all forgotten the ruthless domination by the “Moors” in Spain along with other areas of Europe hundreds of years ago? It is on the rise once more and must be dealt with as directly and decisively as possible. If only we had not found oil in that region of the world which provided them with a sound financial base to work with. If it weren’t for oil Iran wouldn’t have the funds to build their nuclear weapons and ICBM’s now would they? Nor would they have the funds to carry on proxy wars with Israel via Hezbollah & Hamas. Both those factions have infiltrated our shores and are working with the drug cartels in Mexico in efforts to attack us – DO YOU NOT CARE? They are once again as ruthless and unswerving in their desire to hold total and complete “POWER & CONTROL” of the entire world. If you think not – I pity you for having blinded yourself to the truth.


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