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FRC Criticizes New York Cross-Dressing Ruling Case

May 25, 2010 by  

FRC criticizes New York cross-dressing ruling case While some advocates claim that a ban on cross-dressing amounts to the violation of transgender people’s rights, a family organization has presented the opposite argument while commenting on a recent American Eagle Outfitters case.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo successfully challenged the clothing retail chain to change its policies to be more transgender-friendly. According to The New York Daily News, the company will abandon the rule about employee "personal appearance" that banned men from wearing women’s clothing and vice versa.

"If more places would follow behind American Eagle’s experience, a lot of us would be able to work more," said Joi-elle White, a transgender member of Make the Road New York, adding that "there would be less of us on the street or on the internet risking our [lives] just to survive."

However, Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins has expressed his disappointment with the outcome, and linked the case to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), currently under consideration in Congress.

"Every American who believes in the right of employers to set dress and grooming standards for their employees should be alarmed by how this attorney general has used bullying tactics and litigation to impose cross-dressing policies on American Eagle Outfitters," Perkins warned. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19793362-ADNFCR

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Wow! American Eagle hires freaks? Before you blast me for saying transgender people are freaks, I have a right to my opinion. I wouldn’t shop in a store where a man was wearing women’s clothing. I wouldn’t want my children or my grandchild to witness such a spectacle!

    • WarriorH

      Maybe some congress and senate creatures can come out of their closets now.

    • Hugh Jordin

      I will express my opinion by staying out of stores that hire and cater to these people. They have a right to be waht they want… I have a right to keep away.

      Employers have a right to set a dress code. if nobody shops there they won’ stay open for long.

    • Donald from Oakland, Ia

      RoutyRastus here:

      Can we say foisting of the Gay rights, homosexual agenda by our congress and courts too now?

  • angel-wanna-be

    Own a comapny?_ Need a job?_are yout icked off because your not UNQUALIFIED for the job?__NO WORRIES!___ Lets hire a lawyer to force the hand, to change the company rules_ and WALA, the unqualified employee, suddenly gets the job!__
    And BTW, Transgender Americans?__ if you wanna risk your lives on the streets or on the internet__THAT’S YOUR FREAKIN’ PROBLEM, NOT OURS!
    ACCOUNTIBILITY 101!!!__NOBODY’S FORCING YOU!___GET A LIFE!!__A NORMAL ONE!!__ WHAT A BUNCH OF ABSOLUTE BS!__Your sexual escapades don’t belong in the workplace!!!!__ The longer companies stand for this kind of thuggery crap, the more the authorities are going to force their hand. It’s about time they stand up for yourselves!

    • angel-wanna-be

      sorry spelling errors, just found glasses__Yay!

      • Al Sieber

        I agree with you, I’m glad I live and work in the middle of nowhere. I work in mining and geology and I hope I never see a miner with a dress and high heels and lipstick, unless it’s a woman but, high heels and a dress would be a safety hazard. I sure don’t miss the cities.

        • angel-wanna-be

          Al Sieber, I’m a farm girl AL, we have our share of gays here 5 miles outside of town, and two transgenders, with a third on the way and unfortunatly, I know her. The last time I saw her, was two weeks ago at the mall and I was amazed, that she had grown a beard and her voice deepened. She now has more testicular fortitude than my husband!___LOL–I’m ever amazed at what extremes people go to, to be different!__Eww & Yuck!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Great post… You said it far better than I did!

  • harry345

    Does this mean I can put on a dress and become a bra fitter at a women’s shop?

    • Freedom’s Voice

      Yep it does

  • Berti Harkness

    Sorry but I wouldnt shop at a place that had men clerks dressed up with makeup and heels on like a woman. Let them start their own store if thats what they want.

  • http://gmail i41

    Neutor them both, so they don’t reproduce, I wouldn’t shop in stores that condone this crap like that, if the stores employ multi colored hair and dresses in girly crap, I go else where, we still have freedom of choice, usually I let management, know I don’t appreciate that goofy behavior. Of course muslims males use little boys and girls and it is OK, sounds like Rome and muslim nations behavior standads infiltrating our country!

  • Jack Waters

    Why would American Eagle or any other business stay in New York? Are there that many of their customers in New York? With the taxes and this sort of liberal crap, it would seem to me that they would be better off relocating their stores and their headquarters to a friendlier city and state. For that matter why does big business give huge amounts of money to Democrats who are their avowed enemies? If it is for bribery, it is a failure. Obama did not stay bribed in spite of something like $3,000,000 given to him by BP. An honest politician is one who will stay bribed and these guys don’t. If American Eagle and other businesses would get out of NY and if all big businesses, that have not yet been taken over by BHO, would stop donating fortunes to their enemies, we would all be better off. Sometimes it seems that hypocrisy is one of our worst problems. Businesses like American Eagle, BP, etc. lick the arses of politicians that beat them up, and pretend all is well.

  • Torin

    I am a 24 year old male-to-female transsexual. The comments posted today all show nothing but contempt for human life and complete ignorance of the subject matter. First of all I want to call attention to something Angel-Wanna-Be wrote:

    Own a comapny?_ Need a job?_are yout icked off because your not UNQUALIFIED for the job?__NO WORRIES!___ Lets hire a lawyer to force the hand, to change the company rules_ and WALA, the unqualified employee, suddenly gets the job!__
    And BTW, Transgender Americans?__ if you wanna risk your lives on the streets or on the internet__THAT’S YOUR FREAKIN’ PROBLEM, NOT OURS!
    ACCOUNTIBILITY 101!!!__NOBODY’S FORCING YOU!___GET A LIFE!!__A NORMAL ONE!!__ WHAT A BUNCH OF ABSOLUTE BS!__Your sexual escapades don’t belong in the workplace!!!!

    Aside from being horribly punctuated the first half of this statement as it relates to the topic of conversation can only mean that you think that all transsexual or transgender persons are unqualified for a job, at least at American Eagle. I happen to have both an Associates degree in general science and a BS in Marine Biology along with minor degrees in Chemistry and Geology. If anything I am OVER qualified for a basic retail job. You make the point that if transpeople wish to risk their lives online or on the streets that is their problem? How is it my choice if I am unable to get a job and unable to feed myself because you will not let me work due to what I am?

    Being transsexual is not a sexual issue. I am perfectly happy with my sexuality and I have never encountered a problem with it. I do not go through the emotional and social pain that people such as have posted here inflict on me simply because it gets me off, only a fool would think that. I am unhappy with what sex I am, because I absolutely hate my genitals. I am not mentally ill, I have been cleared by more than one mental health professional. The only other option I have if I wished to NOT be a transsexual, is suicide, because that is how strongly this affects me. I cannot live as a male because the conflict between what I feel inside and my physical body causes such distress that I have already tried several times to end my life. The fact that so many people ignore what I feel, or even tell me that I am making it up, shows nothing but a contempt for human life and an inability to handle interactions with those different from yourself in an adult manor.

    • libertytrain

      Sounds like you have a very difficult life – May it get easier for you -

    • reply

      You say that your only choice is to kill your self – but actually you have another choice. Get in a deliverance program with God fearing people who will love you through this and help you to accept yourself for who God made you – not for what you perceive you are.

    • angel-wanna-be

      Torin, It’s your choice, you don’t have to like what people say about you. We don’t either have to accept everything either. For you to have the degrees, you say you have, I would say, you have plenty of intelligience to work through your problems, my guess would be, that you don’t want to. If you want to be different than most, be prepared for a hard time, it’s the way it is. The Good Lord made us, it was up to him, as to what gender we are, not ours!!! __Now as for my spelling?__If you would have dropped your line of vision, you would have noticed I apologized, for being too lazy to put my glasses on _Savvy?

    • coal miner


      Hang in there.Don’t let these snaggle tooth morons get to you. Some are indeed bigots and racist,like I said stay strong.

    • Kim McGough

      I would say to anyone that has a problem like you do, if you do not believe in God, just ask Him to reveal Himself and He will, then He can help you if you really want help. It is totally up to you. Good Luck and may God lead you

    • Allan


      You DO have a choice not to cross-dress while working for someone else. You could also go into business for yourself and dress however you want, though depending on the business, it may or may matter how you dress.

      There’s a whole range of behaviors that people have to control in order to function in society. Pesonally, I would have a hard time working in a lot of retail establishments where certain types of music are played non-stop. That may sound silly to some, but to me, it’s like torture.

      I have compassion for people who are “different”, but the tough-love message is this: Don’t go down the path of bashing the majority. Try as best you can to cooperate, or you will get the vinegar out of life instead of the honey. Don’t join the ranks of the politically correct, who have their own agenda and problems, and when push comes to shove, won’t help you more than that employer or co-workers might.

      • Zoe Brain

        For those who say “Let God Cure You” – do you say the same to amputees? Those born with Spina Bifida? Those born with cleft palates?

        Here’s some facts, from

        Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35

        “The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation.”

        The sound-byte: male brain, otherwise female body, or the reverse. Whether you’re PC and call it a “Natural Variation”, or the un-PC “Birth Defect”, it’s the same thing.

        • Always right

          Oh Please….They tried the same garbage some time ago with dead homos, trying to say that there were differences in the brain between homos and straights. But of course the “scientist” was a homo, the dead homos had dies from contagious diseases and he used no control groups. Of course they couldn’t reproduce the study. Any bets on the sexual choices made by both the researcher here and the poster?
          “Nuture” doesn’t have anything to do with it? Try again
 BIRTH has nothing to do with it, this “study” notwitstanding.


    Maybe it would be good for Cuomo to practice what he preaches and attend court and public fuctions dressed in female attire, he thinks wierd is okay so make him act like the wierdo he wants to protect.

  • Freedom

    Just because a “mental health professional” has come up with a name for who you are based on your emotions, it does not mean that is who you are. Feelings come and go and are based on what we are seeing or our circumstances. Bottom line feelings cannot be trusted! I know its the way our culture is these days but you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139) and hating yourself is hating the One who made you, the Creator of the Universe. Your very degrees tell me you know there is a Creator. The thought of suicide is not from Him. Placing fancy names on our feelings only drives our unhappyness deeper.I know the world says there is no God, but that does not negate the FACT there is a God. May I suggest, that you open up a Bible and ask God to reveal Himself to you as you read! Keep in mind, “Emotions FOLLOW action.” There is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother, and He understands, thats why He died for you.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • WarriorH

    However, does an individual’s rights trump an employer’s rights? I don’t believe so if it harms the business.

    • Allan

      I don’t live in California anymore, but I can tell you that in general, the law there is stacked in favor of employees, similarly to renters vs landlords. The employeee who was stealing from my company had more rights than me in resolving that. California is a 10 on the PC scale. Oregon, where I live now is a 9, but since they are jealous of California, they are working hard to be an 11.

  • Lawrence Bates

    Well, I guess I won’t be doing business at Transvestite Eagle outfitters any more. The Company’s management is more sissy than the guys they’ve agreed to hire.

    • Allan

      Sometimes staying in business means making practical decisions you don’t like. I would say don’t shop there if it offends you, but don’t hold it against the management and other employees. They tried to be straightforward, and ran into the PC Doughboy. Think of them as people in Arizona.

  • Torin

    You cannot effectively bring religion into the discussion of my transsexualism because religion is by nature a subjective and not objective issue. If one believes that feelings cannot be trusted then NO feelings can be trusted, including one’s own feelings of intolerance or disgust towards me. Perhaps Satan is attempting to use you as a vehicle to catalyze my suicide through antagonizing me. It is impossible to know whether I am turning from whatever God made me or whether God made me this way on purpose because if such a God exists she does not communicate with mankind.

    I have read the Bible and no where within does it say that transsexualism is a sin. There are several places where it actually supports me.

    In I Samuel 16:7 , the LORD says: I do not judge as man judges. Man looks at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.

    Jesus said in Matthew 19:12: For there are some eunuchs, who were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, who were made eunuchs by men: and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

    Galatians 3:28: …there is neither male nor female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.

    In those passages it tells me that There is nothing wrong with what I am because God really doesn’t care.

    The most common argument that I encounter is that God says homosexuality is an abomination. I would like anyone who feels that the Bible is anti homosexual to read this webpage.

    It quite clearly shows you how you are NOT following the word of God but using it to justify your own intolerances. If one feels that homosexuality is an abomination, then there are literally dozens of other sins that are just as damning in his eyes. Eating Pork or Shellfish are a couple of them, and we all know how much we Americans love our lobster and BBQ. You cannot pick and choose which sections apply to our life today, either they all do or none do.

    When I read the Bible it tells me that God does not care what I look like she cares only for who I am in my heart. If you read the Bible and you feel it condemns me then it is quite clear that this is a matter not of what the book says but of our Interpretations. It is foolish to think that the literal text of the Bible is what any Divine Being wants. The books of the Bible were written by human hands, and have been translated many times. Thus they are subject to errors. All of the gospel is not even included in the Bible. The Apocrypha in general are literary works that the early churches decided were wrong or undesirable.

    As I have already mentioned, if my feelings are suspect, then all feelings are suspect. Your sense of love for your family must be suspect. If I am to distrust my feelings of my internal gender then we must all distrust all feelings because there is no way to separate what is true from what is false. God does not speak to anyone in a direct real-time fashion that allows one to ask if your feelings are true or if they are illusions. Due to this you are not interacting with me in a fair and honest manor because you assume that all of the things I feel are a direct result of my failure to follow the word of God. I was a christian, I chose not to be because the organized religions are one of the primary sources of stress as they condemn me. Throughout my entire life I have never felt like a whole person, until I was given estrogens. The differences in the way I think and feel with the addition of these hormones have made such a difference in my life that I cannot describe it. I do not hate myself, I hated myself when I repressed who and what I am. Now that I am living *my* life and being the person I am inside I love myself and I love my life. Never before have I been able to speak those words truthfully.

    You tell me that I should “Get in a deliverance program with God fearing people who will love you through this and help you to accept yourself for who God made you – not for what you perceive you are.”

    By this statement you accuse me of asserting that I know the will of God or that I feel God has made a mistake. In doing so you fall victim to your own accusation. You have made the claim that you know what God made me as well, and that you know the will of God better than I. I most definately *am* accepting myself for who God made me. I feel that God has challenged me specifically to become the woman he wanted me to be. I feel that I was meant to go through this ordeal for whatever reason God has.

    Furthermore, on a completely intellectual note, God does not rule by fear. If God is not capable of garnering my love and devotion by any other method than punishment then she is not worthy of my love. If being true to myself and who I am inside will send me to hell, then so be it. I would rather spend eternity in hell knowing that I was true to myself and that I did not betray myself than in heaven knowing that I am a fraud. If God will not accept me for who I am then she is undeserving of my worship.

    If you truly follow the *intent* and *spirit* of Christianity and of Jesus Christ then you must accept that under no circumstances would he have wanted me to turn away from who I am and live my life as a lie. I am not a man, I do not know how to be a man. I do not wish to live, love, or make love as a man. I am a woman, I have always been a woman. My body disagrees with that, and like any birth defect must be corrected I will correct this. We as humans already know that a person can physically be born with functional sets of both reproductive organs, thus a man and a woman at the same time. Why is it so hard for people to understand that it is possible for the body and the brain to be different sexes?

    • angel-wanna-be

      Torin, We are given two choices, We cannot serve two masters, you either serve the world, or God. It’s a matter of choice. All the intellects together cannot change it, it’s A choice, period and the end. We can ALL change the words of the bible to suit our needs and our laws (look at Washington), but it doesn’t make it right. Your way or Gods.
      No one is responcible for your feelings.
      WORDS ONLY HURT IF YOU LET THEM, take it for what it’s worth.

      • EltonJ

        Angel, the Accuser rules by Fear. Yahweh invites with Love. :)

    • coal miner
    • Always right

      We don’t buy the body v. brain junk because, since God created us, we’d be saying God created junk. WE create the junk from what God gave us, not God. If your thinking was right, girlie-men wouldn’t get their lives right when they accept Christ as their savior and there’d be no swerving back and forth. shows that there is though. About 30% who were on the wrong side of the line get it right, mostly after acception salvation. So WHO is on satan’s side and WHO is on God’s side?

  • BonnieMW

    Someone told me everything is right or wrong. Many things are right or wrong but in our world it is a challenge to make a correct choice. I had to make a choice of raising my children with an alcoholic father or divorce. There was only one right decision and I wasn’t the one that could make it. I chose divorce with many consequences but there was also much damage that had occurred from the many years of the choice to stay with an alcoholic. I believe all businesses should have the right to have a dress code. I do feel it is wrong to discriminate because of ones sexual orientation but if they throw out the dress codes where will it end. Teachers may start wearing whatever. I think it is definitely wrong if someone is not hired because of their sexual orientation. I know several teachers who are homosexual that are wonderful people and teachers but they dress appropriate and don’t really discuss sexuality at school. I believe it is natural to be homophobic and in a work place sometimes one has to feel unconvertible working around a homo-sexual person but one has to deal with it. If someone feels unconvertible in a dress or pants or vise versa deal with it. We are all making compromises trying to make a fair world for everyone. I do feel compassion for a person that is confused about their gender. Many truly do have one body and another brain instead of talking hatefully maybe we could try and be compassionate. Maybe some of you need to read the book written by a Christian man that tryed to committe suicide at 15 because he had been raised a girl and after the suicide attempt found out be had male parts but they were inside him. It is not as simple as lets hate everyone who is different. During the 3rd week a fetus is changing into a male and sometimes this hormonal change that happens does not make a completion and we then have transgender people. It is a proven science. We do not live in a perfect world as God created it.

    • Allan

      Where does it end? Can I have MY preferences imposed on MY workplace? Why not?

  • big charles

    “Ahhh, discrimination, don’t you love it??”

    I am a white straight male and my wife is a white straight female.

    As such we receive no “special” benefits.

    We attempted to get on a waiting list to purchase a home at a sold out development in Irvine, California, and were denied.

    About 8 generations back on my mother’s side I have an English man that was born in Africa who became an American citizen, making him a true African American. Also about 8 generations back on my wife’s mother’s side she has a full blooded Choctaw Indian woman, making my wife a true American Indian.

    A few days after our rejection, my wife and I returned to the same development I mentioned above and spoke to a different real estate crew and, although we both are as chalky white as Casper the friendly ghost, me with green eyes and her with blue, we filled out our request for wait listing as me being an African American and she being an American Indian and we were not only accepted, but we were placed at the top of the waiting list and received a call in 2 days inviting us to come in and get a home.

    Intrigued by this, we then went to another development and made normal application for wait list and were denied as before, so we went back later as a transgender homosexual couple and were immediately accepted and within 10 days invited to come in and get a home.

    Now, no matter what we apply for or what we do, we list ourselves as an African American – American Indian couple and we get total preferential treatment in almost every case.

    If the treatment is not to our liking at first blush, I just mention, “Did you notice that I am an African American and my wife is an American Indian?” and the red carpet gets rolled out immediately.

    Moral to the story is, no matter who you are, someplace in your family tree will be a person from Africa or a Latin/Spanish/Mexican or American Indian and you should definitely list your race as either African American or Latino or American Indian.

    The USA was a total Indian land that was settled by Mexican/South American explorers from the south and European or African or India explorers landing on east coast, so we all have ancestors to draw on.

    If you’re just something boring like a French or German or English mix, that won’t get you any special treatment, so either make up an ancestor thru one of those family tree websites online or just say you’re wife is a male dressed as a female and you are a female dressed as a male then swish your wrist and blow them a flaming kiss and you’ll get all the preferential treatment you want.

    If anyone challenges your sexuality just tell them that you can’t help it you were “born that way,” and start to whimper a bit.

    In karate, I learned to not butt heads with a 200 pound man, but to use his 200 pounds of strength for my benefit, so when he came at me I just used my little bit of strength to keep him going head over heels right past me.

    So do the same here and use the reverse discrimination wave in your favor.

    If we all do this, before you know it all surveys will list 100% of all participants as “minorities” by sex or race, then maybe some special rights will be allocated back to the true straight white Americans.

    One can only dream. :)

    So good luck to all of you flaming racial homies!!!

    And email me about your success. and kiss kiss to each of you!!! :))

    • Bud

      B.S. You and your wife receive hundreds of “special” benefits by virtue of being in a government-recognized marriage. You are just so accustomed to these special benefits that you feel entitled.

      • Allan

        Actually, it’s the other way around. Government received hundreds of benefits from married people.

        • EltonJ

          Mostly in the form of one dollar bills. Like it’s actually theirs. . .

  • Torin

    I appreciate what you have said BonnieMW. Dress codes for a workplace are vital to keeping things running smoothly. However, my point is that I am a transsexual, NO ONE in public has ever thought I was a man in the passed 4 years. Why must someone like me, adhere to a male dress code? Why can’t I just adhere to the Female dress code? There are some people who do not pass well enough I understand, but in the majority of cases that is not so once the hormones have done their work. I would not want to dress like an idiot, I would not want to dress in appropriately. I would want to dress like any other woman, appropriately for the Job and for my Gender.

    Big Charles – I do not know anything about your experiences in the housing market as I have never purchased a home. However when I was applying to college my parents made sure I listed my ethnicities, my father’s family is Italian and I am only the third generation to be born in America. I have no idea whether it helped me or not but you are right that listing ethnicities can help. As a transsexual I am sure in some circles like academia it may help me get farther, It may also prevent me from gaining employment in some areas. Statistically transsexuals are vastly underemployed or unemployed with some 40% working a job they are over qualified for. I do not want special treatments, I do not want special rules. I want to be treated like every other woman, I want to live my life without fear that I will be murdered because someone was to intolerant to deal with me. The sad part is it seems like special rules are needed to provide those things for people of all different types at times.

  • KLB

    I personally don’t care HOW he is dressed. If I ever see a man in the ladies’ rest room, I will flat blow him away. Once they have their final surgery done, if they want to live as a woman, I have no problem. Until then, they are genetically male and should be treated as such.

  • Torin

    KLB you do realize that after the surgery we are still genetically male, and that prior to the surgery we cant get an erection or produce semen for several years. Estrogen therapy = chemical castration. There is no justification for your statements. Especially since I would be at risk for rape or assault in a men’s room.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Torin… If I had to worry about being a male and because of what I choose to do to myself to change who/what I am, I would think it would behoove you to stay as you are and make the best of it. It doesn’t make sense to put yourself through that. I am sorry you are so tormented. I am sure there is much more to your story/background. There always is. I seriously hope you will be able to handle everything that would come your way. But what would be better is if you could just accept yourself. Everyone has something about themselves they don’t like.

    • Kim McGough

      Torin, just ask God to reveal Himself to you and go from there. He can take away your every problem if you truely want Him to. Don’t worry if you are a non-beliver, if you ask He will reveal Himself and let you know that He is there for you and that He does love you. Come to Him as you are and let Him work for you, you will be amazed

  • Christopher Baker

    Seems to be a lot of bigotry in most of the opinions expressed about this story. How can it possibly hurt you if someone else chooses to wear clothes intended for the opposite gender? The ignorance shown is appalling.

    • Kim McGough

      There is always alot of bigotry involving race, sex, and religion. We do not know how these people feel or what they go through in daily life, we are to quick to judge people for who or what they are. All of this is sad. I always have believed in the live and let live policy, but Torin has brought out some issues that really need to be addressed. I can see where his problems could be very overwhelming to him in the case of restroom use, and I would ask everyone, what would you do if you were like him. I believe his only real hope is in God, but of course there are so many in this world that don’t believe that God exists, and would rely on science to anwser his problem, here they don’t really have an anwser except for sex change, but that does not mean that his brain will handle his problem any better. If the world only knew God and could see what I see, there would be a whole lot less problems, for our heavenly Father loves everyone no matter what problems they face and is willing to help them deal with if or completely change the person

  • Ed Bertolas

    These are the same shameless lawyer lawyer liar liar that will anything for press and the shame piece of crap lawyers that wanted to protect the Guantanomo Jihadists. Almost a million lawyers want to still do so ………They should be disbarred and so should this character ambulance chaser bum

  • http://gmail i41

    If you read history from the 60′s, all the drug use and freeky crap that went on, it was always a good thing to see how damn goofy, you could be and stay under the radar, to get special favors from government programs. Every year the queers and steers get more blatant! A small snafued group are able to create problems and makes everyone why, this behavior is allowed. If you can create a new classification of some abnormal freakish behavior, you will get government funding for an adicktome or acutburnandturn operations funded by taxpayers. Just like NY, too crowded, rats behave like NYorkers, when bunched too tightly, male rats turn queer,and the females start to kill off their young!

  • Torin

    It does not matter if God can “take away my problems” or if God can see who I am inside without me having to alter my sex. The point is that as I am I cannot be happy in my life regardless of my religion, or any other belief. Testosterone makes me feel like a different person, a person I do not wish to be. I cannot enjoy sex as a male because every single ejaculation makes me break down and cry for hours. I want to enjoy sex through female genitals that I can feel are supposed to be there and are not. I cannot live and be happy if I cannot fix the glaring dissonance between mind and body. I do not wish to become a person that is happy being a man because then I have lost myself and would be a different person entirely.

    None of you will ever be able to truly understand how I feel inside because you have not lived through it. You have not felt the pain I do. Why do people have to be so quick to judge me?

    Kim McGough – I appreciate your words. Other than the fact that your use of male pronouns is demeaning to me, You attempt to understand and I really think you are trying to empathize. It is wonderful that you feel that God can help me, I am a spiritual person and not overly religious in its organized sense. I understand that you feel God will help my soul and that is all that matters in the end. The issue is that I cannot make it through this life without doing something to allieviate this pain. Yes suicide is a choice. I know that, no one is going to put a gun to my head for me. The reason I have no choice is that I know what I felt like before I began to live my life as the woman I am. I know how it felt when I was on my knees in my own kitchen about to swallow my pistol. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt if I do not address this issue I will end up there again, and again, and again, and eventually I will succeed. I do not want that, thus I have to stop denying who I am inside, and by doing that I can enjoy my life.

  • http://gmail i41

    Everyone goes through life with disapointments, you can cry, carry on, how damn rough life is and it is not fair, get a life. Just because you cann’t get rode the way you like, quit try to saddle up! Look at kids that are diagoisted with cancer, diabetis, heart disease or missing limbs. They could whine about life, and go on how life sucks, but they lead productive lives in many ways. So bury the poor me bs, get to producing something or doing something constructive. Fact is you may claim you are a girly boy or a brain damaged mess but get a grip and get on with life. If not, don’t waste my tax dollars, on some feel good crap. There is bigger problems in life, that will always surface, if you don’t like the pair you were given, there is always a rubber emasculator down at the vet’s office, he’d probably donate the band, haven’t heard too many lambs or calves complain, they settle down and grow!

  • http://ce Frederick H

    Well my dear i41, exactly the same can be said to (and about) all the conservatives whining endlessly about President Obama. Get a life, stop being a nuisance; whomever is shoved into the White House, there’ll always be a whole clump of folk complaining their heads off, instead of coming up with really creative solutions for the nation’s pressing problems. Either a fine majority or a substantial minority will keep whimpering: “no, this is not the Government I want(ed) up there. It’s a damn shame.” Well sorry for you, but it (or he) is here, and here to stay for at least another couple of years. Get over it. BTW, those transvestites and transgends have every right in the world to be themselves openly, just like you, me and the rest of the world. You talk about Personal Liberty, Freedom and Human Rights, well, damn it, practice what you preach!!!

  • Rick

    Look, an employer has the right to set any dress standard he/she chooses, period. If the employees don’t like it, they don’t have to work there. But my problem with this discussion is all the hateful commentary. Why do some of you get so uptight about what people wear? It’s CLOTHING! Who the heck cares?! Why should anyone try to dictate what another person wears? I can cover my naughty bits with designer clothes or a chunk of tree bark and twine. Seriously, there is no right or wrong when it comes to what we cover our bodies with. Why are some people so small-minded and judgmental?

  • http://gmail i41

    freddie, you smuck, Omoron is same as a cross dresser and isn’t a normal citizen of the USA. We all know that. Omoron wants to make all private businesses to be under the government control. That is what American citizens, as you say whine about, he is a socialist. He is like Hitler, government control beleiver, media, manfacturing, healthcare,and banking. All dreams of every socialist communist democrat. As we keep allowing more abhorrant behavior, the weaker America gets. With all the gays, transgendered, he/she/shit is an effect developed, that feely meely ideas are starting to increase more of this fecal waste. Read the Time magazine on DNA and how in a generation, the nviorment can put markers on your DNA. The level of queers and steers has climbed rapidly since the 60′s. Let them all move to Kalfreek zone, and don’t waste my tax dollars on moving, take two wetbacks with you.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    Ya know, when I’m at home I wear what I want and sometimes little or nothing at all, but at work, I wear what the boss says, cause it’s his house rules, not mine. What is all this crap about risking live on the internet and blah blah blah. Buck up,and follow the rules and quit being a weak minded lib. Sheesh. Life is full of choices and I choose to be happy, the choice is yours.

  • Scott Morehouse

    There isn’t anything left ;) that the Dems won’t get their fool hands into. Mostly Sh@t. Leave business alone to get this country back on track. Sorry BP, my Co doesn’t make centrifuges big enogh to suck all that oil out of the sea water. What an outstanding idea.. Think that one goes to a lib actor. Otherwise, just get the Gov’t to do what we need it to do. More Nulear energy. This wind power stuff is idiotic. Just look at Europe. Then do the opposite.

  • http://ce Frederick H

    Ha,i41, ever heard of Neanderthals? Well, have a good look in your bathroom mirror and I’m sure you’ll see one. private businesses you say? It’s these private boys who’ve been screwing us to the bone for the past five decades: selling us their junk food, dumping their poisonous pharmaceutical $h… in our laps (Big Pharma) and selling us stinking mortgages (Big Banks). If the previous Moron Right-Wing Government had done the job it was supposed to do, we wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of a giga economic crisis right now. George W. B. and his cronies really deserve a Nobel Prize for looking the other way. Georgie and his boss Dickie Chainey must have rubbed their necks with gallons of sore muscle liniment after they left the W H!!! No i41, I’m glad we’ve elected a President, who’s at last taking the necessary measures to control those Industrial Vultures who think they are the ones that rule this country and can do as they please. Well buddy, those days are over and hopefully over for good.

  • MovieLover

    There are some movies yearly that ditch this rule, often restricted-release movies that start in only a few theaters and in actual fact grow their theater count through good word-of-mouth and evaluations.


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