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France Elects Socialist President

May 8, 2012 by  

France Elects Socialist President
France's new president Francois Hollande gestures to a crowd of supporters gathered at the Bastille Plaza in Paris.

France will be a nation of equality, fairness and socialist policy if new president Francois Hollande delivers on his promises.

France went about 17 years without a socialist president. But that streak came to an end after Sunday’s election. French socialist Hollande will be taking the reins from Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande won the office with 51 percent of the vote.

“I’m proud to be in a position to give back hope,” said Hollande during his victory party. “Everyone in the republic will be treated equally.”

Hollande promises to pour his energy into the youth and wants “to be fair.” Equality between men and women will be a major issue in Hollande’s program of progress and change—two words Hollande used to describe his upcoming presidency. “Remember your whole life this great gathering at the Bastille—it must tell the whole of Europe that change is coming.”

When Sarkozy mentioned Hollande during his concession speech, the name was greeted by boos. But Sarkozy told his supporters to respect the new leader.

Hollande reportedly wants to raise taxes on big corporations as well as those who make over a million euros a year.

“I am a socialist,” concluded Hollande amidst celebratory chants and cheers.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Steve E

    Hey French business men! Come to America and start a business here.

    • Robert Smith

      How are you going to blame the election in France on Obama?

      How are you going to blame their problems in France on the Socialist party when they haven’t been in power for 17 years?

      The French have recognised that the extreme right is a ticket to a wrecked economy and the 1% taking from the rest of us.


      • FreedomFighter

        News! News! BALD HEADED COMME WINS FRANCE News! News!

        Put that boy on the French beach and get a good red burn on that bald head,

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It isn’t obummer. It’s the people pulling his strings!

      • MAP

        Total complete nonsense, as usual from you, Robert. This is the first leftist in France since 1983, when they entirely destroyed the economy and any trust the people had in them along with it. Memories, it seems, are short, but they will return very quickly now.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Robert . . . the socialist policies that are sinking much of Europe, have been in place in France since the 50′s and 60′s . . . and the French luv them . . . just like the Greeks . . . no common sense or any concept of Economics 101. Once the percentage of “Free Riders” in the US passes the 50% mark . . . we will join them in Failure ! ! !

      • ringgo1

        Not surprising that your first sentence is a (non) defense of Obamao. The rest of your post is just as inept. Troll anyone?

    • jopa

      Steve E :One already did, Mutt Romney.He spent many years in France dodging the draft during the Vietnam war.Now he is even trying to hide the fact that he speaks fluent French after the patriot fries debacle.

  • Sirian

    The French are such fools. Is that really new? No, far from. . . :(

    • Nadzieja Batki

      France finally admitted that they were Socialist while lying to themselves all the years.

      • FreedomFighter

        North Korea threatened to test fire a missle, USA condemed them, England didnt think it was a good idea, Germany thru back channels sold parts, and

        France immediatly surrendered.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I really wonder how many Americans are fools also? Will socialism be coming here next? We are so close already. I’m afraid that the majority here, will go right along with it.

      • Flashy

        Nancy…y’all see a ‘socialist” behind every tree?

        think !

        The past three years, economic growth in Europe as it implemented austerity has stagnated. GB is headed for a double dip recession. Unemployment has gone up, and as such so are the expenses for that unemployment.

        The US has seen positive growth in the private sector job market and the economy is growing.

        No one is advocating ‘socialist’ POLICIES….that’s the ‘evil tag’ the wealthy and corporate elite have sold you to have you opposed that which helps them, and screws you.

        THINK !

      • ringgo1

        Ah, flushed one. At least you are consistently…wrong.

        • Dick

          flushed one what? it helps if you read the message you’re responding to, You’re answering Nancy with that?

      • RichE

        Flashy, Re THINK
        Is there a perfect, ‘ism’? I’m thinking a capitalist economy with a democratic republic government. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Any suggestions on how to insure, ‘for the people’?

  • http://Comcast JimBob

    maobama, our feckless leader, has ALREADY invited hollande to the white house. Birds of a feather I guess…. With hollande’s plan to tax the rich at 75%, I think we can expect an exodus beyond description.

    • eddie47d

      When the right in France could no longer do their job then the left was bound to rise back up. Centrist Obama(now don’t laugh) is now having a hard time rallying those on the left in our country and the right had started to make a come back.Moderate Romney looks good to many Americans which will make it hard for the extreme left and extreme right to gain much traction. Romney is also as phony(flip flopper) as a three dollar bill but he is a charmer and a smooth talker. Voters never know what they will get in that box of chocolates but most will bite into whatever tastes the best at the moment. Sarkozy became stale like alot of politicians although his replacement might not taste much better.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Eddie . . . you sound confused as usual . . . the French don’t want to give up their Free Stuff . . . more than 50% of the population are on the free buss . . . like Greece, the French will find that there is no Free Stuff . . . the country is broke.

      • eddie47d

        What free stuff? Someone always pays for it even if you win something in a contest. Greece has never had a strong economy and has even less diversification so they are a poor example. Not much different than Ireland who just 5 years ago was the conservative darling of success. Great Britain isn’t part of EU so why do they have so many ups and downs and socialist Sweden is doing great. Hey we are rather broke too so was it social entitlements or capitalist shenanigans that tipped the scales. I would say it is a little of both. Then there is a third reason our over sized military budget and constant wars.

        • RichE

          Nah its female contraception that bankrupted the U.S.

      • http://Comcast JimBob

        Romney is the smooth talker? What in the hell do you think got maobama elected, honesty? White women swooned over his half black ass and still are. Young people drank his Kool-Aid but hopefully are not still. time to snap out of it while you still have an America left, albeit not much of it’s former self.

      • eddie47d

        What do you want to go back to ; more wars,more mortgage meltdowns, more Wall Street gold diggers,more Big Pharma, more Big Ag and Monsantos’. What pleases you the most that you are so eager to get back to?

  • Silas Longshot

    Unless they build a ‘Berlin wall’ around France, expect a mass exodus of ‘rich’ French OUT of the country, to freindly countries that DON’T take 75% of their income. I sure as ‘ell wouldn’t stay there and let them rip me like that!
    This could be the first domino of economic collapse that may take out the Euro. And us.
    Click the name.

    • Flashy

      Silas….i may agree if they were indeed taking 755 of income. but that’s not the case. The tax rate for the amount over 1 mil Euros is proposed to be taxed at 75%. thus, you eanr 1.1 mil Euros, only the .1 is taxed at that rate.

      Which begs the question..the tax rate is currently 50% for the wealthy. now why do you suppose the rich haven’t exited before this? Are you suggesting that here in the US our wealthy are so patriotic that should they have a tax rate of 39% on upper levels of their income they’d flee? Such is the strength of their “patriotism” ?

      it’s laughable when the argument is used if tax rates are hiked on the wealthy investment stops and the wealthy will flee. Higher tax rates sure didn’t stop investment in the past…and where they gonna go?

      Stop the welfare programs to the wealthy and Big Corporate America. Have them pay their fair share for the resources they use. Give the real job creators, the Middle Class, a break. then watch this economy boom.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      But there won’t be much of an exodus from that country, the Socialists (whether rich or poor) finally created the supposed Utopia that they been working for.

  • Dick

    Ah, well that’s democracy for you…

    • Alice

      Where will France get the money to stimulate growth?

      • Dick

        The Eurozone countries (not the EU as a whole) already have a chunk of money set aside for supporting bailouts and restructuring national economies (Greece, Spain) through the planned austerity. Hollande, the new president, hopes to get the Germans (and the rest, but the Germans mainly) to agree to switch at least some of this to stimulus spending. I think the French will be disappointed because the Germans won’t play until and unless it begins to look like their austerity measures aren’t going to work (if they can even get them truly started at all – for that they need at least some cooperation from the populace who just voted the other way entirely, against ‘austerity’).

      • ringgo1

        Why not print some, like we do? (sarcasm intended…)

  • mike

    The only thing I don’t like about France is it seems everyone there smokes

    • Steve E

      Just wear a gas mask the next time you go there.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      SERIOUSLY?!? That’s all that concerns you?!? Wow, you are really deep!

  • Flashy

    Greece is leaning to the neo nazi candidate and protectionsism, Spain is leaning Socialist candidate, France has made its choice, GB’s ruling party just got slammed in local elections.

    How’s that austerity working for ya? in the three years Europe chose to go the way that the Right here urges, austerity, unemployment skyrocketed, economies withered, GB is in a double dip recession for the first time since the early 70′s, the Euro is getting hammered, productivity is down …. errrr…seems to be working eh?

    Such would have been our fate had the Far right, TPers, American Taliban and wealthy elite had gotten their way rather than the Stimulus put in place by this administration.

    Here’s something else to chew on…during the past three years, employment in the private sector GREW. What has stalled the job market is the downsizingg of state and local government employment as federal funds were being cut and some of the radical GOP Governors and legislatures cut back and refused additional funds. Had employment in state and local government been maintained….maintained, not enlarged, unemployment would be a full percentage point lower.

    think about that. the Right got what they wanted..shrinkage in government. The results were predictable, and the cuts caused the unemployment rate to be higher…which the Right is screaming. “You gave us what we wanted, and we’re complaining about it !”

    Government austerity is not the solution for a recession. Time and again it has been proven. And when the problems worsen and the required solutions and policies become more impacting … the screams from the austerity supporters become shriller.

    here’s something else to think about. The stock market basically took the news of the new French Socialist government well. The market was even , gold dropped in the morning hours (i didn’t check the afternoon) and oil was dropping a little.

    After 230 years of wealth redistribution from the Middle Class to the wealthy, after 30 years of examples austerity is not a “cure’ for recession, failure after failure … the People are becoming aware of the flim flam game played.

    Now before y’all spout off…why not first give an example of where austerity in government spending worked to bring an economy out of recession. You supporters of “Austrian economics’ should be able to as much as you tout it.

    • Robert Smith

      From Flashy: “Now before y’all spout off…why not first give an example of where austerity in government spending worked to bring an economy out of recession. ”

      The biggest government spending of them all was WWII. It ENDED the great depression and we had a couple of decades of growth after that. Mothers and wives didn’t HAVE to work if they didn’t want to. Two cars in the driveway weren’t unusual.

      Growth came to a halt whe Reagan put in place the policies that opened the door to the problems we have today. Now wives and mothers HAVE to work (if they can find it).

      Why? The biggest transfer of wealth to a select few in all of American history.


    • Sirian

      Just a question, have you ever read “The Road to Serfdom” by F.A.Hayek? Just asking.

      • Flashy

        Sirian…no. If you recommend it, I will go to the local bookstore and look for it. I will state if it is more repeated dogma of Austrian Economics, it won’t get to the checkstand carried by my hands. in my view, and from what i have read both direct and in commentaries, while it sounds good and presents a Utopian view…the “theory” of Austrian Economics has as practical application in a modern economy as Marxism does on the other end of the economic ideological spectrum. Sounds nice, but when one gets to the brass tacks, they have as much reality as a Disney movie.

        I just looked it up briefly. Freidman wrote an intro and from what i read in critiques, it may well be of interest to read. Though i have major differences with Milton Friedman and think many of his suggestions are akin to something muttered by a half crazed lunatic deep in the depths of an opium den, I have read Freidman and use some of his theory as source and reference.

        Thanx Sirian…

      • Sirian

        I honestly believe you will find it more interesting than expected. It’s well worth the read, especially now.

      • eddie47d

        I have not read that book Sirian but why are the wealthier taking in more loot these days while the Middle Class is either stagnant or losing ground? There does seem to be a road to serfdom but not what you think.

      • Sirian

        From that comment eddie, I strongly recommend you read the same book. In simple terms, don’t jack your jaws, READ!! I guarantee that it won’t give you warts or hemorrhoids, OK?

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “Now before y’all spout off…why not first give an example of where austerity in government spending worked to bring an economy out of recession.”

      The state of Arkansas.

      • Flashy

        Ya sure about that? without the natural gas boom where would Arkansas be? Without the stimulus it received? And using a state economic picture which is in itself a non self-reliant economy is a tad bit off the mark wouldn’t you say?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        The Arkansas constitution REQUIRES a balanced budget. The Arkansas unemployment rate has consistantly run below the national unemployment rate for several years.

  • MAP

    “Remember your whole life this great gathering at the Bastille—it must tell the whole of Europe that change is coming.”
    If this is change like the change we got, they are doomed!

  • dcjdvis

    Socialists like the “hope” word an awful lot, huh? Along with the words “fair” and “equal”. “Just” is one they’ll never believe in…Bleccch. Despise them and their brand of “change”.

    • Flashy

      And you espouse what as an alternative DC ? the data is there, so just what is your solution as an alternative to stimulus, revenue increases, and relief from the welfare programs for the wealthy and Big Corporations?

      What is your proposal to replace government intervention, acting as a buffer between private industry and the Middle Class and preventing privatizing profit and socializing the risk?

      What is your solution to prevent abuse of The Commons?

      you smack talked…now walk it.


    Not surprised in France or Greece, because the voters dont like paying for their previous spending with cost cutting and increased taxes…so they vote out those who tell them the best way forward and put in those ‘the socialists’ who offer no pain …just more money, more deficits, more boorrowing or more money printing if no one will lend to them again, and no one will or should lend anymore money to Greece or France.

    I suggested that Greece should be let loose as an example to others like the French, but alas the Germans decided otherwise and now we have the repeat in France of what the letting loose of Greece would have taught the rest of Europe. Its not going to get better now…only worse down the slippery slide to oblivion. .

    History repeating itself and another new Republic revolution in France with a new currency of little value. Wholesale destruction of the wealthy in France to benefit the angry poor who think they can keep ‘stealing’ from world lenders by their governments. Lets not beat around the bush…citizens have been using their elected politicians to steal from foreign lenders and they dont want to pay the money back. Greece is the prime example. The French have killed the Euro by electing a socialist government. YES, the Euro is dead before it dies a long painful death. So heed my warning… .

    Well as I have said before in these posts….the same applies to the USA you must pay higher taxes and lower services otherwise you will end up under a military junta dictatorship in the USA and you will know it when it happens. In fact its slowly heading that way now. Freelance politican and economic commentator from Australia.

    • Walt

      “you will end up under a military junta dictatorship in the USA”

      Maybe so, as the events of creeping tyranny slowly descends upon us, what remains to be seen is whether that dictatorship will eventually be of the left or right. Let’s not forget the lessons of 1936 Spain, where the exhuberant left dismissed the commitment of conservative Christians and Monarchists to overthrow the murderous tyranny of the Socialist/Communists/Anarchist (like our modern day “occupiers”).

      Much blood was spilled for several years; but, in the end, the people of Spain rejected the Stalinist vision of collectivism, secularism and “distribution of wealth” ….a theme we hear so often from our current so-called “leader” in Washington. History tends to repeat.

    • RichE

      Who loaned Greece the money in the first place?

  • MAP

    Pat Buchanan’s take on this is very informative.

  • Rafael

    France did not change with Sarkozy and many of the non-left Presidents, that is why the economy tumble, the social programs continue undermining the french economy. Now with a true socialist, I see the future of France in chaos. Europe will bring more instability and less free trade.

  • John H.

    Down here in south Texas my Son was the only student that paid to go to collage.where he went. I go to the H.E.B. food store weekly and I’m the only one in line paying for my food. I’m here to tell you , you get 50% of the people as free loaders and we can join France in a heart beet. The way we are headed we will be there P.D.Q. We had better get people back to work and God in our Homes, Schools and country our we will be sunk.

  • deepizzaguy

    Welcome France to your version of Barack Obama.


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