Fractured, Rocked With Dismay, Irate: The State of My Union


Splintered, reeling in panic, angry: This is the state of my union, my America. Not the Washington, D.C., world of “reality,” where they pretend to know what the public needs and where their lack of knowledge of the needs of their constituency absolutely astounds me.


Splintered because there are really two Americas. One wants nothing more than a government that leaves them alone. A government that works under the letter of Constitutional law, allowing for the states to make tough economic choices. A government that realizes its public isn’t a bunch of sheep that need to be led or children whose hands they have to hold. They are the responsible America who, in bad times, unite to get things done. They are the ones that you can rely on to search for you if you’re lost or to build you a new home should yours burn down. They are the true community, built from the neighborly way of old, living under the principle of “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Bottom line, they are the doers. They are the ones who work long and hard. The ones who believe capitalism equals inventiveness, creativity and opportunity. They stand for the little guy, weak or injured. They show him how to get back on his own feet, and then they leave him to live his life as he wishes — as long as it doesn’t harm others. This America believes in true justice, based on factual guilt. They believe the pursuit of happiness is something to be worked for, not handed, and that life and liberty are the only things that are “given” and that both are worth dying for.

The other America is built upon entitlement. It wants to see more government regulations, because it doesn’t want the burden of being responsible for it. It wants the government to provide for it, feed it and heal it, because it believes that equality means provision. Its government is large and ominously similar to what we fought during the Cold War. This America’s public is the people who feel that they shouldn’t be responsible for anything and they lay in wait to sue you for everything you have — because they want it. They believe it’s OK to turn their backs on their community if it means their self-advancement. They are the ones who cry foul when their own personal choices bite them — like smokers who say it’s the fault of the manufacturers, or those who  blame guns for violence instead of the criminals who load the guns and pull the triggers. They see the world and life as something to control and manage, which furthers their need for more regulation. But they cry when that regulation infringes on their own pursuits. They believe in “equal” (special) rights for everything with the exception of what they do not like. Blame is their game. Selfishness is their method. And their government rules them accordingly by further restricting their freedoms, because it’s in their own best interest — and these people blindly believe it is. This America doesn’t believe anything is worth dying for, but that material pursuits, at times, are worth killing for.

Reeling In Panic

Reeling because my America is seeing the end of an economic era and the beginning of a tidal wave of financial woes never before witnessed in modern history. My America knows you can’t throw made-up money at any problem and think it will fix it. They know that when you print trillions of dollars and have nothing tangible backing that money, you have just added trillions of zeros to the worth of our currency, devaluing it completely. Let me put it a different way: If you have a city suffering from a drought and this city has a dam upstream, you don’t blow the dam! This will simply flood your city. And guess what? Soon, the water will recede (recession, get it?) and you won’t have a reserve of water to pull from in times of emergency any longer, and the drought will be worse than before. It works that way in economics, too. See, my America knows this. They also know that bailouts should never happen. It’s better to allow for free-market failure than government-controlled corporations. They are panicked because they see that their retirement is gone and that their children, and theirs, and theirs and theirs (and so on), will have to pay for this mess even though it’s just all made-up money. They fear government ownership and Federal control of their daily lives and see it happening with every new piece of legislation being drafted. They are frightened that the food supply is being targeted by both outside influences (China) and our own government, which is vying for more complete control. They are panicking because they are watching this great country erode into a culture of something-Americans — and not plain Americans. Unity is gone, and the true spirit of being multicultural under one flag is replaced by wanton disregard for the learning of what should be our common language. They are reeling in panic because their representatives have lost sight of what it means to represent. Instead, they present to the people and say: “See what I have done for you!” And all the while, they line their own pockets. This misrepresentation and constant lying has turned panic to anger.


Angered by people who swear an oath to the Constitution and then just trample all over it. They are angry that reason is lost and seemingly vacant in those who are supposed to know better. Angry because our liberties and freedoms are being stripped from us at an alarming rate. Angry that our borders and cities are being flooded by narco-illegals, and the solution provided to us thus far is to give all these law-breaking illegal aliens amnesty. We are told that to uphold law against an illegal is un-American (Nancy Pelosi)! They are angry because if they break the law they are punished, put into a justice system that is nothing more than a money-grubbing machine designed to further fleece the public. Truth is ignored as long as there is a suspect; guilt now presupposed.

With each new day there is something else to be angry for, some new legislation that further yokes us to a future of slavery — owned by the state, mind, body and spirit. Now, the few patriots that are left are being targeted, their peaceful movements labeled extremist and militant.

And They Are Wondering When Enough Is Enough

The American (Re)public can be pushed only so far before they rally and push back. Mark my words; it’s coming: the day of demanding accountability for actions against the republic. It will be ugly, and I wish with my whole heart that it could be avoided.

What is truly sad, however, is that we, the people, all let it get this bad in the first place. We gave up control to those who would lead us, not represent us, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

–Ron Lee

Writer’s note: This is something I wrote back in 2009. Sadly, it is still apropos. As before, please keep in mind, this is a rant. It is not a threat, nor do I have first-hand knowledge of any planned uprising.

Personal Liberty

Ron Lee

Writing has always been one of Ron Lee's passions, however, Ron's innate talents have given him a broad set of skills.He has worked as a webmaster for WorldNetDaily, designed, and a myriad of other web sites. He has also owned his own fiber optic lighting company, PC repair business, and coffee company.However, the most rewarding position he has had is with the US~Observer. For the last 10 years Ron has spent his time helping US~Observer clients with his no-nonsense investigative reporting style. He also designed the look and feel of the US~Observer web site and newspaper, and is responsible for the layout of each new edition.Ron's educational background includes attending Richmond University in London where he focused on theatre arts, and the University of Nevada Reno where he dual majored in criminal justice and psychology.In his off time, Ron enjoys Wing Chun Gung Fu, hiking (hit the top of Mt. Whitney - the highest peak in the lower states), taking walks, shooting, writing, acting and inventing new and unique products.Ron devoutly believes the Constitution is the answer to our political woes, and he is an impassioned spokesperson for the use of logic in all political decisions - something he believes is sorely lacking, especially in Washington D. C.

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  • mark

    its time for a purge to remove the radicals. bho, pelosi, reid need to be arrested for multiple violations of the law. its time they r held accountable and jailed.

    • Warrior

      Mark, I couldn’t agree more. The massive crime going on before our very eyes with this so called “healthcare law” is breathtaking. You’ve got no one in this “progressive” regime following ANY rules whatsoever. They’re just making sh$t up as they go along for their “political” expediency. It’s sickening to watch this unfold. Screw everyday working Americans. Maybe “I’ll” let you keep your existing plan for another year while I spend untold sums of your money to fix our progressive f-up. The “insurance company execs” sure made a huge mistake getting in bed with these types and now they’ll be looking for their “bailouts”. IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Fast n Furous and the list is becoming endless of the crime spree taking place. “Hello, FBI, I want to report a crime in progress”.

  • Alan

    If this isn’t done really soon we will be screwed, as the number of takers are quickly out numbering the working taxpayers.

  • BHR

    The war is coming, kept you guns.