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Fourteen states have yet to apply for Early Learning Challenge

July 28, 2011 by  

Some states are wary of taking Federal funding for schools.Fourteen States have not yet declared their intent to apply for the Early Learning Challenge, a $500 million Federal grant program, according to The Washington Times. The program is part of the Barack Obama Administration’s Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge (RTTT) and focuses on improvements for preschool education, according to the newspaper.

The program aims to reward States that work to improve prekindergarten programs. “This Challenge represents the Obama Administration’s commitment to helping vulnerable children and families reach their full potential,” U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said of the plan in a release.

It appears that some States believe that the program is not worth the hassle of mandates tied to Federal grants, according to The Washington Times. Although some State representatives are still considering applying, Texas will most likely be one of the States to pass on the Early Learning Challenge, as it has yet to participate in any RTTT initiatives, reports the newspaper.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been a strong opponent of the RTTT programs, criticizing the initiative as an attempt to increase Federal control over education, according to the media outlet. “The education of our children is far too important to entrust to some Federal bureaucrat toiling in a distant Federal building,” Perry said, according to his website.

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  • TIME

    Can any of you say the Der Hitler Jungen? Oh thats rights its Der Barry Soetoro Youth here.

  • It’s a Crock

    It has repeatedly been proven that operation “headstart” is a failure. If the taxpayers provide prechooling for the “disavantaged” from the age of 4 to six they will enter 1st grade with an advantage over those who did to receive this government babysitting program BUT by the time they are in the 4th grade it is impossible to tell by academic achievement if the child has received this training or not. So the training is worthless other than to provide babysittig for those on welfare. In the typical liberal/regressive fashion What does the O’bomb want to do ? ? Expand the program to include 2-3 year olds. Isn’t this the age when learning specialists have declared is the age when socialist poliicies are imprinted on a childs mind? Could this possibly be the o’bombs motive?

    • Ellen

      You are absolutely right. After 40 years of the Head Start program, they’ve received enough data to know that any gains from early childhood are lost after 4th grade. The most likely reasons are peer pressure and social conditions. We’ve wasted billions of dollars and already know this type of program doesn’t work, but Obama is pushing an expanded version. I went to Catholic school and we didn’t even have kindergarten, yet we were all well-educated when we graduated.

      • Bus

        Head Start works great for parents who are in college and thus temporarily poor. It provides them a great child care option that proports to even educate the little tykes. Where it doesn’t work is among the truely poor and disadvantaged because the parents can’t or won’t augment the education their kids are getting during program hours.

        • DanB

          I suspect this program is more about conditioning than educational or “babysitting” benefits.

          Ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs? The story goes that a bell was rang every time they were given food. Eventually the food was removed and only the bell was rang. The dogs would still salivate in anticipation of food even though no food was present.

          So it is with these programs. We are conditioned by them whether intentionally or as an unintended consequence. The more the government pours into our children, the more we expect government to do it. Conditioning both the children and the parents. Those are also formative years. By getting to children early, they can begin to mold their minds and value system early according to government standards, reducing the influence of the parents. And for icing on this cake of conditioning the people, this helps condition us to accept government as the nanny of our lives and our children’s lives. Now we will accept government telling us what our curfew is, or what to eat, and eventually what education to receive, job to have, and where to live.

          • 45caliber


            What do you believe the seat-belt law is designed to do? Not keep you safe!

            It is designed to “keep you safe from your own actions (or inactions).” The only other law that they have tried like this is the helmet law that keeps getting shot down because the motorcycle riders are aware of this. It sets a proceedant that the government has the right to protect you from yourself.

            And if they have the right to do that, then they have the right to tell you where to live, where to work, and whom to marry. After all, aren’t most murders by someone in your family? How can you be expected to select the right person for yourself?

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. They want to indoctrinate the kids at the age when they are learning such things.

      Clinton’s Goals 2000 educational program had several such parts – which is why I worked to kill it here in Texas. He wanted to start kids to school at age 2 for that every reason. Further, he wanted to teach the kids “honesty” – by having them report on anything the parents did that conflicted with what he wanted them taught. Tell the kids that what they were being told was wrong? You’d get fined or have your kids taken away for doing that.

  • James

    There are always strings atached to federal handouts, especially in the educational area. The feds need to keep control of what children are taught, to hold onto their unconstitutional control of our school system.

  • Raggs

    What is the best way to get out of debt… You guessed it.. spend more money that you don’t have on programs that nobody wants.

  • s c

    RTT, Early Learning Challenge and Mein Kampf. Can you say praise the Fatherland?
    Get your kids OUT of public schools! Why do people have kids if they’re not willing to see that they’re EDUCATED instead of INDOCTRINATED?
    How much money has been WASTED on public schools since the late ’50s? That money could have been better spent on keeping Uncle Scam at a distance, so the old fart couldn’t brainwash future generations into thinking that the Fatherland comes first.
    Parents, you have NO time left. You’ve had your heads so far up your rumps that you have no idea what’s going on in public schools, and you’re too DAMNED DUMB to learn.
    Lousy parents = lousy kids, or should I say more fodder for the Fatherland? Maybe it would have turned out better if parents could have had no more than one kid per family. That would have limited Uncle Scam’s influence to dumb-down kids AND parents at the same time. What an incredible WASTE!

    • 45caliber


      You asked, “Why do people have kids if they’re not willing to see that they’re EDUCATED instead of INDOCTRINATED?”

      Money. The answer is simple. The government pays the welfare moms extra money for each kid up to No. 8. So they have them to increase their income. As far as education for them is concerned, I will quote a welfare dad in Arkansas who was replying to a question by a TV reporter as to why he didn’t vote to increase school taxes:

      “Why should I want to pay more school taxes? You don’t need an education to get on Welfare! As soon as my kids get old enough they can start having kids of their own and get on Welfare. The only reason I send my kids to school is to get them out of the house.”

  • del

    The money the Government is granting to the states for the RTTT program is tax dollars paid by the citizens of this country. The states shouldn’t have to agree to any mandates set forth by OBUMMER in order to recieve this funding. In other words, The government collects our tax dollars, then generously offers to give them back but only if we (the states) abide by the OBUMMER’s rules…..I’m just saying.

  • chuckb

    we don’t need all these pre-school programs, starting out in kindergarden is enough. the others are nothing but baby sitting class.
    the welfare mommas can set and watch tv while someone else watches there wild kids.
    the states should change their curriculum back to what was taught in the early 1900.s. the kids are being dumbed down by multiculturalist
    philosophy. there are some in our society that cannot keep up in the learning ladder, some refuse to believe this, however, those that can excel are being punished by liberal standards written purposely for those that cannot. our future is in jeopardy, our technology is what made this country great. barry is not concerned about our technical advantage, he’s concerned about sitting in the wh and getting all the perks that go with it. he’s more concerned in advancing the muslim brotherhood. he’s throwing our borrowed money all over the muslim world, building mosques, repairing their cities and bankrupting our nation. take a look at somalia. this is one of barrys pet projects, he’s allowing immigration from that country and placing these people on the public dole here. (future votes) these african countries are a cesspool. the more you feed them the more they propogate, check back in history, there’s no end to it, they breed like rabbits.

    • Raggs

      How true… And that is why we need AIDS….

      And isn’t it funny that when a child excels above other children of the same age group schools no longer offer awards for achievers on the basis of not hurting under achievers feelings.

    • 45caliber


      You are correct. The reason our kids aren’t on top of the world’s education is that too much time is spend on this PC cr@p. Every new class, such as California requiring homosexual teaching, takes more time away from the basics that ALL world students should learn and are tested on. No wonder other countries have students who rank higher on the basics than we do! And the two most important basics, math and science, are generally the two that are the first to be set aside for the PC stuff.

  • s c

    What are the names of the 14 states that haven’t yet surrendered to Uncle Scam and Bummer’s latest Trojan Horse? For parents, it might not be a bad idea to consider moving to one of those 14 states.
    I’m betting that New York, California, Florida, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon and Illinois aren’t on that list.
    By the way, for those mental giants who think we have 57 states, that means that potentially as many as 21 states haven’t yet surrendered (isn’t there also a highly-placed W H yahoo who still thinks we
    have 57 states?).
    Sounds like a timely trivia question for 5th graders (or wannabe entitlement teens in high school).

  • 45caliber

    There is very good evidence that pre-school educational programs do NOTHING to improve overall education. At most it improves the students coming into kindergarten but by the end of the year the rest have caught up. Therefore it is a basic waste of time.

    Actually many kids are past it. My granddaughter (now 2) can count, knows her A,B,Cs and can do simple math already. By the time she is 5, she will probably be reading and writing as well considering that she loves books now. Most kids could do this if the parents spend any time with them.

  • Thinking About

    With Texas ranking low in education and high school looks like Rick Perry wants it to stay in low ranking. I know of a young 10 year old lad home schooled and was not able to read because it was apparently more important for Jim to be making decisions on his own rather than the parents. There is not a standard achievement for home schools in Texas. I hope Perry is very happy with his state’s standings in education

    • 45caliber


      I’m not sure where you are from but if there is a 10 year old in Texas who can’t read, you might want to pass the word to the school district at least.

      There certainly is standards for home schooling here in Texas. There are tests they have to pass every year. My own kids are grown but I work with several who do homeschool.

  • s c

    TA, I’m trying to understand your point. Are you trying to say the 10 year old couldn’t read, but now can? Are you trying to imply that homeschooling isn’t as ‘good’ as public school?
    You need to be very careful what you say on certain topics, as there are always posers who look for any
    excuse to be apologists for the public school system and its would-be brainwash/indoctrination approach.
    What you need to know about homeschooling is the FACT that it tends to turn out the cream of the crop in America. College/university recruiters look for homeschooled kids FIRST.
    Talk to non-union teachers. They will tell you that kids are better off being homeschooled or in private schools or even church schools. Public ‘education’ is a monumental fraud and failure. It needs to be put out of our misery. If Perry supports public schools, then you know most of what you need to know about him.

    • 45caliber

      You are quite right. But the home schooled students do not get the government brainwashing that the public school kids do so they consider it bad. Nobody else does.

  • LarrWayne

    Is this affiliated with the teach the preteens how to please the gays movement? Could you imagine George Washington insisting teach both way sex to the children before puberty?

    • 45caliber

      Hey, the pedophiles simply want to insure the small kids don’t tell their parents when they make a move on them. So if they teach the kids at age three that sex is okay, no one will know differnt. Parents have a tendency to teach their kids that touching (and everything else) is wrong before they get to kindergarten.

  • 45caliber

    Texas hired a think tank several years ago to study education problems and suggest better ways to do things. I am on their mailing list and got involved with the person who was doing these studies. As a result, I was able to see data that was published on it.

    Kindergarten is to teach the kids their ABCs, counting, etc. to get them ready for first grade. Pre-kindergarten simply teaches them this stuff earlier. As a result, they start ahead of those who aren’t taught this but by the end of kindergarten ALL are on the same level. Pre-kindergarten classes does NOTHING to advance them.

    The only reason the government is willing to spend money on such classes is due to indoctrination. A child’s values are set by the time they are 5. These values are set by their parents, church, etc. (The Catholic Church has stated that if you let them have your child from birth to age 5 the child will be Catholic all its life.)

    As a result, any values that deal with the government are set before the government gets their hands on them. If the parents teach the small child not to trust the government, they won’t. If the parents teach them that Welfare is the best thing ever, they will believe it.

    The government simply wants to use these pre-kindergarten programs to add their own ideas of values to the child while they are still learning them.

  • Wide-awake-giant

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is that there are also studies that preschool puts undue pressures on children that actually inhibit their growth. The very young ages are for learning by playing, not in a rigid environment like school. Just let them be kids!

  • James

    If Kindergarten failed to educate, and pre-Kindergarten failed to solve the problem, the Early Learning will also fail. The problem lies in the differing IQs of ethnic groups. IQ is a measure of learning ability, more schooling won’t ever change that.


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