FRC Presents List Of 20 ‘Target Congressional Races’ In November


FRC presents list of 20 'target congressional races' in November Just days after Tea Party leaders announced their "targets" ahead of the midterm elections, a socially conservative organization has followed suit, singling out members of Congress who supported the healthcare overhaul to be voted out of office.

Family Research Council (FRC) Action PAC announced plans to raise and spend $500,000 to target the districts of 20 Democratic incumbents who voted for President Obama’s healthcare bill. The organization’s representatives allege that these lawmakers, despite their professed pro-life orientation, supported a bill that allows federal money to fund abortion services.

"As pro-life and pro-family voters, we must work together to change the Congress, state governments and ultimately the White House in 2012," said Connie Mackey, president of FRC Action PAC.

She added that her organization has spent time researching the most vulnerable races and "will have pro-life, pro-family candidates [ready] to fill the void."

Among those singled out for defeat in November, FRC Action PAC listed Representative Paul Kanjorski from the 11th district in Pennsylvania, Tom Perriello (Va., 5th) and Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz., 1st).

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